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Oticon Companion App Description & Overview

What is oticon companion app? Oticon Companion provides you with discreet, improved control over your hearing aids – so you can personalize your listening experience for any environment, the ability to find your hearing aids if they become lost, remote support from your hearing care professional when you need it, and much more.

With Oticon Companion, you can:

• Adjust the volume of your hearing aids and various settings (e.g. remote microphone, noise reduction, and streaming equalizer)
• Switch between predefined programs according to the different listening situation you are in
• Monitor your battery levels
• Help you find your hearing aids if you lose them
• Use SpeechBooster to reduce background noise and enhance speech when you need to focus on conversation.
• Use your device as a remote microphone and get better access to the voice of another speaker in noisy environments
• Use the streaming equalizer for a personalized listening experience. The streaming equalizer is available for all Oticon Bluetooth® hearing aids except Oticon Opn™ and Oticon Siya
• Have your hearing aids adjusted and receive counseling from the comfort of your own home – via a live video call with your hearing care professional
• Handle wireless accessories paired with your hearing aids; control multiple TV Adapters or devices, such as Oticon EduMic or ConnectClip, which can be used both for streaming and as a remote microphone

The Oticon Companion App is compatible with all Oticon Bluetooth hearing aids. Depending on the hearing aids and the mobile device you are using, you may or may not have access to all features the app offers.

We recommend using the latest version of iOS.

To check the latest list of compatible devices, please visit:

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App Name Oticon Companion
Category Medical
Updated 12 September 2023, Tuesday
File Size 232.09 MB

Oticon Companion Comments & Reviews 2024

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Aesthetically better, but overall lacking.. I love the more clean interface, but overall, there’s a lot missing. I don’t want to miss mentioning how nice it is that it actually remembers equalized settings! Things that make it unusable for me at the moment: - no dark mode (new design is more clean, but also more bright) - connections are much slower (sometimes won’t load) - no Apple Watch support

App is not better. I can control my aids through the system/ accessibility without issue. The app continually disconnects and the only way to get them to reconnect with the app is reboot my phone. No way to know how long you are wearing them. Old app was better than this one.

Keeps disconnecting. The aids keep disconnecting from the app, mainly left ear.

Glitches. Keeps disconnecting, disconnects left aid only sometimes, stuck on p2 not showing arrows to go back to general or to p3. Each time I have to delete the app and redownload. Never had any problems with Oticon on app. I like the features of companion but it’s in need of some work.

Ok, but missing some functionality. The interface is pretty intuitive, and it’s nice to have remote audiologist adjustment merged into the same app, but it is missing two useful features that the Oticon On app has: Apple Watch complication and visible usage history. I’ll stick with Oticon On until these deficiencies are addressed.

Oticon companion. App has potential but not really different than oticon on. The TV/church and comfort really don’t add much. The main frustration is having to reconnect to my hearing aides almost every time and wait and wait for a reconnection. I find this frustrating and unacceptable. I deleted it and went back to oticon on. The problem with that app is random switching from tv to speech in noise and from speech in noise to general. Oticon has a lot of work to do on both apps.

I am missing my Apple Watch app. I would give it 5 stars if I had a working watch app. I have lowered my rating due the disconnects, and no watch app.

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Doesnt work. Tried to pair multiple times, says paired, but when you try to use the app it is ants to pair again. Just loops round in pair, not connected loops. Uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times but still the same Not worth the effort to download !!

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Not impressed. I haven’t found anything special about this app. One volume control is about it. I tried deleting the app but it will not fully delete.

Useless. Not reliable. 0 star. This app is useless. It does not stay connected to the hearing aids making it useless or not reliable. I am considering returning my Oticon Real miniRITE R and ask for a full refund. Iphone 15 IOS 17.2.1

Terrible. You would think that given the cost of the hearing aids themself Oticon could afford to have developers prepare an app that had more functions and worked out of the box. I don’t recall seeing an app from a big corporation with so many 1 star ratings. I’ve experienced all the issues everyone else has commented on. My previous hearing aids were from Phonak and the app never gave me a problem and provided more options for different environments. Perhaps Oticon could work towards proving its clients with a working app.

Absolute junk. You would think that since we pay SO MUCH for our hearing aids, this app would work better than the old one - IT DOES NOT! The app is terribly slow to connect to the hearing aids and even once connected is slow to adjust modes, volume, etc. You’d think since you got 1-star on the old app that you’d make this one better - it’s worse. If I could give it a 0-star I would.

Connection issues. Takes forever to connect to the hearing aids,.

A big mistake. This app is the slowest, most inconsistent app I’ve ever downloaded. I only did it because we were instructed to by oticon. I’m going to try to go back to the old app. Never had a problem with it. Don’t know why they changed.

Oticon App USLESS. I just got my Oticon TV adapter from my Oticon professional and it REFUSES to work with the Oticon Companion App. The oticon Companion App is absolutely useless when it comes to the TV adapter and this is their SECOND try to fix problems with it! These hearing aid adapters are expensive…and USLESS if the app won’t connect. Bottom line… the company tried to save money on the programming of the App as well as fix the problems from the first FAILED App and FAILED at this miserably!!! Don’t use the App for …ANYTHING … as it with just frustrate you!!!

Does anyone at Oticon read these reviews…?. They are not… because if they did read them….they would be working 24 hours a day on fixing the problems…I have never read so many bad reviews for an app and still on going… If I had known what I know today about the problems of connectivity, stability and overall poor performance of the app, I would not have bought Oticon earrings aids. Because in 2023 almost 2024, being able to easily connect to iPhone, iPad or tablet , tv is a basic standard. Apparently at Oticon they don’t think so.

Old app was better. This app takes forever to connect to your hearing aids, provided you can get it to connect. Please fix it or bring back the old app.

Ça fonctionne mais... it's working but.... Only to stars (no more for the moment) Seulement 2 étoiles (pas plus pour l'instant) There is a great lack of "responsiveness" in the identification and control of hearing aids. With a little seriousness and determination, I am convinced that you can do better Il y a un grand manque de "réactivité" dans le repérage et le contrôle des appareils auditifs. Avec un peu de sérieux et de la détermination, je suis convaincu que vous pouvez faire mieux !!

Unhappy!!. This app is very unreliable. When I open the app on iPhone often one or both have disconnected and have to close the app and restart so adjustments can be made. Very inconvenient when you are in the middle of a conversation or a meeting. App does not deserve even one star.

Oticon App. The ungraded app is far inferior to the previous version. I think the ratings say it all Almost everyone has rated it a 1 Hope you will do something to rectify the problem

Scam. Oticon has made the original app nonfunctional with my Oticon hearing aids. The new app also does not allow my hearing aids to function through the app. This is a scam to force you to purchase new hearing aids. I have no idea why the company would make the original app to cease connectivity. Fortunately I have functionality through my iPhone

Terrible app. The old app was bad, but this is the worst hearing aid spp i have seen. If I could give it zero stars i would have.

Oticon. This product will not connect through Bluetooth all the time.

Junk. The old app was quite good. This one keeps losing connection, won’t recognize ipad or iphone suddenly. Keep resetting which lasts for 2 mins then drops out again. Tried everything you recommend to reset. Would go back to the old app but it won’t let me. Please delete and remove this app. It is garbage and you are wasting all of our time. Might have to get different hearing aids to rectify this junk.

Slow to connect. I switched apps as per the instructions. This app takes about 3 to 4 times longer to connect. Sometimes over a minute! The previous app connected within 15 seconds. It’s very frustrating if I need to change programmes or mute. Please work on this.

Can’t connect to new app. I get a message saying my hearing aides are not supported by this app. The old app worked just fine. Now I am left with nothing as old app doesn’t seem to be available.

Ok but nothing special. No shortcut capabilities. Limited Siri integration. Constant alerts “checkout the new app” even though the app has been installed for 3 months. It works but could be much better.

Get the firmware update. I contacted my clinic, and got my hearing aids firmware updated to version 6.1 today. Now the app works perfectly. It’s actually good. So if you find it disconnects,just close the app and restart. Mine actually connects in approximately 10 seconds. Loading seems about the same as the old version. As the title says,get a firmware update. Am adding to this post,to ask those that are complaining,a question. Have you contacted your clinic,to get your hearing aids firmware updated? It takes about 25-30 minutes for the upgrade,and it’s free. Mine were not compatible with this app,but after the upgrade,now works as should. So,Oticon,why hasn’t your app been updated for over 2 months? Other app usually gets updates every one to two weeks. For the amount of users that are having problems with your “ new” app,you don’t seem to care?

Oticon Companion???. This app doesn’t work! It constantly loses the Bluetooth connectivity. Resolve by deleting and reloading to reconnect. The old Oticon On was much better.

Don jack. This is the worst app I have ever used! Nothing works without resetting and constant monitoring. Every time I open the app I have to turn each hearing aid off and on again then turn my phone off and back on and then it might start to stream my TV sound.

Disappointed. Because of how poorly this app works with my older hearing aids, when they do need replacing, I will not be purchasing the oticon brand.

Incompatible. Why would you force me to upgrade to the new app and then, after upgrading, tell me that my hearing aides are not compatible with the new app. Give me back the old app!!!!!

Very poor app. This app was created to cancel the use of the previous hearing aids to force previous owners to purchase new hearing aids. There was nothing wrong with the previous hearing aids. I can tell you this, I will not go with this company to buy new hearing aids. Bring back the old app..

Works worse than the original. This app is a pos. It is slow. It disconnects. What the heck happened? Fix it!

Crap. This app is absolute crap! Please go back to the previous version. This app always drops. This app always Hass to be restarted. This app takes forever to connect with the hearing aids. This app is slow. The previous app had none of these problems. Absolute waste! Stay away.

Why change the format?!!! - seniors. My aging mom struggles enough with using technology as I know many seniors do. WHY would you make aging seniors, relying on their hearing aids and the Oticon app, have to now navigate a new design to find a way to turn up the volume on their hearing aid!!!! Go back to the previous layout!

Hopeless. I have had Oticon hearing aids for over five years. The old app worked perfectly. I recently got new hearing aids and chose Oticon because of the previous performance and ease of use of their app. So I had to delete the old app and download this so called new and improved app. There is seldom one day where it works. Very frustrating. I am now considering a different brand of hearing aids.

Companion. Worst phone app I have ever used. “Forced to use” I should say. Garbage. Come on Oticon ….. you can do better than this. Zero stars actually.

Slowest app ever. The old version was very poor and this new version is even worse. The only way to mute my hearing aids is with this app and it takes forever to connect if at all. If I go outside in the wind I have to mute my hearing aids but I have to walk for a few minutes in agony from all the wind noise waiting for this stupid app to connect. Sometimes I have to turn off one aid and back on before it connects. I’m a professional musician and it is impossible to have my hearing aids on when rehearsing or performing and this horrible app makes muting an ordeal. Sometimes in the middle of a performance one of my aids will suddenly turn on after they were muted and the only way to mute is to get my phone out and turn on this app which is impossible while performing. The previous version of this app wasn’t very good but much better than this new version and it kept track of usage as well. For the outrageous amount Opticon hearing aids cost the app should be much better. Another question is why the hearing aid microphones can’t be used for phone calls?

Does not work. Terrible app! Does not work most of the time. Bring back the old app! It is totally a Zero!

Terrible app. The new app is absolutely terrible. None of the suggested tips for connecting hearing aids to the app work. The only way I can connect my hearing aids to the app is by rebooting my phone. I’m not sure that it’s good for the phone and it takes several minutes to connect with the app. Very very frustrating. Definitely NOT an improvement over the previous Oticon app.

Go back to the old app. New app has connectivity issues, make it work or return to the old app. You are debugging you app with costumers complaints

Worse than the original. I didn’t think you could rework an app and actually make it worse, but the developers at Oticon have managed to do it! Drops Bluetooth connection and very slow to connect, if it will connect at all. Too much more to get into. If you know you know. I’m pretty good troubleshooting tech stuff, but this app is beyond belief. I can’t imagine being an elder and new to apps, et al, and having to navigate this POS app.

Even worse than the previous App. Next month I am due for new hearing aids. I will look for a different brand based on my experience with this app. It’s hard to explain How bad it really is. It takes from 60-90 seconds for the app and hearing aids to connect and they constantly disconnect. It will arbitrarily tell me one aid has a dead battery when in fact the battery is fine. I have to restart the aid and or my phone. Considering the cost (ok paid for by insurance) I would expect much better.

Not Sure. I downloaded this app and deleted my old app as per instructions. This app has no HearingFitness, if it does I sure could find it. It is not where the instructions say it is. I have gone back to my old Oticon ON app for now. Hope they get this fixed and I will try it again.

Don’t buy. The newly purchased tv adapter box fried my 55 in LG tv Two months later one hearing aid stopped working . The app works on occasion. Find a different brand

App needs major improvements. I am in the market for new hearing aids next year and if the Oticon App does not improve Bluetooth connectivity very soon I will have to look at another brand of hearing aid

Cant connect. Also wont show on home screen. Cannot connect hearing aids and the app itself will not show on my homescreen. Anytime i want to open the app i have to go to my app store to purchased apps and scroll down to find the app. Garbage. Cant use my hearing aids

Keeps disconnecting. This Companion app is a step back from the former Oticon App. One or both hearing aids will randomly disconnect from the app on my iPhone. The app then prompts me to connect / reconnect my hearing aids to it. Since downloading the app, I also get a recurring error message every day or two, that claims that each of my hearing aids is connected to a different program. I have to turn both aids off and on again to try and correct the problem.

Oticon worst app ever. Oticon is so slow to load that it is almost unusable! ZERO STARS.

No good. App does not work properly, connection is no good!

Oticon companion app. This app really needs work! It is painfully slow to communicate with the hearing aids. It will often drop one or the other hearing aid, and I always have to restart my phone to establish communication again. This app is terrible! Oticon On was fairly good, but Companion is just awful. The hearing aids lose communication with the app about half of the time, and you must restart your phone to re-establish communications with the hearing aids. Go back to school!


Useless “Upgrade”. At least the old app would connect. Did Oticon even do a beta test on this?

Oticon companion. Very, very slow to connect to hearing aids or to connect with smart tv for streaming. I have an iPhone 7 and app frequently must be deleted and reinstalled - several times per week. Hearing aids frequently must be reconnected to hearing aids - several times per day. Oticon app also turns the volume on my phone down so user does not receive sound notifications or messages or calls. New app has potential but is currently a big pain to deal with.

Terrible. I don’t know who designed this app but time to go back to the drawing board. The old app was far better

Terrible app. This is a piece of garbage as it disconnects the hearing aid randomly. With the large number of complaints on disconnected hearing aids, when will Oticon update the app to solve this bug? It is completely unacceptable for the company to ignore customer complaints. It has been 2 weeks since the last update and the issue remains unresolved. I will never purchase Oticon again!

Terrible Connectivity Issues. I have an iPhone X which cannot upgrade to iOS17 which may be why using this App is so frustrating. Since upgrading to this App from the previous version when iOS17 launched I have had mediocre user experience. Sometimes it connects and sometimes it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t none of the suggested fixes works. I can’t be the only one having these problems but so far nothing has been done since the App’s introduction to fix these bugs. The old App worked reliably so it’s a real disappointment!!!

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Pairing. All it wants to do is pairing. Can’t get passed that when paired

Keeps disconnecting. Have to keep repairing. Drops left heating aid. Not useful! Want my other app back

Not good…. App is not usable. Constantly disconnected. Have to turn off the phone and re cycle the whole app for it only to fail a short time later. Contacted Oticon and sent them several photos weeks ago. Expected something new to load by now. Still the same… no new apps to replace this one that is garbage.Quite unfortunate for a big name company like this to be dealing with this sub standard program giving them a bad name. I’ll never recommend them.

Trouble. I find this app not designed like to other . Your rates are very low . I notice that it’s very slow of connecting to the hearing aids either by the beginning of the day or after changing the battery . All the other step has be taken but not helped I would hope you will reformat your program to acknowledge what the person needs not what you need . I cannot rate you other than fail .

Keeps disconnecting. The aids keep disconnecting from the app, mainly left ear.

Disconnects constantly. Don’t like

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.2.2
Play Store com.oticon.app
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

Oticon Companion (Versiyon 1.2.2) Install & Download

The application Oticon Companion was published in the category Medical on 09 February 2023, Thursday and was developed by Oticon A/S [Developer ID: 815526994]. This program file size is 232.09 MB. This app has been rated by 3,804 users and has a rating of 1.7 out of 5. Oticon Companion - Medical app posted on 12 September 2023, Tuesday current version is 1.2.2 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.oticon.app. Languages supported by the app:

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Oticon Companion App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

To improve your experience, we regularly update the app to make it more reliable and easier to use. In this update, we have made improvements and bug fixes to make the app more stable.

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