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Necro Meter App Description & Overview

What is necro meter app? Necrometer

Designed for ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts. This multifunctional app can be used to detect and communicate with spirits. We have taken known spirit communication techniques and theories and have implemented them here in new and innovative ways.

-Meter that detects and measures magnetic energy
-Text and Speech modes
-2 Built in Text To Speech A.I. systems
-3 Voices
-Pitch control with randomization option
-Reverb and Echo audio effects

The Meter:
It is believed that spirits can affect magnetic energy fields. Using your phone’s Magnetometer sensor this app can detect levels of magnetic interference in the environment. These fluctuations of energy fields have a direct influence on the communication.
-Meter noise (optional) reacts to fluctuations in the meter

Text Mode:
Simply slide the power button over to "Text" and begin asking your questions. Walking around a location you can detect energy anomalies and various levels of magnetic interference. Words and phrases will begin coming through the app. The relevance of the communication is determined by multiple factors including spirit connection and strength. Those who have a stronger connection to the otherside may experience more direct and relevant communication.
Similar to the famous Ovilus ITC device, the Necrometer app is designed to facilitate spirit communication by measuring fluctuations of energy in the environment. The idea that spirits can manipulate electronic devices for purposes of communication is well documented. Based on the theory of random selection and known evidence of energy manipulation, the Necrometer app utilizes these known methods of spirit communication and paranormal phenomena.
-Access to over 60k words/phrases
-Custom word list, Add your own words and phrases

Speech Mode:
Sliding the power button over to "Speech" will turn on this unique mode of the app. Created to facilitate ghost box/ EVP like communication, the speech mode of the app provides audible spirit communication like no other. Generating speech sounds from within the app, there are no sound banks, word lists, radio, or any other pre-recorded audio. Spirits can use and manipulate these random speech sounds to form coherent messages, an idea rooted in ITC/EVP theory. Some of these messages may be heard in real time similar to a ghost box, other EVP-like communication can be heard on playback of the recorded audio. Again, the strength and level of communication being recieved depends on various factors. Coherent messages can only be obtained through communication with spirit, otherwise only unclear speech sounds will be heard.
-Rate slider to increase/decrease rate of audio coming through

The Necrometer app is an advanced all-in-one app that can be used to detect energy anomalies in the area, produce words and phrases that can provide relevant clues/information, and provide audible ITC/EVP communication from spirit.

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App Name Necro Meter
Category Utilities
Updated 30 June 2023, Friday
File Size 167.72 MB

Necro Meter Comments & Reviews 2024

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Language. The app isn’t speaking English on speaking mode. This needs to be fixed cause I didn’t pay for something I can’t use.

Poor app. I download the app and the sound doesn’t work. Not sure why. It’s not my iPhone so it has to be app. I guess since it doesn’t work I will have to delete it. Wasted my money for the app.

Don’t waste your money.. This app is fake. It just spits out a bunch of random words for the text option and the speech option spits out gibberish.

Speech Isn’t Speaking English. I love this app, especially the text aspect of it. I bought it because I absolutely love the Nercrophonic app. Both of them have recently started speaking in weird, random languages and occasionally a word/sentence in English. There is also no option to add custom words for the text aspect. I hope this can be fixed!

Good but…. I did love it!! But they removed the custom words option which I really liked and my spirits used those words more than the others! Why would you guys take that option away!? In the last few days!?!? I paid 10$ for this and want my money back!!! It was amazing! But not anymore 🥺 I was very sad about this change and I won’t be using as much or even at all anymore.

Sound not working. Sound not working I paid 9.99 for my iPhone I don’t have other device to connect. How do I get a refund?

Text is good, speech idk. My speech sounds like similish, used to sound like English. Then the text is pretty good.

English?. I can’t truly rate this app, it is not speaking in English at it stands I’m disappointed and feel completely ripped off, if it doesn’t have a English option fine- let this be a warning to everyone who is expecting English speech, you won’t get it- at least not yet!!!

I’m looking over my shoulder now😭. It’s been pretty good. Today I think I talked to a bunch of demons… one said they lived here and I asked if their nice or evil and they said evil. They then said they aren’t leaving and said they are attached. I’m kind of freaked out and worried now 😣… I said a prayer. Hopefully it was just bogus.

Love it!. I’ve used this in so many places and it’s perfect and for a while bc I have an iPhone I couldn’t figure out the sound, but if you turn your ringer on it works!! I love that their is no pre recorded sounds on this either

FAKE. This app just spews words. It does not respond appropriate it’s like it just grows words out. The voice just speaks in some odd language. I would like a refund.

Good but not speaking English. App seems fun and I wish I could give it a better review but it would seem that when the app speaks it is I never language but English and makes this useless for my ghost hunts.

No sound coming from app. Hello!, I just got this app and there absolutely no sounds coming from the app. Not even white noise. Not even testing the autio. Anyone have a solution for me to try?

Language doesn’t come out in English for me. I’ve seen many people use this app and it works great and I really want to experience that but the language doesn’t come out as English and I was wondering if there is a way to fix that ?

Lame. So the speech function doesn’t work. I get nothing. So it’s just random words on the text side. Biggest waste of $9.99 ever. Not even the slightest bit entertaining. Just lame.

Interesting voice to text recording.. I have played with this a couple times. Downloaded it again today. I got “you know , Victoria, haunted doll” Not that I’m badmouthing it. But the computer generated audio is more than I think is worth it.

Pretty cool. I was messing around with speech mode. I was at my grandparents house and I have a deceased uncle named Tommy that my grandma was close to. I heard someone say “Tom”. Also the app said my dads name “Terry” clear as day. He was asleep in the other room. I can’t wait to explore more of this app and see what it has to offer.

Fake. If you go by any electrical appliance a word will come out on text. If it’s low current it will give you negative words.. high positive words.. literally stick to an appliance and see. Gimmick

No idea what language it’s speaking. Don’t waste your money, I’m a psychic medium & I cannot figure out what language this thing is using. Text is in English but there is no way to modify the words like the app says you can. Livid.

Phony. Waste of money and time. Random words and names come through but not from spirits from the app itself. Don’t fall for it. I was watching someone on TikTok use this and he had the same 5 words that showed up on mine in same order.

Spooky. Once you fix the settings in the app, and turn off Silent Mode it works….. You won’t understand what it’s saying unless you fix the voice!!! I think they’re demons, not spirits tbh. (telling me to die etc.) Proceed at your own risk!

App not working. I tried to use this app an there is problems with it. The testing don't work not white noise working.

Crazy. I downloaded this app being pretty skeptical, but the very second I turned on “text” mode it immediately spit out the name of my room mate and I was just folding his laundry so I could put mine in. 5 Stars LOL!

The Side Eye Guy. I’ll say no more. Look up the side eye guy.. I used to have major respect to a lot of the “popular” YouTuber’s, but not anymore. They all make money from our views, like’s, and comments. Do what you will with this information. Don’t trust everything you see!

Works nicely. To the people having sound issues. If your physical “Do Not Disturb” switch is on, the sound won’t work.

Shame Bell for Skeeve Phuff!. Someone with a name sounding a lot like Skeeve Phuff must have sold his soul, because this is a terrible app. Random word generator with no relation to anything going on around it. Static. Nonsense. Hugely expensive for zero return except a good laugh waiting for the comically meaningless fortune cookie words to pop up.

Don’t spend your money. All this is is randomly generated words. Most of the words include names, numbers, and phrases to try and spook you out. I’m gonna use this app to randomly generate words for my DND campaign.. lol

Please read this review. I have figured out along with others, if you put it to metal or anything that has a magnetic field it will every time say or text something, even without asking anything. Makes it kinda fishy but there is another side of the app that makes you think it might be working right, but if it’s programmed to say or text when near magnetic fields then it’s just a scam. I can’t confirm or deny it validity. Glad a had $10 to do whatever with. It’s entertaining and with a magnet in hand you can really mess with people by having them ask a question and you bring able to make it respond.

No sound on IPhone. I downloaded it on my iPhone and IPad. There is no sound and nothing comes thru on IPhone version. On my IPad ot works great and was able to hear chatter etc…. I deleted app on iPhone and reinstalled it to see if that would help but it did not. So I rated this app based on my Ipad experience.

Language?. Why isn’t this in English? Is there a language setting?

Still has bugs. I have found that after hours of dedicated use I don’t pickup any intelligent responses. Before you blame me please understand that I have consistent success with other apps and analog radios. I don’t want a refund I just want the product to not be a complete fraud.

50/50. I’ve worked with this app for approximately 4 days. Not a fan of the text mode and even though it offered some words that were powerful, relevant and meaningful in a moment, more so, it did not. In addition words that were threatening in nature appeared relatively frequently. The speech mode, when in English, has yielded some pretty amazing results… specific names and specific messages as well as some valuable more general conversation. Looking forward to more practice. Developers, can you explain the harsh words coming up on the text side? Makes no sense as there is non of that on the speech side, and if there were I’d ditch the app and do some serious smudging.

Speech isn’t in English. The speech isn’t in English and I can’t understand what’s being said just like the other review very frustrating and no costimization of word list is annoying also I emailed about this issue no response not what I expected for paying for this app please fix these issues as I’m not the only one to have them

James here. If you use the app I would recommend screenshotting something crazy that it says and dm me or Omar on instagram

New voices?. I have a really hard time understanding the whisper and robot voices. The human voice seems to be harder for spirit to manipulate, I get what they’re saying, but it often SOUNDS backwards or dyslexic. If that makes sense. I wish there was another voice modulator to work with, as some come through each differently. Would love more options there.

This app works. I don’t normally leave reviews, but I’ve used this app numerous of times in my house, I’ve always caught gibberish, I’ve caught orbs in my house only in certain parts, so I decided to use the app in that location, and I got outstanding results, it said my cousins name, which was right next to me, and we communicated to some level, what I’m saying this app is normal to get gibberish, it will only talk normal when you connect to a spirit.

Not in English. I’m not sure why but everything seems to be coming thru in German…. I say that because I can understand a bit of German and I do hear some but absolutely no English… not very useful to me.

Definitely random word generator. Wife and I ordered one each app for each of our phones. To test. Phones side by side. Needless to say they were not getting the same words in text or through the voice box generation. Responses were nonsensical. Will be getting our $$$ back. Happy ghost hunting people. This is not the tool.

Sound. For those wondering about sound, turn your ringer on. Figured it out. Should work!

Sound.. I can’t even give this a true rating because I’m trying to figure out why the sound doesn’t work I’m very confused on why the sound isn’t working on iPhone and I don’t want to spend more money to get it on another device if someone knows how to fix please help.

Don’t waste your money. It’s completely fake. I’ve used it numerous times and responses are never related to anything I’ve asked or am talking about. It even told me once “turn speech mode on” as a response. It has told me that “I’m here to hurt you” It’s completely random words, just usually one word.

Works when you connect with spirit!. Despite the lack of the custom word option where I can’t put specific names, I’ve had some freaky responses…. Like really freaky specific. Btw I use airplane mode to confirm this is legit. They knew what my cat was up to, showed they liked to watch tv by saying the name of the person on screen, etc. good but custom words please!

Not what I expected. The speech is not in English, I wish they would supply an update to resolve this problem.

Not worth it. Good luck figuring out what’s even being said. Certainly not English words all just gibberish. What a waste of money! I’d give it 0 stars if I could. Please don’t waste a single second on this app.

Good app but could add to make better. Saving the session responses received would be helpful. I have other apps that save my sessions and make it easier to go back to review.

Sound doesn’t work. The sound on the talk feature won’t work on my iPhone 14. I tried uninstalling, restarting my phone, etc and still won’t work. That’s the whole reason I paid for the app. Hoping y’all can help me.

Features needed. Please make it save the information. To a text file or. To. Copy paste please.

Just got it. So im not sure im not near anything major i live out of the city it said crash and i am next a majorly long highway and it said grave and there is a cemetery near me but that about it ill give it a few weeks and come back and leave a update

Metal will make it talk. I’m not completely saying this app is fake. cause i do believe there is some real in it BUT i noticed a trend that when put against metal (which makes emf go up, normally) and i take it away i instantly or in seconds get random sentences or words. Is this a glitch or is this how it’s faked, and many of us are having coincidences instead of real communication? I don’t know if someone can explain it to me.

Hard to understand. Speech mode seems to be speaking something other than English; can’t really make it out … ps impossible to understand

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Necrometer review. I’d like to say this is a great app and I’ve seen many paranormal YouTubeers use this app and it’s a really unique app with different types of voices and settings to chose👍

Regular guy chasing ghosts.. This app really works. I’ve used it and I like it. It’s simple to use and the choice of voices is unique.

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just okay. Kind of a rip off to pay $12 for no sound to work unless you use headphones. Wish they would fix this.

Meh…. I have several spirit apps and tools and this app is just ok. I dont find the speech works very well and it isn’t clear. It doesn’t matter how much you try to tinker with it. As for the word portion, there isn’t a large word bank. It’s more of a toy for show than a real tool.

Where’s the custom word ability?. This app works wonders. Had some extremely clear interactions with a spirit named Darren. I have another spirit box app that works pretty well, and a male voice I’ve gotten through that one consistently has a English accent. I noticed that when Darren began speaking, the voice from this app began speaking with the same accent. I asked for a name and got the name Darren immediately and very clearly, along with several responses that seemed to perfectly reflect the questions being asked. One problem I’ve noticed after looking at videos for the app is there is supposed to be an custom word list option for the text feature that isn’t there for me on my iPhone.

Perfect App. Just one thing you should read the ability to add your own words mainly because there are words that/phrases that the energies cannot access so it interprets it as another word, also I'd like to see the sweeper from your other app added and have the option to see it cycle through the frequencies+ possibly add the ability to play a reverse video at the same time? But through the app while it cycles the frequencies? It would make connecting with the spirit energies a lot easier in my opinion! Just a few thoughts!

No sound. Really wish the sound would work

Boring. Rip off.. You get random words every 15 min. What a sad waste of time and money.

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Halfway Incredible. I have done ITC work as well as other paranormal communication methods for over a decade. I fully test and know a good app or device when I see one. This one is halfway great. The speech portion of this app is beyond amazing. Just within my first session, I was able to receive intelligent spirit responses. Definitely a game changing ITC tool. However, the issue I have is with the text portion of this app. After some thorough testing, I can say that without a doubt, it randomly generates very generic words and phrases. Phrases such as "She’s in the backseat", "You’re not alone" or my personal favorite, "Evil is near". Hugely disappointing. I’ve never seen an app be exceptional but yet terrible at the same time. This is truly an anomaly. Even your bestie, Steve Huff has mentioned this downfall in your app. And that it’s only validity is the speech tool. If you’re going to add an "entertainment purposes only" portion to this app, at least warn people first. And don’t charge $10.00 for a half baked ITC app. Charge like $5.00, seeing as half of it is fake.

Don’t bother buying. Waste of money it generates random words wouldn’t bother tbh these YouTubers get paid to advertise this app

This real’. Is this real! I just downloaded?

No sound at all…useless. Not much else to say…no sound = useless.

Needs bugs fixed.. Just downloaded the app for it to not speak a language I speak. My home has lots of spirits in it. Ones that speak English because I have communicated with them before. But using this app and it’s in a different language. Definitely need to have an option to pick what country you are in. I mean what use is the app if it’s in a language I can not understand. All my favorite YouTubers use this app and have no problem and clear answers I use it and you can’t even understand anything. Hopefully the creator of this app can fix the bugs or if not I’d like my money back. I don’t want to pay for an app that I can’t even use it’s pointless. So please add a which country are you in or what language you use option that would be awesome and help a lot of your problems. Because I’m not the only one complaining about it being the wrong language in the reviews. Follow me on tiktok @paranormally_keila and on YouTube paranormallykeila once I can find the right app and equipment for me I will be uploading lots more. On tiktok i have 38.0k followers. So please beware of the scam accounts on there I have one account and one account only all others are scam accounts

Maybe not fake. I just downloaded the app nothing but random words. I spent hours but nothing releted. If u need to get quicker responses use magnet, that’s b.s without it it takes time. That means it just spits out random words only around magnet or metal. Update: Sorry I was too quick to judge I think this app is legit, I know the app has banked with million words but without those it wouldn’t happen. Spirit adopt those words and show us on the screen. I got some interesting things spirit shared with me. Update after using for a few hours the sound all sudden disappeared. I have checked all the settings, but still no sound and I did read some reviews about the sound issue so I appreciate if you guys look into this.

Needs History. Actual value is 2.99!! But If you dont care and want to blow $10 for a random word app that has a moth you will not be dissapointed. Recommendations to update are: 1) Scrolling word bank history needed: it should scroll past just the previous 8 words. Ask your developer to check for the ios code equivalent to “text overflow” and set that css to “auto” on the container div that contains generated words. That way its able to scroll up and down all of the sessions words instead of just 8 words. 2) the echo and reverb voice choices etc are really useless as it seems more like a toy.. i would remove the options for echo entirely. 3) Id say the word generator font should be non serif like open sans the size is ok if it scrolls. 4) Remove the big moth there and make the meter really big instead as a large bug in the center makes the app look less authentic and more annoying than a novty. I understand totally if this app was never intended to be taken seriously. But it will be worth $10 if you change these 4 items!

No sound iPhone 13 Pro. There is no sound on the iPhone 13 Pro

doesn’t work well. txt does not generate, speaks only in german and is a waste of money. other apps of his just copies words and phrases

Sound. I can’t get any sound why is that

Fake. Don’t bother! It’s definitely fake! Random words. Never responds to your questions.

Just got this app. Just got this app maybe 2days ago and I believe it works but can you add a effects to the bar where the spirits talk because I’m in ca and some words are not in English but a definite language and like can you add a thing when you stop it make a way where we can see the words like ghost hunter m2 I believe this works and I believe in spirits but it said demon and some girl who said I miss him then it said I love you and I’m a ghost hunter so this dose not scare me but a few nights ago when everyone was asleep I seen a ghost walk right me and I could see it but it only lasted for a few sacs then I got really dizzy so it was tryin to use my energy to menafest I have spirits following me and useing my fan at night or dearin the day but yes I like this app seen a video about it on YouTube then I download it but my iPhone is about to die we don’t have power right now maybe when we get power back on i will might ghost hunt I lost a dog a few months ago and I wish he is in heaven playin with the other dogs thanks

Don’t normally write reviews. The removal of the custom word section made this app absolutely useless

Wow. Download this because I seen someone on YouTube using it and the reviews were pretty interesting…. My middle name came through within 5 minutes of turning it on. Spelling (Maria) like what are the odds of all the names in the world… I was standing in the door way of my business looking outside at the trees blowing in the wind and it said (Blowing) and (sunlight) mind you it was very bright out from the sun.. it then said 2 o clock?!? Like what! This is insane to me. I had a client coming, so I had to Turn it off but I am so curious now!

Audio. Can’t hear any audio on iPhone

No sound on iPhone. WASTE OF MONEY!!! I even uninstalled and reinstalled it.

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Necro Meter 1.2 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Necro Meter app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Chris Rogers and other users?

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Necro Meter 1.2 Apps Screenshots & Images

Necro Meter iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.2
Play Store com.BitPlague.Necrometer
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

Necro Meter (Versiyon 1.2) Install & Download

The application Necro Meter was published in the category Utilities on 25 May 2023, Thursday and was developed by Chris Rogers [Developer ID: 1119043156]. This program file size is 167.72 MB. This app has been rated by 116 users and has a rating of 2.8 out of 5. Necro Meter - Utilities app posted on 30 June 2023, Friday current version is 1.2 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.BitPlague.Necrometer. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Necro Meter App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Greatly improved quality of Speech mode random sound generation.  - The new algorithm provides a much more random sound selection that produces better responses. Fixed bug with the Test Effects feature - All effects are now work while testing effects Removed custom word list

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