GraphNCalc83 is a modern version of the classic graphing calculator. The familiar calculator keyboard, arrow keys and functions are enhanced with full touch input for all graphs, editors and menus. Trace graphs with your finger. Zoom in and out with a pinch. Explore regressions with a tap on the screen. Scroll through the list, matrix and calculation history with a swipe. Tap the ? key for help. Written in objective-C using LAPACK, BLAS, vDSP and the latest 64 bit math libraries, GraphNCalc83 harnesses the amazing computing resources of the iPhone and iPad to provide a colorful, fast and fluid experience. Graphs scroll, glide and zoom smoothly. Matrix, statistics and BASIC programs run 500x times faster than traditional calculators.

GraphNCalc83 includes:

Algebraic entry: Enter problems using full algebraic notation. The command line editor includes interactive parenthesis matching and high lighting, undo and redo, bubble function help and a 200 level calculation history and recall stack. Generate a PDF report of calculations for mailing or printing using the SEND function.

Math functions: Trigonometry, logarithms, function minimum, maximum, numeric integration and derivatives, general solver, real and imaginary numbers, combination, permutation, random number generation, normal, T, chi squared, Fisher, poisson and geometric distributions, binary shift and rotate, test and logic operations, list operations including sort, std. deviation, sum, sequence, matrix determinant, transpose, sum, ref, rref, addition, multiplication.

Graph functions, parametric and polar equations and statistics plots: Full color graphs with touch to trace, pinch zoom, function minimum, maximum, intersections, asymptotes and numeric integration. All graphs can be output as a high resolution PDF file for mailing or printing. Interactively explore function behavior using variables tied to slider bars.

Statistics, Inferential Statistics and Distributions: A set of inferential statistics worksheets and graphs of distributions are included. The regression analysis screen allows you to quickly compute, view and analyze a data set using a variety of curve fitting methods.

Table: Analyze functions using the table viewer. Use the split screen mode to simultaneously view a graph and table.

Matrix and Lists: Matrix and list editors and a full set of matrix and list operations are built in.

Unit Converter and Constants: Convert between a wide variety of scientific, engineering and common units. A large set of physical constants are also included.

BASIC programming: Create, edit, debug and run BASIC programs. An interactive debugging screen allows you to set break points, single step and view program variables. Programs run more than 500 times faster than traditional calculators. Import and execute .83p and .8xp files.

Chemistry: The calculator includes a full featured periodic table, a mass calculator and a data base of element properties. The touch interface allows you to view and interact with the periodic table to view by series, state, melting point, boiling point, electronegativity, electron affinity, valence, ionization, radius, hardness, modulus, density, conductivity, heat and year discovered.

Geometry: The geometry application computes perimeter and area for a variety of 2d geometric figures including squares, rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, polygons, circles, arcs and ellipses. A full triangle solver and interactive unit circle grapher are built in. Solve line intersections, project a point to a line and find a circle given 3 points.

Finance: Compute time value of money problems including annuities, lump sums and uneven cash flow analysis with IRR and NPV

Built-in user guide: A user guide is included and is a touch away using the ? key or ⓘ on any menu. All functions have a full manual page with description of arguments and examples of use. Pop up bubble help displays function arguments during problem entry and program editing.

GraphNCalc83 App Description & Overview

The applications GraphNCalc83 was published in the category Education on 2014-05-18 and was developed by Ernest Brock. The file size is 13.58 MB. The current version is 1.6 and works well on 6.0 and high ios versions.

•Added inequality function graphing
•Added dot mode for seq graphing
•Corrected auto entry
•Improved help screen formatting
•Keyboard sound preference is now saved
•regEqu generation for small coefficients improved
•Improved rref(
•Fixed labels in triangle app

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GraphNCalc83 Reviews

Monster Man on Oct. 11, 2010

Exceptional  Monster Man on Oct. 11, 2010  5 star

I have a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and nave used my trusty calculator all during school and throughout my professional practice as an Engineer. It has more than enough functions for any field of science, engineering, or math. I highly recommend this calculator for high school, college and beyond.


A TI-83 on my phone!  mathfair  5 star

All the functionality, especially the programming, of the TI-83 for a lot cheaper. Love it!

Yanks fan61381

Exactly what I hoped!  Yanks fan61381  5 star



Best calculator app  B1GR0BB1E  5 star

Enough said.


Worth It  Lentilson  5 star

I don't write reviews often but this app deserves one! Literally this is my most used app. I only wish there was a way to make this the default calculator on iOS, but that's an Apple problem. I love this app! Big thank you to the developer!


I don't normally write reviews  bedj2  5 star

I am studying to become a physics major at SJSU and can gladly report that this app is very useful. When I comes to graphing multiple equations, the app does a beautiful job of 'integrating' touch display features like zoom and toggle with ti-83 capabilities. This is a good buy if you in the neighborhood of a good calculator


Math Prof says : SUPERB TI-8x emulator for iPad and iPhone  carlperez54  5 star

I am a longtime math teacher who loves this app. As other reviewers have said, it is better...much better...than any of the TI-8x models on which it is based. Easier to use..better display...better graphing...better! Texas Instruments keeps trying to get us to upgrade to more expen$ive calculators with increasingly needless and unuseful "features". Why? This app turns your iPad/iPhone into a super-TI-8x about 7% of the price! If you like and use the TI-83/84 models, this app is highly recommended.


Perfect  bakoolguy2  5 star

One of a kind.


THIS IS AMAZING  KindSoul60  5 star

totally worth what i paid for. Great app

Billy Jimmy Jones

Great App  Billy Jimmy Jones  5 star

This is a great app it's faster and less complicated than the real thing


Another great update!!! Thanks!  smash68  5 star

LOL- all you have to do to get help from the developer is touch the calculator ? key twice. Or just select the “App Support” button in the AppStore (next to the "Write a Review" button) and talk to the developer directly. This developer has amazing tech support and responds very rapidly. If you touch the ? key and then another key a help page with examples of how to use the key is displayed. All the menu functions have a circled i icon. When you touch the icon, a help page is displayed that demonstrates how to use the function. You don’t need a TRACE button anymore- just go to the GRAPH screen and touch the graph you want to trace with your finger. The Zoom and Calc functions are conveniently located at the bottom of the graph view instead of the keyboard- great shortcut! This is so much better than anything else on the app store- it has color, it has touch interface for everything, it has a periodic table to kill for and it is blazing fast for graphing FULL SCREEN on iPhone and iPad. And now the developer has added split screen and slide over multitasking for the iPad! All for a small fraction of the cost of a TI.


Best calculator app and TI83+ emulator  ChemIstryTA  5 star

This is the best calculator out there for iPhone. It is a full TI83+ but not just an emulator. It has more functionality and is faster and has better graphics. The graphing interface is awesome. I also use the chemistry app which comes with the calculator to help my students with chemistry calculations. Great app and cheap too!

A chem nerd

Fantastic for chemistry!!!  A chem nerd  5 star

Not only is this basically a ti-84 calculator, it's also an amazing tool for studying chemistry. It has an entire periodic table that you can select any element and it tells you pretty much every property about it. The molar mass calculator gives you not only the molar mass of any compound but also shows the % mass of each element. A must have


R-value???  Hardcoreparkour478  2 star

This app wont let me have the r-value when even though a I enable the diagnosticson


Next best thing to a TI 83  CatInWater  5 star

One of the best six bucks I've ever spent. Used this app all through my prob&stats class last semester and still use it today instead of the calculator I have on my phone. I've recommended it to a ton of people taking math courses.


GraphNCalc83  Dan349  5 star

Perfect app. You can now carry a powerful, easy to use graphing calculator with you everywhere. Worth every penny


Best graphing utility for iOS  danielgarnold  5 star

This app is absolutely indispensable for any math student! It does what a TI-83 does and much more for like 1/13th the price. As a Computer Science major taking Calculus I find it particularly useful since I no longer have to lug around my bulky TI-84+ to study and do homework problems. The ability to easily switch between decimal, binary and hexadecimal via the MODE button and do arithmetic and Boolean operations is especially useful to me. The app is also thoroughly documented and provides a direct link to the developer's email if you have any questions to which he responds very quickly. Highly recommended.

Bungo Crabbetz

GraphNCalc hits the spot!  Bungo Crabbetz  5 star

Students often need a powerful graphing calculator in class, and this app is quick and easy to get and powerful, too! Kudos to the developer.


I lost my TI-83, this is the best replacement  Nathan101MoreFruit  5 star



Best calculator app ever  MmmmmmCookiesAreYummy  5 star

I've searched a lot to find a graphing calculator that has all the same functions as a real graphing calc and this seriously has it all. In my math class I didn't have an actual graphing calculator since they were so expensive to buy, until I got this app(which is TOTALLY worth the price) and I just used it in class everyday. It has been SO helpful to me and I would definitely recommend this app to another person

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