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Need help? Apple Support app is your personalized guide to the best options from Apple. Find answers with articles tailored to your products and questions. Call, chat or email with an expert right away, or schedule a callback when it’s convenient. Get a repair at an Apple Store or a nearby Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple Support is here to help.

Note that certain features are available only in select countries or regions.

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The applications Apple Support was published in the category Utilities on 2016-12-14 and was developed by Apple. The file size is 49.26 MB. The current version is 3.1.1 and works well on 11.0 and high ios versions.

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mine is not good that all.Repetely having to go the apple store  kellykay7763  1 star

there know privacy.drop calls and the worst is those pestly apps that say not secure line.Not please at all


Unauthorized charges  Gammamb  3 star

Someone is buying games and I’m receiving invoices on my phone. I don’t play games and don't even know how to use I tunes or whatever it is. Need help. I’m not paying for something I didn’t buy. How do you check this out ?


Hasn’t helped  daniel_y101  1 star

Sent two emails and was promised a reply in 48 hours both times. Never got a reply back.

PaNg !!!

No support  PaNg !!!  1 star

AirPods out of the box had an issue and a small stick of Dynamite in your ear with a lit fuse is kind of uneasy to say the least! Nite three I wake to a hissing noise comeing from the rite one Long story short they caught on fire burn my Apple Watch destroyed the charger stand have AppleCare on the watch and to this day I’m still out the AirPods, Apple care that was never able to get The senior advisers to email back about the pictures I sent!!!! respond via phone call nope this unfolded two days after Christmas! Wish the AirPods came with a charger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wouldn’t of got an all in one! Blown away almost

Canam Carlo

One of the best ideas Apple has ever had...  Canam Carlo  4 star

I had a problem two years ago, when my MacBook Air stopped working after a hurricane. Because of this app, I was able to track the problem and the discussions I had with Apple, which were multiple. Ultimately they couldn’t help me, but just the ease with which I was able to contact them through this app made me realize what a golden opportunity Apple had here to really shine. Well done, Apple. Double down on it, I say. Make this app even more potent, effective and efficient, with more features and choices for the consumer’s good. There is a reason why you constantly score so high in customer satisfaction.


Wallpapers?Why gay flag wallpapers for?  Gymnast007SkyAngel  1 star

I have IOS 12.3.1 and after i updated to this IOS it gave me 7 gay rainbow flag wallpapers so my question here is why? I am not gay because gays put a end to life and the Holy Bible is my proof of that.Without a Women and Man there would not be a Women or a Man to be gay with. It would be very nice of Apple if they would let us delete the wallpapers that we don’t like at all, that we get from them (Apple). Fix and i will give you five stars. Take care & God bless Earth. Matthew


Apple support NEEDS Listen to customers!!!  Chas.G  1 star

I contacted Apple support to report unauthorized. ITUNES purchases and they responded that I needed to reset my password. Someone gained access and made purchases $ 29.00 and changed the password. After multiple emails back and forth nothing fixed. I’m going to cancel Apple. Apple support does not solve members issues


Johnny Keeling  Jgk1958  5 star

Apple products are the best hands down!!!

Pattiann 135

Storage payment  Pattiann 135  2 star

For two years I have paid monthly to use extra iCloud storage. For two years Apple has refused to allow me to make a yearly payment for convenience. I feel this should be an option and would make it easier for customers. I don’t understand why Apple does not care about something so basic.


Good app but there is not my country :Georgia  Tg-gio  3 star


Leon fr Adelaide

Decent App  Leon fr Adelaide  4 star

Decent app, easy enough to use. Was able to talk to someone without too much trouble.


PLEASE ADD ASAP 👇🏻 , so can UPGRADE  NFSbugs  3 star

Hello Apple Teams, PLEASE ADD these FEATURES, so can upgrade to new versions ASAP -> no notch -> AMOLED screen or 👍🏻 version -> TOUCH ID under Screen -> 3+ cameras on back 60MP+ ( 20MP+ each ) and more MP for front and back cameras -> 2m+ charginging cable ( 1m is too short ) -> 18W + charging unit and 18W + fast wireless charging -> sooo much longer lasting battery -> headphone jack dongle -> WiFi 6+ -> 5G+ -> Dolby Atmos or 👍🏻 speakers -> space grey color ( same as MacBook Pros ) -> Imited run of Product Red color ( cause it’s sooo AWESOMES color ) Really hoping these features can get added into next version, so can upgrade to 2019 iPhone + versions ASAP , cause these features would be AWESOMES to have available from BEST PHONE MAKER cause can’t justify $2,500+ if doesn’t have these added to new ones coming soon Upgrade to 2019 iPhone + x 2 if has 👆🏻 added from 5 and 6S using cause needs everything 👆🏻 ADDED for me to UPGRADE to NEWER VERSIONS also PLEASE add these features to iOS 13 1. Dark Mode - same as MacOS Mojave 2. Update Apple News - “saved stories” , so that stories are saved in categories, same as channels following, so that it’s easier to find stories 3. Update Siri - saves songs playing after saying “hey Siri, what songs playing” or other ways of getting song info, so that I’m able to add them to playlists, cause they ALWAYS DISAPPEAR before giving me chance to find them cause would be AWESOMES having these added on next iOS version soon Thanks Apple Teams


Love the articles!  MissLadyPug  5 star

It's saved me heaps of time calling up. But if I can't fix it myself I love the options it gives me. Chat support is cool! Right through the app! I don't even have to go on my computer.


What a joke  jsillyv  1 star

Apple support app can't be downloaded on an iPhone? Try an older download? Ffs, if you didn't bring out $2500 phones every year then maybe I'd upgrade. Sincerely, a single father of one... What a corporate joke!


Scammers!  Inawa  1 star

Be careful to share any information with them if your device is faulty. My iphone X silent button won’t work, then the support team asked if I did anything with the phone, I raised the hypothesis there was a bit of sand on my pocket. Immediately the staff told me that I broke my phone, and it was my fault. They are scammers! I paid a great amount of money to have a phone that can be easily broken. Also, I had apple care, but they said they could not do anything because my phone was from Japan. So, if you think that apple care is global, it might be better to check the coverage. Yes, those terms and conditions that are almost hidden.

Apple fan they won me over.

Should be a section to write your problems.  Apple fan they won me over.  5 star

I find my iphone both the Ten and 5s the settings change when connected to internet and when not connected its ok. The update last two times have made my phone insecure. And what was protected by passwords is not protected any more. But i get more help from this site than walking into a store. Where they just want to get rid of u in the store.

hobart chick

I PHONE 7  hobart chick  3 star



NO SUPPORT!  LouiseLj423  1 star

In the preview video, it shows that Chat Support is available within this App. No, no it’s not (not for everyone)! My error/issue is not listed anywhere on the App or the Apple/iTunes website! I found a very important error within Apple ID and billing addresses. I’ve contacted Apple so many times now about this issue (and similar billing issues in the past) and contacted Apple on many different platforms about my issue and no help! I am unable to call Apple about my issue either and I cannot continue anything until the internal error I found in Apple ID has been corrected. Again, my issue is not in any one of the help support options or FAQs. I have tried different multiple searches about my issue and no help has surfaced. Apple Support has not been supportive as of late and customer service has gone down hill since 2016. Disappointing.


I use alot good idea bad customer service!  KinGBuDzK1LL4  1 star

Not all problems listed to choose after connecting to people the last three times has resulted in long conversations with no support or solution who say sorry your going through this and I’m happy to help you today further I understand what you’re going through WHICH IS A LIE WHY LIE??? End result please take it in to the apple Store not everyone has one nearby nor do we want to go in support should know how to help in the same way ridiculous!


Well engineered app with good UX  s_mcleod  5 star

Very well engineered app I found the workflow / UX good and quite natural to use. The ability to send diagnostic data while in a chat with support staff is a killer feature.


Awesome app. Extremely helpful.  Amped24  5 star

I want to say thank you to Selina for helping me with my issues with safari. She was extremely helpful and kind. She answered back very quick and solved the problem in minutes. I highly recommended everyone gets this app. It’s super helpful.


Apple Support Rocks!  nursewrena  5 star

Every time I’ve ever used Apple Support I’ve received excellent timely assistance. I’m an older lady with little tech experience & Support has kept me from dragging my devices into a specialist on more than one occasion. They give me the option of phone vs Support thru chat. I have nothing but praise for these kids! Thanks Apple!!!!


10/10 recommend  MADDIE . T  5 star

thought I crashed and broken my MacBook but turns out it was an easy fix

nice privacy

Nice privacy  nice privacy  1 star

I get fake people from Egypt and there is no privacy I had my phone off and look at my email and it’s says Apple granted access I can’t wait for response


Its cool  rhmnjohn1134  4 star


Giant Sedona

Can’t book Genius Bar  Giant Sedona  1 star

Still can’t find how to book genius Bar appointment. Iam out side waiting for store to ipen now. Downloaded new apt for support and still can’t figure it out. Ive used i-phone since they came out so Zim not stupid.

Dennis Lip

YouTube Music, YouTube Premium  Dennis Lip  1 star

I want to CANCEL this subscription. Don’t want.


1st class service  JoMoto84  5 star

I will always be an apple customer not just because of the product design but I don’t think I have ever had a bad customer experience with apple. There are times I had to come out of pocket but they are quick to make it right if it is covered by their warranty. I have been using iPhone for over a decade now. So there has been a few service calls. I recently had an issue with my Apple Watch display. I have a box in the mail so I can send it in for repair/replacement. The next day! 1 quick phone call and they call you!


Useless - cannot find an apple store in the US  luvesji  1 star

No apple stores shows on the map for the US, therefore preventing me to book a Genius appointment

K Farn

No help - and bad suggestions  K Farn  2 star

Ask a plethora of non essential questions, my issue was “FaceID has been disabled”, per the Apple support website, there is nothing I can do on my end to enable it, when I explained this to the chat support rep they agreed and asked for my country and zip code (even though the app asked if it could use location services previously) - upon giving them my current zip code, they recommended a service location of my home address, instead of where I am staying (250 miles away), even though there is a Apple store/full service center 10 min from the zip code I gave them - so they accessed my personal data on my phone instead of looking at the information/answer I provided in the support chat - SO: questions asked were 90% pointless and unrelated to the actual issue, I had to direct the chat rep to the article mentioning that I could not resolve the problem (had hoped they could possibly enable it online), then directed me to the wrong Apple service center w/o access to actually schedule me an appointment - total waste of an app and time

Celtic White Wolf

Needs SERIOUS work  Celtic White Wolf  1 star

Overly complex, nearly ridiculous to use it effectively, a simple contact for the 4 main sections of any business is all that’s needed, it’s very clear from this app, APPLE don’t want to be bothered with customer care; making it almost impossible for customers to contact them

Jack Speakerbox

Possibly the most useful app for an Apple device.  Jack Speakerbox  5 star

How great is it to have an app where you can contact the company and get instant help with any problem or question you have. Brilliant.


Really great app  Ravensword926  5 star

So easy to use and with iOS 11 on iPad, makes it so easy to multitask with this app as support is talking you through steps. Feels like a chat app rather than a support service, very friendly. Can’t recommend enough.


Can't sign in since update  uwatto  1 star


Helen Ruddy

App  Helen Ruddy  5 star

A very good app.


Horrendous App  marklyttleton  1 star

Poor app... you cannot contact Apple for support... it just provides you with articles.


Excellence which is Apple's brand!  Mrwavibor  5 star

Smooth, gliding feeling, subtle and gentle, yet very responsive feedback, clear and guiding! Love it!❤👍🏼😍


Great App  MrScottSullivan  5 star

App is very responsive and easy to use. The user interface is sleek, what you would expect from Apple. Chat feature is similar to iMessage and runs smoothly.

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