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OVER 300,000 PEOPLE track their time and pay using HoursTracker ®. Try it today, and find out why it's the best and most highly-rated time tracker in the App Store!

QUICK AND EASY time entry and editing make time tracking painless

• Record time using timers, complete with support for Breaks and Pauses, including automatic breaks

• Track your pay, including Tips, Mileage, and flexible ± time and earnings adjustments

• Pick any time to start, stop, break or pause the timer (7 minutes ago, 10 minutes from now, whatever you need)

• Set job locations and get clock in and out reminders when you arrive or leave or fully automate your time tracking (geofencing)

• Manually enter time entries with minimal effort thanks to smart, adaptive defaults

• Enter comments of any length with your time entries and optionally include them in your exports

• Control timers, dictate comments, and apply tags using your Apple Watch

ADVANCED FEATURES and customization set HoursTracker above the rest

• Automatic daily and weekly overtime earnings calculations

• Built-in reports by Day, Week, and Month and support for most common pay period schedules

• Robust tagging and filtering allow you to build your own custom views

• Reminders when you've worked your target number of hours per day (even takes time rounding into account)

• Automatic time rounding: up, down, or to nearest (including 6 min)

• Easily copy an existing job or time entry to save time and effort

• Reminders you to clock in on your selected work days

• Today Widget for at a glance time and pay monitoring

• CSV and formatted text export via e-mail or the iOS Share Sheet

• Passcode lock (with Touch ID support) helps keep your HoursTracker data private

• Cloud-based backup/restore with one re-usable backup slot included free (free account sign up is required)

• Web-based reporting access, including charts, graphs, desktop exports, and rolling backups available with optional subscription

• Customize your HoursTracker experience in the Preferences section under the More tab. Choose only one or many jobs clocked in at a time, opt-into prompts for comments, choose an elapsed time format (hours:minutes, or decimal hours), and more

"Free Edition" stores up to 3 jobs and 21 days of entries. For unlimited entries, upgrade to the "Personal" (up to 5 jobs) or "Pro" (unlimited jobs) edition. Or, erase older data and continue to use the "Free Edition" until you're ready to buy.

Prompt and personal customer support is available via e-mail from within the app, typically answered within 12-24 hours.

Visit our website at http://www.hourstrackerapp.com to learn more, and follow @HoursTracker on Twitter or facebook.com/HoursTracker to hear about upcoming features first.

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HoursTracker: Hours and Pay App Description & Overview

The applications HoursTracker: Hours and Pay was published in the category Business on 2009-11-06 and was developed by Cribasoft, LLC. The file size is 16.78 MB. The current version is 4.4 and works well on 9.3 and high ios versions.

Change the standard time-and-a-half and double-time overtime rates to a variety of other rates.

Use the new search feature to temporarily limit what's included in these reports without having to use a Filter.

Choose 12-hour or 24-hour time format, if you need times to be displayed and exported differently than how your device is set.

Swipe right on a time entry to quickly add a time entry after that entry. This will preset the start time (and sometimes the end time) of the new time entry to save you some effort.

Add a time entry using the new, easier to reach, big blue ‘+’ button on the job details screen.

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HoursTracker: Hours and Pay Reviews

M1 Grande

Works great need iPad support  M1 Grande  4 star

I love how easy the app is to use and the location learning feature. However, this app won’t take advantage of the iPad with cellular that I use it on. Please update the app to support these devices, and it would be perfect!


Travel Nurse  Jessrnika  5 star

Great App to keep up with Travel Time.


Great Little App for Tracking Work Hours  RSA•671  5 star

I love this little app. I've been using it for quite sometime now. It's great because I sometimes will be too busy to manually clock in at work and the location awareness feature will automatically clock me in when I arrive at work. I can then use this to go back and use this information to accurately enter my work hours.


At first it was good  Swn23  1 star

Ok at fi at I really liked it but to find out it is only free for 21 days then you have to pay is for the birds.


Great app  Kaymin  5 star

Multiple hobs and hours. Easy to use and calculate pay.


Event tracker  Dedwarmo  3 star

I use HoursTracker to keep track of how often I urinate. No joke. I have bladder problems and the medical apps just aren’t flexible enough. When I forget to record an event I can go back and add it whether it was an hour ago or eight hours ago.


Indispensable  McMc40  5 star

This is the only review I’ve left for an app so far. This app has become an integral part of my workflow (I am a general contractor). I’m embarrassed to say that it replaced a system of scraps of paper and cardboard with dates and times written on them. I’d be a mess without it. I highly recommend it for people with lots of clients and lots of simultaneous projects.


I love it  Lucind  5 star

I like this app keep time good.

yoeli app

I love this app  yoeli app  5 star

I love this app


Awesome app  Jesse3065  5 star

Awesome app. Easy to use, I like the user interface. It would be better if you guys added a timer. So you would know when your breaks are over


Just get it!  LeeZy424242  5 star

Awesome, does everything I want it too. Often at different job sites in one day and this helps keep track of billable hours.


Happy camper love this site  spongebelins  5 star

Love this app love how I can put my start & finish times in as @ my job I don't get to clock on/off reception do it and they stuff up so wen I found this app I was very happy


Fix required  jackcook  3 star

This used to be my essential tool but since I updated from 4.2.1 to 4.3 it continues to crash on opening. I recommend an immediate fix. I have rebooted my iPhone several times and I have an up to date version of iOS.

Coffee owl

Brilliant!  Coffee owl  5 star

This app lets me keep track of multiple jobs at once and uses a simple interface to monitor all of my hours and wages. It allows you to add breaks of different lengths, clock in and out on the job, and make manual time entries days after. It’s an amazing way to organise my cumulative earnings on a weekly, monthly or daily basis.


Pete  Petestevo  5 star

Absolutely love this app


Excellent app  KAS577  5 star

Very easy to use. Highly recommend


Amazing  OuDaJo  5 star

Finally found what I looked for for so long. You can even entering award rates super easy with one click. Great app


Love it!  Phiz_1472  4 star

Only use it for simple time recording. Works perfectly. Love it! Recommend it. Unfortunately can't work out how to gift it, the App Store 'gift' button doesn't do anything.


Does the job simply and accurately.  EdJ-B  4 star

Great app that makes it easy to maintain my time sheets. Love the reminders to clock in and out when I arrive and leave the facility. Also little reminders when you’re starting to work extra hours. No more unpaid overtime, because I lost track of time!


Found a bug  FrederickZh  4 star

The “Done” button does not work after a payment of the cloud subscription. iOS 11.0.1.


HoursTracker HoursTracker 3 star

@MoneyBaconGuy: Hours Tracker iPhone app just found $80 that the company forgot to pay me! Affiliate App Store link …


MoneyBaconGuy MoneyBaconGuy 3 star

Hours Tracker iPhone app just found $80 that the company forgot to pay me! Affiliate App Store link @HoursTracker


AppToday AppToday 3 star

Top free #iPhone Business #Apps #50: HoursTracker: Hours and Pay from Cribasoft, LLC -


Easy to use and export  KO02143  5 star

Works reliably - convenient enough that I enter info reliably as well!


HoursTracker is awesome!  RachelakaQueenB  5 star

Love using this app to track my hours at both of my jobs!


Great app for tracking multiples jobs or tasks  Jason.Tish  5 star

I love this app. It’s intuitive, and it works well. The only thing that would make it better for me is a field where you can enter a description of each job. The job name field is good, but I’d like to be able to put in more information about each job. Please consider this in the future updates.


Was a 5 until...  tiffanymaexoxo  1 star

Just got on the app today to add my time punches from last week & received the notification that the app was going to start charging after 21 (?) days. Such BS. The app isn’t even all that special to charge.


Great App, but update does not work  Jefferoncini  3 star

I’d give this app 5 stars as it normally works wonderful and is very useful and full featured, but the recent update has rendered the app inoperable. I am a contractor and use the app everyday to keep track of my hours for different jobs which it works great for. However, as a result of the update I can’t even access the app. Please fix it fast!


Keeps employers honest!  brendanteske  5 star

This is a great time card app to make sure everything checks out with employment checks. On occasion my employer fouls up (I’m sure it’s a mishap since there’s so many employees), but this sure does help sort things out. One improvement I’d love (if possible) is to store information on the Apple Watch until it can sync to your iPhone. I can’t take my phone into work so that would be a great help!


Awesome app  Mybravenuworld  5 star

I do a lot of hourly fee consulting work. This is a simple, convenient way to track my time on the go. I love it!


Great for project and freelance work  CEGiven  4 star

I use it to track hours for multiple simultaneous projects for a full time employer. And also to track freelance and personal projects. Plus my wife uses it for commission work and mileage tracking for her business. When I think "I wish it could do X" almost every time I've looked in the settings or help, there was the feature I wanted. So it provides a great deal of flexibility, control, and power. The one thing it doesn't have is a pick-list of prices. Rates are per project, although you can override time entries. But I wish it had a list of product/rates: for example, a rate for initial consultation, versus a rate for a different rate for a "normal" job, versus a different rate for a difficult repair, versus a rate for delivery, etc. etc.


Aseeeqqqq  RTEUQR  4 star


DMB Is Not Good

Only 3 timers on WatchOS  DMB Is Not Good  1 star

It can’t possibly be that difficult to sync all timers to the Watch app. For those of us working on many projects per day, this “feature” is a deal breaker. Too bad I paid the premium price prior to finding this out.

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