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Create stations from your favorite songs, artists or genres, search or browse to find recommended stations for your mood or activity, and discover podcasts that speak to you. Download today and get instant access to your favorite artists and podcasts, while staying up to date on the most recent singles and releases. From rap and pop to rock and country, play your favorite artists and stay up to date on today’s top hits and releases. Start streaming all of the current global hits and enjoy your own personalized music experience.

Take Pandora with you wherever you go with CarPlay for your daily commute or your next road trip. Enjoy your own personalized music or podcast experience from anywhere on the world’s most powerful music discovery platform. The new voice mode lets you search, play, pause, skip, adjust volume & thumb up music with a simple voice command. Start streaming your favorite artist, song, genre, or podcast instantly today for free in your car.

With Podcasts on Pandora, find your favorites and listen to personalized recommendations that actually make sense. Just search on your mobile phone or tablet and play to start listening, then tap + to add to your collection. Find something new by simply browse and tap recommended podcasts to find over 1,400 podcasts, including SiriusXM shows, on-demand whether you're on Pandora Premium, Plus or Radio.

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Meet Pandora Modes - The new way to customize your station experience. Choose from six different modes to switch up the kind of music you're hearing:
My Station: The station experience you know and love.
Crowd Faves: Hear the most thumbed-up songs by other listeners.
Deep Cuts: Hear less familiar songs from station artists.
Discovery: Hear more artists who don't usually play on this station.
Newly Released: Hear the newest releases from station artists.
Artist Only: Hear songs from the station artist.

Pandora Premium™
Subscribe to enjoy personalized on-demand music and podcasts

Search and play your favorite songs, podcasts, albums and playlists on-demand
Create playlists, not worklists – on your own or powered by Pandora
Download the music you want for offline listening
Unlimited skips and replays
Higher quality audio
Listen with ad-free music

Pandora Plus™
Subscribe to enjoy personalized radio with ad-free music

Unlimited personalized stations and podcasts
Up to four stations for offline listening
Unlimited skips and replays
Higher quality audio
Listen with ad-free music

Pandora Plus subscriptions are $4.99 per month. Pandora Premium subscriptions are $12.99 per month. You’ll be charged as a recurring transaction through your App Store account. Pending trial eligibility, charges for Plus ($4.99/month) or Premium ($12.99/month) begin at the end of a free trial unless you cancel 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription month. Any unused portion of a free Pandora Plus trial period will be forfeited if you upgrade to Pandora Premium. You can manage your subscription, cancel or turn off auto-renewal through account settings in your App Store account. Pandora is available to US customers only.

Some advertising exclusions apply. Skips, replays and offline features may be limited by certain licensing restrictions. Pandora may use large amounts of data, and carrier data charges may apply. For best results, we recommend you connect your device to trusted Wi-Fi networks when available.

Terms and conditions:

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Bug fixes and feature improvements to reduce crashes and improve your overall listening experience.

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- Love this app so much I can’t explain it!

I love listening to music, it is like a passion of mine. It is like a gift to me. I really like apps that I don’t have to pay for, and this one I don’t have too. The music is great sound quality on my phone without a speaker. It sounds even better with a speaker! The free version is super good! All you have to do to listen to ANY music is watch a 15 second ad which I don’t mind at all. I also like that you can play a specific song on the app. With many other apps that have a free version you can’t listen to a specific song it will just bring you to a station with songs like that song. With Pandora you can look up a song and play that song. You don’t have to go to a station like that song. I also like that I can make my own playlists. I have about ten current playlists which is amazing! I also like that they have the lyrics to the song. There are a few features missing. I wish that the lyrics would play by itself and not me having to scroll to get the lyrics. There are a couple other things that could be improved but no many! I bet the payed version is even better! Love this app so much!

- App needs so much work

The service itself is great. All of my complaints are with the app and not Pandora itself. 1. App seems to get shut down in the background after only a few minutes if it’s not playing music. Even if you’re not doing anything else with your phone. So when you open it back up, everything needs to reload and whatever song you were listening to is gone. 2. CarPlay issues. OMG, where to begin? CarPlay with Pandora is a disaster. Keeps going from Now Playing back to the Stations screen. Stations don’t load (blank screen) sometimes, forcing you to use your phone to get started. If you change stations or skip songs, sometimes the Now Playing screen will still show the previous song for a good 10 seconds or more, during which time onscreen controls like Pause will not work. 3. Offline songs are noticeably louder than if they’re streamed. Offline mode also seems hesitant to switch back online despite a strong and solid network connection. 4. Ever since Offline mode was introduced, the streaming cache has been severely reduced. It used to cache 3-4 songs. Now it doesn’t seem to cache the next song until the current one is half way done. If you’re in a spotty area and you skip the current song, you’re out of luck. I would happily trade Offline mode to get back a bigger streaming cache.

- Can’t get it right AGAIN!!!

Once’s again you mess up the app. Now I can’t get it to work. When I turn it on the app then when I closed the screen to let it play in back ground. It turns off the music. Then when I try to put it back on it freezes. I have to turn off the app then turn it back on. This happens every time. Now that I paid for this service it not working. This happen 1 day after the last fix. Plus you can’t see whats playing in the lock screen. Just shows the pandora app is on. GREAT JOBS!!! (Not) (Next day) After I putting a bad review. The sent me a way to fix the problem the very next day. All I can say it now work and I’m happy again with pandora. This time it was a great job!! Just give them a problem and they will fix it. I might have been a little mad about the review. But at the time it was bad day and I wanted was to listen to music it chill with, and it didn’t want to work. I glad that the people at pandora really care about the people who uses their app. Just give a change and see what they can do for you. *****. 5 five rating.

- Ads, ads, and then more ads

Too many ads of course. I spend 1 minute (two 30 second ads) listening to your ads, ok great. Then a song comes on that I don’t like, press skip, instantly 2 more adds. So now 2 minutes have passed and I’m still stuck with listening to the SAME ads over and over and over again. The ad frequency is way too high compared to any other free radio out there. Plus, the music that does get to play isn’t even what I like to listen to. And a lot of time the music isn’t even tailored to the station. And then there’s the issue where after 8-10 songs, it literally LOOPS!!! It will the start playing the same songs you listened to an hour ago, or where you last listened to Pandora. Pandora is the WORST out there. Compare that to iHeartRadio who has a way better tailored music experience and less ads that are actually relevant to me. On top of that, the only benefits you receive after paying monthly for their premium is just “more skips” and “less ads”. There are definitely way better services out there that when you pay you get “no ads” and “unlimited skips”. Pandora is just a major waste of time, they’re only in it for the money and because of that they’ll eventually die off as someone else overtakes them; unless they radically change their business model and put the user listening experience in the spotlight.

- Nothing compared to Apple Music

There are a lot of adds on Pandora and after paying the smaller subscription (something like $5 a month), I found that I was still limited in what I could do. I was not able to make or edit playlists nearly as well as Apple Music if at all (I never figured it out), the amount of likes and dislikes was also limited. There came several times when I noticed an apparent glitch in the system as well. There was a type of song that continued to play on a certain violin station (Daniel D) that sounded almost like a metronome. I pushed dislike. But then, as if I actually pushed “like”, it played another similar song. Before I knew it, I was listening to nothing but that type of music and patiently disliking every last one. Then I ran out of dislikes. I have noticed that a lot of stations are seemingly preset mostly by popular trends. My likes and dislikes don’t have as strong an influence as they should. Basses on these disappointments, I decided to find somewhere else to get my music. I got Apple Music unlimited for $4.99 on school discount. I have unlimited access to anything - unlimited skips, easily editing of playlists, unlimited likes and dislikes, recommended albums to add to playlists, I can skip to the middle of any song. Pandora served its purpose, but Apple Music, while compared side by side with pandora, is much better.

- Tricking people into buying the app... disgraceful

I am a long time Pandora listener. Decent streams of all sorts of genres of music but a lot of replay in a short period of time which is bad/good for some so I’m not judging on that. I would happily pay a fair price for their service ($2.99/month). I feel they are greedy and not in touch with the reality of the situation, the fact that the internet is saturated with online music provides many of which are free. But the reason I will never buy service from Pandora is because they purposefully try to trick you almost every time you click on the app by moving the “purchase” button at the precise time the average user goes to click on “not now”. They have spent way to much time and energy trying to trick users into buying their service when a few days of honest assessing of the current competitor market would yield a fair but lower subscription price. This would in turn give them a larger subscription base and in the end more revenue. Please don’t do business with a company that practices borderline unethical business practices, if they are willing to do this everyday in front of our faces what else would they do to keep you locked in as a subscriber? Come on Pandora, is this really the relationship you want with your customers?

- Last update makes pandora insufferable.

I have been happily using Pandora, commercial free, for years. Everything worked great, I never had to think about it. The last update has caused many many issues. First off, now I have to be on WiFi or in cell coverage to open pandora. No offline stations are accessible unless you are already online. If I am out of cell range I cannot open pandora until I am in cell range or WiFi. I get notices that pandora cannot he signed into, the station cannot he reached, or to change stations. There is no option to change stations or to go offline. When traveling this is incredibly frustrating to have to wait for the next cell coverage zone to open pandora. Why have offline stations downloaded onto my phone if I’m no longer allowed to use them? Also, when I run out of cell coverage, Pandora stops playing so it can tell me, “it looks like you’ve lost your internet connection so we are switching you to an offline station to keep the music playing”... you stopped the music to tell me you aren’t stopping the music. The regular chime that alerts me that pandora is switching to offline mode is adequate and not annoying. Please stop the lengthy diatribe about not stopping the music by stopping the music.

- I want an improved music service

This is Pandora’s last week to prove that it’s the music service for me. I drive a lot between major cities and service drops all the time. Even when i have good service the app locks up and makes me reboot. Lastly, it’s not clear what or how im paying for plus. I guit once because of the ridiculous monthly tap when all i wanted to do was pay for a year and forget about the hassle of remembering to deduct monthly payments. Now, i cant see (on the app) how I’m paying, again. Ill logon to the website and find out if I’ll just quit then and there. Apple music had been sending little treats and Pandora hasn’t been concerned enough to make the app work through my iphone ( so far) and without a pretty rapid service improvement ( i just updated the app) and a means to see how I’m paying for plus from my very secure phone, i will quit and move on. I have to add one more, i was engaged many years ago by a stellar customer service representative. She was so helpful that i nearly stayed on, in spite of the required monthly payments option at the time. When Pandora finally adopted the annual payment option again, I don’t return. But now service is suffering. Please make this right. Thank you very much for reading my novella! 😁

- Pandora Plus...has its flaws.

First of all, with Plus you’re supposed to have the ability to listen to a few offline stations. In theory, it’s supposed to switch to offline mode automatically when you lose cell service or internet access...rarely ever does this happen automatically. Also, of the 4 available offline stations, usually only 1 works. At least a third of the time it will say all stations are unavailable and will play nothing. My second complaint is something that annoys me so much, I’ve been looking into other music services. Even though I pay for ad free and already have Pandora Plus, ads for Pandora Plus pop up constantly! Initially premium ads were coming up, and that’s annoying enough, but then to keep pushing Plus on me when I ALREADY HAVE IT is just too much for me. UPDATE... 2 years later still having the same issue with the switching between offline and online modes. Always messing up or making me do it manually (which is a massive pain due to an update a while back.) makes it very difficult to access this option while driving. Also still says stations are “unavailable” when offline even though I’ve downloaded them. Ugh.

- It could be better

I have the premium subscription and overall I’m pleased with the easy to use platform, music selection and the quality of sound. However I do agree with other users that I wish Pandora would give users (especially those that pay for premium) the ability to edit/sort your stations and playlists on your home page. Yes you can filter for your stations or downloaded playlists but I’m pretty particular and I like things to be alphabetical... or the order in which my brain thinks is most logical. But the thing that bothers me THE MOST is the fact that when you pause a song, and lock your phone and walk away for a moment or pause to have a conversation with a coworker and you go back to the app, it acts like you just opened the app and the song you were listening to you, at your favorite part, starts over. What’s with that?! I understand that music apps may be different but the free game apps I have don’t wipe out my progress if I pause the game and “minimize” the app.... why can’t the app I pay monthly for do the same?!?

- It Used to Work

Pandora used to be my go-to music app. I was introduced to artists I never knew existed because they were similar to what I already enjoyed. When I got a new car with SYNC3, Pandora was rock solid. I could move from house to car and back without missing a beat. But several months ago, Pandora started having problems. When I get in the car, especially when using CarPlay, there’s no better than a 10% chance that I’ll be able to open Pandora, select a playlist and actually hear music. Most of the time it will give me a list of my playlists, but selecting a playlist just snaps back and does nothing no matter how many times I select it. Sometimes the app on the phone tells me “Poor network connection”, or its stuck asking me to start a free trial, or there’s a “Skip to Pandora” button. But you know what’s not there? Music! My home wi-fi is unchanged. There are no new cell towers. I have at least three bars. There is no reason why I can’t do today what I did for months without any problems, and that’s listen to music. So I have deleted the app and reinstalled twice. If I have to delete again, there won’t be another installation. And that’s sad because an app that once brought me so much good music and introduced me to so many artists, now brings only daily frustration.

- Love you, but there’s one problem

I've been using Pandora for years and I love it. Yeah, they have some bugs, but a lot of apps do. Some of my now favorite bands I found from pandora. I pay $5/month for the premium version and it’s really worth it. My only complaint, which is more of a suggestion or request, I wish I could choose which stations I had offline. I have stations that I’ve listened to so freaking much, that’s how the app decides which stations are available offline, but I don’t want those for offline use. The fact that the more you listen to offline ones, the more hours you accumulate, solidifying their spots on the list. I frequently find myself with little to no data connection, so I really appreciate and rely on the offline mode. I tried deleting those stations and re-loading my offline stations, but alas it did not fix the problem... it honestly just made it worse. I deleted all of my stations that hadn’t been listened to this year and I’m realizing that to get the stations I want offline, I’ll have to delete all of them but the ones I want. So if you could choose the stations to download, that’d be dope and then I’d definitely give you a well-deserved 5 stars 😬

- Thumbprint Overrides Selection

When I choose an Artist to listen to, I expect the majority of the music for that channel to be the Artist I selected, not just a few. It seems the more thumbprints your choose, the less of the actual artist you want to listen to actually get played. Recently is seems to be maybe 10-15% of the actual artist/musicians channel that is chosen actually gets their music. The only way I can see to fix the issue is to “Un-THUMBPRINT” the individual channels other artist/musician thumbprints to be able to listen to that channels music. The thumbprints should only be used as a guide for using the thumbprint channel itself, or to fill in an occasional selection. There should be no more than 25% of the thumbprint selections on an an individual / group artist / musicians channel except for thumbprint or various selection channels. Perhaps if people prefer thumbprints over the actual artist /musician selected, a setup panel for individuals to choose how much thumbprint they want to listen to Vs actual artist / musician channel would be appropriate. Very frustrated as a main source of listening and won’t subscribe because they (PANDORA) feels they know better about what I want to listen to than I do.

- No radio zone.

I put off moving from Fl to the backwoods of western North Carolina mostly because there was only talk radio and two country stations (I don’t like country at all) but as fait has it, I moved up here anyway in ‘07 & lived in misery until my first smart phone & finding the Pandora app in around ‘14 & found again what living was again. Than in mid 2017 I was working at a house in the middle of nowhere for weeks on end. I got no service out there & the free Pandora didn’t work out of coarse too. At this point I decided to brake down & get Pandora premium for off line playlist. I have had Pandora premium since that time and have never looked back. I love it, it is my personal radio station. Like I own my own station & can play whatever the hell I want. A few things pop up (can’t play due to licensing) but it’s rare enough & it usually doesn’t last long. Dollar for $ it is the best app I have for sure. I literally have it on 12 plus hours a day. From Hannibal Burris to Bradley’s Postmodern jukebox & 99.9% of anything in between.

- Organization

Hi. First if all, I would like to thank you for reading this request. Now I will get on with it. I really like Pandora, but I think that you should make it more organized. I think that the favorites should be on the top of all of the stations. I also think that to make it more attractive, the blue bar at the bottom of the screen should be either white, black, or non-existent. It’s just not attractive, and all of my friends and family agree. I’m sorry if you feel as if I am taking over your business, but that is just the way that the people want it. Only the album covers should be full with color. Everything else, I feel, should be black and white and grey. More modern = more attractive. Sorry, but it’s just what it is. My friends and I would also like if everytime we opened the app, music would not automatically start playing. I hope that you can find the time to make the changes in the next two weeks, or I will definitely be compelled to delete the app. I really do think that this app is a very good app and would like to give you props for making it. But the main point of this review is to tell you that the visual appearance of this app is just not attractive. Thank you for reading. Goodbye.

- Done with this app

This app seems to have a new unfixable bug where when I connect to my car (wired or Bluetoot) the skip doesn’t work. I press once on my wheel to skip, and pandora app skips 1-3 songs, effectively using all my free skips. Wrote to help desk telling them I tried resetting, reinstalling, updating the app, and restarting my phone. And what do they say? They completely ignore what I wrote and tell me to do exactly what I just said I did. It’s like they didn’t even read what I wrote. They literally advised me to do everything I said I did. Now, with all the overwhelming amount of ads, it’s impossible to navigate the app without accidentally clicking into the upgrade button. And I accidentally bought the upgrade because the ads are so well timed. It shows one ad and you go to hit close ad or whatever it is, and immediately the pandora upgrade ad appears with the purchase button in exactly the place as the close ad button so you hit the purchase botton. I apparently hit tbat thinking I hit the close ad button and then I went to open my phone with my finger print not realizing it and bought the premium. Immediately cancels my subscription but the damage was done. I will be deleting this app after the month is over. Really disgusting how you trick your customers.

- Why I love Pandora.

Omg, Pandora is simply the BEST!! It’s a place where you can find all of you favorite songs for free! I LOVE MUSIC! And if you love music as much as I do, then your going to LOVE Pandora. I love it so much that I listen to it in bed! 😂 But... the only thing I wish was different about Pandora, is that I really wish there were more songs that have a clean version. Sometimes, when I start listening to a song, I search for a clean version of it just in case. Let’s say I wanted to listen to “On My Way” By Alan Walker & Sabrina Carpenter, then I would normally search for a clean version of that song. But sometimes, I click the normal version of it because I would think it didn’t have bad words in it due to the fact that it didn’t have a clean version. But then... I get startled by the cuss words. And then, just because of that, I tend to dislike the song. So whenever I hear that song on a different station, I will most likely 👎🏼 the song. I love you Pandora, but please please work on those clean versions!! I really enjoy your music, I can’t wait to see what you do next! To: Pandora From: Me ❤️

- Not a good algorhythm

The problems I have with Pandora are that I type in a group or a song name I want to hear and maybe I’ll hear one song by that group and then many, many songs by all types of other bands, many of which I give a “thumbs down” but they still cycle around. Sometimes I’ll dislike a group and then Pandora will send 2 or 3 more songs by that group, when I HATE that group, but no songs of the group I want to hear. Another point is that when you give a “thumbs up” to various songs, Pandora will just repeat those songs first, when turning on that station, and no other songs by the group you WANTED to hear. Like that group made no other songs, ever! But It’ll give you 3 songs in a row by some group you hate. Also, Pandora will, after cycling through the liked songs, play an endless list of songs you never heard of and don’t like and not a single song you want again. Don’t even get me started on a finite number of skips. Yes, I use the free version of Pandora, but truthfully why am I going to pay to hear tons of other crap? Sometimes the music you disliked bleeds over to other unrelated stations. Why would I pay?! I will not give you my money, Pandora.

- Downloaded songs not really accessible

I like pandora but recently when I select shuffle my thumbs up it repeats the same several songs (songs I have given the thumbs up) along with new songs in the same vein. The new stuff is ok but why keep repeating the one or two songs over and over from my list of 302 songs. My other issue is I live in an area where reception comes and goes between my commute to and from I downloaded quite a few songs. I wish I could select offline mode but I can’t. So I will be rocking out and when the song comes to an end I have sudden total silence while it connects “buffers” for the next 10 minutes. Instead of just going into off line mode and playing my downloads. So my question are they truly downloaded? Why else would the app keep searching “buffering”. If you live in a non rural area I am sure you don’t even notice but us Northern California coastal towns do! I end up switching to google play. As I want to rock out before I have a hectic day working at the local hospital or going home to take care of my three awesome teenagers and hubby!

- Rather lacking...

I do love Pandora, and I use this app all the time, but certain features never work on my phone; for example, the friend search, and Facebook linking. I tried those on my husband’s Samsung phone, and they work, but not on my iPhone for some reason. Deleting and reinstalling doesn’t help. I also think it’s rather lacking in features. There are some things that I would love to see in this app, and this is just my opinion of course, but I think Pandora should expand the social aspect of their service. The current friend feature is kind of pointless. I always thought it would be cool to be able to have more interactive features with friends’ profiles, like commenting, sharing, liking, etc. Having the option to display what you’re listening to at the moment, either publicly or just with friends, would be nice; I know there used to be a similar feature but it’s gone now, and it only showed the last station listened to, not real-time listening. (Of course this should be optional. Everything should be optional.) Another thing I would like to see would be some kind of listening statistics, more than just the vague ranking of what you’ve been listening to most recently.

- Best thing

Ive had Pandora for YEARS. I finally upgraded to a paid account instead of free. I wish i had done this years ago. I have always loved pandora and have found so many of my favorite bands through Pandora. Now i used Pandora as a “therapy” or “medication”. Im a combat vet with serious PTSD and until very recently have been able to go without any pills due mostly to Pandora. I know that sounds silly but I legitimately medicate with music (specifically Pandora). I use special stations ive set up when i paint as well for inspiration and to keep the right mood or frame of mind or energy for the style im working on that night. Pandora has been and is currently a godsend for me and theres a decent chance I wouldn’t be here without it. Im a lifetime customer and incredibly appreciative of all the free years i accessed it as well. I hope someone up top reads this review because i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have no idea you’ve done in my life. Tearing up as I write this lol...THANK YOU.

- Has something changed with the Pandora app???

Ive had Pandora for several years now, it is the free version. I have not been able to listen to my Pandora for over a week now. When I click into one of my stations, it doesn’t play. I can’t even click play, rewind, or fast forward. The icons are there but not highlighted. I have logged in and out. I’ve turned on/off my phone and I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the app. I’ve done this multiple times and still nothing. When I exit out of the station to browse for other options, it says buffering...your station will be right back. I logged out of my account and had my son log into his account on my phone and his account works on my phone. I contacted the help support explaining all of this, and they sent me the troubleshooting information from their website after I explained I’ve already done all of the troubleshooting. The email they sent me said, if I was still having trouble, to respond to their email, which I did , and I still have not heard anything back. Horrible, horrible customer support.

- Pandora Premium may not be so great after all

My headphone controls are not working with Pandora anymore over the last few days and Pandora no longer comes up on my lock screen. This is absolutely irritating. Who do I need to complain to in order to get this fixed?! Pandora is great. I always thought so. And I figured, it would be fantastic to upgrade to Pandora Premium (PP). I don't regret my decision, but it (PP) concentrates on playing thumbs up songs. Now that might sound great, but it 1) disallows the listener from gaining new music experiences from different artists, genres, and albums. 2) soon enough, I will grow tired of these favorite tracks. 3) you cannot undo a thumbs up after it is done. So if you thumbs up a song, you can neither unhighlight thumbs up nor hit "thumbs down" (although that may be extreme). What I want from Pandora Premium- and was available in the free version - is the flexibility of liking, unliking, disliking song tracks, and exploring new artists, genres, albums, and tracks. Still Pandora is great and receives 4 stars, but Pandora Premium, itself, is probably worth 2. It's not bad... just disappointing.

- Amazing! And I have a lot of proof for it too!

I love this app! It’s great for listening to your favorite music! It doesn’t turn off in other apps, on your home screen, and when you turn your device off. I’ve used some other music apps and this one is by far my favorite, in fact I’m listening right now. However, they do send a lot of emails. I’m okay with them but if you don’t like them you can easily unsubscribe from the emails and still listen to the music. Also there are a ton of different kinds of music and whatever you like is probably there. They also personalize it to you and it’s great. If you don’t like their suggestions you can always search up something you would like to listen to and you’ll probably find it. I am constantly on there listening to music and thumbing up all of the songs. You can thumbs up or thumbs down songs depending on how you like them. You can listen to all of your radios together or you can listen to your favorite songs on the thumbprint radio.

- Love, Music and Pandora

For people who truly love music Pandora is a godsend. There is a joy that That comes from a good surprise. With Pandora you don’t have to set up a playlist, so you’re never sure what song my play next. Pandora uses a song or band that you chose to start your station. They play music that is similar to your original chose. Pandora then uses algorithms that track your likes and dislikes of the songs that you have listened to in order to create a custom playlist for every user. I pay for the service that removes the ads and allows me to skip any songs or repeat any songs that I want.I have had Pandora for years and enjoy it so much that I stopped to write this small review. If you love music I think that you will also love Pandora. I hope that you give it a try. Music brings so much happiness to life, and with Pandora your music can always be with you. I don’t have to download hundreds of songs I can just listen to my music every were I go. I love music. I love Pandora.

- Slimy sales tricks. Classless.

Barely able to navigate app due to the overwhelming number of adds that they jam down your throat. Back to back Pop ups that require you to close, lazily slopped together commercials, and if that wasn't enough the variety of songs is pitiful. After the first 7 songs it just goes to a loop where I hear the same familiar songs day in and out. For how little this app provides it's not worth sitting through horrible repetitive commercials and closing swarms of pop up ads. Goodbye pandora. (3 month later-update) If I had the money to buy out pandora I would. Upon owning the company I would then run it straight into the ground and erase its existence from the planet. How you have managed to create a music listening experience that is so horrible is beyond me. Your listeners should love you not hate you. Annoying users with ads until they cave and purchase premium is a slimy business tactic. I have more respect for telemarketers. I came back to use the app to see if anything changed and I can't even open the app. I have a top of the line phone that can run everything but your app. It's almost 2018 and you can't get your app to function on a modern phone. There has been 3 updates and nothing has been resolved. DISGUSTED!

- Unfair! I’m outraged!!

I am taking my business elsewhere. They don’t have a number you can call if you have a quick question and they drag to respond. I sighed up for the premium family plan and I was actually kinda excited about it. I had it for 3 months and had my sister and parents on it. Just two days ago they didn’t take the money and pandora asked me if I wanted to subscribe to one of their plans. I thought there must have been a problem with the card I have since it’s been acting up. I went to where you sign up to the pandora family plan and it asked for my log in information. I logged in and it said “Unable to subscribe to Pandora Premium Family You must be 21 years or older to start a Pandora Premium Family plan. To join, have someone else in your family who is 21 years or older start a Pandora Premium Family plan, then they can add you to the plan as a family member. Alternatively, see other subscription plans” I am outraged and feel this is unjust if that was their policy in the first place why didn’t they just deny it in the first place. I don’t want anything for free I have been paying and before that I had the regular premium. All I want is to be able to enjoy the family premium plan once again.

- Why I love this app

I love this app because I can have songs when I have my phone off so it will be able to not die when I don’t have a charger and I can play other games while I’m listening to music music which is amazing I love your guises game will app Pandora is the best app I’ve used and I hope everyone gave you five or four stars not three are down I don’t think you guys deserve 32 or a one star I think you guys deserve five or for at least four but I say five I like how you guys can do an interview I likeI like how you can change times and you want to have different thumbs up thumbs down I don’t really like the ad but that’s OK you don’t really have ads and I like how you can just search Music or little search I like how you can change sounds and you want to have different thumbs up thumbs down I don’t really like the ad but that’s OK you don’t really have ads and I like how you can search Music or a little search you know I mean and I really like it I’m glad I can tell you guys this

- Great Disappointment

I was really loving pandora. Playing music I knew and finding new music to love and then after a few weeks it started crashing. I followed the support directions: stop and close app, reopen: same error. Turn off device, turn back on: same error. Delete app, download app: same error. The support team the put a “trace” on my account supposedly. No error for 2 was. Then the error started back up, so I went back through the above steps, as advised by support who had a “trace” on my account. None of the fixes worked, and the “trace” apparently means nothing. Support then advised that I need to delete the app, and connect to my computer to sync my iTunes, then download the app...blah blah blah blah....Guess what? None of that crap worked either!!! Huge waste of time and effort! I fail to understand how iTunes is at fault, but pandora surely isn’t going to solve any problems, let alone take responsibility and fix their app. No no no...instead they are busy creating ridiculous processes that fix nothing, and useless updates. Great job pandora! Some may pay for the service, and perhaps that prevents the crashing, but there are other apps that provide much more, that are stable, and don’t play games through their support team.

- It’s the little things

I’ve been a long time user of pandora.. since middle school days which is more than 10 years, and I love every aspect of it, especially as a premium user.. but it’s getting to the point where it’s becoming repetitive.. for the longest Pandora would introduce me to new music based off of songs or artists I liked and that’s how I discovered new music.. but now if I try to find new music based off a song it just adds the music I’ve thumbed on other stations so I have to dislike a majority of the songs I liked on another station to make the station I’m listening to have similar music.. I’m all about listening to repeated songs.. but after awhile it gets tiring Another issue I’ve been having lately is the clearing of my offline stations/songs/ artist/ ect every time I’m logged out of the app which has been happening recently. Idky, and I don’t realize it until I’m at a point that I need to go offline. It’s the little things that really effect my feelings on this app. I would love to keep using it and being a premium member.. but if I wanna just repeat songs I’ll use and MP3 player

- The Best Playlists

I’ve been using Pandora since 2003 or 2004 and it has introduced me to so many new artists that I have proudly shared with friends through the years. The patchwork of music that Pandora plays is still, I think, unparalleled when comparing the other big music streaming services. Being able to share new music with a friend and hear them say “This is awesome, I haven’t heard this before!” is all thanks to Pandora and has fed that hipster pride that many who enjoy music feel when they’ve “heard something that you’ve probably never heard of”. If I’m being honest I got to hear it only because Pandora heard it first and added it to whatever station I was listening to—Thank you Pandora for bringing so much great music to myself and those close to me AND allowing me to help cultivate stations throughout the years by giving a thumbs up, thumbs down, and to add variety to a station. PS: Reading the Artist bio’s when you get the chance can be really interesting!

- Not easy to use

I love the music I’ve found, BUT they say one is a single artist Chanel or station or whatever and the next with the same name plays that artist and others . But how can you see the difference . I’m basically using two stations because I can’t figure out how to navigate or try new things. I have premium and I think I should have a much better experience than this. Maybe an online how to use the thing and separate it Into free, plus and premium . Meanwhile I have two stations that play a variety around that artist and I like that. The other complaint I have is some of the artist choose that artists music from the worst they ever did, I’ll use Stevie Ray Vaughn for an example. The “ station” was playing all from an early album almost anyone who knows his music would cringe. Many of those same songs are on live albums and are so much better. To get them I had to search . Then it played one live album over and over. Very disappointing. Not all of his live songs are on one album! Gets worse . Got premium family. All this great stuff you can supposedly do, but do they say how? No. So you really don’t have any thing you didn’t have free

- Great app

Best music streaming app I’ve used. The low monthly payments are great for ad free listening, offline listening, and unlimited skips. In addition to the low (optional) monthly fee your playlist is fully customizable to your music taste. If you hear a song to many times you can simply press I’m bored of this song and it won’t play for a while. You can add many different genres to one playlist or you can add different bands of the same genre to your playlist. The app selects music related to the bands, songs, or genres you’ve selected. You can also mix it up and shuffle all your playlists together! Great app will use it forever thank you Pandora! The only thing I would like to see is macros or hotkeys with the volume button so I can skip and thumb up songs without stopping what I’m doing and simply use volume controls via side of the phone or volume control buttons on my headphones.(not sure if this is already a thing from what I’ve seen it is not yet a thing)

- Great App! But..

Hi! I’ve been using Pandora for awhile. But not like 4 years or something 😅. I just want to say I love this app! I love how you can search the song you want! I honestly don’t have a problem with seeing an add when you search for the song. I kinda like the way you made the add it’s very creative to :). Anyway the reason I’m typing this is because recently the app has been having bugs like this morning ((on this date)) when I search the song I want and then after watching the add it looks like I’m gonna listen to the song but then it stops and says “Something went wrong”. And so I’m like oh ok, I’ll just try it again. Then after the add it says the same thing! I was a little irritated about it.. so I just wanted to tell you guys that there are some bugs going on in the app. Oh and another thing I wanted to say is that sometimes there’s a little to much adds when in on a radio I like. Anyway! So far I LOVE this app! It’s improved so much! ☺️ Respond if you can!

- Veronica Andrade

Pandora filled my summer with exquisite songs and I found a lot of new music to listen to. I enjoyed the pleasant slow walks with quick steps in between running to soft calming tunes. I enjoyed the late night parties to Spanish music. I enjoyed the summer mornings spent playing basketball with my ball dribbling to the beat of drums. I could not put it into better words, but I felt like I was in love every single day in July and August. I cannot believe music has come this far. I cannot even trace where I found all such great music. The world definitely does not deserve Pandora because it gives more than we give back. I don't even have a favorite song. Because of all the great music Pandora has to offer. Rather I have a myriad of favorite songs ranging from R&B, pop, classic rock and romantic music. With artists like American Authors, OneRepublic, Pink, Daft Punk, and Taylor Swift. And favorite movie soundtracks like Paper Towns, Love Story, and Valerian. Love, yours truly, and number one listener: Veronica Andrade

- Newest format is a let down.

I have been a paid customer for three years and have used Pandora for long since I chose to pay for it. The ads never bothered me even as the frequency increased, but I paid for the service because I liked the random music sequence. A few years ago I’d select or make a radio station and then keep editing it. A song might become too repetitive so I’d just mark “I’m tired of this song” and my station would start playing different music. I was able to get my stations tailor made to my liking through this setting, but since the beginning to mid 2017 I had this feature disappear on my iPhone. No problem, it was a annoying, but I’d just use my iPad. Yet, it seems that I the past few updates the format has been changed on the iPad too to get rid of this feature. In one of those updates some of my channels were deleted and I can’t find them on the browse genre option anymore. Also, without the option to place a track on temporary hold, I have to down thumb it, and the the song is lost forever on the station. Please bring back my old stations and the option to listen to random music while placing liked but overplayed songs on hold.

- Pandora Harassment

I’m only giving Pandora one star based on their usability and not the streaming quality itself. Using the app is generally good and easy. When you open the app while listening and attempt to change something you must wait every time and tell Pandora you do not wish to purchase Pandora Premium for $4.99. Asking me every time I want to change my station, look at your app, or give feedback to a song I’m prompted to deny paying for their service. How asinine it that? If a guy ask gets turned down once and keeps asking a girl out it becomes harassment. Essential Pandora is harassing its users into paying for its service when I clearly do not and will not do so. Sooo IF anyone reads this, why don’t you ask for a raise every time you do your job and see how well that works. If it works, keep the service. If it doesn’t, suggest changing this to maybe once a day and earn a raise with better customer support/ friendlier interface. Or do nothing because you don’t care and I’ll leave my review. If you change this I’ll also change my review to 5 stars because it is a good service, you’re just being obnoxious for no reason other than being obnoxious. Best of luck.

- From Joe Swimmer〰🏊🏼〰

I really enjoy your Pandora, I listen to it all the time and it was the commercial’s that was worth while to me as well. I am a out side , blanket person pushing my shopping cart around helping others who are wealthy. I find they are unique but are in need of survival techniques and staying healthy on the out side. Pandora relaxes me and I can swim 🏊‍♂️ in the dirty bay water, ice cold water in the winter and jog miles down the coast to warm up. I live in a tent and wear swimming trunks and stay on the beach just like the wealthy do except I am closer to the water than they are and I don’t pay anything to live in my small homeless tent. Pandora gets me in the mood to move my tent down the beach when I get a three day notice to vacate my current spot. Pandora helps me look for food in back of dumpsters behind grocery stores. ( dumpster diving) so if you want, keep giving me Pandora and I will keep listening and have a marry Christmas and a great new year. Joe Swimmer 🏊🏼 in the dirty bay water

- I love this app but something just happened...

Okay, so this app is amazing. Just because you have to pay for no adds and offline use and all of that junk it's a great app. I've been using it for I think a year, maybe more, maybe less. I don't know. After the resent update, Pandora forces me to use my free trial for Pandora Premium. I was saving it for my next summer vacation so I could really enjoy it instead of just knowing I'm wasting my week of an amazing Pandora experience. At first, I had absolutely no idea what was going on and for a minute I thought I had bought the subscription and being a fourteen year old, I was super scared that I was charging my mother's bank account. So, Pandora, if you read this, your app is amazing, but please take away my free trial and let me save it!! Thank you! I haven't had any crashes, like ever. (The teenager came out sorry) so I'm not afraid of that. This app really deserves 5 stars except the free trial thing. Okay, so, all in all, this is a great app and you should really get it. It's the best one like it.

- Life expression through harmony of time an place of the poetically timed !

Life sounding exceptionally thought out melodies brought by all the unique personality perspective which derived to what ever one choses which is such a lovely way to share I’m so satisfied with all the sharing music applications because one has a opportunity to receive such a gift for free if one hasn’t the means to pay or if you chose one can pay an have many more options which in this time of existence we need all the opportunities of fun, inspiration , vast energies that we may have have noticed if we didn’t have the applications which is what Pandora allows an wants to share which is so so generous in our time of a is a very isolated period in terms of sharing with each other for which is at times get dreary though this application an others give us opportunities of a library of choice for free an that’s a blessing Me . Thank you Pandora so fortunate to be able to pay its well worth it !!!

- No longer in Denial

I’ve been in denial over the functionality of Pandora for over a year now. After years of free listening with manageable ads I found that the number, frequency and length of ads went up exponentially about a year ago. So I decided to upgrade. Commercial free and offline listening were big selling points to me. However it’s not really commercial free is it? I would have to play an ad to replay a song and sometimes even to skip. And don’t get me started on the offline listening feature. I am a commuter and am often on the subways and I find that not only do I have to have turned on the offline listening option before I’m underground but I only have a selection of maybe a dozen songs in that playlist. If I don’t switch to the offline listening option before I’m out of range there is no offline listening for me at all. Instead I watch as Pandora skips and buffers through dozens of songs as I listen to the complaints of commuters around me. I can’t honestly note a praiseworthy aspect of Pandora right now and since I’ve canceled my subscription I have such a sense of alleviation. I am no longer wasting money or energy over an app that doesn’t work.

- What happened

I used to love Pandora because it was free music that played all my favorite music and had a wide variety of music from movie soundtracks to music you hear everyday on the radio. But this past year or so Pandora hasn’t been the best. For one it used to have a problem where it would just shut off for no reason at all but that problem seemed to get fix. But now there’s a problem with loading the music, sometimes radio stations won’t load and you’ll either have to play with a couple of other stations and then go back to that one. I understand the concept of liking songs and hearing similar songs like that one you liked but they continuously play the same liked songs all the time. I realized that you’re better off not liking or disliking a song if you want to hear different music. The last thing is the ads. I know that’s how you make your money and a lot of us can’t afford to pay for premium but it’s annoying when you can only listen to 2 songs before an ad pops up. I wish y’all would fix some of these problems

- Meh

I listen to pandora pretty much everyday. For the most part I like it. Some of the things that drive me insane, though... some days, when I pause the music, doesn’t matter how long, when I push play i have to reload. I get really sick of the adds all of the time wanting me to upgrade. I get it, you want some money. I totally understand this. But asking me to upgrade for, what is it, less than five dollars a month 600 times in one day isn’t going to make my budget magically change to where I fee comfortable adding five dollars a month to it. Not quite a top priority right now with my bills. And why does the app crash in the middle of a song quite often on some days? I’d like to be able to search for an artist or a song by that artist and at least have that particular song be the first song I hear. Instead I get music that’s I may also like because of my search history. Well, I think hays enough complaining. Other than some of that stuff, like I said, I listen to Pandora pretty much everyday. I like it better than some of the other options out there.

- I love it!

I’ve used it for 3 years and it keeps getting better. Minus the commercials between songs that kills my vibe it’s great. I also get annoyed by only have a few song skips. I mean there’s a lot of songs I like and a lot I don’t like, so I like to thumbs them down and skip. But when I run out of song skips then I’m forced to listen to music I hate... so I usually get off the app then. It would be nice if when you both thumbed it down and skipped the song then the skip wouldn’t count. To me it’s different to hate a song and skip it then to just casually not be in the mood for a song that you like but just don’t want to listen to, so you skip it. But anyways, other than those two things it’s overall a great app! It has some great songs that I just have to download to my phone after finding out about them. It always has the newest and oldest of songs of every genre.👍🏼 I can say if you download it you won’t regret it.

- My go to! But....

I’ve had Pandora for a very long time and i enjoy how it knows me so well after a decade of listening. There are a few things i would add, such as a driving mode where touch controls are bigger and more pronounced. The upgrade pop up is freakin annoying, but you gotta do what you gotta do, i do suggest maybe a delay when it pops up, because it appears as soon as you wake up your phone and ive hit that banner a million and one times so far when i try to change a station or song. As for the biggest issue right now is pandora when apple maps is open. It completely messes up voice turn by turn and you only get audio prompts which defeats the purpose of eyes on the road. No matter what settings i change in Pandora or maps, no voice turn by turn possible when playing a song. This doesn't happen with any other music app...just saying. Overall great music service and ill update the review as soon as these issue get fixed....running on iPhoneSE....i need to upgrade, i know, but youuu have the money? Exactly, so shut up. Lol jk Love you 😍

- Love Pandora! Avid user... BUT!

I love Pandora. I use it daily. It's awesome. Between my own personal use, and then playing for my kids while they play, we use it for hours and hours each day. BUT! I've got two problems with it: 1) for some reason, the app won't let me hit play from my lock screen after it's been paused for a few seconds. It just automatically re-pauses. I've gotta unlock the phone and then go back in and hit play that way. Not a big deal, but kind of annoying. 2) my biggest problem is the ads. Having Ads- not a big deal. It's the ad CONTENT that gets me. My kids will be listening to a Disney themed station or Veggie Tales station and an ad for Tampax or Trojan condoms will come on. I don't think those ads are very appropriate. If they're played after a certain time each night- sure, whatever. But this was in the late mornings and early afternoon on kid stations. I'll keep using Pandora. I love it! I'll just have to make sure I turn the volume off in a hurry if inappropriate ads pop up.

- Needs work

I was just listening to music, and I had explicit turned off and blocked, so music like that shouldn’t play, or they should at least have the swearing blocked. But I was just listening and one of the songs dropped the f bomb twice! This is unacceptable! I don’t swear and purposely turned that off! The app always stops playing at random times as well. I’ll hve turned it on, it will play two or three songs, but then it will suddenly stop playing, and there is nothing I can do but wait an hour or more before it plays anything, and then the exact same thing happens. It happens on my radio stations, and my playlists, and it’s really, really annoying. Overall, the app is great. There are most of the songs I want to listen to all there for when I want them, but there are still things that I wish I could change. I’m not sure if it’s just my device, or something going on with the app, but other than those two things I have no problem and would totally recommend pandora.

- Used to be awesome but then...

I've been using Pandora for a couple years now I think. But after an update probably 6-8 months ago, Pandora no longer works with a USB cord - on players, in my car, nothing. This is really annoying because the USB allowed me to control Pandora through the radio/remote/device it was connected to and now I have to use an AUX cord. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and done everything I can think of to no avail. The Pandora Premium pop up is really annoying - shoving it in my face isn't going to make me buy it. Also, why, if I pause Pandora for more than ~15 minutes, does it "refresh" and start playing a new song?! On the app and site it does this. I don't want to pause it for long periods during songs I like because I'm afraid I won't be able to listen to the rest of it! And your ads are WAY louder than the music, which is REALLY OBNOXIOUS because I'll be jamming out and suddenly I'm blasted with a commercial (I'm already hard of hearing, you don't need to make it worse, kay thanks) Fix these issues and you'll be golden 👌🏼

- Terrible app!

I really like Pandora, so I decided to get the premium version. 1. Unfortunately, one of my biggest issues is that the songs stop playing randomly unless I stay in the app with my phone on the whole time. This can get really annoying when you have to keep going back into the app to resume the song. 2. When I put the app in offline mode there are still lots of problems. I’ll be listening to my music while I’m doing something like hw and then it will start playing two songs at once. I can only pause one song and the other one just keeps playing. So, I have to go back in to close the app and wait a few minutes to reopen it and restart my playlist. 3. When I want to add new songs to a playlist i go to turn off offline mode, but then everything freezes! I can’t scroll, edit, or turn offline mode back on. I know that all of these have little fixes but it is such a pain to stop what you’re doing to fix these. Listening to music is supposed to be enjoyable and this just ruins it. I suggest to anyone wanting to get premium not too. I’d take the ads over this any day.

- An Unfortunate End.

I've used Pandora for almost a decade for my main source of music, and can remember discovering some of my favourite music here. However do to a recent and unfortunate experience, I will no longer be able to continue using them. This sudden change is do to the advertisements. Obviously pandora is free because of the add space they sell, and I'm generally understanding of this on any given day . Today however, was different. As I was waiting for the next song to play a rather unfortunate advertisement began to play, and it was incredibly disturbing to me. The advertisement was from a fringe political hate group that specifically fights for racial supremacy , a group that i consider the equivalent to a modern version of the Ku Klux Klan cult. Now I'm not usually one to get political, which is probably a reason why I'm so frustrated with this add, and in fact I avoid politics as much as possible, but this was over the line for me. I'm not going to get into who this group was exactly, as I don't believe they deserve any recognition, but unfortunately I will not be using this company again. People don't need political ideologies shoved down their throats, I just wanted to listen to some music man...

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- It’s Awesome, And I Recommend It

I had this song stuck in my head from my favorite musician, and when I put pandora on the song I had in my head came on. I mean sure, that was a little creepy but still cool at the same time. I mean, I didn’t have to look it up. But anyway, it has a nice diversity of songs and if you decide to create your own station you can customize it to have your favorite songs- you just need to like the songs first, etc. I have one problem though- Whenever I use an app that has music and stuff, I turn the music and sounds off for that app but I can’t have the song I’m listening to resume. It’s a bit frustrating when this happens- I don’t know if it’s a part of Pandora or if it occurs because of the game I’m playing but it’s really annoying. But what I am trying to say is, is that Pandora is a great app to use if you want to listen to your favorite songs. So I definitely recommend it.

- Political Adds....why needed on Pandora?

I really like Pandora. I would give you a 5 Star but I cannot at this time. I like getting PRODUCTS that are FOR SALE advertisement as I like to hear/see/buy what’s new. However I listen to Pandora because I want an escape from Politics and negativity! There is not an option to opt out or report as not appropriate for Political adds? Why do you (Pandora )force this? You allow opt outs for other things as I understand. Will you please update and allow for option of NOT hear political crap or not even accept political ads! They are not selling anything other than giving out negativity for free. This only creates a negative and toxic environment in my personal space that has Pandora playing your favorite music in the background! Pandora losses front stage when this happens. I want a positive and relaxing environment with my favorite music playing in the background and buying/looking/ listening to Product advertisers selling products to make a living for those that need a job to put food on their table for their families!!!

- Not happy

I pay for pandora premium every month for a long time now and every month so far when I go to listen to the playlists I made, they’re either not playable on offline mode when I have them downloaded, or they don’t show up in general. I have over 3000 different songs and over 120 playlists and only 5 are showing up. They keep in downloading themselves and won't show back up unless I go back through my profile page where my playlists are. Also when I open the app to listen to something and go to look a station or playlist, it freezes and buffers and won’t let me do anything on the screen and doesn’t force close itself or reset or even reset when I force close the app myself. I would really appreciate if you guys would look into this and fix it please. I like pandora but I don’t wanna deal with all my music disappearing at least once a day and having to re do 100+ playlists and 3000+ downloads. Thank you. Very disappointed with this. Please fix immediately!!! This issue has been a reoccurring one since I purchased my subscription. I dont think I should have to pay premium prices for a horrible system.

- I love Pandora, but I have some concerns

I love Pandora, use it almost everyday, and have Pandora Plus. But I have some concerns. One being that quite a bit of songs I like have been made unrepeatable. Another is that they change songs and artists, for example on my station they replaced Avicii’s Wake Me Up with a version done by another artist and now I don’t get Avicii’s version but they still have his version in the app. Thirdly is the seeming lack of variety that I get. There’s been several times where I like a song by an artist and don’t get any other song by them, even though Pandora has more songs from them. I would hope that these get resolved at some point, and would also like it if they added more songs from artists like the plenty of TheFatRat songs there are that aren’t on Pandora. I still love Pandora despite these concerns and will continue to use it, and would recommend Pandora to anybody.

- Want to Love It

I’ve been a Premium subscriber for several months after a long commitment to free Pandora with ads. I decided to subscribe when I started air travel again due to free downloads for long plane trips. I listen daily for hours on end. My major gripe is the lack of originality in the music selection during random play of a station. I consistently feel like I’ve heard every song multiple times and become bored. Yet when I look st the music catalog available for download it has some artists entire collection. Why can’t I get originality? If the algorithm is smart enough you would think it would learn that I’ve heard a dons 20 times this week. Also, the weekly “for me” playlists again is all the same stuff. Yes I could go to an artist and hit play and hear their entire catalog. Add a song to a playlist. Yes yes. I don’t want to! Please figure out a way to dig deeper in the station mix and throw me a bone. I’m bored.

- Great free app but how do I buy songs I hear?

I love the free version of Pandora. A few ads don’t bother me. It meets my needs and I am very satisfied. Four stars only because I used to be able to purchase songs directly from the app. When I heard a song or band play and I really loved it I would purchase the song or album through Pandora. I can’t locate the link to get me to an area in the app from which I can do that. I first noticed the problem quite awhile ago but did not reach out to Pandora. I tried again today and was unsuccessful. Pandora made a lot of money off me from my direct purchases. Why would it no longer be offered? Also, there is no link to connect to someone at Pandora, (that’s called customer service by the way!) to directly ask this question. The only option is through the review process but I highly doubt if they even read these reviews. Perhaps a listener out there could help?

- Upgrade is not there yet

I have been a loyal Pandora subscriber since the day it came out. Have always had the commercial free service and have loved it. I use Pandora everyday and full disclosure, I am a share holder in the stock. However, with the new Premium account there are a few things missing or almost impossible to find. I liked my stations in alphabetical order. What happened there? I also want to delete a station or now delete a song on a play list. You can’t delete anything anymore. It’s frustrating when you have used something for so long and have REALLY ENJOYED the ease of use and now have an entirely new learning curve. By the way, make sure you are off your home wi if and far enough away from your home before you go into Cell service mode. You will have to pull over and work things out. It can’t be done on the fly anymore. Hopefully all of these small issues will be fixed soon.

- It keeps Crashing

Okay so I have zero complaints about this app what so ever, in fact I love this app and I recommend it to all of my friends and family who don’t have it. I just have a question. I know that the app was updated a few days ago and it’s never crashed like this before. I was listening to music and I accidentally closed it. I went to go open it back up and it would either just be a black screen with a blue bar at the bottom or nothing at all. I tried to open it a few more times( I got the same result which was nothing every time) so I restarted my phone and tried again. The same thing kept happening ( I went to other apps to see if it was just this one or others; it’s just this app). I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app and it doesn’t even open for me to re-enter my information to login. I REALLY LOVE THIS APP AND DONT WANNA GET RID OF IT. I don’t know what to do or how to fix it. Can you please help?

- Lots of bugs - can’t play songs and frequently offline

My Pandora experience has been getting worse and worse - I’ve been struggling to play songs bc it often freezes on any given song and I can’t play or pause or forward to the next song. (Its frozen right now I’m fact) I have the kill the app and try again. The app also frequently takes me offline when I have good connectivity. I’ve also had a problem where my Pandora will start to randomly play in my pocket. When I go to shut it off I try to pause it from the lock screen of my iPhone, which doesn’t work. I then have to authenticate to get into my phone and navigate to the Pandora app to stop the music. Only the pause button in the Pandora app doesn’t work either (meanwhile the music is still playing loudly). Now I need to kill the app which takes several seconds on the iPhone X. Very poor experience overall. The app doesn’t function properly for what it’s designed for and the random playing in my pocket (when my screen is locked btw with a password) is even more horrible, especially when I’m at work and I can’t turn it off!!! Fix these issues please.

- Apple Watch

Okay I know that you guys got ride of this a while ago but I finally have time to talk about it. Why did you guys get rid of it I mean I loved it when I am listening to the app if I want to change the station or like the song etc I didn’t have to find my phone and unlock it to do that when all I have to do is on on my watch and do it. I mean when I am mowing my lawn if I want to do on of those things I don’t have to stop pull out my phone and then unlock it and so forth when I could just use my watch so I don’t have to stop. So I still don’t get why you guys got rid of it you can still make another app just for the Apple Watch and you can log into your account there too or you can bring it back just how it was or you can add a turn off Apple Watch mode so it won’t work it come up how it is on your phone if you guys want to do that. I just want it back it helped out a lot. Please bring it back.

- You’ll accidentally get marginally smarter about whatever you’re listening to.

In my opinion navigation is a bit clunky relative to my steering wheel and I drove a lot so I pay for another app that works better for my specific needs... but when trying to expand my horizons and find relatable artists in any date range to a band or artist I’m fixated on, Pandora’s radio mix algorithm or whatever is untouchable. Sometimes there are huge whiffs in terms of taste, sometimes something’s just wrong and not really related at all. But overall: even solely based on its ability to prepare you for a glancing, casual conversation at a more rooted look into your musical taste (assuming feedback is provided), while guiding you to look through previous, current, and sometimes even future peer-artists and categorical archetypes, it deserves five stars and a staple-position as at least a download and occasional browse on your phone.

- Disappointed

I’m a long time pandora user and used to Pandora was about introducing you to new music based on number of thumbs up. So if I liked a song it took note and would generate more music like it to play next. I have stations and it’s all the same thing it might as well be a freaking playlist playa the same thing over and over. I normally keep it I shuffle to shuffle all my stations threw because I like variety and also surprise. But I’m now just sick with it. I miss the old pandora. It’s a plus the customer has more options and able to search for specific song and play it. But again I miss the days of where if I hit a thumbs up I wouldn’t be disappointed in music that played even now I can hit a thumbs down and low and behold I hear it come on like seriously?! Used to if I hit the thumbs down it would take it off immediately and would sort threw and not play music to that nature. I’ve had pandora so long hitting those thumbs the app should be nicely broken In to my music tastes but safely nope. Looking for a new outlet now seriously considering canceling my one membership.

- Need a update

It won’t let me make a picture or video when it the music is Playing and it is so annoying also I wish that I could Ask me if I wanted it to go to a different song like it I don’t now I don’t mean it would interrupt you right in the middle of the song saying would you like to go to another song OK so what I mean is at the end of it I it tells you if you want to go to another song no I have another update you could like for example I could tell the phone if I wanted to go to a different song so I would say when asked me do you want to go to another song I was at yes or no like it’s in it’s a yes or no or no question so I would respond with yes or no and that’s pretty much all and lots and overall the rest of it is awesome but 00 and I don’t think you should watch an ad to like be able to search something that’s like so stupid why would you guys do that And now the rest of it’s good and please do the updates that I told you or else I will give you another bad report and only one star this time and that time

- Needs an update for modern devices

Pandora needs an update for a stand alone app compatible with the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular. If I lose Bluetooth connection with my actual phone pandora will not work because it uses the app on my phone although I have the add on installed my watch. The point of having cellular on the Apple Watch is if you are out of range on Bluetooth with your phone you can still text, call, email etc from the watch. Would be nice to enjoy my pandora premium out on a walk with the dog without my phone and using my AirPods or out for a jog. iTunes does support a stand alone app for the watch so you can listen to music through AirPods without connection to your phone. Another benefit I would get here would be the usage of battery using pandora on my watch vs phone. I get home from a long day of work and my watch is at 80% and my phone is at 20% and that is off and on wireless charging all day. One of my coworkers opted for the iTunes unlimited subscription and I’m getting jealous for sure...

- This app has gone to junk...

EDIT: A bit better, however, handoff to Apple Car Play doesn’t work when starting up the car. Every time it just says “connecting” on the Apple Car Play device but never gets past startup. Even with full internet connection. Won’t start unless you unlock phone, go to the app and play from the phone directly. IDK if it’s iOS 11 or my new Watch3 but this app has gone to garbage. It doesn’t allow controls from a 3rd device via BT when the watch is present, like my car stereo! Dangerous! Also it constantly locks out the controls on my iPhone. Again DANGEROUS! It constantly keeps playing even when I press stop and the pause symbol shows. Watch app is constantly “looking for stations” even when it’s been playing for a while. Pandora also borks when going from WiFi to cellular data even in 100% 4G LTE market. I used to be a subscriber. Now I know better. They are just trying to cash out now that they’re not on top anymore. Shame on you devs. No one should give you another dime.

- Needs Improvement

I’ve used Pandora loyally for 6 years now but I’m considering switching to a new platform. 7 months ago I signed up for Pandora Premium and have had little problems with Pandora as an app ever since. It crashes more often then before and my downloaded playlists don’t work have the time. If given the option to download a playlist I made I want to be able to listen to it offline but every time I click play it says that it’s unavailable. I find it hard to believe that of the 50 or so songs that I have in my playlist are all unavailable for playback because of licensing issues. Also on that same subject the playlist does work once, and that is the immediately after I download it but a couple hours later I get squat. The Help section of the app is not nearly as useful as I would like. I would like the option to send the developers a message letting them know something is wrong but no option. I love Pandora and it’s a great service but Premium isn’t worth the money.

- App will not install on WatchOS 6.2

After updating my iPhone to iOS 13.4 and Apple Watch to watchOS 6.2 I went for a run and noticed I could no longer stream live stations, I could only play downloaded stations. Uninstalled and attempted to reinstall, but the app will no longer install to my watch. I managed to install pandora from the store on the watch, but streaming via lte and WiFi is broken, app closes when selecting a station, only able to listen to downloaded stations. Update 9 Apr 20: Updated iPhone 11 Pro to 13.4.1 and Apple Watch 5 LTE to 6.2.1. Watch was exhibiting same symptoms, when not connected to phone, can only play downloaded stations and playlists and forces closed when trying to play stations. Update 11 Apr 20: Had headphones connected to iPhone to allow streaming station and left proximity of iPhone to go for a run. When the music stopped I attempted to connect my head phones to my watch and play downloaded station, headphones connected successfully, but nothing would play, not downloads or streaming stations. Performed a hard restart on the Apple Watch ( holding crown and button ), when the watch rebooted, headphones connected successfully and I was able to play streaming stations and downloaded stations and playlists. I have used my headphones and watch without phone and using streaming stations 3 times since with no hiccups.

- Terrible for podcasts

A feature of pandora has been for as long as I can remember to skip to another song when a song takes too long to buffer. Although annoying enough on its own, when it occurs during podcast listening it's infuriating. The app skips the remainder of what you are listening to and then LISTS IT AS LISTENED TO. Which means requiring the listener to find that podcast in an incredibly non user friendly search function, then try to remember approximately where they got interrupted, then try to get the podcast to play from that point without buffer skipping again. This is annoying enough but becomes impossible to do safely while driving, the main time that I listen to podcasts. This app gets two stars for the music I've discovered through it and one star for having podcasts at all. However, due to the lazy and incompetent way in which podcasts were implemented not to mention the song skipping feature even existing in the first place, I cannot give any more stars.

- Great app, just could use some tweaks

Pandora is one of my favorite apps. I listen to it almost daily. Nearly daily, however, it suffers little issues that frustrate me. Examples: The thumbs up/down feature is cool, but crude and its true functionality is in clear. Consider: A song comes on that I like, but it’s a live version. I hate listening to live versions of songs. So is that a thumbs up or down? Lately, if I have been listening for a while and my phone has gone into sleep mode (not sure that is the proper term), I’ll open the phone again and the pause/play button will be locked. The phone isn’t locked. Other controls work, but I can’t stop/start the music without starting a different station. Very frustrating. One more: I started a new station by picking a band (Alabama). Sure enough, first song was a live version of a mediocre song. I skipped the song. The next few songs that came up were non-Alabama songs I liked - songs I would like on an Alabama station. Thumbs up. No more Alabama songs. I quickly stopped thumbing up, then started skipping. Finally, I thumbed down some songs I actually liked. After an hour of music, Pandora had only played three crappy Alabama songs or crappy versions of good Alabama songs. I quit the station and deleted it. Next day I tried again and had a much better, but not great experience with a new Alabama station. Wonderful, magical, but sometimes very confusing.

- Pandora Commercials

I listen to Secret Garden almost always, especially while I shower and drift off to sleep. I love this station emensly! It helps heal my soul, makes me feel connected to those I love so much, that are deceased; as well as myself. I have serious trouble getting sleep. For me, myself, and I; Secret Garden puts me at peace with myself and the universe. I’ve never had a subscription because I am disabled and health care has dissolved my monetary resources. Having said that, I love Pandora too, because they’ve always been excellent at keeping the commercials nonexistent or very short. I truly appreciate that because I very much dislike commercials!!! I have noticed that because it’s free, it’s becoming saturated with commercials.👎 I appreciate that I listen for free, otherwise my quality of life would be more adversely affected. All I ask is, please keep the commercials to a minimum. I hate the “MASS VOLUME” Pandora plays their commercials between music programming. It’s frankly; “OFFENSIVE” and ruins the music experience and serenity! I am a life long musician and know a little about sound quality. The commercials are waking me out of my sleep!! Pandora Sound Garden is what puts me to sleep, and keeps me to sleep. So play a commercial now and then, if you must; but please bring the “VOLUME” of those commercials down to an “EQUAL STATUS”, of the music programming! Thank You!

- Always bugging out

The Pandora app is psychotic, borderline, schizophrenic, etc. Out of nowhere it will start playing pop songs on a viking chant station, or random country songs on a rap station, or some random variety song in some station that has no relation at all. Or, one day it will decide on its own that your most played station is now just one song on repeat... forever. Don’t like it? To bad! The only way to fix it is to delete all of your stations and start over. Or, again out of nowhere, it will decide that some random station that you never listened to is now a great addition to your offline stations - which are full of random songs from random genres that make no sense on any of your stations. And that’s what you get, don’t like it? Nobody cares. I don’t get it. The app is haunted or something. I pay for a premium subscription too. I’ll be listening while I’m biking to work, and I’ll have to stop and thumbs down a string of 10-12 pop songs on a heavy metal station. Why Pandora?? And now you can’t remove your “add variety” stations on mobile? You can add ‘em all day long, but can’t remove ‘em! Yay!!

- Love Pandora, but screen lag causes almost accidental purchases

iPhone 6. I love pandora, the only complaint I have is that I do not pay for Pandora Premium and sometimes I feel as if I’m almost tricked into Pandora charging me for premium. At random times the screen will dim and ask if I want to pay for premium or a ‘No Thanks’ option will appear under the ‘Free Trial’ option. Almost every time I go to click ‘No thanks’ the screen reloads (not sure what to call it) and the ‘Free Trial’ button moves to where ‘No Thanks’ was. This is happening as I’m clicking ‘No Thanks’ and Pandora registers that I want to start premium and my iPhone pulls up the purchase confirmation screen. If I had auto-pay set up i would have never known that pandora reloaded the screen and began charging me for premium until I see the charge on my account. Other than that small inconvenience, great app & music variety.

- Obnoxious Retention Tactic

I just wrote a scathing review the other day but I came back to write another one. That’s how much I hate Pandora. My last review tore them down because whatever the new update was was causing complete Mayhem on my phone. The App was launching itself pretty much whenever it felt like it. Whenever I plugged it into my car it just started without my permission sometimes it came on during phone conversations and I couldn’t turn it off. Even if I closed out the app it would re-launch itself and start playing again. So obnoxious! To add to that, I’m back to say that I’m disgusted that you can’t manage your subscription on your mobile device. You have to go to the computer. So whenever you’re thinking about how horrible Pandora is you’re almost always on your mobile device. So it’s a nice little asinine retention tactic to make people have to write it down so they remember to cancel their subscription later. I’m sure there’s plenty of people who forget for at least a month and get charged again. Not me. I’m going to my computer RIGHT NOW. Canceling! I cannot stand Pandora! Worst streaming app that exists.

- Why update?

I hesitated to update but instead went against myself and did anyway, now my pandora won't start at all. Can u fix this bcuz I use this app in my car every single day. This never happened before and my phone and other apps on my phone work fine except pandora. I will never update again once I get it back up unless I'm forced to. Also how are we supposed to trust paying for the premium version if the app isn't promised to work when u update it. I wouldn't dare risk my coins on something that won't even work half the time. I haven’t updated my pandora app since Aug of 2017, I been fed up with the broken fixes and the issues are never resolved. I see people on here complaining not having the pandora icon on their Apple Watch anymore, well luckily I do since I have yet to update. I feel bad for the ones who lost that feature on their watch. What’s the point of updates if it’s not an update but a broken fix.

- Awesome App But Too Laggy

This app is fantastic!! I’ve never searched for a song & not found it; and I love how they have albums and podcasts too! Plus it’s free😱🤩 All you have to do is watch a short ad, and then you can listen to about seven or so songs. You also have the option to pay for no ads, which is really great too. My only problem is how laggy it is sometimes. Maybe it’s just my bad internet, but it gets stuck a lot, and I have to close it for a while before I can even click buttons on it. My phone has the latest version so I don’t think my end is the problem 🤷🏼‍♀️ Another Thing is that if you listen to a song, what will play next is a station, and you can get into some junk. There’s a lot of inappropriate songs that come up, I’d definitely say 13+, because you could accidentally get into a song that’s full of cussing. Overall, I listen to Pandora all the time 💙 and I definitely recommend it!

- 9 Year User

I love Pandora and have used some of the same stations for years on my computer and phone. I appreciate that the music adjusts to your responses to tracks they suggest. More often than not, when I thumbs down a track, Pandora suggests a song that follows the same style I am looking for that the song I disliked. It is so slick that you can create inspiration for a station and Pandora finds the songs similar to them for you! The only bummer is that with the last update, the option to add variety was taken away-or I haven’t found it, yet. I have found some new artists I would like to add to one of my longest running playlists, and may just need to be patient. The updates do tend to be more user-friendly than the last, but they are vastly different. So prepare to be on your toes. :) Overall, this music app has been dependable for me for nearly a decade!

- Buggy update

I have had few to no complaints in the past and have had the Pandora Plus subscription for some time now. I could live with the fact that in the last update (or maybe the one before that) my music would refuse to play after switching between apps or sometimes even stations. I would shut down the app and renter and playback would continue. Before the last update, it would usually start a new song in my station, but as of the last update the last song that hung up would continue to play. My BIG problem is that the alarm no longer functions! It will show the stop/snooze option with a black screen behind it and no sound. Thank goodness I always have a backup alarm set or I’d have been really upset! As of the last update, the alarm still will not work. After the alarm “goes off” the screen will not respond until I shut down and restart. I’ve even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to no avail. If this isn’t fixed, I’ll probably cancel my subscription and find another service.

- Keeping my station ALL “thumbs up”

In general, I am very happy with Pandora. I am subscribed to Pandora Plus, or whatever the no commercial option is called. There is no possible way for me to know the algorhythm, or whatever Pandora uses to choose selections for an individual station. I have been actively using the “thumb system” on a particular station for probably a couple of months now and still choices slip in that are nothing like all the “thumbs up” choices I make. This may be a lot to ask of a “free” station, but I’d even be willing to pay to have my station more streamlined without “thumbs down interruptions.” I want to set a sleep timer and not wake up the next morning hearing all manner of music I’d prefer not to hear and have to go through thumbing down again to maybe achieve what the station was before all those other choices crept in. Pandora offers a unique service, and I’d like to see this option offered for a fee.

- Updated: Now Terrible

Is very likely I’m going to cancel my subscription after the last few updates. That’s after being a paying customer for years and years. If anyone at Pandora is listening, you have some internal decision making and design problems you probably should take care of. I think this is going to be a case study in how not to do product and how to drive customer loyalty away to competitors. 1) The app now tries to trick you into upgrading to the most expensive plan by showing albums (vs radio) at the top search results that can only be played on that very expensive plan. It’s purposeful, deceitful, and your product management and design team should be ashamed. What do you think is going to happen in the long term once you lose customer trust? 2) The Apple TV update has completely ruined the app. Before the update the Apple TV app was great, exactly what it needed to be. Now... it’s basically useless. It’s bad. Who made this decision? You should seriously question your product management and design leadership if they’re making decisions like this that will materially impact your business.

- Update problems

Greetings: I am a Pandora user for many years and now I pay for the premium service. My cel phone it’s an iPhone 6s. I use it a lot on my car which is a 2013 Honda Accord and comes with Pandora in the factory system. I have always had some issues when connecting to the car system, I do not know if it is from 2013 but since the last update I have the problem that when connecting to the system with the USB cable, the entire car radio system stops working. I have to turn off the car, take out the key, open the door as if I were going down and then turn it on again so that the system works again. If I use Pandora only via Bluetooth, I can listen to it even though it does not show me the description of the song on the dash screen. Could you help me with this? I love Pandora. Thanks in advance. Laureano Betancourt

- I love Pandora but it could fix a few things

I have been a Pandora user for as long as I can remember and I love it honestly. I only have a few issues with it like the fact that I get one song from the station that the artist is made from usually and then it can go into a completely different genre, but if you could customize your stations so that the music it plays is a little bit more similar to the subject of the station or a little more to that persons liking it would be much more enjoyable. Also the Pandora app on Apple Watch does not sound that good. I was really excited to use this app on my watch but when I heard the songs it took forever to load and it was just not a good quality. Some of the songs that played on Pandora I already had stored on my watch and the difference between the two was astonishing. If they could just raise the quality of the music on the watch I would be so happy.

- Service is great, app...meh

My last review of this app was over 3 years ago, and much has changed, so I have removed it to update for the current version. I love the Pandora service and have been a paying subscriber for about 10 years. The app, on the other hand, has been a roller coaster. My review from 3 years ago mentioned how often the app would crash and any interruption to the stream would cause the stream to reset. Many improvements have been made to fix those issues. The app is stable, and the app resumes playing with much greater consistency after interruptions. However, the interface (UI) design seems to be getting worse. In a constant attempt to produce a clean interface, features and menu items are so well hidden that i don’t even know if they still exist in the app. For example, what happened to “I’m tired of this track”? I use this frequently because there are tracks in my feed that are repeated more than others because it is the same song, but coming from different albums (including soundtracks). If this feature is still in the app, I’ve yet to find it within the last month or two. The app would be made much better by just putting 2 menus - one related to the station I’m listening to that includes things like “I’m tire of this track”, and a second one for account and station lists. I’m not against a clean design, but a maze of menus helps almost no one, and if anything, just frustrates the user.

- Pandora has nailed the Apple Watch app

Pandora is my primary music stream service and I use it daily for workouts. I have a premium account so that I don’t have to listen to commercials. I like the iOS app and find it easy to work with on my iPhone. The interface with Bluetooth devices has really improved as well. However the Apple Watch app is even better. Finally, after years of fits and missteps, Pandora has absolutely nailed it for the Apple Watch 4. I can now thumbs up/down from my wrist, control volume, select stations and advance songs from my wrist. Even better, the App will download your top stations to the watch so you can listen to them without a phone. The A4 watch will also connect through Bluetooth to your headphones or a mobile speaker. Finally tether free music from Pandora! 👍. They listened to their customers and delivered.

- Great with a suggestion

Pandora works great for me at the moment. I’ve yet to upgrade to premium but so far I can tolerate the ads (its not that much). I can easily find the songs I like so overall it’s a great app. The suggestion I have though isn’t really required such as recommended. I’d like for the rating of songs to be less broad than “like,” “dislike,” or just no rating at all. I know that I for one have songs that I like and songs that I love as well as songs that I dislike and songs I hate. The suggestion is that instead of just thumbs up or thumbs down there would be an advanced option. This would optimize my listening experience because being able to choose how much “thumbs-uping” or “thumbs-downing” a song will effect the rest of the music on my radio. This would, in turn, allow me to have more control over my music. Thank you for hearing me out!

- Listening/Learning a lot ... Great app

Enjoyed when I started years ago, making a profile & commenting on songs, and other’s profiles, & gaining followers, as was possible years ago;— not sure if that is even a priority or possibility on Pandora any more; (I did have an email that someone followed me, out-of-the-blue, last month, —after years of “no followers any more”; perhaps it IS still possible (?)... However-today: REALLY Like ability now to listen to my “thumbs ups” from over the years; & glad Pandora has saved/recalled them from well ober 5 years, I believe....used that feature for the first time, on a road trip, today... I've not only learned the words I was clueless about to rock songs I heard 24/7 back in the day, but have found my new love, since 1980, Christian music, to be in plentiful supply and in variety I never knew about though I sold tapes [that old!], & CDs at Family Bookstore. I have followers whom I've spoken to an encouraged I think; and learned the exciting life stories of Christian artists. My hope is that Pandora would complete biographies on all the artists, let comments be made on all tracks, all songs be available to buy on iTunes, and have some feeling that ALL ARTISTS no matter how small, featured here, get royalty checks: not sure this is the case, after speaking to an artist...

- Love it but hate it

I listen to Pandora all the time, and I love to skip songs, so I now pay the $4.99 plus tax to enjoy skipping privileges. There are good stations and we enjoy the selection. However, that’s where the good ends. Now they’ve nerfed it HARD. My boyfriend cannot listen to his music upstairs while I listen to mine downstairs. It kicks one of us off. Honestly, we should be able to both listen for $5 and some change. This has only happened the last few weeks or so. Very annoying and inconvenient. Another issue is the offline stations and switching between offline and online mode. It always switches to one specific station coming off offline mode. It never goes back to the way I had it before. There are also a lot of repeat songs when going on offline mode. Sorry, but we live in a rural area where there is spotty service, and I would like to not have to constantly worry about and check on Pandora because it can’t get the stations right. I might switch providers soon if these issues are not rectified.

- My go to music

Have had pandora for well over 5+ years and I like it. It’s what I listen to daily. But here lately it’s been messing up a bit more than it should. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded, turn my phone off, and updated to the current iOS. On some stations when I go to edit the station details, thumbs up or down a song, try to add variety, or just look at what all I’ve liked in that one station it’ll say “unable to complete your request” and I’m not able to do anything within that particular station except listen to the music. Other station work fine for some reason? Even when first opening the app sometimes it’ll say pandora not connected but still play songs in the background. This happens wether I’m using WiFi or cellular data. I enjoy listening to and customizing my own radio stations but it’s just been a little aggravating here lately.. hope for a fix soon!

- Pandora Radio/Music

Ii is so wonderful not to mess with CDs or to change a radio station!! Plus there are only about 5, MAYBE 6, that are worth the wait for 1-2 hours of relaxin fun! I have so much more & am conferring with my sister - one of the original 8 girls I grew cup withYIPPEE!!!! I am straying from thought/ sorry! Pandora has been siuch a great and truly a type of life saver when I needed it!! In short, I am new to Pandora and could go on & on & on my day here listening to this fabulous station & their chief is great!! I am going to sign off on my promises and those that outshine their competition!! As of this morning I am a big fan & we have prayed so that their staff, family, friends & all others in this world have faith in their abilities to do what it takes to march forward & thrive!!! Thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts, which I don’t do even regularly. With warmest regards, Ann

- Slipping away

First off, I’m a longtime Pandora user, probably 7+ years. It had always been great, then updates happened. I pay for premium to avoid ads, unlimited skips and offline mode since my jobs aren’t always in a service area. About 6 months or so ago offline mode would only offer a few songs on only 3 of my stations. Sometimes the same songs for days at a time. Then I noticed my thumbprint radio (songs I’ve thumbed up on) playing music I would never listen to, so now I have to take those out of my “liked” music. Also it started picking and choosing when to play edited versions of my music. I’ve never shared my account where someone else could’ve thumbs up’d songs I wouldn’t listen to and never turned filters on that would edit or block content. When contacting customer support I wasn’t offered any solutions in the single reply I got. Nothing after responding back with further questions. It might be time for another streaming service.

- Unintuitive

I like the music aspect of the app, but it needs an overhaul in the user/ control aspect. The controls are not user friendly. For instance, the repeat button is next to the thumbs down button; it’s too easy to accidentally bump the thumbs down. Chances are if you want to hear a song again it should be next to the thumbs up button so that if you accidentally bump it it’s all good. The thumbs down button should be on its own to prevent unintentional dislikes. Also, many of us are too poor or stingy to buy and Apple Watch and still run with our phones. The controls are so little that it makes liking, disliking, or repeating a song difficult while running. Perhaps they could include a “running mode” with big buttons instead of the tiny ones they have at the bottom of the screen. None of these things would be that hard to implement but would be a big improvement on the user experience.

- Ads and Pandora

I have been using Pandora for so many years as a free app. I have also had premium for 3 months. I have always appreciated the adds were local and reasonably not disruptive to flow. Recently I have been annoyed by the adds. One is piercing repeated sounds at the intro. My recent one is political irritation. We just got bands like Tool to be on Pandora. Yay. A group that won’t sell out but honors the digital age. Then I see an add for chick fillet. A group which publicly announced plans for discrimination being financially backed. In a Trump era this feels like a slap to the face from Pandora. We have a right to support our values with our money. We have an obligation to use our time, talent, & tools to make our world a place worth fighting for. Playlist have always been a way to control the flow and boy do I want them back. I am currently unable to justify my want.

- Used to be the best

I have used pandora for many years in addition to paying for pandora one. I love the simplicity and overall use of pandora, but I have never managed to have pandora on any phone without it having issues. The previous update caused music to stop playing after about 30 seconds keeping you from being able to use the app at all, very frustrating when I use it on a daily basis for hours at work. Now this new update has fixed the previous issue, but won’t even allow me to pause the music (even after reinstalling the app). This is on top of minor issues the app has had for a long time like crashes and sound issues that I’ve been willing to ignore. Constant issues have left me with nothing but disappointment in pandora which is unfortunate because I’ve loved the app for so many years. I love the idea of the app, but the experience over the past year has been terrible. I wouldn’t recommend it at this point in time.

- The Force close is with you!

I love Pandora and am a Premium subscriber. But this latest update has resulted in hourly force closures and track listing/album artworks that freeze and don’t advance with each track change. I’ll be happy to update my rating once these issues are fixed. As they are, they affect the app’s usability and detract from the premium experience. The app is still provably the best looking music streaming app I have used, and Pandora continues to feature some of the best genre stations available for dipping your toes in and learning about unfamiliar music. For Premium subscribers, the app continues to make it easy to differentiate between which songs are in your personal library (“my music”), which songs are streamed, and which songs are downloaded to your device. I do wish Pandora would give users the option to decline the “thumbs up” playlists that are automatically created each time you like a few songs from a genre station.

- This app is terrible

My pandora glitches really bad. I got a free month’s subscription for premium, and it is worse than my free pandora ever was. I can’t listen to more than a couple songs without it going off for several seconds or even minutes before coming back on. It continues doing that until I get so fed up I just turn it off and get on one of my other radio apps. I like being able to listen to specific songs but it isn’t worth it if after that song, it keeps turning off. They also don’t make it easy to cancel. They give you the run around trying to cancel, and I still haven’t figured out how to get it done. You can sign up on your mobile device but you can’t cancel it without being on a computer. I’m not at all happy with this app, and for sure won’t be if I’m charged after trying for a week to cancel.

- The greatest ever BUT

I have been a pandora user for about 6 years and I have seared the next button on the bottom right corner. So when I'm driving and I wanted to skip to the next song I don't have to look down to tap the next button, I just Do it! Now as a pandora Premium user, the thumbs up button is on the bottom right corner with the skip button to its left. So now when I'm driving I HAVE to look down to skip a song because sometimes I push the thumbs up button and it kinda wants me to not pay for premium just to have the skip button on the bottom right corner. I am really REALLY hoping you take my consideration on at least just switching the thumbs up and skip button so that the skip button is all the way on the bottom right corner so I can keep listening to my AWESOME pandora without the worry of taking my eyes off the road. Other than that PANDORA IS THE GREATEST!!! God bless! #driveresposibly


So here’s the deal, I love Pandora... well, mostly. I listen to Pandora on almost a daily basis and usually I’m listening to music for myself. But quite frequently I have my 5 year old stepdaughter with me so we listen to a lot of the Disney station. Disney is pretty much supposed to be geared towards kids right? So WHY, tell me, do I keep getting COMPLETELY inappropriate ads on my Disney station?!? I got one ad, among some other questionable ads, that was very loudly talking about Trojan condoms, repeatedly none the less. ON MY DISNEY STATION. Pandora, you need to MONITOR YOUR ADS. While my particular 5 year old didn’t ask any questions (this time anyway) I know plenty of children that would have immediately said WHAT’S A CONDOM? And while I don’t advocate kids being completely sheltered, per say, certain things are best explained at more mature ages. So, Pandora, you need to do something about your completely inappropriate ad problem.

- I really do love pandora...but....

I tend to use whether I’m at home or out and about. The most annoying thing is the pop up ad to upgrade the membership, I get it, money needs to be made. I totally want to upgrade to be able to skip more but its not in the funds right now. The pop up happens so much and gets in the way of trying to change the station, or thumb up/down the songs..super annoying! It does an ok job of finding music thats similar, but a lot of the time its too repetitive. And I wish there was a way to fix a wrong thumb down without deleting the station and starting over again 😫 I’ve done this a few times and get so mad at myself, it happens to songs I was waiting for to come up and...oops I hit the wrong button and can’t fix it. I’d say now its average...they need new music in the artist’s categories, some of the stations get real short after taking out so many. I’ll keep using but it gets boring and annoying with the free version.

- Didn’t live up to the hype

I really don’t know how this app got an overall 4.8 rating? First let me start by saying I pay for the premium app, and I have used pandora for about 6-7 years now. The app is simple and very easy to use. Once I started paying for premium I started downloading a BUNCH of songs and I mean a bunch. Half of them are missing which is unfortunate as I listen to A LOT of different types of music. When you listen to a lot of different types of music you tend to forget what that artist name was, and the song you really loved! 😥 Also one more negative thing about the app is it freezes, and stops working WAY too often and I’m starting to get very very mad. But like I said earlier.... the app is easy to use and I will continue to use it because of that reason. I just wish it wouldn’t freeze, or slowly start making all my favorite songs downloaded disappear 😩 A solid PLUS➕➕➕➕ You can listen to music when you do not have service which I LOVE!!!!

- :-(

I’ve been with pandora for years and have had no complaints until recently. It seems that for every three songs you listen to they will then have you listen to two commercials. That was annoying but I had invested my thumbs up on enough songs that I had a great mix of music to listen to throughout the day with not many repeats so it seemed like starting over would be a pain. This week I’m considering deleting it and finding an alternative. I don’t want to start over but they’ve started playing a commercial that is entirely in Spanish and I hear it like every thirty minutes. I can’t understand a word of it other than the company whose ad it is. In these times of political correctness I’m sure there are plenty of people who will be a negative Nancy over this review. I’m sorry. I’m not trying to offend anyone. If pandora wants to play ads that are in another language other than English, they should find out which of their customers can understand that language and play those ads for them.

- Bad programming

This app is the most problematic app I have on my iPhone 6. It never works right. Such as it fights with me when pausing, skipping songs, or even trying to unpause. There is not a place in the app that has not given me problems. What's most annoying is it pops up do you want to pay for pandora and when I click no it shifts the screen images to make it seem like you clicked yes and tries to charge you. Lol you will never get my money after playing tricks like that. But to be honest it might just be Apple that's the failure and pandora might just be taking the flack. I'm becoming more and more afraid of using this app. Recently it keeps trying to charge me for things without me even being in the app. I will have it playing and when I arrive at my destination I will open my phone and see a message in the app stating failure to purchase or charge your account. Things of that manner. Let's put it this way. The day I find an actual charge go through to this pandora company is the day I quit using there programs and pursue them for theft. Pandora is out of hand.

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Pandora: Music & Podcasts iphone images
Pandora: Music & Podcasts iphone images
Pandora: Music & Podcasts iphone images
Pandora: Music & Podcasts iphone images
Pandora: Music & Podcasts iphone images
Pandora: Music & Podcasts iphone images
Pandora: Music & Podcasts iphone images
Pandora: Music & Podcasts iphone images
Pandora: Music & Podcasts iphone images
Pandora: Music & Podcasts iphone images

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