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LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder [Business] App Description & Overview

LinkedIn is the social network for job seekers, professionals, and businesses. Build your network, find business contacts, connect with recruiters, and use your professional profile as an online resume.

LinkedIn’s job search filters help you narrow down from the millions of jobs posted to the job that’s right for you. Use job search alerts to get notified when new positions open up in companies you’re interested in, all the while connecting directly with recruiters or employees in your network. Tap into your network to ask for a referral for companies you’re applying to and get your resume noticed. You can also apply on-the-go to save time and be the first application to the job of your dreams.

Use LinkedIn to navigate your career with confidence--whether you want to find a new job, keep in touch with your network, or stay up-to-date on the latest from your connections and your industry.

Why you’ll love using the LinkedIn app:

1. Job search: Browse on-the-go and set job alerts so that you can be the first to apply
2. Job apply: Apply easily to millions of jobs with your resume, right from the app
3. Industry news: Stay on top of the latest news and conversations happening in your industry
4. Chat with your network: Send messages and get alerted when your contacts reply
5. Business networking: Use Find Nearby and QR code scanner features to easily find and connect to people you meet in the moment

• Find friends, classmates, and colleagues to add to your network
• See updates on their activity and reach out on the app to stay in touch
• Share articles, comments, and knowledge with your network
• Follow hashtags to get updates on topics you care about the most

• Follow companies, influencers, and topics you’re interested in
• Reach out to connections at companies you’re interested in for referrals and advice
• Learn about what’s happening in your industry with curated content

• Search and apply to millions of openings
• Upload and easily submit your resume to jobs that fit
• Save searches and create alerts to be the first to know about new openings

• Use your LinkedIn profile as a virtual resume
• Highlight your accomplishments, responsibilities, and experience
• Add a picture to help people you know and potential employers find you

• Find nearby: allows you to connect to people in your vicinity
• QR code scanner: share your unique code so people can connect with you instantly
• Push notifications: know immediately when someone responds or wants to connect

Whether you want to build your professional reputation, find a new job, share your knowledge, or just need a lightweight way to stay in touch, LinkedIn is the professional social network for you.

Start your job search with the LinkedIn app today.

The LinkedIn app is free to use and download.


Want to make the most of LinkedIn? Upgrade to a Premium subscription for exclusive tools to find a job, grow your business, find sales leads, or hire talent--priced from $29.99 monthly to $119.95 monthly.

Subscriptions will automatically renew each month and be charged to your iTunes account within 24-hours of the end of the current period, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings, but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

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Terms of Service:

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LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder Customer Service, Editor Notes:

When you’re in a conversation, speed and stability matter. The LinkedIn app is now more reliable than ever. This update contains bug fixes.

LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder Comments & Reviews

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- Great app but...

I love this app however it frustrates me that the current job title seems to be the only factor that is included when recruiters are delivered search results. As a consultant, my title can be anything and it may be quite different from my functional role and area of expertise. Depending upon the currently listed job title, I’ve noticed a sharp difference in the number contacts I receive from recruiters and the roles they are seeking. I wish that other factors such as education, certifications and skills would be considered when recruiters are delivered search results. Also, LinkedIn should allow subscribers to search by certification or certificate. Currently a search for common certifications returns no results despite the fact that these certifications are listed within job descriptions.

- Serious VoiceOver accessibility problems

I am a blind person using the screen reader voiceover for iOS and I am having some serious VoiceOver accessibility problems. For one thing, in the new version, when I double tap on my Contacts, the app crashes every time. Secondly, when I am browsing through my people you may know section, the app get slower and slower and slower the longer eyebrows. Thirdly, if you were using voiceover, there is no option to remove someone from your people you may know list so that you do not see them anymore. The accessibility problems with this app used to be somewhat minimal. I am really looking forward to seeing this app fixed and using LinkedIn again. It is one of my favorite social networking platforms. I apologize if other people are bored by this review, but LinkedIn also does not have any where in the app or on the app support page to provide feedback about the app. I would also be kind of nice if developer of LinkedIn provided details about its updates in its release notes, but many App developers don’t do this. It’s just a pet peeve.

- Horrible Interface

I swear this site has provided me with so much stress just trying to set it up. I didn’t dropped out of college and I left my job but they are both in my interests and I cannot change them. Whenever I open the app it tells me to finish updating my profile but I don’t have anymore information to add. There’s no way to say no. When I tried to leave things blank because they don’t apply to me I couldn’t. I got a notice that I had shown up in a search but when I opened the notification I was taken to a page within the app that did not work without a laptop. Why would this happen on the mobile app? It makes no sense. I’ve made all the connections I want to for now but every time I open the app I have to skip through the page to make connections with random people I don’t know. This app and the website are infuriating to attempt to use. I use all kinds of other social media that work at least decently. This platform is by far the most angering to use. Maybe the team is overworked or has no time to fix these issues, but they are too glaring and long lasting to still be around.

- Notification Issues

I’m a job seeker and I’ve been using LinkedIn to aid in my search. However, I’m afraid of missing a job opportunity as whenever I get a push notification I never hear any sound, unlike with my other apps. I always see a red number on my LinkedIn app widget showing me how many new notifications I have however I never hear any sound. All other sounds seem to be working which leads me to believe it’s an app issue rather than a phone issue or operator error somewhere. Please help! Thanks! Also, unless I’m just missing it, I would LOVE the ability to select a custom notification sound within the app so I can identify a LinkedIn notification from all others. Thank you! Be safe! Oh! One thing I did forget to add is that I LOVE the section called “My Next Job Should Offer Me” where we’re able to specify benefits we’re asking for as well as the schedule we need. Oh and the Name Pronunciation feature is fantastic!!! Thank you!!!

- Changes to LinkedIn.

I too am very disappointed with LinkedIn and the direction it has taken. This previously was a great site for people to communicate with other people and companies. Whether it was trying to get a job, improving their position, finding a new workplace due to moving to a new area or trying to move up to a better job, talking with others about how to improve their job skills so they can prepare for a better job or keeping in touch with friends they worked with in the past or, even better, finding old friends and learning how to stay in touch with them. It WAS a great site. Now, as the previous commenter said, LinkedIn is now just another Facebook or Twitter. It’s totally lost all the professionalism it started with. If anyone in power within the LinkedIn organization reads this comment, please, please, PLEASE change the format back to what the original people or person had as their vision. If you don’t, I can foresee this site going down the tubes. I, for one, will do my best to start a new site with only one goal... to make a website for companies and individuals to get together and help each other grow both as a company and as individuals who want to help a company grow and a company willing to help their dedicated individuals grow within the company. Also, have learning institutions small and large contribute to the individuals growth. Is anyone out there with me on this?

- The absolute worst networking app...

LinkedIn is the absolute worst, corrupt, and non user friendly social app out there. There are too many reasons to even begin mentioning all of them. Just to name one: if a user wants to unfriend or leave a group, LinkedIn intentionally makes it impossible to do so on the mobile app. I’m also still dealing with a “glitch” that the app had a few years ago. Without giving any permission to access my iPhone’s contacts, LinkedIn automatically dumped every one of my LinkedIn contacts into my iPhone’s contacts. Well over 500 contacts were combined with my personal contacts. Not a big deal you say? Well those contacts birthdays were then automatically also added to iPhone’s calendar. Everyday I would have at least a couple of these birthdays showing. For well over a year I was manually removing these contacts one name at a time. LinkedIn admitted to the error. Thanks that did nothing to help. So at this point I have zero trust in the integrity, honesty, or reliability of LinkedIn.

- Chronological content feed - second attempt.

LinkedIn... I love your platform. I have already posted a comment on the lack of a sort by “recent” function on for iOS. When I’m on my phone, the work around is to go to your mobile site, then request the desktop site, then select “sort by: recent”. The most recent update you just pushed out now has “lives” or something that feels like a clone of Instagram/YouTube/Snapchat/Facebook, etc. I do not subscribe to these platforms because I believe LinkedIn is the only social media platform of any substance. There is quality content and networking happening everyday. Why did your newest update add a cookie-cutter “lives” function and not a simple “sort by:recent” function. Why am I seeing 3 week old posts with recent posts scattered about. Totally ridiculous... The one platform I thought was doing a service to a community of professional people is slowly becoming just another social media platform.

- Please add an unlimited word count

I love LinkedIn, but would like to see an unlimited word count. There are so many times that I have a post that exceeds the allotted word count and it’s frustrating. I could condense what i need to say most times, but sometimes I need to be able to say more than what LinkedIn allows. If the post is good, people will read it. If not, they don’t have to read it and can just scroll on past. I’m sure if you took a poll from other LinkedIn users, you would find that most of them would agree that LinkedIn needs an unlimited word count. Don’t limit it solely for the purpose of making sure people’s posts are shorter. Give people the opportunity to add as much as they need to their posts. Sometimes you need to be able to add more to your post to properly say what you need to say because tightening your word count doesn’t always cut it.

- Horrible

The newest update has them limiting your preferences for your job search an forcibly showing you state wide jobs like that helps. If someone like myself has set up job preferences why take them away and why start showing jobs to them that are outside of their preferences like a job search isn't already hard enough and tiring enough. Now I'm every time I open the app instead of being able to scroll through the recommendations I have to create different searches because the jobs recommended to me are 8+ hours away and don't interest me in the slightest. Just because I live in a state doesn't mean I'm comfortable commuting far and doesn't mean I'm trying to relocate to the opposite side of it. So who's dumb idea was it to add that useless and annoying feature that shows jobs to people outside their now very limited preferences. I don't want to be shown state wide jobs and according to the customer service rep it's a feature I can't manually get rid of. Dumbest update to date.

- Option to improve feed needs to be improved

The app is solid and very easy to use. My complaints are the content in the Feed and that the option “improve my feed” really offers no real options except adding new people to follow. It should be flexible and let you choose what you want to see more of OR less of. For example, in my feed I don't need to see every single time a connection “likes” something. I also remember I always used to see when my current connections connected to new people. I used to see those a lot every day. That was helpful info if a contact connected to someone new in my industry. It worked well in conjunction with the other “people I may know” info. I almost never see those types of updates anymore in my feed. Can you explain why the feed offers me zero flexibility to see the things that are most important to me?

- Feel abandoned

My LI app will no longer run, I'm forced to upgrade the app, but my iPhone doesn't support the new minimum de for the latest app. Sad LI made that decision to not support earlier sw versions :( and being in transition spending $1k on new phone isn't the smartest idea right now. Laptop only going forward :( Still abandoned- their support said delete app and reload, there was hope as when I was reloading it said that it would load the sw that was compatible with my phone and that some features may not work. Ha, who knew the feature that wouldn't work was the app itself... they have a screen that comes up stating "update for the latest sw" but you can't get out of that loop, my phone doesn't support latest iPhone sw so it can't get the latest LI download. A silly loop they could correct if they wanted, I guess they don't want to, they closed my case because I didn't respond back in the hour, like all I have to do is mess with this app, ugh. Now you know why I feel abandoned...

- App crashes and crashes again.

I downloaded the app again because I thought it would be easier to use on my phone. I’ve been using it for about 30 minutes and it has crashed 3 times. It crashed while I was sending a request to connect. I was attaching a message to this request because the person doesn’t know me. Now, It has sent the request and I can’t finish my message. I don’t know if it attached what I typed already or not. Given that LinkedIn is a tool to help people network and make professional connections, this is more than frustrating. Now, to reach out to this person, I would have to pay for a premium account and use “in mail.” I’ll not be using the app anymore which is a serious inconvenience. I stopped using the Linked In app years ago because it would lead to accidental connection requests while scrolling through searches or suggested connection.

- Responding to recruiters new feature is terrible

In the past when I was contacted by a recruiter in my message inbox, I could respond directly to the recruiter. Now, the app forces you to respond whether or not you are interested in the job before you have a chance to respond. To me this is a 100% unnecessary feature and is an unprofessional way to contact a recruiter to express interest. The right way to treat a recruiter is to write that person directly and let them know your intentions, perhaps including some background for your decision. This can help keep communication channels open in the future and is a networking opportunity. This new feature is a result of someone “overthinking” the situation. This goes back to the old saying, “If its not broke, don't fix it”

- Terrible Update for New Jobseekers!!

Why is the current company name for occupation now forced in the headline with the job title!?!? What about those of us that are currently seeking other jobs while still working at the current position??? This is a terrible thing, we should have the option to not have the company name on our headlines if we don’t want it! So disappointed. I was getting so many job opportunity inbox messages from recruiters with my customized headline before this terrible update, I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any inbox messages recently and now I know why, since you removed my customized headline and added the company I currently work for I don’t standout to recruiters anymore and I’m not getting any leads, my headline looks just like everybody else’s headline therefore recruiters don’t even notice me anymore because my headline doesn’t standout like it use to. Change it back please!

- iPhone X

Number one, if your application in the Apple IDs door would support a dialog box when selecting apps support I would be writing this in that dialog box and not under reviews. My review is based on the fact that Face ID is not used by LinkedIn. LinkedIn‘s responses leave your app signed in. I do not wish to do that, the information in the app is too private for me to take LinkedIn suggestion. The technology for Face ID has been incorporated to I would say 70 percent of the applications at this point, so it tells me that updating your app to use this functionality cannot be that difficult. I’ll be waiting for the Face ID recognition in your app soon. I would use your out more by not having to manually put in my password, holding the phone to your face makes my motivation to use your application what greater than having to use my large fingers To type in my password. Thank you, John

- Professional Networking Tool

LinkedIn is my preferred way to interact with business professionals. I do, however, wish that the site would allow a longer time to deactivate an account or allow one to restore their account within a year. I deactivated my account for a “spiritual hiatus” and attempted to set my account back up and was unable to retrieve it. I built a great network before and now it seems like I am not getting as many recommendations for people that I knew from college and other businesses. 😏 I’m sure my post sounds like a combination of great things and not so great things, but I do really appreciate the fact that the tool is much more professional than most social media outlets.

- Freezes, Can’t apply for jobs, links don’t work! NEEDS THE TO BE FIXED!

I’ve heard so many people speak highly of LinkedIn, so I tried it out. Unfortunately this app does NOT work, as it needs serious updates. When you try to apply for any of the job listing your are given the option to give permission to attach your LinkedIn profile in replace or your resume, it does NOT work. Once you click you get a white screen or when it does go through to the next screen where it will ask for your name and contact info it freezes. Therefore you can not apply for any of their job listings. So I look up the company on google to find their website and then apply that way with my own resume. The only thing LinkedIn is good for right now is to locate a job listing. Then apply on their site. I gave 1 star because at least they still proved job listing I can apply to on the companies web site directly.

- Scammers

I was new to LinkedIn searching for new leads to jobs as I desperately need to find a new job after 27 years that gave my all. The hospital was bought out by Lahey Health and BI. Long story short I ended up being followed by what I know would turn out to be scams eventually asking for money I’m sure. I deleted one guy cause he made me feel uncomfortable. Then out of the blue 2 more people trying to chat with me. My final straw was when a third person tried to friend me or have conversation. But his profile picture was the person who first chatted with me. Different background picture but it was his face. Freaked me out so I don’t follow LinkedIn like I used to. I just recently had my identity stolen and I’m not going to entertain Catfish type people

- Good app

I really like LinkedIn because it’s social media kept professional. A suggestion I’d make that would help recruiters find and connect with talent is to add a salary requirement to the “jobs settings”. I get contacted by so many recruiters and each time they contact me about a position I talk to them for about 30 minutes just to find out they want to offer me a job that pays me 25-50% less than my current salary. It’s a complete waste of my time and the recruiter’s time as well. Another thing I’d recommend is providing recruiters a service that lets them know what is the median salary for the position they are trying to hire for so they understand how much professionals earn in their industry and position.

- Horrible interface

This is a perfect example of what NOT to do in mobile app design. 1. Useless messenger button that does nothing but try and get you to download the app by popping not one, but two screens (if you don’t have it). I won’t load Facebook Messenger because it won’t let me select no tracking without constantly being harassed. 2. Extremely small “x” for closing annoying ad windows so that if you have any normal or larger than normal finger (god forbid you try and use your thumb) then you end up opening the item instead. 3. Allowing you to block some advertisers for only 30-Days at a time??? Seriously. If it wasn’t bad enough that you show me adds from advertisers I’ve already blocked, now you’re unblocking them after 30 Days?? 4. Extremely small “x” for closing annoying recommended groups windows so that if you have any normal or larger than normal finger (god forbid you try and use your thumb) then you end up opening the item instead. Can I just get you to stop recommending stuff to me? I’m not sure what algorithm you use but the recommendations are horrible. 5. Translations are rarely ever correct. Give up here and just license Google’s translator. I’m not saying Google Translate is good, but it would at least be correct more than your translations are. There are more, I’m sure. But we will stop here.

- Hate speech from other LinkedIn members and employees

Not a safe place to have a professional opinion in most professions. Especially if you are a women. LinkedIn does not respect women whom have professional scientific reasoning and professional opinions that vary from the political slant posted by either a member or otherwise linkedin; however LinkedIn will continue to push the political slant into your feed continually inviting you to acknowledge the political topic which is slanted and not academically or professionally sound. If you don’t like it and if you contribute your intelligent, professional and academically sound comment LinkedIn members state hate things to a person such as Members stating hate statement to me and others I have witnessed ). Very disappointed in the lack of professionalism from LinkedIn employees whom allow the members and themselves to be so hateful to women and others on LinkedIn whom state professional scientific academically sound verbiage on a topic.

- A suggestion to the development team

Dear Team, The app has been developed nicely and is very user friendly. Everything’s great. There’s one feature that would really help out, I am usually/mostly at work and have less time to watch videos, if there was a feature where I could save it to view later that would be amazing, I could just save the video/video link and go home and watch it instead of scrolling down and search for that post. Just like facebook app has the option to save the videos/video link to a certain ‘watch later’ folder. I really expect the team to work on it. Other than that, it’s good. Kudos to the developers!

- Good app but bad recent changes

LinkedIn is a great professional app and I love how I can work on my career and look for opportunities using it! Haven’t had any weird glitches with it yet that downgraded my experience. I do have to deduct some points though for recent changes. The messages button was moved to the upper right and in its place on the bottom middle of the screen is the add a post button. This seems like a worse UI experience because I know I check and respond to messages far more than I post up a message and it’s kinda awkward to move the messages button up there. I also find that I can’t swipe to the right to go back to the last page I was on. Instead, I usually have to tap the back arrow in the upper left, which again, could be improved.

- Great but...

The app is generally the only way I interact with LinkedIn, and it works well for what I need it. However, while I appreciate the alerts most of the time, ever since this last update I've gotten alerts several times a day. When opening the app, the alert ends up asking me if I know someone... And it's been the same individual every single time. And every time, I dismiss it because I don't know them. It's gotten to the point where I seriously want to turn off alerts for the app, which would significantly decrease it's usefulness. Up until this last update, it was just fine. Now it's begging for attention that I really don't want to give it.

- Watch out for Premium Trial!!

The mobile version lacks so many of the desktop version features such as privacy features and profile customization. However, what really bothers me is that LinkedIn uses this difference to their financial advantage so you cannot cancel a Premium subscription from your device even if they allow you to subscribe from your phone easily. You also get no notification when the Premium trial is ending so you get charged abruptly. If you miss the subscription cancellation date, LinkedIn will offer no refunds even if late by an hour!! Really? Update: The LinkedIn team reached out to me as shown below to offer support. Alas, it was all just lip service. When I reached out, they simply confirmed the limitations I had originally complained about without any real assistance offered.

- App needs work

I always use this app, however it’s not without its issues. I’ve contacted customer support about the number of jobs I’ve applied to being way off. This makes it difficult for tracking. After several of the same responses I always get from them whenever an issue is raised, “did you try deleting and reinstalling?” “What version and medium of the app are you using?” I’ve listed screenshots, very detailed notes that answers all that but it’s always the same generic questions they read off of like a script. Finally, I got a message that said, “we’re aware of the issue but are not pursuing a resolution right now.” So when it comes to tracking the specific jobs I’ve applied to, it’s a complete wash.

- Must Have LinkedIn

I think of LinkedIn as business knowledge career centric Facebook. Unlike Facebook, it tends to be more professional with less negative behavior. The feeds while not as well organized as Facebook, tend to provide more useful or pertinent information. A premium subscription is useful if you're actively looking for a job or you want to make use of LinkedIn Learning to improve your skill sets. The mobile version of LinkedIn is much less cluttered than the desktop version although I noticed I see promoted posts (adverts) even though I have premium; not sure if that's a bug or premium doesn't prevent adverts.

- Doesn’t show Jobs you’ve Applied for!

Don’t plan on an easy time keeping track of the jobs you’ve applied for. I had applied for at least a dozen jobs. A couple days later I went to look for more jobs and check on the jobs I had already applied to. But under the “Jobs Applied” tab, there were ZERO jobs listed. Oh and I’m pretty sure I looked like an idiot when I accidentally applied for the same job twice since LinkedIn doesn’t tell you if you applied for the job yet or not. I emailed customer service and they took a week to get back to me. Here is the response: “Please note that only when you apply for Easy apply jobs. If you are applying Jobs on the external website, it will not show up in the applied Jobs section. Aishwarya Member Success Consultant” DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND USE INDEED! That app/site keeps track of EVERY job you’ve applied to and if you happen upon the same job listing later on it TELLS YOU that you’ve already applied to that one. Indeed is so helpful and much better organized. And you don’t have to see the “newsfeed” from other people posting about their own job. I’m sorry, but why would I care if a guy from high school who never talked to me is posting about his career that has nothing to do with mine?!

- Linkedin App is a must have for anyone in business at any level

When Linkedin first introduced an app I’ll admit I was sceptical. I was leery because I’ve experienced many many websites attempting to make life easier with a new app and they fall on their face. This particular app is probably one of the easiest to maneuver and it allows me to stay connected easily with notifications and simple maneuvering around the site. I choose to be a Premier member and the benefits are well worth the money. I love linked in. I’ve become friends worldwide not only for the industry I’m in but also personal friends with multitudes or different interests. Get the app.

- Performance issues - always loading, rarely loads

I love LinkedIn as an app however lately - over the last few months - the app has become so slow it’s almost unusable. Simple searches that used to return response in seconds now take minutes and often throw an error and don’t come back at all. Pretty much any action off the main landing page has not worked for me, returning the “oops it’s not you it’s us” error and it happens across mobile app and website. Often times I get the never ending spinner, with an ultimate failure error message. While I love LinkedIn - it’s not working - and hasn’t for weeks and I haven’t seen any acknowledgment of the issue which I have to imagine is widespread. Send help! Also please note that I installed the latest app on iPhone XR but no change :(

- Frustrated! Tired of app crashing constantly.

This app constantly crashes on uploading posts with photos and video. The effort that it takes to write a post goes to waste as it crashes more than 90% of the time. I am using iPhone X, so hardware should not be an excuse for this issue. I would like to hear what the developers have to say about the problem. This problem has been an issue for at least last 2 years. I have installed the app multiple time but no luck. I don’t use the app anymore but sometime while traveling I have no other option. I am not sure why such a basic functionality is not resolved on this platform. Is it too hard for LinkedIn to figure this out?? Developers, can you provide me with an answer? UPDATE 1: Developer asked to submit a ticket on LinkedIn website with app version and iOS version.

- BEWARE - Terrible customer service and awful refund policy.

I was tricked into paying $135(!!!) for a “premium” subscription that has absolutely no value to me. I assumed that the free trial would end because I never received a single email or notification about the upcoming subscription renewal after signing up for a free trial last month. I tried to find a place to cancel the subscription in the app and on the website with no luck. Now LinkedIn refuses to refund the payment. I am appalled. For a company that feigns interest in professional success, they have absolutely no sense of what providing good customer service entails. Auto renewing an expensive subscription without notice and without asking for permission is sneaky and conniving. Then refusing to refund the payment is insane. I am severely disappointed in LinkedIn and will be sure to warn my employees, colleagues, and friends.

- Love the app minus the constant crashing!

LinkedIn is wonderful and I’ve loved the website for almost two decades and I’ve loved the app for years. Well, that is until recently. Over the past few months, it does nothing but crash, crash, crash! Every time I do anything more than browse through newsfeeds or search for profiles/jobs, it crashes. Try to write an article on the app...crash! Try to apply to a job...almost always crashes! Try to download or save something from the app....I can guarantee it will crash! Please get this fixed so everyone from baby boomers to millennials and today’s college kiddos can utilize LinkedIn where they need it most....on their mobile device. Many thanks!

- What Happened?????

I lived LinkedIn until a few weeks ago when I started getting notifications and solicitation from them via my work email asking if I wanted to join our network. After joining, it didn’t make sense to me to have two professional LinkedIn accounts. Of course my personal account was more prominent with a complete profile and a vast network. Once I merged the accounts, that all disappeared!!! I was left with the account attached to my work email and no profile. I’ve been looking on the website to see if I can get this corrected, but as in most cases there isn’t a was to get “LinkedIn” to a real person!!! Not sure if I even want to re-build another profile and network!

- Feedback complain

Although a majority of the individuals I have connected with through this app respect the Proper use of the app to connect with others that wish to be connected with. There are a select few that feel this tool is best used for making cold sales calls. My issue is this there is no way in this app to report they are using your email address and emailing you separate of the LinkedIn app in an effort to get you to buy or purchase one of their products. The way they behave on LinkedIn may not violate the terms and conditions but there is no way to identify The problem of a separate email from your connection to the folks at Linkedin so they can’t go about dealing with them appropriately.

- I love this APP

There are so many professionals at your fingertips like for example, I am a professional singer and I have access to contacting via messenger or adding them people like CEO of universal studio recording studio label and def jam’Atlantic records and there are DJ’s and producers and a lot more then this. I also want to mention the groups you can be added to like universal artist group,where you can post your music for all executives all 33,000 in the group to see your stuff and also work with top professionals if your serious about getting a foot in the door at any company this app is the place to be ....much love LinkedIn

- Horrible user continuity and takes advantage of user data

I use LinkedIn on my Mac computer all the time and used to be signed in to the app on my previous iPhone. When getting a new phone, every other app was able to use facial detection to let me sign in, while LinkedIn was the ONLY app to reject my facial recognition and force me to take a “not a robot” test to collect AI data on if users can identify pictures. Is it necessary for me to take this free data AI collection test for Microsoft/LinkedIn over and over again every time I get my password wrong. Is there a reason why this is the only app that won’t accept my facial recognition, while every other app does, when moving from Mac to my iPhone to log in??? So annoying and ridiculous. Stop taking advantage of your users by forcing us to take AI tests for you to collect data.

- Love LinkedIn but wishing you would fix the avatar issue

So I want to update my profile picture, but every time I try, it readjusts the color of the photo, and makes it super dark. No matter what image I select. I’ve tried several times and closing the app and taking it off, and it continues to do it. Definitely a minor issue, but annoying for sure. Other than that, I absolutely love LinkedIn. It’s an easy, fun way to connect to the business world and to network and build relationships across different markets and industries. It’s an absolute genius of a Social Media platform. Kudos to its creators. (Now I only wish the premium was cheaper 😂)

- I cannot stand it

Although the app is good in general, it just constantly fails to load contents. The different pages either don’t update or load partially or just don’t load at all! Sometimes I want to type a message to someone or update my profile, only to find out later that the message was lost or the updates were not made. It’s happening on both my iPhone and iPad. I’ve contacted the support team several times, each time they seem to fix the problem but only for a few days. It keeps coming back! I’m even a premium member but that doesn’t seem to make any difference, it’s just so frustrating. I’m starting to use other means like Glassdoor more and more... Conclusion: the app can be great but for me it’s totally unreliable, I just can’t recommend it for anyone who needs to seriously work with it.

- Please Fix

I am trying to connect to a lot of fitness professionals and it takes 10+ minutes for the requests to send after I clicked on it. Then if I switch screens it stops sending them. So I have to resend requests over and over. It also covers up the search bar so I can’t do anything else. Then when clicking the little circles to add someone it always will jump to their page because my fingers are too fat maybe making it less sensitive around the circle or making it a bigger button would be better. It just is a nuisance and I can’t get back because the back button is covered up by the requests being sent pop up. Fix those problems and I’d say 5 star.

- Just another Facebook or Instagram now

Just opened Facebook, I mean Instagram, oh no I mean LinkedIn. The latest update has remodeled the user interface to make it appear more like Facebook or Instagram. I have always loved the professionalism of LinkedIn and the feature that made it less like a social network. I’m not here for peoples live videos but more for professional opinions, relationships, and experiences. I am a multiple-times-a-day user, frequently browsing my industry network and making new and valuable connections. That won’t be as easy anymore with the latest move by LinkedIn to conform to the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn. Would love to learn more about the intelligence and user surveys that led to this latest change because they were obviously flawed.

- Could be better

First and most importantly, there should be a rate/review a company option! This would allow current, past & possible new candidates transparent reviews about every company! A competitor, Glassdoor has this feature! Past associates would be able to shine light on issues they encountered while working there as well. Secondly, what’s with the constant LinkedIn members flooding message inbox to get one to go premium? I would like a notification feature where I can more easily tell when I have new messages that way I can keep track and respond in a more timely fashion! Many messages from employers are lost in the shuffle of my LinkedIn messages overall.

- Cannot message potentials connects before accepting

The evil money-grabbers at LinkedIn have removed the ability to message for free somebody who has requested to join your network. For privacy and security it is necessary that we be able to message these people to make sure they are who they say they are or if we don’t recognize them, to ask them where we know them from. As a free user I am now forced to accept the connection before sending the message, exposing my personal info to a potential stranger. The goblins as LinkedIn need to value our privacy and security over our money by reenabling the reply (don’t accept yet) option on connection requests. If you agree, please also give a one star review (you can even copy and paste mine) so we can inform LinkedIn that they cannot get away with this.

- Stop with the excessive notifications

Update: I can’t send the screenshots to you with the glitch through this app. I’ve emailed you through the actual desktop site with this problem, asking for an email address to show you this issue. Nothing has changed and no one has contacted me. App will be deleted. I turned off all notifications because I was getting too many. I was tired of it. Now, I get a notification that I have no notifications set up. That’s. The. Point. Stop with this ridiculous amount of notifications. Fix it, otherwise, I’m deleting the app altogether. Update again: Since I just got another response from LinkedIn about this problem, here’s the update: I can’t send you a screenshot, see point above. The app has been deleted off my phone for months now.

- Completely irresponsible with push notifications

I've turned off notifications for everything except the few things I care about (invitations to connect, messages, anything else that pertains directly to me). I still receive push notifications for superfluous events like "trending news articles" on a daily basis. The app is designed to have as many notification types as possible, and I've turned off more obscure notifications than I can remember. If you turn one off, the notification settings linked from the dismissed message only shows you what you've turned off, with no option to turn off all the other notifications you'll eventually receive. Completely irresponsible and annoying. I'll be reserving LinkedIn for the desktop from now on.

- A great app/website for shameless self-promoters

I started my account 6 years ago in hopes it would help me land a new job. I found a new job but no thanks to LinkedIn (another web based job site helped with that). The content consists mostly of posts from people shamelessly promoting themselves or from people trying to spin their videos of children or animals into some kind of life altering message. Now the geniuses (at LinkedIn) are taking it upon themselves to change my chosen location on my profile unless I tell them not to. That’s seriously messed up. How about suggesting I change it? What’s really disturbing is that my phone does not show any location services that can be switched off on the app. Honestly thinking about deleting.

- LinkedIn and Microsoft are not interested in your feedback

I spent 20 minutes looking for a way to provide app feedback on the app and on the website to no avail. Regardless, this is the actual feedback - I have been missing messages since I turned off badges. When I turned badges on to address this, I was inundated with LinkedIn's notification happy feed. I would like to see these things when I log in, but not interested in them being included in the badge alert count. My only option was to turn off badges and revert to email notifications for new messages. It seems like a missed opportunity, and even more so if they make it impossible for those interested in improving the platform to provide feedback.

- Quit messing with the app!

And STOP asking me to link my contacts—never going to happen in a million years! I give up... What happened to the swipe feature to ignore/delete people whom I don’t want to send an invite to?? UPDATE: The response from LinkedIn makes absolutely no sense! I’m not asking for some new “improvement”—I want them to return to the logical functionality the app used to have. Do they honestly expect people to keep scrolling through this exhaustive list of names of others they don’t want to connect with, without a deletion method??? UPDATE 2: The latest response from LinkedIn still makes no sense! Again, this is not some kind of “new improvement” I’m requesting. It’s the way the app USED to work and NOW the functionality is GONE. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!! UPDATE 3: Thank you for bringing back the feature of being able to “x” the people I don’t want to connect with. But, the new huge box layout is awful because you see less people on the screen at once and can’t read as much about them without clicking on their profile. Just put it back to the way it used to be please!!

- Beware of the “free” premium auto renewal..

Before I start.. this is more a review for Apple/iTunes subscription practices than LinkedIn.. so everywhere you see LinkedIn, you can basically fill-in any auto renewal subscription app.. WATCH OUT!! If you’re interested in trying out the free Premium version, you better be paying attention because if you’re not, you're going to slapped with the $65 monthly subscription charge before you even figure out what the difference is between Premium and the free version! I can think of a TON of other things I’d rather spend $65 on! And if you do get charged, GOOD LUCK getting Apple/iTunes to issue you a refund... I think they literally flip a coin. You’re likely stuck with another 30 days. Maybe you can use the extra 30 days figure out the difference..SOUR APPLE!

- LinkedIn is a very dangerous product

LInkedIn is a dangerous product. Users beware. I recently discovered that without any authorization from me or from anyone with access to my Apple devices, they have been charging me almost $100 per month for something called Premium Business. I was able to submit a request for refund but for only the past two months via Apple support. But Apple advise that only two months can be refunded even though LInkedIn apparently began charging me monthly in December 2019. The LinkedIn website gives no means for canceling or requesting refund for charges that are apparently fraudulent - due to some LinkedIn mistake. Apparently the Premium Business account is for corporations, not for retired individuals with very limited income and no need for any LinkedIn Premium Services.

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- Always can be better!

LinkedIn is a very professional App which helps many people find their jobs. You can also make some professional friends and build up your own professional networks in LinkedIn. LinkedIn helped me find my first and second wonderful job in a foreign country and helped me meet some interesting and lovely people. I believe I can find my third desired job in a foreign country through LinkedIn. I believe LinkedIn always can be better and I wish LinkedIn all the best in the future!

- Very frustrating app

This app is REALLY frustrating because whenever I open it, it constantly hassles me to add all my contacts and go through and add more people, and it's a multi step process to dismiss this. It's also deceptive in tricking you into sending requests to people who aren't even on LinkedIn, without making it clear that's what it's doing. As a developer myself, I really don't like this app. Please make it less annoying and then I'll give it a better rating. I don't recommend it to anyone that doesn't want to be frustrated by it attempting to be a Facebook copy. - Just updated this review, and even a year later it's still just as bad - And more than year later, it's still just as annoying with a multi step process if you haven't opened it in a little bit trying to force you to add more people and follow more. Honestly hate this app now. Very unprofessional. - I notice a developer reply - but what a token effort, if you're actually interested in taking on this feedback you would read what I've written above and make your app less like ad-ware and more user enjoyable.

- LinkedIn is Life-Changing

About 5 years ago I began my journey on LinkedIn with no real idea of how life changing it would become for me. Back then (circa 2014), I began to see LI as more than just my online CV....I saw it as a place that I could “get noticed” and begin to build an open network of influence. So I set about creating ‘content’ with a zest and determination to persist no matter what the short term results were. And like most success stories, there was very little short term success, but as I consistently honed my use of the platform, along with my content strategy, I began to notice some positive changes. Fast forward 5 years, and I have totally transformed my career, left the corporate world, launched my own business which now has global customers. I’ve developed a solid network (28k 1st level Connections) and reputation as a genuine ‘thought leader in my space. LinkedIn Australia even honored me last year with a LinkedIn Top Voice Award. To say that I love LinkedIn would be a gross understatement, and whilst the platform continues to improve all the time, I’m extremely grateful to LinkedIn for having changed my life (not just my career) for the better! Keep up the great work LinkedIn....I’m forever grateful! 😁

- Stop it!

I’ve gone back and made sure all notifications have been turned off, however this app just doesn’t give up. I don’t want to keep seeing the same contract list “do you know this person” pop up, and I am not interested in the same jobs (which I am most definitely not qualified for nor interested in). The constant red alert numbers over the app is frustrating. Although the concept of LinkedIn is great, At this point I might as well delete the app. Until a fix is made for the notification issues I won’t be back! * I have followed all articles provided to others with the same issues that you have replied to here in the comments, and those do not work for getting rid of the push notifications.

- LinkedIn won't update

It was working fine until few days ago when upon launching the LinkedIn app a pop-up message said I had to update the app. Having no other choice to dismiss the message, I clicked on update but AppStore doesn't show any option to update but only to "open" app. I am guessing my iPhone 5 has reached the end as I cannot update LinkedIn. This is unnecessarily frustrating and now I'm not able too launch LinkedIn app anymore since I can't update it! Please either fix this or let me continue using LinkedIn app without updating!! The only way I can access my LinkedIn now is to use a browser like safari but that is too inconvenient as the fonts are so tiny.

- Not user friendly

LinkedIn itself is basically Facebook for your working life but the only people really using it are telemarketers who use the info you publish to target your role for whatever the scam du jour is. Worse still every time you launch the app it asks you to invite every person you ever knew, looked at or heard of as a contact which completely negates any benefit from having the personal vetting process that a link (should) entail. That is essentially a referral system and the main reason I joined this ... whatever it is. Anyway if you need LinkedIn on the go by all means use it, but if you want a good experience as well don’t. You might also want to assess what benefit you are getting from using LinkedIn at all.

- After..

Here in my later life I look at my past lives and friends of those times. It’s important we mastered these devices so later we can still communicate electronically, those before us were baffled by a basic telephone, electric light etc. So might have imagined or dreamt about such things. So here it is the new electronic media, a way of contacting those of our past, whileOur bio signs are still active. It is only with faith, lots of it that we can imagine keeping in touch with those we love when Professionals have said “we have expired” for they are still so young, Attempting to retain the youth. When any butterfly knows, That youth was just a phase we were going through thank God we recovered from it.. RATE 10/10

- This app allows spam emails and scams

WATCH OUT After signing up to LinkedIn I started to receive 10-15 emails a day from spam companies many which would lead to dodgy websites. None could confirm where my email address was taken from nor did they care I opted out 2-3 times from their email services. Shortly after opting out EXCEL FINANCIALS started to call me regarding investments (scam) which leads me to believe that LinkedIn does not care about your privacy or who is operating their app. My suggestion is to have a FAKE email address to sign up. That way your BUSINESS EMAIL doesn’t get spammed continuously. I’ve had trouble understanding who were actual clients and fraudulent clients which made me lose clients.

- I’m supposed to pay for this privilege

4 days ago I paid for premium and my first communication the app crashes every time I add a photo. Now when I try to cancel my subscription l receive a msg saying I can’t. I cleared all pending support cases and it still says I can’t cancel AND now that I must contact Apple” Wasted a great deal of my time in the first instance of trying to use premium services and now I’m getting the run around. My attempt at communication and premium services failed me terribly and I have now completed my communications through other means. LINKEDIN CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION PLEASE - APPLE CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION PLEASE - Could you make this whole experience any more difficult?

- Better than any Social Media

This is an actual useful app that actually helps you on day to day basis with lots of information. Keep you updated and close to people in your industry. You never miss out on anything new or currently happening like for me, opening of new hotels, jobs related to me, staffing, awards and many more things. It is much more better than wasting time on Facebook.

- Bk’s bush Telegraph Loves Life in Linked In

Linked in was my first ever move into social media, two years before joining fb & is not a mile in front , Linked in is a Country Mile in front of any other form of social media in my humble opinion and my favourite way to professionally connect with new people, learn new ideas & follow the progress of those that I look up to & admire via a comms device. Well done Linked In crew ! Brian (BK) Kelly 🤠👍

- Clingy and irritating

Every time you open the app it bugs you with un-avoidable notifications. Connect with these people. Invite(spam) these people from your contact list. Follow these topics. Follow these companies. Update your profile. Then you make it through the defenders and you have 40 connection requests from people you don’t even know. I’m sure it’s useful for power users - people who use it to spam and connect to 1000’s of people at once, but the downside is that it’s an awful experience for the average infrequent user who just wants to network with people they actually know.

- Opportunity for improvement

Good app and great platform. But needs to be able to change the feed to most recent and not see the same posts for the last 3 weeks to months. Job postings etc that are weeks old and now closed, posts I’ve already seen. Allow people to sort to most recent and keep updated on all content, not the same repetitive content. If other platforms can do it (Ie Facebook) I’m not sure why LinkedIn cannot.

- Annoying and disrespectful app

I turned off almost all notifications in the app, but I daily get a badge on the icon and the notification in the app says that there are no notifications. Very scammy and disrespectful way of trying to get me to launch the app each day. If this doesn’t get changed the app will share Facebook’s fate on my phone and get deleted, and I might check LinkedIn once a month or so through the website. I don’t want to turn off notifications completely because a few of them are useful and wanted. Just don’t create fake notifications

- Annoying experience

Overall experience with the LinkedIn app is annoying. Starting with 1. “Getting started on linked in” bar keep coming back when I scroll down. Takes too much of real estate and I can’t even see other things because of that annoying bar. 2. I have accepted the one request so many times but every time I open the app, it keep asking me to accept the same request. 3. Buttons and behaviour feels like app is just running on a Browser. It feels subpar compare to other social media apps. LinkedIn really needs to modernise the app.

- A failure in corporate governance

The app works quite well against the basic proposition - once you’ve actually managed to reach that point. To get there, you’ll need to summit K2 - metaphorically at least: Every time you launch it, you’ll be taken through a cleverly crafted set of Yes/Next/No/Continue questions designed to get at your address list and all of its contact details. If this isn’t what you intend, be very careful and alert on each launch. I found it much simpler to just uninstall and give up on the app. Whoever decided this corporate policy has made a huge mistake of judgement.

- Usually great until...

Usually this app is great until I tried to purchase a premium subscription. After making the payment via iTunes I wasn’t able to use the feature. When I contacted LinkedIn they told me iTunes/apple hadn’t passed on subscription details for my account and I needed to speak with iTunes. When I contact iTunes they told me the issue was with LinkedIn and I needed to go back to them. Basically I’ve been sent on a wild goose chase with no solution. I’ve since requested a full refund as I haven’t been able to use my premium account. Very disappointing.

- Dissatisfied Customer

Be extremely careful when using the LinkedIn Ap from Apple. I agreed to LinkedIn's 30-day FREE Trial and then overlooked cancelling at the end of the FREE Trial period. My credit card was just charged $69 for Automatic Renewal for the next 30 day period. I attempted to cancel the 30-day subscription, as I found that it was not benficial to me, but Apple does not offer that option. They take your money and allow you to cancel, effective follwoing the current 30-day subscription. So, the FREE Trial cost me $69 and a great deal of hassle trying to get reimbursed.

- Great app, just one issue

I love this app, easy to use and navigate. Only thing I would suggest is adding in the option to put a specific start/end date for roles. I just added my new job and it says I’ve been there 1 month because I put start month as July. I’ve been there 1 week. I ended my previous role at 3 months but the app thinks it was 4 months.

- Not so comfortable

The feeds updates are not consistent It can show some people updates and others no, no matter how many time you refresh the app it keep show feeds from 3-4 days ago. Yet not all the new feeds are visible, The settings and the settings updates need to be more user friendly to use

- Please Add Zoom and Rotate

Guys, the app is generally great, though can you please add the ability to zoom and rotate when touching on a post (ie: when it forwards to the specific post after selecting it). Makes it very difficult to read things sometimes when on a bus or travelling etc. it’s just a good thing to have in general, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks.

- Freezes when using mobile *Amended*

Freezes and you lose all information when applying for roles on the mobile app. Still has not been addressed in latest update. Please fix this. **Great to hear you are looking into this. Typically the app works very well. Im glad this issue is being revised - review amended**

- Intrusive and annoying

I like LinkedIn as a service but the app is painful. I’ve turned off all notifications because it constantly lies about there being things to see. It persistently asks you to let it have access to your contacts even though you say no. Even though I’ve said no to allowing access to my contacts, it deceptively suggests adding people I know who aren’t even on LinkedIn. Sometimes I have messages from people that don’t show up in the app. It’s a disgusting app.

- Bug with current version

Since the update this morning, when I tap on a user to see a profile preview (from People you may know list), wrong person’s preview appears. It seems to jump some 5-10 people back. It is quite irritating. Please resolve.

- LinkedIn lies in wait for new card details; beware!

If you think you have avoided the enormous charge after the trial period, think again. I entered new card details MONTHS after using the free LinkedIn trial and they quietly and craftily charged me the guts of a hundred dollars. I wasn’t successful in my job search earlier in the year and this will constitute a burdensome hardship for me. But do LinkedIn or Apple care? Of course they don’t. There is no option to reverse the payment because “technically” you “authorised” it. I guess nothing in life is for free (except the infrastructure and education of the workforce in every country that Apple operates, as it pays no taxes to any Government). Enjoy all your free stuff Apple. And enjoy my money. I would have used it to feed myself, but I guess you’re not well capitalised enough already.

- The app on mobile is getting worse.

Try and post with a picture or three or five and it just won’t work. You used to be able to post an article with pictures, but in the last month it’s become useless. When a post fails you get a button to tap so you can ‘retry to upload’, except you can’t tap it. If a button looks like a button and is a button, make sure it’s tappable. It’s basic UX.

- Difficult

I was just trying to make an account for the app but it kept going back to the first page I was on when I first went into the app. It typically was frustrating with every single time I opened the app I had to go through a sequence of questions regarding friends that were on linkedin and inviting those who weren’t. It was too much effort just to look for a job. (not that is should be effortless)

- Poor notification service

The notifications are inconsistent and unreliable. Things pop up on screen that don’t appear in the log, and there’s little control around categories of important notifications. Notification settings are cumbersome ill categorized and not at the right level. Very frustrating I would have thought these bugs would be fixed by now!

- Timeline Sorting Issue

I’ve recently increased my usage of LinkedIn and am becoming increasingly frustrated that you can’t sort your timeline on mobile devices by ‘Most Recent First’ and instead every time I open the app I get random posts ranging from items a month old to current. It just makes my usage of the app less enjoyable and effective.

- Improve experience section

In the experience section on the personal profile page, can you create an option where we can include multiple roles under the same employer without having to create new positions.

- Nice concept, but still a lot to do

Linkedin is the unique and useful platform for work. App improvements: Message: When you send a message often crash and you need to rewrite everything from the scratch. it is very difficult to find an attachment(cv, cover etc.) and send to the recipient. When you send an attachment from a message to an other message, the attachment isn’t visible to the recipient. Job search: It should be more easy to use the research. When you find a job and have to apply, it should be possible to add the cv and the cover letter. It should possible to see all the applications done in date order or company order. Groups: I don’t understand what’s their purpose

- Continuously evolving with new features

LinkedIN is widely considered to be the premium platform for business to business connections, and behind the scenes the LinkedIN development team continues to introduce new features for a refreshing experience, excellent and crafty app!

- Latest update not compatible with iPhone 5

Is there a reason why you're not allowing your updates to be available to cover the iPhone 5? It keeps telling me to update your app but then says it's unable to do this and asks me if I want to update to an earlier version but then it just keeps on trying to update the App to the latest version which it can't do.

- Do not buy Linkedin Premium, its a scam

Do not buy Linkedin Premium, it is a scam, they will tell you that first month is free and its XX dollars after that, but even if you cancel it within few days, they will charge you for entire month, I unsubscribed from premium before the start of billing cycle and they cancelled my subscription after the next billing cycle which was after 1-2 weeks, please dont fall into this trap as it will cost you 35+ $ for a premium demo

- No Such Thing as ‘Free Premium’

Don’t even bother trialling the free premium, because you WILL be charged. Despite cancelling my subscription well before the billing date (as confirmed by the ‘help’ staff), it was direct debited from my account anyway, and with that I was automatically re-subscribed. The fact that they can direct debit from someone who has cancelled their subscription and refuse to return the money reads a lot like a scam. Proceed with caution - they’re sneaky. Really disappointing experience.

- Safety

LinkedIn in only allows you to block 250 people, which is not many people when you consider the large number of users worldwide. There are many fake accounts (common to all social media platforms) that we should be able to block. Unlimited blocking is required for the safety of many users.

- New update crashes

Guys, I love LinkedIn and have had no problems with the app until this morning when, after an update to the app, I have had the app freeze multiple times becoming completely unresponsive. I look forward to the bug fix... is it too much to ask for you to just roll back the changes until you sort it out???

- Can’t live without DMs

LinkedIn Direct Messaging is reason enough for me to use the LinkedIn mobile app. It gives you a chance to dialogue easily, and even send voice messages, and video messages! Message search capabilities are slow and poor, but hopefully the new app release in October 2020 will be a better experience.

- Buggy and frustrating

1. Buggy - shuts down without warning, random weird behaviour 2. Messaging is frustrating... it’s can’t keep up with my typing (I’m over 50 not a speed typist like a millennial)... makes it virtually impossible to use... then generally crashes... see point 1 If I didn’t need it for work and whilst on the move I wouldn’t use it... think it’s hilarious that the most recent update is to fix stability and bugs...

- Thank you Reid Hoffman for LinkedIn

I’ve been on LinkedIn for over a decade now and have grown as a business leader alongside it surrounded by the brightest entrepreneurs on earth in this very special global network. Here’s to the next 10 years of growth for you and me 🐠🐶🦁🏄🏿🦄❤️🌈💪🤘🤓👻😌

- App is now unusable

This latest update has made the app unusable for me. When opening the app, a window opens requesting that the app be updated and it cannot be ignored. There is no option to update later. Tap ok and it takes me to the App Store. The only option at the App Store is to "open" the app, the Update button is not available so hit open and the app then opens. Almost immediately a window pops up to direct me to the App Store for the app to be updated. And so the circle/cycle continues. I can now only use the web site, which has always been the better option. Have deleted the app to reinstall it and when opened again it immediately requests to be updated - with the same cycle. Unusable.

- Utter garbage

Tried multiple times to sign up without being forced to give up my mobile number. Also got locked out of the acc before even using it based on the grounds of "suspicious activity". Wat? Then proceeded to demand photo I.d and tell me that I'll have the privelage of using the platform and resolving the suspicion once I just give up my my I.D. Ah - sure, would you like me to bend over while I do it? Needless to say, I deleted the app, and i feel great about doing so.

- Automatically shut down

I can’t enter into my LinkedIn id through the app. It’s automatically shut down after opening the app

- Buggy app, with little value added

Firstly the app is a slow as a wet week. Notifications are hours (if not days) behind real-time. I keep seeing the same suggestion for a connection every time I open the app. I’ve dismissed the connection suggestion that many times, that I think it would be easier to just connect with the guy and be done with it. Fix it, or don’t...I’m deleting it anyway.

- Notifications not acknowledged

I now get notifications that someone in my network (of over 4,000 people) wrote an article. I don’t care, I see what’s in my newsfeed and when I click “I don't want to see this notification any longer from this person” it continually says “can’t do that now you need to change in settings”, yet when you go there, there aren’t settings for that anywhere!?!?!?

- Crash after upgrade

My app keeps crash after a recent update of iOS system, it happens every time when I click on the search results. Can't event check my own profile. Tries restarting phone, deleting app, still not working.

- Notifications

Using a 6S this app will push me the notifications of a chat log but when I enter the app I can never read the chat or locate the notification. I have to head to my computer to actually see and respond to messages. How a multi-billion dollar company can get away with a broken chat system for iOS is beyond me.

- Keeps freezing when submitting job application

Every time I am trying to apply for a job through the app. Before completing the application, the app just freezes and I can’t do anything. I always lose the application and have to restart without being able to submit. I have to always end up going through the company’s website directly. Must need an update

- Why is it that unfollow doesn’t work??

Why is it that when u unfollow someone that they still appear on your feed?? I have done this several times now and even unfollowed (that same person) on LinkedIn’s website and yet they still appear in the app! Despite every update professing bug fixes, this issue has existed for a long time. This app is progressively getting worse!!

- Notifications issue

I really like this app but it’s very very frustrating when I get notifications That someone wants to connect or when I receive a message! I can never view it on the app and always have to result to login in on a desktop version in order to see it, would be great to use the app as a whole!

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- Linkedin

Linkedin provided me with a great resource for career searching when I was laid off with Finning, even after I was rehired 8 months later I kept my options open. A recruiter from Teck resources found my profile on Linkedin and reached out to me. I now work for Teck resources and love it, LinkedIn will be at my side going forward.

- Great App

An easy way to stay on trend and get the latest industry news & articles! A good way to relate with professional contacts.

- Great App for easy access to Networking!

When you're prospecting for investments and career advancement, the app makes it so much easier especially when you are in a large network.

- LinkedIn App is easy to use

I appreciate the ease of use in the LinkedIn app and actually prefer its functionality over the web format. I access it in my iPhone daily. Highly recommend this app!

- Needs chronological order

News feed is not in chronological order,i see news that date back to 4 weeks ago all the time. Bad bad bad.

- Awesome app

It is an awesome app for networking

- Doesn’t work well on iOS

I love LinkedIn and spend a lot of time on it. I have noticed more often than not errors about no internet connection (when I’m on LTE), ‘oops something went wrong errors’ or other random issues. Please fix them!!

- Spyware (Microsoft definitely knows better)

App is constantly copying your data from the clipboard. Anything text, images, etc. that you copy is recorded by the app. Even when using other apps. Privacy NIGHTMARE. Their excuse of this being a “bug” is obviously bogus.

- Linked in is malware

LinkedIn is copying the contents of your clipboard every keystroke. IOS 14 allows users to see each paste notification.

- Stop snooping on the clipboard 👎

Come on now.

- App stalls all the time

It’s been a while now I am struggling with this app now thinking that it might get better in the newer updates but no luck so far. It always kinda hang when I open it, even if at some time it shows up, it stalls in couple of minutes. Disappointed. 👎🏼

- Don’t like companies that forces you update app

LinkedIn hasn’t been user friendly for a long time

- Pathetic

You cannot save anything on this app, straight up joke and waste of time.

- Location update Failure

Despite many updates, the location update section to improve profile strength has still a problem.

- Option to view Connections’ post

It would be great if we had the option of viewing first, what our Connections post (posts and comments).

- App is freezing

After updating the latest version, app is freezing often.

- Deleting messages

Easy to delete messages when online(web). Once you open the app messages are still appearing. Hard to contact HELP support through the app.

- Adding profile pictures messes up

Every photo goes all dark and is ruined

- Billing

Automatic visa debit without notice, hassle to determine what the bill is for, hassle to cancel.

- So much spam

I wanted to keep the app because I do like the core functionality but the spammy notifications constantly are awful, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to turn them off. The app will actually send me push notifications for pure advertisements quite often. Unbelievable. I’ve gotten so fed up I don’t even care anymore if I miss requests to network, I’d rather get rid of the app and check a few times a year or something.

- Easy to use

Title says it all

- Great app! But...

Linkedin is a great app for networking, but we should really be able to change the language on the app. Thank you!

- too many apps update, too many sponsored posts

Ridiculous: 1/4 of posts on my LinkedIn feed are sponsored posts. Come on!

- Notification for “All caught up “?

App is ok but this is really cheap shot.

- Whatever the job...

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a custodian, health care provider, or government worker, you’ll find value in collective professional knowledge and networking on LinkedIn.

- 👍

The best apps

- Annoying Notifications

This app used to be great and as time goes by I’m disliking it more. It keeps sending me notifications on my “network” tab and there have been NO changes. No new contacts, no new friend requests accepted. I even went into settings and turned off all the “network notifications” section and it still comes up. I’m busy and I don’t need empty notifications to distract me. Please fix this issue! I want to keep my notifications on to see other important things and would hate to have to close notifications for the whole app. Other than that, it’s a great way to connect with people in your industry. And I like everything else.

- The latest Update

I have updated the latest version of LinkedIn and now the app UI looks really bad. Seems like I am accessing something in 1980...please go back to the same look and feel ...& what about the stories and all? LinkedIn should look more professional as we already have enough social media platform for this kind of flashy updates.

- Dark mode?

Where are you dark mode...?

- Steps forward

Just had to find somewhere to express that the recent glowup is the best out of any social media platform’s in my opinion. Not that the old design was bad, but this is fully growth from those roots. Also, my one recommendation would be allowing users to change cover photos from the mobile app.

- What did you do to this app?

I hate the new app.. cannot navigate to my messages, it tries to access my images off of my IPAD, then locks up. Just a terrible update Guys!

- Split Screen

Please support split screen on the iPad. Need to work with documents/apps side by side.

- Useful Developer Suggestions

1. Dark mode. This is highly overdue and has been supported natively since the inception of iOS 13. Please bring this to LinkedIn as the white background can be straining on the eyes for many. 2. When using an external keyboard on the app, in the chat feature, it would be convenient to send the message when you hit “ENTER”. It is annoying to have to click the blue send button every time you want to send a message. Allow a feature to send the message by just hitting enter when using an external keyboard.

- Damn it guys, please revert back to the previous design

Please revert back to the previous design in the IOS app where I don’t have to click view new post button in order to see more posts. I have no idea which person had this poor design, make this update the worst update ever ..

- New Version Bug

Ever since the last update, the app randomly logs me out mid-session and I have to constantly keep logging back in while losing whatever I was doing prior.

- Compatibility with iOS14 issues

App is ok but somehow for the past 3 days have shown 12 hours in screen time on iPhone even though I only use it for 10 mins everyday. This glitch is really inconvenient since I wanted to minimize screen time and the app is always blocked, not to mention that my screen time is now about 18 hours a day from this app.

- Unable to sign in using Google

Unable to use my Google credentials to sign in the app. Works from the web site

- No dark mode

Hurts my eyes due to lack of dark mode

- Really Great Feel

This app has a wonderful look and design leading to a very useable app. I think there are great features and very user friendly sections. The only thing I wish the app could do is sort by most recent and not by the default ‘top.’ If this app could sort by recent, I would 100% give it 5-stars.

- I can’t find the button to UNSUBSCRIBE!

I want to unsubscribe! I tried the thing & I DO NOT APPROVE THIS APP DEDUCTING MY ACCOUNT.

- Keeps crashing

Can’t make it 25 seconds on the application before it crashes and boots me out.

- Updated the app, messages not loading

Updated the app, messages not loading

- Buggy

When the iPhone’s language is Arabic and I touch a profile from the suggested profiles in the My Network tab, the app stats jumping to other profiles by its own. Weak development

- Garbage

This app is such garbage! I can’t even upload my resume... what is the point of this stupid app if you can’t upload your RESUME!?!?!?!?!?

- forced updated

Forced update is stupid. My version still works, they just added a non-dismissible pop up forcing u to update. Instead I will uninstall

- Too many notifications

This app is a nightmare to navigate. Also, notifications are out of control and customizing them is a dark art. Good luck understanding what each item in the list of notifications does. So in the end I end up disabling them all, which then makes me uninstall the App. Because what’s the point? I can just use the web version and not have linked in sniff my clipboard.

- Bored

Finding the whole app has become kind of boring...

- Can’t update !!

I don’t know why every app developers think that everyone will have the latest iPhones!! I can’t update since I have previous iOS!!! So disappointed

- App is frozen. Nothing loads and can't access

I am facing this issue for a week now. I have tried updating, rebooting my iphone, reinstalling the app and everything possible from my end. The app opens up and just a blank screen as if it's loading up... but nothing loads. And I can't navigate anywhere.. UI is non responsive. Please help out. I am using IOS 14.0.

- Not working

Last few days when I opened the app ,no content is showing and none of the keys are working . Re installed the app but still the same issue is going on . Is there any way to sort out ?

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- Notifications Issue

Will get a push notification on the app symbol, but upon opening the app itself, no notifications are apparent. You have to go hunting through the app menus and play hide n seek. Was it a message? A notification? Check my profile?? Who knows. It takes 3 or 4 random menu selections to make the push notification go away on the phone. App also has some other buggy issues, like getting stuck on a page or menu within the app. Overall great work. Notification paths need some tending to.

- Mobile is inferior to desktop version

I find LinkenIn a valuable way to connect professionally. I like the convenience of being able to access my account on my laptop or through the app. The mobile app has issues though, primarily that the news feed can not be displayed chronologically with “most recent” instead of the algorithm-determined “top stories”. The value of this network is seeing what people are doing now and what events are coming up. Eliminating the ability to view the feed by recent posts makes the mobile app useless for me. Please change the app to display the feed is chronological order. This is not Facebook.

- Only One Problem

I gave LinkedIn’s latest mobile app 5 Stars because “in general” I believe it deserves it. However, although it might be only happening on my iPhone 6sPlus, I have the following bug: When I first open the app, (Main Screen), the animated icon that used to appear at the top of the screen informing that there are New Posts is gone. If it’s not just my phone then it should be an easy fix. When it’s back then the 5 Stars will be fully deserved. Other than that, after 10 years, LinkedIn remains my Primary Social Media site.

- Hate the new suggestion function

I got lots of people connect to me. I used to be able to accept most of hem quickly and now it kept pop up suggestions. Is annoying and interpreting the task I was trying to complete. Hate it. Please remove it! Also, you should have a function to allow people to make note to the connection and also auto record when I connect. eg I go to conference today so everyone I added today is from the conference. The pain point is that you don't remember where and how you met the person. Or when you go to conference, you add tons of people, when you are home and trying to recall who you met today, you open your LinkedIn, there is no easy way to find them anymore!

- Timelines

Overall, I don’t mind this app, but I think the timelines really prevent me from enjoying LinkedIn more. I swear I’ve changed my timeline before to sort by new?? I’m looking for that option now though and can’t find it. Basically, I open up this app, and I feel like I see the same posts every single time. And I see that my timeline is showing me things from 1-2 weeks ago that I’m seeing for the umpteenth time. I really only want to see these things once. It feels like I never get an influx of new content, it’s always the same stuff. Sometimes there’s a newer post mixed in, but the overall sense I’m getting is that I’m not ever seeing anything new. It’s so annoying.

- LinkedIn Customer Support Not Good

I’m a long-time LinkedIn user and evangelist but costumer support seems to be slipping. You can download your connections and get all the information you need to plan regional meetings except City and State. If you check profiles to get that information and add it to the downloaded spreadsheet, they restrict your account for the “security of your connections.” I can download their names, employer names, employment history, education history, etc., so I’m not sure how city and state contributes to security risk. Customer service rep didn’t seem to know city and state aren’t in the download, didn’t seem to care, and didn’t have the forethought to give that suggestion to the product development team. Kinda lame for a business app.

- Poor customer service

So this is the third review I am writing, my first two were taken down. Again my issue is a simple one. 1. Make the “X” to click off a potential contact a bit larger so I am not opening one instead of deleting it. 2. If I delete someone don’t put them back in the suggested contacts over and over and over and over. They should not ever appear again. Two simple fixes to two problems with linked in. Additional problem that was not in my first two reviews: 3. Don’t delete my review because you don’t like it. 3/9/19 Update: Keeps getting worse. Nothing has been fixed and the little “x” seems harder to click. I don’t want to click on the “x” just to have it open someone’s profile. It is a false click. I am sure that is why I get so many “people are looking at your profile” notifications each week, the tiny “x” I will add another problem: 4. Half the time now I cannot open a profile I actually want to see. The program freezes and I need to close and reopen the app, then I need to TRY to find that persons again. Please, I implore you, please fix these small, but glaring, problems

- Free LinkedIn is ok - paid LinkedIn is questionable

Microsoft’s purchase of Linked-In appears to show typical post-buyout behavior. As an example, the app interface is aging, slow, and uninspiring. “Posts” are becoming advertising in disguise and no-content click bait posts are now the majority of the content. For MSFTs us$26.2 Billion purchase, you might expect more. Hopefully, a competitive site will gain popularity soon. I can’t see value with “premium” membership if you aren’t a in sales or a recruiter except, ironically, if you really hate your job or really extroverted and unemployed. In the “column” the basic feature of connecting to others is ok for now (but Twitter is getting better for most things). Free LinkedIn is ok - paid LinkedIn is questionable

- Skills & Endorsements Section Error

Since last week I couldn’t upload the resume nor the Skills & Endorsement Section due to a submission error on my IPhone nor IPad, via the app or browser, today I decide to try on the desktop. Well I was able to update the resume via desktop computer. The skills section that we’re giving me the previous errors via the app I guess did save despite error message. However, I noticed I still had 8 skills I could add, well it appears there’s just an overall error in this section. I’m currently receiving a similar error in saving on the desktop computer. I’ve logged in/out & it DID NOT save. I’ve taken a picture of the desktop error, and do not have the patience to attempt this on my phone at this time. #FRUSTRATED

- Analyst / Administrator

LinkedIn is not only a valuable App for HR employment, but a hosts of hotbed for resourceful opinions, debates, surveys, photo opportunity to share artistic graphics, videography, referrals, links to professional articles, references for statistical data, release of emergence to innovation, announcements to special events / affairs, meetings, special hearings, celebrations, strategy huddles, military & law enforcement posts, economic & market status, and the Lists is inevitable! Aside from the trolls & ignoramus who occasionally re-emerge as nuisance, there still is a marvelous value of how much of an asset it’s grown with possibly greater tools in the future!

- Disgusted

You have this software written so that a person can only pick one area of expertise! I have worked in telecommunications for 20+ years, I have also worked on pneumatic tube systems that are used in drive through pharmaceuticals and banks and hospitals! Both of these job areas at the same time! I’ve had my own electronics business at the same time! I installed phone cabling and computer cable and know about different types of data transmission. I specialized in vacuum tube technology! A niche market for high-end audiophiles down to musicians who still use vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. I design my own music effects pedals and vacuum tube amplifiers! As far as I can see you offer no way of entering all of these talents and experience that I have. I’m very disappointed!

- Okay but too many glitches

At first I was really loving LinkedIn, but lately it has been logging me out and the telling me that the password I have saved is incorrect! It has logged me out in my phone as well as on my computer. It does it after maybe every 10 minutes. So it has been nearly impossible to search jobs and connections without being logged out every time. Therefore, I have become very disappointed in this program. Also I haven’t been able to submit my resume with easy apply so it has caused me to revert back to the normal search and go to original website method. There are just too many glitches preventing me from enjoying this program.

- New update is crashing hard

Hello, I actually really like this app but the latest update has completely crashed the platform. My profile and feed will not load at all. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that the latest update has erased my profile entirely. But having visited the desktop platform, I can tell that all of my info is safe. UPDATE 1:50pm : I can now login. And congrats on adding a much needed native video feature. But now the issues is that posts aren’t functioning as intended. It appears that you attempted to add a carousel feature for multiple image posts (which is great) but it doesn’t work. Only one image is visible once posted AND baldly cropped into a forced horizontal dimension. Then if I tap into enlarging the photo. It still only shows 1 photo and not the 3 that I posted. Another issue, is that I tried to revert to posting just a single photo but for some reason, that single photo fails to appear; only the post copy shows in the feed. Please fix the app. Almost there Thank you, B

- Linked in has turned into Reddit

If I want to watch a guy who lost 4 of his friends to suicide in one week, do push-ups on LinkedIn, well let’s just say I don’t. Why is it on LinkedIn? How is that going to help me get a job? I can go to Reddit or Facebook for that kind of people watching but don’t because I like to use my time to be productive. I am really disappointed how LinkedIn has turned into something unprofessional. I feel bad for the guy, don’t get me wrong, but LinkedIn is a career building website for professionals, not a me too movement for millennials or millennial want to be’s who use social media (LinkedIn is fast becoming junk social media) for 10 minutes of fame. Next you will start using these videos for paid advertising when they get a lot of hits.

- Just another social media page

I found this to be another Facebook with a “professional” quality. Unsecure, and of no value to gainful employment. While perusing comments on the articles in my feed, I found that at least half were the typical social media trolling comments, arguing for the sake of arguing! Quite immature, detracted from the professional aspect of this app quite a bit. Coupled with an article stating that an average of 86% of financial employers now question the validity and trustworthiness of all LinkedIn profiles...well, there isn’t much use for this app as I avoid social media like the plague! And I say unsecure because I allowed my information to be shown to employers & allow for potentials to contact me, and I’m now receiving numerous spam calls & texts a day.

- Be careful with this app , your money is not safe at all !!

Terrible costumer service , I put all my confidence in this application to transfer my money , I transfer a good amount of money by this app and they take my money out they dint transfer my money “because I’m not the owner of my account” such I am , I call them and no one can give me the face to tell me why they did that too me , they suppose to contact to me before doing anything with my money . They hang out the phone when I ask them why they do that with my money that’s un respectable and very unprofessional ! In the end of the story they take my $1100 without respond and they don’t want to give me back because they can give me a respond about my money !! BE CAREFULL EVERYONE USING THIS APP I DONT RECOMEND IT AY ALL BECAUSE YOU DONT HAVE YOUR MONEY SAFE !

- Useless

Been using linkedin for years have yet to get anywhere using the app. I feel like the app is just another scheme to get all your information. You post all your info and photos to this site expecting to get somewhere within your career field and it’s just a site people put their info on and never look back at it again. What needs to be looked into is how often are people logging into the site? If its months and years in between logins then this site is useless. I’ve tried to use the app with an open mind, but it simply doesn’t work. Issues I experienced today 2019 is searching for jobs it will show you the jobs, but click on them and try to get more information and I always get opps, not you, something went wrong. Looks like it’s time to consolidate my online profiles and delete the profiles that I no longer have a use for. With linkedin being at the top of that list. Linkedin has turned into a kids safe zone style facebook. Where people post memes and all you can do is like or comment. They seem to be more focused on that stuff and not the job seeker side.

- Not bad, but...

The linked in app itself isn’t all that bad, but there’s got to be a way to get rid of that pull down window that’s always showing a small banner on top! It’s the window with 3 steps to get started on LinkedIn. First scroll page says “keep building your network”. It is extremely annoying and pops up every time you open the app, and doesn’t completely go away ever. It reappears as soon as you scroll back up in your feed. That’s the one thing keeping me from using the app more, I don’t need a little pop up deal blocking half my screen when I’m scrolling through my feed. Thanks, please get rid of it.

- LinkedIn is needed, but this app isn’t

Everyone should be on linked in for business opportunities and to maintain connections to current and past colleagues. However the in your face, modal blocking forms, wizards, panes, to click or swipe through, and having to avoid their attempts at clicking a button you didn’t mean to, has forced me to remove this app once and for all!!! I might have used the app once a day to check the feed and maybe find useful work related news to read about. But the constant contact gathering windows, the “give me your contacts from your phone”, the “give me your email credentials” B*S* has left me no option but to uninstall the app. Now I will maybe go to the website once or twice a month. LINKEDIN, your contact gathering initiative has backfired terribly on you. You cannot use this app to do what you want to do (read news, find jobs, find people you know, etc) because LINKEDIN constantly tries to steer you into doing something else that is to add value to their business. Good riddance you terrible app and terrible product managers who turned it into this steaming mess.

- Love LinkedIn, but the app violates my privacy settings

My LinkedIn app has been set up for years no not have access to my Contacts list on my iPhone. Well, was I sure surprised when the app made suggestions to me about what contacts ON MY PHONE who have LinkedIn accounts that I have not yet added to my connections list, and then suggested me to invite other contacts ... FROM MY PHONE ... to start LinkedIn accounts via the email addresses I have for them in my phone. Well, as much as I love the LinkedIn product (seriously, I'm happy with the amount of contacts I've received from recruiters lately for my specialty), this app is a privacy-disregarding piece of garbage, and may need to be reported to either Apple or, even worse, some sort of government agency.

- Close to flawless

Just started and love the concept. Love the way that it invites you to fill out your profile since it engages you with a meter that fills every time that you do something. But the thing that keeps it from 5 stars is that when it asks you to submit a profile picture, or work experience, or almost anything else you have to try multiple times by starting over, entering the same information again, and hope that it accepts your information. Pressing the “add to profile” or “save” feature virtually does nothing. Very frustrating, but everything else is pretty flawless.

- Love it. But drains up too much battery and data on the go.

As said in the title. The app itself deserves 4+ stars, only minor functionality improvement suggestions. It has dramatically changed my professional networking activity and brought me new business. However, it is consistently among my top-3 battery draining and data consuming apps. I’d strongly pledge for development efforts in this area to LinkedIn. And, please, do not sell out to application-killing Microsoft, ever!! (See Skype, Hotmail, Outlook as examples top of my mind of how to waste a winning marketplace)

- Opt out ?

After considering the cost, the fact that I’m now permanently disabled paying to be part of a ? Job Locating? network makes no sense so when I tried to cancel the trial membership, which would of course become a considerable waste of money, when I contacted Linked In I was instructed to contact Apple, huh? The old bait and switch 21st century style, I know nothing. The Anti Social media platforms have made it quite clear how they thrive on liars, crooks, reprobates, pedophiles, and despot tyrannical socialpaths who’s children look as though they don’t fall far from the tree. So now we’ve got our own Belarus developing right before our eyes, 12 more years. Anyway Apple I expect you to get this matter straightened out, as I’ve already been looking to drop you and AT&T.

- This isn’t doing its job correctly

I gave this app one star because I have had two recruiters reach out to see if I would interested in a job they scouting for. But that is it. Unless you pay for the Premium version you are unable to see who is looking at your profile. That’s ridiculous! Knowing who is looking at your profile can help determine if the company that is looking at your page is something you are actually qualified for, or help you decide if you need to tweak something or pay money to someone who can help with your resume. Why do I have to pay to see who is viewing my profile???? It’s a more of a professional social media page where people post their personal (not professional) opinions on articles.


The notifications for a “suggested connection” are unnecessary and out of control. Since the previous release, I get these “notifications” at least once per week and they do NOT go away even after I “dismiss” them, close them, etc. 1) suggestions is not a good idea in the first place, 2) if you insist on having it, it should only appear as a function of my general search for connections, i.e. I search for people and this could be at the top, 3) the notifications are an AWFUL idea. I’ve NEVER had an actual connection from this process and it is the most annoying part of the app experience. PLEASE, FIX IT!

- Profile Picture Color Distortion 😡

I’m not sure when LinkedIn changed this, but when you upload a photo to change your profile picture - it appears to be the same color and resolution of your original photo. But then when you select “choose” in the app, it immediately sends you to the “crop photo” screen and distorts the color making the profile picture look terrible. You’d think LinkedIn’s photo editing options would help, but no - the colors remain unacceptable, even adjusting with the filters. Why not just allow the photo to remain in the same color as it was uploaded? This forces users to accept unprofessional looking photos when they are trying to update their profile photo.

- Helpful, but feed out of order

I understand this is intentional but not giving the option for a chronological feed is not user friendly. I am seeing the same posts from an event I attended 3 weeks ago which should have appeared to me in real time to make the connections I needed to make. The site in browser allows to sort chronologically, which only remains if you are constantly active for four hours, not because you have set it this way for good. Thanks for that I guess ? Please allow for chronological view on both mobile and site. For someone who is actively attempting to network for a career change, it is helpful to be up to date, not 3 weeks behind.

- I hate LinkedIn

I’ll say it again. I hate LinkedIn. It is so frustrating that it feels like you need to have a profile to validate your professional presence and experience. The platform is clunky and inelegant, I don’t understand why it’s a GD trial every time you ever try to log in, and on top of that I constantly have fifty thousand notifications about missed messages and activity that are actually NOTHING. I have to maintain my organization’s page as well, so I am unfortunately on the site often enough to keep my inbox clear, and yet the app and the site are always bombarding me with notifications and flags about activity that is not even real. Stop the fake notifications! I dream of a future where LinkedIn is irrelevant and gone.

- Impossible to post from the app

It’s nearly impossible to post from the App during peak times. I’ve had several posts fail repeatedly. I work in Communications & Outreach & need to provide updates in a timely manner. The app in previous versions worked great. Now I’m forced to wait until I get back to a computer to update. It’s counterproductive & I’ll probably delete the app if simple functionality cannot be restored. Also would help if you could manage company pages from the app. Seeing as this is a business based platform it would make sense to be able to do that on the app rather than wrestle with the abysmal way it’s laid out on the mobile browser. I’ll leave the one star rating until this is resolved.

- Little things kill the experience

The app itself works fine; it’s several other things that bother me enough to give it 2 stars. Auto-playing video I’ve never been a fan, and specifically make a point to quickly skip over anything that auto-plays. My time is worth more than being distracted by some video that I didn’t want to see in the first place. Pop-up banner ads The most recent update apparently has banner ads that pop up at the bottom of the screen blocking portions of the news feed. I’m fine with in-line ads, but pop-ups are just annoying. Private message ads When I see a notification in my messages, I no longer know if it’s someone legitimately trying to contact me, or if it’s a paid ad that I have to specifically go out of my way to ignore. Again, my time is worth more to me than that. Maybe they’re just trying some of these out, and are open to user feedback. But if this stays around for too long, I think I’ll delete the app, and substantially lower my use of LinkedIn.

- Love it but....

I love using this app for job hunting and networking but the way to delete saved/expired jobs is tedious and quite time consuming. I have to go through each one and delete it one at a time. I think there should at least be an option to delete all expired jobs at once. Another thing, the jobs that are applied does NOT go to or have the option to move it to the applied section unless you applied the position with LinkedIn Easy apply. Yes, i should keep my own record of where I apply but it would be great to keep it all in one place and it would be easier to track.

- Stop asking me to update your app

Stop asking me to update your app and then not giving me an option to exit out! There is no "X" to remove the update pop up window. That is so thoughtless and inconvenient . I would show you the screen shot but this review does not allow me to do so. I cannot even use LinkedIn now because that stupid window won't close. I guess you want to lose me as a user of your app. And potentially lose others as well. Thanks for forcing me not to use LinkedIn anymore .

- Great for expanding options until the app crashes on you

App has crashed for the 4th time in the middle of applying for one of the jobs I’m interested in & it’s very frustrating. I’m having to input the same information so many times just because the app can not handle an external portal for applying for positions. I can see where if I type a little “fast”, the page will freeze for a good minute before shutting down. Then I have to start all over again. I’d give 5 stars for the great options and the easy Apply options, if only it weren’t the app crashing that made it not so easy!!

- Tesla, The Un-Contested Leaderof Electric Vehicles

Having been a legal driver for over 30 years and having personally owned magnificent automobiles, I had the absolute test drive of perhaps anyone ever experienced. After having been hospitalized from a car accident and having not had the opportunity to drive, I was taken to a Tesla dealership and once I started up the S model, the car spoke to me, "Relax Reggie, because I am going to drive you". Needless to say, that's exactly the experience I had and as a result I'll be purchasing the Model X in 2018.

- Premium is a BUST

The free account is not super important to have, because Facebook is really a better option for networking and actually finding real work. The premium is an absolute bust. You get a couple of statistical insights, but they add zero value to you as a prospective employee. If you have a presence on any other social media platform, you don’t need LinkedIn. I’ve applied to hundreds and hundreds of positions on LinkedIn, and the only employers that will reach out to you want you to do door to door sales for minimum wage (or less/none) and an absolutely laughable level of commission. Having an account is cool, but the premium is 100% unnecessary and overpriced beyond reason.

- Very poor

I can’t even set up an account, they’re is no customer support for help . I have tried numerous times to setup account if you time out it won’t accept your phone number , it keeps telling me to choose another number ?..? How many phone numbers do you think the average person has . I have complained on your site but to no avail, and have not been contacted . Very frustrated here . Glad I read customer reviews, and I don’t need any help any longer, I WILL NOT SET UP AN ACCOUNT , thanks to all the reviews I read .. y’all have all long way to go before providing a good product to the public . And now I see why you have no contact info available , you would be inundated with to many customer complaints .

- Good Enough, but some poor implementations

Sending an invite to someone in your network doesn’t seem like it works: if I leave and re-open the app, I’m again presented with the same option of adding the same exact contact as before. The “Your invitation to ____ is on it’s way” is incredibly slow and intrusive. It also covers the top of the screen which means you can’t close a profile, close a photo, use the search, etc. You have to wait for the notification to go away. Very poorly designed. Remember how Gamecenter says “Welcome Back _____” on the games you play? Same experience.

- 1/6/19 Update

This recent update is SUPER glitchy. Trying to apply for positions through the app and the app freezes and force closes during application. That is really an inconvenience when you’ve scrolled through hundreds of jobs and the job poster has been alerted of your interest. When you can’t find the job posting anymore because it wasn’t saved to your saved jobs, is a bad look when the job poster looks to see if you applied... I thought that by having premium, navigating the app would be better but it’s just gotten worse. A new update needs to be rolled out.

- Posts on home page

I’ve been using LinkedIn for a long time. It’s a great app for networking, reference materials, job postings, etc. I would offer one suggestion. I have added myself to several groups and unless you specifically go into those groups, you never see any postings on your home page. Can you update the app so any postings submitted for the groups I am a member show in my main feed? I have seen this feedback in numerous comments on the site. It would be really helpful and then posts get read timely. Thank you.

- Nice app, should connect to email

This app is designed well and does what it’s supposed to do...biggest drawback is that when I get an email notification in my inbox, whether it’s a message or just letting me know how many people have viewed my profile, it doesn’t connect to the app if I click on the email message, it takes me to Safari browser and tries to have me log in from Safari. It should auto open the app, where I am already signed in. Seems like a small thing but is eternally frustrating.

- Convenient+++

Well designed similar to other social apps like Facebook so effort is with ease to conduct modifications on the profile, browse thru the stream, post updates, and - most importantly for me - communicate with contacts including business prospects. The ability to make some changes is inactive on the app and therefore a computer is required but once it’s set up you’re pretty much good to go mobile. I wish there was an option to opt out of read receipts for messages.

- New Member would love to use for internship

Nothing loads at all on this app. A month ago I used this app just fine. Then two weeks ago and now, all it says no matter what I click says “Sorry, weren’t able to load your feed. Let’s try again...” Update: Now when I tried to sign in after awhile of not being on from the earlier glitch, it says my account has been temporarily restricted after I was resetting my password thinking maybe I typed in the wrong password. So far I have had a bad experience with LinkedIn. I don’t know if anyone from customer support or app developers will help or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t fix this like everything else that has happened.

- Shady

“Welcome back!” Would you like to sell out your friends by giving up their contact information? We’ll make it really difficult to use our app unless you do! Got a new phone and had to navigate through about six screens of asking for contact info from me with the obnoxious “skip for now” before I could respond to the content-free email they sent me to tell me someone I know sent me a message. Hey, did you guys realize that email can be used to send messages? Yes, but they wanted to drive visits to their site to inflate their metrics. LinkedIn is a great example of the new age of companies that don’t give a hoot about you, the user, and only care about their metrics and whoever is paying for access to your data.

- Another half-baked app

Do you ever wonder if anyone attempted to use an app for its intended purpose before they released it? I hope they didn’t pay to develop this. First, you can’t use it in landscape. However, the most irritating thing is that when you search for a job it gives you a list of related results, but you can only pick one. To add another you must retype your entire search term—every time! This is infuriating because it doesn’t even save your previous term. Adding insult to injury, you CAN tick off terms from their initial list of suggestions based on your work history, but not for your own searches. Just use the desktop version, or better yet, a different job search app.

- You can do better, LinkedIn

Love the social network. We use this more than any other two social media platforms combined for our work. That said, the iPad app is a disappointment. Looks to us that the developers just re-tooled the iPhone/Android app to fit a larger screen rather than taking the time to engineer a stellar user experience. All that wasted real estate and white space, especially on larger iPad screens. Given your extensive resources, I think you can do better LinkedIn. Pulling for ya.

- Dreadfully buggy

On a slow satellite connection, uploads of posts don’t always go through. Sometimes I have to click send multiple times before it finally “catches”. This is a general linkedin bug - not just the app. The app crashes at unfortunate moments. It has crashed several times as I’ve been writing posts (and it has lost them). It has crashed as I’ve been filling in applications for positions. It did that on me today. Now I have no idea which vacancy I was applying to. The chat room (news discussion, postings discussions) are way too much of a zoo. In fact, so much of a zoo, I wonder whether people on are really professionals or children. Looking at the lists of names I see many fake names, names of cartoon characters etc being used. Since that’s acceptable, I’d rather like a feature that allows me to change my name when I get bored with it. Maybe one day I might be Ermintrude another day, Dylan or Brian or perhaps Zebedee. Maybe even Florence.

- Bug Report: Current Audio Interrupted when App opens

UPDATING to 5 stars because I received a workaround directly from LinkedIn. Great Job! Issue: If listening to something on my iPhone and open LinkedIn App my audio stops when scrolling LinkedIn and a video appears. Expected: As a user I would expect to initiate audio inside the linked in app as opposed to the app automatically hijacking my audio feed. Facebook and Twitter and IG do not interrupt my current audio unless I tap unmute or go into theater mode.

- Crashes every time. Spinning wheel

Nothing works! And what happened to the back button? Can’t swipe back, no back button! Have to cancel and redo my searches when you take me to the wrong page. This update is PATHETIC! Oh, and weeks upon weeks of emailing some person, who you can tell, doesn’t understand basic English (because I wound up breaking it down like I would for a 6 year old) of needing a spot on the app to add to my reading list which is available on the desktop version (I no longer use the desktop version). And he kept saying “I don’t know what you mean.” I posted screenshots on SM and even my friends who utilize the desktop version knew what I was talking about. And you pay these people?

- LinkedIn app does not work with LTE network

The link in the app does not work with the LTE network of most phones. It requires an actual ethernet network connection in order for it to function. This agree just error has been present in this app for months on end. I figured the programmers have just not gotten around to fixing it. But it seems more likely that they don’t even know it exists. Of course nowadays most everyone has access to WiFi connections, but there are times where there are power outages and it would be just peachy if this app actually functioned without WiFi and only LTE available. How is it possible the MS engineers not find this error during their rigorous testing?

- Navigation issues and inconsistencies...

An app should not show big inconsistencies between users. My girlfriend also uses linkedin, and certain navigations such as the “dashboard” differ significantly from mine. For one, I can’t even access “career interests” from my dashboard like she can. Also, the help center is completely oblivious. I looked up how to update career interests and it only said to: go to your profile dashboard to do this. I CAN’T DO THIS IF IT’S NOT THERE!? I can reach the career interests page through a link on the help center, but this makes it very inefficient. This part of linkedin has been fairly frustrating, though everything else functions well.

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LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder 9.1.198 Screenshots & Images

LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder iphone images
LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder iphone images
LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder iphone images
LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder iphone images
LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder iphone images
LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder iphone images
LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder iphone images
LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder iphone images

LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder (Version 9.1.198) Install & Download

The applications LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder was published in the category Business on 2019-02-03 and was developed by LinkedIn Corporation [Developer ID: 288429043]. This application file size is 215.76 MB. LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder - Business app posted on 2020-11-04 current version is 9.1.198 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.linkedin.LinkedIn

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