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Our award-winning app saves you time and money.

• Free shipping with no membership fee! Get millions of items delivered in as little as 2 days. Details below.
• Use your phone to pay at the store quickly and safely with Walmart Pay.
• Easily reorder the essential items you’ve purchased at the store and online.
• See which items are available — and on which aisle at the store.
• Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork! Instead, use the app’s Express Money Services.
• Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills.
• Faster pickup at the store! Check in from your phone.

Free shipping info: Orders placed before 2 PM get free shipping within 2 business days, not including weekends and holidays. Eligible items only. Min. order $35.

Save money. Live better.

Walmart - Save Time and Money App Description & Overview

The applications Walmart - Save Time and Money was published in the category Shopping on 2009-11-02 and was developed by Walmart. The file size is 217.55 MB. The current version is 19.23 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

This version contains bug fixes and enhancements to streamline your shopping experience.

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Great app but a few developer suggestions  Alittledabble  3 star

I love using this app. I particularly love the pharmacy module. However, I beg you, please improve the search functionality. Whenever I search, particularly for clothes, I get so very many results that don’t at all match my search criteria. I use a ton of filters to narrow it down too. I can be looking for a very specific item but I have to wade through so many hundreds or thousands of results that are irrelevant that often, I just give up. I’m great with search and do web development professionally, so this isn’t a user issue. I can search google or amazon or eBay very specifically and find exactly what I want, but on Walmart, my filters and search terms are often ignored and I just get a bunch of junk results back. However, y’all have great prices and products so I keep trying anyway. Thanks for listening!


Savings catcher removed  Angibunni  1 star

Not sure why I have the app anymore! Will be removing it since I really have no use for it now that savings catcher has been discontinued. Hopefully it will be brought back soon!

nappy mack

Great service  nappy mack  5 star

Great service at the gateway Columbus store from Tanisha and Kayla.


Pharmacy can’t help  RDMN EUNICE  1 star

I would love to use this app to manage prescriptions for my family. However, every time I try, I get an email saying: “ We're sorry you weren't able to access your prescriptions online. To protect your health care information, we have a strict validation process that guards against fraud. We know this is an inconvenience for some customers, especially when information doesn't match and we can't immediately grant access. Fortunately, you can simply show your photo ID at the pharmacy counter. After confirming your identity, the associate will add pharmacy access to your Walmart account. “ Sadly the pharmacy at 10000 SE 82nd Ave. Clackamas Oregon has no idea what to do. I have tried with several different pharmacy technicians, no luck.

Worried about accuracy

Inventory Control Needs Work  Worried about accuracy  4 star

The last 3 times I’ve used this app products on my shopping list showed up as not in stock at my local store. Twice, this was in error. I even picked an item off the shelf and used the app to scan the bar code and yep, it reported that the item was still out of stock. This problem of not keeping up with the store’s inventory makes the app unreliable. In case anyone from Walmart reads this and wants to follow up, the store in question is the Neighborhood Market in Statesboro, Georgia.


Awesome  moparboss  5 star

This is a great shed. Good lighting wide doors and come with flooring as well. Great Value!


It’s a great app but...  Kenjikai  4 star

During checkout today at Walmart when trying to use Apple Pay, I found the Apple Pay button non-functional. As a customer, it would be nice if I was alerted when Apple was was inop, via a red image icon or an alert banner. As a iOS developer, this is extremely critical, as some people may not have access to their debit card or cash at the time of purchase, and simply disabling the user interaction is just not good UI design. All in all...It’s a great app! :-)


No more  Augustmae94  1 star

After years of using this app for the pharmacy with no problems it’s now sending my prescriptions to a different location than what I told it to despite two different updates so I’m finding a new pharmacy.


Latest Update has issues  ColoradoParrothead  4 star

Latest version has several problems compared to the previous release. 1. On my iPhone, a long press on the app icon would bring up several shortcuts. The shortcut to scan items is no longer an option, and is sorely missed. 2. I use the “list” function to prepare a shopping list. With the new version, if an item is out of stock, it will not add the item to a list. Please reinstate the previous functionality!


Thanks for doing away with the Savings Catcher. 🤐  bettysueallen  1 star

Even though you never matched Walgreens fantastic deals. I go there now. Also, thank you for forcing the way YOU would ship something and trying to force an unreal receive date when shipped. You can do better and you know it. You DONT HOLD A CANDLE TO AMAZON! Thanks again for cutting my ties with you!

esta aplicacion es fatal

Fatal  esta aplicacion es fatal  1 star

No sirve el app!! 😡 el scanner no captura el código de barras en el recibo


Upgrade breaks my Walmart Pay  Walltx  2 star

Walmart Pay is great when it works but a recent update does not allow me to access it. When I usually have to enter my code for Walmart Pay, it stops working. I asked 2 clerks for help and they no comprende. So, a lost sale. Please fix it. Thanks!


Seems to be somewhat on compatible with iPhone iOS  Therealdeal2019  2 star

I’m not sure if it’s the interface between iOS and the app or the functionality of the app itself but doing things like ordering pictures can become extremely annoying. When filling out required fields for things like shipping, it does not want to auto fill any of the information which is not typical. The app works about as good as Walmart customer service in general😀. Purchasing items through the app you’ll learn things like having a very difficult time returning the item if it is from a third-party seller and Price catcher now requires you to use Walmart pay which no one wants to do.

Harriett E

Great Shopping App  Harriett E  5 star

Everything arrives as stated. I love the notifications the pick up. Today the app offered to figure out how long it would take for me to get to the store AND the purchase was ready and editing for me.

Steppin Dave 67

Office furniture  Steppin Dave 67  1 star

I ordered a room desk and it came with no screws no instructions just a box full of pieces. Thank you Walmart thank you for nothing.


No Savings catcher 😡  mjhum548  1 star

I use to love using this app because of the savings catcher. But now it is gone unless you use Walmart pay. I do not like linking my card to my phone but now I have to in order to use saving catcher. That’s definitely a disappointment and has made me stop using the app as well as not shopping at there store as often. Also on their website it states that you can still access savings catcher through “services” on the app. But that is not true. Very disappointed and hope that they’ll change it back.


Savings  robtex322  1 star

Bring back savings catcher!!


Savings catcher  wandaful57  1 star

Really disappointed that they stopped doing the savings catcher!!! It was so easy to use and convenient!!!

Shaina B. Smith

NEEDS SERIOUS IMPROVEMENTS!!!  Shaina B. Smith  1 star

ONLINE ORDERS/IN STORE RETURNS: Had an issue with an online order which I returned in the store and received store credit because I didnt have the receipt on hand. The gift card that walmart gave me was not activated because of an employee error and I had to prove I returned it to get my money back. Walmart manager asked me for the date & time the return was made and I couldnt tell her anything other than the date. I had to go on a scavenger hunt to search for even that simple information. The only thing I could show her was that the order was returned. I couldnt show her that the order was returned to that specific store or anything else. If you have a return feature on the app to help make returns easier, why not also have an option to scan the receipt from the return? That way if there are any future problems with money being given back to the customer, we can ALWAYS have the receipt on hand through the app. Same way it used to be with Walmart Savings Catcher. The receipt stayed inside the app and you could always go back to it. BABY REGISTRY: I cant stress how stupid this is but... I CANT DELETE ITEMS FROM MY REGISTRY!!!! What sense does it make to be able to add something and u cant delete it?! I used to be able to, before this last update, but now theres no way I can. I even contacted customer support and they couldnt tell me how to delete items either!! So frustrating, I just finally gave up!! You need to add a delete button to the registry... DUH! LISTS: I was deleting some lists that I had made and went back to look for an existing list and it was deleted in the process. No i did not make a mistake and delete the list! It got deleted along with the other lists from what Im assuming is a bug/glitch in the app. Please fix this because it’s happened more than once and I make lists to remember what items i need to buy in the future! Its really frustrating when different lists keep getting deleted along with ones I intentionally want to delete!!

Robert White 74

Time to delete this app  Robert White 74  1 star

First the good news. This app allows you to scan items & get the accurate retail price in the store & use store maps to find things easily. And now the bad news. The single best reason to use this app, the Savings Catcher, is soon to be no more. And it was ingenious to say the least. Scan the QR code at the register in the app & use Walmart Pay & everything went smooth as silk. Saved time & after the Savings Catcher scanned the local competitions promotions & if it found a lower price on something you bought it refunded the difference to you on an e-gift card you could use whenever you liked. One can only speculate as to why but Walmart decided in March of this year to cancel the Savings Catcher. In just a few days that’ll happen & I’ll lose any valid reason to use this app. Walmart Pay isn’t enough of a benefit for me to keep using this app. I’d much rather use Apple Pay at Walmart too but they won’t do it. And frankly I’ve been going less & less so in a few days good bye Walmart App.

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