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What is tap away 3d app? Tap Away 3D is brought to you by Popcore, makers of hit puzzle games with more than 250 million combined installs!

Tap Away 3D is a fun and addictive 3D puzzle game, but it’s more than just that - it’s a brain teaser that will take you to the next level!

Tap the blocks to make them fly away and clear the screen. But the blocks will only fly in one direction, so you’ve got to approach this brain teaser carefully! Slide your finger around the screen to rotate the shape and attack the blocks from every angle! As you progress, the blocks form bigger and bigger shapes, and the blocks themselves change form, so you’ll need to get your thinking hat on to solve the puzzles in this 3D puzzle game. And that’s not it! There are skins and themes you can unlock as you get further, as well as challenges to keep you on your toes. In this fun and colorful game, you challenge your logic, critical thinking, and precision. Do you have what it takes?

▶ PLAY the full 3D puzzle game experience offline and on the go.
▶ SWIPE to rotate the shape and choose your next move.
▶ TAP the blocks to clear the level.
▶ CUSTOMIZE your blocks with different skins and themes.
▶ REACH the top!

▶ RELIEVE your stress.
▶ TEASE your brain with the satisfying taps.
▶ PRACTICE your critical thinking!
▶ LEARN the tricks to ensure Tap Away glory!
▶ ENJOY cool skins and themes to customize your journey!

What are you waiting for? Challenge your brain with this tricky game right now!

Join your TAP AWAY 3D crew on
▶ Web: https://popcore.com/
▶ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/popcore
▶ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@popcore
▶ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PopcoreOfficial
▶ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq1BDUD72Rv7dXov7WtR9Og

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DOWNLOAD AND PLAY NOW - Join this fun and satisfying puzzle game and tap away the blocks!

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App Name Tap Away 3D
Category Games
Updated 17 March 2023, Friday
File Size 401.94 MB

Tap Away 3D Comments & Reviews 2023

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Fun game with couple ideas!. I’ve been enjoying the game! I flew through most in a couple of days and now and have to agree it is simple but in a fun and enjoyable way. 8^) However, now that I am at that apex of completion, I have nothing to spend my coins on. I use Bombs and spend where I can. My first recommendation is for some further coin incentives. This change may take away the “boredom” comments I read throughout these game reviews and increase interest or goals?? Otherwise what’s the point of those little ads every 36 moves or the special coin find that you can skip past to earn a couple of useless coins?? My second recommendation is for some music! It would be a fun achievement along with each of the other items. (Spend some of the money we don’t know what to do with). I think it is a great gaming change from other types of games that have the same repetitive sound throughout. ** For reference: A wonderful example to listen/look at is in another Apple Arcade game called “Solitaire Stories” by Red Games, Co. In that game, there is music at different levels to enjoy and achieve. A most Surprising point in their music is the quality and variety. I know you can’t copy, but it would be a great idea generator. Thanks for Listening!!!

Too many interruptions and bugs. Update: recent versions are so buggy, with so many interruptions to gameplay, I’m deleting the game, notwithstanding my recent purchase. It’s not worth it, how much this game leaves me annoyed. For example: the new “special” block feature. Don’t leave a special block to be the last one you clear, or you might get stuck/trapped in an empty level with no way to progress forward. Like I am. Original: Bought this game a few weeks ago because gameplay was chill and there were WAY too many ads in the free version. It was great for a few weeks. Fantastic way to pass time if that’s what you’re looking for. But the last couple of updates have been really disappointing. First was an update that apparently broke some of the 3D textures on my phone (iPhone 12 Pro) … instead of gold reflective I get buggy, flat hot pink. Destroys what was my favorite skin to play. Multiple reboots and OS patches have not fixed it. Then there was the update so it now interrupts gameplay every minute or so to tell me that I’m advancing to a new “rank”. Talk about annoying! Please make it so I can opt out of these constant pop ups. Honestly, I like the game but I’m about to uninstall unless it stops going downhill.

Dor. Ads, ads, ads and more ads! Love the concept of this game BUT the ads ens it for me. I tracked the ads interruptions and this is what I got from a single game. 11 ads and about 5 minutes. Began game: Level 42, 383 moves available for this guitar shape puzzle. 23 moves, 12 second ad 37 moves, 23 second ad 36 moves, 25 second ad 35 moves, 17 second ad 38 moves, 21 second ad 32 moves, 35 second ad 42 moves, 23 second ad. The ads get you nothing, just interruption. 138 move available BUT no possible moves. For 100 gold coins, I used a bomb that cleared about 5 blocks. Still no possible moves. Another 100 gold coins for a bomb that only cleared 2 blocks. You can’t guide the bomb to any target area either. Continued game: 31 moves, 44 second ad. 93 moves available and now increased difficulty. Not all moves strike. 44 moves, 34 second ad 46 moves, NO more available. You can get 10 more by watching an ad. Ad was 40 seconds. There are only 7 blocks remaining on the board, I now have the 10 available moves. I made 3 moves and got an 18 second ad. Prize after clearing the board was 100 gold coins. I sent twice that for 2 useless bombs. And as for the ad times; they show that an ad will take 5, 10, 20, 30, seconds, NOT. After the ad ends, good luck getting out of it. Worst one is that Royal Match, close the game app, the App Store or Safari, then open game app again, you might still be in the same place.

Too Many Add Popups. I hate how many times a pop up interrupts game play. It’s like every 10 seconds, you get an ad or you get a golden box of coins, which creates a pop up that allows you to play a game to double your money by watching an ad. Then the coins you get can buy three things and then that’s it, the many coins you receive are basically useless. There are only 60 levels plus some side games. If you want to replay a side game, you need to watch an ad, even after you purchase the game. I purchased the add free version and guess what, I still get those stupid golden boxes of coins which create the game by watching an ad. You should at least let us buy more moves in the game when we run out, or be able to replay a side level without watching an ad, then the coins would be something people would want. Overall I am very unhappy with my purchase. Please remove the requirement to watch an ad to play a side level and create more levels!

Please develop a “no interruptions” option!. I’m glad I finally figured out where to purchase the add free version, but that hasn’t stopped the annoying game interruptions. The “special blocks” pop up non-stop and you have no choice but to click on them to get rid of them or they’ll get in the way of the game play. Then they bring you to an option to watch an add for more coins and it takes several seconds before you can just select to collect the coins you earn and get back to the game. The rank increases are also frequent but slightly less annoying since they’re quicker to dismiss away. I’d rather collect no coins than have the constant interruptions. All you can buy with coins are the skins anyway and I personally prefer the one the game starts you with, so the coins are useless to me. Alternatively, if you could just have a mode that was no interruptions you could still click on the special blocks and they could automatically deposit into your coin account. Those that like the option to watch an add for more could have no interruptions off and it would allow for the best of both worlds. Your rank could also just update discretely on top without creating a pop-up for every new level. I really hope the app developer reads these because it seems that many others who otherwise love this game have the same qualm with it!

Dev: GET RID OF SPECIAL BLOCK! too many interruptions. I bought the game everything is good and acceptable except the stupid gold blocks. Actually other games do it too. If you buy the game why do you still have to watch ads to get bonuses on certain things in the game? That’s not right when you buy it it says to remove ads so it lies. Why don’t you just give us a few hundred points at the end of a completed game instead of all these interruptions continuously and the better you are the faster you go through the game the more they come up.. others have written us please change we don’t need the stupid gold blocks just interrupts the game every single 10 secs or so!! I like the game a lot, so I bought it but it had crashed twice after playing an ad can imagine starting all over again when you’re high up in your rank. Please please please please please developer get rid of the gold cubes when you’re fairly fast player they come up constantly and it interrupts the game. Why can’t you just get like three or 400 points at the end of a game I want to play the game I don’t want all those garbage that pops up puzzle pieces are cool. They come up occasionally but the gold pieces oh my gosh please get rid of them make an option to get more points to include them or some thing as a option.

Really boring and gave me a headache. I love puzzle games and downloaded this from an ad I saw. The gameplay was pretty much exactly what was shown in the ad, which was nice. However, I got bored of this game almost immediately. There’s no real challenge in solving the puzzles, so it just feels tedious. Also, you get an ad after clearing every level AND after you’ve made a certain number of moves in the larger-scale “challenge” levels, which continually disrupts the gameplay. I didn’t feel that the puzzles were worth watching all these ads. Also, the large-scale levels are really annoying to play. The size of the entire block arrangement is so big that the individual blocks are tiny on the screen. You can zoom in, but you can’t control how much to zoom in—it’s either zoomed all the way out or all the way in. Zoomed out, the blocks are tiny, and I had to strain my eyes to try to see the path of each block. Also, when I tried to select a block, sometimes my finger would accidentally hit the block next to it (because the blocks are so tiny), and I would lose a move. Zoomed in, you can’t see enough of the overall arrangement to see the path of a block, so that view is pretty much useless. I got a headache from playing just one of the challenge levels, so I deleted the app. Not worth it at all.

Great concept, too many adds, poorly developed. The concept of this game is very interesting but it is so poorly designed and developed that it doesn’t keep your interest. I have played for a couple weeks now and I’m so bored with it. They need to work on better puzzles n making them much harder as they go on. It’s just the same puzzles over and over. The zoom needs to be improved. This game could be so much more but it’s lacking as is. The developers need to take time to update and make more options, harder puzzles, fix the zoom and overall better their concept to what it could be. That would keep us playing and waiting to come back to the game instead of getting bored. And oh my god the adds!!!! Way way way too many. The faster you clear a board the more adds you see and I came across several adds that would come up n you couldn’t close. Which in turn I would have to close the game and restart it each time. When you have that many ads you end up closing the game a lot to just continue the board so so so so annoying!!!!!

PAID NO-ADS, TOOK MY MONEY THEN SAID “DIDN’T GO THROUGH. I paid twice the $4.99 to remove the ads, and twice, my money was deducted, then TWICE, I got the “Could not finish purchase, check your internet.” BULL$**T! (The only reason why I happened to do it twice is because I had forgotten that I did this a month prior and at the time I was playing a bunch of new games so I’d actually forgotten that I already purchased no ads) My Internet was completely fine and it still deducted the money from my account, and the ads were still there. I tried hitting “restore purchases,“ and it still didn’t work. I emailed them through their website and sent a separate email and still have gotten NO response. Finally I asked Apple for a refund and the problem with that is I can only ask for one refund so I’m still out five bucks! It’s very annoying to have the money taken out and still have to watch through their 50 million ads. If they would fix that issue I’d actually be pretty happy with the game. And there was another user who said the developers don’t seem to be reading these comments and I would have to agree that that is true. I don’t understand these app developers, once they start making their millions of dollars, they abandon the players who are making them rich, it’s absolutely despicable!!!!!!

Unhappy with update. In the beginning, I enjoyed the game but not the ads so I paid to play the ad free version. Like other players have mentioned, quite a few skins are hard on the eyes and some puzzles are too small and don’t enlarge well. But, I was ok with those quirks as the fish variation is easy on the eyes and the small puzzles are few and far between. I really just wanted a mostly mindless game to enjoy so the features were fine. However, with the update, if you are playing the standard levels there is an incredibly annoying feature that changes playable blocks to gold. When you click them it takes you away from the game for a few coins or the option to watch an ad to get more coins. There does not currently seem to be a way to turn off the special gold blocks and I hate it. Not only can you not ignore the gold blocks but more and more gold blocks appear during the game. This in turn takes you out of the gameplay each time. I paid for the ad free version so I could play the game uninterrupted but this new feature is almost more annoying. If the developers don’t offer an option to opt out of that feature, I will consider uninstalling the game. I’m currently only playing the endless feature but that is dull as the puzzle is only a cube.

No pop-ups please!!!. Coming on here to say what many others have. I honestly can’t believe I forked over $5 for ad-free, but I really like the concept and enjoy playing. Despite that I can’t even get a full minute of gameplay that isn’t interrupted by the stupid gold cubes or leveling up. I would rather have no coins than deal with the special cubes. Please get rid of all the pop-ups! They make me want to delete the app all together. Also, please work on optimizing the game overall. The only skin I can use is the original one and even that one can hurt my eyes with how bright the colors are if I move the puzzle a certain way. Please make it so the puzzles fit better on phone screens, as they are usually too small and when I zoom in it becomes impossible to tap some of the cubes no matter how I move the puzzle without zooming out. You should be able to move to all parts of the puzzle. The rotation is fun, but makes it impossible to tap all the cubes at certain zoom levels and angles.

Relatively fun game with way too many bugs. First things first, I don’t know if the app has a problem with my phone, but the app completely freezes every time I tap on a special block (little golden blocks that pop up and give you coins). And I mean EVERY TIME. It makes the game almost unplayable. I have to close out the app and re open it every time I tap a special block. I don’t even want the coins, but if you don’t move the special blocks they block the other ones from being moved. Once, the game glitched out and zoomed in on a present block and wouldn’t show me the rest of the blocks I needed to complete the level. I had to restart the level. The other problem I have is pretty similar to other people’s problem, it really just doesn’t get more difficult. Like at the beginning you start off with a few blocks at a time, and then suddenly you’re doing several hundred blocks and from there it just never gets harder, the levels seem randomized. And it takes forever to earn challenge levels that actually do increase in difficulty.

Fun but buggy :/. I love this game, but with the feature that you level up and then gold coin blocks appear makes the game glitch like crazy. I HAVE to click those boxes so I can finish a level, and no matter whether I choose to watch an add to get the extra amount of coins or if I settle for the smaller amount, the game freezes once the coins are accepted and I cannot continue gameplay unless I completely close out and force quit the app. And the problem with this is it makes playing the game incredibly annoying and kills even more of my phone battery. Not to mention that every time I force quit and have to reopen the app to continue the level, sometimes it will start the entire level over again and the load screen takes a little bit of time as it is. It’s frustrating to get almost completely through a level, just to have to click a gold coin box to finish the level, and have the level completely restart after that.

Challenging app. Enjoy playing. I like the challenge. You have to look for all the possible paths that each cube can travel. It is a fun game. Not only is the game challenging but also all the ads. After you have passed several levels you earn more ads! After even more levels it limits you to only 10 moves (you can do in 30 to 40 seconds) and then you get to watch about 2 minutes of ads. 10 more moves more ads. Most of your time you are waiting for the little X to appear so you can close that ad so you can see the next one. Sometimes they’ll even repeat an ad. 2 or 3 times.” And as the number of cubes increases, the speed slows down. The processor works harder and the battery goes down faster. I like the challenge of the game but it’s not worth waiting on all the ads.

Hate the changes. The new gold cubes that are supposed to be a reward all they do is interrupt play. You can’t go past certain cubes without stopping to acknowledge these stupid cold cubes that don’t give you much at all. All they do is encourage you to watch a video. I paid so I don’t have to watch the stupid ads. I don’t care about having more points, because the points really don’t give you any advantage. For me it’s just aMindless activity to help me destress. But, when you have to stop the game to deal with the stupid cold cubes, and every time you reach a new level you have to stop the game to acknowledge the new level. This game isn’t fun. The whole point for me with this game is to distress. I don’t need to stop the game to doThese tasks that have no purpose. If you don’t either given the option to not have these tasks or eliminate them all together I’m going to stop playing the game. Losing me may mean nothing, however in reading the recent reviews, it appears mine is not the only opinion like this. I haven’t seen anybody who seems to enjoy the changes that you have made. You might wanna roll those changes back, or I may not be the only customer you lose.

Too easy. I saw an ad for this that looked challenging and fun. I figured it would start off easy; it did. I expected it to get harder; it hasn’t yet. Unfortunately that means repetitive and boring. I just got the game yesterday so maybe I’ll play a little more before deleting, but I’m on something like level 115 already and it’s all the same. Even the “challenges” are the same. Another irritating thing is some of the skins are very hard on my eyes, some make it difficult to determine depth, some are difficult to “read” (as in hard to tell the arrows are arrows let alone which way they are pointing). The eyestrain is not fun at all so I end up going back to the original skin. I wanted to like this, I really wanted to like it. The potential is there. Maybe if more of it was like the ad where some of the blocks are different sizes and the player has to move (instead of remove) some blocks in order to remove others. Maybe if there were ways for the player to get stuck. Maybe if I hadn’t mastered it in 10 seconds… Another suggestion to the developers: please don’t ask for a review so soon after someone downloads the game. At least give the player time to get to more challenging levels first (this is a double hint). Note: I played offline. Thank you to those reviewers that warned about the excessive advertisements.

Stop interrupting the play. Really enjoyed this game to help me relax and just chill out. It’s not very difficult and you can just get a great groove going. When I first started playing the ads bothered me and so I paid for no ads. Totally worth it as the interruptions of the ads really take away from what I want from the game. However, the game is determined to keep interrupting you!! In endless mode you get notified about levels. This is irritating but endless mode is not my favorite as it seems to be just a cube. In my preferred mode the latest frustration are these ‘special blocks’ that are gold and pull you out to give you coins and try to get you to watch an ad for more coins. I could really care less about the coins. I only like the basic skin and have no use for them. I can’t figure out a way to turn these blocks off and you can’t even ignore them as they keep coming even if you haven’t gotten the previous ones. And they obscure other blocks you need so eventually you have to click on them to finish the puzzle. There are also difficulties zooming in for puzzles as you cannot slide the puzzle around, just rotate it and zoom. So often you cannot line the edges of the puzzles with your screen properly. I can deal with this but not if I keep getting pulled out of the game for useless stuff I don’t need or care about. Just let me play the game I paid for! At least give us the option to turn these “special blocks” off.

If Ads Annoy You, Walk Away. I really enjoy playing this game, the mechanics of it at least. It’s relaxing and satisfying to complete a level, and the sculptures the blocks make are fun to try and figure out. The skins are lackluster (except for like, 2 of them). There’s not enough variation in color and not much detail in the backgrounds; most of them are a solid color as though the sculpture is floating in an uncanny void. And MY GOD THE ADS. Depending on how quickly you solve these puzzles, you could run into an ad as frequently as every minute. And they’re not even good or entertaining ads! Most of them are created in an ad engine and thus don’t even accurately represent the actual game they’re advertising. They’re dumb, shallow and downright irritating. I have a feeling if they made the ads less frequent, they’d have more players, which would mean they could leverage for more expensive ad rates which means their advertisers would want to make their ads better quality to make the most of that slot - and then I might actually stick around for the ads rather than closing out the game almost every time one plays.

Great Concept, Poorly Executed. I was enticed to get this game after viewing an ad for it in a different 3D game I enjoy. The ad showed a very challenging multi tiered block which would be definitely be so much fun to play. The actual game however starts with a single block, then 2, then 4 and so on which is okay to get you familiar with how to move the blocks. But after 20 levels it’s still at this ridiculously easy puzzle and boredom is setting in. It reminds me of the parking cars game where you have to mindlessly go through 25-50 stupidly simple lots that are no fun at all in order to get access to one that’s a little challenging and fun to play. And the frequency of ads is quite maddening, I think more so than any other game I’ve tried. So this game is getting deleted for me. Such a shame because the potential is definitely there. Note to developers: I’d gladly pay $$ for the challenging games you show in your ads you conveniently place in other games. And I’d even pay an additional fee for an ad free version. I’m sure others feel the same. Is that concept even considered these days?

Fun. Update- I still enjoy playing the game, but… -1. I have to agree with another player in that during endless mode, I don’t want to be interrupted. I can see my level at the top. I should be able to click on an icon to view my global ranking and not have that interrupt my play. -2. Please remove all of the icons surrounding the playing area. I have, on more than one occasion, tried to tap a box only to inadvertently reset my game or go to endless mode (and when I go back my game is reset). Also, I’d like to be able to confirm whether or not I want to use a bomb; there’s no way to retract it if it’s accidentally hit. All of these features can be made to be accessed through a menu icon and endless mode should be accessed from the welcome/Home Screen. -3. Please remove the requirement to click the golden boxes. I don’t want, or have a need for, more coins. All these boxes do is interrupt game play for no beneficial reason. ***For the reasons listed above, I have lowered my rating to 3 stars. I enjoy playing this game as it helps to shut my mind down when I get into bed. My only complaints are 1-having to constantly watch ads to open boxes. I paid to have no ads, not half of the ads. 2- the golden box that was recently added freezes the game after you click the box. The only way to get back to the game is to close out the app and then open it back up. Please fix. Otherwise this is a fun and relaxing game.

Ads Ruined It. I was willing to sit through an ad here or there to play this game but by the time I reached level 11 I knew I couldn’t continue. Not only are there ads between the levels, they have them in the middle of game play. Not just one or two either. There are at least TEN 60 second ads in level 11 alone. That’s after I have already watched over half a dozen repetitive ads to get there. Plus the game interrupts play to tell you that you “level up” and then they change the skin half way through a level. You can’t skip the ads, you can’t pass the level without removing the boxes, and you can’t pay off of WiFi bc the boxes won’t unlock without WiFi. The only reason this is being rated two stars and not less is because I feel like I could have actually liked this game. Dial down the ads and it could actually be enjoyable. People jump on their phones to play games sometimes when they only have a brief moment to do so. I won’t keep a game that takes that time with ads.

Eh, it's alright.. Not much to say here that hasn't already been said, so I'll just summarize the main points. PROS -big levels with fun shapes (after some small "tutorial" levels) -relaxing gameplay -difficult challenges (timed and memory) -passes the time -has a zoom function -endless mode has exclusive rewards that are generally easy to obtain CONS -excessive ads (every minute or two, or 30-50 blocks cleared) -challenges get redundant -no variation in gameplay -zoom is either too close or nothing at all, and doesn't aim well -not hard at all, save for a mild difficulty spike early on where the levels just suddenly get bigger -little incentive to keep earning coins after about 60 levels (anything you can use the coins on has probably already been obtained) -unlockables are mostly lackluster -endless mode has a fake ranking system (you'll start at about #1.5m worldwide, and progress a handful of spots with every rank based on the number of blocks cleared, but if you put the game down for a while you'll find you somehow jumped up like 10k spots) -coins underutilized (cosmetics only, not for powerups almost at all) -collectibles necessitate watching ads So, there are a lot of cons. The pros are JUST good enough to play a level or two here and there, but the reward slope is so shallow and the gameplay so samey, it almost isn't worth the constant ads alone.

Wasted Money. I am totally addicted to this game. I can’t put it down. I know - that doesn’t match the title. Let me explain. The only downside to this app is that it is designed for no other purpose than to show you advertisements. But what if you purchase the app instead of playing the free version you ask. That brings us to the title. Even after paying you will be pushed to watch an advertisement at every corner. The only difference between the free version and the paid version is stability. The free version locked up more often when you played it offline where it wasn’t able to pull down an ad. I say more often because occasionally I have had to close and reopen the paid version to get past a point where it wanted to push an ad but had no internet connection. There is no incentive to pay. Don’t get suckered into paying thinking the number of times it will ask you to see an ad will drop. You can bypass a lot of the ads in both versions so why pay?

Constant Interruptions. Let me first say I do really enjoy this game, however I can't enjoy it to its fullest potential due to the constant interruptions. If you choose to play with wifi or data on, you can expect to have frequent ads. These will be after every level, after every phase in endless, in the middle of levels, and sometimes in the middle of an endless phase. With the recently added "special block" feature, which you have to tap because it replaces another block in your game, causes a pop up which you either have to watch an ad or wait a few seconds in order to close. The only reward for this is coins. Coins have very little purpose because you can only use them for a few skins in the shop and a power up on normal mode that is set on a cooldown timer. Endless mode also has a power up that you have to watch an ad in order to activate. Endless mode and normal mode have frequent interruptions when you "rank up". Challenge levels can be attempted once and if you fail, you have to watch an ad in order to try again. Another feature I would like to have would be to rotate the structure with a button rather than an endless scroll because you can't always fit it in your screen and sometimes it appears that the little square will clear but then it can't. I would also like the big rectangle shapes as shown in the ads for this game.

Stuck on level 73. You guys did another update yesterday but not to address the complaints everyone has. We are still all stuck on different levels and there are still entirely too many ads even after paying for ad free version. Y’all did an update on Dec 5th but it did NOT fix the issue of getting stuck on levels with only a puzzle piece and special block left and not being able to move on to the next level. Ridiculous that I paid this app and can’t even continue to play. I even started over at level one and went all the way through to level 73 again and it still only has a puzzle piece and special block. No way to move forward. Expecting an update to fix it soon or I will be filing for a refund. After paying for the app I’m currently stuck on level 73. No blocks appear. It only gives me 1 puzzle piece and 1 special block that earns me coins. When I click these then the screen is clear but it doesn’t move me to the next level. There are no blocks to move to get to the next level so it just sits there on level 73.

Addicting game, but obnoxious interruptions. I love the addictive quality of this game, but there are many changes I would make. We don’t need all these garish-looking skins and animations; there are only 2-3 that I prefer to use. Additionally, I would gladly pay $3-5 for an ad-free version. Being constantly interrupted by ads is beyond annoying. Besides, coin accumulation is essentially pointless. I have nearly half a million coins, and the only way I spend them is on dynamite (which annoyingly takes way too long to restore). My newest gripe is that there seem to be bugs in the most recent update. I’ll finish a level, but the game will sit there as if there are still blocks to clear. On the timed games, the timer will continue to run down. Once it runs out, I have to click the “add 15 seconds” button, sit through an ad, and then the timer again runs down with no blocks to clear. So it’s stuck in a loop until I go back to the main menu. It’s prevented me from advancing levels. FIX THIS PLEASE!!!

I hate this game.. I bought this game so I could escape the ceaseless parade of 30+ second ads it showed for other games. It kept trying to entice me to watch more ads with endless simplistic”puzzles” whose only purpose was to make you watch more ads. I’m now up to Level 588 - obviously I used to like it a lot! - and on two turns in a row the only thing it would allow me to do was to attempt to click 4-6 cubes with only one click. The only way it would allow you to proceed was to “purchase” 10 more clicks by watching a 30-second ad. Quitting and restarting the game multiple times had no effect. It always brought you immediately back to the same choice. It was like a episode of The Twilight Zone! Exasperated, I finally gave in and let the hateful ad play - with my iPad face down on the floor. I got through that and figured that now I could once again play this relaxing game. The very next game it gives me six cubes to click with only 1 available click, unless of course I watch another of their damnable ads. This game (Tap Away) and the company that spawned it (Popcore GmbH) are now dead to me forever!!!!!!

Too many pop-ups. There are a bunch of meaningless pop-ups that disrupt gameplay. Every time you level up (which is a pointless metric) it covers your screen and you must close it before resuming play. There are golden blocks that pop up in the middle of your puzzle and you must click on them in order to removed them, otherwise, they block you from completing the puzzle. These blocks give you coins used for skins which I don't want. The coin reward is a pop-up with an option to watch an add for bonus coins. It takes a couple seconds before being able to say “no thanks” and exit out. These things happen around a minute or sooner to each other and get tiring quickly. It feels like a chore to get to play the actual game. I also wish that there were levels shaped like cubes instead of planes and rings and other random things that didn't feel very fun to solve.

This used to be a 5 star app.. I’ve played this game for a couple years; since before it was “3D”. It was simple yet challenging and quite addictive. L O V E D it. And then the upgrades started. ‘Zoom’ is a new feature; except it’s either in or out without any in between. You can see the block you’re tapping but not its path. Very frustrating. ‘Moves’ are also new; which is a definite drawback for people like me who don’t have steady hands. There’s no option to choose this feature or not, unless you’re content with the boring (and unchallenging) infinity cube. Finally - and this is the most infuriating part of all - do not click out of the game for any incoming messages, notifications, phone calls, etc. When you switch back, your entire progress resets; regardless of how far you were in the puzzle. It’s heartbreaking to struggle with the disadvantages to 275 moves into a 300+ move piece and have to take a phone call knowing it was all in vain. I reached out via email to Popcore over an issue with the ads early on, received a generic response, replied to them, and never heard back. Unfortunately, do not recommend this game any longer.

Honest review. I like this type of puzzle game so I actually paid the money for the ads to be taken out. There were far too many to play for any long period of time to not do that but I waited and put up with the ads until I knew I’d spend a good bit of time playing. I’m on level 300+ and after awhile I noticed that they just recycle the same puzzle shapes over and over which gets a bit boring. I wish they’d add some more content to the game. They do have plenty of different styles of puzzle blocks but I generally just stick with the same one anyway. I play on my iPhone and the screen is pretty big but sometimes when the puzzle is large, the individual blocks get so small that it’s impossible to use your fingers and I have to find a stylus to use. If you have any kind of problem with your eyesight or dexterity don’t bother downloading this game because it will only frustrate you! All of that being said, I still use this app to fill in time gaps during the day because I find it somewhat challenging and still entertaining.

The new update has gold tiles that constantly take you to ads. First, I paid to have an ad free game. I truly loved the game until all the GOLD SQUARES WERE ADDED THAT GIVE YOU NO CHOICE, BUT YOU ARE TAKEN OUT OF THE GAME WHERE YOU MUST WAIT WHILE YOU CAN TRY TO GET A HIGH MULTIPLIER, TO GET COIN. if you chose not to play, you are allowed to exit back to the game you were enjoying, not always in the same position you were playing, with now, even more gold squares, that you must remove, and when you do, back to the AD page after you paid for no ADS! Then after time you never get back in your life, you are transferred back to the game…over, and over, and over again. It’s boring and stressful. So I don’t recommend down loading this game until it’s restored to its original play. Without constant reward ads interrupting your play. I have made it a game to try to remove as many regular tiles without touching the gold, and only remove the gold when absolutely necessary. I have completed puzzles with 5 gold tiles left and the game poofs them away!

Ads galore. I paid for the ad free version and that was not worth it. Still got ads. Don’t buy the ad free version. Also, I was in the middle of a game, and because I was winning, they changed me to a totally different new game and different cubes. I didn’t even get to finish the game I was winning. The game idea is well thought out and fun to play, but the developers and owners have made the game just the opposite. I deleted the app, but they got my money. What a rip off! This is the deal….You buy the apps nowadays, and they have the very irritating ads. This happens all the time. So you pay to not have to be subjected to them. By some clause in the PAID FOR app free version, they still put them in. The coins you win in this particular game can be had ad free, but if you want them increased you will get ads regardless, even if you have paid not to have them. Apple, if you are reading this, I am getting very sick of getting ripped off. Please change this. I am not the only one who feels this way.

Waste of time. Don’t bother. If I could choose a negative star, I would. The first real puzzle is circular shape and has several golden pieces in it that will block another piece from being freed, not to worry though. You can watch an ad and then get a bomb to go off on the puzzle. You can’t choose where on the puzzle it will hit. So. That means when you’re down to say only 4 actual blocks and you get the bomb option to blow up part of the puzzle. A few times. It may NOT hit the section you wanted it to. Ad after ad. So, maybe we can just cancel out that game and kinda move on to another puzzle and have better luck….NO. You can’t do that. I was even okay with losing and then moving on, just to try out another puzzle. No. We also level up during the game, not when you finish playing and winning the game, so, you could achieve level 11 during your first puzzle. Strange. But okay. Overall, not well thought out. Ads during gameplay is a huge negative as well, no one enjoys it, do it afterwards as an option, not forced and disruptive.

Not happy. Developers please read. This has to be a bug. This game used to be great to play. This is why I chose to not watch ads and decided to pay for the ad-free option. The problem with this is that they also changed what happens when you press the reset button. It no longer gives you new cubes, it just explodes the view, and then re-lines them up giving you the same amount of cubes you had. You are now forced into playing the puzzle even though you know you are going to lose. So you explode as many as you can with the bombs, but they take forever to reset. Now once I’m out of moves I CAN’T just go onto the next puzzle. The game gives you the option of watching a video for 10 more moves. If you press retry, the puzzle forces you to just continue with ZERO moves, not to start over. You are then forced into watching the ads in order to get extra moves so that you can finally end the game. It’s just a way for the game to make money off of people who have already paid for an ad free service. I can find some other game to dull my find. A game like this doesn’t warrant spending so much money.

Why pay for ad free? There’s still ads!. Wife has this game on her iPad, i tried it out and liked it. Got it on my iPad but don’t like ads popping up, so I paid the $4.99 to remove ads. Within 15 minutes of playing the “Endless” mode I get to a gift box within the puzzle that I have no other option but to tap it, and what do you think happened? An ad pops up, and it’s not one of those wait 15-20 seconds and you can skip it, no no no, it’s pretty much a full minute or longer before you can even get out of it. I figured ok, maybe that was my fault. Play the game for a few minutes longer and win some new ability or feature to use in the endless mode, button pops up at the bottom of my screen to use it, I tap it, and guess what?!? I’m back in another ad that I can’t skip. Why did I even spend the $4.99 for ad free when within 18 minutes of playing the game I’m getting ads? I’d like a refund on my “Remove ads” payment, very misleading and the developer certainly is not upholding their end of the purchase. Reported to Apple as well.

Please remove some things.. Hello. I love your game, it’s very fun,entertaining, and enjoyable. But, there are a few problems I would like to address.1. Like the stupid “special blocks” they spawn so much when I’m doing a level. It gets annoying having to click on them every time to get a block out this way but then another pops up and it blocked this, so it’s just super annoying. 2. There are SO MANY freaking ads. Every time I play this game I rank up, and once I do, I get a ad. And ranking up is soooooo easy to do. And I rank up so quick that it feels like every 3 mins there is a ad. 3. This may not apply to everyone but maybe do this. The “bombs” you guys have at the bottom of your screen that you can press. When I press it I expect to take my finger and drag the bomb over to some random block and release my finger from the screen and it explodes. But for some reason I have to do that a couple times and I just start pressing and doing random things trying to make it work and once it does it’s in the wrong place or something. So I want you guys to make the bombs a little more easier to use. 4. Make more skins of the blocks like the one you first start out with. Because it starts getting confusing with all the arrows and stuff. But this may not apply to everyone. Hello. This is the end of my review, I hope you will think about these problems and try to fix them. Goodbye.

Reset button. This game was so fun and I had a really so time playing it and enjoyed playing it on long car rides. There are many nice things about it like, not a lot of ads, and you don’t need internet to play the game. There are also some bad things about this game like, it is very time consuming, and the levels are hard, and the title of this review, THE RESET BUTTON. I was playing the game and I was about to finish the level with a good amount of blocks left, and I went to click a block to make it float away and the block was apparently too close to the reset button because when I clicked the button all of the blocks reappeared and all of my progress was destroyed and my hour trying to pass the level was gone. I was confused for a moment until I realized that a bit of my finger was on the reset button. Being fully honest I feel like it is a very good game but I think that the reset button is a bit to big and should be put on a different part of the screen so this won’t happen again to anyone.

Well that was anti-climactic. So they had a feature in the new endless mode but if you collected in boxes is generally one entire layer and then a half another layer you got a free boost and it would remove an entire layer for you which is great. Like many of their other games they also have challenges to finish. One of the major ones is to finish and acquire perhaps five boosts in InBliss. This wasn’t too hard if you worked really diligently clearing boxes. However they now want you to watch an ad for every boost that to fulfill the boost challenges. And now you have to have 8-13 boosts per that Boost Challenge. You now have to watch a crap ton of ads just to fulfill this challenge i’m getting all these boosts and endless mode. I’m not happy about this, because there’s already a crap ton of ads that come up every time you play a new level, and every time that it switches to a new layer on the boxes this is gosh dang ridiculous. Not cool. At all. IF YOU ARE READING THIS AND DISLIKE THE ADS, put your phone in airplane mode or disable WiFi for this specific app. It will help cut down the ads unless you want to intentionally watch an ad to skip something.

Enjoyable with frustration. I enjoyed the game so I purchased it to get away from adds. Frustrating and very annoying part: each level the games jumps a level up screen and you have to select to play on. Then there is the special box that you must remove some to clear boxes…I find that annoying since it jumps to a screen to show how many extra coins just earned. It would be nice to show all of that at the end of the level. Now the most frustrating part is I am stuck on level 73. I almost finished that level one night but I stopped the game and now I am stuck on level 73. I can clear all the blocks and nothing at all. That right there makes me regret paying for the game. I absolutely hate paying for games unless I really enjoy it. I almost came close asking a refund from apple on this game. I have also emailed the developer twice and no response yet. Just last week I emailed them about my level 73 issue and thank them for the new version that offered the feature to turn off the level up and special box feature but now that is gone. 😖😣🤬😡🤬

Enjoy but some bugs. I paid to remove ads and now I can’t reset any level and start over. I have to watch the video for an additional 10 moves. I don’t wanna watch videos that’s why I paid not no ads, I’d rather just solve the puzzles. I find it very cathartic and I really enjoy it but now it’s annoying when I get to the end because I can’t reset the level so I have to play on no matter what. It blows. Also I hate the little gold boxes that pop us. I get it they have money but it takes forever for the button to pop up so I can bypass the coin multiplier. Honestly theres not even a lot of uses for the coins so I feel like you guys should just take that out and have a simple tap the gold box for coins. Overall it’s only a 3 because the actual puzzle part is fun and I like the different skins because some are easier to solve with while others make it harder (in my opinion). Without the content being there I’d rate it a 1 for structure because honestly it makes no sense. It’s wayyyy too similar to parking jam but In this game the layout doesn’t make complete sense. It almost feels like a lazy copy/paste.

Used to like; now really annoying. I started out really liking this game a lot, but now it's *really* annoying. Another reviewer, Jonnie Roten, said it very well: "The 'special blocks' pop up non-stop and you have no choice but to click on them to get rid of them or they'll get in the way of the game play. Then they bring you an option to watch an ad for more coins and it takes several seconds before you can just select to collect the coins... to get back to the game." The level increases are frequent, but they also come with ads; however, these ads are slightly less annoying, because they are easier to dismiss. Further from Jonnie Roten: "I'd rather collect no coins than have the constant interruptions. All you can buy with coins are the skins anyway and I personally prefer the one the game starts you with, so the coins are useless to me." It seems this applies even if you buy the ad-free version. When it started out, there were very few popups; now, they are everywhere. I will no longer play this game.

bruh. it’s always been full of bugs, but I’ve put those aside and still played the game. However, with whatever change came within the last day or so, the game isn’t enjoyable to play. Normal blocks continuously change into these “special blocks” that don’t even offer 50 coins, and when you click on them, you get interrupted with a screen giving you an option to double, triple, etc, the amount by watching an ad. And again, they don’t stop coming. You get rid of one? Now you got yourself another. But I mean, you have to get rid of them since they’ll block the other blocks, so it’s just a pain. Also, why do we even need these coin blocks?? There’re literally challenge levels that’ll give you 10k+ coins, that are extremely easy. Not to mention that once you’ve bought those three skins at the top, and the other ones that are purchasable with coins (12 of them, at max costing 500~ish coins), that’s all that you can buy with coins. Your coins from there on just continue to pile up without having anything to spend them on. As I am right now, I’m currently sitting on roughly 544k coins, so why would I have any desire to earn more, especially if it continuously interrupts the normal gameplay? Also, having ranks on the normal mode makes no sense. It doesn’t show any leaderboard, so you’re not competing with others, you barely earn a few coins, and like in the endless mode, it just interrupts the game whenever you reach a new rank.

Way too many ads!!. So I got this game for a new challenge, it’s about the same as the traffic jam. Except levels 1 through 10, there is a ad in between each level… okay I can deal with that. However once you hit level 10, you get a 325 move puzzle which was great until every 10 moves Im being forced to watch ANOTHER ad!!!! Not just the quick ad that you can exit out of after 5 seconds… nope full 30 + seconds of ads! It took my “relaxing time” and turned it into a new level of frustration! $4.99 to remove the ads could be worth it, if it actually works! I paid for ad removal from this company before and it was fine for awhile. Then they found new ways to make you watch the darn ads anyway! To collect your coins … watch an ad, to get MORE coins watch a ad… because they give so few coins, to open challenge levels you have to watch ads to get the coins! I love the concept but I’ll be deleting this game because of the tons of ads you just can’t get away from even if you pay.

Don’t bother. So I gave it 1 more try after newest update. They did get rid of the stupid levels in between levels but the gold blocks are way too much!! I had other games by this developer and they did the same thing there also. Deleting all games by them. Update: because I was addicted I gave it 1 more try. Every 35 blocks removed there is an ad. Want extra coins from “special” blocks, watch an ad. Finish a level, watch an ad. Literally takes 3x as long to finish 1 puzzle. There were a lot of ads before, now with the new update it’s even worse! You cannot complete a level without ads and now that they added new levels notifications pop up in the middle of play followed by yet another ad. Then they added bonus boxes and yep, those also include ads. I really liked this game, enough to put up with the interruptions but now it is not even worth it. After reaching well over level 1500 I will be deleting.

Almost Unplayable. I love the game. But I couldn't play it. There are too many interruptions. I didn't purchase the no ads. But I shouldn't have to. I play solitaries with ads. I found this game through ads. Ads are fine. But they shouldn't interrupt the gameplay. There are two major problems with ads in this game. One is that almost every time you "level up" you get an ad. You level up about once per minute. Leveling up does not become more difficult to complete. By the time I uninstalled the game, I was on about level 12 of the game, but had leveled up around 40 times. The second problem is the golden blocks. From what I have read, these are not removed even if you buy the no ads version. Once you remove so many blocks from the game, you get golden blocks. These give you coins when you click on them. The problem is, they don't just go away when you click. Clicking them gives a pop up. It will then prompt you to watch an ad for extra coins for around 5 seconds before giving you the option to not watch an ad. Even if you click that you don't want to watch an ad, sometimes an ad will come up anyways. You can't ignore these golden blocks, as if you don't remove them, you can't complete the level. Even if you buy the game, it will still tell you that you need to watch an ad to get the extra coins, and not immediately give you the option to say no. This is not worth your time. Go find another free to play game that isn't 50% ads.

Very fun, except for. Overall, very fun and great way to kill time. I agree with others’ comments about the game interruptions. I don’t care about earning coins, special blocks, level up, or even so many skins. I like the different color blocks with simple arrows. I paid to get rid of ads, so the interruptions are still bothersome. I’d also like some more shapes, I’ve been through all the options several times. Now when a new puzzle starts, I usually think, “that one again?” And last, I think there must be a glitch or something with the challenges, they don’t always work. One was stuck on Reach level 69 when I had past 100. I had to watch a video to get it to go away. There are several that were like that. I’d gladly give 5 stars for no interruptions, and more levels (different shapes, not repeats). Thanks for a fun game!!!

SO MANY ADS. there are seriously sooooo many ads that pop up in this game that it is impossible to ignore. I know they want you to buy the ad free version but the game is not good enough for me to spend money on. It’s a great concept for a puzzle game and fun without being too challenging, but the ads are just too much. There also these “special blocks” that pop up everywhere and you are forced to click on them and those prompt more ads. I also hated that it would produce this screen randomly during play that says you increased your rank or something along those lines. It stops your playing the game and then again is more ads. I also did not like the mechanics for being able to move the puzzle around. You could not move the puzzle around or zoom in on a certain spot. All it does is rotate so it is very frustrating to try and complete larger puzzles when you want to be able to take a closer look at a particular spot. Overall I give it literally one star for the concept. Everything else is terrible. I’m disappointed because I really was looking forward to playing this game. I knew right away when I opened it that i was going to get too frustrated with it and have to delete because every game I have downloaded by this company has been the same. Great concept but the app itself is terrible and not worth the time or money.

Fun game, no goals whatsoever. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. It’s a great one to clear your mind and pass the time. There is one clear problem though. Even though it’s perfect to just play and put down, picking it right back up where you left off, there’s literally no reason to play. In fact I went as free, which I never do. Here’s the problem, there are no real goals. Progressing levels is okay, but no real rewards for it. The daily goals award coins, which are totally useless. The bar at the top that progresses it’s just a countdown timer to ads, because that bar awards..coins. The challenges can be really interesting but again…coins. I’m on level 75 with nearly 80,000 coins and nothing to spend them on. If coins are the reward but nothing to use them on, it makes the reward useless. Skins are kind of cool but the basic ones are easily the best to use, it may be useful to have different unlock able backgrounds? Some of the themes are interesting but take away from the game itself. Like I said, fun game to okay by itself, the “reward” system has no meaning. That may be why other users are annoyed with the constant interruptions while playing ad free.

✨😊 Addicting but…. Okay don’t get me wrong, I love it and it’s addicting and I would give it 5 stars if you changed these 3 things: 1.) Cut down on the ads! There is way too many even in endless mode! 2.) I put my iPad in airplane mode yet I still got an ad??? That should not be possible when you are in airplane mode! 3.)In endless mode you constantly get interrupted by the “You reached rank (*insert* whatever number)” constantly! So it’s not truly endless if you’re interrupted constantly so make it so that it shows up when you exit endless mode! Like I said I love it and it’s addictive but please fix those 3 things and I will change it from 4 stars to 5! March 14, 2023 Still no response and still no update on what I asked for. Do you even read these and consider what the customer is asking for? I’m changing my rating to 3 stars for lack of customer attention.

Glitchy. I love the game but there’s a few things that turn me off when playing. The tap counter does not work correctly it says you have so many taps but it takes away multiple taps with one tap it is upsetting to have only tapped twice and have 6 taps be counted and taken off. The other issue is the frequency of ads throughout each level every 45 seconds to every minute it’s extremely excessive and frustrating and a 30 seconds ad for 10 extra moves that you don’t get because of the counter glitching is very annoying when I have to watch 8 30 seconds adds to complete the level. The last thing is bad lagging when you play longer than 30 minutes it gets extremely lagging and glitches worse which drains my battery quickly. I love playing this game but the glitches and excessive ads make it one of the last I go to play. Would love to see these things fixed so I can play more without feeling annoyed on the first level I play when opening it.

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Too many ads. I understand that developers need to make money to support the free game but there is literally an ad every 1-2 minutes. When playing one of the harder levels it makes you want to just give up on the game completely. Kit would be preferable to have an ad after each level or when collecting bonuses.

Glitchy. In the game when I was on level 11 it showed a big 3d circle and said I had 368 moves- level 11 is way less than that! And now on level 41 it says I have 242 moves on a random shape. This game is also very glitchy in general. There are way too many adds so I have to turn off my internet so I don’t get the adds!

Enjoy it but…. The ads in this are excruciating. Ads in the middle of a level are too much. I enjoy the game so would think about paying to remove (thanks for having this as a once off payment option) but the comments about gold block glitches also put me off. Unfortunately I am probably going to delete it.

Too Many Ads. Love the game but absolutely hate that there are multiple ad breaks throughout a level. Watching an ad at the end of a level is okay, but throughout a level, extremely frustrating!!!!! I also hate that there’s not one click to put an ad away ~ you’ve got to click multiple times. The more see the same ad and the more times I have to wait to click multiple times to say no to it, the more I’m determined to not be interested in whatever the ad is about.

OMG THE ADS 🤦‍♀️. Would be a great game however the ads are both annoying and highly disruptive. Multiple ads during the game, at the end of a level & at the beginning of a level, just saturated with ads and I can tell you, there’s so many, I don’t bother looking at them. Just deleted the game as it’s no longer enjoyable.

Takes your ‘no ads’ money but you still get ads. DON’T GET THIS GAME! Advertising for other games is becoming more pervasive with each revision. In app purchase says ‘no ads’. You get fewer ads, but then you get ads between levels for other games that go on forever and you can’t get out of. DONT GET THIS GAME. Update: 3 dec 2022: it’s only getting worse with more ads interlaced throughout the game. They’re endless. Every “upgrade” just ads more advertising.

Needs improvement. 1. Too many ads. Ads at the end of a level are ok, but ads within a level are not. Also, show the same ad more than twice in a row and you can guarantee the advertiser has wasted their money as I won’t look at the product 2. The ads tend to slow my iPad down (8th generation running 15.4.1) to the point where I need to shut the game down and restart, or in extreme cases reboot the device

Great app but the adverts kill it. I made sure to test app before I wrote a review it has some great pros but equally big cons. First I love the idea of the logic puzzles and untangling the cubes yes it becomes fairly easy to do but I find it very very relaxing and peaceful Which leads me to the con. I would pay money to remove the ads that totally ruin your concentration and your rhythm as your doing puzzles. The repetitiveness of every 10 or so blocks you remove you get an 15 sec ad . I hate it . So much . I can’t even contact app designer to say hey remove your ads or make a pay allowance to remove them. But I will ad paying to remove ads needs to remove them all not just auto ads , Other than that I love the puzzles if I can get over my ad frustration.

Great game. I really enjoy playing this game it’s quite relaxing to me but there’s way too many ads during the game which completely ruins it. I’m fine with there being an ad after each level but there’s like 5-10 during the level which is incredibly frustrating.

Special Blocks. Please, please, please implement a setting to turn off special blocks spawning. I can understand one or maybe two per level, but 30? The sheer amount of special blocks make the game nearly unplayable, as most of the gameplay is just getting coins from these blocks. I feel that coins would be much more fulfilling if you had to grind through levels for them, rather than get 2,000 from doing one level. Not worth playing unless you want to put yourself through an unplayable coin-sim.

Awesome app. If you want to watch an add for another app every 30 seconds to a minute of game play as you ‘level up’ and hey you haven’t watch an add for 10 seconds here’s a special block so you can choose to watch a minute long add for coins you don’t need. Yay you completed the level here’s another add for you. It would be a fun little game to waste time on if the adds were just at the end of a level but seriously you’re a 99c app not the $7.99 you want to remove the adds.

Tap Away. I like the challenge particularly at the higher levels but I have a couple of beefs about the game: The ads are annoying and repetitive. I have the no ads purchase but I still get the ads for rewards. The annoying gold bricks give you all these coins that are useless once you have all the paid blocks and the only thing you can spend the money on is bombs which I rarely used. I have millions of coins and nothing to spend them on. Can you please give us the option of spending coins for extra turns instead of the annoying ads. It would really improve the game and stop all the griping about the annoying ads.

Why is there a special effect?. When you tap a block it is frustrating to have to wait for the special effect to disappear before being able to see the next block to tap. This is not needed and spoils the fun when you want to tap blocks quickly.

Fun game. I really enjoy this game. However, like others have said the gold blocks are annoying. Same with having to watch adds to purchase new things instead of coins. I think there is a bug with the daily challenges because I still don’t have a march option. Way too many adds. Such a same, i could spend hours on this game but get too frustrated

Too many ads !. While an ad-supported game is fine and reasonable, having ads *during* a level is pretty greedy and unfair. There are ads at the end of a level, before a level, during a level, and ads to unlock bonuses. Also, some of the cosmetics make the game harder because they are confusing. While there are a lot of cosmetics to unlock, only a few are any good. That said, it's a fun puzzle ... but only for a while. After a few levels you realise there are TOO MANY ads. Shame.

Too many interruptions. Recently updated and have become frustrated with the new “special” blocks. I don’t want more coins, I don’t need more coins do these only serve to interrupt gameplay and annoy. Between them and the leveling up graphics, it’s become less enjoyable. Just let me tap the boxes in peace.

Hate the Gold Blocks and Rank on Normal Play. The gold blocks and rank meter in normal play is doing my head in as it breaks the flow of play. I ended up buying the game so I could avoid the in game ads but now this has the same effect. Great game and I’m up around level 2200 but these latest updates are making me not want to play anymore. Would have given 5 stars before the gold blocks and rank were added to normal play

Developers DO NOT care that the game glitches & wont fix it. This game is getting beyond a joke. I was happy with the game until I reached level 60. I deleted & reinstalled it still wont work properly. Ok I’ll play a bit longer I thought. Once you get to level 60 you’ll get level 61 with 3 moves & that’s it. You click on the stupid ad thing to get 10 more moves but doesn’t help. Please fix this game. It’s great to keep my brain active. I can sit & play this until I get to this point. Emailing the developer does nothing. Obviously they just don’t care.

I too many ads. If there was an ad free option ai would pay ur. I enjoy this game however, no option appears to exist. The ads are frequent and some of them are lengthy and repetitive. I will NEVER down load that Royal whatever it is. It was the longest ad and most frequent and therefore most hated!!!! Not the result Im guessing they were after.

Golden blocks. Since the last update on my iPad with the addition of the golden blocks, each time one is touched the game freezes and the only way to get it going again is to completely switch off the iPad. Why is this so and when will there be a fix to it Tim

Impossible to play. Too many ads. So I understand free apps play ads. But there is no “remove ads” button anywhere available in this app. I just want to play endless mode without being interrupted by ads all the time. Will now be deleting this game

Great game, until it glitched. Initially worked well, loved the game, bought the ad free version. Fun to play and worked smoothly. Only liked one of the skins for the blocks though. The rest of the skins seemed to just be confusing and made the game harder to play as I have to concentrate to figure out which way the direction is pointing. Have to say I hate the gold blocks though because they take too long load the button to collect your coins without watching an ad. Today the gold blocks decide to glitch on me and I am now stuck on the screen asking me to either watch an ad or collect 20 coins. I have to close the app and restart it before I can resume playing. Please fix this bug! Edit: they fixed the bug, working now Yet another bug with the gold block where it’s stuck on the last move. I click on the gold box, it disappears after the roulette to give me coins. Then I’m left with an empty level with no way to progress further. I used the bomb to try and see if it helps but nope. I restarted my app multiple times, waited a few days still stuck at that level. Deleted the app now. Too buggy

Special blocks and greed have ruined this game!! Five stars down to one!!. Do Not Waste Your Time !! The greed of the developers to sell advertising has destroyed this game ! This used to be an excellent game to relax with, you could play for a decent period of time and get in the zone. Special Blicks every five seconds with ability to get more coins if you watch an advert and the wait till the play on button comes up - forget !!

ADS ugh. Soooo many ads An ad every 5 levels was annoying enough, but then you got greedy and I saw 5 ads before I was half way before the biggest level (like level 11 or something). I’d only been playing for 5 minutes before I deleted it. Ads are irritating m. Rule of thumb, if you find a game through an ad within another game, it’s going to be irritating and full of ads

game stuck at level 713. Yep, been playing this for a while. Gave up for a few months when all the amber / yellow cubes merged into one big magenta blur. That seems to have been fixed now, and the newest bug has you at the end of a level with two cubes left - one of which is those annoying bronze / stupid level interruption cubes. After getting your unneeded rewards of 25 coins, you return to a puzzle with no cubes left, but you can’t finish. Restarting the level goes back to the two last cubes, in an endless cycle of silliness. Do you bother to test the game before releasing new versions? Other posters have been stuck on different levels with the same problem, so it isn’t just me, and not just level 713.

Too many ads. As others have said, far too many ads, getting ads every 30 seconds, also too many gold cubes, wait for the option to not see an ad and still have to watch an ad. Often the ads don’t load and I have to restart. Such a shame because it is a fun addictive game.

Had enough. I love this game and find it helps calm my mind. I have deleted it twice though and am about to delete for the final time. It is nothing but frustrating now. Excessive ads in game both every so many blocks cleared but now random ads on gold blocks. The gold blocks are also taking longer for the pop up to appear and I’m also having problems with ads randomly freezing so I need to restart the game. Not worth the hassle any more which is a shame.

Why did I pay?. The levels don’t seem to get too much harder as you go through the levels. The game is good for mind numbing during down time without having to think too much, but after paying for the game why am I still getting ads? You don’t get told there will still be ads until after you have paid. Not happy with the tactic guys especially with the cost for a basic challenge game.

The gold blocks!!!!!’. I love this game but the gold blocks are making me hate it. When you hit a gold block the game freezes and you have to close the app and reset it to then go back in and continue playing that level. There are so many gold blocks in each level that it’s so annoying you can’t just continue playing! Please fix or remove the gold blocks as it will turn a lot of people off this game.

Loved it until…. Tap away was my go-to app to chill- out and really enjoyed this game even with the extremely annoying ads that interrupted the game multiple times. The latest update however is beyond ridiculous. I persisted through 1 1/2 games (whilst having no wifi)and got so fed up with the constant interruptions and gold boxes I quit the game. Understand the need for ads but this update is ridiculous. Will delete.

too many ads. I understand developers need to earn money from these games, but the number of ads is just ridiculous, and the ads themselves repetitive and take so long to dismiss. you spend more time trying to close an ad than you do playing the game.

Too many adds. The game itself is good. But, there are way too many adds throughout the level. I understand having adds at the end, but after every 10 clicks and 30-50 add throughout the level!?

Please fix the gold blocks. I love this game and want to play it a lot! The only thing is that whenever i click the gold blocks they glitch and don’t let me go back to the game. I’m just infinity stuck with no way to click off or exit and i have to close the app and log back in to escape and go back to playing. That would be fine if it was 2 or 3 blocks per level but with the bigger levels I’m having to do this 20-30 times!! Please fix this bug i love this game and want to play more!!!!!

Poor app execution. This game is fun to play but the app is so frustrating! Way too many ads, shows an add on what feels like every few moves when really they should be at the end of each level. So many glitches, can’t do a small zoom in to see better, it’s either all the way in and can’t tell where you are or all the way out and so much harder to select the cube you are aiming for. Doesn’t zoom where you want it to, cant move across the puzzle while zoomed in, only around which makes it very confusing. Having to reset the app every few ads due to freezing. Not a smooth rotation around the puzzle. Went from ‘easy’ (10 blocks) mode to a lot more full on ‘medium’ (150 blocks) very quickly. Worth fixing!

Too many ads. Seems like a fair puzzler but a 30 second ad after each level - which takes 30 to 60 seconds to complete- is just ridiculous. There is a “no ads” button which does not work. I don’t mind spending a couple of bucks for an ad free game - I would rather not have to sit through ads. I have deleted the game.

Very addictive. I enjoy the game - but too many adds and at the moment there is a bug - every time I click on gold cube the game gets stuck and I have to restart. So it’s more frustrating than anything. But it could be good.

Good. I paid to remove the ads, which significantly improves the gameplay experience. However the frequent gold blocks and increases in “rank” are still incredibly intrusive and create too many interruptions.

Colour contradt problem. I’ve recently discovered this game and am generally enjoying it but really struggle with yellow and white blocks. There is not enough contrast for my ageing eyes. I can’t work out how to change the colour. Is it possible? Also I am getting sick of thd ads and thought perhaps I will buy the game but $7.99 seems fairly pricey as there are only 60 levels and I am up to level 53 after 3 weeks. Does paying for the game offer more levels perhaps?

Insane amount of ads. Seriously, every few moves you are bombarded with ads. The game is awesome, but completely ruined by the long, repetitive ads that destroy your battery life and freeze your device. My phone was so overwhelmed by them that it was overheating and had to be shut down. If there was a paid version to get rid of the ads I would totally buy it because I love the game.

Ads. Too many ads. But while I can handle the ads every 35 moves (I’ve counted), & this sometimes makes the app force close, some of these ads are extremely inappropriate for children. I’m getting ads for games/apps rated MA. There should be a filter to prevent this. However, the game is addictive & fun. Fix the ad issue & I would give 5 stars instead of only 3 stars

Bad controls and ads interrupt game. The controls for zoom are really close or really far so you have to keep zooming in and out to the squares you want to tap. And as others have stated, ads are okay but not mid game. Also annoying that when you have 30 moves left but there are 32 cubes to tap away and it doesn’t tell you “you don’t have enough moves left, restart now?”

Stay away if you don’t like watching ads. It’s a great game and all however you’re watching more ads than playing the game itself. You tap no ads but you still get the add? You have an ad most probably every 2 minutes at best! I ended up deleting the app all together because of how ridiculous the ads were. DO NOT GET THIS APP UNLESS IF YOU LIKE TO WATCH THE SAME ADS ALL DAY LONG I rated this a 1 star purely because of the ads!

Update = Downgrade. It seems the developers weren't getting enough ads in, so they've replaced the Endless Mode powerup with an ad player. Now instead of building up a layer-clearing powerup by making good moves, the player only has the option of watching an ad to remove the layer... and there are still "challenges" in the game to activate that powerup a certain number of times that now DON'T WORK, because playing the ad doesn't even advance the challenge counter! Plus even after buying every coin-costing item in the game, it still wants to spam you with ads to earn more coins. I didn't expect buying Ad-Free Mode to actually put *more* ads in!

What are the special events?. To unlock certain skins and effects etc. it says you need to complete special events but there is no information available to say what these special events are - how to get to/find them etc. So I ask what are these special events and how do we get to complete them to unlock these extra features?

Gold blocks disrupt gameplay - glitchy!. There is a bug where I’m stuck on the last 2 gold blocks and can’t progress any further. Tried a bomb didn’t work. Reset my phone, didn’t work. Closed the app, didn’t work. The gold blocks are incredibly annoying and disrupt smooth game play. Paid for no ads and still have to watch ads to get bonuses or new skins. Some of the skins too are impossible to play as you can’t focus or distinguish what you’re looking at :/

Nice, but too easy and way too much time in ads. I spent more time watching ads than I did playing. The game is way too easy - I got to level 125 without batting an eyelid before deciding this wasn’t worth it any more. The “Endless” game is way too easy, as all you’re doing is endlessly removing an outer layer of cubes from a smaller cube, and the rate at which ads come up in Endless is crazy. The Challenge games were a little more complex, but not much. I appreciate that ads pay for the game, but this game definitely overstepped the mark. Deleted.

Way too many ads. Game is fun but can’t play properly- every 10 seconds there are ads. Also cannot zoom in and out to a comfortable level- either zoomed right in where can’t see enough cubes or zoomed right out where can’t choose the right cube as they are too small- need to be able to gradually zoom. Need to remove some ads. Could be a great game otherwise.

Not a fan of the new special block. I love this game but with the new update came the gold block that appears out of nowhere to stop you from progressing and you have to eliminate the block to move the puzzle along. I get that it adds to the challenge but really the challenge is in the puzzle itself- I just feel it’s a bit unnecessary- would love for this new feature to be removed!

Paid version still has ads!!! 😡. I enjoy the puzzles in this game so paid for it. However, I’m very disappointed that there are still so many ads!!! I paid to take away the number and frequency of ads in order to enjoy the game. It really detracts from the game play. If it didn’t have constant ads after payment, I’d probably give it 5 stars.

Bought the game still ads. Like the game, but it’s full of ads. So I bought the game thinking then it will be ad free, but no you have to watch ads to unlock things and get bonus coins. It’s very frustrating and frankly misleading to say there is no ads when in fact the paid version still has ads. Buyer beware.

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Annoying ads. Too many ads. I can understand ads between levels, but during the levels is infu. I deleted the game. Hot tingle user experience.

Rampant Advertising. I’m ok with games that give you an option to watch ads for extra resources or other in game advantages. But this one forces frequent ads on you. No thanks. Deleted.

Enjoyed BUT. Very relaxing wind down game until the 10 - 15 ads you have to watch to get through every level. Way to frustrating. I’m out of here.

Too many…. Too many ads per puzzle, before and after recent update, so play in airplane mode to avoid the ads. New update: now 3-4 times the number of special blocks per puzzle than before the update, and it takes 3-5 seconds longer to collect the coins from them. This was definitely not a performance improvement from my perspective. It destroys the flow of doing the puzzle with all the interruptions. All I’m doing is collect a special block, wait 3-5s to collect, then hit another special block, wait 3-5s to collect. Devs should get rid of the special blocks entirely, and have just 1 collect coins at completion of puzzle. The game was bad enough with the interruptions collecting from special blocks… but after the update, it’s now 3-4 times worse.

Fun game but adult content ads. This is a fun puzzle game, but parents BEWARE. Age says 12+ and ads include games with explicit sexual content.

Fun but……. Fun game BUT holy crap ads!!!! I understand that ads keep the game free but when there are constant ads in the MIDDLE of EVERY game is beyond annoying and irritating. Plus the app constantly crashes. At least it’s “free” but still not worth it and definitely not worth paying for. Also, does anyone even pay attention to these ratings?

Too many commercials, even when you pay to remove them!. The game is great, very addictive, but impossible to play without suffering through several minutes of commercials per game. I paid the fee to remove them, but only the banner ads are gone. You still have to watch commercials with each game and the number of ads are ridiculous! Don’t pay for the ad-free version, it’s a rip-off.

Just an Ad viewer. This is not a game it’s just a way to get you to watch Ads. Ads interrupt game play every few seconds.

Calming. A little easy even 45 levels in but great for winding down

Fun but too many ads. I can get behind advertising between levels, but this game bombards you with ads in the MIDDLE of a level. Takes your focus away and is extremely frustrating. Honestly not worth the time…. Unless you love watching ads, then it’s an a amazing experience.

The ads insult me. never going to download. There are a lot of annoying ads for games out there, but this one insults their customers. The ad shows gameplay while a chorus of voices tell me, the viewer and potential customer, how dumb, slow and incompetent I am. Why would I want to subject myself to that? I don’t understand the marketing strategy!

Tap Away 26-Jun-2021. The game is fun and challenging but the thing that frustrates me and makes me not want to play is the bombardment of advertisements after every level regular or bonus levels. I spend more time watching advertisements then do the actual game which is boring. You could add backgrounds to your unblockable content along with the skins for the blocks. Xav

The game is alright, but the amount of ads is a joke. I usually don’t mind ads, but there is at least an advertisement every minute. EVERY MINUTE. And… it’s not 5 secondes advertisement you can skip, it’s full on 15-30 seconds ads before you can do anything. Enough to delete the game.

Played for a few hours. This game is really fun until you’re watching ad’s over playing the actual game. Fastest download and uninstall in a while…

No more ads. This game is actually challenging and fun to play. The worst is the non stop ads that come up constantly. I’ve even paid for NO ADS and I’m still getting all the adds. Waste of my money if I can’t play without ads. If the ads persist, I definitely want my money back. Disappointing management of this game.

What is the point of the coins?. The game in itself is fun…but it’s really annoying to be bombarded with “special blocks” to accumulate coins that are essentially useless. I’ve paid for the full version to avoid the ads… but I wouldn’t have if I realized the annoying interruptions didn’t stop.

Ridiculous number of ads. Impossible to enjoy the game due to the number of ads. I understand some are necessary for a free game, but be realistic. I just played a game and had to sit through 29 ads during ONE game. Writing this review and deleting the app.

Get rid of SPECIAL BLOCKS. I loved playing this game, but the new “special blocks” and constant rank updates are incredibly annoying! I paid for the full version so I wouldn’t be incessantly interrupted, and then here comes this unwanted feature, throwing coins in my face every 10 seconds 🤦🏻‍♀️

The game is fun, but hard on my phone. The game itself is very fun and I thoroughly enjoy it. But after having the app for over a month. But for the last month, I have been having my phone overheat started with just playing this app and now it’s moved on to other apps, so I am deleting the app and hope that this fixes the issue.

Tap Away adverts. The game is interesting but annoying adverts after just a few seconds play time is way too much.

Commentaire. Dans la pub c’est des flèches mais dans le jeu de la peinture de couleur.. plus visible avec les flèches.

Add every 30seconds. After being constantly spammed with dads for this game I figured okay. I like puzzle I’ll try it. Can’t even get 1/4 way through one puzzle without 5 add interruptions. Unplayable.

I should have read the previous reviews ….. Fun game but I paid for the full version to avoid the adds but you keep getting special block every 10 seconds that lead you to adds. Very very annoying. I don’t understand how this game is still receiving a 4.1 average rating

Too many ads are ruining the gameplay. The game itself is good, but the extreme amount of ads are just too much! Don’t waste your time with this one.

Ads after ads. I understand the need to run ads on the free app. However, the gold cubes that show up placed throughout give you the option to 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x a coin reward by watching a video. Even if you don’t want to watch one, and opt out, one still plays and you get way less coins. I even had three play back to back after opting out of the extra coins for watching a video. An easy level that should only take a few minutes has 20 or more video interruptions and almost constant leveling up interruptions which prompt an ad. It’s just too much, so I am deleting the app now.

Unplayable- Ad every 30 seconds. The actual game is entertaining but it’s so frustrating being bombarded with ads. They don’t even offer a way to remove ads that you can buy. There’s an ad to start, an ad every few moves you make, special blocks that pop up in play and try to offer bonuses for ads, ads after you complete the level. Look, i get having some especially for the xtras. But this is completely unplayable at this point. I’m going to find an alternative and uninstall this one.

Interruptions. Love the game. But the ranking and the gold locks are so annoying. The coins are useless so stop with the ranks and the gold blocks. Also prizes requiring ad viewing when you pay for no ads is also rude.

Fun game. WAY TO MANY ads, it takes the fun away.

Way too many ads. Hard to stay engaged when every 20 moves you have to stop and watch an ad, very frustrating

Too. Many. Ads.. I had this game for less than 12 hrs because of all the ads. The games is ok but not worth it.

Ads even after paying!. I paid to have the game ad free, but there are still ads! Talk about false advertising. I have requested a refund.

SO MANY ADDS. I enjoy thé game but the constant bombardement of add’s makes it so irritating to play… I am aware that it’s most likely the creators way of having players purchase the add free version for 6.99 but all that’s happening for me is I play it less and less. One or two adds between levels would be better then having them constantly pop up throughout the game while I’m playing!

Simply an ad delivery system. At first the game looked like it might have been fun however once you figure out some basic patterns you can solve it easily. Then there are the ads make 10 moves watch an ad (you even end up watching an ad for this very game!) Deleted the ad oops I mean game

Good Gamme. I like playing this, but sadly this game causes my phone to overheat after about 5 minutes of play. None of my other apps cause this to happen. It’s frustrating.

Awesome game ruined by ads. Absolutely love the game but can’t stand the constant ad interruptions. You can only make a few moves and they are throwing ads at you. Limit the ads to end of levels please.

Too much advertisements. Very frustrating. I only tap a few cubes then I am forced to watch advertisements. I maybe get 10 or 15 seconds to play the game then I have to watch an advertisement for 30 seconds…and the advertisements are all the same. Not worth playing the game. I will be deleting this app

30 second ads every few moves. Way, way to many ads! Extremely annoying! Play for 15 to 20 seconds and watch another advertisement, repeat, repeat, repeat. The game has possibility but the constant ads have ruined it for me. If it wasn’t for that I would continue playing, can’t play with it like this, what a shame.

Graphics are Great. Graphics are great and puzzle is a new twist, but the number of ads makes the experience much too frustrating.

Scammy Ads. Love playing but I’m forced to watch ads every minute. They give you an option to ‘X’ out of the ad when it starts but it often takes you out to your browser to a sketchy website my browser refuses to open. Diet gummies sponsored by Oprah? SCAM! If you’re going to make me watch ads, at least make sure they’re not sketch and quit taking me out of YOUR GAME to my browser!

Paid for no ads, yet there are some ads that still show up. I like the game, so paid to remove ads, however they show up sometimes in the “special blocks”. Annoying and frustrating.

Fun but too much ads. Very fun game, but the constant ads get very annoying.

Don’t Buy. Bought this game to not be interrupted with advertising, still long advertisements after each level. Coins options constantly flashing on screen while your playing. Would like my money back. It’s a rip off advertising scam

Too much special blocks. I love this game so much, so relaxing. BUT PLEASE STOP ADDING THIS MUCH SPECIAL BLOCKS!! I literally can’t play 3 moves without having to pop one. Deleting this game.

Don’t bother paying. Game is riddled with advertisements… even if you buy it you STILL get ads! Zero stars

Too many glitches. Fix the glitch with “special blocks” or get rid of them!

Advert after Advert after Advert. Good game, graphics are simple but smooth. Advertisements ruin it, never ending and long. This includes multiple ads during one game. Awful.

Was fun but not now. The game used to be fun but now practically every block turns into a “special block” that you have to wait to redeem coins which are useless and so the game ends up taking forever to clear a level and not fun anymore.

Really fun BUT. Get rid of all the special blocks and watch ads for bonus coins! I hate being interrupted when all I want is to zone out and play a game for awhile. I paid for no ads and I expected that meant no interruptions. Also the restart button doesn’t work. If you run out of moves you are forced to watch an ad to get 10 extra moves. I would rather start over! I’m happy to see that once you are past the 100 level’s, they start to get bigger and more challenging. Good game but get rid of the interruptions and make them more challenging! Do this and I’ll give you 5 *’s!

Ads🤬. Loved the game But WAY TO MANY ads Not going to be playing anymore because of it

Tap Away. These are not what they promise. Your1 st game is 1 block. Then you have to watch some ad or match. By the you get to the game shown, it will be months and you will get irritated long before you get there. I deleted this after 3 weeks

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Paying for No Ads not worth it. I liked this game so I decided to go ahead and pay for no ads. But I quickly realized it wasn't worth it because I still have to watch ads. I have close to 700K in coins and they're basically worthless. If I want a new skin I have to watch an ad or watch an ad plus give coins. Endless mode if I want to do the power up I have to watch ad. If I want an extra puzzle piece I have to watch an ad. Now after new update you have these special blocks and every time you click on them they want you to watch an ad to get more coins and it just takes time out of the game. I paid to have NO ads, so give me a game with NO ADS. Let me use coins only for the things listed above instead of watching ads that I paid to not have. If you are thinking about paying for no ads, Don't!

excessive amount of ads. This game is fun and challenging! The puzzles take a while to complete but the games itself is super fun. However, each level I have like 15 ads, i’m not even over exaggerating. As soon as one ad is over 1 minute later there is another one. It’s really annoying when you can’t play the game and have to watch the ads. I get that ads gives the creator their money but seriously?! The ads are ridiculous. Also, the game is very glitchy and laggy. Sometimes when you are trying to rotate the puzzle it will glitch and put you in a completely different area then intended. Also, this game for some reason uses a lot of my phone battery. Not sure why, but I played for around 15 minutes and lost 40% of battery. Anyways, the main problem is the ads, please fix this!!!!

I used to like this until the last update. I specifically do not play in endless mode because I can’t stand being interrupted to be told that I’ve reached a new rank. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s irritating, and now they’ve added it to the regular mode, which makes things even worse. I can’t play this game anymore unless they change it back to the way it was. I am wondering what to do with all the coins I have. I already have everything in the store. I don’t use the bombs because I like figuring out the puzzle. Lastly please remove the special blocks. I don’t want the coins & it disrupts the game. I gave 2 stars because the zoom feature works a little better than it did before. Please, please, please remove the stops when a new rank is earned & do away with the special blocks. I miss playing the game the way it was before. :) Thank you

Zoom. I really like this game but the zoom feature is really aggravating. When zoomed out, the blocks are way to small and I can’t see. But it doesn’t let you zoom in just a little bit. It zooms in way to close to where you can only see a section and can’t see the blocks around it. It’s either super close or super far which is really annoying. I wish they would fix this feature. Other than that it’s a really fun game, levels are kind of confusing. I like the levels that are more of a challenge with like 300 blocks but if you accidentally click out of it I can’t figure out how to get back. I wish they had a home menu the layout could definitely be better.

GET RID OF INTERRUPTIONS. I used to love this game, but with every update this game has, more and more interruptions to game play come with it. I absolutely positively HATE the ‘special blocks’ bc you have to entirely stop playing the game for the interruption after you click on one. No one cares about the coins it gets you when the only thing you can spend coins on is like 3 skins- after you buy those there’s nothing else so you accumulate sooooo many coins for no reason. And you can’t not collect the special blocks bc it will not advance to the next level until you do. The rank up interruption also drives me crazy. I don’t need a notification while I’m in the middle of a game. Plus the rank doesn't even mean anything so why do I need to be interrupted for it? Without all the interruptions, this game would be 5 stars, but at this point I’ve had to stop playing it bc there’s an interruption after literally every other block you click on.

Almost great. This is the only game I actually dread getting skins. Almost everything except the default skin was extremely confusing for me. One day I logged in and it was gone, I was close to deleting the game but I managed to figure out the one they replaced it with. Still, the new one I’m using is an eyesore and I constantly miss blocks to click. There’s ads, not enough to make me uninstall but enough it gets annoying (still better than most apps nowadays I guess). Sometimes I have to restart the app because they’ll give me a “special block” that I can’t accept (them forcing you to watch an ad, usually they reserve the ads for doubling the amount of coins the block gives)

Update killed it. I really liked this game and played it a lot. Enough so that I even paid to remove the extremely excessive ads! You see, I have insomnia and I have found that if I play a game that occupies my mind but doesn’t make my think too much I can fall asleep easier. This game fit that bill! Until they did the latest update. They finally added a move count to the challenges so they are an actual challenge, which was needed! However, they also decided to make every level a challenge at the same time and added a move count to all of the levels. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal unless you’re playing this game while trying to fall asleep and you keep making moves that are wrong while you are falling asleep. If they would just make the move count optional that would change my rating.

Latest update ruined the fun with bugs. I enjoyed this simple, calm, addictive game. But the latest update ruined it for me. First is the constant special blocks that keep popping up, blocking everything, they’re not so special. If you get 15 of them a game. Get rid of them you have to leave the screen and watch a video or wait so many seconds before you can go back to the game. if you don’t, then they block the play and you can’t do anything can’t finish the round. The second problem is the constant leveling up, but you’re not really leveling up, I’ve got to figure out how it works but each round. I’m leveling up about three times. I mean I enjoy the game but it’s just become annoying. The calm simplicity of it is gone for me now I don’t play it nearly as much as I used to. Let me know if you guys decide to fix the bugs and maybe I’ll come back.

Developers, please read this.. I would give this game 5 stars if I could change 2 things. Otherwise, the strategy of the game is fun. 1. Way too many ads. There is an ad like every 10 blocks. I totally understand ads. I can see having one at the end of a level but around every 10 times you tap on blocks, is extremely annoying. It makes me not want to play the game. 2. The coins seem useless. The main thing you can really purchase with them is new skins but even then, you win the skins by going through the game so there isn’t really anything to buy. I only like two of the skins and one of them is the original skin. An idea of something that you could use coins for would be different backgrounds. The only backgrounds now come with certain skins.

Good game with annoying issues. I like this game but some of the things going on are annoying and don’t make a sense to me. For instance, those special blocks keep popping up. You have to stop the game to cash them in. I’ve been accruing cash like crazy, and I have no place to spend it. I did buy a special skin that cost me 50,000 coins but have earned twice that amount back already. There is absolutely no place for me to spend any of those coins. I bought the ad free version which I was happy about but every time you win a game and you want to see what your prize is you have to watch an ad. That’s ridiculous. please give us something fun to spend the money on. We should not have to watch an ad to gain anything in this game. Also, the hardest level really isn’t very hard. I think there should be a better level of difficulty added to the game.

“Loved” the game. I use to really like this game until the update. After the update it became really difficult to enjoy the game because of all the pauses and ads. I did not buy the ad free version so ads don’t really bother me that much. However, in this update I can’t tap away 4 blocks with out the game being paused for a new rank where then it forces me to watch the ad. The golden blocks also make it hard to stay interested into the game. Sometimes it is manageable to get around them, but unlike the gift blocks or the puzzle pieces blocks before it would allow a block to go through, you are now not able to do that with the golden blocks forcing you to click on it and pause the game and watch an ad. On top of it pausing every 4 blocks for a new rank. These features are very annoying and I will not be playing this game as long as the game is working how it is now.

Fun but ads. This game is entertaining and satisfying to play but the ads show up way too frequently. You “rank up” around 10 times per semi-difficult/long level and an ad shows up every single time. You should be able to get through a level without the rank up interruptions. I’d rather have a 1 minute long ad appear after I complete a level that get randomly stopped in the middle of the level to watch a 10-15 second one. The game is basically unplayable and from reading other reviews purchasing the ad free version doesn’t seem worth it either because you still get interrupted in the middle of gameplay to get told you ranked up. It’s a useless part of the game in my opinion. What level you are on is all that matters in puzzle games like this, rank is just an excuse to show an ad every 60 seconds.

Could be great..... Number one. This game has way too many ads, and I mean ridiculously so. After every single gameplay, it goes to a commercial. Number two. I’m trying to work my way up through the higher levels to see if it gets any better, it does not. I’m on level 281 and still playing with 24 cubes. Number three. The only challenging part of this game is when you play the challenges. But the problem is the higher up in the levels you get the further away the challenges are. Sometimes it’s 25 to 30 levels before you get a new challenge. Number four. This concept is a good one, and could make for a really interesting and enjoyable game if the developers put some real thought into it.

Good game , BUT…. I enjoyed the game in the beginning. However, I am now stuck. I have beaten all of the Challenge Levels (there are 200) and one of the challenges after each of the regular levels is to beat a Challenge Level. Can’t beat what isn’t there. Also, as stated by others who LOVE the game (which I do), there are tooooooooo many ads. And the levels are redundant. Another thing I have noticed is the developers are quiet. In most games when people make comments, the devs respond…not in this one. I saw this in a different game by another company. The devs were focused on a game (or coding a new one) that was the real money maker for them and were letting the one I was playing fall apart. They finally shut it down. I foresee the same thing with this one. DEVELOPERS - if you are actually reading these comments, you need to do something positive for this game or lose your players.

Game didn’t save my level. The game is alright but the only thing that is annoying is that the ads that they use to promote this game is different than the actual game like the blocks are completely different but that isn’t too important. The reason why I decided to even write this review is because I was on a level that has so many blocks on it and I just completed it I had two moves left and I had two blocks left. I finally finished the level and I left the app to do something else and then it said that I didn’t complete the level so now I have to restart the whole level again which is very irritating. I had downloaded the game a while ago and I didn’t touch it I was even contemplating deleting it until I finally opened it a couple days ago and I was really enjoying it but now I might delete it because I wouldn’t want to this to happen again.

Too many advertisements. The game itself is fun but the gold blocks ruined it for me after only one day. :/ It’d be one thing if you ONLY got coins by opting to watch the ads (a fair suggestion) but whether or not you choose, you have to watch every single thing that comes through the gold boxes and you can’t finish the level without opening them all up. Plus, you still have to deal with that ads even when you aren’t clicking on the gold boxes because they pop up when you get a certain number of boxes anyways. I understand these ads are where the money is at and it’s a small price to pay unless the players choose to pay the fee but reading the other reviews, I see that the player gets no relief from them regardless. I’d recommend this to other people if it weren’t for the annoyance.

Glitches, black screens, freezes. I’ve had to restart this game at least 30 times since I started playing yesterday. The ads are constantly getting stuck, don’t have X’s to leave, fade to black screen that won’t clear, restart themselves, and other problems. I recommend that a developer should try playing the free game on their personal device to get a sense of the constant frustration. In addition, the game itself freezes occasionally, without the ad issue. I like playing the game itself, but making the free version unplayable will not convince me to pony up for the paid version. There are plenty of ads in there for motivation. Fix them so that they run without glitches or screen them to make sure they work with the game or drive your customers away. I may complain, but most will just delete the game and move on, as I intend to do.

Annoying interruptions detract from otherwise great game.. As the title says, and as other reviews have said, the interruptions from the special blocks and level-ups mar an otherwise great game. The appeal of this game is the meditative aspect of clearing the blocks—it’s great to play while listening to music. The interruptions distract from the zen-like nature of the game. As other users mention, the coins are pretty much useless, as the original skin is the best for gameplay. It clearly indicates which direction the blocks will go from all sides, unlike all the other skins you can purchase. Kind of a weird oversight—all the “special skins” you can purchase make the game harder by taking away useful information. If the developers would come out with a version without interruptions and the gold mechanic, I would easily pay double what I payed to remove ads.

Bug issues. I had really loved this game as a fun easy way to keep occupied on my downtime. Definitely not a fan since the updates with the 2 option zoom feature. The game is either too zoomed out to the point the blocks are so tiny you can’t see the arrows or so zoomed in that you can’t even see the full playing field. Additionally, since there is no fixed axis at which the whole puzzle spins around you are constantly losing your location in the puzzle as you zoom in and out trying to see the whole picture. Between these annoyances with actually playing the game and the near constant pop up ads, my phone starts to over heat within 5-10 minutes causing it to glitch further, and really makes it seem like more trouble than it’s worth. Really wish they could fix these issues as that would go a long way towards making this game enjoyable again.

The new update has gold tiles that constantly take you to ads. First, I paid to have an ad free game. I truly loved the game until all the GOLD SQUARES WERE ADDED THAT GIVE YOU NO CHOICE, BUT YOU ARE TAKEN OUT OF THE GAME WHERE YOU MUST WAIT WHILE YOU CAN TRY TO GET A HIGH MULTIPLIER, TO GET COIN. if you chose not to play, you are allowed to exit back to the game you were enjoying, not always in the same position you were playing, with now, even more gold squares, that you must remove, and when you do, back to the AD page after you paid for no ADS! Then after time you never get back in your life, you are transferred back to the game…over, and over, and over again. It’s boring and stressful. So I don’t recommend down loading this game until it’s restored to its original play. Without constant reward ads interrupting your play. I have made it a game to try to remove as many regular tiles without touching the gold, and only remove the gold when absolutely necessary. I have completed puzzles with 5 gold tiles left and the game poofs them away!

Useless now.. Like everyone’s been mentioning, those random “special blocks” are dumb and no one asked or needed them so I’m not sure why they’re there. Also the fact that you can level up mid game is confusing and I’m not sure why it changed in the first place? You finish the level you level up, that’s how levels work. My biggest issue and why my game play has gone down like a sinking ship recently is that it’s glitches so bad, I am forever stuck on level 385. The last cube is a present cube which I don’t even care about yet I keep tapping it and it doesn’t move, there’s no other blocks and I can’t progress or even restart the level, it just shows up that one present box and I can’t do anything. This is a useless app to me now. Also not sure why some of the skins color changed? I liked a gold skin and not it’s vibrant purple to the point it feels like it’s burning my retinas if I stare too long. Do better.

GET RID OF THOSE STUPID SPECIAL BLOCKS!. I’m giving this two stars due to the annoying “special blocks” that pop up constantly during a game. For the most part, I like this game. I paid for a “no-ad” version so I’m expecting to not have to deal with ads. Wrong! These gold “special blocks” pop up all over the place on the game board, and you HAVE to click on it, which interrupts the game and takes you to a screen which offers you an ad to get more points. It’s useless to a player. I understand the game gets revenue when an ad is watched, but if we already paid for an ad free version, please keep your word and make it AD FREE, or at the very least only give that option at the END of a game, not 20 times during a game. Very frustrating. I’ll gladly update my rating when those blocks are removed.

So Many Interruptions 😡. I would love to have given this game a 5-star review. It’s very addictive. However, it has two big flaws. 1) Largest, by FAR, is the number of interruptions to the game play. I paid to have the ad-free version and I literally cannot play for more than 30 seconds without the game “giving” me “special blocks.” Special blocks are just the game developers taking my money and forcing an “opportunity” to watch an ad on me. For extra coins. I don’t want the stupid coins. I don’t need skins or extra fireworks or things that poof when my finger hits the screen. I also don’t care what my “world rank” is. Stop interrupting the game to show me. It’s probably all fake anyway. I want a smooth gameplay experience that is truly the ad-free experience I paid for. 2) There are too few puzzle shapes to work through. As I said above, it’s an addicting game, and as such you find yourself redoing the same puzzle shape over and over.

Fun game ruined by intrusive ads. Okay, so I’m not stupid and I do get it that ads pay for the games we enjoy for free, but the operative word here is “enjoy”. After you get through the first few levels (essentially a tutorial - how else do you explain a set of puzzles that require no real skill to solve?), you finally get to a puzzle that presents somewhat of a challenge. Only to have your gameplay constantly interrupted by ads that start playing randomly during the level. I’m used to games that have ads that play in between levels, but at least you can complete the level before you have to stop watch an ad in order to go any further. Not that I’m a fan of those either, but like I said I’m used to them. But when I can’t get through a level without several ad interruptions I have to question the value of the so-called “free” game. Seriously, I would rather purchase a game and know that I will actually get to play it.

Unplayable. I was enjoying the game, despite the frequent ads when you “level up”, which does interrupt the game play. But I am going to have to uninstall this because the special blocks make the game unplayable. They glitch the game out to where I have to close the game completely to move past the reward screen, and having to close the game out up to 10-15 times per level is aggravating at the best of times. Not to mention, I’ve had it happen where I was down to one block and a special block. The special block was in the way and when I clicked it to remove it, every time I reloaded the game to finish the level the special block would reload. So I had to replay the entire level just to finish it. The special blocks make the game unplayable and I will not be continuing it for that reason.

If you hate ads… this is even worse than u think. When I’m sad I like to binge puzzle games. When I saw an ad for thing game, I knew the drill. While the actual puzzles themselves surprised me with their complexity and variety (I was expecting MUCH less- it’s not difficult just enough to make you pause for a moment at most tbh) the thing that didn’t surprise me were the ads and cosmetics. No matter how well you are doing or if you’ve just gone out of your way to watch ads for a bonus, you will see a new ad about every 30-45 seconds. On the smaller puzzles it was tolerable bc it was usually max 3 ads, but on the more complex puzzles with say 300 blocks… every thirty taps I would get another ad. On a five minute puzzle I got 11 ads. While I honestly don’t mind the occasional ad (I work in an ad adjacent field so it’s almost research), this is some of the most aggressive ad placement I’ve ever seen. Find something similar as other reviews said the 5$ ad free charge often doesn’t even work!!

Most annoying ad interruptions!!!!!. The tapping game itself is OK, but the ads are so annoying I am going to quit playing. You play for 10 seconds and have to watch an ad for 5-15 seconds. If you click on a stupid special block, you get stuck waiting 30 seconds until an ad ends to play again. Plus many of the ads require you to interact or click on done or the x multiple times to end them. And then there are two ways to level up - levels and ranks. Who cares? All it means is more ads after accomplishing each one. And it’s really hard to see the skin arrows on most of the blocks or they give you a bad headache. Most of the gizmos they throw at you are totally unnecessary. I just can’t say enough bad things about the stress of playing this game. It should be relaxing, but I find myself just being aggravated to no end by the constant ad interruptions and poor options.

Game play. I really love this game it helps me relax after a long day at work and it helps my anxiety but when you added the golden blocks well it ruined it I paid for no ads but now there’s the golden block there’re annoying and have to go or I am gonna stop playing it it’s not fair when you pay for no interruptions and you still get then I don’t understand what all the coins are for anyway the only thing you can use them on I’d the bomb but I have so many coins now that they will out live me lol cause I have so many go figure anyways please try to figure something out so I don’t have to stop playing one of my favorite games

Good game!. But 2 issues - 1). When you zoom in, better make sure you’re in the right place. You can’t move the zoom view to center it, you either got it right or not. And in reality it’s not a zoom in the traditional sense - it’s either close or far away - better get your magnifying glass handy 2) when you “miss” and use a move - especially when it’s in small view- you really don’t know if you hit your target or not unless you are closely monitoring the mice count…. …. And now I’ve reached level 100, and there ain’t no more. The game gets flaky in the last 10 games. Like you’d finish the game, then it would try to get you to watch a video for 10 more moves…… but the game is won….. it’s a struggle to go to the next level.

Too many ads and glitches. 1. So many ads. I opted not to buy the ad free version and based on reviews. It’s sounds like it really doesn’t make a difference. 2. I have banked so many coins and I have bought everything I could. Now I just keep winning more coins and nothing new or cool. 3. Biggest, most annoying glitch is on the memory challenge. After a certain level, when you have 4 blocks or less left, there is no pattern that appears. You literally have to guess the blank blocks in order. This is near to impossible. I’m concerning uninstalling this game solely bc I can not level up with this glitch. Unless with some witchcraft or amazing luck. 3 stars given bc I like playing the game less the above flaws.

The ads kill this game!!. This is a good game. But it’s not fun to play. It’s bad enough that the game is interrupted with ads every 35 moves (I counted) but the ads glitch! They freeze the screen or shut down the game entirely. Then you have to start the level all over. So, ok, I like the game enough to pay $2.99 to opt out of the ads. But every time I try to make the purchase the game tells me it “can’t complete the purchase” and to “check my internet connection and try again later”. My internet is connected just fine. I’ve tried again later and still no joy (funny how I seem to be connected when they’re showing the ads). I will try several more times over the next two days. If I can’t delete the ads I’m deleting the app. It’s just not fun to play when the game is in this condition.

Far too many ads.. I love this game but I’m going to find a version with a lot less ads. Every 30 to 40 blocks I’m forced to watch a 20-45 second ad. And I don’t mind some ads that allow me to play for free, I don’t mind them because I find other games to try as well, but with the number of ads in this one make it impossible to enjoy. And I’m finding out that all these coins have no point, I’ve been watching ads to collect more only to find out the only thing they’re used for is useless bombs & to buy skins. I’ve had this game less that 24 hours & I’m deleting it. Get it together developers you have a great game here but you’re ruining it with greed. Remember this if people aren’t playing the game, they’re not seeing the ads & you’re not going to make any money.

Hummmm. I really enjoy the new ♾ challenge, thank you. I do wish that a player may get through one layer of cubes before an ad. If a player plays on next skin before current skin is complete, I would suggest that there still is, no ad. When player does complete a layer an ad will appear. Example: Player plays down parts of 4 levels. When player clears a level even if only one cube is left there will be an ad. It would also be nice if a player may pay for “No Ads”. I like to play, not watch so many ads. The cubes that are new with the moving arrows looks cool but even with having seizures in my past, that rapid movement from all cubes makes me dizzy. I know when that skin appeared on my screen without me choosing it, I couldn’t get off that screen fast enough. Maybe notify players of new skin so they may play game with new skin if they choose. I wouldn’t get rid of them, just a change in presentation. Thank you for the additional games that you have added. When playing this game I lose track of time…..look forward for time to play everyday. Sincerely, Teresa

Annoying Random “Special Blocks”. The game was great to pass the time with (minus the horrendous amount of adds) broke down and paid the $4.99 and all was good. Then suddenly when I ran out of moves it won’t let me replay without watching an add, and now I have these annoying “special gold blocks” in the game that non stop interrupt the game. It’s absolutely annoying and frustrating. Paid to be able to play uninterrupted and it’s constantly taking me from the game for the coins (I don’t want) because of the gold blocks, and more just continue to show up. Only way to not get them is to play in endless mode. If anyone knows how to shut the gold blocks off that info would be GREATLY appreciated, otherwise might be ending the use of this game.

Has potential. This could and should be a fun and addictive brain game. However, there are 3 main issues with this app. First, the app itself is extremely glitchy. I keep getting the same error message in the middle of my game but there isn’t a problem (the game will let you complete it and then advance to the next one, so extremely annoying but harmless). Second, many times when rotating the puzzle it will go in an unrequested direction throwing everything off. Finally, I am on level 200+ and still waiting for the difficulty level to increase. Puzzles still too easy! All that said, I’m still playing as the game is a good one. I’m looking forward to the bugs being corrected so that I can increase my star rating.

Gold blocks ….. AARRRRG!. I was excited to see this game, there was a game a long time ago I had on my other device that is no longer available and I really missed it once I changed phones. All was good with this game for a bit, but now I’ll tap two or three blocks, and then I get a “special block”. if it was special, I wouldn’t be getting a third of the blocks turning into these gold blocks. Nothing special about it, just annoying and aggravating. It’s taking all of the challenge out of the game. The last several times I played I got so annoyed I just left it and played another app instead. Please get really stupid gold blocks, they are useless.

buggy lockup with special bricks appears fixed. At every level the special gold brick will lock up so you have to restart the app to proceed At level 13 the puzzle piece gives you the puzzle outline at the top, doesn’t add it to the puzzle list (or even tell you what it is) then after a restart (from the gold brick) it is back again I finally progressed to the point where there was just a gold brick and the puzzle brick, no combination of selections or restarts lets me continue just keeps resetting to the same pair Very disappointing, maybe wait for another update before trying this. Somehow they fixed this without an update the only remaining oddity is the puzzle piece which stays as an outline but gets awarded after you finish the level

Annoyed. I normally have exceptional hand & eye coordination, and it’s usually easy enuf to anticipate 2-3 moves in advance with any game. Namely puzzle type games are my favorite. I began on the 2nd level of difficulty. 1st 23 games were cool but I wasn’t overly impressed with how you manipulate the board of cubes, & the difficulty therein not only due to the color scheme, but it’s difficulty in truly being able to tell which way the cube is actually facing. Then... level 24 with the optics were even more confusing with moving lights on each cube, and then once you’ve removed so many, u literally have to shift the whole cluster around and around and around to FINALLY find ONH GET cube to remove? Not my cup of tea - I’m not interested in spending an hour on one level to constantly twisting the ding dang thing for one play! That’s annoying and a waste of my time. I’m deleting the game all together now! SAD! :(

Too repetitive. I find myself doing the same puzzles over & over in the daily puzzles. Some puzzle are set with such a short timer for the size of the puzzle you are forced to watch ads to gain more time to complete then it only gives you 15 seconds. In order to complete you have to watch ads over and over again. And if you make too many mistakes because you are rushing to beat this ridiculous clock timer then you have to watch ads to gain moves too, and it only gives you 3 moves. The gold blocks don’t bother me because if you wait a few seconds a blue button appears and you can just take less money but skip the ad. Now all this I described above is what I am dealing with AFTER paying for no ads. I have only had the game about a week and I am already bored with it.

DO NOT UPDATE!!!!!. You know what a PITA the holes cubes are?? They just added MORE of them, AND lengthened the time you have to wait for the blue button to get back to the game, AND now the gold boxes make you watch an Ad every time, just like the "Continue" ads do. So update for MORE ads, MORE time wasted, MORE headaches. I'm just deleting. Last straw for me. I came here to read the reviews because I was considering paying for the No Ads version, but apparently that doesn’t stop the stupid gold blocks so I changed my mind and will just delete the game and look for another. Somewhere out there is a game dev who gets us, I have faith. I will support that dev with all my worldly funds. Which at $138k/yr i do have a lil disposable income, just looking for the perfect mindless relaxation game. This was “almost” it. :) Oh also... Not cool that every single forced ad works while playing, but then to get the "extra" puzzle piece after playing 5 or so games... THEN the ad glitches and won't run app you never get the puzzle piece. (???) Suspicious.

Disappointed..... By the ads I actually thought this game was fun. It looks like I was wrong. This game is plain boring. I hoped this game would be fun, because the reviews say this game is boring, too many ads. From my perspective I 100% agree. Maybe if they did a few updates it would be less boring. But, it doesn’t seem to me that any updates are coming out soon. Also the ADS! There is to many ads to count. I can’t get through a game without a ad popping up! This just doesn’t cut it. If you wanna have a good game, please make it less boring. Please, remove some of the ads so I can actually enjoy this game. But, since this is well created. I would rate it a 3 star. Don’t worry developers 3 stars isn’t that bad. And, hey this review is only for suggestion. Not to be offensive.

Why did you make the game worse?!. I’ve been playing this game a lot for a long time. I could play through a whole game without any ads or pop-ups. Now, in the middle of every game, these “special blocks” appear way too many times that I have to clear, and when I do, there’s a pop-up that I have to wait a few seconds before I can click on it to go away. And also, many times in the middle of every game, it keeps interrupting the game showing that I increased a level. It’s too annoying to play this game anymore. I could play every game with no interruptions up until now. I tried updating my purchases but nothing changed. I’m at level 506 and the game has been great until you changed it. Please change it back!!!

Annoying Gold Blocks. I was enjoying this mindless game while I listened to audiobooks, until recently. Now the super annoying gold blocks pop up constantly, and more and more throughout the game, forcing me to have to go out of the game to rid them. I paid for the ad free version so I don’t have to do this crap. I’m so annoyed, as this was my favorite game to play. On top of that, I started having random times where if I didn’t finish a game in one sitting, when I’d come back to it, I was told I was “out of moves,” and then forced to watch a 30 second video in order to buy more moves. And, I never run out of moves when I play, so this is also super annoying. It’s super unfortunate, because I no longer really want to play and may have to uninstall.

Remove gold special blocks please. I love this game with one exception, the gold special blocks! I don’t have a use for the coins and currently have 3.5 million. If you don’t use coins you should be able to disable the special blocks because they’re useless and waste so much time. You used to be able to click in the area of the blue coin button to speed things along but the most recent update got rid of that and it’s so annoying. Also the daily challenges are always super behind each month. As of now March still isn’t even showing and we’re more than a week in. Otherwise I love this game but may be on the hunt for something new if additional improvements aren’t made soon.

Too many interruptions!. I saw the ad for this many times before I finally downloaded it, it looked like a good way to kill some time while waiting or too just veg out after a long day. The adds were annoying but the game was playable. Now there are all of these special blocks that appear after clearing a small number of blocks and you have to click on them or they block the play and then the “you have reached a new rank” announcement every few plays that stops the game and you have to click continue. I wanted something that was relaxing and now this is like trying to watch a program when your TV shuts off every minute for 20 seconds or so. I do enjoy clearing the blocks, I don’t want or need the fancy blocks, points, higher ranks or special blocks. I’ll watch the stupid adds if you just let me clear the blocks and stop all the other crap.

So many interruptions. So the concept of the game is GREAT and I love it for decompress but I just counted to make sure the amount of ads is insane - and I know you can buy the ad free version but come on I was just on level 19 - I myself as a player was at level 79 I leveled up 7 times in the level 19 puzzle and 6 out of the 7 times I got a ad - then as other have mentioned there are the pointless “special boxes” that your normal boxes turn into for coins and you have to wait to say no to ads so that happened I would say twice so in a total ONE level was interrupted significantly 8 times and then the minute the level finished boom ad 🤦‍♀️ Again I get it make that money but come on one level 8 longer then 2 second interruptions 🙄

My app is broken :(. I absolutely love this game! But my app is broken, it is stuck on level 133 and no matter what I do it will not move to the next level. I am stuck with a puzzle block left and a gold coin block left. I have completed the level multiple times but it will not move to the next level. I have also pressed the restart button many times and it will just give me those two blocks again with 26 moves. It will not allow me to even restart the level. I have tried everything to fix this but nothing is working. I don’t want to delete the app and loose all of the progress and block designs I’ve received. I am not sure what to do, I was waiting till an update comes out but I am getting impatient!!! I want to be able to continue through the levels!!!! Please help!

Bad Update- gold boxes and ranks. Very annoying update of gold boxes and ranks that you can’t turn off. I think maybe it’s to slow down player because levels are too easy. Just make levels harder to beat. These two updates are useless to the game and annoying when you are trying to play and you have to pause to be told a rank or to get coins that you can’t spend on anything. Invest time into more unique and challenging levels and make it so you can turn off rank and gold boxes. I enjoyed the game before this update. Edit— stuck on a glitched level 500. It only has a present and nothing else. Says I have taps but it won’t clear the box. Stuck in the glitch and can’t play the game. Restarting the level doesn’t do anything. Stopped using the app a few months ago, thought they’d have an update by now that may clear the issue but it’s still stuck.

Enjoyable Concept, Ads/Bugs Get in the Way. Overall I really do enjoy these puzzle games where you have to sort the blocks out in order to finish a level, so no complaints on the game idea itself. My main issue is the execution. The special blocks that give extra coins are nice in the beginning to grind for new skins, but I can easily see them becoming annoying with constant interruptions later on. Also, I’m assuming with the new update that these special blocks have glitched out (at least for me) where every time I have to click on a special block to collect the coins, I either get an option to collect the base amount (which the current amount doesn’t seem worthwhile) or double/triple it. However, that pop-up menu doesn’t close after collecting the coins. So every time I collect a special block, I have to close and re-open the game. So I close and re-open the game over and over until all the special blocks are gone so I can finish the level, but they keep popping up. Constant interruptions, sucking the joy out of the intended game idea. Please fix the bugs, please add a feature for interruption-free gameplay (meaning without the special blocks), and other than that I have no complaints!

Same Ad complaints! Over & Over, ENOUGH. I really like this game a lot. I’ve quit playing my favorites for years because I find I always to play this. Fun & addictive. Challenging but not frustratingly difficult. Finally a new & different game! There are way too many ads! Most games are annoying guilty if that. So, spend a couple bucks and get ad free! I did and no ads, no problems! I agree the Gold Blocks are annoying, best if they were eliminated, but not a game stopper. When you click on a gold block, wait a second before clicking on the bar that offers 2x 3x 4x 5x the coins & a small box comes up under that and you can accept the regular amount of coins. Done! You are not forced to watch the Ads. I’ve never experienced all the bugs. Every puzzle they give you so many extra moves, like 20+ to use. I’ve accidentally clicked not perfect in a small block when not zoomed but never failed a level with all the extra moves. 4 star, not 5, because the levels begin using the same puzzles- block setups -over and over! Not as fun the 5th time you play the same puzzle. Please build some new more challenging block sets as levels get higher and stop reusing the same dozen. Thanks for a great game!

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Tap Away 3D Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of Tap Away 3D app? Can you share your complaints, experiences or thoughts about the application with Popcore GmbH and people?

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Tap Away 3D 96.0.2 Games Screenshots & Images

Tap Away 3D iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 96.0.2
Play Store com.jctswbglsm.SwipeAway
Compatibility iOS 12.5 or later

Tap Away 3D (Versiyon 96.0.2) Install & Download

The applications Tap Away 3D was published in the category Games on 2021-05-21 and was developed by Popcore GmbH [Developer ID: 1375461777]. This program file size is 401.94 MB. This app has been rated by 89,282 users and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Tap Away 3D - Games app posted on 2023-03-17 current version is 96.0.2 and works well on IOS 12.5 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.jctswbglsm.SwipeAway. Languages supported by the app:

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Tap Away 3D Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Daily Challenges March - Bug fixes & performance improvements

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Find this site the customer service details of Tap Away 3D. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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