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The new All-in-one Organizer, Awesome Note 2 is integrated with note and schedule management.
And now it’s available!!

· It can be used not only for simple notes, but also rich and wonderful writing tool.
· Make notes even more powerful to add photos, voice recording and drawings.
· Easily create diary notes to display feeling, weather or road map information.

·  Broadly use as diary to record everyday life, travel notes to write anywhere, photo albums, shopping lists, and record for work or study in any theme.
· Manage your iOS Calendar and Reminders in one.
· Check todo lists and manage all schedules with calendar
· Receive notifications for important events and easily manage anniversaries such as birthdays.
· Create your own style with tastefully designed icons, folders and various note backgrounds.
Capture all the memorable moments, stories, and everything in you. 

- Note management by folder
- Various type of list view (thumbnail, list, detail, diary, photo view)
- Various type of note (regular, to-do, diary, anniversary note)
- App and folder lock (Passcode and Touch-ID support)
- A variety of folder colors and icons
- Set your own photos as a home background
- Notes and calendar search
- Support landscape mode
- Not required login/network connection while using the app 
- Note editing feature to add various attachments
- Rich text formatting
- Photo, Drawing, Voice recording, Map attachment
- Import current weather information
- Checklist in a note
- Various note backgrounds and fonts
- Tags, Bookmarks
[Schedule Management]
- Calendar View (with major holidays) 
- To-do management view
- Natural language processing support
(Creating events with certain statements such as “3:00 meeting”)
- Important notes notification support
- Anniversary management
- D-day management
- Changing list orders
- iCloud sync
- Evernote sync/export
- Sync with iOS default Calendar and Reminders
- Sharing notes through Airdrop

We welcome your suggestions, improvement requests or other inquires. 
Please send it to 1:1 customer support in Awesome Note Settings. 
Thanks for helping us to make Awesome Note 2 better.

Awesome Note 2 App Description & Overview

The applications Awesome Note 2 was published in the category Productivity on 2009-07-06 and was developed by BRID. The file size is 55.56 MB. The current version is 8.9.12 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

- Ready for iPhone X, XR, Xs, Xs MAX
- Full support for iOS 12
- Improved iCloud syncing
- Various fixes and improvements

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Awesome Note 2 Reviews


Great app  Lucasvilela  5 star

I’ve been using this app for the past years and is great, very flexible to create lists, notes, add photos is overall very easy and functional !


Disappointed  Peppershaken  1 star

I have always loved this app but not anymore, I find the bright colours added to the calendar view distracting and not conducive with the folder colours, and the grey notes folder stuck at the bottom ugly. All in all I no longer find it pleasant to use, so am very disappointed.


Freezing issues  Annac15263  1 star

The app has developed an issue where it freezes and is therefore useless.


So far it’s a pretty good app, would be better if...  Anythinganyonecanthinkof  4 star

1. Can support/view spreadsheets 2. Can create simple spreadsheet 3. Automatically includes a snapshot when sharing a page from the net, as after awhile things piled-up and it would be usefull if we can see images of what we bookmark from the web (like apple Notes app does)


Walk away now  PWebb2120  1 star

Got some nice features BUT has lost my data twice now including backup. I should have learnt after first time. Walk (no run) away now as complete [email protected]


Non-response  TigerBoyAU  1 star

Developer ignoring bug related issues with this app with refusal to respond to emails and in-app help requests. Suggest bring all issues to Apples attention due non-compliance against Apples terms and conditions that are set to Developers to follow. Searching feature is slow and responds slow, high CPU usage just by opening of the app etc. I love this app, craps all over Evernote for what I use it for but the lack of support is extremely inappropriate.


Great app, just a couple of annoying bugs  Hamish575  4 star

A new bug has emerged where the app seems to use a lot of CPU and battery when using it. This causes my phone to get hot and drains the battery quickly. I’ve deleted all the completed items to declutter it but that hasn’t fixed it. Hopefully the developer can find the bug and fix it.


My App won’t work  Kelmof  1 star

I had been using this App for a long time but now whenever I press the App I just get a blank black or orange screen. Nothing appears even if i wait for ages. I have updated it but it doesn’t help. I haven’t deleted it as I’m scared I will lose my data forever. I am terribly upset as I recorded my daughters first everything’s as a baby in this App and now I can’t access them 😭. Why has this happened and is there anything I can do to get my data back???


Please develop for Mac OS!!!  蒙小受  5 star

And integrate Email!! Can send email to to-do list!!! That would be a perfect productive app!!


Updated review. Thanks for the update.  CacheMePls  3 star

Buggy!!! Going to numbers keyboard crashes app. New version is a needed improvement. iPhone 6+ looks much better. Please give us the option to turn off recently viewed. I'd prefer to see more folders. Also switching out of app then back to it causes me to exit my note. Back button on top please. Previous review: ⭐️ Please enable a resolution for the iPhone 6+. Everything is looking way too big/magnified. A lot of the times it takes several taps to get the correct button working. Good to do/reminder app. But app needs a desperate update.


Developer has left app  Foxxyj17  2 star

The developer has left the app to just die away. They have not updated the app in over 8 months, they have not been active on FB/Twitter in over a year. They will not respond to FB/Twitter messages. When I email them it gets sent back to me. I contacted Apple and there is nothing they can do. The app developers no longer care about this app and they people that paid for it. Do yourself a favor and find an alternative because this app no longer gets tended too. Sad but true.


Time for new Back Grounds  [email protected]  5 star

I have been using this app. It was one of the first app that gave me multifunctional use. It also allowed you to password protect. This app hold tons of my personal information. I wish that the developers would give more choice to the background templates and stickers. Other that its a must have app.


Awesome app  Mamajama67  5 star

I've used this app every single day for several years. I would be lost without it, and my favorite feature is the option for repeating events daily, weekly, or even yearly. My one improvement suggestion would be a customizable alarm option. I rarely use that feature and would like to default to none instead of having to change it each time. Or, add a button to slide to turn it off each time.

Mr. ________

Decent  Mr. ________  4 star

Looks nice enough and has a fair amount of function.


Not a good note app  Ginao01  1 star

If you haven’t backed up there is no way to retrieve a note that has been deleted. If there is a trash can I can’t find it in this app. And also there is no way to get any kind of help for my problem from the developers of this app.


I do not lie when I say, ANOTE = MY LIFE.  Egay123  5 star

Everything. It stores everything, any way you want it, in more ways than you could think. This will make any OCD persons dream come true 💯🙌🏼🙏🏼

Female Executive

Big groupie here!  Female Executive  4 star

No matter what note app shows up at the App Store, I have consistently defaulted to Awesome Note. I mean, I have Evernote and god knows what else; but there is just no substitute for the all-around features and freedom. If this app was compatible with DROPBOX and/or had a macOS version — it would achieve perfection. At present, I backup to Evernote and back up Evernote to Dropbox. A little roundabout... but worth it. iCloud is no good for me because my husband shares my iCloud. Plus; I have heard too many iCloud breach nightmare stories.


Love it  Mona-Lisa_500  5 star

But larger files seems to crash... please fix


Useful, not great  youlistenhere  3 star

If you cut or copy part or all of a list to move it to a newly created list, when you paste the copy all the photos are lost and big blank places left in their places. If you make visual lists, to remember exactly which dogfood you want, for example, it’s gone if you cut that part of a list to make it its own. A list of scouted photo locations with reference shots is made into a useless list of addresses or coordinates with lots of blank space in the same way. Adding a photo to a list is a bit cumbersome in the first place, but this feature makes it worse than useless since you can never reorganize visual list content.


Replaces my planner  mwcunningham13  5 star

I don’t have a need for a planner at all anymore. This app covers everything! It’s with me at all times unlike my planner which I tend to forget to bring with me. I’ve been using this app for years. No regrets.

Gos Gos

brilliant  Gos Gos  5 star

I absolutely adore this app. I wish there was a desktop version so that I could use it on my laptop and sync across all my devices!! :)

Hamza El Gehani

Best productivity app  Hamza El Gehani  4 star

After a painful journey with planning activities, analog, omnifocus, any-do, 2Do ... you name it. I finally came across Awesome Note, it's basically the best journal and planning activity app for whom want to get the full advantage of apple native apps and ecosystem. Minor sync and location reminder improvements are required.


Great app  chrisindublin  5 star

One of my favourite note taking and task/ calendar tracking application.


Love this app  Cvhagar316  4 star

Absolutely the best calendar/notes/tasks app around. Easy sync features across platforms and colour coding are amazing. Two small issues, I wish there was a week and day view in calendar. And that the day view could have an hourly calendar and events list below it as a split screen. Second, colour coding with in the app needs to be more advanced. All calendars, notes, tasks, reminders, and events should be customisable individually with in the app.


Best App  Smuckball  5 star

This is by far the best app I have in my arsenal. This app syncs seamlessly with iCloud updating all my devices when I add to-dos,appointments etc. It is very useful for both family & work as the folders allow you colour code. It is easy to use & set up. That said this app is a must have


Great but crashing  Esperame  4 star

It's great - the new update, but it keeps crashing when I'm trying to set a reminder/to do. Maybe it's a bug... Otherwise, good update!


Geotag handling is beautiful  tomprof39  5 star

Have used this app for a long time. I love the recent improvements to displaying Evernote geotag. Please continue to be better than Evernote UI.

Jozi Crook

Does the job  Jozi Crook  4 star

A well thought out app, the price is a bit steep but it gets the job done when you do. The only thing missing is achievements and some cheesy animation. Enjoy!

Gary from Cork

Very disappointing  Gary from Cork  1 star

This app used to be absolutely fantastic. I have had it for years and it does everything you need. Maybe it's a bit complicated to get used to but that's probably because there is so much in it to get used to. BUT it does not work with my iPhone 6 plus properly. It locks up, does not respond to various prompts and is virtually useless. I have even gone to the bother of deleting it and reinstalling it but to no avail. The most annoying part is the lack of response from the customer care team to my email. C'mon BRID, fix it and I will come back to you!!!

Karim Alfahad

Great but ...!  Karim Alfahad  4 star

I do use it every single day and it's very useful app. But it needs some changes. For example; can not to choose any background I want, Also the alarms sound are quite annoying... Need to change to something better..

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