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Melon: Sandbox App Description & Overview

What is melon: sandbox app? A simple sandbox game, where you create your own scenarios.
Let your imagination loose with the wide variety of items at your disposal: melee weapons, guns and even barrels!

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App Name Melon: Sandbox
Category Entertainment
Updated 23 April 2024, Tuesday
File Size 336.45 MB

Melon: Sandbox Comments & Reviews 2024

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good. i love it but no music pls add music and add mod button brings you to google and you dont have google thats ok you download mods from melmods and make a app thats called “melmod” can u pls add people and make emotions when the verson is 11.0 and add 100+ more characters into the game and add everything from people playground also add a playground map and school map and cars and new wheels and add a Hennessy venom f5 its a car and add 32 wheels to the game and 32 power wheels and add 5 engines to the game and pls make a app called people playground and add all items from the pc people playground and make 99+ animations and add 165+ liquid to the game and make it realistic and add shaders and make all the maps have grass and mountains far away and make more foods like chicken nuggets and make mcdonald's map add money to the game and add weather to the game to make it more realistic and add 250+ items to the game and make a video trailer which is 3D melon playground and add plants to the game and add houses and add a city map and add sonic character to game and make the city map 50 times bigger than every map in the game and add pizza to game and add 50+ armour to the game and add talking to the game and add cats to the game and add 100+ pets to the game and add a new secret

I’d rather pay money for no ads then this timer option. Dear melon playground devs (or dev idk) I’d like to inform that 8 have fun with the game when I have. A idea I like ur vote system and I like the new sports stuff I’d like to know however how do I make a character enter the jeep and more importantly can we spend a dollar to remove ads entirely and only use them to vote? It would be nice then this thing I mean more people buy the no ads feature and the free 2 plays still use that timer it’s a win win! I mean I know nobody likes to pay to play a f2p game but it’s better really people get annoyed of ads people have the option to increase the timer or they can pay 0.99 for no ads except for voting and yo get money either way and as a way to show you got the 0.99 purchase you get a special hat that you can wear or something - random player

Problem with getting my saved creations to work.. I spend hours on this game, and while the rest of it is great there is one problem I keep encountering every time I attempt to load my vehicle creations. whenever I do this, they spawn in the bottom left corner of the map, below and beyond the ground and wall. This makes my creation to glitch out and makes my game crash, and even if it doesn’t crash, I can’t get my creation out of the wall, stopping me from using it, after I spent over an hour getting the turrets right, and using the wiring to make it drive. it causes the game to be a waste of time and ruins the fun, because I can’t pit tanks together in a fight, and see what wins. The big here stops me from loading vehicles, that I over an hour on, and I have had enough of this problem. The rest of the game is great, but problem is very urgent, and stops me from doing everything I want in the game. I hope to look into this and fix it, Thanks! -Adsalesman

I mean it’s very good but…. This game is just gosh I don’t know how to describe it but it’s just amazing no matter what but it could be better. Just like all the other reviews we need in game mods! It just feels right I know we might be pushing this a little far but we just need mods and also I don’t know if anyone else has said this but please could you add vehicles to the game so that the downhill map can be even more fun I know we can just make our own vehicles but come on we all know in people playground vehicles are mostly just spawned in plus we can just de construct the car to start off a new creation so please just add cars it would really give this game that people playground vibe and to all the people reading this have a great day and I hope everything’s going well so goodbye god blesses you all 😁

BEST GAME EVER. I love the constant updates and the way that they cannot approve the graphics double lots of stuff but I do have some requests I wish there’s more stuff to mess around with even though there’s already quite a lot I can’t wait to vote for the next item after this voting session is done and hopefully just hopefully we can get better stuff I’m requesting for certain stuff like monsters and like tons of other stuff like more syringes like syringes that turn characters into a monster or a Way to sort more stuff and make your own category to take stuff and put those in the categories or make a bigger screen so that way you can put bigger pictures into frames when you’re making your stuff I really like that so it’s bigger because of my pictures I tried putting into it or not fitting and I want that to be bigger but other than that it’s a five stars still the best game I’ve ever played and it’s the best game in the world better than all those stupid ads that you see

Have to keep uninstalling the game. I like this game a lot, and I use it to make my own scenarios and saves. But I have to keep uninstalling it because of a bug. The first time, I played this for a couple of months, though a message telling me to agree to the privacy policy eventually appeared. There’s no way to continue to the actual game without agreeing, so I did without reading the policy and pressed play, only to see that the maps are missing on the map selection screen. I tried things like reloading the game, powering off my device, and looking for solutions online. But the maps never loaded no matter what I did. I only way to fix this is to delete the game and reinstall it. Although this would have deleted my saves and removed my mods, I had to do it. And this happened to me like 3 more times, just a couple of weeks after I installed the app again. I even tried reading the policy! I’m writing this review right after the most recent time I had to uninstall this app due to this bug, and I recently decided to stop playing it for now. Please fix this bug, and I’ll start playing this again. Thank you.

Just a quick request. I think you should add a few things into this game, and these are the things first off I think you should add a robot fruit which are the equivalent of Androids second add wooden wheels that snapped a building materials, such as wooden laths and bricks walls add flashlights, and a hallway map that has a hallway that slowly gets darker add different types of camo suits, there should also be gloves add an super strength syringe and makes fruit super durable and makes it so they regenerate when they take damage it should also be a freeze syringe that freezes fruits, but won’t kill them I think there should also be different versions of rangers. Of course we have the normal range, but I think there should also be a fire ranger, a metal, Ranger and life ranger the metal rangers senses stuff that are made out of metal such as guns knives etc the fire range, your senses, things that are on fire and the flames that come from the flame thrower the life ranger has two settings a kid either sent zombies or normal fruits, but other than that the name is self-explanatory it detects living stuff that’s request add a gun turret that can be controlled by fruits OK this request is over. Thank you bye.

Great game to kill time but a few critiques. I love this game and love seeing it grow with its frequent updates. It feels like there is really so much to do and so many little features that you didn’t know you needed until finding them. Recently, the devs have added downloaded mods and are supporting their own community. I love to see those things in a game, but as in the title, I have some critiques about this amazing game. I know that no one and nothing is perfect but one word. ADS. Look, I know that the devs depend on ads to make most of their money, I’d rather have a free game with ads than a paid one with none. Although, what disappoints me is how it is a WEEKLY subscription to remove ads. Maybe a 10-20 dollar full payment as an alternative. Really though, I can’t think of anything else wrong with the game. GREAT job at a sandbox game, solid 9.5/10

Vehicle Ideas. Love this game, I love the new update because it added more stuff and vehicles. However there is only one vehicle only, Jeep, So I have 5 vehicle ideas and I hope they would be added, 1. Tank, tanks are useful for Military roleplay and is useful for not wasting people’s time on building a tank, only for it to break or not work. 2. Trucks, trucks can be useful for more additions in some kind of roleplay. 3. Buses, it is useful for more additions, a random transport, and more for some kind of roleplay. 3. Boats, boats are useful for some kind of roleplay son the sea, Kayaks, canoes, fishing boats, yachts, and if you want, add destroyers. 4. Vans, they are also useful for some kind of additions on some kind of roleplay. 5. Cars, cars are useful for some kinds of roleplay and much more. I hope you add all or some of this. Thank you.

More Details.. Characters: Could u add a banana orange grape and strawberry? I’m kinda bored of using the Main Ones. And Ur New Update (I’m On IPad/Mobile) I can’t make any character pick a weapon up anymore, More Furniture: Could u add a couch and some food, because I feel like it would be better. But people playground could u add some stuff from it? Game: I really want a people playground Mobile Game. Because I don’t have a PC Or anything like that but WITH NO MONEY, I can’t Play Games That Cost Money. Details: Well maybe add a Day-Night Detail And A Few Easter Eggs Hidden In Each Map, Maps: If u had more like a Haloween map valentine’s, Easter, Christmas, July 4th, anything like that it’s kinda like a event but just add them the game is kinda great no bugs unless the one in the Characters Section. Events: U could Atleast add some events right like A key to the door that matches the door lock, lock pick, and u know what I mean ok pls update them I might do another review. Outro: It’s a pretty good and cool game it’s my 3rd main app that’s the best, so 5-5 Stars. Pls Add Those Details The Game Would Be Better With It,And Add Mods To This App Pls… I can’t do it on mobile so PLEASE,

A few suggestions. This game is absolutely amazing, no doubt at that. It is clear that some work was put into it and it is entertaining as heck. But, there are a few things that would make this more fun. 1: Doors, adding doors with frames would allow very fun story situations or aesthetic to your builds. The doors, as said earlier, should be attached to frames, so when the door is broken, th e frame stays. Using activate should lock the door and make it harder to open, this is when the door needs to be kicked down, or opened regularly. 2: Robots, you know exactly why we need these. 3: Being able to change the slow-mo slider without going into the settings menu. 4: More clothing variety. The only one I could think of for this is because we need more camo clothing variety’s. Desert, Winter, etc. :D 5: New maps, maybe a snowy one, one that isn’t so grey and bland, although that doesn’t really matter for this game, and many other biomes, and a big pit, along with a dark map that can only be seen using light sources. Thanks. 6: Lasty, we need the nuke to explode when the tip comes in contact with the ground, along with that, we need Sticky C4 that is a timed explosive, that’s it. Thanks! If you’re just scrolling the reviews to see if this game is good, it is, download it. ;)

Change the Voting PLS. Now Melon playground is great! They have items to test with the characters and you can make anything you want with items and save it the next time you want to use it but there is only one problem I have with this game the Voting. The Voting is so nice because now we can vote for items we want to come to melon playground but it is so ANNOYING when you have to vote the item all the way to a 100% because just to vote is annoying enough to having to watch ads but we need 100% votes to add the items which is also annoying because the last voting item was a lazar gun. Which could have been fun but since people didn’t vote as much because they waited for an update we can never get back the Lazar item so all I’m trying to say is to fix the voting and make it so you can see when the voting Is done

Please read this review. This is how I think the game could improve.. I will start by talking about the number of ads. I downloaded the game because it looked fun and I was shocked at how little ads I saw. The low amount of ads is why I kept the game. Now I’m on the verge of deleting the game because of how many ads there is. I used to be able to play for an hour and not see any ads. Now if I play for an hour I see at least 60 ads. There is another ad every minute so I can barely do or spawn anything. I understand that the ads make you money and everything but it makes the game less fun. I would recommend you take the ads down to 1 ad every maybe 10 minutes. I would also the name changed back. “Melon Sandbox” sounds horrible. “Melon Playground” sounds so much better. I would also like to point out the fact that the game has a low capacity. For example, earlier today I saved a Cactus army and it made the game lag. I think everybody that plays the game would like a higher game capacity. I would also like the game to have more maps.

Awesome game and important note to others. This game is awesome feel free to add music as an external option or just do whatever suits you Honor also if any of you dumb people are keeping to ask about mod menu it will not happen because all of you are probably dumb like I said you are because Apple doesn’t like third-party stuff and mods count us third-party stuff I’m being honest do you really think Apple would love something like that for one app. No! Why do you think it would be that way if you thought that really you’re pretty dumb if you want a mods To be usable even if it does get added Apple will terminate the owner or program in a few days or instantly after the update depending on Apple‘s team. Final note: this might be over exaggerated but I love your game owner I like it it’s kind of like people playground but you can actually play it for mobile and very creative it’s pretty true how it is annoying how people keep asking for mods to be usable but I love Your game I think it’s very fun like I said but thank you for taking your time to read this I know it’s long but thank you for supplying us with a very fun mobile app that works on a bulky iPad :D

I love this game and it is awsome but I have suggestions. So basically this is just a list of stuff I think you should add. So the limb connector is nice but I think you should make a limb GROWER yeah a limb grower basically they lose a arm grow back da arm lose the head grow back da head and I think you should make different kinds of limb growers so then a apple dude could have a corn arm or a Melon guy could have a pumpkin arm. Also you should add a limb chopper basically you got a arm chop it off got a head chop it off got legs chop em off also make the light red instead of blue then you know it’s chopping not connecting. Also a bomb syringe so basically you give them the syringe then they are a bomb not literally but you can make them explode BOOOOOOOOOOOM! Also maybe add caveman clothes and also I’d like if you add a new mechanic that would make for example a rocket launcher shoot because a revolver shot and they both shoot because they’re connected by wires. And also here are some flavors I’d like for you to add as characters like grape, banana, ice cream, toast, pineapple. So those are all my suggestions for watermelon playground you don’t need to add all of them but I’ll still love this game the same whether or not my suggestions get added.

sad times. I’m slowly playing this game less and I’m requesting you to focus on more glitches. I think it’s fine how it is right now and I also hate like the new robot and the new vote feature I had to write two reviews because this is just mad I’m playing this game less and less every day because it’s only getting boring I’m starting to focus on other games From 5h to 3h to 2h now only about an hour a day and most of the time I don’t even play anymore now I consider that you listen to this, and I want a developer to reply to this, please and not a bot I just want old times back the fun game I used to play is coming now a boring thing in the back of my mind so please consider and the glitches are the worst and there needs to be a lot more items to use and ragdoll with it is a sandbox after all and I think this game is slowly dying off because there’s not many things for people to do because they’ve already done everything there is to do that’s why I think you should advertise this game more and that’s it all I have to say bye now

A request others might like. I love the simplicity of melon playgrounds sandbox game but I have request. I think they should make new characters of fruits like “grape” of like “lemon” and destroyable things like crates should have more physics like the debris. Also adding a “lightsaber” would be cool but not like a penetrate or stab weapon. I want it to be able to slice characters like in half and after you cut them in half the part we see most is clearly ok but then like another side falls and it’s just like bone and blood in the inside. I think it would be cool but I think it would be better if the “lightsaber” was a poll item in the vote. And to not steal the name “lightsaber” just name is like laser blade or laser sword. These are just request and not things I want but it would be cool if these things I listed would we added. Before I finish this, why can you not use ropes to connect things to the characters? And bye

Best note. When I first start playing the game I am looking around exploring then I found the spawn menu it looked cool I spawned a melon then I killed it then after that I tried to build stuff but I could not and I did not know how to connect stuff to buttons and make it work but then I realised how to connect wires and make it work I tried to build over and over but I could not then when I double tap on objects this menu pops up I said to my self (this could be useful for connect parts) I tried building but I failed but then I found out slow motion and this stop time thing I said to my self again (this could be more useful for stuff to build with) I made the settings of objects and stop time work together then I made a helicopter I was so proud of my self and I realised the connecting thing I could use it to fly the helicopter I grabbed a toggle button then connect it then it was flying! Kinda so k put thrusters at the bottom so it can fly a little higher then when I realised I could change the force so it can be a certain force for it to fly good when o tried the regular force it went TOO fast up in the air so I changed the force and I found a certain force for it to fly good then it was my ever first save in the world I made better and better builds then I realised more stuff then I got good I build some insane stuff and this was my ever first top game that I liked so much and that’s my story that I put a five star in

Player controllability. Controls are very good. I think the game would be much better with physics. I would love to be able to control the melon, too. That would be super fun. It is really hard to get them in vehicles though and I have only done it once. I think more vehicles would be amazing, as there is honestly a little. I also feel like a lot more types of default people could get into the game. Could there also be a chance that we might see good mods added to the game forever. Kind of like a contest for best mod by the developer/s. Might be fun. I don’t know if this is good but maybe the mods store could auto reload. Back to vehicles, I would love a helicopter in the vehicles section, because all the saves I have downloaded are really hard to use. I also have a problem with the adds, but they make money, so I understand. In all very good game. In the vote could we get some more options than 3. I think that would be awesome! Would love to see some more content though. Great game!👍👍👍

It could be better.... I would rate this game 5 stars, but it just has a couple of bugs. First off, when I use the parent button and I save the object, when I re-add it to my game it’s all jumbled up. Please fix this, as I plan to make many things with this feature. Next, I notice that if you spawn a character from up high, it sorta crouches when it hits the ground. The problem is, if you spawn a character behind it at a certain time, one of them splits in half. I just dislike the fact that you can spawn in two characters and one or maybe even both of them just randomly split in half. Please fix this. Also, I have two ideas for features. One of them is that you can save maps you use, so you can always go back to it. The other feature is that you can make you own mods I stand of having to use someone else’s mod. Please add these features, as well as fixing these bugs. Bye! Also, I put my newborn son into a blender (not real)

Great Game But There Could Be More. The Game is fun playing with the fruit character and making things with the items they give you but it there is not many guns or explosives and the way you could fix that is by adding some things like a Musket a Pump Shotgun maybe a Matchlock Rifle and for the explosives you could add a generic bomb and by generic bomb I mean a bomb that isn’t as powerful as an Atomic Bomb but it is more powerful than some C-4 and you could add more items or machinery and one thing that would be nice is a set of Environment Settings like you can choose if it is raining or not or you can make it dark or you could add more maps like a map with grass and trees and other things and the only reason I think that would be nice is because if you add all that you will probably get more players and they will play for a longer period of time which would get you more profits and it would be fun for the player

SO FUNN AND FUNNNYYYYHYYYYYYY. So when I was making weaves for my video it giltching and the melons were bouncing everywhere so I had to restart the game while trying to get the melons down while bouncing so like I said I restarted and then I saw something abt melon playground when I went to the App Store and found a update then it updated and mods were free I was jumping up and down I thought they were millions bc maybe people posted but it’s only the melon playground company but the next update u should put the post button to the mod page so people can make mods and saves but if it not kid appropriate or 18+ u should ban they for 8 days of playing melon playground if they try to go back in afterwards give them a warning and yeah love the game chefs kiss but yeah y’all keep doin what y’all doing I have one small request can y’all add hair cs I don’t like making them for 6 hours and yeahhhh bye. - love me

5 stars but... So I love this game this is now probably my 1st fav game now but I have some suggestions. So when you click on the character when you go down to the animations I think there should be “sleep” cause with a recent update when a character dies the rot. And I don’t want to kill them so they could sleep. Cause I don’t want them to rot when they are sleeping. 2nd I think you should add backgrounds to the game so it’s a bit more realistic. 3rd I think you should add more characters. Final is I love the virus needle cause when I’m doing a zombie apocalypse rp I find the virus needle unrealistic for the zombie. And an add on to the final suggestion the virus needle regenerates the body and I like the wounds when the character has a virus. K I’m done please do all of this! And have fantastic rest of the day! (Updated) app a tiny bit ruined because a new update (or a glitch) when I spawn a character there are 2 eyes instead of one (I know they do have 2 eyes but it’s on the same side) and I would love for this to be over (or fixed) please do this. Thank you for your time. Have a good day.

Greatest Sandbox Ever! 😎. Melon Playground is one of my favorite mobile games. It is free, and requires no internet! It is a great game for when you are on a long car ride and you need something to do. There is a vast selection of items and tools used to do whatever you want! You can use bricks to build houses, you can have fun with the fruits, you can shoot fruits with guns and hurt them with other weapons, the possibilities are endless! I love inventing things by connecting wires and ropes to make something new. This game is amazing, and one of the coolest things about it, is that it supports mods! You can download mods on the discord, and it’s really easy! This is a great game for when you just have nothing to do, and you want something to have some fun! Melon playground is a very cool game! Hopefully more updates come soon!

Love it but... I love the game fun, but yet not enough. I mean like it would be nice to have more characters, or maybe more weapons. Another thing is that I hate the new look. Like when they look at you (the player) it’s creepy and weird. I would have rated it a 5 but just because the stare at you, and the skulls don’t make, nor the picture. It’s a 3. Till this is fixed it will be a five but I would also like to control them easier. Like when you pause and pull on their arm or something it just goes flying off. It would be nice for it to like pull on the body a bit. Not moving the body but pull the limbs without ripping them apart, and when you let go it should stay floating there till you unpause it. Also like Human Playground (which I do not play) their should be ones were their have their minds of their own. Like to know to stay away from dangerous objects, and a new thing is there should be psychopaths. Where they pick up guns and knifes and attack others. But other than that good game. *hope you see this*

Why don’t the maps load. Great game, really. I love everything. Just one complaint. The game will no longer work. Now listen, I’ve made plenty of high quality saves and I am currently working on a series about melons and robots fighting but whenever I try to enter a map, there is no maps. It just says “choose a map” and the background. What makes this worse is I can’t uninstall the game because apparently apple removed the feature to remove apps. Seriously, I can only remove it from the homescreen. Please, for the love of this world. Fix this. There is absolutely no solution currently. I don’t need updates, this has only started happening a week ago. And I haven’t installed any mods in a long while (so that’s not a problem), I can’t uninstall the game. And I’m bored out of my mind. Please, fix this I beg you devs.

Adds getting more frequent. Ok, I will start with how it used to be, I used to play this game and love it (which I still do!) and every single time I played I would play for sometimes hours and only see maybe 1-2 adds. This is one of the main reasons I lived the game actually, fun game with very little adds; all the sudden after a while (about a year or 2) I started to notice that these adds are becoming more frequent. While I’m writing this review, I just got off of the game because I had been playing for less than 10 minutes and saw almost 10 adds! For this I was very disappointed, and this game is so fun and I don’t want it to become a sponsored game with weird adds that play over and over and over. I understand that these adds make the game money but I meannnmm, 10 ads in ten minutes. That was very very odd, and like I said, this is come more and more frequent. All I ask is that you reduce the amount of adds to somewhere around 3 adds per hour, that way I can enjoy the game without being bombarded by adds that u honestly don’t want it be watching. Thank you! (Btw, the last part is messed up and it won’t let me delete it, sooo just ignor the last part!) the adds to about 3-5 adds an hourgame money, but I come COME ON m😤😤😤😤😤👿

Melon playground the best sandbox game. So I really really like to build stuff and save it it is just like building but in a game! It is really fun I turn of gore because you know yeah… and so I love this game very much just like I love my mobile phone and IPad I first started off with building a mad robot and it turned out pretty good actually my best save is unstoppable melon it is a melon with a moded sword and with a injection so the melon can not die so that’s why I love the game I really really can you update already???? Because I have been waiting for 24 days I guess (not rude voice) this is a 5 star game so I give this a five star review I really loved this game and the developer if you are reading this thank you for putting so much time for this game to be updated because I will be a good update as I waited 24 day bye…

Jdbodyigajsihwu subsidizing good game. The first time you were able and you had to do something about the situation you had with your family you had a good relationship and I was very proud to have met your mother I am very happy that she is a very good friend of yours I hope that she will continue her life with her husband I hope she is able and that you are happy with your new relationship with your mom I will pray that she is happy with her new relationship and I will continue my journey and that she is a great friend and a good person to her family I will be there to support you in the long time to support yourself daughter in your life I hope you that the she is very much looking for you as you will always have your best interest and that doesn’t mean you should die for me I love my family I will love my daughter I will love my wife I will always be there to help her but you will never leave you will always leave you and your children I love my kids and my kids and my kids and all of you I love my kids and my kids but you will always have a safe and healthy relationship and you

Oh crap sandwich there’s a glitch. OK so one time I was trying to go play melon playground, right? It was all normal until I went to the menu where you select the map right? Well I just can’t get in anymore. He just doesn’t let me in the game just won’t let me in it’s just weird the menus won’t play it’s just dumb. Please help me and fix this. Also, can you please get rid of the subscription I don’t want it there I, I want it so that the ads are less frequent and please please please please please please 1 million times please fix this glitch. Please make everyone’s life better and make no ads they make every buddy mad and create a lot of haters, so if some advice get rid of the ads. In summary, let me just summarize it up again OK? So get rid of the glitch that prevents me from actually playing in runners and playable, get rid of the stupid annoying adds OK. Is that good here we go. Please reply. Devs

Melon playground is truly the game of all time. Melon playground is a sandbox game with many and I mean many ways to play. Not only does the game have sandbox content, it also has rag-dolls with extremely advanced mechanics. While all of this is happening you also have weapons, syringes, cars, and armor so here’s my actual review. The game has so many things to play with and so many ideas and maps to play with that you can really simulate anything, like a moon landing, or a ship sinking. Also don’t even get me started on the weapons they’re so good and I heard soon they’re gonna add better explosions and they even have sports related items. tThrough and through this game is a 5 star experience even with ads, so if you’re reading my review try giving this game a download I recommend it. thank you for publishing this game developers reading this and good luck on future updates.

Some suggestions…. This game is great. It really captures the features and style the original game has. A few simple suggestions that could make this game better for mobile and more practical. Multi-select button: With this feature, people wouldn’t have to struggle to try to multi-select and easily use it. This can be toggled in option (on or off). Press-and-hold to edit: Instead of having problems edit, you can press-and-hold to edit a specific thing without having to accidentally delete it or turn on something on accident. This can be toggled in option (on or off). Ability to create custom characters: This will be awesome since it will let us unleash our creativity in a game of creativity. Natural disasters/powers: Just like the original game, maybe add some natural powers, like lighting, fire, or maybe water. These are some suggestion that could be added as actual features and can be really useful when playing around in this amazing game.

needs MORE. Bugs? This game is wonderful and there isnt many bugs that I’ve experienced. Very well made aswell but it gets laggy as you add more things over time. Characters There is only four characters including the melon, apple, corn and pumpkin but I was thinking maybe you can add some more like a pear, banana, grapes and more! But I get bored of the ones we have currently. Clothing There is many clothing options but I would like some more such as shorts and more hats! I just feel like the game would be so much better with it. Other items, weapons + ect. There are also many weapons and items but maybe add some more furniture and for the syringes can the regeneration one contain the power to make the character regenerate body parts cause its always annoying to have to heal them but then they are missing a leg, arm, head, ect. Maps There is many maps such as the water one (my favorite) but maybe there could be some more because im tired of the same old maps. Maybe one with some grass or a fire? I dont know its your choice. Overall This game is really great it could use some changes like those above so please make it happen because I would really like it! Anyways this game deserves a 5 star review. If you saw this and will make these changes in the future it would mean alot to me! Thank you.

We just need mods for Apple but besides great game and also so many adds the longer you play. Overall great game but one thing and one thing only we need to have mods. I mean it’s not really that hard to ask for I mean really. If you add moss this game would be even better. It’s still a five star for me but please please add mods so we can enjoy it even more. Like guns, characters, clothing, monsters, weapons, decoration, and etc. If you do this one simple thing and add mods everybody will be playing this game all over the world. So please just do this one thing for the love of god! Thank you if you do have a great day. If you do this may god bless you. Also do this for flipping apple please I am tired of seeing everybody else with these cool mods but apple can’t have it so please just make it so there is mods. I am on the IPhone XR and it will mean a lot if you add mods for apple and everything else. Please and thank you!

Hello. And yes, I’m back for asking another development answer… I forgot to mention in my last post if it’s available to you could you also please add boats and ships it gets really annoying when I have to try to cross water and it makes it so I can’t replicate something like the Titanic speaking of the titanic you should also add icebergs with that you could also probably make streetlamps and I said this in my last post if it’s available, could you make flags of every country? (Also, search bar so then you can search up things) I just also want more cars (and yes, I am begging for everything) even a railroad crossing (of the country you were born in) and sometime soon, I will be getting another post to you. I hope I get a developer response also saying that this will come into the near future if you do add it in the near future thank you very much. I really appreciate it. like always the game is the best (and probably the most played other than Roblox)

The request that will make others love this game.. As you saw in the title this idea would change everything! My idea is can you do in the main screen like the “main screen” where you can play with settings. You should put a make mod area in it so if you or someone else makes a small mod then ONLY the creator can use it. And this just in this game no mod apps or nothin. Or in quicker words just make a update where you can make your own mod and you don’t need a mod app. And you don’t have to remake every time you come back. And you can make anything in this make mod area. Example: an AK-47. Details: when you begin making a mod you will have to choose a category: explosive, firearm, melee, rag doll (melon), clothing, or syringe. Then you can choose a color click where you want to put it, then You make what size it comes in, after that you name it, and finally if it’s a Syringe then you choose a effect. If it’s a firearm then I think it should be 0.1 for a reloading speed like the rocket launcher, 0.3 for revolver t fire speed, 0.5 for a auto shotgun speed and 1.0 for speed like the sub machine gun / SMG. 1.5 for mini gun speed. Please do this, I know this is going to take a long time but in the end you will probably begin seeing all 5 star reviews and no complain about anything! (except for bugs and slow FPS, that maters on what the person creates.)

Support Needed for Complicated builds,. First of all, great game over all! Very well made and I enjoy making very cool things, like for example, I’ve made the American Abram tank in MP (Or a a decent quality one). But however, I found that the bars with the tiny black dots on them when acted on with too much force or at weird angle, they will make the object hop on one side or make a “supernova chain reaction effect where it makes all the pieces in the build unstable and start bouncing all around the area’s wall’s at light speed, and then quickly crashing your game if there’s a lot of blocks. That needs to be fixed desperately, but a now worse bug I’m struggling with after I tried to improve my high quality build (the tank), was when I put everything together with many more connection pieces like pins than usual, it made the supernova chain effect as I spawn in the saved version, deleting my progress of one and a half hours instantly. Maybe you could make the save system different to work around this or something else to fix these weird bugs that I and probably many others deal with. But other than that nice job on your work! Oh yeah and a video on how the parent button works please?

Amazing game! Just a couple of suggestions!. Ok. I really love this game but I wish it had a couple more things. For one, I really want more characters besides the original 4. I could suggest adding carrots, pineapples, or grapes. Another thing I suggest is adding more weapons. For instance, nukes in the bombs section. Another thing I’d suggest is more clothes for the character to wear like gloves or shorts or jackets. Also, I’d really love it if you’d add Mod Editor to IOS devices. I’d really appreciate it! Speaking of Mod Editor, can you add more editable items? Also, I’d like to suggest more syringes in the syringe section. One, the Explosion Syringe. It simply explodes the character. And two, the Body Regen Syringe. It’s like the Regeneration Syringe, but it regenerates any missing body part. Also, can you add a Gravity section to the GUI? How it works is that you can set the gravity to many different settings, such as Earth, Moon, Sun, No Gravity, and Anti-Gravity! Also, can you add a Map Maker? That way, we can make our own maps with the items provided? Anyways, that’s all my suggestions, and I really love this game! Great game! 10/10!

Love this game but i have some requests. So yeah I love this game but I would like more stuff like robots or monsters and the guns I want are ak 47 and muskets and I would like a bayonet that you can attach to guns and for melee weapons I want are light sabers and katanas and for the viruses I want is a virus that can turn someone into a vampire and a virus that can make someone have laser eyes and the example for that is if you hold someone’s head there will be a button you can press on the bottom of your screen that can activate the laser eyes and I would like a new section in the life one that has monsters like a monster the melon playground creators made or like a monster from doors or the backrooms and the last thing is I would like a new map that you put a melon on the ground and there is going to be a ceiling above him and theres holes in different parts of the ceiling that you can put stuff in for example if you guys listen to my monster idea you would make the melon walk through and then you can make the monster go through the hole and basically jump scare the melon and another idea I want is that you would be able to make a melon pick up a melon last thing in the living can you make a robot section that’s it

Great game, way too many ads. I love the game! It’s so fun to play whenever I’m bored. But I get an ad every 5 minutes and watching a whole 30 second as to extend the time only gives me 10 minutes. It’s just way too many and I often stop playing after about 30 minutes because I don’t want to watch 12 annoying ads an hour. And the subscription for no ads is just outrageous, $3.50 a *week*? That’s like 14 dollars a month. And I don’t want to spend around 155 dollars a year just so I don’t have ads on a sandbox game. Also another problem, I really want to make more intricate contraptions with all of the building stuff, but when I join pieces together there’s a high chance it goes crazy and everything breaks (killing everything around it aswell). I’ve had lots of things I spent a while on break in a split second, and I have to redo lots of work. Overall I recommend this game! But it needs some fixes (Even an ad every 10 minutes would be a massive improvement).

Good overall but major suggestions. I like this app overall good dumb fun ig. But there are two major things that get on my nerves, #1:I hate that clothes and bandages ect. can't be removed; once their on the stay and u have to get a new character a lot of the time that's really annoying I wish there was a way to remove clothing or things of the nature. Like a button maybe idk🤷‍♀️ #2:Also related to bandages and clothes, the bandages are very hard to place on the right spot if I try to put it on the arm it mistakes it and puts it on the leg I wish I there was something indicating where the bandage will be placed,like the rope how it changes color? And for the clothes Idk if it's just me but there is a problem where if I try to put clothes on them it sometimes breaks their bodies and I have to try again and hope for the best, I thought it was a weight limit but it's not because I put shorts on one guy and he broke in half. Idk what the problem with that is but if it can be fixed that would be amazing. Thank you for ur time and reading this🤗✨

STOOPID FLIPPIN GUY plus review. So I was just minding my business scrolling through reviews when I saw this review saying that they couldn’t delete ropes and ima put this in 3 words Stooopid flipping GUY next there was another guy saying his restaurant glitched out cause of ropes like just freeze and save that easy I have one more thing to summarize that review STOOOPID FLIPPIN GUY next I saw a guy complaining about ads and I wold say no one likes ads and it’s true but if you spend years developing a game and spent thousands of dollars probably would you want to make the money back anyone who said no is a psychopath and now for my review this game I just downgraded people playground and I know every melon playground nerd is screaming at me but hear me out this game Is a mobile game it’s nothing to be ashamed of because it’s a mobile game you physically can’t get roasted when it’s a mobile game there is only one word to describe melon playground and it’s not Stoopidflippinguy it’s melondeeznutsalloveryourfaceatwendyscausefunnyLLamWmelonplaygroundcoolandanyonewhpdisagreeisdurmandiyesiseltdumbwrongapurpose melon playground is meant for fun and maybe a little money for the devs but mainly for fun so just enjoy it while it’s free

Cool game. I love this game and it’s very cool. Also, could you add some more stuff like a monster and huggy Wuggy and doors and stuff if you don’t know what Doors is it’s from Roblox anyways yeah could you add some birdies to and dogs and some other animals even cats, so yeah I’m creators. Thanks for reading this review, but could you just do one thing for me because in the game there is this glitch where are you? When you like make the food player thing you are you freeze it today and I wanted to delete something. It deleted the thing that I did the whole thing so I’m so. MAD about that and I literally did that like it didn’t take that long but I just it was like being so dumb so can you please fix that anyways thanks for reading this creator of MelonPlayground and goodbye. Oh so love this game it’s five stars. oh, so could you add Furrys to the game? anyways, thanks for reading this.

Suggestions. I really like that game I always play it I just wanna ask if we can add a few thing first I want there to be a in game custom avatar maker so you can make your own characters second please fix the resizing I can never make things the way I need them to be next it you should make the crossbow able to shoot the needles cause that would be cool next I think you should add more cars I like the ones we have now but it’s only three but we can also just make are own with the stuff next you should make us be able to make the water map have different liquids like lava,acid, quicksand,etc and also I don’t know if you guys do this already but can you guys like put the voting items into future votes cause some people will be mad about the items they didn’t want not get voted and that’s all I have for now but please think about my addings for the game because I know a lot of people would like these addings if you add them

The game is super fun The ads don’t matter because turn off your Internet, and they don’t matter. And by the way, it is also really good with it now the new update, the new update where you can just basically get free mods you don’t have to download any mod apps just download mods by watching ads or just for free don’t know why you need to download any mod apps where you can because there’s more modifications on the apps but there’s still some of those but it’s not actually like a five store. I would read it four stars because of how you have to wait like no I like the game but I really like the game, but like how the mods are you have to wait like a couple hours to get them another thing of those mods but also there is that saves tab also so actually four stars is really good

Great game and all but there is one thing bugging me.. Before this starts pun was intended but there is 2 main things that ruin the experience. Well here are my problems so the first thing is my device when the app glitches it makes so where it’s unplayable. When I press play it doesn’t even show the maps. You may say, “you just can’t see the maps.”. No I legit can’t tap on the maps, so the play button is basically useless. I had to delete my app once already and lose all my previous saves. This is a problem since I love this game. The other thing is they take long to update game and it’s understandable since coding and modeling is hard but they barely add anything. I really love this game I’m sad to give a 3 star review. But overall it’s a pretty cool game. (It is optional to read from here on out.) I’m not sure if it’s a hardware issue the glitch that makes the game unplayable or a software glitch. If you can you see if you can fix this I don’t wanna lose all my saves and mods I made 2 cars that were really hard to make. It barely has any detail.

Ads are way to much!!! And one request.. The game is honestly really fun. I love playing melon playground and I used to play for maybe about 3 to 4 hour a day and there was maybe 🤔 about 3 to 5 ads and after 8 months it has been way to frequent and annoying so I would please ask if the creator of the game can reduce the amount of ads I can’t even make a single video of the game without there beings 11 ads in 13 minutes Way to frequent. Although I do really enjoy playing the game and have a big obsession of the game so much till where I can’t spend a day without playing it. Also is it fine if you can add one thing a button till where the melon, corn, pumpkin, and the apple 🍎 to have a attack button where they can and will attack anything that is in its way like some other person/ (melon, corn, pumpkin, and the apple) to kill each other. That will be so cool 😎 I hope 🤞 I mean I hope 🤞 you will add this pls do. Ps………………………………can you fix the add problems pls.

my request is reduce ad rates and maybe add a new character.. I loaded into the game, played around with characters and items until an ad popped up. I wasn’t thinking much of it so I just skipped it and kept playing, not long after, I got another ad. I still wasn’t thinking much of it until I got another one after 3-5 minutes. I was getting irritated at that point so please, reduce the ad rates. The ads can be inferior, unsatisfactory, and deliberate. Well, to me. Yeah, I just wanted to point that out since getting ads every 3-5 minutes can be irritating. I would also like to point out to maybe add new characters in the game, because 4 characters can be quite repetitive. Adding atleast one may grant my request. Yeah also liked to point that one out. But overall, the game has really good physics, tools, materials, gears(armors), clothes, injection needles, etc. Just wanted to clear that up but overall it’s a great game and I would definitely rate it a 10/10 😄

OH MY GOD THE ADS. Now, I’ve been playing Melon Playground for about a year and a half now, and when I first started it was completely PERFECT, there was no ads whatsoever and you could just tell that the devs were trying to make a game for the player’s enjoyment, not for money. But now it’s almost every thirty gosh dang seconds that the game just throws an ad right in my face. Like I’ll be trying to build some sorta new “invention” (probably an incinerator or a people blender) and boom, an ad for some sort of crappy mobile game ad just appears outta nowhere and most of them are unskippable (idk if that’s even a real word but for now it is) and then I try to finish the thing I started putting together and guess what, another 30 second unskippable ad. It almost feels like the devs are just going after money from ad revenue now, not a quality game. But overall, spectacular game 7/10. ( I still have the game) And yeah if you’re reading this and you want a good mobile game, I’d highly recommend this. Good job devs (other than the ad thing, obviously.)

Weird bomb effect thing…. So I like the game and all but there is something that kinda makes to game feel unreal, so first of all, when I blow up a nuke or a the blue bomb, (idk how to spell it lol) it makes a big explosion but a small black explosion thing (I forgot what it is called), and each one of the bombs are the same black thing, (except for the Molotov) so can you please add different black things like for the nuke, it would probably have radiation on the floor, and also there is a bug that sometimes the game just freezes and when I’m building something, I get mad because I have to restart, so I usually solve this by copying my build and then continuing, overall, the game is still playable and the black explosion thing is mot much of a problem so it is still a five star, keep up the good work!

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Medicine Category. I don’t understand why there would be any reason with removing the category medicine as now I can’t heal up my melons and or do certain things with them and I have to either heal the injury or let them bleed out and die which leaves no room for if you want a broken limb or such, this category was great and one used a lot so I’m sad to see it go and I would just like some reasoning other than this the game is great.

DEVS PLEASE RESPOND. I know it’s not like Exactly like people playground but it’s so good. The only thing I want is like some police clothing and a detailed glock 17 and a Detailed AR15 for my police role plays but it’s a SUPER GREAT GAME and you could make like a suppressor thing so when you put it on a gun it is more silent. AND PLEASE make a night time mode so it’s night. And also PLEASE make a flashlight for the night mode that characters can pick up and use 👍👍👍👍

Please change/fix this. Hello this is my favourite game on mobile, it’s so fun and gory. But there’s one problem. The melons, pumpkins, corns and apples have two eyes! I don’t know if this was actually added in or is a glitch, but please change it back it looks very strange. Or if it’s a glitch, please fix it. This game is still a very good game so I’m giving five stars.

What would be preferred. I would like the addition of springlock suits as it would be a cool idea and Scott Cawthon has never disregarded anything related to FNAF (Where ‘springlock suits’ were created) He has also never not allowed a fan game or reference unless it is an obvious cash grab, but this game is free. Also I would like the idea of bandages remade as with a redesign they could be better then before

When will you add your next update?!. It’s almost been a month and no update has happened yet, can you please add new updates, I’ve been waiting for so long, and besides I want some new stuff. And also, with your no-ad subscriptions, and you make a permanent one but I always have to put my IPad on airplane mode whenever I play this game, where that way I don’t get any ads. But yeah, I just want some new cool stuff. Thank you.

The closest you can get to people playground. I personally have people playground now but I sometimes prefer melon playground due to its own unique items and gameplay, although it was made to basically be a people playground ripoff, as they have updated the game it’s now turning more unique with its options of items and syringe's, honestly if you want to play people playground but don’t have a PC or don’t have the money to buy the game, play this it’s the closest you will get to the full experience without getting the full game.

Great game but the lag.. Also I have an idea. I've been playing this for a long time and it turns out to be way better then roblox but that lag just bothers me.. Btw my idea is to make some beds in this game and a way to make the melons apples etc lay down so it looks like their sleeping also they should make a different way to use the heart monitor instead of putting it on the melon apples etc

PLEASE READ AND FIX. ok so when I play the game I love it and build something and I’m almost done and it gives me an add and it’s not a normal add THERE IS NO X so I cant get out of the add and I need to refresh the game and it gets rid of all my hard work FIX THIS NOW AND I MEAN NOW it’s making me HATE AND I MEAN HATE the game so please fix it NOW there is no x on the adds for I can’t get out of it AT ALL so then I need to refresh the app AND IT GETS RID OF MY HARD WORK FIX ITTTTT and I mean fix it I hate playing the game now because there is no x and you can’t do that you can get sued so stop but I love the game but the adds and it happens every like 2-7m so I can’t even play the game and when I mean there is no x I mean it idk if it’s just me but it happens so fix it I’m so dam sad about it so fix it now please

Great game , but... This game is lovely and truely great! But I have a few suggestions. Try making more Syringes, there’s isn’t much to use! And also when I make these stories and build stuff; suddenly an ad! And they’re not shippable!! Please try to fix this it is really annoying because I then have to refresh the game and all my work is gone! And maybe add more of the cars!! Thank you for listening.

Great game but would like some more things. Melon playground is a great game and seems very similar to people playground. Some things I would like to be added into melon playground are spawners. Like minecraft mob spawners but can be activated whenever you want. I would aslo like winches because my friend has been trying to build a crane and has been struggling so i thought of the idea of whinches

Really fun to play with but the ads... So i have a lot of fun playing this game its fun to just play around and just kill them i guess, but i cant really play that much because you cant go out of the ads, the ads dont have a x button so you cant go out of them forcing you to make a whole different world to mess around with and i just find that really annoying, the time you get to play between ads are good but its just because i cant go out of them, so i dont know if that will ever change but it would be more fun. Thank you for reading and have a good day. 😄

Ideas and a problem. Hello, this game is cool and all but when I'm building something i get an ad and can skip it! Please fix that feature. Here are ideas! : when they the use the immortal syringe they turn buff. Next idea is adding working suits like fnaf-five nights at freddys spring trap will make it easier to roleplay if you want like you tubers! And also i really would like nets to catch people and like traps (you get to create them) like trap doors and shredders. And i would like animals it'll like SO HARD WITHOUT MODS TO CREATE JUST A FLIPPIN DOG. it would also be VERY nice for their to be some army enemies like there can be a opinion with 2 ragdolls and it will say fight and they punch and stuff and make boxing clothing with a boxing ring

Great game but some fixes needed. This game is great and I can never get tired of it, it is very well made and the creators should be proud of their work but unfortunately there are some issues like the ads not skipping and bones not fixing right sometimes but they can all be fixed given time. I would definitely recommend this game.

Ad problems. This game is great. Though it is a practical copy of people playground it’s an amazing game when you want some fun. But there’s one thing I have a problem about. Whenever there’s an ad I always get taken to this weird website and I can’t exit the website/ad! There’s no way to exit it back to the game without closing an reopening. I really hope a dev sees this and finds someway to fix it.

Dev please read. Hey, this game was like a gift to me, as I did not want to use up a bit of money to play people playground, and I don’t like using pc, the new update is nice but the feature of being able to download stuff is a bit broken, there is a plane that you can download but you need to view a ad, but the ad is not just a your everyday mobile game ad, it was like a thing that wanted me to by a $700 chair? Well at least it was free shipping? When I came back to melon playground the plane was not downloaded. I can’t download it :( Maybe you can fix it?

Very good but one thing. This game is very good but it could use some more weapons like a laser sword nunchucks plant sword/axe/hammer witch infects people with a virus that clones and slowly makes them turn purple/blue and eventually kills them also can we get stuff like a map with buildings or other stuff like that. And could we also get stuff like more characters like grape carrot pineapple blueberry and chocolate or something. Thank you (but please add some new weapons I need it)

Update idea. I know that I didn’t help create this game but here’s a little cool update that you can make, can you please add a little feature to the limb connector that’s so you can add different limbs from other characters as well can you please make that a button as well please. I’m not trying to be rude or anything I was just trying to tell you a funny and cool idea for a next update.

Suggestions (I apologise if this is copied, and also if the stars don’t go through og rating is 5/5). I really enjoy melon playground but with new updates coming I want last minute suggestions. Now we need more people I’m bored and limited plus animals on that matter, Having enclosed in a box is boring maybe settings like skybox (with invisible walls ofc) and grass even maybe more themes like a nebula for the space. Syringes, can’t forget about syringes maybe like more durable or maybe even curses and blessing please put this into mind. Maybe better clothes as well. I wasn’t the only one thinking this maybe a area with fan made maps and instead of using websites for mods, maybe underneath mod editor a mod adder with fan made mods Thanks

Please fix. Good overall game, could have a little work done to it for bug fixes, but this game was better when it didn’t have adds. Which is the only reason I’m giving this 3 stars. YOU CANT SKIP THEM!!!! Please fix this. I’m tryna roleplay a death scene f9r my yt, and mid recording I get these annoying adds that I cant skip. Either update the game so that it doesn’t have adds like the old days of the game, or just give the adds a close button.

Add more stuff please. I think we could do somethings that are in people playground into melon playground because people playground has a lot when I’m laying this on an iPad and I can’t get a mod creator thing or anything to add more things into melon playground. So maybe put some mods into the game and make it be able to have mobile users use and operate the mods, so honestly I think you should get ideas from people playground and add it to the game it would make it better for 2023.

Updates. Hey! Love your game! I’ve really enjoyed it for the past months, but I’ve recently wanted to suggest some changes you add. I know you’ll never see this or even add it but… please, if you do see this… consider it please 1. Add an object capable of regenerating new body parts in case a melon person’s arm was exploded to pieces. Should go to Medical Section 2. Add more weather options such as hail, tornadoes, or other. 3. Add an extra option to “Delete All Clothing/Armour” 4. Add more clothing options! I’ve so many reviews asking for this so please! 5. A follow up to the previous one, add a jetpack to the special clothing 6. Add more syringes, such as one that makes a character immortal but can still receive damage but not die 7. Add more special guns and melee weapons! 8. Add more settings in the options 9. Add a day and night cycle, make it so you can toggle each or make it automatic 10. Add more objects to mess around with and more materials like tiles I can see a LOT of potential in this game! So keep it up!

Good game but fix this. It’s an amazing fun game, I do recommend it. But there’s ONE problem. I get ads every 5 minutes which is okay, but then the ads pop up, and there’s NO, X. Like I’m trying to make a experiment so see how much blood and dead bodies the game can handle, but then the ad pops up and it’s unskipable. No x, it loses all my work and stuff. Read this, and fix it or we’re gonna have a problem (not like sueing, just like me rating it a 1 cause how bad it is and probably get mad)

Good game but one issue and a suggestion. Ever since the new update I was excited to play but then I got an ad now I didn’t think much of it but ever since I have been getting the same ad and you can’t click out of it and close it you are just stuck on the ad and it’s really annoying. Like I would be building a creation and before I get to save it the ad pops up and I have to close the game and reopen it. Also because you added the space map you should maybe add astronaut suits just a suggestion

Good but suggestions. I love the game cool graphics but it would be cool to have more needles maybe one to make them be stronger faster or even have powers I also want when the mod shop refreshes it would put new mods because I refreshed it and it just shorted it out and had the same mods so fix that pls but overall basically a exact replacement of people playground but fruit I love this GAME!

Please please please!. I’m begging you please add a search bar in the file manager! I love mods, but sometimes i download a mod that I don't like and want to delete, and then I have to go through the pain staking task of scrolling through all three hundred and ninety four mods just to find the one I want to delete, and there’s already a search bar in the mod editor, so I don’t see why you can’t add one in the file manager, please do!

Really good game and I have suggestions. my first suggestion is to make more syringes, maybe one can make the ppl more durable. as in to make it so that they don’t get decapitated if I tickle them with a feather. (exaggerated) my second suggestion is to make the resizer work in a way that makes the ratio of durability/reaction to water of a person/gravity fit to their size. It can be rlly frustrating when I make and save a giant just to have to see them fling off the water or break on the ground. same with ant ppl sinking like a stone. my third suggestion is to add a healing effect. for example, a melon scrapes their knee on the ground, they survive. and only if they survive does the wound heal to the same rate as the rotting effect which happens when one dies. my fourth suggestion is to make a turret which u can set to aim at different parts of the body. Its a bit anticlimactic when turrets just fire one headshot and be over with. my fifth suggestion is to make it easier to see how far someone is away from death. a calculation u can turn on to see how long someone has left. would be fun thank you and for the record these suggestions are just suggestions, I still love this game and will probably still be playing it happily even if my Ideas aren’t taken into effect or even read.

I have a lot of suggestions. N.1 you should add more fruit/veggies like carrots, Lemons,strawberries etc N.2 you should add more map secrets like for example in the pool when there’s a TV camera the quarter and then in the slope map there’s the keyboard that takes you to the TV room you should add more of those into the maps N.3 speaking of the map secrets I can’t find the keyboard in that map any more if you’re moved it please have it back but speaking of when I used to click it it would make my screen blue and freeze i’m hoping you’ll be able to fix that N.4 A cool little detail I’m hoping your ad is making metal turn red when exposed to heat example if I Put one of those thrusters to a metal rod and metal rod would turn red and burn any thing that touched it N.5 this is just a small detail that I think would be kind of cool as being able to put a top hat on the snowman N.6 making a snow map it’s just covered in snow and icicles and it would be cool touch for around Christmas :> N.7 you should have more clothes instead of the one pink dress or The T-shirt and jeans they could be a jacket or sweater or ripped jeans or black T-shirts or other dresses or skirts This is all the suggestions of things I’d like to see the game

Great game but.... This is an amazing game in my opinion however I feel as though there are not enough syringe's and there are not any clothes that a docter could wear other than the medical hats. 1 last thing, if possible could you add a way to drain the blood from the entities that does not involve beating them up and a way to store said blood. I feel as if these were in the game it would make it way better in my opinion. Thank you for reading and i do hope you consider my ideas.

Pretty sure this is my first review.. Hello, I’ve been playing mpg for quite a while now and love it, I’ve made lots of builds, characters and other stuff. I’ve had 1 maybe 3 problems in the past but besides that this is really good, there’s just 1 things I’m asking for, could you possibly and a thing were you can change the colour of something.

I think you should add more characters but it’s still fun. I think you should add more characters so it could be more fun so other people can put 5 stars on this app also this is the best game I’ve ever played I could do a role play and a minecraft rp a whatever rp anyways whoever created this is the best,also I think you should also add cars,pets,gloves,books,and more clothes.

APRIL FOOLS!!!. This is the most terrifying game because first it’s April but when I open up the app and guess what I saw I literally and you placed every fruit and then all the fruits were staring at me I was wondering why but I needed to know so that’s why I read it here melon playground and please don’t ever put this terrifying the staring thing in this game it’s so terrifying it’s like like so scary for me remove this please please please

Could use some changes but otherwise. This is AMAZING that is all I can say but it could use more lore witch is needed to make the game more interesting and a map full of all different types of terrain like water, all slope types, bumpy roads and maybe an acid-type pool so you can test out different contraptions without having to change maps other than that it is the perfect replica of people playground but on mobile I would honestly LOVE if the dev(s) could add a couple of alien races and more special gear

2 things I like and some things I want.. Ok. So, the graphics are very good and nice, the weapons are the things I really like tho, BUT I want some things. First off: a mobile mod editor. So here is how it works, it is like a workshop and you can make your own mods, next thing, I want toy guns, like, toy firearms, next is a new human. Or just a wheel for stuff you get like special items, characters, etc, next thing is, an uzi, yes, a new firearm, works like the submachine but makes different noise and shoots a bit more powerfully, not faster, just more powerful bullets last thing, a luger, yes another pistol, it works like the pistol but shoots with a different sound and less fire rate. Pls add these 🙏

Amazing game but keeps giving me ads with no x button. This game is amazing but there’s a problem with the ads. Every time I get an ad it doesn’t have an exit option. I wait for like 5 minutes and nothing. The only way to fix it is to restart the app which is very annoying if you were building something and didn’t save. Please fix this issue

Great game. I have some suggestions for the game to make it even better then it normally was, Which is saying something because of how good it is . My first suggestion is that you guys add mech suits for characters to get into and they are like bullet proof and have weapons in them. My other suggestion is that you add some sort of injection to put them to sleep for a few minutes. Thank you for hearing me out! Amazing game

New suggestions. I have a few suggestions one of which is new syringes like one that flips the gravity of a person and one where it injects them with an alien bug that bursts out after a duration of time also a few new guns like a dragon gun that shoots out flame at a bigger rate and also new people or creature like dogs, cats, sheep, dragons, etc and more people also more healing items and more vehicles like an actual car and other rideable things you could also make the dragon rideable and make it so that there’s more swords and etc. also new traps like a spike trap where it shoots up of a person steps on it or a flame trap or even just simple traps like glue :)

IF YOUR GOING TO GET THE GAME READ THIS. So I suppose your going to buy the game and you want to see if it’s actually worth buying, well yes.. and no. So the gameplay is actually quite fun you can spawn in weapons, characters and objects, and recently they updated the game so you can download mods from the game and put them in, BUT HERES THE THING, The majority of mods you can download are actually made so that you have to watch an ADVERTISEMENT AND EVEN WORSE THE ADS ARE BROKEN AND YOU CANT CLAIM THE MOD SO YOU CAN ONLY GET THE RUBBISH MODS. Melon Playground Developers, if you read this please take into consideration that advertising unskippable advertisements won’t serve your game & reputation well. Players, I advise just getting People playground on PC instead so you don’t have to watch ads for mods and get low fps quality when downloading large mods.

Warning. Ads=Faster Dead game Ads=Community might switch communities Minecraft, geometry dash (Not lite) and among us rised in popularity and 2/3 off them never really died and are not dead, 1/3 if geomrety dash doesn’t update!!!!! But delete ads to save your game…. Maybe Make Ads Less Common! Now You Can Do That Becuase You Did Step One and 2 Let Me Explain What They Were (Ad Free Mode And Subcription Servise!

Unclosable ads. I quite enjoy this game, it is quite fun and a good stress reliever. However, recently I have encountered a problem where whenever I get an ad break, it’s normal, but whenever I get an ad that shows 5 moving rectangles before showing you a website page I cannot close it. It forces me to close the entire app, and if I had spent time making a build then it would be very annoying because all my progress would restart. Absolutely love your game though, just this one little mistake. And a quick note, could you add hair styles for the melon in the clothing area? Thanks

Best game for people who want people playground. Okay, this game is amazing. First of all it gets loads of updates and has so much cool possibilities and so far. The updates were amazing people want stuff you’re gonna give it to them so they made amazing things happen. This game is probably the best for mobile players in car rides other than a few games is just like people playground.

Good game I just have an idea. Hi I have been playing this game for as long as the game was out for but I’ve realised all the changes which are great but I just have an idea which is if you shoot them, the character tries to cover up the wound or if you stab them they wave there arms around trying to take it out? But so far the game is great and keep doing what your doing -jordan

So good but one question. Hello I enjoy your game it’s so awsome I play it more than roblox since the game gave me joy in my heart I been playing this game for 1.5 months now and I like it ever since I download it some questions you should know why is some tiktoks videos saying that it’s got removed on App Store but when I checked it was still there but also can you fix when I shoot a gun at a person the gun literally explodes and kill them both also can you remove turrets because they are annoying and also your game is great anyways I hope you notice it and reply to this bye see you later

More things!!. absolutely LOVE the game, but it needs more things. especially some more people! i like the game alot though!! the game just needs more maps eith acid or lava! that would be cool. but if ur not bothered making that, there should be something that u could make ur own people and maps! that would be so sick! overall, the games absolutely AMAZING. 5 star rated ofc!!

Good game but needs a bit more stuff. The game is the best sandbox game for mobile but it needs more clothes and guns like a bolt action rifle or like more living beings like add a creature that is like a worm staff but living which is from ppg or at least add something where you can make guns and livings etc but if doing that is too hard just add the suggestions even add a truck I don’t care I just think this game needs more stuff

When is update 15.0 coming out on mobile?. I searched up on safari when is update 15.0 coming out on melon playground mobile and it said April 27th to April 29th and it’s may 4th and I’ve been really excited for the Jeep, and maybe a tennis racket aswell with a cactus and cactus person and a Jeep catagory but is has not came out I still love this game but I really want update 15.0 to come out really soon.

is it just me or does it appear for anyone else. bro so i was building a building in melon playground today and it was meant to be a church right? then all of a sudden a add poster pops out of nowhere and everytime i try to click the < or x button it just brings me back to the home page and not the actual game and worst part is that this could happen anytime in melon playground like when you’re building a big save and it pops up as this has been happen for a few days now, so the big question is…Has this happen for anyone else? like seriously fix this

My opinion(update thank you so much). This game is amazing would suggest it but the only proplem is there is only unskippable ads and it makes me close the game and it’s annoying so please fix it (update) thank you for listening you didn’t actually fix the ads itself but you did make it so our progress is saved thanks.

Great but a few problems. problem 1 every time I’m trying to make something a stupid ad pops up and it’s unskippable and then I have to leave the game and join back in and lose what I was trying to create Problem 2 every time I’ve connected to things together with rope or polls. Every time I try to flip the thing around it just breaks and lags the game

The game is ok but there are definitely some things to fix. First of all, could you please try fix this ‘bug’ im not sure it is actually a bug or a problem with your ads but whenever I build something a ad always pops up on my screen and it doesn’t have an X button on it so I have to refresh the app, loosing whatever I just built (and yes I waited around 5 minutes to see if a x would come, but it never did. Also, I would like it if you added more syringes, like maybe one to turn you into a zombie for example and also it would be nice if you added a few more characters, if you just fixed the ad problem though it would definitely bring my review up to a four or five star.

Great game and somethings you could add. You’re game is really good it is a stress reliever for me and my friends thank you so much but you should make your ads more about the actual game. And you should add lightsabers and show ragdoll playground how they actually work in the movies. And add some flying vehicles. Thank you so much for putting people playground on mobile thank you so much

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Weapon / Item Ideas.. -Taser, I think those would be Pretty cool! -Defibrillator, You could put this in the medical section. I think this would be an interesting way to bring a melon back to life! That’s all I have now, I’ll look forward to these! Have a Great day! :)

Please change. Make the suit black again why is it gray please change it

There are no exes on the ads. I love this game but I can’t get out of the ads because there are no exes so I have to exit the app and redo what I was doing

What a great game. There are a lot of ads but turn your Internet off so then will be no ads. This game is great to do roleplays by your self. The guns are really good. I think a good gun what you should ads is a freeze gun

Problem with mods. I used to download mods on this game, then now when I save it to files and download it, it’s blank, so I quit rip my Favorite game

Ads don’t have any buttons to close them. I’m playing the game and making a car and then I get an ad (most with white sides) then once the ad ends a smaller Image of the ad shows up and there is no X button. I pressed every corner including the ones in the squares and there was anything. I waited 1-5 minutes and thre wasn’t a button that showed up. Where is the button?

SOO GOOD. I love your game❤️💜🧡💛💚💙🤍🤎

Good. Funny thing happend someone wrote a review that said add a nuke with a five star review and they added one maybe there listening to us? If so can y’all pls add mods for mobile pls?

gases update. There should be like different gases like mustard gas or something like that and there should be a hazmat suit to protect the “people” and maybe more clothes

ADS HELL. I got this game because I’m too poor to afford people playground (and it has terrible controls) but with the most recent update, every time I get and ad…. It does not let me back in the game afterwards, there is no X to skip or leave ads once the time runs out. I have lost 99% of the projects I make and I get an ad after literally 45 seconds of playing. The game is completely unplayable now due to the ads. The only time I can play is on airplane mode or when I don’t have wifi. Please please please fix this. On an unrelated note, why is modding not available on iPhone or iPad. Just a question.

please add a sleeping syringe. Add a sleeping syringe or add something that can knock them out

Advertisements are hell. This game is very good but sometimes when I am doing some stuff or building some stuff the game gives me some stupid advertisement. When the advertisement is done THERE IS NO SKIP BUTTON YOU ARE TRAPPED IN THE ADVERTISEMENT I have lost so many of my unsaved builds to this glitch. Just stop letting them advertise these stupid advertisements or just fix it. I hate Grammarly with my life after this. I have most of my problems with Grammarly

10/10. great game if your too poor to afford people playground

Best game ever. It’s so much fun to play you should get it 😀😀

BEST GAME EVER. If this game had more weapons it would me even better but still 5 STARS

Please add a black hole. Can you add a black hole please add some more stuff please the game is already good but if you add a more to the game than the game will be the best

I can’t take off the clothes. Can you make it so I can take off the clothes because ever time I try to delete the clothes it deleted every thing love the new update keep up the work

Why can’t I get mods?. I’m wanting to get a mod on melmod and when I try I can’t use it in melon playground, but I got a mod a week ago, can you tell me why?

Taser. Add a taser

Ideas. If you could add a needle that increased strength like the virus but like did not turn them purple like when you shoot them their back won’t break and they would still be standing

Add mod support. It’s safe for apple

Ideas. Add new stuff ok

Add 17.0 in IOS. good game though

The game exist. In the next update can you make the game actually good

maps aren’t showing. the maps aren’t showing it’s just the back round that’s showing so fix this and I’ll give the game 5 stars

Natural Disasters!. It would be rad if you put tornados, rain, thunderstorms tsunamis and black holes into the game!!!

Adds!!! What’s the next thing! Removing resizable!!!!. Come on why do you have to add ads I can’t get out of them and they delete all my hard work, I have to restart the app every time one comes on!!! Plus the game was perfect before!

Add tanks. Hwy can you add military guys and e100 and t62a tank and su 153 and leopard 1 german tank and add amx50 100 tank and arl44 and then the Lorraine40t and m48a5 patton and t28 Add tanks my guy

Just a little problem here. the ads won’t let me get off them bc there was no exit button

new. add a disco ball pls bro

Make melons and other characters react to stuff. Make it so that the characters react to stuff and please and mods to IOS devices so we don’t have to miss out on the fun and it would get you money but it’s a pretty good game it would be better with mods.

Mod Editor. Are you gonna add mod editor soon?

Why no mechanics on iOS?. I’m giving this a 4 stars because the game is great but although unfortunately the mechanics update isn’t available for the iOS/IPadOS operating system and I would heavily appreciate it being added soon thank you and your game is great

Good game. I love the game but could you add a blueberry guy and a grap guy🫐🍇

Wepons. Yooooo add more wepons plz like a rpg,tank,and lastly add mechs plz :) Btw and LOTS of tanks and mechs in the future :>Thx

Character. I would like if you added more CharactersLike strawberry banana and that’s all I got

How does the mod System works. I am very confused why mods don’t work

Can’t install mods anymore on IOS after update 20.0. When they gonna fix this

Its good but got some suggestions.(warning, a lot of words). 1. Can there be like, a winch? 2.can heated swords also cut better please 3. Can you be able to refill the water gun on the water map? 4. A water propeller please. 5. A laser that is continuous 6.can you fix the rezizing with the humans bec kinda buggy. U. Theres a bug where if you put the rigid wires, in some order, It will gjust glitch and uhmmmm… 7.a plane save that for starters(pls) 8.fix the bug with the lever and button when connected to explosives. 9.can you be able to show jaws 10.stairs. 11. Can there be just ONE map that is 3d? I- i dont know why. I just NEED it 12.can pistons lock in amount of extension when you stop pushing/activating it(or make anther one.) 13.tank tranks that you can only rezize it bigger or smaller, and you can edit the length of the track. 14. Artillery that can be reloaded(also add the ammo)(make it launchable but can only rxplode on touching something like ground) 15(last!)make it so that any enlcosed thing under water wont tank on water and also will float(must have air inside the shape thing.) also will sink like, a leak. Thanks!

Best sandbox game. If you have ever heard of people playground and you don’t have a pc this a your go to. But something I recommend to the dev please add more weapon selection.

make a mac version. cool game tho

Add a nuke. Add a nuke

DONT GET IT. It was a great game it was simple and fun. But then they started to put more and more adds in the game and you can get for $6.99 A WEEK. and now you can’t play for 5 minutes without getting an add

Bug. There is a bug on the iPhone 11 that causes the whole game to freeze after a little while. It doesn’t have to do with storage, trust me. Overall it’s a good game.

Gravity. In space level add ability to make bigger things attract smaller objects

Bruh. Is laggy by my mod💀💀💀

Really good game 👍🙂👍. 👍🙂👍

New map idea. Add a lava map to burn melons

People are overreacting. It is one of the best games I’ve ever played but dude people are complaining about ads JUST SHUT IF UR INTERNET

Can’t download mods anymore. Idk what happened but I can’t download mods anymore

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let’s get a new update. I need a new update I know one just happened but now I’m bored of it just give me a new update come on come on one thing I would like in a new update is the new bomb we have the nuclear bomb in the atom bomb, but I want a bomb that’s even bigger of an explosion and we need a couple new syringes like I want to have a gravity swings so when you stab it into a melon, they’ll have no gravity in a syringe that is if anyone shoots you they’ll just blow up boom, a melon bomb and maybe like a plane or helicopter vehicle new clothes and I want to voting to take a little less time 1 to 2 months come on Melon Playground I’m 10 years old and I have a really short attention span and add a couple new backgrounds please

Perfect if you want to torture yourself!. See this game I something that I’ve wanted for a long time a game that you can mess around without a story and do anything you want so I got I quickly realized that I was getting too many adds and that wires are very annoying to connect (but then I found the heavy duty ones so that’s ok) also I hate how every time I try to make an assembly line or something with wheels and stuff the wires stretch out and the wires just go straight through the wheels and get stuck THAT DOSE NOT HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. You can’t just take a giant wire and stretch it all the way so it fits around a wheel and I the wire does not go back to normal it stays stretched out but all in all the game is very fun I made a flamethrower because why not anyway the game is like a worse version of people playground but FREE witch is great you can mess around and shoot people and it’s fun

Amazing and also I have a recommendation for an update. AMAZING and I have a recommendation, an update where… ok there is a small canister which you can use to extract liquid from objects like a nuke and inject it into a living and you can change the modes to idle, push and pull. but you would have to use a specific thing thats just like wire but for liquids oh and you can create yoir bery own syringe with this festure. just like people playground has but you will maybe have to tell the creators of people playground something so that they dont think you stole the idea from them well maybe or maybe not. remember this is just a recomendarion as an update for the game

I think the melon is possessed. So I accidentally glitched the game with a bunch of explosives so I got off and retried it and when I tried it again I Spond two melons and I made the second melon punch the first melon tell me why when I dropped a whole crate onto the melon and Ted blew off it was still alive perfect condition nothing to it hurt I didn’t put any syringes on it I didn’t do anything to it I just dropped her crate on it from the height limit and it was still alive after all the injuries that suffered and its head literally getting blown off I feel like the game is possessed maybe just on my phone or just might be a bug everything else but I did five stars

Extremely fun game! But I have a problem, some ideas as well.. This game is amazing always looking forward to updates, loving the maps, but… why are there suddenly more ads more often, I’m honestly super mad you guys decreased the ad times so there are more, can you guys please change the ads back to normal, that dreaded timer always is so annoying. Also, I’d like to see more vehicles, some changes to the space map to make the space suits useful, not to forget the ads, but I’d like to see natural disasters added, tornadoes, hurricanes. I’d also like to see a volcano map where if you click the volcano, you can act as it were a normal object, and clicking “activate” will make it erupt. I really hope you guys read this review.

so cool need more trap. I love this game because the update but need more trap we all know it got turret but I want more trap like trap tube, spike, and other stuff and add more gun and weapons and block like moving block, power gun, and fire weapons and add to the power gun add speed and add power up to the gun like fire, double shot, chainsaw, remove people that it hit, kill, and pass to the next person and add to the fire weapons turn it to fire that it touched it turn to fire on the moving block make it go sideways also add killer it need a lever or button on top so it can work it don’t need color rope and add the killer to the mechanics and add favorite so you like the save that you made and you can add it to favorite and add red block that zap the people that is near to it also plz add lazer gun!

One of the best games I’ve played. this has to be ONE of the best games I’ve EVER played in my life, it has multiple different ways to kill the characters, or, you can role play! You can make different creations with enough thought and creativity! I have a few suggestions(you probably won’t see this but I can try) there should be a day/night cycle (you can enable when it’s night or when it’s day) also, another suggestion is making it where the npc’s can hold the ropes! That’s all, I’m pretty sure you won’t see this but oh well, I tried! But, if you do see it, I think these small updates would make the game much more enjoyable!

Very fun but a very bad issue. There is a add about this article website or somthing that you CANT GET OUT OF the x button takes you to the sight and waiting for another x for 5 minutes still nothing! I keep losing progress having to reload my game to play again please fix the add or remove it the best details I can give about the add is it’s a website with a bunch of articles like “if you have toe fungus do this right now!” And other story’s and tutorials and news articles but that’s all I really now so please fix this add every time you try to hit the x it takes you to the website they are promoting and after you head back into the game I’m still in the add with no way out and it’s infuriating losing my progress and having to reload every five minutes because I keep getting the add and I cant stop it! So please fix this or give me a add I can get out of! But still game is very fun.

Super hood game but needs more updates. So when I play melon playground when I get my gun out and shoot my hand touches the clear all button and can you add more fruits like kiwi orange blueberry red berry strawberry pineapple lemon green lemon and birthday pancake also an blue owl and could you add cars that you can think of and can you add more food like pumpkin pie soda water juice pancakes carrots cakecarrot bagels can you add houses too and frunitre for the house and posters and can you add mod characters like venom spider man monster melon monster pumpkin monster corn monster birthdaypancake Sam from trick r treat Michael myers Jason voorhes jigsaw pennywise and all the stuff you can think of all of us would really appreciate it thank you for making the world more fun

This game I really fun but I have suggestions. So when I downloaded this game I loved it it was my favorite game I had no adds but I realized something I hadn’t been getting updates that often and still I am not getting updates a lot and it’s probably because of the state I’m in but that’s not the only reason why I hadn’t been having as much fun as I used to and it’s because there is so many ADDS😡 that maid seriously there was like 13 adds every five minutes and like I said, do used to be like no ads but i know it’s for the developer to get money because who would create a game and not get any money off of it but just slow down the adds a little bit Please developer.

Good, but needs more stuff and characters. -XxZêldæxX. I really love this game a lot! I was thinking of adding some things though. I was thinking you could add a bed in the furniture section? I would love that for my characters to sleep! I was also thinking of you guys adding more characters like Grape, Orange, Banana, or even Strawberry. It just needs new ones instead of basic characters. I was also thinking you could add music like someone said in the reviews, it would be nice while you listen to the music while playing the game itself. I was just thinking you could add those things, it would be great ideas if you could do it. Keep up your good work Melon Playground! Don’t change things everyone loves!! ☺️❤️🎀

THIS GAME HAS TOO MANY ADDS AND THE ADDS ARE INAPPROPRIATE. First of all the ads they give are inappropriate because they are talking about dating and sexual stuff it’s inappropriate for the kids who play What I don’t like is that when you try to play ads keep playing it’s so annoying please remove ads or I’ll have to think again before getting any apps from this company the ads are too inappropriate for kids this is horrible for kids this could actually effect kids really bad either remove the ads or just stop giving inappropriate ads it’s not like it’s motivating your game it’s motivating other games it’s just stupid to have ads if they are motivating other games it’s unless and pointless please remove the inappropriate ads or I’ll have to rate this 1 star (which I rated it 4) so instead of hyping up other games hype up your own games from your company it’s pointless to do so even unless

Perfect game for psychopaths❤️. This game is all fun it has all the perfect features now but it’s missing one type of gun gun like an assault rifle that has a knife at the end of the barrel that’s the only thing that would make this game easier because I don’t wanna have to fix that all the time for my own self but everything else in this game is better than real life sometimes this game burns into my screen just a little bit because of the icons I play this game for hours sometimes and I absolutely love every three seconds of it keep it up and please make some more awesome weapons like how you always do.( add a vehicle section with a helicopter, car, Gatling limo, and a Ferrari please).

Great but one suggestion. This overall app is great! I’ve wanted people playground but I didn’t wanna pay money for it. But melon playground is just as good. But my one suggestion is to add mod editor and file manager to IOS. You cant install any mods without a app or playing melon playground on a website or without having to install it then have to do a ‘verification’ which is just some dumb way to get the website money or smth. But I would love it if somehow you can implement mod editor and file manager. If you cant then atleast can you make a editor in the game where you can create your own blocks or weapons and stuff off templates like make a custom gun off a machine gun or something, but pls add some kind of customization to this because mods are cool but us IOS players cannot get mods without a third party website orpaying money. Please.

Bad Behavior But Good Simulation. I Love This Game , So Much Weapons To Play With , Awesome Simulation Etc. BUT WHAT I DONT LOVE IS WHEN I PUT SOME CLOTHES ON A MELON AND THEIR HEAD SNAPS OFF. AND THERE ARE SO MUCH ADS TO ADD TO THAT EVERY SINGLE AD IS SKIBIDI TOILET, THERE USE TO BE LIKE ADS EVERY 30 MINUTES NOW THERE ARE ADS EVERY 2 MINUTES . EVERY SINGLE MOD I MAKE GETS CORRUPTED. But I Have Many Recommendations Such As Making Chairs Have A Push Button So Melons Can Get Teleported On To It Because When I Get The Melons To Sit On A Chair They Fall To The Floor . And Please Make The Water Guns Fill Containers . JUST PLEASE Go Back To The Shortage Of Ads You Were Doing Fine , Just Because You Added Way More Ads Doesn’t Make It Better And The Reviews Are Getting Worse Because Of That. Too Add To All Of This Ads = More Money And This Game Just Keeps Adding Ads And Ads And Ads That’s Making Me Suspect The Developers Are Starting To Get Greedy.

LOVE THIS GAME!!!. When I first played it it was just amazing the graphics the rag doll was amazing it was all just amazing but I have request even tho they might not make it in game but the request are… boats, plane, more backgrounds, running shoes, pants… basically a lot of accessories because there’s not much to me but idk maybe that’s just me… and that’s all I have right now so idk hopefully these come in game idk it’s up to y’all now the problems 😬 first up adds keep showing up like every 5 seconds it getting on my nerves because like I’m about to place something in the PERFECT spot all lined up and all that then an ad pops up… well that’s all have a good day y’all did very good and amazing for making this piece of art! That’s all I had to say bye!

Good game but…. Ok so this awesome good play game good guns the game is good but there is one problem is that it drains my battery because it gets overheated idk if the developer can do this but can warn new players this game can heat up your phone and drain the battery I think they should add that in a new update and one more thing when you make something and save it but you make so many thing it takes forever to find what you want I want them (they don’t have to but it’s a thought) to add a search button so like soldier 1 well you can chick search button soldier 1 and you can find it in secs this is just in my opinion and they don’t have to do this but they can this game awesome

Get it. This game is the second best Ragdoll game because there is many things you can do unlike Stickman Playground it has more things by the way do not play Stickman Playground it’s a crappy game anyway there’s a new update and it’s actually really good and fun they added robot I like it a lot unlike other games you don’t have to be a member sure there’s premium but that’s only for ads and they added a ad timer because Sometimes when people make something cool and they make that thing kill a ragdoll they might not grab the character and grab the weapon and it messes up every thing I didn’t like in till the ad timer came so 5 ⭐️ I recommend getting this game

I’m bored with just a normal game of this but it’s good. so i found melon playground first on my kindle fire tablet and it had a mod editor and I haven’t get a chance to do it so 45/ 34 days I got a apple tablet and somehow my fire tablet broke D: and I couldn’t play melon playground on there anymore:( so I had it on Apple tablet and it had NO file manger OR mod editor, so I really want it on slayer update on 14.3 or some other update your adding, so please add this feature? I would really appreciate it and have so much more fun and NEVER EVER get bored again, btw this has so many detail and stuff to do, so please add those stuff with the 14.2 stuff because again I would really appreciate it, also fix that strongest rope tool cus sometimes it would crash the game, melon playground is nice and epic👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍🥳🥳🥳🥳🫠🫠🫠😺😺😸😸

Camera. See it’s kinda obvious that the camera is a key part of the game and that the player MUST be comfortable with it. Why I say this is because I liked how to used to be, I myself am a mobile player and it was better to be able to zoom from anywhere on the screen and it was centered on the center. But now. When I zoom, it zooms to the right. I’m not sure how this new camera update works with computer/laptop players have a keypad but I hope could switch between the camera settings so it would best suit each user. Overall this is a nice game and please bring back the medical items like the heartbeat monitor, bandages, and slpit. Sorry if I missed spelled slpit. It’s a unique word and I never heard it. So I don’t know how to pronounce it correctly. But please bring those back and add more syringes.

Good! Love the game but a few issues…. First I wanna talk about the medieval armor when I was doing a casual role play I was trying to punch a virus melon then the head touch the melon’s arm with the armor on, I saw a purple splat near his arm. I was confused because in the old update it didn’t happened as much when I did this before not saying 14.1 is bad but it is kinda buggy overall the game is AWESOME and I highly recommend other people should download it. It’s kinda like the other sandbox game call people playground with kind of like have the same physics. I hope the review helps for the feature updates and helps with the virus melons, apples, pumpkins, and corns. And I hope this review encourages people to download this amazing game. Keep making good updates!

I like it, but it needs to be better. This game is good but it doesn’t have enough things to do and it gets boring after a while and you need to download a computer to even get mods and when you put the robot in water it doesn’t get harmed like it should and other things so it needs to be made better with funner stuff to do because the computer version is so much better than this and the only reason this game is not on the business is because some people don’t have computers and can play the other one, but it can get better and actually fun even though it’s still a little bit fun

Can’t enjoy time without adds!. The game is really fun and all but like. Why do the adds appear so frequently now? It’s honestly annoying 🙄😐 it’s Honestly getting on my nerves. And I’m so annoyed that I’m righting this review when we’re spraying the thousands of cockroaches while sitting in a bedroom terrified of bugs while already being seven. Reduce the adds man! It’s Honestly annoying and a lot of people say the same man. Please. A lot of people would start giving you five star rating if you started reducing the adds to at least 3 times in 15 minutes. Tbh. I got a perfect pose once. (Well was about to.) but when I got the arm in place an add popped up and disconnected the lower arm and I couldn’t get my pose back. That took me ten minutes! Please reduce the adds and thanks for reading as far as you did. Have a wonderful day!

Good game, but could use work.. The game is very fun and I play it almost everyday. I play it on the road, at home, or on the school bus. You can do almost anything in the game but there are some limits. Clothes: I think there should be more clothing items like military backpacks, cowboy clothes, Weapons: There are many weapons in the game and more seem to be added in all the time. But i think their should be more guns and more specific. melee weapons like katanas, bows, fire axes. And the circular drill added into the game could be a good idea for more electronic melee weapons. Characters: I never use the pumpkin and corn characters because they aren’t really that fun to use. You guys should add banana, peach, strawberry, and orange characters to fit the “FRUIt” vibe to the game. Bombs: I think more bombs could be added but idk what ones to think of. Better gore: Since the game was obviously influenced by people playground which is popular because of its gore, i think better gore should be added. Because the characters die and get torn up kinda wonky and a little weird. This game has a lot of potential, and i’d love to see more updates for it.

Can we get some more updates please. I was hoping that we could get some animal updates like they behave like the people/melons but with like a little bit more actions like we could kill them and pick them up and make them follow the people and eat that would be fun and also play with things also add animal toys but also add lots of different animals and make them tame able and make them able to attack like if u press attack it won’t just attack one person but a lot of people until u un toggle attack mode. Please if it’s not to much to ask for also more medical things and more mechanics also add children please

Codyreed. The app was pretty good after I looked at it a preview to and I realize there was a couple of videos making this app look pretty bad actually because those videos are looking forward for new updates to the app and I looked in the history of it and there was an update everyone was excited about and they never updated the app 1.1.0 and I don’t see the history of that that update no more all active histories of their updates but the updates been removed if they’re going to update the app again I very much want to see that new update and if I’m right there’s supposed to be two new maps in a couple more Easter eggs and I very much wanted to see if the developers can give me access to this update

More suggestions. Liquid acid map it’s like the water map but the water is acid like the acid syringe if a rag doll touches it it will turn to bones 2 bucket of water it is water in a bucket of water it can be placed down the water flows when placed down 3 bucket of acid same thing as the same thing as the bucket of water but it’s acid and like the acid syringe if a rag doll touches it it will turn into bones 4alien facehugger if the alien facehugger gets onto a rag dolls face the rag doll will fall asleep and after 30 sec the face hugger will die die and the chest burster will pop out of the rag dolls chest killing the rag doll 5 xenomorphs xeno s will evolve from chest burster s into xenomorphs if the xeno gets shot or stabbed or the libs get removed it will bleed acid that’s alll I have

Good but a complete Rip off of a game that yes came before this game was made. So you may ask. what did it rip off? It ripped off people playground. They aren’t by the same creators of the different games as my friend keeps telling me you can do a lot more things on people playground (The Mods Actually Work on People Playground) and the only reason I rated it a 3 star review and not a 1 star review is because I use it as a Mobil version of People Playground when I don’t have my computer with me, and I am better at using mobile Than Computer, but other then that this is just a horrible mobile rip off that is being spared and not taken to court By people playground, and google it if you need to melon playground came out after people Playground, and they aren’t by the same Creators.

Can you add these pls they would be great 😀. Some more blocks In the resizable area like a blue camouflage and an orange camouflage block pls. And make it where you can use mods on iPad pls that would be great, and to go with that you should make a workshop like in people playground I think a lot of the players would LOVE it. And if you can some new maps would be good like a map with big tower all around kinda like hills but rectangular. Some new backgrounds too oh that would be good like a city background plsssss. And a new character, like a cactus one like the plant you added that would be great. And a bit more animations like a dance one and a jump one. Okay that’s all hope your game grows bigger and becomes more popular have a great day and pls add some of those😀😃😄😁

Good. While this is almost the only game that I will choose to play online there are a couple issues like every 15 to 20 minutes my game will freeze and I will have to reset making it to where if I have made some thing and I don’t see you but when the game freezes it’s gone I mean there’s been a couple creations that I’ve made that I really liked and I am just gone like they were too complex for me to want to remake. But there are some things I would like to suggest for these the game like more skins or like maybe like a vehicle option like maybe even in multiplayer if you want to go More in depth but overall this is a great game and I will continue to play it and see this game deserves a five star rating one of the best off-line games I have ever played

Amazing game just add one thing for me. I love this game, almost like people playground but has things the game doesn’t have but still a 10 in my book. But the one thing that you should add is paint, or maybe a thing to add color because imagine if we could paint anything or just add color in one tap. Just in my opinion it would be pretty cool. Just I was struggling to find something that would have a pop of color, but we can’t add color to anything and for the clothes, we can only do it with the color or “blood” that is inside of the people or fruit. So this in my opinion is the only thing that I want to be added in the game.

Good, but the update is not.. The game itself, aka melon playground has alt of possibilities and can keep you busy for a while. An example, I play this game on a daily basis, but there’s one thing I can’t get off my mind. The bandages have been removed, and that removes a lot of the possibilities in the game, but now with the removal of the bandages, you can’t make babies, wounded people, etc. the game has gotten more boring and therefore I no longer play this on a daily basis and neither do a couple people. In the next update, to support your platform, I recommend adding back bandages. It is annoying to think my favorite app removed my favorite item, But, if you still have them, let me know. But from what I know you dont. Honestly, I no longer enjoy the limitless possibilities you can gain from this amazing time-waster. Thank you for understanding.

Ads are sometimes getting more frequent. Ads are getting more frequent, but i dont care, i just turn on my wifi from my ipad when i want to download a mod or something. Its actually a nice gameplay like people playground and the gore and ragdoll scheme are actually AMAZING!,the blood, engine system, guns and knives, these are super fun things to play with, and you can make a story out of mods or the main 5 characters (the robot, melon, corn, apple and pumpkin) and you can see all their blood and like just customize their human textures Personally, the devs are legends for making this game, and the owners of people playground also did a wonderful job on the gore schemes. This mustve took a long time to make, so my honorable respect to that one dev who took almost all day nd night to make this. 🗿

The saves…. Originally I was gonna have a good review over this game, had it for a few months and is a great alternative for people playground. But coming this new update I used the new stuff to make some really cool stuff. and I saved it but when I try to spawn it back in it spawns it a million times if I just press the save. And I closed out the app and tried again. Same thing happen and when it happens I press clear all (yes I am pressing twice) but it does absolutely nothing. I even deleted the saves that initially caused it but still is not working. Over all good game but this one glitch causes me to have to always make a build I want from scratch every single time instead of making it once and saving it to spawn again. would be 5 stars without this one glitch. Developers not positive you will see this, but please try your best to fix it.

Constant ads and not much items, maps, etc.. The game in general is pretty awesome, but I frequently get ads every 2 - 3 minutes, and this is annoying since I like to build things and I rarely have enough time to even finish a part of it without getting a “PayPal Ad” or a “Monopoly Ad” every 2 - 3 minutes. There isn’t really much vehicles to mess around and role-play with, the game doesn’t have many popular weapons such as the classic Russian AK47, or the American Deagle. There is really not much to do in this game since theres barely enough time to do anything and not enough stuff to build, and yes I know mods exist but they always crash or glitch. I really hope this game adds more maps, guns, less ads, and cooler things so that way more people and I have more time to actually play the game.

Just do the update already please reply. Hi, I love this game and I love all the updates but there’s one that’s been single update for a while like it’s the vacuum cleaner and a lot of people loaded for it the last update with the like knife and stuff it happened like a couple weeks after in like months since they put that up and I really want it to update already and please reply. I love the game though but I think you should make the ads like to three times every game because like it gets so annoying because it messes up my work and I think there should be more backgrounds and more like people and more like cars and stuff and more clothes so we can have like yeah and there should be like you get it please reply

Add a dragonfruit guy.. I love dragonfruits so that would be really cool. Also consider adding shirts you can customize. Anyway I really like this game so please add dragonfruit and also maybe rollercoaster cart and tracks. Edited: please also fix glitch with clothes where if you put a good amount on them and why is I want to make the melon avenger but I can’t because with that many clothes on em they EXPLODE and it’s annoying So pls fix and maybe add a melon dog because it would be funny and also make him drown faster because I have to wait like a minute to test new stuff underwater so yea and make tool gun shoot like snow balls and toys from the gift box so thanks for reading I love the game and bye

Good game, but…. I have been playing this game for about a month now and I have been getting bored of this game. When you play it for a little bit it’s really fun but as you keep playing there really isn’t much more to do. In my opinion I feel like the developers should add more items such as cars, more clothes etc. I also believe that they should add more characters and clothing. One idea for a map would be a city, it would be fun to explore it and other things like that. Another thing I would wish to see are planes. If I were a developer I would make a feature so you can save your creations and stuff that you built. I have previously built a tank on this game and unfortunately it did not save like everything else in the game. Overall, this game is great but a has a few issues.

Tools and Characters + Mod Request. So, what I really wanted to be added is more injection shots, (my list) Strength (Increases players strength) Body Mass (Adds muscles and gives player more durability and strength. And Super powers maybe. (Characteristics) maybe add like a grape or avocado character, would be cool. This game is very fun and makes me a laugh sometimes. So maybe if you can take this into review I would love to see the update. One issue, Apple doesn’t support mod features and I don’t know I checked to see maybe a bug but no Apple has no control of mods. I would love to play the game and not get boring over in 15 minutes, so if you can make a mod tool for Apple I would enjoy the game much more and others would too.

Please add. I have some suggestions for a new update: Two new elements, For the first new element, earth. If you hold down, it pulls a part out of the ground that is holdable and the more you hold, the bigger the piece of the ground is. And the second one is a element that creates water. My next suggestion is water dripping from people after being submerged in water. And the next one is a new person, a cactus. And I also think if you put the same fruit/item next to the mouth of its human version, it have a cool little animation and will make the human a bit bigger. And I think 3 new vehicles should be added: A helicopter, sports car, and a bus. That’s all I have to suggest, sorry this was so long.

Ideas for update it's good. You should add a katana and you should add baseball and you should make people shoot the basketball into the hoop and dunk the ball with it and you should put the soccer ball to kick it and who should add people as friends like go to the menu and you should put add friends and you can have people add you and you can have friends and you should add more colors like a Lamborghini Ferrari a G wagon, and a Toyota, like all of the cars that you can find so the developer I love your game, but you should make more updates and you should make an AK 47 like a lot of stuff so if you read this review can you please review it can you please read it or something so you can put it in the next update please so developer I hope you have a great day bye

You need to fix the game. I love the game and the new stuff you’re adding but you need to fix some bugs. Whenever I put the layer setting in of something and I save it and then fix it and save it again the thing I used said it was in between. And whenever I try to resize the character and it’s immortal, it just flies like it doesn’t have gravity. I never put in disable gravity and it just does something weird while floating around. It does not chill at all. Also when I put a giant character into the water, it dies for some reason like loose a limb or its head and when I don’t put a immortality syringe in it then it dies automatically on its own. So please developer fix the bugs I found in the 17.0 update.

I have a couple ideas :D. So, I’ve been playing melon playground for about 6 months? And I enjoy it a lot, but I have a couple ideas, Maybe add a buildings tab, that shows multiple buildings that we can use, like a booby trapped mansion, or a military base, construction towers houses Ect, and maybe airplanes, tanks, normal cars and trucks, maybe an 18-wheeler with a trailer we can take on and off, when the robot came out though, I was kinda unhappy with the design, maybe make 4 new robots based off the fruit characters we have, and giants would be cool also, but we can just make those using resize, I’ll update on this post more frequently to give you more ideas for the game, that’s all, and please respond if you can 😁 bye 👋

Love it but…. I really like the game but let me recommend some things. 1. Add a FULL regeneration syringe. So what I’m thinking for our full regen syringe is it regenerates body parts too. Lost a leg? No worries, use the full regen syringe and BOOM you grew that leg back. Also remember to do the same for other body parts 2. Actual characters. So here’s my point of view for this one. Add actual people BUT before adding any characters make it pop a screen up to choose the gender cuz you have the dress and medical clothing for no reason. 3. Add mutation syringes too. You should add more syringes cuz now that I think about it full regen isn’t enough so you should add a buff syringe making characters 2x stronger. And we’re done. Big thank you for taking your time to read this. Good morning, Afternoon or night!

Please add a file to download mods. Hi I’m in love with melon playground most fun game when I first saw it I was at my brothers friends house and my brother Friend had a brother he was playing this game and it was fun and funny and I saw he had melon playground and I was like wow you have melon playground and I asked him how do you download melon playground but he said I don’t a iPhone and I tried to find you guys game but I can’t but then everyone was posting melon playground on iOS and I was shocked I got on the App Store and was the glory melon playground I download it on every device I had my iPad witch I’m on right now and iPhone well I tried my max book but nothing but I was fine but the only thing I’m waiting for is to add mods love your game ♥️♥️♥️♥️

More characters. I love melon playground for when i don't have access to my pc but i do wish for a little bit more in the game. some extra fruits and veggies would bring back a lot of the enjoyment i got when i started playing. recommendations: grape, strawberry, orange, pineapple (which has cool hair potential), coconut, and something bizarre like a dragon fruit or maybe even different flavor mochi ice cream could be cool. good game that's very obviously still in development so i can't give them a hard time for not having "enough characters" but in the future i think it could add a lot to the game. otherwise i think this game is a perfect mobile people playground. It may be rough around the edges but it's still very new so imo it's really good for what it is.

Realism. Great game for those without a pc or device capable of playing melon playground. But I have a few recommendations to make the gameplay more realistic: You should make it so when a bone breaks and acid is injected or skeleton is exposed, it shows the broken bone like an X-ray- Speaking of X-ray, you should add a device similar to the heartbeat monitor but it shows the bones instead- You should make it for mobile players, you are able of using two or more fingers in gameplay, making us have more methods for killing the fruits- you should add the effect of blowing their brains out (optional)- you should add the same type of water gun, but with a bunch of different types of liquid like acid, lava, etc- you should also add more automatic movements that the fruits could do.

Great game! 5 stars. The game is a copy of people playground but it is a very good one. I love to make movies by moving around the characters and making things for them to interact with. One problem with this game (if you can even call it a problem) is that in order to make them walk or turn them around or make them sit ect you have to double click the character and a small black menu will pop up where you find what you want them to do. And if you make movies like me that can be annoying like in order to turn a character I have to click on the menu which takes about 1-2 seconds. (because I have big hands) So I have to edit it out which can be very tedious.

Game is perfect just like people playground but here’s some things you should add. This game is perfect it’s just like people playground and I have been looking for a game like people playground but this is perfect the game is good I love all the new things you’re adding but here’s the thing things you should add you should add a taser so you stun melons and all that and it should be also be able to electrify metal and you can also add a generator that would be so cool😄😄😄 there’s nothing wrong with your game it is so good and so perfect I would recommend this to everyone anyways you should also add a car But it’s fine if you don’t add anything from this list I’m just recommending anyways keep up the good work and you guys are perfect at making games

Good but some things on iOS could be better. Alrirght so in my opinion I have some ideas on iOS there would be a work shop where you could upload items to the workshop then you receive the build and you would have a section in the saves where it would say(workshop items) and a new syringe the ( low health syringe) where you would have a syringe that drains blood to a certain point then the person would be around two shot one shot and it would not change the appearance if it’s a zombie or a regular melon next the change temperature in the settings as the suggest it would make it hot or frozen and on the ocean map you could make the water boiling or make the water frozen and the ice would have no friction and that’s it

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Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 22.0.5
Play Store com.TwentySeven.MelonPlayground
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

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The application Melon: Sandbox was published in the category Entertainment on 14 April 2022, Thursday and was developed by Payge Ltd [Developer ID: 1653289615]. This program file size is 336.45 MB. This app has been rated by 57,918 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Melon: Sandbox - Entertainment app posted on 23 April 2024, Tuesday current version is 22.0.5 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.TwentySeven.MelonPlayground. Languages supported by the app:

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Melon: Sandbox App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Update 22.0.5! WORKSHOP UPDATE Added: - New Feature Workshop! : - Create your personal account - Share your creations. - Find other's Mods and Saves by name, tag or author name. - Like or mark as favorite other's creations Fixed: - External ".melmod" and ".melsave" files loading fixed! - Festoon ropes fixes - Custom Ropes minor fixes - Lamps activation fixes - Old Saves compatibility fixed - Glow/Preview texture loading fixes - Anti-collision rope fixes

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