Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects

Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects [Photo & Video] App Description & Overview

Mega Photo is the #1 app for transforming your photos and videos into fun and inspiring masterpieces with 800+ of FREE effects!

Twist, morph, pinch, and warp your photos into outrageous designs! You can even spin your images in 3-D. There are over 800 free effects to choose from and you see them all in real-time. You can take videos with the effects too! You can pause the recording to switch effects in the middle of your video. Make a music video by selecting a soundtrack from your music library!

Effects include: tunnel, mosaic, puzzle, hue shift, motion blur, tile, emboss, spinning cube, x-ray, collage, night vision, halftone, light tunnel, and many more. There's also 40 vintage camera effects for a retro feel.

Mega Photo will transform your photos and videos with amazing effects you won't find in other photography apps. It's the most fun you can have with your photos!

Mega Photo makes your photos and videos as unique as you are. Over 800 free effects are shown to you in real-time. You can play a tile puzzle with a live camera feed, go through a wormhole tunnel, view a spinning globe, and much more!

The app can switch from the front to rear facing camera with the touch of a button. You can use the live camera or a still image - just choose a favorite picture from your library or take a new picture.

Many of the photo effects are interactive so you can personalize it even before taking your picture or video. Tap and drag, zoom with two fingers, rotate, and more to make it your own.

Photos are more fun with your friends, and Mega Photo makes it easy. Share your zany and funny photos (like you as the Mona Lisa!) easily. Just tap to email your photo or post to Facebook or Twitter.

Are your friends nearby? Snap a photo with all of you using the helpful timer. Set the timer for up to 30 seconds so all your buddies can get in the picture. Don't forget to choose your favorite photo transformation to amaze your friends.

• Transform Your Photos - Distort, pinch, and change colors of your photos and videos
• 800+ Free Effects - Apply eye-popping effects to your images with just a tap of your finger
• Interactive Adjustable Filters - View and change your photo effects in real-time
• Share with Friends - Easily post your photos to Facebook or Twitter, and email to friends and family.
• Use Existing Photos - Snap a new photo or use your existing pics on your camera roll.
• Play Games - Take your photos and play classic arcade games with your photos.
• Take Video - Mega Photo can be used for video too with effects that would make Michael Bay jealous.
• Add Music to Videos - Add music to your videos and become the next Justin Bieber with Mega Photo... or not.

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Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects Customer Service, Editor Notes:

bug fixes for iPhone X

Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects Comments & Reviews

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- Great, great, great great APP but some effects change TOO RAPIDLY.

💫MegaPhoto is a truly, truly great app! There are plenty of really fun effects to choose from. 💫Some of the effects, though,CHANGE WAY TOO QUICKLY and can’t be slowed down (at least I haven’t found a way). IT IS REALLY DIFFICULT TO CREATIVELY USE THE EFFECTS THAT ARE SHIFTING REALLY RAPIDLY. It’s hard to get the photo you want! 💫I love MegaPhoto, but the issue I just mentioned loses a star for me. SLOW THOSE CHANGES DOWN PLEASE! Some effects DO allow you to control changes by screen tapping. Those are usable. 💫Still, THANKS for making a really FUN APP!

- Great App for all ages!

I have always loved this App. Whenever I was little (around the age of 6) my aunt had an app similar to this on her iPad and I loved it I went home later that day looking for that specific app but then I found this app and this one is 10x better than whatever knockoff of this I was using. Needless to say I have love this game for almost 7 years. It’s a great game for al ages with a great variety of filters whether you are feeling goofy, playful, or just cute this game is definitely for you!

- Omg love it

Omg I love this app, it is soooo cool. All the filters are amazing. Nothing is blurry like most filters that you have to wait for it to focus. This app is a great way send funny pictures like Mona Lisa, personal favorite, and other funny pictures. The stickers are super good too. All they need to do is add a few more stickers for man wigs. You can even play games on here like the maze. It keeps my lil brother busy. Also the puzzles are good to like the tiles one. Anyways I really love this app and hope you will too.

- Great beginner editing app

Really useful app for editing videos with interesting effects. I really only use a core 6 for different things. You are able to layer effects, however unable to edit sounds/ add soundtracks, but you can easily save it to your camera roll and use another app. 4 stars because I wish I had more useful effects/ options or more effects were available for use.

- Highly recommend

This is a great app! It has so many things you can do! I was originally looking for the photo booth app that comes with Apple Devices, but this is even BETTER! WAY BETTER!! You NEED to get this app! And it doesn’t cost a single penny! You can pay for more features, but even without the subscription, it is a fantastic app!!! If you’re looking for something to entertain yourself, or even take wacky pictures, I highly recommend! GET IT NOW!!! 😃

- Best filter app I could find!

I’ve been using this app for years and it’s great! Each update brings something new and cooler than the last filter. It even has cool little games. There’s so many filters you can use, and this also helps me add cool traits when making a video. It would be a real shame if it weren’t updated for any upcoming iOS, because this is a very helpful and fun app!

- Woop

I’ve used this since I was in Highschool, I’m 25 and still use it phenomenal features and filters that never take away from your real beauty. I’ve loved it from when I found it till the day I die! So much fun and even has its ow. Library that takes up less space then the phones library itself . Even have made REAL music videos on this app. The best of its kind .

- Cool but Money grabber

This app is pretty cool except for the fact that it makes you pay for some of the effects. Plus it’s annoying how it shows you the ones you can’t have without paying. It’s a cameral. It’s like your trying to show people how cool those ones are and then say “NOPE! You can’t have them.”😡 But anyway the parts I can have on this app are awesome and I think it’s way better than some apps. 😀

- I like it exempt for one thing

So I use this app to edit my pictures for my edits and if I try to use the square, it gives me all theses different filters that I DONT WANT TO USE!!!!! So please MegaPhoto Change that so I can import photos on your app and get one filter and not 6 different ones.

- Wow! Fantastic! Far Out!

As promised to their app support team about my concern regarding the 49.5 GB of space that I believed mega photo was tying up putting my iPhone in jeopardy of crashing; was cleared up by their app support team and the eRRor was all on me. Sorry Gals and or Sirs; please forgive! Anyways, I have always loved this app! It’s one of many favorites that I absolutely use everyday, even three, five and or ten times a day. Thankfully, I now know what to do to get them collective thousands of photos off my phone, and I now have only 13 GB of space being used by all the apps on my phone. Anyways; I’m happy, happy happy now! Thanks again support team! Sincerely Mahogany Rapture

- Best filter app in the world!

I have been looking for like apps that have lots of filters but they had a little bit but I found this app and I LOVE IT it’s my favorite filter app usually these other filter apps like FILTIST and photo booth and they are cool but this one is out of this world! And it’s free forever and I will never delete it! Thank you for reading.

- I love it!♥️

Honestly there is no better app for picture or video effects. You can screen record to make a video and I often use this app for my fan edits! This app is so awesome and I highly recommend it no joke! Tysm for making such a amazing app. It was so hard finding a app with cool effects free! Love y’all♥️


So I'm not sure if this is only me, but my app will not update because it's "not compatible", but besides my phone being a 5c (which I realized isn't on your list of compatible options) I don't see why it's not updating. This whole review could be just bogus but I wanted to see if it actually was a problem with my phone or if it's just no longer compatible.

- 😯

I’m shoooookkkk. I’ve been trying to look for an app that does some of these affects on videos that I edit on a phone. And I am in love with this app cause first of all it’s funny but because it helps my videos be a lot more funny. Thanks to this app I can do so much more.


I thought having 10 or 20 ways to change a picture was all I can do. I WAS WRONG. This app gives you UNLIMITED WAYS TO CHANGE A PICTURE, TRANSFORM your pics to GIFS and wow your family and friends. I can spend hours on this app and not get bored. Thank you guys for this awesome app ever. Thank you

- I love entertaining young children with this app.

I love entertaining young children with this app. It has almost become a ritual. We have fun at the time and develop a fine collection of our interactions to pull up at and review at a later time. This is a must have app.

- No the best app every seriously read this

Someone’s house since I got up I kind of told me to pay for stuff next when I paid for it the other day I actually went boom and I have ti pay agin so I’d rather suggest you do not use this app

- Probably the best photos app better than...

This app is better than the photo booth. This app has all sorts of incredible things to use. I have made so many funny pictures with this app. Definitely worth your money.

- helpful app for people who use ccp to make Instagram edits

I notice that this app is used for transitions in ccp. It allows us ccp editors to be able to do other cool transitions outside of the ccp app. Even though it doesn’t have features inside the app like vs, this app serves its purpose.

- Greatest game ever!

There is so many cool filters and it lets you do about 20 videos on there I definitely think you should definitely get this game it’s so fun has filters has morphs it’s so cool you will love this game if you get it

- Amazing

I loved how you can make your face change but some of the filters just won’t hold still when you take a photo, otherwise I enjoy sending these goofy pics to my fam

- Awesome 👏!!!!!!

I love it it’s so fun you get to have alll these cool features and voice effects and photo and video it’s great you have to pay for whole. Think but either way you still have cool filters so download it 😀😀😀😃😃😃😃😃😎😃😃🍭😃😃

- Used to work

At first I loved this app and used it for edits I’d make but suddenly when I tried using 323 which is a block when I spun it it moved incredibly fast and wouldn’t stop and glitched. I did simple things such as reopen the app and undownload and download again yet it still didn’t work. It’s very unfortunate...

- Meh

I like the free photos but the ones you buy shouldn’t cost even a cent don’t waist your money be rich and make others jealous since they waisted there money on stupid shoes that everyone is like hey let’s traid shoes my sketchers for your yeezes it is so overrated nobody looks at people’s feet unless it is rancid smelling it’s pointless at least that’s what I think whoo I’m glad I got that out I am going to start a blog I think I’m gonna call it I hate everything

- After all these still is a great app!

I love this app. I just came back to it after a while and it still impressed me! Try it out. You can do so much with it!🌟🌟🌟

- Wonderful!

I have never seen such imaginative special effects for photos! I especially love the video game effects. They are amazing! I hope they keep coming up with more!

- Hold on to your hats!

While not the best organized interface, you will have a good deal of fun exploring the myriad permutations of all the FX. The top level is just the beginning. P.s. check out the FX nested in the “stickers”menu.

- Great app but..

This is an amazing app. But it doesn’t let me save to camera roll like it used to. I don’t know what’s wrong or why it won’t let me copy to camera roll. If you can, please try to fix it. Thanks :)

- Love THIS ❤️❤️❤️

I love this app and definitely recommend this for all ages I like how there are fun filters for FREE the only thing that could be improved is if there was more than just filters

- CoNfUsInG

Confusing. I was in the app not even a minute, didn’t know how to put my photo in the Live Photo’s, after hundreds of tries I finally figured out, but then I get stuck there not being able to choose other Live Photo’s. No instructions. This is a really great app but it’s just way too confusing.

- Super Fun!!!

I love this app very much, there are so many filter to use and it’s really funny! I’ve been using this app since 5th grade (in 8th grade now) and it’s only gotten better. My friends and I love it! Great app! 😁

- The effects make me lol

When you look at the one we’re it makes you big. I laughed. This is more better than photo booth!

- This app is awesome but I have a suggestion

Can you make it so there is a video or gif in the background or you can make videos for stickers

- Awesome app, but...

I used this app for 3 years and I loved it until I switched to KineMaster, because this app takes up WAY too much space, and I have space problems all the time!

- Perfect for music videos!!!!!!

I love this app!!!! It is super good for music videos!!! I love the effects and games. This app is also perfect when you need a good laugh 😂 You should DEFINITELY get this app!

- Um idk what to name it but ye

I love this app, but today it started giving me a tutorial and the video option isn’t working, just giving me a four.🙃

- Great for artists who do not think they are artists

It’s not “cheating” to make art with this app. Pop in a photo and quickly churn out quite nice abstract art. Not paid to say that in any form or fashion

- Amazing App !

I’m an art teacher and my students love to create videos with the filters in this app with their finished art work. Please keep making new filters. LOVE LOVE LOVE MegaPhoto

- Amazing

How did you do this my only problem is for the free preview ones you can’t interact with them

- Awesome app

I use it to make guess the tiktoker videos on Tiktok and it has helped me grow a account with almost 20k followers! love this app and greatly recommend!

- Needs to let us continue

I love this app but I do not like that it dose not save the video that you were working on overall I gave it three 4⭐️ rating

- Not letting me share to Facebook

I love all the effects but it is saying that i an not able to share a photo to Facebook to get other effects? it keeps saying that this app is in development?

- 💗

I used to use this for something and now i use it for editing so I don’t have to use a lot of things:)

- Great

When I download it for the 7th time the loading screen keeps showing it well great app

- 5 stars

Grate app But the bad thing is There’s so much stuff that you have to pay for and I am only 9 years old and my parents don’t let me get them

- New update

I love this app so much it helped a lot with my editing. However can u update this app with more effects such as a moving triangle just like cube

- you should fix this bugs and glitches look for my iPhone

very glitchy for iPhone x

- Mega photo

It’s useful but at the same time I still don’t get how to use it but it still a great app.

- Mega Photo

I don’t understand why you can’t save your photo to your photo library why is that nice app just really messed up you can’t save it to your photo (library roll)!!

- crashes

So i’m just using this and everytime i click on the effect i want the whole app crashes and it’s so annoying

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- Amazing

We can see you put a load of effort into it and they all look amazing keep making stuff like this!

- No updates

Great app for different effects and I paid for upgrade years ago. However, no updates whatsoever and no new effects added in all the time I’ve had it. It’s a good app and it would be even better if it was kept up to date with new ideas. Can we please see some new stuff? I had a blip and had to re- download the app and it works fine now but please consider adding new stuff.

- Used to be fun...

I'd post a photo on Facebook if I still used it. Every day I open the app, it's the same thing. Because I shared a photo on Facebook years before you made locked effects free, there's no possibility of free effects. But that's fine. But I don't think Facebook is worth anything to me. These effects are really old and I don't have an iTunes/App store card to even bother buying the full version.

- Perfect

I have been looking for an app like this for so long. A friend showed me this app a few weeks ago and ever since then I have been hooked !!

- Its Really fun!

Its actually really fun! Bwcause there's so many funny and hilarious filters you can do! I would personally recommend this.

- Awesome but why does it need payment???

It’s a really fun app but please make more free features

- Honestly the best app

So many effects to choose from, great app for editing !!

- Prefect for eye strain edits

I personally use this app for my eye strain edits cause I can’t afford for video star ++

- I have to pay

I’d put 5 stars if I didn’t have to pay for the other camera styles 😓😓

- Terrible

I used this at school for my media arts assignment. I downloaded it on my iPad at home it didn’t start up. It just said ‘loading effects’ forever. But when I used the app at school it was fun.

- Really useful app

I use it all the time to adjust the colouring in shots but the zoom & range of other effects are great too. Only improvements would be removing a few of the really silly effects & improving frames :)

- It’s ok

This is a good app it’s just laggy if you are getting this app make sure your ready for glitches,lagging,e.c.t

- Amazing

I love all the affects they are amazing I totally remanded this app


This app is always used in my videos

- People are using the app to hate on tiktokers

People are using the app to hate on tiktokers like Zoe Laverne a lot of people that hate on her use this app and are not using it for the right reasons


I can finally make maze meme videos!

- MegaPhoto

It’s better the Sony Vegas

- Limited

Have to pay for extras that was free before. Not happy.

- Very fun!

Good that you can record both video and photos! Also very happy that with updates the issues loading already having upgrading have been restored. Now have access to all features again thanks to bug fixes.

- OMG!!!!!!!!

O my god, I have NEVER came across an app like this. It is awesome FUN with lots of COOL effects. I think most people have Probely came across lots of photo apps trying do make them look funny and it has been a big 👎 but this app is AWESOME infact it is sooo COOL I can not even write it down. If U agree with me please say you agreed with bieber fever 202 on ur reveiw💘✋👋✌✊👊👌💘💚😄😊☺😉😘😰😔😏😊😉😍😘😜💋👣

- Uggh

I download this app on my phone and it automatically downloaded on my iPad. It is stuck in the download process.I don't need it so I try to delete it and it comes up saying ' do you want to delete this app blah blah blah' so I press delete but the thing doesn't go away. It has been like this for a few days and it is really getting annoying. Idk if this is apple or your fault but please fix it if you can. But this app is really fun to use

- I could love it more

I really think you should be able to put music in when your recording and be able to tipe in the music you want

- Awesome!! Get it!! :)

I love this app, I paid for all of the effects and it was worth it, especially in the update there was even more, it's so fun :3 I'd give it 5 stars if it could play music while taking photos, I'd use this app a lot more :3

- Awesome

I'm having way too much fun with this! I'm having some pretty wicked stuff come out especially after throwing the pics into photoshop and other programs to manipulate pics. Thanks heaps dev peeps

- Mega Photo Review

I love this app it is so cool especially when u get the extra effects it is so worth the extra effects for more money I give people advice it's worth the extra money so buy this awesome app📱

- Awesome app!!

This app is great!! I recommend it for everyone!!during use it can become boring as there are no theme music while browsing.... And sound effects could be added.. Thanks :) 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄


Oh my goodness! This is my favourite app! It has EVERYTHING you need on it from a cute profile picture to a funny effect either way I promise u will be happy with this effect, I use it everyday please download!

- Mega photo awesomeness

This awesome mega photo camera is good to take funny pictures and videos and share with friends and family and have a laugh:) it is fantastic!!!

- Amazing app

I was wanting to find some apps that take pics and I this this app and I was so impressed. It has got heaps of stuff and funny ones too. I am sure you'll like ;)


This is a great app, but it lags sometimes, more often than it should. And I would like to ask: What's up with the new update?! Overall a great app, just need to fix the lags and the weird update!

- Mega photo awesomeness

This awesome mega photo camera is good to take funny pictures and videos and share with friends and family and have a laugh:) it is fantastic!!!

- It needs music

It's so awesome u can adjust the video even if it's recording!! But I think u should add and option to add music for the videos, other than that its great!!


This free app is way more useful than camwow, if you buy the app or 1.99 $ (I think it's that much) the water mark will go away and you'll get 5 more pages of effects! So worth it!

- I love how...

I love how you don't give us a tacky version when you have not yet bought the full version. I love all the settings and cameras, super easy to work with!

- Vamp14

What a fantastic application..! A must have.. The features are endless & you can have hours of fun! Definitely the best designed photo app out there .. !

- Vamp14

What a fantastic application..! A must have.. The features are endless & you can have hours of fun! Definitely the best designed photo app out there .. !


I have had so much fun using this! When I first got this app I was on it taking photos/videos for hours! I recommend this app for everybody! :-)

- Amazing!! 😄😄😄 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Me and my friends use this a lot.. I love it!! 😃😃😜😜 It's worth paying $1.99 for the extra photo/video effects.. 😊 I would recommend it to anyone!!! Samantha 💛💙💜💚❤

- 5/5

Never thought I would fall in love with an app. But this app is amazing and I haven't even gotten the full version yet! Worth the download😍👌🏾

- Amazing!

Can use it to take timer photos so you can jump! And you can take videos WITH the effects, I have NEVER seen anything like it!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!

- WOW🙊

This is such a good app!!! So many effects!! Even more greater if you didn't have to buy some extra effects!!!

- Love it!

Really awesome app! It is very funny and cool. This app would be better if it had more features to use. But then you have the add more designs Great work!


I'm truly obsessed with this app. The effects are really funny and crazy and there's so many! There really are 800+ which is insane but amazing. Get the app!

- Awesome

I love it, so many great effects! I love how you can take videos and use photos you've already taken!

- Amazing

It is a good app, and the only way I discovered it was because I updated my iPod software and now my cam wows don't work so yeah! But I really like this app :)

- Gr8

An awesome app for crazy photos. Would recommend buying the full version 'cause it's really worth it!😇

- A.M.A.Z.I.N.G APP!

Totally a Must-Get app! I was excited when I got to redeem my 'apple ID'! First thing I did was upgrade Mega Photo! I'm so happy my friend told me about Mega Photo! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

- Awesome

The effects in this app are awesome never before have i seen a neverending tunnel It is also great that you can do viddeos aswell highly reccommend


Massive range of effects. BEST APP EVER PURCHASED. Well done developer! Thank you Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu. Can't believe how excellent this app is. You won't be disappointed. Very generous amount of effects.!!

- Favorite

This is such an amazing app. I love it, it is one of my favorite photo/video apps and I would recommend it to everyone. :)

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- Awesome but could you add hidden menu?

Can you add a feature that allows the menu to be hidden? This app works awesome for phone VR but being able to hide the menu would make it even better!

- stinky poo

hahaha funny poo

- Great


- Perfect

It's great but everytime I click custom in stickers and pick a photo it starts to lag

- Good but

Why do you need to have a watermark? Can you at least make it smaller and more transparent?

- Cool and cool

So cool! It has all these options of photos you can take!!! The only thing that bothers me is that it always ask's me to upgrade for 3$.

- Cool

Cool cool cool so maga

- Meme

Who is here from the meme😂😂 amazing app

- Crazy opening screen with rotating numbers

Will only work on camera. Not my pics


I love ❤️ it

- I hâte ut

Delete the app now its Gavin me a seizure

- Une application d illustre

Une app d illustre pour le prix Rien de comparable à mon avis merci

- Rate


- ???




- Awesome app for editing

I love the app and it is great for effects

- I love it

I've had this app for quite a few years and all of nieces and nephews love it, even my grandmas lol. It makes for hilarious memories and is worth the money spent for the upgrade; even if you don't want to upgrade the free effects are awesome too!

- New Update sucks

The app was good until the new update they want u to pay for a feature u had before. Totally dumb

- its alright.

i like the effects, awesome. 👍

- Pretty kool


- Fantastic photo app but missing -

The ability to upload a song that you can use from an alternative source such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


This app is super fun and let's you be creative. I wish you could take videos of yourself with the effects though. But it still has amazing and funny filters that make you smile and laugh! So this app is like totes an app to download 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

- Needs to be easier to delete photos.😐I'm faithy

When I take a lot of pictures, or especially when my siblings do. It takes so long to delete one single photo, you really should consider fixing that and make it so when you delete pics, you can select photos , and then delete them all. Instead of individual deleting. I would give it a full five stars. Thanks

- Great

This is exactly what I was looking for! This has tons of great effects! I have an instagram account for sport videos and I was looking to up my game a little so I was looking for some great effects and saw this. When I got it I was soo happy! Thanks you for making this app. My instagram is @Dominating.Plays. Best wishes for app makers. -Sincerely -Karim

- Really cool

I love this app it's great for taking Selfies and has really awesome affects. One thing that I dislike about this app is that it says "free" but when u uses the app it asks u to pay for a bunch of stuff.


5/5 stars

- Having trouble exporting.

When I tap email and it sent to me I can't download the vid. Any help?

- Mega photo

I love this app but you should add a fx that has 1 of your face in the middle but 100 faces outside moving all different ways any ways love you


It's an amazing app. Half the effects have to be bought but it's worth it. The only reason I took away one star on my rating was because I want to record with many effects, but when I want to change the affect it shows me changing it. Other than that it's amazing.

- The best

I love this app so much the best app for edits 😊

- Pretty cool

Not good without paid upgrade tho

- Étoiles

Il devrait avoir plus de choix de modification gratuit

- Étoiles

Il devrait avoir plus de choix de modification gratuit

- Étoiles

Il devrait avoir plus de choix de modification gratuit

- Amazing

Tons of effects but u should add more for free

- Mega Photo

EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE THIS APP👉🏼In including you! This is the funnest most awesome "game" ever if ur bored one day and have nothing to do just go in ur phone and go onto megaphone and play with all the different effects!!! U can have fun all day with it!!!!!

- Not so good

I took away 1 star because it said free but you have to buy more than half of the effects😿😾🙍 I want more

- Add more

Effects I want more please

- MegaPhotos! 😘

I love this app with 100 photos effects! ♥️

- Maga photo

I love this one and it's cool

- Great app!

Funny textures, plus a great photo editor! I love it. A good buy. (:

- AWESOME!!!!!

Before I start, I am writing this about the pro version, I bought the pro version off this app. This is an amazing app! It's just so fun! A funny thing to do is take a picture of darkness (put your camera against something) and start playing the flappy bird one! I love this app! And I thought camwow was awesome.... Thank you

- 😊

Nice and cool


Love it

- Best ever

This app is cool because it has a lot of cool things like my sister

- Very Good!


- 👍👍👍

Great app!! Comes with filters, great qualities, and a timer!!! 😊👌

- Awesome

The best funny app

- Ouais

Ses vraiment amusant et très drôle, mais le problème, c'est que ça bogue beaucoup.

- Not bad

I can't save videos. Please fix that

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- It’s good I just need to figure out something

This app is good and all it’s just and can’t figure out how to get videos off of camera roll🥰🦋💀🥺😛🤡😙🤡😛🤩🤡😋😁😙🤣😗🤣🤓😏🥳🥳😆🥳🤓☺️🤓😛😜🤣😝🤣😛

- Super Bomb!!!!

Been having fun with this app for years!!!! Still the best and easiest to use one I’ve found!!!

- A Problem With Making CoNfUsIoN with Low Voice Slowing It Down 1x And To Add 7 Percent Low Pitch

How Do You Make CoNfUsIoN With Low Voice Slow It Down 1x And Add 7 Percent Low Pitch

- Why

I purchased the full version then deleted it until more space was available on my phone I come back to see that it’s trying to make me buy the app a second time I don’t understand why this is happening

- Very fun

I think it’s very cool but there are cameras you need to pay for but I don’t have money 😥

- Mega Photo

I’d like to have more distorted lenses like pinch, and eye fish, tunnel and others!!! I hope to see more, and I’ll put a five star if More come...thank you! Lucci

- :(

Before I had the app then I deleted it and now I want to download it again and it says it's not compatible please make it compatible with the IPad mini

- Great and funny app

The app is good and is easy to use but I rate a 4 star because half of the filters cost money

- Love love love this app!

The effects that it puts on videos are awesome, this is one of my top three apps that I use.

- Great app!😃

This app is fun to use and user friendly! Love all the way you can use this app! I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Great App

Overall this app is very good. Maybe just don’t copy filters from photo booth.

- Major problem

I don’t know if it’s just me but whenever I want to record it only records for 1 second it really bugs me!!

- Not only photos

I like this app because it’s to just a photo both it’s a game...WITH YOUR FACE!

- I love it

It’s so epic I forgot about this app that now I finally returned my memories on the photos inspired me

- MegaPhoto

It is good I love effects I could make them and also power I love mega photo

- I love it

I love this app!!! It has great filters and is the best for funny or cute pictures it’s absolutely awesome!!

- ??

I bought the extra features but whenever I open to the other pages it says I still have to pay?? I either want this to be fixed or my money back asap

- Amazing.

Yes, there is a paid aspect, but the sheer amount of free content available is simply astounding.

- MegaPhoto

Number 258 is not safe and we could get seizures so can y’all take it away

- Love it

This app is awesome! Totally recommend, the only annoying thing is the watermark🤦🏼‍♀️

- Don’t get this app

This app is horrible it won’t let me download my video because it says I have to many things in my camera roll and nothing is In my camera roll ir my recently deleted folder

- Mega pics

This is the best app ever! My friend showed me it! I used to call it mega pics. Love this game!

- Editor tingz

I edit videos on coco and this helps a lot thx

- Good

Nice app... but needs more get more effects (download MegaPhoto pro)

- recommend

i recommend that we can change the color of the background bc the color is black and i want to change the color to green blue white

- hi

I only put a review here, because the reviews were at 666 so now it’s 667, you’re welcome. :)

- MegaPhoto+

bug fixes for moto z4 Added No Upgrades Added 9000 Effects

- Its gR8

I like it because I can use it for AMAZING edits on ccp and it makes it so aesthetic and cute!! I love it!

- Loveee

Amazing except maybe new filters?

- Great app

I love this app it works good and it has cool effects

- Needs more filters!

Customer too.

- Funny as heck!!

I wanna rate it higher if I could

- awesome app

love all of the features seriously i have made music videos take insta selfies with my friends. really recommend it great use of storage and just overall fun

- Fine

You don’t even get all waste of time

- Watermark

I paid and still sits the watermark

- ☆ᴘᴇᴀᴄʜʏ★

It’s good for aesthetic intros but the thing is it’s glitchy and it keeps kicking you out the app CONSTANTLY and it dosent save so u have to keep redoing it

- Awesome app

I love this app! It’s like apple photo booth but better!

- It’s good but it has issues

So I’ve been trying to make a little random thing but it crops the video to 0.01 seconds REALLY?!

- Best

This is the BEST photo app I know other people that have it to! #bestphotoapp

- Does not work for me

I have tried everything to figure out how to use this app, cannot find any instructions, so am just removing it,

- im confused

they asked if they can have access for the camera roll but how do you work it? i dont see any options to go to the camera roll. please tell me how to go to the camera roll. please and thank you.

- Good app

Great app, it’s very fun, I wish it had a hologram effect

- I LOVE IT buuut

I can’t seem to get my videos to work. I will record a 15 minute video and it only saves 1 second of it. ):

- I love this app!

It’s good I like the effects!

- Take out the watermark

If you take our the watermark I’d rate this app 5 stars , if you have this app and ur friends wanna know which app it is just tell em but please do take out the watermark

- screwed

have used this for years. went into hospital. came out. so manyfilters i used are now locked and i have to pay to use. them. they're not "new". not right, guys. and it cost a couple of stars.

- Perfectly


- Fun

Love this app , has a lot of cool and fun effects

- Loved it

5 reviews

- idk

okay so i purchased the extra effects and all that, but now it’s making me do it again ??? i don’t know why though, i’m confused as hell

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Mobile Appz

UK Top 10 Free Apps - Number 9: Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects -

Mobile Appz

UK Top 10 Free Apps - Number 8: Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects -


Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects -

Mobile App Developer

Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects -

Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects 3.2.7 Screenshots & Images

Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects iphone images
Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects iphone images
Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects iphone images
Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects iphone images

Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects (Version 3.2.7) Install & Download

The applications Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects was published in the category Photo & Video on 2011-11-01 and was developed by [Developer ID: 453338632]. This application file size is 35.4 MB. Mega Photo: Real-Time Effects - Photo & Video app posted on 2017-11-07 current version is 3.2.7 and works well on IOS 8.2 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.falstad.megaphotobooth

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