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Flavortown App Description & Overview

What is flavortown app? Find all the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives restaurants from the TV show on the Food Network, hosted by hosted by Guy Fieri. Rick & Jennifer have been fans of the show since 2008 and still love to visit all these restaurants while we travel the country. BTW - we are NOT affiliated with or are endorsed by the Food Network Channel or Guy Fieri but we wish we could get a HOLLA! every now and then :) We built this app as a favor to all of us Diners, Drive-ins and Dives fans to help us find the TripleD restaurants quickly & easily as we travel the country. I continue to watch all of the shows and keep this app updated as the new shows come out.

1. Find restaurants in any location or use GPS for restaurants near you.
2. AUTOMATICALLY see NEW RESTAURANTS as they appear on the show. No need to download a newer version on the app.
3. Find restaurants featured on the show that are CLOSE BY.
4. READ THOUSANDS of COMMENTS left by fans who have visited the restaurants featured on the show.
5. Ability to get directions to a restaurants location in the maps application.
6. View detailed information on a restaurant like address, phone number, website, twitter, Facebook etc.
7. All restaurants can be viewed in a list view or map view.

Again, this application is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Food Network Channel or Guy Fieri. I'm just a HUGE fan of the show so enjoy the app, please tell your friends and thanks for using it.

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App Name Flavortown
Category Food & Drink
Updated 25 April 2023, Tuesday
File Size 45.74 MB

Flavortown Comments & Reviews 2024

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Disappointing. I like that I can locate Triple D places by location, BUT there is no way to map-- just gives mileage. also really needs to link to restaurant forenu/ hours etc

Junk. I want my money back. Hunk of junk. I want my money back. If you live near cleveland ohio, or Detroit Michigan. It may be useful. But. If you do live there and like this kind of thing you already know the places. I was led to believe I was buying an app with a database of places across the nation. This is not the case. Pure scam.

App does exactly as advertised. Simple app that does exactly what it advertises.. A no brainier for any triple D fan.

Works fine for me. I live in Connecticut and it shows plenty of places near where I live. Works fine!

Missing something.. Love the idea of this app and it worked great for me. I would give you a 5 if you actually put what Guy ate during his visit to the restaurants in the description. After all, isnt that why we visit these places? I watch a lot of DDD but can't remember the specialty items of each joint.

Appos lacking much. I really like the idea of this app. We love watching Tripple D and on some of our road trips we have actuall gone out of our way to find some of the places on the show. This being said the idea of the app is great, if your already in a location or know the zip of the areas you might be traveling through. Othewise the app is useless. I would rate this a 5 star if it had a map that showed you where the locations are or at least listed them by region. That way I could check an area I'm headed to, to see if one of Guy's resturants are in that area. I hope a future will address this issue so I can rate as 5 stars.

Raped for .99 cents. This app is garbage... Get on safari and google, you're better off. Too bad I read the reviews AFTER purchasing. I deleted this "crap app".

Waste Money. Repeats the same listings no matter zip codes you enter. Misrepresents DDD because it does not list all the places Guy has been to. Wasted my money buying and gifting to a friend.

Terrible App. Bought this app two weeks ago. It worked once, then wouldn't allow new locations. Not happy with this app for 1.99. Don't waste your money, just use google

Very handy!. Thanks for creating this app! Easy to use and informational! - Faith W.

Works for me. I’ve used this app for years when traveling for business. But it seems to be pretty behind on the last couple of seasons. I always check the app for restaurants I don’t recognize and have noticed more and more missing from 2020 on.

Doesn't work!. Love the show and the app idea, but it just doesn't work. Error message is all I get. Bummer.

Great App. Used this app traveling from the west coast to the east coast. 6 months later I used it traveling back. It worked great. I'm sure it has a few bugs but it's always worked the way I needed it to. Highly recommend getting it for only a buck.

Closed restaurant. Heads up - Whitner’s BBQ in Virginia Beach is permanently closed.

Neat idea but.... I like the idea and despite the host I like the show, but it seems like the app only works if you know a zipcode of a featured restaurant. I would think showing (a) restaurant(s) "x" amount of miles from a particular location would be a pretty standard feature. Without that capability, the app is all but useless.

Great idea but.... I love the idea for the app because I love the show but some things it should have... 1. Map of the location, ability to search by distance 2. Information about the restaurant, what they are known for, something to look for.

Flavortown is just what I was looking for. I love watching triple-D and I had been compiling a list of Austin TX resteraunts for an upcoming buisness trip when I stumbled upon this nice app. The only thing I would change or add is find things based on my gps location.- don't know zip codes for more than like 2 cities.

Great, simple and FREE app. This is a great app that does exactly what it says to do. I would be even more useful if you can search on city or restaurant name. But you can come a far way to search on zipcode because it shows also restaurants in a wider range. Don't know a zipcode? Get the simple and free app ZIPcodes. Enter a city name a voila a zipcode to use in this App. Thanks for putting out this app for free. I am sure it will come in very useful on our next vacation to find a good restaurant option near us.

Great ... Great ... Great. for a fan to put this together for the rest of us ... yea RAH !!!!! ... use it all the time on travels to west coast as that is where I do most of travel .... last update dealt with many of the issues needing fix and is working flawless now on mapping and info for me ....

Beware of error messages. There are bugs in this app that don't let you access the information.

Junk, don't buy. App doesn't work. I have downloaded two times, restarted, etc and I get an error each time it comes up. Junk, you can find all of this on the web which is what I had to end up doing.

It works great!. I was nervous downloading the app after reading all the reviews, but it was only $.99, so I took a chance and downloaded it and it works wonderfully!

Awesome. I have not had any problems with he new version and the features added are awesome. Mapping and sharing locations on facebook and now I can see comments that are on the website. Sweet! Good job guys.

Useful app!. Firstly, I'm surprised by the volume of low ratings for a free app! This app provides some valuable information including: 1. TripleD list from current location, by distance 2. Name, address & phone number of restaurant With this data, you're aware of what's around and you can easily Google, Yelp or Bing for more background info. As a TripleD fan and frequent traveler, this app has enabled me to enjoy many great dining experiences.

WAS really excited. I love flavortownusa on the Internet but not flavortownusa the app. Great concept but doesn't look finished. Having only a list of joints in your location is a start but that's all this app offers. I'd like to see links to the joints website, links to the video clip if they were featured on 3D, and comments by users. People writing reviews should get ranked based on others rating their review. This way a reviewer could be listed with a "rank" next to their name. Also makes good incentive for participation!!

A little behind technolog. Moviephon has it right. GPS maps, info about what u are looking up. Type of food would be good and directions. We love Guy and triple D and watch all he does so please fix this app so we can use our iPhone for all they are worth and travel to great food!

Great FREE app.. This is a great free app. I can't believe how many boneheads are whining about it not showing directions, just tap on the address and it comes up on a map.

Needs work!. Love Guy and his show. Thought this would be a cool app, but it's not. Its good for telling you what's around you, but you can't get a description of the place unless there is a video. Most places don't have videos. So, kind of useless.

Good so far. I like this app so far because it has more current shows displayed than the TV Food Map app. I wish there was an area to check off that I've been to the location. I like to keep track of which ones I visited.

Got Results!!!!!!!!. Got contacted by support and with their help got app working. It appears that if there is nothing near your location, nothing shows up on the screen. They said they will take care of that. So if you do a search near your location and nothing comes up, expand your search area. Will be taking road trip soon to check out some good food. blmac

Awesome App!. 5 stars all the way!! Directions, phone numbers, menus, you tube links!! Awesome!!! 5 stars all the way!!!!

Works great. I have to say this app works great. Easy peazy

I don't pay money to view adverts.. App removed from my phone. There are so many other ways to make money on the iOS platform. Charging for an app and then displaying unrelated adds is a VERY bad idea. I wouldn't be complaining / rating poorly if one of the screen shots showed an ad. I feel cheated.

Disappointed. Love the show, hate the app. Error message when trying to retrieve additional information about the locations. The website is free and offers better info.

HORRIBLE App. If you are downloading this thinking that it is connected to the TV show and provides reviews - think again and do not download. Just another random list of restaurants...

Best dollar spent and highly recommend!. I went to five DDD places and they were all awesome and right where the app said it would be! It was so current that two of the places hadn't aired the episode yet. Well done!

Not great. This app only list restaurants and not much more. Could be more detailed and list menus & current updates. I have been to a lot of triple d joints and some have hit it out the park and some have struck out. It would be nice if one could get a sense of how things are going at restaurant before committing to it. In this case, they charge for the app. What are we paying for? Could get this info for free? Time to step it up flavor town.

Be careful with directions. Used the map link to go to Pirogi Mountain. Got there and no longer at that address. There is no link to their website on The Flavortown App. Had we gone to the website via another means, we would have gotten the correct address. Overall ok app to find DDD names but the app should be up to date, especially an app that’s not free!

This app could be SO much more. You need to sell this to Guy Fieri. There’s so little here other than just a report. I need more like hours & menus OR IF THE PLACE STILL EXISTS!!! Not a lot going on with this app. Many of the places listed are gone with little to no mention in the app.

Worth Downloading. It's good, not great though. It needs to use the maps function, and have videos for every location.

Doesn't use new apple maps. Uses google maps which doesn't integrate we'll on iPhone

Trolls go away, this app works fine. It shows you the locations and the videos, ratings, comments and how to get there. The app works great!!!

Only App that is up to date & mapped locations. I like this app b/c when I’m traveling, it shows all the locations closest to me, you can also search by state & click on map. The app is pretty basic, and there’s a slow delay when clicking on a restaurant, But the mapping feature is key here. I look at menus & photos elsewhere. Updated with the most recent episodes as of August 2022.

More improvements needed. While the latest version finally has the ability to search for restaurants by location, the listings still give you nothing more than the contact information. This app could be so much more useful by adding a list of the recipes covered in the episode (with pictures), as well as the actual recipes themselves. I would pay for this app if it added these features!

Awesome. This app is wonderful of you are a fan of Triple D!

Killer. I am always on the road and this app allows me to find the coolest places to eat. Nice work!

Doesn't work. I, too was excited about this ap. I work for an airline and was looking forward to finding DDDs all over the country. But it kicks you out as soon as you try to use it. Wish the Food network would launch an ap for DDD! I would happily pay for it.

Disappointed :(. This app hasn't been updated in 7 month and it needs an update pretty badly.

Awesome!. Works like a charm for me, well worth a buck!

Love the latest version!. Great search feature using current location, or input another. Great content and info. Links with maps. Plus it's FREE!

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Well done!. Performs as advertised. I love how it links to videos and the diner web site. Excellent, I will use this whenever I travel.

Worked well. I used this app last year as I traveled across America for a week with my parents. We were only able to use it at hotels and wifi spots etc as roaming charges would have been outrageous, however it worked well, and we were able to stop at a few of them. Thanks dev team.

Perfect! 5 Stars!. Exactly what I was looking for and does what it says. Easy to find places from the show. I highly recommend it...worth the money.

Oh Yeah,. This App is Money!

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Boooooo!. It doesn't work!!!!

Not much. If you charge for an app you better keep up with it. This doesn't work anymore.

Bummer. Waste of 99c it doesn't work and gave me an error as soon as I opened it It feels haunted

Useless. I love, love, LOVE triple D! The app is a completely useless thing. You can't search or anything... Sooooooo not worth it!

Needs work!. We need a search feature by restaurant name or City name, not just zip. I'd like to be able to search for a restaurant featured on triple "D" for example but never caught the city name & only know the restaurant name. Right now the Zip Code results (for zip codes that U actually know) are pretty thin.

Used many times over the years in many cities. Thank you for a great app.

Major Disappointment. This application could be an extremely helpful and useful tool. However, it lacks highly in the search function. Agreeing with several previous reviews, this app needs do be able to search to more than just a zip code. In all honesty and in my experience, most travelers don't keep up with the zip codes in which they pass through. It would be beneficial to have a map of the US, in which you can pick a state, and all the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives for the state are listed. I have also found, that when I search by "current" location and/or zip and there are no Triple Ds in the area, it shows as an error. It would be helpful, that the closest Triple Ds would be listed, no matter the distance. If the search engine were more sophisticated, the Guy Fieri fan club members could plan weekend getaways based on the Triple Ds. Looking forward to upcoming versions!!!

Wish it worked. Too many crashes. Great idea, nice app once it works. Please fix.

Let Down. No locations near me so app shows nothing at all. Fastest delete ever!

Great idea.. Don't know why all the bad reviews. It works and it's free. What more can you ask for?

Not working now!. Was working great until the update. Now it won't open at all. Please fix soon. It was better than the other apps. Darthpinner

Uhm, good thing it's s free app!!!!. It would be nice if this application actually worked.......

iOS 4.3. After updating my phone, this app no longer worked. I deleted it and re-added it and now it works.

Was great, until the update. When I first got this app I could use my current location and it would find all DDD restaurants nearest me, no matter that I live 2 hours away from one, or I could browse the map. Now I let it use my location and it finds nothing. I have to know what city to search now before I can get any results. This is a wildly unhelpful update. Change it back and I'll change my rating.

Very Disappointed. Will not even open. I was looking so forward to this app.

love this app, but...... this latest version keeps crashing. ver 2.4 lastversion i had was working fine. only way to make it work is to re-instal...but then it works 1 time only. i really prefer not to have to re-install every time i want to use it. have also tried toggeling location services off and on and makes no difference

App crash. App crashes upon launch ever since most recent update. Please fix it soon!

Meh. I dont really like it. It's kinds dumb

Rip off. Bad app

Not so much..... App no longer works. Was fine before but now just shuts down when you try to open it. :-( was great while it lasted.

Doesn't work with current version. The app no longer works.

Not connected with triple D. Awful this was like stealing. Nothing to do with the show at all. Waste of time just like the fool who made this app

Not real good but.... The app is built on an awesome premise. But unfortunately it cones up very short. Searching by zip code only. Never seen that weak in an iPhone app. Once you find a restaurant, you ser the address and that's really it. I'd love to see so much more. There was a show about this restaurant and you cant even tell me what the dishes were that were featured on the show? Nice try, but it needs a major overhaul to be worth anything. And I'd gladly pay a small price if these were all fixed.

Josh. App looks great but after I bought it. It just stays in the cloud so it's useless.

doesn't work. Yep, after the update. Does not load. I have re-booted iphone...still does not work.

Crashes Frequently. It's useless.

Don’t download it!!. Horrible app makes u login to Facebook and wants you to put a code but fb doesn’t give you a code. Also when the restaurant pulls up in app and you go to the restaurants website it pulls up random trash web pages.

Searching is flawed.. Tried searching for locations in Annapolis, MD. Search returned error 500, even though the listing by state did show several locations in Annapolis. App is recommended by the Flavortown web site, notwithstanding the disclaimer. Would be nice if they fixed their search bugs.

Not working at all. Going on a trip soon and would love to see this working again.

Stopped Working. This app hasn't worked for me in a while...don't waste your money!

Rip off. Live in northern Colorado. Nothing even close. Horrible!

Don't pay for this. Full of ads. Links don't work. No graphics. Rip off

4/19 doesn’t work. Lame. Liked the app for when I travel. Now doesn’t work.

Huh?. This application needs to give more information about the resturant.

Nice App. Works pretty well, but it would be cool if you could check off the places that you have been or had a favorites part!

Doesn't work. Loved it at first, but error msg and nothing past few months. Don't bother getting! Zero stars

Perfect for what I needed!. Was just looking for a new place to eat. Found quit a bit in the area I was in. I just hope updates are frequent. Some of the restaurants on the Food Network are not on the app.

Not good. Outdated.

Triple D’lightful. Great app to find your fav DDD spots!!

Now it works, but.... ...there's a lot of new additions to the program that just make it seem cluttered. Other than that, glad to have it working again :)

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Language English
Price $0.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 5.1
Play Store com.yourcompany.FlavortownUSA
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Flavortown (Versiyon 5.1) Install & Download

The application Flavortown was published in the category Food & Drink on 14 May 2009, Thursday and was developed by Grid Sixty Software [Developer ID: 314057294]. This program file size is 45.74 MB. This app has been rated by 2 users and has a rating of 5 out of 5. Flavortown - Food & Drink app posted on 25 April 2023, Tuesday current version is 5.1 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.yourcompany.FlavortownUSA. Languages supported by the app:

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Flavortown App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- bug fixes - ui changes - share user comments on the restaurant page

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