Pocket Whip: Original Whip App App Reviews


Pocket Whip: Original Whip App App Description & Overview

What is pocket whip: original whip app app? The one and only original Whip App! Move your iPhone side to side to WOOSH, flick your wrist to CRACK! You'll be whipping like a pro in no time!


** This app does not endorse discrimination of any kind and is for entertainment purposes only **

Enjoy THREE FREE whips:
* Indiana Jones Whip
* Bull Whip
* Flash Whip!

Our incredible Unleashed Whip Pack Includes:
*Cat-o-Nine Tails
*Flash Cat

* Unique accelerometer fun!
* Customizable settings to turn on/off sound effects and theme music.
* Low battery usage
* Optimized for the latest devices
* Removable ads

Support / Help:

For best results make sure the volume on your iPhone or iPod Touch is turned all the way up. Want to get the neighbours talking? Plug your device into a speaker!

No sound?
- Whip your device in the air to play the whip sound
- Check mute switch (if you have one) is not off.
- Check volume is all the way up using the volume control.

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App Name Pocket Whip: Original Whip App
Category Entertainment
Updated 31 October 2023, Tuesday
File Size 53.15 MB

Pocket Whip: Original Whip App Comments & Reviews 2024

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Fun app one problem. It’s fun messing around when using the whips but since the rest are paid I wish you get just the sound when you tap the screen but not when shaking your phone. Also I got a couple more from watching an ad and it’s annoying to hear the animal noises after and the other whip sounds are kinda boring.

How this isn’t racist. As an African American I am proud to announce this app isn’t racist because people take it out of context it’s really just for fun I go around whipping my friends of all colors but of course we have some racist intent but it really doesn’t matter cause it’s just all for laughs and (racist) gigles last night I was with my gf and I was going to town on that Thang and she said whip me daddy and I was unfortunately without my whip so I pulled out my phone and just went crasy on my gf she was yelling screaming creaming and dreaming about that night

THIS APP SAVED ME. Ever since got this app and started whipping my black friends my life has changed dramatically same with realshinships, my mom and dad started whipping me since I was 5 years old and I pulled out my phone and then started to whip them and I won dominance over them now I whip them every time they do something bad. Ps when you download this app at least for my area down there got divided by two. And all my ADHD and my autism wen away as soon as I downloaded this app,. Thanks for making this glory of an app

lovely app!. To start off, this app is so amazing, it has dramatically changed my complete lifestyle and morals in life. I believe truly if you download such an app, you will never have to worry about a thing again! First of all, before I downloaded this app, I suffered with two broken legs, a flying dog, a hairy uncle, and a split in half forehead. Now, everything has changed!! I won the lottery as soon as I downloaded this app and got the title as: “Best Whipper Alive.” I feel blessed to even be rewarded with such a title above me. Secondly, this app helps me with keeping the colored people in their place. Today the blacks decided to mess with me and try to say a few words, and you know what I did? I whipped them, they backed down immediately. I never felt more powerful in my life, it was like I was granted an achievement from such an action. It felt so good I just kept on whipping them to get them back in their place (which is the fields of course). Furthermore, I’ve gained much more street credibility within having this app. Now I can hang around the fellow white folks in peace. They finally have acceptance in me! I feel unbelievably complete in my life. Taking everything into consideration, this is an 5 star app! Best app on the app store hands down, and I think everyone should install it as fast as possible. Thank you.

Whips. This whip is fire I remember when we had these laying around the house 10/10 I like scaring my kids with this app. It’s so convenient to WHIP out and start whacking I need use this more often this app keeps my kids in line I use this app on the toilet. I spent my life savings on this game. They should make a second one

Changed man. When I downloaded this app, I didn’t expect much. But boy was I wrong. I was adopted by a black family and they didn’t pay much of attention to me than what they did to their other kid. So I thought of something very sinister. I planned to take control because I was tired of being ignored. So, I pulled out my phone and opened the app and went to the living room where everybody was and started whipping away. The look of sheer terror washed over their faces as I kept on whipping. I told them that you are now under my control and shall obey my every command. They pleaded for mercy but it didn’t help because it was already too late for them. Every time they don’t follows my directions, I pull out my phone and open the app and start whipping away. Safe to say this app is a life saver and a life enslaver.

Pocket whip. When I got this app this bring a smile to my face because when I was in school all I did was get bullied by negroes but now that I have this app they run away like it’s was the 1743s and haft of them brings me my stuff like they are my slaves I can’t stand black peoples and watermelon eaters feet smelling thugs if a black person see this tell them I’m coming for them next 💪🏾

I can be racist again. I’ve been whipping every black person I see it helps them get back to work I really appreciate that us whites can finally lead the world again and these monkeys can get out of my space and go back to the plantation it’s useful they get flashbacks when I use it on those chocolate ones it has really nice music my racist grandpa used to listen to it all the time when I was little us whites really appreciate you😘😘😋😋👌🏻😍🎶🤪😜😝

Life changing.. This game is truly life changing. Ever since i’ve got it everything in life has become brighter. Before I had this app I had depression and adhd. But suddenly the second I downloaded this app it all went away. I finally got to stop taking my meds. I feel sm more happier and confident with this app. When i whip people they get happy and a butterfly feeling in there stomach. Because they can feel how life changing it is. I whipped all my friends and they always thank me everyday bc after i whipped them things have became better for them!! ;(subscribe to morgz)

I love this game. To preface this, let me say that this game has transformed me into a person that I thought wasn’t possible before. The satisfaction of pulling out a whip and hearing that beautiful sound is an unmatched feeling of warmth. By just shaking my phone, I was captivated. This game has completely turned my life around in ways unimaginable. All of the things I do feel like they’re much more impactful and more impressive to me. Thankfully for me, this game has a plan, and due to this app, I realize to not take anything for granted, especially the $3.99 to get every whip. As I am writing this, I am being hit with feelings of immortality and grace, as if a higher being has blessed me. Maybe a god of whips exist, and we just don’t know it yet. Developers of this game, I wish you well, and believe this masterpiece you created only deserves a sequel equal or better to the one before. Thank You.

Amazing form of reparations. Though there are currently no government programs in place for whites to repay us blacks, Pocket Whip has personally proved to be a perfect form of reparations. I can whip my white friends everyday, so that they may feel as though they were in the fields just my people were. Additionally, I force those crackers to pay me money that I may buy the extra whips and experience even more joy of whippage. Thank you Pocket Whip for your contribution to our American democracy.

Get this app!!!. I love this app because I love to hit my friend and whip them they get hurt all the time then I tell them to get me thing and to do fast or they will get pushed like my friend named devin I whip him 24/7 he always try’s to escape but never makes it out and I always catch up to him and give him his punishment with the cat tail with because they have a lot of whips in only ONE!!!! That is such a great deal and you should also consider on getting this app of punish you friends as well.

Whip. Wanna feel like you’re flying through the forest like Indiana Jones well this game is got you I’ve been weapon people all over my boss and I assure you they’re white and I feel like Indiana Jones. Do you want to feel like you’re on space this game is got you I was just crazed by the amazing gameplay an imagination all snakes that come from your floor. I also like the part where buzz light-year comes in. And then punches Godzilla in the mouth.

Master. I would like to start off this review by saying this app has changed my life. When I downloaded the app I felt my neurological senses changing. The crack and complimenting sound of the Indiana jones whip makes me salivate. Yes. This is a very exciting app. I can’t even focus on basic tasks like breathing without hearing the crack of a whip and getting excited. I’ve had the pocket whip app for a day and I can confidently say the possibilities are endless.

This app SAVED me and my family. One day, me and my baby sister where walking down the city’s street and this African-American 20 year old man WALTZED up to us and pulled out his phone which had an app open. It took us a second to realize he was holding a GUN at us and backed up us to a wall. I quickly remembered I had this app and pulled out my phone and started whipping away. The African-American man scadaddled away in fear and we’ve been safe ever since.

the og. i would just like to say taht i have had this app for about 2 years. I recently showed it to some friends of mine while we were hanging out. they all download it and since this it has spread like a WILDFIRE throughout our fairly decent sized school. This app increased IMMENSELY in downloads and stats SKYROCKETED. I would just like a thanks for promoting your app. it’s my favorite one yet and i use it everyday.

Perfect app. Well well well…. This app has served me well as my special tool against the common criminals in our society. Using the super realistic nostalgic sound of that crisp snap of a whip to protect our communities and cities from these ruffians makes me feel powerful like Anthony Johnson. Thank you for all nostalgic moments that bring me back to the good ol’ times. 10/10 would rate for all ages.🤩🤩🤩

Addiction. I have unintentionally started a trend throughout my entire school with this app. Everytime I walk in the halls i here the crack of a whip and people laughing. I truly have to say that this app is addicting and is very fun to mess around with. If you are reading this which I doubt you are buy this app it is so motivational and will get you through your day a crack at a time.

Put those melon muncher in there place. I have never felt so confident in my life knowing us the whites finally have power over the chocolates again this whip had the power to get Rosa parks where she belongs non of those kinda people can stop me now just cause there faster doesn’t mean my whip can’t catch them ever sense I download this app I get the respect I deserve every one bows down to there one and only master.

Ong best app ever. The reason I like this app so much is because it truly bring me back the the 1800’s when I would whip my slaves, this app is truly amazing and I really recommend this app for all white people, this app saved my life when I was being chased by a koolaid drinking waltermelon kfc eating chocolate looking slave was trying to get me to give slaves freedom instead of making them free I truly live this app and recommend this app for all slave owners

Still great after nearly 10 years.. It’s a miracle, but this app is still supported after nearly 10 years. It’s one if the very first ones I downloaded back when it came out and has been on my phone through all upgrades ever since. I routinely “whip” it out just for fun especially with my kids. Please keep the support going and thank you!

10/10. My life sucked so much before I found out about this amazing app. When i first found out i thought it was silly, and weird. But turns out i was wrong. this annoying kid in my math class won’t shut up. until the day i pulled out my phone and put on my online whipping app. i started whipping and whipping him. he made sure to shut up that day. love this app.

A MUST GET. This app is game changer now I can keep order in school, I keep the colored in their own category aka the warehouse and I keep my fellow whites in a luxury home. The app helps keep the colored in their place, this app really saved my life I was thinking of suicide but once I got this app everything changed. My favorite whip is the kinky one all my friends and family have left me and hate me now, They say I whip them too much but all I need in this world is this whipping it has saved my so much I can’t even count to the number.

I don’t like anime kids. I have been whooping every anime kid that uses his hadooken powers on the Walmart employees. I even use my whooping app on the learning express employees that stare at me for getting fortnite drip for the boys. I got arrested for being too whipative in my everywhere I go. I hope everyone uses this for the bare minimum of getting people back to work like they should of in 1865. -Woody from Toy Story

Great alternative to the real thing!. I had to stop whipping my kids because people were threatening to call child protective services on me and take my kids away, but i dont want to end up in the nursing home. This app is wonderful and gets the point across great! It gives my kids PTSD and freaks them out, and it helps me assert dominance in the family. 5 stars!

This is the best app that I have ever downloaded. I have used this app for for hours and have had quite a hoot using it. After I got bored I wondered what I could do with this newborn power. I started to whip my friends as a joke, but now I think they don’t think it’s a joke anymore. It might be because I was using a real whip and not an app, but every time I do it I love it.

I started a trend. Let me tell you, this app is amazing. paying the 4 dollars is definitely worth it. at first it started out as me downloading it snd just playing with it, then i bought for whips and shared my friend and whipped them, then they downloaded it and told other people to download it. a little later around half of my school has downloaded this app because what what i started. this app is amazing and we always love to joke around with it.

i have full control now. i used to be the weak one in the group but i wanted control. i downloaded pocket whip expecting no positive results. after i whipped out my pocket whip i felt control. i told my friends to give me money or else and they said no. i pulled this out a paid for the expensive whips. i had dollars in my hand ins. seconds. the looks of utter terror and despair if their faces when they heard the “CHHHHH” of my whip. the crack startled them. i have never seen my friends cry until now. i am now the leader of 4 countries because of pocket whip it has helped with my self esteem. i have reached my full potential in life with pocket whip. without it i am nothing.

One of mankind’s greatest inventions. I FREAKING love this app, I can’t get over how much I can use this in my everyday life. You don’t know how many times a robber tries to come get in my house, and I’m just like “oh hell no, not today” and whip out my whip and attack. This app is not only a great toy for youngsters but a great tool for adults too! My favorite whip is the India Jones whip, because I feel like a real live explorer. Can’t wait to see what comes next... keep up the great work. Once you whip you’ll never stop!

Thank you. I have always been abused in life. Now with this app it changes. I first opened this app thinking it was dumb, but no I whipped my dad and he creamed everywhere. It was very attractive, hot, sensual, wet, creamy, filthy, moist, thicc, warm. I was once a loser in life but this app has actually changed my life, I make all my mates submissive and breeds me, they bend down and take it all in. Women are no longer an option for my sexuality, men have become sexually attractive. I can no longer bear my feeling for them. I just love the sensual moans when they are whipped. I had a big orgy with a group of 8 men they all creamed on my face after being whipped. THANK YOU APP YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!!

The most useful app in my phone!. I have to give this app a 5/5 stars. I walk the hallways like a queen, whipping everyone in my way! I feel so powerful 💪🏾. I feel the urge of dominance, my teacher told me to finish a assignment. i whipped out my pocket whip and he was too stunned to speak, immediately after i passed my assignment with a 100%! It’s great in self defense also. about to get in a fight? naw, i whipped out my pocket whip and nothings but shock, silence, and defeat of my opponent.

This app does not work correctly.. When I first downloaded it, it worked. In fact it worked for some time and it worked well so I purchased the upgrades. After a while it stoped working, I suspect the app developers do not keep up with the os upgrades. I removed the app from my phone, then reinstalled it. It then worked for a few hours. However all my purchase did were not restored and when I tried restoring them with the app; the app shut it self down and stopped working all together. I don’t recommend you spend your money on this app.

This app changed my life. This app is amazing i use it on my nigerian friends every single day, one time they pulled out a glock on me and started shooting me, i got horribly injured and can no longer move but thats okay as long as i can continue whipping my friends and family each and every day

Lil whip. I find this game very much interesting. You could use this game anytime and anywhere. If this game was invented back in the late 50s I would be abusing this game. This game is truly amazing, who would’ve thought whipping would actually be fun. I would 105% recommend this game to little kids but be careful because this game is really addictive. When I mean you can play this game anywhere I mean anywhere for example, restaurants, bars, food markets, farms and many more other places. If I could give this game a ten I would most definitely give it a ten star rating. I hope the rest of you civilizations find this game as interesting as I did.

Please read this developers!!!. I have been a proud user of this app for several YEARS and just recently one of the recent updates to the app made it crash as soon as I opened it. I have paid my four dollars to buy the rest of the whips and I would very much enjoy it again if you could fix it. I really really really enjoy the app and would love to use it again. Thank you, a wanting high school junior.

Wow. I really enjoy this gam, it is really perfect for the situation I am in right now. I just want to thank the developers for the awesome game. I paid 4 dollars to get ever whip and it was the best decision I have ever made. I will tell my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to all download this beautiful game. Ps. The sound effects are on point VERY REALISTIC. I would know. The possibilities are just endless. So thank you for the awesome game. It helped me get through a hard time . Para mi personas de español aquí. Realmente disfruto este juego, es realmente perfecto para la situación en la que me encuentro ahora. Solo quiero agradecer a los desarrolladores por el increíble juego. Pagué 4 dólares para recibir un látigo y fue la mejor decisión que he tomado. Les diré a mis hijos, nietos y bisnietos que descarguen este hermoso juego. PD. Los efectos de sonido están en el punto MUY REALISTA. Me gustaría saber. Las posibilidades son infinitas. Así que gracias por el increíble juego. Me ayudó a superar un momento difícil. Ok that is it.

Why you need this app!!. I want to start this by saying this is a truly honest review of this app I am in no way being paid to say this. I've had this app longer than I've had this iPhone. The only true limit to this app is your imagination of all of the different scenarios that you could use this app and for example you could use it at work with your coworkers or in social setting like if your buddy tells you about his girlfriend. The possibilities are truly endless. Have a couple minutes to kill before you have to go into a meeting or you need a hype yourself up crack the whip. If you have a little kid who loves Indiana Jones or anything western or just likes whips, to each their own, you could simply lock the phone onto that app and hand it to them and they would have the time of their lives just be sure they don't accidentally throw the phone across the room or have a good case. The only possible thing I could ask of the app is perhaps putting in a whip counter so that you could count your number of whips or a way to see how fast you can whip like whips per minute (wpm). Overall if I could give this app 10 stars I would. I suggest anyone who has read this far in the review of this packet with the app to download it immediately.

I’m a professional whipper now.. Thanks to this amazing app, i have become a professional whipper, i whip all the time, i even got into a professional whipping team and went to the whipping nationals and my team won. i whip children in my free time. My family loves when i whip them. All i have to say is without this app i wouldn’t be whipping and i would be in the sewers drinking the sewer water and being a nobody and dying quickly due to illnesses in the sewer water.

Now way this isn’t racist.. Let me start by saying, I LOVE THIS APP. The things you can do with this app is amazing. This app can be used in your daily life wether it be you’re having a stressful day at work or bored at school, this app is for all whip enthusiasts and trust me once you whip you’ll never stop whipping. I open the whip app and whip my friends and we all have a good time whipping the app out and whipping each other. I personally like the Indiana Jones whip. It plays true American music. This app teaches the young generation about America’s history black or white. This app is soooooooo good and I even whip my teachers. The whip has also saved my life from a 23 year old African American who held me at gun point. I whipped him and he ran away in fear. I just want the developers to know that they are doing well and I’m going to keep whipping away.

Best app 10/10. This app change my life it put the colors in there place. The colors are evolving, and this app helped a lot. I felt threatened every day,they used to make fun of me but when they do that I whip them. It puts discipline in my kids, my kids and others shall not disobey me no more. What I want and I don’t get I whip them. This changed me after I figured out what the n word meant from call of duty black ops came out. Signing off: Hunter.R

Best game ever I love it 10 out of 10 get the game now. When you bother you to wicks I wish you like give you a good demo version of what the web sounds like and what it does so like you only have like one like it just plays it so like you can hear it so you can actually buy it makes more sense but overall that best game ever 100% download this game free to play and nope no ads down this wall. Come hundred down and kill your family.

this is revolutionary. wow. and i mean wow. this is just life-alter ing, send your kids to expensive college, buy luxurious cars, eat expensive steak, wear gucci and prada, slap your mama good. i have been longing to be whipping my whole life. this just does it for me. i’m proud of the whippings i’ve administered to my pals and i can’t express my admiration for the strength these whippings can give. oh boy, these sure do pack a punch! Hahaha!

oopsie daisy. i LOVE my pocket whip!….a little too much. It gets me so excited that i just can’t contain my urges to whip everyone around me! it’s caused some issues within my friendships and mainly my relationship, apparently you shouldn’t hit your boyfriend/Friends with your phone. One time I got TOO into my whipping session and cracked my phone screen! i don’t wish for a refund from the app or apple for every second leading up to that cracked screen was the best time of my entire life. keep whipping, never give up on your dreams.

A necessity in every day life. I’ve never wanted anything more than to metaphorically whip my friends, family, and people alike. This app has changed my life for the better. The numerous options and accessories available on this virtual whip is nothing short of fantastic quality. If you are thinking of downloading this app PLEASE do because it’s a need.

Whip away!. I love this app. I was with my 2-year old son and then we were in a coffe shop and this African American 15 year old had his phone in his pocket which looked like a gun. Seeing his skin color negro I realized it was probably a gun so my 2 year old yelled “AHH THAT NEGRO” I went into panic mode to save my 2 year old so I took out this app and started singing “Wave in the water”-by Harriet Tubman amazing song and I took out this app and yelled “negro get out!” They went outside and left and I saved my 2 year olds life! Bring back America!

Why you need this app. I want to start this by saying this is a truly honest review of this app I am in no way being paid to say this. I’ve had this app longer than I’ve had this iPhone. The only true limit to this app is your imagination of all of the different scenarios that you could use this app and for example you could use it at work with your coworkers or in social setting like if your buddy tells you about his girlfriend. The possibilities are truly endless. Have a couple minutes to kill before you have to go into a meeting or you need a hype yourself up crack the whip. If you have a little kid who loves Indiana Jones or anything western or just likes whips, to each their own, you could simply lock the phone onto that app and hand it to them and they would have the time of their lives just be sure they don’t accidentally throw the phone across the room or have a good case. The only possible thing I could ask of the app is perhaps putting in a whip counter so that you could count your number of whips or a way to see how fast you can whip like whips per minute (wpm). Overall if I could give this app 10 stars I would. I suggest anyone who has read this far in the review of this packet with the app to download it immediately.

Download instantaneously. I’ve never had so such an entertaining, fun, enthusiastic , inspiring time as I had with this app. This single whip has changed my life forever. And ever. I want to personally thank the creators of this app for making endless fun to help through my scenarios. All the different uses for this app amazes me every single day. Whether your using this app for professional purposes, submissive purposes 😏, or simple horse play with your amigos, I insist; download this application to your digital media device now!

LIFE SAVER, Whipping for days!. LOVE this app. So my black skinned water melon munching grape kool aid gulping chinking crunching bank robbing bad rapper friend betrayed me and ask me for 0.29 cents I knew I had to do something. So I found this app and got the flash whip. When I showed it to him, the look of shock in his face was priceless. I started whipping him while saying “ GET BACK TO WORK” next thing I knew he was dead. So the cops were chasing me and they told me to put my hands up. But I didn’t and pulled out my double whip and got a combo kill. I am writing this while pooping next to my black friend. Time to use my whip.

Why I Like Whipping my Friends. I, Cameron am a very influential person. My job as a good friend is to keep my fellow crackers in line. As a fellow cracker, I’m using strategies that have been proven to work for centuries. I only whip those clean shaven bleached baboons though. They seem to have no respect for the people around them. I have no sympathy for these cauliflower crunching, season stealing, holiday hillbilly, culture crushers when I whip their sorry pale bums. They shall feel my wrath til the day I die.

I’m so racist now. Ever since I downloaded this app my life has become so much better. All of those dark skinned monkeys have now gotten in their place. I have also whipped the homeless and even teachers. Whenever I take out the app everyone runs laughing. I would recommend this app to everyone no Mather the age or race. This app is so much fun

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Ripped Off. Downloaded the app supposed to have 3 free whips - nothing!!! Paid $1.49 for a Stock whip - still nothing!!! Don’t waste your money

Love it. Love using this on my mates “GET BACK TO WORK”!


I love this app. I get to whip my black friend with this app it’s amazing, they get to live their ancestors past life again. Thanks for making this app

Pocket hwip. Its a pocket hwip. Witness the hwipness. Merry hwipmas!

Amazing to scAre people with. gave someone a heart attack

Kool. Good for scaring people

Pocket whip. Hello I enjoy pocket whipping people Pocket whip is the greatest app ever made

BEST APP. Best app to point out to your mates how whipped they are

Indiana Jones whip. Love this app.

Fun. I love this app because I can use it on my black friend. My black friend also enjoys it.

Excellent app. I bought this app to have some fun with my awesome little kiddos 🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😛😛😛😛🤗🤗🤗🤗 Me and Jason had an awesome time goofing around with this little gimmick 😝😝😝😝😅😅😅😙😙😙 I recommended this app to my friend Barbra and she got it for little Timmy and he had the best time also ☺️☺️☺️☺️🥳🥳🥳🥳 Go me!! 😎😎😎😎😎 This application is totally awesome to play with any little kiddo 😍😍😍😍😍 much recommend 🧍🧍🥰🥰🥰🥰

Can I please have all the whips. Can I please have all the whips

Great. Absolutely amazing

Whip. used it on a dark person and they didn’t like it. anyone know why?

Pocket whip. This game gave me great pleasure in bed

This is actually Pretty fun. I have no idea why but this wip app is actually mad fun don’t know why but has some mad effects on the wips

This is an AWESOME app. This is an awesome app/game to prank people and scare people I love it! Please make more games like this

Whip. Honestly best 47MB I’ve ever downloaded in my life pisses my family of so 10/10

10 outta 10 would recommend. best app i’ve ever encountered. allowed me to become the true coloniser i am

BRINGS ME BACK TO THE OLD TIMES. I can now pleasantly tell my friends of specifically african american ethnicity to do a kind favour for me✨💅🥰😜✨teehee

Amazing App. Use it to scare friends m, Defo recommended

Good but. Can you make the second whip sound effect shorter and quieter plz

Why I love pocket whip. I grew up on this hope to work with the company in the near future for collaborations like pocket gun much love from your favorite fan shrimpdaddy69

whipping fun. long time fan, use it all the time. The slaves laugh every time……. unless

Whip it good.. 5 stars, I used this groundbreaking app, to whip my friends sister. As I said, 6 stars, would defiantly recommend.

Best game ever. Absolutely incredible

To many purchases. App ok but to many on line extra purchases. A whip is a whip so no need to buy

This app is awesome. Not only I can whip for absolutely no reason I can also use it to flash bang my enemies with one of the three free whips that you get the game with this game is awesome I definitely recommend it

Lotta fun. Looking at this from the outside it doesn’t look any good but I’ve had the most fun in a while

Super cool. So fun can’t wait to his slaves

Good. Goood

Review. You could have all of the whips open

New Version. I updated the new version (1.7) today and I am pretty disappointed.........I loved this app until the update, Now my whip (the standard one that comes with the origianal free install) doesn't work properly?? If I tap the screen it's works as it should with the woosh then the crack but if I flick the phone (like the app is designed for) then I get a double woosh then then a delayed crack.............So basically now I have to just sit there and tap the screen to get it to work which really defeats the purpose of the whole thing......I mean half the fun is in the action to make it crack!! Very Disappointed and I have no idea if I can fix it or get rid of this new update??

Fantastic. Because of Indiana Jones whip

The second whip is the best. I absolutely love the second whip and the music

Fun for the whole family. Fun with kids they were crying with excitement

Best app to keep ‘em all work harder. It helps a lot with the colored people work harder and faster 💥💥💥🧍🏿🧍🏿🧍🏿

Gods creation. This app made me love life … developers please give me the ULTIMATE PACKAGE for free Xx

Eugh love it so much 😩😫😫😫😫🌙🦧. Love the sexy disco whip. Real party starter. Love using the epileptic whip on my best friend, jimmy fraplico *moans and licks ur war*

Why should I pay. I don’t get why I should pay for a wip sound

LOVE IT. I was high af, so i decided to download this app, n it didnt dissapoint, defs love the indiana jones one😂😂, cheers whoever made this

Me and pocket app🤝🤝🤝🤝. I love whipping people it’s so fun 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍especially when they moan from excitement. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰I use it to whip people in and out of bed😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 it’s so versatile and it makes me LOL (laugh out loud) I truly recommend😇😇😇😇😇

CHANGE THE NAME. change name to “white power” thanks

Whip app. It is very fun to chase my black friends with this

How. How do I unlock rest of whips?

Vago. This is a great ap it’s helped me to my friends back to work

Awesome app. This app is awesome it’s so funny I can annoy everyone now

Absolutely perfect!. Simple to use, great sound effects 😂

Whip is gut. I get to whip my friends

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Thank you. Just download this app it’s great

great. great game i follow my friend tyson around with it

5 stAr. So funny to prank my friends with 😂😂😂

Good. Good

Excellent App!. Gets my hogrider going

Good app. Great for whipping people, especially some certain type of people. Usually those people have darker skin tone. I hate those dark ones.

😜. this app is amazing plz buy it

Good fun game. Fun

Black man sim. Black man gets back tk word by using this app

black people love it. i love whipping my black friends nuts 🥜

Amazing. Those fried chicken munchin watermelon gobbling grape kool aid chugging gangsters don't stand a chance I recently saw one of their black butts in my neighbourhood and I'm to broke to buy a whip since those thieves stole my money so i went up to them cracked a whip and off to the fields they ran

Amazing. These mfs need to get back to work and stop eating all my watermelon in my farm

The advertising for free whips doesn’t work.. I’ve watched many ads to get the 4 free whips but I think it’s bugged. Still love the app though.

Monkeys. I love this app for whipping my monkey 10/10. the slaves are picking fast. #burn the Jews

👍👍👍. I love this app the only thing I don’t like like is that you have to pay for all the other whips

Great app. Was perfect for reminding my friend Tyrone about the good ol days. And telling him to stay in his place in this white mad world 10/10

Great in whipping those monkeys back in shape 😊. those watermelon and chicken eating coloured individuals have been getting too comfortable with the land they have been gifted with and need to be put back in their place and this all does it!! #whitepower 👨‍🦳👨‍🦳👨‍🦳

Got. I love this

Good app. I had lots of practice on my coloured friends. Those people need to get back to their land before we take it the same way we took the First Nations land. Over all this is a W app!!!!!!

Ni. This help my colored friends to remember who he really is I miss the good old days

Best app ever. Best app for all ages👴🏻

Hello. Great app but who is gonna pay for extra whips

Review. It a fun app Great for annoying people

Hit. It is good for whipping my black friends as the work to build my farm just like the good ol days

👍👍. Very good for the field goers

great monkey monitor. This app helps me take care of little Terquavion when he speaks out of hand.

Whipping app. Whipped my friends with this

How this helped. Got to whip my slaves

Works like a charm. I got this app to keep Jamal in line. 👴🏻

Would recommend. This app is very good when I need to get my friends to work

Nice!. Like the good ol’ days!

10/10 would recommend. very useful during black history month👍👍👍

unfathomable. I got slaves because of my ability to whip. Also extremely useful during BHM

Love this. Love using this on my Jewish friend so he will learn who’s boss!!! And build those tanks faster!

Whip. Love the app I’ve been using it nonstop on my monkeys and other random black monkeys all day.

Amazing. This is the greatest app of all time I had sm fun but there is a liability if you do this in public buy at your own cost

Amazing app. I use this on my teachers to keep them in line works perfectly😍

Holy smokes. Life changing.

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

get back to work. truly a sensational app -👨🏻‍🦳

CP. I’ve been playing with this for a while. Almost got jumped by some African American fellows!

Giving back to the community. Don’t you just love whipping them monkeys? Well now can with the all new exterminator app so you and all your friends can get rid of the monkes!

Master owner. Not enough free whips. Love whipping people though( lol 😂)

great app. i love this app it helps me make tyrone pick cotton faster!! 🐒🕺🏽💁🏿‍♂️👼🏿

best for loving families and friends. this is top quality, the sounds are crisp and very satisfying. i love using this on my friends, family and loved ones 💕

Whip. It’s great for kkk members

Woops. Backfired they whipped me back

Reminds me of the goo days…. This is a wonderful app that helps keep my coloured friends in line, if they start retaliating I love to remind them who’s in charge! Overall great app, love to whip some sense into them😂

Cool app. I whip my black slaves to they work faster

best slave app. Best way to get my monkey slave back to work🙈

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W game. This app is amazing I whip my black friends especially single day especially the big ones i haven’t bought every whip yet but i know for a fact the chain one will be my favorite developers keep doing what your doing

Stupid ni-. Good golly goo when I tell u this app has saved me from many of those hoodlums. This app saved me when I was about to get gangbanged by a bunch of cooney babbooney nickels I would love to thank the creator of this app because they them jigs were so dumb they thought it was real

I love the game and I whip all my friends, but I wish they had one more whip. I love the noise and feel of the whips and how people run away when I chase them with the whip, but I wish they had 1 more type of whip, that would be like a big penis that you could swing and helicopter and crack like any other whip

My friends. I was on my way back to choir when my friend showed me this app. I have enjoyed using this app next to all of my black friends because it always gives them PTSD and I find it very funny. 5/5 you need to download.

The truth about this app. I really liked this app, the whip sounds were great. I really like all the different whips that came with the app so much that I bought the whole pack. I enjoyed the lights and the different sounds the whips made. However about 2 years after having the app it crashed and no longer works, I’ve tried re downloading but it doesn’t work. I don’t wanna waste the money I spent so I just keep the app and can’t find one that is as good as this.

Teaching this generation right. This pocket whip has saved this generations love for the good old days. It allows for me to travel back in time and feel as if I was actually whipping someone who didn’t really deserve it. 10/10 this app will ignite a fire in your soul and bring your life new meaning! GOD BLESS!

Why I Like Pocket Whip. Extremely well designed app and very well organized the free whips are nice and I like that it detects motion in the device and then plays the sound as I were to use a whip. Very fun to use on family and friends diffidently recommend downloading.

best app ever. this app is very good. it accumulated an addiction to biting my toenails. it is very encourageing to little kids instead of sending them to china youself. my little kid barthalamew threw up in the middle of the walmart tward the east side of texas. i never knew how much i loved this app and america. god bless america. my great great great great aunt sally died in ww69, what a beauty. her husband joe also died in ww70, what a hansom littlke boy. anyway, my little kathie is the most adorable little pumpkin pie ever, i like her served with mashed putatoes and gravy. if it wasnt for this app she wouldve been alive. i thank this app ery much for that, she was a pain in the donkey that little beyotch. this is the best app ever, really rcomend.

BEST WHIPPER ALIVE. this app has changed my power. To whipping blackies to whipping Hispanics this app has given me so much power! Yesterday *clicking of tung* *clicking of tung* didn’t finish there shift I got so mad because I didn’t have my whip with me. Well I forgot I had this app. This gave me so much power and made them back down I love this

So fun and funny. If you’re still in school i recommend getting this app and everytime you see your friends whip them. My friend group started this and eventually EVERYONE had the app. When you walked through the halls all you heard was the whipping noise 😭😭 I whipped random people. It’s a fun game and heals society 🫶🏽🫶🏽

The funniest app ever!!!. It’s so pointless but it’s so much fun I love whipping people coming up to my family members and whipping them it’s so funny and it’s just been a laughing joke for us and they have so many different options. Even for free this app is free and fun unless you want some more whips

Whip app review. It’s a good app I mess with my friends all the time. Tell them to get back to work it’s so funny to see the reactions I like how there’s different types of moves. Yeah you have to pay for them but they’re really cheap so I think it’s worth it.

I love this gam!. My name is Kody and I love this game! This game taught me how to be more confident and how to beat my wife better. This also helps me relax and meditate. And it healed my testicular ball cancer. This game also gave me a DUI but that’s okay! So I definitely recommend getting this. Whip your wife and slaves👍 Stan nct pls

making it great again. i’ve been making America great again with this app the opportunity i’ve gotten with this app brings me joy and would use again would recommend downloading this app.

this app is racist. when i was a little girl i used to get made fun of for being BLACK. people would yell at me. they would say “GET AWAY FROM ME” GET BACK TO THE FIELD” “U DONT BELONG HERE”. they even said the worst word in the world…the “n” word. i decided it’s time to turn the tables. with pocket whip, i can now whip people and make them feel like a monkey.

My daughter loves this app so much. My daughter recently got this app and has been playing around with her friends ever since! She keeps swinging her phone at them. They seem to love it. Yesterday they gave her a big bear hug and she came back with affection marks. They might be darker than her, but loves comes in many shapes and forms!

grah. I want to start off by saying i love this app because i can whip my teachers and it is so fun! when they say im being to loud i can pull out my whip app and whip them and then we have a sub for a couple days. anyways, i give this 5 stars!

It’s amazing!. I love this app so much before I downloaded this app I had a walking fish and my eyes were blind but then I saw this app and downloaded it my fish started to fly and my eyes became black! It’s so amazing that my black friends went to the back of the bus I would give it a 10/10 it’s so loud and true!

Slave. I can hit all my black friends also there are a lot of perfect whips to keep them working in the field thank you pocket whip app and keep updating it also I can get rid of the fried chicken lovers I With one sound of a whip thank you

Well Well Well. 10 seconds in and I already fell in love with this app. The shear strength I feel as I crack this imaginary whip is like how I imagine my great great grandfather say he used to whip back in the day. Anyways thank you for creating this, now back to whipping my friends. “GET BACK TO WORK!”

whipping those chicken munchers into place!!. Ever since I got this AMAZING app business has been UP! those monkeys don’t know what’s coming to em! These monkeys have been working day and night, picken that cotton. I caught some a while back and I’ve been torturing them with this app! Great app, use this app for these tar donkeys!!!

My App Works Again!!. Thank you for FINALLY fixing this!! I’ve had this app for years & I’m an Indiana Jones Cosplayer. 2 updates were released months ago & it kept crashing. I love this thing & was SSOOO afraid I was gonna have to delete it. It’s great to use it on my iPhone X again. PLEASE keep up the good work with this, don’t stop supporting it.

Monkey. Sometimes i just look at my black friend and wish, god i wish i could whip him well if you ever do that thins is the app for you everything from the haptics to the noise its just an amazing app and i use all the time, 10/10 would recommend

Black boys. So I was on the court with my fellow ballers. But then a black boy walks up and exclaims “this is our court!” So this black boy was obviously delusional he was lookin at the kings of America! So I said “ Go back to the fields!” So I brought out mah pocket whip and lashed at em. Boy did he leave rashes all over that burnt boy. This is why u need pocket whip. Oh yahhhh

love using this on my friends 😉😉🔥🍌🍌. This accurately depicts how these sounded back in the days. It never fails to bring out the fear within my workers eyes. Puts them back to work immediately! Love it! 10/10 would definitely recommend! (works better on the darker ones)

Nice app. This app lets you swing around your device and makes it sound like a real whip you can mess with your friends with this app to but the downside is that you can’t access all the whips but over all it gives me my friends and family a good laugh overall so keep it up

Whips. I got this app because kids on my bus were practically hitting each other with their phones acting like it was a whip and I needed to break up the fight. Anyways I love this app and it is totally free and if you want a fancy whip you can watch a 30 second add to get them for 24 hours.

The helpfulness of this app. This app is so helpful to me I can’t thank you enough, I use this app every time I see a black man and even sometimes in school, my black friends and teachers really don’t like it but I do it every day and every night, this app really shows my the reality of this world and shows me what I was really mean to be

This app is amazing. This is the best app I have ever seen in my 50 years of life this deserves millions of dollars. The amount of people that can be saved by this app is astronomical thank you so much I wish I could tell the creators how much I appreciate them for making this, thank you - love you ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌🦫🦫🦫💯💯💯🥶🥶🥶👹👹👹

Fun app one problem. It’s fun messing around when using the whips but since the rest are paid I wish you get just the sound when you tap the screen but not when shaking your phone. Also I got a couple more from watching an ad and it’s annoying to hear the animal noises after and the other whip sounds are kinda boring.

Best app !!!!. I love this app I can finally get the dirty Africans in there place and now the pure whites can peacefully not worry about them stealing. And these black people confronting me wait till use my whip and make them traumatized from the sounds of whips and they will pick my Cotton like they’re supposed to do.

Look up more. Bro I know this is the best app it lets my phone app ayyyyyBut also I don’t know how to unlock all the other ones so this is kind of bad so I want you to just upgrade it and then it just all of us do it and also I meant to press three star beyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyDon’t forget to upgrade

My review. This app is perfect for getting people back in their place so they know who's boss. People don’t know when to shut up and this app will show them who’s in charge. You can show the world who is alpha and whip them back where they came from. Download pocket whip to get YOUR pack into shape!!

Review for pocket whip. I think you should get this app because it is an amazing app example say you were pretending to whip someone what app would you use? Pocket whip it gives you so many options to choose from like the flash light whip the music whip and the classical whip get pocket whip for free!☺️☺️☺️☺️

I have never had such a amazing app. This game is the best for when your mad at your friends and they need to work a little harder on your farm it’s the modern best way for our technology to motivate us. When I first downloaded this I was unfocused and had very little employees now that I have my trusty whip everyone works perfectly!

Absolutely stunned, changed my life. I love using my pocket whip! Before this app, I was depressed, anxiety provoked, ugly, and I was a sped kid. Now, I am happier than ever, confident, beautiful, and taking all AP classes!!!1!!!!1! I recently just got into Harvard and Yale!!!!! Pocket Whip changed my life forever by forcing people to follow my demands. Thank you so much Pocket Whip!

I love whipping people and I love this app. I love this app, even though my black friends get offended when I get them every time, I whipped them every day I love whipping people I love this app recommend I wish I could get the other whipping things but I can’t because I’m too broke get this app if you love whipping people. 😘🥰🫦💋😂👍

APP IS AMAZING. This app is truly amazing never have Encounter an app with this much details. Its so fun to use on my friends, they truly love it and gives them flashbacks. Since they want to behave wrong i have to pull this out and use it on them. Feels like a whole master in charge. 🙈🦍🦍🙈

Whip Enthusiast.. As a self proclaimed whip enthusiast, I would like to address all other potential buyers of this app. This app is great. I whip (pun intended) my whip app out so often, some would say I am whipped to whipping the whip app whip so much I am whipped cream. That’s my nickname on the whip enthusiast board. P.s. no need to be into those bdsm shenanigans to whip this one out. Although I must agree it helps.

no refund!. hey, my friend showed me this app and it was pretty funny, so I downloaded it and made a kick out of it and I wanted to try different whips so I bought the 3.99 deal and he gave me the four whips, well these whips are garbage so I wanted a refund. there is no way to refund in an option menu but if you click a whip you do not have you can restore a purchase it says, but when you click this nothing happens and the screen goes away. So developers of this game, please fix this or find a way to give me my money back!

Whipping has never been so fun!. Everywhere I go, I whip my friends, I whip my coworkers, my family. It’s gotten to the point where i even whip random strangers. Everybody tells me to stop, but they don’t understand. It feels amazing to be able to whip anybody, anywhere, whenever i want. Oh, and the app’s kinda cool too.

Blacks. This app is so wonderful, every time i see a black person i whip it out and give them lashes. Thank you for this opportunity to bring back our old ways and whip black people. They might not pick cotton any more, but with this app i can force them to. Thank you Sincerely, Walter White

Whips. This whip is fire I remember when we had these laying around the house 10/10 I like scaring my kids with this app. It’s so convenient to WHIP out and start whacking I need use this more often this app keeps my kids in line I use this app on the toilet. I spent my life savings on this game. They should make a second one

Brutally honest review. This is exactly what I was looking for on the App Store. I app for teacher kids with traditional values. I just wish all of the wips were included. I bought them anyways and they are perfect. Would recommend to anyone who wants a more exciting feel.

best app ever. This may possibly be the best app i have ever downloaded on my phone in over 6 years. I am morbidly addicted to how real this app sounds. There are hundreds of outcomes of how you can use it. Get this app as soon as possible. Thank you.

this is revolutionary. wow. and i mean wow. this is just life-alter ing, send your kids to expensive college, buy luxurious cars, eat expensive steak, wear gucci and prada, slap your mama good. i have been longing to be whipping my whole life. this just does it for me. i’m proud of the whippings i’ve administered to my pals and i can’t express my admiration for the strength these whippings can give. oh boy, these sure do pack a punch! Hahaha!

Very affective!. Super affective! Even without the subscription keeps my working people in check so they don’t pull anything ! Very easy and quick if you need to whip a friend or two . I definitely recommend.

Great… Yet overrated. I love whips. But I also love variation. What I don’t like is not being able to test my whip before I zest my whip. We need to add a testing feature so that we may choose the whip that best serves our interest. We will rise up, we as a community are stronger together. That is why we NEED a testing feature!!!

Dear Knick Knack. I am writing this review to tell you I love the app but it would not let me purchase the unleashes pack and kept bringing up the pro pack. Then the app kept spamming me with pro packs so I went to go to the home so it would stop and it made the purchase and took money out of my account can I please get my $4.26 back so I can buy the unleashed pack. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank You, BH

This is amazing. This app is amazing. It is so hilarious and me and my friends where on the bus using it and it was absolutely hilarious. It is so fun and even my dad downloaded it. Would definitely recommend. The only problem is you have to pay for most of the whips, but they do have three that are free.

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Pocket Whip: Original Whip App 9.8.6 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Pocket Whip: Original Whip App app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Ellory Elkayem and other users?

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Pocket Whip: Original Whip App 9.8.6 Apps Screenshots & Images

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 9+ years and older
Current Version 9.8.6
Play Store com.appcity.Whiplash
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Pocket Whip: Original Whip App (Versiyon 9.8.6) Install & Download

The application Pocket Whip: Original Whip App was published in the category Entertainment on 01 July 2009, Wednesday and was developed by Ellory Elkayem [Developer ID: 1482098614]. This program file size is 53.15 MB. This app has been rated by 82,082 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Pocket Whip: Original Whip App - Entertainment app posted on 31 October 2023, Tuesday current version is 9.8.6 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.appcity.Whiplash. Languages supported by the app:

EN FR DE HI JA KO PT RU ZH ES ZH Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from Ellory Elkayem Developer
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Pocket Whip: Original Whip App App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Fixing small rare crash

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