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Make your movies look exactly the way you want with VideoGrade, a powerful, flexible and easy to use color grading editor for video. Universal app, optimized for all the retina displays.

VideoGrade is a color grading tool for your videos. It features high quality filters that will let you adjust the image on your videos in any way you can imagine. VideoGrade is built with freedom in mind: you will have total control over each of the filters. Whether you want to radically change the look of your videos, correct defects like color cast or poor lighting or subtly enhance them, VideoGrade has the tools you need.

VideoGrade gives you all the information you need while editing: real-time previews of how the video will look like, color channels histogram, clipping previews and split screen mode for comparing the edited video with the original.

All the freedom VideoGrade gives is presented in a clean, beautiful and easy to use interface. After just a few minutes, you will become familiar with everything VideoGrade offers.

Under the hood, VideoGrade features a powerful render engine that takes maximum advantage of your device to process HD videos quickly.

Download VideoGrade now and surprise everybody with the quality and look of your videos!


+ Color correct any video recorded with (or synchronized to) your device easily.
+ All the filters that you will need to enhance or radically transform your videos.
+ Real-time previews, color histograms, clipping previews and split modes for comparison.
+ Capture frames from your videos and save them as images.
+ Export your videos in Full HD, HD or choose between the other export presets.

Each update gets better! Stay tuned for new features and improvements.


Exposure, Contrast, Vibrance, Temperature, Vignette, Recovery, Sharpness, Monochrome, Brightness, Saturation, Effects, Channel mixer, Tint, Hue, Levels, Bloom, Posterize, Rotation.


Questions? Problems? Suggestions? I would love to hear from you! Please send me an email to [email protected] Note that if you leave a support question in the comments, I will not be able to write you back, so just shoot me an email instead.


"One of VideoGrade's best qualities is that it doesn't sacrifice simplicity for function or vice versa." - Gizmodo

"VideoGrade is now an essential app for iOS videographers." - Cult of the Mac

"VideoGrade is the best low-cost color correction app currently available for iOS." - Filmmaking with the iPad and the iPhone


VideoGrade App Description & Overview

The applications VideoGrade was published in the category Photo & Video on 2012-01-12 and was developed by Fidel Lainez. The file size is 14.30 MB. The current version is 7.0.0 and works well on 12.0 and high ios versions.

Hi there, Videograders!

VideoGrade 7 is here, ready for iOS 12!


== ADDED ==
- Support for iOS 12.
- Presets are now available on the Photos Extension. Presets are shared between the VideoGrade app and the VideoGrade Photos Extension.
- New filter: Pixellate.

- Big speed improvements.

== FIXED ==
- Fixed several bugs, including a problem that could crash the app when using the Channel Mixer on an iPhone X.

Thank you very much for using VideoGrade. The next version is being developed as you read this, so keep sending your comments and requests to [email protected]

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VideoGrade Reviews


VideoGrade-Great app!  ViddyGritty  5 star

A great, versatile app. Offers a tremendous palette of tools for improving and processing your videos on the go.


Poor at export  SmartBipson  1 star

Get some nice result of color grading, but when you export at original settings, it gives you everything but that. Giving you a slightly off square video

SlimKirby G

VIDEO EDITOR LOVER  SlimKirby G  4 star

Improving video graphics


PLEASE READ! NEEDS 2 THINGS!  rioswave  5 star

Only 2 things this app needs is a color wheel like premiere pro where you can adjust the highlights, mid tones & shadows. Not the tint highlights, mid tones & shadows that’s already in the app, that’s not accurate at all like premiere pro is & I’m sure this is not a hard tool to add in this app its a simple feature & highly requested of the iOS filmmaking community. 1 other thing is HSL’s, I’m sure you know what I mean where you can individually adjust the HUE, SATURATION & LUMINANCE of either just red, blue, green, yellow, magenta, orange, purple & aqua. I’m a YouTuber & this is hands down one of the best color grading apps for iOS so far, if someone can prove me other wise DM ME @rioswave. you guys have lumafusion’s colors beat by a lot & with these 2 simple tools added to the app would kill the GAME ! We’re all counting on you guys ! I would even pay a little more for these 2 features👍🏽 “if” they’re accurate like Premiere Pro. Like $10 extra. THINK ABOUT THIS💭


Crash  Graphics2010  4 star

Today i was trying to do a test in a small video but in the middle the app stuck and crash ...


Best one so far  midnightufo  5 star

Love this app

R Used Minds

Outstanding!  R Used Minds  5 star

I cannot believe the level of flexibility I have when color grading with this app . . . on a phone! You can make presets and it shows you the before and after split screen. Just get it! It’s a tool worth having in your iOS arsenal of filmmakers secrets.

Charles Gerasimek

One of a kind!  Charles Gerasimek  5 star

There are practically no other app that will color fix, high def videos. This app is so valuable to video enthusiasts. The tools are endless, thank God for this app! Update I’ve continued to use this gem for years and love it even more. It was almost unusable for a bit but iOS operating systems can render an app a dud. I would try it a few times a week and one day the magic was back even better then before.

Joe Biff

Amazing App  Joe Biff  5 star

This app goes beyond delivering a great solution. The developer has thought of everything. Highly recommended!


Potential to be really good...  QA5150  3 star

Remarks for photo editing only: I really like the UI and the functionality on much of what this app does (recognizing other, free apps do essentially the same things for pix) but am disappointed in certain things. My biggest gripe is that when you finish grading a still pic, that pic can be saved non-destructively, but you can only save at a reduced resolution. My 24 MP pix loose about 1/3 of their resolution. Trying to research if this is adjustable or not, I note there is no online user manual or even FAQ’s; those are still being developed. I ironically note you do have a “Tip Jar”...what is that for, really? What have you done to earn “tips”?


No good for underwater fottage  Neilliddle  1 star

The algorithums of this software can't cope with the extreme greens in underwater footage and cannot compensate with enough magenta. The red channel doesn't respond well. Grated underwater footage tends to look yellow - blue duo tone, with little or no red channel. I get better results with other software unfortunately.


Best colour correction app - please update for iOS10  engelberthumperdink  5 star

This is an example of the type of app that makes the iOS platform so good! However, it has been over a year without an update, and I sincerely hope iOS10 gets some love (and VideoGrade some new features too!).


Absolutely fantastic  Jayezon  5 star

A iOS app that gives you decent post production colour grading control of your videos. Renders at a really good speed too. The ease of use and control of the features are fantastic!


Crashes  arctic_m0nkey  1 star

Can't export any video on iPhone 6...


Pro grading app on a phone  Dcw79  5 star

This is without a doubt one of the best apps for the iPhone. So many options, very quick, and very easy to use. Superb.


Amazing Colour Correction  mriksman  5 star

This app provides the best colour correction options (temperature, tone, individual channels) and has helped fix up many underwater videos. Developer replied quickly too stating that a Photo Extension is on the way. Brilliant!


The best video grading/adjustment app for iPhone  KOMORU  5 star

Hands down the best video grading / colour adjustment app for iPhone. Its simple, intuitive, and powerful interface provides precision and control far beyond other apps in this space. Cannot recommend this enough for anyone wanting to adjust colour or lift detail in their videos.


Great app  Mitch1610  4 star

Overall fantastic app it was just what I needed.


Great  choccyboy  4 star

Love this app and only used it for a few minutes giving a clip of my girls a warm contrasty feel. Non destructive modifying of video. Quite fast and plenty of editing options to keep me busy for a while. Video only - exported clips lose audio so you'll need to add soundtrack. Not node based, but still great value.


👍  insuo  5 star

Excellent update


Great app but....  Johnger1234  4 star

Updated: 10/18/2015 I am unable to find a way to send developer feedback. I still feel that the Brightness - Shadow option still does not work. All it really does is white out the video not lighten. After using Google's Snapseed app for editing photos this app works soooo musch better. Developers: just try Snapseed. And see for yourself. I took a screen shot of the problem. I could even take a couple of before and after screen shots in Snapseed to show how much better Snapseed works. This was the same issue I had with Adobe Photoshop when I used to use that Software. If you can add a link to your feedback page I can send you sceen shots. Other than the above issue, I looove this app and use it often. This is the only app I have found that will edit video clips. I use Videograde in conjunction with Pinnacle Studio and this makes for a sweet editting suite on the iPad.

Flell Hamhair

Incredible App!  Flell Hamhair  5 star

This app is incredible! Really gives your videos the professional (or atmospheric, or magical) edge. Presently, I'm using this app to give my Claymations a technicolor-ish look. I highly recommend this app for everyone who's interested in enhancing their videos, or personalizing them to look exactly how you want them to look. I feel honored to give this app *****!


Love This Tool  vEditGuy  5 star

Just what I need to sweeten my vids! Please make the undo toggle between undo and re-do. - Thanks


Finally, a decent video processor  LvsSocer  5 star

Not much else to say.. the App Store is devoid of quality video post processors. This fixes that issue.


Great!  [email protected]  5 star

Thank you for developing such a great app. The only thing it could get better is to have a bit more subtle configurations to tweak contrast and saturation.


Great enhancement to movie making apps  R1store  4 star

There are a lot of things that I movie and pinnacle cannot do but coupled with this app I feel I can do just about anything


Killer App!  Breakzilla  5 star

This app rocks! It's a great supplement to iMovie. Now I can shoot in ProTune, download and then color correct from my iPad. Sweet!


Crashes when processing.  ttelracs  1 star

Please fix ASAP!


Excellence!  Kigigirl  5 star

Excellence! Love this app!


Low budget filmmakers will LOVE this!  KeiranVarian  5 star

This is a great way to make iPhone video look exactly how you want it. It's especially great for filmmakers who cannot afford high end software such as after effects. If you only have an iPhone to make movies, do NOT be discouraged. This app will spice up your video in a way that you didn't even know an iPhone could possibly do.

S Byrne

Incredible App  S Byrne  5 star

Finally, an app to colour grade video. I'm blown away by how good this one functions! If your shooting video and editing with ios, you have to add this to your toolkit.


Great!  JABBO 12  5 star

Great app, really useful for making movies.

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