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Use the LinkedIn Recruiter app to stay on top of your recruiting when you’re on the go. Quickly respond to candidates as soon as they reply to your messages. Search LinkedIn’s entire network of 645M+ members and contact the right people for your open roles — all from your phone. Pick up work where you left off or take care of quick tasks when you’re away from your desk, like reviewing candidate profiles or organizing your pipeline.

With the LinkedIn Recruiter app, you get access to key features of LinkedIn Recruiter, whenever and wherever you need them:

• Get real-time notifications when candidates reply to your messages and respond in the moment
• Compose and send InMails to candidates while on the go
• Search the entire LinkedIn talent pool using smart filters and keywords
• Attach and send documents to candidates, all from your phone
• Review candidate profiles and save candidates who are a good fit to your existing projects*
• Get Recommended Matches for your open roles that improve over time by learning from which candidates you choose to save, hide and message in Recruiter*
• Collaborate with your team by tagging them in Notes and starting a conversation*
• Easily share candidate profiles with your hiring manager/client for feedback*

*These features are only available for customers with access to New Recruiter & Jobs. If you do not yet have access to New Recruiter & Jobs, please contact your LinkedIn account team to see when you are scheduled to get access.

The LinkedIn Recruiter app requires a Recruiter or Recruiter Lite account, which is a paid LinkedIn subscription for talent professionals. If you are interested in learning more about LinkedIn Recruiter, please visit:

LinkedIn Recruiter App Description & Overview

The applications LinkedIn Recruiter was published in the category Business on 2013-10-15 and was developed by LinkedIn Corporation. This application file size is 36.75 MB. LinkedIn Recruiter current version is 2.02 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

This latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

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LinkedIn Recruiter Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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njtransit_commuter   2 star

Immediately broken. I have one job posting, created via web. It appears as a list item but cannot be viewed. The pipeline and recommended candidates features cause loading spinners to appear but then stop, reverting to the list view. Not a good look for a company of LinkedIn’s caliber.

Oliveyougoose   1 star

Complete disregard for employers. Fix this app

gjigghf   1 star

Don’t update!!!. The new version is much less usable for searching and adding to projects. You cans not add people from a search to a project. You can not save a search. Features have been downgraded.

Alstoc   1 star

It doesn’t work. Completely useless. I can’t access projects or pipelines. When are you going to fix this??

AH 18-19   1 star

All I can get is an error. I get a message that the app experienced an unexpected error anytime I try to navigate to recommended matches in my project. This app is useless.

theorcka   1 star

Poor. Not as useful as previous version and not optimized for newer iPhones. Horrible.

jonesicle517   1 star

Barely functioning. Why roll a triumphant new version out when it’s broken. I have 3 postings and I can’t see anything other than the fact that they exist. Instead of seeing the applicants I see “coming soon.” Search filters don’t match those on web. What’s the point of this app? All I can do is manage my inbox - no ability to effectively do recruiting.

Matt Clark Butler   5 star

Love the new update!. Love the new update, keep it up.

m0sas4   5 star

Love the new design. I love the nice and fresh design of the new app. It is very crips and has native messaging functionality baked in! Great job 🎊🎉🍾

recruiter 007   1 star

Wish we could get a better app for this.. Recruiting is hard enough as is- now we still have to be in front of a desk to do it.

Tim Silver   1 star

Awful. Is this app ever going to be updated to actually work?! Most recent update was 3 years ago?! It’s a complete disgrace. Considering that “Recruiter” is LinkedIn’s premier product (and not inexpensive), you would think that they would have a top of the line mobile solution. Not the case - this app is virtually unusable, and has the design of iOS 3. It is clunky to send messages, no notifications, and overall is just not functional. LinkedIn Recruiter costs organizations thousands of dollars per month per user and this app is horrendous. Really disappointing, LinkedIn. Do better.

Tkdboy28   1 star

Update app to Optimize the new iPhones. Please update this app to optimize the new iPhones, and also update it to make it more user friendly. This app looks like it has not been updated for some quite time.

Kmfhjugdvhh   1 star

If I could give zero stars.... Terrible. I can’t even find a good thing about it really. You can read messages I guess. But most of the time when you send them they fail. The app crashes. You would expect more from a service that costs this much.

lalocura6   1 star

Absolutely Terrible App. You’d expect better from LinkedIn. Functionality is ultra basic- offers low value.

cgff607   1 star

Does Not Work. Won’t get past sign in screen. Doesn’t work at all.

lemon013   1 star

This has Never worked. I’ve downloaded a few times in hopes that would solve, but it has never ever worked. What a disappointment for those paying VERY good money for the recruiter version on LI. Get it together!

Jclutch8   1 star

Wish I can give an half a star. This is awful application that is plagued with login and UX issues. Clearly no focus on software development for paid plan on a major corporation.

SwiftyEd   1 star

iOS 6, is that you?. This is so bad I feel like I’m doing something wrong by using it. It takes effort to do something this poor and not update any aspect of the UI since iOS 6 (at least that’s how it appears). This shouldn’t even be allowed on the App Store.

readen1474   1 star

Sign In Failure. The “Security Check” screen hasn’t loaded in over a month. Modern day software, especially LinkedIn, should not be this clunky. Blows my mind.

RrrrrrrM   1 star

How does this app even get released by LinkedIn?. So poor! Can’t even login, and the app crashes constantly. Desktop experience is quite good. Now does a company as web-centric as LinkedIn release such a terrible app?

Bankg3   1 star

Wow ... just Wow. I pay for the enterprise recruiter services, so naturally I downloaded the app to talk with candidates while not at my computer. Well, I had the app downloaded for a total of 20 minutes, long enough to log in and attempt to use the application. I’ve already removed it. Then the significantly low star rating made more sense. This app hasn’t been update for 3 years. For a paying customer this is a huge letdown.

Templerun Awesome   1 star

Mobile not available?. I’m trying LinkedIn Recruitment for the first time . I downloaded the app and it tells me; your Recruitment account is not eligible. There was no information on this.

RissyLaRoo   1 star

It’s been awful for years.. I am shocked that LinkedIn can’t do something about this app. It’s barely functional!

Poyker5   1 star

Extremely dated and messaging is terrible. Design a better user experience or copy the messenger in the LinkedIn app. Right now it’s confusing, old, and doesn’t function. Your unable to view the entire conversation and have to scroll through 100s of messages to find what you’re looking for.

FA2018-9   1 star

Says my account is not eligible?. Then why do you even have an app - if people are not eligible to use it. What a waste of time and effort

MsMJL   1 star

The Worst. As a Recruiter on the go, I was hopeful about the prospect of leveraging this tool, however it fell completely short of my expectations. Since MS purchased LinkedIn, I’ve become increased disappointed with the tools and service.

Jlfour   1 star

Embarrassment. This may be one of the buggiest, poorly designed iPhone apps ever written. Microsoft should be embarrassed by this abomination. It is literally unusable as there are so many flaws and bugs. Please fire the entire development team and start from scratch.

joecapero   1 star

Taking advantage of a captive audience. Three years since the last update and five years since the last notable feature addition! LinkedIn has a captive audience of recruiters paying thousands of dollars for a monopolistic service. We pay for it because we have to, not because we want to. This iOS app is a terrible experience from top to bottom with no signs of improvement. Maybe in 2024 we can celebrate ten years of an expensive, ignored app!

Ttthom   1 star

Doesn’t work on iphone 10. Nothing shows when in able to login. Junk

muralirec   1 star

Issue. The app is not logging and doesn’t show the dashboard in iPhone 10

Advertorial    5 star

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Bigbunzy   1 star

Worst app I’ve ever used. This app doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t show any of my messages that are in my LinkedIn recruiter account. We pay 10K USD per year to use this service and LinkedIn’s mobile app is absolute trash. When will you guys fix this? Totally unacceptable.

Arsenal10a   2 star

Why does this app update every time it’s opened?. So annoying

Travelbuddy16   1 star

Poorly made. It hasn’t been updated in 3 years. Not sure why no resources have put into a product for paying users. Simple functionality like being to view a messaging thread aren’t made available.

donantonio   1 star

Nothing works. Literally nothing works in this app. Barely able to login, and then get an error message. Not even adapted to screens post iPhone4. Clearly been abandoned by LinkedIn. Funny when this is the app their paying customers would use. Shame on you Linkedin.

JustinVanCity604   1 star

Disappointing embedded browser app. Seems like very little thought went into the UX of this app. The UI is slow and looks just like their mobile website. The projects list shows all projects, even the ones not relevant to me. I’ll stick to my desktop browser until this app gets a massive update and some UX and developer love.

KWS3483   1 star

Doesn’t work most times. Hope they get this fixed. As a Recruiter, this should be a top App that I can use but it isn’t and that is disappointing.

Raju CK   1 star

App not working properly. I’m premium Subscriber and this app does not working properly . Pls try to fix ASAP

What Ever!   1 star

Piece of garbage. I would have expected a better app for premium users of this service. Shame on you.

McRoss88   2 star

Poor. This app is relatively useless versus the computer program. Especially disappointing is the messaging which only shows incoming messages and not outgoing to contacts. Hopefully many more improvements are forthcoming.

M_D_R   3 star

Underwhelmed. To say this is a bare-bones app would be an understatement. It's borderline useless. The messaging is so rudimentary and the search logic is "ok" at best.

gjtbackwards   2 star

Good when it works. I was pleasantly surprised by this app becoming available, and how well it lets me handle basic LI recruiter functions on my phone, but over the past 72 hours I am completely unable to open it. It crashes whenever I attempt to open the app. Please fix, as this is a useful tool when I'm not in the office.

Advertorial    5 star

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Annoyed.101   1 star

Wow the bad reviews are all true. This is a terrible app. Hope they invest in recruiter on the actual linked in app - devices are where I do my work on the commute in or out of work. Seriously bad

Ross_M19   1 star

Urgent need of an upgrade. Wow, considering the size and reputation of LinkedIn this is a truly terrible mobile app version. Not least considering people/businesses are paying a lot of money for a license fee. Needs a lot of work!

Dimitri2011   1 star

by name only.. This is not even worthy of a 1st generation app, does nothing to support mobile working. Considering where the industry is and price paid to use recruiter I cannot understand why LinkedIn has put no investment into this. Not even worth download.

Buffybott   1 star

Feels like a demo app on an iPhone 3G. Clunky and hard to work with. Doesn’t even have current jobs section so you can see who’s applied for your jobs. It’s basically just searching for candidates to add to a folder that you’ll need to sort out when you get back to a computer.

Kaizokuoni   1 star

Stuck in the past. This app would have been awesome in 2009 on an iPhone 3GS. But it’s not great on an iPhone X 2018.

Toma170484   1 star

Horrible. Terrible interface with annoying “Shake phone to find candidates to hire” pop up that comes up constantly and prevents you getting any work done.

Alienbat991   1 star

What a joke. "Your recruiter account is not eligible for mobile access"

i dont want a nickname apple   2 star

Ok. Needs more 'project' capabilities. It's functionality is poor. Does do much more than the normal app

jandrews90   1 star

Extremely Disappointed. This is by far the worst experience I’ve had with an app. Do not sign up for this app because they will trap you into your subscription. I tried cancelling this app months ago and it wouldn’t let me and them they charged by card. Then it is hell trying to contact someone to delete your subscription. Highly disappointed in Linked In for this product.

Rich in Texas   1 star

0-trick pony. Used to think it was a 1-trick pony - really only useful for staying current in InMails. Now, it’s unreliable in that regard too. “Last update 3y”.... might be the problem. The UX and UI are terrible. The app is not responsive to different devices. I mean, it’s an iPhone, and the app acts like the iPhone just rolled out. LinkedIN Recruiter is a substantial financial investment. This app is a poor reflection of that. Your customers deserve more. Considering the average salary for a Software Engineer at LinkedIN is roughly $140,000, you’d think there would be at least one Engineer they could dedicate to bringing the app up-to-date.

Reviewer McReviewer   1 star

Terrible. This app is terrible.

benji12054   1 star

So disappointed. This app needs many improvements for it to be effective. First is that you can’t see previous threads...this is probably the biggest gripe I have as I have to log into the web application to view the entire message. Second is that you can’t tell if a candidate declined your message. Third is that you can’t tell if a candidate sent an attachment such as a resume. Also at times I receive delayed messages. I am surprised a company like LI would spend little to no time/energy on its mobile app when recruiters pay so much money for the recruiter license...

Will HI   1 star

App is a joke. Considering everybody on recruiter spends thousands and thousands of dollars per year, you would think the app would reflect some of that expense. Probably the worst app for messaging in history. Just make it like the other version of LinkedIn and we’re good.

DrSpacemanO.G.   1 star

Insulting. This is joke of an app. They should just pull it from the app store. I'd be happier with no app than the level of frustration I get from using this junker. The developer responses to complaints might as well say, "Our thoughts and prayers are with you." LinkedIn has recruiters over a barrel. We are captive and pay thousands to use their tools. They have no incentive, I suppose, to provide even mediocre mobile tools for Recruiter subscribers.

scorpio1234567   1 star

I have never written a review, but.... This is hands down the worst app I have ever used. While Recruiter is a powerful tool, it’s wild to me that the app allows you to do absolutely nothing. There is absolutely no functionality. This app was free and I still feel I wasted my time on it.

tarajmcc   1 star

Need for iPad. Can you please make an iPad version of this app?

recruiteruser   1 star

Very disappointing app. The app has such limited capability and is essentially useless. LinkedIn should provide a functional app for those who pay for the Premium/Recruiter subscription.

JB's Babygirl   2 star

Very disappointed. I have used LinkedIn for several years at work and I have been pleased but the cost is incredibly expensive. I hoped this app would be very helpful for easy access and a touch point process. I’m the Head of HR for a company, I travel continually and thought this would provide an ability to easily do my job while traveling and also understand those reviewing me. I have not seen this as a possibility. The cost is $120 monthly and I haven’t had any success or ease of access. In all, it just seems to be highly disappointing and a way to provide LinkedIn revenue without true access to search, etc.

Natalie121212123   1 star

Never works. Every time I try to use this, it never works. We pay a lot of money to utilize LinkedIn recruiter. It would be nice to be able to use it on my phone.

Oakhillsleesa   1 star

Needs to be more useful!!. Cannot see messages sent to candidates....can only see messages from candidates! Not very user friendly! After searching for a candidate in project will find the person but when you tap and choose to see info it takes you to the beginning of the project list to a different person!! Please please update!!

apmf333   1 star

Basically unusable. Why even have this app? It’s impossible to use, UX is terrible and the app is so buggy. Come guys, it’s 2019 and the folks that pay for LinkedIn Recruiter use it every day! Please fix this app!!!

Lizzy_Vee   1 star

Out of Date. I recruit so I was hoping to be able to utilize this on the go. It feels like it’s stuck in the early 2000s. Revamp it!

Moe1k   1 star

Garbage. This app looks and operates as though intended for a palm pilot which is unacceptable when you think about it. Of all your apps, Recruiter deserves more attention from a UX/UI stand point as we are paying customers.

Good Music   1 star

Amazing. Amazingly disappointing. The only thing I’m impressed with is how many people still use this terrible, barebones app despite the extremely limited functionality. And oh yea, we pay for this Premium service. If you guys need help finding contractors to develop some updates for this app, they aren’t hard to find... just sayin...

Stevemealone   1 star

Beyond flawed. There is no limit to the functionality problems this app has. They are numerous and make it impossible for the people who pay almost $1000 a month for LI Recruiter to even perform the most basic of searches. Here are 3 totally random, inexcusable issues with this terrible, terrible app: 1) You can’t search by zip code. What?! Seriously? How hard would that be to implement? 2) you cannot access recently used templates. Oh, but I can access countless unneeded templates that I haven’t used in years.Oh yeah, I got LOTS of those. 3) When typing in search terms, the text block to type in gets cut off by the screen. So even if you attempted to circumvent the bass ackwards way this app was designed and ATTEMPT to use a longer boolean search string, you can’t see 50% of what you are typing. I don’t know why this app hasn’t improved, but if LI doesn’t get it up to par, another app will come along that takes some of their business away. Do better, LinkedIn!

TheGreatUXer   1 star

Try again. Downloaded it to be able to check messages with candidates while away from the computer. Go to sign in and it says my account is not eligible for mobile access. Makes it difficult to want to continue using a service that won’t “let” you use their mobile app. Hopefully the product owner that was in charge of this app is no longer there.

MGD92   1 star

Looks like they gave up on it 5 years ago. It’s an app frozen in terrible user experience time. Last update was over 3 years ago and I suspect that won’t change. A shame

Crazy Momma 0526   1 star

Seriously.... No updates in 3 years??. What kind of nonsense is this? We pay a lot of money for the recruiter seats and the fact that this app is so outdated, basically rendering it worthless, is really disappointing.

Spunky303   1 star

Doesn’t work. App won’t open after I log-in.

recruiterjen   1 star

Doesn’t work. Used to work but doesn’t. Can’t log in. However you don’t have much functionality. You. Can’t see the entire email thread when you receive inmail responses and you can’t run very robust searches.

dalagatan   1 star

And you charge money for this??. Seriously????

Steve Gorrell   1 star

Simply wont work. I loaded the app on my phone entered my information and it goes to a blank screen. The LinkedIn logo flashes for a second but then nothing. The regular LinkedIn app runs great. I even tried using the link within LinkedIn to get there with the same results.

Theprowords   1 star

Garbage UI and App. This app is completely garbage. Linkedin should be ashamed

Bacole   1 star

Never Works. I’m not surprised that this app has such bad reviews. Let me be clear in first saying that LinkedIn Recruiter (Desktop Version) is amazing and my primary recruiting resource. That being said, y’all really need to improve the app. It never works for me, and there are so many aspects of it that have already been mentioned that need to be updated. I’d be on this thing all the time if it actually worked for me.

applesucksusernamestaken   1 star

2 years with no updates? Pathetic. The amount of money LinkedIn charges should certainly enable them to update their premium iOS app. It’s barely functional at this point, isn’t even appropriately sized for an iPhone X screen and has essentially been worthless for the last two years. Can’t even click a link from a Recruiter page and have it open in the app correctly. Really really sad.

next.question.   1 star

Garbage. Functionality is worst I’ve ever seen. I use LinkedIn and assumed recruiter version would be’s not. Step up your game embarrassed.

a.a.a.a.b   2 star

The last update was 2 years ago.... ...when Microsoft bought LinkedIn lol. This app is not LinkedIn Recruiter, BUT it does allow me to access my messages via mobile. I’ll take it.

llrms84   1 star

It is really bad. I went back to 2012 when I downloaded this app. No UX in mind, zero usable. No usable features. Regret paying 1,000+USD!

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