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Advance your career with LinkedIn Learning. Discover the most in-demand business, tech and creative skills with personalized recommendations and courses taught by industry experts.

Learn on the go with the LinkedIn Learning iOS app.

Get the skills you need to succeed by watching bite-sized video courses anytime, anywhere.

Learn from courses taught by industry experts in leadership, management, marketing, programming, IT, photography, graphic design, web and interactive design, 3D animation and much more.

Get the most out of your LinkedIn Learning membership with the app:
• Access 4,000+ courses in business, tech and creative with more added each month
• Get personalized course recommendations
• Download courses for offline viewing
• Explore curated courses for a guided learning experience
• Save courses to watch later
• Watch entire courses or individual videos at your own pace
• Share courses with your network
• Add certificates of completion to your LinkedIn profile
• Access to LinkedIn Premium networking tools, and exclusive insights like Who's Viewed Your Profile

LinkedIn Learning app is free to download. With a subscription plan, you can watch the full courses across technology, creative and business topics.

For Monthly Premium: $29.99 monthly USD
For Annual Premium: $299.88 annual USD

If you choose to subscribe, your subscription will automatically renew and will charge your credit card through iTunes account, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

• iPhone 4S or later, iPod Touch 5th Gen or later
• iOS 10 or later
• Connection to 3G, 4G, or WiFi network

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LinkedIn Learning App Description & Overview

The applications LinkedIn Learning was published in the category Education on 2016-09-22 and was developed by LinkedIn Corporation. The file size is 86.06 MB. The current version is 1.1.106 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

We update LinkedIn Learning frequently to improve your learning experience led by more than 800 industry experts chosen from around the world. Visit weekly to see what's new.

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LinkedIn Learning Reviews

Nyein Nyein Naing

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Digital Marketing Trends  annmariealwayslearning  5 star

I enjoyed this and learned quite a bit that I will take away in my role as Marketing Manager..


Worth the Money & Worth Your Time - Here’s Why  AJLFX  5 star

I think one of the best benefits of LinkedIn since its acquisition of, is the LinkedIn Learning part of the subscription. It’s rather difficult to justify the service if you only intend it for networking, unless you are a recruiter, marketer, etc. As someone who once worked in education and now in tech, I can confidently state that education should never stop just because you finished school (whether that was high school, undergrad, graduate, PhD, etc.). Whatever you do, chances are, there is room for improvement. Or, perhaps you are unhappy where you are presently, and you want to make a change for the better. The courses are not just limited to business, there are others related to becoming your best self, de-stressing, how to get out of a personal or creative rut, etc. Education now is vastly different than it was a decade or two ago. Online and on-demand courses have come a long way. Many of the courses on LinkedIn qualify for CPE (continued/continuous professional education), and even PMI (Project Managment Institute) certifications! The courses are also incredibly handy as a refresher for big, important projects, just to make sure you are covering all your bases. You can do these on your own time. Watch the videos or just listen to audio. Complete courses and place the certifications on your LinkedIn profile. It demonstrates to recruiters and potential employers that you are not stagnant, and that you are serious about becoming better at whatever you do. With enough accreditation, you can seriously advance your career, as well as your income, for the price of a subscription. I can’t think of many apps out there that offer such monumental value and wisdom, from hundreds of professionals across a spectrum of subjects. It’s up to you to unlock your own potential. Now, go and learn something new!


New courses needed  ludhianaboy  4 star

More good quality courses should be added


Muted  arcbenson  2 star

The video will suddenly be muted and has to be restarted to restore the sound. Also there doesn’t seem to be a batch delete function for those downloaded episodes.


Background play is great for listening to videos while driving.  Chuck_D_U  5 star

Background play is great for listening to videos while driving.


Not there yet  KatieO'  3 star

The content is great, but there are many technical issues with this service. I can’t access the courses today, for example.


Great Library - App Needs Work...  Amarand  3 star

I came from and as soon as LinkedIn started taking things over recently, they did a bunch of stuff: 1) Got rid of the AppleTV app - both for Lynda and for LinkedIn, even though the transition is still not complete. 2) This app removed all settings features like the ability to disable Auto-Play, and view details of each course when viewing a list. I don’t know just by looking which is old and which is new. 3) LinkedIn is associated with your LinkedIn account, and I don’t see any way to migrate my years of work over to my new account. Not to mention my ten-plus active courses. Right now, the app feels half-baked. Hopefully they will add features like account migration, better support for libraries who have existing contracts with, bring back the AppleTV app, add back a greater latitude of settings (such as the ability to disable Auto-Play on a permanent basis), more information displayed for course sections in the browser, and allow us to mark individual lessons and courses as viewed or unviewed. So for the library of courses, I give this a five-star. For the transition from, I give them a one-star. And for the new app itself, I give them a two-star. Hopefully LinkedIn will fix these shortcomings soon. As a paid subscriber, it concerns me to see the tech side of things going downhill.


Where is Apple TV app?  EG2002  1 star

Where is Apple TV app?


Excellent  Dencal14  5 star

One of the best and friendly ways to learn at basic levels👌🏾


Excellent intuition  ePromise  5 star

Online support team to provide for all the org. students out there!


Quiz did not work but content was good  OSF_alanjgill  2 star

This is aimed software companies

Arul 1987

Horrible viewing experience with iPhone 6  Arul 1987  1 star

I started using LinkedIn learning in the app using my iPhone 6. Unable to view the letters in the video. What the point of having the app where the video is not viewable. This app won’t work if you have slow internet connection. The login experience is also poor. Seriously you guys should consider fixing these issues.


Easy to learn and develop new skills  shrestj  5 star

Loving it!


Fabulous!  NitaJones  5 star

Such a wealth of information on this app. Download it, I’m sure you’ll find a course on something you’d like to learn about.


Great learning experience but needs TV app  maneeshk  4 star

Can’t use the Lynda Apple TV app anymore for learning so please give us a LinkedIn learning Apple TV app. It was so much easier and better with a TV app.


App and the content is fine  vijaykumarmv  2 star

Frustrating while we are casting using chrome cast: 1. Can’t change the speed. Is fixed to x 1. 2. Need to select each video manually. Won’t go to next one by itself.


Review  LA74447  5 star

Excellent service but subscription is expensive


Excellent learning tool  sgj86  5 star

Very pleased with this learning tool


App optimisation for iPad  Mr.ln5  3 star

The UX is really not good for iPad users, • the video thumbnail list takes too many space on the iPad, it would be great if they can be displayed in a modular grid like the old • there’s no way to add note in app, and each time you add note on the web, you have to jump back n forth between the content pane and note pane (especially when u want to insert the note on the exact playhead location) • no landscape view. This basically is why I give it a 3 ★, the display is always on the wrong orientation every time I jump back from video full screen view.


A Giant Step Down From  rtg74656  1 star

Update: Months later and these issues still are not resolved. Just read the other reviews that highlight similar issues — administrators just respond with platitudes...”we’ll forward your comment to so and so...”; same kind of response if you email support. Nothing gets resolved. ******************************** was amazing — great content, good user experience on a browser and in apps and spot-on customer service. Not so much now that it’s LinkedIn Learning. The content is still great, and the user experience, although not as good as Lynda, is still good...but what is going on with the apps? Landscape issues with tablets, no smart TV app (in my case, no AppleTV app). And when I realized that there was no AppleTV app, I thought that’s ok, I’ll just AirPlay it from my iPhone app. But wait — the AirPlay function on the iPhone app does not work! And that brings me to customer service. They flat out lied to me as they tried to make me think that it was an issue only I was experiencing, that they could not replicate it. Then they just dismissed the issue. Funny how I was able to replicate the issue on other devices; even funnier that on a call with AppleCare, an Apple tech was able to replicate the issue. How is it that an organization that connects millions of design and IT professionals, that now operates a leading online design and IT educational service, can’t find anyone to iron out these issues? A better question: how is it that they thought they should start migrating subscribers from Lynda before working through these issues? I’d imagine it’s pretty embarrassing for them — I guess that’s why customer service felt inclined to lie to me about the AirPlay issue. I’d be embarrassed too.

benzinithe great

Wish you could get some sort of certification or credit  benzinithe great  4 star

Love your app and content my only drawback is their no certification or school credential for spending so much money you think that would be offered. But, May something you can add? Love the subjects and can we get more certifications courses like Apple , and so forth...

lloyd Haskell

Lloyd’s view on LinkedIn Learning  lloyd Haskell  5 star

Great app to help professionals improve themselves, learning and voicing their brow on life.


Crappy interface  reg20008  1 star

Hard to use slider button when phone is sideways. No “go back 10 sec” buttons. Use cbtnuggets instead.


I miss Lynda  digitalzombie  1 star

There is no Apple TV app. So I’m forced to watch videos using screensharing with my Apple device. It often just shuts off and disconnects at the best parts. Very frustrating. Videos are still great quality because Lynda made them. Sad about this takeover.

jane sincerity-jones

Not as good as  jane sincerity-jones  3 star

There is an essential aid missing—- the transcript. A very useful feature, you are able to go back after viewing the course and write down keyboard shortcuts, or take your notes. Needless to say—I miss this feature The videos are good— just wish you would bring back the transcripts—I’d go I’ve you 5 stars for that

Martin E Reyes

Chromecast issue  Martin E Reyes  3 star

When I chromecast a video and pause it, I lose connection to the monitor. So I have to start from the beginning to resume Chromecast. Also I can’t change the speed rate on Chromecast.

Xiaoyan Qu

It sets as my “In Progress” whenever I click on any video for preview?!  Xiaoyan Qu  1 star

And you cannot remove it, only move to history?! Stupidest design. Doesn’t make any sense!!


Horrible redesign compared to experience  pphramp  1 star

Horrible redesign compared to experience.


Cool platform for learning  densio66  5 star

I like the user experience and wide collection of topics


Enterprise subscription = no full courses  User40k  1 star

Despite having an enterprise subscription with my company and having downloaded the videos in the app, I cannot watch them cause they require a premium subscription. What a waste of time. Don't bother.


Best learning app around  RayGorman  5 star

Very comprehensive in what ever field your learning. The one stop shop for all your learning needs 👍👍👍

Paidi S

Great user-friendly app  Paidi S  5 star

Very easy to use, intuitive UI and makes the courses very easy to consume. Impressively simple

tiny p fan forever

Great content  tiny p fan forever  5 star

This app is all about the content which is frankly brilliant, well for me anyway. For someone who is mad about tech and loves to learn this is an AWSOME app

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