Flick Home Run ! Free Version Game Reviews


Flick Home Run ! Free Version Game Description & Overview

What is flick home run ! free version app? Flick your finger and make a homerun.
You can experience a real baseball batting through the physical pendulum.

This is a game in which you can experience various throws based on the pendulum. The ball will fly further if you can hit the ball directly with the quick flick. Experience a “real-life like” batting simulation.

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App Name Flick Home Run ! Free Version
Category Games
Updated 19 March 2016, Saturday
File Size 25.32 MB

Flick Home Run ! Free Version Comments & Reviews 2023

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Whoa!!! Delete. Delete. I am downloading this now...and before I even open it, I will delete it after having read these reviews. I used to love this game. They should fix it. Thanks to these reviews, I’ve been spared the dissatisfaction. Get bent.

I like this game. I am having fun with the game. Unfortunately the app keeps closing in the middle of the game. That wouldn’t be so bad but you can’t resume where you left off

Trash. I like the consent of the game. But you can’t even get o full game in without it kicking you off. I feel like the creators need to fix this or come out with a second one that actually works!!!!!!!!!!! I

Used to be better. This game used to be great. Then they decided to charge you for the game, and switched what you had to this watered down version. Real shame, it used to be fun. Not so much now.

Look out!. This game is not what it seems! It's a free game, but without the features of the full game! I am simply appalled at the audacity of the developers! It's almost like they made this game to make money and make people want to buy the full version! Unacceptable. I am livid. It's time for me to get back to my barbecue. Those burgers won't grill themselves! LOL. Make America great again 😤💯

Do not get upgrades. Fun game to play, the only issues I have is every other in game purchase fails and I have to request a refund. If you don’t do any in game purchases then you should be fine.

Fun but annoying. Even though the game was free it still cost me $150 for screen repair

No update?. His it’s 2020 and no updates for 4 years .this is a great game and we should be able to take advantage of tyebt chjolotyxavaioabale today.

Game ruined!!!. What happened to this game?! Limits on balls? Ads? This was a 5 star game. If i could give it 0 stars i would. The game has been ruined. The old version was so much better. If you had this game before and are thumbing through the app store to find games to play and you see this game, don’t waste your time. You will not like what has happened to this once fun game.

What happened?. Haven’t played this game for years so I decided to try it again for nostalgia but now you have to pay for pretty much everything that used to be free and there are a bunch of ads now. Used to be fun but now feels like every other ad filled game.

Crash. All this game every does is crash crash crash and multiplayer doesn't work whatsoever fix this ASAP

Good game?. The older version is better but this has less glitches so that’s what I’m happy about. it’s fun but kind of boring at the same time but good game good job on making this:)

App crashes, losing data. On an iPhone 13 Pro Max, this app crashes during game play, forcing you to restart the game without keeping your progress. As this game is based on cumulative score, having the app crash when you are far in a session creates an incredibly annoying experience. Don’t waste your money on this poorly updated game.

Fun game but has glitches. It’s a fun game but there’s been no update or added levels in like 6 years. There’s a glitch that kicks me out of the game randomly and usually when I start getting a high score or a new level and I lose it all and there’s no support for the app. Very disappointing as it is a very fun game.

Doesn’t track. Go to swing the bat, see the trail go right through the ball several times. Most of the time does not even register your finger, so you swing and miss. What a cheat...... need to fix.....

Flick home run. Everytime I get far in a round and I’m trying to beat my record or just get xp so I can level up the game crashes. I was a step away from beating my record and it crashed so I just deleted the app cus tht was such a waste of time and very frustrating.

Glad it's back, but.... I've been waiting for this game to work again, and I'm happy that it does. However, the calibration of the game is pretty off, which causes the user to "whiff" on a seemingly perfect swing. If the calibration gets updated and improved (and hopefully that update won't take as long as the last one), I will be 100% satisfied. For now, I'm not complaining too much.

Amazing. This game is so fun because it fulfills my dream of touching and playing with balls

Free flick home run. I purchased flick home run and it is not as good as the free version. The purchased version is slow and my hits don't go near as long. If you have free keep free don't waste you money on the full version. Very disappointed!

Big Problem!!. So I paid for the full version of this game and you unlock things and gain attributes for hitting home runs obviously, and for progressing through steps to unlock higher ranks. However every time I play and get to step 3 and 4 the game shuts off and loses my progress so I can never progress through the game. Please fix this and I will change my rating. Or reimburse me my money!!

I have a iPad. I was playing it on my iPad and it wasn’t full screen it was a little block on the screen I really liked this game but when I switched to iPad it wasn’t full screen so I had to delete it

NEED A NEW UPDATE. This game NEEDS an update it’s been 7 years and it is fun with the old update but I would like to see an updated version of this game.

Good, but.... I like this game, and it's pretty satisfying when you hit the ball, but sometimes you don't even touch the screen and it says it's out. Also, I think there shouldn't be a limit of balls you hit, (15) because if you have unlimited balls it would be a lot more fun and have more potential. Some balls are almost impossible to hit and I think they should get that fixed. But overall it's a good game.

Trash. This game is dog crap. The few times the game actually opened I couldn't play longer than 30 seconds without it crashing. 0/10 would NOT recommend

Needs fixing. It is good and all but needs fixing. It needs fixing on the glitches. It glitches before he could even before it pitches The ball. Other than that is good.

Game is “Amazing”. I have played this game ever since I was a little kid, probably for the past 6 years. Unfortunately after todays tournament my game malfunctioned and started to lag, the ball hit the machine, froze and even DIDN'T SHOW UP. This is completely unbelievable and unacceptable, I expect this to be fixed soon or I’m going to be very unsatisfied. -Broad

Game changed my life. Dear flick home run this game single handedly changed my life I now feel like a champion. I am forever grateful

Why the change?!. The old version of this game was a fun and addictive game. I come back about 6 months later and i find that there is a max of 15 pitches!! What is this!! This game was one of the only games i used to play. I looked into the full version game and had a peek at the reviews. With no surprise, i found that level 2 is the max level before you have to pay with REAL MONEY to pass he rest. This is really disappointing and please do not waist your time.

8 years since last “bug fix”. Technology has stood still in the last 8 years and there can’t be any bugs now. Last “update” was 6 years ago, and it was from Apple- not the developer. Put no money in this game!!!

Pretty good. Well sometimes the game will lag but over all it's really fun it's my new favorite game I love it It might get you frustrated on some of the pitches some are really easy to hit like the snorkel ball

Don’t waste ur time or money. I used to play this game all the time and accumulated a lot of extras. Once they updated the game, everything I accumulated they took away. All that time spent wasted. Then they expected me to pay for things they had taken away from me. The developers ruined the game

Waste of time. This game used to be the funnest one around. Now you have to pay to be able to do any of the fun stuff. Go back to the way things used to be

Not very good. Your game could use a lot of fixing. you don’t even hit the ball when you clearly are hitting it. You get out when you don’t even touch the screen, and the balls are moving either way to fast or way to high in the air. I think this is not worth the money and I do not think anyone should install this.

Horrible. This game i play a while back when i had and iphone 4 and it was fun but now i go back and it had limited time to hit the balls u have to pay for a full version and you can even swing properly im really disappointed this game used to be alot of fun please dont get the app its not worth it

Older version was a lot better. It use to be a lot easier to hit the ball. Maybe there is something wrong with my phone, but you use to be able to drag your finger across screen when batting. Example, put your finger on screen for a second or two then swipe. but now when u swipe the only time your finger can touch the screen is when your finger is moving already, otherwise it recognizes it as a swing the moment the screen is touched. There are a few other things, but I am already starting to bore myself after writing a few sentences for this review...

Dear Infinity Pocket,. I have bought the full version of this game. I deleted the app and tried to get it back but it will not let me get it back for free. I hope you get the chance to read this.

Crashes. Can’t get past minor step 15 if the game crashes before you get there🤦‍♀️

DON’T YOU EVER MESS WITH BUNT MASTER MODE!!!!. Most recently, I considered recontinuing this game but just finished playing the bunt master mode today. Half the time, I barely touched it but the ball quickly rushed past the target at max speed.

CRASH. I used to love playing this game back in the day when it first came out, my and my brothers played it all the time, we’d have contests to see who could hit the furthest. Now i can’t even play five minutes without it crashing. Can’t even get past 8 steps without it sending me to the home screen. How am I expected to make it any further in the game when i can’t even play it? Something needs to be done. Such a fun game but when it doesn’t work properly it’s so frustrating. Please. Fix it.

Not a priority. This is something I hate about good apps! The owners name on their eventually stop caring about them and focus their attention elsewhere! And we suffer for it! The game crashes CONSTANTLY! I’m trying to power up but I’ll invest half an hour playing only for it to crash and I won’t get a single point! How on earth are you supposed to advance?! But I see the comments are 6 years old so it’s obvious the game maker could care less! Not updating, not supporting it… such a shame too! I remember what it used to be like, and had so very much potential! What is wrong with people who made this?! Please give it to a group that will maintain it and nurture it! Your, at best, the evil stepmother of this app! Do the right thing!

Glitchy. Was having a lot of fun playing this game but every so often if I got on a good run it would just turn itself off all together and I would lose all progress so I got aggravated and just deleted it

I hate it. Whenever you hit the ball it just doesn’t really go far and also whenever sometimes when you hit the ball it just doesn’t go it’s so dumb this is why everybody has been giving you 4 stars 2 stars 1 stars

A true piece of trash. You might get this thinking it will be a fun easy experience only to find out it barely works has terrible online play many glitches and you will always hit a pop fly while the company tries to get you to buy everything through micro transactions and its full of ads.

Mad and disappointed. The fact that I have played this game since I was 9 years old and I come back to play it and I have to pay to play the game I’ve played so many times Idk why you guys started charging money for it but kinda disappointed because I won’t pay for it and the free version is a poor excuse of the game

Doesn't work. Was a great game for the day or two that it actually worked. It started crashing after about two pitches. Now it crashes at the menu screen. I tried reinstalling it and restarting my phone. But that didn't work.

Hopefully fixed. Giving a three just because the Dev updated. If it is as good as I remember I'm going to give it a 5 and proper review.

Kicks you out everytime, horrible game DO NOT GET.. this is so horrible, i get kicked out every time i'm almost to the next level. This shouldn't even be a game at this point, it's a waste of $0.99. this is the worst game in history, i don't even know how it can be this bad. they really have to fix this bug because this is ridiculous. Like are the creators brain dead....

Crashes way too much. I like the game, but it crashes way too much. I even bought the regular version and you can be playing the game and it crashes.

This game is not how it use to be.. This game got really bad when I saw that there was a free version and a payed version. I use to have the full version a while a go when there was only one version but now there are two and everyone basically has to pay just to have fun in this game because it is no fun with the free version. First of all, the all ball mode sometimes does not register your swing, some balls are impossible to hit. Second of all bunt mode, it is very hard just to get it on red, and I have done it only once because it is so hard. Finally, there use to not be multiplayer, at least of what i remember. The point of this review is to say that I’m not going to spend $1 just to play something I use to for free.

THIS GAME. This game is bad but when you hit the ball 1/10 times that one time the ball will go far but when you go right over the ball most of the time you dont even hit the ball.

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BAD !!!!!!!!. This is a bad game it's hard to play in a 11 year old

Game keeps shutting down. The game itself is good and very enjoyable. The only thing is now it keeps crashing every time I start getting a good score. I did pay for this game and now not enjoying it

Terrible. It won't even start the game up!

Awesome. Its a good game but not the best app I've played

Update ruined it!!. Was good at first but the update took away half of what was free and now you have to pay to get it back!! Indian givers!!!

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It is a peace of crap. My dad just got this app a I love it but I try to download it and it get stuck at the homepage it takes I tried to do it and it lasted like an hour and I didn't even go to the game so fix-it now!!!!!!!😤😤😡😡😡😡😡

Eh. I like it but the banner that pops up is good and the sound it scared me plz make it better

❤️. 💙

Blah. The game won't even load for me. It's stuck on the home screen and is driving me insane

Amazing. Super addicting game it's fun and it kills time

They got greedy. I remember this game before they got super greedy and limited everything you could do on the free version. Was great.

fix it. Hi idiots, the game will not start. I've been starring at the screen for an hour and nothing has changed. Fix this now.

Can't open game. Can't open game only shows the baseball at the start can't play plz fix opening bug

Won't work. Doesn't get passed loading screen please fix asap

😄😄😄😄😄😄😄. Awesome stuff

Great. I used to always play this game and haven't played it in 2 years finally got back into it an it's been a blast

Flick home run is a good game it just needs to be updated. It's stuck on the main screen

Random shutdown. I bought the full version and randomly it’ll just reset for no reason I was almost at my high score and then boom phone went yo homepage and the game reset I use to play this game on my iPod like 10years ago never had a problem

S**t game doesn't even load. Sh!t

Great game LOVE IT!!!!!!!. It great dose noT GET STUCK ON THE HOME SCREEN!! I so great

Hitting. Ever since the update I can't even hit the balls out o the park

Trash. Doesn't go past loading screen...... Should feel ashamed of yourselves

😡. It didn't even get into the game it just stayed on the loading screen

Wtf. It won't let me play game. I get stuck at loading screen! Fix this now

Really. Downloaded it and won't even go past the loading screen 😡

Thieves. Spent money in there store only to get scammed, unreal you can just take peoples money without providing what you are paying for, I think I’ll quit work and do the same work you worthless scumbags

Cool. Le jeu est vraiment amusant comme lui qui avait avant

Stuck. Ever since I downloaded it it's stuck in the loading screen please fix or I'm out and if you would read the comments you would know what to do and what not to do please FIX I use to have this game on my other iPod it's really fun but fix it plz

not so good. wouldn't let me get past the tuitorial page. then took me to a page to buy the full app. what a waste of effort.

Not bad. Won't work on my iPhone 4

Please fix it. Please fix this game i love it so much but its stuck on the loading screen

Awesome. Very fun, good game. you should download.

Bruhhhhh. it won't even go past the loading screen

Wont work on iphone 4s. I have played this game before and it is so fun but when i use it on my iphone 4s it shows the new game screen for like one sec then it just goes black

Don't bother. Never loads to even let me play. Waste of time

Dear Flick. I Got Reported That There Is A Bug, It Keeps Sending A Certain Type Of Ball And Not Any Other Type -JeReMy JRM

Frozen in start up. Game won't even load. Freezes on start up. I was looking forward to playing because the earlier version was great. Hope it gets fixed soon and then I'll try to download again.

Ya. Best game for the year

Best game so far. I love this game

Fix!. Stays on the loading screen. Hate this game

It'd be great if I could play it. Whenever I open the app it stays on the screen with all the baseballs

Can't even play won't load at all pleas fix this..... Asap

Read. Notice how it's rated one stars big time BECAUSE IT WONT GO PAST THE LOADING SCREEN fix it please

Worst game ever👎😡. It won't go passed the loading screen fix it please

Why?. FIX THE LOADING SCREEN! Ioved playing this game until I couldn't load into he game. PLEASE FIX


.... I can't even get past the loading screen please fix

Great game. My brothers name is Matt but I call him aquna matatoe comment on the reviews aquna matatoe

Terrible. Stupid app won't even work because of the stupid advertisements

Why pocket infinity?. It soft locks at the loading screen Same with every pocket infinity game I've played. Why guys, why?

Awesome game, but problems. Hai, I have just purchased my awesome new iPhone 6 and when I try starting the game the game's home screen flashes on my screen then disappears and there is a black screen the rest of the time while the music is on, please fix I really enjoy this game!

Poorly made. No sound, confusing and pretty crap. When it makes you click an ad and you can’t close it... is where I delete this game. I get ads are needed, shove them in our face and make no option but to go to their site or the App Store to see it. No thanks. Sellouts

Doesn't work. Downloaded on my iPhone 6 and it just stay at the loading screen with the balls. Please fix

Loading. Game doesn't even load on my iPhone 6

wont download. when i go to download it says loading and it wont download

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Trash. The app randomly doesn't recognize that you swiped sometimes and drives you insane. Seriously this app is pure trash don't waste your time with this crap

Bad game. This game makes you rage a lot and you swipe your finger and it does not register and you get mad then you lose

It. Keeps crashing.

*DOES NOT WORK WITHOUT INTERNET*. My friend's love this game so I download it and try it out (with airplane mode on) the game sat at a black screen for five minutes before I shut the app off. I uninstalled this app and re-downloaded it, same problem. I use my internet on my phones my 3G and the the game still does not load, and continues to stay on a black screen. Unless you have super fast internet or wifi all day long, do not get this app. I will not be bullied into paying .99 dollars for the full version of a game that does not all me try it out for in a demo version. Would highly recommend purchasing this app and the full version of this game until these issues are fixed.

Use to be great!. This game use to be awesome! Now it’s just horrible.... 15 balls? What!? Should have kept it free.

One of my favorites. You're a tard if you can't hit the ball people. Only complaint I have is the online multiplayer only connects about 50% of the time. Not sure if its a Game Center issue or an issue with the Flick Homerun app. I'm able connect by clicking "online", wait for stats to load (refresh) and then clicking "New Game / multiplayer. Even then, it doesn't always connect. Sorry for using actual words with correct spelling and all. I went to school.

Not free?. This is an old school classic game then one day I wake up & I have to pay to play the full game. Selfish.

Fix.. Fix your game.

Want a bad game get this one. This game is just has nothing going for it. It is just booooorrrriiinnng

Great Game!!!. I love the full version, I just downloaded the demo to see what was on it. The full game is so much better!!! It was plenty of replay value and it's pretty challenging, especially since they updated it with the mini games. It's been a constant app on my iPhone for quite a while now. Definitely one of my favorites. I play it more than Angry Birds Space.

It's not good. I am Ed Parrish if I say it's bad, it's bad. Contact me and I'll make a new better one in 2 hours.

ok. is fun to play but older version was better.

inconsistent. most inconsistent most broken game i’ve ever played fix it so ducking bad

This is terrible. Every 8 seconds the game closes out please fix this bug

Old was better. ....

What the Flick?. Probably really fun but it glitches out and shuts down after 15 freaking seconds

AWFUL. i had 300k xp and my game crashed. i am utterly flabbergasted and this is ridiculous. no one ever buy this game. consider this a one star rating

Game is so bad now. Horrible. Worthless. Don't waste your time.

Gdvxg. It’s impossible to hit the ball. And when I do it’s a 784 ft home run I guess

Trash. Balls don’t go where I hit them they go flying up or behind me

👎. Free version is not good at all

Listen here. Every time I get on the game always crashed and that's why I did a one star and the developers need to fix this

Horrible. It doesn't flick when you move your finger

Fix game. Plz fix this game


Crashes constantly. Trying to get to step 15. Around step 11-12, the game crashes and I can’t get to the majors

Horrible. Fix the game dumbo its so dumb that u cant even hit the ball This game is sooo horrible

Absolutely awful. This game is awful. It gives you the most unhittable pitches you can imagine. It drains all the fun out of it and is overall the worst game ever

Horrible. I wouldn’t waste my time, horrible game, app crashes as well

:0. Hi

Fun…with problems. The game is fun as something to get your anger out, but it is kind of boring. The bunt master is stupid because it's virtually impossible to get the ball on the platform more than twice without using pure luck. And the total balls needs more than 700 feet because sometimes it's easy to get, like, twice that. If you want the free version to try it out, get it, but don't waste your money on the full upgrade!!!

Houstton. This game is the BOMB

Fix game crashes. Game is fun but it crashes all the time making it unplayable.

😭. The old free version was really good but now it’s not full screen, there’s no different levels.

Game. Pretty good it would be more fun if you had unlimited balls

Black screen. I used to have this app on my iPod 4 and I loved it, so when I got a new iPod 5, I downloaded it on that too. But after it installed, I opened the app and as soon as it got to the main menu of the app, it turned to a black screen. I could still hear the music, but the screen was black. I then closed out of the app and retried it again, but it still didn't work. Then I uninstalled it and re downloaded it, but it still doesn't work. Please fix it, as I love this app. Thanks!


Horrible. A lot of bugs and it’s just a bad game overall

Baseball. It not working

Stupid. Full should be free

Blah. Blah

Disappointed. It used to be fun now I just can’t even play it it’s not like before

Fun when your bored. This app does what it says and no more unless you get the full version. I had the first version of this app and it has really improved. Good job, but if you bought the old version, keep it cause it's not much different. Hope this helps

Trash. It’s so trash

Disappointed. Older version was a lot better

Gay. Why 2 versions idk seems kinda homo

😡. This is not a good game for anyone that is a fan of baseball and this game is horrible

Review. Great game but ruined by the lack of playability because it’s the free version you can barely even play it

nostalgic. i loved playing this game on my dads phone when i was a kid. im so happy i found it again lol.

Disappointed. My five year old is a baseball nut and this looked like the perfect game for him to feed his boredom during long car rides. Unfortunately the game is just not engaging or fun. The balls will speed up after they have already started at a particular velocity. The controls are okay I suppose and the art direction is adequate but the physics , hit detection and execution is sloppy. I was so excited when I found this title for him but both of us have been deflated. Nice attempt but just too flawed to be recommended. The saving grace is that I almost bought the paid version without trying this FREE version.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.2.0
Play Store com.infinitypocket.FHRNewFree
Compatibility iOS 7.0 or later

Flick Home Run ! Free Version (Versiyon 1.2.0) Install & Download

The application Flick Home Run ! Free Version was published in the category Games on 06 April 2012, Friday and was developed by Infinity Pocket [Developer ID: 372365588]. This program file size is 25.32 MB. This app has been rated by 849 users and has a rating of 3.6 out of 5. Flick Home Run ! Free Version - Games app posted on 19 March 2016, Saturday current version is 1.2.0 and works well on iOS 7.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.infinitypocket.FHRNewFree. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Flick Home Run ! Free Version Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. -Critical Bug Fixed.

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