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Our award-winning app saves you time and money.

• Free shipping with no membership fee! Get millions of items delivered in as little as 2 days. Details below.
• Use your phone to pay at the store quickly and safely with Walmart Pay.
• Easily reorder the essential items you’ve purchased at the store and online.
• See which items are available — and on which aisle at the store.
• Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork! Instead, use the app’s Express Money Services.
• Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills.
• Faster pickup at the store! Check in from your phone.

Free shipping info: Orders placed before 2 PM get free shipping within 2 business days, not including weekends and holidays. Eligible items only. Min. order $35.

Save money. Live better.

Walmart - Save Time and Money App Description & Overview

The applications Walmart - Save Time and Money was published in the category Shopping on 2009-11-02 and was developed by Walmart. This application file size is 188.38 MB. Walmart - Save Time and Money current version is 19.43 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Our engineers work diligently behind the scenes, providing Walmart customers with the best app experience. This version contains improvements to store features to streamline your holiday shopping experience.

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Walmart - Save Time and Money Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Asjefh   1 star

Not as advertised. Starting your return on the app does not allow you to jump the line as advertised. Scam. Waste of time.

Dark ShadowJam   3 star

B-100 beyblade switch strike will not go on stock.. I first want to say Walmart is amazing and one of the best stores, but i have one small problem. The beyblade spriggan recrium switch strike starter pack will not get back to stock. So I was wondering if you guys could order more. Thank you for reading this which you probably wont and have a great time

Vincent45   1 star

No applePay. Excessive tracking no other payments accepted other than their own. Lack of innovation for more tracking.

katherineee891   3 star

Good.. Next day available is get your package 2 days after you order it, but anyways the app is good.

Leaniebug   5 star

My personal shopper. Kristen, my personal shopper was awesome she helped me out tremendously this being my First time doing this she answered questions for me, she placed my Groceries in my car to where nothing would be mashed. I really enjoyed this way of shopping. Thanks again to Kristen for the help. Charlene

cannot find anything   1 star

Needs help. Whoever came up with this mixed up mess needs to have some real mental help

luvlyRaj   1 star

Very controlling app. I was doing a quick checkout, app is forcing me to change password. I hate it when any app forcing me to change the pass or credit card info in the last minute. I was big fan of Walmart pay, after this incident I am not going to use the app.

Bitzy Bugaloo   3 star

Can’t submit feedback in app?! Bar code reader issues 13.2.2. App won’t scan a paper receipt. There is no option to input the receipts bar code in the app. Everything worked until 11/18/19. iPhone 7+. Everything up to date on apps. IOS 13.2.2

AwsomeAl   1 star

My account got hacked. My account got hacked by someone in Pennsylvania and they purchased $186 worth of stuff. So be careful with the app.

Hgudhhudhyhduh   1 star

Full of glitches. The app has many errors

Gautamnc   5 star

Best shopping app, ever!!!. Walmart has come a very long way.. Not it’s my goto app for any shopping. Also, Just love next day shipping feature, that too no membership fees.. Sweet!!!! 😍

Wave gazer   5 star

Savings catcher. How do you do it now I thought they did away with it? Help I loved it!

GAdam1989   2 star

WalmartPay does NOT work. I was starting to love the app until I tried using the WalmartPay service. I was not able to scan a single item, every tike I scanned something i got an error message

Uppr90   1 star

Disappointed. I wasn’t able to buy the item I wanted with Walmart pay and the only time I would’ve thought it was useful it didn’t work because I had forgot my wallet. I bought a gift card and didn’t even receive i want a my money back for that. I usually don’t give reviews even if i get bad service but man this was really inconvenient.

Gadawgmeg   1 star

App is a waste of time. There is so much inaccurate information on this app and the website. There is nothing about the in store information that is correct. I’m not sure how it could be this wrong in 2019. There is no point in wasting time believing anything it says

oveaneyes   1 star

No customer support!. Got the app to have items delivered versus going to the Walmart just a mile from my house because it is such an awful shopping experience. I’ve used this app for the last 3 months to purchase household essentials once a month. I am so frustrated this time round. Been trying to complete checkout for 2 days! Every time I click checkout it says “an error has accrued, please return to cart” So frustrating! No contact number, just takes me in circles and meanwhile the baby is running out of diapers rapidly! I’m deleting the app and giving up on Walmart completely. Looks like I’ll give my money to COSTCO and TARGET. Bye bye Walmart 👎🏼

Jeffzkb27xSwiftiesXD   5 star

I think Walmart is good.. I think Walmart is a good one on the Apple App Store. It is useful.

syat405   3 star

Step your game up Walmart. I know I should not compare anything to Amazon, but this app is a far cry from the Amazon app! Little details are given on allot of items and the selection seems kind of low. Not the worse shopping app but to be the biggest box store in the country, I expect a little more.

pinaysicat   2 star

Shopping cart?. I am trying to buy some items and when I go to check out, it always say that there is an error.

Frustrated as hell   5 star

Most useful app I have ever encountered!. This app is amazing. In addition to being able to scan a bar code and price check an item on the spot, it also allows me to search for a product or category and then tells me exactly where in the store it is! It even provides a store map! Best part is it allows me to restore my receipts simply by scanning the bar code at the bottom so no need to save (or lose) the paper receipts. It also has a return feature where you start a return by scanning the bar code, it finds when you bought it and then it tells you to simply go to the store and return the physical item and scan it when you get there. I assume this means you don’t have to go to the courtesy counter this way. I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know. This is a fantastic, feature-rich app which is also super user friendly. It should win all kinds of awards! Kudos!

bull sh- -   2 star

Fireplace heater. I Love my heater but I bought it at Russellville Al Walmart I showed them where Walmart had it on line for $139 and their price was $179 and they would not price match it

epatrice1   5 star

Walmart. Save time and Monday live better ⬆️

varymadkid   5 star

I love it. I am a kid and allways trying to get toys but mom said,s use your allowance so I can go on this app and mom will pay for it and I will pay her back now it is much easier

fgkgy   5 star

Condoms. I bought a condom for my penis and they let my try it on before buying it. I love Walmart because now I can sexually entertain my wife with my penis and not have children!!!!!

TechTalkGuy   1 star

Wrong state!!. I have my store set (Pennsylvania) and it selects California! All item locations and availability are all wrong! Recommended: No

mondotti   1 star

Bait and switch. Downloaded for the savings catcher feature which was great. Now that they ditched it I ditched this useless app.

eye i captian literary joke   2 star

Used to work. Bo longer works. The best feature was receipt scanning, but digital returns never worked. :(

jbinminot   1 star

A billion dollar company.... ...and you can’t maintain an app. When I enter my preferences it literally ignores them and decides what I get to see. Handle your business as if you have the money to do it.

Rey C M   1 star

Showing items that are not available anymore. Please don’t show items that are not available. It is really hard to browse stuffs and once you found something and check it out only to find out that they are out of stock.

03jon07   1 star

Broke app. Every time I download the app never works

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gofundyou   1 star

Won’t let me download app. Walmart won’t let me download app it was t working on my iPhone so I uninstalled it and tried to re install now it won’t let me re install it without paying money I thought this was supposed to be free to download I have packages on there way for Christmas and I can’t even see when they are arriving

ifzrun   1 star

Incorrect price. Price was much lower for in/store pickup. Ordered it and when picking up, they would not honor lower price. was not helpful when I reached out.

Icanwriteareveiw   5 star

Love ordering and picking up!!. I just love this app! I have multiple sclerosis and am unable to drive anymore so my daughter used to have to go to the store and walk through the store to get my groceries but now I order online and she just drives to store and my groceries are loaded in her car for her!! That is so so great!! Thank you so much!!

Ltlcat   1 star

Not worth it. I started using the app for the savings catcher. It was nice getting a little something back. When that was discontinued I used the app to scan items in the store, problem is that if you are not paying attention it shows you the on line price. Which is different from the in store price. Then I started using the app to order things on line, what a waste of time. It says next day delivery but only on certain items and if you mix them in your order you don’t get next day on those items eligible for it. Also many of the things I need to order are out of stock. Every time I go to order them, they are put of stock. I have also run into finding something I want to order and it says, hurry only x in stock, ok but it will not allow me to order it. So yeah I had put an order together of around 160.00 and half had changed to not next day, or pick up in store only. So I deleted the order and I’m going back to Amazon Smile Prime. Just easier. Plus I can support my favorite charity.

Hammeridaho   4 star

Some good some bad. The search algorithm does not always find the product without being very specific, sometimes having to google it first to get SKU to enter through app. Why does it not have landscape mode for us tablet/iPad users? Mostly like it and have found I like comparing prices via the app before using which ever seller.

Urtickingmeofflol   1 star

Unsatisfied customer. Well I was a loyal Walmart shopper for years, till they took all the benefits of shopping there away. So I now only buy the occasional dry goods from there. Or if I can’t find what I want anywhere else because everyone else is sold out. Never thought it would happen... oh well such is life

Mom7519   1 star

Please Fix Next Day Delivery. That option has not been working for a week, it’s 9:00am but it is telling me “oops it’s past the ordering time (12:00pm) for next day delivery”. HOW? ITS 9AM! If you couldn’t handle next day delivery, why did you ever offer it.

Chris7733   2 star

Shop at your own risk. Walmart supposedly offers next day shipping and two day shipping. If you would like to use their next day service you can not add ANY 2 day items to the order or the entire order will be a two day order even on very large orders (so basically the app won’t ship items as they become available like the major competitor they are chasing). Ordering only next day items doesn’t guarantee you will get them when you are immediately sent an notification that items were shipped and delayed for more than a week no explanation???? Help just keeps looping back around in a circle and has no options on this topic, customer service doesn’t exist on the app. I had to do a internet search and after being forced to call a call center overseas their employee didn’t see an issue. Resending the items so at least they would arrive the next day wasn’t something Walmart would consider so I guess they don’t honor their shipping policies. She told me to try buying everything again to see if they would ship next day and said I could get a refund in a week which I practically had to force and she kept putting me on hold because it was such an issue for them to fix whatever was going on. I don’t see why I should give them more money to correct their mistakes especially if customer service makes their mistakes your problem. So I’ve found that shopping on the Walmart app is risky; when things go okay fine, but if there are issues good luck getting help. They don’t care they already took your money. I guess they’re hoping if they make it hard enough to get help you’ll drop it and they get to keep your money in return for nothing but frustration

Merceede   5 star

Saves my feet. I hate shopping mainly because it hurts my feet! This saves me so much footwork. The service is always friendly and reliable.

SilverVixen42   3 star

Adding in shipping for some items. Tried to order Swanson supplement item that shows in description free shipping. It added $5. Told was zip code. Only shipping for that item was listed. All other items free. Changed zip code to old address way across country. Same issue. Changed item same issue.

CarleeKiefel   1 star

Horrible. This app has consistently messed up my orders, over charged me, and put in double orders. My credit card information has been stolen twice now through this app. If you enjoy dealing with a consistently disappointing and time consuming shopping experience I can not recommend the Walmart app enough.

Disappointed & ticked off!   1 star

Tire Center. I’ve been here since 5pm they close at 7pm. I’m having 4 tires put on that I ordered at Walmart online. It’s been 2 hours and 20 minutes and they’re still not done they have 3 guys they were, working on ONE VEHICLE with tires and was going to get to mine RIGHT AWAY because they had one coming in at 6. They said they would be able to get mine done before the 6 o’clock appointment! STILLWAITING!

coldweather42   3 star

Walmart is becoming like China. As a software engineer, I do enjoy the benefits technology is bringing to our lives. Walmart is definitely going high tech, but it’s starting to weird me out. The Walmart greeters have been replaced by gates that open and shut behind you. At the checkout they have cameras and big screens everywhere that use facial detection (it puts a yellow square around your face) as it tracks your every movement. What are they doing with that data? It’s a little scary where things will go in another 10 years. I guess privacy is gone and human interaction with it :-(.

Sodi chicag   1 star

Horrible customer service by tire department. So unprofessional Very disappointed Instructions by email were very clear : Here's how to pick up your order 1. Head to the store Your tires will be available for pickup at the Auto Care Center at Niles Store, 5630 W Touhy Ave, Niles, IL, 60714. Check store detail page for store hours. 2. Show your barcode At the Auto Care Center, show your barcode or order number to the associate. They'll get your order. Order number 5721975-925907 They refused to help me and instructed me To go to PICK UP ORDERS ( all the way by the center of the store at the end of the store ) When I explain them and show them the barcode they did not care and insisted to go to the pick up area by the en of the store ) When I show the email and barcode to the cashier ( she told me my tires were not there They will be by the Auto care center I explain her that they will not give it to me I was furious She told me to get back there I told her to called a manager She did and manager show up and instructed me the same I refuse and told him to call them Then he walk me there and personally help me ( he was good ) old middle eastern guy Horrible customer service by the auto care center Headquarters should fix this immediately

GWD4   1 star

Virtually worthless. Every time I’ve tried to use the app, it screws up. Payments don’t go through, on Rx refills, frequently stops after one medication, the list goes on. Worse, ask someone at Walmart about the app and no one has any idea how to use it. This app is an embarrassment to the company and should be withdrawn. What it says about Walmart is they are incompetent and uncaring. Addendum: Several months since this review. Medication refills still difficult. It won’t take payment much of the time on our HSA card. I’ve tried troubleshooting on internet, re-installing and asking for help from Walmart staff, most of whom are not able to give help. I’m fairly computer-literate, but in reality, you should not need a degree in math and computer science. It should be intuitive for someone without a high school education and bullet-proof. However, it’s not!

xes8   4 star

iOS 13+. add dark mode

w0by   1 star

Walmart Pay?. When I used to use Walmart pay the receipt would come up and you could email it right there, now they took that feature away which is absolutely ridiculous so now after shopping I have to go into order history and click on what I just bought at the store and send the receipt from there instead. Why take away features??

Universe Observer   2 star

Lacking good human engineering. 29 Oct 2019 - Version 19.4 Huge degrading of user interface. No menu for navigating departments only a search bar. Constant scrolling. Searches pull up irrelevant items even when you have specified brand, gender, age, and other parameters. Size charts for pants do not carry info on pant lengths, just wastes sizes. I think your engineering team needs to review human interface principles meanwhile, I gave deleted the app preferring to use the website instead.

a user of cvs app for iphone   1 star

useless now. it worked in the beginning to do a price chek in store. Now - EVERY time i hold up an item while standing in the store it says “ item not available in your store”, refuses to show a price. it is ridiculous. i have the item in my hand , it is available. stopped using app.

Hoosey65   1 star

Pharmacy. The older version made it very easy to locate your pharmacy information and check to see if they were ready. It was also very easy to reorder medications. This is the only reason I downloaded the app. This version doesn’t seem to have a link for accessing your pharmacy information. Hate it.

pj060310   1 star

Disappointed & unimpressed. I only downloaded this for the Walmart pay since Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay. Every time I try to do Walmart pay it doesn’t work. I already went in settings to give access to my camera but when it opens my camera to scan QR code it just closes out every time. Might as well accept Apple Pay if you’re version doesn’t work & is so difficult

DucksoupSD   1 star

Shows fake product listings!. I’ve had this happen twice - the app shows a product in stock at my local store (no shipping available), but with no aisle listing. When I get to the store, no one can find it anywhere in the store. I wasted a half hour at each of two different stores the first time. Even with their associates special web location app, it can’t be found. If you find something on this app without an aisle listing, don’t bother - it’s fake, so you’ll come to the store and buy whatever they really have. Don’t you have enough money without resorting to this, Walmart?

pfulufc   5 star

Best Review. Walmart is the best store. In P.R. we go a lot to Walmart. You should go if you haven’t.💖🇵🇷

ePanos   3 star

No Apple Pay. Decent app but I don’t like entering credit card info into any app. Please consider adding Apple Pay option.

watever 177   1 star

Horrible. This app is horrible it won’t let me verify my email I can’t get my cash back rewards smh

JasonWIR   1 star

Spam Notifications. They will violate your trust and send all kinds of spam notifications to your phone.

Everyday saver   5 star

Grocery pick up. Ashley y was great we pulled up checked in and they brought our groceries out promptly! Ashley wouldn’t let me help, it was raining and she was getting wet and was still smiling and happy! You get 5 stars from me

jo_annev   1 star

Cart editing TAKES TOO LONG!!!. I keep a lot of things in "save for later" so I can "easily" find them--that's what it's for. What I HATE is that every time something is added or subtracted anywhere, the cart starts back at the top, and you have to reload everything and scroll down AGAIN. That makes it very aggravating and VERY time consuming to remove items or find them on my list to buy. It's no-win.

juliejulzz   5 star

My order. Customer service was wonderful, treated very well and helpful thank you

850Tally   1 star

Rudest Manager EVER. First- I have never taken the time to write a poor review about someone and I’m almost 40. I don’t ever expect even 3 star service at a Walmart. However- I just encountered the rudest manger ever. His name is Dedrick and he works at the Tallahassee Walmart, on Apalachee Parkway. A manger should be able to effectively manage people. He was an absolute jerk. He was so rude to me, I was in tears! He should be fired! The end!!!!!

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