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What is boostone app? The BoostOne mobile app gives you 100% FREE Wireless Service. You can manage your account, make payments, check your usage and more. But, the BoostOne App goes beyond just account management.

You can earn free wireless by collecting Boostcoins by just:

• Logging in daily
• Watching videos
• Spinning & winning
• Completing offers
• Plus, you get bonus streak coins when you come back every day for a week

Redeem Boostcoins as credit towards your Boost Mobile phone bill to earn free wireless, so you can spend your hard earned money on something else.

And the savings don’t end there!

With the BoostOne app, you:
• Get FREE offers and coupons on food, shopping, and more
• & Get access to 250,000+ nationwide deals from all your favorite brands

Join Boost Mobile to take advantage of all the benefits BoostOne has to offer:

*Restrictions apply.

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App Name BoostOne
Category Utilities
Updated 19 October 2023, Thursday
File Size 159.34 MB

BoostOne Comments & Reviews 2023

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New boost redeemable earned dollars off of bill. I realize it is a new concept but maybe try it out on a group of people. I have a problem every day earning those points/dollars off my payment. It eventually adds up but I normally have to shut off power to my phone & restart. And how come I only have 35GBs, I thought my plan was “unlimited text, calls & data”. Every time I watch a video for the earn points, it shortens my GBs quickly. That’s a dirty trick. I no longer watch any videos or will download any games. I didn’t like the capped 85% either but I’d rather have it back. I wish the spin & win would work better too. The clock never refreshes. If I turn data off in settings for Boost app & 15 minutes later I turn data back on, the clock time doesn’t reflect correctly the time spin & win for next day unless I turn my phone on & off. It’s ridiculous! SEVERAL BUG FIXES TO FIX! I think it’s a great idea, a way to reduce my monthly payment as long as the points are calculated accurately.

Doesn’t load, and it doesn’t keep you logged in.. This app is alot more confusing then the last app, the last app I pressed 2 buttons and boom my service was paid and not due till next month, but this app is just confusing, and it’s not even accurate my phone is due in 11 days and the app says it’s not due till 31 days 🤦‍♀️ it’s annoying and a waste of time, I tried downloading the old app again but it just redirected me back to this app. Andd on top of that you have to constantly log back in the app, although you had to do the same with the other app it was much easier because it allowed me to setup my face ID, this app doesn’t allow that, and when logging in you get redirected to a google or safari tab just to login.. so I think I might just switch carriers to avoid the headache. Its sad I been with boost for yearrssss, I know they lost me and alot of other customers because of this app.

Very Satisfied Customer ( Dawn B ). The man at Boost Mobile where I purchased my iPhone 13 from, was extremely helpful. I had no idea what I was doing, and I called him crying my eyes out, locked out of my bank app, credit card apps, social media accounts, you name it I was lost. I was so upset. He told me to relax and get some rest and said “I promise you that I will help you get through this and show you everything no matter how long it takes, or how many questions I had. And he kept that promise. I will forever remember him. And I will never go to another carrier other than Boost Mobile Store. The app alone, has many features that are VERY useful, & so easy to use. Thanks to the man who put up with my crAzybAby questions & I am sure I will have more… But when you choose Boost Mobile for your carrier, take full advantage of the free app Sincerely crAzybAbie 🤘🏻🤘🏻

Older user. I am a fan of your app. I am over 70 and when I started using your app I spent my time on the phone with customer service to try to figure out how to use the app. When I hit pay my bill, it would charge my credit card. Unfortunately, your customer service personnel were more confused than I was. They assured me that if I did nothing then the points would be utilized. That only made me feel like I would loose my phone service so I would hit the pay button the night before it was due. I ended up with a $75. Credit at one point and my husband screaming about not worrying about it. Then customer service refunded my credit to my card and assured me that “I was in charge”. Sorry to say I didn’t feel like it. One miraculous day the app changed and added a button that stated: redeem credits. When you swiped the button it moved the credits to the bill and adjusted the total amount of your bill automatically. I could finally see my progress. I was finally in charge lol. I have had to watch more videos to get those credits, but am very thankful for the app. Great job guys. Now if you can improve the offers key it would be helpful, but just saying. I don’t know how many customers you have that are older like me, but I’m sure there are enough to keep customer service hopping.

One big complaint. Overall I think the concept and make of the app is done well, but the feature you promote a lot is the ability to earn coins that will deduct from your bill. Well, twice now I have spun the wheel and been scammed out of the coins it landed on, but I’ve noticed it only happens when I land on the large numbers. The first time, I landed on 500 coins, but the second time I landed on 5000 and even screenshotted it bc I had a feeling the same crap was going to happen. The screen just idles on the coins, never rewards me them, i even sat there for 15 minutes, nothing. And then when I eventually have to back out, there’s the audacity to only give me 5 coins as credit. I love the idea, but don’t put bigger numbers on the wheel if you’re just gonna scam us and never reward them.

Profit 1st Customer Trapped. Profit is prioritized over customer satisfaction, government qualifications, or paid online promotions. Boost suggested I enroll in the ACP program. Although qualified. Boost Mobile de-enrolled me leaving to pay out of pocket twice since I enrolled on August 17th. After the initial government informed me Boost de-enrolled me 9/1/23 I contacted the company several times to re-enroll. They just rejected my request, sent me to the brick N mortar stores, and ended my service. It’s September 25, Yom Kippur and I had to pay my bill a second time even though I have a number transfer PIN and my account number just in case I can find another service provider who accepts my ACP qualification and provides service. It is shameful that customer service gives the run around directing callers to 4 stores that direct you to customer service. The stores have the nerve to put up I’ll-be-back signs(3 times!), be in dangerous neighborhoods, and attempt to charge $50 activation fees after you’ve paid or have your service covered online. That is a horrible way to do business after a customer contacts you, and does the leg work, shameful, reprehensible, abhorrent, and incorrigible. I wouldn’t feign surprise if this review is ignored while it’s done to the next customer. I paid because I cannot afford to miss a call from the doctor’s office or a business connection.

It half works. If you watch ads and log in daily, you can earn points that you can redeem for real cash for your boost digital wallet. Until today it was pretty generous how much it would let you earn daily with 10 cents per ad that could add up for a few bucks earned daily. Today they lowered it to 5 cents per ad with less available ads to watch daily. Sometimes I’ll watch an ad, but it won’t let me exit the ad at the appropriate time to earn coins. You can give out your info to 3rd party advertisers to earn more coins, but those promos never actually work. The app can’t tell me how much data I’ve used, which is pretty important since I can only use 30 gigs a month. You can’t change plans in the app. It also can’t tell what kind of phone I have. Simple things all the other prepaid carriers have. The service and plan itself (AT&T) is good, but the app needs some serious work. Edit: the 5 dollar reward from spinning the wheel is a lie. Your app will crash every single time you’re supposed to get 5 dollars worth of boost points.

Could be better. Not a horrible app but don’t expect much with customer service in anyway … watch videos at 2 cents a pop … Daily log in worth 5 cents … then a spin that usually is consistent between 5 -10 cents … then a weekly 1.50 for log in and one video a day bonus … after you reach a certain amount off your bill they limit to only 5 videos a day or they don’t pay out for half …. It’s a great concept with today’s society but again corporate greed steps in …. If we get 2 cents a vid when they pay out can you imagine what they make ??? Profits always over customers ;) other then that download it and expect up to 60%~75% max off your bill ….

Amazing. I've been with boost almost 6 years now. the old app was harder to navigate but I got super excited when this one came about. Especially with the feature to save on your phone bill by doing spin the wheel, watching videos and downloading apps. There's even a coupon tab where you can save on things for Boost mobile. There's been a few issues lately, but the team has been amazing at getting it fixed in a timely manner & last month even made it to where they added like 2 weeks on everyone's phone service bc it was down. So my phone was on until the app got fixed, thank goodness bc i pay on the app. I will always stay with Boost Mobile. Best service, i get service where no one else does and i've never had any issues with service or anything else. Long time customer and will always recommend to friends.

Boost your mobile connection with Boost $25/monthly UNLIMITED TALK TEXT DATA. Excellent deal yet again coming from boost mobile! I walked in with my iPhone unlocked previous used with tracphone and paid $60 even and got unlimited data REAL UNLIMITED DATA AND 30gb of hotspot data for only $25 a month with the only catch being autopay... Which was not a issue at all I just provided my cash app account and routing numbers and BOOM IVE BEEN USONG FOR ALMOST 4 months now!! And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they have an app called boost one and it allows you to have daily bonus features that you earn money to deduct from your bill every month and are approximately give or take a dollar or two get $10-$15 off of that $25 bill every month just for opening the app once a day and spinning a wheel and or watching a short video clip for two cents a clip! not bad if you ask me so I get unlimited data and 30 GB of hotspot for about $15-$20 every month and I didn’t have to switch numbers or phones! Highly recommend

Clunky and full of features I don’t want/need. This app, which I installed because that apparently how we pay the bill now, is annoying. I’m not able to make any changes to my service plan, nor am I able to remove lines. I’m sure if I wanted to add on, it wouldn’t be a problem, though. The “Live Chat” feature isn’t helpful beyond FAQ-type info, and the bot gets easily confused, and it’s not clear how one can reach a Live Human Agent. I’m also not a big fan of the new “BoostCoin” gamification features, but I can understand how that discount could be attractive, and I hope it works well, with minimal data mining, for those who choose to participate. I know the app is new, so I’ll give it some time to work out the bugs, but if there isn’t improvement in a month or two, I’ll be going elsewhere for cellular service.

App is horrible & doesn’t work on my iPhone 13 correctly no matter what I do to fix it. I’ve been with Boost since August 2022 and love the unlimited 3 months for $90 plan and liked the original amount they offered for watching videos to help you earn points towards free air time so it’s worth watching all those annoying videos but since having this app on my iPhone it’s never worked correctly when it comes to trying to redeem my points, the app doesn’t load on my phone right I’ve spent hours online and on the phone with att and with Boost trying to get this fixed, even had a new SIM card mailed to me to see if that was the problem but still not able to fix it. So other than it not working right the fact they dropped the payment amount to 2 coins per video that you watch is ridiculous & the other bonus points are also lower, it just makes me feel like they don’t appreciate the customers who actually stay loyal to them & are more likely to encourage others to switch if they’re happy & excited by their experience with the app instead of aggravated & disappointed with it.

NOT HAPPT. I am. Baby Boomer and I like customer service to include a LIVE person. These automated chats are for the birds… Moreover, I have been a A family user and Boost customer sinner 2014 and using the old app to pay my bill. In aJanuary 2022 I purchase an iPhone on credit with BOOST and yet, NONE if that nor my patronage for near 10 years is listed nor any indicatedion if my long-tem my account. I have a 5 line user account and went in to see about activating a line and nothing is there… it is quite frustrating…additionally, last month I added a credit card to my account and have yet to receive my 200 points… I should have points just for staying with Boost for so long. Note: I RARELY leave a bad review on anything. But this app gets only 2 stars and that is just because I like the customer service at my local store.

App is horrible and been nothing but problems. At first I thought app was a pretty good way to save a little money by doing a few things like watching videos and spinning the wheel but was I completely wrong. Its been nothing but problems! Pay my bill in full then get a suspended message claiming i owe 3 cents which is nonsense but of course they scam me out of 3 cents cause i paid that also. I know it’s only 3 cents but thats not the point. As far as app goes if you land on 5000 coins it glitches and will freeze which im sure is exactly as intended by whoever made this app! As of right now app is down and how convenient that its on my 7th day of spinning wheel and watching videos so i wont get that extra $ to use towards bill which is not the first time this has happened. Why would anyone want to keep a service with any company that is not honest and uses a rigged app?!

Nothing But Lies. Anyone else lose out on their boost mobile points because of updates? I have twice out of 3 payments and honestly I don’t feel it’s fair that we can’t move coins over to use on our bills because of that and we lose our streaks we build up we lose our spins the video watches and all that adds up and never do they give us any compensation. Why even have us do this to keep our bill down if it is never available when you need it. I have seen a different side of this company in my 11 months of service and I am ready to leave after the crap I just went through. I had $43 to use towards my bill and my bill was. $47 had to pay the full $47 because it was past due and couldn’t use my points I had saved up due to their update for 3 days that isn’t my fault o wish I could have Dave no stars to this company .

Let me tell y’all something about boost!. If you used boost mobile for the past few years you remember their shrink plan you pay your bill on time every 3 months they’ll lower your bill it was amazing they dropped that and came out with lower rate plans for customers on a budget now they have a plan (which I’m currently on) where I pay my bill every 3 months instead of monthly and they have this amazing app that’ll give you a discount by your billing date! Love boost mobile the only service provider that actually care for their customers and don’t wanna take all your money got my iPhone for under $100 brand new and got good service for under $400 a year I can go anywhere and never lose service!! If your looking for a reason to switch to boost mobile this app and other key elements are why their worth it!

Not Good. The app will only work if I am using the data from the phone service. If I am on my home WiFi or work WiFi, it completely does not work at all. So if my service is disconnected and I need to pay my bill, how would I do this if I can’t use another service to activate my phone? The gimmicks are a joke of watching videos, downloading apps etc for a few Pennie’s that is never added to your account. They always send error messages saying “ an error occurred, please try again later”, or “here was a technical difficulty,” Also while my phone is active, if I disconnect from WiFi, instantly my phone service goes into SOS mode or it displays an E in the signal box. This means I have no service. Usually if you have an iPhone , you are able to receive incoming calls , text messages, etc if your service is suspended or off, now boost has blocked the ability to receive calls,text messages, etc on their network all together, even to and from iPhones. Boost isn’t going to solve any of their issues for their customers at all. I have had several times when I was charged twice my payment amount and instead of them refunding my money, they kept it anyways applied it for a new month of service. Terrible customer service always .

One month of use and so far not liking it…. It’s been a month since I started using Boost, I previously had GoogleFi. My main issue with Boost so far is: people call me but my phone doesn’t ring; the app is slow and too busy with useless features; when I installed the app and the line, no where it said I had to set my voicemail. Coming from GoogleFi everything was on the app and if someone left me a voicemail I would get a text notifying me, plus a notification on the app itself. Also, they were all transcribed. It was very easy and convenient! But with Boost I didn’t know it had to be set up, so I missed important voicemails due to that. It still doesn’t explain why I missed the calls though, because my phone should’ve rang before going to voicemail, but that never happened. There’s a lot of improvements that need to be done! I’m probably not going to keep Boost…

Disappointing after a while. I’ll give it a 3 because free money is free money…. but they’ve lowered the rewards significantly and this is only my second month with Boost. I only spin the wheel and watch 1 video daily to count towards the weekly bonuses. Those used to be 150 but are now 75. The rewards on the wheel are lower and now I spin 5s 90% of the time, whereas before, I was getting different amounts each time and nothing lower than 10. Happy to reduce my bill by any amount, but the drastic changes are disappointing. Update: Now it glitches the weekly bonuses. I was 1 day away from the video bonus and it went all the way back to the start. Wheel and video bonuses should match since I do everything at the same time, but nope. Also, the deals either don’t work or don’t appear. I keep getting notifications about deals, then try to look into them, but they don’t show up. Terrible app, one star. Whenever you spin and get a high amount of coins the app will glitch. When you open the app again it goes up by 2

The “apple” of pre paid cellular phone service…. Great company, better service, and an even absolutely wonderful experience! In my opinion, obviously, this company has something that most other companies have completely ignored in the last couple of decades… making the customer feel valued. The app allows for an experience that is very “interactive”, which allows for a much more intuitive and rather pleasant “journey.” Two thumbs up, 5 stars, and all of those other nice accolades that has been missing from a lot of companies over the years… thank you, and I look forward to what the future brings with Boos Mobile.

Troublesome. Sometimes the app works very smoothly, but other times not so much. It often takes several minutes for the home page to open up. Sometimes I get the sign in page and I have to do it 2 or 3 times before the site opens. Lately I haven’t been getting credit for spinning the wheel so I miss out on the 75 coin bonus for that week. However the coin amount for those spins is applied to my payment balance. I just don’t get the 7-day streak bonus. Very frustrating. The same thing happens when I watch videos. It doesnt log that I watched that day so I can never get a 7 day streak and lose out on that bonus as well. I know I don’t have to play this game but since you offer it,it should at least play fair.

3rd party data mining. You gotta love how the only way to get any discount is for them to steal information or data from the customers that away their phones constantly get blown up by what we consider to be telemarketers when in reality they’re selling your information.. also there was one point I got my phone bill down to six dollars and something cents from 35 and I haven’t been able to get it anywhere close to that low any other time after that after that.. my app went haywire wouldn’t let me log back in gave me way more trouble than it should have. When I never signed out of the app I went back in at another time and no it did not update during this time and would not let me sign in or anything took a long time for me to be able to use the boost one app again.. now you’re lucky to get 20 coins in day. Normally it’s anywhere from 6 to 20 if you’re lucky and you have to have 200 in order to be able to cash out minimum that’s only two dollars off it is taking me an entire week to just get 86 coins that’s how little they’re giving now you get five videos if you’re lucky and when you do your daily spin, every single time is five coins occasionally I might get 10 but that’s in a blue moon hardly ever.. you use these so-called benefits the less you will get overtime and you will eventually realize that it is redundant and they are taking advantage of people trying to get a lesser bill by selling their information/data to third-party overseas individuals.

Services not rendered. I’m extremely disappointed in the customer service and how the company in whole took care of my service. I tried to get unlimited data in may, never received my SIM card until late June and then was told that I had to wait 20 days for a refund. Then get told after another month that they can’t help me anymore. I expressed I wanted nothing further to do with this company and they still are sending another SIM card without my refund. I asked to speak to a manager multiple times just to be given the run around. I had to wait 2 months to buy a new phone and go with a different company all together because of the terrible service I received. I would not recommend this company to anyone, not after the hassle I’ve had to just speak with anyone who could help me. (They never solved my issue, but are trying to keep my money) once again they are taking actions without speaking to me or keeping me updated and that’s completely unacceptable.

After get 5000 boost coins I can’t get on App!!! REALLY BOOST. I have never come across such an unscrupulous business like boost mobile. After joining boost mobile I was encouraged by the store to get the App and to login into the app everyday to win boost coins towards my monthly bill payment. I decided to try it out and the first few months I got like about $10 off my bill. Then in April 2023 I score the 5000 boost coins which amount to $50 off my bill. After coins was redeemed towards my account in the beginning of May 2023 I have not been able to get back into my account on the App. My question is… Why create an app then encourage people to use such app and don’t like when users win big on the app. To Boost Mobile, it was your decision to offer this app and coins towards customers monthly bill payment and when you don’t like a customer getting their reward you freeze or block there account. No one asked you for this offer of coins towards their bill but you chose to offer it and now this. THE WORST COMPANY EVER. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND Boost Mobile to ANYONE… Very UNSCRUPULOUS Company. If I could give a rating of zero stars I would!!!

Newest update further broke a broken app. Newest update broke ad watching. Before you could watch ads consistently hitting ‘watch another ad’ over and over however long it took till you hit your cap. Now you can only see ONE ad, that’s it, doesn’t show you any more. You might get luck if you exist out then come back but only sometimes. And for what? They added a ‘surveys’ section which is literally just a giant scam and waste of time, you can spend 30 minutes trying to complete a survey that said it should only take 2 because it kicks you to different surveys, or you are immediately disqualified. Even working on trying to do surveys regularly you’ll probably get lucky to do a single one in a day. The activities section is nothing but scam, like legit things to steal your data. Half of its ‘all you gotta do is enter a valid email’ actually has you signing up for an ACTUAL scam site. It’s a shame to say the least. Give me back my string of ads and keep your data stealing garbage

Bad app and badd customer service. The app is ran by a third party. Not by anyone at boost mobile so 1. There goes ur personal information. 2. Since its ran by a third party they cannot reimburse you for mossing points. I will get back to that later. After 7 days of watching commercials u are awarded 75 points aka 75cents. Boost mobile has erased my history once every week resulting in me only being able to accrue $6 off my bill when it use to be free. No help on the customer service side. Also. When u spin the wheel. Whatever number it landed on. When u opened the app the next day it would still be on that number. Now when i sign in. I have been a customer for 3 months. It eill start on a random different number resulting in you never getting the 100 or 500 points which helps alot since they lowered the reward completion from 150 to 75. Videos watched use to be 5 but are now 2 resulting in 40 extra commercials watched. The app stated it is unlimited but u cant even watch some days its up to them. So. Use at ure own risk. This app is like a new employee. Great before the 90 day probation. After 3 months expect nothing. I wish i could copy and paste the conversation they sent me stating if i am so dissatisfied with the app i can gladly cancel my boost membership. Let that sink in.

Great app and service. Been using this service and app for over a year now didn’t believe you could actually earn free wireless service but it is true! I am consistent with watching the vids and logging in daily so I have actually have credits so far I’ve paid my bill up 3 months by watching their ads! I’ve added 2 more lines cause I couldn’t believe and affordable it is and good service! Never have any issues…when I’m in rural areas and other providers like T-Mobile have no service my phones work perfectly actually have to use my hotspot for the other provider to work but if you’re thinking bout joining do I definitely didn’t regret it!

Great Concept, Needs Fine Tuning. I’m relatively new to Boost Mobile, as I was looking for a way to save money. Service hasn’t been bad- I had some struggles recently while traveling. I was in an area I wouldn’t have thought it would have happened- I had 2 bars but my phone was struggling with a web browser. The app hasn’t really worked well in the 3-4 months I have used it. I love the idea of being able to knock down my monthly bill, but at this point, I’m questioning whether it is worth using/staying with boost because of the app issues. In addition to the app being down for days earlier this week, it now looks like it is back up, but I can’t process the payment that should have been taken automatically earlier this week. Service is working but still. There hasn’t really been much communication in regard to it either. Baseline, it’s affordable, service works, app isn’t great.

App lags, bad experience with customer support. I tried paying my bill on the app, but it was lagging, so I accidentally paid twice. I contacted customer service and asked for a refund for the accidental payment. When I received the refund I thought everything worked out. Unfortunately, the next week I noticed the bill wasn’t paid. On their website in payment history it says both payments were refunded. While in reality I only received 1. I’ve made multiple tickets with the customer service reps, only for nothing to happen. I’ve asked the reps if I could be transferred to the financial dept, or any one else that could delve into the problem deeper than them. But they couldn’t or wouldn’t help with that. There isn’t an email to contact, I was hoping my bank would be able to contact boost and resolve this. Boost phone service isn’t bad. Just app & customer service.

Smile Wireless3. I was not expecting the level of service that I received today at the Boost Mobile store. Smile wireless 3. I was under the assumption that it would be just like the other carriers. However, I was wrong. I walked in through the door, and Alice immediately greeted me. She was currently working with a customer I still take the time to greet me and asked me to have a seat. When I said that she was so calm, so nice and was providing the the customer with details about the service. Once she was done with the customer, she called me over and explained the services different plans mom and also explained what she would be doing as we completed the process it was so smooth, simple and easy I was out of there pretty fast, but I was super impressed with a Inn, in which the manner that she took the time to explain to me the Moose mobile process, the payment plans everything she was just great outstanding. I wish the other carriers that I dealt with before I had a manager, like Alice Ortiz

Forced into compliance, no support. There have been a couple outages over the last several months. The previous outages were maybe half a day which pushed some of my login times out but the most recent one sent the app offline for more than 48 hours. When service was restored, I had lost all of my streaks and forced to restart a daily habit with no compensation. The most recent version of this app constantly requests reviews on the app, so this is the response to the user harassment. I have to force close the app if I want it to update anything (running latest iOS on an iPhone 12) which has been a constant since the beginning. I used to be able to watch maybe 20 videos for extra coins and now I can watch less than 10 before the ads are unavailable. The boost support twitter account seems to be unresponsive to these concerns as tweets to that account are seldom responded to. What is advertised as potentially free cellular service has many strings attached, with unspecified limits and a lot of daily effort to reach required minimum activity, all controlled by this particular app. The harassment asking if I’m enjoying this app seems to be the latest innovation.

Terrible service continues🤦🏾‍♂️. I’ve been with Boost for awhile now. Probably a couple years. The only reason I stick around with them is cause they have one conveniently in ever other place you go. ITS NEVER BEEN FOR THEY SERVICE and this app further proves to be another headache as well as their support teams. This app freezes and stalls, goes back to Home Screen at any given moment you might tap on it, and now won’t let me hit the profile icon on the bottom right corner to be able to pay my bill before it’s due. Seeing as they take your number out their system just a couple days after a nonpayment and causes you to have to get a whole new number and all afterwards just makes the situation even worse. Boost you need serious improvements suprised you still have enough business to still be around

Very buggy, Slow and freeze. I’m a huge fan of the service, I just wish the app wasn’t so buggy. 2 times I’ve landed on 250 on the daily spin and the app decides to freeze and I get 20 coins on closing the app and reopening. The app is very very slow on loading and I mean REALLLY slow. I use wifi and my wifi is very fast. 1) The app is really slow , 2) freezes , 3) not giving you the acurate coins when using daily spin 4) seems to freeze/crash when getting a high number on the spin such as 250 coins, 5) I seem to land on a set number of coins all the time and doesn’t function on a actual randomized spin but on some type of coding that prevents people from getting other numbers. Good service overall but the app serious needs some attention especially when somebody wants to do something on the app and it just takes forever to load/freeze crash. I will change my stars when everything is fixed.

Pathetic Excuse For Customer Service. I’ve been with Boost for years because it’s what I can afford. Unfortunately, it’s gone downhill and now my contract was sold, but I don’t have access to view it anymore. The “help” chat bot is completely automated and it’s impossible to get a human online. When I call, the international 3rd party agents apparently can’t tell me when my phone will be paid off (I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be this month). When I log into my account on the app, there’s an option to print a PDF version of my plan that conveniently never manifests, and the other option is “view details” which gives a message saying I’m not authorized to view it on mobile app… but the joke is that I can’t access it on a desktop either. Excess payments add up. I’m so disgusted. This app is useless for my needs, and apparently literally no one I’ve spoken to from Boost can do anything about it. Absolutely would not recommend.

Not anymore. This app used to be great. I could sit here and watch about 30 videos, get 300 coins and then spin the wheel to earn more coins toward my bill. I was tell all my customers about it and saying how great it was. I don't know what you all did but this new version is a rip off. You traded my $3 a day (from watching videos) for a bigger one time payout on the wheel and I have NEVER hit the highest payout. You cut what the videos were worth in half (they were 10 each, now they're 5). Most of your offers don't even apply to me. The game offers that I can download to earn coins don't work on my phone, but they do on my tablet and it's on a different network!! And a lot of times now when I watch a video, it doesn't credit my account. I know that I've missed out on $25 over the last couple months because of it not crediting to my account. And I can only watch 10 videos now before it stops me, then I have to wait until the next day, but your description says you can watch as much as you want. The app was way better before you "updated" it.

here we go again. I became a big fan of trying to get the coins to go towards my bill not only was it helpful, but it was fun to. But then I realized that every single time that I got to day seven in the spin and watch a video all of a sudden they weren’t working, no matter what I did nothing would work there for the next day I was put back to zero and had to start all over again with spinning the wheel and watching the videos to get to number seven. One time might be a glitch but every time seems to me like it’s a set up, when I click on watch a video it says come back later. We’re getting videos ready for you. That’s been 22 hours now. And I just clicked on the bar to spin and absolutely nothing happens so I guarantee you after making sure that I do this every day tomorrow when it’s day eight I will wake up and everything will be back to zero again this really needs to get fixed. This is unfair you touted as though it’s something great for the customer and it would be if you got it to work.

Trying stick around. Last three month been bad 1st two month somebody else was using my service could get my refund then they deducted some another payment . I went to the the store to try to get a refund cause customers service kept trying to get it service . then the third time I got my number change had to pay 50 dollars which I was paying 25 a month my data ran out very quickly it was supposed to be unlimited. So I went to Walmart to find a hot spot I was told it was really unlimited and it worked really good. So I bought one for sale went to the store to get it activated she charged 35 for activation and 50 dollars for first month activation. I told I already had a sims card with the hot spot. I wanted the bundle my services had to pay 85. This the messed up part the hot was out in a week I tried to tell the lady at the store said it wasn’t her problem. Some one was supposed to check back with me. Not a good look what going on with the company? Been with y’all since cherp phones .

Filling an FTC report asap. App doesnt always give you your points beacause ive watched so many ad i should have at least 5000 points but sometimes it says come back later and stays there and sometimes it says that once wait a second click watch again and it has u watch ads but then thats the issue it wont reward you after, also completed offer and no points and some offers are not even a thing i think they falsely advertise andhype this app up, ill be filling all necessary action beacause one thing I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT TOLERATE IS SPENDING HRS (1-10) watching ads after ads for some game with more false advertising hurting my fingers& after having all the time wasted just for it to finally say come back later & not get rewarded, y’all probably get paid more than $0.10 For Every VIEW and for us to get $0.00 THATS NOT FAIR, the offers are a joke same stuff you get in your SCAM inbox i mean come on theres no such thing as ( Participate and have a chance to get $500 in your CashApp account)

Disappointed when the new boost. Customer service is horrible now. I have been with Boost about 15 years now an am ready to find another carrier. They don’t know about the plans and have shut my phone off twice before the due date stating the plans are 30 days but both times phone was off before 30 days. This month I am due to pay on the 27th but my bill was paid on the 31 last month so clearly they are not 30 days. I hate the new app. It doesn’t have any features nor does the new website. I can’t access my call or text history anymore. I can’t review my payments because that never works. The new service is horrible and I get so many different answers from the reps it’s obvious no one knows what’s going on there. This app and site was supposed to be new and improved but it’s not. And the rest of the company has gone downhill as well. The new update does not work. Boostcoins don’t credit to the account for large wins etc.

Don’t download it! They cut the ads to 5 a day. Scam. You used to get 25 ads per day now they cut it to 5 which equals to approximately $1.80 for the month! Scam! The wheel that you spin they have manipulated it as well it lands on 5 every time. You’ll do good to make $5 . If they didn’t want people to use the app and make money to pay their wireless bill then they shouldn’t have offered it to begin with! It didn’t cost them or take their time to do the ads! I took the time to do them, it helped pay my wireless bill. Everyone else who has the app. Delete it if you want and report them to the FCC for fraud. That’s what it is. They are manipulating the app. I plan to report them after I make some more screen recordings of it in action to prove it. I’m also dropping them and moving to another provider. I had been with them for years and stuck with them through everything but this was too much. It’s time to see what else is out there.

Crappy App crappy customer service!!!. I used to love boost mobile, and when they came out with the app, it was great! But now I have no idea what’s wrong with it. Pretty much every day when I spend the wheel no matter what it lands on. It only gives me 10 points. And about a month or so ago I landed on the 5000. And it never gave me my coins. I contacted customer service. And they are completely horrible to deal with. I was told that the ticket was put in regarding this and that they would get back to me. They never did. I had to continue to contact them and then I was told that the issue was escalated, and my coins would be in my account within 24 hours. My coins never came.! So I continue to call them, and every time I told the same thing, but it would never happen. I am so frustrated with this and their customer service. I will give you zero stars if I could.!

One size does NOT fit all. Really do NOT like storing a card here... convenient for online so called hacking and identity theft issues and I just need to pay bill , check usage if I ever would need to ... and go on with my life. Cannot even simply log in and pay in 3 minutes with an extremely tight work schedule like it was before. I want an option to NOT keep my data on file as it just gives me more people to monitor who can sell my data to third party morons and play games with people as if I have nothing better to do with my time. Please also stop all the childish pop ups and woo congrats things as it again, makes me waste WAY too mch time.. need streight to the point work. Not everyone finds these options exciting not convenient. Thank you. I have been with Boost for almost 13 years now and it was the simplicity and business first way you did things that attracted me now its slipping to act like other carriers with this app. No thank you.

Terrible app and service. I’m honestly not the type to leave google reviews but this one … this was well deserved. I signed up for boost on an unlocked phone to a prepaid plan, I actually sat through and read all the terms and conditions (which they probably think no one reads) and not once did it say my phone would be locked to boost for a year if I started the service. It actually said the complete opposite so I figured it would be nice to try out boost to see how I like it and when I decided to cancel my service because I found a better carrier suddenly my sim is locked to boost. I called boost to get it unlocked and they said they didn’t lock it the company I originally got it from did (AT&T) so I called at& t to confirm my phone was in fact NOT locked by them so when I called boost back to get it unlocked again SUDDENLY I have to have service with boost for a year. But if you go on their main website it clearly states prepaid plans are not carrier locked. Anyways I decided to keep using boost because I can’t use my phone otherwise 🙄. And I started using the boost one app to keep track of everything, it was going GREAT at first but this is the second time I’ve landed a spin on “5000” coins and never once have y’all given it to me. Every time the app glitches and when I check my reward history it says I got “+25” or “+100” coins. It’s so pointless to have this app.

Love this app. I am new to using the app I’ve maybe had it for about five months I love the daily spins to take money off of my phone bill even just for logging in we get points off of our phone bill I’ve saved myself $50 a month by doing the daily sign in daily spins and watching videos and doing surveys and people may think that $50 isn’t much but as much time as you spend on your phone you might as well just spend a couple minutes if it gets money off of your bill each month and when you’re on a family plan with a bunch of teenagers it’s also amazing cause it saves money

Boost. So far the great ladi helped me name Dasia and now Nate from another store she had looked out for me stayed over made the port on her birthday and also made sure I was truly helped and satisfied to my guarantee I don’t know about accessories but she was great and help me dearlyI really appreciate her on gender and refugee and Nate off ofLivingston Avenue was also great and helpful she was awesome to go in on her way to make sure I was good and OK she truly deserves a raise she’s a great employee and comes in on her day off even though it was her birthday she’s still a knowledge the customer is always right and went out her wayTo satisfy him please all customers and that they get it understanding she’s very great one of a kind I appreciate her help

Honest review. The app is very convenient however i don’t like a few things about it 1 when you spin the wheel for free points in my case it’s always landing on $0.05 and that’s aggravating , i don’t like If you miss a day of checking in or spinning the wheel you start your whole process over and start back from square one at a chance to win $0.75 after a week of checking in i also don’t like the fact that we have to watch a 30 second ad for $0.02 i feel like that can at least make it $0.10 and finally they extra point stuff with the surveys or things you gave to download don’t never work for me it’s always gonna be some ads and surveys and other stuff which is aggravating so all that time you waste trying to get 350 point and all that is gonna be a waste of your time

It’s So-So. I like the fact that you can earn money off of your bill monthly different ways, but I’ve been with Boost for a year in August and I’ve only been able to redeem my boost going to first month I was with Boost. Since then every time I press redeem, and it takes me to the next screen, it doesn’t let me scroll down to slide over the button to actually take it off my bill I think that’s like a slap in the face because it’s nice to be able to drop your bills down $20 a month and come to find out when you can’t redeem it. It kind of pisses you off. Because you’re taking the time out to actually do the steps to earn the verse coin and they’re not letting it come off your bill after you put the work in. Other than that, I have no problem with us, but it’s kind of wrong that loyal customers cannot receive the rewards and benefits of this app.

App not crediting points. This app was great initially but now things have gone a little sour. I will start by the latest news: as of this week (perhaps 2 days ago) each time I watch a video I am no longer credited the two points that I’m due. Furthermore, I am echoing previous critics when I state that one can no longer earn more than 50 points on the wheel of fortune. If for some reasons the wheel turns to 250 points or more, the app will just freeze and when you refresh it, it will only credit you a tenth of the stated points. For instance if the wheel hits 500 points you will only get 50 points. This is just being dishonest at this point. It would have been better for the designers of this app to have a wheel of fortune that has no more than 50 points as opposed to the current one that has up to 5000 points which you can never earn! Btw if the wheel hits the 5000-point mark you will only be credited 50 points or 1%!!! That is ridiculous

so-called "improvements". I downloaded the Boost One app after the pay-by-phone menu changed and no longer accepted key punch commands, instead requiring verbal commands that the bot of course does not understand. I used to prefer paying over the phone, the automated system was convenient and easy for me to use, but I pay everything else online so whatever. But every time I try to open the Boost One app, it just seems to buffer indefinitely without loading. So then I open the old Boost app and log in, then it tells me to use the new app instead, and only THEN am I ever able to log in to this app. Maybe that's by coincidence, but either way this app takes forever to load. Once I'm finally in, I get bombarded with notifications and login bonuses like it's some sort of mobile game. Like, I'm just here to pay my phone bill, I don't want it to be "fun", I just want it to be convenient. Typing out this review I feel like an old person who's frustrated by new technology, but I'm only 26 and have used this service for years. There's no reason I should have this much trouble paying my phone bill.

So many issues so often. I like the app because it does allow me to save money every month on my phone bill. However, it seems like every 4 or 5 days there is some sort of problem. There are times when I am not able to login and get the message “oops something went wrong”. This causes me to lose my 7-day streak towards the 75 bonus coins for spins and videos. Then there are times when I don’t receive my daily login bonus. Another issue is not being able to watch all of the videos. Initially I was allowed to watch 25 videos a day and now I’m only allowed to watch 5 videos. If the daily amount of allotted videos has been changed, a message should be sent saying that. The app is unavailable at times as well.

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I have been with boost since 2005. Change is good but this change is horrible for customers. The app is extremely difficult. Before you can login with number and pin. Now you need a password and it’s locks you out every single time. And for a person that always use her data I buy 1 gb until the bill is due which happens a lot. Before I can logon and just add. Now I attempted twice which is not in the menu you have to chat with support and they send you a link. Way too much work. The app change alone I am deciding after all these years to change phone courier. It bothers me every time my bill due all this bonus point craps ….10 cent to your bill. Like what and why. What can anyone do with 10 cents. I want and need the old app version back. Upgrade phones not the app

What a pain. I’ve had the app for 4 months and have played around trying to redeem my coin each month and I can’t redeem anything. I can’t scroll down the page to slide the bar to redeem, I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling, tried all the options on the FAQ page, talked on the phone to someone (whose advice was “try it tomorrow”). I’ve chatted online with a couple different people, first one said to update my iOS, did that still didn’t work. Second guy was a complete jerk. The only thing they all agree on is they can’t redeem them for me, I have to on the app. BUT THAT ISN’T AN OPTION! Once I get to the orange screen showing me how much I have available I can’t get out of that screen until I completely exit out of the app. I’ve explained in great detail that it seems the app doesn’t fit my screen.

Great app just to many technical issues. I like this rewards option boost offers but the app its self crashes to much and currently I am not able to login and have been trying for 24 hours. I’ve uninstalled and re installed. Closed out and restarted my phone. No lunch plus i was close to a 7 day streak that will not be in danger of being broken and I won’t be compensated for it. Also my partners is also having the same issue. I’ve talked to tech support before but they didn’t seem to care.

Bad all around. Terrible app. Doesn't let me log into account on computer web browser or on phone so I am forced to use the terrible app. App takes a while to load every time you click to go to another page or try to perform an action Customer service chat doesn't work-- they kept sending me a link to confirm my phone number but it didn't work because it kept telling me there were missing fields. And then they kept resending it another 2 or 3 times even though I kept telling them it doesn't work (I kept trying each and every time they sent it-- waste of time) Worst of all, no reminders for autopay so they took my money without sending a bill or reminder it was due so I didn't get a chance to redeem my boostcoin. Watched ads everyday for nothing. Waste of time Plus, no prorated refunds for cancelled plans so I guess I am stuck with them for another 90 days Avoid if possible. Or, if you do business with them: read all the fine print, be prepared for the website to not work and to be forced to use their terrible app, and no customer service chat since there is no way to confirm your phone number because they give you a link to a site that doesn't work

Unbelievable. I was so skeptical at first till I started just watching the videos and spinning everyday. I still didn’t believe it because I thought the coins earned were just no money, then it was time for me to pay my bill, then I used the coins as suggested and bamm, got a credits. Since then I have been telling all my friends who have boost mobile to try it. It’s a life saver and am going to keep at it. My bill is due on September the 19th and as of today the 31st of August, I have 16$. Don’t forget anytime u log in the app, you get coins too .

Boost Mobile Customer. Yessss I love this even better. It’s hard times out here and just by having the boost one app, it helps you earn credit towards your bill, and does tons of other things to help us out. I think this is by far the most wonderful thing because I can now be stress free when it’s time to pay my phone bill, manage my account, and actually earn credits just by doing very fun things like playing games to earn them. Boost One is the perfect way for all of us to be at peace by being a boost mobile customer

Was a non believer. At first I didn’t believe that this app would actually do as it says with the funds. So I let it go past the due date just to see about them taking the funds to cover the bill. And when today, a day later I checked out bill part of my app. The funds I had was taken in way of the bill, instead off my card. I would really like to THANK the developers for coming up with concept for us. This saved me money where I needed the most. And I would spread the word about this app. SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH, APPRECIATE WHAT DID

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I would give this app and Boost zero stars if I could. I had issues with the old app soI did everything thru the web site. I can’t do that now. I spent an hour on the phone yesterday trying to straighten the mess out that going to a new system made of my account. Today I get on to find out if it was fixed to find it is still a mess. My number is supposed to be line 1 and listed as primary. My grandson’s number is still listed as line 1. I can’t find out if either of us are eligible for phone upgrades. I am so fed up and frustrated I’m seriously considering switching phone providers. Although there isn’t a whole lot of choice available. Boost obviously thought they were doing the right thing, but when you tried to fix what wasn’t broken, you broke it.

Too many issues, so many glitches!. This app would be great if it worked (consistently). I have to refresh multiple times a day due to technical problems. The coins are nice but the videos never play. When they do, you get cheated out of your weekly bonus. You’ll reach your last video (75 bonus coins) just to be told there’s no more available. It’s pretty convenient that it resets when you’re close to a payout. Something tells me that’s not a coincidence. Not to mention, you never get a spin over 50 coins. The app owes me 300 coins already and I’ve only been using it a month. I can appreciate the “free money” but it’s false advertising. If you’re not going to make videos available or correctly award people for their spins then don’t advertise that.

The worst customer service ever. I’ve never in my entire life had such a bad time with customer support this is the worst ever!! No matter how small or big my problem has been they are the rudest people I’ve ever talked to! If I can even understand what they are saying half the time. Then they keep switching me around lines to the next person so many times that I’m starting to think they do it on purpose just so I’ll give up. Then I was supposed to be getting a refund after two hours on the phone. An it’s been over two weeks an it’s still not posted to my account an i called about it even have a reference number but nobody knows anything about it!! WTH?? I will never in my life ever again have boost service if it’s the last cell service I’ll go without!!!

Unfair changes. How come if you do the spin and watch videos every day there are different amounts of stars showing, it should be the same amount each day, and yesterday there was one stars difference and today there is three? Also it shows on the main page that there is a 5 point sign in bonus but I haven’t seen that for at least two weeks? If you read your reviews this is happening to others, are you going to fix it or what. White I appreciate any help I am offered to help reduce my bill, you have to follow through with your customers and give what you say you are going to, not keep whittling away and leaving us with nothing, like only allowing 10 points now for videos for example

New app Ugggh. Well you sent me msg ask me to install so I did! Problem is now it’s here but everything I want to use or look at says data not available or never loads! That is not a very good start I don’t want to spend more time on phone call’s because the app isn’t working properly and your live chat won’t come up either! I am on auto pay and amount due is different from previous amount so curious as to if is correct or not, finding strange info like a recharge and a credit? WTH is going on? If this is the better service we are supposed to have I am not seeing it! Concerned

Horrible App bring back the old boost app. The app is some garbage it’s useless! The way the world is set up now they should have never not included the call log history that is how I keep track of the numbers my children are calling and talking/texting. Please fix this feature and make it available again or bring back the old App. You can’t do nothing with your account that you use to with the old app. You could change your number with a click of a button now you have to contact customer service for every little thing. This is ridiculous and I don’t know who thought of this but it was a bad idea. Watching movies to earn points is not that important to me as the other important features that the developer did not bring to the new app. Please fix this ASAP

No way. I like that u can earn money I hate the fact that it won’t let me upgrade my service with the money I have on my account now I have all this money on my account and it won’t let me change plans to a different one but want me to pay more money even when I have all this money on my account already I should be able to do as we please with are money on the account but no it won’t let you I’ve done been cheated out of 40$ plus some bc how they are doing things on this service and u can’t do anything with boost unless it’s boost one I am switching services as soon as I use all my money on my account I don’t recommend this services to no one unless u don’t use internet or go over the phone services account.

I Love Boost!. Boost has been great so far! Had Verizon, Sprint/T-Mobile before but none were as good as Boost. I’ve spent so much money in phones and fees over the years and didn’t want a contract anymore. Before I had dropped calls and almost no bars in my area with T-Mobile, but now i’m getting full bars with Boost. Customer service has been outstanding. Only $25 bucks a month for unlimited data, that’s a deal I couldn’t pass up and now i’m saving so much extra money over T-Mobile! Plus, you can earn credits towards your bill by logging into the Boost One app daily, watching some ads, etc and basically get free service.

Current Boost Mobile Customer. The Boost Mobile APP is good, but the features I would take away from the app is the spin and win feature, watch videos feature and the log in bonus feature and also the other ways to earn feature and update the app with a simpler way to earn boost points towards free wireless service. Maybe like adding the Omni card by boost mobile in the boost one app would be a good idea to earn boost points. Every time use your Omni card to make purchases you get five times to eight times points back. It would be a good idea and thought

DO NOT DO IT!. I was with Sprint then TMobile for 15 years. Absolutely loved sprint but after the merge I was having problems with certain people not getting my text messages. A friend of mine is with Boost and told me about the $25 unlimited, talk, text and data for and I decided to make the switch. Probably one of the worst decisions I’ve made in my life. NEVER before have I experienced such terrible service. I live in the twin cities. When I go into Hy-vee I lose service, when I go into Dollar General I lose service, when I’m in target or Walmart or CVS or Walgreens I lose service. Since I works for the deliver app companies it’s imperative I have range. Boost is terrible. It sure sounds like a great deal. They are able to provide that because you hardly ever can connect.

Horrible! DON’T GET!. The app never loads or works. The customer service is horrible when u call to get help. The representative literally yelled at me and lied and said everything on my account has been denied and I asked to speak to a supervisor and they fixed the account in 2 minutes. I’ve been with boost since 2016 and it’s just gotten worse over the years. They took away the daily plans. The took away a lot of services but didn’t make the service any better. If I’m ever asked I would never recommend Boost to anyone. In the past I recommended everyone go there. But horrible customer service horrible phone service and it’s not even worth the money and headache. Smh I’ve never been so disappointed with a company in my life. If you have the option DO NOT CHOOSE BOOST!!

Good and Bad. Had this app to lower my phone bill by watching adds, doing the daily spin and logging in. However, I think this app holds back on purpose. Examples are have to close and reopen thaw app to allow access to the number of videos/add you are allowed to view daily. At times they don’t allow the watch button to be able to be pressed but all the other buttons are able. The good is I am grateful that this app can help reduce my monthly mobile bill and being able to pay said bill on this app. Again, I do feel this app gatekeeps I do suggest to close the app and reopen to gain access that I previously mentioned.

Doesn’t seem to help all the much. An app that entices you to log in everyday with the incentive of credit off your bill. I set an alarm to log in, spin, and watch ads everyday. I missed a lot of days but worked out to be about $10 of my bull that month but since I did not apply the credit before that dude date , I was unable to use the credit earned when I went to pay the bill, which I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t you be able to apply the credit on the due date?? Well second month in it seems to give me 5-10cents for a spin and no more credits show up after watching these ridiculously stupid ads. Apparently catering to me and other low class poor individuals. We’ll see if I even make $10 this cycle although I doubt it and will be removing this

Okay when it works but doesn’t work often. App earn points is constantly glitching, not loading or not giving credits ie 7 day spin 75 bonus not given, ads stop working at all for days at a time. This is post July 2023 update. There’s days can’t even access earn points or account pages, they just won’t load. Update to October 2023, app continues to work when it feels like it. Only get 5 ads per day when the app decides to load fully. This is post latest update, resetting phone, etc. main page just sits trying to load. Have 5 bars, on home Wi-Fi network, nothing else being used. This is ridiculous! Oh, and when it does load the rate the app/are you enjoying the app popup after doing anything has got to go.

Please with points towards bill. Even though you have to go through all these advertisements 7 days in a row snd spin the wheel 7 days in a row to get the most out of it. My phone bill is due on the 15th of the month and I have already acquired almost $11 towards my bill. Happy customer !!! There are a few annoying things and the only thing I do is watch ads and spin the wheel because the other choices they have to make points is deceiving and lies, you give all your information away and you don’t make any points. Besides that I don’t have any complaints.

Ehhh it’s alright. The app itself is easy to use if you can it to load. Every time I go to use it, it will not load up.I just get an orange screen with a spinning circle. Had some this ever since they switched apps. I have to open it, wait a little bit, then close it out completely and re open. Most of the time it will then started to load up after about 10-15 seconds, but it’s iffy on if it actually loads all the way or not. I keep checking for updates in case that was the issue but apparently it’s not. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, didn’t change anything.

Horrible. I literally just left Boost after being a loyal customer for 7 years!!! I paid for extra data and hotspot when mine ran out for the month, I never ever got to enjoy the service but they definitely took my money. When I dialed 611, they kept giving me the run around and false promises about solving the matter. I paid for the next month in advance and requested a refund. I can’t believe after all this time of being with them, they would deceive me and never fixed the issue. They kept telling me to turn my phone on and off. Reset it, turn off the cellular data and then turn it on; blah blah blah. I did everything they asked of me and I still got nothing. On to another carrier now.

App is trash. This app is such a disgrace as much as the service is and I can not even be nice about it anymore. I have been with boost mobile for the past 10 years and I have never had a problem until we got a different carrier. This app is terrible, I have so many problems with it. Not only does it freeze, it also doesn’t even allow me to login sometimes. This app also continues to give me error signs every time I try to pay my bill. Then when I try to go to the website they don’t work or load or the old website by the old carrier is the only one that works. I don’t care about the stupid little mini games I care about being able to pay my bills so if you could please fix this janky app or better yet the website so I can pay my phone bill I’d greatly appreciate it.

Frustrated, but Appreciative. Greetings everyone Blessed morning they have an old saying “If it’s not broken don’t fix” 👊🏽I’m a loyal supporter of Boost Mobile Phone provider the phone operators are awesome, kind, & informative, but I’m very disappointed with this new boost one mobile app. I have to delete and reinstall every time I want to use it it’s very frustrating. Please Boost mobile I beg you to fix the app, bug,ASAP. I also notice that when you play the spin game to get a discount on your phone bill it only works one time. I have been a loyal customer for years I refuse to go to any other phone company because in my opinion Boost Mobile is the best. ✊Thank you Boost Mobile keep up the great job nuff respect to the staff/ phone team they are phenomenal. Have a bless day 🙏🏾Today is Wednesday August 23, 2023 at 7:30am Kind regards Loyal Customer

Having trouble logging into my boobs one app. I called them and they did not help me at all like I said to the title I cannot let login to my account. I know my information it goes to a white screen. I deleted the app and I brought it back. Still does the same thing I don’t know why it’s doing that and they won’t help me. I’ve called them sometimes and they don’t help me. They’re crappy company. They need to work better on customer service and on their app, I wish I stayed to straight talk😡😠

Seriously everyone should switch to boost. I just switched to boostmobile and absolutely love it ! I’ve had the fasted service and best service for calls that I’ve ever had with any other phone service provider. It was also the easiest set up with their pre loaded sim kit with 3 months or service unlimited everything and they have 5 g and was cheaper than any other company that’s out there , I am just so happy i found out about them and gave them a shot so worth it I can’t believe I never knew about their plans and prices and how good they are sooner

I like it.. but I feel scammed.. I have been using the app since it launched and they sent out the link, but on at LEAST 3 separate occasions, I had finished the 7 days of spinning the wheel or watching the ads to collect coins and it didn’t pay out the the extra 75 coins on top of the regular 2 or 5 that you get. That’s ridiculous to me, this app is supposed to help you save money on your bill but I’ve been taken for at least 200 coins. It’s great when it works, but it’s annoying when it scams you out of the coins you earned by following the directions and remembering to go back every day and do everything.

Poor User Interface. The app is almost completely unresponsive, especially when claiming boostcoin. Clicking on the settings page to see my account information simply does not work with anything I press. I have signed out and signed back in to see if that would resolve anything, but that lead to an error logging in. Deleting the app, restarting my phone, then reinstalling the app did not help either. The entire app experience is not very good and I wish more people would look into these issues. There are not enough testers to see what those issues are and fix them before making a public app release update.

The good days of this app are long gone. When I first joined boost back in June I played the mini games to save some money on my bill. Seemed like a good deal, sometimes I’d forget to play or sometimes I’d forget to apply credits. No big deal. But since the last update this app is worthless. I use to be able to spin the wheel and get 5-500 coins and getting 100+ coin spins at least twice a week. Now I get 5-10 coins on the wheel spin and once a week if I’m lucky I’ll get 25 coins. Videos are useless, half the time they can’t find videos. Ontop of it doing these interactions twice a week use to give way more then 75 coins. I’ll give boost another month to revert this terrible update. If not I’ll just spend the same amount of money with a company that I know will have better service. 👎

Perfect.. Boost mobile saved me. I was in a bind with another phone company and without a phone for over 2 months. I thought it would be easy; during that time my grandma went in the hospital. I was working 2 jobs but couldn't save up the $650 to get out of my contract. Instead I went over to boost and found a iphone 12 for $200 and paid $40 for monthly service. Compared to my $90 a month with TMobile! Boost could come through with the GB usage a little more. But other then that it's great!

Can never pay. Since the new app and website has come online and the old website and app went down I have not been able to pay using a card on either the app or website. When I try it says “oops something went wrong try again later” and I’ll have pending transactions for it in my bank account either 1 or multiple and it would never even let 1 of payments go through. This is total B.S. I had to have my mother pay for it and even her card didn’t work so she had to use her PayPal and that went through. You need to fix this crap cause my phone is still off and I’m a single parent I can’t be offline like this! I’ve been with this service for 4+years and never had a problem like this so please find what’s wrong and fix it. Thank you.

Does the app work?. 5 bars LTE and the app only gives me info on “deals” for me to spend$$$ on… at least it was working yesterday, more than I can say for the legendary “myBoost” app that I have never been able to access from even November of last year when I hooked into Boost. I am liking the idea of the ATT network “expansion “ but if there’s no app management, so sad… I really want to have Boost become my main provider, but as it is, I am still using the overpriced, and untransparent/ obfuscating charge scheme that ATT foists. But I probably just got spoiled by Cricket with the very (the way it’s supposed to be) simplified billing system, no bogus late fee, plus other hidden fees. Sure they cut service if I don’t keep up, but imo, I would rather that than more taxing… Tax me oh ATT, so I want Boost to cut the mustard, let’s do it Boost, Step up to the plate…

Boost mobile. Boost mobile is the absolute best thing for you and your family!!! A year plan cost you 100$ they even have a plan for 15$ a month!!!! They are truly doing something for the people of this country knowing that these major companies are not going to make a difference and this makes the difference between them being a better company!!! Dish network has taken over and they will continue doing this great job for the people

Lost. Am I the only one who thinks this app and website is confusing? And I also don’t like that I’m not free to move about the site and shop for plans. I’m not from where boost is a big thing or even heard of so I don’t like the fact you want all my info including credit card in the beginning before I’ve even had a chance to see anything is super annoying and sketchy. Also it says I’m a customer and I’m not and I can’t even check about it because when I open the chat box I’m not able to speak freely instead I’m prompted to two statements to which I do not agree to either one and feel like it might also be a lil sketch as it would be simple to lock something in at that point especially when they get card at the beginning.

Bugged Out 2. I wrote a previous review and said that I can only open this app after opening the old boost mobile app a few times. Now I can only open the app if I open the App Store and open this app from there. Plus I go through this everyday so that I can earn coins and when it was time to pay the bill the app glitched and wouldn’t allow me to add the coins towards my payment. I paid the full amount and the next day the coins are still there and adding daily but I just know that when it’s time for a payment again. It will glitch again. I can’t wait to get off Boost Mobile Sept-Oct because this is the most janky Mobile service provider and their app is proof of how your Boost mobile experience will be. Run away from Direct tv and Boost Mobile and live a less stressful life.

Buyer beware. Very hard to activate over the phone! Took 4 days to finally get it activated, three days after prior carrier released my phone number.. I highly recommend going into Boost Mobile store ( not Walmart) and they can activate it on the spot. My mistake was going to Walmart buying the sun card ( start up kit) and when I tried to activate Boost tried to switch my account to a post paid account without my knowledge still don’t know why. Finally when I ask to cancel my account and said I would go directly thru the Boost Mobile store 30 miles away they were suddenly able to activate my prepaid account. ????

SCAM COINS ( never receives coins ). After, winning the Spin Wheel for 5,000 coins I was so excited to see that in my account. I understood sometimes being that it is a lot of coins it may take 24/78 hours for them to appear. I realized the settings said coins only take “up to 24 hours” which I knew I never received. I contacted the chat have been speaking with agents for 6 days. None of them could resolve this countless tickets made no resolution for any. THIS COMPANY COULDN'T EVEN ISSUE ME A CURTSY CREDIT! for all my time wasted speaking with these agents for the past 6 days trying to get this resolved! Keep in mind before downloading this app if you score more than 150 points I will assure you that you will never see those points a day in your life. If I could do 0 stars I would.

This Deserves ZERO Stars. For 18 years, I never had a problem with Boost until the switched to the BoostOne app. My family plan went from $90 to $110. They kept changing my son’s termination date for his phone to get him off of my plan. I ported my son’s phone over to Boost Infinite, since they act like they couldn’t just remove the phone from my line. Now, I can’t use the app. It says my account has been canceled due to nonpayment. Clearly, I pay my bill every month. I’ve been calling for months to get my line fixed. Nobody is competent in problem solving, so they always say “try again in an hour, 24 hours, or 72 hours.” After 18 years of being loyal to Boost…they bend over to give us their behinds to kiss. Go back to the old reliable Boost Mobile.

Horrible app and service. I ended up paying monthly around the 11TH without knowing they moved it up to the 5th I had an interview over the phone set up for a general manager position and just paid rent I just missed it because of this and the app doesn’t ever load open it makes you relog in every time they need payment and then it takes a week to load if at all and it’s not like I get the other 2 weeks full of data usage and I can’t call them without an active number either boutta switch honestly getting fed up with this 80,000 a year job down the drain

App is unusable & the live chat could not be more incompetent than if it was run by newborns. Customer service is horrible. No one can give me a straight answer on my missing coins. The last agent, Elissa I believe, was so bad and unhelpful I had to advise her on why her suggestions would not actually work on the app she’s been paid to troubleshoot! How are you advising me to redeem my current balance of coins to make my missing coins appear? I feel like I’ve spent the last two hours talking to brick walls with nothing of use or anything intelligible to say. What use is it if agents can’t view the previous conversation pertaining to an issue (or at least that’s what they claim)?I don’t know if that’s strategy on the company’s part to save money by making their agents act oblivious when it comes to the coins part. Or if the agents are genuinely that inane.

Don’t know what happened with this app. I really did enjoyed watching the videos and also getting some of the games while I was collecting coins. I only got to use the app for only 4 days because after that the app started glitching and wouldn’t let me watch the videos or spin the wheel. I spoke to a representative over the phone and he couldn’t help me at all so he told me to chat with the app support which I did, and they couldn’t help me either. they also told me to call customer care on the 800 number and once again I couldn’t get help. This is my second day that I couldn’t collect the coins because it looks like the page was never ending loading (buffering) I wish someone could help me clear the problem up!

Important pages never load. I switched to boost mobile, three months ago with a prepaid card. Once I switched to paying monthly and trying to deal with customer service, it became a nightmare. They told me to download the app. The app will not even load my data use. Too many gimmicks and junk on the app for my taste. Are you looking for a way to waste hours a day watching junk videos to make a few pennies. The fine print is that you can’t even download the coins unless you’ve earned two dollars. Total waste of time. The wheel won’t even spin and give me credit. Says technical difficulty. Nothing but trouble! I can no longer receive or send photos with my text messages. Just had a trial with another carrier and the photos download it. Boost Mobile is junk!

This is an ad field dumpster fire for the visually impaired. Let me start by saying I am visually impaired. With that in mind, this new app is not accessible by any means. I managed to get in this app one time after the convoluted sign-up process, only to be bombarded with ads. The account management is horrible at best. I am currently trying to log into this app as we speak, and cannot find the appropriate buttons, or allow access to put in any information. I’ve even went as far as to log into the original MyBoost app, only to receive error messages. At this point, we’re stuck with this raging dumpster fire of an app. If nothing else, please make the app accessible for blind users, such as myself to at least be able to pay our bills.

Boost bad for business. App is completely worthless does nothing for the customer the automated customer support is a joke & boost put my account on this thing after years of being with them only to be hassled to where I can’t access my account info or do a simple phone swap this highly unacceptable, coming from a business owner I own and operate 36 Taco Bell’s in the greater Columbus area having a phone not working isn’t good for boost business maybe I should take my business elsewhere, where they value their customer and actually help them….

Worth using at least once/day. I don’t mess with the offers and surveys for points… but for watching a vid/day for a week straight is worth 75 points (point=cent; for money off your bill). Then you get to spin a wheel once/day too for points 🤙 Maybe they’ll update the surveys and offers sometime. That’d be cool. Since you’re still here, you should look into if boost has that $25 unlimited everything deal still going on. My dad was paying $35 for limited data (10G I think). I helped switch him to save $10 and has unlimited data now 🤷‍♂️ Just sayin, it’s worth considering lol. Alright I’m out, ✌️

I love The App. This app is user friendly. It’s good to understand your bill and what’s going on in your account. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be involved it really makes me feel valued as a customer. It’s easier to pay your bill rather your phone is on or off. When I had problems in the past with service or trying to pay my bill it made me not want to pay my bill. At one point I was considering leaving boost. Thank you for changing my mind by making the quality of service better.

Rating Review. I have been a boost customer for many years and the service is exceptional but in the last couple months I experience a cut in service as restricted and was not informed by any of your teams where and your teams insisted I was at fault no explanation was given and I was about to lose all my phone capabilities and my number when my wife and I wrote emails to you all still no explanation was very unpleasant experience so for that reason you receive a 4 instead of a 5 and that took place and threatened my business as all of my business is tied to my phone

Boost will take your money. I over paid my phone bill because the first time I paid it didn’t register was told I could get the money back or returned to my boost account neither has happened and has been 2 weeks since I’ve told them about it they kept telling me it’s on the way for 2 weeks I call today and they say they can’t do anything at all so they telling me 25$ just disappeared and they can’t do anything about it? The moment I get the payment I will be closing my boost account and will never use boost again they will lie and lie and just hang up money doesn’t disappear I have all my receipts

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 2.26.7
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 15.2 or later

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The application BoostOne was published in the category Utilities on 14 October 2021, Thursday and was developed by DISH Network LLC [Developer ID: 327125652]. This program file size is 159.34 MB. This app has been rated by 163,097 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. BoostOne - Utilities app posted on 19 October 2023, Thursday current version is 2.26.7 and works well on iOS 15.2 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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BoostOne App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using BoostOne! We update our app as often as possible to incorporate improvements based on your feedback! Here’s what you’ll find in this update: Enhancements - We appreciate our loyal customers! You can now get rewarded with Boostcoin just for staying with us! - Additional bug fixes & performance improvements We love to hear from you. Please continue to use the “Leave Feedback” form & let us know how we're doing!!

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