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10BII Calc HD App Description & Overview

What is 10bii calc hd app? 10BII Calc HD is a business calculator featuring over 100 built-in functions for business, finance, mathematics and statistics. Easily calculate loan payments, interest rates, amortization, discounted cash-flow analyses, TVM (loans, savings, and leasing), bonds and depreciation using a simplified algebraic entry system. The keyboard and display have been carefully optimized for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Two keyboard layouts and multiple specialized worksheets allow you to do much more than a 10BII calculator while maintaining compatibility with the standard.

HD version includes:

• 2 for the price of 1! iPad and iPhone versions included- use on both your iPad and iPhone

• HD graphics included for iPad and iPhone retina displays

• iPad version includes full support for slide over and split views.

• New worksheets including interactive graphs.


•Time Value of Money- Loans, savings, leases and amortization schedules using both the standard keyboard and a specialized TVM solver window that displays the contents of all the variables for rapid "what if" solutions to your problems. View and mail amortization tables.

•Interest Conversion- Nominal and effective rates.

•Cash Flows- Net present value, internal rate of return, net future value and net uniform series calculations. Up to 80 cash flows are easily edited and reviewed using the dedicated cash flow editor screen. Entries are added, deleted and modified in a scrolling display with a touch interface unique to the iPhone.

•Business Percentages- Percent change, markup, and margin calculations.

•Statistics- Mean, standard deviation, correlation coefficient, and linear regression forecasting, weighted mean. Sample editor and plotter, forecasting using linear, log, exp or power fit.

•Conversions- 47 world currency rates and over 100 commonly used metric, english and other conversion factors used in financial, business, scientific and engineering calculations.

•Scientific- sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan plus the hyperbolic trig functions, conversion between rectangular and polar coordinates, conversion between degrees and radians, time functions including h.ms+ and h.ms-, log, ln, 10^x, e^x, y^x, x root of y, fraction part and integer part. Trig functions can be computed in radians, degrees or gradians.

Auto Purchase
Cash Flow Analysis
Interest Conversion
Loan Amortization
Margin & Markup

Many of the worksheets include interactive graphs.

•Audit tape records all calculations. Tape can be mailed, texted or printed.

Discover how to use any function on the keyboard by touching the ? key then the key you want to learn about. Help screens are available for all worksheets.

Quote from a customer:

"Last week I had a meeting with my accountants and my bankers. We were working on the pro forma balance sheets and cash flows for a new project I'm working on.

They were all asking why I had switched to the iPhone for I used to be a die hard "brandX phone" fan. I said that one could do so much more. They said "yea...sure" (they were all using "brandX phones") until I started using your calculator. We were analyzing different payment and amortization schedules. They were so impressed by how easily we could figure out the amount of interest, principal and remaining loan balance for any certain period or combination of periods that in the end they were saying "I have to get me one of those".

 Great product. Thanks."

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App Name 10BII Calc HD
Category Finance
Updated 14 October 2021, Thursday
File Size 4.13 MB

10BII Calc HD Comments & Reviews 2024

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10bll Calculator. I have the calculator and the app I find myself using the app more often than the calculator do to the fact I almost always have my phone accessible. I find receiving updates and new ideas via the app extremely valuable given the pace of change in technology these days.

Perfect App for CFP Financial Planners. I’ve had this app for several years and purchased on multiple devices. I use it everyday for business and personal purposes. I recommend anyone looking for a financial calculator for their devices to use this app.

Figure house payments, short term loans etc.. For years in the car business I owned the hand held version of this calculator by HP that sold for over $100 and depended on it daily. Now I’m in the furniture business and was thrilled to find the app for such a reasonable price and still depend on it nearly daily. The layout is identical to what my handheld . When someone says “ what would my payments be on x amount of money …., I can figure it to the penny ( depending on 30,31, or 45 days to first payment ). I’m sure it does many other things but this is how I use it.

Best calculator. I have used this for a few years now. It has replaced my other physical business calculator. This has to be the best calculator I have ever had. So convenient and reliable. Never had any issues. Thank you for making such a good app.

This creator is a BOSS!!!. Man I have leaned into the 10B II since finance school and have never endeavored to use a different set of keystrokes. The guy who makes this occasionally and I mean like 5 years apart has to sell a new $4 version or whatever the price may be. But the app has actual support and if apple updates to some new software this guy doesn’t leave you hanging. I can’t imagine the dude makes $24k a year off this app… this has to be a mission of mercy like the smart kid who TA’s for free at math class. Honestly super nice guy, wish I could recall his name but he replies to emails. I endeavor to be more like this human, hats off to you. Thank you for the YEARS of faithful service and support. You are the App Store calculator O.G.!

Awesome!!. I am a Banker /Commercial Loan Officer and use this app almost everyday! Works great! Only improvement I would recommend is to offer the app for iPad’s as it does not rotate or fill the entire screen in landscape mode. Other than that, works flawless and does everything I need it to. Thanks!!

This is my go to calculator. Ever since taking the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) exam in 2012, this has been my go to calculator. I use it every day for future value, present value, and retirement income calculations. It is more versatile than Excel because I can solve easier for any part of the equation, like how long an account will last at a given distribution amount and given interest rate. Also, it is so much handier having it on my phone rather than lugging around an actual calculator. Love this app!!

Excellent app. Update June 2021- updated again. Still a great app. Update: April 2, 2019- just updated. Still the best HP app out there. Developer support has been great over the many years I’ve used this. Highly recommended. Update: Oct. 3, 2017- Another great app. I strayed recently, trying other HP Finance Calc apps. This is still the best... by far. Update: March 28, 2017- Great app before, and following recent update. I've downloaded several financial calculator apps. Ernest Brock's HP-inspired apps are the best. I highly recommend Original Review Best financial calc app for any device that I've ever had. Printing option could be a little more reliable, but even without the printing option this app deserves 5 stars. Updated: been using the app for several years now, and still very happy with it. Recently had a problem, app developer responded within an hour correcting the issue.

Great app. If you like to budget your finances, if you ever shop for cars, purchase a home or want to project 401K earnings, or even exchanging currencies, this app is perfect for you. The time value money calculations on this app are simple and fast. I use it for nearly everything I do. Years later I still love this app and use it weekly.

President. Because I use my calculator in my business daily, I once had to personally carry the HP10b ii in my coat pocket, as well as have a few around my house in case I get a business call. I down loaded this HP10b ii to my iPhone a few years back. Now all my hand held calculators are gathering dust because I no longer need to carry one, nor have a calculator in every room. Well worth the $5.99 price.

Simply the Best. I’ve bought and used other calculators. None compare with 10BII. Financial and statistical functions are straight forward and easy to use. Tech support is also excellent. I had one problem with an earlier version. I communicated the matter to the developer, Ernie Brock, and the problem was fixed within hours. This is simply the best.

The Best...don't waste your time with others. I work in Finance & Real Estate. This is the only calculator that has been and has stayed on my phone since the App Store began. I've tried them all, don’t waste your time with others. This is the one I use 98% of the time. 17BII is the one I use the other 2% because of the solver function. The rest I deleted over time. Ernie's Calculators are simply the best and most functional of all.

Better than the actual HP calculator. I have used the HP calculator for years, but finally switched to this App. One of the great features of the App version is the content of the registers at available at a glance. Also the app writer is constantly improving it with updates. Warning: Once you try the App version you won’t go back.

Just purchased. So far so good, but.... The layout of the keys is going to take some getting used to. I understand it is supposed to mimic the 10bii, but I never liked their layout either. The blue/violet sub keys look like they should go with the button below, not the button above. Also, the icon is clean, which is nice, but a bit bright. Since I use a fin calculator a lot and keep it on my main page, the icon was a deciding factor in my purchase. My biggest concern is that the developer keeps updating the app. Out of the available calcs I considered, this one had the longest gap since its last update. The last 10bii I bought stopped being supported and no longer worked with ios 13. Hopefully, I never run into that issue again with any app I paid for.

Indispensable!. I purchased the hand-held version of the TI B10 business calculator in 1988, to use as I earned my MBA. Wore out keys on two of them before the APP was available. This is the perfect calculator. The ease of time-value of money issues is excellent. I’ve used it to refinance homes, buy a new home, buy cars, calculate savings and IRAs. I love it! For 35 years now!

Off the chain!. Had this Calc for years, use it daily. The developer continuously makes updates to make important improvements, and responds quickly to inquiries. Won’t ever leave! Thanks 😊 so much for the best 10bII app and developer in the App Store.

I continue to use this calculator every day.... I just updated to the iOS 15 version. This calculator keeps getting better and better. I use it every day in my tax business as well as personal life. The built in spreadsheets are a life saver. Been using it since the first version was released. No better iPad calculator exists. The author provides excellent support. This is an outstanding product. Still the best iOS calculator available. Nothing else even comes close. Everyone should try this calculator

It works, just that simple.. When you buy a calculator app you want it to work with no surprises. This one does. Works and acts just the physical version I used in college. Plus, there are no batteries to change. LOL!!! Car salesmen hate this thing. It keeps them honest.

The best iOS calculator I’ve used. I’ve been using this calculator app for years, almost from when it first appeared in the app store. I’ve tried others, but always come back to the 10bII HD. I like the realistic interface and with the financial, math and conversion modes, I have all the functions I need. I would highly recommend this app.

Great calculator. I’ve been using this calculator for my finance calculations for years. It is my go to calculator for all my complex real estate investment calculations when I’m not in front of my computer. The fact that it’s on my phone makes it easier.

This calculator is addictive!. As a person who loves to calculate financial options and “what if” scenarios, this calculator is my dream. I use it daily and my wife makes fun of me. She just doesn’t understand. However, my grandson also loves calculators. Soon, I will introduce him to this one. 😁

Excellent calculator. This has been a very worthy purchase. All through school and my professional career I have used only HP calculators. Once I got more involved with the business side of things instead of engineering issues, the HP 10B, and later the 17BII became a constant companion. Having an app on my iPhone that so closely emulates the 17BII is amazing. I use this app every day.

The only calculator I use. I’ve spent a couple hundred on financial calculators over the years. This one I paid for once and have continued using it through two phone upgrades. I’m the go to guy in the office for financial calculations or just basic math and this is what I use. It is the only one I will use. Thanks team and keep up the great work! Update*** because I don’t remember how long it’s been since the last one. I still can’t go through my life without this calculator! I use it in business, personal finance, and even flight planning calculations. This is an everyday use usually multiple times per day. Thank you for making a great calculator and continuous updates.

Works Perfect!. Used the 10BII since college and 25+ years later I still use it daily thanks to this app. Been using the app for years and it is a solid upgrade from the actual HP calculator. Emailing the tape after a calculation is very useful. Does everything you need/expect and more!

Great HP App. I’ve been in the mortgage business for over 28 years and have used multiple HP business calculators. With this great app, I no longer have to carry a separate HP calculator which is great because I travel a lot for business. I recommend it to everyone I see still carrying a separate calculator.

Great App... and Superb Support. In a world where everyone is trying to squeeze another dollar from you for their updates or new versions, this developer is living up to his commitment, fully supporting the app once it's purchased. This is a great tool and my go to calculator any tine I need it. It works great for simple calculations as well as modeling complex loans and investments.

Making a great product even better!. Feel just like my old standalone but much much more. Especially the tape function. Never have to re-input data, just look at the tape. Thanks for being there year after year with improvements. Highly recommend!

No need to have one in every room.. I used to have to have a financial calculator in every room. At the slightest sign of trouble, I would stop, drop, and roll, pull open the drawer and be ready to calculate, present value, and have amortization schedules. But now I don’t have to do that! It’s on my iPhone.

My favorite calculator. As an appraiser, I need to calculate mortgage payments, rates of return, and present value. This app has been flawless for several years. Haptic key click enables fast entry without error. There is a tape that allows verifying a long sequence was entered correctly. Worksheet templates make common calculations fast.

Excellent Product. This product is well worth the investment. It has paid for itself many times over due to the ease of use and excellent attention to detail in building the product. I just hope that the developer continues upgrading the software like they have been doing for the past 7 years. I’m a finance professional and I like this app more than excel because of it’s convenience. It is an excellent product.

Front screen app!. The front screen of your phone is the most valuable real estate and this app has been on my front screen since purchased years ago. Excellent interpretation of the physical calculator, always kept up to date by the developer, and just simply works! If you have any hands on experience with the 10BII, you will not be disappointed.

Everything You Need It to Be. Using this app for a couple years now. It’s become my go to, even over the actual 10b on the desk. Expanded features and worksheets are very helpful. Excellent interface in dark or light mode. Keep this one and toss the other.

Love this program. I use this virtually everyday. This is so much more than just a replica of a Calculator. What I like are the worksheets that are included that make data entry much easier if you forgotten what to call certain inputs. This is a well-designed program, that should be on everyone's phone, which will help you with all sorts of financial calculations. Encourage your non-financially adept kids to start using a financial calculator. Bonus: the currency converter is v handy for Euro and Can travel, as is the Imperial to metric conversions. Lovely toolkit of useful functions. If my phone accidentally purged every app, this is the first I would download.

Works just like my actual HP Calculator!. Being able to obtain accurate, reliable Results for time value of money calculations is a huge time saver. Having it all at my fingertips on my iPhone is priceless! By far the easiest, best financial calculator app available, especially for graduate students, bankers, real estate and investment professionals. Don’t hesitate downloading, you won’t regret it !!

Great financial calculator, the best!. I use this calculator everyday. I am in a business that requires me to do financial analysis of businesses and Real Estate. I love this calculator. Better than HP 10B II stand alone. Work sheets and tape are very useful. I have been using this calculator for about 7 years now. Thank you for a great product and for the very important updates to keep it top notch.

Must have for any Realtor. Love my 10bII calculator. Works just like the other one but so much more convenient. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been able to help buyers calculate estimated payments. I’ve also used the currency conversion when traveling overseas. The developers are constantly making updates and improving usefulness of the app. - Great app, highly recommend. If you are a Realtor this is a must have app. Easy amortization calculations on the spot for buyer or sellers.

Great Financial Calculator. I've been underwriting mortgages longer than I'd care to admit. I've used this calculator for many years; long before there was an app. This app is spot on to the real deal. I still use the real one, but this app is my go to when I don't have it with me; allowing me to keep working. Worth every penny!

Longtime User. I have used this calculator for over 20 years first as a handheld and then on both my iPad and Droid phone. As an Engineer and later Financial Advisor I’ve used most functions it offers and am very satisfied with it. When I took the CFP test 14 years ago (10 hours under strict monitoring) I brought two with me to make sure I had backup. Didn’t think I ever need it (and didn’t) but I wouldn’t take a chance.

Mortgage Banker Review. This is a huge bargain. I’ve used it for 5 or more years. I’ve been in mortgage banking since 1983 and have owned every financial calculator made by HP. The ever popular 12c, however underpowered compared to the 10 BII still sell for over $80. The 10 BII over $30. This app is smooth, blinding fast and more convenient to carry. On my iPad the running tape feature is great for simple things like checkbook registers. I give this app a 10. Or whatever the highest rating is! Gary S

Deserves ZERO STAR. If anyone out there to try the app, forget about getting a refund. I have mistakenly bought multiple calculator and for my school i only needed the one from TA. I have asked for return/refund on this, the same day of installation, i got a straight NO, even when the other purchase was made through same seller/developer, can you even imagine? This was my worst purchase ever, i will not recommend this, as you will not get any support after you buy it. Thats it, money gone to drain!

Best HP calc simulator out there. Do not hesitate to pay for this app, you won’t be sorry. Since discovering the HP 10B II years ago, I have one in my office, one at work, one in my upstairs “finance” room — and I have one as a backup. I’m a Type A, sorry. I find I use this one more often than any others for several reasons. It’s absolutely accurate in look, feel and calculations. Add to that, it includes built-in help and examples when I forget a particular formula, no need to carry any of my HP workbooks. It’s been awesome, totally worth the money I paid, you won’t regret it.

Best ever. Developers who fail to make timely updates as Apple moves forward will decline and eventually go out of businesses. Thanks for staying current your calculator is a vital financial tool for people who want to retain control of their assets and to make the right financial decisions

Great App. Been using this app for 5+ years and have found it a fantastic tool for about anything involving mathematical calculations, particularly financial ones. Just about every time I’ve gotten the least bit confused, there’s ample help internally to solve the issue. Wish all apps were this proficient.

Perfect for CFP exam. I bought this app almost 5 years ago to help me study for the CFP exam. While you cannot bring your phone into the actual exam I found this app to be very helpful when studying. It is a great display, very easy to look at. I found this app far easier to use than my HP 10 Bii + financial calculator.

The Best Calculator Out There. I’ve been using Ernie’s calculator since it became available for my iPod touch years ago. I’m now using it on my iPad Air…..its by far the best and most accurate 10BII calculator in the App store. A July 2022 update to my original review. Its still the best 10BII calculator out there. Responsive Customer Service if you need it and updates when appropriate

Tried and True.. I have been using this app successfully for 9-10 years. It does exactly what I expect an accounting app to do, and it does it well. I use it regularly, for a number of different tasks, and I recommend it without reservation.

Powerful, easy to use, finely created. This is a great financial calculator that is very easy to use on the iPhone and iPad. In the iPad the notepad helps you to see the previous operations and it's results. If you are explaining something that requires multiple operations this feature is very powerful. There lots of useful features in this fine product. I'm very happy with it and I highly recommended it.

Long time happy user. I have used this wonderful app for many years now. I’m an engineer private practice, and everything I need is right here. The alternate calculators are perfect. Rarely needed now, but if I get stuck, the instructions are right there.

Best Calculator For Business. Hands down, this is my favorite financial calculator while it also serves the purpose for so many other standard calculator uses and functions. This is a must have piece of software and should be used by my many as their "go to" calculator.

Really Excellent. I’ve been using this app since I had an iPhone 4, I think, and I use it everyday. I have a physical HP 19BII that I don’t use, because this is so much better. The layout is a 10b, except with a backlit keyboard and very clear colors to designate functions. Ernest Brock keeps this bug free and always accurate with my numbers. This is a really good job, and a good addition to your phone. I’ve used it for student loans, credit calculations, mortgage, and all the money stuff life has tossed at me—- and it’s always working well.

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Love this calculator. My favourite calc for last few years, keep the updates coming

Craig. By far the best financial calculator available

Awesome App. I have been a finance broker and now help people to buy investment properties which has meant that I have found this app to be super useful. Thank you Ernie. David 👍🏻

Better than the original HP calculator it was based on. Fantastic product. I have owned many of the HP calculators all the way back to a HP35. This a natural evolution from that great heritage.

Just like the physical version. I have used the real life version of this calculator for 20 years and this app is exactly the same. And much cheaper than the real one.

Great Financial App. Awesome financial app including a 10BII calculator. Would like to see other stock exchanges such as ASX share codes reflected in the "ratios" section in future updates.

Review. It’s the best calculator I’ve ever used.

Perfect app. Love this calculator. Couldn’t live without it.

Financial Calculators. This is on of the best it makes you more independent when dealing with financial people.

Works exactly like the real HP10b2+. Great app, I wouldn’t be without it.

Absolutely fantastic!!. It’s a must have. I have been using this app every day over the years and have throughly enjoyed using it.

Excellent calculator!. Have been using it for a while and does a brilliant job.

Great Fin Calc. Works great and great functionality. As a finance broker this app is my go to

love this app. I keep a 10b in my car, office and home but to have this app means I’m always able to quote someone as long as I have my phone. Regards, Mark

Best Calc. I have used HP finance calcs for over 25 years and this app is as good as the hardware version

Better than my HP10b!. Fantastic app; better than the real thing. All I miss is a copy function (maybe it’s there… I should check the help 😜. The comprehensive help would benefit from a search function 😎).

A must have. I have been a mortgage broker for over 12 years. I use to have the hp calculator. When it died, I paid a small fee to have this awesome app. I use it daily. It is as important as my phone itself. Highly recommend. Thank you for continually updating for free. It means a lot 😄

Best Finance Calculator for Brokers. I have been using this calculator since 2007. This is the best calculator for mortgage broker

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The Best Financial Calculator on the AppStore. I have been using this App for almost 10 years and it keeps getting better and better.

My one and only. I wouldn't use another app!

Excellent. This is a great calculator - I use it for my CRE brokerage business and it does everything I need and more. I love the interface and how it resembles my original calculator.

Best Calculator Out There. This calculator is reliable, best one in the App Store.

This one is perfect. It works right and looks right and I’m glad someone put the effort in to do this

Just Like the Physical Calculator. This is exactly the same as the physical calculator and I find myself using it more than the calculator in my briefcase. The latest updates for iOS 11 are great and I have found no issues so far. Great product!

Having some issues. I’m doing a mortgage course and some of the calculations doesn’t match with the tutor, pressing exact same buttons(entering exact information) but different results How can I fix this or return it?

Amazing App!!. This App is fantastic!! After playing around with it a little it did not take long to figure out the features. Probably one of the most functional apps I have download to date. Best part is, NO ads! The creators did a job well done.

Capable, easy to use. This is my go to app for mortgage and loans calculations, and it has many more features. East to use and accurate! Thanks to the developer!!

The best business calculator ever. Easy to use full function, plus HO calculator.

Worth every penny. I don't usually write reviews unless I feel cheated by some developer who misguides you into buying their app only to find out you can't use it. I have to say this app is a MUST for anyone in finance. I bought a $75 calculator and then found this app. THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. In fact this calculator actually does more. I am in Real Estate and I have to say this app will be used in every deal and every negotiation I do. Thanks to the developers for doing such a great job and please keep the updates coming! Do yourself a favour if you are thinking about making this purchase. Just get it... You won't be disappointed.

Great Calculator.. This calculator works well and simulates the HP handheld. Very convenient because it’s on all your electronic devices.

Great calculator except for the look .... I love the “mechanics” of the calculator (the calculator itself I mean) except for the look. If the main characters could be a bit bigger or bold and the second and third functions with lower sizes, perhaps it could be more clear (my point of view).

Doesn’t work with iOS 11. Update the app!!!

Highly recommend. Great software

Excellent App!!. This is an awesome calculator that any mortgage broker or real estate agent must have for their convenience instead of carrying the real one!

Excellent calculator. Started using the HPII when I was in university 20 years ago. When this app came out I immediately bought it (~8 yrs ago). Well worth the money and at a fraction of the cost to buy the original off the shelf. AND the app has a few more features.

Amazing app. I am using it daily for 18 years now. The financial settings and the conversion table are my main usage. I also often use the « tape » option to look backward to my past calculations. It has always works great and is constantly updated. Thanks you!

The Best. Handles all regular, scientific, financial, statistical and unit conversion calculations quickly and accurately. Complete with detailed instructions on how to use. Updated regularly at no cost. Very highly recommended.

Love it!. I’m using an HP 10B since university 25 years ago and it works like a real one!

Calculator. Great value. Multifunctional and easy to use. A mainstay in my work in the investment business.Best.

Phone calculator App. Fantastic tool which I use all the time!

Best calculator. Best calculator on the market! Nice layout. Easy to use.

10b11 app is great and really convenient. Great app when you don’t have your financial calc on hand!

Great App, Great Support. I am a financial advisor on the go all the time. It's great to have this app wherever I am because I don't always carry my calculator... But I do always have my iPhone! Also, the support is fantastic. Great job!

Great calculator! Easy to Use!. Got this as a requirement of a course instead of buying a separate calculator. I wasn’t sure about it at first but thought I would try it. I love it and am happy I chose this option!

Best finance calculator I've found. Just a quick update that support and operationally this app is still the best I've found for quick financial calculations. I work with this app daily as a financial planner and analyst. Great support from the developer and well worth the money. Be sure to dig into the worksheet functions. These help me explain things to clients far easier and gives you all the power you need for most loan and TVM calculations.

Best calculator app! 10/10. I used the previous app, the 'Calc 10IIB', and used it everyday in advising for mortgages and amortization calculations. During my off time, currency conversions for travel, and unit conversions were also very useful. Glad to have upgraded to be compatible with the new OS7. Great app with lots new features and save capabilities - it's no longer a calculator it's a lot more.

Best business calculator ever. Love it. Simple reliable and powerful

Perfect convenience. I am very happy with this app. As a mortgage broker I need this tool everyday. The actual calculator costs more than $40. This one I can have with me everywhere and can share between my iPhone and iPad. Without a doubt worth the money.

Great app worth the cost.. I use this app daily and in particular appreciate the dedicated screens for TVM and conversion calculations. - Hanif

great app!!. this is even better than the real thing! comes with a bunch of spreadsheet like templates - loan amortization, lease calculator and more. also has a currency conversion with currency rates that update with a click. keep track of your work with accounting tape or send the results by email.

Beautiful, Dependable Calculator. The only calculator I need to use. Love the financial functions. With it being a perfect virtual replica of the HP10BII calculator, those familiar with that calculator have no learning curve. Beautiful interface. Like using algebraic mode so it works with the same order of precedence for math operations as is the case for actual math equations. I feel guilty that I’ve only paid a minuscule amount once and gotten so much use from it over time! Thanks to the developer for keeping it up to date despite all the iOS updates. (Note to developer: why not have a “donation” option?). I use it on all my Apple devices.

Excellent. Much better on the slightly larger screen of iPhone 6.

TI-bII replacement. Completely replaces the need to carry a business calculator. Fantastic app/calculator

Remarkable!!!. Thanks for this update. I use the calculator all day every day in the mortgage business and wouldn’t be caught using anything other APP. Don’t remember the year of my original install but it’s been years. Thx!

Great app. As a realtor, this app is perfect. Easy to use. In fact, I prefer the app over the actual calculator. Great job guys! 💜

Excellent. I’m happy , getting updates without cost.

Trustworthy financial tool.. This author makes great financial calculators. The 10bll is efficient and a joy to use. The tape feature is a nice touch. The worksheets are visually pleasing and make illustrating financial problems a breeze. The developer is very responsive to questions and provides detailed illustration. Thank you for the work you put into this very useful calculator.

A great calculator for real estate!. As a Broker, I use this constantly!

Finally!. Finally updated the app!!

Canadian Mortgage. I’ve been using this app for many years. Wish it could make calculating Canadian mortgages simpler., otherwise zero complaints. Frank in Vancouver, CANADA

10bll. Great App. Use it all the time.

Worth it!. I have bought a couple of apps from this guy and really like the attention to detail in his apps: they are elegant and well-executed. Some issues with third-party data but he is working on it and is prompt to respond. I look forward to an HP 17 and 19 BII version; some more menus to include the venture capital method, Private equity related equations, and multiple step (5) ROE would be just the start of my wishlist! I fully support his efforts and if I can squeeze in another request: a valuation app! UPDATE: need solver! Maybe time for a 17/19B II version?

HBII HD. Even better than the actual calculator, which I have. I use this App daily and would be lost without it.

Five stars. It’s a nice calculator, I’m using it every day

So handy. This is such a super handy calculator app...basically its the actual calculator but on your iPad/iPhone. Works perfectly. And no more searching for my calculator anymore!

Comments. Great Machine to work with;

Fjfnfnfnf. She

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Awesome Calculator app. I have used this app for many years and it gets used multiple times daily. I can’t speak highly enough about this.

best calculator!!!!. I have had this calculator since it was first released and have never found one better. Developer has continued to update it over the years keeping it leading the pack. Fantastic!!! Thank you!!!

Better than the original 10 b II.... I love this calculator and the advancements it’s made over the last seven years. Having currency and other conversions is very helpful. I strongly recommend it.

Great app!. I use this all the time in my business. I used to use the original HP calculator, but this is so much better especially being able to see a “tape” of your inputs and check for errors. And with updates it continues to improve all the time.

Great App. This is a great app. Does everything my 10B does and there are other features that I'm still learning. Very happy with it and use it frequently - allows me to keep my 10B at the office. The new features are great.

10BII Calc. This became my true friend when I was studying for my CFP exam years ago, it was reassuring to find yes app so I could take it along in my travels. Having a separate calculator is just one more item to carry. Thank for this available, must item for me.

Love this calculator. Boots up quickly & works very effectively Easy to use. You can quickly make changes w/o losing entire formula I have used this calculator for 15+ yrs. Does all the financials I need

Dependable and versatile. Have been using since I stopped carrying a HP 12c. Haven’t had a problem over these last 7 years. Updates are timely. Best of all, I always have it with me! Things are still the same despite Covid-19. Great app

Great. Use this everyday as an analyst for a commercial bank, much cheaper than the actual calculator itself and with more features. Highly recommended.

Nice 10b2 calculator. I’ve been using this calculator for some time. Generally I use it for investment calculations but I also use it for other simple calculations. I’ve been happy with this tool, hopefully others find it good also.

Great HP 10bII Emulator. I used to use the actual 10bII calculator for many years in my job, and couldn’t live without it. I stopped carrying it when I found this app which is virtually identical to the original. I highly recommend this app!

Fantastic Calculator!. I love having the 10bII available to me all times. It performs beautifully and couldn’t be more convenient. I get to numbers I need to make a decisions or solve problems within seconds. That’s worth every penny and then some.

Best calculator!. I use this calculator in my business everyday! I use it to calculate initial deposit, total down payment or monthly mortgage payments. As a Real Estate Agent this is a must have tool to run my business! Reid

Fantastic Calculator. Best financial calculator I’ve used on the App Store. Easy to use and has a nice look. It also offers some great features. I am an underwriter for a bank and I use this calculator daily. Highly recommend!

My Favorite Financial Calculator. I learned to use a 10B years ago in a financing course, so I went to find an app since I always have my phone. This one has been amazing. It goes far and above the hp. Years later, I’m still using this app all the times.

Calculator. Highly recommended, Great product, I use this app on my iPhone instead of carrying around the actual calculator that I’ve had for years. App works like a charm. I bought the bundle and can’t be happier!

Much Easier Than Old Calculator. This app makes it so much easier to see what you have entered already, which helps ensure your final calculations are accurate. Much easier than the old school style calculator! There’s another app that provides full amortisation schedules, which I haven’t been able to produce on this one yet.

Great Product. Such a bonus to have the power of the 10bII in your pocket whenever you need it. I use it in my work daily and often for personal use.

My Go-To Calculator. I have bought 4 cars and my most recent home using this calculator. Knowing how to calculate a car payment in front of a car salesperson is a great leverage tool. Very happy with this app.

Simply the best .... Simply the best financial (+) calculator out there. Beautiful design and, unlike so many once great apps, the creator resists the urge to constantly change the appearance in the name of “improvements.” Don’t change it—it’s perfect! And thank you!

Love it!. Absolutely love this app. Replaced my old HP 17B which was chewing thru expensive batteries, and use it just about every day. Sept 2022 update - as a financial guy, I’m still using this app almost daily. Recommended…

Great companion to 12C app. I bought the combo package of this 10b app with the 12c app. I use the 12c daily and I’m stepping up my use & comfort with the 10b over time. I love the bonus functionality like “worksheets” and in-app help. The package price for both is a bargain. Thanks!

Superb calculator. I love this calculator and use it all of the time. I love that you can take it to different steps and see the amortization tables and schedules. So much better than the regular calculator. This app is in a class by itself. Worth every single penny spent.

Better than the original. Does everything the original hand-held did and more

Amazing App. I have been working with this App for years. Very stable, several updates, great user interface. I highly recommend this application.

Great virtual calculator!. Again, this runs way ahead of the others. It matches the original AND gives the user lessons and templates from which to master certain calculations. Students take note.

Great app. This does everything exactly the way the HP machine does it - keystrokes and screen. And it also adds the back screens for easier calculations of TVM. I work in and teach real estate finance and use this, as well as recommend it to my students. Great app! Thank you.

#1 for 10BII. Read the other reviews and make your decision with confidence. The developer has emulated several top tier calculators and incorporated additional utility in an accurate and appealing design which calculate faster than those from other competitors. Buy with confidence and enjoy.

Excellent App. I have been using this app for many years. It is so convenient to have a financial calculator on my iphone. The developer of this app updates whenever they need, so I have never had trouble to use it.

Finally!. Have been waiting for a while for the currency conversion feature to be fixed. I use this app multiple times a day and find it to be excellent

The best!. Without a doubt this is the best business calculator app. I have used it for a few years and I really appreciate the author keeping it up-to-date and continually adding new features.

The best calculator for the wise Salesman. I love this perfect enhancement of the hp 10 BII all features are there plus currencies and other converts extremely easy and simple to use Again my preferred calculator on the iPhone since many years

Simply Perfection. I use this app every day. The HP 10B has always been my go to... I have four stuck in the drawer, this app is simply perfection, in function and form. It is my most used and capable App!

GREAT HP calculator app. I have been using this since the very beginning. I am a Professor of Finance. This is an outstanding app. I recommend it to all of my students. You should buy this app. This app continues to be outstanding. Get this app and move on ;)

Saves Carrying a Calculator. Get this app! I’m very pleased with this App and use it all the time. For my purposes it is as functional as the standalone and I don’t have to keep up with another device. The updates in new releases are timely and effective.

My go to calculator. I originally got this calculator when I was doing my MBA. As it turns out, I don’t need a financial calculator as often as I thought I would. However, this is still my go to calculator. This is an excellent app with frequent updates. Strongly recommend.

From everyday budgeting to getting my MBA.. This calculator has excellent guides available to support the various functions. The software is awesome for everyday use and proved itself when getting my MBA.

Great hp10bii emulator. I’m a Finance guy and I use the app alongside my hp10bii everyday. I find them interchangeable. If you like the hp calculator and want to have the convenance of having it on your phone or ipad this is a good choice at a reasonable price.

Excellent calculator and then some!!!. Easy to use with exceptional spreadsheets. While I wanted the app for basic PV calculations, the more I explore the features, the more impressed with this valuable tool. As a banker, I always carried my 17b. This app is far superior than the HP calculator and it is always with me!!! 5 stars!!!!

Works well, and is kept up to date regularly. Great app, easy to use, and has a basic calculator function in addition to the special business features. The tape helps to reduce input mistakes & keeps track of long calculations.

Best Tool for CCIM’s. I use this app every day. This is the gold standard for analyzing my own investments and my clients investments. Quick and easy time value of money calculations as well as amortization tables and separating the bad news from the good news.

Best App I own. Even better than the physical 10bII. The Developer Earnie constantly is improving the app which always works flawlessly. He responds to emails quickly. I have had this app for years on both my iPhone and iPad. It’s terrific.

Great financial calculator. Has all the functions of the hand held version but it’s on your phone. I’ve used this since it first came out and it never fails me.

10bII HP. My commercial real estate professional association loves this HP calculator and it's indispensable to me. With IOS app, it's always with me and access it several times a week while on the go. Thanks for keeping it updated!

A must for CFP students and Financial Planners!. Great to always have with you on your phone! Exact replica of HP's 10BII. Shows time value entries on the screen so you don't lose track while entering data. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner I use this calculator with clients daily.

The BEST new HP-style calculator out there!. I have been using this calculator for years. It is well worth the small investment. Graphics are top-notch. It is very easy to use. The developer has done a great job over the years of adapting it for new versions of iOS. Highly recommended.

Excellent!. So convenient and works just like my original. Wouldn’t be without it. Love the tape feature. Very useful!! One of the best purchases I’ve made. Use it everyday!

Best Calculator on the market right now. I love it. been using it for years. It's got everything you ever needed or wanted in a calculator that is for financial purposes. Highly recommended for individual and corporate user.

Awesome app have been using for years. Being a finance minded person this app is great for every day use. From calculating investment performance to loan payments and amortization it has it all. Thank you!!

Awesome HP 10b calculator on your phone. My mid 1990’s HP 10b still works and is sitting on my desk now. I rarely use it, because this APP works well. It works exactly like my calculator and is always with me. I use it numerous times a week for simple math, loan calculation, and PV / FV. This APP is truly awesome!!

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10BII Calc HD 3.5 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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10bii calc hd ipad images 3
10bii calc hd ipad images 4

10BII Calc HD 3.5 Apps Screenshots & Images

10BII Calc HD iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $5.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.5
Play Store com.ErnestBrock.Calc10BIIHD
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

10BII Calc HD (Versiyon 3.5) Install & Download

The application 10BII Calc HD was published in the category Finance on 20 September 2010, Monday and was developed by Ernest Brock [Developer ID: 289555912]. This program file size is 4.13 MB. This app has been rated by 2,450 users and has a rating of 4.9 out of 5. 10BII Calc HD - Finance app posted on 14 October 2021, Thursday current version is 3.5 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.ErnestBrock.Calc10BIIHD. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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10BII Calc HD App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Updated for iOS15 • Added dark mode • Added keyboard input for iPad • Added layout direction to Settings (iPad) • Fixed save/load of named worksheets

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