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What is toca kitchen app? *Parents Choice Awards 2012 - Gold Winner!*

Ever wanted to play with your food?

Now you can! Toca Kitchen lets you cook and play with food for four hungry characters. Pick any ingredient and prepare it in your own way! Slice, boil, fry, cook, microwave or mix? And wait for your hungry friend´s response…

- Four cute characters to cook for - each with their own favorite food!
- 12 different ingredients that can be prepared in 180 different ways!
- Slice, boil, fry, cook, microwave or mix any of the ingredients
- Optional vegetarian mode!
- Fantastic original artwork!
- No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
- Kid-friendly interface!
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca Kitchen is not a game - it's a toy where you and your kids get to explore cooking. What happens if you mix a carrot and then fry it? Will the cat like it? And what is the bull's favorite food? Toca Kitchen supports free play for all ages and is a great way to use your imagination.

Watch our trailer to see what it looks like:


At Toca Boca, we believe in the power of play to spark kids’ imaginations and help them learn about the world. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be playful, to be creative and to be who they want to be. Our products include award-winning apps that have been downloaded more than 130 million times in 215 countries and offer fun, safe, open-ended play experiences. Learn more about Toca Boca and our products at

Privacy is an issue that we take very seriously. To learn more about how we work with these matters, please read our privacy policy:

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Toca Kitchen Version 2.111 March 2022

Bug Fixes :).

Toca Kitchen Version 2.026 May 2021

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Toca Kitchen Version 1.1.718 September 2020

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Toca Kitchen Comments & Reviews 2022

- It’s great but...

This game is so unique and fun! But I think it needs an update. Maybe some more food varieties and cooking tools. It’s really a fun game but I think it needs more diversity. (If you want some ideas: Rice, bread, deserts, cheese, baking ability, mixing two or three foods together.) But the characters are funny and great. No change is needed. Oh and more fruit! I love fruit! We need some more of that!

- Great Game, App Suggestions.

I was introduced to Toca Boca games and to come back and play the games I loved and still do is awesome! I’m still a kid but when I was 4 I would play games like Toca Store and the original Toca Salon. That includes this game. I now play Toca Kitchen 2 and Toca Hair Salon 3. App Suggestions: Now to the part that I have been wanting to share for a long time now. An app I want really bad is a Toca Life: Water Park. I heard another review suggest this. You could have different slides and food stands and a entertainment booth where you could watch performances. I’m not going into depth about this. The one I do want to get deep into is Toca Life: Hotel. This is kind of a more deeper version of Toca Vacations hotel. You could have 2 or 3 hotels with 3 floors and a kitchen and a game room and a swimming pool and lastly, I really, really want this. A SUNDAE BAR!! I really want this. You could create your own sundaes and there could be specials. Sorry for the loooong review! Bye!

- Good game but

Fun game but I would like this to have more foods and more cooking tools also the game gets boring after awhile


The game Toca Kitchen was a very fun game. Even though I am 8 years old and still enjoyed this game. It was always funny and I liked how the character fell to the floor 😂. Also it showed how normal people MAY react to the foods. This game is enjoyable, funny, and a fantastic experience for me. I hope you download it 😃. This is why I gave it a 5 stars!!!!!!

- Some suggestions Read it please

Read this toca people 1. We could make weird drinks with other things 2. Let the kids eat the hay and other things I want to see what they will do 3. Let them use the forks make a button to let them start eating 4 you could put raw food and they could faint but get up again Suggestions -toca pool - toca bus -toca mall - toca babysitting - toca world ( go around) - toca life ( could be a game. - toca football - toca mini games - toca food - toca sports - toca baking - toca ideas ( text toca boca to ask them things

- I love this game. But....

I love this game sooooo much it is soo creative but sometimes when I go to swipe over to see what my cooking options are it doesn’t work same thing when I try to see the fridge but other than that I love it

- It’s pretty cool but...

I have been wondering. Can you add some more food please? I saw a friend playing Toca kitchen two and I was astonished at how much food there was. I’m only seven and I like it but I mean there,s not much food to serve. Please read this and add an update or something to make there more food

- There’s no title to this one

I love to cook kitchen and I think you need to add some stuff like I’ve been in something that you can make a drink so I really like that maybe you can come out with toco what kitchen to do is one so there is that oh sorry there is a Toca Kitchen do OK that’s it bye

- Great game

I think it's good because my little brother is interested with it. It's good for little kids like my brother because they learn to cook.

- This game made me want t be a chef

When I grow up want to be a chef cause this game and I love the other Toca cooking games that came out too

- Let me feed the child hay !!!!

This game is good good graphics but please let me feed the children hay !!!

- Adorable App

It's a really cute app, but I do recommend that the creators let us use the forks. :)

- Love, But

I really love this game but I was hoping that you could add more food, please?

- I love it

It's kind of weird but it's great!👍👍

- Sound stopped working after one day

No sound on this game and on Toca Band! Bought both games and now my toddler can’t play them. Please fix! Other games are fine, just my two Toca games.

- Not the best game ever…

This game gets boring super quickly, and I hate games where I get bored within 2 minutes. There needs to be more things.

- Fat

Good but I want you to update it where you can make the characters fat

- Boring

Toca kitchen two is WAYYYY better than this! They took away all of the fun features in toca kitchen two. Also the art in toca kitchen two is way less scary in my opinion. I want my money back!!!!!! Terrible app

- Just something you need to do

Please let us use the fork that's it.

- Cool

I overall like this game, but you should add more food. Thanks!🍩🍪🍯🍿🎂🍨🥮🍢🍙🍚


It includes everything he likes!No internet Needed!

- What is wrong with this 🐱:) :(

The cat is mean I tried to give him other food than fish but it goes under the table

- Meal success!

I make meals for 4 costumers! Like this food recipes! 🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍌🍉🍇🍓🍈🍒🍑🥭🍍🥥🥝 fruits! 🍅🍆🥑🥦🥬🥒🌶🌽🥕🧄🧅🥔🍠 vegetables! 🥐🥯🍞🥖🥨🧇🥞 grains! 🍗🍖🥩🥓 protein! 🥚🧈🧀🥛dairy! Yummy! Time to cook!

- App crashes upon opening

Waste of money if you can’t even open up the app.

- Read Me!

This app is really fun! I have only had one glitch which is where I cut the sardine and then half disappears then I cut again and one fourth reappears. It is pretty fun! A little pricey but I love it. There is fun foods to cook, fun people and funny things like frying lemons! :) I like this app a lot. Once again, it should be at the most $1.99. I hope it updates soon! I bought it and don't think I wasted my money but that's my opinion. I recommend this app 85%. 4/5 Stars. Thanks for reading this long review! :) Also please add mixing things together in the blender! And add a soup or something. Really just add something where you can mix two + things together!

- Taco back hair salon 3

I would like to refund

- Thotdestroyer

meh maybe better? step up da game thot

- ThiS gam is BAD!

I HAT I I mAD mY chOld cry 😢😢😢😢😢😢

- Toca kitchen

Toca kitchen is an amazing game for family and children to play. It looks beautiful and hasn't crashed on me yet. You can serve one out of four people a boy , a girl , a cow , and a dog. Some people like somethings and others don't , for instance a cow likes to eat hay no one else does , and the cow won't eat meat except for a fish everyone else does eat the steak and hot dog. F.Y.I there is some blood but only on steak like when you cut it or blend it , but hey that's how it goes in the real world so unless your really protective about your child it doesn't matter. There are five ways to prepare your food you can cut it with a knife , blend it, cook it on a pan , boil it, or microwave/cook in oven. You can serve 12 things meat , fruit , vegetables , and hay. As I said earlier Toca kitchen is a game for kids and family , small amounts of blood unless the steak is cooked , and worthy of a 9.5/10 so this game is totally worth checking out along with other games from Toca Boca. Hoped this helped.

- Great for following directions and for fun!

Toca Kitchen is very popular with my preschool speech students. Kids can choose from 4 characters to feed, each with different food preferences. There are 12 food choices in the fridge and 5 ways to prepare the food. I like that you can prepare each item more than one way. Example: you can slice the food, then boil it. This allows me to practice two-step directions with my students. The app can be used to practice the prepositions in, out, on, off and the adjectives hot and cold. I have found it to be useful with reluctant talkers (few kids can resist saying "in" or "on" to get to use the food processor). The kids like figuring out what the characters will eat and what they will refuse. There is an ad for other Toca Boca apps on the initial page but this can be turned off thorough Apple settings. There are no in app purchases. Highly recommended!

- Update!!!!!!

This is a wonderful app! I love all the characters and food your able to cook although the main reason for this comment is that I may suggest some things first, although you may have heard this one please make there be a way to MIX FOOD that is my main request!! Second, add pasta, bread (to make a sandwich with OR add the option to make a sandwich complete with all the condiments) ham, cheese (different kinds), lettuce, milk, water, turkey, drinks, berries, and flour. There's more but I'll stop there. Third!! A juicer please! Please! Also I would like to see spoon, knives, more cuts allowed, be able to feed them with a fork OR have an option for them to feed themselves, recipes, menu, toaster, deep fryer, maybe an option to hand mix or mix with a spoon... And I have more suggestions but once again I'll stop. I hope I could give you some ideas? Please take them into consideration on the next update! Thanks!!

- Toca Boca Kitchen: Great & fun kids app!

This app has great graphics and kid appeal. My daughters love finding ways to cook the food to make the characters be grossed out and not eat! It's very helpful for them to explore different ways to cook food, learn about different foods, and have fun all at the same time. The option to slice the food works on fine motor coordination. One can work on labeling foods and actions on how a child chooses to prepare the food. Also, the characters make "yummy" and "grossed out" faces and sounds depending on how the food is prepared; a great way to introduce how others feel and how your actions (preparing the food) affects others! This is one of my kids go to favorites when choosing an app to play.

- Toca Kitchen

Toca Kitchen is open ended fun! My preschool son with autism loves it as do my girls who are 11 and 17. (Okay, even I like seeing the characters faces get happy or frustrated at the foods we serve them) I like that there is no clock to beat, no right or wrong. This is a great app for experimenting with food, especially for children who are notorious for having feeding/food issues. My son loves to be the "chef" and to make the characters eat things they may or may not be so thrilled about (lemons, anyone?). I would love to see an update with more food added, but Toca Boca is great with coming up with updates for all of their apps. This is a fun app!

- Great!

This app is really awesome and I love it. Just like everyone else though, I think that there should be more choices. And we should be able to blend foods. I think that some things to add are: more food choices (hamburgers, fries, rice, pasta, etc.) another great thing would be to add like, different restaurants to choose from. Like, say I chose a Chinese restaurant, then there would be Chinese food. That combines the restaurants idea and the more food choices idea. And drinks would be awesome to. I think it would make it more fun if we could blend foods. Others than theses small adjustments, this app is great!

- Great app! Few request, though.

I love this app! It's amazing and fun. I'm not even a toddler and I enjoy all of their games! Some things that would make it better was if you had more things to do, like being able to add more than one ingredients when your cooking. Being able to cook a tomato and mushroom at the same time. And also if you had more cooking items, such as an oven, and then cleaning your dishes, having cups. Oh, and being able to blend two or more things. That's it, though. Amazing, fun, creative app!

- Fries

I've heard that you guys want fries, well I was doing stuff on the app and this kinda looked like fries. First, get the potato then cut it up, then put it on the frying pan. It kinda looked like fries to me. Hopping this helped you! By the way I love this app! But I want a update! P.S. The boy LOVES IT! Listen listen listen listen!!!!!! I know what the update is!!! If you put a food that isn't the hey in front of them and they don't like it a bubble will pop up and tell you how they like it!!! I put the fish in front of the girl and she said no and then the bubble popped up and told me she liked it fried

- Amazing!

This app is absolutely wonderful! It gives you a sense that you're in your real kitchen cooking real food. Yeah, it's that magical :) Although my little sister is a little bit scared of the bull and often doesn't want to make food for him (lol), so I suggest being able to change the characters' outfits before we feed them; there could be a fancy outfit, a casual outfit, a summer outfit etc... Otherwise, this is an absolutely stunning game with gorgeous graphics that everyone from 1 to 101 would enjoy :)

- I love toca boca and this app!

Bought this at midnight last night. Have been waiting all month for it's release. I know my daughters will LOVE it. I had fun testing it out and my 2 yr old had a great time with it. He really enjoyed cutting the foods and turning the microwave off and on. Didn't want to let my daughters play with it yet because they would totally hog my iPhone and iPod :) lol. but, when they get their hands on it I know they will be just as crazy about it as they are about all the other toca boca apps!

- Great app for kids

In the words of my 6.5 y.o., who insisted on a five star rating, "I like using it because I like feeding the people food that I cook. Sometimes they spit it out and that is funny. It is a fun game." The sound effects--preparing, cooking, eating-- are entertaining. It also requires kids to do things in a certain sequence while still allowing them some creativity and silliness. In some cases, it provides an unexpected (and silly) outcome requiring them to try it a new way. We have been enjoying this app for over a year, now.

- Needs more!!

It needs more features! Like drinks, and being able to know what the character wants to do with the food. Like when you have a food the chara doesn't like, maybe put a little bubble showing the way they want you to cook it. Also, maybe set different times you can select with different foods. You can chose breakfast, and make applesauce or cereal or scrambled/fried eggs (with other food choices) or lunch being a sandwich or the other regular foods, and dinner pasta along with the other foods as well. Thanks!

- Great start but needs more

This is a great concept. My 5 year old loves this app. Only problem is that she wants to be able to mix the foods together in the pan, blender, pot and so on and can't so she loses interest pretty quickly. If playing kitchen is the goal then you have to be able to mix things together. This app the potential to be first of its kind to nail down this concept if they can hurry up and add more functionality. A variety of liquids in the fridge would make this that much better also.

- Ideas

Ok so I think that it would be cool if u could make stuff that looks like pizza if u added cheese and bread and tomato. Then u could add a cheese maker and some machine that could make sauce and an oven 2 make pizza it would be awesome! And u should add some other foods 2, I think u should make the characters less picky cuz there's only 1 character that eats the hey stack so I think u should make it so the kids would eat it 2, and maybe if u make it a special way they will actually like it! Ya I get it kids don't eat hey stacks but it's a game it would be funny

- Interesting, but needs an update

I would give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars, but I have a few suggestions. I purchased some of your apps and I know that you are capable of making amazing and addicting games. Toca kitchen was also fun but it got boring after a while. I think that You should be able to mix the food, make soups, sandwiches etc. Also add forks, knifes and spoons to feed the characters with them. I think that you should add more stuff to cook with like: Fruits, pasta, bread etc. I thought that it would be cool to have also liquids. To make juices, soups or for example add olive to your dishes. I read other reviews and I agree with them completaly. I know this game is for younger kids but What i also know is that older people play it too. As i said at the beginning I know you can male this game better and when you finally update it, I will give it these 5 stars :) Ps: I love your games, Mary

- Goood but could be better!

I dont know about you but whenever i go to a resturaunt i always get a drink. So just a suggestion but for a game thats $1.99 you should be able to serve them a drink like at real fresturaunts! Also i think there should be more food choices like hamburgers, french fries, and so on. Oh and just one more thing, you know where the salt and pepper is ..... there should be like ketchup, mustard, relish, and other condiments. This would make the app more entertaining! Thank you! Please update the app with this on it.

- I would say 4 1/2 out of 5 but...

So, very fun :) I would love more food, but you don't have to be scared of having too much food for little kids when their playing cuz maybe it could be in settings. I wish you could make drinks like smoothies. And you could mix anything together! More fruits and meats and vegetables....just more food! The seasonings and more cutting were fun. Now their a little boring. Maybe bread, or being able to bread things and deep-fry it. Or have ovens. Fun though

- Deeply flawed morals

The bull simply will not eat the steak prepared for it. It is a shame and a pity to see toca boca teach the kids using this app to waste food. In the next update, every character should eat anything on the plate, cooked or not, in order to teach kids not to waste food and to listen to their parents. It should be up to parents to teach their children what and what not to eat. In addition to all this, I find it horrific that the bull's anthropomorphic face lights up in excitement when an obscene quantity of marijuana is placed in front of it. I understand that children will not know what it is, but it is outright offensive to engrain this disgusting image in an innocent's mind.

- Good!

I love this game,but,like everyone says,add more things!i like it,but most of the time I don't want to play it because there isn't much you can do.i think that it should be a food play game where there is a lot to do and more food,that will probably bring more buyers,in my opion.i like it that if you go on the settings for this game (on the settings app,click toca kitchen)you can make it be only vegatiran foods.I think that's nice for all of those veggie lovers.

- Needs to add more READ PLEASE

LOVE THIS GAME But........u should be able to use two or more foods at a time, u should be able to drink, the people should get fatter each time they eat , etc.........I also loved the update where u could use the salt and pepper shakers, and where u could cut the food more.......hope u make a update that has this:)........ohh and u should also add ketchup and mustard........u should also be able to put food on top of each like to make hamburger etc......And add a grater....PLZZ UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS OF PEOPLE WANT THESE THINGS DONE SOOO ReaD ThIs BYEEEEE

- I love toca boca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love toca boca but i wish they were free because my little sister has the new music one and its so much fun but it is 1.99 but its not worth that much because all you do is make music but it is fun and addicting non of the games are worth money but they are all fun so toca boca should start making them free before I start buying any more toca bocas but I repeat I dont hate them I just want them to be fun because they are worth to be FREE!!!!!!!

- Very fun game!

Toca games are meant for younger ones, but I'm 13 and I love it! Definitely recommend. It keeps me occupied for 20-30 minutes, I take a break, and have fun playing it again later. I think it would be better if it had more ingredients, being able to mix foods together and make things such as soups and salads, and being able to burn food. I love to make really gross things and forcing the customers to eat it :]

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- Fun but needs improving

It’s a fun game I just wish you could put more than one item of food in a machine at a time. This will sound odd but I also wish that you could burn things, it would add more of a challenge to this game. Also needs more food options

- Ok game but could be better

The game gets boring after a few tries, however I know that you can improve it for example, you could have more food choices, have an option of mixing ingredients together, have more slicing shots to make fries, have a peeler, have a whisk to mix ingredients together,make real dishes or foods such as fries, tomato sauce, cake, noodles, and many more simple things.

- 💩

I can understand why this is free! Spending money on value is great, and any free thing is rather better...

- Good, But Not for TocaBoca Standards

As it is one of the best children's gaming app creators for healthy brain development, I often get TocaBoca apps for my children, particularly my 6 {to be seven in August} year old son. He loves the TocaBoca apps and I enjoy watching him enjoy and learn through these applications. However, this particular application I found to be quite boring for him. You see, I feel my son spent most of the game trying to figure out what the real concept for it was and what he was supposed to do next, and after he got the swing of things he got bored very quickly by the lack of variation. I ask that you design maybe some more food or challenging aspects for this game. Regards, Catherine.

- It's great but It can add some more things

The game overall is a really great games as I mentioned above BUT there is a list of things I would like you to add to make the game better. 1. In the monsters one they threw up if they didn't like something can you add this to this one. 2. Make it be able to blend to things at once. 3. Using a separate blender let us be able to blend things so it is like juice and then have a cup that the app instantly after you have blended it pour it's contents into the cup. 4. An oven would be cool but it's like the pan but it hasn't got the burn marks so the colour just changes 5. All the ideas you get and add like new food and stuff should be put into the game as an updated not a new game it's just a waste of money I hope that you consider these ideas and if you do use at least 1 it would be appreciated

- Improve!!!!!

It's ok it will be better if u could mix foods together actually make meals make deserts and more food and juice fruits and when u blend something actually have it smooth and you could choose sides for the meals like make salads and drinks and dips bake stuff like cakes decorate the food have food die and sprinkles and a fridge or freezer to make ice cream jelly creme brûlée ...

- For the really little kids

Absolutely love all the Toca range, the age range varies but the use of intuition and discovery as the kids learn to use the game, the lack of win/lose, the lack of language, all of them are just awesome. Hands down my favourite (and the kids' favourite) apps.

- More variety plz (brilliant though!)

I love this game but I think you need to add some more food. In my opinion you can't make alot with 12 ingredients. I also believe that you should have a bigger range of appliances. Please update this game it's awesome and very educational but you need more variety. 

- Some Improvements...

It's a really fun game, but some improvements could be: You can actually make meals using the foods you currently have. e.g potatoes = you could slice them and make chips out of them, Fish = You could have the option to scale it and skin it, using the knife. Tomatoes = You can make sauce out of it, (pasta sauce,) Also, could you guys PLEASE add more foods (ingredients), & maybe have categories such as Entree, Main & Dessert. Overall I love this game and all the other Toca Boca has made as well 

- Fun!

Toca kitchen is a gray fun app, but after a wile it gets boring. It would be better if you could cook two ingredients together and if you could cook meals and drinks. But you should get this app because it is a very good app for when your bored.

- I love it!!!

Toca kitchen is my favourite game. It features many interactive foods. Although, I was hoping you could update it with the following: - a juice blender - blend something and it turns into juice - sweets - cake, biscuits and lollies. Don't your Toca boca friends deserve a treat? - more characters - remember Toca hair salon's characters? Maybe you should add them to this wonderful game - recipe book - bake something from a recipe book and feed it to your character Over all... The best game I've ever played!!!

- Amazing

I luv it. But maybe u should b able to mix things two at a time like together? It gets a bit boring. Like u should b able to mix tomato and fish for example in the blender. Thx

- Toca kitchen is the best

I think that toca kitchen is the best but it needs more food like bread, peas, cheese, banana, bacon, kiwi, apple an dumplings. flour an milk butter strawberries or chocolate passion for the cake it needs more tools like a bowl two make cake it needs an oven to bake a cake. Toast maker deep fryer for the dumplings an potato chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Bad Glitch

I had a bad glitch which was when I boiled a egg then a fried the egg but then when I was going to make the cat eat it it got stuck on his/her face! Please help me I could not move it away, it was like a glitch item that wasn't there! 😕🍳

- Luv It BUT Could Be Better

Toca Kitchen is a great game but it should have more ingredients and u should be able to follow a recipe and in the there should be more cooking options and in the blender u should be able to blend food together. You should also be able to make drinks and desserts like pie and cakes and all sorts of foods :D

- Average

I think it is a great game but I think there needs to be a bit more variety in the food, and I think you need to be able to do more things with the food like maybe make meals and stuff but still a great game

- Great !!!

This game is great but I think it could do with some other things like: - more foods to cook with like fruits and sweets. - more cooking utensils like an oven juice blender - maybe the person who is playing can go to the super market and buy the foods they want to cook with. - and maybe the option of different players from toca hair salon and what choice of what meal it could be like breakfast, lunch, dinner or desert But other than that a reall fun game.

- Toca kitchen

It would be cool if you could blend 2 foods up to make a whole new one! Also if you could burn it and have drinks. More food to.i would love if more of the toca boca games were free as well. there should also be a dog granny and grandpa to eat the food to.😜😝

- Add on

Hi when I downloded toca kitchen and I love it but it would be if you had like this little recipe book and chose like a pizza, and when your like cooking food you could like push a pause button and then you add on some more food : ) ; )

- I love this app!

This app is great.i play it everyday and I'm not even a toddler! I love making stuff especially stir fries where I fry all the vegetable then fry the meat. I would rate it five stars if it had more food, more people and more cooking methods. But brilliant app.

- Great game.

I would love to have juice and desserts, some more food options, and some more characters would be awesome. Overall it's such a fun game to play.

- it could be better ...

it would be better if you could have a menu and make the stuff and if it had breakfast, lunch, dinner, desort, and drinks. And as their is pepper and salt there should be sauces and other toppings. Thanks :)

- Needs more food

It's good I love the different food and tools you can experiment with but you need to add more food like butter cakes or maybe have an option where you squeeze the lemon

- More tools and characters

Ok great game but needs more characters, because the the mouths and facial expressions are kinda stupid, and more tools like a peeler, freezer, also a pan that doesn't grill and make the lines, and more food

- Great but I'd love more

I'd love to be able to see dessert and to be able to cook dough (pasta, bread etc). Also it would be great to see the app having the capability to cook two foods together. But overall a wonderful app

- Lot more fun with extra cutting and

No crashes but the only thing is that we need more food

- Master

My 3yr old grandson loves this app how he worked it all out I'll never know ... I agree a sweet selection would have been good too..

- !!!!!bad!!!!!

I advise get the free one first because I actually enjoy playing the monster one. There should be a menu and u should be able to flow a recipe and add each ingredient. Also there should be a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu so it is different. Starter main and dessert. Then I would recommend it to all my family but now I just think it is a wast😤😩

- Toca kitchen

It keeps on crashing on me if u added more people and more food and fixed the crash it would be on of my favorite games

- Please improve!!!

This game would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good if you took some time to improve! You could mix foods, plate it nicely, have opinions of the people and what they want or think of the meal, A WIDER RANGE OF FOODS, more utensils and cooking electrics, being able to burn, fail, undercook etc, being able to blend properly, to stew broccoli and add foods together in, eg, the pot or blender

- Love it

Love it but I would love to be able to mix foods together to make salads and stuff like that but I love that u can do whatever u want with the foods awesome game

- It's alright

It would be better with a challenge option that would give you specific meals to cook and levels

- Fun

Love this game too but would be better if you could blend or cook two items at the same time!

- 4/5

Great app, but needs more food, cooking options and you should be able to mix food together.

- Fantastic!!!

Love Toca apps and this one is the BEST! Brilliant idea and it works so well! Be nice to be able to mix foods and obviously, the more foods the better, but it is GREAT as it is!

- More!!

This game is totally fun, but again there should be more things added to this game. But I really recommend this for younger kids who love to cook!

- :)

I'm sure everyone here would want more food, sauces, drinks and be able to put two foods together am I right we'll me too and I would love for this game to do that wouldn't you agree?

- Toca kitchen

I really liked this game but it would be a lot better if I had more ingredients to choose from like I sweet section and a savory section.

- Great game but ...

Its fun and you should put more things to it but the crashes are really bugging me. Update it. It's great but not the crashes

- About toca kitchen

Well it could use more food and more tools like the pan and a freezer and it would also be nice to add more people

- All about the cat

I love this game but it needs a update and my fave part of the game is that cute little cat

- Keeps my sons attention

Great for the kids keeps them busy cooking

- Food

I think it's fantastic because you can cook how ever you like it a grate game

- Awesome game!

Just needs more food, can u please make an update adding more food, like heaps more!!!!!! Then this game will be the best and add more people who eat the food! Please add more food!!!!!!!!

- Brilliant

I love this game I am 14 it's one of the most played games on my iPod all my friends have it too

- Good game but..

It keeps on crashing all the time. And the foods get boring abit. Update it with no crashes and more food supplies and tools. K thanks.

- Great

It's awesome love it would've been a five star but I wish when you blend food it would go hard

- Good

Great app! But would be better if you could mix more ingredients together!

- Love it!

I love, love, LOVE this game! It's really fun but would be even better with more food and tools to use.

- Too basic

good concept but far too basic. - Hardly any food to choose from - cant add more then one type of food to an appliance at once - needs an option to create actual dishes i.e use different ingredients to make salad, pasta cakes etc honestly its quiet boring after a while. theres only so much you can do with about 12 ingredients add way more ingredients an the options i mentioned oreviously and it will be fab

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- Nice but theres something missing

I love this game but we should be able to cut as many pieces as we like,to have more ingredients ,to be able to cook ,blend more than one ingredient at a time and to have more condiments ingredients ideas(bread,more fruit,butter,juice,rice,chocolate etc

- Feed a cow to a cow

Hmm. Even my daughter pointed out how disturbing this app is. She agreed to delete it.

- Pretty good but...

The app is really fun and everything but here are a few suggestions. 1.) we should be able to mix stuff together! Like putting two different things in a blender for example. 2.) we should be able to cut the food into as many pieces as we want to! Whenever i cut it into 6 pieces, i cant cut any more!! PLEASE MAKE AN UPGRADE WHERE YOU CAN DO THESE THINGS. THEN I WILL RATE 5 STARS AND TELL ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!! And we should be able to have a number of foods then when you run out, you can go to a store to buy more. We also need a bigger selection of food!! We should also be able to SELL our food. CMON PEOPLE USE THESE IDEAS!!! ITS NOT LIKE IM THE ONLY ONE SUGGESTING THEM!!!

- More!

Please add more appliances and a cookbook and we should be able to make tacos and sandwiches lobster and stuff like that


Add more appliances and food and characters THX!! <3

- Good and fun

It's a good fun game but I think it could be better. Either an update or toca boca kitchen 2 or something. Maybe include more cooking options and spice and sauces or something. That would make it better! :)

- Amazing!!!!

This game is so cool and entertained me for 11:00-2:00 and I'm still entertained by this game

- Très bien mais a améliorer

Il devrait y avoir plus de nourriture

- What?

Every time I try and play the game it ends up crashing, but when I get on the game it starts freezing. It was the only game I ever payed for and I wasn't what I expected at all!

- Needs lost of work

It just like the free one but you have difrent caraters and foods

- Needs work

It is fun to play but mixing would be better and more food variety please it is a rip two dollars and you can't mix

- It alright

It keeps craching!!!!!!

- Good but...

It really needs a sound option to turn off the sound.

- This game is great but......

This game is great but i think we should be able to put two foods together and be able to put it on a plate and then they rate it

- Please add this

Can u add lemon for toca kitchen

- love it but

next update can you add more food choices and cooking things too? like maybe chicken and some other random food choices! I will give it 5 stars also add a desert choice

- Fun!

Really fun but there should be an option to blend/cook multiple foods together at once. Also, more food and characters would be fun too

- It's ok I guess.

Could be better needs bread! I want to make a fish sandwich for the cat which I call tiger! Please add: Bread,Combinding,Drinks! Thank you!

- Amazing, but...

When you make an update, my daughter gets very exited because it says " More Entertaining " . When you make an update that could just be bug fixes, just say " Bug Fixes " .

- Awesome!

Great game! Could use more characters and differ t

- Characters and ingredients!!

Needs more ingredients, cooking supplies and people. A spice table would be nice. Either than that, a great educational game for kids

- Cool😔

At first I did not get the game my 4year old brother showed me and it interested me.After a while it gets boring😑.Though there is a few things that would make this game better.One improvement that should be made is that you should be able to make drinks or be able to mix two or more things together at once.Also more veriety of food would be nice.

- Ah

For an update add more characters and foods and appliances to make the foods other than that it's good

- ?

I don't know why you said it was more entertaining, because it's not. I thought there would be more foods, but no.

- 😁😊

I liked it but maybe in the next update u can make them give you ratings on your meal! That would be great!!!?!!?!😜😜

- Great

Fun and amusing! But could use more foods

- Hello



This game is soooo fun!

- Cool

Se jeu est amusen pour les plus jeune

- Needs more

Needs cheese and more real food and drinks!!!!!?!???!! Add some please

- Ok

It gets boring at times with limited cooking supplies and only a few foods u could cook with, but it's ok.. Can the update have more fun stuff to do with the food like put it on played and mix foods together

- Ok

Fun first day. Gets boring and repetitive. Should have option to mix foods, would be much better that way.

- AWESOME game!!

Needs more food! Or the ability to mix different foods together with 1 or more. Toca Kitchen 2? Or an update? That would make it 5 stars! Entertaining game!

- Good, but...

Needs more food & we should be able to mix foods together.

- Great game

This is fun for all ages. It's educational but it needs an update with drinks more foods. Keep up the good work! :D

- Très bien!

Bien fait!

- Awesome game 😍

This game is the best game ever❕

- Toca kichen

This gane is good but it need desserts

- Fun Game

This is a very fun and educational game. I suggest you get it! To the makers: please make it so you can blend all the food all together. Thanks

- Boring...

Fun for the first five minutes, then very boring and repetitive.

- Toca kitchen

Super fun!!!

- Great game

I love the game... It lets kids of all ages be creative Just a suggestion, maybe in the next update add bread and cheese!


Ok I admit it I'm 10 and I love with this game but a suggestion! NEEDS AN UPDATE!!! It needs one cause I want to use more ways to cook that way it will be more fun for players! Great job toca boca! U rock!

- Good game

This game rocks but what you need to add is drinks like pop that u pour into the cup or your make a drink using the ingredients that we have in the fridge then I will give it 5 stars

- Love the game

Your game Is the best game ever all toca boca games are😃😃😃

- Awesome ap

I have played this game for an hour straight before but I would have to.say it's pretty amazing keep making apps like this

- Kaitlyn

Best game in the world I love it I mean love it

- Toca boca

This cooking game is ok but it needs more food

- This cooking game is ok

It's a fun game but it gets boring that's when you realized you wasted your money.

- Eh

Awesome game! Just not worth 2 dollars :/

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@catvalente When you do let me strongly recommend the Toca studio's games, like Toca Kitchen etc. It's worth a few bucks to get a good ad free game for the kid.


fuck it im downloading toca kitchen

✰ًumi syifa🧘🏻

@molotear toca kitchen

✰ًumi syifa🧘🏻

@rend4iry toca kitchen

✰ًumi syifa🧘🏻

@jiesvng8 toca kitchen

✰ًumi syifa🧘🏻

@nanajaeminst toca kitchen

✰ًumi syifa🧘🏻

@jungty0ng toca kitchen 😆

✰ًumi syifa🧘🏻

@JJH14J7 toca kitchen

✰ًumi syifa🧘🏻

@jaepeachzen toca kitchen

✰ًumi syifa🧘🏻

@flhaminguo toca kitchen

kًarina the sender

@kkaliaav toca kitchen

myuk !¡ comeu seu pai

@anchzr dumb ways, avakin life, plato, imvu, toca kitchen 2, toca wold, fazenda

MJ Leaver

@Esoterria @justanotheramy Ours also loved all the TOCA games (hair, lab, kitchen) you can give people funny haircuts, make them fish milkshakes, etc

Toca Kitchen 2.1 Screenshots & Images

Toca Kitchen iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

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Toca Kitchen iphone images
Toca Kitchen iphone images
Toca Kitchen iphone images
Toca Kitchen iphone images
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Toca Kitchen (Version 2.1) Install & Download

The applications Toca Kitchen was published in the category Education on 2011-12-15 and was developed by Toca Boca AB [Developer ID: 419103351]. This application file size is 100.91 MB. Toca Kitchen - Education app posted on 2022-03-11 current version is 2.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tocaboca.tocakitchen