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GraphNCalc83 is a modern version of the classic graphing calculator. The familiar calculator keyboard, arrow keys and functions are enhanced with full touch input for all graphs, editors and menus. Trace graphs with your finger. Zoom in and out with a pinch. Explore regressions with a tap on the screen. Scroll through the list, matrix and calculation history with a swipe. Tap the ? key for help. Written in objective-C using LAPACK, BLAS, vDSP and the latest 64 bit math libraries, GraphNCalc83 harnesses the amazing computing resources of the iPhone and iPad to provide a colorful, fast and fluid experience. Graphs scroll, glide and zoom smoothly. Matrix, statistics and BASIC programs run 500x times faster than traditional calculators.

GraphNCalc83 includes:

Algebraic entry: Enter problems using full algebraic notation. The command line editor includes interactive parenthesis matching and high lighting, undo and redo, bubble function help and a 200 level calculation history and recall stack. Generate a PDF report of calculations for mailing or printing using the SEND function.

Math functions: Trigonometry, logarithms, function minimum, maximum, numeric integration and derivatives, general solver, real and imaginary numbers, combination, permutation, random number generation, normal, T, chi squared, Fisher, poisson and geometric distributions, binary shift and rotate, test and logic operations, list operations including sort, std. deviation, sum, sequence, matrix determinant, transpose, sum, ref, rref, addition, multiplication.

Graph functions, parametric and polar equations and statistics plots: Full color graphs with touch to trace, pinch zoom, function minimum, maximum, intersections, asymptotes and numeric integration. All graphs can be output as a high resolution PDF file for mailing or printing. Interactively explore function behavior using variables tied to slider bars.

Statistics, Inferential Statistics and Distributions: A set of inferential statistics worksheets and graphs of distributions are included. The regression analysis screen allows you to quickly compute, view and analyze a data set using a variety of curve fitting methods.

Table: Analyze functions using the table viewer. Use the split screen mode to simultaneously view a graph and table.

Matrix and Lists: Matrix and list editors and a full set of matrix and list operations are built in.

Unit Converter and Constants: Convert between a wide variety of scientific, engineering and common units. A large set of physical constants are also included.

BASIC programming: Create, edit, debug and run BASIC programs. An interactive debugging screen allows you to set break points, single step and view program variables. Programs run more than 500 times faster than traditional calculators. Import and execute .83p and .8xp files.

Chemistry: The calculator includes a full featured periodic table, a mass calculator and a data base of element properties. The touch interface allows you to view and interact with the periodic table to view by series, state, melting point, boiling point, electronegativity, electron affinity, valence, ionization, radius, hardness, modulus, density, conductivity, heat and year discovered.

Geometry: The geometry application computes perimeter and area for a variety of 2d geometric figures including squares, rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, polygons, circles, arcs and ellipses. A full triangle solver and interactive unit circle grapher are built in. Solve line intersections, project a point to a line and find a circle given 3 points.

Finance: Compute time value of money problems including annuities, lump sums and uneven cash flow analysis with IRR and NPV

Built-in user guide: A user guide is included and is a touch away using the ? key or ⓘ on any menu. All functions have a full manual page with description of arguments and examples of use. Pop up bubble help displays function arguments during problem entry and program editing.

GraphNCalc83 App Description & Overview

The applications GraphNCalc83 was published in the category Education on 2014-05-18 and was developed by Ernest Brock. The file size is 13.58 MB. The current version is 1.6 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

•Added inequality function graphing
•Added dot mode for seq graphing
•Corrected auto entry
•Improved help screen formatting
•Keyboard sound preference is now saved
•regEqu generation for small coefficients improved
•Improved rref(
•Fixed labels in triangle app

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Good but could be better  meno1  4 star

This is an excellent calculator app. If not the best on iOS, close to it. The two improvements I would suggest are make insert the default while editing and allow pasting in from outside the app.


Where’s the zoom  LOTSOFLOVEMESSI  3 star

The residual plot doesn’t work I reset the calculator and put the data into stat edit And turn on y plot 1 with x as l1 and y is residual And when I hit zoom stat Nothing shows up


Great price but a there is a flaw  KeithSmellBetter1491503  5 star

I am giving this 5 stars because compared to purchasing a ti-84 it is fantastic. A ti-84 is around $120 while this is only $6. We have ti-84s at our school and I prefer those because of the buttons being easier to use and press but they can do much about that because this is a touch screen phone. The one flaw I have found while using this is while zooming in closely to a line on the graph sometimes the line will move or extend a bit while I am zooming in then it will change positions when the zooming stops. I was graphing circles and just messing around with the app when I noticed this. I put y1=-sqrt(64-x^2) and y2=sqrt(64-x^2) and I noticed as I zoomed in to where they should presumably meet along the X axis they were messing up for me. Otherwise amazing app and I believe they actually have more features than a brand new ti-84.


Excellent  Zander164  5 star

This app does everything your TI 83 does for less than a tenth of the price. If only I had known about it before I bought a physical calculator.


Helpful App  Harmony4luv  5 star

I've used this App for a while now so I can give a fair review. Used it through college calculus and chemistry--it was a good graphic calculator. Now I'm taking statistics and I do not feel I need to seek out another calculator!


Best calc app.  ns1  4 star

Needs to update to match the new ti operating system with the exponents that look like exponents.


Terrific  Fredator_  5 star

You deserve to be compensated, but I mean, the software technically isn't yours


Totally worth it  Duisshb  5 star

Request: Can you please include an option to make the cursor stop blinking? I know it drives some ppl crazy, I'm one of them. Thanks. About 2 weeks after buying a TI-89 titanium, I found this app. I wish I had found it before I bought the outdated, yet still overpriced calculator. You can write your own programs for the calculator within the app and you select all the functions of the language from the menus, so it's relatively easy to get started. After a few days of using this app, going back to the calculator makes the old TI's shortcomings painful: - the backlit display on the iPhone is great, the calculator has no light and is difficult to see (both the screen and the keys) without very proper illumination - the touchscreen makes it a much faster interface, and zooming in and out of graphs is awesome on the app and painful on the calculator - the ti calculator is sloooowwww. Graphing and zooming is immediate on the iPhone but takes several seconds on the ti - the iPhone is already in your pocket and you don't need to take the bulky calculator or buy AAA batteries I really don't know why these calculators still cost so much. They are the same price they've been for decades, without improving their technology, speed, memory, size, screen or software. With the vastly superior iPhone being basically free now, I thought this very old calculator design would've deflated to maybe $30 or $40. But no. The only reason why you might want to buy the actual calculator is if you need it to take tests in school, as some require a ti. For this app, I just wish there was support for the programmer, and a way to write and test programs for the app on the computer and then upload them, because switching keyboards on screen and typing with your fingers is not great. Bottom line: get the app, you won't regret it


Perfect  Freshprince6  5 star

I'm always using my phone to do quick calculations for my engineering projects rather than digging my TI out of my backpack. After struggling with a free graph calc app for months I finally decided to give in and buy this and I'm glad I did! Coming from a TI calculated the interface feels familiar and everything I need is there.


I love this app, it's the best one out there!  Uckjjfnjf  5 star

This has saved my bacon many many times, it's great!

Buy it and try it

Better than the original device  Buy it and try it  5 star

Compared to the actual calculator being emulated it is much faster, easier to use and has many additional features and capabilities. This has to be one of the best calculators on the app store. It is easy to use and the built in manual and help is excellent. I especially like the programability and the built in apps to solve finance, chemistry and geometry problems. This is excellent value and makes carrying a physical graphing calculator unnecessary, - highly recommended.


Always amazing! Even better now!  LondoMollari  5 star

I reviewed this app's previous version. Simply amazing. It works better than the real deal yet remains faithful to the TI-83's interface, features, and styling. I highly recommend this program.


Great !  Ldp2k  5 star

Used this almost exclusively for high school, I use it in college now (besides test) overall is excellent I even use it for everyday task.


GrafNCalk83  Chihof  5 star

Great calculator. Handy, easy to use, excellent for educational as well as professional purposes. I am very pleased.


The best  Just_dayna  5 star

Every update is better than the last! Plus it's a life saver if you can't get your hands on the TI.


Worth the money!!  Qu1nn13  5 star

this is a full graphing calculator will all the functions of a ti-83+.


Great app as expected  Hgygb  5 star

Nothing more to say. All the features of a ti-84 at my fingertips. Thank you for this amazing application


Awesome!  Candyman1234567910  5 star

Great app. Does everything a t-83 would, just without the hefty price tag. Absolutely love it.


Great customer service. Awesome application.  Nm123456789  5 star

This app's developer is the best. I had a question after I purchased and he was on it in less than 2 hrs. He even comes out with improvements on occasion for free. It's awesome. This calculator is better than my ti84, and at a fraction of the cost you're getting it for a steal. If you have any need for an actual calculator unlike the bull one that comes with your phone; get this one. TL;DR This app is the best purchased app I've ever come across. A true hidden gem.

TI-83 Student

Calculator perfection  TI-83 Student  5 star

This is just like a TI-83, except it's faster, has an HD color display, a touchscreen, Internet connectivity for sharing and printing calculations, well-written instructions for *everything* just a tap of the ? button away, and it's way less expensive. Oh, and it fits in my pocket much better :) This is what Texas Instruments would have designed if they had iPhones and iPads at the time they made the TI-83!


Brilliant!  vanesh_nevest  5 star

This is amazing, and does everything my Ti-83 does!! I use it for college all the time, I don't even bring my physical one anymore - as this works faster!

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