NFL [Sports] App Description & Overview

The official app of the NFL is a must for all football fans. With exciting videos and highlights, replays of every game with NFL Game Pass (subscription required), and free live local and primetime games, you’ll never miss a play. Even when you’re on the go, the NFL app has you covered.

iPhone and iPad Features:

• NFL Network 24/7 with authentication

• Up-to-the-minute scoring, in-game highlights and drive charts

• Free live local and primetime games

• Live Playoffs and Super Bowl LIV

• NFL Combine and Draft Coverage

• Articles and video highlights featuring the latest stories and breaking news from all around the NFL

• Access to NFL Game Pass and NFL RedZone from NFL Network with authentication

NFL Game Pass is a subscription product with features that vary based on location**. Learn more at

Learn more about the NFL's digital offerings:,, and

The NFL app allows use of AirPlay and Chromecast when viewing all video-on-demand and select live content. However, the NFL app does not permit outputs from phones of live games, NFL RedZone from NFL Network or NFL Network to external displays via HDMI, Chromecast, AirPlay, Miracast or other similar streaming functionality due to rights restrictions.

The Services may feature Nielsen proprietary measurement software, which will allow users to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen TV Ratings. Nielsen believes that you should have a choice about whether to contribute to our research and insights. To opt out of Nielsen measurement go into your iOS settings. Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking.
Please visit: to learn more about the Nielsen digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them.

*Data usage applies for app download and use.

**Certain restrictions apply.

Privacy Policy:

Terms and Conditions:

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NFL Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

NFL Comments & Reviews

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- Sharing is missing

I enjoy using this app to get NFL news every day. However, one useful feature was removed in a previous update. The share feature is used to post to social media and keeping friends informed. This needs put back in the next update.

- NFL App

I love this app, although it is extremely slow and glitchy at times and the last two months I haven't been able to open any articles or do anything on it.

- Game pass needs to be a separate app

The game pass part of the app is iffy. Needs a better menu. I wish There was a “continue watching” option. The WORST part is, if you have an iPhone with no home button like myself (Xs Max) when you close the app while watching a game, it scrubs to the middle of the game because I have to swipe up from the middle of the bottom of the screen to get to my iPhone home screen. This is the absolute worst. Please fix. And ohhh Go Cowboys

- Shopping

Nice app and all but I need y’all to add player t-shirts for youth instead for just men and women I need y’all to add that please.

- Really good

Best nfl app ever

- Used to work great

This app was awesome, now can’t stream live games anymore. Complete waste of time!! Fix it!!!

- Video choppiness issues and weird letterbox

I’m not sure if it’s specific games in nfl replay but the video will often jump back 5-10 seconds. When this happens, it can make it unwatchable. Additionally, the letterbox while watching on iPad (replay) is completely on the bottom of the image, rather than both above and below like you’d expect. Doesn’t detract from watching but shows how haphazard the coding is. And of course the prevalence and the prioritization of commercials continues to push the bounds of frustration. The automatic auto play of highlights leads to watching way more commercials than intended. I don’t mind a fair distribution of commercials per content, this app tries to cram a few extra in by design.

- Try again!!!

App just friggin’ updated and it won’t save favorite team nor can I set any alerts for favorite team. FIX IT PLEASE!!!

- Nfl is the best

Amazing love the nfl

- Add a search option

Unbelievable that there’s supposedly 10 years of games and every season of hard knocks but no search option. On 4k Apple TV and the game replays and episodes are like half the screen now too. Horrible

- What the hell happened???

I can no longer access the app!! Whatever the update was keeps crashing. I’m using the new iPhone so I know it’s not software related. Fix this please

- Best sports category ever

It has all you favorite teams and news about them and you can watch your favorite team every week

- Error on everything

I just updated my app with the latest version. Now any story I try to open up gives me an error.

- Fix favorite Team

My favorite team won’t save! Also, not all news is available for the team.

- PPSV23 vaccine

So if we can give America’s children the PPSV23 pneumonia vaccine to protect their lungs from pneumonia? 76 million kids! Why isn’t it good enough for America’s adults? Or the NFL? Or any other of American citizens? I've taken both pneumonia vaccines and my flu shot- been around 40+ test positive people and not a sniffle? Matter of fact- all eleven of us clergy have been around 400+ test positives?? Nothing!!!

- So happy

This app is amazing

- Nfl

Awesome app the nfl does a great job with it and it’s always fast and on point dont listen to these other clowns that give it bad reviews they just have nothing better to do with their lives

- Great app

Gives updates on the league and free football games

- Disappointed

Updated the app and cannot sign in using DirecTV. I am also a Verizon wireless customer and cannot sign into or watch the NFL channel via the app any longer.

- Update stinks

I have zero problems signing into my cable account ( although I’ve always been able to use my Verizon account before) but you don’t even show my cable company. So now Verizon and Xfinity won’t work for this app?! Please fix soon!!!

- Can’t watch on app

Used to be able to watch NFL Network in the app. Now it won’t let me. Supposed to be able to with Verizon. Now it won’t unless I log in with a TV provider. I refuse to subscribe to cable. I can’t afford it. Please fix the app!

- Working?

Why I cannot use this app? It never open it will never let watch any games

- Can we get a full screen? iPad

The screen is shrunk while viewing videos. Make watching anything frustrating

- Impossible to Navigate

The design of this app for Apple TV is absurd. Good luck trying to find games to watch. Before you know it you’re back to the home page trying to start all over again. Please make it simple

- Trash

This app is trash. It never gets wants to load. I have downloaded three times and still not working. Come on NFL you guys can make a better app.

- Good content ruined by too many ads!

Overall a good app but it is frustrating that there are soooooo many ads and once they start this app gives no way of backing out of them. The NFL makes billions of $$$$, do they really need milk their fans for more by making them watch ads? CBS Sports has a much better app with just as good content!

- Buggy. Pitiful

Very laggy on an iPhone X. Improve your app.

- Quit working

App used to be good, started having problems streaming, now wont work at all. Disappointing.

- Comcast

I wish you would add Comcast

- Crash crash crash

Unstable app that crashes all the time. Just open it, wait 3-5 seconds. Boom.

- Love the App HATE the commercials

I love my NFL App. But absolutely hate the “Free Phone Football” Ads on NFL Network and seventy two times during any NFL game. Most annoying commercial known to man. But at least it’s a good app 😜🙉

- Not impressed Poor Video Playback

Using Apple TV many times I am seeing errors with the video playback. The 3 ellipses will appear yet the game continues to play or a blue back button appears and the video still continues. Thought it was WiFi at first, even though it was right next to the router so I plugged in the Ethernet cable but I still see issues. I’ve had NO streaming issues via WiFi with Netflix, VUDU, AT&T TVNow, Disney+ Also the navigation is clunky. I won’t be subscribing after this free introductory period!

- Can’t login. You get what you paid for...

Have account. Won’t let me login to watch free Gamepass. Type in my login info and it keeps circling back to the add that invites me to subscribe or login. Frustrating.

- Alerts not working

Fix this bug! When I get a story alert, then click on the alert, the link has NEVER WORKED! It either takes me to a dead link at NFL, or just doesn’t work. Then, when searching within the app, she story doesn’t even exist! What’s the use of having alerts set up for your favorite team if they don’t work?!!!

- Cut


- Good app but

Desperately need to add a search bar, it’s very difficult to find things I’m looking for without spending time clicking on different articles or videos just to find ones that are related. I should be able to search a player, search a team, or search a coach, and something pop up. I should have to dig around in here to try to find what I’m looking for.

- Nice app

Im able to watch my packers and get notifications about them

- Ads

Nothing beats watching a 15-30 second ad to watch a 10 second video

- No Xfinity

Great app for catching up on news and free agents, but one problem. When I try to sign in to my TV provider, it won't let me use Xfinity! Why? It tells me that me provider doesn't support NFL Network, but I can turn on my TV and watch NFL Network! BS

- Put comcast on it

Other than that best app ever for nfl news

- Good


- It is the best

I mean the best

- CV

Corona virus my dudes!

- T

Sup boyzzzzz

- Won’t open

Usually love this app but it hasn’t let me open it since the last update. I still get notifications but the app crashes every time I open them

- Stopped the app from opening

How does a company update an app. And it completely shut down the app from working. And heck I guess eels have passed and they still don’t realize that the app does not work. Horrible horrible come on folks be smart enough to see a problem n fix it already

- Good

It’s good

- Unbelievably good

It’s awesome. It’s almost like you there at sports center getting all the information.

- Best sports app ever!!!!

Do you hav

- Commercials are overwhelming

Every time I literally watch any video, it’s an ad before, after, and in between. And they’re not short. 15 and 30 seconds long. I end up closing out the app before I wait for that.

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- Disappointing update

Incredibly disappointed with the mandatory update that now makes you watch more advertisement than content. I understand this is how you make money, but expected at least a small amount of value for the consumer.

- Go cowboys

Love the way I get all my news on my favorite team

- It’s good

The app is doing good right now. I like how you have the teams records, and manager CEO and owner. Bassicly, I believe the app is doing good

- Can’t watch everything that comes with GamePass

You pay $30 a month to this company for GamePass but YOU CANT EVEN ACESS EVERYTHING YOU PAY FOR THROUGH THIS APP

- NFL app rocks

This app is a awesome and you can watch football games on here

- Favorite Team Won’t Change

Why can’t I change my favorite team to something other than the Browns? Is this a joke? Go into settings, deselect the Browns, pick another team, and yet when I back out of it it’s still shows the Browns as my favorite team. It’s bad enough I have to see little man Baker Mayfield on those awful insurance commercials, and now I’m forced to see that smug mug every time I open the app. Please fix. And Go Pats.

- Zero phone support for many subscription services don’t buy them!!

NFL Rewind and subscription sevices from. the NFL need to be ashamed they provide no phone support. Ofcourse I was quickly billed on my debit card but when it didn’t activate properly I went to call them. At that point I saw the NFL making millions could afford customers a phone support team. Only an email feature do they respond to. Yikes this is after putting down over $300 for Sunday Ticket and not getting the games of my team. I instead fought for a refund with the NFL and Direct TV which I never got both parties claiming the other party should do any refund. We never watched 1 game. Sorry NFL you got me twice and yet you easily could have a customer support team. Shameful


Plz add XFL stuff to the game plz thx 😭😢🤝👏

- Dogpoo

BACKGROUND AUDIO. Just using a pull down/up menu pauses the video, then you have to un-mute the audio, and of course you can’t listen to a game with the screen off in your pocket, or while you’re reading in another app. Can’t recommend the app to the thousands of people I come in contact with. NFL = No Free Listening.

- Worthless

Maybe I missed something saying it won’t work on iPhone 6. All I see is an opening/intro of what it supposed to do but then never gives options to login or anything.

- Super Failure

This app kicked me out of the game and would not allow me to log back in at the 2min warning of the Super Bowl. Completely unacceptable to to make changes to your app or accessibility!

- Trash

Just trash. Nothing more, nothing less.

- Is not live they lying

Live is not accurate

- team favorites

i like three teams but cannot favorite more than one. why?

- Great app to eep me up to date on stuff

Without this app I probably would still think that Freddie kitchens was the browns coach and wouldn’t find out that Eli manning retired until the beginning of the pre season

- I can’t even open the app anymore

Every time I try to open the app it just crashes repeatedly and won’t open. I’m on iPhone X, and the current iOS

- Almost there

The only feature missing from this app is the ability to store where you are in the video. To store the time stamp info is a BIG add.

- GO PACK GO!!!!!!

I wrote a bad review on this app because of the launch speed, then either you saw my review or not, it was fixed. Thanks and go packers

- Best team in the NFL

GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!

- Playoffs

This ap is terrible. During the playoffs I was unable to watch any game unless I was at home. This really defeats the purpose of having this so. I am very disappointed, Do not spend your money on the promise you can watch all games on the go

- Should add player stats and roster

I like the game summary and highlights. Would get 5 stars if you can see team’s roster and stats

- Amazing

Love how you can watch any game

- Cable

Why isn’t Xfinity/Comcast in here?! One of the biggest cable companies in the world & I can’t login to this to watch RedZone. STUPID!! **UPDATE** 1/13/2020 Still not there!! Get it together a-holes!!

- What About the First 50 years

When I look at the celebration of the 100 years. I feel like we are only celebrating the last 50 years in the NFL. We see some high lights of the 1958 NFL Championship game. But I guess there was no miracle moments before 1958. I am not a Green Bay Packers fan, but they won six NFL Championship Games from 1929 to 1944. What about Red Grange (the galloping ghost) Jim Thorpe, and I assume several others. The original seventeen inductees into the NFL Hall of Fame. It just seems like we are not celebrating the first 50 years as much as the last 50 years. The first 50 years after all is the foundation that the last 50 was built on.

- Player info

Is it just me, or is there no easy way to see team information like rosters, players and stats?

- Trash


- App no good anymore

Running newest iOS on iPhone XR wont get past logo screen. Reinstalled and now just stays on worthless video animation intro. Then, sometimes juat stays on logo. Keep it simple guys and just make an app that works.

- Can’t disable video stream

Downloaded to follow a playoff game at the gym - only to realize you can’t disable the live video stream! Terrible for those of us who just want to follow the drive chart without burning all our data on video.

- No HDMI support

This app is broken. When trying to display through HDMI screen goes blank, but audio stays on. Going to do a credit card charge back due to broken application. This is terrible to do to someone who is paying $50.

- App won’t open

The app won’t even open it will just stay on the blue screen and just keep loading. I do t understand why it doesn’t work since the update???

- Issue with playoff picture section

Not sure if you’re aware, but the playoff picture section isn’t being updated. On the AFC side , you should see that the Titans beat the Ravens. It’s still showing the Titans up against the Patriots. Same issue showing on the NFC side. This is a very useable view as it helps me see who plays who after each round so I’m not confused. Hoping there’s a quick turnaround for a fix. Thank you!

- Terrible customer service

After they updated the app the streaming portion stopped working on my Roku. I made a complaint by the website because they don’t have your phone number and never got anything more than the standard response. After three weeks I filed another service request and reference the original one, again nothing but a canned response. I have asked for a refund five times and no response.

- Slow with 30 second ads

This is is terrible to use. Every time I open it check something it loads these long ads that you cannot skip and they lag as well.

- Good app, though I’d change one thing

Please add the ability to watch a game on your phone on silent and listen to music at the same time! Seriously, this is a good app. I appreciate that thee red articles and videos now have different icons so that I know when my music will be interrupted by clicking an in-app story or feature. When I have the game on silent, though, I want to be able to listen to music. Thanks!

- Ads!!! Ads!!! Ads!!!!

Ease up on the Ads ffs. Sometimes I’ll have to watch an Ad and the the App crashes and I have watch another one! You make enough money I’m sure.. FIX your App issues.

- Locked screen

I open the app and it goes through all the intro video and then the screen just locks. All this, since the last update to my phone and the app itself. So frustrating especially now with the playoffs. 😥😥😥

- Ad heavy turned me away

Too many ads create unsatisfactory viewing experience.

- Comment

I love this app but now it does not let me comment on the discussion anymore. So fans can't comment on conversations anymore

- Awful app. Waste of money.

Don’t waste your money on this terrible excuse of an app. Don’t believe the 5 star reviews. It’s glitchy, finicky, will spoil the result of the game you’re wanting to watch no matter what you do. And it’s overpriced. Embarrassing attempt at an app.

- Needs some work

The app has gotten much better this season. But I have a complaint after opening the app today to watch the early wild card game. The first thing that played was a highlight from that game. It was the last play of the game which determined the winner. It spoiled the whole game for us! There should be a way that the app opens to an introductory page, so that it doesn’t spoil our nfl game experience.

- Not work

Not work. Have Verizon say work with Verizon. Not

- Bad deal


- Cannot stream through AppleTV

Wonderful idea but extremely frustrating that it does not work when I try and stream through my AppleTV

- Bug ridden

Doesnt start up or if it eventually decides to it is extremely laggy. Its hit or miss if it will start at all. Using and iphone you would think they would have tested. Makes no difference on wifi or cellular.

- Doesn’t load anything

Nothing loads at all. App is garbage


The app is great, I live the changes the developers for this app have made. But I really think AirPlay or mirror screen needs to be added. A lot of competitors for the NFL app have airplay as a standard feature. By adding this the NFL app would offer all basic needs for football fans

- Won’t load

App will not open. Just a spinning circle and eventually crashes.

- Too many nfl ads

Streaming playoffs, great quality and reliable. Every 3 1/2 min ads come on and they repeat the same thing all day long. Enough to blow my brains out. Maybe you could charge for your app if you allowed ads other than nfl promoting your own product. Beyond annoying.

- Can’t turn of CC

I Love this app and appreciate the nfl letting people watch for free on their phones. Awesome. BUT I can’t turn off the close captions even when I push the button. I keep updating the app hoping they fix it but they haven’t yet and when you’re watching on your phone the words take up 20%of the screen. 😑

- great content, but...

there’s way too many bugs. i use this app because it’s the best nfl app you can get, which is kinda sad. but lately, whenever i try to click on one of the teams, and it takes me to the “teams” section, it’ll say “something went wrong, please try again.” it’s been happening for maybe two weeks now and i try restarting my phone, reinstalling the app. etc. but it doesn’t do anything. i get frustrated with the playback on videos as well; a lot of them require me to completely close the app and try again, sometimes three or four times. it’s just annoying. so BASICALLY, app developers, when you say your updates have bug fixes and improvements, it’d be nice if that were actually true. thanks 🙄 go niners tho 😇

- Love this app but...

I use this app ALL the time, but lately the videos won’t play half the time, instead you get a grey screen. Sometimes you have to watch 2-3 ads before the actual video starts? Also your scores don’t update properly on game day...I see the same score regardless of the change in score. PLEASE fix these bugs!

- Bugs, bugs and guess what? More bugs

Way too much adds (up to 3 adds to watch a 45 seconds video who Isn’t even working?!? Each update of this app is a downgrade... Period!

- Sloooooow

This app is constantly behind on scores. Not much functionality unfortunately. MLB's is far superior IMO.

- Scores

Every game is at least 15 minutes (real time) behind

- Great content but lags constantly

Have the latest update, don’t understand why it lags constantly!

- To many updates without results

In the last week alone I had to update the app 3-4 times in order to continue using it and yet the app is still very slow compared to other apps (not football apps). Either fix the speed or slow down the updates!!

- Stop with the Updates

Great app but recently they are forcing updates every week. I will not continuously update because one tiny tweak was made.

- Constant updating

So annoying because you can’t use it until you update and it becomes tedious.

- Same crap, different season

Yet another redisigned app that fails to do anything well. Videos don’t load, commercials load twice (go figure), links don’t go anywhere and the catalogue of stories is so pathetically short, if you miss more than a few days - you’re done. This is the Cleveland Browns of the app world.

- Latest update sucks

Very annoying that I cant read the entire headline on my phone before selecting the article. Also wish I could differentiate between articles and videos before selecting. Otherwise a good app.

- Pretty bad

Would you like to watch 30 seconds of ads for a 10 second video? Haven’t you always wanted to watch a white screen instead of the actual video? Don’t you love crashing apps? Then look no further than this piece of garbage. It was better last year and that’s saying something.

- Great when it works

Funny thing, the commercials ALWAYS work for the video, but rarely do the video’a you want to watch work!!! Amazing isn’t it? I thought so!! Other beefs, way to many adds, app runs slow as it is bogged down with too much crap. I get it, ads pay the bills, but how much is too much!!

- Videos not playing

Hey there, Love the app, everyone does a great job! Although recently the videos haven’t been working. Have updated just now and still not fixed, any chance you could push a patch through before week 1?!? Thanks!

- Don’t fix what’s not broken...

Last year the app was phenomenal... 5/5! This year, the app is slow, unresponsive, riddled with adds and crashes every time I open it. I’ve got my fingers crossed that by the time the regular season rolls around, the app will be in a functional state.

- Slow, crashes

Constant ads. Every video demands a video ad prior. When closing the add to try and avoid it, the video won’t play after and you need to close the app. Won’t allow you to navigate to anything else because you dared to close the ad. Save the frustration. It’s faster to buy a newspaper to find the news you need.

- Joke of an app

Always crashes, slow as molasses and unorganized. See more ads than actual information. Joke of an app, especially for an organization as big as the NFL

- Worst app in existence

Whats the point or releasing an app that does not do its essential function: works. It will crash every time you open a video to play. Its janky and I am disgusted by the fact the shield stands behind this atrocious product. Plain and simple as a fan K would rather have this app not exist so at least I won’t occasionally open it in hopes that I might be able to see something football related. The switch to react native didn’t help in fact it made it worse. If I could give 0 stars I would.

- New update sucks

I preferred the layout of the app before they updated it. Easier to switch from week to week and your team was always on top. They also need to make it so u can change the app icon to your team logo.

- Bad

Had to watch 3 ads before watching a video on the app and most of the time now since the new update the videos almost never load

- Videos don’t play

Since last week’s update, 9/10 times the videos won’t play. Never had any trouble with them before.


The NFL is awesome

- Love this app

One word.....’’awesome “

- Awesome!

Great updates and easy to navigate! KL

- Too many adds

Enjoying the app experience less with simply too many of the same adds repeated. Adds are almost as long as some of the videos.

- Videos is not great

Too many unskippable ads!!!!!! For videos.

- Great!

I’m a panthers fan I also get cool info about other teams to just not the browns who likes the browns?

- Awesome

Just 👍

- Martin Goulet, Canada

Pas toujours facile à utiliser. Trop d’emphase sur les vidéos. Durant la saison pour les résultats le dimanche par exemple je préfère utiliser l’application de CBC Sports Mais en général intéressant.

- Best app

My favorite app!!! Well done!!

- Nfl App

Love this app. Gives me breaking news and very well sorted. Also very easy to use and follow my favorite teams. Great app.

- Great app

Keeps me up to date on the NFL.


‘‘Tis one of the most up to date forms of football communication on the planet!!! Stay informed get the NFL app today!!!

- 5 star App

How an app should be ! Straight forward . Good substance !

- Too much advertising. Commercials repetitive

Often forced to watch a 20-40 second add (usually the same one over and over again) for each 20 or 20 second video you watch. Makes the app tough to enjoy.

- The News I Need

Timely updates. Solid reporting. Video and text about the league and my team!

- The GoTo NFL App

Love this App. Always up to date and full of great articles. Scores, highlights and news.

- Story update issue

A good app overall but for some reason, the team stories for the 49ers refuse to update in the iPad version of the app. The stories are from Week 1 of the 2016 season. This is not an issue for the iPhone app, just the iPad for some reason.

- We want to be able to watch the game

We can watch the highlights, but we can’t watch the big game

- Website

There is not much news the other tv networks have much more insight on the nfl than this website does

- :))))

I love football and the NFL so it's great that this app keeps me connected w news and stats! :)))

- Nfl

Very informative, loads and transitions slowly.

- New update

Your new update has a problem. When I click on a video to watch in the stories section I watch it but then I can’t go back to READ any stories I can only watch videos. Please fix

- Love it

In love with the app


a great app, and a must have to source all the latest information on games, stats, standings, and all the top stories. If I could suggest anything, I would like game scores and stats updated quicker. The NFL app has improved and I’m sure it will improve more. Gary from Port Moody Canada GO PATS GO

- Love this site


- NFL mobile review

The best app to see the score and highlights of your favourite NFL team

- What happened to the drive chart???

Go to app for my football updates

- NFL Mobile is terrible!

Takes forever to update scores. Always way behind. As of this moment, there are 3 late afternoon games almost at halftime and yet it shows 3 games still in the 4th quarter of the early Sunday games. These games have been over for well over an hour! I would rate it at zero if I could!

- Best App in Sports!!!

Everything you want for NFL !! !

- App doesn’t recognize my game pass subscription

The app doesn’t recognize my game pass subscription - even though the website does. Please fix.

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- Worst app

Slowest app ever

- Mad app

The only downfall it has is it’s slow but I can live with that

- NFL is rigged - all sports are rigged

NFL is rigged - all professional sports are rigged by Las Vegas bookies

- Attention! Save your money don't download

The old app was very good, but paying $300 a year for this in Australia you would hope it would stream on your mobile live. It doesn't. Desktop version is good. Although it does stop and ask you to log in multiple times a game. Mobile doesn't chromecast and mobile does not show nfl network. I'm a huge NFL and have had a subscription for 5 years straight. This will be my last.

- Arizona

Got everything I need for the season

- Impossible to use

I understand Ads are a part of what you get with a free app, but I literally can't scroll down this app without opening an ad. It's not my phone, it's not me baking clumsy cause it doesn't happen with any other app. I tried scrolling down and simply gave up after the 10th time. I never even write reviews but the irony of it asking for my review right as I'm trying to use it is why I'm here.

- Excellent

This is the one

- Not happy

I'm so upset that gamepass is not working in Australia on Apple TV. Why do I even bother paying my hard earned money on something I can't watch on normal TVs without mirroring. Please fix it.

- Good app

Love it

- Amazing


- Good App

Nice and consolidated info. I endorse it.

- NFL - Great Sport Great App

Sensational app for any follower of the NFL. Gives a vast cross section of news, stats, game info and both player and coaching group news that covers all 32 teams. Recommend it to all fans of NFL.


I enjoy getting the latest news and updates, I love the live scores.

- Easy to use, all the info you need

App works really well. Tells you when the games will be on in your home country.

- Poor

Keeps closing down, updates are terrible and software guy should be fired. Bad

- Keeps me up to date

This app does everything I need it to do to keep me up to date with the NFL. Scores, game times in my location, news etc all free.

- You've updated too early!!!

My phone automatically updated to the new version of this app! Wish it hadn't as instead of now being able to update the weekly games (the season is still going) you can only access combine data which isn't happening (therefore this part of the app is useless) until after the Super Bowl! Why not just leave the weekly games option available until after the super bowl. Plus, your statistics page is weak! Otherwise a great app that I regularly use for all of my NFL news!

- No game scores

Where has the game scores gone. Worked fine until last update. Now it shuts down constantly and now has a combine feature where the upcoming and or live games feature was. So now how do I get my scores?????

- Useless now

Since the Christmas update it's gone downhill. Crashes whenever I try to open stories, if you're not on the combine IT WILL CRASH. Fix this immediately!!


since last update app won't load please fix

- What happened to game day stats?

Was a great app for game day stats with drive chart, player stats, box score, now what??????

- Not Bad

Gets the job done I suppose. Please leave the weekly games in order, it's an absolute mess.

- NFL Mobile


- Best nfl app

Best for scores news highlights

- Great App!

This app is awesome. It's smooth, loads fast, looks great and is intuitive to use. Downside is the long ads on replays but NFL gotta get paid. This blows any app for any of the big Australian leagues out of the water.

- Good app

Pretty good app. Freezes sometimes but usually fixes itself. For an Aussie who can't watch these games live it really makes a difference having an app like this.

- 50/50

Good stats, bad update

- Happy

It's a great app for news


Great way to follow it in Australia on it everyday.

- Clunky and slow

Painful to use. It's clunky and slow. I will be using the web version instead.

- Great!

Very comprehensive coverage and accurate reporting

- Great app

Provides all the information I want to keep me up to date the the NFL.

- The NFL are Data Bandits

This NFL app is more painful then the presidential race. Every time I go to watch a 10-20 second highlight video, I get hit with a 30 second commercial, and after a couple of minutes of watching ads, interjected with the occasional highlight I'm usually in the data red zone. Surely with billions of dollars of profit per year and tax exempt status, the NFL can do better than subject it's loyal consumers to a barrage of low quality commercials.

- It's good

It's good.

- Good but can't skip ad's

Forcing us to watch a 30 second advert' before we can watch a 2 minute video is a bit too much.

- Weak update

Freezes every time I click on an article, now I have to go to the scrub website to read the articles

- Rubbish Update

Never had too many issues with the app previously, but the most recent update is totally cactus. Freezes when you tap on articles and crashes instantly. Get it together guys

- Rubbish. Update again.

Never had problems with this app but now since the most recent update I can't even read an article without the stupid thing freezing, what's the point of the app if I can't read anything that's posted on it? Complete rubbish. Fix it.

- Okay

Has its issues but is still the best NFL app around.

- App crashes with chromecast!

Everything I try to cast the highlights onto my tv from my phone it crashes. I had no problems last season. Please fix this!!!

- JT


- Great app

Great app Annoying that I had to Change my region settings to US To be able to use without crashing

- Love it

Love this app. Has all you need to know about the NFL.

- Rep.

NFL mobile app keeps me updated and tells me when my team is winning. Very interactive yo.

- Awesome app.

This app is very well constructed and up to date with all live scores.

- One stop NFL shop

Awesome app, easy to navigate with concise, well-written and informative articles. Great video too!

- Fail

The latest app doesn't work. You would think some texting would have been done prior to its release. Great job NFL... just in time for the playoff 😡😡😡

- nfl app

Your latest version 30 January Won't even open on my iPhone what a joke

- App won't even Start.

Normally this app is great, now it won't even open it just freezes. Tried everything. Please fix.

- Aus NFL lover

Great app. Gives me game times in my time zone and I also get all the latest news.

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NFL 55.0.1 Screenshots & Images

NFL iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL iphone images
NFL ipad images
NFL ipad images
NFL ipad images
NFL ipad images
NFL ipad images
NFL ipad images
NFL ipad images
NFL ipad images
NFL ipad images
NFL Sports application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
NFL Sports application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

NFL (Version 55.0.1) Install & Download

The applications NFL was published in the category Sports on 2010-09-10 and was developed by NFL Enterprises LLC [Developer ID: 389781157]. This application file size is 65.27 MB. NFL - Sports posted on 2020-05-19 current version is 55.0.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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