Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG

Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG [Medical] App Description & Overview

Instant ECG was designed as an ECG / EKG / Electrocardiogram guide for physicians, nurses, paramedics and other health care professionals. It is an excellent learning tool as well as a quick reference.

- Normal Sinus Rhythm (NSR)
- Sinus Tachycardia
- Sinus Bradycardia
- Sinus Pause
- Atrial Flutter
- Atrial Fibrillation
- Wandering Atrial Pacemaker
- Premature Atrial Contraction
- Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT)
- 1st Degree AV Block
- 2nd Degree Wenckebach
- 2nd Degree Mobitz II
- 3rd Degree AV Block
- Wolff-Parkinson White (WPW)
- Junction Rhythm
- Right Bundle Branch Block
- Left Bundle Branch Block
- Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC)
- Ventricular Escape
- Ventricular Tachycardia
- Torsades-de-Pointes
- Ventricular Flutter
- Ventricular Fibrillation
- Idioventricular
- Asystole
- SVT Cardioversion to NSR
- Torsades Cardioversion to A. Fib
- V. Tach Cardioversion to ST Elevation
- V. Fib Cardioversion to Asystole
- V. Tach Cardioversion to Junctional
- Right Ventricular Strain
- Left Ventricular Strain
- ST Depression Sinus Rhythm
- ST Elevation Sinus Rhythm
- Anteroseptal Wall MI
- Anterolateral Wall MI
- Lateral Wall MI
- Inferior Wall MI
- Apical Wall MI
- Posterior Wall MI

- ECG Basics
- True or False
- Multiple Choice
- Identify the Rhythm Strip
- Identify the 12-Lead Basic
- Clinical Aspects of AV Blocks
- Clinical Aspects of Bundle Branch Blocks
- Clinical Aspects of MI
- ACLS Bundle Exam

Instant ECG was developed by iAnesthesia LLC and authored by T. Michael Truxillo M.D. CPPS and William S. Trask IV D.O.

- "Instant ECG is the best ECG guide available for the iPhone"
- "The definitive FIVE STAR EKG App."
- "Excellent App for student, resident or attending. I highly recommend it."
- "Helps to keep the rhythms fresh in my mind. Good for a 5-min review. Great quiz functionality."

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Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG Customer Service, Editor Notes:

In this update you will find bug fixes for videos that were not playing correctly and text that was not displaying correctly. If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to chat, email us at

Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG Comments & Reviews

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- Careful, crashes with rhythm strips

It crashes my iPod when I run rhythm strips. I didn't need most of the rest, so spent little time with it. Might be good for learning. Deleted.


Was good, now it doesn't work and really James my I touch. I deleted it!!!

- Thank you!

I love this app! I have trouble interpreting rhythms-just can't get the hang of it. This is so helpful,you have no idea! Now,throw in simulations with treatments and it will be spectacular.

- Not Working

When it did work I thought it was fairly good. One month later still is not functioning. Do NOT buy this App until they fix it. Apple not impressed that you allow this app to still be sold!

- Flight Paramedic

Not a great app. It lacks alot of rythms especially 12 leads. If your a new EMT student or practicing BLS it's okay

- Was good now garbage

This app was good prior to update now most of the functions are missing most of thier content. Don't waste 9$ on this junk until issued are resolved

- wouldn't say..

you're 3G-S/3.0 compatible YET. WAS working great before I upgraded. Now when I load the program it just has a blank white screen and I need to start clicking around. Improve your software on 3.0 before this can be used at the point of care, which as an Anesthesia/Critical care trainee requires. Thanks.

- Great review!

A near must for med students.

- Paramedic

Very useful ... And good teaching tool !

- Save readings

I have purchased this app but how do I save readings to show someone?

- Hidden purchases

Bought the app to help me study for my paramedic ECG degree whilst not at home only to find we have to buy more to unlock the full app with no mention of this anywhere prior. Very annoyed as if I had known that I would not have purchased the app at all

- Get rid of the Ads!

Great app, but why are there ads?! We have to pay for the app only to have more ads!!! Please get rid of them.

- Needs updating

Great app, but badly needs updating. The video part, which I found useful with previous IOS versions, does not work with the latest IOS.


Can't make movies run!!

- Exams stuck on Q2.

Can't go beyond Q2 where I get the options to "reset" the exam or "resume" which resumes at Q2.

- Love it, but the info has no sources

Really handy for learning ECG, the design is also very easy to use and pleasant looking. My only issue is several spelling and grammar errors lead me to question the reliability of the information given.. There are also no sources for the information. Would love to be sure everything I'm memorizing is correct as I don't yet have a text book to refer to! Also sounds would be a great addition.

- Great app

This app is great for learning about ecg was well worth $1.19

- Cool app

Awesome app but it would be even better if u added sound to the ahrithmia videos. XD


Great app. Very clear & easy to use. Recommend this to people wanting to know more about ECG.

- Excellent app.

This is a very user-friendly, informative program that is terrific value for the current price.

- Getting there

Guys please go through and proof read your exams, they are full of typos and inconsistant formatting. How about randomising the question sets too, it's pretty lame having the same sequence come up each time. One of the questions on the 12 lead test appears to have no available correct answer. Overall it's getting there. As a previous reviewer said it's cheap for what it is, but a few tweaks would make it 5 stars.

- Awaiting the Update

Bought this at $5.99 6 weeks later and the update still isn't here. Would really love to be about to see all the ECG's and see all the exam questions. Feeling a little ripped off.

- grr

i just bought this application and it downloaded onto my itunes store but it wont actually download onto my ipod touch so waste of my money

- Just wonderful

Im pretty week at ECGs so from what i've seen, i think its really superb. Pls include a landscape mode pls! - Hash

- Can zoom!

Pinch and spread fingers to zoom for the detail wanted by first reviewer. Great use of time in lifts and free minutes in theatre. Have improved my ECG knowledge rapidly and enjoyably. For price of two cups of coffee, I'm giving this five stars!

- Can't Zoom

The idea is fantastic, delivery is great. The movie function to view rhythms is good. But what lets it down is the fact there are some great looking diagrams that can't be seen. You can't zoom in to view them better. Perhaps in a future update, this could be incorporated along with a planned tutorial/lesson guide (podcast?). Otherwise a good learning adjunct to those starting out with ECGs.

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- Cancel the app

Can you please refund the 5.99 it was purchased in error

- Downloaded accidentally

This app does not track your ECG. It’s a training tool. I attempted to contact someone via their web page however, there is no contact information. I would like a refund as this is not the app that I was looking for.

- Just a simulation!

Despite the high price this app does NOT allow to take a ECG. It’s only a collection of heart beat videos to study. Wish the app description would’ve been more clear.

- Help please

Very basic and I hope not stupid question. I can’t get the app on my Iwatch4 to take a reading. I put my finger on the Digital Crown, without pushing down, nothing happens. When I open the app on my phone, all I see are the various rhythms. I just want the app to work and don’t know what I’m doing wrong?

- Won’t download

I’ve purchased this app but it’s never downloaded even with WiFi.

- Registered Nurse (cardiac)

So far, it’s the best ECG app that I’ve found. I work at a very busy cardiac hospital and precept new nurses and nurses new to cardiac. This app helps me show and explain different rhythms to them. A picture is always worth a thousand words.

- App

This app is not what I thought it was. Do you do refunds for the app?

- Not for Use with Apple Watch

I thought this was the app for checking my own ECG with my new Apple Watch. Not the case and no refund offered by the Apple Store.

- Try

For 5 dollars it’s very basic. You are only remembering how the EGK looks. A nice review for people who already know the rhythms. But if you want to practice interpreting don’t buy this instead go to a website called its for free ( for now I believe 1/20/19) and it’s almost the same thing of this app. Also for SVT you would have to pay an extra 4.99 so 10 bucks for the whole actual app.

- Needs more support

My cell phone company does not support Apple Watch. They use AT&T cell network but to get cell on my phone I have to have Verizon or AT&T which are more expensive. The programing on watch takes quite a bit of learning so I am hesitant to review watch. The fall feature needs some work. Did not know I fell. But when I clap hands it asks if I fell. The watch fact has too many different faces and they keep changing when I don’t want them to.

- Unlock them all ⛓🔗🔐🔓

Someone call a locksmith....You pay $4.99 for this app to gain access to each arrhythmia, then after 24 hours they start locking access to certain arrhythmias so you then have to pay an additional $4.99 to unlock the 30 that are locked.....oyy vey Make them all accessible for 1 price!

- Helpful but could use some work

This is a great app for interpreting rhythms. Two things I only wish it had. Basic measurements for interpretation (PR interval, QRS, QT, RR), not just variable or normal. Also I can’t read the full clinical implications under certain rhythms like the heart blocks. Otherwise very helpful.

- Helpful!

It’s a really helpful refresher for me!

- Not an instant ECG!!

This is totally misleading....NOT AN ETC for your watch.

- Apple Watch

This is not the Apple Watch ECG do not waste your time and money!

- This app does not work

This app has not worked since day 1. Now they are charging me again. Supposed to be a 1 time charge. I want a refund.

- Bait and switch

$6 and a lengthy description about all the features of the app. Then you open it and there's a $5 fee for the most commonly used rhythms. Ridiculous. Just charge $11 outright. Don't sucker me in then ask for more money to unlock the rhythms in the description.

- Don’t waste your money!

Garbage! It does not monitor your heart! This is a learning tool about different Arrhythmias. I want a refund!

- Not what I wanted

I was looking for something that actually reads my heart rhythm not a teaching tool...very disappointed!

- Misleading

Thought it tied into the Apple Heart function for a readable ekg, Not!111

- Not a ❤️ monitor

I $ Purchased this app thinking it was a heart monitor. ....NOT! It will not take the place of the ❤️ application for your Apple Watch. This app is a tutorial of irregular heart rates. Great for Med students.

- Great app

I’m a paramedic student and like a lot of other student reviews I love the app. It’s convenient and the information is concise, just the facts. One thing I’d find helpful is if you included National Protocol treatments for the specific rhythm you’re looking at (shock, cardizem, adenosine etc) along with the dose. That would make this app even better than it already is

- Very misleading

App is just information does not work

- Nice but?

It’s a tool for learning on how to read and study the ECG properly’s not for actual live readings on you Apple Watch...paid $5 thinking it was a live I gave it 4 stars for its learning tools...

- Not what expected

Not what expected

- Great app for EKG/Cardiology

I’m using this as a supplement study resource for my CCT and CRAT certification exams. So far it’s been a big help.

- Misleading information

This is a study app. It does not give ecg/ekg I bought this because of heart conditions so I can check my heart. I was upset when I wrote this. As a past EMT 1A in training for EMT 2 (got hurt on job) this is a great app. As a reference and teacher. I wish that it was available in my time.

- Best ECG app ever!

I’m a paramedic student and like most other medic students who have trouble reading the squiggly lines, I started looking for an ECG app and downloaded this one first and didn’t need any other app. I will DEFINITELY recommend this app to my fellow medic students!

- Accurate instant ECG Testing

What I love is that accurate instant testing of ECG Rhythms with instant feedback and review. Great for keeping sharp, when I am not reading ECG'S all day ( Family Medicine / Lipidology). Thank you!!!!

- Ecc/ ekg

I have the new Apple Watch and I thought this is to test heart rate I am not in any medical field it’s not what I thought it was it it refundable I can use so what can I do about it! I thought it work like the heat one on the watch sorry

- How do I cancel

Downloaded and installed do not want the app appropriate for my knees. And still got charged for it how do I disconnect this can get a refund

- Stupid app don’t buy

We been trying to figure out how to run an EKGG and if you have to spend too much time on it it’s not worth it. Not a doctor I don’t care about studying medical conditions I just want to see my results of the test to be able to run a test

- Great resource on phone to get basic EKG review

It’s a fun and easy way to learn the basics of EKG’s, all on the comfort of your phone! I find myself doing it all the time with little bits of free time, whether that be waiting in a long line, in between sets at the gym, or any other free time! Thank you for the great resource.

- Avoid - dumb app

Pointless and stupid app. Wasted my money to answer types of ECG.....why?

- Misleading

The Apple Watch 4 mentions an ECG app so that you can read your personal heartbeat on your watch. This app is not for that. I sent an email to the app owner and received a reply to get with the apple store, that is all. Not impressed.

- Mislead

Be at Miss lead you into thinking that it actually doesn’t EKG of you but it actually just shows you watch EKG looks like for certain rhythm’s total waste of money I wish it would have been more exact as to what it did

- Helpful

It’s very helpful! I wish they’ll add the treatments for each rhythm in the future.

- Awesome! Thank you!

This is an awesome app for people in paramedic or nursing school!

- Beat out of $4.99

I thought it was like Touch ID where you put you finger or fingers on it and it would read your heart. I lose. No big deal but never again.

- Great app

Great app. Helps me keep up proficiency in rhythms I don’t see often

- Great tool

Amazing for reference and general education. A few glitches keep it from 5 stars.

- Good app.

I just finished Cardiology in Paramedic School. This app helped a lot. Challenging and with relevant information. Great exercises!

- Great app

I’ve used this throughout med school and into practice. Very helpful. Can use it as a quick review if I have trouble remembering criteria for a specific rhythm or I can use it in quiz mode to keep my skills sharp. Highly recommend this app.

- Excellent App!

Well thought out and easy to use. Great way to keep current and test your skills. Recommend.

- They are gonna ask you for more money even after you’ve purchased the app

They are gonna ask you for more money even after you’ve purchased the app Content (some major ones) is locked behind an in app purchase,dishonest

- Useful

Increases familiarity of rhythms. Easy to use.

- Awesome!

As a nursing student, I find this app to be an excellent visual representation for ECG monitoring. It includes nearly all of the rhythms that I am expected to know.

- Nice app

The app overall works quite well. There are insufficient diagrams in covering the basics section. Showing labels and diagrams for the analysis process would be helpful. I am using this as a refresher for my skills and knowledge.

- Support at my fingertips

As a nurse in the medical ICU of a teaching hospital, we pride ourselves on being proactive. This allows me to be that and more. And it’s not a thick book in my pocket. Thank you for years of information and teaching.

- Review

Great so far. Not used extensively yet

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- Do not get

Scam doesn’t work with apple 4watch

- Note not for self measurement

Disappointed that it does not link to watch for measurements. What a waste of money.

- Sorry folks, but ....

Having first 'bought' this App when it was free, I was disappointed to find that a new download requires purchase to remove the Ads. . MUCH more important however, the shiny new version doesn't display properly on iPad. ... Is it really that hard ???

- Teaching Tool only.

Miss leading teaching tool I thought it would record with mic to chest converting sound to ECG but don't look like it. Look at instant heart rate.

- Freezes

Could be good if it didn't freeze my iPod every time I play a video and had better detail as some of the other apps do. This needs sorting or I'm going to have to delete it Update They obviously take our concerns seriously as not one update to counter any of the problems. Deleted and one of the other apps purchased

- Freezing

Poor as each time I run video of ECG it freezes. It would be fantastic tool if this did not happen as I am a uk nurse and would be very helpful.please sort it out then it would be great teaching aid.

-  not bad 


- Paramedic

I'm a working paramedic and for me it's perfect. The best of the ECG apps.

- ...

It's Grand

- Very poor!

It is not worth buying. It does not even show how to interpret ECG. Very limited examples.

- Miss

Only worked correctly for a short while

- Very gd

Good level for learning! Especially for emt's and paramedics, 100% buy

- good aid for paramedics

excellent value

- Not optimised for the iPhone

I have no problem with the content. However, there are plenty of free apps on iTunes that have a better user interface. Scrolling single pages, having to access the main menu every single time, no full screen view to view images, movie files which are slow to load, movie files are pure gimmick and offer no advantage over an image file. Best bit about this is the grays anatomy images! Alpha software. Until they make changes it's a 2 star app. Buy something cheaper. I will change my rating if these changes are made.

- Very useful app

I have found this app very useful and have told people I work with to get it

- purchase

Just purchased the application but stll not appearing in my iPhone???? even thew I received a purchase confirmation by e-mail

- Instant ECG

Brilliant bit of kit cannot be faulted as a diagnostic tool ,best money I've spent on any medical application

- Very useful

As a paramedic it's a very handy pocket tool.

- Great Value

Fantastic Paramedic Tool and cheaper than ECG made easy

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Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG 3.5 Screenshots & Images

Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG iphone images
Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG iphone images
Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG iphone images
Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG iphone images
Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG iphone images
Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG ipad images
Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG ipad images
Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG ipad images
Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG ipad images
Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG ipad images
Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG Medical application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG Medical application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG (Version 3.5) Install & Download

The applications Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG was published in the category Medical on 2009-01-06 and was developed by iAnesthesia LLC [Developer ID: 293134324]. This application file size is 213.93 MB. Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG - Medical posted on 2019-08-27 current version is 3.5 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Instant ECG - Mastery of EKG Advisories: Frequent/Intense Medical/Treatment Information

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