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Food Lover’s Guide to Paris [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

What is food lover’s guide to paris app? The most authoritative guide to eating well in the City of Light is now available as an application for iOS.

Paris has been home to food critic, cookbook author, and cooking school teacher Patricia Wells for more than 35 years, and no one knows Paris’s culinary scene better. With this app, discover Patricia’s top picks of restaurants, cafes, wine bars, bakeries, pastry, chocolate and cheese shops, markets, wine shops, specialty food shops and kitchen and tableware shops.

Regularly updated, Patricia and her small but expert team are constantly expanding and fine-tuning their list of favorite gastronomic destinations. Visitors will find old favorites as well as new inspirations, covering every category from spots for quick bites to crêperies, sushi and dumpling treasures, as well as Michelin three-star haute cuisine restaurants.

“Food lovers rejoice! You can now tour Paris with Patricia Wells, the city’s most reliable guide to its very best spots. Her app is fast and easy to use, chock-full of terrific information and a great read. In other words, it’s a delicious must-have.”
Dorie Greenspan, author of Dorie’s Cookies and Around My French Table


• Discover more than 500 of the city’s ultimate culinary destinations, tested by Patricia and her team and regularly updated with detailed dependable commentary.

• Search by category using a filter to refine your search by cuisine type, neighborhood, details such as Michelin stars or gluten-free, atmosphere, price, and culinary specialties.

• Browse the app contents by category or neighborhood, or by restaurant specifics such as price, cuisine type, specialties or restaurant details like vegetarian-friendly or Michelin-star rating. 

• A map of Paris shows the location of all the addresses in the guide (use the filter to limit the addresses to those you are interested in). An offline geolocator allows you to see your location even when you’re not connected to the internet.

• A-Z glossary of French culinary terms to help translate menus on the spot.

• Bookmark your favorite addresses, and access Patricia’s current favorites and seasonal recommendations in the Picks section.

• English language only.


Patricia Wells, author and former Washington Post and New York Times journalist, was global food critic for the International Herald Tribune for more than 25 years. She has written five print editions of The Food Lover’s Guide to Paris and 14 other books, including Bistro Cooking and Trattoria. With her husband, Walter, Patricia has lived in France since 1980 and also teaches classes at her popular cooking school – At Home with Patricia Wells – in Paris and Provence. 

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© 2017 Patricia Wells

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Food Lover’s Guide to Paris Version 2.408 March 2022

Bug-fix update for iOS 15. Bon appétit!.

Food Lover’s Guide to Paris Comments & Reviews 2023

- content good but execution marginal

Delighted to have a portable and updated version of the book and built-in maps are very helpful. There are however a number of rough spots, such as blocks of unformatted text. Worst is the built-in web browser which seems to only work in portrait mode and zoom function does not work so text is generally too small to read and buttons are too small to activate reliably.

- Excellent guide

This updated version is beautiful and very functional. Even when not online, the map is accurate and useful. It made my most recent trip to Paris a resounding success, taking me to local haunts and new neighborhoods I would not have visited otherwise. Just like having a trusted local guide with you at all times.

- Won’t update. Emails for support rejected

I have always loved this app, but when I downloaded it to a new iPhone, I lost the 2021 updates that were on my old phone. I cannot get the app to show anything beyond 2019. Emails to the app help site have been rejected by their server. Frustrating, tho app problems are pretty minor compared to everything else going on on the world right now.

- I trust Patricia Wells and she does not disappoint!

I’ve been to Paris many times and love using her app because it breaks down by arrondissement. Super easy to search and her recommendations are solid. I may not love the same dishes/breads she does but the places she recommends are amazing!

- for serious researchers, not tourists

bought this app before first trip to Paris, thinking it would help me find good restaurants while walking around neighborhoods. such a tiny % of restaurants are covered here, it’s not helpful for that. also no indication of when a review was last updated

- Feels amateur at best

I was excited about this guide but I ended up using Google restaurant searches and David Lebowitz’s blog for better suggestions. Half the time her reviews feel half hearted. She only ate one thing at the restaurant and looked over people’s shoulders to “review” what they ate. This is not the work of a food writer. It is really disappointing. Save your money.

- Like having PW next to you while strolling Paris.

Great App, Great Taste, Another winner from my favorite Foodie Guru.

- Don’t

The app lists stellar restaurants like the terrible chain pain quotidien when trying to find a nice dinner. Seriously don’t waste your money (or be surprised when you find the $5 bill for this app)

- The Best of Paris Places and Plates

It's worth flying off to Paris (again and again) to eat through this terrific guide. We all want to make the most of our travels, and are always looking for the person who knows to ask, "Where should we go/ What should we order?" Pat Wells is that person, and we can call her [App] 24/7 and ask those questions, and get the fool-proof answer, along with directions, times and telephone numbers. One other great use for this App--when you've returned home after your visit, as we recently did, this App is the perfect reminder of places and plates. Brava! Patricia Wells

- More than worth the price!

This app is like having your own, personal, dream food guide in Paris -- with knowledgeable recommendations for the best restaurants, food and speciality shops no matter where you are in the city! Just used the app during a week long stay. Incredibly easy to search by neighborhood and mapping laid out everything near to our location, complete with color coded markers to easily zero in what we needed at the time (a restaurant, pastry shop, etc.) Thoughtful reviews of each spot helped us make good decisions every time. You do get what you pay for! :)

- Great app for true gourmands

I couldn't have lived without this app in Paris. I have the book as well and even though I read the book cover to cover I found the app essential for "on the ground" use. I didn't purchase cellular data for my trip but the app works without it and so does the map (even in airplane mode) so the ability to see where I was in relation to all the places detailed in the book itself was a game changer. So glad I spent the 5 dollars on this app even though I had purchased the book as well! Thanks Patricia!

- A gem! great restaurant picks

This app is a must-have for foodies of any stripe visiting Paris. I am a frequent visitor to Paris and have tried many of the restaurant recommendations: I have never once been disappointed. This is now my go to resource for dining out in Paris. There's a rich variety of picks to satisfy a wide range of styles and palettes. You will also find many very reasonably priced options (which is a real plus, if you are looking for great value: there's no shortage of good eateries in this city, but many of the better known ones will burn big holes in your wallet).

- Take Caution with these food suggestions

I was in Paris for eight days and this app worked great on the technical side however it led me to three sub par restaurants and therefore 3 really disappointed experiences. 1. The first was La Penderie. The atmosphere was awesome but the wine was terrible and my chicken was super dry and tasteless. The charcuterie and creme brulee were good but the mixed drinks were awful and service was slow. 2. The second was Cosi a sandwich place which was ok but nothing exceptional. I felt Patricia Well's review was overly exaggerated and my friends I took there were not impressed. However the service was nice. 3. The third was Cafe Napolean. The view of the church on the plaza was quaint and relaxing. The review recommended the nicoise salad which i ordered and it was totally gross canned dark meat tuna. Not fresh. However I do highly recommend the nicoise salad at Da Rosa in adornment 6. The service at Cafe Bonaparte was extremely slow. It took us 45 mins to get our bottle of wine. I would have much rather spent my 100 euro for another night at Le Gorille Blanc, best variety of French cuisine and best value in Paris. Rabbit and duck confit are to die for.

- A must-have app for Paris

Definitely download this app if you're visiting Paris -- and especially if you like to eat! Patricia has done all the leg-work for you, her reviews are informative and trust-worthy, and the map is incredibly useful even if you're just out for a stroll. It has saved me several times when I've gotten lost in a maze of winding streets, looking for a good place to shelter from the rain. Don't come to Paris without it! Un tres bon app!

- The quintessential guide to the Paris food scene

The long awaited update was well worth the wait! This is the only guide you will need to explore the wonders of the Paris food scene. Beautifully written and extremely well researched, Patricia Wells takes you on the perfect culinary tour of Paris. Great incites into both the classical bistrot cuisine of Paris and the ever changing ethnic cuisine..... I am ready to book a flight to Paris, a must have app for the lover of all things culinary.

- Food Lover's Guide App

Wonderful! For those of us who have been yearning for a new edition of the Food Lover's Guide to Paris, here it is at last, better and easier to use than ever. It is full of great information - like having a friend who knows all the best places. Patricia Wells is an inspiring guide and teacher who has once again invited us all along to explore the culinary landscape of Paris. The Food Lover's app is an indispensable companion.

- Needs work!

I'm a huge fan of Patricia Wells' writing and own several (OK, three) of her books, so when in Paris for two weeks, I was excited to discover her app. Very disappointing, not for her words, when I could get to them, but for the functionality of the app. Doesn't rotate on the iPad, wants to show a landscape view in portrait mode. Buttons are unresponsive. The content is kept up to date, but the basic operation doesn't get fixed. I doubt that the developer ever looks at the app on an iOS device. Wells' writing and criticism deserves a better presentation.

- Must have in Paris

This delightful app has a map with GPS, which is reason enough to get it. Then it maps out the nearest places and gives Patricia Wells’ take on it. I probably went to 15 places from this app, maybe one was disappointing and at least half were terrific and things I would not have found on my own.

- Decent content, weak functionality

This is really more of a stripped down mobile book than an app. It's got many (not all) of the great write ups in the Wells book, but no real functionality. Sorting is crude and the map doesn't geo-locate, but if you're out on the town and know where you are, you can manually zoom on the map to find a recommended place near you. If you're the type who plans every meal ahead of time, just get the book or digital book, as you'll likely enjoy it more.

- Great app! The map is worth it alone.

Super helpful for a recent stay in Paris. Found most info to be accurate (prices, hours, signature dishes, etc) and every place we went to via this app was excellent. The most useful aspect was actually the map. The GPS and map works offline so we used this to find our way around Paris.

- Severe formatting issues

I am a big fan of Ms. Wells's reviews and write ups so I was eager to install this app when I learned of it. The substance is great so far, but unformatted text at the end of each entry is very distracting. For $5.00, I would have thought that that there would be greater attention to detail.

- Don't go to Paris without it

Every time I went to a restaurant that Patricia included it was amazing. Every time I tried a place not in the guide I was disappointed. There are lots of tantalizing choices in Paris but you still need to know the good from bad. Patricia seems to have figured it out for me

- On-line map; no iPad version

The map requires an internet connection to download it on the fly. Not good for international travelers at the mercy of costly data plans. The current version shows as a simulated iPhone in the middle of my iPad screen. Disappointing. Looks like a TON of GREAT information somewhat poorly presented.

- A follow up @ last

More informative than ever. Great style and fun. How can you visit Paris without it? Easy to use, smart, on target. Can't wait to pound the pavements and try every last item. A Must Have.

- Food Paris Love

What a well designed guide for anyone who is looking to be guided through the culinary delights of Paris. Looking for the perfect roast chicken? truffles? haute cuisine? restaurant tips? It's all here plus more and extremely easy to use! Patricia Wells does it again! Laura Tiffany, Minneapolis

- Made my Paris trip

This app literally made my trip to Paris ten times better. The map feature made it so easy to find a great restaurant wherever I was in the city. So worth the fee!

- Great reviews. Needs improvement

Wish the locate function worked. The ratings were on par with my experience

- A Patricia Well’s Embarrassment!!

This is an embarrassment that Patricia Wells should either correct with a complete overhaul or remove from the Apple App store. I purchased it, downloaded it, have updated it, and it doesn’t work. It’s a mess. Her book was well done originally, and if she’d spent the money necessary to hire a competent app developer and update it properly, it would be a help to Paris visitors, but this is sad.

- Rip-off

We carried Patricia Wells 3rd edition of Food Lovers Guide to Paris all over the city in 1995. Every recommendation was great. Twenty years later we're going back, so I bought the app. I searched for 4 of our favorites. All are still open, with web sites, FB pages, etc. Nothing. No listings in this app. 0 for 4. We'll bring the book. The map does not work on iPhone 6 plus - all pins on all the time. GPS probably won't work, but I don't know if I'll even bother to find out. This app is a waste of time. Patricia Wells RIP. It's too bad your good name is being abused with this lousy app.

- Food Lover's Guide to Paris

Loved this app; used it on our recent trip to Paris. Don't overlook the extensive Glossary as many of these descriptions do not appear in French dictionaries.

- Big disappointment!

Do not purchased this app. You cannot search for restaurants. You must scroll through and alphabetized list of restaurants with no guidance. This is a big disappointment from our 1999 version of food lovers guide to Paris which we have used time and time again in Paris.

- Awesome travel app!

Love this new app and can't wait to put it to good use during trip to Paris in a few weeks!

- A must have if you are traveling to Paris

If you're heading to Paris and love food, The Food Lover's Guide to Paris app is a must have. Patricia Wells is the best of the best!

- Paris App of My Dreams

I love Paris. I love food. This is the App of my dreams. And what a bargain. I'd pay this much just for the delicious French culinary glossary. Merci Madame Wells!

- Looks good but doesn't open

A recent purchase but the tile page opens and then the app freezes. I tap all the options - map, search, address etc. and nothing happens. I would rate this much higher if this bug could be corrected.

- In mid-trip, i've stopped using it

As a big,long-time fan of Wells, I was eager enough for this App to upgrade my iPod. But after having more "misses" than "hits" with her recommendations, I'm using only trip advisor reviews for the rest of this trip. The glossary is useful.

- No for I pad

This app does not open initially. I turned off my iPad and then I was able to open it After that I cannot change pages. It works ok with iPhone.

- New Food lover's Guide to Paris

This does not work on the iPad. Cannot scroll. Can see whole page only on iPhone setting (1x). No response to touchscreen.

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- Best app ever

I adore this app. It was so insanely easy to use for the month I was in Paris. I would just go somewhere for the day, then around 13h open the map, find my area and check out the restaurants. It became the guiding light of my trip. The reviews are very professional and good on details. The map was so useful and easy to use. My location would come up, and I would find the restaurants near it. I loved the "Picks' part, where I could store places I liked or would like to visit. I have compiled my own very short list of places I loved in Paris, and the app is at the top. I've sent it or shown it to many friends.

- A Paris Essential

This app is superb. Knowledgeable, informative, comprehensive and detailed. Its become my essential for my next visit to Paris, thankfully in 2 months' time. I know Paris a bit after many visits and am a dedicated foodie in Melbourne, and this app is just fabulous.

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