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LinkedIn Learning [Education] App Description & Overview

Advance your career with LinkedIn Learning. Discover the most in-demand business, tech and creative skills with personalized recommendations and courses taught by industry experts.

Learn on the go with the LinkedIn Learning iOS app.

Get the skills you need to succeed by watching bite-sized video courses anytime, anywhere.

Learn from courses taught by industry experts in leadership, management, marketing, programming, IT, photography, graphic design, web and interactive design, 3D animation and much more.

Get the most out of your LinkedIn Learning membership with the app:
• Access 4,000+ courses in business, tech and creative with more added each month
• Get personalized course recommendations
• Download courses for offline viewing
• Explore curated courses for a guided learning experience
• Save courses to watch later
• Watch entire courses or individual videos at your own pace
• Share courses with your network
• Add certificates of completion to your LinkedIn profile
• Access to LinkedIn Premium networking tools, and exclusive insights like Who's Viewed Your Profile

LinkedIn Learning app is free to download. With a subscription plan, you can watch the full courses across technology, creative and business topics.

For Monthly Premium: $29.99 monthly USD
For Annual Premium: $299.88 annual USD

If you choose to subscribe, your subscription will automatically renew and will charge your credit card through iTunes account, unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

• iPhone 4S or later, iPod Touch 5th Gen or later
• iOS 10 or later
• Connection to 3G, 4G, or WiFi network

LinkedIn privacy policy:
LinkedIn terms of use:

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LinkedIn Learning Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We update LinkedIn Learning frequently to improve your learning experience led by more than 800 industry experts chosen from around the world. Check back weekly to see what's new. Love LinkedIn Learning? Rate the app! Your feedback shows us what matters. Plus: the app includes a Help Center to answer your questions.

LinkedIn Learning Comments & Reviews

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- Could be better with proper content and functionality

So I’m currently using this instead of Lynda app. Seems when on iOS device and Airplay to my TV, if one shifts to full screen, the screen does so on the device but instead in the TV goes sideways. Additionally, the InfoSec content - specifically on certifications, even my CISSP which was the author of my books - had content that seemed as if it was read from script and was totally either out of order or not matched to each section in the relevant certs (I.e. CE-H, etc). It would be wise to stick to the same presenter when possible and have them actually speak live instead of a photo of them while the contents are read by script. Quite monotonous...

- Comparatively speaking...

If you’re looking for a lecture, it’s decent. I have a free membership thru my work enterprise, which, honestly, is the only reason I use it. I don’t see ANYTHING with this app that makes it better value than lecture based competitors like udemy, courses, etc. If you want to learn a technical skill this app is extremely difficult to use. Lecture exercises can be files up to 2gb -zipped-. So in addition to taking forever to download, I found the exercise files I pretty useless. It’s a swivel chair nightmare and there is no time built in or guides that even tell you when to open the exercises. Additionally, the files I’ve seen are more samples than actual exercises to go thru. Many don’t even have instructions enclosed. I’d much rather get a copy of the PowerPoints the instructors use (which, oddly, seems to be the only thing omitted from giant exercise files) or cheat sheets to help me in the real world. Having a format where student can practice and learn-by-doing (a la Codecademy, even lightbot) would be ideal, but I realized this is a lot of work and MONEY that probably won’t be invested. Shame.

- Decent but could use some user friendly controls

I’ve done one course using this app on iPad and for the most part, I like it. My one complaint has to do with the controls for playing the videos. More often than not, I need to go back and repeat a little portion in order to hear or see some detail. However, there is no Reverse 15 Seconds or Fast Forward 15 Seconds (or whatever value) like in so many video players. That and the ability to have the progress bar always visible so it is easy to pause, instead of having to touch the screen to bring up the bar and then hitting pause. One other thing is that with the way the controls are organized, when you pause the video, the Play button is right in the middle of the screen and this can be inconvenient if you’re trying to see some detail onscreen. Overall a good app, but it could use some more user friendly controls

- Why should I pay to download this?

I have a good paying job but am not happy there like I used to be and I put countless years building this company and growing it but I have a feeling that a change is needed so I usually do recruiting stuff and we are always hiring so I need to touch up my resume stuff since college and reading all these reviews gives me doubt about this being worth the money when I can go online and get stuff for free. I will download and pay for this app to try it out though but I need some help getting the Apple TV thing to work. I’ve never used it. Help me and I’ll download this tonight and recommend it to my employees too.

- Unable to log in -updated

Update: I am now able to log in and use the app! Overall, I find the app fairly easy to navigate. I enjoy the lectures, and the video player itself works well. So far all of the videos I’ve watched have CC as well. I’ve been trying for the last 29 minutes to log into the app. I have to sign in through my school organization, but once I log in there, the screen goes blank and does not process the log in. If I try to sign in through safari, I finish the organizational log in and when it bumps me back to the LinkedIn learning app, I am still stuck at the sign in page, so it won’t recognize that anything has happen. There was no help for this on the help website.

- Great resource

I signed up for LinkedIn Premium when I started a new job search. I saw a little bit about LinkedIn Learning but it took me a month or so to really start using it and I really wish I knew about it sooner! The courses are all very well made and the presenters are always great. The range of topics is very impressive as well. I normally take the courses on my computer but I enjoy having the app to use well for when I’m away from my computer but have some time to take a course. I like the option to add your courses to your profile as well as to save the videos in different collections.

- Watching offline content never works, poor UI

I always experience issues trying to watch my downloaded content offline when flying. Either I’m unable to log in, the app is unable to load or display the previously downloaded content. LinkedIn’s proposition is that I have be logged in already, which doesn’t work when you’re on a plane without WiFi, and that I jump through multiple hoops to watch my offline content. What’s the point? The app also sorts videos and courses arbitrarily, and I can’t arrange them in a preferred, sensible order. It’s difficult to easily see at a glance where I am in my various learning paths and pick up where I left off. The existing implementations for these features are lacking and poorly implemented, requiring the user to dig several levels deep.

- Excellent learning courses on the go!

I’ve always been someone who wants to spend more time learning, but found it hard to work “learning time” into my daily routine. With the LinkedIn Learning app, I can watch a short online course on my commute to the office or during lunch. I really enjoy their weekly series on Personal Effectiveness and Productivity, short 3-5 minute video tutorials that can give you a little boost of confidence or help you solve a quick problem you’re having. I’ve been recommending it to all of my friends who want to develop their careers and learn new skills on-the-go!

- It’s actually pretty dope

Tons of material. Lots of organized courses. And best of all not all of it is technical or job related. You can learn about a lot of side hobbies. Literally some of this stuff is what ppl go to college and pay for. Hardest part, disciplining yourself to actually complete the meatier courses (learning a coding language). If I could improve anything, it would be to combine courses into some spurt of circuit or something. Like if I want to be a project manager, show me aaaaallll if the courses that will get me to that goal. Right now, I have to curate a big portion of this learning still and it can be daunting.

- The best soft skill learning experience out there

I have relied on Linked in Learning to give me the quickest learning experience possible without deep diving into necessities I do not need just yet. As I familiarize myself through multiple course pathways, I find myself in a better position to execute projects and learn details with my team along the way. Once I certify onto my profile, the Learning algorithm in my opinion makes me more visible to recruiters and other SME’s out there in the linked in world who are looking to hire or connect with professionals like me. The best. I highly recommend.

- First impressions

The content is not exhaustive if you’re knowledge-hungry technologist looking for a single education vendor, but it does have courses that you won’t find on Safaribooksonline. As for the app, itself, it needs more love from its developers. Content will randomly fail to load when switching between video clips in a course and requires restarting the app completely. The UI has some glitches like the play/pause button disappears if you enable closed captioning, bookmarks sometimes come undone and the course/video interface doesn’t work in landscape mode. The app has limited organization capabilities to keep all courses that you are interested in organized. Something that the app has gotten right: play speed settings actually stick between videos and sessions. Other ideas for this app: - A “what’s new” section that isn’t just rando suggestions in a feed. - “What’s my progress across all courses I’m viewing” section. - YouTube-styled quick forward and rewind with taps to the right/left of video. - Notes-taking area.

- Beware of pricing

Never did I see that the subscription cost was all at once. That was a $300 coat after the trial period. One email warned me of it. So happens to occur at a time when I was super busy with three jobs and military training. Somehow I didn’t see that ONE email warning me $300 COST IS HITTING YOU SOON! Also, it wasn’t explicitly clear that this was going to happen when I signed up for the trial. I complained and some nice people at LinkedIn said it was in Apple’s hands now and they couldn’t refund me. Okay, that’s fair I guess. But to have as their default position a YEARLY subscription instead of a monthly one is dishonest. There are other apps I subscribe to that offer monthly ones. This was shady marketing at worst, and a lack of caring about the customer at best. Either way, I’ve lost trust in the company.

- Thankful for LinkedIn Learning

I am a Technology student. I am around a variety of persons who know how to use technology. So, when I don’t know how to do something, I use LinkedIn learning. It’s my secret weapon. It has high level tools that are organized according to exactly what I need at the time. It has helped me increase my skill-sets and awareness about latest trends in technology, products, research, management and marketing. The persons teaching are experts. If you love, or need, to learn something use it. It’s value exceeds the expense. I am glad I made the investment.

- Felt forced to move from Lynda to LinkedIn

Though the price is better for this version, I dislike various aspects : I’m unhappy with the interface overall. It’s clunky and looks more like it did in its early days. Really quite poor compared to the direction of modern learning platforms. Also: -that I can’t automatically play the next video in the sequence - I can’t remove a class from my history (that I simply looked at and have no intention on finishing) - I’d like to review my history with sort options such amount of time remaining, subject, name, or time (recent, etc.) -under completed, what’s the point in the “share to LinkedIn” when that platform doesn’t show courses that you have taken and are sharing? - it’s been more than a year and still no AppleTV version? And most annoying is that when I agreed to having my Renewal in July be as LinkedIn Learning (so I have paid the higher priced Lynda program through July) I was forced to used this app and I am unable to use the better, feature-rich, Apple TV enabled version! I’m beguto feel that the savings aren’t worth it.

- Crashing

I don't know what has happened in the last 6 months but this app has become almost unusable. I have been using LinkedIn Learning for almost 2 years. I love it. I never had an issue with it until recently. The videos are slow to load if at all. In the middle of a lesson the app will just crash. This is very frustrating because my employer has linked a lot of our mandatory continuation training in LinkedIn Learning so I don't have a choice but to struggle with this app. It's also very disappointing as the learning content is unmatched and I was so happy before all of these problems started.

- The main reason I became a premium member...

...was for access to all this specialized learning. This app is great for offline learning too - hit the three dots on the upper right, and a course can be downloaded to your phone all at once. On top of that, I’m going through a certificate course now (40h) and after each sub-section (about an hours worth) a new certification can be added to your profile. Lastly the app is stable and keeps your place once you get back to your computer. Well worth it.

- Great content, okay app, but forced vertical orientation on iPad??

I’ve been a Lynda customer for a very long time and just recently did the upgrade to LinkedIn learning. While the content is great and the app is okay, there is one big flaw for me: The app cannot be used in horizontal orientation on the iPad. I am often using my iPad in horizontal orientation in addition to a smart folio keyboard, and the app becomes useless unless I undo this entire configuration. The vertical orientation doesn’t make sense and makes it so you HAVE to hold the iPad when you’re watching content on here. If LinkedIn made this app work in the horizontal orientation, I’d likely upgrade this to five stars. Right now, its almost useless to me.

- Excellent courses, easy to fit in

There are courses on just about any topic I’m interested in. The recommendations are well suited to my current career path and the content is easy to fit into my day with small bytes of learning I can do between meetings or whenever I find a few minutes. I only wish the program wouldn’t keep logging me out of my organization’s account so I could continue watching videos without getting the premium package pitch. The rest is great.

- I love this app.

I literally use this app everyday single day, it offers a ton of interesting courses. I like the learning paths, right now I’m focusing on the “Become a Business Analysts” path, which is very informative. The videos are easily accessible and the exercises are good to use as references when needed. This app helps you continue your education without having to spent a ton of money at a university. I will continue using this app, as it has become a staple in my education journey.

- Videos not compatible with iphone X

1-Unfortunately the videos are not compatible with iPhone X size of screen, as they are smaller, despite the possibility to increase and adjust the size of the videos to match the whole screen of IPhone X. 2-Also, every time I close the app, I need to login in when I open it again, which is really annoying. I wish that you fix these bugs in the coming updates.

- Good App , no indication while downloading.

The app is good so far , two points to put in mind first when i am downloading a course there is no indication that a course is being downloaded in the background , when i get out of the app no indication of downloading or even inside the app, also i need to keep track of all my downloads so far which is not available , second we all need a way to choose the quality of the video if not in general at least when we are downloading it that would be great.

- Course quality is excellent but sound + other issues

Love the quality of instruction, course selection, length, in course exams, and certificates. Love it. Don’t love the audio - never sounds good, not even if you download the course. Warbled compression sound from choosing a low bit rate. Awful Also don’t appreciate that they almost make it difficult to resume your courses you were watching and instead try to seemingly get you to switch to a new course each time you open the app

- Mr Francies

So far I have earned certificates in a variety of topics and believe these resources are valuable in maintaining professionalism and increasing well needed knowledge. Since the current pandemic I downloaded the app to my phone and have been making great use of the time learning. I encourage everyone to stay positive and keep your brain working. If you do use it, you lose it. Stay blessed. Trenttin Francies, electrician at Francies Electric and Site Project Coordinator a Owens Valley Career Development Center

- Great courses! Immediately applicable Learning

I used to be a Lynda subscriber, and just recently switched to LinkedIn Learning. Believe it's all the same great courses, but I'm an avid LinkedIn user (one less account for me to manage) and love the course recommendations. It shows what other marketers like me are watching, so I know what I should be watching to stay competitive. I've also been able to use what I learn immediately, providing tangible career benefits.

- Best app I have

I have been raving about these courses to all my classmates and professional connections. If you’re willing to spend the time, there is so much to learn and this is the future of skills based education. My school pays for a subscription which makes it even easier to gain many skills. The app is well build and easy to navigate and all the content is well vetted. 10/10 would recommend.

- The best learning site I have done.

There’s nothing wrong with sites like Udemy or data camp but with LinkedIn learning, things just clicked faster for me. Great teachers and the relevance of the material taught was better suited for me when it came to actually applying what was taught. I could see the purpose more clearly in what was being taught by LinkedIn learning teachers better than the other sites. Just depends on who you are I guess

- Always has something to help

I have been using this service for about a year and a half. I have taken many courses that are career-specific (Learning & Development/HR for me) but also to help in any environment, like time management, Agile principles, pitching ideas to executives, finance foundations...the list goes on. Very informative with a variety of options. I write as a hobby and use this site to enhance my writing skills as well.

- Display not in Landscape

Love the training material, but am I missing something? When i view on the iPad app, everything is in portrait mode, i have to turn my iPad vertical to navigate the app. The videos snap to landscape though, which is good, but everything else is portrait. I checked my auto lock and it’s off, all other apps display in landscape. Is this being worked on maybe i hope?

- I think Linkedin's 'Learning' platform is gold!

I ❤️ the ability to learn new things at times convenient for me, and that is exactly what is possible through the LinkedIn Learning platform! I am glad I discovered LinkedIn's learning platform, and also that I spent some of my time to explore the contents within the platform. I intend to spend more time, in the future, utilizing the platform's offerings; however, I am hesitant to become a 'full member' due to, primarily, unspecific monetary reasonings. I have seen many different learning platforms that are available online and through programs; however, I have not seen many learning platforms that are close in being presented as properly, and as professionally as I believe the LinkedIn Learning to be. I recommend giving LinkedIn Learning a try! Truly, Matthew J. Copley IV

- App is ok. Needs work

If I download videos to the app, I shouldn’t see the download arrow indicating that the videos can be downloaded. There should be a different icon indicating that the videos are already downloaded. Also, it should be easier to access my downloaded content. I’m not sure why it’s grouped the way it is. That’s just one little example of what can be improved. A lot of other little things that make apps great need to be improved.

- Lynda App Is Better

If you’ve never used the Lynda app, it would be difficult for you to understand how bad this app is in comparison. It sorely lacks the polish and features of the Lynda app. I particularly dislike how it opens in portrait mode even when I have my iPad tilted to landscape. I remain perplexed as to why LinkedIn just didn’t rename the Lynda website and app instead of having dueling interfaces and slightly different pricing options. All they’re doing is trying (unsuccessfully) to reinvent the proverbial wheel here. I can say the same of the websites.

- My personal choice of the App Store

I’ve been using this app for two months, and I didn’t find another app in the App Store that can compete with LinkedIn Learning! It have full courses of any subject I was looking for, and the app is self is a super comfortable app with many many features that makes everything comfortable and easy like crazy! I would recommend this app to everyone, it’s very very useful!

- Wish I used this earier

LinkedIn Learning is one of those rare apps that instantly provides value to a person’s life. This is the easiest way to improve your skills with little time commitment The courses are constructed by experts on each subject. Most importantly, Learning eases the burden of starting a new habit by creating reminders to nudge you forward. Wouldn’t choose any education app over Learning.

- iPad landscape view, please

Come on now, LinkedIn. For a service this pricy, I should be able to expect a top notch app Ui and Ux. The fact that the iPad app doesn’t support landscape view (except when playing a video) is insanely annoying since I - with the Logitech keyboard case - use my iPad in landscape mode 90% of the time. This is a simple fix for your developers. Get on it, please. Thanks otherwise for great content.

- Worthless compared to the old Lynda app

Where to begin. This app does not support landscape view when you are browsing for tutorials. If you have more than 8 topics in your profile their app and their browser player wont allow you to use them. Since LinkedIn has completed their takeover of Lynda they have basically ruined everything that was good and replaced it with useless crap aimed at social media and little if anything on actually using their service for actual training. Seriously considering dropping them completely if they don’t start fixing some of these most basic features.

- Can’t sign in on mobile app

Edit: it works now!! Thanks LinkedIn learning 💕 After I enter password the page becomes unresponsive. I know I’m entering the right password because I’m able to sign in on desktop. I am also able to sign in on safari or chrome on my phone. However signing into the app itself does not work. Update: this seems to be an issue specifically for Enterprise login. I can login to my personal account, but for Enterprise login, the page becomes unresponsive. Please fix this! I would love to be able to learn from my phone for work. Can you please fix this, I can see an update was released two days ago but the issue persists. It works now! Tha

- Great content needs Apple TV app.

I’ve been using LinkedIn Learning for about a week now, and for the content I am looking for (Agile learning), the content is informative, and well laid out for end users, and well presented by the instructors. Transcripts of content and Q&A per module are helpful. Loses 1 star for a lack of Apple TV application, which was available when LIL was Lynda, and competitors in this space have readily available apps. Would much rather stream through native app.

- Great Options but Unorganized

I haven’t started courses yet but there are a lot of options and I’m excited to get started. I have been on the app a few times and I do find it unorganized and hard to follow. I wish the classes were grouped and that it was easier to see when there may be several parts for a particular course. When I search I get a lot of options but they are all just so scattered and in no particular order. It’s hard to know where to start.

- Videos aren’t available after the app is updated!

My account is accessible thru my company enterprise account. I was able to watch videos after first login thru my work computer. Until the app was updated today, I was no longer able to access my on-going class but asking my to sign up one-month free trial. I noticed that my account turned to be personal account. I had to reactive the enterprise account thru my work computer. It works, but these are unnecessary steps, time consuming, and unacceptable as one of the high ranking apps. Hope the app developer fix the bugs promptly.

- Mobile App Interface doesn’t appear to link properly

I’ve migrated over to LinkedInLearning from Lynda and it appears my Saved Playlists didn’t carry over. I show shell tabs where they should be but it doesn’t display a picture and am unable to click them. The Desktop shows my Playlists (now collections) however the collections in the mobile app are empty. I don’t see a way to get them to show up as the playlists is what I use during my commutes. Please advise

- No better time than now

Some of us unfortunately have time on their hands and yet others may be busier than ever. I fall in the last bucket. Although I stay home, I find my self daily running out of time. But I still make time for myself. This is a great service to use the extra or nonexistent time “make time” to improve yourself. Great way to learn.

- This is amazing

The opportunity LinkedIn has provided everyone by being able to learn skills that otherwise you would’ve had to pay for, is phenomenal. All the courses from learning how to write a resume to design are things everyone can learn. It’s nice to be able to be given a leg up and show your commitment to a particular career path.

- Utilize Learning Pathes

LinkedIn Learning offers an ever-expanding learning library that’s helping me grow both personally and professionally. I enjoy picking a relevant Learning Path by topic and then working my way through the course videos. Whether you work through a Learning Path or bounce around from clip to clip, these videos, and additional material (e.g. worksheets), are engaging, informative, and sometimes even fun!

- Reinventing a wheel into a square shape

As others have commented, their attempt to rebuild everything from the ground up instead of learning from and using using Lynda’s layout, interface, etc. shows how they really don’t understand how to actually present this content or make it useful for people to use. Maddening annoyances in layout, search failures, etc. have made me start looking elsewhere for similar content. They were handed gold in a box (when it comes to online learning) and made straw out of it. Maybe they should take some of their own courses on UX/UI, if they can find them.

- This is better than college

I love my school. I learned a lot, but having access to these tutorials has rocked my world. I feel a lot more confident about building a Digital Marketing Strategy now, than I have ever felt. I am able to apply the skills in real time and provide real expertise to the organization I am Marketing for. LinkedIn Learning is Amazing!!

- Needs improvement (No Landscape mode)

A nice option for learning when not at home or the office, but the lack of a landscape mode prevents the apps use when a keyboard is attached. I don’t understand the design teams thought process in a portrait only mode, this is a rather standard function for most apps. Considering that LinkedIn is a Microsoft company and the push for tablet computing is at the forefront of mobile computing design evolution, I call this oversight a critical failure in development. I would give the app 4-5 stars if landscape display was available.

- Learning for iPad

Ok,great. The videos now play on iPad. How about updating the screen format of the navigation so that it doesn’t still feel like a giant iPhone app on a larger screen? Your developers *have* done mobile development previously, right? :-) (Sorry to be a bit snarky, but announcing support for iPad goes beyond just being able to play the videos. Right now it’s still easier to project them from the phone to a larger screen and navigation shouldn’t be painful if you want people to actually use the app.)

- Could be better

Good app, but it should be able to support the new iPadOS Slide Over feature by now — that would, for example, enable us to take notes easily while watching the tutorials. It also does not have features that the web version of LinkedIn Learning has — like transcripts, etc. Hope you guys will be able to include these features in the next version!

- Quality of the App

To be clear, I’m rating the quality of the app not the content ... the app needs to be updated to take full advantage of the iPad Pro 12.9” screen (in particular the new iPad Pro 12.9” as that is what I’m using). Furthermore, it needs to support basic iPad features such as picture in picture, side by side app support etc. Overall the app works well (delivers videos) but needs these basic iPad features add to earn 5 stars. Thank you!

- Great content, terrible app

Pros: • The content for LinkedIn Learning is wonderful • What LinkedIn Learning is a great value. • They have a wide range of topics Cons: • Navigating courses is so incredibly bad, you have to assume the developers don't actually use the product. • The developers are so lazy that they treat a 13-inch iPad screen exactly as if it were a 4-inch iPhone. • Once playing a course, you are going to fight with the app to watch it how YOU want to watch it: landscape orientation, faster speeds, etc. • Controlling playback is just flat out dumb. If you are wanting to watch something while on an elliptical, stationary bike, or treadmill, your workout will be interrupted as you stop to fight with the genuinely head shaking design of this app. I very much regret "upgrading" from Lynda. Lynda's app wasn't perfect either, but at least it wasn't a major step backwards.

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- Great but video and audio are going out of sync

I’m having a constant issue in all my courses where the audio stops while the video keeps going. Then the audio starts up again but out of sync with the video. Anyone else having this problem? Or is it unique to my iPad?

- Great content - platform needs work

The content I’ve listened to on LinkedIn Learning is great, however, the application requires some tweaking. Although you can download the content offline, if you don’t have any internet or cellular connectivity, you can’t load the app to access your offline content. Additionally, when you do lose signal, the downloaded content will stop playing. Hopefully this gets fixed in the future

- App unable to retrieve data

Great content but app is constantly “sorry we couldn’t load your assignments” only way I’ve fixed this in the past is to delete the app and reinstall- I did this this morning and this afternoon same old message- extremely frustrating

- Back 10 seconds

Would you consider having a back and forward by 10 seconds on either side of the pause button in the middle of the screen?

- Self harm is less damaging

I can’t sign in on anything aside from my iPad which I don’t take to my workplace, yet using the exact same email on the iPad I can’t sign in on my phone on browser or app, on a terminal I can’t sign in either, then when I do sign in on the iPad I have a 1/10 chance of LinkedIn recognising that my employer pays for me or it refuses me the ability to utilise Learning, and it doesn’t even remember the courses I’ve saved or completed. Cutting my teeth with nail clippers and biting into it is preferable than to be dealing with LinkedIn.

- Not sure how things work

I guess i am not clear on how this app works because 1. i can see advertising to start trial period takes over my iPhone screen and distracting me from main video to learn the topic 2. then there is small video section 3. below it there is the index highlighting the sequence of section. UI, for me was not good experience Also, I see some training in LinkedIn, is there a way for me to add it to my list of videos for me to learn in my free time.

- Great Course

Just completed the copywriting course. It was easy to understand and there were great examples the whole way through. I learned a lot in this course. LinkedIn Learning made it easy with well thought out videos.

- Head of Implementation, Black Dog Institute

Great points made in snappy succinct videos! Getting my team to hone their elevator pitch, so figured mine better be spot on. This was great reminder of key points and structure to nail that 15sec hit or miss when networking. Thanks!

- Great tool for self learning

I’ve only just started to use LinkedIn learning but it’s an amazing tool to self learn at any time which suites you. You can find so much content, it’s amazing !

- Course incomplete

Bug in tracking course completion. I'm not sure if it was because I speed up the videos or download them for plane travel but I'm left with incomplete courses. With hours left on the clock what is the solution?

- Horrible viewing experience with iPhone 6

I started using LinkedIn learning in the app using my iPhone 6. Unable to view the letters in the video. What the point of having the app where the video is not viewable. This app won’t work if you have slow internet connection. The login experience is also poor. Seriously you guys should consider fixing these issues.

- Education is Key 🔑

Nice platform and highly rated! I’m now unlocking my full potential... thank you for your services and keep up the good work.

- Annoying on iPad.

As has been mentioned the app only works in portrait mode on iPads (except when expanded video is selected). As most iPad support/covers hold the pad in landscape mode it’s past time to have this app updated.

- Good learning resource but lacking iOS features

Can you please implement split view and picture-in-picture? I like being able to use Apple Notes on one side of my iPad to jot notes while watching the content.

- Good app

Good app but could be better, going to landscape mode does not work the same as other apps. Notifications appear at sideways from the short edge instead of horizontal on the long edge. And iPad controls for volume etc are on the short edge as well.

- Jeff Ansell is just fantastic! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I have just completed my first content with Jeff Ansell and it was fantastic! Especially the real examples. That really made me understand how to put things in practice!

- Landscape view would be great.

Videos play in landscape view, thought I have found that it sometimes doesn’t change orientation when I rotate 180°, mainly after resuming a lesson. Would love landscape view for all other areas in the app.

- Fantastic courses

High quality videos and high quality and new information. Super star..

- Fabulous!

Such a wealth of information on this app. Download it, I’m sure you’ll find a course on something you’d like to learn about.

- Cannot find URL of my university

I tried different domains of my university but none of them were accepted.

- Doesn’t adapt properly on landscape mode

Materials are great! However, the app doesn’t provide landscape mode on iPad unless you maximise the video. The same issue with mirroring through Apple TV.

- Playlists are missing

Hi team. Where are the playlists at? I am an enterprise customer and had a bunch of playlists these were super helpful. On mobile they’re either gone or hard to find.

- Problems on iPhone X

Confirmation box displayed at the extreme top left just off the screen so the ok button is under the cut out for the camera. Prevents the app being used.

- Soft skills paradise

So fun! I really really love the learning videos here! It’s very much professional development and soft skills that you don’t get in formal education institutions

- Something for everyone

So many different topics covered under one umbrella of learning app!

- Great app

I would love to see an Apple TV app, is there anything plans for an Apple TV app. I used to subscribe to Lynda training and they had a TV app. Great app, great platform!!

- Great learning experience but needs TV app

Can’t use the Lynda Apple TV app anymore for learning so please give us a LinkedIn learning Apple TV app. It was so much easier and better with a TV app.

- Amazing ...!

Using LinkedIn e-learning apps is amazing, I can access my courses from anywhere.

- pity there is no Chromecast support

Great learning resources, and I appreciate that I can download the courses to watch them off line. Would be 5 star worthy if it had Chromecast support.

- App and the content is fine

Frustrating while we are casting using chrome cast: 1. Can’t change the speed. Is fixed to x 1. 2. Need to select each video manually. Won’t go to next one by itself.

- Excellent intuition

Online support team to provide for all the org. students out there!

- Management tips

The topics are interesting and provide a refresh to balance old habits and skills with new methods that can be easily applied.

- Landscape view on iPad

The app is great and works very well, but it lacks a key feature of providing landscape view on iPad. Should be definitely added in the future.

- Developing micro skills

I have done couple of courses which are addressing advanced essential micro skill sets.

- Review

Excellent service but subscription is expensive

- Can’t log is using iPhone

I have a few different accounts due to working for different universities. Strangle enough I can’t seem to log into to any of them on the iPhone. The service great but the iPhone app doesn’t work at all.

- Excellent

Great platform to learn new skills and hone your existing skills.

- Limited course selection

Most videos and courses I find very basic and a bit out of date. In a way , it is a great tool to gain some knowledge for job hunting .

- Unstable

Issues on iPhone X. Crashes every second time at start. Seems to be related to login screen being out of frame. Please update.

- Subscription keeps charging

Warning subscription charges even when you remove subscription and app. Reported to apple. Developer needs to fix and provide consumer opt in subscription not automatic stealing

- Excellent learning tool

Very pleased with this learning tool

- Database is Amazing

Amazing and fantastic! Just expecting to add more and more fields day by day 😊

- It’s amazing!! The linked learning app is great!! I am thoroughly enjoying it.

It’s amazing

- Learning on the go

I love that they are bite sized modules so that I can learn on the go

- Easy to learn and develop new skills

Loving it!

- Never works

This app never loads my history, preferences or recommended. Constantly having to search in the search bar for the course I’m currently watching. Haaaaaating it, and miss Lynda

- Poor video quality

Every video file have issue. I raised my concert a week ago still waiting for a response.

- Bug on playing while using AirPods

AirPods are audio only. But the current app blocks out video as well when I use my wireless AirPods. Please fix it ASAP. Absolutely unacceptable.

- Rubbish

Unlike the mobile app, I cannot sign in as it keeps on trying to open our corporate account and I’m not on corporate networks

- Need the app, like every other online provider has.

Where is the Apple TV app???? This is quite disappointing to me.

Payoneer 💰

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- Unusable.

This app is beyond frustrating. If you have downloaded videos, good luck getting them to play when going in and out of cell service (on subway). Also, why is there no list for new videos? Bring back Lynda!

- Apple TV

Lynda has an Apple TV app...

- login to with my library card

what happened? has linkedin shut down the access for Doing that will be the dumbest decision linkedin will ever make. I am considering quiting LinkedIn over this. At the very least I plan on complaining about on every social media site I have access to. please tell me this was an oversight and you are going to fix it.

- Excellent course but....

I’ve gone as far as I can while having to skip over a number of sections that just wouldn’t work on the app. It is a fascinating course and I hope the sections get fixed for the app. The teacher is engrossing and the content material is excellent.I can’t wait to continue!

- biassed toward adobe software

using old software. Not industry standard. Not worth the money

- Baffling

Worst UI and UX. Not intuitive at all and no clear answer for how you buy a course.

- I love far.

5 stars! What I love the most so far: 1. Full Access on the comfort of your phone through the App. 2. Accessing content using Screen Mirroring through my iPhone. 3. Soo much content...

- New update

The last update blocks my app

- Congratulations


- Better than University


- Major downgrade from Lynda

I was forced to migrate to this app from Lynda. The layout is brutal and there’s no landscape mode for iPads. What were they thinking?

- Buggy.

I’ve just completed a 6.5 hour course with multiple chapters and quizzes but the app keeps thinking I haven’t completed and shows some quizzes unfinished despite me doing them two or theee times!!! I hope I can get it to work on the desktop version as this app is too flaky!

- Excellent

The courses are easy to understand.

- Apple TV app ?

the site had an app for Apple TV and after the migration I cannot watch courses using that app anymore , will give 5 stars when they put it back

- Great app but SSO doesn’t work

So basically can’t sign in with my organization since their login page doesn’t work. Luckily the web version works on iPad. Good app for the iPhone tho

- Building your network and working with a mentor

I enjoyed participating in this learning module. It is a great reminder to build your own brand and know who you are. How you will represent yourself and how you can help mentor others

- Learning

Useful but expensive

- wonder experience

I have been using linkden learning from last 3 months. I got to learn so much here. It is very professional.

- iPad?

No IPad app

- Deceiving and useless

Downloaded videos can only be watched once. Pathetic and useless app unless you pay LinkedIn $40 a month.

- Why is this app not available in Apple TV

You should make this app available on Apple TV

- Supebe

Je trouve cette app super!

- Roberto

Great app

- Nice learning tool

But why am i not able to forward/backward using arrow keys?

- Last update is very bad !

Hello . 1-I started learning with you guys and last time I had more freedom to adjust the speed of the musique teacher ... Now we have to go from .5 (slow ) to faster and faster and then to go back to slow we have to go at 2.0 the fastest in order to get back to slow. NOT PRACTICAL at all. 2- whenI slow the teacher down, sometime (often enough) the music he plays starts and 3 to 4 seconde later you can see his hand playing the notes ...So we here the music start and then we see him play the notes on his bass ! TOTALLY DESYNCHRONIZED ! PLEASE GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS UPDATE ... 3- it would be also good to have a loop button in order to easily repeat the teacher’s sequence.... Thank you for taking the time to listen to us . Sincerely Danny Vitez Please make the changes soooon ! I want to learn !

- Such a downgrade from

There is some great content here but there is no Apple TV app and the LinkedIn Learning app is inferior to the old Lynda iOS app in almost every way. It is such a step back that I am seriously reconsidering if I want to continue my subscription. There are plenty of other competing services now that have good tvOS apps.

- Cast option Chromecast

Would loveto have a chromecast option

- The stupidest company in the world

They bought and I cannot anymore watch lessons on my tv with AppleTV. Such dump people couldn’t exist anywhere but in USA of Trump

- Automatic renewals on free trials

Automatic renewals on free trials without any notification should be illegal, especially in a situation where no credit card information is required given the facilitation from Apple.

- Where’s the AppleTV version?

I was forced to move from Lynda to LL, but where’s the AppleTV version now? Lynda had it, LL doesn’t!

- Jr l’adore !!!

Il y en a des formations très intéressantes et très diverses!

- Excellent

Great help in building career path... Thanks you the teammy Career path

- Loving It.

A lot of courses available, to pick the right one for each one's career path. 100% recommended. ✔️✔️

- Great

Easy to use

- Great

Très bon outil pour se perfectionner

- not working with library card

This issue was complained about a year ago and has not yet been remedied.

- Not working in offline mode

I have downloaded courses offline, so that I can watch it while I do commute. But after starting course video, it displays buffering after some minutes. At least, It should work properly.

- Missing important features

Offline viewing does not seem to work reliably. Even with downloaded content if you’re on a subway and your connection goes from online to off the app just gets lost and can’t play videos stored on the device. No way to manage autoplay of videos. Minimal ability to manage my playlists. I feel like you can only do serious account management stuff from the desktop. Nowhere near as good as the app (and service) from which this comes. Pluralsight app works much better for those deciding on which service to go with.

- Owner, Outdoor Logistics

Great content relevant to my growth and business development!

- I was hesitant but is actually really good

I got the free month and so far is been a good learning time. Good job LinkedIn

- God job

Congratulations guys, this app is so amazing.

- Great app

Great App

- Lack of courses / Topics for Mechanical Engineers

Would be great of some course topics can be added for Mechanical Engineers . Topics to include various ASME codes, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers etc

- Needs rewind and fast forward double tap

Amazing content and intuitive UI. Areas of improvement: I use LinkedIn learning a lot on my commute and frequently need to rewind 30 seconds. While LinkedIn Learning requires you to carefully hold the progress bar and scroll to scrub the video backwards and forwards, other video apps enable double tap to easily fast forward or rewind 30 seconds. The other piece of feedback I have is the fact that I am often unable to access videos that I’ve downloaded while offline (in flight for example ) unless I start the app first while online. Hopefully these are fixed in the next release. Keep up the great work.

- Personal branding

Very helpful tips and good reminders! 👍🏻

- Terrible

This app is terrible they wouldn’t let me cancel my subscription before they charged me $44

- Broken

Sign in with organization is broken completely

- Remplacement de

L’app est efficace, le contenu et les préférences ont bien transités vers le nouveau service. Par contre, contrairement à l’app Lynda; LinkedIn Learning ne voit pas ma Chromecast pour transférer mes vidéos sur la télévision... J’imagine que cela sera corrigé dans la prochaine mise à jour!

- Can’t take courses

I am not able to take any further f my courses on phone or iPad

- Pivot table for beginner

Nice quick study for learning pivot tables for beginners

Libertex 📈

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- Indispensable

This resource has utterly reshaped my entire career trajectory. It has empowered me to go after the things I want and the things I want to bring to my professional teams. There is no price tag that would ever adequately represent the value, growth, and opportunity that is available in this library of courses. I am profoundly grateful it exists.

- Does LinkedIn Learning even care

LinkedIn Learning ..c’mon .. its mid Oct (2018) and you have yet to make this app even 10% as useful as the Lynda app was more than 2 years ago. How many comments are needed before you add half decent support for the iPad .. or is the iPhone format the only format you will support. Portrait mode on an iPad is useless for any serious users of Lynda comment. At this point why don’t you just rebrand the Lynda IOS app and call it. Cmon LinkedIn .. your core service is amazing for career Mgmt .. but your Lynda acquisition and lack of any progress on your LinkedIn learning app shows poor execution.

- there is a $300 fee? really and no mention of it prior

i read a review one user got charged $300 and a email notice was sent to his email before it was automatically billed to his iTunes account? what kind of shady app and biz is the developer doing here? any fee to be charged should be clearly stated and agreed by the user not the app developer to just run anyone credit card with out approval. thanks but no thanks and staying away from this shady app and anything this developer has on apple users . Yikes, $300. Has this been fixed by the app team or they dont care still?

- Forever Learning

It’s somehow fitting that the world’s largest employment credentials site has an ever-growing library of self-improvement tools. I try to work through one a week and they’ve all been great. I encourage you all to spend some time working through these courses. They’re short, interesting and useful.

- Well Organized but issue with playback speed

The courses I have tried so far are well organized but for some reason the playback speed creates a lag between the video and audio in each new module. I have to pause and click play again to correct on every single module. Otherwise, app content and organization well done.

- Nice, but not ideal

It does the job done, have issues: You cannot zoom into the videos, video scroll bar is way to close to the bottom which makes it challenging to rewind and fast forward in landscape mode on iPhone 8 and later Like is available only if you have internet connection so uou cannot like a course when you are on the plane (where I watch downloaded courses all the time)

- Video player needs skip button!

Full of great content, but it’s hard to consume because the video player has no way to jump back and forward (like 10 seconds) so you could re-listen to important parts. Using the slider is difficult in full screen because you always accidentally switch apps instead. If they just copied YouTube’s video interface they’d be way improved.

- A great place for reference

I love this app. There is a huge variety of videos. You really can use this to better your knowledge in whatever field of work you’re in. I use it almost daily, and always learning something new to improve my skills at work.

- Nearly perfect

LinkedIn learning makes premium, professional, marketable skills accessible and consumable on your schedule. It could be improved by adding a 15 second back and forward jumping mechanism for time navigation. I found myself scrubbing back and forth on the video timeline somewhat imprecisely when trying to digest a music theory course.

- Videos when no internet

I work at a dead zone for phones and thought I would be able to watch the downloaded videos on my breaks so I would download the class and watch at lunch however on several occasions the videos would not show that I watched them when there was no service available which resulted in me watching the videos again for a second time

- Back play button

I’d be happy to change the rating if you add a back play button to rewind 5 or 10 or 15 seconds. If I missed something because the instructor went to fast I have to manually do it and I lose focus or rewind too much. They teach so much psychology in this app, how did the people behind the app missed that? All on-demand media platforms have that feature. Like I said, I’d be happy to change my rating if that feature gets added, otherwise my anxiety is gonna make me not pay the premium.

- Nothing compared to Lynda

If you were used to Lynda and have been DOWNGRADED to this app, you have lost a lot. What is the point of the ability to download courses for offline watching if the app keeps logging you out and you need to be connected to the internet to log back in. Even when trying to send feedback, the app auto populates the email address in the subject field instead of "to" field. Is this your first app? Definitely needs better developers. And guess what, the email even returned undelivered.

- A comment.

A monthly Subscribe to the linkedIn is limited in a country like iran, it is due to not having access to credit cards and our local debit card would not work in this matter. But i really admire your fruitful services and appreciate your website.

- I love Learning!

LinkedIn Learning is a excellent platform for learning just about anything, especially all things tech. If you’re studying for CompTIA certs, you’ll find study prep videos here from well-known authors like Mike Meyers and Mike Chapple. Default orientation of the app is portrait, but when you go full screen, it switches to landscape. It’s a feature, not a bug. I’d really like to see a skip 10 seconds back button on the playback screen just like on the web app. Very inconvenient to scroll back manually, especially on iPhone X. Please consider adding this on a future version of the app. Cancel Netflix and use your time productively with Learning.

- No iPad interface

There is no version for the iPad. You need to install it as an iPhone app and deal with upscaling and massive borders. You can use the site via Safari instead, but then you don’t get the offline viewing that you paid for. You had better have a stellar mobile data plan! The Lynda iOS app is miles better, with a native UI and accessibility features. Sadly, LinkedIn does not honor LinkedIn Learning memberships on Lynda. LinkedIn only honors the reverse.

- Outstanding

As a professional, my career growth and training has come from experience, great bosses and colleagues. Now with LinkedIn Learning, I can expand that knowledge base with a network of professionals looking to pass their SME and experience, through course after course, on a broad range of topics I care about. Love it.

- Terrible customer service

I accidentally forgot to complete my cancellation after my free trial, during which I was not impressed. They charged me for six months before I noticed and promptly canceled, as I had never used the service and had no desire to do so in the future. After going back and forth on this with customer service they only refunded 1/3 of this cost even though I had never used it! Avoid even the free trial. It’s not worth the risk to be accidentally charged $20 for this worthless product.

- Great Content but...

The information this app contains is very valuable. My “complaint” is more like a suggestion. With Lynda you were able to organize your saved content easier. You’re not able to do that with this app or online.

- Buggy and bad UI

I’m using this app on iPad and find it to be buggy. For whatever reason, when watching a series of videos, the app will SKIP videos if you are using Airplay to view and you won’t know until you look at the app or hear the current video chapter refer to past videos that you never saw. It’s disruptive and irresponsible on the part of the developer. The app UI is inconsistent and comparable to apps released 10 years ago.

- Please stop Video autoplay

Please add those two fixes: Stop autoplay of videos (or at least the option for it)- sometimes I’d like to puase or move to another topic in non-sequenctial order Also like Netflix, before the end of the video I would like to know whats going to played next so that I can decide whether to continue watching for the next video or stop and select another topic.

- Lots of good information, but why doesn’t it support landscape view?

Reviewing this for my iPad Pro I purchased this because my company just made the transition to Office 365 Business Premium and Microsoft 365 and I wanted to get on the up and up about all of the tools and services and such. I discovered after installing it on my iPad Pro that it doesn’t support landscape view, just portrait. It’s a small complaint, because everything works great and the classes are very informative. This just strikes me as very strange, especially since you don’t have an Apple TV app. What gives?

- A video app with no landscape viewing?!

This app is all about video-based learning. However, you CANNOT use the apps in landscape mode, which is bizarre. You’ll have to keep rotating your iPad if you want to navigate the UI. Furthermore, you cannot have split-view in iPad. This is necessary since you’ll need to take notes (just like in a classroom) when watching the video. Finally, everything looks bigger, as if the developer just took the iPhone version and dump it in iPad without modifying any UI.

- LinkedIn Learning

1. Learning Path should be something more powerful for learner. For example, employers can confidently say that Candidate A took Course Marketing Manager from LinkedIn, He/she have enough knowledge to take a new role in this field, in my company 2. Keep the courses updated. Some are 3 years old and with the speed of the world, 3 years means huge changes. 3. Show timing of conducting the course somewhere near the title.

- Great, easy to use continuing education tool

This is an easy way to fill-in any of the gaps for certain skills that you need but didn't necessarily have included in previous coursework or training. It's another great way to keep on top of essential practical skills like soft skills as well.

- It all begins with a thought.

I appreciate LinkedIn Learning because it a catalyst to elevated thoughts. And all great things begin in our minds. This is truly great content. It is very inspiring and relieving when I find professionals speaking about issues I thought, I alone, was dealing with. Thanks for the great content that inspired great thoughts! C2

- Photoshop instructions

Great instructional tool for first time photoshop users. I’m new and they walk you step by step. Very easy to follow. As with learning anything you get out what you put in. These videos make it very easy to grasp new concepts. Definitely worth the purchase!!’

- Worth it

It was worth it to invest money to improve my skills as a professional. So far I have taken one course to learn more about managing Outlook. I like that most sections of the courses are broken down into three-minute segments to make learning easier.

- Problems with audio sync

In very single video I have watched using the app, the audio pauses while the video continues, then starts where it stopped. This causes the video and audio to be out of sync by 1-2 seconds. I found changing the playback speed fixes the problem, but I have to do this for every video. It is extremely annoying. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and made sure I have the most recent update, but it doesn’t help. Please fix this.

- Wish you could get some sort of certification or credit

Love your app and content my only drawback is their no certification or school credential for spending so much money you think that would be offered. But, May something you can add? Love the subjects and can we get more certifications courses like Apple , and so forth...

- Still no landscape mode

A technologically sophisticated company like linked in can’t bother putting a landscape mode on their GUI? Every time I start the app on my 12.9 iPad Pro, the app forces my hardware into portrait mode. Ridiculous. This makes the app almost useless on an iPad. It’s almost stunning that linked in can’t be bothered to create a a landscape GUI for professionals using an iPad. That is what linked in is trying to to market to right? Industry professionals? Not teenage girls taking selfies with their phones? Give a me break... Linked in, please spend a tiny amount of time and money and put in a landscape mode like any other professional app that expects to be taken serious and utilized by professionals.

- Invaluable Tool

This site has helped me to learn many things about various software and website development. It has saved me a lot of money and frustration. I would recommend this to anyone trying to extend their knowledge.

- Best platform for learning

It’s been less than a month I’m using LinkedIn learning I really enjoyed with the the learning way especially with quality of the videos, note section and the professional instructors.

- No landscape viewing

Landscape viewing and support for either Slide Over, Split View, or picture-in-picture on iPad would make this much more usable - i.e. I’d like to be able to watch and take notes. ** landscape viewing of video is possible after video is started and full screen enabled... but as I mentioned above, I’d prefer to be able to view the whole app in landscape and use multi-tasking to take notes.

- Recent Bugging Errors

Hi folks at LinkedIn Learning! The app was great prior to the most recent iOS update today. Lately, there have been more error pop ups that never showed up in the past. Please correct this bug issue. Thanks!

- Oops something went wrong

Unable to access videos due to oops something went wrong try again. This app has been updated and is the only app on both my iPhone and iPad that isn’t worming

- Very convenient

This app works well for learning on the go. You can download courses for offline viewing. I don’t think there is an option to download additional course materials and files, this is still very good.

- Great Courses

It offers some great courses but I would like to see Chromecast support. The website doesn’t play well with casting and unfortunately the app doesn’t work for it at all. The content itself is very well produced and up to date.

- AWS HA/Elasticity

Excellent course presentation. Rich with practical advice and great insights from cloud practitioner. In addition to technical details the presenter provides references to resources and current trends in the cloud world. LinkedIn learning is different from other learning resources which focuses more on content than the real world scenarios.

- Fantastic resources

Wonderful application. Most people I’ve met have a subscription and don’t even realize they have access to all this content. For example, all LinkedIn sales navigator users have access.

- Almost perfect

I am really enjoying this app and content. I wish I can give you five stars. Unfortunately the glitch on the iPhone X app that makes me restart phone every time I want to use again, is why I have to give four stars. Cannot find a way to report the glitch.

- Need Real iPad App

The current so called iPad app is really an iPhone app enlarged to fit the larger screen... and frankly it stinks. LinkedIn Learning needs a full blown, designed-for-iPad iPad app. One that not only shows the video, but also the complete curriculum track with attachments and all. We purchased LinkedIn Learning for our company under the impression that there was truly an iPad app that's designed for that platform. Very disappointed.

- Very good curriculum!!

I’ve been using LinkedIn Learning for about a year, I’ve taken probably 20 courses. I’ve got to say this curriculum specifically in business and management etc. is excellent. Very happy to pay 30 bucks a month for this.

- A good start

Not a bad app. It works well enough, but has some glitches and at least one missing feature. Missing feature - split screen for iPad. It makes it really hard to take notes on my iPad without this and it seems like a pretty standard feature to be missing. Glitches - faster play speeds glitch out from time to time - quizzes some times lose the answer selection area - no intuitive way to save learning paths. If you start one it will show up in your learning materials, but not way to “bookmark” them otherwise. All in all, still usable, but could be a lot better!

- Need Landscape Mode

I’m not sure why? But why is there no landscape mode? How is this an improvement from the Lynda app which provided landscape mode. I understand there being no need for this in the iPhone version. But most of use use our iPads in landscape mode. At least I do. We would be better served if you provided this option. Thanks!

- Best learning tool

This is a great tool. Easy to use. It has a huge variety of trending subjects. Straight to the point. I hope I can keep it even after my working relationship. Should be accessible to students in high schools.

- Forced me to logout but I cannot log in

Great app up until it logged me out but then I can’t log back in. Logging me out is no big deal, but once I hit the Logout button the screen is blank. I can’t log back in. I closed the app and the same issue reappeared. I have to redownload the app, but how long do I get until this issue crops up again?

- The best use of spare time

The best app on my iPhone. I have used it to stop reading Instagram, Reddit and other time suckers. I try to spend 30 min to an hour each day learning something to make me better at my profession or fulfill my curiosity.

- Offline learning

Please show a tutorial that shows you how to use the modules offline (without using the internet). I am using the learning tools where there is not internet connected.

- Professional looking courses but full of empty words

It seems like some of the courses are filled with empty words - just to expand the course length. I would appreciate if the course was as short as possible and concrete. Otherwise it is time stealing app. I would prefer to spend 40min on one video just to gain solid concrete information.

- Best course I have used.

After trying out a couple different Salesforce courses, this was by far the best. Methodical and easy to follow. Tried a couple on Udemy and even Trailhead, and this course still won out! Highly recommended.

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What my week looks like.


"Find out what the learners truly care about, and design with that in mind." ~ A good compilation, with insightful tips! Thanks, Anamaria! What (tip) do you find most interesting, #LearningDesign peeps? #LearningExperienceDesign #InstructionalDesign

bodoor ghousheh

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Rich Ormonde

A great learning opportunity for med students in Scotland #meded #foamed #foam

Mark A Smart

Enjoying the Kafka for Beginners course by @Stephanmaarek on LinkedIn Learning

Jayanth Bagare

Check out my latest article: Designing Learning like playing Video Games via @LinkedIn


Are you looking for a Rockstar Sales Director? I have a friend who recently got laid off due to Covid, and she's looking to be considered for a new management role. Her specialties are HCM, WFM, Workforce Optimization, Learning Technology, Employee Eng…

🌓 Dan Bena ☀️

Eager to dig into the guides. Hopefully, they complement the #WBCSD SDG Learning Platform so as to minimize duplication/fragmentation. Great initiative! Julie Sweet @MPB_WBCSD

Laura Sorvala

Learning and creating a visual language - these books are such a great resource for visual thinking and drawing. Break down visuals to their components and you are off to a good start. I wrote more about it on LinkedIn: #illustration #visualthinking

Photo - “Wear a damn mask” - Joseph

Break out the gaffer’s tape and learn how to become a DIY Photographer with my course on #LinkedInLearning. Build all those accessories and the tools you’ve always wanted and needed. Start with a FREE 30 day trial!


@NickBlatchley Yes very true! I’ve only recently got into the habit of checking LinkedIn, it’s good as has lots of informative posts which is nice! I say everyday is a learning day! 😁 #HertsHour SC

Colin S. Levy

Great article from @OlgaVMack. #lawyers #learning

Gonçalo Pinto Castro

“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain.” Vivian Green

Dattaraj Bhadane

Join our passionate BI team for exciting opportunities in Azure BI & MicroStrategy and be an integral part of a culture that promotes Learning.

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LinkedIn Learning 1.4.0 Screenshots & Images

LinkedIn Learning iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

LinkedIn Learning iphone images
LinkedIn Learning iphone images
LinkedIn Learning iphone images
LinkedIn Learning iphone images
LinkedIn Learning iphone images
LinkedIn Learning iphone images
LinkedIn Learning iphone images
LinkedIn Learning ipad images
LinkedIn Learning ipad images
LinkedIn Learning ipad images
LinkedIn Learning ipad images
LinkedIn Learning ipad images
LinkedIn Learning ipad images
LinkedIn Learning ipad images
LinkedIn Learning Education application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
LinkedIn Learning Education application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

LinkedIn Learning (Version 1.4.0) Install & Download

The applications LinkedIn Learning was published in the category Education on 2016-09-22 and was developed by LinkedIn Corporation [Developer ID: 288429043]. This application file size is 83.23 MB. LinkedIn Learning - Education posted on 2020-09-21 current version is 1.4.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.linkedin.Learning

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