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LinkedIn Recruiter [Business] App Description & Overview

Use the LinkedIn Recruiter app to stay on top of your recruiting when you’re on the go. Quickly respond to candidates as soon as they reply to your messages. Search LinkedIn’s entire network of 645M+ members and contact the right people for your open roles — all from your phone. Pick up work where you left off or take care of quick tasks when you’re away from your desk, like reviewing candidate profiles or organizing your pipeline.

With the LinkedIn Recruiter app, you get access to key features of LinkedIn Recruiter, whenever and wherever you need them:

• Get real-time notifications when candidates reply to your messages and respond in the moment
• Compose and send InMails to candidates while on the go
• Search the entire LinkedIn talent pool using smart filters and keywords
• Attach and send documents to candidates, all from your phone
• Review candidate profiles and save candidates who are a good fit to your existing projects*
• Get Recommended Matches for your open roles that improve over time by learning from which candidates you choose to save, hide and message in Recruiter*
• Collaborate with your team by tagging them in Notes and starting a conversation*
• Easily share candidate profiles with your hiring manager/client for feedback*
• View information from your ATS directly on candidate profiles with Recruiter System Connect*

*These features are only available for customers with access to New Recruiter & Jobs. If you do not yet have access to New Recruiter & Jobs, please contact your LinkedIn account team to see when you are scheduled to get access.

The LinkedIn Recruiter app requires a Recruiter or Recruiter Lite account, which is a paid LinkedIn subscription for talent professionals. If you are interested in learning more about LinkedIn Recruiter, please visit:

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LinkedIn Recruiter Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We‘ve added Bulk InMail functionality so you can send messages to multiple candidates at once. We‘ve also added the ability to: • Invite your teammates to collaborate in a Project • Search for candidates in your Pipeline • Close a Job post

LinkedIn Recruiter Comments & Reviews

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- LinkedIn Recruiter App - Upgraded

The NEW LinkedIn recruiter app is by far the best recruitment tool a recruiter could ask for. The trick is to build out the projects and searches on your desktop. Then when you are out and about, the app is ready for you to easily source and add people to projects. It’s fun and super simple. Also, your sales leaders now have full access to the projects. They can add Candidte’s to projects, move through stages, add notes, send inmails and view messages that you have sent. This is by far my most favorite sourcing tool. So excited to recruit on my laptop or while out and about living life 🤓

- Finally!

The Recruiter app used to be the lowest ROI of any app I’ve had, considering the high price of LinkedIn Recruiter and low functionality. The app is now a power app, doing much of what is handled from the web app, in a very simple interface. I plan to start actually using this more now. The only immediate complaint I have, and hence 4 stars instead of 5, is that messaging lacks the ability to change project status directly. Since I use the web/desktop for mostly proactive work and the mobile for reactive, the most useful activity for me on mobile is to review and reply to messages, while updating project status. The current interface requires going into the profile, making the status updates about 6 clicks instead of 1-2. Easy enough for 3 messages, but when I have 100 to update to, that’s an additional 300+ clicks and about 5 minutes of work. More critically the break in flow of going into the profile increases my chances of getting distracted. I get distracted easily. Overall, great app, though. Thank you!

- Fantastic new application!

I am extremely satisfied with the new LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile app! It’s everything you could want as a recruiter. You can isolate specific conversations, send attachments, get notifications, and do everything you need to do as a recruiter from just your phone. It’s user friendly and visually pleasing. The only reason why I rated 4/5 stars instead of 5 is that it came much later than it should have. This kind of application should have been available a long time ago. Glad they finally fixed it, as the old one was completely dead and useless. It was not even worth using, and a complete eye sore to deal with. Overall, very happy about this.

- All I Do Is Recruit

This app helps me stay current with my candidates and never miss a message.

- Great Way To Find Local Talent!

As a local recruiter, I’m very connected to local IT talent and I need to keep in touch with them when their email or other contact information changes. I love that I can get that information in the middle of a business lunch! Better yet, I can send them an inMail right then!

- This app is useless

LinkedIn Recruiter is not cheap. The UX is terrible both on the web version and on the app. The app shows my list of projects but when I click on my pipeline which has candidates in it, it spins and returns to my list of projects. This has persisted through at least one or two updates. I have been using this app for months, well, I’ve had it downloaded for months and have never been able to use it. Do better LinkedIn

- Something Is Wrong...

Love the new look, but every time I open the updated app it has a pop up that says “Update to the latest version for the best experience” and then I am automatically put over to the app store. Here’s the best part! Instead of a download icon to get that “best version” there is the open app icon, which sends me right back to the app. And so on...vicious loop!

- Barely functioning

Why roll a triumphant new version out when it’s broken. I have 3 postings and I can’t see anything other than the fact that they exist. Instead of seeing the applicants I see “coming soon.” Search filters don’t match those on web. What’s the point of this app? All I can do is manage my inbox - no ability to effectively do recruiting.

- Immediately broken

I have one job posting, created via web. It appears as a list item but cannot be viewed. The pipeline and recommended candidates features cause loading spinners to appear but then stop, reverting to the list view. Not a good look for a company of LinkedIn’s caliber.

- Annoying popup requesting update

On every open, the app asks you to update to a new version even if you’re on the latest version. For a $1k/mo product, pretty miserable

- Love the new design

I love the nice and fresh design of the new app. It is very crips and has native messaging functionality baked in! Great job 🎊🎉🍾

- Love the new update!

Love the new update, keep it up.

- Impressed

I am very impressed with the improvements to this app. Very user friendly.

- Doesn’t work

I have 2 job openings. They show up in the app but when I click on one to view candidates it says I have “no projects”. On desktop I have a dozen applicants waiting, the app simply doesn’t work.

- Don’t update!!!

The new version is much less usable for searching and adding to projects. You cans not add people from a search to a project. You can not save a search. Features have been downgraded.

- Broken

As a hiring manager the app is completely broken. Never loads any candidates for the project (job opening). Sent in a ticket - weeks later no response or fix. Only works on website.

- Seriously

For a company the size of LinkedIn you’d think they’d be able to design a decent recruitment app. Why can’t this be as simple a tinder.. super week app.. makes even harder to organize candidates and look at resumes..

- Why all the hate?

This app is fine. It's not earth-shattering, but it does a good enough job. If you want a tool to quickly check in on the status of your recruiter account, reply to a message or two, and review projects that you put together during the day, then this app is perfect for you. If you're trying to use this expecting the same performance and functionality as the desktop version, you're obviously going to be disappointed. I like it. 5 stars to balance out the ridiculous complaining.

- Not intuitive

The app doesn’t show any candidates that already at my clipboard on web. It doesn’t even show the jobs I’ve posted

- It doesn’t work

Completely useless. I can’t access projects or pipelines. When are you going to fix this??

- Doesn’t work

Anytime I try to go inside a project it says I have no project and kicks me back out to my list of active projects.

- Poor

Not as useful as previous version and not optimized for newer iPhones. Horrible.

- Complete disregard for employers

Fix this app

- So disappointed

This app needs many improvements for it to be effective. First is that you can’t see previous threads...this is probably the biggest gripe I have as I have to log into the web application to view the entire message. Second is that you can’t tell if a candidate declined your message. Third is that you can’t tell if a candidate sent an attachment such as a resume. Also at times I receive delayed messages. I am surprised a company like LI would spend little to no time/energy on its mobile app when recruiters pay so much money for the recruiter license...

- Good on-the-go search partner for Recruiter: Needs Work

This app works well in conjunction with the LinkedIn Recruiter platform; but is far from replacing the desktop experience all-together. I've supplemented my on-the-go access by using features while logged in through my mobile browser / Safari- to make up for the few shortcomings listed below. In terms of process, the app comes in handy when you're looking to build out your projects by searching for candidates. Boolean is supported like the legacy desktop feature. It's also easy to access templates when you want to send InMails. Here are the following updates I recommend for a better user experience: • Can't view sent InMail messages • "Shake for PYMH" should be toggled off by default. And if there is any way to keep an account open to prevent having to log in again when switching to the full, browser version- that'd be awesome.

- Disappointing

I really wanted to like this app since I use LinkedIn Recruiter on a daily basis for my job. It is somewhat convenient when I am just sitting in the couch sourcing casually but I hate that once you click on a candidate from the results page to check them out and go back to the list to move to the next person, the results brings you back to the very beginning and you have to scroll all the way thru to find where you left off. I also hate that you can’t see the entire thread of messages on the app. I can only see the most recent unread message thru the app. You also cannot start a new search from the app. You can only view new candidates that pull up in any search alerts you already have set up. You are not able to run a Boolean or search for anyone new outside of your current projects or alerts. All in all, the app is really only convenient to maybe read an unread message but you can already do that normally from your email so honestly not much to be done with the app. If LI were to make changes I would most definitely use the app every single day.

- Pointless and doesn’t work

This app has never worked for me. I can’t click out of the messages tab. I have projects assigned to me by our HR team but I can’t click on that tab to see our job postings, so what’s the point of this app? A few months ago I reached out for assistance (Settings is the only other area I can actually access) and they had me do a bunch of troubleshooting (which I had already done before contacting them) and they, although very nice and responsive, were at a loss as to why it wasn’t working. If I log into LI Recruiter from my computer it’s great, but the app is worthless and prevents me from reviewing candidates as fast as I’d like to, which is really disappointing. I expect more from a company like LinkedIn.

- Very disappointed

I have used LinkedIn for several years at work and I have been pleased but the cost is incredibly expensive. I hoped this app would be very helpful for easy access and a touch point process. I’m the Head of HR for a company, I travel continually and thought this would provide an ability to easily do my job while traveling and also understand those reviewing me. I have not seen this as a possibility. The cost is $120 monthly and I haven’t had any success or ease of access. In all, it just seems to be highly disappointing and a way to provide LinkedIn revenue without true access to search, etc.

- We don't serve your kind here.

When I downloaded the app and tried to login, it told me that my account isn't eligible for app access. I assume that's because I'm only paying to list one job at a time, as opposed to those who pay for your monthly service to list multiple jobs. By withholding a tool from your other paying customers, you aren't going to entice me to pay $300 a month to post my one job. We are a small company with five employees. That makes literally no sense for us to do. What are you saying very loudly is that Linked In supports the death of small businesses and that only large corporations have a place in your world to find qualified employees. Dumb and narrow-minded.

- Craptacular!!!

I'm a huge LinkedIn Recruiter user and it's simply astonishing how truly awful this app is! For starters when you look at someone's profile the app completely messes up the order of their work history. The first experience you see might be from 7 years ago while their current role is buried halfway down. Saving candidates to a project fails more often than it succeeds. Same goes for attempting to send an InMail. The absolute worse part of this is LinkedIn has known about all 3 of these issues for more than a year and failed to address any of them (I know because I've reported these issues to LinkedIn's support team!)

- Great desktop experience...TERRIBLE mobile (absolutely terrible) on mobile

I’m a heavy LinkedIn Recruiter user. My company has 300+ licenses. The desktop experience with the product is an easy 5 stars. For mobile, barely 1 star. For the investments sizable companies are making in the product, you would think that mobile would be a higher priority. Let’s face it, the majority of users in the recruiting field are heavy mobile. What led me to write this review, was that I just went to respond and schedule three candidates for screening. It was so painful that I gave up and remembered why I stopped using the app. Boooooooooo, LinkedIn Recruiter.

- Cannot send Inmails

Continued issues with Inmails for over 30 days. I reported this 4x's directly to LinkedIn and they keep saying they are working on this issue and to use the browser only to send InMails. I used this daily as Fortune 25 company recruiter. Really disappointed. I travel frequently and the convenience of sending InMails from my iPhone at airports, during flights or any other location is much needed. I don't want to bust out the laptop to do this. Come on LinkedIn, as the organization that prides themselves on innovative social media platform, u should be embarrassed about this issue and the app.

- Basically Useless

Aside from making it nearly impossible to conduct effective searches you cannot even reply to candidates. This app is only useful for seeing incoming messages however if you want to reply you need to go to a computer because every single outgoing message gets an error and unable to send. Has been going on for months. So much potential and this should be a more seamless way to recruit from a mobile device but again nearly inoperable. Not sure why it's still an app on my phone. I guess I am just hoping it'll be fixed.

- 0-trick pony

Used to think it was a 1-trick pony - really only useful for staying current in InMails. Now, it’s unreliable in that regard too. “Last update 3y”.... might be the problem. The UX and UI are terrible. The app is not responsive to different devices. I mean, it’s an iPhone, and the app acts like the iPhone just rolled out. LinkedIN Recruiter is a substantial financial investment. This app is a poor reflection of that. Your customers deserve more. Considering the average salary for a Software Engineer at LinkedIN is roughly $140,000, you’d think there would be at least one Engineer they could dedicate to bringing the app up-to-date.

- What a disappointment, LinkedIn!!!!!!!!!

Forget about user experience. You can barely conduct searches with this app., the whole design is flawed and with weird bugs all throughout, for example, when typing into the search box the X, close command, sit over the search bar, blocking the viewing field of last letter but it allows you to type continuously but than it doesn't scroll along with the typing. This app needs a complete overhaul. This is product does not meet the standards of a tech company like LikedIn nor does it offer the "premium" usability and user experience one would expect from the LinkedIn Recruiter costs. In addition to damages to its brand, LinkedIn also risks alienating its premium paying customers with this app. I'll continue to praise, utilize, and work with LinkedIn as my tool of choice, optimistic of sizable action. ~LinkedIn Fan

- Useless

Has close zero functionality. Can barely do on it except see new messages but won’t even show the message thread! Searching for anyone is a pain, no more where on the list of results a profile is located- once you open and try to go back it sends you back to the top of the list. That’s so frustrating when it a lengthy list Ironically recruiter is one of (or is) the most expensive LinkedIn service, one would think the company would care to invest more money on creating a more functional app!!!!

- Beyond Frustrated

I've purchased several months of rights to send "Inmails" to candidates and 90% of the time their is an "error/could not send". I'm not even sure if the Inmails that say "your message was sent" were even sent most of the time, there's no way to cross reference by reading your sent mail like an email. To make matters worse, I was locked out of my recruiter account with 40 Inmails left to send and have heard back from any of my correspondences. I would not recommend this platform. Indeed may be a better platform to find talent.

- Could use a great update

I use LinkedIn Recruiter on a daily basis for work. I love the web version but the app isn’t easy to use. It is very difficult to search for people in specific locations and the filters are limited. When you read messages in the app, it doesn’t tell it that someone declined your message like the web version does. It would be great if this app was more functional. As a recruiter, having accurate searches is everything. Please update this app :) I would write a VERY positive review!!

- Can I give it zero stars? It's AWFUL

This is quite possibly the worst app I've ever used. It's literally not good for anything besides seeing your messages. It can't even reply to the messages because whenever you try to it says 'cannot send'. I've never in my life been able to send a message through the recruiter app and I've been doing this for years. Worst of all, when I try to goto the recruiter site on my phone it constantly directs me back to this terrible app. God awful execution by the LinkedIn mobile team.

- Seriously? Did a cat make this app?

Among the worst apps I’ve experienced - going all the way back to the beginning of apps. This seems like a prototype that they built in 2 weeks and accidentally released to customers. Along with the lack of ability to see a thread of messages that others have complained about - the new message badge doesn’t go away after you read the message, it just continually ticks up as you get more messages with no UI indication like bolding. Get it together, LinkedIn!

- Haven’t updated in 2 years?!?..... why?

Honestly I downloaded this after not having the app for more that a year and I see why I deleted it in the first place. Mind you, when I download it ( just a couple of mins ago) I deleted after 3 mins of usage. This App is garbage at best and I really really wish it wasn’t. It would’ve been a great idea but I can’t even respond to Inmail or even search proper candidates. They really need to fix this ASAP! It would safe me soo much time and hassle. PLEASE LINKEDIN!!! Please!

- Crap app... I expect more from LinkedIn.

This app keeps getting worse and worse. Messages fail to send. Anything I update fails to update(personal settings). And here's the kicker... I tried to send feedback through the app to help them improve and fix the issues complete with screen shots and documenting the steps - surprise! Failed to send!!! Beyond frustrating- especially considering this is a paid service & I would imagine the app is baked into the hefty cost of a LinkedIn recruiter license!!

- Just Awful

You'd expect better quality from such a brand. The UI is terrible and the UX frustrating. Between constant freezes and glitches you might as well not bother. You are barely able to boolean search but definitely limited when it comes to filtering your results... if the few options given decide to work. All around just a garbage app. Maybe, I'm too critical or my expectations are unrealistic, but... that isn't my problem, is it?

- This is the worst app I’ve ever used

The primary point would be for me to respond to messages. No way I was planning on searching for people/running projects. I just want to respond while I’m on the go. But no. The message threads only ever contain some selection of the interlocuters’ messages, and never my own. i can’t see to whom I’ve responded and to whom I haven’t. This is worse than having no app at all. But then again that is consistent with expectations from a Microsoft product.

- Taking advantage of a captive audience

Three years since the last update and five years since the last notable feature addition! LinkedIn has a captive audience of recruiters paying thousands of dollars for a monopolistic service. We pay for it because we have to, not because we want to. This iOS app is a terrible experience from top to bottom with no signs of improvement. Maybe in 2024 we can celebrate ten years of an expensive, ignored app!

- Too frustrating to use

Wow. Absolutely terrible. And to have a one star rating for so long and not fix it? This app is so useless that I uninstalled it after a week. The notifications don’t even update so even when you read your I mails, the app still shows you have unread in mails, and never refreshes. Ever. UI/UX is horrible and hard to use. Nothing at all like the full website on your PC. You wouldn’t even think it was the same company.

- Terrible App

I think you guys let the B-team build this app. Functionality on the front end is terrible. It’s apparent this is not a priority for you. Let your developers that made regular LinkedIn fix this nonsense. I know Recruiter is a small fish from a monetary standpoint but for god sakes this is embarrassing for your brand. Throw some ads on the app, track my data and make some money off of it, recruiters don’t care we just need something we can actually use 🙈.

- Horrendous

To the LinkedIn Recruiter app team: I pay $130/mo to have access to LinkedIn Recruiter and you cannot even offer an app that has basic candidate search features. The Recruiter app looks very bad and no features (search, filter, save, etc). As a result it has basically NO utility. I just deleted it. An advice: Listen to your customer needs and do something about your products. Today, if I could I would switch to another provider.

- Try again

Downloaded it to be able to check messages with candidates while away from the computer. Go to sign in and it says my account is not eligible for mobile access. Makes it difficult to want to continue using a service that won’t “let” you use their mobile app. Hopefully the product owner that was in charge of this app is no longer there.

- Terrible

I thought this app would be a super quick way to login and respond to candidates while on the go....very disappointed! Couldn’t even get past the first page after downloading and logging in, app is stuck and worthless. You would think a company such as Linked In with their high prices for the recruitment tool would have a high functioning mobile app! I’ll be calling the rep to complain for sure!

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- Has potential

This app would be great if it worked. What I’m finding is when candidates submit a video response, you cannot view it in the LinkedIn app - it takes you to your browser to sign in. This would be fine, however it asks you to sign in (even if you already are) and then shows an error message. I’ve tried to ‘go back’ out of the error message, to check my sign in details are correct, but it won’t allow that, so it’s stuck. Unfortunately I can’t do what I need to on the app which hopefully can be changed.

- Probably the worst one

Alright, I usually do not post negative reviews but this app has put me off in such a way I do not have a choice than leaving a review. Messages do not work. The push notifications do not have message content and the navigation is pointless. This is a very sub optimal experience and shouldn’t be here. There is no way to see applicants info. Only pipeline data is there and again no messages context once you open a candidate file.

- Ok

Needs more 'project' capabilities. It's functionality is poor. Does do much more than the normal app

- Hopeless app

Did an intern make this app?

- Feels like a demo app on an iPhone 3G

Clunky and hard to work with. Doesn’t even have current jobs section so you can see who’s applied for your jobs. It’s basically just searching for candidates to add to a folder that you’ll need to sort out when you get back to a computer.

- by name only.

This is not even worthy of a 1st generation app, does nothing to support mobile working. Considering where the industry is and price paid to use recruiter I cannot understand why LinkedIn has put no investment into this. Not even worth download.

- Urgent need of an upgrade

Wow, considering the size and reputation of LinkedIn this is a truly terrible mobile app version. Not least considering people/businesses are paying a lot of money for a license fee. Needs a lot of work!

- Horrible

Terrible interface with annoying “Shake phone to find candidates to hire” pop up that comes up constantly and prevents you getting any work done.

- Wow the bad reviews are all true

This is a terrible app. Hope they invest in recruiter on the actual linked in app - devices are where I do my work on the commute in or out of work. Seriously bad

- What a joke

"Your recruiter account is not eligible for mobile access"

- Stuck in the past

This app would have been awesome in 2009 on an iPhone 3GS. But it’s not great on an iPhone X 2018.

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- App not working properly

I’m premium Subscriber and this app does not working properly . Pls try to fix ASAP

- Only search and messaging

Horrible app. No way to view projects or existing candidates. This app simply searches and messages. You have access to a small fraction of what you can do on the website. If an app can’t relocate its associated site’s functionality then what’s the point?! It feels like someone read a scrum book and mistook the need for a minimum viable product with the same thing as a public release. Alienate your audience with a poor quality app and all your development is for naught.

- LinkedIn Recruiter

Horrible. Wish I hadn’t updated from the previous version. I’ve lost 3/4 of the functionality. How has this been marketed as an improvement??? If you’re reading this and you have an older version DON’T UPDATE it!

- Why hasn’t LinkedIn figured this out yet?

This would help recruiters sooo much if the app worked correctly. I can’t even log into my account.

- Needs Significant Improvement

The interface for messaging has consistent formatting issues. I’m extremely limited in what I can do with LI recruiter unless I have access to a computer. This shouldn’t be the case given how much it costs. I wish I could just reply to candidate messages through email.

- Worst app I’ve ever used

This app doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t show any of my messages that are in my LinkedIn recruiter account. We pay 10K USD per year to use this service and LinkedIn’s mobile app is absolute trash. When will you guys fix this? Totally unacceptable.

- Why does this app update every time it’s opened?

So annoying

- Poorly made

It hasn’t been updated in 3 years. Not sure why no resources have put into a product for paying users. Simple functionality like being to view a messaging thread aren’t made available.

- Nothing works

Literally nothing works in this app. Barely able to login, and then get an error message. Not even adapted to screens post iPhone4. Clearly been abandoned by LinkedIn. Funny when this is the app their paying customers would use. Shame on you Linkedin.

- Disappointing embedded browser app

Seems like very little thought went into the UX of this app. The UI is slow and looks just like their mobile website. The projects list shows all projects, even the ones not relevant to me. I’ll stick to my desktop browser until this app gets a massive update and some UX and developer love.

- Doesn’t work most times

Hope they get this fixed. As a Recruiter, this should be a top App that I can use but it isn’t and that is disappointing.

- Underwhelmed

To say this is a bare-bones app would be an understatement. It's borderline useless. The messaging is so rudimentary and the search logic is "ok" at best.

- Piece of garbage

I would have expected a better app for premium users of this service. Shame on you.

- Poor

This app is relatively useless versus the computer program. Especially disappointing is the messaging which only shows incoming messages and not outgoing to contacts. Hopefully many more improvements are forthcoming.

- Good when it works

I was pleasantly surprised by this app becoming available, and how well it lets me handle basic LI recruiter functions on my phone, but over the past 72 hours I am completely unable to open it. It crashes whenever I attempt to open the app. Please fix, as this is a useful tool when I'm not in the office.

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- This update made this app usable again

It works well after the update, but UX needs some modern touches.

- InMails/Emails DON'T work

One of the biggest advantages of having a Recruiter level account is the project workflow and the ability to communicate with clients/candidates on the LinkedIn platform. Well, this app does a great job of showing you who responded to your InMails, but it will NOT allow you to respond to them (it says an error occurs). LinkedIn, please address! We all pay very good sums of money and having a properly functioning iPhone app is BARE minimum for today's standards.

- Extremely Disappointed

This is by far the worst experience I’ve had with an app. Do not sign up for this app because they will trap you into your subscription. I tried cancelling this app months ago and it wouldn’t let me and them they charged by card. Then it is hell trying to contact someone to delete your subscription. Highly disappointed in Linked In for this product.

- 2 years with no updates? Pathetic

The amount of money LinkedIn charges should certainly enable them to update their premium iOS app. It’s barely functional at this point, isn’t even appropriately sized for an iPhone X screen and has essentially been worthless for the last two years. Can’t even click a link from a Recruiter page and have it open in the app correctly. Really really sad.

- Terrible User experience- especially for the $$

LinkedIn recruiter is a very expensive program- they should have a much more robust app than they do. My main problem is the messaging- there is not an option to forward a message (or any capabilities other than to reply or delete). I work with other recruiters and need to able to easily forward a message. This should be easily fixable LinkedIn!!

- It's just not good.

This is a last-ditch tool, if I need to find a LI message or profile in a pinch. Otherwise it's not very useful. It's also crazy to me that I can see all messages I receive, but not in a thread with the ones I sent. When I review messages via the app I have to either remember or guess what the message is responding to. It can't be any/much more work to fix this...

- Wow ... just Wow

I pay for the enterprise recruiter services, so naturally I downloaded the app to talk with candidates while not at my computer. Well, I had the app downloaded for a total of 20 minutes, long enough to log in and attempt to use the application. I’ve already removed it. Then the significantly low star rating made more sense. This app hasn’t been update for 3 years. For a paying customer this is a huge letdown.

- Bummed out

This app is pretty disappointing when compared to the web application and the mobile regular LinkedIn app. Considering the cost of LinkedIn recruiter, I really wish that this app had more functionality and even just a better design. Messaging is inconvenient, searching is not great, and the display is just subpar. I’d be a frequent user of this app if it was even half of what the regular LinkedIn app could do!

- Insulting

This is joke of an app. They should just pull it from the app store. I'd be happier with no app than the level of frustration I get from using this junker. The developer responses to complaints might as well say, "Our thoughts and prayers are with you." LinkedIn has recruiters over a barrel. We are captive and pay thousands to use their tools. They have no incentive, I suppose, to provide even mediocre mobile tools for Recruiter subscribers.

- Great for on the go searching

This is a great app for on the go search. Would be better if we could also search by location or other filters like industry or company. Works great except it has been crashing for last few days as soon as I open it.

- Never Works

I’m not surprised that this app has such bad reviews. Let me be clear in first saying that LinkedIn Recruiter (Desktop Version) is amazing and my primary recruiting resource. That being said, y’all really need to improve the app. It never works for me, and there are so many aspects of it that have already been mentioned that need to be updated. I’d be on this thing all the time if it actually worked for me.

- Really disappointing

For how expensive the Recruiter tool is the app is shockingly bad. Anytime I try to open an existing project it says Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later. I have tried many times but always get the same error message. In the past when it did work for me, the functionality was so limited that there was almost no point of using it.

- Doesn’t work

I downloaded the app and put in my email and password on the login screen, was taken to the next screen to choose which account I wanted to log into, and when I click the account, it takes me back to the login page to re-enter my credentials. Back-and-forth, back-and-forth between the two pages and never letting me login. Pointless.

- Decent but not quite there...

I like how you can see who has applied and replied to inmails, but not sure what search algorithm it follows if you want to search for candidates? They don't yield the same results as the desktop. It has a nice and clean user experience, but it's not ready for power users.

- Needs to be more useful!!

Cannot see messages sent to candidates....can only see messages from candidates! Not very user friendly! After searching for a candidate in project will find the person but when you tap and choose to see info it takes you to the beginning of the project list to a different person!! Please please update!!

- So Disappointed

With LinkedIn Recruiter eat seat is very expensive yet the returned product doesn’t match. The app is no different. The response made from the app look terrible and I have had candidates say it looks spammy. LinkedIn app (not recruiter) is much better and you only need a free account to use it. Seems backwards to me. Pay account = terrible app. Free Account = state of the art app. So backwards! Yet no changes.

- So many issues

When it did work, it always had some issue of it being stuck on some page. Now after I log in it takes me to a page that says to pick which license I want to use, but has no option and it’s just a blank page. Deleted it and everything and nothing works. Just a blank page.

- Terrible

The only thing I can do on the app is log in. I can't search for candidates, inbox them, or view my clipboard. Very disappointed as I'm paying monthly to use recruiter without ability to utilize the app. I need this function on the go as candidate aren't always looking at their LinkedIn account during business hours. If I could give it zero stars (or negative) I would.

- Useless!

For a company as large as LI with a wonderful online product for recruiting this app is just an insult to their brand. Every comment on the previous reviews is correct. With the pricey user fee for LI Recruiter you would expect better quality from their mobile app at this point in the digital age. Shame on you Linked In. Please make the much needed improvements suggested by your users!

- Big bummer!

This app makes me feel like it’s 2010 again! I use this platform for work and wanted to have it as a mobile application as well. Unfortunately the UI is such a blast from the past and far from convenient. I cannot see my job postings and the feature options are so limited. I do not recommend this application.

- Managing director

Waste of effort! While I am happy with my PC desktop version of recruiter professional the mobile app is a joke! I work off my iPad and iPhone the majority of the time and for what I pay for the pro upgrade it is expensive and useless on the mobile format. As a leader in this space and the $$$ LinkedIn charges for this specific service it should be addressed.

- Never updated. Why?

This app is not useful at all. For an expensive service, i would expect a significantly better mobile experience by a Microsoft-owned company. It hasn’t been updated in over a year. The mobile inbox and web inbox still are not in sync, the search and filtering abilities are abysmal. Why not drop it all together from the App Store?

- Most expensive, least support

Had big hopes for MS taking over LinkedIn that maybe we’d finally see some improvements. I have never paid so much to get so little. Can’t wait until there’s better competition to actually serve this huge market. Can’t even get the freaking app to work at the most basic level. What a waste!!

- Good app... Had to re-download due to crashing

Overall a good app, good UI. Nice to have access on the go. Did have to re-download due to crashing every time I opened, otherwise would be 5-star.

- What’s the point?

Seriously? We pay the big bucks because we want all these search features! But the app allows you to use zero of them! You can’t even choose a location! So you are far worse off than you are using regular LinkedIn! This app is completely pointless! Can I give negative stars?

- Amazing

Amazingly disappointing. The only thing I’m impressed with is how many people still use this terrible, barebones app despite the extremely limited functionality. And oh yea, we pay for this Premium service. If you guys need help finding contractors to develop some updates for this app, they aren’t hard to find... just sayin...

- Pathetic

Cant even log in after iOS 10 update! Also since I'm here- Can't create projects in app, doesn't update activity, big lags in activity updates from desktop and vice versa when it does update. No handoff from regular LI app. Can't add network connection in recruiter. Search results are not as accurate or relevant. No sent message folder.

- LinkedIn could be doing a much better job with this app

Such a waste of an app for the people who actually pay for a service! It feels clunky and notifications never go away. I would use this app everyday but would rather login using safari on my phone for now. If y’all need an app dev person I’ll recruit one for you

- Disappointed

Was hoping to have more robust messaging features to keep in touch with my candidates on the go. You can only see your inbox messages in this app. Can’t access sent messages and other messaging features that are available on the desktop site. Big problems here.

- Thank you

Yes. This is what I've been waiting for. Thank you linkedin mobile team!!!

- Awful

Is this app ever going to be updated to actually work?! Most recent update was 3 years ago?! It’s a complete disgrace. Considering that “Recruiter” is LinkedIn’s premier product (and not inexpensive), you would think that they would have a top of the line mobile solution. Not the case - this app is virtually unusable, and has the design of iOS 3. It is clunky to send messages, no notifications, and overall is just not functional. LinkedIn Recruiter costs organizations thousands of dollars per month per user and this app is horrendous. Really disappointing, LinkedIn. Do better.

- Extremely dated and messaging is terrible

Design a better user experience or copy the messenger in the LinkedIn app. Right now it’s confusing, old, and doesn’t function. Your unable to view the entire conversation and have to scroll through 100s of messages to find what you’re looking for.

- Needs an Update

LinkedIn, As a customer and heavy user of the application, this app is trash. My advice, take it down or give it some attention. No update for 2 years? And that was only for bug fixes? I wouldn’t even want to know the security risk associated with this application knowing it’s plugged into the desktop version and has candidates personal information passed back and fourth via messages. Even you’re free app has been updated recently. Cheers and happy coding,

- Dread Using This App

I don't know why there are constant updates for the regular LinkedIn App, but the recruiter app is stuck in the dinosaur ages with its outdated interface and difficult functionality. You can't even view your Recruiter messages comfortably. No options to even view sent messages. It's terrible overall.

- I’ll be sticking to the desktop version

I think it’s a great tool to source people on the go or look and reply to messages. However, if you have someone in a project and want to send them an inmail, there’s a glitch in the system. Nothing happens. Major flaw

- Should be a zero stars

Here’s my review. This is a terrible app. There’s no phone support from LinkedIn and via email our support rep basically knows nothing and can not explain the difference to us. Terrible app, very sad because we use lots of LinkedIn services and this one is the worst on the mobile side.

- Not good

You are offering this app as part of a premium service, which already has a hefty asking price. Additionally, your recruitment portal doesn’t have support for mobile devices, so technically the only way to use the service that I’m paying for, is through this app which is extremely outdated. Normally I’d give you the boot in a matter of days and cancel this service. However, the LinkedIn as a platform is worth the money. All in all, best I can do is put up 1 star reviews, in hopes that you’ll get to your senses and actually update this piece of...

- Pathetically bad

Considering Recruiter is a paid product, you would assume this app would at least be decent. Instead it's almost unusable and missing a majority of the features you would find on the desktop browser version. It feels like this was made in the 90s.

- Waste of time

This app is actually worse than the other recruiter described. You cannot even see the jobs you posted and thus view any candidates who have applied. All you can do is view who’s viewed you, check inbox, go into your projects, and search a candidate.

- Garbage

You can do 7% of what you can via the website and basic things (like being able to see what messages you sent) are just not available. Tried using the app and within a minute I had just opted to go back to the web version.

- If I could give zero stars...

Terrible. I can’t even find a good thing about it really. You can read messages I guess. But most of the time when you send them they fail. The app crashes. You would expect more from a service that costs this much.

- Garbage

I’m shocked LinkedIn charges $119/month for premium recruiter. I don’t even use this in my free trial anymore. I urge you to try the free trial just so you realize a greater appreciation for every other app you have. From functionality to interface to basic product market fit, this app surely must be in alpha testing.

- App only works 10% of the time!!!

I work within LinkedIn Recruiter constantly throughout my day and when mobile, it would a great value to be able to continue my efforts. Disappointed that these bugs cannot get worked out.

- Do you even care your customers?

For anyone who uses this product. It means either you or your company had paid thousands for it. The mobile version is barely usable and the last update was 2 years ago? Are you alright?

- Almost no functionality.

The best feature is in the settings, and that’s a link to the full site, which opens via safari and you have to re-login to... Messages barely work, and you can view your projects- that’s about it...

- Thank you

Yes. This is what I've been waiting for. Thank you linkedin mobile team!!!

- Amazing. Recruiting finally goes mobile!

Simple and powerful, big fan!

- Simply wont work

I loaded the app on my phone entered my information and it goes to a blank screen. The LinkedIn logo flashes for a second but then nothing. The regular LinkedIn app runs great. I even tried using the link within LinkedIn to get there with the same results.

- outdated

this app is extremely outdated and needs a BIG overhaul. you’d think since we *pay* for LI Recruiter, they’d be able to provide much better mobile access.. it would be nice to at least have an “open in recruiter” option on the regular linkedin app.

- Crappy

Apparently, even though I have paid job postings running on LinkedIn, my account isn't eligible for mobile access. There doesn't seem to be a way to manage job postings through any of the other (95 billion) LinkedIn-branded apps, so I guess I'm just screwed? Thanks a lot.

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If I see one more job recruiter message that says "exciting opportunity" on LinkedIn, I'm gonna delete my account. Unless there is a constant threat of danger or random PVE events every hour, I don't think it's an appropriate way to describe a job.


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LinkedIn Recruiter 2.1.2 Screenshots & Images

LinkedIn Recruiter iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

LinkedIn Recruiter iphone images
LinkedIn Recruiter iphone images
LinkedIn Recruiter iphone images
LinkedIn Recruiter iphone images
LinkedIn Recruiter iphone images
LinkedIn Recruiter ipad images
LinkedIn Recruiter ipad images
LinkedIn Recruiter ipad images
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LinkedIn Recruiter (Version 2.1.2) Install & Download

The applications LinkedIn Recruiter was published in the category Business on 2013-10-15 and was developed by LinkedIn Corporation [Developer ID: 288429043]. This application file size is 48.56 MB. LinkedIn Recruiter - Business posted on 2020-08-25 current version is 2.1.2 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.linkedin.recruiter

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