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Advance your career with LinkedIn Learning. Discover the most in-demand business, tech and creative skills with personalized recommendations and courses taught by industry experts.

Learn on the go with the LinkedIn Learning iOS app.

Get the skills you need to succeed by watching bite-sized video courses anytime, anywhere.

Learn from courses taught by industry experts in leadership, management, marketing, programming, IT, photography, graphic design, web and interactive design, 3D animation and much more.

Get the most out of your LinkedIn Learning membership with the app:
• Access 4,000+ courses in business, tech and creative with more added each month
• Get personalized course recommendations
• Download courses for offline viewing
• Explore curated courses for a guided learning experience
• Save courses to watch later
• Watch entire courses or individual videos at your own pace
• Share courses with your network
• Add certificates of completion to your LinkedIn profile
• Access to LinkedIn Premium networking tools, and exclusive insights like Who's Viewed Your Profile

LinkedIn Learning app is free to download. With a subscription plan, you can watch the full courses across technology, creative and business topics.

For Monthly Premium: $29.99 monthly USD
For Annual Premium: $299.88 annual USD

If you choose to subscribe, your subscription will automatically renew and will charge your credit card through iTunes account, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

• iPhone 4S or later, iPod Touch 5th Gen or later
• iOS 10 or later
• Connection to 3G, 4G, or WiFi network

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LinkedIn Learning App Description & Overview

The applications LinkedIn Learning was published in the category Education on 2016-09-22 and was developed by LinkedIn Corporation. This application file size is 54.44 MB. LinkedIn Learning current version is 1.1.129 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

We update LinkedIn Learning frequently to improve your learning experience led by more than 800 industry experts chosen from around the world. Visit weekly to see what's new.

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LinkedIn Learning Comments & Reviews

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WhingingPom   2 star

LinkedIn Learning: did it better. The iOS app for LinkedIn learning is better performing but the Lynda app had more features and a better all round offering!

Shinobu Porn   5 star

Cannot find URL of my university. I tried different domains of my university but none of them were accepted.

Monique Aus   5 star

Fantastic self paced learning tool. I’ve been a big fan of for many years. This is great to be able to have access to this rich content for such q small fee. The courses are high quality and very well designed. I feel I always learn something new with minimal effort and can choose how long I spend in each topic. Highly recommended!

DrValium   1 star

Rubbish. Unlike the mobile app, I cannot sign in as it keeps on trying to open our corporate account and I’m not on corporate networks

shdbdjxnd xbdnxn   1 star

Not a free videos. Not a free video in it !!

jdm158   3 star

Great content - platform needs work. The content I’ve listened to on LinkedIn Learning is great, however, the application requires some tweaking. Although you can download the content offline, if you don’t have any internet or cellular connectivity, you can’t load the app to access your offline content. Additionally, when you do lose signal, the downloaded content will stop playing. Hopefully this gets fixed in the future

Bailey J @ Linkedin   4 star

Management tips. The topics are interesting and provide a refresh to balance old habits and skills with new methods that can be easily applied.

Moluccky   1 star

Errors. Sommanyberrros, it asks for organisation login all the time

sirikhande nikhil kumar   5 star

Thankyou. 5star Thankyou VIT AUSTRALIA to giving me the opportunity

ACRJ13   3 star

Good learning resource but lacking iOS features. Can you please implement split view and picture-in-picture? I like being able to use Apple Notes on one side of my iPad to jot notes while watching the content.

Alexander_Scott   3 star

Playlists are missing. Hi team. Where are the playlists at? I am an enterprise customer and had a bunch of playlists these were super helpful. On mobile they’re either gone or hard to find.

gsmgre   5 star

Jeff Ansell is just fantastic! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. I have just completed my first content with Jeff Ansell and it was fantastic! Especially the real examples. That really made me understand how to put things in practice!

back and forward jump   1 star

Back 10 seconds. Would you consider having a back and forward by 10 seconds on either side of the pause button in the middle of the screen?

Mohd87   4 star

Great app. I really like the app. I’m using it everyday. Just a little note here, I believe it would be great to add the 10 seconds skip forward/backwards during the video just like in YouTube and other video apps. That will help a lot !!

Jeffrey and Seijk   5 star

Soft skills paradise. So fun! I really really love the learning videos here! It’s very much professional development and soft skills that you don’t get in formal education institutions

SoultechJR   1 star

Stop trying to force me to subscribe. Be ethical and don’t use dark UX patterns to get me to subscribe. If your courses are soo great, I would naturally come to it. Also automatically starting a video based your recommendations and then adding it my course plan is ridiculous. Give me back my control.

ePromise   5 star

Excellent intuition. Online support team to provide for all the org. students out there!

OSF_alanjgill   2 star

Quiz did not work but content was good. This is aimed software companies

Arul 1987   1 star

Horrible viewing experience with iPhone 6. I started using LinkedIn learning in the app using my iPhone 6. Unable to view the letters in the video. What the point of having the app where the video is not viewable. This app won’t work if you have slow internet connection. The login experience is also poor. Seriously you guys should consider fixing these issues.

shrestj   5 star

Easy to learn and develop new skills. Loving it!

NitaJones   5 star

Fabulous!. Such a wealth of information on this app. Download it, I’m sure you’ll find a course on something you’d like to learn about.

maneeshk   4 star

Great learning experience but needs TV app. Can’t use the Lynda Apple TV app anymore for learning so please give us a LinkedIn learning Apple TV app. It was so much easier and better with a TV app.

vijaykumarmv   2 star

App and the content is fine. Frustrating while we are casting using chrome cast: 1. Can’t change the speed. Is fixed to x 1. 2. Need to select each video manually. Won’t go to next one by itself.

LA74447   5 star

Review. Excellent service but subscription is expensive

sgj86   5 star

Excellent learning tool. Very pleased with this learning tool

Mr.ln5   3 star

App optimisation for iPad. The UX is really not good for iPad users, • the video thumbnail list takes too many space on the iPad, it would be great if they can be displayed in a modular grid like the old • there’s no way to add note in app, and each time you add note on the web, you have to jump back n forth between the content pane and note pane (especially when u want to insert the note on the exact playhead location) • no landscape view. This basically is why I give it a 3 ★, the display is always on the wrong orientation every time I jump back from video full screen view.

ruzs2   2 star

Not sure how things work. I guess i am not clear on how this app works because 1. i can see advertising to start trial period takes over my iPhone screen and distracting me from main video to learn the topic 2. then there is small video section 3. below it there is the index highlighting the sequence of section. UI, for me was not good experience Also, I see some training in LinkedIn, is there a way for me to add it to my list of videos for me to learn in my free time.

Global Sisters   5 star

Learning on the go. I love that they are bite sized modules so that I can learn on the go

MSF85   5 star

App unable to retrieve data. Great content but app is constantly “sorry we couldn’t load your assignments” only way I’ve fixed this in the past is to delete the app and reinstall- I did this this morning and this afternoon same old message- extremely frustrating

trileeey   1 star

Never works. This app never loads my history, preferences or recommended. Constantly having to search in the search bar for the course I’m currently watching. Haaaaaating it, and miss Lynda

osmner   5 star

Great app!. This app provides bunch different useful courses and it really helps to develop your technical and behavioral skills.

Envinyanta   1 star

Reinventing a wheel into a square shape. As others have commented, their attempt to rebuild everything from the ground up instead of learning from and using using Lynda’s layout, interface, etc. shows how they really don’t understand how to actually present this content or make it useful for people to use. Maddening annoyances in layout, search failures, etc. have made me start looking elsewhere for similar content. They were handed gold in a box (when it comes to online learning) and made straw out of it. Maybe they should take some of their own courses on UX/UI, if they can find them.

PetterWeBetter   1 star

Doesn’t work. The app doesn’t let me login and view courses even when I pay for LinkedIn premium. I sign into LinkedIn, get a prompt for logging into an organization portal (graduated years ago), then says my org credentials are invalid.

jacobga09   2 star

Wish it was more like the Appletv app.. Wish it was more like the Appletv app. But I guess LinkedIn doesn’t care to much about their customer feedback 😔 If you a are trying to work with high memory and high graphics software and want to follow along with these cool learning videos, I would recommend sticking with and getting the (AppleTv) app or an (amazon fire tv stick) using its web browser with so far it has been the best experience I’ve had. 👍🏻 So far the appleTv app is by far the best user interface design I’ve seen yet and will be sticking with ( until I see new apps for (LinkedIn learning) otherwise.

ICAN International   5 star

Excellent Content. Love the bite sized clips! Easy to grasp concepts and reference made easy when downloaded.

Iroc2Rini   1 star

Lynda vs LinkedIn Learning. Lynda did not attribute a cost to view content but LinkedIn Learning does. I prefer Lynda and will soon delete my Linked in account and look for something better

dayzeday   5 star

Amazing!. Linkedin Learning has a lot of content and a wide variety of subjects. I would recommend to anyone want to expand or refresh you knowledge base.

rebresiva   2 star

Downloaded lesions not playing in weak WiFi areas. If I have courses downloaded and I’m in the middle of watching one and then I go underground the course stops playing. To counter this I need to go on airplane mode. Please make downloaded courses play off the local downloaded file (that’s why I download it!). Hope this helps.

AJ_apps19   2 star

Lynda app currently functions better. From video controls to general UI and organization/assignment management, the current Lynda app far outshines this one. If you have access to it, use that one for right now. I’m sure this app will get there, but it is currently very opaque to use comparatively.

bowen1234   4 star

Video player needs improvement. Urgently needs a 15 second rewind.

cdkcurtis   5 star

The best use of spare time. The best app on my iPhone. I have used it to stop reading Instagram, Reddit and other time suckers. I try to spend 30 min to an hour each day learning something to make me better at my profession or fulfill my curiosity.

Rayman8685   5 star

Awesome tool. Learning never has been so much!

4 boy mommy   3 star

No bio breaks. Trying to take a course with 3hour 45 minutes. It kicked me out because I needed a bio break and when I returned would not let me resume even after several attempts. Very disappointed.

i 'm gay   5 star

Suggestion for the iPad Pro 11 inch and 12.9 inch.. Please add multitasking support. I don’t want an app to cover a portion of the screen.

Sheneebsadhik   5 star

No Skip forward and Backward in player. It’s a big Bumper that we don’t have options to skip forward or go 10secs backwards in the player , please include this

ufcbxdjncr   5 star

Jggghbfrfgnb. I need to b able to mirror the videos to roku.

BryanZ90   5 star

Everything is in Chinese now. There’s no way to change audio language. Feels wired to listen to translated sound track and loses context. I want to change its back!

grfxcafe   5 star

valuable resource. This instructional archive (formerly is an incredible resource and a great bargain if you take advantage of the courses regularly. Latest app update is sporadically unable to connect to WiFi network however and requires deleting and reinstalling on a regular basis. Please fix!

gabulldog07   5 star

Your Key To Your Legacy! Your Peers Can’t Compete. LinkedIn is literally the standard for professional networking. Every industry knowledge-based skill is right here. It’s all on you. Take advantage of the free trial! Be the subject matter expert. It’s 2019, no excuses! @mindbubblin

neo-shadow   1 star

Not Accessible. Lincoln morning might be a great platform when I use it on my desktop. But the app is no comparison. With my disability, I stuggle to use it and all the features. An easier way to log in would be nice.

francodriguez   5 star

The best one. For those who have a job or looking for a new one this is the best way to start.

BrokenSlot   3 star

Mobile App Interface doesn’t appear to link properly. I’ve migrated over to LinkedInLearning from Lynda and it appears my Saved Playlists didn’t carry over. I show shell tabs where they should be but it doesn’t display a picture and am unable to click them. The Desktop shows my Playlists (now collections) however the collections in the mobile app are empty. I don’t see a way to get them to show up as the playlists is what I use during my commutes. Please advise

Vamshi28   3 star

No Chromecast Support. I am using the latest version of the app but still no cast option to google chromecast..

Osahon Ayanru   5 star

Mindfulness. Focus, Acknowledge, re center and meditation - these principles will guide the rest of my year and years to come. It’s really amazing how deep breathing clams one down and help you re center. Great topic.

black ice 88   3 star

Language. I hope to add courses in Arabic

PunjabiMunda   4 star

Decent app and can be made better. I am able to download the course content for off-line reading but it's a shame that I can't actually get to the content in areas with spotty reception. I wish in case of no internet, I can be directly taken to my downloads so I can actually use the downloaded videos. YouTube does a good job of making downloaded content available to users when the device is off-line. Other than that, the app works flawlessly. Great work on building a robust app!

TravelsWithTed   4 star

Decent but could use some user friendly controls. I’ve done one course using this app on iPad and for the most part, I like it. My one complaint has to do with the controls for playing the videos. More often than not, I need to go back and repeat a little portion in order to hear or see some detail. However, there is no Reverse 15 Seconds or Fast Forward 15 Seconds (or whatever value) like in so many video players. That and the ability to have the progress bar always visible so it is easy to pause, instead of having to touch the screen to bring up the bar and then hitting pause. One other thing is that with the way the controls are organized, when you pause the video, the Play button is right in the middle of the screen and this can be inconvenient if you’re trying to see some detail onscreen. Overall a good app, but it could use some more user friendly controls

pztravel   4 star

The app could use a couple more features. Overall LinkedIn learning is great. I like this app because I can download courses for watching on planes and other offline times. The iPad app could use: - 15 sec advance and rewind buttons like the web version - one click cleanup of offline files (like when I’ve downloaded just some chapters within a course) - enable quizzes to be downloaded too

osulls490   3 star

Chromecast support would be stellar. While I like LinkedIn Learning the app lacks some capabilities to get the longer form video up on a TV comfortably. Chromecast support would make a lot of sense for the workflow of this app and it would be killer if the app would implement it.

ohhibay   4 star

LOVE it!! waiting for Apple TV app for 5 stars. i got access through my school, and i absolutely love LinkedIn Learning. However, I’m waiting on an Apple TV app for five stars because airplay cuts off part of the video. When learning Illustrator CC, for example, I cannot see the edges of the screen that include the tools when I airplay. I don’t have a separate computer, so my only choice is to airplay so I can follow along as I learn. Besides that inconvenience, LinkedIn Learning is AMAZING and I absolutely 1938291% recommend it. I hope as the transfer from completes, there will be an Apple TV app available.

NotTheOne   5 star

Why no iPad version and why logout frequently. I love the content and the app but why there is no iPad version and why the app logs out so frequently? Please release an iPad version and make the app always logged in with LinkedIn credentials. Thanks

Joeyandersonottawa   5 star

Amazing app for anyone looking to grow. I recommend it to everyone.

Terry314   5 star

Best learning app. It has been amazing learning from this app. Only wish the free version was available on iPads as well.

JackVoVN   5 star

awesome app. i love learning in this app.

J. Affleck   4 star

Improving Your Conflict Competence. I highly recommend LinkedIn's online courses...which are free this week. Practical and helpful courses that get you thinking about how you are doing things and offer better approaches with concrete examples.

FogoFortitude2000   4 star

pity there is no Chromecast support. Great learning resources, and I appreciate that I can download the courses to watch them off line. Would be 5 star worthy if it had Chromecast support.

ggguppy   4 star

Course incomplete. Bug in tracking course completion. I'm not sure if it was because I speed up the videos or download them for plane travel but I'm left with incomplete courses. With hours left on the clock what is the solution?

Misha-21 1993   5 star

All men desire knowledge by nature. This is a great app to access all sorts of learning opportunities. Would highly recommend.

tru5t   5 star

Packs a punch. Great way to get a key overview on topics of interest

Latinoinkaman   5 star

Mind-blowing!. Fantastic learning tool! Invaluable. This kind of knowledge usually costs thousands.

Trakbashir   5 star

Easy access to great learning. Pleasing variety of valuable courses and learning. Highly recommend!

Veryveryveryvery   1 star

Unusable. Can't get past the welcome screen, so not exactly useful.

jrgauci   2 star

Current version audio sync issues. Guys, I just switched over from Lynda (which was seamless) and your video player is unwatchable. A few seconds into every video, audio goes out of sync with the video for seemingly no reason. It seems to be related to buffering and dynamic video quality behaviours. Hope you can sort it out quickly as it's currently unusable.

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