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What is amazon flex app? Deliver smiles

Amazon delivers millions of items each year, delighting customers around the world. We’re investing in getting deliveries to customers faster all the time, and people like you can help make it happen.

Grow with Amazon

Are you looking for a work opportunity that provides great pay and a chance to deliver smiles to customers? The Amazon Flex app gives you access to technology that makes delivering packages easy.

It’s simple

Delivery is easy with the Amazon Flex app. We’ll guide you every step of the way, from sign up, to making your first delivery, to on-road support.

Let's go!

Most Amazon Flex delivery partners earn $18-$25 per hour.* If you join us, you can build your own schedule, seven days a week. You can schedule work ahead or accept same-day offers when you have spare time.


Requirements to Start:

Age: You must be 21 or older.
Vehicle Type: You need a 4-door, midsize sedan or larger vehicle (such as an SUV).
Valid ID: Ensure you have a valid driver's license and a Social Security Number.
Insurance: Maintain personal auto insurance that meets your local requirements.
Bank Account: You'll need a checking or savings account.

By downloading the app, you agree to receive communications from Amazon Flex, including emails and push notifications. You can manage push notification preferences in your device settings.

*Actual earnings will depend on your location, any tips you receive, how long it takes you to complete your deliveries, and other factors.

By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use ( ( and Privacy Notice ( (

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App Name Amazon Flex
Category Business
Updated 12 April 2024, Friday
File Size 360.18 MB

Amazon Flex Comments & Reviews 2024

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It’s a love hate with this. When you go and loook for jobs there is never any slots for hours at a time. Many people are using bots to accept the blocks that are being giving. It’s almost impossible to get blocks when they are also being offered 10mins before the start time of the block…you will need to watch the app for hours at a time before you will have a block show up. I understand it’s about how many people that are on the app but you should be able to see the blocks that will be given in the day. Let people see something other then “sorry come back later” that wouldn’t make people want to work more. Plus for the new comers there should be more slots for us to come up and hit lvl two like everyone else. Everyone else sits at lvl two making it harder for the new comers to get there as well when jobs won’t show up and most of the blocks are given to the people who can pick a schedule. How are you. supposed to get to level two when you can’t even see the jobs lol. You should have the option for everybody not just people for level two. We would like to work just as much but it’s very hard to do so. Plz make a change, this would be an amazing app if you just implemented more for the new comers. Just add more slots!

It’s almost good.. The pay is decent although as many have stated after taxes it doesn’t amount to much. In my area usually bellow 18/hr after tax. This would be fine if they didn’t reserve the furthest most desolate routes for the flex drivers. They’re usually an hour out from the hub, I’m a rural area with no paved roads. Little support is available. They have delivery locations that can’t be reached, or that are outside of the actual delivery location. My most recent trip I had to call multiple times because the drop off location was further from the actual home being delivered to. The number one change that could and should be made is showing the route prior to accepting. I understand it may be because they don’t know the specific load prior to pickup from the depot, but then again they should be specifically assigned once accepted. It would be great if connection in the warehouse was improved. Many times I have to waste time once I am loaded because the app can’t connect and start the route before I leave the hub. Then when I leave it tells me I’m not at the pickup location although I’m all scanned and ready to go.

Unnecessary updates. It is very clear that whoever designs the updates for this app doesn’t actually use it. They changed the grouping to only “close” (very loose term btw) stops which completely killed my ability to deliver to apartments. I used to be able to group up the whole apartment complex and just go down the list but now I can only do about 3 stops at once. This is extremely problematic for apartments that have a locker but haven’t been converted to a locker stop yet, because I can’t group up the stops I need to put in the locker so now I have to call support to have them mark the packages as delivered. This change makes zero sense and helps nothing. Other changes you should work on would be the navigation taking you on random 3 minute detours when the next stop is 20 yards in front of you, or maybe the inconsistency of the “I’m at the right place, but the pin is wrong” button, why is that only there sometimes??? Please stop changing things that don’t need to be changed!!

Honest review. Honestly the app has improved from when it first came out. The only thing that I can really complain about is the fact that they have hired on so many flex drivers in my area to the point we’re there isn’t enough batches available for every driver. You have to basically be a night owl to get the ones that are early in the morning. Even then it’s a hit or miss. I have 4 different delivery station around me and yet I can’t seem to get any batches unless I stay up all night and wait for one to pop up. Even then your depriving yourself of needed sleep if you have anything to do during the day time. I was given a tip by another flex driver but it’s not one that I’m wanting to do to waste my gas to hope for an batch to pop up.

Process. As a new driver. There are a few things that I would make the process better and be able to make a smooth delivery. At fresh have somebody at the check in for help. Been there twice and see other new drivers on what to do and what to do. The labels. Put a # on the label and big enough. Delivering at night it’s hard to see and find the package. Would be great if they would have the packages all together or have big numbers to be able to find the package. Also do not put to many apartment packages together. They need to put a building # and what floor and what side of the apparment, left or right. needs to be delivered too. Would suggest no water,Gatorade’s 12 packs to be allowed to be order thru the app. Only allow one package. So people order 3-6 of this packages and are on a apartment complex. Not fun making the delivery.

Lowered the pay/buggy app. I started doing flex a while ago and it was normally 30-35$ an hour but I noticed they dramatically dropped it down to like 21$ an hour which after taxes is like 16$ an hour it's not even worth it anymore cuz the packages are the same as before you would think since the pay is lowered it would mean less packages but no but the main thing I don't like is how bad the signal on the app is. I had a block from 6:45am-10:45am showed up to the station on time and everything started the face verification which says it shouldn't take more than 30 seconds. That's a lie. It takes anywhere from 1 minute up to 20 minutes depending on how the signal wants to act. It has made me forcibly miss two blocks that I was at the station ready for and now won't be paid for even though I was at the station and the app kept failing. Took over a week for some answers just for them to say I wasn't at the station and they won't pay me even though I have screenshots and dash cam that say otherwise. Multi million dollar company and their app is straight trash.

App needs to glitch less & support team could use more training. Flex application tends to glitch a lot- whether it’s the GPS, when having to scan your packages or attempting to lock in delivery blocks. For support team members- it is frustrating when you attempt to tell them the issue you are experiencing and it is extremely hard to understand them or they tell you what they understood vs what the issue is that you are trying to explain to them and some of them are just trying to rush you off the phone. Especially some calls are extremely hard to have with them if the pick up store is closed for the night when you arrive complete a pick up. The same incident happens but another team member picks up and they are either rude or telling you something different. Other team members tell you in similar previous incidents and that are kind and easy to talk to and other either frustrated and/ or don’t generate offer to generate a ticket and it effects your “standing” on your dashboard for future delivery blocks. I’ve asked to speak to a supervisor in the past and I’m quickly told their isn’t one either.

Impossible to find work!. It is nearly impossible to get blocks on this app. I spend hours just refreshing only for one to pop up and then say it’s unavailable. It doesn’t matter how fast you click on the block. It will say that someone has taken it. It’s been made clear to me that there are a lot of bots being made that will swipe the blocks within milliseconds leaving nothing for anyone else. When you finally do get a block, the amount of wear and tear put on your car doesn’t seem to be worth it. They will tell you where the warehouse is but they won’t tell you what area you’re going to be delivering in. You could drive 30 minutes to the warehouse to find that you have to drive another 30 to get to the area you are delivering in and then drive your car around delivering packages for 3-5 hours, then make the hour drive back home. If you’re willing to do that then that’s fine but the biggest issue is not getting blocks in the first place. Very frustrating and hard to understand. Good luck.

I’ve had a terrible experience using this app!. This app is very undeveloped and a total pain to use! There are NO blocks for hours on end, you have to refresh it continuously for hours if you want to find work. Then every single block I click on to schedule, it says someone else booked it immediately. It’s ridiculous. The filter feature for filtering blocks is useless… you can’t filter anything without making it so you won’t see any offers at all because there’s a glitch with selecting the time to filter. I’d give it zero stars if it could. I really wanted to enjoy the flexibility of driving Flex, but this is more of a headache than anything. $18/hr is not worth the stress! 👎🏾

Literally nothing but problems. The app is always freezing when you’re delivering and can’t calculate routes, which slows you down. It gives horrible directions. Not to mention, sometimes they don’t give you enough time to deliver all your packages. Like my last shift was in the morning from 7:30-9:30, and it literally assigned me all 7:00-9:00 packages and then marks me down for being late the last few stops. Well no duh I’m gonna be late if I show up at the warehouse at 7:30, have to wait to be assigned a route, scan and organize all my packages, and then you only give an hour to make all the deliveries when I’m supposed to have an hour and a half. The app literally showed me not finishing my route until 9:12 leaving the warehouse, so why am I being given routes that have to be finished half an hour before my shift ends and then getting in trouble when I’m late. I’m literally being set up to fail. And the app doesn’t calculate for heavy traffic or if the app gives you wrong directions, which it does ALOT! I’m sick of being penalized for things that aren’t even my fault.

It’s gotten worse since last year. Things to improve: Stop sending offers when people are sleeping. Stop holding people accountable for things they are doing wrong. The dashboard has gotten worse since last year. They used to take things off in a timely manner now they don’t. I just got marked for a late package when I didn’t have any late packages. I take the ones that are due first then the rest because it isn’t the drivers fault if your package is late - it’s a warehouse issue. Regardless I refuse to be held accountable for late packages so I take those first and y’all still tried to put one on my dashboard?!? Start allowing people to pick up two five hour shifts a day. Not everyone has a gas friendly vehicle that they can do short shifts in. I use the same amount of gas for shorter shifts so I only do 5 hour shifts and y’all have cut us off from being allowed to do two per day. Not cool.

Such a terrible company to work for!. There are so many things wrong with this place I can’t possibly list them all. They don’t care about drivers at all and rely on having too many drivers so they can burn through them. Drivers are a dime a dozen. Totally taking advantage of people, especially during rising gas prices and pushing those costs on to drivers. They are not a “safe” company at all and don’t care about your personal safety while constantly lying and pretending they do. They also send you 130 miles round trip “just” to get to your delivery zone and you could end up doing 170+ miles for one block when gas is $5+ a gallon. The quality of people you are around at warehouses is frightening. You can also get shifts where you are primarily working in the hood in dangerous areas in the dark. This company cares less about your safety and will just get rid of you or do nothing when you do speak up about serious safety issues.

Please read this.. I did one of the shifts on Monday, the app still says I have no earnings and you are supposed to get paid Tuesday and Fridays. So it’s false advertising because you are supposed to get the money from the shifts you did prior. Also been trying to talk to someone about it and you can only email them about your account. The support team had me feeling like they were getting paid for nothing because some didn’t help me at all. The way you return packages is ridiculous because if it’s closed you have to return the packages before 10am the next day. Overall , the work is pretty easy. I wish the app would find the best way to do the drop offs. I wish you could see the drop offs before you accept. You have to pick up the packages first before you see the actual location. I definitely would recommend if they fixed these issues but right now I would not. I will be also sharing to my 4000 friends on Facebook and all my family members. I need my money to go work , i obviously need gas. Which is okay because since I can’t work until then. They lose out on the extra help.***UPDATE they sent me an email saying you get paid the next business day so You don’t get paid Tuesdays or Fridays . You get paid Mondays and Wednesdays.

Terrible. I only took this job to make extra pay I’ve come to find out they care nothing about their employees. They send us out to the most desolate areas and unsafe areas to work. I got to the station one particular day and the weather had gotten really bad I told the staff there that I felt unsafe to drive in this weather, their response was well if you don’t take it you will not be able to drive again at which point I was told it’s a refusal if I didn’t take it so I guess the packages were more important than my safety. Now onto the next issue I had to cancel 2 different runs because of all the potholes in Indianapolis of course I didn’t cancel before the 45 minutes because I had no idea I was going to hit potholes so of course that was counted against me. Now here’s where it just really blew me my sister was rushed to the hospital and remained there for over a week she takes care of our 80 year old bedridden mom I missed an assignment due to everything going on of course I had to go take care of her and they TERMINATED me. I’m just totally flabbergasted about their lack of care for their contractors.

Safety suggestion. Safety suggestion: Create a “dark mode” for the flex app. The bright background of the flex app is very hard on the eyes while driving and delivering after dark. In some cities and counties, it is illegal to drive with a light on at night while in the car because of how hard it is for the eyes to focus on other vehicles, signs, and road hazards. The bright white background of the FLEX app makes it difficult to refocus on the road and on obstacles while driving and delivering in the dark. Please make an effort to change this incredibly dangerous part of the flex app. The bright white background of the FLEX app is dangerous while approaching homes at night; it drowns out surrounding vision making it difficult to see oncoming obstacles, such as steps and curbs. More so, it also makes it very difficult to see potential threats such as a stranger approaching or a dog approaching in the dark while delivering on foot. Please make an effort to change this incredibly dangerous part of the FLEX app. I have tripped and fallen twice while delivering packages at night while using the FLEX app. I have also been approached by strangers at night while using the FLEX app to complete a delivery. Due to the bright white background of the flex app, I was not able to see these hazards or potentially dangerous situations while delivering. Please make an effort to change this incredibly dangerous part of a FLEX app.

Don’t do it!. Very rude unprofessional and ignorant hub employees! Normally same location (I normally don’t accept block from there but I did that day!) Deactivated me because I defended myself against such people you hire? And before you spoke to me about the incident? And refused to accept the video I recorded or listen to the phone call of the guy yelling at me while on the phone with support trying to file complaint or report on “the boss” who refused to provide his name! Thanks! Future flexers know this- tip: be ready to Shut up and eat crap without talking back! Word to the wise grab the name of these such people BEFORE you hand your ID over before you start putting the packages in your vehicle! They will not talk to you or ask you anything of the situation before deactivating even if you’re in the middle of a delivery block at 4 am with 45-50 of their packages in your car! App overall has a lot of bugs map issues and driver support is not good at all! Customer service through the app and at the hub stations are horrible! Wish this experience could have gone a different way! But somehow my standings are “fantastic” but I’m deactivated! Again thanks!

Terminated for refusing to be on the safe. I worked with this company for a couple weeks and was told in training the minute that I was being treated unfairly or discriminated against or to work in an unsafe environment that I should report at the minute I reported it I was terminated from my position as of this morning I was put in a situation that involve my safety and my well-being. It was completely ignored, and the minute I made a complaint I was terminated for having a complaint, and not complying with their demands. Even though the work environment was very hostile and unsafe, driving conditions in vehicles that were poorly maintained even though I was assured multiple times that they had top maintenance of all their vehicles. Well, that’s a flat out lie, they also lie in their ads on indeed, luring unsuspecting people into their company through sister companies that hire their drivers be cautious if you apply because the moment you have a complaint or safety concern, you will be terminated as I was

GPS Terrible. The overall experience for delivering with Flex is great. The GPS through the app is horrible. I do not like it. Not sure if updates are taking place or not but the GPS needs changed. Their GPS will tale you through a construction area, closed or blocked off street, etc. I also do not like the fact that we are no longer scanning packages. Once we leave the warehouse we just load and go. I have had a few instances where all the packages have not been there on my route. I have also experienced after finishing my route, its telling me to return packages (that I never had) back to the station. I have not had much help calling Driver Support either. Once something is reported, its never taken care of as it should be. They also should make sure that all customers have porch lights on (im sure alot of Flex drivers can relate). But again, the overall delivering experience with Flex is great because its bringing in extra income but they need make some changes.

Doll-facebritt. Ya I kept getting taken back to a address that was wrong it said in the notes but wouldn’t let me move on while I’m going in circles I almost got in an accident with a lady that didn’t stop I had no sign but I felt I needed to stop because she was not and she went right threw it so as I’m trying to gather myself and I pull over try to call dispatch twice got no answer this was first day I had no clue what to do so I drive back to see why I was not able to skip it and if I could get help because I was told I would get off at 7 so I planned a babysitter till 8 and the lady at dispatch told me I was abandoning my route and pretty much made me fill like a failure when I wasn’t going to get no help because I drove back and didn’t text her ?? Who doesn’t answer a phone to someone new that had no idea what to do besides what I was trained to call dispatch so I went home upset and then before I was leaving to get my vehicle all the people in delivery part was talking crap like ya she just abandoned her route she left ? There app is horrible has u running in circles back and forth confusing hard to follow and yes drive at same time it’s not possible seen someone today with there door wide open driving we got taught that’s a no no major I thought I did my best and I felt so lost that day hurt fillings

It doesn’t work right, never has. I received a response suggesting I do all of the things, including contacting support, that I’ve already done. I also received an email asking me to do all of the things that I’d already said I’d already done - multiple times. —- It signs me out multiple times a day, it won’t take my password to sign me back in, I have to do a work around to sign in that takes four or five individual steps. The app freezes while I’m on shift. The navigation isn’t efficient. The tools don’t work right, I can’t adjust a pin for a delivery location when it’s wrong. It’s not intuitive. Instructions for each location are incorrect or incomplete, when they exist at all. “Support” is worth absolute crap and their “safety support” is a complete joke. BTW all of this was already reported multiple times with zero resolution. If I had any other options I would never touch this app or this company for any reason.

Good gig app. While the app isn’t perfect, none are, it works pretty well most of the time. As far as the job itself goes, the biggest issue I have is getting too many of the routes that have you driving nearly an hour before reaching the first delivery. You know what that means, when you are done you can be an hour from home. Sometimes I feel like the flex drivers are getting more than our fair share of long distance deliveries because it’s our vehicles that are on the line. When the winter days get short I won’t take routes in the dark, you never know what you will get and I’m not willing to find myself miles from any town on gravel roads and possibly sketchy connectivity. I do like the work though. If I could get daytime routes all year long I’d take them 5-7 days a week.

Can’t scan license. The only blocks I can do is Whole Foods. I signed up for several blocks only to get to the stations take my photo with my phone and attempt to scan my license with kiosk machine at the station only to receive a message stating that my license isn’t matching what’s on file. In my attempt to reach out via email and phone on several occasions I’ve been unsuccessful with getting this resolved. Yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, yes I have sign out to sign back in and yes I have been given the option to scan my license in the app to only get a message saying it wasn’t approved, and yes I have had the area managers at the stations do their best about getting situation resolved only to get me back right here to write this message. Through all my attempts and representatives claiming to have opened a ticket about case or saying that it’s my fault I still haven’t gotten anywhere which is why I’m finally leaving a review because this has been going on too long and can’t no one seem to resolve this matter.

App issues. 1.) Dashboard not working since the last update. (Phone is running the most recent iOS version and the help menu to report app issues only brings you to support that knows the app is having this issue) 2.) Could you please make the app compatible for Apple Car play for safety reasons . You can send to google maps but it searches via coordinates and not the actual address so you’re still having to switch between apps when driving 3.) On the offers page , is it possible to have that app automatically refresh. It’s ridiculous that I have to hit the refresh button a thousand times only to get told that I have refreshed too many times

Poor customer service and design of app. My experience was not bad initially. I delivered packages the first half, of my very first route with ease. Suddenly, I encountered several addresses where the in app gps brought me to unsafe locations. I ended up using my personal app and was able to make the delivery. The same thing happened on my next route. Most of the time you will be brought right to your destination and other times you will not. Be prepared to use other gps apps. Another issue is payment. I changed my payment option to a debit card from banking account since it takes longer to receive your money and it just not a good idea to link your bank. I realized I changed it right before payment so I had to wait until they confirmed my debit card. That is fine. A week later, I am fed different information with the same information related. Trouble shoot, trouble shoot, trouble shoot. To date, I have never received a payment because they keep stating that my debit information is inaccurate. I have reviewed it over and over and there is nothing to change. I also verified my bank accepts ACH since I receive money from other vendors using this method. Still nothing. I am simply out of a couple hundred bucks as they keep telling me to trouble shoot my issue, that cannot be fixed because the issue is not on my end. Ultimately, I have decided I will continue with other apps to earn holiday cash.

Job. There are 4 levels that they offer to reach via deliveries. These levels are updated every 3 months. The first month of childbirth is super good. But once you reach the second level, the offers disappear for about a month. That is, it is almost impossible to reach the third level and higher. Payment for delivery is also very interesting. usually paid $21 an hour. But when you take it, after 5 minutes they can deliver another 3-5 blocks, where the payment will be 30+/hour. Of course, you can only see this on the second account, as yours will no longer show any offers since you already have it. Injustice here at every step. There is also a level by which your rating is measured, how many points you will be awarded. Points can be multiplied by 2, 3 times. It all depends on what rating the "customer" gives you. Of course, you don't know if it was really a customer. Most likely, it is not in anyone's interest for you to be a very good employee with a high rating. Your wishes are never accepted, both regarding the delivery area and the days and hours when you want to make deliveries. It is also important to take into account that you may be sent with deliveries 50-80 miles from the pickup location. Then you will make a lot of miles, spend a lot of time, and earn just like an ordinary dog ​​(a bone without meat).

Performance review jeopardize. I love delivering smiles to clients on your behalf And I do so with so much pride, professionalism, care, passion and enthusiasm however is SO MUCH UNFAIR that my performance review is based on a missed package when the package have been given or delivered to the client and you believed the client putting My loyalty to you under the table and measuring my performances base on clients story. What about investigating more whether that is a client that typically would report missed package to avoiding paying for it or to get a 2nd package or item. What about taken both stories in consideration and filing claim thru your business as loss and replace your clients item but don’t put the blame on me when you know my record impeccable base on my background check you did. Review these issues improve your consideration, loyalty and treat you flex contractor driver better. Thank you.

Used to be great. This app used to be a great & I loved picking up offers and delivering but lately my offers have been slim. I’m a level 3 & since I hit level 3 my offers are almost non-existent. Not to mention the routes that are available have been an hour and some change away so if you pick up a 3 hour route, it takes you an hour to get to the first stop and then another hour back to the city. I’m not sure why they added Madison, WI to Milwaukee, WI radius, makes no sense and makes the routes not worth it especially with gas prices. A 3hr route for $60 to Madison essentially is only $30 because half of that goes to gas. When you try to deny the route and call driver support they state they’ll remove from your app but they never do and it reflects as you not showing up for a route. It’s almost like you’re forced to do the route so your account isn’t deactivated.

Route. Would be nice before we accept a route to be able to see what area we’ll be working out of like most apps do so we can plan things out better. We’ll know what to expect and we can know if we have enough fuel for it. I’ve been seeing some people complaining about mileage because they have to go too far out. I believe if you give that info there will be even more people taking offers, I would. I haven’t taken one offer yet because I don’t want to go in not knowing what to expect. I don’t want to have to turn down a offer because I’ll have to take my car too far out after meeting up with you guys for my route. That’s a waste of my time, gas and especially wasting you guys time. If you guys can give us times and how much we’ll make how come we can’t see where the route will be ran at? I know there are some people on here that don’t care and would just jump to it. But think about it, there are good workers out here like me that are just cautious and that think before acting. You guys are doing pretty good right now but just think about how many more drivers you’ll attract if you add that feature 🤔.

They treat you like you’re stupid. They lie, they penalize and punish you for the mistakes that they are responsible for. They lie about the 3rd party apps, they refuse to address the bot issue. Their is absolutely no fair opportunity to schedule offers, the driver support Indians are petty and put restrictions on your account. The only blocks you will schedule will be extremely underpaid warehouse deliveries that destroy your vehicle and pay just as much as you’ll spend on fuel. This company is disgusting, they gamify it and have you refreshing the offers page like a monkey with no opportunity to schedule anything while people use bots to take every offer, then they gaslight you by denying that bots are why you’re unable to schedule anything. The worst part is they act as if you’re a contractor but in reality you’re an underpaid employee with no chance of actually making enough to maintain the vehicle you’re using, so drive until you’re car breaks and then you’re terminated, and you’re going to be stranded 50-60 miles away from home and they KNOW THIS.

Slavering people. Well you guys should also look at all these factors that make your program inefficient and in some cases even poorly structured kind of hoping to take advantage from the necessity of a lot of people looking for income. All the staff from customer service to warehouse needs to be trained to make this program more efficient. There are too many delays that add up a great amount of time lost in stuff that can be done quick. Blocks because of warehouse staff unorganized have us waste like 15 to 20 minutes, packages mapped out without really checking if that’s the most efficient route have us to go back and forth to almost the same delivery locations, not paying attention to customers’ notes saying you can deliver packages at gates that are a little far from their houses so we have to call support waste like 10 minutes talking and trying to marked packages as delivered, super far locations very bad roads, a lot of miles, gas, etc. This program is not paying enough or what’s really deserved. Sure you can say look for something else and I am but I feel with the necessity to say what I think so we don’t have or stop having jobs that in some cases feel like slavering people.

Wish they could do more. I love this job on one hand but on the other hand it’s hard to schedule blocks I’ve been working for this company sense December 1st in the beginning getting blocks were easy then once I reached to level 2 I didn’t get anything for 2 weeks I texted support an asked them why I wasn’t getting any blocks they told me they couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting them so they said they will fix the problem an I should be good to go in a few days well 2 days later I started getting blocks again the blocks were coming in one right after another so I went threw all of January up until here a week ago getting blocks but then here recently in the last 2 weeks blocks would show up I click on them to schedule them an it will say block was already filled it wasn’t even up for a second an it was already filled I really believe people are using bots to schedule there offers which isn’t fair to everyone else I wish amazonflex would fix this problem make it where they scheduled a offer an confirm there not a robot there app tells you they do that but they don’t

Average app Terrible company. The navigation is terrible have to use waze or apple navigation while you are delivering packages I miss a few schedule blocks in which I wasn’t aware of the guidelines to forfeit schedules 45 minutes before start time but after I starting completing blocks I did about 5-7 schedule blocks within a week as flexible part time gig but they love sending flex drivers 25-60 miles away out deep in the country where there no smooth roads and some of the areas in these neighborhoods looks like the 1950’s with the mailbox with address half mile away from actual house in which the navigation will mark you as not in your when your are literally standing on front porch dropping off package but sometimes you can get lucky and get schedule blocks with the city limits from the warehouse but most of times long distance time and mileage will put serious wear and tear on your car money isn’t worth the wear and tear Bezos is a billionaire because he is underpaying flex drivers as independent contractors good for side supplemental income but not good compensation for your car

Experience went from amazing to protect your mental. Good offers don’t come through anymore. I’m usually scheduled a week out and for the last 2 and a half weeks I’ve scheduled maybe 3 offers, forcing me to work with other delivery platforms. I’ve done Flex since January ‘22 and the experience has drastically gone from great to bad, to find something else immediately. Im a full time college student and full time Flex driver…..this no longer pays the bills. I scheduled a route for 3:30am, the license scanner was malfunctioning, I called support to check in and was told they were closed. HOW and you have hundreds of drivers on the road! Flex support will lie to the drivers in a heartbeat. Something was reflected on my standings negatively, I reached out, they said it was beyond my control, they’ll remove it…..within the next 24 hours I got an email WITH NO EXPLANATION saying they aren’t removing it anymore……I don’t mind driving far out, I love to drive, that’s why this job did fit perfect for me at one point, but now I don’t recommend it for anyone’s mental health…..there is NO advocacy for the drivers, the customer can say absolutely anything and it’s the drivers fault, with no investigation whatsoever, ONLY until you email them and ask what’s up will they do any type of looking into it, and even then it’s 50/50. I don’t recommend it AT ALL. If you’re a college student, PLEASE look into work study like I am. I start soon and couldn’t be happier to leave this behind!!!!

Work & No Pay. So, I will start with the positives! The money itself is pretty good compared to other delivery services. The job itself is pretty easy: in regards to loading the packages and delivering them. That’s the positives. So, I’ll repeat a lot of other reviews in regards to the “blocks” you have to accept. My first day I literally was sent 50 mins away from the warehouse and then once I start delivering, I quickly discover that I’m delivering up and down the Ozark mountains on not dirt roads - but big red clay with rocks sticking up and out all over the place along with some of these being so narrow my little compact car barely fit. Then, my 3 hour block was up before even 1/2 way through my route. I call driver support and they tell me to deliver what I can and call back before my last delivery so they can mark my time to pay me extra. I didn’t get it all done but I did get paid for my extra time that day. Not having a clue as to where we’ll be going is a problem! However my biggest issue is them not paying for my time when I’ve been told, thru chat that I took screenshots of, that I will be paid for time worked beyond my block. Three different occasions this has happened and I have not been compensated. Isn’t this illegal??? So, if I am not done by the end of my block and I return the pkgs to the warehouse, I could be terminated for not doing a good job. I don’t mind working BUT I DESERVE TO BE PAID FOR MY TIME!

Latest Version Glitch. The app worked perfectly until the version update a few days ago. Since the update, I have been having problems with “Available Now”. When I turn it on, the temperature check window comes up like always, but now when I hit okay, it doesn't go away for the next step. So I go to another screen and then go back to “available now”. Now the identity check comes up, but after pressing okay, it doesn't open to take my picture. So I have to go out to another screen and come back to “available now”. Each time I go out and come back, I have to turn on “available now, because it slides back to the off position. It doesn't stay on, hence I have not seen any instant offers even while sitting in the parking lot of Whole Foods. I have contacted support multiple times and I get the same scripted answer. Turn on “available now”. Someone may be closer. Orders may be slow. They never address the issue. Trying to get support is horrible.

Not as much money as you might think. The routes given will drive you out in the middle of nowhere where you end your last drop off sometimes as much as an hour and a half away from the station. The gps system is laggy and misses turns and tells me to go left when the map says go right. The rates are pretty low and once you work in mileages driven and amount of gas bought your looking at what comes to 12-15 an hour. I spent 400 in gas in December and when you take that off the amount made in December it’s barely acceptable for take home but this is even before taxes will be taken out be end of the year! So it will be even less. The rates are not consistent and you can be driving 3 hours and get 50 but spend 40 on gas. Not worth it and not as lucrative of a “side hussle” as advertised. Not to mention if something goes wrong 99.9% of the time the driver will be blamed and will count against you even if you had nothing to do with it.

They just don’t set the expectation right. They offer an amount of let’s say $66 for a 2 hours block. They ask you to agree to complete 40orders in that time. Which is fair when there I no traffic. The app tells you before you leave to come back to the station to return any undelivered packages. Delivering to Hollywood in a 3hr shift on a Friday night while many venues are now open to get to Hollywood took me 1 hr and to go back to the station 44mins. Giving me only 1:30 to deliver packages to building with no codes to enter, no instructions where the lockers are, and of course no where legal to park. I did well driving in Gardena and Beverly Hills. Now I’m underrated driver and received a warning for not male king a delivery attempt which I couldn’t because the app wanted to me to go to the door to mark why I’m not delivering (I couldn’t there was a roadblock)I went past the time in more than one occasion which I believe probably I’m not getting paid. No response from them yet.

Tips breakdown?. I heard another cit that they’re able to see the tip break down but it is not available after updating the app for me here in Utah. Also that does not work if I’m connected to the warehouse Wi-Fi. When I am done scanning at a warehouse that will not update my route and I have to force it to close and reopen it for my schedule to appear. There seems to be glitches when working at Whole Foods stores. I have to keep saying I’ve arrived and re-opening and closing the app for it to update the schedule. My biggest pet peeve though is when I’m doing same day deliveries that multiple packages are not grouped together and I get the one package out of my car only to return start travel deliver a second or third or more packages at the same location when I can be more proficient by having all three Advil to take one photo and scan all three at one time.

Unhelpful and waste of time and gas. You accept a block and you are expected to get there at the timeframe they give you. They give you 5 mins after the time you arrive to be there. They even tell you the time to be there in the app with the 5 mins. So it will say be there at 7:45 and then it will say arrive at station by 7:50. I arrive at station at 7:49. It just turned 7:49 so it’s not like it hit 7:50. I check in BEFORE 7:50 and I get a message saying I missed my block. So I drove all the way over there and wasted a lot of gas and time just for this horrible company to deny me a block, and better yet there is no customer service. In the app I tried to call, but it said they were closed. It is 7:52 at this point. What trillion dollar company is not open for customer service which is important on an app gig job. So there was literally nothing I could do but send an email and maybe they’ll get back to me in a day or something to tell me something I don’t want to hear. Thanks for wasting my time and money. There are other gig jobs that pay more with 24/7 customer service. This is just ridiculous.

Love Hate. I like flex because it allows me to make money on a flexible schedule. They do love to send you 40 plus miles away, there and back that’s nearly 100 miles a day on your car. You get to the warehouse to pick up your packages you wait 10-20 minutes just to pull in. The load time is another 20-30 minutes and I feel like that’s a lot of wasted time. Flex could be way more organized. When your out delivering if you need support you put in a request and they call you back…. Not cool! I flex for extra money to keep me from having to go get a job and exposing myself to Covid. Flex pay is not worth the wear and tear or the mileage you put on your car! They say your safety is important but I don’t see it. Lastly they might send you thru a turnpike to deliver! It is not the delivery drivers responsibility to pay toll fees!! Be aware!

I like it but app has so many issues.. I like being able to use this to make money especially because I can make my own schedule since a babysitter isn’t always available this is perfect for me. However, there are so many glitches and problems with the app. The maps will send you in circles when doing deliveries which wastes gas and add more miles to your car. For example your going down a street, your next stop is on the left in an apartment complex, the maps makes me turn right and go in a big circle just to end up back on the street I was originally driving on and turn into the next stop apartments. So you have to look at the map to see and pretty much make your own rout to your stops since they do stuff like that. Another thing, anytime I get on the app it always goes back to the checklist you have to do when signing up, i have to close and reopen it couple times to get the regular screen which is so annoying. So many more problems but these are just a couple.

Needs major updates. Maps are not up to date. Wastes your time taking you the longest route to get to an address. Delivery spots are not on the map accurately so you have to waste more time calling support in order to mark your package delivered this is including at 3/4 in the am so you look weird outside of peoples home. I feel so unsafe because i think the people in the neighborhood might think i’m a threat because it takes support forever to answer. App takes you way into the woods sometimes at night where there are no lights. App sometimes just stops working in the middle of the route. App has not allowed me to check in causing me to forfeit my block by default even though i was there way before my time. Waste of time, money and energy especially when its the crack of dawn. App doesn’t show you hubs nearby, you have to drive 30 mins away to get work. This has been my first week and it has potential to be something really good. I was so excited to be able to supplement my salary but its been such a hassle and energy drainer I don’t know if it’s worth it at this point. Very upsetting.

Not good anymore.. I used to really like this app until it stopped showing current block availability in favor of future availability. For example, it’s Sunday morning and there are no blocks listed for today and only one block listed for tomorrow which is Monday. However I see Tuesday and Wednesday’s blocks in entirety for the whole day. Now I have to spend endless hours refreshing for blocks that trickle in one by one but can’t get them as someone has claimed the block. I’m sure it’s easier for others to claims blocks I can’t see. I’m concerned with working today and tomorrow right now I don’t care about what’s happening mid week. This is now resulting in days not worked and now block prices don’t update often anymore either.

Automated emails and Deactivation. What really bothers me about this app is that they love to deactivate your page in the midst of a work week and then send automated emails in response instead of taking care of the issue then and there. It didn’t take you long to deactivate my account so I shouldn’t take you that long to respond.? It really just shows how disposable some of us drivers are to them. Secondly, they need a reason for cancellation section so you don’t have to go through what when where and why. There are times where drivers will leave on time or leave early and not be able to make it due to traffic or some unforeseen event happening. They don’t care and that’s not right! You have to fight like crazy. They recently deactivated my account for no apparent reason one day and I had to send so many emails to get a response it was ridiculous! Anything and everything can affect your standing with them even if it is out of your control. I do like to drive with them but not at the cost of this headache and they also need to put up more shift and better shifts for newcomers.

Horrible Functionality. I was accepted about 2 weeks ago to start with Flex but haven’t had a chance to try it out or schedule a block due to the horrible functionality of the app (even after all required updates). I get about 20 push notifications a day about “increased rates” and available blocks but every time I try to go to the app it says I’m temporarily logged out and need to login. I enter my password and it just circles forever. I know my password is let the issue as my OTP text comes through but it rarely pushes me to the screen to enter it. The few times I did get in there have a only been a few blocks and all at weird random times right in the middle of the day (which doesn’t work for people with regular 9-5 schedules). Once I am actually able to get in I will turn the obnoxious push notifications off! I don’t believe I will actually schedule with Flex due to the lack of functionality with the app. I’m too scared that I would pick up packages and then not being to get in to see where I’m going!

Terrible company & low pay. Zero customer service. Everything is automated. Even employees at station hate this company. You have been warned. It’s been two years of calling and sending emails to never get anything resolved. Everything is the drivers fault. Things happen that are completely out of your control, lock gates, locked buildings, customers won’t answer text, or phone calls, and they still count it again you for not being able to deliver. You send messages for support and they don’t even reply back. If you work past your block time they will not pay you! It’s happened more times than I can count. Now I just take them back at the end of the block, to be counted against me. It’s not my fault the station has issues like late truck where I wait for over an hour before I get the packages. This waiting is still part of my block. Pay me for the extra hour and I’ll happily deliver them. Ridiculous. Just be honest & reasonable. That’s all we want.

Here’s an instant offer, actually no, a driveway safety tip instead.. If you get a push notification for an instant offer, you might be able to see the details if you tap it. Often times when you click to open the push notification, you are presented with a repetitive, not so useful tip intended to help you deliver better. This doesn’t happen all the time, just occasionally. Why is that so bad? When this is presented when opening the app, (a bug, a bad R&D decision, Jeff Bezos -pick one) prevents the instant offer push notification from loading. Since there’s no way to get back that push notification, and there is no place In the app to retrieve your instant offer, continue to sit idle because you’re never going to get it back. What you have to do is ignore the push notification, Open the app from the home screen or recent apps, reject whatever information shows up when opening the app, and then open the link from notification Center. But seriously why won’t they fix this bug? I’ve only filed it several times, I’ve lost probably about $1000 now in instant offers. When in motion, it’s hard to remember to do this convoluted workaround. Nor should I have to.

Flex off and on. I currently work for a local DSP which I absolutely love but this app has had nothing but issues the last 2 weeks. I normally run rural routes and the offline maps have been super buggy. Even if I have service the app closes out on me randomly which loses me at least 20 mins multiple times through out my route. Not only this but if I don’t have service and switch to airplane mode the app will have you drive circles trying to load a map that should’ve already been downloaded. Flex thinks certain roads are 5 mph instead of 55 mph. Flex also thinks there are roads through people houses or yards a lot of times. Needs updated badly. Suggestion: the delivery drivers should be able to leave notes for future delivery drivers about certain stops. Let’s say they have a beware of dog but the dog is super nice it’d be nice if I could let my coworkers know in app that way when they pull up they can see via the app that someone else said the dogs were ok. Or if a customer has specific instructions (elderly people don’t know how to add notes for delivery) or the gps is off (which happens all the time) theyll know what to do from the other drivers comments.

Can’t even use it. I literally can’t even use the app. I went all through the whole sign up process which of course ask for very personal information. Social security number, background check, drivers license number, etc. I even watched all of the training videos which takes 30 mins of your time. All of that just for me to not be able to use the app. I never get offers because my time slot is set for 12am-12pm which of course, there won’t be any offers during that time slot and no matter how many times I try to edit the times, the app won’t let me. I go to the screen where it says you can change the times and when I click on the time, nothing happens. The app even glitches and exits out when I do it. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it, I’ve even tried emailing support but the app literally won’t even let me do that, it gave me an error message when I tried. So I’m honestly frustrated that I went through the whole sign up process for an app I can’t even use.

Worst there is. The app bugs out all the time. I’ve had to take 2 lunches when I had no time bc it forced me into the second when I had to switch phones. The gps is like when they first started, you don’t know which way to go a lot of the time — you look like you’re going sideways, it will be too slow to update so you’re at a stop sign & don’t know which way to turn bc the map is confusing. It will take you a suuuper long way when you could have just taken a left somewhere, it will route you in ways that make no sense. It will say “continue onto unknown road” a lot when there are signs. Most times it’s someone’s long driveway. Getting onto off-ramps it won’t tell you correctly when to take them or won’t say explicitly take the turn. Sometimes I will use my own google maps instead for my longer distance driving bc I can’t trust this app. Also the voice is spotty, won’t always tell you when to turn or when you arrived so you pass the place thinking the voice will say it. Especially if there’s people tailing you going 55+ miles an hour & you’re delivering to businesses on a highway it’s super stressful. Now if this app worked better & wouldn't crash, etc, maybe this job would be somewhat okay. Otherwise, nope.

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NEED UPDATED MAPS!!!. App is too slow and also need updated maps for proper routes. Taking back to the same street or the corner of the street for the delivery after 6-7 deliveries is not worthwhile and time & fuel wasting. Apart from that suggesting to take right or left to reach the destination on expressway or major roads where there is dividers in between roads is also very annoying. And is some areas it is not allowing to take pictures once the delivery is complete stating out of area!!!! Even though delivery is happening in the major suburbs.

APP DOESN’T EVEN WORK. I have downloaded, deleted and re-downloaded this app multiple times as the app doesn’t even work. Once you click in it’s just a blank white page. Have reached out to “support” on multiple occasions and every single correspondence was word for word the same email I would receive back every time which is frustrating. Quiet disappointing to say the least. If you want people to work for your company at least make the signup process easy, have a working in order app, and train your “support” team to actually support and help.

can’t even change vehicle. most absurb app I have seen which doesn’t work you can’t even see your own profile let along trying to change vehicle types it’s just a black page which shows you how to sign in and sign out only

App Issues. Neither this App allows me to do re background check nor it allows me to press any option …too many bugs…customer care helpless and useless ..sends the same email again and again ….happening from the last one month ! WORST EXPERIENCE !

Block grabbers your worst nightmare. Very hard to get blocks while everyone is using block grabbers from illegal 3rd party aps other than that easy work flexibility of hours

No Jobs Available At All. DONT BOTHER DOWNLOADING. Don’t bother joining unless you are in some very popular area or big city (Maybe). Stop popping up ads telling me to join when there is no job available whatsoever for more than a month. It’s a total scam when there is maximum delivery partners you would take in one area,.These kind of things are supposed to be up front to people who wanted to join in those maxed out area before they started those lengthy and cost money application. Total waste of time and money. I should’ve trusted those 1-2 star reviews.

App issue. Not been happy with the app, there is no way to connect with helpline, very slow, I uploaded everything, my account was enabled but couldn’t start deliveries , didn’t know the reason

How to accept shifts. Its been two months my account got activated i wonder how to accept the shift runs and get into work. Whenever i open the application i can only see there aren’t delivery options in your area.

App works fine.. This app works fine for me. Once you get approved you get blocks and you either decline or accept them. The work isn’t all that hard, but you just have to knuckle down and do it. Some blocks are easy whilst others are much harder. Pay is ok. Only issue is fuel prices, when they go up your expenses are much higher. Overall I’m happy working with flex.

No more pay for return items. Remember that you got no more pay if you have to return the parcel back to the station. Today I had to drive 50 kms more(plus tolls) from the last drop back to the station and got nothing. Good luck for the new driver :)

Waste time. Never answer my question with their support team, its hard to find the way to call them, it’s like a ghost company, seem like you fail the verification part, they will never talk or reply any email back to you again, using copy and paste reply email style, by saying the we cannot make decisions for your application or review. Kind of waste time app.

Maps. Lot of issues with maps and also app crashes while delivering packages.

Time waster. Spent 11 days setting up the account and long wait for background check, and when it finally all got set up, I logged in and it says sorry there’s no delivery opening available for you, check back in a day or 2, this is actually a joke

Connectivity and App Speed. The app doesn't connect to the internet when an increased offer is given to me and I try to accept it. App also takes too long to open.

Hard to scan the QR code’s. It’s very hard to use the app for navigation since it doesn’t talk to you as google map does, you will have to keep watching the screen to make sure you are on the correct route. And once your screen is off, you will have to re-do every step again to go back to where you were on the app. Last but not least, it’s very hard to scan the QR code’s. A waste of time when using it for delivery

Significant problems. Glitches with the current version apparently cause drivers to be erroneously marked down for missing blocks when they have not. This will cause significant issues for drivers.

Unable to see any blocka and others can see the block.. I am not able see any blocks in offers, where as others can see. Customer service say just re- install app and login but it does not work

Complete lie half the time. The jobs a swing and miss. They claim the jobs are made available at 6pm AEST fridays and yet that’s a load of bull. You will fight every one else to get that one job that pops up at a time. It used to release them all at once like they should but not anymore. Garbage team

App not working properly. Always have a issue with the app every time when I picked up block after that when I go for pick up that’s aways show please wait still loading after that it’s show you missed your block .please fix it

Poor / Bordering on Criminal. I don’t recommend this app or delivery system to any drivers. I took four weeks to be accepted. I did not receive the refund for criminal check application as promised. Systems of Offers presented to drivers reminds me of the Hunger Games. Only available on Fridays, no notifications from app when offers are available (so you expect drivers to check the app just by chance there is something there)??? Have been on app for two months and have had one very poorly paid block. A waste of time!

One MAJOR flaw… grabbing blocks. Saturated with drivers. Hardest part of this job is grabbing blocks. The work itself is very straightforward the pay is very good. The app is not as refined as Uber by a HUGE margin. Then they have a captcha system that completely blocks you from grabbing anything at all. Any issues with it is handled by an automated response. Frustrating.

Map / worst support/ low pay. They will not pay for returning packages considering the fuel prices and distance they want us to do social service. If you vehicle is broken in the middle of the shifts make sure you return the packages before your car fixed. Blocks are not frequently available which means you can not relay on earrings and waste your energy and time. I have also seen the app is not driver friendly and forget about the map its worst of all.

Can’t get blocks. Can’t get blocks and the navigation is terrible, you get told to continue on when you’re supposed to make a u-turn and visa versa….among other things. Drivers are using block grabbing apps (which is apparently not allowed) so you don’t even get to see the blocks appear at all…and nothing is being done about it!! 😡

The application is having problems. It does not advance, it just keeps loading the application, I could only load my documents, and the license is always being rejected.

Support team never help. I was promised to get 250$ bonus if I complet blue card training adn 2 blocks befor specific date. I completed and when asked for bonus never give me . I have send approximately 15 emails to support staff they just give me next mont from last 3 months . Very unexpierinced team . Never read the previous messages always send you automated reply . It’s been 3 months I never got my 250$. I wish I can repot them to fair trading or any other governing body

Big block. Today was very big block for 4 hours And the distance was abit far in between parcels delivery

can’t find settings option the app. I was trying to upload my documents via app but can’t an option for that. It only shows me few option such as updates sign out and get start page. Very poor user experience

Broken app. Tried signing up for flex, got through all the processes up until direct deposit. It just sits there trying to connect. Over and over until it times out. Tried uninstalling, even contacting customer Service. But nothing. What a useless app if you can’t even get one basic thing right ?

Fix your app. Navigation for scheduling the order of deliveries is a bit of a joke. If you use an esim in Australia it can't figure out your region and assumes you're in the US, so you need to put in another SIM to make the app work. Some real rocket scientists wrote this app.

Horrible. Horrible app doesn’t allow to change region it’s been 2 months and I’ve emailed called and nothing has updated there is no support and no help with this problem always says nothing available for work and no menu to change region as I’m not living in the same state I originally choose to start the work. Poor service

App support. Worst support ever don’t have option to change vehicle - don’t have a chat option to reach out to support team . That support team never responds properly I have been waiting for my vehicle change for one month they keep on saying wait for 24 to 48 hrs every time I message them but it never happened.

Can’t change vehicle. I tried to change my vehicle information on the app from last one month . But no option available here for that . But when I mailed to help centre . There replied is same . Go to setting and personal information. And you can update your vehicle . But without any option there about vehicle . How can I change that.

Easy Peasy. This app is so simple to use. You really must be a numbskull if you can’t finish your block.

Be wary. Has number of issues, maps aren’t updated, app is glitchy and ability to actually get blocks is near zero. Support team is useless and doesn’t actually answer any emails or problems individually, they send the same copy and paste emails over and over again. Driver call support and email support aren’t linked and give conflicting information. If any issues are encountered you’re basically on your own and you can be penalised for problems that aren’t your fault.

App not Working. I tried sooooo many times and contacted customer care through mail they didn’t sorted my problem yet. My new phone 12 pro max 15 iOS app not working. When I entered my mail and password it’s showing error app unavailable.

Great app. Great app but it keeps telling to put my email address in but it doesn’t have anywhere to put it, just all the normal detail.

App. The app is great very helpful Ava easy to use! One thing to consider is adding vehicle section on it to maybe check and/or add & update vehicle if needed, thanks 😀

Poor system assigns jobs. App is improving but their system never. They will give you many packages in the CBD and ask you finish in time like delivery in other suburbs. If you can’t finish they will give you notice saying you might lose the the opportunity to work Mostly important, no matter how you report the issues, they never changed

Not giving a single job. When you don’t require a delivery driver why are you accepting registration from people in Adelaide? Waiting for a run for two weeks and nothing comes up.

DO NOT BOTHER. This business is more of a scam than helping its employees. Rock bottom pay for deliveries that contain 20-40 packages at a time. It isn’t worth it and you’ll most likely be losing in the end with car expenses over actually making any profit for yourself at all. Money hungry company that will screw you down to the last cent. Stay away. Doesn’t even deserve 1 star

I don’t understand how this app gets 4.2 stars. The gps is very laggy. My location doesn’t update even after I already missed the turn. Very buggy. Hard to use. Doesn’t let me finish the delivery even after I scanned and handed the parcel to the customer, because it thinks I’m not at the correct location

Easy and Convenient. The whole system is fantastic. The app is very well put together and easy to use. The work is never too hard. The staff a super friendly. Always paid on time and get what I was expecting. And just recently received a bonus for working extra during the Black Friday period. Chose your own hours to suit and if I needed to, is easy to take the day off. Couldn’t be happier and recommend this service to anyone.

GPS issue. Been working with this app for more than a year and still got issue with map. Can not recognise some streets and takes me to the wrong place sometimes. Once it took me to the mountain!!!!in the middle of nowhere and took 45 minutes to get back on road

Homepage. Could you please design it in a way where homepage at least should open instantly.. There are so Many Courier apps in the market but none of it this slow.

No other options visible on the app. Where do you want to deliver, this is only message I am getting in the app, apart from this no other options are visible on the app, already spoke to customer support they said account is active.

No fair for drivers. These people pressure the drivers to deliver a large volume of packages on time. Although we do our best to deliver all packages, if any are left and we return them, we will be criticized and even threatened with suspension.

Map is unreliable. There were multiple occasion where the navigation will show you illegal turns, road that does not exist and often I will need to u-turn after a drop. Should make it easier for us to export or copy addresses, so that we can use Google Maps.

This business is scam. i agreed with the review left by Vangelina, same this happened to me as well, they took month to sign up but after that no deliveries available. Waste of time. I think they just want to gather you personal information and sell your info to other companies to make money. I wish i can give them 0 star.

Does anyone know how to fix when app keep asking US zip codes while in australia. Does anyone know how to fix when app keep asking US zip codes while in australia If developer reading this can you please let me know how to fix this problem. I have checked the location share in app and it’s on but still no luck. I have iOS 16.1.1

Problems with update. The app doesn’t working without update, and I'm having several problems where they ask me to update but when I go to update, it already appears that it's updated but even so the app keeps asking and it doesn't work. I do not know what else to do.

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Calgary 🇨🇦. We are waiting for it to be available in Calgary, Canada. 🇨🇦

Poor pay for Loads of hard-work and poor net profit!. Amazon will keeps ripping off drivers everyday And pay the game of “Divide and rule” Unless Amazon has a Union. Amazon needs a Union. Else they will keeps drivers under high frustration with high volume of packages and low pay with poorest customer service in the entire globe.

Can’t sign up. Hello I’m from Canada and I tried to make an Amazon Flex account and it kept asking me a for a zip code. Please fix this issue.

Not accepting. Y arent they accepting

Soso. What happens more u work more than 4 hours do u get paid? They expect u to finish in few hours with out paying mileage or it pay , what horrible experience

Biased and disgusting. I signed up for this thinking it would help but they only offer $66 per block mostly at rush hour times 🤔most assignments are at 5pm sending you 47km away from your pick up location in heavy traffic, they often give you more packages than you can deliver expecting you to finish them in a 3 hour time frame

Not Available in Toronto?. The App has the option of Toronto and lots of packages available but the software is not completed? But why ? I guess they don’t care about Canadians.

Not available in Calgary. Not available in Calgary

No good in bc,. Waste of time in bc, save urself the hassle. No money to be had, says ‘get an email when in the area’ I live 3 blocks away from the Langley depot….. bullsh*t

Worst work heavy load. Amazon giving to many packages to their delivery drivers..caring about money not for anyone safty or health.👎🏻👎🏻

Great. Rate jump from $66 for 3hours to $90 for 3 hours Normally around 20 stops 30 packages Don’t rush to accept block just wait Rate will jump

Login. Can’t even log into app, first timer to this app and doesn’t allow me to log in with my Amazon account. Just loads and loads for 10 mins.

Wait before accepting the block.. Its snowing right now and rates are crazy..!! $220 for 3:30 hrs block in Vancouver, Canada

.. bad

Lousy app. Lousy app, I’m in Canada but won’t accept Canadian ZIPCODES. Deleted, reinstalled, created new profile… nada.

Map guidance. Badly designed maps and routes

I make roughly $1600 CAD a month. I’ve been doing this for about 3 months now, and I’ve been raking in about $1600 CAD net profit a month. $50 a week for gas in my Toyota Corolla. $1600-$200 in gas=$1400 a month is decent for a side gig/part time work. I work about 4-6 days a week, 3-4 hours a night. I live in Ontario, Canada. That’s my personal experience 😊

Distance travelled way more then expected. Overall flex is fine but sometimes distance travelled is way more than expected . They don’t care where driver end their last stop from station . Manytimes I drove almost 65-70 km back to just return the parcel to station after already driving around 130-140 km for assigned block.

Fair. Fair not enough 0ne hour 22 dollars coming big building and unit when delivered some customer saying not receiving boxes

Delivery drivers. I dont know about other people dealing with delivery drivers that are beyond lazy. Parking in the middle of the road, throw on there flashers and deliver a parcel instead of doing what everyone else in the world does which is to pull right over and park there vehicle correctly. This isnt just amazon delivery drivers but also all food delivery apps as well. Your a delivery driver not the pope pull over you lazy people!!! Amazon screen your drivers better and hire people that arnt lazy AF!!!!

Dark mode. Dark mode for app please

A lot of drivers using bots 🤖. I thought drivers aren’t allowed to use bots 🤖 and a lot of drivers are using bots 🤖!! This isn’t fare for drivers like me!! Drivers should stop using bots if the flex app saying we aren’t allowed but drivers are using bots!!

DEV PLS READ. app does not let you mark package as undeliverable. It makes you call customer over and over and cannot mark it attempted delivery

Sound good opportunity but. But looks like in Canada the app is not working, I add all details and looks like the don’t accept Canadian zip code. I reinstalled the app, restart my phone. I tried everything possible but the app just stay loading forever after I filled my info. Please developers check and fix it please

App not working. There is some problem with the app so when you are using iphone with dual sim. This app won’t work. So you have to turn off one line and reinstall app and then you can use it. Please try to fix asap

Broken for me. I live in Canada. I set the location to Canada in the settings menu as well. But whenever I launch the app, it wants me to login to account and doesn't care where I live.

Will never get activated. This the worst app and work opportunity I have expected in the delivery jobs. It’s been more than three months, whenever I check it asks a survey and never got activated. Considering this as a side hustle will get you nowhere. I don’t recommend this.

Offer pay. In Canada many offer 89.50, Sometimes you can drive 30 Km sometimes 150km, Do you think this is fair?

Zip code for Canada really??. This app is asking me for a zip code 🤷🏾‍♂️ but I live in Canada

Awesome app. Love to drive with Amazon flex😊👏👍

Crap app. Waste of time you try to sign in says it sends you a code never does sends you a code

Not worth it, Used to be alright, abusing drivers. LONDON, ONTARIO.Increased the numbers of packages used to be 25-35 now 2023 Oct its around 40-48. LOTS OF LONG DISTANCE AT LEAST 1-1.5 HOURS ONE WAY (100km) WITH LOTS OF PACKAGES, AT THE END OF THE AHIFT YOU DO ABOUT 250km AND THEY NEVER CALCULATE THAT YOU ARE GOING FAR SO THEY GIVE U EXTRA MILLAGE COMPENSARION AND MOSTLY WONT REDUCES THE NUMBER OF PACKAGES. 3 times in two weeks I had to do it. Sarnia and port Dover and Stratford. Good luck !

Horrible experience. Only completed 2 shifts as I couldn’t bare the thought of having to struggle through another one! This app is horrendous! I had to contact support repeatedly to deliver my packages due to a glitch in the app. I liked the work and was really excited to make some extra cash but just can’t justify the stress factor. On a good note I found 99% of the people I met on phone and in person very helpful and kind. Too bad

Good earning. Never rush to pick the block Wait until for considerable pay Condominium deliveries are always hard They dont even pick the call nor they open the buzz and delivery person has to wait for long minutes for such delivery

SCAM. IF Canadians are reading this don’t download the app it’s a scam it will ask you for ZIP CODE and of course we don’t have one but but but you can go to these agents on shady places mine is (Surrey) and they will set it up for you but you’ve to work for them then . I lost faith in this app last year but got an email last week to join in but the moment I enter my POSTAL CODE app freezes and either you can back or re-downlaod it or of course go to agents to get it work (SCAM APP (SHAME ON AMAZON)

Third party apps. People are using third party apps to grab the blocks specially Brampton blocks . Amazon team look into it.

Amazon flex app not showing any details !!. I downloaded the app and all it asked for was area to work in and I selected Toronto/ Canada and since then it only shows me “Thanks you for your interest. We will email you when Amazon flex is available in your area”!!!! It even didn’t ask for postal code ? I can see others commented they are having account in Toronto area but seems something wrong!!!

People are using bots.‼️🚨. Hi i just want to let you know that people in specifically brampton, they are using bots to book the slots located in brampton, please i request you look into this issue and solve it asap.

Used to be good. Now bad.. Amazon delivering via Flex used to be good with three hours shifts and 25-30 packages. Now they are four hours and 40-48 packages with lots of apartments. They only give you three minutes to deliver to apartments (they treat them like houses) and don’t compensate you if you are unable to finish. If you are unable to finish it also impacts your driver standing. There also used to be lots of shifts available now there’s only a few for some reason even though there’s a ton of drivers.

Notifications .. Almost 3 months did not receive any notification from the app.I sent messages to Amazon driver support but no one responded to my about this problem additional problem with this is unavailable call direct to driver support from the app.

Customer centric company not driver centric. They do not consider drivers point of view even if we are right . There is no support or consideration for drivers explanation. Worst app experience from giant company.

Asking for Zip Code instead of Postal Code. The app I downloaded from, after signing in, the app is asking to enter ZIP Code instead of Postal Code. I am from Canada and we have Postal code, not a Zip code. Contacted Flex Canada helpline, but they have no clue why the app asks for Postal Code. Please fix it.

App issues. 😵have been trying since past 5 hours to get to home page on this app for onboarding but all i see is a blank white screen.

Fail to load page. I sign it… and I just keep getting a Failed to Load Page message… tried restarting my phone, redownloading the app… but nothing works.

app not working. i am trying to login my account which i newely made for amazon flex but app doesn’t work its just showing a loading and after that its not working

App failed to load page. App is not working. It is failed to load page. After escalation to customer service also the issue is not resolved. They suggested some fix but nothing works.

Why this app doesn’t work on Quebec!!!. I wish this app have the Quebec region also !!! We need this app here

It’s the best app. It’s very good for the people they want part time job All staffs very nicely and they help by phone nicely All the best

Is this available in Calgary?. Google tells me it is but when I try to get set up on the app it tells me it’ll email me when it’s available in Canada. I’m confused lol

One of the best delivery apps. Don’t listen to bad reviews. It works fine. So far so good.

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Make chat available. Make chart available to contact support … I am hard of hearing and it’s hard to hear over the phone ..make chat available and also let us be able to enlarge the words to make them bigger and someone else on here said night screen which would really help because it be way to bright at night which makes it hard… Also If you could update the map and make it more for easier and better to view .. it looks like a map that is still in the works.. make it more detailed and only have the path colored that we are supposed to take it makes it confusing when other paths are colored that we are not supposed to take … Have spell correct available when we send text messages

flex All needs to be fixed. Overall it’s a great delivery app, but I had many issues with the app during and before my scheduled block which leads to many app terms violations and if workers at the warehouse dosent know how to fix it you will miss your block of course .. Time slots are very limited and sometimes unavailable ( so you can’t work everyday) since some drivers use bots to get high paid blocks .. Also, sometimes it’s show delivery late at the pickup location which affect drivers standing even if it’s not their responsibility. If you can’t deliver a package safely you have to Return it to the original station even if you’re two hours away before 10am of the next day. (trip not paid)

Network. I just went and made a delivery in NJ around Sparta on Saturday. I lost Network twice. Thank God I have a second phone(android). The other thing that happened to me often. Is that it does not read the address correctly. I was at the house and it didn’t want to give me the option to scan the item so I had to drive away and then it let me scan it and had go back to the house, these little things makes you loose time. And also it happened that it does not allow you to scan unless you are in the property sometimes the owners are out in the yard and I handle them their packages but the app does not allow you to continue with the next package unless you go half way into their houses.

Bright white screen. This is a piggy back on one of the review of someone else left about this app. I agree that the bright screen is very harsh on the eyes during the night time (especially during inclement weather) and makes it hard and dangerous to look at the screen and then look back into roadway when it is very dark. The recommendation for there to be a dark selection switch is a great recommendation I really hope that the developers put that into place as it would make it a lot safer and easier on all of the drivers.

So far so good. Yes. It seems to be well organized and easy to learn and use. Only done three blocks so far, and on the third got a little confused and has to call in regarding a series of 5 deliveries in a group of condo addresses (patio style homes). Somehow I made all the deliveries, but on the last one the address was the previous one, and the final address showed delivered! We cleared it up over the phone, but I think the mapping function was unable to discriminate well enough on the micro level to differentiate. Not sure solution, but the ability to correct that kind of issue easily by the delivery driver would be helpful!

Rual area deliveries. Please pay drivers more for driving an hour or more out of town. This takes a lot more gas (which is not reimbursed) and way more mileage and wear and tear on the driver’s car. Not to mention the extra time involved. This is an important issue for me and I’m hearing from other drivers. Also, some of the back roads in the country are really not drivable for certain cars. Once the gps took me to a very narrow dirt road which was muddy and my car got stuck. Then I came upon a deep puddle in the middle of the road which seemed too deep for a car to pass. So I ended up having to mark the package as undeliverable. I couldn’t find another way to get to the customer even on my own gps maps or the waze app.

Really bad set up. One of the main problems with this service is the lack of delivery blocks available. I work a full time job and like to do this in the evenings, but I can never get a block scheduled. I’m pretty sure people use bots to grab blocks before anyone else even sees them. You can’t see your route before scheduling a block, so sometimes it will take you an hour out from the pick up location. I have a pick up location 5 minutes from my house but there are never any offers from that one so I have to drive 40 minutes out to the next pick up location to get any shifts. Overall, there needs to be a better system with block availability or it’s just not worth it. Also, the app could be a lot easier to navigate and give you better directions for procedures.

Need to work on a few things. There’s a few things I have issues with. For starters if your block is at 12:00pm you have to sign in with face recognition by 11:45am or you’re marked late. The staff at the station feel as if they can raise their voices at the drivers and threaten them with tickets on their account over the silliest things. If a customer marks that you didn’t hand them they’re packed but you marked it delivered that way that goes on your dashboard. Here’s the issue with that. I never ever mark the customer personally took the package unless they actually did (family member etc). Secondly they put it on my dash weeks later, which now I can’t even remember which delivery it might have been and I can’t even dispute the issue.

Unknown distance. I’m not a fan, I make the same amount per hour plus tips and gas mileage support on other app based gigs. The thing I dislike is they can send you an hour away from your home to deliver packages. A 60 mile drive back home off the clock is not something I recommend to anyone. The blocks timing I receive are between 3:30-8:30am which does not allow me to accept many orders. I would be willing to deliver more frequently if there were more blocks, smaller blocks and the location provided before accepting a block. If you don’t mind adding an hour to your time, this is the app for you! If you like paying more out of pocket money on your gas this is perfect! As for myself, I will stick with my other gigs :-)

Good money horrible treatment. They pay decent but they penalize you for EVERYTHING. It’s harder to get your standing up than it is to bring it down!!! I have delivered all my packages and got 2 that said they weren’t delivered. Who was penalized me of course! Even though we are required to take picture of every single delivery. They say a block is supposed to take X amount of time but ends up being wayyyy longer and then penalize you for being late (EVEN IF ITS JUST A MINUTE). I’ve delivered over 600 packages and within that time my standing keeps going down it barely ever goes up. Driver support is useless as they won’t help or make exceptions. Honestly if you’re considering this make sure you have a real job too cause this cannot be a main source of income.

Unlocking Levels & Getting Your Levels Taken Away Not COOL. We do Not want to loose our levels if we stop delivering due to work, personal reasons or whatever the person has going on that they can’t work at the moment doesn’t mean strip their levels away. That’s not fair just cause an employee has to stop while in good standings doesn’t mean loose their levels. I was at level 3 but had to stop for a month due to working out of state & when I got back on I was back at level one loosing everything you kno how hard I worked to get to that while having 2 more jobs it wasn’t easy & still work my way to the other levels. That’s Crazy I remember I couldn’t stay much longer but it’ll say one more for these much points I would fall for them and do it just to get them point & just like that take them away from us not fair not cool stop breaking people back.

Still some major kinks. The Navigation needs some work - the directions will show you one thing but the highlighted rout will be something else. For you to drop off the package you need to be in the highlighted area which has been way off or the costumer needs it dropped off somewhere else other than the designated highlighted area - this need to be easily bypassed by the employee rather than calling for help each time on the app. It would be nice to get an estimate of where the rout ends or the mileage of the rout before you accept it. You could be accepting a 115mile rout and end up 45 miles from home or you could get 50 miles and only end up 10 miles from home - it’s really just a crap shoot. The gas money you spend on high mileage routes makes it almost not worth some of the routes but you don’t know it until you get your packages. It would be nice to have the rates increase by the mileage . Or have the routes optimized by just showing where you end your rout. If a package is missing or extra package- it would be ideal to bypass mistakes like this on your own and not have to call for help within the app. This takes a lot of time.

App issues. 1.) Dashboard not working since the last update. (Phone is running the most recent iOS version and the help menu to report app issues only brings you to support that knows the app is having this issue) 2.) Could you please make the app compatible for Apple Car play for safety reasons . You can send to google maps but it searches via coordinates and not the actual address so you’re still having to switch between apps when driving 3.) On the offers page , is it possible to have that app automatically refresh. It’s ridiculous that I have to hit the refresh button a thousand times only to get told that I have refreshed too many times

Unreliable. The app will occasional accept blocks(shifts) without you selecting them. When you are trying to remove those said blocks, the app conveniently doesn't have access to the internet. Having wifi connected to your phone will not change the internet access either. When picking up package, you must restart the app multiple times just, so the assigned route can be updated into your device. The driver support is great they helped me plenty, but I can’t say the same for the email support/help center. If you need help from them prepare for a daisy chain of support center help of what appears to be someone passing the buck to someone else, and when they solve the problem they don’t inform you what solved it and do not have the courtesy to inform you.

Few issues. First of all this is a great way to make some extra cash however since the gas prices have risen so much has become harder to make decent money. For instance if you take a 5 hour shift for the standard $95 and have to drive far from your home to station I can tell you that it may not be worth it taking in consideration that each shift will have you drive around 70 miles and roughly 30-60 stops. But after accounting the miles driven to the station as well this will bring your earnings to a very low pay. I usually spend $35 in gas… plus the wear an tear on the car. Some of the routes are rural and dirt roads… takes a tool on your car. The other thing is how unfair they are handling issues. Customer service is basically non existent unless you are currently on a delivery. Other than that you have to email and wait. And they will never take your word for it. They are always out of vests and carts are often given to you missing pkgs. so double check your cart. At the end of the day it’s too stressful for the money offered. Unless it’s a holiday or any other special day. They will usually raise the offers a bit.

Worst gig/app ever. DON’T BOTHER SIGNING UP FOR THIS GARBAGE SERVICE!! IT’s FAKE!!! First you sit on a waitlist; then a spot becomes available and you sign up. Then you wait in offers. And you wait; and you wait… and then they never show up. You never actually do anything. It’s not that there is a time that all this drops and people sign up and you just miss out, I mean start to finish, day to night, the offer board always says zero. You’re told you have to have a good “ranking” to see all offers, yet how do you get a ranking when you’ve been signed up over two months and never even had the first offer??? This has got to be a scam; and even if it’s not: you’re better off delivering for Instacart; Grubhub; doordash or anyone other than flex. Worst gig ever: would give zero stars if possible.

Potential opportunities. I’ll start by saying that I love the flexibility I get by creating my own schedule however I was initially placed on a wait list for about 3 weeks before completing the “hiring” process. It’s almost impossible to get an blocks, they disappear before you can even accept it. It’s very very frustrating considering I’m glued to the app constantly refreshing it in hopes a block will come through. I’ve narrowed down my filters to which locations I’m willing to pick up from while my hours are completely open and yet still no blocks. I thought since the holidays are among us that it would be much busier but I guess from what I’m able to gather the more senior workers get dibs on blocks first. I’m very optimistic that something good will come from being a flex driver 🤞🏽

Very bad app. Very bad application was better before entering the App Store you can not work with it is wasted a lot of time the GPS navigator does not work is out of time has many errors, suddenly the application closes must be constantly restarting it really is a failure if you want to make your deliveries well it costs you a lot of time you must work hard making improvements in it because it is a chaos to make the deliveries at the moment it works really badly for me it does not have qualification I mean for those who have iPhone this application is very bad this application .

Routes. Will be nice if the block shows us if we’re going to need to go out of town Before we accept the offer. I did a 2.5 hour block it sent me 50 minutes away I had to deliver 34 packages. My shift was from 6:45 pm to 9:15 pm lost the time it took me to get to the town now it shows my some deliveries were late which I don’t feel is my fault because they would’ve been on time if I had that extra time that I had to drive out of town to deliver, I feel if we have to drive long distance to another town we should have more time to deliver and more pay $60 for that route basically paid for the gas for me to get there made no money off of that route made my deliveries late dropped me from fantastic to great because of that which is not my fault I feel like this needs to be a little bit more looked into when it comes to driving out of town for deliveries.

Has a few glitches. I’ve been using this app for a month and can already see that there are some issues. 1. The gps will have you doing 3x the required driving doing unnecessary roads turns and detours.....when Apple Maps gets you straight from point a to point b. 2. Half the time I have to refresh the app so my packages will scan. 3. Not sure if this is app side or system side, but I’ve had a few block routes completely disappear off of my itinerary with no explanation whatsoever. With this app I have learned to screen shot everything because what I have to describe to driver assistance, I’m not sure they believe what I’m telling happened.

Let me turn off the headache inducing 2008 text to speech style navigation voice. There are a lot of things I could say about this app, mainly that I don’t really get why one of the biggest companies in the world would make such a low budget feeling app, but what really gets to me is the horrible in app navigation. Where I drive I usually don’t have service so google maps doesn’t like to load and I’m forced to use the in app navigation. Not only will it send you 10 minutes away down the wrong roads if you’re not careful, the whole time you’ve got an original series Star Trek robot yelling at you. Half the time it doesn’t even know what the roads are called so it just says “turn left” or “turn right” and you gotta be sure it’s taking you to the right driveway anyways because it has no idea where anything is.

Bad service. I scheduled a block from 4-7:30 pm. When I was at the station the workers told me they don’t have any cart ready for a 3:30 hours. They split a cart for 4 hours and gave me a lot of bags. In total 23 packages. The problem was that I didn’t received my cart until almost 4:30 pm and my first stop was 38 minutes driving from there. Also, the distance between the first 7 houses were more than 10-15 minutes. From the 21st to the 22nd house was 20 minutes driving and to the last one was 18 minutes. They made an override for nothing because now they are saying they’ll pay me for a 3 and a half block. I sent emails to customer service and no one answered my questions. Bad service 👎🏽

Saved my Life. The work available really helped me with making ends meet. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Flex if I didn’t find it. Now I continue to schedule as many blocks as I can. This is honestly the best gig app out of them all! I really hope they kind of bump some of the pay due to gas prices (Los Angeles), but I am still fine and grateful with what’s provided though. As far as the app itself, the UI is great. Also the navigation works better 99% of the time better than Apple and Google Maps as far as finding the specific address. Otherwise, no real complaints and thank you.

Love the app….buuuuuut. When you get to the taking the picture part of your delivery. If your out of Wi-Fi ( but have off line map downloaded) you can not take that package route off that you delivered. Yes, you call in to have it removed but if it doesn’t get removed right away…you absent minded (ly) you go to your next delivery….done with that one then the next delivery pops up you drive and then find yourself back at or heading toward the one that wasn’t removed. Need a better way to end delivery if you can’t take a pic. I have gone in settings. That rarely works or don’t give me an option.

App. A little slow. Have to close out and open the app quite a bit for it to pick up speed. Also the app try’s to scan the package way to early. I think it should shave like a photo camera button option. I also think it needs to expand its delivery locations to the area of the peoples homes because sometimes you can’t access their front porch. Or you can access the front porch but it wants you to scan and take a picture of the package from a further location then we’re the package has been delivered like at someone’s gate vs their front door if access is available. Other than that love the app!

It’s ok.. Update: NO LONGER WORTH THE HEADACE. Gas is high. People STILL have BOTS so it's close to Impossible to have a fair chance I getting a good block. Went back to a 9-5. I will say they pay a decent amount of money depending on your area. I don’t like the fact that the people at the warehouse are rude and they lie on you. They don’t follow rules or instructions set in place by flex and give people a hard time. Some of the routes are wayyy too far and I wish their was a way of working around not being sent to dangerous areas. I like the fact that you know where you are going. I love the scheduling preferences. One of the best opportunities to make money. If they worked out everything above it would 100% be my favorite independent contracting company

Available Now Option Not Working. I’ve been trying to use the Available Now Option for a month and it does not work. Once I take my photo, neither the “Take Photo” or ”Retake” works. I click on them and the app literally does not execute any option. I just have to close the entire application. I have signed in and out, deleted and redownloaded the application more than 10 times. I have emailed tech support using the application as well multiple times. Please fix this bug because it also does not allow me to self check in. I have to manually overridden to start a shift and all Flex locations aren’t willing to do that. This is a serious issue. Please fix this bug or provide a recommendation of how to remedy this issue.

Needs Dark Mode. This app is overall really good, however dark mode is definitely necessary especially after dark. When I look at the bright white map and then look to the road, I find it difficult for my eyes to adjust quickly thus creating potentially dangerous situations. Also, I would recommend adding a flashlight feature when it is dark because sometimes I am unable to scan packages when it is pitch black outside and also unable to see steps, curbs, etc as my phones flashlight does not work when the flex app is open. Thank you!

Worse app ever. I truly rate this app negative 100 stars as it is garbage does not help drivers is a hinderence to drivers. It does not know left from right it can’t take you to the correct address had a stop yesterday 238 Riley Way took me to Wiley Rd as a driver we don’t have time for the stupidity of this app it needs to be trashed and a new one created get rid of the AI as it is not of any help with scheduling of deliveries also app does not take into account our trucks only go 65 mph so when speed limit is 70 mph we lose time also does not account for stopping at stop signs and stop lights you can be in traffic at a stop sign and take 20 minutes to get thru it stop lights can be 5 minutes long and then only let 3 vehicles thru so you could be there 15 minutes fix this app before you get someone killed

Check-delays. I accepted an instant offer. Had plenty of time to get to the Whole Foods. Yet the app repeatedly required me to check in over and over and delayed my extra facial recognition just to the 5min mark. Your app got me for missing my block. It shouldn’t take several minutes and attempts to check in. Carrier and device shouldn’t matter but for sake of taking responsibility for your unfair practices. Verizon and iPhone Pro. We aren’t locked in to just you. We can be w-2 or do other 1099 jobs that pay similar. Your $45 bait and switch to a later block didn’t work on me. I declined to go back for several days. I don’t need to work for you. Respect your partners and they’ll respect you. It’s exhausting to video and screen shot everything but in order to keep working for this company, It’s a necessity.

They don’t care about their drivers. If you breathe in the wrong direction they will lower your rating while they investigate, which takes a minimum of 48 hours. There is no room for error and if you’re not the robot they want you to be, you will get dropped…even when they say your score won’t go down, it’s a lie and then you won’t see good routes until they decide you’ve done enough bad “blocks”….it’s like working for someone that reprimands you and punishes you before knowing what happened and doesn’t bother to ask because they enjoy punishing…but you never see them and you can’t call because they hide behind their computers. They will also give you packages that are late and that makes your rating drop too but they don’t care that it wasn’t your fault, only that they are late on your route.

Multiple loads at once. They need to do a better job with this, people are using other peoples accounts and taking muiltiple loads at once. I’ve been doing prime now for awhile and there’s always orders but recently I’ve noticed that there are no orders almost ever. And when I arrive at the station I see people with two phones in their hands because they use someone else’s account to accept another load and it’s leaving us loyal drivers who follow the rules with no loads. This shouldn’t be an issue. This is a trillion dollar company and they should have a way to track this down and stop this. You don’t see people with two account on Uber?? Why is this an issue on here?? Some people use this app to make a living and now it’s getting eaten up by people scamming you guys.

Love this!. First I want to say that I disagree with the review that said they need to make the background darker. I like the screen as bright as it can be in the dark because I have issue seeing it if it’s too dim/dark. When I can’t see getting out of the car, I carry a flashlight. Also, you can dim your screen brightness so it’s brighter so I don’t see why they need to change the color of the background for one person. Secondly, the navigation works pretty well for me. I like at night if you can’t really see good, that we can count how many houses/buildings it is from the corner because it shows that on the map. I really love doing this as a second income. I wish after Christmas that there was more opportunities to deliver because the app just goes dead once January hits. I have had to call support a handful of times for help and they have always helped me in a fast and efficient manner. Scanning the packages is fast and easy as well. I have zero problems with this app.

Bobbyonj1. There should be a mechanism in place to ask where you want to end up after you delivered all of the packages. One time I had a run that started right where I lived and worked it out way out away from my home, I had to keep going and overriding the app working my way back to my house Also, if you are advertising a block from a local station and if the block is for an out of state, it should be listed as such. Example Linden NJ is the station but Brooklyn NY is the delivery area. 5 stops from NJ to NY could take you 6-8 hours, and to only get $54 is a joke.

Work better for your employees. Not only does the app crash while I’m on deliveries often, I also have to pull over, call customer service (they’re typically rude or irritated). I can’t see where I’m going to be sent until I’m sent. I accepted a block last week for $90 for 4.5 hours. I spend $50 In gas, had to drive through a small creek and extremely unstable rocky hillsides where my car was sliding off of the edge of the road. It’s more wear and tear and gas on my car than they are even offering to pay people. Gas is over $4 a gallon. We shouldn’t be expected to just “accept” whatever they want to give us without our knowledge of terrain or location and make nothing. This last delivery had me over an hour away from my home on the last delivery. It definitely makes it not worth the time, trouble, and car health.

:/. I have multiple issues per block with my app, and it makes my work flow very slow, buggy and frustrating :( First of all, it needs a GPS pointer on the arrow that represents you an the map. There are no less that 3-5 times when I miss the direction and go to a complete opposite, because the pointer on the arrow show the opposite direction and I follow it, and then it shows that viola wrong direction! Apple Maps have solved it by creating a radius pointer that shows in real time which direction you are headed towards. Second is the starter screen, it is sometimes infuriating how slow it loads even with a great connection. Then it is the scanning system that has bugs. Even if you scan sometimes it still will unscan it and again a waste of time and effort. When you are in a rush this app creates problems. Please fix

“Report a problem” doesn’t work!. This app has improved since my last review. However, I’m currently having a very specific problem: the “report a problem” button for earnings isn’t working. This would be fine if Offroad Support ever answered emails about this, but apparently they don’t. There was a block I had that went a couple hours over what it should have this month, and here we are 5 emails and a full month removed and still no apparent resolution. I’m leaving this here in hopes that it promotes a fix, as the call team would tell me to email/contact Offroad Support, which, as I mentioned, doesn’t help me at all.

Somewhat make money. Well its seems when the app is working properly you can make some money. Along side if you have issues with pay and give show proof theyll send you an email that says sorry we could not verify the info you provided and we arnt going to open an investigation. Furthermore its not a work on your terms. Theyll hide available blocks if you have one that will overlap, so you potential miss on scheduling a better time because you have one scheduled. And if you do cancel they say youll receive less offers due to that... Then I they will tell you have to accept every route that is assigned to you.... nope, not if its unSafe or distance prevents a reasonable profit...

SO BAD. Please please PLEASE do something about the drivers using bots and third party apps to accept routes!! You can spend literally hours just tapping away trying to get a route and when they do come up they disappear immediately. So much time wasted tapping for zero return on that time and the pay is horrible when you actually are able to accept one. Please consider reformatting the way this works so its more fair for everyone and more user friendly because this app really is so horrible. The rating system is also bad too. Dont let your car break down during a delivery, they do not care. They’ll assure you when you call that your standing will not be affected but it absolutely will and emailing them asking for reconsideration will be fruitless. They dont pay to fix your car, you do so be careful with this. They do not care. Not about you or the wear and tear on your vehicle. So so so bad.

More Time, More Money. Don’t get me wrong. This is a really good & easy way to earn extra money overall. My main concern with it is that if my block is taking longer for me to finish than the allotted time, I’d prefer to get paid for the extra time that it’s taking me. Especially because I frequently deliver to areas that I can’t just pull over. It’s heavily populated cities that I deliver to so it takes longer because I’m having to put in access codes, find safe parking spots so that I’m not in danger of getting tickets or getting my car towed, & other things along those lines. I feel like if that’s the case, I should receive a little extra compensation at the end of my deliveries at the very least.

Good side hustle, bad support. Ive been working for a couple of months and it pays out pretty good. I wish Support was actually there to help you and not escalate the situations even more than it is or gaslight you. Ive been having many problems that had valid excuses and my standing keeps going down even though Support says that it wont be affected. I have contacted support more than 3 times because of the same problem and there is simply no answer from them. The Chats are horrible and they are no help at all and don’t even get me started when you contact them by email.

App is terrible/job is worst. The app takes you to closed roads or places where there’s not even a road! The job is absolutely no good! They give you blocks that are supposed to be for certain amount of hours, but in reality takes you a lot longer to complete. They send you over an hour out of town, to rural areas where the roads are terrible or to places where you can here gunshots near you. I’ve been doing this for two months now, to realize that I’m behind on my bills and I can’t even buy the groceries I need! If you a lot, and late, You’ve got to decide if you buy food or pay “1” bill! That’s it! You won’t get enough for nothing else. So basically you’re making money to put gas, and then you waste it making the deliveries. Trust me, is not worth it!

Waitlisted. UPDATE: The latest app update allowed me to create account but I’m on the wait list but at least the create account function works now. Can only give 3 stars for now since I can’t do anything else with the app right now. I will update review if this gets fixed. I am trying to create an account and clicking on that button does nothing. If I click sign it it immediately takes me to the sign in page. I uninstalled and reinstalled. Restarted phone. Still won’t work. I click on app support here on the App Store and it takes me to a website that just is blank white. Please help me create an account developers!

So many problems!. Every time this app has an update. Something else goes wrong and doesn’t work. Many Flex drivers I have talked to are very frustrated. I can’t use my Available Now in the App. A lot of people can’t just check in at the pick up location because our phone’s are freezing after we take our picture… May 2022. The location I pick up from in San Antonio just changed its pick up. My app freezes when I try to scan a package. The pick up site no longer help with this issue. I have to call customer service. I can’t even pick up my packages or deliver. Don’t even know if I will get paid.

Good luck getting help. Good luck to you if you ever move areas, or was placed in the wrong area like I was. Support is nonexistent. I’ve had my account for three years. Tried to switch regions, couldn’t do. I’ve now tried consistently for two years to change my region. I’ve had no help from support other than them sending me to an automated message that has done nothing for two years. I actually managed to talk to a real person today, and they attempted to wrongly tell me I was already in the region I requested. When I provided screenshots to PROVE that they are incorrect, I got sent back to the exact same automated message. If you never plan to move out of your region, and you’re actually placed in the correct region, I’m sure it’s great. If you ever move out though? Good luck. Because you’ll never be able to change depending on where you live.

Failing to cancel blocks and check you in. The newest update has more glitches than the first gaming system ever created. The app failed to properly cancel my block, even though it said it canceled it. The app also will not check me into my routes once I’ve arrived at the warehouse. Instead, the app just keeps running like it’s trying to work to check you in, but instead does nothing. When the app finally allowed me to take a picture of myself, it turned around and said that, “I missed a block”. Luckily, both times that it has happened to me, a manager has been able to recover my route and get me signed in and checked in for the route. However, the block I canceled is now counting against me. You might be trying to stop bots, but now you’re stopping honest people from working.

Happy but room for improvement. Love the flexibility of working my own hours around my busy schedule. Would love it even more if instant pay was an option. Also, app should refresh in the background. I don’t like having to keep hitting refresh to get an offer. They come through too slow. Also, if I have the offer open as if I’m going to accept it, no one else should be able to take it. I lose a lot of offers because my fingers just aren’t fast enough. I’ll have the offer open ready to accept and then “block unavailable” it’s frustrating at times

B+. The payment for blocks is reasonable. You can pick what days you want to get paid once you reach level 2 (otherwise it’s Tuesday and Friday). The one thing I have an issue with is the rating system for how well you’re doing. It starts with ‘fantastic’ and then drops down to ‘great’ and so on. I can only select blocks between 3am - 8am because I have a newborn and my husband’s schedule shifts constantly, so when I’m making deliveries, a lot of them are businesses. Business aren’t open during that time period so when I return packages that can’t be delivered, it counts negatively towards my progress. I don’t see how it’s fair to drop my score over something I can’t control. Please fix it!!!

It’s not fair at all.. I am wondering why those guys keep using bot blocks grabber that affect me always from getting a high pay routes . Guy , you need to do something in regards of that because it not fair that I herring paid $60 for 3 hrs and others getting paid $117 … I wish you’ll find a solution for it very soon because sometime I feel that is don’t want to work at all and others are making $300-$400 a day depending on bot while I am spending a lot of time trying to take a good pay route till a point I feel that my fingers are disable and getting stiff .

Overall review done this over 2 years. Pretty decent gig if you’re in a decent area with many locations. Would like to see more surge rates available. Sometimes a lot of mileage routes. The support is terrible only contact through email, most time they don’t reply and when they do it’s “copy paste” templates and they don’t really care. Also internal maps program is honestly one of the worst out there. (Does not factor in traffic, closures, sometimes doesn’t even know what roads you’re on,etc.) Give drivers the ability to choose Google or Apple Maps like DoorDash does. Geofence will think you’re other places too when you’re exactly at a location lol.. Other than those things not a bad gig to try out.

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