Flag Football Playmaker HD

Flag Football Playmaker is a playbook design & play wristband system for iPad & iPhone. Now a Universal app.


• Intuitive touch controls make it easy to set formations & draw plays.
• Name plays & assign them to categories for instant access to the right play for any situation. No more searching through stacks of paper.
• Collapsable roster panel lists all team members with their current positions & jersey numbers.
• Duplicate or Flip+Duplicate any play for fast diagramming of series.


• Share your playbooks with other coaches and players.
• Import shared playbooks into Playmaker.
• Send professionally-designed playbooks and play wristbands in PDF format for viewing and printing.
• AirPrint playbooks and play wristbands directly to compatible printers.


• Make changes to existing plays on the fly.
• Flip any play instantly.
• Draw up a new play in seconds to take advantage of schematic opportunities as they emerge.
• Switch between offensive & defensive playbooks with one touch.


• Assign names to positions to save time in the huddle & keep players focused on their responsibilities.
• Customizable colors & labels clearly distinguish positions.
• Optional field lines for precise alignments and route depths.
• High definition graphics make play diagrams easy to see under any lighting conditions.


We're coaches, so we understand the need to prove that something new works before implementing it with your team. That's why we're offering a free version of Flag Football Playmaker - so that you can try the app before upgrading to PRO. Here's what you'll get for free:

• Create one playbook with up to 3 offensive & defensive plays.
• Playbook settings for 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 player per side leagues.
• Choose from 38 high quality mascot photos for your playbook cover.
• Enter player names in the roster panel & assign positions.
• Flip any play instantly.
• Customize position colors & labels.
• Identify an intended receiver, choose smooth or straight lines, show zigzag lines for pre-snap motion, show dotted lines for pitch & pass and draw zone defense responsibilities.
• Choose between three end caps for your routes: arrow, T (for blocks) and dot.
• Choose between dark & light backgrounds for optimal visibility under any lighting conditions.
• Name your plays & assign them to any of our pre-defined play categories for instant access.


Flag Football Playmaker PRO includes all of our free features plus:

• Share & import playbooks. Quickly distribute playbooks to your coaches for importing & editing in Playmaker (they’ll need the PRO upgrade) or to parents & players for viewing (they’ll need the Viewer upgrade).
• Play wristband print setup. Get your best plays on the field with one of four standard play wristband insert sizes.
• Send playbook PDFs. Send your playbook or play wristbands in PDF format to anyone for viewing and printing.
• AirPrint. Print playbooks or quarterback wristbands directly to compatible printers.
• Design unlimited offensive & defensive plays. Have your full playbook at your fingertips & add new plays whenever inspiration strikes.
• Set up unlimited play categories that you define. Organize your plays for instant access to the right play for any situation.
• Create unlimited playbooks. Perfect for coaches who have multiple teams or want to keep a season-by-season playbook history.
• Set up custom Personnel Groups. Great for play-specific position assignments, depth charts and mass substitutions.


Flag Football Playmaker Viewer includes all of our free features plus the ability to import playbooks shared with you for viewing (but not editing) in Playmaker.

Flag Football Playmaker HD App Description & Overview

The applications Flag Football Playmaker HD was published in the category Sports on 2011-12-24 and was developed by TRUE. The file size is 37.02 MB. The current version is 4.0.12 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

• Now a Universal app that works on both iPad & iPhone.
• New Viewer upgrade option for parents & players who want to import playbooks but don’t need to edit.
• Other improvements & bug fixes.

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Flag Football Playmaker HD Reviews


The only app I'll use for coaching  DRjcDPT  5 star

Great app! I've been very pleased with the ease of use with this app. Just waiting for some things like block and release/Multiple Pitching


This is extremely good for a free app  allllllllllee  5 star

Searching a title like this, I was extorting some bad free app with pop up ads every 0.5 seconds, and terrible graphics with barely any options. But this... this is good


Amazing  Coachwj  5 star



My favorite coaching app  zeds17  5 star

I coach both the 8U and 12U age groups and the ability to show their names on positions is huge. We can focus practices on fundamentals and position group techniques and simply show the plays in the huddle


This is the app I have been looking for!  PWChongo  5 star

For flag football, I have always look for an app that would make entering my plays easy. In addition, I wanted to have something the kids could see easily on the iPad and that I could print as well. This app allows you to do that and whole lot more. Drawing plays is easy. Changing positions is easy. Duplicating plays is easy. The whole thing is just easy to use. Then you can mail yourself your playbook or send to your coaches. It allows you to print wrist plays for your kids and everything else. The only draw back is that the app is a little pricey but helk...these guys thought of everything and the app is well worth it.

Tone Capone67

Wow....great app  Tone Capone67  5 star

This app is great. While coaching 9-10 youth flag football.. I use this during practice and at games to quickly set the plays up for the team. i use a iPad mini and the plays are big enough for the team to quickly see to start the plays. Making on the fly changes or mapping out a new play on the fly is so very easy. MUST HAVE APP.

Grid, zones, animation

Good, but needs polishing  Grid, zones, animation  4 star

I like this app but wish it had the following: -Community plays and play books. -Add grid to play design screen. -Add snap to grid option. -Add animation. -On defense zones, add oval and square option to further define the home zone.


Amazing App, GREAT SUPPORT!!!  LORD_APOC  5 star

Awesome playbook maker! I have used it for 5 seasons and it works perfect!!! Also to the ability to forward your playbook to another coach makes this app that much better!!!!!


Update  KennyKingBoy  5 star

Great job guys great job with the update great job!!


Gators Approved!!  Gatordad99  4 star

Wish I knew about this app 3 years ago! Easy to use, easy to share with players and coaches. Kids love designing their own plays. Would like the ability to choose # of plays per panel (4 plays, bigger picture), ability to add secondary route in different color and add my own mascot from existing photos (team request).


Expensive  havasutexan  4 star

Great app, but very expensive to upgrade to the pro version. The option of flipping a play is great, but one thing to help improve the app would be the ability to make an exact copy of a play. Then you could flip the play and save it in the opposite direction.


Well...  ShadowNYY  2 star

This app is great; I haven't found a better playbook app yet. But $15 for the full version is absurd! The free version does not give you enough options to use long-term, and the full verisimilitude is extremely overpriced. 99 cents, $1.99 I can see. But $15 is just ridiculous. Have a sale or something!


Please show position names when sharing  roborlando  4 star

The app is great, but it would be nice when emailing or sharing plays to be able show/ print out the roster names and assignments for the various players both offense and defense. This is baffling to me, but it's still a nice app. Use it for 8 year olds and they love it!


Animation  MISTIGERS  3 star

All it is missing is animation. There should be a preview mode to show how the plays should be ran. That would take this app over the top.


Very Good, Keep Going  DHB12  4 star

Great app, but keep going. So much more you could including curved lines, iCloud or Dropbox sync for multiple device sync, multiple templates to save, ability to copy or duplicate plays, reverse plays without flipping positions (e.g. wide receivers), more print options, more share options, etc, etc. Love the app, but would love to see more.


Really good!!!!!  Jspearson1  4 star

I just upraded to pro and i am really enjoying it. The last dot uprade really brought a lot of needed tweaks. Few suggestions: 1. There should base formations for each set playbook, not just one for offense and defense. 2. I wish there was a way to share your plays through other applications other than just email, ex. Facebook, twitter, group me. 3. On offense or defense, being able to draw up a play with both sides of the ball would really great. I play quarterback and being able to get my teammates on the same page has been a challenge for me. With this app it made it so much easier. Thanks


Very good  Finzrule  4 star

Only 2 problems: you can't draw curved shapes and I'm having trouble with some of my playbooks not getting emailed fully... Besides that, I love this app, well worth the $15 upgrade

Richard - USA

Just Okay - WAY Overpriced  Richard - USA  3 star

The Ap is okay - why can't you draw in curve shapes ? $15 is 10 too much -

Tiny zoo rocks 222

Great App for Flag Football!  Tiny zoo rocks 222  5 star

So far so good!!! Love it! Easy to use, and the developers really care too (they responded immediately to an email question I had....). Their FB page shows a new update coming out for wristbands and colors- excellent addition, just waiting to see it! Keep up the upgrades!!! Thanks, 5v5 coach


Great base product  Masterzach  4 star

Needs few key added features: 1) ability to copy/paste - need to be able copy made play to use as base for next one made 2) drag and drop - moving a play from one category of play to next 3) text entry -- be able to place anywhere - under/over a pattern to give it a name or yardage distance 4) ability to turn on yardage markers ( possibly dotted lines) that denote 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 yards from line of scrimmage - option to include when printing 5) all text added -- needs to print 6) option to use multiple color options for routes - that can match the color of the player circle Expensive for base product. Expecting added features Thanks for great start !!!

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