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New York Subway MTA Map App Description & Overview

What is new york subway mta map app? New York Subway uses the official MTA subway map and includes a helpful transit route planner. With over 12 million downloads worldwide this NYC subway map is free to download and will help you navigate around New York using the subway system.


Official MTA maps of the New York Subway.
Including all 5 NYC boroughs - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.
Easy-to-use transit route planner to get you from A to B on the subway.
Works offline for help even without an internet connection.
Service Status from MTA shows live information about delays with alerts sent straight to your phone.*
Countdown Clocks for each subway station to check when the next train is due.
Search for any subway station on the map or find the nearest station to your location from anywhere in New York.
Plan routes to Points of Interest including Empire State Building, New York Botanical Garden and Times Square.
Favorite your routes for quick access when on the move.
Favorite your Home and Work stations for up to date station, line and route information

E & E Alerts show any out of service elevators and escalators as well as an estimate for when they will return to service.
Travel Guide

VIP Features:

Did you know that not all of the subway operates 24 hours a day? Get first and last train times for every day of the week.**
Enhance your route planner with tips on the best car to board to be nearest the exit or platform when you’re changing service.**
Advertising helps fund the development of this app, but you can help us out by going Ad-Free.

Mapway make transit apps for cities all around the world with over 55 million downloads. If you’re visiting London, Paris or Berlin make sure you check out our other apps available to download for free.

Plan. Route. Relax.

*Whilst we endeavor that service status notifications are delivered in a timely manner we can’t guarantee this 100% of the time. There may be occasions when this isn’t available due to technical reasons outside of our control.

**Available for most, but not all stations.

New York Subway VIP available as an in-app subscription: $3.99 monthly or $9.99 annually, or as a one-off purchase of $23.99.

Cancel at any time, for any reason. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period.

Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the cost of your chosen price tier. Subscriptions can be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to Account Settings in your iTunes Account.

Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when a subscription to that publication is purchased, where applicable. Read our terms in full at

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App Name New York Subway MTA Map
Category Navigation
Updated 16 November 2023, Thursday
File Size 99.07 MB

New York Subway MTA Map Comments & Reviews 2023

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Could be good, but annoying design. The app nags you about notifications being turned off unless you have every notification option turned on. This is just terrible. I don’t want them all turned on. Leave me alone. It also shows ads in a deliberately intrusive way. A full screen ad comes on right when you need to use the app, and there’s a little my pause before you can dismiss it. I can be enticed into paying for a good app but will not be BULLIED into paying for a hostile one. Another developer that hates its users.

Missing important info. Good map that’s available offline. It’s very useful. I used to have notifications on but it became useless as there are only a few timeframes for notification that you can choose (I find that I get way too many for way too long...even though you only need it just 1 hr before you leave) and the notification itself is not specific about what the change in service is. Not helpful. And I found out that throughout using this app over a couple of years, it doesn’t let you know any weekend service changes - such as trains not running at all or skipping certain stations. This is a different type of notification aside from the usual incident/delay type of service change and it’s somehow hard to know unless you go to a specific page on the MTA website or go to the station to see notice flyers stuck on the wall. I dunno... but I get really annoyed when I go take the train and the train station itself is shut down at the same time it shows “good service” on this app. Now I have to either walk to another line/station and/or rearrange my whole transportation so I’m probably gonna be late for 30 mins.. Hopefully in the future this app can include such important info so we don’t get the run around from MTA so much as we do now.

Is the App really worth the annoyance?. I understand that for an App to be profitable it needs to sell advertising. That’s fine and dandy however when the advertising cannot be readily closed to actually use the App, it becomes useless. There have been many instances where information was needed immediately to make an informed decision and was blocked by advertising that could not be closed. Put it to you this way......., I will be looking at OTHER Apps.

A must have app. The NYC subway can be confusing and you don’t want to be one of those panicky looking tourists on the platform. This app lets you stare at your phone, which is what everybody else on the subway is doing, so you’ll blend right in! But it also tells you when trains aren’t running and when to expect delays. Then night feature is great too. Just be careful you know how to toggle between day and night. Outstanding customer support too

advertising at the worst time. You are late to work, running out of time, you open this app trying to find out if there are any service changes. Guess what? You are hit by an advertisement that runs for a whole minute. The makers of this app had no clue who uses this app, when people would use it, why they would use the app, they just went ahead and slept a bunch of ads at the wrong time all Over this app. It’s pretty much unusable because of the untimely adds. It’s a shame , it could’ve been a popular app, it just didn’t make it.

Intrusive ads make app unusable in for quick decisions on the train platform. Ads pop up immediately whenever you first open the app, last too long, and can’t be immediately closed. It won’t give you problems if you’re checking the map with time to spare, but if you ever find yourself needing this app to help you make a snap decision re: boarding an unexpected train that has just pulled up to the platform, you won’t have time to close out the inevitable ads and check the map before the train departs. There are other free nyc subway map apps that don’t frontload unskippable ads. This one isn’t going to ruin your life, but there’s just no reason to download it over the others.

Unusable advertising bombardment. The app borders on being unusable since it just spams you with fullscreen ads anytime you open it. I don’t have an issue with advertising, but when it hinders your ability to actually use the app then it makes that app pointless. Most people use this app to check the subway map quickly on the train platform to make sure they get on the right train. But anytime you attempt to do so, you have 3 seconds before ads take up the entire screen and block your access to the map. After a period of time the ad allows you to close it, but then a second ad pops up when you do so. By the time it allows you to close that one, the train you were trying to get info on has already come and gone.

Good enough. I’ve been using this app for at least 3 years and it’s good enough for most things. However, a major annoyance is that it can be hard to plan a route when you’re not sure what the street address of your end stop is. For example, if you’re trying to go to the 23rd street stop on the 1 from 96th street, you can enter your start stop by clicking on it, but then you have to choose your destination from a list that’s like “23rd street / 7th Avenue” or “23rd street / 6th Avenue” or “23rd street / Broadway”. Subway lines don’t nearly follow avenues so it’s annoying to have to try 2 or 3 stations until you find the right one. I have 2 possible solutions: A) the subway line icon should be placed next to the station in the drop down list or B) even better, you can choose BOTH the start and the end station from the map, not a drop down list, when you plan your route. Hope you can improve this feature some time soon!

First time reviewing an app.... ...and I’ve come because this app has finally motivated me to take even more time out of my day to warn the masses that this thing is a complete and utter fail. You have one job to do. Show the subway map. When I’m rolling up to an unfamiliar subway stop, I unearth this unholy thing to quickly find a transfer or express train. And it makes you WAIT for inane amounts of time by displaying a full page advertisement. And while you’re clicking around trying to find out how to X out of the thing, or waiting for the video ad to finish, that last minute subway knowledge you needed sails away. And you wail. Well I ain’t wailing for the benefit of my co-commuters anymore. I’m wailing to the masses via the ratings board. And it feels good. Don’t use this crap. Not until they figure out how to put an ad in the bottom of the map screen, or anywhere that isn’t obscuring the information you need. Boom.

Necessary for first timers. We had never been to the New York/New Jersey are before our trip but I knew the subway would be a travel must. Within minutes of installing the app I was able to find stations and plan routes. Very intuitive. Using the app and riding the trains saved us a TON in parking fees and enabled us to see way more and stress way less about driving and parking. The next time we go I will definitely be using this app again.

Great app and information ruined by ads. It’s has great information, times, schedule service and other features but you are required to watch a 30-45 sec ad first that shows up 5 secs after opening it. No way around it but watch. I would be whatever about it but ads pop up again after a period of time. Usually at the worse moment when u need to transfer or read about a service change. What’s worse is that these ads are advertising get rich and other scams. Going to the authentic MTA app.

Useless. The adds cover the whole screen after a few seconds of use, rendering rendering the app useless. No way to get rid of them. The close button is hidden strategically under the add unmute button. Any attempt to skip the add results in unmuting the sound and/or being taken to various websites or apps in the App Store. The paid version (“VIP”) is way to expensive for providing outdated info that can be found online anyways. Overall, an app that does nothing other than flooding you with adds and collecting your info. Uninstall.

Good app, annoying ads. This app is fine as a mobile subway map with two annoyances. One, the free version plays an interminable video ad before you get to the map. Maybe it is 30 secs but it takes FOREVER. Secondly, though it has location services, the default map view centers Jackson Heights Queens. As far as I can tell there is no way to change that. It is just a minor annoyance to always need to scroll, unless you live in Jackson Heights Queens.

I want a refund - ruined a great app. I would like a refund. I had the previous version of this, albeit not updated and I found it much more useful for placement of where to stand one the platform. I paid for the update because I had to restore my phone and thought “great! Love this app, if they updated the Q line and added additional features I don’t mind paying.” Then I paid and noticed that the information you had for the station had identical street locations for all exits, front, middle and beginning or the train it wasn’t differentiated by car at 14th St & 7th Ave. That is absolutely USELESS and the main reason I used the app. Other stations like Times Square states that I can use “any carriage” are you kidding? Do you know how big that station is? Evidently not. You managed to ruin a great app. It’s clear you aren’t from here calling subway cars “carriages.” The features you managed to add made the app cumbersome and are items I can readily get for free.

Too many ads.. I especially don’t like the fact that it opens with an ad causing a delay to get to the map. Sometimes, when you need to jump off or on a train because your route is suddenly changing, this delay can cause a person to miss making the move in time. Very frustrating. This should be a public service. You are already collecting what I consider to be a hefty fee for the service. And whether the cost is an actual additional fee to get rid of the ads, or the loss of help when you need it, it’s obnoxious. A functional, friendly map to help people use that service should not come at an additional cost to the user.

Useful but ads not appreciated.. Very useful to pull up a map quickly... EXCEPT when you’re bombarded by an ad within 1-2 secs and within that timeframe, you’ve missed the train you weren’t sure if you were supposed to take. Especially the AnastasiaDate ad with a scantily clad woman and porn music automatically playing- inappropriate if you pulled up the app at work... deleting this app.

So easy to use.. This app is easy to use and to find our way around. However, the last 2 days, we have had to scramble to re-route ourselves because of line closures. It would be helpful if this information was available as we wasted much time trying to figure out how to get “home” on our own. At one point, we had to Uber from a station as the connection we panned, was nit working from that station. This was at midnight in an unfamiliar area!

Poor advertisement timing. This is mostly a reliable app, yet the timing of the add placement is terrible. Normally not a problem (the developers do have to be paid), yet MANY times, I open this within the subway station, as a train arrives, to reference quickly to ensure I’m taking the best train for a given trip. Approximately 5 seconds after opening the app however, an ad pops up that you are forced to navigate before closing it (10-20 seconds approximately). In this time, before a decision is made on whether to ride the train in question, the trains doors close. A solution naturally is to use the app before trains arrive yet the above happens frequently for city residents. Otherwise, it’s a good app.

Too intrusive monetization. On one side I understand the need to monetize the app, after all nothing is really for free. However the way monetization is introduced into the app is way too intrusive and more often then not interfere with the ability to use the app. Quite frequently the app forces full screen advertisements which on its own isn’t that bad, but coupled with spotty reception in the subway, I found myself very often opening the app and then the app opening full screen advert video and not loading anything due to missing reception. No way to discard the black screen without restarting the app. Making the app basically useless. I would rather recommend to use official MTA app that doesn’t have this problem even though that getting to some aspects (like map) takes few more clicks.

Great help for visitors. As out of Towners visiting NJ and NYC from out of state we were very thankful for the great service we experienced with NYC METRO. We purchased tickets in the Port Authority and with visitor info maps were able to quickly find routes, determine arrival times, etc. Sometimes it was difficult to know if we were in the right side of the platform, but after a few close calls we learned to see where the line ran and looked for those stops. Other riders were kind when we asked questions. The trains were usually very prompt. We didn't wait long at any time of day or night. When a car was full, we could easily wait for another. Having connections to the NJ bus and centrally located stops made our travels easy and saved some on our walking. In late night returns and after large entertainment events, I was grateful to see an obvious police presence. On the trains I was impressed with how clean the cars were, comfortable and well sir-conditioned on hot muggy days. Many cars had boards displaying the line and upcoming stops. Other riders were polite, helpful to each other. Looking forward to my next visit. K B.

Useful app (ads have become annoying). This app is my go to when I may need to get around due to unexpected detours on the train or need to plan a different away around an area I may not be familiar with. The ads however have really become the downfall of this app, as before they use to pop up and you could close but each one is a video with audio which you have to wait to close. It didn’t use to be this intrusive. I know ads are needed for funding but the new ad method is going to kill this app. I highly recommend people to pay to have ads removed. You’ll thank me later.

Where’s my alert?. Not for the first time, I’m on a 4/5 platform without info about serious delays. I’ve set my preferences for all kinds of alerts 24/7 about issues with this especially cursed line, but there’s nothing this morning. So I guess the app is only as good as the mta data provided. To be fair, the app in general has been useful and when alerted I can change my travel plans.

Not for the 'on the go' New Yorker. This app does everything right. It helps you plan your routes and shows the status of each line in a nice package. It's so nice, which makes it infuriating that the usefulness of the app is hindered by advertisements that block the entire screen. I don't particularly mind banner advertisements that show up on the ends of the screen, but it's very frustrating to have an ad that you have to wait five seconds before skipping when you need to make a decision in which seconds count. It's come to the point where I dread the thought if opening the app. NYC waits for no one, so don't wait for an ad.

Good except at the last/first stop. The app is great and usually very accurate with the train times when I am coming home from work. However, the app seems to have an issue with dictating southbound train times at the final stop (terminal) of the train I take. I take the 5 train from and to Eastchester-Dyre Avenue. Whenever I select this station it only shows northbound trains but never southbound ones. I wouldn't mind if it only showed southbound trains because those are the ones leaving the station. Other than this issue the app has been great and very useful to my daily commute.

Unofficial NYC app, save the frustration and download the real onr. This is a unofficial app that simply rebroadcast free info available is a way that's much less useful than the official apps. Any visitors of the new york subway should use the free MyMTA app, or Google maps. The hi res version of the paper maps seems useful until you realize it's just what you would get if you search the web for "MTA large print app" on the web ( and you'd get the same map) I think apps like these (presenting freely available info with ads or fees) are a blight on the app store as is makes in harder for tourists and visitors to find the real official apps. Tourists beware, find the official apps and maps on New York MTA's official website at app and save the ads and frustration.

Infuriating Ads. This App is unusable. I often need to make a quick decision about which subway to take and having to wait for a FULL SCREEN ad to finish playing and then try to tap a tiny x to dismiss the ad makes this app incredibly frustrating to use. MTA needs to create an official public utility app, so all NYC residents and visitors can quickly and effectively access subway information without waiting for ads to finish EVERY time you use the app. I never leave app reviews. New Yorkers deserve better than this.

Infuriating unskippable ads. I cannot exit out of them and they take forever to go away. Maybe a small unobtrusive pop up in the bottom or corner would be fine if the devs HAVE TO have ads running to keep the ap going but I have places to go in town and if I’m trying to get directions in a time sensitive manner and some stupid mobile game app ad comes up it makes it stressful to try and navigate the subway and see where my stops are. I had to delete the app for this reason. This app is garbage for that reason.

Use Google instead this app will only make you hate this app. Went to NY for first time. App DOES give you very accurate info on the trains, but does not track walking movement well at all which is essential to find the right platform to get on a train in the first place. And does not tell you which side of track to be on. Hardest part was finding where to catch a train, and since the app didn’t track waking well or have a directional pointer to show which way you’re headed as you move your phone, it often had us going back and forth changing direction. then when we finally found a platform and got there we’d still have to ask someone if we were on the correct side heading in right direction. Just asking google was much easier and google lets you know exactly what time train is leaving. Good thing is NYers were the MOST helpful people in the world.

Addresses don’t work. I can’t believe I paid for this. It’s only barely good for having a subway map. If you don’t know the name of the station you’re going to this app is useless. You can not type in an address and have it give you the nearest station. A waste of money. I’m sorry I paid for the ad free version. They don’t deserve the money, neither do the ad companies! Mapway sent me an email saying that their app can find nearest location but they failed to mention that it doesn’t do point to point. You have to know the subway stop you’re going to for the app to tell you how to get there. WELL if I knew that I wouldn’t need the app in the first place! I’ll stick with Apple Maps and consider the $3’s a donation maybe they can get a clue.

New ads make this unusable. Do not download - app used to be good, then they started full page ads that load when you open the app ... which was OK as they could be closed quickly. Why this matters: when you go to look at a map you often only have a few seconds before your potential train arrives - the info needs to be quickly accessible or you’ll literally make a bad transit choice costing you time and frustration. New video ads are now displaying and can’t be closed for a long period of time making this app essentially useless - it’s faster to load a nyc map PDF in the pdf reader

Ads interrupting your emergency search. Don’t mind ads but don’t use this when you’re in a rush. As soon as you open the app to the service status right before you can check anything the ad pops, imagine when you’re in a train changing stop and connection is limited platform to platform you trying search and the ad pops then you lost connection again :(( You don’t even get to search anything. A lot of my local New Yorkers friends use the other free apps and they never have problems with ads interrupting.

Best overview map of the NYC/NJ transit system. With modern navigation apps like google maps and Apple Maps adding transit navigation options, it would seem an app like this one wouldn’t be useful, you would be wrong. This app is great for an overall view of the subway and a great app to find subway news about closures so that you don’t mistakenly try and and board that train. This app has helped me every time I’ve gone to the city to plan out sites to see and the nearest subway station to those sites and like the modern navigation apps, has a route planner to help navigation from point A to B. See also the stations that involve walking transfers, like the 14th street transfer from the red to the orange line, so you know when going to the next site you want to go to what your options are. Best of all, it’s lightweight and doesn’t require cellular or WiFi to just view the map.

Appalling service. Filthy, dangerous and confusing.. Why does the MTA feel the need to show pop up ads when you are looking at the subway map? It’s pathetic. Compared to any other major city it’s disgusting! Paris, London, Moscow, Tokyo to name but a few. There is not much more irritating than trying to figure out which train to catch but you can’t because an Experian ad pops up repeatedly. NYC subway is filthy, it stinks, it’s unsafe and the map is barely comprehensible! Whoever is advertising on it should be aware that what they are doing is creating badwill for their brand. And whoever runs it should be fired! Gotta to be the only country in the world where they want you to pay for the subway map app!

Ads absolutely kill it. If you need to access the map quickly (for example to check if you can transfer to a different line at a particular station) you’ll get hit with an annoying ad that lasts longer than the time it would take to get up and look at the map on the train itself (or to pull up a saved picture of the subway system). If you’re wearing headphones, they’ll also kill your music and possibly your ears as some are very loud. If you’re from out of town and planning your trip in advance and are not worried about urgency, you might as well use google maps.

Better than the official MTA app. EDIT: I have been informed this is not the official MTA app. Apparently, the official MTA app is useless so I take back all my mean comments. I’m really grateful for this one: it gives real time, accurate information. The app is bigoted against poor people or people who just don’t feel they should have to pay to have real time access to NYCMTA travel information. Welcome to late stage capitalism. Previous review: Whose stupid idea was it to compromise the safety of riders by preventing them access to the map with a screaming ad? It prevents riders from quick access to whether or not an arriving train goes where they want and eliminates privacy. I already paid to ride the train. If the official app of the MTA isn’t going to assist riders unless they pay then it shouldn’t be the official app. Heinous

Ads are ridiculous. I understand there need to be ads. But EVERY time the app is opened an ad pops up. Even if you go away from the screen for 30 seconds you are forced to watch a 30 second ad. Some of them are longer and then you wait another 30 seconds or more on the selection page for the option to dismiss. This defeats the purpose of checking on train times when you are trying to figure out what is going on in a particular station. It wasn’t always this terrible, but the last month or so has been a headache. Nearly useless to gauge train time.

Don’t try to find your way in a hurry. Nothing is more annoying than trying to find your way only to get interrupted by an ad that seems to never end. Trying to click out of the ad only makes you click on it inadvertently. This is especially annoying when you’re on the platform, the train rolls in and you’re just about to find what you’re looking for on the map. That ad will make sure that you will not return to the map before that train has closed its doors.

Inaccurate countdown clocks. App is decent. Service statuses seem to be fairly accurate, however the countdown clocks always seem to be missing the closest train. For example, the countdown clock will say the next train is 8 mins away, when really the next train is 3 mins away. There may be one 8 mins away, but the most important info, the next closest train, isn’t always on there. This makes trying to time transfers to/from express trains difficult and often leads me to not even check the countdown clocks on the app or open the app because it’s not correct and/or missing train arrivals. So what’s the point of the countdown clocks if they’re not correct?

New York Subway Map. This is a great application for those who use the NYC subway regularly or even if you are new to the system. First the app is well designed allowing users to easily bounce from section to section with a simple tap to the top pop up menu. The app covers all the basics whether you want to create a route, save a train line as a favorite, look up the latest alerts, and navigate the subway map. The app not only covers the essentials but provides extras such as an included New York City Guide that allows users to read up on all the facets of the city whether it be the attractions, or the infrastructure services that help guide the public in their daily lives. It is all included in the guide. The app also gives users a choice in whether they want a ad free experience or a premium version in which you can avoid them. This is highly recommended app for NYC travelers in general whether you use the subway a lot or not.

Old timer. Had not been in NY since I was in my 20's nearly 50 years ago! This app and a paper subway map of the city got me everywhere from Brooklyn to uptown, the battery, you name it, and back to Prospect Park where I was staying with my son for a week. NY is a great town and I had a magnificent time covering it on foot and by subway. This app was invaluable. It made everything so possible to navigate that I often felt Time was delightfully still - and I moving about the city with the confidence of youth. Thank you. M. Macy, artist

Best in class. I’ve tried multiple subway apps and this one is easily my favorite. It’s simple to use, the map is easy to read and zoom, and tapping on a station brings up options including the countdown clocks. And all this is in the free version. I’m deleting my other subway apps and using this one.

Good, but dropping due to the obnoxious ADS!. This is a pretty decent app for navigating the NYC subway system. The time clocks are usually correct, or close enough. But the advertisements have become increasingly obnoxious and intrusive. Checking the updated train time while in transit or transferring has become pointless because you are now forced to sit through a 10-15 second ad before you can close the ad out and get on with the train time. The train time you get a glimpse of before the ad pops up is not live. This app is not worth it in my opinion.

Do not use. When planning a route, the app does not take into account things like weekend track work even though elsewhere in the app (as I eventually discovered) it provides info on weekend service status. So while the trip planner said my trip would take 52 minutes, it in fact took 95. I could have driven or taken an Uber for a 45 minute trip, which I know since I’ve driven the route many times in the past, but thought hey why not just take the train. I could have even taken a different train route that would have been much faster. What an counterproductive waste.

Pop-up ads rendered it useless. If you need to make a quick decision about which subway line you’re taking or a transfer be ready for nonstop extended pop up ads that force you to watch before you’re allowed to then close it to simply see the map. This app crosses the line with their repeated pop up ads making it useless. This is simply a spam app first and foremost with an intentionally generic name so it can spam ads to as many people as possible. I don’t know how and when Apple decides to take these kind of spam apps down. This should be the first on the chopping block.

You’ll miss your train. If you’ve ever used the NYC subway, you know that figuring out what train to take and where to transfer can often require split second decisions, and when you can’t get the info you need in time to make that decision, it will often result in you being severely delayed. This app used to be great for getting the information you need quickly, but now they have included ads that take the whole screen and cannot be skipped for up to 30 seconds. These ads usually come up when you’re just bringing up the app and need the info you’re looking for immediately, which has often resulted in me missing trains and getting delayed for over 30 mins because I can’t skip out of the ads. I usually can’t be bothered to leave reviews, but I feel like it’s my civic duty here to tell people to avoid this app and save yourself the frustration. There are other apps with maps which are better, such as the one named “NY Subway” which still has pop up ads but can be quickly clicked out of so you can get the info you’re looking for in time.

Bad news APP. Doesn’t work well, click on route planner, put Penn Station to destination address and there’s no where to click or tap on submit etc. in order to receive the route or witch subway train to take... Hard to use not user-friendly. ********************************** 2nd review regarding your RESPONSE: thank you for your response. If I knew the station I was going to, I wouldn’t need the APP, ryt? My issue was, I didn’t know which train or train line to take from PENN station. That’s why I used the app in the first place, to find out which train line to use, which stop to get off at. The app could not give me that information. As you stated in your response, it doesn’t work with addresses. Perhaps you could fix that in the future, going forward. Thank you For your initial reply.

Ads make it unusable. The ads in this app have always been awful - popping up, playing annoying audio, and covering the whole screen for several seconds before a tiny “close” button appears. But lately the “close” button doesn’t appear at all, the ads freeze, and I have to force close the app and start over. I’m giving it two stars because the app behind the ads is actually decent.

I was mistaken, app remains superb. [previously wrote] "Suddenly I'm getting full-screen pop-ups that are hard to dismiss, in the PAID version. Small update: after I wrote the above, dev. issued an update for iPhone X. Pop-ups are now easier to dismiss, but no less intrusive. Paid users should be limited to only the most discreet ads possible, if any, imo. I added two stars to my orig. rating which I believe is fair. The app is generally very effective and useful." Another update: thanks to the developers I learned that I was only getting ads because I got a new phone and hadn't restored the app fully. Here I thought I'd been betrayed. My apologies to them for being a dunce. Rating amended accordingly.

Annoying. As a New Yorker, the idea of paying for a mobile subway map is crazy. I had this app for years (my fault for not deleting it sooner) and it frustrated me from the onset. The free version runs on ads and they pop up continually. As the years progressed, the ads stayed on the screen for longer amounts of time. Additionally, once the ads pops up, you cant navigate out of the ad and back to the map without having to shut down the app and reload it. This is particularly troubling when I’ve needed to map on the fly to catch a coming train. Stupid design. Don’t get hoodwinked into this. This app is a real piece of crap. There are free NYC subway maps that don’t have pop up ads and are easy to use. Out of towners, there are for purchase apps with all the bells and whistles you would need to traverse the city. Get one of those. Stay clear of this.

My disappointments. well I bought this program in the hope that it will show the New York subway schedule believably, especially on weekends so as not to run from one street to another. But I was very disappointed, the program showed the route from point A to point B, and when you come to the metro station, it turns out that it is closed for repairs. In my opinion you have no feedback from Coney Island. What is most interesting, I bought the program because of annoying ads and a hidden column about the status of the service.

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Great App to have when visiting NYC. Downloaded this app when I got into my hotel at NYC and I only wish I had downloaded it sooner. Best feature is the subway map that works even you are offline (as I was with no international roaming and relying solely on wi-fi) Weakness of app is that it doesn't have the timetable when you are offline, but given how frequently they change on the NYC Subway I am not surprised.

Navigating NYC subways. Great app. Easy to use I mainly just stuck with the map. Combined it with google maps and it was easy to plan routes and locate the stations. Just make sure you have the relevant page before you get out of a wireless zone.

So many ads!. I don’t know if this app is any good or not. The frequency of ads was so great that I just had to delete it

Poor. Can not input a time for another day to plan ahead.

Perfect application. It was quick to load apart from the advertising at the load screen. Couldn't have survived NYC with it and it was so simple to use

Tourist must have. Would be lost with out this app. Some times takes you the annoying away around, but if your a traveller, you won't know any better!

Great planning tool. I'm currently planning a trip to NY and this app is making it easy to work out how to get around the city. Haven't rated it 5 stars as I'm yet to test it out while in NY.

Getting around in NYC. This App made it really easy to navigate our way around the NY subway system

Useful. Makes negotiating the subway a breeze. One improvement would be to take into account the trains out of service for the trip planner!

Fantastic!. Easy to use, an absolute must when visiting NYC. Does all the thinking for you!

Invaluable when on the subway. This was great when on the subway cause it didn't need internet access. I found it easier to use than a paper map cause you could zoom in and out and it showed which trains stop at which station along with stations that you could transfer between. The route finder was good too - if you didn't want to work out which trains to catch it would do it for you.

Great tell everyone who comes to NYC NYC. A must for all travellers to NY

Subway Pal. I really like this app. I use it not just for planning my subway journeys but as a quick way to orient myself in the city when not on wifi and so cannot open a map app. In fact only just found out how helpful it is with the wifi on just now. Shows elevator repairs underway etc as well as upcoming trains.

Excellent. Great Thanks

Infuriating when planner resets.. Can select current location thank you and can type in exact address thank you. A simple how to would save a lot of frustration. Ridiculously looses Route Planner info as soon as you put your phone away. Put your phone away to Get to the street and pull your phone back out it’s reset. Ridiculously frustrating. Don’t buy.

Pretty good. Very clear and also does routes. The map's a little glitchy sometimes (shifting when you don't touch it). The ads are annoying - always have to tap them through to the app - but I guess that's the price we pay.

Very good. This app was great to use for subways. It got me from A to B with no problems. On last day I discovered NYCmate that links buses & subway- very helpful but if u just use the subway this is best.

Great Application. Best free app on the subway I found. Works quickly and provides online access to status reports. Only downside is the long add delay during startup.

Handy. Perfect for out of towners- map has been easy to follow and helped big time

Bug. When an ad comes up, if I close it, the white background remains and can't return to the app. Pls fix the bug.

Very handy. I found this really useful for planning my trip and for whilst in New York.

Lifesaver. Helped me find the way to the hospital when my daughter was in labour. (Australian tourist)

Very helpful. Accurate and reliable. Great app for tourists.

Useful in NYC. Has live updates of trackworks Has station lists Better than the other NYC subway maps

Totally Awesome App. Was perfect for my trip to NY... Will use next time am there and will recommend to anyone!!!

Useless. The trip planer requires you to know the destination station and not an address. Might as well just look at a map. 2 stars for the directions though from one station to the arrival station. Not much help otherwise.

My nav mate. This app was essentially my go to to get around nyc.. would literally have been lost without it.

Very useful..... Liked it..

Very convenient. Will be great if it uses My Location. Otherwise it works extremely well.

Many happy memories. This app reminds me of some great times in NYC. Easy navigation, easy to find things and good resolution on the map. Well done.

Great program. It's pretty good, I'm just unhappy about the startup time

NYC Subway the best way to get around town simple. 👌

Great app!. First time traveller to New York City - most definitely have depended on this app! Really easy to use & better yet that it can be used offline.

A Real "MUST HAVE". I could not get along without this for my daily commute - the updates to services are most important!

Awesome!!. Helped me navigate my way through the NYC subway system. And does not need a wifi connection!!

Great App. Great app, made the subway very easy to navigate!!

Fantastic. Great app. I would've been lost without it in NYC. Fantastic.

Outstanding. Used this while we were traveling in NY, easy to use and didn't require internet access. Highly recommend.

Awesome app, super useful. Everything you need to get around NYC!

Useful travel app. Easy to use with or without Internet access

Easy to use and helpful. Great app. Really useful tool for getting around the Subway. Planning feature great as well

Can’t find how to cancel. Downloaded it for research before holiday in NYC in August then found I needed to pay an annual fee to use it. Please let me know how to cancel this sub as can’t find any info on the app.

Fantastic app. So helpful. As a tourist, would be lost without it!!

Perfect for tourists. Ezy to use. Use this app every time we come to NY

Urine smell in subway lift. See above

Useful but room for more. Found it hard to use to plan trips, but useful if you know where you want to go

Tourists : Very useful for navigating NYC. Downloaded this when recommended by Apple Maps application for routing information. Happily paid the in-app purchase fee. Was very useful in navigating us around NYC for our two weeks vacation. Thanks to the team who put it together.

Must have this app for NYC. Easy to use, great app!

Not much help. The free app doesn't give you that much information, it's just like the subway paper map that's given for free at grand central terminal. You can't input an address to give you directions as to which subway train to take to get you, not at I'm deleting this app.

Subway. Terrible ticketing system for visitors. I must carry my passport to qualify for a ticket limiting me to 2 rides. Why no more multiple ride tickets? Any chance of booth attendants being a tad friendly?

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Can't open on iPhone 4 iOS 5.1. Works great on my fiance's phone though

Time saver. Even if you understand the NY subway system, this app will make your time in NY so much better

Life Saver. So easy to use! Combine with the maps app and you'll never get lost in NYC. You'll never have to carry huge maps and look like a confused tourist anymore!

Great service!. Whenever I travel to New York, I am able to get around with great ease using the Subway System. Why drive, when you don't need to?

Excellent!. Good and complete app

Great app. This is a handy app to have in NYC. It helps you get around via the subway system quite well. 4 stars instead of 5 b/c the one caveat to the comment is that sometimes it’s a bit difficult to find the subway stations. I wonder if unlocking the app by paying would be worth it? We used this app in conjunction with Google maps and found our way around pretty easily. Hint: use the route planner, and make sure you double check that the train you are on is going the right direction. Once you confirm it then you can “show stops” to both make sure you’re heading the right direction, and to know when your final stop is coming.

My subway essential. Only way to really use the subway effectively is to be informed about routes and times. This app does both very well.

Amazing Service!. Every time I visit NYC, I love to take the subway. It's very efficient and reliable too. I love it very much!

It's ok. They don't give other options and you can't click to see the walking directions from the train, google maps is better. Or maybe it's just my lack if app skill.

Aplicacion util. La aplicación funciona muy bien y ayuda mucho falta más información sobre las calles, y pequeños problemas con la ampliación, pero en general es útil y funcional

Don’t mind the little adds. But the big hijacking ones pisssssss me off.

Doesn’t update for planned service outages. So nice to have, but not reliable

Fantastique !!!. Made my last trip to NYC so much easier !

Great App. Used this App when in New York Was ver helpful .

Useful and accurate. Loved this app while traveling in NYC. Only downfall is you have to know which subway station you're going to. Spent a lot of time googling closest subway stations to popular landmarks. Other than that this would be a perfect app.

Great app.. Does what I need and seems intuitive to me. Easy to use, and easy to read.

Super!. Cette application nous a très bien servis pendant notre séjour de 10 jours à New York. Elle demande un peu d'apprentissage, mais cela en vaut la peine. Trajets différents de nuit, de jour, de week-end; vraiment aidant. Bravo! This app serve us very Well during our 10 days in New York. There is a learning curve, but it's worth the effort. You Will differentiate the weekend from week days and rush hour. Great App!

Great design & Easy to use. Made navigating the NYC subway system easy and less intimidating for a first-time tourist.

Super helpful and easy to use!. Would've gotten lost without it.

NYC Subway -Métro. Super application et fonctionne sans l'accès à l'Internet. Il s'agit simplement de télécharger avant de vous rendre à New York

A must have!. This app is so easy to use. Totally accurate. And a lifesaver when trying to find your way around NYC. Can be used even when you don't have data or cellular coverage.

Very nice tool when you don't know NYC. Kudos. Only thing I would suggest is adding GPS locating on the map to find the closest station. Especially important for non-US visitors with no cellular data plan to access Maps.

so helpful omggg. i recently went to NYC for the first time with zero knowledge on how to get anywhere, and this app saved me. You can put in a destination and it tells you several ways to get there from your location. 100% recommend :)

Très ravis!. Je recommande cette application à tous. Très facile d'utilisation et très ultra précis pour donner un trajet dans le métro. Bravo!

Great Reference. Really like the app for planning routes around the city. Would really like to see an update allowing you to personalize your favorites by being able to name them (good for visitors)!

Super application. Super application très pratique et bien faite Merci

Fabulous!. Very helpful app when trying to find your way around The Big Apple!

Great app for out of towners. I found this to be quite helpful.

Free app that does what you need.... ...what more could you ask for? Simple interface, allows you to see all the routes at all the stations, and can plan your travel for you, all without any data! As someone who was just visiting NYC and doesn't have roaming, that is great. Has additional features like checking if a certain route is experiencing delays, and even a station finder (never tried it though). For a free app, it's perfect.

Alright. Makes my life a bit less complicating

Bought pass and it didn’t work. Had to buy a 2nd pass. No one around to help.

Thumbs up. Great app. Keep up the good work!

Great!. Very helpful, new to NYC and it was a blessing.

Best of NYC subway apps. Excellent and it's easy to use

Solid. Good app. Easy to use. Could have another map with some key locations. But overall great for its purpose

Fantastic app. I hit returned from my first trip to NY. This app was use a ton am was super helpful to me. I wish it had a legend, but once I figured it out it was a breeze.

Great app. As a first time visitor in New York, this was fantastic for getting around the city by subway. In 13 days the only cab trip I took was from LaGuardia

Excellent. Very quick and easy to use. Great app.

Would be great if it used Vignelli's map. Pro Tip: pay $3.59 to remove the ads.

First time tourist. Very helpful on our first trip to the city, we would have been lost without it, easy to use and understand

Limited information. Other than the service summary, provides little other useful information.

Great app for NY tourists and visitors. Excellent app.

Ads are ridiculous. I just need a map. That’s it. Way too many stupid ads that last too long and one after another

Métro. Application très utile et facile à comprendre. Bravo ! Indispensable pour visiter la ville.

New York Trip. First time ever in New York and this app performed perfectly. On occasion we would ask a local what subway to take and where to get off and when we listened to some people they each seemed to have a different route to take. In the end when we depended on this app we got there every time successfully. A definite requirement when traveling to New York.

Good App. Good App

Useless. Cannot get rid of ads to get directions.

Great. Excellent app. Extremely helpful for getting around.

Un must!. Cette application nous a beaucoup aidé à nous retrouver et à nous situé dans la ville lors de notre visite! La carte peut être utilisée sans connexion internet. This app really helped us finding our way through the City when we visited. The map does not require internet connexion.

Great app for your NYC Brooklyn visit. Of the two apps I downloaded upon my arrival to NYC, this app was definitely my fave. Sent a link to my daughter who used it to get from la guardia to Times Square. Zero issues.

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Dumb dumb dumb. I got this stupid app when my old subway nyc app shut down. That app allowed you to search for a location and figured out how to go from there. This app will only let you access each station - assuming you already know the whole subway by heart which would mean you don’t need this app anyway. Don’t waste your money. So stupid. Maybe I’m doing it wrong - at which rate this is only a dumb design and not user friendly. Which is slightly less dumb

Not bad but could be better. Please add the letter or number of the train rather than just calling it “the broadway local.” This would be much more helpful to a tourist. The other thing you could do is add in a hyperlink that maps the walking path to the subway station that you need. Other than that, it’s a very helpful app. I would’ve given it 5 stars if it had these 2 features.

Something is off. Wonderful app. I have it for when I’m in a rush and need an update on service status but I noticed today it says “no overnight service” and that ended here in nyc. Guessing it just needs another update.

Life saver. Amazing app, that helped out tremendously! The ability to work offline was clutch when we were riding and wanted to continue planning our rides or just see how many stops are ahead. Route planner was great and made traveling a no brainer.

The ads have ruined this. You can be looking up a route really quick while deciding to switch trains or if you should get off at the next stop and suddenly an ad pops up and forces you to watch it for a minute while your potential transfer leaves. This app used to be good before these invasive ads but now it’s such an annoyance trying to use the app quickly. The positive reviews you see are mostly from 4 years ago.

Crazy people. My sister had warned me that they were crazy people on the New York City subways. My friend and I were standing too close to the opening doors, and a man pushed out of the way, screaming and And yelling at us after the doors closed, we found seats and I And I told my friend see my sister was right there are crazy people on the subway, and the man across the way said oh no, he just got off.

Calm down with the ads. Ended up deleting it. There are so many options and good apps., that one can make a number of choices and get twice the quality service. I understand they have to make money to keep the service going but the ad exposure was so much and so long (while in NCY trying to find your way around) that it pushed me to deleting the app and using the dozen other choices including Google.

Nope.. Used to be the only subway map app I used. Left nyc for a few years and just came back- and suddenly this app is useless. Ads at least 30 seconds long that I can’t get out of, as soon as it’s over and I start to look at the map, I get another ad before I can find what I’m looking for. Four ads in two minutes. Absolutely not. Why would I pay for ad free when tons of over free apps do the same thing?

Improve E & E. You currently give location of escalator or elevator within a station only if there is a problem with the E & E in that station. Please consider always giving the E & E location within the station. This would be valuable in planning trips for those who need to use the E & E.

Missed Trains. This app was great until it started placing pop up ads as soon as you open the app. Not sure how many trains I’ve missed while waiting for the ad to clear. I understand they need to make money, but there has to be a better way. It’s super distracting, inconvenient and a time-such when you’re trying to catch the next ride home, but you have to wait for the ad to end to make sure you’re headed on the current route.

Infuriating Ads. This App is unusable. I often need to make a quick decision about which subway to take and having to wait for a FULL SCREEN ad to finish playing and then try to tap a tiny x to dismiss the ad makes this app incredibly frustrating to use. MTA needs to create an official public utility app, so all NYC residents and visitors can quickly and effectively access subway information without waiting for ads to finish EVERY time you use the app. I never leave app reviews. New Yorkers deserve better than this.

Where’s my alert?. Not for the first time, I’m on a 4/5 platform without info about serious delays. I’ve set my preferences for all kinds of alerts 24/7 about issues with this especially cursed line, but there’s nothing this morning. So I guess the app is only as good as the mta data provided. To be fair, the app in general has been useful and when alerted I can change my travel plans.

Advertisments. The advertisements make this app unusable. You wait a minute or two for the ads to end and when you click on the X to close the ad it takes you to the download screen. Then you close down the app and start over and keep getting the same broken ad and get in a never ending loop. Please remove the ads so this app is usable again. The small ads at the bottom are fine.

Good functionality but way too many ads. Out of NYC subway maps this is one of the more dynamic (as of 2023). However, There are too many ads every time one opens and a number of ads have the trick click x’s that take you to another site. I’m not sure I would recommend an app that permits or encourages trick ads on its platform.

Ads interrupting your emergency search. Don’t mind ads but don’t use this when you’re in a rush. As soon as you open the app to the service status right before you can check anything the ad pops, imagine when you’re in a train changing stop and connection is limited platform to platform you trying search and the ad pops then you lost connection again :(( You don’t even get to search anything. A lot of my local New Yorkers friends use the other free apps and they never have problems with ads interrupting.

Ads are a big problem.... No problem with the app itself, but ads are very intrusive in the free version. Their loud music will turn off whatever you might have been listening to. You’ll have to wait for a few seconds (again with the loud music) before being able to hit the X to shut down the ad (but if you slightly miss it, your App Store will automatically open...)

NYC subway. Hey! There’s this app called nyc subway. I think this app is great because I love that it has train routes.I recommend that you should get this app only if you need it if you’re riding the M.T.A. -This review was written by my 6 year old son who loves the MTA as well as this app. He was very happy to see your response! Thank you

Slow to update changes. This app is good as an interactive map of the subway. But it’s not good if you need real-time info for trip planning. It is slow to update any changes on the trains or stations. Ex: Cathedral Parkway station is still marked as closed even though it reopened a month ago. If you were relying solely on this app to plan a trip you’d be misinformed.

Review of NYC Subway. Lack of maintenance and management but wasting tax payer and riders money w/o improving renovating to a more efficient 21st Century bullet speed transportation network system. Year by year MTA keep wasting money to do non-efficient lousy maintenance work for an over 100 years old obsolete, out of date transportation system which is comparable to Africa’s 3rd world’s. While other countries are running bullet speed train system to increase efficiency for a 21st Century technology competition!

Mostly accurate. With all the changes in service, it really helps in planning alternate routes or knowing your line is on schedule and running as it should.

Annoying ads. I don't mind a small innocuous ad banner that does not detract from the app you are using. However, the NYC subway is obnoxious. It Constantly updates every few seconds. Flashing, large detracting space, changing in size. How the heck can anyone map a course through Manhattan, when every 5 seconds your concentration is interrupted by non-sense. I had to delete. I don't feel the need to pay for ad free. Ads are ok when properly presented.

Waste of money!!!!. You buy this app and unlock the features for $20 and it doesn’t have any type of tutorial to teach you how to use it. It doesn’t recognize landmarks of New York City by name you have to use the physical address. You could just use Google Maps for that! Do yourself a favor and just UBER anyway. Subway and transit is so out of touch with technology that it’s almost impossible to decipher unless you live in the City.

Not clear when stops are down. This app is generally really good-BUT PLEASE MAKE IT CLEAR WHEN I STATION IS DOWN!!! I had to go digging to see if they even mentioned the fact that the 103rd Street stop is closed. All the train times are listed there as if it’s up and running, and all the alerts when clicking on that stop have NOTHING to do with the closure. Super frustrating!!

Useful but ads not appreciated.. Very useful to pull up a map quickly... EXCEPT when you’re bombarded by an ad within 1-2 secs and within that timeframe, you’ve missed the train you weren’t sure if you were supposed to take. Especially the AnastasiaDate ad with a scantily clad woman and porn music automatically playing- inappropriate if you pulled up the app at work... deleting this app.

Worst app due to intrusive advertisements. I usually don’t write reviews and have been using this for some time. It used to be good. Did it’s job. It basically shows MTA map. But everyone you open the app there is a full screen ad with an x on top to close it. When you hit the x another ad open up with another x at a different place. Traveling in NYC sometimes you have to open app quickly to not miss the train and the above mentioned quirks makes it useless.

Ads that do not go away. Great except ads that do no remove themselves so that you can actually use the app. The unwanted spam app that pops up after the ad just sits there, and you cannot go to this subway app. This app has been my go-to for nearly 10 years, but the popups that don't go away will have me fleeing for alternatives within days.

Clear Explanation. It’s one of the easiest map that I saw in my ride. No mistake with it and if so we can fix change the route to different Train to switch to our way. Clear Colors,clear letters. New York Metropolitan Area Train,my Friend in my ant way I have to go.

The most useful way to get around (without looking like a tourist). This used to be my favorite subway app (see below). Now at least the free "version" is just a piece of useless garbage. I put quotes around version because it's a fake: there is ZERO functionality. Does not work AT ALL. Just junk. Old review: love this app. I use it every time I go into the city to figure out where I need to go. When used in conjunction with Google or Apple maps, there is nowhere you can't get to.

Terrible subway app. Not at all worth the money for this app. You might as well just google nyc subway map and screenshot it and save yourself the money. Difficult and confusing to use without much functionality. Years ago I used an app itrans nyc which was cheaper with a much better user interface and more functionality. They stopped all work on the app so over the years I’ve had to find a new app. Wish I hadn’t wasted the money on this one.

New York City Subway Map. I have found this NYC Map system extremely helpful especially during times when I’am trying to find my way through the city from various locations. Hey, I’ve lived here in Brooklyn since the middle 1990s and it still gets challenging. Great Map and connects..

Used to be good. Used it for years until more recently when pop-ads started to emerge. If i need to pull up this map, chances are I need to access some information quickly. For it to interrupt me each time with an ad, then it becomes useless for me. If the ads dont bother you, then its a decent app. I never really needed to use it for any other advanced feature it contains.

Ok.. The map is al I see useful and a map can be obtained anywhere. It needs lots of improvements. Also, the adds should not pop up when you are looking for an address, specially when in a rush. I know thats how they make money, but, think about a better way of advertisement.

The ads ruin it. Personally, I need to be able to consult a subway map quickly when I’m in a station or on a platform, and the multiple full screen ads that take over the screen immediately upon opening the app are super annoying and make it unisable. Deleted. Find another way to monetize ; banner ads or in-screen ads would be fine with me.

Worthless. This app used to be great and was my favorite. I didn’t have any problem watching an ad or 2 here and there because it was free so whatever. But now it has become unusable. The ads trap you in an unexitable nightmare and you will never be able to access the map which is the whole point. Pick anything else and you will be better off. I’ve had this for at least 6 years and now it’s less than worthless

Too many uncontrollable ads. The ads are terribly interfering, with variably delayed and deceptive ways to skip ads that make it difficult to use and complex to use when under time pressure to catch a train. The fee to avoid ads is unattractive for occasional visitors. Perhaps another business model would be better for these apps — why aren’t the transit authorities paying for this. Or local governments who want people using public transportation ???

Ads at the worst times. It’s really annoying to open this app the moment you need quick directions. For instance when you need to make a transfer after an unexpected train issue. You’re on the platform, looking for quick confirmation before boarding that train before you jump on and the doors close. So you open this app and...oh wait an ad. Train takes off. This has happened to me so many times.

App deleted. Too many adds that appear too frequently for too long of a duration. If you’re on a train and you need to make a quick decision about whether to get off at one stop or the other, you’ll need an app that works in real-time. This one fails when you need it, as you’ll be stuck with an add as the train door closes.

Ok. Ok needs to be spelled out or named something else. Not broken? Directions, do they have that on the app? I don’t know because I just got it and I want to write a review. What about teaming with Google maps? I don’t know but I am throwing out ideas. Have a good day.

Used to be worth the ads. Not anymore.. I’m deleting your app. I get that things aren’t free. But all I have ever used your app for was to see the MTA map. And I just had to sit through a 30 second commercial. Banners were fine. A good quick page I could see and close out of was fine. But 30 seconds to see a map that I’m going to just download? Just wanted you to know. Hoping you fix this for other users. I almost missed my train waiting for your ad to complete. The service provided is not worth it.

Ok but not good with weekends. Interactive map is nice but it doesn’t keep up with service changes on the weekend. The notes about service changes are difficult to understand. If I have to put up with annoying ads popping up at worst times, then I’d at least expect the maps to update with service changes so I don’t have to try to interpret those incomprehensible notes.

Used to be Great. This app used to be great, but it’s been reconfigured recently and now it takes twice as long to see when trains are arriving and the ads are atrociously long when they used to be 5 seconds… If you are looking for an app to quickly assess whether you should abandon the 2/3 train for the 1 while they are both at the same station, this is no longer your best choice.

Terrible. Inaccurate with subway locations and property lines that run there. Inaccurate about stops on correct lines. Offers wrong directions when heading to location or subway entrances. Terrible, I had used this in the past and it was ok with the exception of ads popping up at the most inconvenient times. Now the app doesn’t even offer correct information. I wasted $10 on a years subscription. Don’t make this mistake.

Ads make it useless. This app is constantly popping up full screen ads that are impossible to cancel making it impossible to actually see the map. The are probably making a lot of money from people trying to click to make the ads go away, but instead are brought to the app store. Avoid this app and download the free subway map from the MTA instead.

Bad. Horrible. Late to reservations because of this app. The app says that it shows when stations have problems but failed to tell us the station I selected was completely closed going down town and there was no info about it until we had crossed through the barrier. Currently doing 40 mins of extra traveling because of this. Re: I kept the app through the week to see if i was just using it wrong and it still has yet to be of use. I am better off just guessing where I’m going.

This app is almost unusable because of the ads. The developer of this app makes you watch a FULL video ad before seeing the map. The ads last 30 seconds and you can’t click out of it to see the subway map. Really inconvenient when a train is pulling into the station and you want to reference your map quickly, and a pop up video will take over the app.

Free version is almost unusable. I’ve used this app happily for quite a while. I’m familiar with ad-supported apps, but the recent changes to this app have made the free version almost unusable. Just when you’re trying to see something important or time-sensitive, the ads commandeer the entire screen. It’s a really bad user experience, even an for ad-supported app. Perhaps the paid version is great, but since I need this info only when I’m in NYC occasionally, I’ll be deleting this app and using the MTA PDF file.

Good app, HORRIBLE ADVERTISING. I really enjoyed this app until each and every time I tried to use it to check the train schedule the “ADS” that popped up are of half naked men advertising some gay hookup app. Not only do I find this stereotyping extremely demeaning but also disgusting that I have to be in public while these targeted ads pop up on my phone. That is not the type of lifestyle I live nor do I appreciate the insinuation. So final thoughts... DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. They are more concerned with advertising then they are with you using the actual app. They should be ashamed.

Best in class. I’ve tried multiple subway apps and this one is easily my favorite. It’s simple to use, the map is easy to read and zoom, and tapping on a station brings up options including the countdown clocks. And all this is in the free version. I’m deleting my other subway apps and using this one.

Ads make it unusable. I used to use this app regularly on my occasional visits to New York. It wasn’t always reliable, but at least it provided some useful information, and it worked decently over Memorial Day weekend. Six weeks later, I’m back in New York, and the ads now make the app unusable. I can’t even look at the subway map without sitting through an interminable ad. The developers have shot themselves in the foot with the latest “update.”

Ads ruin this app. Developers made an enormous mistake allowing interstitial ads on this app. This app is used by commuters who often have mere seconds of internet access in station to decide whether to switch trains before the subway doors close. An interstitial ad with a tiny "x" button, or worse, a countdown until the ad can be closed, makes the app unusable when it's needed most. This would be a great app if not for this glaring oversight.

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