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Just tap into the NFL App for free live local and primetime games, exciting highlights, and replays of every game with NFL Game Pass (subscription required).

iPhone and iPad Features:

• NFL Network 24/7 with authentication

• Up-to-the-minute scoring, in-game highlights and drive charts

• Free live local and primetime games

• Live Playoffs and Super Bowl LIV

• NFL Combine and Draft Coverage

• Articles and video highlights featuring the latest stories and breaking news from all around the NFL

• Access to NFL Game Pass and NFL RedZone from NFL Network with authentication

NFL Game Pass is a subscription product with features that vary based on location**. Learn more at

Learn more about the NFL's digital offerings:,, and

The NFL app allows use of AirPlay and Chromecast when viewing all video-on-demand and select live content. However, the NFL app does not permit outputs from phones of live games, NFL RedZone from NFL Network or NFL Network to external displays via HDMI, Chromecast, AirPlay, Miracast or other similar streaming functionality due to rights restrictions.

The Services may feature Nielsen proprietary measurement software, which will allow users to contribute to market research, such as Nielsen TV Ratings. Nielsen believes that you should have a choice about whether to contribute to our research and insights. To opt out of Nielsen measurement go into your iOS settings. Settings > Privacy > Advertising > Limit Ad Tracking.
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*Data usage applies for app download and use.

**Certain restrictions apply.

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- Helps me learn and keep up w/football

I love how the app helps us keep up with every aspect of the NFL season. The features I use the most are the standings features that show you each tran's standings and the playoff picture (which has been estimated since the first few weeks of the season). As a relatively new football fan, I often can't keep up with which team is in which division so this really helps. I also love the Games feature that helps me keep up with the schedule each week and especially keep up with the games I can't watch at home or all the way through. I can just go back through and see all of the "pretty" plays. Thank you NFL Network!!!

- Wifi Streaming through TV Provider doesn't work anymore!!!

This app used to be awesome but they did something during an update that completely ruined the Wifi Streaming capabilities on any of my iPhones or other mobile devices. Also, I could only use the Streaming service through my Roku TV up until about 2 weeks ago when they updated that app and ruined it too! I love all the other features of this app but most importantly I want to be able to STREAM! Please fix this. Another thing that bugs me is they used to have Xfinity as a provider (although it didn't work properly when they did) but then it disappeared. I've had to change cable companies just to get NFL Network. Thank God it's on Sling TV & FuboTV now. Either way, please, whatever you did to the app that makes it impossible to watch NFL Network through the app live, fix it!!! No matter if I'm using Dish, FuboTV or Sling, after I sign in it just goes right back to the login page telling me that I need to sign in to my provider to watch live. This is beyond annoying. On my Roku TV it stays on a loading screen forever even though I've deleted the app 5 times and reinstalled. Nothing makes a difference. I really want to be able to watch NFL Network on my iPhone again but I don't understand why that's not a priority to fix for your developers. This is a serious issue that's been going on for over a year and I read other reviews that say the same thing I'm saying. Fix the Streaming service please and you'll get 5 stars!

- Great idea. Lousy execution.

Live streaming works quite well in general. The problems occur when playing back games after they are done, whether it be video or radio broadcasts. If you just play the content, it usually does well enough. However, if you want to skip around in the game, it is very inconsistent, oftentimes resulting in the stream starting over again from the beginning. Let’s say I want to skip back 30 seconds to watch a play again. There is simply no good way to do this and it’s just problematic for the app. Oftentimes you cannot even see where you are in the video because it does not display all the numbers (the game I am listening to reads “02...”, so I know only that I am sometime in the 2nd hour). This makes accurately moving earlier or later in the stream extremely awkward, ineffective, and pretty much impossible. How about adding the now-standard option buttons to skip 15 seconds forward or backward in the stream? This is NOT hard to do. Also, if you have the stream displaying in full screen mode, you pretty much can’t skip the stream forward or backward. You have to decrease the display size, then you can do it, albeit chunkily. It’s remarkable how far ahead MLB is compared to NFL when it comes to streaming content. MLB makes the experience nearly seamless. With the NFL, it’s an unpleasant experience.

- Verizon mobile customers don’t get nfl network?

I second some of the comments below. In addition to being a Verizon mobile customer I’m also a Gamepass subscriber and NFL REDZONE add on in app subscriber. Up until this last Thursday September 20th I was able to watch NFL Network via my WiFi Network. I just selected the NFL Network option and the broadcast came on. Then after Thursday’s update I continually get the “select TV Provider” option. First of all if I had NFL network on cable why would I watch it on my phone?!? Secondly as a Verizon customer I was under the impression I could watch the NFL Network without a tv provider. Furthermore why would this be an option up until sept 20th but now NOT an option. If written and received the trope Nfl App help advice: clear browser, sign in sign out, reinstall app etc. please feel free to reach out to me and/or update the app so this can be remedied...just to watch a little NFL news guys...not that big of a deal. Happy to write a review of Gamepass functionality on this app also. Subpar not fitting of what I paid for. No player search. No game search. Not close to the full online functionality (which is ok). Watching Redzone on the app is mediocre, usually takes 5-10 restarts to get the Redzone functionality to kick in. Other than that great job! Keep up the good work!

- Load times are unbearable. Free games are high quality.

If it wasn’t for the free games, this review would be one star. First of all, the worst part of the app, the article load times. Quick warning: this aspect may just be my experience, because I know people who don’t have issues. Some articles will not be able to be read. You will press on it and it will just never load. And if it does, it will take several minutes to do so. It’s such a shame because I love this app otherwise. The articles are high quality a lot of the times. It’s just that I can’t read many of the because of terrible load times. Besides that, the app is great. Free local games are such a pleasant gift that the NFL doesn’t really have to give. You do have to either log into your tv provider or be on cellular connection. The ads for the video are a little obnoxious, just because they can be like 30 seconds long even if the video is only 15 seconds. But, overall, it’s a middle of the road quality app until they fix the terrible article load times. Would be 4.5-5 stars if this issue was resolved.

- Coach’s film

For the most part the app is awesome. I really like to re-watch certain games and it’s great to be able to watch the condensed game. But I really like to watch the all-22 film of my favorite teams on Tuesday’s. I have a football background, and i am sure most that use this feature were either a player or a coach at one time. So in comparison to hudl, or the various film softwares i have used over the years this one is by far the worst. You can only rewind or fast forward in increments of 10 seconds, whereas most platforms let you rewind second by second. So when i want to rewatch each receivers route (or see where the guard misstepped, or see why the safety got out of position, etc) i can only do that in 10 second increments (where most plays are not 10 full seconds) so it turns into a lot wasted time. It seems like an easy fix. Realistically, most fans do not watch the coach’s film, because there is no sound and it is not the view we are used to on TV. I would assume the vast majority of people using this feature are players and coach’s, so i think catering to that audience for this one area of the app could really improve things.

- Not Happy!

I am confused as to why the latest update to the NFL mobile app has take away my ability to watch NFL network without login has been taken away. I have Verizon as my mobile provider and I believe that should give me access to local and prime time NFL games as well as Playoffs games and NFL network. There is no option in the other account to select verizon as my mobile provider. The options listed are only for TV providers. Please notify me if their is a way to connect to my verizon mobile account. I remember doing this two years ago and having it be fairly simple and I don’t believe I had to do that again before the start of the 2017 season. Please help me with this because I don’t understand why this has happened. Also why has the ability to view games from past seasons been removed this seems to be highly unnecessary. Please go back to the format the app was in for the last few seasons it was much better. Also recently noticed after other people pointed it out that favorited team games don’t show up at the top please change this back to the way it was. I also think the the presentation on the app looked better last year

- Misses the Point

The re-designed interface looks pretty nice, but is fails in some of its most basic functions. Most importantly, clicking the “Games” tab indeed shows a listing of the day’s games, but no scores! Even when the game is finished! You click on the specific game and still no score! You have to WORK to figure out the scores—I just don’t understand it. My other main complaint is that for the $99 I spent on Game Pass, one should not have to watch commercials in order to view video highlights elsewhere in the app. Podcasters and other content providers give privileged access to their content for basically any level of support. Here, you pay $99 (for the home town radio broadcasts) and get some other features that I happen to not care about, but you don’t get to watch highlights without sitting through commercials every other one. I paid the $99 essentially to hear Merril Reese call Eagles games, but for that kind of money I expect a much better product from the NFL. Surely this enormously well-resources organization can put out a top-quality app if they wanted to.

- Inconvenient and confusing

I have had NFL Mobile for a few years now and have always enjoyed the layout and format of the app; however, the newest version/change is very inconvenient and confusing. Although all of the information is there about your “favorite team”, it requires lots of scrolling and searching to simply find the news stories. The older version was more colorful and organized which made it more enjoyable. Before, if I had read a news story, there would be a check saying I had read it which was very useful. I also can no longer select multiple favorite teams to get updates. I used to have three teams favorited, but thats not possible any more. Lastly, I found a glitch. Two days ago, (Monday) I finally received the final scoring and game score updates on the Ravens preseason game which was Thursday night. It took 4 days for my phone to receive the game notifications. The current version is functional and works, but the old version was much better in my opinion, I don’t find the app as enjoyable anymore.

- Good for streaming, Many Alerts Bugs though

This app works just fine for streaming. But the alert preferences absolutely don't work at all for me. Im a software developer myself - I'm very tech saavy. I have disabled alerts for every team, and NFL wide, except the Steelers. I have checked this many times. But guess what? I'm still getting frequent alerts for tons of definitely non-steelers content. It's incredibly frustrating - not everyone wants to be alerted every time someone, somewhere, snaps a football. It's alert overload, and their Alert Preferences section settings seem to have zero effect. I had to disable alerts for the entire app in my OS settings because the app wasn't following ANY of the in-app alert preferences. Now I can't get any alerts, and am following the Steelers on a different (non-NFL!) app. Super frustrating. This should be an easy thing to get right - and it's either a blatant bug or intentional UI hiding of the "real" alert preferences. Yuck - bad/manipulative app design. The NFL has all the money in the world and yet their app fails on the most basic features.

- “Upgrade” is a disappointment

We’ve had Gamepass since it came out and I have had the NFL app for years and years. The execution of Gamepass within the App has gotten worst from last year (which I did not think was possible). In fact, the NFL app has gotten progressively worse since it came out. How is that possible? If I could give this no stars, I would. Here are my complaints for iPhone app: - Navigation to older games is not intuitive and not easy to do. - Favorite team does not appear at the top when navigating to older games - Audio does not play in the background and cuts out when phone display goes off but not all the time - when audio cuts out a black screen appears at the bottom of the app where the audio should be and nothing to do about it. You have to exit the app and get back (then have to do the rigamarole of finding the game again) - once you get back to the game it definitely does not go to where you left off and it is almost impossible to get back to where you were and scrubbing function is awful for the audio. Impossible to know where you were and impossible to get back even if you do know. - the app crashes with Gamepass audio. - if you navigate to read articles within NFL while listening to the audio which you should be able to do and you accidentally click on a video it’ll either crash or start the video. And because of the above navigation and scrubbing problems this is incredibly frustrating. At least ask me if that’s what I want to do!

- Game pass still a no go

It’s late October, and I still can’t log in to Game Pass to watch the content I paid for in either the iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV versions of this app. But the same credentials will let me log in and view it (with a poorer experience) in Safari. What gives? My messages to NFL support give only canned responses, and the website help says that there is a known issue and please be patient. We are entering week 7 and it’s still not working! It worked last year... what broke? I don’t want a refund, I want what I paid for. I want to see NFL games on my big screen, and on my iPad Pro without all the wonkiness of using the web browser (which can’t cast the video to my big screen because, well, reasons). Developer incompetence? An argument with Apple about not getting a cut of the revenue from me buying Game Pass directly from the NFL and not throught the app (I would vigorously side with the NFL if that’s the case)? I don’t care. I’ve spent thousands on expensive hardware, networking, and licensed content to have a great NFL experience and I’m not getting it. Fix now.

- Each year, the app gets worse.

I have had the NFL app for years now, and I loved checking the app for scores and highlights, as well as streaming games whenever I have time to watch. Each year, the app as a whole has gotten worse and more confusing. This season is the worst update yet. I can’t even check scores here anymore because it was never as accurate as it was before. Sometimes, the time on the scoreboard will freeze too, even after restarting and refreshing it. As far as the highlights section goes, I can’t even load a video half the time I try to click on it, and when I do, sometimes the app will give me the boot and I have to load the app again. Also, checking the standings is a joke. The standings aren’t even organized by record, but rather by alphabetical order. It has never happened on the previous updates until this season. I hardly use the app now because I can’t enjoy it without an issue occurring. The older layouts and updates were much better and easier to use.

- Shame On YOU NFL

Why would anyone pay $75 a month and can’t live stream games? I don’t live in the local market of my team anymore. I want to watch my team play more often but every legal way gets closed off because it’s all streaming of local market. I live in an area that doesn’t even have an NFL team. The closest teams are Dallas, New Orleans and Kansas City. If I could get my teams games on my tv I wouldn’t have the need to stream them. But I can’t stream them because the league are complete arses and will only allow you to stream whatever game they decide is in your local viewing area. I’m stuck with the Texans and Ravens this week. I can’t stand either team. Seriously thinking it’s time for another boycott of the NFL. Maybe permanent this time. What a horrible league the NFL has become. Teaches kids that it’s expected to cheat, and let’s not give fans the games they want. But it’s us the fans who pay their salaries by buying tickets paying to watch games buying merchandise and paying for the stadiums.

- GamePass worked; Verizon Mobile app does not

NFL GamePass/GameRewind subscriber since inception. Yes, NFL, I’m your loyal customer. See below for how you’re repaying all those years of loyalty. NFL GamePass in 2016 was perfect. Then the NFL decided to force everyone onto the Verizon only mobile app. enough said. All issues are with GamePass, as I use NOTHING of the rest of the app. Issues: - No game ever just loads. It takes several minutes each time. - Games pause randomly or jump back moments. - Connection just drops completely, leaving you starting at a buffering screen forever. - Queue ahead breaks the stream, so if you lost the stream, no getting back to your spot easily - No video controls exist inside the view screen (did you seriously just throw out the GamePass app entirely?) - Download game to watch offline feature completely gone (single best feature in GamePass/GameRewind App history and ONLY way to avoid the NFL’s inability to maintain a stream) - All troubleshooting involves: restart app, restart device, log out/in, delete and reinstall app. Never we will fix it. Always do these steps every time to fix things (FYI: they don’t work. Problems remain and random new glitches occur on relogin, like no GamePass games appearing or score off function vanishing) - Zero actual feedback to my questions. Canned answers from first-tier employees trained not to say anything. Irony: GamePass on Chromecast works perfectly. GamePass in browser as well.

- For the love of God...

If I could give this a -1 star, I probably would. People (Myself included) download this app because they really have no choice. But of all the major professional sports in the United States this is by far the worst handheld app. In the past, I have noted that the best sports app I own is the MLB app. It has great access to game flow, and if you pay extra, which I am willing to do for my team come because I live out of market, I can watch every single game live. It still frustrates me that I can only rarely watch my home team, because I no longer live in their market. More recently, I have noticed that when a notification from “NFL” pops up on my phone, and I try to open the app to read further, it doesn’t link to the article. Often I can’t find it at all. Why bother sending me notifications if it doesn’t take me straight to that news, or other related information about my team. I swear to God the NFL has completely mailed it in with this product.

- NFL is second class in apps - don’t pay for it!

Overall a barely adequate app. For one, why is there not drive chart/play by play in the ipad app. Since NFL doesnt allow live streaming on most games, it would be nice to see the in game play by play like you can on the web or the iphone version. Even the screen shots in the app store show it to be there (which it used to be there on older versions). I've used this app for years and used to like it, but gave it a 3 as I consider it to be middle of the road as far as it's overall quality. If they put some more work and focus in, this app could be truly awesome. Downgraded my rate to 2. If you pay for the audio some stations - WBZ Boston - block their commercials. This means you miss the start after the break and they often leave early to the break. Why we must pay for this kind of performance is beyond me. No wonder the NFL is dying. Why can’t you fix your platform?

- Awful app,will get rid of Game pass if this remains only choice for viewing on iPad or phone.

I don’t believe the positive reviews out there about this app. Use of this app for game pass is extremely frustrating, so much so that I can’t even get through a full game. The lack of controls, the glitches where the game starts from the beginning again for no reason or jumps ahead. The fact that I can’t turn off scores even though I toggle the control that supposedly is for that purpose. All the clutter on the page when I just want the list of games for Game pass (an errant finger can start some chain of videos with no apparent way to stop them). The technical support responses are a joke and not helpful in the least. All in all, this app makes for a really negative experience. Oh, and the topping on the cake is that I’m being forced to use this app now on my iPad. Yea, they have taken away the option of viewing on a platform that actually provided a good experience (safari in my case).

- Video feeds unreliable 2018 preseason

I have been using the NFL apps steadily for years and have had terrible results with my devices recently. Streaming either game highlights or game pass content often results in black screen of no video content within the app. I have 2 different iPhone models on Verizon and an iPad on AT&T. It is not the device or the network, sometimes NFL video will only work on 1 of three devices. I check my speed with speedtest to make sure I have a reliable signal and data speed before expecting video to work. NFL and whatever services they are using need to spend more time improving the stability of their app and video streams. I have used NFL streaming on Sundays from Verizon for years and I know about all the quirks but the lack of video working during this 2018 preseason really concerns me. If Netflix or Prime video was this bad on iOS people would drop their subscriptions. Please improve stability for all the fans who are increasingly mobile.

- Great app with a minor but glaring inconvenience

I wish videos didn’t require so much preparation to watch. Sometimes a video starts and I want to turn down the volume/adjust the brightness or respond to a text message, but when I swipe up for the former or down to even just check a message, the video stops. This wouldn’t be so bad, but when this happens, the process of watching the video completely restarts. This is particularly annoying when I’m trying to watch a 10-15 second video but have to sit through a 30-40 second advertisement and is only further escalated when I have to do so twice. Overall, I enjoy the app, love the content, and use it daily, but this hassle is something I have to deal with just about every time I use the app, and improved functionality could really go a long way in my app experience.

- Gets the job done...but...

NHL, NBA, MLB, and even MLS have the opportunity to pay the application to view games live on your devices but the NFL doesn’t... NFL ands it’s fan seem to be supportive of the military but I don’t feel supported overseas!! If I’m trying to watch the game I have to rely on military sports channels which only plays 2 Channels for two teams that is never my team... so I have to wait until the game is done just to watch the highlights because I can’t watch the full replay... I can’t even pay for game pass because game pass is only available in random European app stores so I’m SOL in Okinawa Japan. Let me watch my boys darn It! also, I think the NFL app should also look more like the MLB and NHL apps that are similar and more easy to navigate also. These commercials for each highlight is also unbearable and it isn’t even a different commercial, it’s the same commercials before each and every video clip of a 15 second play. Hook me up!!!!

- Update every two weeks... smart thinkin’

What a brilliant idea to update your app the morning of the first Sunday of week 1. A better plan could not have been made. It worked so smoothly and flawlessly that I couldn’t even tell it had updated. It worked like a charm... at getting me up and out of my chair and outside, since the app itself doesnt function now. Since I’m in a place without television, I now have no options to watch any of the games today. I wonder: is this part of the play 60 initiative??? I don’t know, but I’d be willing to bet the NFL’s advertisers would be sick to hear that they’ve completely eliminated the viewership from their app. Commissioner Goodell should maybe think about investing a little more time and money in their IT department if they want to reach as many viewers as possible. Maybe stop dreaming about European and Mexican markets and make sure your current constituents are getting what they want and expect from the league?

- Horrible App, Support, Business Model

This app could have been better developed by a team of monkeys sitting at computers. It crashes, the content constantly gives me errors, it will NOT connect to my Chromecast. When inask for help the morons in support tell me that my iPhone 7 isn't supported which is pure garbage. The phone isn't even two years old yet! All of this leads to the next rant. The NFL has officially peaked and is in decline. I'm a cord cutter and cannot for the life of me find a way to consume something I love without jumping through hoops, awful bugs in software, and idiotic restrictions on how and when I can watch content. The NFL seems more obsessed with controlling the personal lives of its labor than building a quality product and then finding ways to share it with its target market. I'm about five minutes away from completely abandoning a league that I have been a life long fan of. So frustrated right now I could scream.


The new update to this app is atrocious. Those of us willing to dish out $100 for Game Pass to watch or listen to preseason games on phones have been suckered. You can no longer listen to continuous audio via mobile device. You must keep the app open?! Bonus can’t use your bluetooth headphones or speakers either?! The press on week 1 games were un watchable via mobile as well. You can’t even watch old games in the Game Pass library via LTE, it only allows me to do it on a wi-fi connection. When you open the desired game the screen will immediately go black. The new layout is also confusing to navigate to find out how to watch / listen to a game via mobile as well. The Game Pass feature works fine on a computer but for those of us that use our phones to watch or listen to games are frustrated! Fix it NFL or your going to lose tons of Game Pass business.

- NFL Hall Of Fame for 2018

As Dr. Martin Luther King made the statement, “Thank GOD almighty ( and I supplement) that Robert ( Dr. Dome ) Brazile has finally made the NFLHOF ! Jackson State University And Houston Oilers very Own . The LB who changed the game of Defence in the NFL . I have been writing about Him not being in the Hall for over 15 years . So many thanks goes out to all the Voters and for the considerations. I can’t wait to put this on Facebook and Tweet and let the (Family Of Jackson State University Be Informed ) Yes I am an Alum and have watched Him play with Probably best buddy at J-State “Sweetness “ and I know that He’s smiling down from Heaven . As Our Great Mississippian Comedian “ Jerry Clower” would say “ Ain’t GOD Good” ! My Wife and I want to be there because He’s from Her Homtown Of Mobile,Al..

- Cool Live Games In real time

Just gotta comment briefly that I am happy with the NFL app broadcasting live games as they’re happening up-to-the-date. Came through one day I just tapped on the app and there were my Oakland Raiders playing Vs. non other than the KC Chiefs. Entire game live. And I know my Raiders have been on the bizarre wag-on. But it actually was a pretty good game on their effort of play. The challenge of an elite team on our home turf pushed us (the team) to play hard. It couldn’t have happen at a better time. Me needing football in my life right when I was missing it. Neither CBS nor Fox nor NFL network were even showing that game! Plus get to watch the Thursday nighters too!

- Keeps track of all your leagues.

You can join multiple leagues and it will never forget them it has them all right there on the opening screen under a header. Convenient!!!!!!! I just wish this app let you accept the trades that your leaguemates propose to you. There doesn’t seem to be a way. Also, in league news if you tracked everything you won/have that’d be great. It gives out awards based upon your earnings season-long.i wish it had a checklist of all the awards and the parameters for winning them. Either way I hope you get this. It’s worth it. Definitely. I just have minor gripes, but overall. Five stars. Good job developers!!!!!!!

- What JD Power Award

The jury's out with my Verizon wireless subscription. I'm unsure if streaming super bowl XLII at no added cost if you're a Verizon wireless customer, but regardless, the 20 minutes of so that I was watching it- sort of- at traffic lights while on my way back to my girlfriends to watch it on a real tv was abysmal at best. Not really intuitive to find the live stream, but I had more buffering than stream. If I had been home, because I currently have no wifi or tv at home (personal reasons) I would not been able to get ANYTHING!! little or no LTE, just 3G or 1X . Called Verizon about it 2 months ago- total futility. In summary, my displeasure is a combination of the lack of intuitiveness of the app to get live stream, and the poor stream quality. It's not my phone- its your coverage. First step- time to chat with customer service - my experience must be better.

- great content, but...

there’s way too many bugs. i use this app because it’s the best nfl app you can get, which is kinda sad. but lately, whenever i try to click on one of the teams, and it takes me to the “teams” section, it’ll say “something went wrong, please try again.” it’s been happening for maybe two weeks now and i try restarting my phone, reinstalling the app. etc. but it doesn’t do anything. i get frustrated with the playback on videos as well; a lot of them require me to completely close the app and try again, sometimes three or four times. it’s just annoying. so BASICALLY, app developers, when you say your updates have bug fixes and improvements, it’d be nice if that were actually true. thanks 🙄 go niners tho 😇

- Terrible

This app has tons of promise but is very poorly executed. It’s like it has been coded on a budget, and a tight one. Streaming is woefully unreliable and the video playback lacks any sort of basic controls, can’t rewind or fast forward by 10 seconds. Good luck trying to rewind or fast forward using the slider at the bottom too, it’s like the programed that to only be the size of a pin, you can’t actually move it. Then they went and updated the app and apparently can’t figure out how to leave in the only good feature which hid the scores of the games for people like me who can’t watch the games live so I pay for game pass and watch them later. All the games are currently spoiled for me because I can see the score as I go to start the game. I contacted support and all they said was it’s unavailable. Maybe I should make the money I pay for game pass unavailable too. Terrible, clumsy app.

- Worthless now that Verizon deal is over

I used this app for probably 5 years and loved every minute of it. NFL network for free & 1.99/ month redzone was amazing. It was the cheapest & easiest way to get your football fix That is why it had great ratings until 2018 when the Verizon deal ended and now the app is worthless for streaming. Since the last update you are only allowed to stream games using your cellular data that you will be charged for and it still asks for a tv provider half the time. I can’t afford to stream 7 hours of redzone on just a cellular connection every weekend and not get throttled by Verizon for going over my data limit. They also tripled the price of redzone. I doubt this is all do to software errors, Someone made the choices to do this and it ruined the app. If you want news and scores this is fine but I will never use it as a streaming app anymore

- Watch your team for free!!!!

This app is awesome. Keeps you up to date plus you can watch all your home team games and prime time games anywhere on your phone or I pad as long as your a Verizon customer!!!! This app still would be cool if your not a Verizon customer but if you are this is a must have! I can’t tell you how many times I have been out somewhere and didn’t have access to the game and wham pulled out the old phone. I was working a anniversary party one Monday night big game for the birds had the whole party and coworkers in a utility closet chanting e a g l e s Eagles!!!!!!! Wokka wokka 100 stars oh yeah

- Gamepass not really usable

Update: the previous problem has been fixed...scores can be turned off on the phone. This season, though, the out of market games I want to watch are almost never available the night of the game (the only time I'm interested in watching), even though they advertise 8pm availability. It's really an unacceptable technical failure. And game pass, of course, offers no real customer service. Even when the service simply does not work there is no remedy. I'd call them...but you can't! This app really has no unique content not on many other well done free sports apps other than gamepass. Unfortunately in a serious oversight the developers failed to include the score on/off functionality that exists for the computer interface. This make gamepass essentially unusable in this app, which is really the only feature for which I downloaded it.

- Apple TV app is still terrible after all these years.

I’m giving an extra star because the UI change from last year is an improvement over the old one, but it still needs work. Controls: Please, let me fast forward and rewind with Siri. And fast forwarding and rewinding with the remote needs to actually WORK. Clicking left or right on the touch pad pauses; it doesn’t RW or FF. Please, make CLICKING LEFT OR RIGHT FAST FORWARD OR REWIND (NOT TAPPING. CLICKING.). IF A GAME IS PAUSED, VIDEO SHOULD BE EASY TO SCRUB THROUGH. It’s far too sensitive right now, compared to other apps. Don’t get me started on games not loading, being late, etc. etc. etc. Just read other reviews for all the complaints. It’s the worst app I pay for. And for the cost of Gamepass, it should “just work.” Not so. I swear, it makes me want to discontinue my Gamepass subscription and steal NFL games. I won’t because my conscience won’t let me, but until the NFL brings their Apple TV app up to par, I’m going to keep writing these reviews once or twice a year. I don’t expect anything to get better (it hasn’t after 4 years), but writing this review lets me get it off my chest and go back to doing hard work. I may as well; Gamepass doesn’t work right now, and it’s a beautiful day outside.

- Casting needs to be corrected NOW!!!

Chrome cast doesn't work on this although it is highlighted as a feature and the icon is displayed on the app itself. The when trying to cast the TV screen will load but then drop and revert back to host device. This makes it cumbersome to watch a game, either you must watch from a mobile device, or create a direct connect to the the TV, which I've done as work around. This is less than optimal especially when your paying $100. This should be a quick fix; yet has been continuously overlooked. The quality of streaming and editing of the commercials is good but to be expected for the cost. This app isn't on par with MLB which is cheaper, live, and with less issues, and you're able to cast.

- No help with payment

After having to cancel my subscription for personal reasons I attempted to renew my subscription with a newly issued bank card. I received notifications of pending charges from my bank regarding NFL Network which I approved immediately as the season started. Good news! The charges did not go through. In fact, after trying multiple browsers including iTunes to renew my subscription I am met with a message from NFL Network that the card was invalid. I had been using the same card for weeks before trying t renew. I contacted my bank, after being instructed by NFL Network customer service, who informed me they did not see any charges and there were no blocks of payment to NFL Network. I have since attempted multiple times to renew and contact customer support, like they say on their website, and have gotten zero support...

- Not so much

This app just had an update and now I can’t even watch the game like I used too. It keeps going to the provider and then once I go through the trouble of entering all the info they asked for-it still just goes right back to square one with no game. This isn’t the first bad taste this app has left in my mouth as I had to figure this all out after their last update. I would have just bought the $99 subscription to their app but it doesn’t say anything about giving you all of the regular season games if you do (and isn’t that supposed to be what you Purchase the app for)? It’s my opinion that these folks just keep finding a way to screw up a good thing. Good when it works but that’s not that often...thumbs down as far as I’m concerned-I’ll just stick to a cable provider and skip their app....jeez-shouldn’t be this hard to watch football.

- Streaming from Verizon is STILL glitchy!!!

How many years has it been? I mean, it's been at least two that I know of. At least two years. It's been TWO YEARS and this thing still needs to buffer every 20 seconds? I'll occasionally get lucky and it will go a minute, but I'm constantly on edge fearing the next buffer. It inevitably happens, many times right as a play is occurring which is saying something with how little of an NFL game is actual action. I get the sense this is on purpose to get us to watch the games on TV, or Verizon's sponsorship isn't worth enough for the demand. Two stars. One because I have to, and one for the idea of being able to stream games. If HBO can stream to a hundred million people in HD flawlessly, a multi-billion dollar industry like professional football can do it. Come on people.

- New Update Makes App Almost Worthless

I’ve loved this app for years because it was easy to see news from around the NFL. Emphasis on “was”. This new update is terrible. It seems like most of the news articles are gone or difficult to find and these are the main reason that I use this app. The organization/navigation is terrible and makes no sense. Seems like a lot more videos than actual articles and there’s no way to filter it to just see the articles. Also no way to tell what you have and haven’t already looked at. I prefer being able to scroll quickly through and easily tell what articles are new. I feel like I’m missing more news than I’m actually seeing with this update. I tried the Bleacher Report app for the first time and saw more news articles from the NFL network on there than in their own app.

- Needs Some Tweaks

This rating is for the NFL Game Pass portion of the app. Things I like: 1) Set the settings for scores off so the games to get “blown”. 2) The condensed game is great if you’re limited on time. 3) If you wait about an hour after the game, you can watch the complete game commercial free. Very nice feature. Things I’d like to see improved: 1) Turn off the fading when you click the screen and want to pause, rewind, or fast forward. This fading of the screen will continue for several seconds. It’s not needed and makes it difficult to see the screen in bright sunlight. 2) Allow you to continue a game where you left off. 3) When you try to change where you are in the game by holding the time line, allow the time to show so you can more the time line to the time that you want. Similar to other streaming apps like Netflix, etc. 4) Allow you to click the 10 seconds for rewind or forward several times to that you can move it quickly. Instead, you click the 10 second button and you have to wait 1-2 seconds for the app to catch up to be able to click it again.

- Good idea, insanely bad execution

I love football and this is my first year getting Game Pass because I canceled my cable. How the NFL can have an app this bad is beyond me. It can't remember where you are in a game if you minimize the app or just pause and then have to unlock your phone and it's still on the screen. It goes all the way back to the beginning of the game. Getting back to where you left off is very difficult because there are no buttons to go back or forward say 10 or 15 seconds and the slider is very imprecise. Not only that but the app crashes fairly often, and prompts you to sign up when you already have. The restore purchase trick worked once. All this can be fixed with an update but that doesn't seem likely. The customer service is pretty much nonexistent to top it off. I expected so much better from the NFL.


We are very disappointed in our paid prescription for NFL GAME PASS on the NFL app. We are not pleased with the fact that we still cannot connect the NFL app with our Apple TV and when we look at our account, per the Apple TV NFL App instructions, there is NO mention or info about when they will have the app updated and ready--although the notice says "by the time the regular season starts." Well here we are into the 3rd week, and still we cannot get the app on our Apple TV, ridiculous. Also, every time I click on the app on my iPad, I have to sign out and then sign back in, or it won't let me watch the games. The only saving grace is that we can watch the games after doing all the maneuvers on the iPad and hooking up to our TV, and that's why we bought NFL GAME PASS. But we sure would love to just click on the app on our Apple TV instead of going through the iPad. So, far we have only received the standard form letter email reply from customer service, and no REAL help or answers. This is also disappointing. P. Stakes

- App could use some work

App isn’t very good. Not sure what it is, maybe the graphic design maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but the app lags a lot. Even the ads(video) take a long time to load and often freeze. Watching any video content isn’t great on here. There is also this issue that when you click on a banner notification, it lags, and the content often times doesn’t show up.. I’ll click on a story that shows up as a notification, the story will try to load for a second, it will freeze, and I’ll end up on the apps home page. I had this issue with my One + and I continue to have it with my iPhone X. The loading/freezing issue happens with good service available and on WiFi so I don’t think it’s a phone reception issue.

- Love it!

Great app! Keeps me up to date, up to the minute, whenever there is NFL news - and gives me notification pop-ups of the play-by-play of my team's games as they are happening, and I can always login for the details and to view replay videos if I have to miss a game as they happen. Plus all the news, stats, rankings, histories, and all other information I could ask for right at my fingertips. And of course - the NFL shop where I stock up on all the gifts, clothes, hats, and other merchandise I need or want...I have used lots of sports apps - this is by far my favorite!!!!

- Just one problem

It’s a great app and lets you stream local games and prime time games. There’s tons of articles and easy access to stats and everything. The only problem is that there’s no playoff picture. About two years ago there was a tab in standings that would let you see an updated playoff picture, what tie breakers were in place, and what teams were eliminated or clinched. This is the second straight season without this and I miss the fact that I have to go to completely other websites to find an playoff bracket. Please bring it back.

- Why choose your favorite team?

I would give this app more stars cause it does allow you watch NFL games live and or see it unfold play by play but one thing I hate is that it asks you to choose your favorite team BUT!! It doesn’t show you the live game of your team!?!? I don’t get it, I get pick your team so they can bring up articles and videos about the team but WHY! Not show the live game of your team? I live in Dallas and love the Vikings but can’t watch the Vikings game instead the cowboys game is being played live!? When I can just turn on the tv and watch it there?!? All I ask is please let your team you chose when you first downloaded this app to have their games being played live that’s all I ask them I will give it more stars!!!!

- Pretty much usleless

Can you please, for the love of God, give us the ability to stream any game we want. I have been waiting years for a way to watch he Eagles play as a Michigan resident. I'll pay a monthly subscription for this ability, I don't care. The only other option is Sunday ticket but apparently the only people who can use that is the 4% of the population that has direct tv. So please please please just give us a way to stream any game we want on sundays. Your company is dying as of late because of the protests so do something nice for your customers who still watch anyways.


Engineering design team or whoever came up with this update should be fired. Difficult to navigate. Here’s a hint—make it simple. I don’t want videos playing when I open the app—especially if I am wanting to watch gamepass without knowing the score. I want to be able to find my team and have all my team’s stuff in one place instead of being scattered everywhere with every video on the website. Used to be that way. I also want gamepass game selection to be my first option so I don’t see scores and highlights before watching the game. If you can’t do that, why not make the app customizable? I can’t even turn off autoplay when I am trying to get to gamepass. Please go back to the old app. I was going to help my grandparents subscribe, but they won’t ever figure this stupid interface out.

- Terrible

The RedZone will not be able to connect with your Apple TV. The stream quality is terrible. The coverage of the games does not provide an “all encompassing coverage” rather, teams that spend the most time in the RedZone will have the most coverage. Access to watch full games is not available game. Access to watch live games is not available for every game. There is a million tv providers that they offer connectivity to so that you may share your tv providers privileges with the app but the providers are not big or mid cap companies - I cannot imagine who would choose to use these companies their tv provider Look elsewhere for football streaming. Btw NFL, 2019 season this far - the refs have ruined the game. Cowboys through a challenge flag and got an unsportsmanlike conduct? Lions td was actually a td and got called off. Lions incomplete catch was called a complete catch on the field despite it being painfully obvious - the ball bounces off his chest and landed some 1-3 ft away from the player touching the ground. We can keep going with the issues of terrible rulings by discussing the tacking situation but we won’t. Oh, and last years halftime show was awful. Fix your issues NFL.

- Can’t disable closed captioning

I accessed this app every day durning past seasons and I have been a GamePass subscriber for several years. But so far this season I rarely use it and, if the closed captioning bug is not fixed soon, I will cancel my GamePass subscription. CC will not disable. I have the latest operating system installed, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and my settings are correct. But whether it is a live broadcast, game replay or highlights, the annoying closed captioning is still there. It is an irritating, unwanted distraction. There are many other reviews of folks have the same issue. I have contacted support on the NFL website detailing the issue but have yet to receive a response. Very disappointed in the NFL for the poor quality app and lousy customer support.

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- Feedback from Australia.

Fantastic, easy to use especially over the last few days during the draft. Easy to follow even for an Aussie way done under.. 😆😆 Go Niners!!

- Ads destroy this app

The content on this app is second to none. However, I cannot continue to use it as the video ad system is atrocious. Once you click on a highlight video it takes you straight into a 30sec ad that is unskippable. This in itself, while annoying, is not the main cause of my frustration. It is the fact that you cannot even exit out of the highlight section until the ad has played so essentially every second highlight you get held hostage for 30 seconds while you wait for ads. It should be noted also, that most of the ads are longer than the highlights that follow.

- Good but lots of room for improvement

Coverage overseas while in the same country is good but there is a lot of room for improvement. Below is a list of improvements needed: 1. Every year there is weeks where the app does not work during training camp for overseas users despite paying for the subscription. The app MUST cover the full season for paying customers. 2. Allow paying users to watch from any region of the world not just the country that the registration started from. When I travel overseas during the season I cannot continue to watch. 3. Make all the shows available for watching at any time not just some. Make Good Morning Football selectable outside of US times so we don’t have to watch in the middle of the night. 4. Allow shows to be downloaded in the app for watching not just the games.

- Remove automatic Highlights video

Good app all round. I would like to make a suggestion to remove the Highlights video content or the auto playing of these videos when opening a game. I’m usually just trying to check stats/score/plays. The video content is good to have but shouldn’t be a focus point.

- Good, but huge problem!

So I am in Australia (just to be clear) and I have a problem where only 1/5 articles actually loads. I have tried waiting, restarting the app, reinstalling the app - nothing has fixed it. Not sure if it’s because I am in another country. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, as I read articles from this app every day! Thanks

- Remove the highlight feed from game view

Or at least an option to hide the feed... I don’t have a live watch feed so the highlights is distracting from the update feed... it takes up a third of the screen... it was a great app until this ‘improvement’... now just good

- Endless Notifications

This app does not respect its own, internal notification settings. I have it set to notify when my favourite team starts a game and to notify me of the final score. No other options are selected yet I am bombarded by team news stories; sometimes up to 10 a day. The app did not have this problem last year. Will be disabling all notifications for this app in the iOS settings from now on.

- Bring back the game pass app

After removing the brilliant game pass app from the App Store this year, its almost like they went out of their way to make an unenjoyable experience. The app is so bloated it was impossible to use, and you had to wade through so many spoilers it wasn’t fun. Now, with the latest update, you can’t watch game pass games through the app at all. Seems like the NFL is inaccessible from ios.

- Love the updates

Great app always has something interesting to read or view. Makes feel closer to the game.

- I like the game...

I have followed the NFL in Australia since Don Lane’s NFL show on the ABC. While I cannot watch the games this app provides good content. Admittedly I go for the Buccaneers primarily because of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I did like Dallas in the 1990s. Troy Aikman and Jimmy Johnson, what a combination. I hate New England!...

- App won’t work on iPhone X

Anytime I open a news article, the app crashes, booting me back to the home screen. Deleting and reinstalling the app didn’t work, and support tells you to use the website instead. That is no solution! This has been happening since the last update almost a month ago. Congrats on breaking the app and not bothering to fix it for so long.

- Click and nada

Most of the time when clicking on a story, not a video, it never’s gotten to the point that when I want to read anything about the NFL I have to go to, gasp, espn. This started happening a couple of months ago and has only gotten worse. The story simply will not load. Videos play fine so it’s not a connection issue.

- Personalised Home Screen Icons

Great app packed with loads of info and helpful game-day tools, but would really appreciate the function/ability to display your team’s logo as the Home Screen icon for the app in the same way the MLB At Bat and NHL apps do.

- Glenn from Melbourne Australia

Hi guys I love your app site and get all my nfl news daily! I follow 49ers and love all about nfl football. I get up early on Monday morning to watch ESPN live! Cheers Glenn

- Aussie fan

Great to get an update on all the N.F.L. news this is a good coverage as we hear nothing in the papers. I'm a 49ers fan and look forward to next season keep it up 👍👍👍🇦🇺🇦🇺

- Needle in a haystack

Can’t find a box score and scoring updates are not obvious. For example, Arizona scores 2 TDs against Dallas in a preseason game and it’s almost impossible to fine how the score occurred. I had to look at a Dallas interception to see Arizona had returned it for a TD. Still don’t know where the other TD came from. Badly set out!

- Broken

Why would you release a new version of the app that clearly doesn’t work? The videos don’t load 80% of the time and when they do you can’t simply exit the video and keep scrolling because no exit icon comes up so you have to close the entire app and try again... Frustrating.

- Always something happening

Great app, always something going on. Plenty of great content.

- How could you let this happen?

I can’t understand how something went from so good to do bad!! The new update will not play video even after a reinstall. You have ZERO customer service either with this or game pass.... The 2018season is about to start and it’s as if you just don’t care about paying fans?!?

- The update makes this app unusable

Have always loved this app, but it’s seriously unworkable now. I’ve been trying to downgrade to the previous version of the app, to get back to its former glory but no luck so far. Best bet is to delete the app and check back in when the season proper starts, hopefully they’ve fixed it by then.

- Fantastic app

I usually use the app to access the schedule and the standings

- Buggy, rubbish app

Most times pages don’t load within the app, I have to open safari and head to the website to find the information or watch a video. Just get white blank pages with a loading symbol. Never loads. Junk app for a billion dollar organisation.

- Update fail

Content is brilliant, best available. However I haven’t been able to open a news article since this latest update. Videos still work fine but I’m more of a reader.

- Mad app

The only downfall it has is it’s slow but I can live with that

- Aussie fan

Great app with news that keeps a 35 year JETS fan up to date with information

- Arizona

Got everything I need for the season

- Standings?

How about making the standings easy to find. It’s like a maze to work through to actually see the standings here. It’s a key component of the whole season. Should have its own tab on the main screen.

- Can never read articles

For about 2-3 months now when you click on an article it never loads. I can open possible 10% of the articles which is very frustrating as an NFL supporter

- Almost perfect

Great app, filled with content. Just needs a ‘live’ button, that refresh’s stats/play by plY etc. to the newest details. And MORE IMPORTANTLY turn off the automatic highlight videos. There is a button for highlights.

- Stop forcing video content

You need to quit the automatic playing of highlights when all we want to do is check the box score. It’s plain to see this feature only exists to shove more advertising down our throats

- Articles are slow to load if they load at all

Articles can take 30 seconds or longer to load. Half the time I give up. App used to be great and then over time has gotten worse

- I miss the old one

Much preferred the previous version. I don’t care to watch video so much. I like to read articles, and I find it hard to 1 find them. And 2 yeah, find them. Too much video...

- Attention! Save your money don't download

The old app was very good, but paying $300 a year for this in Australia you would hope it would stream on your mobile live. It doesn't. Desktop version is good. Although it does stop and ask you to log in multiple times a game. Mobile doesn't chromecast and mobile does not show nfl network. I'm a huge NFL and have had a subscription for 5 years straight. This will be my last.

- Don’t bother

This year’s refresh of the app is horrible, a downgrade in every way. Favourite team’s games don’t stick to the top of the game list. The game list shifts to the next week early, before the bulk of games have even been played.

- Update don’t work

I updated the app and at the moment the hall of fame is being played. I live in Australia and the scoreboard isn’t changing nor the quarters what is going on??? Disappointed

- This is a very good app

Everyone would luv this app

- Video playback

Any reason I cannot turn off the close captions in videos? Tried reloading and still persists. Apart from that it works well

- Remove the automatic highlight

No need of including automatic highlight when clicking on game

- Terrible to use and you can’t play games on it even if you have an account

This needs to be redesigned to be simple to use and if you are in any country it should work what a sht show

- Get back to old style pls

This app now is really weak, I press into a game just want to know play by play, do not play video automatic, and the drive update is too too slow, cannot get information on time

- Update terrible

2017 App was amazing!! 2018 App a waste of time - can’t watch highlights or videos, they just won’t load. Very clunky. Bring back last years App. The season is upon us, please fix this.

- Videos don’t work since update

Since update the videos don’t work. Just a white screen and nothing loads! Killer as the only way to get good nfl news in Australia! Fix ASAP please

- Utterly unusable

Full of bugs, crashes all the time and takes forever to open content from the hone screen. They managed to ruin a great app with great content.

- Terrible app and support

Can’t switch off scores. So what’s the point? When I open the app I want to see schedule of games not highlights. Or at least give me the choice. Pathetic

- Videos not working

Content is good but videos don’t seem to work after new update

- Very Happy with NFL Appp

Live in Geelong Australia And support the Cleveland Browns Excellent site -Charles Rockefeller

- Rubbish now

Can’t play videos since update!!!

- Turned off

Too many updates guys - 1 every couple of days - driving us nuts! Enough already....... you are ruining a great app.

- I can’t watch full game!!!

Every time I click replay full game nothing happens

- Where do you watch redzone??

Offers redzone. Subscribes and pays for redzone. Still impossible to watch redzone.

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- Amazing

Any Football fan should get this app!

- More choices

I would like to see the ability to select more teams rather than one and make Canadian cable providers available in the app and free radio broadcasts without having to pay for it. There is a bug that makes so you can’t choose another team.

- Ads make this app unbearable.

I just want to watch a highlight of a catch, so I guess I’ll have to watch two full 55 second advertisements so I can watch this 18 second video. Ridiculous. Save yourself the time and just use google.

- Ads

To watch a 38 second clip. I need to watch a one minute ad every time. What a joke.

- Too many ads

Please allow me to watch the video I selected first. The app brings up a video I didn’t want to watch so I skip it, watch an ad, skip the next video which again isn’t the video I selected, watch another ad, then finally the video I initially selected to begin with. Way way way too many ads. I understand that that’s how you make money, but at least provide the option to pay not to see any ads because the ads are EXCESSIVE!!

- How about we play loud ads in the middle of your meeting while you try to check scores on the quiet!

Takes too long to load, and is slow to update. Google has a faster response time and is just as accurate for checking scores. With invasive ads that now pop up and screw up the user experience, you can’t even check scores on the quiet. Thanks for being a heat score nfl.


They claim every update is to improve the Fan Experience but all I ever experience is being assaulted by more and more ADs!! I prefer to see football scores or highlights. I can’t even read a box score without a stupid ad loading at the top of the screen

- Don’t get this app

Not friendly to use, I install this up pay 135$ for subscription and it doesn’t work, try all I could for an hour. Than cancel my subscription and delete the app. There is no customer help also if app don’t work there is no where to get help

- Battery destroyer

Not only does this app burn through battery faster than any other, it’s slow to update AND auto-plays highlights which makes the app glacial.

- Terrible UI

The UI in the last release is a dumpster fire of rushed-out-the-door app design. Single-word titles are broken across multiple lines, scrolling is choppy, pull-to-refresh obliterates the UI. Clearly a non-native app (probably React) which bring the inherent poor-quality user experience you’ve come to expect from 3rd party development. Terrible experience overall on the iPhone from a billion dollar company who should know better.

- Does not work

Awful waste of time

- Glitch

Every time I open the app it stays on the nfl 100 screen... tried reinstalling it multiple times and still does it

- Fail....

The app would not load beyond the blue screen, delete ,reinstalled .The same.

- Videos are annoying on pop up!!

When you click on a game videos come up and it’s annoying as hell! Get rid of the videos !!

- Auto play Ads

Auto play ads even when just checking box scores. Worst major sports app out there.

- Hate it

I just want to see the stats but there’s no way to stop the video. It seems like you have to watch a commercial between every single clip. Just another NFL cash grab. Officially deleted.

- Crap

I keep hearing about being able to watch the games free on this app.... complete BS! No you can’t... you need a subscription which costs money. Garbage app... with garbage lies..

- Bruh

Fix ur app plz

- Buggy video!

I’m sick of watching the same advertisement 3 or 4 times for bud light and never being able to watch the selected video because it won’t play! Fix the video play, please! #adhostage

- Videos don’t play, only the ads do

Ads will always play, actual videos never do. Always stuck at a white screen after ad plays.

- Videos often don’t play

I am really tired of watching two commercials then getting a white screen and no video. It is happening more often lately. Time consuming and frustrating.

- Where’s the live game?

Either you define the policy or don’t change it mid season? Past few weeks there are no more live games ? Where did they go? This is total garbage.

- WHATS UP????

App just stopped opening...any help here???

- Forced updates

You shouldn’t have to update if you don’t want.

- Widget Doesn’t Work

The widget just stays blank. It’s been 2 weeks of this with no change

- Such a terrible app

Just riddled with ad after ad

- Too many ads.....

Really annoying trying to keep up to date with the scores, when Ads auto play and take up over half the screen......

- Video Highlights optional?

For 2020 still a great app with all the highlights. However, i cannot seem to have the game tracker on for the full screen without the video highlights streaming the entire time.

- Amazing

I was just was recently diagnosed with cancer, and in the hospital bed I watch NFL all day. To try and pass the time 👌

- Bucky Brooks

I look forward every week to Bucky Brooks’ take on the league developments, his podcast with Daniel Jeremiah and Rhett Lewis is also excellent, keep up the great work!

- Crashes constantly

Trying to purchase a couple of items. Crashes every time.

- Pro bowl

Can’t seem to vote for pro bowl smh

- Good fantasy

Thanks for having nfl fantasy because i could see all scores of football best fantesy ever

- Plays?!?

Why does the “Plays” part of the in-game section NOT work?!? Would be nice to be able to watch the play-by-play of games like last season (2018).

- NFL update

Update doesn’t work! Gets stuck on the new logo.

- Always updating

The app requires updates every week it seems!! Most apps once a month or so. Please fix

- Too many advertisements!

I watch one video, the one commercial and then another NFL video and the same commercial over again. It’s too much! Once is plenty already.

- Commercials

Every time you click on a video you have to watch a 30 second commercial, and the selection only rotates about once a month. So by the time you’re seen DAZN or Nissan enough to never make you want to buy any of their products, you have to see PlayStation for the next month and resent them as well. Mix up the commercials, NFL. How can the biggest enterprise not be embarrassed about being the worst?

- NFL mobile

Worse app ever they should go back to the old version

- Not terrible. But old versions were better.

Getting a bit unnecessarily convoluted. Vids and articles not clearly marked ...constantly clicking links to read articles; only to be taken to an unwanted video instead (all of which make you sit through an ad before watching). Sometime i just want to read; not watch. Meh. Old versions were so much better.

- Freezes on iPhone 8 plus with iOS 12.0.1

Freezes after the initial

- Buggy

The new version does not play video highlights properly however the ad works before the blank white screen. Go figure

- Videos ruined by ads

This app is good for written articles but the ads when watching a video are atrocious. Usually I have to watch 3-4 15second commercials before the video, and 9/10 times the video I was attempting to watch won’t even play after the commercials are done. 1:00 of ads for 20 seconds of highlights don’t add up. Especially when the 20 seconds of highlights fail to play.

- Nothing Works

Trying to watch highlights. Only thing that will play are ads before the video, then the actual video doesn’t play. Garbage app.

- What a shame...

For a billion dollar industry to come out with such a poor, unreliable and buggy app just goes to show how much they really care about their client base. Should you want to watch any highlight, you’ll be forced to watch an ad, and then have the highlights unable to play forcing you to watch another ad and repeat. God forbid us for wanting to watch a highlight through this app painlessly. Just another example of the NFL disappointing it’s fans furthermore.

- Poor App

Video rarely loads; try to watch video highlights as indicated and they rarely load; they should get advice from MLB👎🏻

- Bad bad bad

This is a horrible update!! All about ads and hard to navigate. Would not recommend

- 2 commercials and a white screen

Nough said Trash. Bye

- Scoring

It was better before, they need to fix the some of the writing on the app as it overlaps and its hard to read, especially the scoring Please fix

- Ads on ads on ads

Unskippable ads play before every video. Some times multiple ads before a single video. Videos some times don’t ended playing even after watching the ads. NFL doesn’t seem to care about user experience.

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- Very good but needs to show out of market games

NFL app is good for stats and scores on Sundays and Mondays and Thursdays they need to give access to out of market games for free because I am subject to the Eagles ravens and Steelers because I live in Pennsylvania and I do not care about any of those teamsI would like to be able to see the Packers game every week for free and I think the NFL app needs to make this an option for those who live out of market they cannot assume that everybody in the state of Pennsylvania is eager either a Eagles ravens or Steelers fan! And as always GO PACK Go

- Notifications worthless when they won’t load in app

Why even send notifications if the app is just going to sit on the home page or previous video/article? First one will work and open the app. Successive ones just delete the notification (so I can’t see it later) and don’t load the story or video (so I can’t see it ever) FRUSTRATING! See USA Today’s app for how this should work - they do it to perfection, regardless where you are, a newly tapped notification will take you to the app and prompt to make sure you want to view it. This isn’t hard guys come on. Everything else is decent and I appreciate being able to watch games and highlights on my phone but the notification fail docks you to 40% overall.

- Disappointed in how barebones it is

I’m disappointed in how barebones it is in some respects. I love that I shows highlights and sometimes even live games. The news it gives is pretty decent too. The problems are sorta glaring and surprising, though. How can you not see a team’s full roster on the teams page? Also, it would be nice to have some sort of glossary for the interpretation of some of the statistics (for newer fans). Also, it’s imposible to track player stats through the years in the app. I really wished this was like the “OneFootball” or “Futmob” apps for soccer :/ still searching for that great NFL app that gives me nice stats also. Not just the surface level.

- Notifications

This would be a 5 star review except for the notifications. I only want “start of game” and “end of game score” notifications for my favorite team. That’s it. The notifications screen makes this seem like an option. Apparently I’m doing it wrong because I get all kinds of notifications for other things I can’t seem to disable. Other teams, random NFL news, “close” games I don’t give a crap about, etc. So I can either shut them all off, or deal with a plethora of notifications for things I don’t care about. Please fix this so notifications work as described.

- Great update, but filled with bugs

This new update for the 2018 season has a lot of great new features and a pretty, new look, but there are some bugs that make it almost unusable. There have been multiple times where I was reading stories or checking standings and the app restarted or just shut down completely. Also, during the games today, it couldn’t load the scores, it just said “something went wrong” and it gave me a tap to retry option, but it didn’t work no matter how many times a pressed it. It also quit when I went to check the stats for a game. These bugs need to be fixed ASAP. It’s a good app otherwise.

- Don't purchase in-app. Do free trial and then convert.

I used the in-app purchase to buy gamepass on my iPhone X. I did this in the morning, hoping to see a game after it finished. The purchase seemed to work and I got billed through apple but gamepass did not work on my phone when I went to watch the game. The next day I used my computer to log into gamepass and it did not show that I had purchased anything. No subscription. So now I'm screwed. There is no link in gamepass for how to get refund for something they don't show purchased. There is no number to call for gamepass. There is an e-mail for support. I got an answer later in the day, and they said call Apple for a refund. I did, that takes an hour. So, a lot of time for something that should work out of the box. PITA.

- Almost perfect

I wish you could shrink the screen during video and switch between tabs(games,teams,etc). I’d also like to see something done for fans of teams nowhere near their area. Most apps have in-app purchases. Make a package that allows ppl to pay an amount that allows them to watch their team like it’s the local team. I’ve been wanting that for years. Sunday ticket is unnecessary. No one who pays for it is a fan of a team local to them. Aside from my wishes and wants from this app, it’s dang near perfect. I love it.

- Junky

The app is confused all the time. You can set the settings to “don’t show scores” but then it shows you the scores when you select the game anyway. So to make the setting useful, you have to literally close your eyes and press three buttons to watch the game without knowing the score. Authenticating a device is redundantly redundant is a super redundant way that makes you feel like you just imputed 4 codes and logged in 3 times... because you did. The icing? I just tried to watch a game, and any time I press any button, it takes me to the end of the game. Which, again, revealed the final score. So... there’s still a lot of work to be done here, because sometimes it makes a watching a game more work than the $100 I spent to watch it. Thanks NFL!!!! Super great!!!

- What A Waste

The NFL continues the downward spiral! What used to be an amazing product progressively becomes blinded by greed. No other sports league forces me to exclusively watch “regional” content. At one time, this app was the only saving grace I had to watch something other than my crappy hometown team. With that option gone, I am forced to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase the Ticket, or except the force feed. What a turn off, and no thank you! The NFL does not care about promoting its product, rather, they are only concerned with lining there money hungry pockets. What a bunch of greedy babies. The app is disgusting by the way. Offers nothing (when it works) that I can’t get from any number of better operating apps elsewhere. I offer theses 3 words of advice... Delete Delete Delete!!!

- Cannot update favorite team

Was away for a few months taking care of an elderly parent and changed my favorite team to local to get news on front app. Since moving back and can’t change back to my local team! App asks if I want to buy tickets. Guess if I want to get on a plane and fly 3000 miles to watch a game I may consider it, not to mention I could care less about this team. Not sure what glitch is in the app that prevents a person from setting a new favorite team. Better off getting your NFL news and games with ESPN or Yahoo! Sports apps. This NFL app like most apps has declined in its usefulness with recent upgrades like no longer being able to set a new favorite team.

- Video choppiness issues and weird letterbox

I’m not sure if it’s specific games in nfl replay but the video will often jump back 5-10 seconds. When this happens, it can make it unwatchable. Additionally, the letterbox while watching on iPad (replay) is completely on the bottom of the image, rather than both above and below like you’d expect. Doesn’t detract from watching but shows how haphazard the coding is. And of course the prevalence and the prioritization of commercials continues to push the bounds of frustration. The automatic auto play of highlights leads to watching way more commercials than intended. I don’t mind a fair distribution of commercials per content, this app tries to cram a few extra in by design.

- Automatic video plays

I hate this app. Video plays automatically, with sound, whether you want it to or not. Not only that, but you can’t even hide the video screen without completely losing the screen showing the plays, drives, and stats. Also, since all scoring plays are reviewed automatically, can you at least wait until the cal is confirmed before sending out score alerts? You get the scoring play alert before you even see the play on tv if you’re watching live which is ridiculous. And then if a call is overturned, the app doesn’t tell you. So if you’re not watching the game, it can get confusing to see scores then different scores on the next alert.

- If you plan to watch live, turn off notifications!!!

Decent app, but make sure you turn off notifications if you’re going to use it to watch live games...if you don’t, the final score will pop up on your screen a few seconds before the game is over!! Makes that last-second field goal attempt kind of anti-climactic, even when your team wins. Just something to keep in mind. Otherwise, good stuff! It’s nice to be able to watch my games and keep up with scores no matter where I am. 👍 GO PACK GO! 💚💛💚

- Bluetooth Audio Bug (fixed)

53.0.7 update fixed my previously reported issue with Bluetooth audio. I sent an email to the app support and received a reply after about a week. A few days later, this update dropped and it fixed the issue. I’m happy to report this app works great now. I can watch video and listen to audio on a Bluetooth device as normal. I can now also switch to another app or let the screen go to sleep and continue to listen to the radio stream. Thank you!

- Zero phone support for many subscription services don’t buy them!!

NFL Rewind and subscription sevices from. the NFL need to be ashamed they provide no phone support. Ofcourse I was quickly billed on my debit card but when it didn’t activate properly I went to call them. At that point I saw the NFL making millions could afford customers a phone support team. Only an email feature do they respond to. Yikes this is after putting down over $300 for Sunday Ticket and not getting the games of my team. I instead fought for a refund with the NFL and Direct TV which I never got both parties claiming the other party should do any refund. We never watched 1 game. Sorry NFL you got me twice and yet you easily could have a customer support team. Shameful

- I have some suggestion...

For some reason, I can’t find my provider, Xfinity, in the TV provider section. Also, could there be a little delay with the notifications. The TV for me has kind of a delay and right before a play I get notification that spoils a big play. The notifications are just too good. Also, I think y’all should add the NFL rule book. Another thing is there should be a search bar for the videos. And a way to sort the videos like a group for sideline videos and another for best runs. Other than that, I have no other problems with this app.

- Worse every time

This app becomes more useless with each update. It becomes more and more difficult to navigate to anything interesting as a bunch of random videos you have no interest in watching are jammed in your face. What search feature? What interesting and informative articles? Forget that! Here’s the same collection of highlights you saw on every website and tv show already with absolutely 0 analysis! How about we scramble them in nonsense order just so you can’t watch the ones you want? Great! Ads? Double em! This is a piece of trash app that is good for nothing. The ONLY feature with having it for is to watch the live games if someone else is using the tv. Can’t believe with all that money this is the best they can do. Woof.

- WiFi Streaming

I LOVE football and thought having the app was great, so that I can watch games when on the road. But now I’m unable to watch live content on WiFi. Not a big deal because luckily I have unlimited data, but may lead to my data being slowed down once the season really gets going. The issue now is it’s buffering or extremely pixelated! I would normally watch on my tablet when I could for the bigger screen, but that’s out too because it doesn’t have it’s own data plan! I understand why it’s was done, but if I could I would be watching the game comfortably at home on my TV. Plus, I missed the whole first quarter because the app kept telling me that you were “having streaming issues and check back later!”

- Update Ruined It

I’ll give it to them, the update definitely made the app more complex. But the visual part definitely isn’t fun. When I go on NFL to see my team play, I want to be able to enjoy the colors of the game schedules. For instance, when it would show the scores/schedule ahead, it would always be in fun colors. It’s a silly way to be mad at the app, but it’s the little things that change the enjoyment of watching the scores. I love talking about football. I know all of the stats and I know the schedules three weeks away. I need my daily NFL. But I need to go on there and enjoy the bright colors that make it not so depressing when my team is losing 21-0. I wish it would go back.

- Get some RAID this apps got bugs

I am a die hard football fan and have used this app since its inception. So having gone through all the updates why does it seem like the developers try to overhaul it right before the start of the season?! Im not in love with the new layout but will get used to it. What’s completely annoying is when watching videos the close or minimize icons disappear on my Apple devices and I am stuck in autoplay hell without force closing the app. True there are worse places to be and that is using the new Game Pass which I paid $100 for and cannot even watch games. It just shows a .5sec clip and then goes black no matter what option you choose. If they can’t fix this update soon I will be getting my $ back.

- new video clips setting is terrible

I prefer the previous setting much better. the new setting basically force you to watch 30 sec ads which is way too long for a 2 min clip. What’s worse is you can hardly get back to the previous screen to see the scores and other stuff. you cannot minimize the video until after the ads. once the video ends you have no chance to minimize the video because the next ads already started. Terrible setting!

- Not So Good Anymore

For starters, I'm blind and wish you'd label all of your buttons. This would allow VoiceOver to tell me what they are instead of just saying "button." Second, I prefer the radio broadcasts to the TV broadcasts, and that option doesn't seem to be available anymore for the Dallas Cowboys, even though it's available for other teams. I was only able to use it for the first game of the season, and even then I had absolutely no play controls, when I did have them last year. Finally, for the love of all that's holy, will you please honor my notification settings so my phone will shut up? I know I can turn them off altogether, but there are some I _do want, and should be able to get those without all the junk.

- Poorly designed app

1. One of my foremost issues with the app is that I am seeing advertisements in the app, even after paying $105 for subscription. (Not in the broadcast but rather annoying ads windows dispersed within the screens/data) 2. The app doesn’t allow me to on run live audio in the background or in iPhone locked mode. Meaning, I have to keep the app running constantly, keep tapping on iPhone so it won’t lock or go to sleep and as result drain my battery! (This doesn’t seem like a good app design so hopefully someone can tell me that it’s me and my settings) 3. Click-through in finding live stream, in general, navigation is confusing 4. The dev team should’ve looked at the MLB app for good design inspirations 5. Going back to #1 again!

- Please stop making this app w/ too much data.

I was very happy with this app the last two years. Good live game play and I like the news updates. What I want back is the play-by-play feature. Why take this away at the end of Oct? When my data is too slow to watch the games I was able to see the play by play to see how my fantasy player was doing. Now I use the ESPN app instead. Unless it comes back I won’t use this app any more and could delete it. And stop adding features that overload the streaming capability. They take too long to load and most people don’t use them. Aloha and Mahalo for the live games!

- Why cant I follow two teams??

With Brady and Gronk both going to Tampa, I now consider myself a fan of the Bucs and Pats. Yes, I am a self admitted bandwagon. I don't think thats a bad thing at all, I loved those players on the Pats, and Im really excited to see what they'll do on another team. I’m also really excited to see the Pats with Cam Newton. Sooooo, NFL app, WHY can I NOT have both listed as my favorite team? I believe this used to be a feature. I remember following the cowboys and patriots a while back (my little brother loves the cowboys). Why would you remove that feature? Are you really against your fans having more than one favorite team? Gotta give a one star review for that. Please change this and I’ll change my rating to a 5 star in a heartbeat.

- Bad App

This is what you get when you have a monopoly. A slow app with more advertisements than any other app I’ve ever experienced. Example: wanted to watch a 20 yard touchdown run highlight, the app played a 30 second commercial first. The commercial was crystal clear but the highlight was out of focus so I tried to watch it again but the 30 second commercial started back up, no thanks. I also attempted on multiple occasions to watch nfl game pass through this app, it never works. It won’t allow me to watch the games I want then when I select any game just to check if it will play it states I’m not authorized to watch live-streams, even if the game ended days ago. Lots of issues, they need better quality control.

- Great app

This app is absolutely awesome! Love being able to watch games on the go. Just another perk to having Verizon as well. The only thing that I would like to see changed though is that the date an article is written should be included with the article. Especially during times such as mid season and the beginning few weeks of the new league year, to make it easier for me to find the most recent articles and stay up to date!

- What About the First 50 years

When I look at the celebration of the 100 years. I feel like we are only celebrating the last 50 years in the NFL. We see some high lights of the 1958 NFL Championship game. But I guess there was no miracle moments before 1958. I am not a Green Bay Packers fan, but they won six NFL Championship Games from 1929 to 1944. What about Red Grange (the galloping ghost) Jim Thorpe, and I assume several others. The original seventeen inductees into the NFL Hall of Fame. It just seems like we are not celebrating the first 50 years as much as the last 50 years. The first 50 years after all is the foundation that the last 50 was built on.

- Good stuff overall, yet video streaming issues

I am new to the NFL app, downloaded it for the live stream of preseason. I have been enjoying all the reads, quick videos, and easy navigation. However, the live streaming is not working properly. Video freezes up every minute or so. Waiting and or refreshing within app does not work. Closing the app and reopening only works occasionally. Got the app to watch games, it’s more frustrating than its worth. I’d rather just read about the game the next day than laboriously refresh an app every couple minutes for a single quarter of a football game.

- On the Verge

App is really nice especially when it doesn’t consume your data. Would be nice to have more game options to watch though. What would make it a 5 star rating would be if the app would allow us to cast from our phone to our tv. Simple apps like this are why myself and my family use Verizon even though it’s surely not the cheapest. So with apps like this on the run sometimes without a cable provider it would be nice to be able to share a game I’m watching with friends by casting to a tv. So please allow us to cast from phone to a tv.

- No mirroring? Typical NFL crap

Title says it all. All about the money. Remember when football was on Sundays and Mondays on local tv and we as a nation were locked in the gridiron of the true pass time of America? When players played for the love of the game and a paycheck second? We all stood and sang the anthem and were truly united as a whole. Now? 😂 Chumps. The almighty dollar has corrupted a once great American tradition. A platform that was used to inspire children to achieve their dreams through education and hard work and morals and ethics has now turned into a platform for political purposes and thuggery. Way to go NFL🤦🏻‍♂️ And you can’t even mirror the game to a bigger screen because like so many now a days they are greedy spoiled selfish little Johnny snowflakes ❄️

- Issues with NFL Network

I used to love the app. The New Update does not seem to allow Verizon customers to watch the NFL Network anymore. When attempting to log into my Verizon account through the NFL app, it does not recognize my account(however I do not use Verizon as a TV provider?) This issue needs to be fixed or addressed. The app should have not been updated if this is the result. I’m very very upset, and if this is something that is new and permanent I will no longer be with Verizon because I don’t need to pay extra to have Verizon anymore to get something that is already standard through cable providers(local and prime time games). The NFL or Verizon need to try and make it right for us, as customers.

- Apple TV NFL app

I am writing this review for the Apple TV App. The new format of the app is glitchy and hardly works consistently. I like the old format better as I felt it was friendlier to navigate. But it also would consistently buffer and just stop streaming or get all pixelated all the time. Needless to say nothing has changed with the new format as far as quality streaming go’s. I do really like the idea of this app, if only they would fix these issues. Ironically this is the only app that acts like this. Even my NHL app has consistent and great streaming. Also of note, I have a very fast modem/router/isp setup so I know that’s not it. Actually my router tells me this app only uses 3-4 Mbps.. and this all is the same for wired or wireless... please fix these issues!!

- False Click Thru on Ads

I've been using this app for years, and I am finally frustrated enough to write a review about the false click thrus on ads that is built into the app. Understandably, the NFL monetizes this app, but it is abhorrent that the developers made it such that you do not have to actually click on an ad for the app to take you from the app to the ad page, without ever clicking thru. Advertisers are getting ripped off because they are paying for clicks when the user is just bouncing right back to the app, because they app took them there without clicking. All you have to do in the app is scroll past it with your finger anywhere near the app when you are scrolling and it will pop open. This is the only app I have had this type of user experience with. I can't imagine how much revenue through this app is falsely attained by this intentional design flaw. If you experience the same issue, please write a review and try to contact Apple App support directly so that, hopefully, we can get them to make the developers of this app correct this fraudulent issue.

- Why

Why can’t they show more of the 49ers games. A lot of the time they will only show one game that’s playing. And later they will give options of 4 games to choose from. They don’t barely let me pick the 49ers game. Like today for the first games only the Browns was available to watch not the 49ers game also. Then at the second round of games they are letting two to be able to pick. The 49ers game get skipped a lot. They should play all them and let us choose which to watch! The 49ers even was in super bowl and still they don’t choose them to watch. Last week it was other games and not the 49ers as an option. It’s frustrating as a fan!

- Better without Verizon!

My last review was when Verizon had exclusive streaming rights, that changed in 2018 where most people are now complaining that Verizon doesn’t have streaming… You must sign in with your TV provider and you get your local area games. Perfect, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Although, it would be great if I could watch any game anywhere across the country. Otherwise, I love how it looks, I love how words on the iPad and my phone and that’s it. Great app.

- Navigation should be better

The stories seem to be serialized with the stories running across the bottom of the screen, which is fine, but getting out of the loop when running in full screen requires one to go to the last story which reads “Close.” Most other video apps have an “X” somewhere on the screen to close. Weird. The main navigation happens on the left side of the screen. That’s broken into a top horizontal scroller listing the main topics and then below that is a vertical scroller that lists the stories. This means that the main categories can’t be seen at a glance. Gamepass is a completely different section of the app, so one has to first get to it. Once one gets there, the navigation becomes specific to it with the horizontal scroller giving access to even more main categories. This is a mess. On it goes with nav. One other odd thing is that when watching two games, the app stated that the video connection was lost. When I reconnected, it started over, not maintaining my place.

- Great but subtitles always on

This is app is great for streaming my team as well as NFL Redzone on game days. I also love being able to stream NFL network whenever I want (I know you need to pay extra for both through the app or cable provider). I had to drop the review to 2 stars because I’ve had the app for 2-3 years now and I’ve never been able to turn off the subtitles/closed captioning. There’s a “CC” in the corner of every video that I can click and it turns white to blue, but the subtitles stay turned on no matter what I do. If someone can help me troubleshoot or just let me know it’s a known issue, that would be great. iPhone X user

- Streaming - It’s a basic functionality - let’s get it fixed!

Streaming on mobile device has not been an issue BUT streaming off of Apple TV (on a network connection in upwards of 700mb/s) is unreliable (Apple TV has the latest update applied). We get 7-10 min of good streaming and then the app will close on its own. Very very frustrating. To make things even more annoying, when the user reopens the app and goes back to viewing the same game, the viewer must ‘guess’ at where they were at minute wise in the game. Viewing the full game a day later is a basic functionality expected of the paid service. Let’s get the basics right.

- Pretty well executed app

... but if you have a NFL account with a “favorite” team, the UI will look like you can change it right in the app, but you can’t (and it doesn’t tell you why). If you edit for NFL account, you can change the favorite team there, but remember to hit save because if you just change in and hit the “back” button, it won’t save your change (again, with no warning that your change will be discarded). Minor stuff, but hopefully they’ll fix that.

- Don’t download till they fix this update!

Absolute garbage since the update. Constantly quits working when I use it from my iPhone and iPad. Closed captions won’t go away no matter how many times I go to the settings. It’s always saying it’s turned off but it still runs the closed captions. Videos load.. maybe. Depends, you basically roll the dice and see if it’ll work or not. Half of the time when I click on one of my banner notifications to go straight to the story it doesn’t even load the app at all. Just a black screen. I get my Game time notifications a week late. Preseason week one scoring updates from my team didn’t come till the following Saturday. This app is garbage.

- App works fine, HATE local coverage

As the heading says, the app works fine, but I HATE that I can only watch what’s on my local tv on my app. If I can watch it on my big screen, why would I want to use the app to watch it? I am military and stationed clear across the country from my home team (my beloved Seahawks) if this app would allow e to see a game that was airing on the west coast I would be much happier. I am irritated that it will only play what is being aired locally on the east coast simply because that’s where I am located. I know their servers have the west coast game but are only allowing people that are physically located on the west coast to view the games. Pretty dang frustrating.

- Notification management doesn’t work

Let say you only want to get notified about scores for game your team of choice is playing in and you got into the app and change the alert settings to have everything off but your team. Well that doesn’t do anything, any time a game playing on a local network is on you will still be set notifications to watch games you don’t care about. The only way to stop is to turn app notifications off completely through the phone, and there goes score updates for your teams game unless you look on your own, the whole reason I got the app was for score update on my team, nothing else and it refuses to do just that

- Terrible update

I loved the app prior to the update. Removing the feature that you can’t see the articles you already read. The check makes were excellent and now they have been removed. The layout is terrible. From my iPhone you can’t even see the full article headline and even worst when you click the article to read it can be a video to watch. The layout is terrible and they should go back to the previous version. It’s a mess and completely unorganized. Very disappointed because the email summary was very glitchy on my iPhone 6 Plus, so I would rely on the app to get all my updates and now the app is just as glitchy and hard to navigate. Bummer!

- Too many unwanted notifications

League specific apps can be nice b/c they can give you more in depth info about teams & the league than a general sports app can. However, I had my notifications set to game start & final scores only for just 2 teams & all others turned off. Yet, I still got all sorts of alerts for completely unrelated things like Monday Night Football (even when those teams weren’t the ones playing) & so many other things. This all started this season (Fall 2018). No problems in previous seasons. It finally got to a point where I just deleted the app. Thanks but no thanks, NFL. I’ll get my scores from ESPN.

- Notification Glitches...

The ONLY notification I have turned on is Game Start, but I continue to get the other types of notifications (Close Game Alert, Watch Live, etc) and some have a tendency to spoil parts of the games for me. I don’t want close game alerts! I watch the games on Game Pass later in the day so I don’t need to know what’s happening in the later quarters. I already deleted and reinstalled the app to log in again and reset the settings; STILL happens... 🤦🏻‍♂️ Also, Game Pass glitches and stops playing often and I end up having to close the app and restart it to pull the game up and get to the spot I was on again.

- This App is terrible!

It seems that every week when I go to watch my team play, - Please connect to the Internet /Internet connection is not available. Even if there is an update it will not work after updating. (Very rare it works) The whole point of this app is so you are abl me to watch football when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi and that is a joke because it never works off WiFi. If you call customer service they say it’s an issue with Verizon call Verizon, then you call Verizon and Verizon says there’s an issue with the app called NFL Mobile... no wonder it’s included now with your plan, it’s garbage!

- Terrible Product and terrible customer service

Mostly my fault for not doing my research, but they let you watch pre-season games live so I assumed I could watch regular season games live as well. You cannot, games are only available after they air. I’m not sure what the point of that is, I already know the result! You also still have to watch commercials even though you paid $100 and are watching after the game aired on live tv. The apps also don’t make any sense in terms of user interaction. And good luck getting a hold of customer service. You have to fill out a ridiculously long form just to send an email. For something this expensive I expected a lot more.

- Gamepass is garbage

The app itself is fine in terms of following the NFL, getting highlights, etc. Gamepass is the real problem. My login is never held, which requires me to log in every time. Condensed games are rarely available, and I can usually watch about 10 minutes of a game before the system blacks out and informs me that my game is “not available in your area”. The whole point of getting this was to watch games not in my area. In tandem, the hide scores feature is a joke. When you do, highlights still appear, which ruins the point of watching a game. In short, if you are using the app for highlights, scores, etc. it’s fine. Gamepass is a complete waste of money.

- Goodbye NFL,

The app itself is ok, nothing great but also not bad. However, since this app is apart of a league that allows its representatives to disrespect America's flag, anthem, and military, then all thing to do with it are 1 star. If players want to use their platform on there own to protest that is their right that men and women have fought and died for. But when in uniform representing their team, city, and league they should not take it upon themselves to be in any sort of protest even if peaceful for if is disrespectful and alienating a large portion of the fan base. The league is allowing this since these players are on he job and are subject to their rules and regulations, Good luck NFL, I've enjoyed many years as a fan, but I'm done.

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Kyle Cudemus-brown

Rolling with the Raiders! Watch #MIAvsLV TONIGHT at 8:15pm ET on NFL Network!

Tinashe Chikoore

@SofaKingMenzi You're genuinely the only person I know who religiously watches the NFL. I'm shocked every single time. What a dead sport

Donny Finkle

I'd really love it if NFL Kickers would suck less

Watch NFL live stream online any where

49ers vs. Cardinals live stream: Score updates, odds, how to 🔴Live📲🖥☛☛ How can I watch 49ers at Cardinals online via live stream? As part of the NFL Holiday Blitz on Prime Video, 49ers-Cardinals is the first NFL game to exclusively stream through

Lance McAlister

Reminder: Washington LB Jon Bostic was fined $12,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on sliding Cowboys QB Andy Dalton. @nfl

year 18

Only problem with nfl is in blowouts you can’t really sit DBs/WRs/OL guys

Todd Sedmak

Rolling with the Dolphins! Watch #MIAvsLV TONIGHT at 8:15pm ET on NFL Network!

cottonheaded ninnymuggins

@AlbertBreer It’s almost as if all these commenters here know more than NFL GMs and coaches about who can do what.

: .

I actually forgot that AB was on an NFL roster until today


Hey @NFL PLEASE don’t let the #NFLFootballNetwork buy the Saturday football games any more...that deprived us 🏈 fans of seeing the 🏈 games that don’t pay for that network...Keep the 🏈 games on @NFLonFOX @SNFonNBC @CBSSports or even @ABCSports ...don’t do this to us next year

Vote Javonte 3rd

Javonte Williams has played his last game in a North Carolina uniform Legend. Can’t wait to watch him in the NFL.


HIGH: Lions have no answer for Evans' 181 yards receiving and 2 TDs, trail 47-7 Buccaneers 47, Lions 7 - 4th - 7:40 (up 4 to 206 roots)

RUWT?! Hot

NFL: Lions have no answer for Evans' 181 yards receiving and 2 TDs, trail 47-7 Buccaneers 47, Lions 7 - 4th - 7:40 (up 4 to 206 roots)

Jake Reiss

@NFL gotta look into this “benching of Minshew and James Robinson” @Trevorlawrencee NY>>>JAX


@NFL this Lions VS Bucs game is cringe worthy... very cringe!!

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