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Improve your sight reading with immediate feedback of timing accuracy. Carefully graduated levels from simple to professional allow you to start at your best level and improve at your own pace, more rapidly than on your own instrument. Practice anytime and anywhere. Many advanced features.


- Common and rarer rhythms from 2 to 9 beats per bar (2/2, 3/2, 4/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, 12/8).

- More than 200 fixed exercises (100 (longer ones) on iPad).

- Thousands of random exercises.

- Levels for absolute beginners as well as professionals.

- More difficult exercises include rests, ties, syncopations, duplets, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets.

- Option to add swing to every quarter note meter exercise.

- Different degrees of swing: light, medium and hard.

- Automatic count-off with one or two bars.

- Longer (random) exercises in landscape orientation.


- Practice mode: listen or tap along while the rhythm is played.

- Test mode: you hear the metronome and must read and tap the rhythm.

- Accuracy is instantly displayed visually (color and position) with each tap.

- Easily adjust metronome tempo by sliding or keypad.

- Two tap buttons for higher tempos.


- Any exercise can serve as a starting point for editing.

- The editor provides many options to tailor exercises to your needs.

- Designed to need very few taps.

- Includes an editor for ties.

- Unlimited undo.

- Add your exercises to favorites.

- Share these with others.


- Expert mode: a higher default tempo for the exercises plus more accuracy required in tapping.

- Endurance test (continuous reading).

- Speeding-up tests.

- Left- and right-hand independence: tap the beat and rhythm with two tap buttons.

- Note duration test.

- Count 6/8 in two (dotted quarter has the beat).

- Ear training function to help in rhythmic dictation.


- Frequency chart of tap results.

- Progress reports for fixed and random exercises.

- Mail your results: e.g. send your 100% score graphic or progress reports.


- Sounds of the app player, metronome and taps can be chosen from several percussive instruments.

- Optional stereo sound. Hear your taps in the right ear and the metronome/player in the left ear.

- Optional beat-counting voice function.


- Use of the microphone as an alternative to the tap buttons.

- Play the rhythm with hand claps, finger-snaps or an instrument.

- Sensitivity function.

- Support for external microphones.


- Very low latency (instant response).

- Left-handed tapping support.

- Classical as well as flat interface themes.

- Universal app (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).

- Support for all screen sizes, including iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max.

- 64-bit compatible.

- iOS 12 tested.

Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer App Description & Overview

The applications Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer was published in the category Music on 2010-10-12 and was developed by Rolfs Apps. The file size is 15.39 MB. The current version is 10.0 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

After completion of an endurance or speeding up test, the results of all completed exercises are listed in the mail-report. High-accuracy results are colored green.

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Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer Reviews

B-radical productions

I use this app often!  B-radical productions  5 star

I’ve been using this app to practice different saved rhythms for more than a year now. I’ll use it before a gig to tighten up my feel, and it really does make a difference to use this app as a warm up. Often, I’ll go through different rhythms and continue to test until I perfect it. This has made a dramatic improvement on my sense of timing and rhythm while playing!


helpful for adult beginner  Mgoomt  5 star

I like this app. I’m learning to read music as an adult and need tons of rhythm practice. Simple to use, so far no bugs, and it’s nice that the app allows user to customize the beat and metronome sounds. (I hate ticking, beeping and clicking noises.) I was surprised how far ahead of the beat I tend to be. The instant visual feedback helps.


Amazing app  LeoB23  5 star

Very important teaching tool. Also I had an issue and the developer was very prompt with helping me out. Great app!


Excellent, thorough, challenging  Melisseofficinale  5 star

Excellent app with many difficulty levels that make it a great tool for beginners and advanced musicians alike. Gets better with each version. It has been a great tool to improve my reading of rhythm notation. Includes compound meters, you can adjust the metronome speed, you can play only the downbeat instead of all beats in the measure. You can really challenge yourself for a while with this app.

luke gilf

Perfect for me  luke gilf  5 star

I am 49 years old and went to music school. Decided to study jazz piano more seriously in my ‘old age’. I had never been great at reading so I am using computers to gain experience quickly. This app is perfect. I stuck it on random exercises and have not looked back. I am on level 6 of 4/4and feel so much better and confident about rhythms. It just keeps throwing new exercises at me and the beauty is I have it set so I have to sight read it 3 times correctly before it says I got it. This is exactly what I was looking for. You can start from the very basics like I did. I can’t think of a better or faster way to learn to read rhythms.

えみや えいじ

Excellent app for figuring out rhythms!  えみや えいじ  5 star

I was skeptical at first if this is will serve my needs. Anyway, I took the plunge and found out it doesn’t have 12/8 time. I emailed the developer and he was really quick to respond to my questions and provided me a 12/8 template. Now I’m happy. My favorite part of this app is being able to modify the builtin rhythm exercises to match the music piece I am currently working on. This app really helps a lot. Now on to practice ;-)


Fantastic Rhythm Tool  Brzunika  5 star

This app is everything I dreamed it could be. It provides instant feedback as to how accurate your rhythms are and the exercises are fantastic. I especially love the two finger tapping option for faster rhythms!

Too rad to be sad

🤷🏻‍♀️  Too rad to be sad  1 star



Fast fix! 32 bit compatibility restored!!  B'bba  5 star

Great app! Builds skills quickly. Logical GUI. Easy to configure custom exercises.

David Olivas

Fantastic Sight Reading App!!!  David Olivas  5 star

This app is amazing for working on sight reading! I use it to practice and to teach private lessons. It has a very intuitive user interface and is an extremely effective tool for improving your sight reading chops. I highly recommend it for all music teachers and music students.

Piano man '84

Could do with a few new features...  Piano man '84  3 star

Like the ability to tap 2 different rhythms at once... help co-ordinate polyrhythms A nicer layout for creating custom rhythms. Having a Sibelius type layout of choosing note lengths would be easier than the current system. Being able to fully create a custom rhythm with out having to modify the previous one. Would give teachers a lot of flexibility. This means giving you a blank Stave, choosing the time signature and then creating a custom rhythm.


Phenomenal, fanastic!  DrPreston  5 star

Very well thought out app! Awesome improver of my reading and timing.

Tez from Oz

Get it. It's great.  Tez from Oz  5 star

If you want to learn to read rhythm, this is the best I have found. Training mode plays along with you, test mode just gives you a metronome. Get it.


Great  queenjodos3  4 star

Overall, a great app that works well. One minor issue is that the note duration sound setting doesn't change, it always stays stuck on the bass sound even if another is chosen.

Seamy beans

Sew  Seamy beans  1 star

Just does practice and does not stop


Fantastic app  Laurac888  5 star

This is a great app to help improve music skills and I have had it for a long time. I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their sight reading of rhythms.


Best way to practice rhythm  Sponge1330  5 star

This app has so many features that make it an incredibly valuable practice/learning tool for musicians at all levels. I've had this app for a long time and I'm so impressed with the updates that keep coming. I use it nearly every day for teaching and practicing


Splendid design  D_ja  5 star

Works perfectly. Highly recommended for all musicians.


Great app!  EternalTreeAus  4 star

Really enjoyable, has improved my sight reading a lot.


Superb  ponkerhead  5 star

If I spent as much time using this app as the developer spends improving and refining it I would be a world class drummer by now. As it is my sight reading has improved enormously. This app is just superb. Very low latency (imperceptible to me), very flexible, comprehensive and easy to use. Out of the hundreds of apps I have It is the most regularly updated, improved and expanded app. Great for beginner to advanced. I wish I'd had a tool like this when I was learning music as a kid.


Pretty, easy, helpful- from the get go  Awareness8  4 star

I love how it looks. I figured it out right away how to get started practicing my rhythm for piano playing. There are advanced settings if you want them but I liked that I could jump right in and start practicing. And can't emphasize how much I like the clean and beautiful interface.


Horrible  DrumKristy  1 star

This is ridiculously inaccurate and maddening to play. If you are looking for any remote rhythmic accuracy, look elsewhere. I have a doctorate in percussion and it makes my skin crawl to try to get the green accuracy dots to appear. The only way to do that is by being totally inaccurate with the rhythm.


Best there is!  JJVillafane  5 star

This app is just great. Perfect from anybody from beginner to advanced levels. My rhythm reading has improved so much without me even noticing it and it's all because of this app. The icing on the cake are the updates. With every update there's always a very useful feature. I'm looking forward to download more apps from this company.


What it does it does well  Nkmokj  4 star

Doesn't do a ton... Just gives you exercises and provides immediate feedback as to how you did. However, if you're dedicated, and you work with this, it can really improve your reading ability. It would be nice If the exercises were broken up in to categories, or there were some way to choose how you were approaching various trouble areas... Maybe in an update? For $2.99 this is a very good app.


I like it.  iayhs  5 star

Thank you.


One of a kind app!  Ed8198  5 star

Great app! I've tried lots of guitar apps. I've used apps for sight reading, ear training, etc. this is the only app I've ever seen that aids in learning rhythm. And it works!


Fantastic!!  CaptSaltyJack  5 star

Excellent app! Really useful for those new to music and those wanting to stay sharp


Great in Music Classroom  eDog3113  5 star

I teach middle school band and general music - I bought this app specifically for a group of percussionists who had trouble with rhythms. It quickly caught on and I use it in every single one of my groups. The app has literally every skill level you will ever need through college level. I make it a “competition” in my classes to see who gets to the highest level (have to get 100% to move on). Great for random articulation warmups in band when using Smartboard projector. Fantastically engaging for all ages. Best music app I’ve bought so far - honestly.


The Notation Obscures the Meter  GreenGoth  3 star

The notation in this app isn't written according to convention. This makes the exercises more difficult, but not in a good way. Inadvertently it's also teaching incorrect notation practice. If not for this glaring flaw, this would be an excellent app. I heartily recommend The Norton Manual of Music Notation to the app developer.


Awesome  Bmore1100  5 star

This is a really good app, the controls settings are a bit hard but the app helped me in my sight reading. I would recommend this for anybody who wants to Lear how to read sheet music.


One of the best uses of technology in music  Unaniharpist  5 star

This is an excellently-designed and well-structured app. The interface is simple, clear and user-friendly. The designers have obviously put a lot of thought into how to give as much info as possible on a small screen while retaining legibility, and have come up with a few really creative answers - for example, the app uses colour to make the feedback after the taps easily understandable. There's a great attention to detail in the service of a high-quality learning experience, eg little lights flash to promote accuracy during practice mode. The sight-reading material is brilliantly sequenced, with enough rhythmic diversity to keep you on your toes, but nonetheless a clear focus on one new learning objective at a time, for example triplets or semiquavers. Every element of the program seems to have been really well thought-out in order to maximise the student's learning. The format of iphone works brilliantly as well; sight-reading practice is most effective in small chunks, i find, and the portable handset facilitates that. I'm a qualified music teacher and will be recommending this app to all of my students.

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