Mathway [Education] App Description & Overview

With millions of users and billions of problems solved, Mathway is the world's #1 math problem solver. From basic algebra to complex calculus, Mathway instantly solves your most difficult math problems - simply type your problem in (or point your camera and snap a pic!) to receive instant free answers. Need detailed step-by-step solutions? Mathway is like a private tutor in the palm of your hand, providing instant homework help anywhere, anytime.

Mathway covers all levels of math, including:
• Basic Math/Pre-Algebra (arithmetic, integers, fractions, decimal numbers, roots, factors, and more...)
• Algebra (linear equations/inequalities, quadratic equations/inequalities, absolute equations/inequalities, systems of equations, logarithms, functions, matrices, graphing, and more...)
• Trigonometry/Precalculus (trigonometric functions, identities, conic sections, vectors, matrices, complex numbers, sequences and series, and more...)
• Calculus (limits, derivatives, integrals, and more...)
• Statistics (probability, permutations, combinations, and more...)

Got a math problem? Just ask Mathway.

"Easy to use and efficient, Mathway appeals to anyone who needs help solving mathematical problems, whether we're talking about high-school students or undergraduates." - Yahoo! News

"If you've got some math problems that need solving, check out Mathway. This tool will show you how it reached its answer, letting you learn from the process." - CNET

"Mathway is an irreplaceable tool when it comes to problem solving. The app helps you do your maths homework. Not only does it do your assignment for you, it teaches you how to do it right. All you have to do is put the equation in and press the Enter button." - Lifehack

Mathway provides answers to your problems completely free of charge. For step-by-step solutions, an optional monthly or annual subscription is available. In addition, Mathway offers an optional live tutoring subscription upgrade that provides access to a live tutor anytime you need additional help. If a premium subscription option is selected:
• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the same monthly or annual rate selected at the beginning of the subscription
• Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase

Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

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Mathway Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Performance enhancements

Mathway Comments & Reviews

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- Excellent app !!

Love the app it has helped me so much with all my math homework!!

- Identity stolen

My identity was stolen on this app

- Get this, delete photo math.

Great app! It gives you a solution to almost everything and shows you the steps. I love it! Photo-math doesn’t give you a solution to all math problems.

- Easy college tech math

This made the tech math class I need for an electrical certificate a breeze!

- Savior

The fact it gives step by step has been essential in my understanding of new concepts.

- Perfect algebra companion

Taking Intermediate Algebra, and this app is a time saver! You can type the equation as shown and will give you options to solve. Although you can’t just input all equations; for what it does it saves me half hour trying to solve each problem by hand.

- Great!!

I ran into a few bugs in the beginning, but the app seems to be running smoothly now! I love it and I honestly don’t know what I would do without. Truly appreciate all the effort into the app and I couldn’t ask for a better calculator! Thanks so much! :)

- The app is slow

I’ve had this app for a while and it worked amazing but i just recently used it and it takes a while for things to load. i thought it was just my wifi but other apps like youtube work. Other than that the app is really amazing.

- At least it’s free and not that many adds

It almost always gets the answer right and if not the first time you can pick how you need it evaluated and it’s free and not annoying with a lot of adds

- Amazing

Helping me pass my college math course 💯

- Charges you even when you unsubscribe

This app was helpful with homework for the time that I needed it especially with a subscription. But now that my class has ended I no longer needed it. I canceled my subscription a good week before the next billing cycle and it still charged me for the next month. DO NOT BUY THE UPGRADE. ITS NOT WORTH THE CHARGES ON A CANCELED SUBSCRIPTION!!!!!

- Very easy to use especially the photographing option

The cost for buying without ads is a bit expensive and the ads can be a pain when trying to solve a problem. It’d be way better to have them just pop on the scroll screen of the problems than blast in your face the moment u hit solve

- This is the end all app for math.

This app kicks ass, it will solve all your math problems. You can even talk to it!

- Wow!!

This program is awesome!!!

- Iove it!😍

Hi,I love this😍

- Review on this awesome app

Whoever made this app I want to have your kids

- Super Good!

It’s been a great experience!

- super good

i love this app. it really helps when you are struggling. definitely recommend to everyone doing math:)

- It’s worth the $$

Buy the premium, the answers are always correct and with the premium you can get a step by step breakdown of how the problem is solved, it helps me understand the material instead of just giving me the answers

- sexy

i stan mathway

- 5 star app

Great app, would recommend to everybody

- Is Math boring to you?

If math is boring or you’re like me and don’t like doing it... DOWNLOAD THIS. I’m taking business calc right now and it’s the last math i’ll ever take, so i naturally do not care at all about learning it! This literally gives me the answers! I hope my math teacher sees this comment so she knows i hate her class. But yea, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

- Too many ads.

Lots of advertisement in the app.

- I love mathway but

I wish there was a way to type out word problems. Because word problems are typically what I struggle with most! And also if there was a way to copy and paste stuff that would be awesome too. But other then those two issues mathway is almost perfect!

- Thankful

This app has been a blessing. I been out of school for over 15 years. Since thePandemic happen it’s harder for me to understand math problems. I don’t have someone there to walk through it with me but I do have Mathway!!

- 50 learning algebra

Lifesaver! Algebra is irrelevant to my degree, but requirement. Just need a C, and getting a B!

- Live connections

A decent app for quick answers, but live connections is scam I payed foe live expert connection but never got any response.

- Best app ever

This math app is literally amazing it solves so many equations and is so accurate. 10x better than photo math.

- Regret paying for the tutoring

First time I used it it was clear so I was hoping for a better experience with a tutor but I was wrong. First problems I asked an “expert” for help but none were available after waiting for over half an hour. Stick to the normal version. Stick to the free version

- Life saver

This app saves lives, without it I would have dropped out.


This app helped me so much with summer school. ABSOLUTELY the best app out there! Very helpful!

- Nice

It’s help with work

- I need help

When I take a picture it is like I don’t understand and I need help but all of it is not giving me the right answer

- So good

This app is good I think it can help all of us in different grades

- Grew on me

Started out by not liking it but then saw it was far superior to its competition


This app is amazing, and really useful for guidance and studying. I have used this, for the first time, this summer for precalculus and its pretty good. It shows you steps, graphics of the equation, just amazing. This helped me a lot to study, learn and understand what I did not understand in class. And got good grades in the exams.

- Hacked

My email was recently hacked from this app and exposed to the dark web. I haven’t used this app since 2016 and it is now 2020. Be careful when using.

- This app is Clutch‼️🐐

Helps with almost any math problem

- Niceee!

This app is absolutely amazing

- why?

this app NEVER WORKS, the picture is clear i don’t understand like i put an algebraic problem and it says it cannot read it!


This app is honestly amazing!! It helps me out so much!!

- School

This is very educational and helpful with my students

- Nice

Love this app getting me through school fr

- Email exposed by Mathway

I created an account with Mathway using an email address that was completely unique to that service (and, a custom domain as well) and now I’m receiving Spam at that address and people signing up for accounts elsewhere using that address. Either Mathway has been compromised or they’re selling email addresses.

- This is great

This is great it helps me with all my math! Their is no better app then Mathway.


this app is wonders especially with the given steps to every problem

- Math word problems

Great app you can actually type in math word problems and it gets done correctly also the keyboard has everything you need to operate any problem.

- Mathway is a life saver

I love Mathway, I’ve been using it for a while to help me with homework, it’s great for checking my work, it’s great for practice too! Whoever made this app is awesome because it’s a great study tool and on top of that it’s free !

- Mathway

It’s great it gave me all the correct answers.

- Math test

It’s so nice I use it to check my answers and I use it for a learning tool as well 10/10

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- Passwords leaked

Regret using this app at all. After they had a data breach months ago, people made several attempts to log into all my accounts. I had to change my password for everything.

- Mathway

One of the best math ever, you’ll be a fool if you don’t download the app. Plus it makes ya life easier..... trust me people.

- Stolen information

My email and password were stolen from this app and were used to hack several of my other accounts.

- Awesome

Amazing app, takes time to load in sometimes but awesome app

- Nice


- it actually works

this app has helped me so much! or also saves time, i recommend this app to everyone!

- info leaked

they got hacked recently so i advise you either delete or change the password to the emails you associated your account with.

- Identity

They have access to everything from ur google account plz dont use this app it is a scam.

- Amazing!

This is the only reason I’m not failing math. It’s amazing!!

- Best app ever

This is literally the best app I have ever had

- Appreciation

You guys are brilliant

- Great app

Everyone is complaining about the 12$ a month for this app huh? I have paid for this app and I didn’t regret it because the steps were very clear and easy to understand more than my teacher. I could learn with it and also have a tutor on the app for the premium. If you are looking for a free math app that isn’t clear then Mathway is not for you, go build your own free math help app as good as this and make it free it’s not your app and you have no right to tell the developers how to run their app because they spend time and money developing this app, I am a software developer and it’s not easy. I used this app in grade 11 to grade 12 and used it in my first semester in college and it was a great help for assignment and studying.

- Injustice

Laisser nous avoir la possibilité de regarder les étapes sans avoir à payer le premium

- Such a good app

But, you just had to add a paywall cmon it’s such a good app why a paywall make it free

- Gross

This is the worst it couldn’t detect any of my math problems 😕

- Really need this app

Get this app trust me u will now pas all of your math

- It helped me so much Thnks a lot

Loved it

- It’s great and awesome

I love how it answers all my questions

- Good app

It is mostly free you ungrateful swines. Just because it costs money to show the steps doesn’t mean it’s bad. The developers spent a lot of time into this and made this app to get money. There is no reason for this to be free. Just be glad it already has so many free features.

- It used to be a good app

But they added ads and then a $12 a month thing to show how you’d get the answer

- Saved me

Just saying, #experimental math, this year my class became guinea pigs for a university and my teacher doesn’t teach us. This saved my grade 11, thank you woah

- Awesome

This app is great I was Struggling and this app help me with my home work it’s an awesome app

- Needs work/fix

Mathway is sometimes helpful and sometimes isn't because most of the time it doesn't answer instead writes "sorry no math found in this problem" what do you mean like does it have to have numbers for it to be a math problem. Like that to me DOES NOT make sense at all

- Good app but make it less money

This is a great app but if there going to make me pay for answers make it less money then $12.99 a month.Make it like $3.99 a month so I’m not forced to sell my portion of food when I could get answer for free from a teacher

- It ok

scam since you have to pay 12 $ for steps

- Best app but steps should be free

Nice app for homework but plz don’t ask for money

- Me

It is a really good app but I wish it was for free.

- Can’t be fr

Y’all acc rnt gonna show me how to get the answer unless I pay $51. Ight. I c.

- Great app

Probably the best app for Math home work is a lot easier


As a university student I must say this is amazing!!!!!!!!!! It honestly is worth every penny and for the first time ever I’m enjoying math. I love it.

- My experience with this app

I am bad at math and this helps a lot I would recommend this

- PhotoMath is much better

This app just gives you the answer and when you click for more details for the equation to be broken down, it’s always offer the premium and does not give an explanation without it for $12.99 a month??!!Not worth it if you’re trying to understand how it actually works :/

- My experience with Mathway

I’m not the greatest at math but this is definitely helping!!

- Fantastic app

The best

- Pay for steps

You’re better off, finding steps to solutions elsewhere like Photomath. You can’t even see the steps unless you pay for subscription...

- Not helpful

I didn’t find this app very helpful since I had to pay for the steps, most people cannot learn how to do math if they are just given the answer. This is why photomath is better, they give you the answer, how they solved the problem and a step by step way on getting the answer

- Great and free

Love this app. Really helps with checking my work for studying for tests. I encourage anyone to get this

- Bad bad bad

This app sucks it does not tell me the answer 🤬🤬🤬🤬

- Awesome for students!

This app has been a life saver. Not only does it help solve the question you can’t quite get but it also walks you through the steps to help you understand for the future. Only thing that could be better it the keyboard can be hard to type on at times.

- Decent App

It works well. I wish it could solve word problems, but that might be too much to hope for 😂. Also, it’s annoying how you have to pay to see the steps. For me, that’s why I use the app: not to automatically get the answer, but to learn how to get it myself. I would really appreciate not having to pay for the steps. Thank you!

- Waste of time

When I first downloaded the app I thought I was going to get free steps for my math but once I did another question it wouldn’t give me any more steps and to sign up for premium! It’s so stupid that you charge people their money just to get the steps! You shouldn’t be charging us to finish our math homework with your help. Math help shouldn’t have a price. If your not going to give free steps in the app then what’s the point in downloading it. The whole point of mathway was to help people with math and to charge us for it is pretty obnoxious. It’s a waste of time and money and if you know the steps but not the answer then just stick to the website. There are so many things wrong about needing a subscription to do math homework with the help of a website, but I’ve already wasted half my time on your stupid app so I’m not gonna list them out for you. Thanks for nothing mathway.


Super usefull for math homework

- Love It!!

I always use this calculator to check my answers from work! I love this calculator so much definitely recommend if you’re a student!!

- Déçu

Depuis 1 an j’utilise cette application, elle m’a toujours aidé. Avant hier, tout d’un coup, elle est devenu payante en plus à 12$/mois c’est vraiment cher je trouve. C’est bien d’avoir un revenue mensuel sur quelque chose qu’on a créé mais pourquoi autant cher jdemande à son créateur de diminuer le prix ca sera vraiment apprécié!

- J’adore

Ç m’épargne une calcu graphique

- Saves my life in class

This is honestly worth downloading helps out with quaderadics

- awesome app

if you’re ever having trouble with homework this app is great to guide you along!! totally recommend

- Great

This is exactly what I needed

- Muito útil

Muito bom pra ajudar na resolução dos meus exercícios de cálculo, e o passo a passo é melhor ainda, porque ensina realmente a resolver a questão dada. Só acho que poderiam melhorar a resolução de questões por foto, pois até hoje não conseguir usar essa ferramenta.

- Best math app!!!

This is great for when you are stuck on a tough math question. Definitely recommend this to anyone in high school or university.


This app is the best for school this has helped me a lot with studies

- Love it!!

Its soo much helpful especially when your stuck at really hard questions and helps me to understand how to solve it.


Who created this or a group who created this program is an absolute genius. It easily recognised formulas exactly handwritten or typed perfectly and solved all the problems even very complex ones so easily and I love the way it can show the steps in however much details you want. AN ABSOLUTE BRAINER AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR ANYONE ACADEMICALLY MINDED IN MATHS. By showing the steps you learn at the same time. I would give this app 10 stars even if 10/10 is the best. Congratulations developers I am very jealous of your intelligence and support your fees 100%. Thank you for the best Joshua from Australia

- I just want a friend

When I say hi they don’t reply

- It is helpful but.......

Um it takes forever to load, but it is a great app. It is worth it to download and I think it is very helpful. You should definitely download it

- Doesn’t work

Doesn’t work

- This helps me with my studies.

As a year 7 student, I recommend this app because it helps you with studies, and much more.


It’s really useful.

- 600th REVIEW!

Just downloaded it. Hope all goes smooth 😁

- Amazing

It is so easy to use and helps me with math assessments. Thanks

- Racist app

I is mad my sista write answer faster than app I take photo and it was still loading and my sistar finished answer I sad know I go sleep 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🏳️‍🌈😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🦶🏿🤮😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

- G

Mathaway is a really useful app and it gives you all the options to solve an equation if there are more than one. It also explains all the steps of a question so you can learn for next time. The only downside is that it doesn’t work without internet.

- You Can Get Pretty Far Without Premium

The best thing about this app is the fact that you don’t have to pay money to get it to still work. If you are like me, and you just don’t feel like spending money on an app, then this is absolutely perfect. It’s helped me through those late nights of math homework. Thank God this app exists.

- Helped me cheat my math test

Love this app it game me 100%

- Mathway

Helping me so much through high school

- Hhm

Excellent app

- Premium

Good app but the downside is that you have to buy premium to gain the step by step procedures on how to solve an equation which is very provocative.

- Excellent

Has almost all tools to answer your problems. Highly recommended.

- Foundations shaky?

While able to do things like solve for x where x^2 - y^2 = 16, it gave an incomplete answer when I asked it to convert 150/500 into a percentage (answer should be 30%), merely stating you should multiple the decimal by 100. Hmmm...

- Trust

I paid and it was like heaven

- So Good

Love it, great job app developers

- I would totally recommend except one thing

This app is great for a student like me who has their maths exam coming up this was like a second hand maths guide I was able to complete the exam with a good mark thanks to this app but there was one small disadvantage. The premium it is very annoying but overall still recommend and I bought the premium thanks Mathway

- This helps

If you’re stuck on a question, any question it will tell you how to do it and give you a answer

- I love math

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! I love maths!!!!!

- Mathway

It actually works for any maths

- re

re great


The app has so many different types of math (eg. calculus, algebra, etc) and allows you to choose not only what type of math you want but also what precisely you want to solve when you type your equation, and also shows you detailed steps to achieve your answer. I love it.

- Amazing

It worked really well In my maths test! Jk

- Hell

Jhbjdyu huyfrcuigryincfrnyifrc

- Wow!!

It’s really good! I only recently discovered Mathway, and am not going back lol! I used to type my question in but since they got a camera where u can take pics of ur question it’s so much easier! Love it.

- Great app to help with Maths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣😇😂😅☺️😌😃😆😉😀😊😍😘😜😛😝🤪🤨🧐🤓😎🤩🤩😘😚😙😍

Mathway is very good into solving or answering equations But sometimes Mathway doesn’t always give you what your looking for which is frustrating because I rely on Mathway as my Maths calculator Lol😂

- Four stars 👍🏼

Really great app, works well. Could be updated to doing more sums at a time when on picture mode.

- Pretty good

It’s a pretty good app it’s pretty accurate but it’s pretty expensive for 15$ a month for step by step if only it was cheaper

- Amazing!!!

So helpful !! Definitely get it! But it doesn’t explain it unless you pay. It helped me get algebra when I never thought I would 😀👍🏼➕➖➗✖️

- Great app

Able to calculate complex maths - not tooooo complicated tho haha

- MF

Someone who needs accurate results with the process of the answer done absolutely needs to download this app, also this app has great calculators at any question you want. Thanks for the ones who mad this app.

- iPad Pro Landscape support....

Please update this app to support iPad Pro in landscape mode....

- B M

This app works really well. It has helped me solve difficult questions and works fast. The only flaw is it does not show the problem solving (workings out).

- Wow

This so helpful and is amazing.👍🏻😃😍😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😍😃😃😃😃😃

- Works very well.

All you need to do is pull the camera back a little bit and it’ll pick up the equation.

- Really good

Thank you u for your great job on this app. 100 percent accurate!

- Upgraded but nothing happened!

I upgraded my app, paid the money, but I still can't get step by step. Rip off.

- Thank you so much

Keep up the good work

- Solid app and website

Really helpful if you don't have a graphics calculator or don't know how to use them

- Multiplication Symbol

Where is the multiplication symbol ? You guys should add one ..

- Crashes

I love this app sooo much, but lately it has been crashing all the time.

- Mathway

Thanks for helping out the boys.

- Love it so much !! 😂😂

It's just awesome and so helpful 😁😁

- Helpful and useful.

Works just like the website and you don't even need internet connection. Wonderful app.

- Amazing

It's a mobile maths teacher! Taught me everything I need! :))

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- Very Helpful

I struggle a ton with Math, so it’s nice to find an app that gives the free steps on how to solve, so I can learn more!

- App

It’s a good app

- Amazing app

I absolutely love this app. The only problem I encountered was waiting for a tutor to respond to my test questions.

- This app is it!

There’s no way I could get through college without this app. I love it

- Mathway

It’s pretty good 10 out of 10 I would recommend to anyone that needs help with math or just needs the answers and it’s free!. Some times theirs ads but it’s totally worth it love this app. Helps me out a lot.

- .

my friend suggested this app because i have a problem doing math, this app rlly helps me solve my math problems

- Excellent

Love it

- Wow

100% recommend I saw this on a tic tok and it’s rlly good

- Best thing made

If you know how to use it. It will make you stupid cause IT ANSWERS EVERYTHING

- Easy to use

It’s really easy to use and gives you the correct answers every time

- Best Math Solving App ever! But why does it cost money

I love it

- Life Saver

passed math with an A because of this app!!

- Mathway

This is overall the best math app, the photo option recognizes everything and gives you a multitude of options on how to solve the problem. Love this app!

- Best App Every

Is very helpful! Everything is step by step! It’s just amazing

- Highly recommend!

This is amazing. Its helped me and tremendously helped my cousin, who for the first time now has an A in his math class thanks to this app.

- -

I love this app ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Not mad just disappointed

Worst 10 bucks u can spend, the app doesn’t recognize my email 90% of the time.I have to log in threw browser. Mathway is helpful but the app needs a lot of work.



- Good program

The overall program is quite effective. The only true downside is if you pay for the premium account you will be waiting a long time usually for a tutor to become available. Most of the tutors also are unable to help you with word problems.

- good but..

i love this app but i've been having a lot of issues with it since the last update. it doesn't recognize the problems or it tells me there's no math problem. it's been very frustrating

- Great App recommended

I like it great and easy to find the answers. Highly recommended 👍👍

- Love it

I love this app so much it really helps me double check the answers I get, and also provides steps so I can see why I got something wrong!

- App

This app no cap helps swooo big facts wrrd


All I can say is it is incredible

- Homework review

I just want to say this app is amazing ! I couldn’t get help with not one assignment online and also it’s hard to connect with the teacher and this app help me solve every problem I needed. 5 stars !!!

- Nicec


- Best thing ever

This app is your best friend if your in high school

- LOVE IT !!

It’s a great tool.

- Bestest apppp

Simply amazing

- Best App EVER!

You won’t find an app like this ANYWHERE! DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY if you struggle with school work as much as I do. This app done carried me through a WHOLE Geometry class😭❤️truly something to be valued. Money is worth paying for the problem solving steps!

- Terrible

I’m sorry but this app is horrible I wo t show me how the problem I solved all the time, and then it says my info is breached in the app? NO!!! I don’t trust this app.

- Good but the ads...

I love this app I use it for math so much. One problem that makes it a 4 Star instead of a 5. The ads they will pop up which is fine but they freeze and I have to exit and go back in and redo the entire math problem if they would fix they would change it to a 5 star

- Lifesaver

This app is AMAZING! Helps answer the question and teaches you how to solve it, 10/10 would recommend. If they could somehow do word problems, this would be a billion-roller deal 😂

- Mathway

Very useful

- Is


- This app is amazing❤️❤️

So,where is we start this app is amazing it helps me so much with math since sometimes it get pretty hard for me if u have a question jut type it in this app and it will give you the answer in less than 3 seconds!!!! Luv this app ❤️❤️


I just started using it and it’s such a great tool to check up on my answers as well as possible showing me another way of solving an equation. I highly recommend!

- Good app

This app helped me a lot through any questions I had with my math problems.

- Awesome

It works very well and I enjoy having this app handy thank you

- The best app

This is just amazing who ever invented this deserve to be a billionaire love this app😘😍🤞🏾

- Naiyah23

I freaking love this app so much and it is really good we it’s come to work you need help on

- Amazing

Truly glorious... what an app I didn’t deserve u guys🤦🏽‍♂️😭

- Always checks out when I check it

Super great app, when I check the factoring it always checks out the original problem

- This price of crap doesn’t do crap

It doesn’t solve spheres hemispheres or any of the algebra that’s sophomore and above

- 5 stars

Great app to learn math. If you have trouble in learning math, it will help you!!!!!

- Love it !!!!

Definitely a lifesaver!


10/10 would recommend


got my account hacked and lost me over $50 really bummed about this and i can’t do anything no help at all

- It’s a good app

I really like this app. Sometimes it will get things wrong but otherwise I would recommend it :)

- Hola

Es una buena aplicación

- Homework?

I don’t remember when i did my math homework last love this app

- Amazing

This app is absolutely amazing and helps me with all my homework. It can do theoretically every possible equation and gives an in depth step by step explanation of the answer and pictures! This. Is. Greatness

- money hungry

Why bother making someone pay to see steps. like im not paying to study for finals.

- Math Breakdown

Is wont help me solve word problems. Grade 12 level. ;-; very disappointed.

- Good —— but is it worth it?

It’s alright. For almost a year, I used the website and I just got the app. It’s annoying that I have to pay for the instructions. I’d rather get an app that doesn’t need payments to get instructions.

- It doesn’t show steps

I paid for one year and it doesn’t show me the steps

- Amazing 😉

The best app The reason I am passing math Lol 😂

- Really useful for math help

Breezed me through all of my assignments 🙏🏻🙏🏻

- Math ways

10/10 this app is great ! The things you expect to study for. This app helps :)

- Photomath is 100x better and is free

This app was pretty useless and i 100% recommend a free app that works twice as good which is photomath

- How helpful

This app is really good to use and you don’t gotta pay because it’s free. And the others I tried ask for personal information what I was uncomfortable with. So I recommend it😊👍🏼

- Money dad


- :))

Amazing app! I’m in grade 8, going to highschool next year and this is really helping me. But what I don’t like is when I press the “explain answer.” It makes me sign up for a membership when I don’t have the money. :// but amazing app!

- Great

Mathway really helped me solved all my crazy math problems. It was way better than all the math apps I used.

- It’s good though

It’s good though you do need to pay some money after your free trail is done. If you don’t pay the money needed then you can still get the solutions to your problems though not the way they got there.


This app is crazy good. Best math solver app i have ever ever used. I get 100% on all my exams because of this app. People complaining that it costs money have me laughing-like duh, its an amazing app. If you need math help as much as I do, the $12 you give them monthly is NOTHING compared to the help and services they provide to you. Amazing job, keep it up!

- Thank you for making MATH EASY!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much. Every time I successfully solved a easy question( easy for people but hard for me ) I feel so good! Thank you MATHWAY

- Best app yet!

I’m in grade 11, this has saved me so much time and has increased my confidence so much! Would highly recommend to anyone taking math!!

- Juste trop pratique quand tu comprend SweetNothingRienAuReformeDeMath!

Rien a dire à date c juste Sa Coshh 👌

- This app sucks

So when you tap on the “show steps” option, this app forces you to sign up. Sure whatever, annoying, but whatever. Then when you sign up and tap show steps again, they try to force you to pay a monthly fee. Screw this app.

- The best math app ever

This app is awesome , it helped me so much to understand a lot of things in math

- Wrong Answer!!

The app cannot calculates combination questions correctly :(

- Prices

I don’t understand why the prices of mathway premium are so much more expensive on the app than on the online version.

- Terrible, just get a tutor

I'm in Grade 12 Pre cal and All the stuff im doing it couldn't even comprehend. It couldn't even recognize or plot y=/sqrootsgn/-(x+2) like what the heck? its so simple.. i guess if you're doing gr 10 ir basic algebra this would be useful. Certainly not for a grade 12... Welp. RIP my grades and university..

- The reason I have a degree

10/10 could not have passed a single math related course without this app.

- Amazing

This is amazing

- Hehehehe

Good for cheating lmao

- Love this app I use this app in school all the time *****


- Great, but

Keyboard is hard to get used to. Overall great app, useful for variables.

- Great!!

Really good for when you need to check your answers

- Pretty good.

It works rather well. It's not perfect. (These math things never are), but it does it's job 80% of the time. (And that's not from lack of the camera or program working, it's just very specific things like having to put radicals into entire radicals that doesn't work.) Not bad in my opinion for a nice little time saver like this.

- Byeeeee

This sucks, I need the steps not the damn answer! I can do that myself! I am clearly a student, what makes you think I have $27.99 a month or $109.99 for a year? Cool thanks for not helping me further my knowledge👌🏻 P.s. This is her friend and I approve of this message!

- Outstanding app

Works perfectly, and provides quick answers. Only complaint I have is the extremely high cost.

- Asking too much money

It would be a good app if they didn't want to charge a person $27 per month. It's asking way too much.

- I just can use on the computer。。。

I download the mathway for IOS but can't IPhone System Is Chinese language simple can't use it.

- Upgrade

Will not let me upgrade to the whole package.. Hit the button and it does nothing. Why?

- .........


- Helped me pass math

I cheated on literally every test with this... I owe who ever made this my life ... Bless 10/10 would cheat again

- Great! But...

So I really like Mathway when you but the subscription. I just paid $20 for one month and it's really helpful. However, I am a student and $20 may not seem like much to most, but other fellow students will understand that it is quite significant. It would be great if they lowered the cost a little to help out struggling math students even more! Other than that, I love it!!

- Great App

It is a good app to help my learning

- 9/10

Best app ever! Literally! It's really useful! Although the fact that I have to give my e-mail and all just to see the steps to the answer will take a point from the rating nevertheless it's very good.

- Very Helpful

It's such a good app!

- Disappointing

The "free" app isn't free at all. Asks the user to upgrade with the first try, nit even a free preview of what you may get. -_- thafck

- dont bother

this app is no good everyone who trys download or use it dont bother its a waste of time

- Don't waste your money!!!

90% of the questions I asked were wrong. Even when I simplified my own question some still came out wrong. Only basic questions get answered properly. The steps were wrong as well. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!

- No Homework!

No homework!

- Crash

The app crashes when i click view steps

- Good for SOME things

It helps with what some people need but I can't get used to the cramped keyboard! Nothing is where it belongs and I couldn't even find the plus button! IT DRIVES ME INSANE! Good thing obviously is that it is the only app that does this (I think). Overall, I think it is perfect except when its not. Also I would make the premium A LOT cheaper or available as 1 big purchase.

- Great app

Very useful for checking answers but it doesnt solve an trigonometric equations.... still good none the less

- Great

Awesome app !!

Libertex 📈

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- review

Really good except sometimes the answers I need are wrong


i use this for maths and works 90% of the time as i havent paid for anything. still is the best app to help me with my maths!! 100% recommended

- This bangs

BMT icl this is actually a mad one styll



- Fucking great

Ha hegarty maths is so easy now


Definitely recommend to kids who can’t be asked to do their homework! It knows every problem i put in totally amazing love it!!!!!

- Accurate

It’s very accurate and the picture method makes it even easier

- Amazing

I would highly recommend this app as it gives you correct answers quickly without any complications. You can also find out how to solve the problem if your not sure how to get the answer. It has been so helpful during online learning as there is no teacher to help when I am stuck. I would highly recommend this app.

- It’s Very PP (Pensacola Slang.)

It actually can support you and actually tells you the right answer and teaches you what to do in a specialised Easy Way! I rather rate this a 7 Star!


Do not download this app they gave all my details usernames passwords all social media accounts email address and everything onto the dark web and sold it!!!!!!!!!! THIS APP IS A SCAM

- Amazing

Right now I’m in quarantine and all the other math calculators cost but this one doesn't and it’s so easy and free to use The only thing I would say though is that it annoys me that it doesn’t focus quick enough but it’s helped me so much in quarantine and it can not just give you the answer but the steps to how to get it . Thank you 🙏

- Mathway

Very good. Noice

- Data breach

There’s been a data breach! This shouldn't happen

- Siiiiik

Siiiiiikkkk amazing app

- Amazing

It's perfect it give u answers rly quickly I recommend

- Absolutely amazing

This is perfect for a student in lockdown struggling with maths

- Emoji lover🤩🥰😊😕😋😉🤨😌😫😌😋😌😚😉😫🤨😉🤪😉😉😖🧐😌🧐😌🤨😖😌😖

I love mathaway😂😝🥳🎈🥨🌶👅🪑🛍🎁🍆😎🥰🧈👄🤩😚🤤🤪😄🐬😭😏🤓😏😋😘🙂😌😉😀😄😁😄😆😊☺️🤣😂😅😇🙂🙃😉😌😚😋😛😝😜🤪🤩🥳😏🍌🍒🥥🌶🥚🥥🍆🥩🥓🌽🍠🥙🍠🍳🌽🎟🎷🎬🥉

- Best app ever

I downloaded this because I was struggling with my online lessons and this is just so easy all you do is take a picture and it will tell you the answer how easy is that. Love this app best caculator ever love this app so much

- Great!!!!

This app is so good for helping with homework and it also explains how to do it aswell as giving you the answer which is great


I love this app sooooo much. It helps with all kinds of maths and even shows you how to do it! I 100% recommend this app

- Excellent

I was doing my maths homework and this app was really useful

- 10/10

this app is amazing! i downloaded it scared it would be like the others, but it was perfect. its free, accurate and has a camera option. i would definitely recommend

- Mathway

I gave it 5 stars because it really helps me when I’m stuck especially in algebra and also it’s a good way to explain questions further so I can understand it.

- Best app for maths

Best app saves my life for maths homework but if you could be able to add a feature where you can add a screenshot and the app scans it and solves the problem would be perfect

- Amazing

This app is amazing !!! Ye ok if u need to be walked through it in detail u have to pay but it is amazing I don’t know where I would be without it !!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Mathway


- Very helpful

This so helpful and very easy to use and free ! It is quick and correct!

- First App i will use for math which i hate

I rlly like this app

- Not as good as advertised.

I got this hoping it would show the steps to solve it so I could better my understanding but no, I have to pay premium. So therefor I can’t see the steps to help me do it. Despite that, I like how easy it was to use and the layout. That’s why I’m giving it a 3/5 star rating.

- Maths

It’s a really good way to help you on some really hard questions and, you take a picture so you don’t have to write it

- Great app

It’s great. I’ve been using this on my homework and it has helped me soooo much.

- Best App Ever 🤗🤗🤩🤩🤩

This app has helped me solve many problems and the way it explains is absolutely awesome


It’s really good and helped with homework sooo much

- Annoying

So annoying made by cash grabbing developers who just want money, I get an ad every 5 seconds it’s so annoying

- The best lmao

Covers everything, sooo good for school

- RUBBISH!!!!!

When i’m struggling with work i take a photo or even type The problem in and for every single Probalem i type in it tells me that it doesn’t recognise it !! Absolutely pathetic Anyone That downloads this app Is waist of there time , the worst app I have ever downloaded in my entire Life!! SO SHIT’

- This is a VERY helpful app!!

Title says it all It’s so convenient!

- One of the best

As soon as I got it,it helped me a lot people wondered how I got it and no one else did.useful app

- Good but Laggy

This app has honestly helped me out very much but there are a few bugs that erase all my data and crash the app. Please fix. Thanks.

- klm

Its klm buh it shoulda been free tbh big ls if u cant afford da ting. Ott

- Wahab Ahmad

Amazing app helps me with every question ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Pls do this

This app is amazing for the tones of homework i get but i would love it it you could copy and paste problems,thank you for making such an amazing app!!!

- Best app everrrrrr

This app always helps me with problems and my homework and I just love it so much thank you to who ever made this and I’m 13 by the way so it does help a lot with homework

- Avoid

Wanted to see steps for my maths problems to learn them better. It says I must pay 9 pounds per month to view steps which is a total waste of money and would certainly avoid. Use something else.


It’s fast and i have never had a problem with it! I love this app and highly recommended it to any one looking for an easy way to do maths!!


I used this to help me pass my GCSE’s

- Amazing

This app is amazing and helped me do my homework for my exams and plus it’s free which is a huge YES for me ✌🏽🤡

- Helpy

Very helpful

- :)


- Outstanding!

I was struggling with this equation: 3(y+4) = 24. It gave me the answer straight away it is amazing thank u creators of this app! As it helps me (a gcse student) with answers for homework! Truly thank u for creating this app❤️

- Great, needs a few enhancements

Pls update the icon to ios 7. I love the offline feature!! Pls also reduce the lag on the iphone 4 thx

- Best math app ever

This app is one of my favourite app it's like personal teacher for me it helped me a lot

- best maths app

this is a really good app for maths! it is so helpful, its really slow though, needs a update.

- crashes

app crashes when i select sign in

- Best purchase for math help

Extremely helpful and easy to understand for all ages. Be great if a Chemistry and a Physics one was available.

- Maths and physics

I think this is the best educational app I have ever used 😘

- Maths Solve

Very very helpful

- Amazing

This is a great help, awesome app

Mathway getting real bold with these 30 second advisements 🤨

Blz, mas se nem o mathway sabe resolver, imagina eu. Maldito exercício, tô a mó tempão tentando resolver

@searCH_mY_NAme *laughs in mathway*

I didn't cheat on my test I have an entanglement with Quizlet and Mathway

Avr gente conocen la app “Mathway”??

@WhoIsChampTv Imma just log on my mathway account 😂 not gonna play with him today

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Mathway 3.3.25 Screenshots & Images

Mathway iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Mathway iphone images
Mathway iphone images
Mathway iphone images
Mathway iphone images
Mathway iphone images
Mathway iphone images
Mathway ipad images
Mathway ipad images
Mathway ipad images
Mathway ipad images
Mathway ipad images
Mathway Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Mathway Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Mathway (Version 3.3.25) Install & Download

The applications Mathway was published in the category Education on 2012-09-04 and was developed by Mathway, LLC [Developer ID: 467329680]. This application file size is 115.32 MB. Mathway - Education posted on 2020-06-11 current version is 3.3.25 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

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