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TestFlight makes it easy to test beta versions of iOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps and provide valuable feedback to developers before they release their apps on the App Store. To become a tester, simply follow a developer’s public link or the link in an email invitation a developer sent you. TestFlight will open so you can accept your invitation to install the developer’s app.

When you test a beta app, Apple and the app developer will receive crash logs, usage information, and any feedback you submit. The developer may use this information to improve their app and related products. Apple may use crash logs and usage information to improve our products and services.

For instructions on installation, testing, and feedback submission and for details on how your data is handled, see testflight.apple.com.

TestFlight App Description & Overview

The applications TestFlight was published in the category Utilities on 2014-07-23 and was developed by Apple. The file size is 32.46 MB. The current version is 2.3.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Support for apps and features on iOS 13.
- Additional privacy information.
- Additional localized content.
- Stability improvements and bug fixes.

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TestFlight Reviews


Age restriction  JellyBean7689  1 star

On the App Store it says 4 and up is allowed. When I launch the app it says 13 and over. I’m doing this for a game called rec room. Please fix this.

Soing B. Massung

Non-useful  Soing B. Massung  1 star

Downloaded this app from the “Apple App Store” and just like many other downloads of apps it is not useful, and the app support is minimal to resolve issues reported. One pays for service and protection but only receive dissatisfaction and problems on top of problems with no support from App Developers, Service Providers, and Manufactures leaving the consumer to fend for themselves to obtain justice.

Dr. Meonske

Great software  Dr. Meonske  5 star

Greatest and easy to use file share and organizer and so much more. In 30 minutes you can learn and are up and running,


Test Flight App  millhollow  1 star

I never receive the requisite code in the invitation email that allows me to do anything more than download the Test Flight App, which I’ve had for years with all the updates...I’d love to Beta Test Adobe’s products, but there’s a disconnect somewhere in this routine.


Hay qua  Phucminh122  5 star

Qua tốt


Code error  95065134  1 star

Can’t get invitation code


Why is this app also a 4+ app  spacez02  1 star

So if this is 4+ then why do you have to be 13 years old am like 12 years old but 13 you have to be joking


How  DaddyCrocMaster  1 star

How do I get an email for a code

all EA games are garbage

Test flight  all EA games are garbage  1 star

The thing doesn’t let me put in certain codes it doesn’t let me use certain words either


G  hdtglllhxgsgd  1 star

No invitation

Bugged Off12345

A  Bugged Off12345  5 star

Amazing, seamless experience


Great for beta testing  Mxrtinezz1322  5 star

I like testing things, this app is perfect for it


  🌑🌘🌗  5 star


Guy Stewart

Asked to review first time opening  Guy Stewart  1 star

So far all the test flight app has done is ask me to review it. So this is the review.

abu saif alzahrani

فكرة ممتازة  abu saif alzahrani  5 star



New app  Trymyluck66  5 star

The new app is much easier to navigate throw and place bets


Nice to see this App  achen.au  5 star

It is awesome to have this kind App.


Doesn’t work  Goddess_of_Destruction  1 star

I got this app to keep up to date with the updates on Snapchat but it hasn’t done anything and I’m kinda behind on updates. Please fix this

Adam Robbo312

PewDiePie  Adam Robbo312  5 star

Amazing app


The  lloiuytfvgdfhj  5 star



العراق  1991/28  5 star



Thanks  damiondotson  5 star

Honestly , I just would like to stop a second and thank TestFlight for the opportunity to be a public tester . It is a great honor to be a part of your team 👍🏽

ms sher

Ms  ms sher  5 star

Using different strategies than Angry Birds Friends. Enjoy having the option of using all power ups.


Something is Wrong...  SteffiRM  3 star

This latest update for “JustFab” has caused the app to stop working/timeout. Pleaser look into this and correct, ASAP. Thanks!!

etn Ed

Redeem  etn Ed  1 star

Ii need a redeem code.. I can’t even open the program

behind the mask

Doesn't remember our preferred email address (as sender)  behind the mask  3 star

Hey, Apple, When emailing a developer from within TestFlight, why doesn't the email form remember the address that we used previously (as the sender)? Mail.app does this — as soon as we enter a recipient's address, Mail automatically changes the sender address to the one we always use for that recipient. You've already addressed (no pun intended) this issue in Mail. Why can't the mail form in TestFlight do the same? The fact that it doesn't makes it far too easy in TestFlight to accidentally email a developer from the wrong address.


Redeem button  JeffTNYC  3 star

There is no reason to have the top left redeem button when you have an app in beta with nothing to redeem. This button should not even be here. TestFlight has to have many more features added and work better with App Store Connect. Technically these 2 apps should be merged into 1 and only developers get more access when they sign into their Apple Developer Account.


Appreciation  artisticgenius96  5 star

I value you this app and its technological abilities with the combining elements of art and augmented reality. I’m just appreciative to it and I just continue wanting to work with this material and show works I have done ... I’m expanding my craft and love for tech to think different.


We it  [email protected]"4567sdfgvqBdNMQ  5 star



Good for a Beta  Djsjfjeidjesfw  4 star

I love this game so much. It’s fun and amazing with some what balance in it. Only thing is that there are way too many Afk in matches. I hope that the punishments for Afk would be much harsher so then Afk would exist no more. People get discouraged after first few deaths, even first blood. Also sometime it is a bit laggy. I haven’t had much experience with it but when it lags it goes hard. Lag spikes are crazy, shoots up to 500ms. But it’s over all a good game in its Beta stage.


Age  Caoimhegirl300  1 star

I am unable to use this app as every time I click continue, it says I must be at least 13 years old and I am 15. My Apple ID is also set to say I am 15 but I still cannot use it

ItsKixin |-/

Age fault  ItsKixin |-/  2 star

When i try use the app it automatically says i cant use it because it thinks im younger then 13 for some reason. It would be very helpful if this could be resolved. Thank you.


No code.  Bonxie2  1 star

No redeem code sent despite downloading app. again. Very frustrating.


Good  Slioiup  5 star

Very useful!


Best bug killer  topgold  5 star

Simply the best way to debug an Alpha.


Sad  jake123k  1 star

No email sent to me

zvonko butigan

Great setup  zvonko butigan  5 star

Fair play Alan! Will continue testing and reviewing. Zvonko


Idk what to do  queenofexistence  1 star

I opened the app and it’s telling me to redeem the code that doesent have instructions how to get.


Bug  eunaosei22w  1 star

It says i am not over 13 when my apple id clearly says i am. Please fix this, thank you


Test flight  OREILLR3  1 star

Will not let me redeem a code

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