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The Apple Store app provides a more personal way to shop for the latest Apple products and accessories. Get recommendations based on the Apple products you already own. Find out which accessories are compatible with your devices. Easily upgrade to a new iPhone from your current one. Keep track of your orders wherever you go. And sign up for hands-on sessions in store. You can even use Apple Pay to check out from your iPhone when you visit a participating Apple Store.

Note that the Apple Store app and certain features are available only in select countries.

How your data is used
To confirm compatibility and recommend products, the app will access both the services and the name, model, and part number of devices linked to your Apple ID. To turn off this feature, go to Account > Settings > My Devices and Services.

Apple Store App Description & Overview

The applications Apple Store was published in the category Shopping on 2010-06-15 and was developed by Apple. The file size is 65.84 MB. The current version is 5.2 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

- With Siri Shortcuts, you can create custom voice commands to check product availability or the status of your recent order, without having to open the app.
- The additon of new iOS 12 features and capabilities make the app even easier to use.
- Delivery now available to locations throughout Puerto Rico.

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Psycho minus

Title  Psycho minus  4 star

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Awesome!  indianlaura  5 star

I love it!!!!

Larrys Surface

App Store  Larrys Surface  1 star

You screwed it up.


The day I figured out Siri was my friend  krashoveride77  4 star

I have been an avid Apple user for many years now, had only used Apple products in the past. I’ve tried all platforms now and must say that now I figured how all of this communication and educational devices are helping our world. Thank you Apple for your dedicated service to us as close as customers and also your forefront of tech leaders.


Excellent customer service  socali101  5 star

I just recently switched to IPhone and had an issue with the Apple store login, but they were very professional and fixed the problem, excellent job guys!

The Jewelry Girl

Shopping Experience  The Jewelry Girl  5 star

I just shopped for a new iPhone 7 case . I’ve always wanted red this time I finally got just what I wanted. Thanks for a great experience Rita Cofer


Be sure and enable all features for apple to make the App Store best for you  Ry_Gal  5 star

(UPDATE 5 stars-Jan 2019) New features and apps presented are way more suitable to what I need. More personalized with the tools that can help me create a better future for myself. Thanks! (OLD 1 star rating-Jan. 2018) I destroyed my iPhone with a sledgehammer because the App Store was so boring, lack-luster, and just plain creepy. The WORST PART was that it was EXACTLY what I would want. Give me something new. (Not super new, just maybe barely new). Thanks Apple! I still love you!!


Unnecessary door slam  chrismurray11  1 star

The app functions well as long as you’re constantly updating it. Apple forces you to use the app to buy anything - apparently it’s website is reserved exclusively for desktop users - and then always requires the most recent version of the app. Instead of “it just works” - the old slogan of Apple when it was rising to prominence - we just get a door slam and have to update the app. No other app I use requires the most recent version to simply use it and I likely wouldn’t continue to use that app if it did. No idea why Apple continues to seek to alienate customers. If I wasn’t this deep into the Apple ecosystem I would have finally decided to take my business elsewhere. It seems Apple is actively looking for ways to make their products less functional. Update 8-12-2018: Unsurprisingly, I go on to consider buying an updated iPhone for my mother and BOOM! Doorslam again, must update app to continue. Removed another star because I just updated this (totally functional) app a couple months ago and, yet again, another completely unnecessary update forced down my throat. Why constantly try to make it more difficult for customers?!?! Update 11-26-2018: ANOTHER door slam! Welp, definitely not buying from Apple since I’m forced to use the app instead of being allowed to use the website and of course the app requires an update to function. Typical Apple. Update 1-15-2019: You guessed it, another doorslam for yet another update pushed out just 10 days after the last time I was doorslammed. No browsing for accessories or AirPods today. I just don’t understand why Apple makes it so unnecessarily difficult to even consider purchasing their items or 3rd party licensed accessories for in-store pickup. Definitely won’t be buying anything today after all.

Shawnna Lee

Apple Sore App  Shawnna Lee  4 star

Excellent app for keeping up with your stuff! Love It

Joey Hamm A.

Buy anything with Extreme caution  Joey Hamm A.  5 star

They can be very rude and discriminate about order errors and defective products or applications. Check back and look for info on class action lawsuits in the future if you feel you also have been treated unfairly.


Mac book Pro with USB c  xylophonens  5 star

Has anyone else had problems connecting devices with USB B to a USB c connector. The one I had only recognised one device. Which is the best brand? Is an Apple branded mouse the best? Do they make a USB c connected mouse?


Ffufj  THE_GAME_REVIEWS  1 star



Can’t even open the app  Skype4ipad  1 star

I have tried over the last couple of days to use this app but it keeps saying it needs wifi or cellular network. Which I have. All my other app work perfectly.


Sub to my boy Pewdiepie  Dannyscope  3 star

Help him destroy tseries App is good btw, products are overpriced


Great organisation  ALI#100000000000  5 star

With the apple bag I can look at what I want without having to search it and then configure it to my personal preferences and favourites is a great place to look at things that I do not need but really want


Too cumbersome  Nicknick168  1 star

Forced update...


Spell check description of update?  Magnusbaron  1 star

Apple can't even spell check the spelling of words in their update description. Look the second bullet point "additon" 🤣

Viking Mark

Becoming greedy & Tawdry with new ceo  Viking Mark  1 star

I agree with Astrox8. Shareholders are the customers and it looks more like the apple before the SJ return to save the day: But he had a vested interest in his company. Ts only the customers who do now it would seem!


Good app and too much to Australia  A021t  1 star

Good app and those too expensive to Australia rip off! I remember Mac mini was start $749 to now over thousand! Now I can’t afford those new Mac/iPad/iPhone. just after 2016 to now worst expensive.


How many updates  Johnnycan  1 star

There are way too many forced updates with this app. Literally every time I want to use it it has been outdated and needs updating before it can be used


This was such a good idea  gcjghfydydydy  5 star

This was such a good idea

C. McD

Updating Apple store App  C. McD  5 star

Super fast and easy!

Good  5 star

Very good app.


I am  seassecz  5 star

Will you rea


No Longer can use Apple Store  NostalgiaLadie  1 star

No longer can use the Apple Store app on my iPad 4 because I can't update OS any longer.


App doesn’t provide useful support  PetePhxAZ  1 star

Don’t think the app will streamline getting assistance - you’ll chat with an unhelpful bot before getting to a person. If you start from the order view you have a question on (protected by Face ID), you’ll still have to authenticate again in chat. Relying on order messaging in the app? No, better not as the support person was surprised when I provided the in app messaging. Don’t expect the app to provide any accurate information. Support agent was fine. It’s Apple’s software that keeps letting it down.


Easy to use  Highchip1  5 star

The apple store app is so easy to use. The app itself even tried to help you. If you’re looking at cases or whatever it knows what phones to show because it knows what you have. I have used all different kinds of phones and apple is the simplest and easiest to learn.

Galel Hicyang

Block older device on iOS 10  Galel Hicyang  1 star

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why must I have my very old device upgraded to the latest os version!!!??


Lousy, lousy  9robins  1 star

Update from two days ago has majorly screwed up my ability to use my iPhone 6. In particular, Microsoft’s mail app seems to be paralyzing Apple’s. The two had coexisted peacefully until this damned update. And no, I don’t want a new phone. I need every scrap of data the iPhone 6 holds, and I’m certain that Apple or its amateurish, expensive, and servile service providers where I live would screw up the transfer. Fix this update.

Supreme josp

Apple store  Supreme josp  5 star

It’s great looking at AirPods and Apple Watch


Missing language preferences  felipebaez  3 star

Please, just because a customer lives in a certain country, doesn’t mean they want to use the local language on their phone. PLEASE allow the customer to choose the language on the app (and on the web) instead of forcing to the local language.

Tallaght man22

Good ye  Tallaght man22  5 star

Grand little app


Getting worse every time  SchuffD  1 star

The previous app was great. It was possible to check out appointments at the ARS and book it immediately. Not the feature is gone. And I can't understand why the app won't allowed to sign in with a different Apple ID for check orders etc. I won't use it!


Apple Watch?  Scorpio_hunter77  4 star

Great app, no ads and is designed very well, but where's the apple watch? It's in one of the thumbnails for the app I just can't find it in the app? Isn't the Watch available in Ireland? Other than that Apple, 5 stars.


good  waltzdub389  5 star

great app


Love it  uwatto  5 star

So glad this app is available in Ireland now.


Finally 😄  Ravensword926  5 star

Was wanting this app for a long time. I was very jealous of our neighbour countries who had the app. Now all we need is a physical Apple Store to try out the quick payment.


Very good  Paddy_collins14  5 star

Add me on snap chat paddy_collins14

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