GPS Kit - Offline GPS Tracker

- TIME Magazine’s 15 Fantastic Gadgets
“Perfect for hiking or mountain biking.”

“The GPS Kit app... has a number of excellent outdoor uses, especially [for] hiking, biking or geocaching.”

- NBC’s ‘The Browser’ Radio Show
“Most beneficial for adventure-type guys.”

Top-of-the-line GPS system for adventurers and professionals in the great outdoors.

Designed for outdoor activities such as:
hiking, hunting, camping, skiing, cycling, geocaching, mountain biking, motorcycling, off-roading, fishing, and other romping in or out of the backcountry—ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

GPS Kit is a full-featured GPS system for the iPhone that combines all the functionality of expensive handheld units with the power of wireless technology. Using advanced technology optimized for the iPhone, GPS Kit offers a superbly easy-to-use system that puts data from a wide range of sensors at your fingertips.

Highest Quality Mapping
- Fastest maps in the App Store
- Smooth, elegant interaction
- Offline Mode enables use out of cell range
- No data connection required if map is cached
- Use your own map sources

Simple, Powerful Data Handling
- Mail links for Google Earth & map viewing
- Full-color thumbnails of data sets
- Group tracks and waypoints together
- Most options for export and import of data
- Open KML, KMZ, & GPX from Mail & Safari
- Attach KML & GPX files to email
- Export GPX & KML through iTunes
- Share your adventures on Facebook and Twitter

Powerful Waypoints
- Add photos and notes to waypoints
- Drag map to reposition as coordinates update
- Long-press to quickly drop a waypoint
- Navigate to waypoints using compass
- Magnetic compass (3GS, 4, iPad)
- Option to use current travel direction on compass
- See distance to waypoint update in real-time

Weather Stations (U.S. Only)
- Create "weather stations" to get point forecasts
- Get data specific to your fishing hole, ski tour, etc.
- Data provided by the National Weather Service
- Unlimited stations

Intelligent Data Collection
- Uses maximum GPS accuracy
- Real satellite positioning even without cell signal
- Auto-segmentation of tracks for clean tracks

Fully Customizable Dashboard
- Gorgeous high contrast display
- Huge variety of parameters and units
- Time, Trip Time, Track Time
- Elevation Change
- Formatted Position (Lat/Lng, UTM, MGRS, USNG)
- Accuracy, Speed, Odometer, Avg Speed
- Max Speed, Pace, Avg. Pace
- Moving Time, Stopped Time, Direction
- 3-Axis Inclinometer and Glide Ratio
- Customizable cell on map

Loaded with Related Utilities
- Elevation and speed graphs
- On-map tracking controls and timer
- On-map ruler
- Multi-touch area measurements

* Use of "Squawk!" requires an Internet connection and extended use may adversely impact battery life
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

GPS Kit - Offline GPS Tracker App Description & Overview

The applications GPS Kit - Offline GPS Tracker was published in the category Navigation on 2008-08-14 and was developed by Garafa, LLC. The file size is 18.56 MB. The current version is 8.0.4 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Bug fixes

Previous Release:
- updated to 64 bit
- updated for new screen sizes
- fixed weather stations
- fixed sharing

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Great GPS App for hiking walking biking etc.  DudemanLA  5 star

Great 🙏😄👍😎🐰 Thanks for the update yay!! 😎✌🏻 Can you please update track editor too? Also why is open street maps not showing when I switch to that map type? The default google map works. I use this mainly for hiking. Recently I have been using it for urban hikes. I cache my maps so I can see then even if there is no Internet. Great feature. When you hit the sleep wake button GPS Kit tells you that it's working in the background so you don't have to have the app open. You can save your maps which is great and has a great sharing feature and exporting, so you can view in Google Maps or Google Earth later. It's easy to email yourself or friends to show them where you were. I find this app to be very accurate, so if you are a hiker like me this is the app to get. Another cool feature is you can cache the maps so if you saved a map and want to go back there in the future you can download the map for that area so you won't have to download the maps again next time you go. Sweet feature :D


An update!!  Davemutton  5 star

Wow. My favorite and most used app of all time has come back to life. Can't wait. Excited to check this out. Thanks.


Wonderful!  Gndwntheroad  5 star

I've used this app since the early days on my IPhone4. Recently was forced to try other options as it seemed this app wasn't continuing. I'm so so happy to see an update for this! Can't wait to have this ready to go for hunting season again! Thanks so much! FYI this is the only review I've ever made on an app, just want to express how much I love GPS Kit and how exciting it is to see an update!


Simply the Best  Keithustus  5 star

Finally an app to my favorite navigation app. Now I can continue with my hikes and other off-road navigation without fear of the app being dead because of iOS updates. Yea guys.


GPS Kit  Pdxpyro  5 star

9/1/17 update - At last!!! Great map downloads (for offline mode) are once again available. Nice work, Garafa team. The latest update takes care of the buggy issues that have developed. I'm excited to once again be able to recommend this app. 4/18/17 update - no updates in over 2 years. The app frequently crashes, and most of the maps are not available in offline mode. This used to be one of my favorites, but I am coming to the conclusion that the developers have abandoned this orphan app. Great app. Variety of maps (and ease of caching for off-line use) provides fantastic usability. 5/1/15 update - There is an issue with latest version (or latest IOS?) that prevents caching of any map except Google Terrain. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.


Great Tool.  TxBlackGold  5 star

Thank you Garafa for updating! Love this app and look forward to future updates. Maybe bringing back squawk.

Yul G

Yes!  Yul G  5 star

At long last, 64 bit update! GPS Kit is the most useful and flexible outdoor app on iTunes. Very glad to see the update... all of the features that became 'buggy' after recent iOS upgrades work flawlessly once again. Happy that this app can continue to live on my devices.

J.A.G. 66

Glad it is updated to 64 bit, but Squawk feature is gone.  J.A.G. 66  3 star

Still many great features, but one of the ones I liked the most was Squawk which is now gone, otherwise I would have given five stars.


Fantastic map app! (Update, still the best)  Jamin5398  5 star

I've tested many apps and GPS units, and this is by far the best app. It allows me to download and save maps for offline navigation which is extremely helpful in Baja or other remote regions. I've recommended this app to everyone who has a iPhone or iPad. They are all happy with their purchases. Update: I'm thrilled to see that the developer has continued to support this awesome software even after Google Earth changed their image use policy. I've been using this app in conjunction with MapBox, and it's been working great. I've tried all other legitimate GPS apps Hema, LeadNav, and Gaia. Those are pretty decent, but only this app does everything I want and need. Thank you GPS Kit!


Finally?? AN UPDATE!?  JumaJuma  5 star

Been using this app for like 7 years. Still useful. But now that it's been updated.....I'm getting 5 stars just for that. I'll update my review later when I see what's what. Just glad to know it wasn't completely forgotten.


iOS app sales iOS_appsales 3 star

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iOS app sales iOS_appsales 3 star

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iOS app sales iOS_appsales 3 star

[Track Kit - GPS Tracker with offline maps]( ) #utility #navigation #iphone #ipad


Best navigation App!  australbirder  5 star

I am a big fan of GPS Kit, it has been about four years using this app and for me is the best out there for navigation apps, Garafa team has done a great job and I am very happy with all the updates, and I do encourage you to continue working on an upgrade. If you love outdoor sports this is the right app to use in order to keep track all of the details. I mainly use it when birding, I can create waypoints to my personal birding hotspots, track the circuit and later or while tracking the route I can see on the dashboard all the details (lowest and highest elevation (in meters, feet...), measure the distance in km., miles and the best of all is that I can use the app offline! All the best wishes!


Please update for iOS9!!!  Tbsato  4 star

Foremost I would like to let it be known that this is the only app that I keep buying iPhones for. I have used it extensively since purchasing it for $15 almost 5 years ago and I would GLADLY pay more to see it upgraded. Please update this app!!!


Please fix the blurry maps!!!!!  UtahMoose  2 star

Repeatedly contacted about blurry maps issues. Have not responded. This app will be removed and Gaia purchased instead. This app is unusable as is.


Not recommended  ThatCrazedGamer  1 star

The tutorials don't work, speed /distance reads inaccurate(to high by about 30%) tech support nonexistant, waste of $10

TTR Mike

Please add Apple watch support  TTR Mike  4 star

Great app! I manage my tracks for mountain biking and dirt biking. Apple watch would really help me. When riding I want to check if I'm on the right trail and taking my phone out is a pain. I want to see if I'm on the track at a quick glance on the Apple watch. Please add!


Love this app but have a small complaint.  Mcladin  5 star

Hi we are a group of ten guys who have and love this app as we use it for off-roading and it's very helpful on so many levels. Best app ever. But lately we can't seem to connect to each other and every time we send invites or receive invites it says we don't a version of GPS Kit with squawk installed ?!?!? Could you please look into this and correct it ASAP. Thanks again for a great app guys. Keep up the good work.


Lazy Developer  iSamsquanch  1 star

This used to be the best and only GPS app I would use. But now after talking with the developer on multiple occasions about fixing Sqwauk and blurry maps I'm done. He's been promising a update since iOS 8 came out. Don't waste your money.

Bible reading game lover

Squawk is broken!  Bible reading game lover  1 star

This is a great app that I have recommended to all of my friends and family. One of our favorite features is the squawk feature which allows us to keep track of each other when we are hunting together. After the last update -- A YEAR AGO -- the squawk feature stopped working. It will not let me (or any of my acquaintances) accept any friend requests. This nullifies one of the primary reasons why we loved this app in the first place. We have been patiently waiting for an update to correct this problem but one has not been forthcoming, hence the low rating for one of my favorite iPhone apps. Fix this, PLEASE!


Love this app for the backwoods, but...  kjantzer  3 star

Like others have said, satellite images are blurry on every zoom level. Still useable, but for 2015 there is much better map data available. Wish they would update. :(

I dont know my nickname

Gps kit  I dont know my nickname  1 star

Dont waste your money, unless you like blurry maps

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