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The Apple Store app provides a more personal way to shop for the latest Apple products and accessories. Get recommendations based on the Apple products you already own. Find out which accessories are compatible with your devices. Easily upgrade to a new iPhone from your current one. Keep track of your orders wherever you go. And sign up for hands-on sessions in store. You can even use Apple Pay to check out from your iPhone when you visit a participating Apple Store.

Note that the Apple Store app and certain features are available only in select countries.

How your data is used
To confirm compatibility and recommend products, the app will access both the services and the name, model, and part number of devices linked to your Apple ID. To turn off this feature, go to Account > Settings > My Devices and Services.

Apple Store App Description & Overview

The applications Apple Store was published in the category Shopping on 2010-06-15 and was developed by Apple. The file size is 69.00 MB. The current version is 5.3 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

- Dozens of new, inspiring sessions have been added to Today at Apple. And the redesigned Sessions tab makes it even easier to find the perfect session for you.
- It’s even easier to check the trade-in value of your devices while in the app.

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Very Bad Service!!!!  Mwilborn  1 star

I’m leaving over an hour later and NOTHING was done to my 6week old phone that I have apple care on! I’ve been to this store since it opened and usually have acceptable service....but not today!


SUB TO PEWDIEPIE  Xcat07X  1 star




This pisses me off so much!!! By not providing a headphone jack, you guys are clearly forcing us to get airpods.. 😤😤 I lost my headphones and it is a freaking struggle for me to go in the store and look for iPhone 7 headphones!! It is just so annoying! What is the screen smaller!! That is the second thing that pisses me off! The freaking screen is smaller that the iPhone 6 screen!!! Ok...SO WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE IPHONE 7 LITERALLY!!!!

MiguelCB 1738YT

When anyone lost there air pods  MiguelCB 1738YT  3 star

To apple I love your air pods but when I lose them I hard to find them why can’t you have a noise to find them it will be easier to find them and people who just lost them at all


🎉it my b day.  Mike&ike417  5 star

Lol sorry but I had to put that. 😂🎉✊🏽. Love you apple


Certified refurbished  Buntz7  4 star

Would be nice to have notifications when some products arrive in the refurbished store.


Icloud  Gjacks  1 star

F U Apple for forcing me to go fr 200gb to 2TB for more than 500% increase in cost and albeit Icloud storage (which we all know just subjects me to future rental fees). I’m both a loyal Apple product consumer and an APPL stock owner but this is not acceptable. Not when you hope for people like me to gravitate to your subscription service that fails even to capture mainstream favorites like GOT season 8. I’m close to dumping you, so close.

مثنى مهدي

عربيه  مثنى مهدي  5 star

لماذا لا يوجد لغه عربيه


Amazing!  BrysonAppleSupporter  5 star

I have Not had It for 3 Minutes and I already Bought a Apple TV And IPhone XR, Team Apple!

anny oid

I did not authorize a 99.99 charge  anny oid  1 star

Stop this transaction immediately. What fool would enter all of the information that you request to resolve this error? I would never give you my SS# this is why I can't stand Apple and the Apps for store. It's ridiculous.

disaster girl Leana

Bad  disaster girl Leana  5 star

It is treeblie


The Apple Store app has been updated.  Calrion  1 star

Forced updates suck (and no, I won’t use automatic updates because even worse is apps crashing after a bad update).


Apple store  Magggrip  1 star

Apple store charged me $6.99 for nothing, now I know why they are trillion company, because they steal money from people’s accounts for nothing! F**k Apple and iPhone devices!


FRAUDSTERS  2bobwatch  1 star

If I could give zero stars I would. Not only do they cheat their customers, they deliberately send updates to slow down older phones forcing customers to upgrade to a new phone. TYPICAL PETTY THIEVES.


Yupby  po546  2 star

This juyyj Cry eggrrg egyutl year us otbionnrcdkn


Hmm...  m4dd13_y  2 star

Maybe this is a digital apple store, hmm... or... THEY JUST WANT MORE MONEY OFF YOU. Idk, 1st or 2nd.


Possible Fake, I have been hacked  ngjfuf  5 star

Exactle as above. Please help as i believe internet porn, hacking and piracy is occuring on my new ipad without my permission. My name is Tanya Fong and my phone number is 0466994826. My address is 721 Main Street, Kangaroo Point 4169, Brisbane Australia. My previous employer is Sydney Knell the CEO of Central Apartment Group that currently manage Kangaroo Point Central Apartment. I know that the only people to have had possible access to my ipad is Jeremy Thompson the IT Head of the company, Wayne Brenton, Tom, Tim, Ash and my former partner Edward Collis and his son. Also residing with us for a short period is a person not previously known to me, Adam Wilkinson, known associate of Nicole Cameron, Philipo Stabil and Jenny Henderson, known for prostitution and illegal activities of which i am in the process of dealing with Acorn (A division of Queensland Police). Please help, Tanya Fong Serial Number DLXWG2Z3Hp34 IMEI 355809082284956


Apple is hungry  ankush1980  1 star

Apple is no more the same apple anymore. Low quality accessories and no support.


Trash waterproof and liars should purchase Huawei!  prodntsayprimnotpro  1 star

This is my third iPhonex. Anyway, the second iphonex broken when the first time I use it during a shower!!! The first iPhonex never broken when I use it during my shower! I even wash her(it) one a mouth ! This should be the last apple product even I will purchase from Apple!



I h8 it. If it wasn’t so expensive i would stamp it to the ground. Dear Apple, If you continue to make products like this i will stamp them to the ground even if i just bought something from you. PLEASE IMPROVE NOW! OTHERWISE I WILL MAKE A BAD STORY ABOUT YOU AND I WILL POST IT ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM AND SNAPCHAT AND THEN EVERYONE WILL SEE HOW BAD YOU REALLY ARE. If you do not improve before next week i will knock you head inside out. Please stop making the iPhone X because no one wants it because it does not work at all. You can keep making the iPhone X if you improve them.


Customer Served  dontserveurkind  1 star

I’m having problems with being hacked. 2 galaxy s7s then moved to an iPhone 8, now 2 of those. Every account I’ve had and every new one I’ve made is either inaccessible or very limited access. The Apple store was really helpful, but the tech that helped is gone, nothing has been done, and I went yesterday and the tech immediately interrupted me and said he was going to get the senior tech. She didn’t appear to be a tech, more like the store manager who, who refused to even look at the phone. Wanted to argue about apps that weren’t the issue, was loud enough everyone stopped and watched as she refused any help at all, refused to call apple support, and a senior tech from Apple support sent me there. I tried to be calm and nice but it wasn’t happening. I’ve never been so insulted by someone who doesn’t even know what they’re talking about. Thanks again Apple, your techs and managers at the store are top notch let me tell you, I love opinion over proof.


What’s the point of this app??  @773extended  1 star

If not all items are showing up or not available through this app, then why does this app exist?? Where is the clearance section? (i.e. iPhone SE for instance?)


Thank You  torib42  5 star

I always seem to have an amazing experience at the apple store. Exceptional customer service and positive attitude to make your day go smooth. I want to say thank you to apple and their staff for helping me. You always keep your promise and that’s the dedication we all love to see.

red ranget 1988

Red ranger 1988  red ranget 1988  5 star



unuseable  imtoooldtohaveasmartphone  2 star

I can’t even figure out how to purchase a song now. thanks apple


Amazing  ArtificiallyInt3lligent  5 star

👌🏻👍I tip my hats to the dev and support teams. Everything from the Brand itself to the services...🤙🏻💪🏻I believe that apple made products and the intelligence behind them, are designed from the ground up👨🏼‍💻📱keep doing all you do and inspiring. Thinking outside the 📦 box huh??? ENLIGHTEN ME.. I’m intrigued and want to learn..


Gov and Education Stores  Bmwguy1987  3 star

Be great to have access to the Government and Education stores within the application as well!


Customer stop taking people’s money in vain.  Gagoute  1 star

Stop taking people's money wrongly. You charge my card whenever you decide. I’m sick and tired of your system. I even tried to remove my PayPal payment I had a hard time.they just charge me 12 dollars +few cents I never touch my iPad today Until 7 pm. What’s wrong with you all.don’t send me to developers if you can collect for them you can also can contact Them for refunds.whoever responsible is full of it. People should know how you all are taking advantage of them..


Frustrated  Sinnamyn  3 star

I have 256 gb XS Max. I love the phone but since the last two updates, this has had so many wonky glitches. WiFi won’t stay connected. It tells me my password is wrong. If I restart it the phone will connect just fine. It has slowed down so much. If I’m doing something and I get a notification, it starts acting like a 2G service and gets choppy. This phone isn’t cheap and I am loyal to iPhones and literally hate android. Idk what is happening to the service I’ve enjoyed for years now but it’s getting ridiculous with one glitch after another. Please patch whatever is wrong. Everyone I know has this same issue but not all at the same time. A bit buggy. Otherwise 5 stars forever.


More  mirecita  5 star



Missing language preferences  felipebaez  3 star

Please, just because a customer lives in a certain country, doesn’t mean they want to use the local language on their phone. PLEASE allow the customer to choose the language on the app (and on the web) instead of forcing to the local language.

Tallaght man22

Good ye  Tallaght man22  5 star

Grand little app


Getting worse every time  SchuffD  1 star

The previous app was great. It was possible to check out appointments at the ARS and book it immediately. Not the feature is gone. And I can't understand why the app won't allowed to sign in with a different Apple ID for check orders etc. I won't use it!


Apple Watch?  Scorpio_hunter77  4 star

Great app, no ads and is designed very well, but where's the apple watch? It's in one of the thumbnails for the app I just can't find it in the app? Isn't the Watch available in Ireland? Other than that Apple, 5 stars.


good  waltzdub389  5 star

great app


Love it  uwatto  5 star

So glad this app is available in Ireland now.


Finally 😄  Ravensword926  5 star

Was wanting this app for a long time. I was very jealous of our neighbour countries who had the app. Now all we need is a physical Apple Store to try out the quick payment.


Very good  Paddy_collins14  5 star

Add me on snap chat paddy_collins14

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