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I.D. Wood [Reference] App Description & Overview

What is i.d. wood app? I.D. Wood is a past iTunes Staff Favorites and here is what others are saying about I.D. Wood:

"Turn your already awesome iPhone into the best thing ever, with a decent wood guidebook." Sal Vaglica, This Old House

"With the I.D. Wood app for your iPhone, you'll look like a pro every time." BobVilla.com

"A well devised reference tool for those on the run, and also those perplexed by Bruce Hoadley’s work." Curated Magazine

"A must for any green builder or customer who is conscious about the materials they are going to buy....this app should be de rigueur." Charles and Hudson

"Remember the classic wood info and identification books on your shelf? This is the electronic version of those resources – somewhat easier to carry around in your pocket." Woodworker's Journal

I.D. Wood is your Pocket Guide to Woods from around the world with full screen samples and detailed information for over 200 different woods.

The standalone application will work with or without an Internet connection so that the samples and information are always at your fingertips. From the basic to the exotic, I.D. Wood turns your mobile device into a virtual guidebook for seasoned woodworkers, cabinet makers, designers, artists, architects, collectors, antique dealers, hobbyists, gunsmiths, musicians, homeowners, boat builders, carpenters and others.

I.D. Wood includes the following:

Over 200 High Quality Full-Screen Wood Samples (raw cut and non-finished)

* Species Names
* Botanical Names
* Other Names
* Wood Origins
* Wood Descriptions
* Woodworking Properties
* Common Uses
* Durability
* Sustainability
* Janka Hardness

I.D. Wood also features:

* Wood Glossary of over 90 terms
* Illustrations of Lumber Cutting Techniques
* Full text Search Tools
* Advanced Search
* Category Navigation
* Lumber Information
* Dimensional Lumber Conversions
* Thickness Measuring Screen
* Pilot Hole Reference
* Nail Size Reference
* Janka Hardness Scale
* Specific Gravity
* Lumber Grading Tables
* Board Feet calculator

I.D. Wood allows a user to quickly browse by Wood Samples, Species Names or Other Names to aide in quick identification. Categories allow for quickly finding woods of a particular use, durability or sustainable status.

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How to contact I.D. Wood (Calculated Industries)?
Find this site the customer service details of I.D. Wood. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/325838725/i-d-wood/contact

I.D. Wood Customer Service, Editor Notes:

I.D. Wood Version 4.1.402 December 2021

Fix to share feature.

I.D. Wood Version 4.1.304 October 2021

Under the cover revision.

I.D. Wood Version 4.1.210 July 2020

* Added back button.

I.D. Wood Comments & Reviews 2022

- Limited

Not what was expected from description. Has a use but not extensive.

- Handyman

Great product❗️ Tons of reliable info in 1 (1️⃣) Place 👏. Great Pix of wood (Very Necessary for Wood ID). If only 1 critisim it would be, no easy way when looking at wood sample to get back to list, & ability to 'order' wood differently, Otherwise Great ‼️ This App by far is one of the Best on wood identification & usage currently available on iOS devices, AND especially on Retna available devices like iPhones 11 & 12, as well as the Pad Mini❗️👏 Best Pix 🙏

- Miss-named App

I’m greatly disappointed. I wanted a tool that could help me ID a piece of wood in hand. If this app isn’t worthless from a practical use standpoint, then it deserves the low rating simply on poor instruction and functionality. For example, I performed a search and got 75 hits, but the app only lets me see 50 of them. Way too many, but still, why can’t I see them all? And why can’t I narrow my search further? If you are looking for a simple wood ID tool, this isn’t it.

- Out of date

Does not include some common wood types and is woefully out of date with the website that this app sisters also lacks a lot of the wood detail pictures. Navigation within the app is sub par and tedious. Not worth 6 bucks, just use the website instead it’s easier to navigate and has more information.

- Lacking as a Reference

The very first wood I searched, a domestic hardwood, Alder & Red Alder were no where to be found in this app. Navigating the app also has a lot to be desired. Makes you wonder since this app hasn’t been updated in 2 years that it even works at all. Better to save your money and search the Internet for wood identification instead.

- Disappointed

I was hoping that it would have a camera ability to take a picture of your wood and it would identify it. This is useless unless your just curious about a certain species of wood. I have bubinga and it looks nothing like the picture on this app. None of my woods match the pictures on this app. What a waste of money!

- Not What I Thought

I thought that this app was much like other identification apps where I could take a picture of the specific type of wood and it would identify it. Instead you have to scroll through a hundred different types to find one that might look similar

- Great idea for an app...

This app is missing a way to get a listing of the images of wood to help ID a board in hand. There does not appear to be search by wood Characteristics like color or grain pattern. Ideally let me take a picture of the wood and show me images of the closest matches.

- Very Useful App, but...

Maybe I’m missing it, but I don’t see a back button. Navigation could be better, but content is extensive and rich.

- Not what I expected

Like other reviews, we’d much prefer to take a pic of a piece of wood and have the app tell us rather than determine the type from searching a database with 100’s of possible choices? Waste of $5

- Well it does not help you Id a species of wood

This app is about as useless as can be when you say ID wood I would expect it to help you figure out what kind of wood your working with. If you u already know what you have then it will tell you about it. Otherwise it’s a useless app.

- Very good...but

I bought the actual book many years ago, and I've had this app from the beginning. The app is easier to use than the book, and the selection is the same, or better. But a major problem is with the quality of the photos. Sometimes the photo is too close up to get a really good idea of the overall grain pattern. But worse, is that the colors are not corrected. On iPads, with their calibrated screens, this is disappointing. Too often, the color is nothing like the actual color of the wood. This color can significantly vary even among the same wood species when different examples are given. If they could correct the colors, that would go a long way towards making this app extremely useful in wood selection. Include two photos, one of a close-up, and one of a larger portion, and it would be about perfect.

- What’s the use of having an app with limited space information

I assumed this app would work like picture this. Take a photo and get suggested wood species. Seems like I have to thumb through all the limited information to make a deduction of what it might be.

- Great app for people who already know what they’re looking for

You may as well just google based on what you see, this app does not “identify woods”, it shows you pictures of known woods for you to compare to. Absolute waste of money.

- Not worth the money

Shame on me, should have read the reviews before purchase. Not what it seems.

- Not worth 4 cents.

My own fault I should have read more reviews. I like most, who are I’m guessing, wanted an app where you take a picture of a piece of wood and the app through the pic of the grain wood tell you what it is. Waste of 5 bucks

- Very Poorly Designed App

Very difficult to use. There is no back button. Impossible to find a species of wood unless you know what you are looking for but then why do you need the app. I would like a refund.

- Limited

Not all woods are there. Hard to identify one by one. Navigation is hard. Very simple app. Just look it up on google.

- Not useful

I have wood, I need to identify what kind it is. From the images it looks like you can put a camera up & it will tell you like other apps. Waste of my

- Completely Useless App

I assumed this app would allow me to identify the wood grain of furniture or flooring using the camera. I’m not sure what it is supposed to do. It seems to serve no purpose whatsoever and costs $4.99

- Good app if it be easy to use, very confusing and time consuming

Not easily navigated no back button got to go back to the list. Not recommended

- 4 Stars

Great app. Just wish it was easier to use.

- Incomplete and misrepresentative

Endgrain pictures are missing for many species and are generally too low quality for identification anyway.

- Not a snap pic & identify wood app

Shucks... paid for this app hoping to snap a pic of wood & it would tell me what type of wood it is... not so.

- Bob villa screwed me again

This app is terrible. I wish I could kick the guy who made this app square in the D1ck. (Or in the case that a woman created the app... then kick her square in the taco)

- Not I.D.

Doesn’t help identify the wood , you basically have to know what the wood is and then it tells what kind it is…. Duh…

- Hard to use app

No back up button and app is hard to use


Cheesy app. There are free ones online!

- Disappointed

I purchased this because I need a tool to identify common native American woods. It is mediocre at that task. The resolution is good but not excellent. There isn't much narrative that helps identify wood species, for example the size of the rays can help you distinguish between whit oak and red oak. The image in the app store show an end grain image, but I didn't find any end grain images in all the woods I looked at. The app has several tools that are probably useful, but they aren't useful to me. It will probably be enhanced over time but for now it is too immature for my needs. Wish I could get my money back.

- OK as a very basic reference

If you want a list of a bunch of different kinds of woods with a picture or two, then this reference is fine. However, if you are really trying to identify a type of wood, you'll come up short with this app as I did. There are not enough pictures or detailed descriptions of the wood to really tell because the photos shown look very similar for varieties. For example, by looking at the pictures I really couldn't differentiate between, say, black walnut from cherry. I was trying to identify the wood on pocket doors in an old Victorian house and this was no help. To do an adequate job identifying wood, you need some close-up shots, some pics of a large piece to show variation, some with different finishes, some quarter-sawn, etc. Different pieces will have a different look, and one or two small sample shots really won't do the trick. I ended up just doing a Google search for images and found a plethora of examples for free. I was disappointed I spent money for such a limited view here. Somehow I thought the description said you could take a picture of wood and it would help you identify it. That was why I bought the app. If really this is a feature somewhere, I have yet to find it.

- The only one of its kind...just what i was looking for

Man, it is about time someone made an app like this. I am starting into lutherie, and know little about wood identification. However, this app is exactly what i was looking for, and more! The pictures are clear, and the added descriptions are excellent. If i could make a suggestion, its that you should provide alternate photos of wood because every piece is unique in appearance. A single photo could be misleading for identifying an unusual piece of wood. Looking forward to updates with more types! Awesome app!

- Good Info / Not Intuitive

I'm trying to find a good guide for wood identification without carrying a book around. This app has good info but it's not functional enough. You can add woods to your favorites but then when you go to scroll from one to the next it's back in the main list mixed with African woods for example. It seems like it's just a database packaged nicely. Needs a back function, etc. I'd like to have a list of common American hardwoods I can quickly browse through. Disappointed I spent $5, right now this app is worth $1 or free until it has more function.

- Overpriced and incomplete

A very abridged and and lightweight compendium of wood species. Not much specific information over species. It's more of a "common wood at a glance" than a complete ID tool. Many species left out or lumped into groups even when they are distinct woods. Photos are often not representative or are difficult to identify even with common woods like Douglas fir. More complete info available online wood ID sites and in books. Probably an ok app for the occasional woodworker or curious. Pretty disappointed as a professional. As it stands this is a $1 app, not $5. Save your money and get a book.

- Good start and great idea

Very nicely executed application. However there this application is missing a lot of important content. For example: Spruce is only shown as "Spruce" when key variants such as Sitka and Adirondack are not included. The same with Rosewood where variants are key such as Brazilian, East Indian, and others have significant differnces in sustainability and application. In terms of grading exotics there is no discussion of AA, AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA which describes the quality/depth of figure in the woods. Add more detail and more comprehensive glossary and I will upgrade my rating.

- Moderately useful, but not $5 useful

It's a decent help, for a moderate amount of woods. The problems would largely be a lack of images for the woods. If anything, there might be an end grain picture, and one other image. The addition of a back function, a full list of thumbnails, without needing to select a letter category first. The last update being more than a year ago isn't confidence inspiring, either

- Original and helpful app

Would love to see the browsing mechanism change though--not a fan at all. I don't need to go through three pages of descriptions just to look at the next wood grain image in the database. Please change it so you can flip through the images only and pull up the info window only when interested in that particular grain.

- Tons of very useful info & tools

All the data compiled about the wood is great. Although agree with many folks, seems as though the developer is slow to include more species. However, I find the app very easy to navigate, especially given the amount of data and reference material provided. I look forward to seeing more updates.

- Great Tool

I love all the additional woods added this was a great update. If you need to show your customers what choices to use for cabinets or flooring and fill them in on info of each woods characteristics this is the perfect app to use. All in all I think a great job, thanks for the update and keep up the good work.

- Love the app - navigation could be better

Lots of great info, find the app very useful. Wish navigation allowed you to go back one screen rather than start the search all over. As example if you go into the list for "use" and select "turnery" and select a wood u have to go back to the list screen rather than just back to turnery

- Good, but room for improvement

There's a lot of great info, but the UI is frustrating (e.g., no back button), the organization isn't intuitive (e.g., the board foot calculator isn't on the calculator), and the glossary is incomplete (and some entries are rather brief). Not sad I bought it, but hopefully it improves. Another wish is to include info on woods used in instruments, but I can hardly offer that as criticism.

- Has potential but needs work

This app has a lot of potential but it is not there yet. The domestic woods are limited. One glaring error I noticed is that Black Oak is listed as another name for White Oak. Black Oak is in the Red Oak family and marketed as Red Oak. Hopefully the app will continue to improve and become the killer app it could be.

- Much Improved!

If you work with various woods this is a very useful app. Really user friendly. It has also just been updated and was greatly improved. If this type and quality of update keep coming this app will quickly become my favorite!

- Super useful for new woodworkers

Lots of great information about hundreds of wood species. Only thing that occurs to me to improve is the search engine. The search function produces results do infrequently, I've learned NOT to use it, which makes finding info more challenging.

- i like its info

if I could change anything, I would have two images available for some of these woods. also, an increased library of woods would be wonderful. however, congrads, this is a helpful thing and great idea for an app!

- Informative

I'm a beginner wood worker and it had been a great tool for me. Lots of good information. Sometimes a little confusing to navigate around in. Would be nice to have more pictures of the wood samples. Maybe a a few different views of the grain.

- Nice!

A little short on some species...especially domestic. Navigation takes some getting used to. Overall, though, a handy pocket-sized tool. Good for showing a customer what wood choices actually look like.

- No cross referencing

Searches always lead to thumbnail with no cross reference to durability, sustainability etc. Must browse through long lists for this data. Info' button should show more info' on displayed species, not about product developer! Lame. What is source of sustainability data? Would be better if referenced actual FSC certification stat's. Sorry I paid 2.99 for this app'.

- Great Program, Nice Interface

Played with this for awhile and find it to be very useful and thoughtout. Anyone that wants to know a spieces their using or looking at will find this to be helpful and imformative. Nice job!!

- Needs update

I've had this app for over a year now. So far I'm pretty disappointed in the wood selection. As a luthier I would like to see different grades of tone wood. Maybe even the ability for users to upload project photos that used particular woods. The navigation in this app is completely abhorrent. Trying to navigate it makes me want to go out and just buy a book. Not enough woods in this.

- Totally useless

I thought this app identified woods from a photo taken with my phone. This is not the case and if you have no idea what type of wood you're looking at this app isn't going to help. Plus, there is a lot of searching and scrolling to find information. I'm annoyed I paid $5 and now I'm just going to delete it from my phone because I'll never use it.

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- More woods needed from overseas

I.D. Wood works well but is lacking some of the commoner timbers used in Australia. One example is Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) is one of the most common species of Eucalyptus tree in the southwest of Western Australia, and is used extensivly throughout Australia due to its hardness, durability and red colour. Another would be Merbau (Intsia bijuga), this timber is used extensivly throughout Australia for decking and outdoor furniture.

- No Australian hardwood. Waste of money

No Australian hardwood. Waste of money

- Not really for Australian timbers

As suspected, this is just a US app put on the Australian market, all the timbers are either American or perhaps English. The token Australian entry is "Eucalypt" which says that this specie has over 600 sub species and a very bland, generic description of it's working properties. Apart from that, nicely thought out and organized app with quite a lot of detail on the 50 timbers it covers. It would rate much higher if it was to be expanded to really include woods from outside the US. The pics are not really good for anything more than a guide to what the wood may look like. Not enough detail on how the woods in the pics have been finished, oil, shellac, waxed etc.

- Argument solver!

This app has solved many arguments between my woodworking mates. What wood is that, used to be a common phrase. Now we just look it up on the database. For 5 stars it needs more Australian woods!

- Very helpfull

Can you tell me what the 3rd sample on your tittle page is thanks.

- Very good

Very comprehensive,a bit american centric ,could use leaf and bark or picture of the tree to help identify timber

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- Love this app

I have had this app for a day, but I absolutely love it. Money well spent

- Great App

If you work in the millwork industry this is must have app.

- I want my money back

Use google you’re better off I wish they had a minus one star

- Très limité

Correct pour obtenir de l’information sur des espèces dont vous connaissez déjà le nom mais inutile pour essayer de découvrir un type de bois à partir d’images ou de coupe de bout. Pas recommandé malgré les témoignages mis de l’avant sur leur page d’information.

- Great pocket reference

As a cabinetry student, this app is indispensable. It contains tons of wood species, pictures, and practical uses, as well as a reference guide to woodworking terms. Great to have around as a wood worker.

- A Good App

One of the first apps I bought - years ago. I don't use it every day; but, when I do, it is a great resource. Worth every penny.

- Disappointed

Extremely limited, does not cover many popular trees! Waste of my money $$$! I will stick to books instead of this!

- Love it

I love it

- I D Wood

Very easy to use. A great sales tool when selling anything related to wood.

- Valuable resource

I work for a cabinet shop that builds and repairs furniture. This app is a very good reference and has settled many arguments about identification and usage of woods.

- Joinery instructor

Quick and easy reference

- Needs upgrade.

As stated before, it needs a larger database & it also crashes everytime I try to access the bookmarks.

- Some bugs

Just loaded v3.01. Some serious bugs as crashes often, pages overwrite each other so cannot read, slow navigation and often returns to incorrect pages when using back arrow. Looks like has great information but unusable until bugs fixed which I trust will be soon.

- New Update

I loved this app before. Now I love it even more!! The ability to e-mail pages to customers and other trades is such a bonus!! Love it!!

- Great Resource

Excellent photos and descriptions. Looking forward to even more wood species being added!

- Needs improvment

Good idea but needs more. There are a Lot of popular woods that are not included. Great idea will be better after an update!

- Nice app but limited

All the most common species are there but it's quite a limited list. Tried looking up Mexican Parota because I am doing a project with it but it's not there. I'm also turning some pens with Camphor wood but that too isn't listed.

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🌈 Reybow 🌈

@starbroken1980 @CelticAnarchy Definitely. Though in that respect I'm more reliant on my skills. Knowing (the basics of) a few trades isn't a bad thing either! You'd be surprised how many people can't even light a fire if you were to give them a lighter, fire starters and a whole assortiment of dry wood.

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Nick Wood 🙋

@MaryMyatt @suchmo Wow. Thank you. I'd add a caveat for me that my experience is exclusively middle, spanning upper ks2 & ks3. That said, cross phase perspectives are really important.

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@MatthewSBernier @AClownAndCircus @TruthSavesUSA @grandmomma2018 @ConorKenny @chrislhayes Thankfully they haven’t used arsenic to treat wood since 2003 but there are still other harmful chemicals in the pesticides they use. I’d take the chance if it were the choice between freezing to death or not, but I’d for sure do it outside

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I.D. Wood iphone images
I.D. Wood iphone images
I.D. Wood iphone images
I.D. Wood iphone images
I.D. Wood iphone images
I.D. Wood iphone images
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The applications I.D. Wood was published in the category Reference on 2009-08-11 and was developed by Calculated Industries [Developer ID: 370406449]. This application file size is 53.86 MB. I.D. Wood - Reference app posted on 2021-12-02 current version is 4.1.4 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.doubledogstudios.idwood