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Our award-winning app saves you time and money.

• Free shipping with no membership fee! Get millions of items delivered in as little as 2 days. Details below.
• Use your phone to pay at the store quickly and safely with Walmart Pay.
• Easily reorder the essential items you’ve purchased at the store and online.
• See which items are available — and on which aisle at the store.
• Transfer money without the long wait or the paperwork! Instead, use the app’s Express Money Services.
• Order, transfer, and track prescriptions and refills.
• Faster pickup at the store! Check in from your phone.
• We put the difference from any lower prices in your area on an eGift card! Savings Catcher compares your eligible in-store purchases for you.

Free shipping info: Orders placed before 2 PM get free shipping within 2 business days, not including weekends and holidays. Eligible items only. Min. order $35.

Save money. Live better.

Walmart - Save Time and Money App Description & Overview

The applications Walmart - Save Time and Money was published in the category Shopping on 2009-11-02 and was developed by Walmart. The file size is 183.50 MB. The current version is 19.2 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

This version contains bug fixes and enhancements to streamline your shopping experience.

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No more savings catcher  VAH1022  1 star

Unfortunately the only way you are able to use the savings catcher through the app now is to apparently use your debit or credit card through the Walmart pay app. This is very inconvenient in many different ways!


Needs work  InkAddictedDoll  1 star

Credit card is always try again not to mention they too scan receipts away if they fix and bring that back it would be great


Mother of many  Hilltop1  1 star

I really enjoyed using this app since I frequently shop at Walmart. I didn’t mind scanning my receipts, just had to remember to scan them. I’ve used this app at least two years but now sadly have to quit because you have to attach your card. I no longer have a card to attach and I can not scan my receipts so..... it’s like money flying out my window!! 🥺 PLEASE WALMART, return to your old way and help a poor mother out!! Please let us scan our receipts and save money! Thank you for your understanding, assistance and support in this matter!!

Greedy Holes

Love the app, but I can’t use it  Greedy Holes  1 star

So let me start by saying that when I’ve had phones that work with the app in the past, I absolutely LOVED it! Esp keeping track of receipts. But for some reason, my new iPhone, a STRAIGHT TALK iPhone, will not let me use either or the app. Both say that I am not connected to the internet and won’t let me do a damned thing. I don’t understand why a Walmart phone blocks Walmart, or why it says that I don’t have internet when I fully well do. For that reason, the inconvenience of not getting savings catcher, being able to confirm whether or not a store has an item, if it’s in stock, price and location and for the fact that I lose money bc other stores have sales but I can’t use savings catcher (I don’t have a car so it would cost even more to can it around to all of the other stores for the sales) I am really irked and leaving a one star review. I’ve had this phone since August and Walmart has been blacked out to me the entire time! Hoping this update will fix it


Receipts no loading  [email protected]!  1 star

I have not been able to even load my receipts for 2 months. Couldn’t load any of my Christmas ones. Will the upgrade fix this. Also is there anyway to get my points since the system was messed up. Funny how it messed up during the biggest shopping months and better deals could have been detected.


Tracking shipments  yvhfyfyfyf  3 star

Needs better tracking for shipments.


A perfectly good wast of income  Perrie77  4 star

WalMart has all the top lines for a desert price


Useless  OutlawChadillac  1 star

Never allows us to purchase for pickup, always says item is out of stock, will drove to store and is always IN stock... pretty pointless then. Only good use of this is adding your payment details and just use your phone to checkout and digital receipt. Stick to H-E-B mobile pickup


Walmart Pay  viper121212  5 star

Thanks for the latest fixed the Walmart Pay Issue I was having with my i8+🙏🏻🤗


Loved it... than it updated  a.baker912  2 star

I loved the ability to just scan my receipt or punch in the receipt number from my Walmart grocery app and get discounts; however, with the last update the ability to scan the receipts are gone and I can not input my receipt numbers from the grocery app. The only way for you to use the savings catcher is to use Walmart pay at checkout. I can’t even use savings catcher on the grocery app anymore..... Walmart you HAD something good then you went and changed it.

Multi platform Gamer

Latest Update Needs a Fix  Multi platform Gamer  1 star

Walmart Pay QR scan not working since last update


Money services  mf91739  1 star

I’ve used it 3 times to receive money and hasn’t worked even though the clerks swear another lady earlier used it 5xs. Went with a friend who I recommended the app thinking maybe it’s my phone...nope didn’t work either!!! So I guess it’s not only me. And these clerks still give you attitude!!! Sent a message to technical support the first time. Still doesn’t work!!! I guess I’ll take my money elsewhere.


Love this app until it stops working  julesagogo  2 star

Edit: went to return an item purchased with the app and they told me to come back another time because the main system was evidently down. Pros: Easy simple search Easy to pay with Walmart Pay Easy to keep track of receipts Con: Changing a word in the search means resetting refinements each time Can't write reviews on the app


Not scanning  Raemae85  5 star

Loved this app until I did the update. Now it will not scan at any Walmart that I go too. Please fix this.

Hourly watcher

What happened??  Hourly watcher  1 star

App was great, then they took away being able to scan in receipts, now with latest update, can’t get the Walmart pay to scan o iPhone XS, which is only way to get a receipt in to see if lower prices found, please fix

Walmart Pay not working on latest version  1 star

Walmart Pay not working on latest version on iPhone X If you could get that fixed that would be great so I don’t look stupid walking away from basket of bagged groceries due to leaving cards at home. 🙄

uni 19383$36

Savings Catcher  uni 19383$36  5 star

I would like Walmart to put savings catcher back on I shop everyday sometimes 2or more xs a day and loved getting the savings back it adds up and now it no longer works please put savings catcher back on


Stops working  Jeannebean51  1 star

Walmart pay is no longer working for me. At checkout, it indicates it’s connected yet the cashier says it is not. Then afterwards, a receipt shows up as if the app worked. Happened at 2 different stores. SO ANNOYING!

Jboston 990

Walmart Fails and Customer service horrible letdown!!  Jboston 990  1 star

I placed an order for Xmas and it was said that it would be ready for pickup on December 18 2018! Due to my bad choices I wasn’t able to go get it till the 23 rd which when I got there I waited forever to be told that it already had been picked up!! I explained that there was no one else that could of picked it up and that it was true that they would have to show identification in order to pick the order up which they stated was true!! On my app and in my email it still showed available for pick up!! The order was almost 500 and it had already been paid for!! I have spoken with numerous Managers CSMS customer care you name it and not only did I not have the money to buy again my son was without his big presents!! I’m being told that I have to make a complaint with my bank to make a dispute and they are telling me that it’s them who should be refunding it all!! Also a month and half ago I bring back a 100 dollar blue ray the lady takes the blue ray and gives me some receipt back and I said where is the cash back cause it was a debit card she said it will go on the card!! I’m still fighting to get this money back and it’s never been on my card but being charged twice for the Blu Ray!! Something needs to be done!! Going Crazy!!


No Save!  Jordann1229  2 star

I used to LOVE this app! I never had to worry about coupons or anything else but now I have to have my phone on me EVERY time I shop because you have to scan the little thing on the register and use Walmart Pay to be eligible for Savings Catcher 😩 being a mother of two that NEVER let me check out peacefully, it doesn’t happen. I loved I could scan my receipt later on when I left but now that you can’t this app is borderline useless 🤷🏻‍♀️ Price check in store is not accurate. Nothing is ever where it says it is because they move the store around so much! I would have otherwise recommended this app.

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