Sporty's E6B Flight Computer

Based on Sporty’s popular handheld E6B Electronic Flight Computer, the E6B app has been designed from the ground up to make the most of iOS on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The software is based on the tried and true formulas and algorithms developed over the years by Sporty’s team of over 50 pilots.

Its pilot-friendly design makes quick work of any navigational, weight and balance, or fuel problem and it also performs conventional arithmetic calculations.

The advanced timer/clock feature simultaneously tracks Zulu, Local and Home time zones. The timer counts either up or down, and will display an alert when reaching zero.

The included Apple Watch app runs natively on the watch (no iPhone required after it's installed) and includes the same 22 functions and 18 conversions as the iPhone/iPad app.


-Pressure & Density Altitude
-Planned True Airspeed
-Heading and Groundspeed
-Leg Time
-Fuel Required
-Crosswind, Headwind and Tailwind
-Cloud Base
-Actual True Airspeed
-Wind Speed and Direction
-Planned Mach Number
-Required True Airspeed
-Required Calibrated Airspeed
-Distance Flown
-Fuel per Hour
-Actual Mach Number
-Percent Mean Aerodynamic Chord (MAC)
-Required Rate of Climb
-Specific Range
-Top of Descent
-Required Rate of Descent


The new weight & balance calculator makes computing aircraft loading problems a breeze. The app allows you to create and store multiple aircraft profiles, and then quickly edit the various weights and arms for quick calculations. After adding the weight of your pilot and passengers, fuel and baggage, you’ll instantly see your takeoff weight and center of gravity (CG). It’ll also compute zero fuel weight and landing weight, and shows an instant analysis to to verify that you’re within limits.


-Celsius :: Fahrenheit
-Nautical Miles :: Statute Miles
-Nautical Miles :: Kilometers
-Feet :: Meters
-Pounds :: Kilograms
-Avgas Gallons :: Pounds
-Jet A Gallons :: Pounds
-Gallons :: Liters
-Hours/Minutes/Seconds :: Hours


-Perform basic math without having to exit the application


-Simultaneous tracking of Zulu, Home and Local time zones
-Advanced timer counts up or down and operates independently so you can perform other calculations while the timer is running
-Upon reaching zero in the countdown mode, a message will display no matter what app is active – a useful feature for missed approaches, switching fuel tanks, etc.

Sporty’s E6B app is a universal app designed for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch and requires a minimum of iOS 8.

Sporty's E6B Flight Computer App Description & Overview

The applications Sporty's E6B Flight Computer was published in the category Navigation on 2010-05-17 and was developed by Sporty's Pilot Shop. The file size is 29.70 MB. The current version is 2.4.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Version 2.4.1
-Fixes a rare crash for users on iOS8.

Version 2.4
-We added 22 aviation calculations to the Apple Watch, allowing you to perform all of the E6B calculations right from your wrist
-Now use 3D touch on home screen icon to instantly access your favorite functions (iPhone 6S or newer)
-Minor bug fixes and user interface improvements

Version 2.3
-Enables split-screen multitasking for iPad Air 1/2, iPad Pro and iPad Mini 2/3/4. When in any app, swipe from the right edge of the screen to access the full E6B app without leaving the app you're currently using.
-Enables slide-over multitasking for iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4. This allows you to run the E6B side-by-side with other compatible apps.
-Screen layout optimized for iPhone 7 & 7+
-Adds native app support for Apple watchOS 2, allowing you to use the E6B app on your watch without being connected to your iPhone.

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Sporty's E6B Flight Computer Reviews


Great app  Anonomous123555  5 star

I bought this app to help me with calculations that I didn't know how to do on the mechanical e6b and to cross check myself. Really nice and convenient app to have for cross country planning.


Very good  SALOHIDDIN88  5 star

Really helps


Apple Watch App Disappoiment  TonyAviator-=S=-  1 star

Utterly disappointed that the watch app does not have any enroute options. Can not select any planning or enroute to put on my watch. Waste of $10.00. There are free EB6 flight computers all over the place. I made an assumption that for $10 I would get something for the watch useful for in flight purpose. Every single option, the 9, have to be calculated on the ground.


Worth it!!!  Luke7203  5 star

This app does everything it says it does. It has not given me any problems. Best $10 I have ever spent.


Good phone app but watch app is useless  Lionflower  3 star

I love the iPhone app and use it as my primary e6b. Yesterday I got the Apple Watch and was excited to be able to use functions there instead of having to break out the phone. NOPE. The only thing the watch app does is conversions. When I'm flying, I don't need to convert avgas gallons to pounds, I need to be able to calculate heading, distance, and fuel burn to my divert location! Soooo disappointed that the Functions were left out of the watch app.


Solid, easy  dotnettrashman  4 star

Way better than other e6b options. My one gripe and feature request is that the Next, Previous, and tapping an entry field select the full value so I can enter a replacement on the keyboard without hitting the C button every time to clear, since flight planning involves keeping some values the same while changing others for similar calculations.


Doesn't Load  Mgfcgsgdvfxgcdgxd  1 star

As the title says, the app will not load at all. I have tried at least a dozen times to use it but have never been able to.


Flight functions work well, but...  HDucker  1 star

The basic calculator on both the iPhone and iPad version drives me nuts. Some keys number keys as well as the arithmetic keys won't work sometimes. I find myself repeating basic problems over and over. Other calculator apps on these platforms work fine so I know it's not an operator issue. UPDATE. THE CALCULATOR IS STILL CRAP


Crashes  Spicymeatball12  1 star

The iPhone app crashes when opened. Can't get it to work at all.


Fantastic for sim pilots too  lowew79  5 star

Although this was made to help real world pilots. I've found it increases my enjoyment of flight sim aircraft a lot as well. The descent functions alone are well worth the cost for me. I don't even really pay attention the FMS suggested VNAV anymore on one of my aircraft, this is more accurate! Im very happy, thanks a lot!

Shut ugly

Wonderful app  Shut ugly  5 star

The iPad version is everything I hoped for and more. An outstanding job. Except for the exam and emergencies, I will retire the excellent Sporty's electronic calculator, and the mechanical E6B is now scrap metal except for check rides.


be carefull  TheManYourManCouldSmellLike127  1 star

this app will not work with 2nd gen ipods, even if you have iOS 3.1.3 or greater. I have 4.2.1


Timer broke  Milehighraven  2 star

Timer runs double-time...needs fixed.


Okay  nmcintosh  5 star

It's a great app but it really really really needs a mph to knots converter please add it :/


good app, needs a few tweaks  Contrail_25  4 star

So far I like this app, I would like to see a few tweaks such as combining imperial & metric measurements. ex: Jet A pounds - gallons/liters all on one page. This would help those of us operating outside the U.S.


e6b  dsmsr  4 star

good ap, much better that the actual electronic e6b


Great but need more conversions and international validity  AndrewKornberg  3 star

Hi Great app with most things present for the user. However, there are some deficiencies. There is no conversion for inches of mercury to hPa and thus calculations in countries where QNH is in hPa are not possible. A way to set pressure on locale ie. HPa or mmHg would be great. Thanks Andrew


Great, especially on ipad  EvilSpudBoy  5 star

The layout is great on the iPad. The way it carries results from one calculation to the next makes for an efficient workflow when pre-planning.


Readability!!!  JediJones  3 star

I generally like the app on my iPhone 3GS. However, I find the text very small and nearly unreadable. A lot of real estate is used for the Sporty's logo that could be much better used for larger text. Also, the navigation is clunky - too many functions to scroll through to find a specific computation.


Good app.  Jeffery1971  5 star

I like this E6B app. It's easy to use and easy to read. Like someone already mentioned the density alt. Is off 15c alt. 29.92 sea level gives -18 density altitude. I contacted sporty's about this but got an answer saying calculations are rounded off. That shouldn't matter on a standard day at sea level, pressure and density are always zero. From what I can tell this will always give approx. 18 lower density alt. Not really a big deal but does kinda bug me some.

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