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What is nfl app? Just tap into the NFL App to get the latest NFL news, highlights, stats & more.  
Brand new for 2022: Fans can access NFL+ content within the NFL App (NFL+ subscription required).  
NFL+ Features: 
• Live out-of-market Preseason games across devices  

• Live local and primetime Regular Season games on your phone and tablet  

• Live Playoffs & Super Bowl LVII on your phone and tablet  

• Live game audio (home, away & national calls) for every game of the season  

• NFL library programming on-demand, ad-free  

• Full and condensed game replays with an NFL+ Premium subscription 

NFL app iPhone and iPad Features: 
• Game Center with up-to-the-minute scoring, in-game highlights and drive charts 

• Articles and video highlights featuring the latest stories and breaking news from all around the NFL 

• Stay up to date with the latest trending news and highlights on the NFL Channel. 

• NFL Combine and Draft coverage 

• NFL Network 24/7/365 and NFL RedZone are available for eligible subscribers of Charter, Cox, DirecTV, Hulu + Live TV, Optimum, Verizon FiOS, YouTube TV and many more providers. 

NFL+ is a subscription product; content and features vary based on location and device. Learn more at  
Learn more about the NFL's digital offerings:,, and  
The NFL app allows use of AirPlay and Chromecast when viewing all video-on-demand and select live content. However, the NFL app does not permit outputs from phones or tablets of live games, NFL RedZone or NFL Network to external displays via HDMI, Chromecast, AirPlay, Miracast or other similar streaming functionality due to rights restrictions.  
The Services may feature Nielsen proprietary measurement software, which will allow users to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen TV Ratings. Nielsen believes that you should have a choice about whether to contribute to our research and insights. For web, please visit: to learn more about the Nielsen digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them.  

Data usage applies for app download and use.  
Privacy Policy:  
Terms and Conditions:  

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NFL Customer Service, Editor Notes:

NFL Version 57.0.1322 November 2022

Fixes: - Bugs and Crashes.

NFL Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great app with a minor but glaring inconvenience

I wish videos didn’t require so much preparation to watch. Sometimes a video starts and I want to turn down the volume/adjust the brightness or respond to a text message, but when I swipe up for the former or down to even just check a message, the video stops. This wouldn’t be so bad, but when this happens, the process of watching the video completely restarts. This is particularly annoying when I’m trying to watch a 10-15 second video but have to sit through a 30-40 second advertisement and is only further escalated when I have to do so twice. Overall, I enjoy the app, love the content, and use it daily, but this hassle is something I have to deal with just about every time I use the app, and improved functionality could really go a long way in my app experience.

- Trash customer service

This would be a five star app for me as I cant watch my eagles live on the west coast as I work in the morning and being able to watch the game when I get home is great. However, last week when I was trying to watch the replay of the eagles/jags game, the app was telling me I didnt have a subscription. I tried all of the things it told me to do if to fix the problem and i none of them worked. Of course, there is no customer support. You have to talk to a bot who doesn’t give you the help you need and cant fix the problem. I get an email hours later that night, which is unacceptable because they should be able to fix the issue immediately since that is what I paid for, and the email basically tells me what the bot did, which was nothing. After realizing I wasn’t going to get any help from an actual person, I just signed up for the free trial to watch the game. I emailed them back to let them know they shouldn’t charge me a monthly subscription and a yearly one. Sent that on a monday. Got an email friday saying they cant do anything. Absolute garbage. I dont write reviews ever, even after bad experiences because I am not a Karen and not every experience is going to be great as people are not flawless, but this nonsense was so ridiculous that it led me to write my first review. Could be a great product when they arent taking away the package you bought from them then offer no support to fix it and tell you there’s basically nothing they can do about it

- Wifi Streaming through TV Provider doesn't work anymore!!!

This app used to be awesome but they did something during an update that completely ruined the Wifi Streaming capabilities on any of my iPhones or other mobile devices. Also, I could only use the Streaming service through my Roku TV up until about 2 weeks ago when they updated that app and ruined it too! I love all the other features of this app but most importantly I want to be able to STREAM! Please fix this. Another thing that bugs me is they used to have Xfinity as a provider (although it didn't work properly when they did) but then it disappeared. I've had to change cable companies just to get NFL Network. Thank God it's on Sling TV & FuboTV now. Either way, please, whatever you did to the app that makes it impossible to watch NFL Network through the app live, fix it!!! No matter if I'm using Dish, FuboTV or Sling, after I sign in it just goes right back to the login page telling me that I need to sign in to my provider to watch live. This is beyond annoying. On my Roku TV it stays on a loading screen forever even though I've deleted the app 5 times and reinstalled. Nothing makes a difference. I really want to be able to watch NFL Network on my iPhone again but I don't understand why that's not a priority to fix for your developers. This is a serious issue that's been going on for over a year and I read other reviews that say the same thing I'm saying. Fix the Streaming service please and you'll get 5 stars!

- Great idea. Lousy execution.

Live streaming works quite well in general. The problems occur when playing back games after they are done, whether it be video or radio broadcasts. If you just play the content, it usually does well enough. However, if you want to skip around in the game, it is very inconsistent, oftentimes resulting in the stream starting over again from the beginning. Let’s say I want to skip back 30 seconds to watch a play again. There is simply no good way to do this and it’s just problematic for the app. Oftentimes you cannot even see where you are in the video because it does not display all the numbers (the game I am listening to reads “02...”, so I know only that I am sometime in the 2nd hour). This makes accurately moving earlier or later in the stream extremely awkward, ineffective, and pretty much impossible. How about adding the now-standard option buttons to skip 15 seconds forward or backward in the stream? This is NOT hard to do. Also, if you have the stream displaying in full screen mode, you pretty much can’t skip the stream forward or backward. You have to decrease the display size, then you can do it, albeit chunkily. It’s remarkable how far ahead MLB is compared to NFL when it comes to streaming content. MLB makes the experience nearly seamless. With the NFL, it’s an unpleasant experience.

- Verizon mobile customers don’t get nfl network?

I second some of the comments below. In addition to being a Verizon mobile customer I’m also a Gamepass subscriber and NFL REDZONE add on in app subscriber. Up until this last Thursday September 20th I was able to watch NFL Network via my WiFi Network. I just selected the NFL Network option and the broadcast came on. Then after Thursday’s update I continually get the “select TV Provider” option. First of all if I had NFL network on cable why would I watch it on my phone?!? Secondly as a Verizon customer I was under the impression I could watch the NFL Network without a tv provider. Furthermore why would this be an option up until sept 20th but now NOT an option. If written and received the trope Nfl App help advice: clear browser, sign in sign out, reinstall app etc. please feel free to reach out to me and/or update the app so this can be remedied...just to watch a little NFL news guys...not that big of a deal. Happy to write a review of Gamepass functionality on this app also. Subpar not fitting of what I paid for. No player search. No game search. Not close to the full online functionality (which is ok). Watching Redzone on the app is mediocre, usually takes 5-10 restarts to get the Redzone functionality to kick in. Other than that great job! Keep up the good work!

- Completely trash app!

This application is a complete joke. I live where I can’t get good antenna reception and all I want to do is watch the local games. I had to pay for NFL+ which is a complete rip off. It doesn’t work more than half the time. The scores have a “Stats” section which you think would give you players’ stat, but no, it only gives team stats which no one cares about and there are no in game players stats like a box score. From a multi-billion dollar organization this application is a complete joke and a complete rip off! I can’t believe that I paid money for it after having years worth of issues with the app before this. I do like the condensed game replays, but I have to watch them because so often I can’t get the game on my roku with the horse crap NFL app. Had to uninstall and reinstall to get a game that I know for sure should be on the app and says it can’t connect to this game. It pulls up on another device though. So frustrating! What a joke. Update: I have now signed into NFL+ which is a complete rip off about 5 times and it still shows a padlock as if it had not signed in. Restarted the tablet and still does not work. I am trying to uninstall and reinstall. So frustrated with this piece of junk!

- Game pass is garbage

Game Pass on your television is awful. Awful. I have had nearly every game ruined this past season. Why? The app is such garbage it will constantly fast forward to the end of the game. If you try to fast forward 30 seconds it jumps to the end of the game. It crashes all the time and you go back to the beginning - or to the end. I have paid for Game Pass since it came out - why is a great question for my therapist - and it has been garbage since day one. This year however has been so beyond infuriating it is impossible to find the right words- find whatever word you can that describes what makes you want to smash your expensive tv with a hammer and give up football for the rest of your life. If you’re unsure whether you should pay, for the love of the lord, don’t. Please do not give these greedy incompetents another dime. Watch the highlights for free. It’s all you are going to wind up with anyway. May the makers of NFL game pass be forced to watch the same game played by the Cleveland browns and Jacksonville in a bottom level of Dante’s inferno. This game will begin with 3 minutes of commercials, freeze, then jump to the end of the game as Blake Bortles shakes hands with Case Keenum - and repeat for eternity.

- Worst app in sports

You would think the NFL itself would want to make it easy to watch their games. Instead, they have put forth the worst, most frustrating and pathetically incompetent app in sports. I wanted to watch the Vikings game in London. My tv provider (DIRECTV Stream) doesn’t carry NFL network. I have the app but you can’t watch this game (not broadcast anywhere else but on this app) without an NFL+ subscription. I begrudgingly sign up for the monthly. But, I can’t access on the app on my smart TV because it says “connect to your account to watch”. I am connected to the account and try signing out and back in, reloading the app, etc. Same problem. So, I try the website on my computer. You can’t watch on the website, only the app. I try the app on my tablet, but it tells me “my tv provider doesn’t support” (which is infuriating because that is why I paid for the NFL+!). I end up watching through the Vikings app on my iPhone. Absolutely livid. The NFL should ban itself from broadcasting television until it gets a clue how to broadcast television through multiple media. Right now it has none. Monopolies almost always correlate to crappy service. Case in point.

- Coach’s film

For the most part the app is awesome. I really like to re-watch certain games and it’s great to be able to watch the condensed game. But I really like to watch the all-22 film of my favorite teams on Tuesday’s. I have a football background, and i am sure most that use this feature were either a player or a coach at one time. So in comparison to hudl, or the various film softwares i have used over the years this one is by far the worst. You can only rewind or fast forward in increments of 10 seconds, whereas most platforms let you rewind second by second. So when i want to rewatch each receivers route (or see where the guard misstepped, or see why the safety got out of position, etc) i can only do that in 10 second increments (where most plays are not 10 full seconds) so it turns into a lot wasted time. It seems like an easy fix. Realistically, most fans do not watch the coach’s film, because there is no sound and it is not the view we are used to on TV. I would assume the vast majority of people using this feature are players and coach’s, so i think catering to that audience for this one area of the app could really improve things.

- Not Happy!

I am confused as to why the latest update to the NFL mobile app has take away my ability to watch NFL network without login has been taken away. I have Verizon as my mobile provider and I believe that should give me access to local and prime time NFL games as well as Playoffs games and NFL network. There is no option in the other account to select verizon as my mobile provider. The options listed are only for TV providers. Please notify me if their is a way to connect to my verizon mobile account. I remember doing this two years ago and having it be fairly simple and I don’t believe I had to do that again before the start of the 2017 season. Please help me with this because I don’t understand why this has happened. Also why has the ability to view games from past seasons been removed this seems to be highly unnecessary. Please go back to the format the app was in for the last few seasons it was much better. Also recently noticed after other people pointed it out that favorited team games don’t show up at the top please change this back to the way it was. I also think the the presentation on the app looked better last year

- Every new update makes the app worse

I’ll start by saying that in principle I really like this app, its a convenient way to check scores and I really enjoy a lot of the articles published. That being said though I can’t help but feel like every new update, which unfortunately are forced upon you because the app won’t open unless you use the most recent version, makes the app more annoying to use and that has become especially apparent recently. The insistence on shoving NFL+ down your throat, the video player automatically starting up whenever you open any article which is extremely annoying to mute or close because of how unresponsive and laggy it is and making loads of useful tools like in game player stats or league wide stats either completely unavailable or simplified to the point of absurdity makes the user experience extremely frustrating especially when compared to the website. I hope this trend can be reversed in the future because as of now I really don’t see the point in even using the app anymore.

- Misses the Point

The re-designed interface looks pretty nice, but is fails in some of its most basic functions. Most importantly, clicking the “Games” tab indeed shows a listing of the day’s games, but no scores! Even when the game is finished! You click on the specific game and still no score! You have to WORK to figure out the scores—I just don’t understand it. My other main complaint is that for the $99 I spent on Game Pass, one should not have to watch commercials in order to view video highlights elsewhere in the app. Podcasters and other content providers give privileged access to their content for basically any level of support. Here, you pay $99 (for the home town radio broadcasts) and get some other features that I happen to not care about, but you don’t get to watch highlights without sitting through commercials every other one. I paid the $99 essentially to hear Merril Reese call Eagles games, but for that kind of money I expect a much better product from the NFL. Surely this enormously well-resources organization can put out a top-quality app if they wanted to.

- If you’re thinking about GamePass, save your money.

This app is glitchy, slow, and inconsistent. I (try to) use it on my phone, iPad and TV. It works poorly on all of them. My biggest complaint is with GamePass. I want to watch my team and I live “out of market” so I wait for the game to end to watch the replay. First, I have to log in every time. Why does every other app on my TV have the ability to remember who I am except this one? Then, I am shown a graphic with the final score, which I have intentionally avoided for the last three hours while the game was in progress. When I can finally get the replay to load, it is glitchy, and often requires two or three restarts. Today, for the first time, I see I can’t get the full game replay until 2-4 hours after the game. This is new, and not an improvement. I take some comfort knowing I’m not the only one. This week I heard 3 separate journalists ripping the app as they have difficulty watching the all-22 footage. This is the last year the NFL gets my money. This thing is worthless to me and I wish I could get the rest of the season refunded.

- GamePass

At this point in the streaming video market, I cannot give a worse review for this app and the GamePass service. I want to watch my team out of market and every week it is a new frustration. Last week, my teams game would not play on AppleTV, but every other game did, so I figured out a workaround to AirPlay from my phone (would play on my phone but not the AppleTV). This week, AirPlay doesn’t work from the app, will play on phone but refuses to play in AirPlay mode. I can confirm that AirPlay works from every other video app on my phone, but with NFL, I am left to only watching on my phone. Every week, the video scrubber is difficult to use, making it hard to skip through breaks without scrubbing way ahead in the game. Why can’t they just make it work like literally any other video player? The hide scores feature also does very little to hide scores throughout the app, so good luck not spoiling your games. All in all, this would be OK if it were 5 years ago, but at this point, this app and service are garbage in the market and not worth the subscription price. NFL, c’mon man!

- The app is absolute crap.

I cannot believe that I paid more than one hundred dollars to be able to listen to my Broncos play live. Since I now live in Ohio, I was very excited to be able to at least catch the game while working in the yard, or even while watching my second-favorite team, the Bengals. The app won’t load at least 75% of the time I open it. Or, it will open, think with the swirling circle of death, and freeze there. When I am able to get the game pass to load, after multiple times trying, the simulcast is choppy, with varying volume and bad mixing with crowd noise, and then, 100% of the time, it cuts out and won’t come back- unless I close the app, then open it multiple times, to try to get it to load. How a multi-billion company can make such a piece of crap that only frustrates fans is beyond me. My advice- don’t get it. Find a radio app that lets you listen to the game on an affiliated station in your home state. Using this BTW on an IPhone 12 Pro Max with 5G. Streaming is a joke but only with this app- everything else on my phone for streaming works well. Junk.

- Inconvenient and confusing

I have had NFL Mobile for a few years now and have always enjoyed the layout and format of the app; however, the newest version/change is very inconvenient and confusing. Although all of the information is there about your “favorite team”, it requires lots of scrolling and searching to simply find the news stories. The older version was more colorful and organized which made it more enjoyable. Before, if I had read a news story, there would be a check saying I had read it which was very useful. I also can no longer select multiple favorite teams to get updates. I used to have three teams favorited, but thats not possible any more. Lastly, I found a glitch. Two days ago, (Monday) I finally received the final scoring and game score updates on the Ravens preseason game which was Thursday night. It took 4 days for my phone to receive the game notifications. The current version is functional and works, but the old version was much better in my opinion, I don’t find the app as enjoyable anymore.

- Unfortunate

I downloaded this app thinking I’d be able to watch my local games(saints because I’m stationed in Mississippi with the Air-force) and hopefully my favorite team (patriots because New England is where I’m from) play live. I was wrong. You can pretty much only watch your local game live, cannot cast device to my tv(black screens when app sees it being casted), the rest of the games are listen only or reply. The replay feature At least is nice. NFL this is my advice to you. Cable is dying. Slowly and surely. Us young people don’t watch that commercial littered garbage. You should create your own Netflix style app, where you can pay a subscription for the football season to WATCH any and all games live(oh wait you have one, this one!!!!!) please for the love of god move everything under one roof. I guarantee people would pay $40 plus for the season. I WOULD. Or even like $15 a month for the months football is on! Football is the spirit of America, we shouldn’t have to subscribe to CBS, ESPN, Fox, MSNBC and wherever else to watch football. Cut the middle men out, make your fans happy.

- Too Glitchy

When I went in to write a review for this app I was shocked to see it has a near 5 star approval rating. I just knew so many were experiencing the same issues which would cause the rating of this app to be no higher than 3 stars. I should state I’ve had this app for years and use it DAILY. But the glitches that come with this app have only grown over time. I give this app 2 stars because of the quality of the information provided. But daily I have articles that won’t load. The app completely crashes and I need to re-open. I prefer my iPhone to have a dark reading background with white text. But articles will still have black lettering making it unreadable with this format. And just to throw it in, a 30 second ad for a 1 minute long video clip I want to watch. I’ll continue to use this app. But I find a much more pleasurable experience using the ESPN app. It’s just I ONLY care about the NFL. I only caution future users to be prepared to be frustrated on a daily basis.


Does not work. Awful “customer service” that is basically a chatbot that eventually tells you it will submit a ticket. Weeks later, no one has contacted me. App experience itself is an endlessly frustrating loop of opening the app, seeing you’re signed in, hitting “Watch game” and being taken to a “Purchase a plan” page. “Sign in with your NFL account” achieves nothing — when you get back to the games and hit “watch” again, you get sent back to the “purchase” page. Hitting “Restore in-app purchase” just brings up a pop-up that says “No purchase to restore,” even though I paid $80 for it and can see that because I am signed in. Deleting and downloading the app again, which is the chatbot’s go-to advice, DOES NOT WORK, no matter how many times you go through the process. It seems in trying to lock out hackers and others who would steal the service, the developers have created security that locks out paying subscribers. No matter how desperate you are to watch NFL games, THIS IS NOT THE SOLUTION. It’s a waste of $80. Don’t buy it.

- Hard to use the app when you can’t push a bottom and have it do what it’s supposed to

I go to game pass click on last season to watch the games only to find out it’s not loading and still on the same screen while your video takes forever to load so I can have people I don’t care about talk about their opinions I didn’t ask for or click on to begin watching in the first place. Focus more on stream lining the functional capabilities of the app before you fill it with things we didn’t ask for. Also read what the app used to feature compared to what it does now and it just seems like you don’t know what the people that pay for the service really want you get rid of individual player performances captured on tape and being able to look up video reals on individual players to give us more over produced football takes from people that flip flop on their positions or talk about things that probably don’t matter to people that know the game of football.

- The worst app and customer service experience I’ve ever had

Last year, week 8, suddenly the app stopped working. Every single game had an error message that the video wouldn’t load. I tried on a web browser and it just wouldn’t load videos. I tried multiple interfaces and computers and all nothing. Email customer service and they send a generic reply about clearing cache, which obviously isn’t the answer. I sent a constant barrage of emails and video showing the problem over the course of 3 weeks with no meaningful solutions, or even acknowledgement that they had screwed up. I gave up for two weeks, came back and suddenly all games worked fine again. Then, when the package i purchased was for all regular season games, my subscription was canceled by them on December 31. I missed half the season while paying for all of it. They sent silly emails in response to serious questions and generally acted like they didn’t care I was getting screwed. This was by far the worst experience I have ever had with any company.

- “Upgrade” is a disappointment

We’ve had Gamepass since it came out and I have had the NFL app for years and years. The execution of Gamepass within the App has gotten worst from last year (which I did not think was possible). In fact, the NFL app has gotten progressively worse since it came out. How is that possible? If I could give this no stars, I would. Here are my complaints for iPhone app: - Navigation to older games is not intuitive and not easy to do. - Favorite team does not appear at the top when navigating to older games - Audio does not play in the background and cuts out when phone display goes off but not all the time - when audio cuts out a black screen appears at the bottom of the app where the audio should be and nothing to do about it. You have to exit the app and get back (then have to do the rigamarole of finding the game again) - once you get back to the game it definitely does not go to where you left off and it is almost impossible to get back to where you were and scrubbing function is awful for the audio. Impossible to know where you were and impossible to get back even if you do know. - the app crashes with Gamepass audio. - if you navigate to read articles within NFL while listening to the audio which you should be able to do and you accidentally click on a video it’ll either crash or start the video. And because of the above navigation and scrubbing problems this is incredibly frustrating. At least ask me if that’s what I want to do!

- Game pass still a no go

It’s late October, and I still can’t log in to Game Pass to watch the content I paid for in either the iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV versions of this app. But the same credentials will let me log in and view it (with a poorer experience) in Safari. What gives? My messages to NFL support give only canned responses, and the website help says that there is a known issue and please be patient. We are entering week 7 and it’s still not working! It worked last year... what broke? I don’t want a refund, I want what I paid for. I want to see NFL games on my big screen, and on my iPad Pro without all the wonkiness of using the web browser (which can’t cast the video to my big screen because, well, reasons). Developer incompetence? An argument with Apple about not getting a cut of the revenue from me buying Game Pass directly from the NFL and not throught the app (I would vigorously side with the NFL if that’s the case)? I don’t care. I’ve spent thousands on expensive hardware, networking, and licensed content to have a great NFL experience and I’m not getting it. Fix now.

- App fails to stream live games

I purchased NFL+ to stream live out of market games on my iPhone or iPad. After two weeks I have yet to see a single game outside of those already available via my xfinity subscription. The app fails to recognize that I am on a mobile device and reports that the device is unsupported. It offers options to listen to the games and t watch replays following the games but no live service. I have gone through the online tech support options and reached out via chat to be connected to an agent. The agent did nothing other than send me links to those same resources and close the ticket. I have reported my dissatisfaction and that the issue is unresolved multiple times. I have requested a refund (which they submit through the same limited “chat” experience). I have no desire to waste another Sunday afternoon trying to watch these football games. I will just watch my team when they are in a prime time game. I got absolutely nothing for paying $85 for the NFL+ subscription.

- Needs better execution

The most recent version for both iOS and iPadOS just shows a banner that says “Tap to Retry.” Apparently a known issue and they are working on it, but overall the execution is quite poor. Most critically, GamePass functionality is broken. If you start a game and then go do something else, it forgets your location in the playback except under some circumstances which seem to be when the app doesn’t get swapped out. Maybe, who knows, but it’s almost random and doesn’t meet with the expectations from other streaming apps and services. Your position in the stream should be recorded in the cloud DB such that you can return to the same game playback and position from any device or browser. THIS IS BASIC EXPECTED FUNCTIONALITY. Layout of functions in then iOS, iPadOS, and Apple TV apps is poor as well. I shouldn’t need to find GamePass and scroll through weeks and finals. There is plenty of screen real estate so just have an easier selection mechanism.

- Remains a terrible app after all the updates

The NFL app is truly an amazing work of failure. The NFL has all this money yet cannot put up a quality app. It does work, eventually, maybe, 100% of the time I load up this app there’s a significant lockdown and it cannot be used for anything for 1-2 minutes. Eventually the app catches up and I can check scores. I downloaded and use the Yahoo Sports app for score checking for NFL because I open that app and it works! This NFL app has been a heaping pile of crap for nearly a decade now. If anyone actually worked for their living this app would have been stripped down and redone to work like every other digital content offering app. I can pull up 4K steaming TV content and set things to record in under 10 seconds on my phone with every other similar type of app. Developers need to start over - they’re beating a dead horse and I just can’t use this app to do anything in a reasonable amount of time.

- Nice to have but overall broken

Don’t get me wrong, I love to have the NFL app to watch the games on the go but overall it’s a broken app and they obviously just plain out refuse to fix it. My biggest issue which has been a somehow unfixed issue all season long is multiple players missing from the stat lines such as trey lance and Zach Wilson. As well as issues such as the games in the scores tab not loading and having to reload the app several times in order to view the games. As far as the problem with the players missing go, it’s not like they aren’t on the app all together, In the plays section of a game it will show the name and picture of the player, but they do not show up in the stats column. Considering this has been a problem since week 1 of the pre season and it is week 18 upon writing this review, it is just plain laziness on the NFL’s part. Just another example of how incompetent the NFL has proven to be lately.

- Deceptive Marketing NFL +

I expected not being able to watch out of market games or watch on my laptop/tv when I subscribed to NFL+, but I expected to get what was being advertised, which was out of market preseason games, and at least the opening game for this 2022 season. Since I subscribed to this service, I’ve only been able to watch two actual games using this service. They advertise that you can watch whatever game using NFL+ but you actually can’t. This is the first where I’ve experience such poor service from an app/company that I felt the need to write a poor review. NFL is litterally just trying to get your money. If they start to give what they advertise in the future, then sure, I’ll return as a cusumer, but until then I’m done with them. In addition to the app itself, connection is wonky and when a news notificaiton pops up and you click it, it doesn’t take you to the article you want to read. The app also feels very buggy and not clear.

- NFL Needs Better Programmers

The latest update brings all new horrors. Once again proving that the programmers don’t have any idea what they’re doing. On the iPad…most games now show “Available 10 minutes after the game” for the full game replay. Even though “show scores” is active, it doesn’t show any scores. The years/weeks get mixed up such that it shows the wrong game and you have exit the app and open it back up to get it working again, but that doesn’t even work half the time. AirPlay from the iPad to the AppleTV doesn’t work at all anymore. For the AppleTV app…it doesn’t allow scrubbing. You can only advance in 30 second increments, which is a royal pain when you only want to watch the second half or go back a few minutes. A truly pathetic attempt. It’s as though no one at the NFL actually tests the app before sending it out. How is it that my 13 year old daughter knows more about building streaming apps than, presumably, college graduates hired by the NFL?

- Each year, the app gets worse.

I have had the NFL app for years now, and I loved checking the app for scores and highlights, as well as streaming games whenever I have time to watch. Each year, the app as a whole has gotten worse and more confusing. This season is the worst update yet. I can’t even check scores here anymore because it was never as accurate as it was before. Sometimes, the time on the scoreboard will freeze too, even after restarting and refreshing it. As far as the highlights section goes, I can’t even load a video half the time I try to click on it, and when I do, sometimes the app will give me the boot and I have to load the app again. Also, checking the standings is a joke. The standings aren’t even organized by record, but rather by alphabetical order. It has never happened on the previous updates until this season. I hardly use the app now because I can’t enjoy it without an issue occurring. The older layouts and updates were much better and easier to use.

- Doesn’t work

Worked great the past few years, totally recommended it. This year, week 1 didnt work well, minor bug the didnt allow me to watch what i wanted. No big deal, they did an update, worked great week 2-5. Went on in week 6, all of a sudden said that i hadn’t paid for it and wanted money again. I verified my subscription is still active (it is, it’s annual, so it wouldn't have worked the previous weeks if i hadnt paid), and tried to get customer support. It turns out after 2 weeks trying multiple hours each week, problem not fixed. The worst part is i can’t even talk to a person. Their phone number literally only gives you a website and the website is only bots that can’t figure out what I’m trying to tell them. Disappointing, wouldn’t recommend anymore. Paid over $70 and can’t get a problem resolved or my money back. I would just find a stream that’s free online. Not as good quality, but at least you’re not getting screwed.

- Half-finished

I want to like it. It looks clean and has the potential to be a great hub for football fans. But watching the games on NFL+, it falls way short. The plays section underneath the video doesn’t have the right information (it all says “…for no gain” even if it’s a 40 yard pass or a 3 yard run. Sometimes the titles are entirely inaccurate (pass title on a run play, a penalty and an incomplete pass under a penalty title, etc.). In the stats section, the quarter by quarter score box is empty. They have data for passing and rushing yards, but total yards is blank, as are a number of other data points. In the teams section, it’s outdated as well. I know it’s preseason, but the schedule is blank. a And the roster and player data is all outdated as well. Russell Wilson is very famously not on the Seahawks anymore so why do they have him listed as an offensive leader with 3,113 yards? It just looks unfinished. Not to mention the bugs - it doesn’t let you switch between games reliably in the NFL+ section of the app, it keeps telling me to subscribe to NFL+ even though I’m already subscribed, it switches between light and dark mode, and the login screen freezes frequently. If they want me to spend money on a subscription service through this app, then they need to present a more polished product. Until then, dig any deeper than surface level, and it just looks lazy.

- Inconsistent Videos

So this may not belong here but I don’t see a way to write a review for the app on the Apple TV. The app on the Apple TV is awful. It goes from not loading, being signed out when you shut down the app, and having audio with no video. There is also an issue where everyday I use the app (with and without closing the app) it asks for me to sign in or state that the content I am trying to view needs to be signed in with my provider. These issues have loomed for a few years at this point. I have attempted to provide feedback but it feels like it falls on deaf ears. I have been responded back once and it was with a support page. The support page answers normally take at least 4 different tries before they would work. During some of my own troubleshooting most of my issues come from my HomePod when it is connected to my Apple TV. The sound will come through but no video. Force closing and restarting device still didn’t resolve the issue. Turned off the HomePod audio and I was able to correct the issues to a degree. This issue has been happening since 2018 when the HomePod came out. I would love to help out because I don’t think I am the only one. I do want to end up some positive notes. The video when it does connect is wonderful. The app on the iPhone is great. Much more robust than the Apple TV app.

- Shame On YOU NFL

Why would anyone pay $75 a month and can’t live stream games? I don’t live in the local market of my team anymore. I want to watch my team play more often but every legal way gets closed off because it’s all streaming of local market. I live in an area that doesn’t even have an NFL team. The closest teams are Dallas, New Orleans and Kansas City. If I could get my teams games on my tv I wouldn’t have the need to stream them. But I can’t stream them because the league are complete arses and will only allow you to stream whatever game they decide is in your local viewing area. I’m stuck with the Texans and Ravens this week. I can’t stand either team. Seriously thinking it’s time for another boycott of the NFL. Maybe permanent this time. What a horrible league the NFL has become. Teaches kids that it’s expected to cheat, and let’s not give fans the games they want. But it’s us the fans who pay their salaries by buying tickets paying to watch games buying merchandise and paying for the stadiums.

- NFL+ Is a Terrible Deal

Not even sure where to start. NFL+? More like NFL-. You’re basically paying $30 or $80 a year for features that were free in the past, like preseason games, or free today with a cheap over the air antenna. You’re also not able to cast or hardwire your phone or tablet to a TV to watch a game. They block the ability to do that. I get it, NFL+ is supposed to be a “mobile” service, but at least give me the option to watch it on a bigger screen with the more expensive plan. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but they say you can watch out of market preseason games on a phone or tablet. The app seems to block me from most preseason games I’ve tried to watch on my iPad. It just pops up with the logos of the two teams playing and hitting the play button does nothing. However, when I pull the same game up on my phone it works just fine. It’s like they really only want you to watch games on a phone. I tried the trial and canceled it 3 days in. I would be paying more money to have access to basically the same amount of features I already have without NFL+. I wouldn’t mind dropping $100 a year if it meant I could watch any regular or post season game on a TV. Heck, even allow us to stream games in 4K since the NFL loves to brag about their “4K Sky Cam” and other 4K cameras throughout the stadiums. Do better, NFL.

- NFL is second class in apps - don’t pay for it!

Overall a barely adequate app. For one, why is there not drive chart/play by play in the ipad app. Since NFL doesnt allow live streaming on most games, it would be nice to see the in game play by play like you can on the web or the iphone version. Even the screen shots in the app store show it to be there (which it used to be there on older versions). I've used this app for years and used to like it, but gave it a 3 as I consider it to be middle of the road as far as it's overall quality. If they put some more work and focus in, this app could be truly awesome. Downgraded my rate to 2. If you pay for the audio some stations - WBZ Boston - block their commercials. This means you miss the start after the break and they often leave early to the break. Why we must pay for this kind of performance is beyond me. No wonder the NFL is dying. Why can’t you fix your platform?

- Video feeds unreliable 2018 preseason

I have been using the NFL apps steadily for years and have had terrible results with my devices recently. Streaming either game highlights or game pass content often results in black screen of no video content within the app. I have 2 different iPhone models on Verizon and an iPad on AT&T. It is not the device or the network, sometimes NFL video will only work on 1 of three devices. I check my speed with speedtest to make sure I have a reliable signal and data speed before expecting video to work. NFL and whatever services they are using need to spend more time improving the stability of their app and video streams. I have used NFL streaming on Sundays from Verizon for years and I know about all the quirks but the lack of video working during this 2018 preseason really concerns me. If Netflix or Prime video was this bad on iOS people would drop their subscriptions. Please improve stability for all the fans who are increasingly mobile.

- Really bad User Interface and Experience… NOT worth price

This app used to be great, but lately UI and UX has been borderline unusable and triggering. App currently won’t stop switching out of live games and reloading a separate game while I’m in the middle of viewing (Ex: I’m currently trying to watch the Packers Vikings opening game, but the app when I’m in wide view on my IPhone 11 keeps cutting to a black screen and reloading the game to a completely SEPARATE Chiefs / Cardinals game.) This is SO frustrating during live games. Also, the Ability to rewatch games is very convenient but the experience in the app is UNBEARABLE. App often reloads poorly, and the amount of time it takes for new games to be uploaded to the app should be illegal considering what we’re paying for it. Please test your app, fix it and restore what used to be a great app by reviewing some of the annoying experiences that all of your users are commenting in their reviews below mine. Signed, An annoyed customer.

- App is not playing content I paid for.

After paying for NFL+, all pre season games are available except my local team which contradicts the advertisement of all local and preseason games. I then tried to sign in as a season ticket holder to access my NFL+premium not realizing I didn’t need to make the previous purchase, which is still not allowing me to watch my local game. The email link for signing in tells me I already have access to this content, but the app shows no difference in available content, or sign of me being signed in as a season ticket holder. At this point I should have $80 product access and I am still unable to view the only game I would like to watch, which should be the first game available. Customer service chat is no help whatsoever. It runs you through a list of prompts and doesn’t allow you to actually express your issue before basically saying “Hope this helps”.

- Awful app,will get rid of Game pass if this remains only choice for viewing on iPad or phone.

I don’t believe the positive reviews out there about this app. Use of this app for game pass is extremely frustrating, so much so that I can’t even get through a full game. The lack of controls, the glitches where the game starts from the beginning again for no reason or jumps ahead. The fact that I can’t turn off scores even though I toggle the control that supposedly is for that purpose. All the clutter on the page when I just want the list of games for Game pass (an errant finger can start some chain of videos with no apparent way to stop them). The technical support responses are a joke and not helpful in the least. All in all, this app makes for a really negative experience. Oh, and the topping on the cake is that I’m being forced to use this app now on my iPad. Yea, they have taken away the option of viewing on a platform that actually provided a good experience (safari in my case).

- No go

Don’t get this app. No customer service and no help at all with anything. This billion dollar company can’t even have customer service to help the fans or people who buy products. I want a refund of red zone and can’t cancel my subscription or even go into my account on the computer to cancel. The take you money and give you nothing other then watching games on our phones. I am sorry did I get this wrong they own the NFL and the NFL owns the app but they can’t (or won’t ) my the games viewable live on the tv. My eye are killing me after watching a game on my phone. Formula one lets me cast all races from the app to my phone so why can’t the billionaires in the NFL let that happen. Instead they want to nickel and dime there customers and pay outrageous subscription prices that are not worth what you get I want a refund from all my subscriptions and to be done with the NFL who o believe are becoming mob bosses that just want money.

- Customer service is NON EXISTENT

Buyer beware. You’re signing up for a yearly fee without any customer service. So if you have any issues you’re out of luck. I only watch replay of games, not live so I like to cast them to my tv from my phone. Had no issues the past years but this year there has been no option to cast while using my phone. It work on my tablet but not my phone. Which led my to try and contact customer support. Nothing but a bot. There’s no phone number or even an email contact for help. Only a list of “Frequently Asked Questions”, which is a lie because you can’t even ask a question. With all the money they’re making you’d think at least they would have a better setup for there customers. And for all of the potential of this app, not having any customer support basically is telling their customers they don’t care about you.

- Misleading Super Bowl Promotion

NFL promoted this app so people who don’t have cable access could watch the Super Bowl for free, which would make perfect sense being that the Super Bowl broadcast is overflowing with advertisements. However, predictably, there was a catch. After downloading the app, I could watch the Super Bowl only on my smart phone and not on AppleTV. And when I tried to mirror my phone to the Apple TV, the NFL app disabled mirroring so there was just a black screen and not even sound on the video playing on the phone. That’s really dirty and left a horrific flavor in my mouth. If the folks in charge of marketing the NFL app want to inspire people to use the app, then at least give them true free access—on an actual television screen—to a major event that takes place only once a year. I’m deleting the NFL app immediately after writing this review because the NFL is unethical and doesn’t deserve getting my business or my data.

- Great value, until bugs ruin a stream

I appreciate the flexivbility and value of NFL+, but 2 out of 3 games I've watched have had errors which caused me to miss critical moments of the game. In GB vs MIN, the stream would not load until midway thru the 1st qtr (I tried restarting the app and multiple devices, but it seemed to be a system issue). Watching GB vs TB, the stream cut to a view of the emptying Seahawks stadium - then to an empty Seahawks press room - on 3rd and goal in the final moments. I missed TB's TD, and after reloading the app, thankfully saw the 2-pt attempt. If the streams could be more reliable, this would be a 5 star product! There is also inconsistency with being able to watch on different mobile devices - sometimes my iPhone or iPad says I need to sign into a TV provider despite the fact that it’s a game broadcasted nationally or in my region, and my other device works without issue.

- Seriously? Another update???

I like this app, basically. It allows me to watch games on my mobile on those occasions when I can’t watch at home. It’s also a convenient source of quick information regarding schedules and standings. However, I am sick-to-death of the frequent updates! My cell phone has very limited storage available because of the amount of information (and apps) I need for business. This season alone, I’ve had to update this app no less than three times (yes, within the last 3 months). Each time I have to update, I have to search for a sufficient amount of data that I can delete in order to complete the update! It’s extremely annoying, especially when I don’t know that an update is required until just before game time! 😡

- 0-17: bad navigation, terrible bugs

This app could be amazing, but it’s the opposite: a huge disappointment and a big L. I pay for the NFL+ service and couldn’t be more dissatisfied. Yesterday, while I was trying to listen to the Bears game and see the page that shows the ball position and stats, it kept defaulting to the Spanish broadcast, forcing me to back out and go to another page, where it gives you the option to choose. Why isn’t there an option to change it on the “Gameday” page? And why not an option in Settings to select my global preference for which broadcast I prefer? Also, the radio doesn’t keep playing when you switch to another app. Huh? Radio is a pretty basic concept on smartphones these days. How is this a bug in 2022? Another thing: the Apple TV feels like it’s legitimately broken. Almost any clip I click on just goes black and won’t play. The only thing that seems to play is Good Morning Football. On top of all of that, the navigation is weird and the feel of the app is unfun and restrictive. It just feels unappealing. And not at all tailored for iOS. Lastly, when you find a great highlight clip you wanna share with friends, you’re outta luck. The app has no feature that allows you to share a clip with friends or on social. You gotta go to the web for that. It absurd. 0-17.

- Why is the NFL like this

They make it SO hard to watch any football game if you don’t have cable. The NFL+ app is a clear indication of the future toward streaming services partnering to ensure a monopolistic conglomerate that forces the consumer to pay for a different streaming service for each night of the week. This app should be the “Monday solution,” but in reality, it doesn’t even let you watch on a TV—only a mobile device. Everyone in your household has to crowd around your phone. Sure I can see the plays and score that way, but it’s misleading to suggest the NFL+ app is an solution to watching MNF. The NFL knows that there will likely never be a nationwide boycott, so they take advantage of our little recreational time knowing we’ll shell out money to follow teams we’ve watched every season since being young. It’s a corruption of a past-time. Consumers need to unionize, and the NFL needs to do better for its fanbase.

- Huge disappointment

Where to begin with this app? Immediate cons: - laggy interface - slow load times for every sector of the app. - why on sundays are you not prompted automatically to the score tab? Why would I want to see the clunky home page with outdated articles and information Let’s talk more about the prehistoric scores tab. Doesn’t matter the phone you have it’s all slow and clunky. I’m not a fan of clicking on an ongoing game and it ends up becoming laggy or unresponsive because it immediately wants to promptly auto play highlights such as an 8 yard run. Ideally I’d like to see what’s happening in the game statistically: where’s the ball at who has the ball, drive stats & player stats. Because often when doing this it is for fantasy or financial purpose. I do not care to see 11 videos being auto played with 6 of them being pre-kickoff videos mind you this same game is in the 2nd quarter... Stats weekly leaders and other things should be easily accessible or info shared streamlined with certain pages but it’s not Another big gripe why can’t we look at previous or future weeks on the scores tab? While games are playing that is. Can’t confirm if it changes when no games are live. Overall the performance of the app is the biggest let down beyond my other personal gripes

- Gets the job done...but...

NHL, NBA, MLB, and even MLS have the opportunity to pay the application to view games live on your devices but the NFL doesn’t... NFL ands it’s fan seem to be supportive of the military but I don’t feel supported overseas!! If I’m trying to watch the game I have to rely on military sports channels which only plays 2 Channels for two teams that is never my team... so I have to wait until the game is done just to watch the highlights because I can’t watch the full replay... I can’t even pay for game pass because game pass is only available in random European app stores so I’m SOL in Okinawa Japan. Let me watch my boys darn It! also, I think the NFL app should also look more like the MLB and NHL apps that are similar and more easy to navigate also. These commercials for each highlight is also unbearable and it isn’t even a different commercial, it’s the same commercials before each and every video clip of a 15 second play. Hook me up!!!!

- Unable to watch Live games on supported device

The major reason I got this, to watch games. But it’s giving me nothing but troubles. I was going to pay for premium services so I can watch games, and I’m glad I was trying the trial first because I would never pay for this. I’m using an iPad (gen 9) which is listed under compatible devices, but all the games I want to watch live will only give me audio broadcast. If I wanted audio broadcast I’d go buy a radio from Walmart or use a FM app on my device. And then I try to log into my account online, only to be greeted with the message that my account is locked out and refuses to let me sign in and change any of my settings. This is insanely ridiculous for the price it costs to watch games and there is literally zero customer support. Multi billion dollar franchise and they can’t even make an app work or hire customer service or IT techs to help customers.

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- Crash

Every time I chromecast a live game too my television it’ll be all fine and perfect for 5-10 minutes then it’ll just cut out but continue on my phone, I will connect it again and same thing happens, Is not any problem with my wifi or phone

- Absolutely infuriating

Enough of the auto play videos already. If I want to watch a video/highlight I am more than capable of making that decision on my own and executing the necessary human functions required to complete that specific desire. What I don’t need are videos playing when I’m just trying to do a quick score/stats check or read an article. What makes it worse is when you scroll past the video and it is then jammed into the corner cover part of the article text. Sort yourselves out! Check out the MLB app for a lesson in functionality combined with simplicity that works.

- Ads destroy this app

The content on this app is second to none. However, I cannot continue to use it as the video ad system is atrocious. Once you click on a highlight video it takes you straight into a 30sec ad that is unskippable. This in itself, while annoying, is not the main cause of my frustration. It is the fact that you cannot even exit out of the highlight section until the ad has played so essentially every second highlight you get held hostage for 30 seconds while you wait for ads. It should be noted also, that most of the ads are longer than the highlights that follow.

- Good but lots of room for improvement

Coverage overseas while in the same country is good but there is a lot of room for improvement. Below is a list of improvements needed: 1. Every year there is weeks where the app does not work during training camp for overseas users despite paying for the subscription. The app MUST cover the full season for paying customers. 2. Allow paying users to watch from any region of the world not just the country that the registration started from. When I travel overseas during the season I cannot continue to watch. 3. Make all the shows available for watching at any time not just some. Make Good Morning Football selectable outside of US times so we don’t have to watch in the middle of the night. 4. Allow shows to be downloaded in the app for watching not just the games.

- Feedback from Australia.

Fantastic, easy to use especially over the last few days during the draft. Easy to follow even for an Aussie way done under.. 😆😆 Go Niners!!

- How can the NFL get their app so wrong?

The news on the app is never breaking, because somehow the news is broken elsewhere before it is by the NFL itself. And please NFL fix video playback. The ads are killing me. This morning the same ad played three times without the video I selected playing. I went out and back in and the ad played twice more. It’s like the link to the video just can’t be found/made after the ad so it just plays again. I am over this app!

- Remove automatic Highlights video

Good app all round. I would like to make a suggestion to remove the Highlights video content or the auto playing of these videos when opening a game. I’m usually just trying to check stats/score/plays. The video content is good to have but shouldn’t be a focus point.

- Good, but huge problem!

So I am in Australia (just to be clear) and I have a problem where only 1/5 articles actually loads. I have tried waiting, restarting the app, reinstalling the app - nothing has fixed it. Not sure if it’s because I am in another country. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, as I read articles from this app every day! Thanks

- Why get rid of the player stats

Why would you get rid of the stats on your app? You would have to be the only sport globally who don’t allow fans of there own sport the option to have a look at stats on the leagues own app. The team stats are also always wrong and sometimes post game it says that both teams have a combined 90 total yards?? Do not download - the NFL have made this a money grab.

- Remove Automatic Videos

Remove the automatic playing highlights i am always trying to check the scores or stats and it automatically plays highlights , they are so annoying that i would rather look at the stats etc on google.

- Stats

So you removed the ability to look at individual player stats. Not only that but the stats feature as a whole is just terrible, barely anything listed and not up to date. You would think that having a injury list option would like the injuries of each team but no - just again nothing available.

- Remove the highlight feed from game view

Or at least an option to hide the feed... I don’t have a live watch feed so the highlights is distracting from the update feed... it takes up a third of the screen... it was a great app until this ‘improvement’... now just good

- Endless Notifications

This app does not respect its own, internal notification settings. I have it set to notify when my favourite team starts a game and to notify me of the final score. No other options are selected yet I am bombarded by team news stories; sometimes up to 10 a day. The app did not have this problem last year. Will be disabling all notifications for this app in the iOS settings from now on.

- Bring back the game pass app

After removing the brilliant game pass app from the App Store this year, its almost like they went out of their way to make an unenjoyable experience. The app is so bloated it was impossible to use, and you had to wade through so many spoilers it wasn’t fun. Now, with the latest update, you can’t watch game pass games through the app at all. Seems like the NFL is inaccessible from ios.

- Love the updates

Great app always has something interesting to read or view. Makes feel closer to the game.

- I like the game...

I have followed the NFL in Australia since Don Lane’s NFL show on the ABC. While I cannot watch the games this app provides good content. Admittedly I go for the Buccaneers primarily because of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I did like Dallas in the 1990s. Troy Aikman and Jimmy Johnson, what a combination. I hate New England!...

- Good BUT

Really like this app, but would love it if you could watch games through this app. Instead of having to go through international game pass. Surely the NFL could use one app.

- App won’t work on iPhone X

Anytime I open a news article, the app crashes, booting me back to the home screen. Deleting and reinstalling the app didn’t work, and support tells you to use the website instead. That is no solution! This has been happening since the last update almost a month ago. Congrats on breaking the app and not bothering to fix it for so long.

- Click and nada

Most of the time when clicking on a story, not a video, it never’s gotten to the point that when I want to read anything about the NFL I have to go to, gasp, espn. This started happening a couple of months ago and has only gotten worse. The story simply will not load. Videos play fine so it’s not a connection issue.

- Update required

Not sure what has happened? The video feed just keeps cycling, won’t load or preview video’s and will just play advertisements over and over again. Fix it up in your next update please. Disappointed.

- Personalised Home Screen Icons

Great app packed with loads of info and helpful game-day tools, but would really appreciate the function/ability to display your team’s logo as the Home Screen icon for the app in the same way the MLB At Bat and NHL apps do.

- Glenn from Melbourne Australia

Hi guys I love your app site and get all my nfl news daily! I follow 49ers and love all about nfl football. I get up early on Monday morning to watch ESPN live! Cheers Glenn

- Remove automatic highlights

Remove automatic highlights. I just want to check the stats. It should be easier to see the status and to jump from a game to another.

- Aussie fan

Great to get an update on all the N.F.L. news this is a good coverage as we hear nothing in the papers. I'm a 49ers fan and look forward to next season keep it up 👍👍👍🇦🇺🇦🇺


Great info on the app but shocking navigation features. The highlight videos need to be separate in game menus and not automatically play. Even when I open another app or make a phone call the sound from the highlights plays because the app is open in the background. Terrible design!

- New update not good

Can we have the old version back? Can’t access player stats within games, and when you do select a game, you can’t back out to the main screen. Am I missing something here?

- Broken

Why would you release a new version of the app that clearly doesn’t work? The videos don’t load 80% of the time and when they do you can’t simply exit the video and keep scrolling because no exit icon comes up so you have to close the entire app and try again... Frustrating.

- Always something happening

Great app, always something going on. Plenty of great content.

- Bring back player stats

Great app !! But they got rid of player stats and it is one of the main reasons I use the app

- How could you let this happen?

I can’t understand how something went from so good to do bad!! The new update will not play video even after a reinstall. You have ZERO customer service either with this or game pass.... The 2018season is about to start and it’s as if you just don’t care about paying fans?!?

- The update makes this app unusable

Have always loved this app, but it’s seriously unworkable now. I’ve been trying to downgrade to the previous version of the app, to get back to its former glory but no luck so far. Best bet is to delete the app and check back in when the season proper starts, hopefully they’ve fixed it by then.

- Favorite app. But it wont work

App is great for football fans, but everytime I open it says check your connection and try again. Never opens, genuinely disappointed that I can’t use it

- Forced Ads & Forced Videos

They need to remove the automatic playing videos ASAP. Cannot use the app due to the ads and videos always constantly loading and over the top of anything you try to do on the page. Terrible design

- Fantastic app

I usually use the app to access the schedule and the standings

- No Stats!!

This app used to at least usable…but now with the latest update getting rid of the player stats, why would I use it?! Easier just to look at other sporting apps or websites that give more player stats and game info.

- No player stats when checking scores and too many ads

So annoying that Yahoo and the web provides better stats and feedback during a game

- Update fail

Content is brilliant, best available. However I haven’t been able to open a news article since this latest update. Videos still work fine but I’m more of a reader.

- Get rid of video auto play

Why are you forcing us to watch a video when reading an article with no ability to pause or mute the video? If we wanted to watch a video, we can click on it ourselves…

- Mad app

The only downfall it has is it’s slow but I can live with that

- Aussie fan

Great app with news that keeps a 35 year JETS fan up to date with information

- Standings?

How about making the standings easy to find. It’s like a maze to work through to actually see the standings here. It’s a key component of the whole season. Should have its own tab on the main screen.

- Almost perfect

Great app, filled with content. Just needs a ‘live’ button, that refresh’s stats/play by plY etc. to the newest details. And MORE IMPORTANTLY turn off the automatic highlight videos. There is a button for highlights.

- Can never read articles

For about 2-3 months now when you click on an article it never loads. I can open possible 10% of the articles which is very frustrating as an NFL supporter

- Stop forcing videos

Impossible to use the app and play music at the same time as videos can’t be disabled just checking box score. If I want videos I’ll click on the video link…

- I miss the old one

Much preferred the previous version. I don’t care to watch video so much. I like to read articles, and I find it hard to 1 find them. And 2 yeah, find them. Too much video...

- Stop forcing video content

You need to quit the automatic playing of highlights when all we want to do is check the box score. It’s plain to see this feature only exists to shove more advertising down our throats

- Articles are slow to load if they load at all

Articles can take 30 seconds or longer to load. Half the time I give up. App used to be great and then over time has gotten worse

- Attention! Save your money don't download

The old app was very good, but paying $300 a year for this in Australia you would hope it would stream on your mobile live. It doesn't. Desktop version is good. Although it does stop and ask you to log in multiple times a game. Mobile doesn't chromecast and mobile does not show nfl network. I'm a huge NFL and have had a subscription for 5 years straight. This will be my last.

- Terrible

Ads will play with no problems, but videos will crash. Autoplay clogging up everything when all I want to do is check the score

- Auto video

Please stop with the auto play video in every article. If I want a video, I will play one. If I want to read an article, I don’t want to see and hear a video all over the screen!!!

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- Amazing

Any Football fan should get this app!

- good app

good app

- Too many ads

Please allow me to watch the video I selected first. The app brings up a video I didn’t want to watch so I skip it, watch an ad, skip the next video which again isn’t the video I selected, watch another ad, then finally the video I initially selected to begin with. Way way way too many ads. I understand that that’s how you make money, but at least provide the option to pay not to see any ads because the ads are EXCESSIVE!!


They claim every update is to improve the Fan Experience but all I ever experience is being assaulted by more and more ADs!! I prefer to see football scores or highlights. I can’t even read a box score without a stupid ad loading at the top of the screen

- Ads

To watch a 38 second clip. I need to watch a one minute ad every time. What a joke.

- Don’t get this app

Not friendly to use, I install this up pay 135$ for subscription and it doesn’t work, try all I could for an hour. Than cancel my subscription and delete the app. There is no customer help also if app don’t work there is no where to get help

- How about we play loud ads in the middle of your meeting while you try to check scores on the quiet!

Takes too long to load, and is slow to update. Google has a faster response time and is just as accurate for checking scores. With invasive ads that now pop up and screw up the user experience, you can’t even check scores on the quiet. Thanks for being a heat score nfl.

- Stats are garbage

What happened to the player by player stats for games? It’s absolute trash without being able to see how many yards or sacks each individual player got

- Broken app

Play by play is slow and glitchy. Turnover plays don’t show up. Always says extra point no good. Ad times are horrendous. Easier to follow games on ESPN app.

- Battery destroyer

Not only does this app burn through battery faster than any other, it’s slow to update AND auto-plays highlights which makes the app glacial.

- Terrible UI

The UI in the last release is a dumpster fire of rushed-out-the-door app design. Single-word titles are broken across multiple lines, scrolling is choppy, pull-to-refresh obliterates the UI. Clearly a non-native app (probably React) which bring the inherent poor-quality user experience you’ve come to expect from 3rd party development. Terrible experience overall on the iPhone from a billion dollar company who should know better.

- Does not work

Awful waste of time

- Glitch

Every time I open the app it stays on the nfl 100 screen... tried reinstalling it multiple times and still does it

- Fail....

The app would not load beyond the blue screen, delete ,reinstalled .The same.

- Videos are annoying on pop up!!

When you click on a game videos come up and it’s annoying as hell! Get rid of the videos !!

- Auto play Ads

Auto play ads even when just checking box scores. Worst major sports app out there.

- Hate it

I just want to see the stats but there’s no way to stop the video. It seems like you have to watch a commercial between every single clip. Just another NFL cash grab. Officially deleted.

- Crap

I keep hearing about being able to watch the games free on this app.... complete BS! No you can’t... you need a subscription which costs money. Garbage app... with garbage lies..

- Bruh

Fix ur app plz

- Buggy video!

I’m sick of watching the same advertisement 3 or 4 times for bud light and never being able to watch the selected video because it won’t play! Fix the video play, please! #adhostage

- Videos don’t play, only the ads do

Ads will always play, actual videos never do. Always stuck at a white screen after ad plays.

- Videos often don’t play

I am really tired of watching two commercials then getting a white screen and no video. It is happening more often lately. Time consuming and frustrating.

- What about the Broncos Roster

Go to Denver Broncos, then players, then scroll down. It dated from like 2018 or something

- Doesn’t work in Canada! The free trial is a scam

Hi, this app doesn’t let you watch any live games in Canada. Also, there is no free trial. We signed up, realized it doesn’t work in Canada and cancelled an hour after we signed up. We were still charged the 38 dollars and it was charged in USD so we basically paid 60 bucks for nothing. We’re trying to get a refund but so far nobody is helping us. Still haven’t received a refund. How are you allowed to charge me for a service you don’t even offer in Canada?

- The app does not work on phone anymore

I tried to get app support as to why nothing works to view scores on my phone, still works on ipad. No troubleshooting works, for app to work on iphone, tried to get support and got zero help. If think your help is crap and if could get scores with different app would not use on any device. I rate you zero cause no help at all and just frustrating to have a device for app to no longer work.

- Terrible update

When you click on a game score, there is no way to exit back out without closing the whole app.

- Ads

The ads need to be resized on the app The app does not display on all phones correctly

- Pathetic, rather use google

This app is a joke, never upto date stats hardly ever load, better off using google for the game then the nfl official app,, you think being “ONE OF THE BIGGEST SPORTS LEAGUES ON THE PLANET” they could have a decent app

- Weird things

The app is doing weird things. The graphics it shows when a play is in progress will show a failed Extra Point and say underneath “Extra point is good”, it will show lines going all the way to the end when passes, runs are made and completely miss plays so it’ll sit at 2nd down, then next thing you know, the team punted.

- Only works on newest devices

Simple app that excludes older devices, pretty crappy

- Good app, go back to old school analytics

Now only show team stats and not individual player stat lines of in game performances

- Fix this

When I click on a game details I cannot go back to main screen and have to hard close the app. Please fix.

- Watch app?!

I just want to see each week’s schedule on my watch.

- Absolutely terrible

It’s midnight on Sunday. Stats still not updated for games that ended eight hours ago. This happens all the time. How can anyone like this app?

- Crass marketing

Not sure why NFL feels like taking away player stats and ability to watch games is the best way to convince people to subscribe. Aside from their phoney woke virtue signalling the NFL is also showing they don’t understand that people don’t like it if they can tell you’re greedy and manipulative. So since we all know they will cave and bring back the player stats soon when they realize this strategy is sending people to ESPN’s website, boosting their advertising appeal to advertisers to get the stats NFL could just publish and retain their advertising appeal I guess we will have to be patient until then. I’m over at ESPN if you’re looking for me NFL and will change my rating when you stop trying to bully people into NFL+

- What have you done?

App has been ruined. No individual stats. A struggle to even find where the standings are. Why would you do this?

- Garbage

Used this app all the time last year. The new update is quite possibly the worst app update in the history of app updates.

- Problems with scores and stats

Great App, but some bug since the opening of this season. No visible score and stats unavailable. 5 stars without the bug.

- Worse than the CFL app if that’s possible

Can’t even look up player/team stats during the game to see how your fantasy players are doing play by play. Pretty much makes the entire app useless

- App riddled with ads. Hard to navigate. Stats and scores hard to access

What a brutal app! It used to be much better but it’s riddled with video and ads. I just wants stats scores and news and I want them quick! I use other sports sites for my info and updates now. Don’t believe the ratings… look at the most recent reviews. They pay for their ranking

- No individual stats?

What happened to the individual stats in the 22/23 season? You need to bring this back!

- Bring back the in game stats, both player and team.

There are no in game stats anymore, fir player or team. The play by play, is always wrong, please fix this

- Stats are busted

The stats section literally does not update at all anymore, there’s no player stats, team stats do not reflect the game and are entirely void of team labels, overall this app has stopped functioning since last season. Can’t track drives, videos are always fuzzy or have issues loading, huge downhill slide for the app this season.

- Crappy web app

Pretty sure this is another POS crappy web app wrapped up in a fake iOS app. Doesn’t update properly and is. On-responsive. I get why they try to do the JavaScript web crap but it is not a good experience. If by any chance this is in fact a “proper iOS app” then … FAIL. Just satin.

- Stats?

Is this not going to have in-game player & team stats anymore? Just a few bar charts in place of stats? LAME. Hope this get corrected ASAP.

- So Bad It’s Amazing

Two thirds of the screen shows trial for a subscription service I don’t want when I try to check into a game. The remaining third of the screen with the game info flickers so badly that it’s illegible. These guys are trying way too hard to push video services that you can’t even follow a game. Does anyone out there know of a good sports app for following NFL games since the NFL obviously can’t do the job.

- Worst ever update

It used to work, now you can’t even get the scores or the drives without glitches or a big pop-up asking to pay and sign in. Is NFL so poor that they can’t get an working app?

- No player stats?

They seem to have gotten rid of in-game player stats, lol. What is this?! Every year the app seems to get worse and worse with more useless videos. Some just want to check out the stats and not be hit with countless popups!

- Ruined

This App has been ruined. They took out the player stats in the Scoreboard section. It was a nice simple way view player stats for game you did n’t get to watch. I plan on deleting it from my phone at this point.

- Forced Video Feed

The app used to work better but it has really gotten worse the past two years. I like to read the news (yes, some of us still like to read) & now most news come only in video. Even when there’s both, written & video (What We Learned…articles) you try to start reading & the video starts even without clicking on it & it’s impossible to get out of it. Yes, I know that you cannot force ads in written news & god forbids you lose a penny but please don’t make so obvious.

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NFL 57.0.13 Screenshots & Images

NFL iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
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NFL (Version 57.0.13) Install & Download

The applications NFL was published in the category Sports on 2010-09-10 and was developed by NFL Enterprises LLC [Developer ID: 389781157]. This application file size is 143.7 MB. NFL - Sports app posted on 2022-11-22 current version is 57.0.13 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: