Sky Guide

Sky Guide [Reference] App Description & Overview

Sky Guide makes stargazing simple. Just hold it overhead to automatically find stars, constellations, planets, satellites and more. With so many fun and powerful features, there is something for all ages and experience levels!

“Close to perfect.”

“It’s a dazzling piece of software…”
-David Pogue

“Sky Guide is one of the coolest apps in the App Store…”

- Apple Design Award 2014

- #1 app reached in 92 countries

Is it a star or the planet Mars? Knowing what's up in your night sky is now effortless with Sky Guide. Hold your iPhone or iPad up and Sky Guide automatically aligns itself to the stars above you—no setup required.

Have you ever wished you could recognize the constellations but didn't want to study those paper star charts? Sky Guide's augmented reality (AR) mode makes learning your way around the sky clear and effortless.

Whether you're in search of the constellation Virgo, the Andromeda Galaxy or the next big meteor shower, Sky Guide is jam-packed with information and rich graphics that will satisfy the most curious minds.

Voyage to the past and future with cinematic time controls. Know where the Moon will be later in the evening so you can capture that perfect photo. See what the sky looked like the moment you were born or be an eyewitness to history's greatest comets.

It's a star! It's a plane! No, it's a satellite! Sky Guide features hundreds of bright satellites for you to identify and track. You can also receive notifications whenever the International Space Station flies over your location.

Use Sky Guide anywhere—on your evening dog walk, camping trips or in the classroom. The app works with or without Wi-Fi, cellular service or GPS, so everything is at your fingertips no matter where you go.

Additional Features:

- Huge stellar catalog: 2.5 million stars!

- Filter: X-ray the sky and explore invisible wonders.

- Red night mode: Preserve your dark-adapted eyesight.

- Notification Center Widget: At-a-glance essentials including rise and set times for the Sun, Moon and planets.

- Apple Watch: Sky Guide can send you a notification when an event is about to happen in the skies above your location, like when the International Space Station is due to fly over. You can also keep tabs on the latest solar activity or add our super-accurate Moon Complication to your Apple Watch face.

Optional Features:

- Sky Guide SUPERMASSIVE. This extensive add-on gives you access to incredible high definition zooming, 680× larger star and deep sky catalogs, and exclusive cinematic tours.

Join the millions who have discovered a more personal connection to the stars with Sky Guide. It might forever change the way you look up.

Terms of use:

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Sky Guide Customer Service, Editor Notes:

+ Updated Starlink satellites + New asterisms: Spring Triangle, Winter Hexagon, Sickle, and others + Bug fixes

Sky Guide Comments & Reviews

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- Awesome!!

This is an incredible astronomy app!!

- I feel small

As bizarre as it seems, looking out into the vast dark skies and seeing dots with more history than everything we’ve ever known is insane. I love being able to look outside and being able to see thing that I thought was just another star, be a freaking galaxy! Seeing the space station fly across the skies has become a regular routine I’ve had for quite some time now, and it doesn’t seem like that’s gonna stop anytime soon. This app is truly incredible, and is worth every penny, if not more.

- Me

Ya’ll out of this world!!!$

- It used to work

This was my favorite app. But it just stopped working. I’ve try everything. I even paid the upgrades. So upsetting.

- Garbage

Used to LOVE THIS APP before it got uncalibrated. Have updated consistently and it STILL has the wrong readings for the current date!!!! Support is no help!

- Awesome

This is sooooo great

- Marvelous

Restored my sense of awe at the celestial realm. Easy to use. Well worth the modest cost. Working flawlessly on my iPhone.

- Es la mejor

La amooo

- Best Astro app I can find

I have tried out about 8 or 9 other astronomy apps. This one is the easiest to navigate by far. A novice can easily find their way around this app and It has a ton of info for all levels of amateur astronomy.

- This app is

The best app for star gazing

- Must have if you’re using a telescope!!!!

Amateur sky gazer here, this app has helped me calibrate my telescope plenty of times, also helped pick what things to look for the night of sky gazing! Must have.

- Love it!! My best app!!!

I’m in love with this app this is the best app I’ve ever seen I love these kind of things thank you so much if I didn’t get this app couldn’t know which planet is it or star. Anyway thank you so much I love this apppp!!!!!

- It’s fun to watch the stars

I like to see what planet I’m looking at.

- Magical

This app has exceed any expectation I had. It’s amazing and I’m just glad I have it.

- My opinion

Best app

- Awesome

I have enjoyed this app and learned so much more about our solar system. It has been especially fun sharing with my grandchildren.

- Amazing

Love it

- Love this app

Such a wonderful app. Love it.

- Boy Scout 73

My favorite merit badge was Astromy. During summer camp, this would be the only nighttime gathering so we had the whole parade field to ourselves to sharpen our constellation skills. If we had this, I never would have left my tent.

- Most beautiful app in iOS

Smooth and beautiful can’t describe it any other way, worth the money, you’re kids will appreciate it.

- Literally the best

i never EVER write reviews for anything, like even if i don’t like something... so this is a big deal for me. this app is truly the best... i really cannot express how much it has taught me and how beautiful it is overall. truly a job well done and worth WAY more than what they are selling it for. i wish i could personally thank the people that made this app. i’ve had this app for years and have never grown tired of it. wow.

- Best overall amateur astronomy app

No other astronomy app has better structure, ease of use, and effectiveness for me.


This is a great app to have if your are into astronomy it works really well highly recommend

- doper than dope!!!!!

this app is dope. doper than dope!!! actually helped me learn to stargaze!!!!

- The best app

I love this app. It’s so easy to use. I love being able to turn on notifications to see things like the International Space Station when it flies over and to identify what I’m seeing. The red light mode keeps my night vision . The monthly articles are well written and informative. You will love this.

- Sky Guide needs more galaxies!

The app is amazing! I could spend hours just looking around the only thing that I would like to add to it is I would like more distant galaxies with images. And I would really like images of the Hubble deep space images also added.

- I

I can find things in the night sky in real time just point and ehook in zoom in where you want it’s likaving a live telescope. Well done. Thanks.

- Sky Guide

Love itHandy item.

- Best thing I never bought!

Favorite thing

- Marvelous

This is the one of my most important and most favorite app on my phone. It is giving me a window to see the stars and the universe. This the app that i will never regret of paying for. Just one wish for the app, i wish that they would add the milky way on the AR. I think it’d be great.

- Amazing. Makes you feel the wonder of the night sky

I have spent so much time idly watching the cosmos. This App has opened a science to me that I never thought I’d love.

- Thanks

Tons of fun

- Stars

Love the app

- <3

I love this app so much

- Nice app

Its good to use as a celestial navigation. Helps beginner/amateur telescope users. Love it 👌

- Incredible

This app is amazing. I have tried many of these apps and they aren’t half the quality of this one. This is the absolute best app for its purpose

- Easy to use

This app has made exploring the sky so much easier and fun !!! My favorite app on my phone

- Love Stars and Planets

My grandchildren and me enjoy this almost every evening ! Great teaching lesson!!

- Love this app!!!

Love this app!!! It is so much fun to find out when the International Space Station goes by or a satellite.

- The best app

This is the best app ever!

- Love this app

I really enjoy this app

- Not that special

I had another app could rotate and explain what star or planet I was pointing my phone at. This does not do that, its pretty minimal at best. Paid $2.99 and now I’m deleting it.

- Sky Guide update

I have the new IPhone 11 Pro Max and Sky Guide always worked until their latest update! Now it won’t open at all! Very disappointed

- When looking up !

Let this App, guide you Eyes to a place in the Sky and See the amazing trip through you search for everything you can imagine !i love being able to pick up my phone and point it up to the heavens and let me see my hearts desire and push of a button on my phone and it’s on this app Thank you RON

- Awesome app!!!

This was the first time I have ever paid for an app, but it is 100% worth it! It gives you information on stars, planets, and more! Because I have a magnet case on my iPad, it doesn’t work on compass mode, but it works with amazing accuracy on my iPhone! On Wednesday April 22, 2020, around 5am I got to see a meteor shower, with the help of this app. This was my first time seeing a meteor shower, and the app gave me all the information I needed. It also was amazingly accurate! This app definitely earns 5 stars! I would give it more if I could!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- 😍

I love it

- Love it

I love this app!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Amazing

My favorite entertainment for the nights when the sky is clear.

- Great app

Hey why not right?

- Great app for our sky’s thank you so much so awesome 😍


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- Not good at all

Can you please tell me how I get my money back it’s a time waster and showing wrong position of stars , I check with sun and it shows totally wrong position of sun , as well moon . Don’t buy this app

- Love it!!

Love it!!

- Hi

This App is the best it helps you learn and it’s so good!🎶 Yay

- Excellence in apps

Truely one of the best apps for beginners to understand the night sky Outstanding simple prompt stake you to galaxies far away black holes and super nova Outstanding

- Great value app for all ages

This app is great, I use it for planning Astro photos and my kids use it to check for different planets. Recommend.

- Inspirational

Have recommended this to many family and friends. Easy to use. Great info. Excellent presentation and nice calming music. Well done.

- Amazing

This is an amazing app. Pretty, educational and fun. It’s easy to use as well. I would LOVE to see support integrated for telescope use such as an automatic azimuth mount controller. Keep the updates coming, I’d love to see even more detail of existing objects as they become available through current research. Thank you for years of enjoyment.

- Fun & informative for kids & adults

I wish this was around when I was a kid!


Omg thank you it really helps me learning

- Great

Great app. Few things that could be improved. I can find it hard to find catalog numbers on objects especially from the map usually end up going to google. Wish I could search an area of the sky and then use the visibility sorting would be awesome.

- A wonderful app

Whenever I open this app, I feel like I’m travelling to the stars.

- Can’t upgrade

This version, or my environment won’t let me subscribe . It fails to connect to iTunes. Love the app, want to get more from it but can’t....

- Star Fun

Easy to navigate. Mystical Music. Very detailed mythologies, science and astrolonomy.

- Into-stellar!!

Great way to explore the heavens. Constellations appear with a superimposed artwork that captures your imagination (these can also be turned off in settings). Easily to reach information blurbs can be found along side each point of interest. These give you an insight into the background and current knowledge of the object; name, mythology and science information such as star type, size are provided in most cases. I have used this app for years and it will continue to encourage me out side and to look up! 5 celestial beauties out of 5!

- Yep cool it’s fine

I think it’s doggie

- So helpful!

I was in the Northern hemisphere to holiday and my hostess who loves looking at the stars from the Swiss Alps showed me this app and I had to have it. I was up to speed about the northern perspective in minutes. Great App.

- The app of apps

Amazing app, imagine it with VR Goggles.

- Very interesting

Great tool to investigate beyond our tiny planet called earth.

- No app support

Have tried to contact support for this app, contacted multiple times with no reply. Compass has issues and doesn’t work, now notifications doesn’t work correctly. Not impressed.

- Dope!


- Great app but suggestions

I love this app. It is very intuitive, full of content and educational. I do however have a suggestion to give: The Star Guide widget should indicate the change in the planet's rise and set times that occurs. E.g. the moon sets at 16:47 tonight, but tomorrow it will set XYZ minutes later. This can be indicated by an arrow pointing up or down depending on if the rise/set time progresses or regresses the next day. This would be very useful to people like me that plan their telescope viewing ahead of time. Hope the feedback helps, Chris

- dda

Cool 😎 app works great 👍

- What is “ fall”

I like this guide. It was perfect I til today, when it displayed the usual USA biased presentation. The term “ fall” does not apply in the Southern Hemisphere. It is called AUTUMN!

- Worth every cent!

It might sound cheesy but buy the full version, go outside late at night, put headphones on and make sure Sky Guides music is ‘ON’. You can spend ages exploring the sky with this app! The ambience that the music creates makes it that much better too! Thanks :)

- Extraordinary

Beautiful graphics, effortless UI and packed with useful tools that aid and inform stargazing for everyone; the customizable time and location, allowing you to explore the skies of almost the entire planet for a given time, is one of my favourite features. Unquestionably the best stargazing app I've used.

- Get laid

Star knowledge trumps all, get the app

- Information Outdated and Incorrect

The information is outdated. New Horizons flew past MU69 week’s ago and Humanity Star reentered the atmosphere in March. Some of the information is incorrect too. The supernova that created the pulsar Geminga was never recorded (Sky Guide refers to it as SN 347) and Alpha Centauri is not the closest star to the Sun. Some of the confirmed exoplanets should be included too, such as Proxima Centauri B as well as all of the objects in the NGC and TYC catalogues.

- Useless

This app said the sun was up at midnight, worse then boiled eggs!

- Starstruck

I love this app, it’s pretty accurate, I will miss the solar flares next year though Highly recommend getting this one it’s totally awesome

- Good but poor performance

Most parts of the app lag when scrolling on my iPhone X

- About Sky Guide

I find this app very interesting and informative about the night sky. I only use the app for looking at planets but I enjoy it. One thing the app could make better is the view. I would love to see a close up view that is worth 5 stars.

- Star gazing

Have come to look for particular stars by being shown their location. Now I see how in times past, people were able to navigate by the stars. Appreciate the notifications of stellar events.

- Killer Astro App with amazingly useful localisation

I’ve tried stacks of Astro apps over the years. This absolutely nails it in terms of powerful features packaged in the most elegant and easy to use UI. But the real killer feature is localisation. More often than not this level of detail only works in certain countries or cities - but I was delighted to see it works perfectly for me in Adelaide, Australia. I’m talking really useful info like light pollution, cloud cover and visual magnitude - the type of weather data very specific to astronomy and stargazing. This is presented in a very useful format that’s already filtered to my geo location and doesn’t require interpretation of generic weather and maps. There’s also a range of Astro news that’s timely, well curated, and seamlessly integrated. Love this App!

- One of the best apps I own

Awesome! Just get it, you won’t regret it. I only wish I had more time to play with it.

- Amazing!

Very convenient and simple to use, detailed informations are amazing! Highly recommended!

- Oh my god

This has given me the ability to see my universe in a different way

- Understanding the night sky

Fantastic to be able to recognise constellations by using the charts, this app makes it so easy I absolutely love it 😍

- Fantastic!

Absolutely love this app. And the music is brilliant. Get outside and use this app, the sky is no longer the limit!

- The best astronomy app on iOS by far

If Apple made an astronomy app, it would not be better than Sky Guide. Beautiful graphics, easy to use and functional UI. Well worth the price of entry. Great job developers and keep it up!

- Totally awesome

This app is totally worth buying! It’s so pretty to look at plus it has everything you’ve ever wondered about when it comes to star💫 gazing or finding out where our space stations are, without this app i probably wouldn’t have known Mars was so close to earth 🌏 the 1st time in 15yrs!! Being able to share the beauty of the universe and all that is out there amazing thank you ☺️ 🌟

- Opening my eyes to the galaxy

What a revelation this has been to me! I look forward to getting my five minute warnings to observe the ISS and other man made wonders along with learning about our own little solar system and the ever-expanding galaxy.

- Astounding!

This app blows my mind every time I use it. Just this evening I was working away when it reminded me the international space station was passing over. Walk out side and there it is! I’ve used the app all over the world and can’t rate it enough

- Needs tweaking for Southern Hemisphere

When I tap the compass icon, it immediately spins around to the diametrically opposite direction- northeast becomes southwest. It would be great if it was more reliable.

- Superb!

Using this app, I was able to locate Saturn with a telescope, Stunning view!

- Amazing

Best astronomy app ever, so much info, easy to use and beautifully presented.

- Terrific stargazing tool.

A terrific guide for backyard star gazers , informative and easy to use .

- My favourite app

Can’t wait to share this with my son when he grows older.

- Brilliant

An amazing app, love using it

- True magic!

Awe inspiring! I can only speak in superlatives. The app is magical, for it brings the unreachable and unfathomable within reach and interactive. A huge thanks for the developers. You guys are legends!

- I’m looking at the southern cross right now

I’m looking st the southern cross right nor

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- Doesn’t Work

I so badly want to love Sky Guide, but it just doesn’t work. When I tap on the compass, it freezes and that’s it. It’s a bummer because I love astronomy.

- Alberto L

I It’s one of the best apps I have ever used , practical and full of great features. I recommend it after being in enjoyed this program several years and I find it very useful easy to use and loaded with great information and very accurate After being an avid amateur astronomer for almost 60 years Thank you

- Great star guide

Great star guide for all age group It is fun, it is scientific it is wonderful and it is believable and it is real, to hold universe in your palm of your hand and to enjoy the great experience we can get in watching stars, planets and galaxies

- Great app, lots of info

I enjoy using this app, would be nice if the “tonight” section in night mode didn’t have white text as a suggestion. The calendar view has a red tint on all the lettering, but once you go to tonight, all the lettering is bright white. Thanks for making this, it helps get my kids interested in space!

- Love this app!

I have used this app for years ! I am an amateur at this, but have learned a lot. I really enjoy watching the skies at night. Now I know what I’m looking at!


What happened to the International Space Station? I have always used this app to find it in the night sky and now it’s not available in the app any longer!!

- Awesome

I love telling people about this and seeing their reactions!

- Visibility


- If you want to see the galaxy.

This app can show you everything in the galaxy you just pointed up or down or pretty much anywhere and I could show you it I think this is an amazing app because you get to see your solar system which is pretty amazing and I am so happy I bought this but three dollars was totally worth it and I cannot wait to look at the solar system.

- Amazing!

I could watch the stars for hours with Sky Guide. Love all of the awesome features!

- Retiree by the sea

Delightful and educational

- Amaze app

This is a amazing app and has helped guide me through the stars

- WOW! Where to Start.

You point this app ANOINTS ANAZING!

- Yes

I like this app. Fun to look at stars.

- Great for camping

We use this app whenever we camp or travel to the Caribbean . We love this guide!

- Lauren Soper

The best app ever! It can see every planet or a galaxy full of networks and really cool!

- Must Have App!

This app is excellent, a must have for the city and the backcountry. A great way to learn astronomy.

- Great!

People are always amazed!

- Suggestions

Sky doesn’t match with the phone.

- Visual astronomy for all!

So easy to use and simply fascinating for all ages! The clarity of constellation and ability to “scan” the entire ski seamlessly is a wonder. I know now why the heavens have entertained man since first looking up! What a phenomenal program!

- Sky guide

I love this app!!

- I love this app

Thank you to the creators of this app. It’s amazing!

- Amazing

Love it !

- Most Awesome App!

And I mean dictionary definition awesome!

- Best app imaginable. Thank you!!!!

Best there is

- Didn’t work

I can’t get the app to tell me which star or planet in the sky I’m looking at.

- Greatest thing since sliced bread.

Been using this app for about 5 years now. Love it.

- Truly a great app

An interesting thing that I learned while using this, was what I thought were satellites, the kind with antennas, were actually discarded rockets.

- Beautiful constellation

This is CASSIOPEIA. It looks like the LETTER W or M. Like the stars in Orion’s Belt, it is easy to recognize from the northern hemisphere. In February and March, it appears mostly between midnight and dawn. Nice work showing it here.

- It does it’s job

It does it’s job

- Love it

Especially getting noticed about the space lab is circling.

- Awesome

Great app!

- Review

This is an amazing app. I have loved it for many years and I recommend it to anyone looking for a quick,simple, and easy way to see the stars you love.

- Awesome app!!

I get an alert for the ISS and I get to watch it soon across the sky! Great features too! This app never gets old.

- Auesom, uplifting presentation with inspiring music

Never miss a celestial event or lose track of a constellation or planet Comparing the detailed images of the sky with the actual sky night after night, season after season, listen to or read the myths , history of every quarter of the sky. Enjoy

- Celestial App!

My son and I are addicted to this visually stunning and amazingly easy to use Star-gazing app. Thanks so much for making such a fantastic educational piece of software.

- Worth it

This is a awesome app. Perfect and accurate for a beginner like me.

- Great app!

Very convenient to identify anything in the visible night sky. Ease of use promotes spur of the moment use = more fun.

- Review

This app is worth every penny. My professor recommend it for class, worth it !

- No se ablar inglés

Necesito ablar inglés Acá donde estoy se necesita

- Do it!

See your stars through the clouds

- Love it.

All the data and the background music is awesome. Zooming in on various stars and planets is educational as well as entertaining. I spend so long swimming the skies that I usually run my battery to dead. Spaced out!!! 🤩🧐

- This is a great app!!

We enjoy this app so much! It’s a great way to enjoy a beautiful nights sky! 👍

- The best app ever

Best app ever I look at it every night. I LOVE IT

- Love this App

Love this App because it alerts me of when the ISS is going over my area . Also, it alerts of many other space occurrences that I love and enjoy knowing about.

- Super annoying compass, otherwise excellent app

If compass feature had a normal button, app would be awesome. Like ON/OFF IN PREFERNCES??? Wow, that would be too much to ask! I have paid version and my 4 year old enjoys exploring the planets and stars. But, every move you make it brings back the compass and your app resets the view and points to the compass direction. We probably turn it of 10-20 times in 20 min we spend exploring. Please add setting in preferences to turn compass off and on, for people who don’t want it.

- Calming and beautiful

I love looking at this app and keeping up with any celestial events

- Night Magic

I have used Sky Guide to orient myself and to entertain traveling companions while on safari in Southern Africa, on camping trips to several national parks in the US, and while in war zones in the Middle East. It never fails to amaze and inform across generations and across cultures. Sky Guide is my favorite app..

- Very well done

Mess over tread so far

- Heavenly experience

I love the cosmic music accompanying accurate depictions of.constellations🤏🏿😺

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Sky Guide 8.1.7 Screenshots & Images

Sky Guide iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Sky Guide iphone images
Sky Guide iphone images
Sky Guide iphone images
Sky Guide iphone images
Sky Guide iphone images
Sky Guide iphone images
Sky Guide iphone images
Sky Guide iphone images
Sky Guide iphone images
Sky Guide iphone images
Sky Guide ipad images
Sky Guide ipad images
Sky Guide ipad images
Sky Guide ipad images
Sky Guide ipad images
Sky Guide Reference application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Sky Guide Reference application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Sky Guide (Version 8.1.7) Install & Download

The applications Sky Guide was published in the category Reference on 2013-05-06 and was developed by Fifth Star Labs LLC [Developer ID: 451087546]. This application file size is 221.76 MB. Sky Guide - Reference posted on 2020-05-12 current version is 8.1.7 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions.

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