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Fake out your friends by adding realistic scars, cuts and bruises into your photos, with the Scar Booth iPhone App. Take any picture and add virtual wounds to the photo.

As seen on "The Doctors" tv show and slammed by the Daily Mail for being a little too realistic.

Adjust the transparency and blur of the image to make it look like it is a real injury.

Your friends and family will be convinced that you have suffered a painful injury when they see a photo of you with a black eye, bruises and a cut up face. Meanwhile you are looking as good as ever and have just posted a prank photo.

Imagine the comments you will get when you post a photo of yourself with scars, cuts and bruises on Facebook and no one knows the story behind it.

Excellent User Reviews

"Dr - Good fun app and my kids think it's good too"

"Brilliant - Love It"

"So Much Fun - Cool App"

"Koolness - Totally Koop luv it! It's super scary! I zombiefyed my mom, me, and my sis! I luv this app totally of the chain!"

"Most Fun App Ever - I had so much fun mutilating myself and the rest of my family. I sent them to fb & fooled everyone"


- Universal App for iPhone & iPad
- Retina Graphics
- Over 100 unique injury images and growing
- Take a picture or load one from the album
- Share via all popular social platforms

Advanced Editing

- Double Tap Zoom to zoom in and make fine edits
- Adjust Transparency levels of injuries
- Eraser, erase parts of the wound
- Blur, adjust the blur of the wound
- Brightness, adjust the brightness of the wound
- Add multiple injuries to a photo
- Adjust size, rotation and placement

Download Scar Booth now and start making prank injury photos

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PLEASE NOTE: Appdicted does not encourage violence towards anyone or any thing! This app was created as a fun prank app and nothing more.

Scar Booth App Description & Overview

The applications Scar Booth was published in the category Entertainment on 2010-10-05 and was developed by Appdicted. The file size is 87.22 MB. The current version is 3.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

# Fixed the known bugs
# Updated for all modern iPhones (X models) and iPads
# Updated interface
# Updated Icon
# Added more wounds, now over 100!
and more!
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Simple and Effective  InHD  4 star

Does what is says. Wish it had better color adjustment for different skin tones.


Very realistic!  Akiraronin  5 star

I was actually very surprised on how convincing the wounds look. Used one on FB and pretty much everyone believed it was real.


Scary  Jdmoon49  5 star

This is not for the squeamish. Great fun for older people.

Joshua D.

Here Is Your Review.  Joshua D.  3 star

Every time that you save a photo to your Camera Roll in this application, you are without miss presented with a nagging pop-up window asking you to review the application. Well, here is your review. Normally I would have given an app like this the default 1-star for habitually harassing me for a review. But, in the case of this particular one I actually really do like and enjoy the gruesome effects that the app helps you to achieve. I also like this developer's hair and mustache and hat applications as well. Though, the hat one also nags for reviews, I cannot remember if the hair and mustache version does this or not at this moment. Please take some advice, if an app you have created is good on its own merits you wouldn't have to beg and plead for customer reviews in such annoying and distasteful ways. If an app is good it will receive those positive reviews and ratings all on its own. So, please take that advice and remove these nagging pop-ups, thanks. iPhone 6 Plus/ iOS 9.0.1


Piece of 💩  MeeshellBoo  1 star

Doesn't even open, crashes as soon as you pick an injury to paste


Crashes  Jesilynj83  1 star

This app is horrible! It crashes when I choose anything, except for bruises. Everything else crashes when I select any of the other categories. I hope they fix this soon.



Just saw a review on tv saying that it to realistic people are getting into trouble. I love this app totally realistic



Just saw a review on tv saying that it to realistic people are getting into trouble. I love this app totally realistic


good for fan page editing  @insanelay  5 star

I highly recommend this app if your goal is to make creepy edits. It's very realistic looking and totally worth the money. Even though I wish there were a few more options I would totally buy the app you won't regret it


Love it  Missbaby37  5 star

I'm in school for web design. I have to make a movie and this app totally helped me out.


Scar booth  Smasher01  5 star

Scar booth is one of my best apps it's so realistic and freaky










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