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Stay up to date with your accounts and leads with LinkedIn Sales Navigator on your iPhone, wherever you are.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you to target the right buyers and companies, understand what buyers value, and engage buyers with personalized outreach.

Whether you are waiting for a meeting, traveling between clients’ offices, or waiting in line for coffee, Sales Navigator Mobile gives you access to Sales Navigator’s key sales features where you need them most: everywhere.

- Get real-time sales updates on your accounts and leads
- Discover new accounts and leads with daily recommendations, wherever you are
- Prep for sales meetings by reviewing prospect profiles and account pages
- Save new leads after meetings to start getting sales updates
- Send timely InMail, messages, and connection requests

The Sales Navigator mobile app requires a Sales Navigator account, which is a paid LinkedIn subscription for sales professionals. The app is currently only available in English.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator App Description & Overview

The applications LinkedIn Sales Navigator was published in the category Business on 2014-09-01 and was developed by LinkedIn Corporation. This application file size is 72.22 MB. LinkedIn Sales Navigator current version is 4.4.7 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions.

We update LinkedIn Sales Navigator frequently to improve your selling experience.

* Bug fixes

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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hvgjgdeghh   3 star

Good Info but a little sloppy. Sales Nav is a valuable tool. It was better in the beginning stages when it had more compatibility with traditional LinkedIn, namely the messages. I do not like having 2 message inboxes and sales navigator can have some glitches. I also have issues getting alerts related to Sales navigator messages.

A real man   5 star

Sales Navigator - THE Gold Standard. Sales Navigator is the ultimate tool in the modern sales networking approach. The built in analytics and search tools get you to decision makers that you need. I am still discovering its potential ona daily basis.

WDLevesque   5 star

Invaluable. Sales Navigator has proven to be an invaluable tool for efficiently and effectively growing my business and serving my community of customers.

Staaldm   4 star

Can’t live w/o it - areas to improve. I couldn’t live without sales navigator and it gets the job done that I need it to. That said, I feel like the user interface and user experience are a bit unpolished in number of ways and it’s surprising to me that they haven’t been addressed. You can’t sort lead and account lists by header rows and since things aren’t sorted alphabetically (I can make sense of the order) this gets annoying when your list gets to be more than a page. Several other eye-rolling user annoyances but like I said, I’d still recommend it to anyone and consider it one of my top tools because of the up-to-date access it gives me to information.

rastaman2010   2 star

Useful yet frustrating. The data LinkedIn has is unmatched but completing even simple tasks through the app is frustrating beyond belief. Seeing pathways to connections is only sometimes shown which is likely the most important feature. Doing searches within your own network is complicated to figure out. I wish they spent more time on the things that mattered- better ux around finding the right prospects and finding pathways to connect with them quickly

Babs177   5 star

So Interesting!. Ready for another level to satisfy your business acumen and curiosity? This is it. I am never disappointed with the intel it sends my way, each and every day. Intuitive and thoughtful. I give it two thumbs up.

RRBD   2 star

Once in profile, none of the buttons work. Looking at a prospect and wanted to connect. None of the buttons (connect, add note, add tag, message, etc) work within the app once you are looking at a user’s profile. Any fixes?   5 star

Best tool for sales. Best way to prepare list of potential customers, partners and get their insights and reach out to them. Crucial toll for my work. I highly recommend it!

Bumpalru   4 star

New features but no hand holding for doing first attempt at utilizing. Need to handhold and run first report for user in the context of their objectives and company focus

pauljsmith   4 star

Valuable, but limited. Really valuable tool, but limited by two big factors, 1) thousands of companies have no presence on LinkedIn and 2) the information about those that do is entirely dependent on what is voluntarily shared. Filtering by Revenue for example is really limiting in that the data is often outdated or non-existent. It’s not culled from external sources but dependent on the company to keep their profile updated. LinkedIn is a great resource for B2B selling but it should not be the only resource. That said, Sales Navigator is a great tool for what it does. Just know that you’re only reaching a fraction of your market.

C&T-Jeff   5 star

CEO. Having built C&T into one of the top CEO/Board-C-Suite Search Firms, I can see the power of Sales Navigator to accelerate new client relationships and enhance the quality of search execution for any Search Professional. In helping mid-large Search Firms build CEO/Board and PE Practices/Brands at Jeff Christian &Co, I describe LinkedIn/Sales Navigator to our clients as a distinct marketplace for retained search. If you don’t begin to grab a piece of this new market early, you will be left behind.

Appjunkie   2 star

Need an iPad version. Constantly frustrating to use in an iPad. Promises in replies to reviews that this is being worked on go back over a year. Also need a consolidated inbox with the LinkedIn app. Silly that I have to jump back and forth between two apps for messaging.

ryhimmel   4 star

C-level exec search on app. I wish I was able to search my connection contact by C-level on the app

Motivational teacher   5 star

Leads. The best tool for leads

Wolfmander   3 star

Good On A PC Not On A Tablet. I like the app as it works on a PC, but not as it works on a tablet. It’s like a different app on a tablet, much more difficult to use and missing functionality found on the PC version.

Geberhardt500   2 star

Sales navigator. Works good but I wanted to upgrade to Sales Navigator team so I can synchronize with my crm. Since I purchased through the app it was billed through the apple store so I was not able to upgrade. I had to cancel through apple who already billed for the first month. Then I have to wait for the month to end before going to the Linkedin website and paying for sales navigator team With a credit card. So I have to wait a month to set the service I need and have to pay for this month even though it’s mostly useless without integration with my crm. Very poor purchase/upgrade system!!! Update: I tried the link Sales Navigator suggested and requested a refund from Apple and it was denied!

_EPG_   3 star

Landscape Mode for iPad?. Where is landscape mode for iPad users?

Mango von Sales   5 star

Hands down the best sales tool I’ve ever used. Finding new prospects and actually being able to connect with them is incredible. Prospects become friends and I stay in touch with a ton of people. Great to see live updates and expand my network. 10/10

Cange250   5 star

PLEASE: IPad APP & Pipedrive CRM Integration***. I absolutely love Sales Navigator, however, there are just a few more additions that will then make this ELITE. Really need an IPad APP, and Pipedrive CRM Integration. If you take some time to hone your Craft and become a “Master” at Search Tactics this become EXTREMELY POWERFUL, if your in Sales. I am in Financial Consulting, and I’d like to give a “Shout Out” to Gabe Villamizar’s Youtube Channel for all the PHENOMENAL content that has been a major reason to my current knowledge and success. Gabe is great, really will open your eyes with tips and tricks. Cheers Nick C

Nyein Nyein Naing   5 star

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Nnickkkkkkkk   1 star

Lousy experience on iPad. If you plan to use this with a screen larger than an iPhone (an iPad, case in point), be advised that this app is NOT created or adapted for an iPad and you can only see the iPhone interface and ONLY in portrait mode. Really bad and poor experience

Steverodgers88   3 star

iPad App needed and PBJ. I like the product so far. But I am in agreement with all the very many request I see on your reviews about the necessity for an iPad App. In this day and age and for a paid monthly service this should be a given. This is a bit like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I can eat a peanut butter sandwich but not near as good or enjoyable in the experience of eating a good PBJ. Please realize the same applies here as it’s good but near as good as it could be. Thanks

Longtime SW Customer   3 star

Wished It Worked Better On An iPad. Would give the app 5 stars if it was formatted to work on an iPad and the app would rotate on phone or tablet.

mwvw   3 star

No excuse for not having an iPad version. Very expensive service for this egregious lack of detail.

DBMirchandani   3 star

Frequent freezes. Like functionality. Concerned about stability. Frequent freezes. Thanks.

ljgonzalez   5 star

Great lead tool. I’ll sum it up. It’ll get you to the right person at the fastest time possible with lots of useful features to EFFECTIVELY follow up.

Robbmatt   1 star

IPad Version?. I like Sales Navigator and use it all the time but I do not understand why they don’t have an iPad app! Professionals are on the go and use several tools through the day. It’s ridiculous that they did not make an iPad version.

Soonerlady00   3 star

Need an iPad App...badly!!. I love the website and the ability to use my iPhone. However, sending messaging is really difficult when I am away from my desktop. In order for this to be a “go-to” app for sales, please develop an iPad app.

Geniuskav   4 star

Need more CRM style feature + iPad application. I really enjoy using LinkedIn SN. I would love to be able to use the application via my ipad and have ALL the same features offered via the web on my mobile devises. Please consider adding more CRM style features: List Sort Run Reports Activity Value of opportunity etc... Sorting via address (location) Require a business contact card so when you connect you have the full contact information - managing business cards is very old school-maybe an e-card can be sent with a trusted new connection and updated based on any changes in jobs is updated. LinkedIn has become my most used tool and functionality adds are important. Also can you email the monthly statement for LI SN ?

RDR3829   1 star

App freezes after scrolling through a handful of saved accounts. Good in theory but poor in performance.

Advertorial    5 star

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Japes Eagle Eyes   5 star

Good job. I like this app to help me find leads in my industry. Great design for usability.

Pac en maudit   4 star

Meilleure présentation à ses dèbuts. LinkedIn avait une meilleure présentation visuelle àses débuts. Je ne me souviens pas de Sales Nav mais j'imagine que les deux étaient semblables. Les informations sont bien et c'est un bon outil.

in litore   3 star

Reasonable versatility. There is no doubt that the additional access an app offers over a traditional web based product is a step forward, but for my use there are still some important things that can’t be done within it as currently configured.

need a better mobile app   2 star

Not as agile as web version. Not as agile as web version

marugroup   1 star

Losing messages in inbox. I lost all my messages in Inbox! It's hard to believe that Microsoft hires people who cannon organize a proper testing prior to release

ritazog   1 star

FREE Sales Navigator trial is a SCAM. If you ever receive an InMail through your LinkedIn account saying you are eligible for a FREE sales navigator trial, DO NOT FALL FOR IT. I was charged the amount of $126.46 on my credit card. Very disappointed.

louis ohilippe   1 star

Confused. Same service, two apps, two windows/tabs on the computer. Shows no history and poor UI and even worse consistency. Not very ‘professional’ after all.

Avneesh Gupta   2 star

Poor linkages between LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. LinkedIn and Sales Navigator don’t talk to each other and sync up really well. Their connections and messages don’t stay together. Connection searches and results in LinkedIn do not appear in Sales Navigator. It doubles the effort in keeping up with the two apps.

michelbeauchampphoto   5 star

A must for Sales Professional. The application works great on my 6S +

crap11   5 star

Works as intended.. No complaints. Works like the a paired down version you use from your browser.

georgeeboy   5 star

Essential for growing a business.. Sales Navigator is like having a secret door that opens new ways into every business opportunity.

Advertorial    5 star

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Harikrishna Gavanahalli   4 star

Amazing features but no phone number!. Amazing features but no phone number.

Slartibartfast-100   1 star

iPhone only?!?. How can this be iPhone only? Unbelievable. Many sales people are on the road with iPads and a properly optimised Sales Navigator app for iPad would be great. Using the web whilst on the road is just full of friction. Why wouldn’t a company like LinkedIn build a proper iPad app for this?

Sdipietr   1 star

Freezes on iOS. The app is pretty much useless due to feeding every time I use it. Shame.

Jag971   1 star

Free Trial - Beware. LinkedIn, the org behind this app, is a great platform for business networking, but don’t ever get drawn in to a ‘free trial’ unless you are certain you want to keep and pay for their service in advance. Their marketing is sneaky and aggressive, and much like a bank or a gym, it’s hard to close the account and get out! For Sales Nav, be mindful that they will charge you a subscription ONE WEEK before the ‘free trial’ is due to expire!!!! The app didn’t suit my needs and I was simply lucky that my card had expired so the (quite significant) payment didn’t go through. To remove the app you have to go into your iTunes account and follow a few steps - I found these on google. LinkedIn don’t make it clear. I’ve had similar problems with LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Advertising over the span of several years - just around clarity about what you’re getting and what it costs. After avoiding their incessant ads for years, I would think one day, ok this product sounds good, maybe they’ve changed, let’s give this a go - and I’ve been Scrooged every time :( If they weren’t so sneaky I’d have more confidence in using and keeping their products. The way they operate currently just leaves a really bad impression in a space where impressions really count!

Apostolos 63   5 star

Right hand support. A tool of the trade in today’s business Who’s Who.

john anthony paul pattison   5 star

connecting talent with opportunity. sales navagator team is awsome and has a lead generator via advanced keyword search. and you can save these searches. and receive updates. as new connections arrive within your saved lead generator searches. either because your page rank improved from doing better quality work. or people changed jobs. im not sure if people taking on more responsibility. is detectable. probably if they included it within they linkedin job description. and communicated within this new capacity using linkedin. (within the same job) then they could potentially appear within search results. based upon their new work responsibilities. and as more and more people join linkedin. and keep linkedin open. when doing all their work each day. and also leveraging the awesomeness of linkedin as they work. then linkedin helps to connect them to opportunity. based upon the work they communicate in linkedin. either via private messages or via linkedin articles. or posts. or comments to and/or sharing valuable linkein pulse articles. and/or via participating in (and/or accessing key insights from) special interest linkedin groups. and also from the network effects. as linkedin isnt just about the opportunities you actively create. as its also a great way. if you are talent. for valuable opportunities to come from key people finding you. via key word search or beeing impressed with your content. linkedin is awesome. a total game changer. and sales navigator team is far far more valuable than just linkedin. sales navigator team is an essential tool for doing business. if you are a business owner, and entrepreneur, a ceo, a member of the c-suite, a board member or other executive, a powerful woman, a consultant, an advisor, just to name a few groups for whom it is essential for. yet sales navigator is not just valuable for those who have a work function that includes business development. as it also has better functionality for actively finding people of value to form meaningful connections with. or even to help you find the person you marry. so these are some of the awesome applications of sales navigator team. and once you start using sales navigator team each day, everyday. in combination with professional training in the massive number of ways to use sales navigator team to unlock opportunity and value. so then you will begin to appreciate the value and the many applications of this most impressive resource. from giving you access to the impressive linkedin professional network. that gives you direct access to decisionmakers who are similar to you. so no need to go through their secretary. and you can bee open to new awesome jobs. without actively looking. you can share your written and video content to establish yourself as a thought leader to attract opportunity. i have shared some of the value of linkedin sales navigator team. yet you probably won't know enough to appreciate it.or even fully comprenhend what i have shared. until you are using sales navigator team often, everyday. after having received training. including multiple advanced trainings. which will especially bee unlocking huge amounts of opportunity within the united states dod and united states intelligence community.from helping to break down the silos for much more fruitful collaboration.that is a total game changer. from both valuably purpose driven. as well as the huge amount of opportunity that talent can attract from sharing insight as a thought leader both within controlled groups or content you make publicly available.i think you can create groups for the sharing of classified content (like presentations/pitch decks, documents and possibly also video content. via i think its called linkedin drive.which is much more collaborative than just google drive.beecause of the enhanced options for giving talent shared access to your content. which is far above and beyond that available on google drive. linkedin sales navigator team can bee a total game changer within the u.s. dod and united states intelligence communities.and from working hard on top content within linkedin. this can improve you linkedin page rank a fair amount. providing a reputation measure of your value. even though the reputation measure of some members of the united states intelligence community is downgraded for security purposes. e.g. linkedin reputation of claire, station chief, central intelligence agency, asia-pacific region is massively downgraded. as is the reputation of other key people from the u.s. intelligence community.and even humble me. as i can directly message most leaders of nations and others.via linkedin. and i share alot of content with key people via linkedin. and i pretty much always have linkedin open.when working on my government advisory work. via my dell inspiron 15. yet the visible expression of my linkedin page rank has been massively downgraded. to even appears pretty piss poor. considering and true value and impact of some of my world changing strategies and big ideas. which is at times very important within international history. and beyond. linkedin sales navigator team is an essential tool for the groups i have listed above. yet everyone can begin harnessing its raw power and fruitfulness for better direct access to decisionmakers. to message privately or via linkedin drive. as well as the big opportunities that can come for beeing a thought leader on linkedin. and how this will attract both talent and opportunity to you via the linkedin network at times in ways that you could have never planned for. especially when considering the powerful serendipity moments that can come both, *online *and offline from using linkedin sales navigator team you could possibly even use sales navigator team to find your future wife. or maybe she may finds you via sales navigator team. its a total game changer. i can't recommend sales navigator team enough. every professional needs it. sincerely, john

sean heydie   2 star

iPad. Hi team - great app, a little disappointed there is no iPad version for my sales team.

Familiar Expressions   5 star

Great app for social selling!. Great app for social selling!

MK12018   1 star

Constant login and crashing issues. Hi guys I have both the regular LinkedIn app and the sales nav app on my iPhone X running latest iOS. Regular app works perfectly but sales nav always has issues such as crashing on opening, taking 20 seconds or longer to log in as it seems to be very inefficiently looking for credentials, cutting out unexpectedly for no apparent reason and copy/paste problems. When the app works correctly the features are great but the constant issues have made me use less and less often. Please fix thanks.

Sammy J82   4 star

Love the app but.... Hi team Can I pls ask that you fix the problem I have when “copy and pasting” I find a contact or company on the road so I copy the details from my browser or contacts or calendar. Then when I press to past the button for past disappears so quickly it’s impossible to click. I appreciate it might be an apple issue but I wanted to let you know how frustrating it is. I also would like to see their recent activity - articles etc from the lead page please. Otherwise I love the app it’s GREAT!

Brettlodge   3 star

Could improve the reliability. Seems to have quite a few bugs in iPhone 10. Asks me to login with my name shown,press login and to goes back to the sign in screen. Constantly asks me to connect to the calendar and I approve but it comes back up the next time I go in.

Julian Hopper   5 star

Personalised Lists. Wish you could make personalised lists so I could put certain clients together. No idea why that’s not available.

kevilacey   1 star

Doesn’t work. Always crashes on my iPhone 8+. Not useable

Eyad Shbool   5 star

Great app. Very practical and user friendly

Tonyh611   5 star

Excellent. A gr at tool for the true business developer

u9700528   1 star

Inappropriate recommendations. Slightly upsetting to say the least to find in the top 5 recommendations of people I should connect to as my deceased employer and my deceased father.

Tabby's dad   2 star

Needs a lot of work. The app closes unexpectedly. Search does not work properly. Very disappointing since paying a lot of money for access to LinkedIn sales navigator...

MH11223344556677889900   4 star

Great for everyday use. Great for everyday use of checking insights and quick lead/accounts reviews. The features it has are spot on, and it loads very quickly because of this simplicity. Would like to be able to check my SSI though.

Alf_stewart   5 star

A must for prospecting. A must for prospecting

Alfix MA   4 star

Great too for day-to-day work. When you work in B2B, this tool is a must. And the app provides easy access most relevant functionality.

Business development auz   1 star

Functionality. This app doesn't have the search and filter functionality, which is the only reason why you pay for the subscription to the web based version. Being a phone app version, you would think you could use this for business development activity on the road, but unfortunately not. The normal LinkedIn app has better search and filter functionality and it's free.

Chris Davos   5 star

Great App. Roll on with further innovation.

BiBBo..   1 star

Rubbish on iPad. Security feature in order to install doesn't work on iPad 2. VERY poor testing by LinkedIn and their security vendor. Piece of garbage!

Lurch aka axe   5 star

Great organiser of news and updates from networks you're interested in.. Thumbs up.

The rattler 26   4 star

Great for anyone in business. Keeps you updated on all the latest trends and updates you are interested in.

Tyv14n   2 star

Potential but annoying crashes. Crashes every time I go to leads tab

BernieTai   3 star

Unstable on iPad and needs an iPad version. Surely given the amount of information, an iPad version is warranted

mjones72   5 star

Great app. I often use this app in route to work or on the go. Love it!

nigelhedges   4 star

A must have tool for bizdev. This is a great app for bizdev work.

Razchorev   5 star

Useful app. Love it. Very useful app

ohovde   3 star

Good but not great. Overall it’s nice to have on my phone but seems limited in use. We pay a thousand bucks a year + and it just doesn’t feel all there. If they put some work into it like better notifications and more intuitiveness with regular LinkedIn it would be great.

purplechi21   1 star

Generally useless. It has essentially none of the functionality of Sales Navigator.

Chuck74 trader   3 star

Review. Sales navigator is very helpful in finding the right people. But it seems like parts are missing on purpose and tags follow up and messaging management.

ELL III   4 star

Simple to use, worth every penny!. I like the way Sales Navigator organizes the companies and leads I follow continually providing me new ideas and conversation starters. Keep up the good work!

caesarshrestha   1 star

Can not log in. I cannot log in the app says network problem while I'm writing this review.

cburg   1 star

No iPad support. Costly upgrade to not have iPad support.

Tom R2D2   2 star

IPad Rotation. Developers need to work on this app for iPads because the screen doesn’t turn, it stays in portrait view even when looking at the iPad in landscape. Please fix ASAP!!! Thx!!

Snowflakesmom   2 star

This app isn’t particularly useful. I’d like to see an iPad version with more of the Sales Navigator functionality. So far, the “discover” feature hasn’t suggested anything even remotely related to the accounts I’m seeking, even though I’ve saved 100’s of accounts in Sales Navigator. Regarding the app and the web version of Navigator: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE integrate messaging between Navigator and LinkedIn. It is SO FRUSTRATING to have conversations in both places. I’m having to find contacts in Navigator and look up the conversation in LinkedIn just so I don’t start threads in two places.

ArtPMGeek   1 star

Unable to use LinkedIn login. The app did not let me use LinkedIn login. After trying to login it kept displaying an error that no network is available even though I had full network access. Regards Arthi

Saucepan 1   2 star

Update issues and general content. After the mid-April update, I have to log into the app every time with no info populated. As far as the content, I get just as much info using the search on LinkedIn and the updates in connections are the same. It may be for you, but for me it was not worth close to $80+ per month.

Marknyc13   2 star

Frequent crashes. This app crashes frequently. And need to re-login often

johnspins   4 star

Having to Re-Sign On Every Time I Open The App. Please fix this.

RCasemiro   1 star

Crashing. App is constantly crashing when trying to send inmail to contacts outside my network.

Emdub2112   2 star

Worked okay until April 2018. Just recently, I had to reauthenticate and have yet to successfully get back in. I’ve tried deleting and re-installing, hard resets, etc. At first I was concerned about being hacked but fortunately that’s not the case.

Ssudarsa   1 star

IPhone 10 crash needs a fix. The latest version of the app does not open on the iPhone 10.

chejech   3 star

Mobile App keeps logging me out. Mobile app keeps logging me out. Came to see if there was a new update!

Jbrobinson413   3 star

Needs improvement. The app is ok but has some big flaws: 1. The discover tab shows the same account results every day 2. LinkedIn and sales navigator messages are treated like two different things. They are the same and should show in both apps. 3. Searching for new leads/accounts by filtering is limited via the app 4. Push notifications only sporadically work (this is a big issue) 5. Can’t sync new leads / accounts to Salesforce. Makes it difficult to prospect and track without excessive data entry (More an issue with the service than the app) 6. The Salesforce sync that does exist is poorly executed. It’s using legacy notes/attachment objects.

Shanew22   2 star

Decent but crashes. The concept of the app is great, but it’s riddled with bugs and it crashes all the time.

Vxsjzsnzhs   3 star

Complicated to implement - Hoping it delivers on its promise. I am one week into the product. I still don’t have the promised integration with SalesForce. Technical Support is non existent. I expected more out of LinkedIn. I am hopeful I can get it figured out soon or I will cancel my subscription.

Capt_America   5 star

Not good on mobile. The mobile app is prehistoric

Blizzboy283   1 star

The app is unusable. Sales Navigator? It’s fantastic. This app? Horrendous. It’s literally unusable and no matter what I do, it crashes. I’ve deleted it and reinstalled it countless times.

I got rich from Linkedin   3 star

It’s expensive but only way to prospect. There is now no way to tag prospects on LinkedIn with out sales navigator. 80 bucks a month is a lot but you can really hone in on who you want to target through advanced search tool. Also LinkedIn and sales navigator messages are separate and it make no sense. App is okay

Ray Ferralez   5 star

Great for increasing your 80/20. It opens the door to everyone at a prospect and gives you more insight into the company. It’s a great tool that I use daily.

TheMostObjectiveBeing   5 star

Very Handy. This has become an indispensable tool for me.

jacqueline salemme   1 star

App review for linked in. Not user friendly. The notes stated if you didn't like the product goto settings and cancel. I did that though LinkedIn but was still charged through my Apple ID and now I don't know how to cancel it.

Woody Allen's Doctor   5 star

Include internal CRM tool. Please include an internal CRM tool since I use a different email client than Gmail

Elmotaheda   5 star

Mr. The best app fir business relations ever..magnificent

Stanford Scriven   4 star

Limited search functions. Otherwise would be 5 stars

Mikey the freerider   1 star

No iPad Support. Very hard to believe this hasn’t been developed. Disappointed that this isn’t an option. Please work on this, as I hardly use the app on my phone.

Eleigh515   2 star

Does not work on iPad. I wish they would release an app for the iPad or at least let you go to the normal website on an iPad instead of directing you to mobile app

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