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What is queen bee! app? Join prom, dress well and be Prom Queen!

Study hard, collect subject related objects and answer the questions. Stay away bad or distractive things which will take you out of your targets.

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App Name Queen Bee!
Category Games
Updated 19 August 2022, Friday
File Size 276.06 MB

Queen Bee! Comments & Reviews 2024

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Sorry not sorry 💅. Hi! My name is Gia; pleasure to meet you! 💕 I am currently 10 years old and this game is not for kids or teens…..! This game teaches kids that if you’re not a cheerleader, player, or not pretty; your a loser! Which in fact is not true! Kids should be able to be who they are, not what they need to be. 🌎✋ Why don’t you make boys do this?! Girls should NEVER EVER in society be toys. Stop this nonsense, reflect, and live a happy/truthful life. I wish I could could delete this game and I hope you guys continue to make lower to lower ratings! I hope this game gets banned for sexual gender harassment. By law this game is not okay. ❤️ And people by her/she they/them should not be going through this. Thank you for listening. -Hope you find me again, Gia💕

This one part REALLY bothers me. Ok, so I’m 100% sure you saw all the other reviews and you get the basic run-down of how problematic this game is, but my one major problem is that when you finish the stage, you meet up with this boy and hug him (which is completely fine) but when you pick all the “loser” options, he punches you. I’m not joking, he literally punches you. I thought the developers we’re just trying to make a cash-grab mobile game where you gotta pick all the good options by scrolling left and right, but are you kidding me?! Literally all the things you do in the game all comes back to impressing a very problematic and toxic guy, who punches you if you aren’t good enough for him. Man, if you thought that choosing to read a book in the game makes you a loser is bad and stereotypical you should see how the boy acts in the game, the developers knew exactly what they were doing and tried spreading such a toxic and bad image of how a partner-ship is supposed to work, because no boy should EVER hit you, even if your skinny and pretty or if your “not pretty enough” for him.

What the heck is this. First of all I don’t even know how this game is so popular when it’s sending a bad message out. I bet a guy made this game trying to tell people that if you don’t look a certain way or act or eat a certain way, you gotta change yourself. Don’t ever change yourself for a guy if the guy doesn’t accept you for who you are than the guy is not worth your time. This game is sending a bad message around to young girls, and I don’t even know why someone would make this game. To the young girls reading this don’t ever change yourself for some guy, always know your self worth and never act like a snob, I think it’s people like this who make the world a horrible place and I think it should stop because it’s not funny no one thinks it’s funny and if you do then you need to change what you think. This game isn’t even fun to play if you want to find games like this then find something else that is not offense. I slow think this game is being racist because you saying that the brunette was wrong and needing to be blonde. What the heck? Your saying people have to be blonde or white to be popular? What the heck is wrong with your thinking? For the young girls who are reading this your are beautiful just the way you are never change yourself for ANYONE.

Ok and I agree with some of the lower rates. Well I kept seeing this games add so I was like what the heck? So I got it. Well I did the first round then there was add, not that bad so then I tried to find the X to exit the add and it kicked me off the game. I liked the game so I tried it again, kept happening but then my screen went black. I checked to see if I turned my iPad off, It was app. Also it’s not right that the girls are getting judged by the boys. I get that it’s like having hamburgers is bad and salad is good but I eat a hamburger every once-a-while and eat salads as much as hamburgers. Who cares what you eat? And they make it that you have to look “good” to get the boy. It’s really not the good to teach girls people care what you eat, and how look. Well it’s fun game to play but doesn’t teach kids the idea.

Ok… here’s the tea 🍵. I’ve seen this game’s add on a lot of the games that I play. I’m a junior in high school; I’m here to tell you that this game is not realistic whatsoever. People do not where dresses and high heels to school, people do not push other people down in the hallway, the band certainly does not play a song at your side if you’re popular, etc. It’s mind boggling to see the way society has envisioned women. I gave this game a 3 because it is a game that you can sit and play for a bit to pass the time, but please don’t take anything you see in this game seriously. You will not, I repeat WILL NOT, become popular if you look like a Barbie doll. Be yourself!! I know that the creators can’t really do anything about any of this because it’s literally the main point of the game, so just be mindful that you are worth more than what you see on this screen. ✨

Sexist, toxic, glamorizing EDs, etc. This game is fun if you’re bored, however it sends horrible messages like you need to be wear revealing clothes, be skinny, use Insta and TikTok, and get male validation to be pretty and popular. This can really impact little girls, and want them to be popular and pretty and make start worrying about themselves instead of having fun. If you have a young child who has this game, teach them that this game is not like the real world. This game makes popular girls seem like slutty boy crazy social media addicted stupid brats, when the popular girls are actually smart, nice, and play sports (at least that’s how it is in my school) It would make sense if this game came out in the 90s, but it’s 2021!! The only thing I liked about this game was it was fun for when I was bored, and there was one part in the game where this guy was bullying this girl and she yelled help and you push the guy over. Other than that, this game has a horrible concept and these people just want money. Do not let anyone under 10 play (unless they’re mature) also don’t let sensitive people play. That’s it! Have a great day :) -Mew🧚🏻‍♀️🏳️‍🌈

Angry comments to developers and review writers. To developers: Wrong message. But to be honest, this is sadly high school life. The popular boys only like the popular girls so they stay popular. So it’s telling you if your crush is the popular boy you gotta get popular. But this is true and the bad message is you SHOULD date the popular boy. First of all you can date whoever you want, even if people say he’s a nerd. But if your not the “perfect” girl for him, he may not act like he loves you in front of his friends so he’s still popular. Popular people do crazy things to stay popular, even breaking up with the girl he loves. To review writers: What do you mean young girls?!? It’s 12+!!! For teenagers! When they start middle school, they’ll figure out it’s the wrong message before they’re old enough for the game! To the review who her friend believes it, it’s what she WANTS! Not what she thinks she NEEDS to do! Otherwise you could have talked her out of it! So this game may give the the wrong message, the chances someone will think they NEED to do this stuff are pretty slim. -Axolochi

terrible message. terrible game. just horrible. it is teaching girls that you can’t do the things you want to do you just have to do the things that make you “popular” to win and get a kiss. like what. this is why people are insecure and thinking they are not good enough. and what’s even worse is i’ve been reading these reviews and i’m seeing that kids as young as 7 yrs old are playing this. terrible. you’re setting these young kids up to be insecure and self conscious all through middle and high school. it just amazes me how the developers of this app have the audacity and the mind to do this. like what goes through someone’s mind to say “let’s create an app where the only way you win is if you’re the most popular girl in school.” OH ALSO. if you push an “unpopular” girl in the hallway you get more points????? horrible. this game is stereotypical and toxic. please do not download. this game should be banned.

I love it but there’s a bug. In the game queen bee I play it for hours and hours, but every time I beat a level there is a white bar that doesn’t let me move on so I have to watch a commercial. This needs to be fixed. If it doesn’t get fixed you could lose people playing the game. I don’t know if it’s just my phone or everyone else’s but please fix it. On the bright side the game is like it is on the commercials on certain levels, so it’s not a lie. But it seems that you have to look pretty to be popular, and that’s not right. It helps if you get good grades, but it always wants to make you prettier. Everyone’s pretty in there own way.

Omg soooo unrealistic pls read if your in middle school high school or collage. Okay so I uploaded this game as a joke and apparently this game is a joke! If you are a girl in high school and reading this review DONT DOWNLOAD this game will make you feel fat and ugly and like you need to eat salad for the rest of your life. And if you try to make your character look like you….IT WONT BE ANYTHING CLOSE TO LOOKING LIKE YOU the fake faces and dresses and skirts are too short and makes you feel like you have to wear them. And you don’t. I’m in collage and I play this game it made me feel like I was a loser. It made me feel bad….. but I got over it with some help with friends (which I almost lost because of this game since it made me bully other peoples witch i I don’t do anymore btw) I got over it. I hate this game I would rate this game a zero but I have to rate it a one star. Oh and before I finish this queen bee is a joke of a name one. Two IT SEND YOU NOTAFACITONS OVER THE NIGHT EVERY SIX MINUTES. BRUH I HAVE TO SLEEP AT NIGHT HAVE SCHOOL.

Not a fan. The gameplay is okay, if very boring and predictable. The visuals are poor and not very interesting. However, my biggest complaints go to the ethics of this game. You target certain ‘good’ things and avoid ‘bad’ things. Besides the currency of the game, you can get things that either raise or lower your score. These good things include blonde or black wigs, tight or revealing clothing, amongst other things. The bad items include many times brown or ginger hair, glasses, warm or covering clothing, and food. Yes, food. You avoid food in order to maintain the skinny figure the player character has, as gaining weight lowers your score. The character build itself is questionable, with a Barbie thin waist, an impossibly huge bust, and an inhuman figure, for a game obviously aimed at younger girls. It is definitively fatphobic, as well as showing a poor model for girls at the age of entering high school, expressing ideas common already to girls with insecurities, and peer pressure to conform to femininity for the male gaze.

Why just why. This game teaches all the wrong messages. The point of this game is win over the boy but have to meet his expectations. If you eat a burger you are too “fat” for this guy which is stupid. Not to mention the game character’s body proportion. Her waist much skinner than anyone’s would be and the breast are really big. Most of the people play this games are young kids. This is not what we should teaching children. This can extremely toxic kid’s mental health. As someone who’s recovered from eating disorders I don’t want young kids to think this what they be/look like. Also the game teaches you that you have to meet someone else’s expectations or your worthless. Please put more thought into your games before you release harmful stuff like this next time.

Hm what a game?!?!?!??. So I got a in when I first got in here I thought people were over exaggerating when I got here I though there was many boys and there was hundreds of girls trying to get one guy and a kiss it doesn’t make sense then lipstick over just books that doesn’t make any sense not to mention this game isn’t fun either yeah I don’t appreciate that you have to eat salad other than fries “like fires are going totally change your body” it doesn’t make sense and potatoes a good for you so that doesn’t make sense what matters you being yourself and not worrying about popularity and I’ve already dealt popularity at my school and I hate it popular is nothing but a trash to your life they put you down mentally and physically so this game is absolutely horrible I don’t agree with one of the comments saying that they thought this was a boy maybe but please do not assume like a persons and gender that’s very offending but the rest of it is trash game shares in absolute trash.

Good Charlie. I think that you need you need more people like the people like faces and outfits you should do boys too you should make one that you sent me I mean you should make a game that’s like the boys instead of girls for like the boys now and they want stuff right.!! So high saying you should make somethings right. I also think that this needs more places. So you can do the cheerleading and make up saying more than five times so I think that’s what you need to do I hope this helps you guys wait a few more things. You need to have what’s called do you need to have a shopping one maybe it would be fun. Because you would be able to like do your every day shopping and and at the end so you’ll go to the register and I’ll see how much money I had to pay no you’re not paying real money so hope this helps a lot and hope you like my review I think it’s really good the game it doesn’t need much that means it’s really good ants. You might want to put in Christmas or Halloween versions that would be really fun seasonal game and maybe you should put the pool you don’t have to do everything but I really really really really really really really hope you I really hope you like this review and I hope it helps you now have a good day hope this helps you guys.😍😍😍😍😍😍

ummmmm…. Ok, so… this game is absolutely ridiculous. Who created this?! I mean, it is entertaining and all, but here are some… things that seem to be wrong. Why do u need to wear dresses and high heels in gym class, or post a pic on insta, for that matter? FYI, I DONT EVEN HAVE INSTA!!! So, not every girl needs to have tik tok and insta and facebook and blah blah blah. Guys, heres a tip. Just be yourself. I dont care what other people think, so why should anyone else? If you get bullied, brush it off, cuz all they want to do is hurt u. Trust me, i know how it feels 🙄🙄🙄. But ANYWAY, this game is legit so unrealistic. Why do they have girls running around attracting boys and becoming popular? So what if ur popular or not? Were all in school for two reasons: 1. Learn 2. Friends. That is it. No one cares if ur popular or not. Its not like ur making money off of it or anything, so why do people care? Anyways, this is why im giving this game a 3 star, because it brings girls down about themselves.

worst message ever. this game sends an awful message to young girls that they have to do certain things to look a certain way just to be popular or get a kiss from a boy. you dress the way YOU want to. you eat what YOU want. you dye your hair if YOU want to. never ever let anyone tell you otherwise. do what makes YOU happy. i was offended when the brunette hair was the wrong choice and the blonde hair was the right choice. first of all, your hair color, or how much makeup you wear, or the way you dress should not define how popular you are in school. second of all, red hair was not even choice. and third of all, brunettes rock 💅🏽. and so does everyone that are themselves. there may be girls in your school that are popular cause they’re mean and wear makeup but sis, i have newsfor you (no one actually likes those people cause they’re fake as heck). never take anything or anyone for granted. boys, never kiss a girl just because they’re popular. and girls, never fall for peer pressure or let anyone tell you that you need to look or dress a certain way to be popular. always remember your worth and never forget who you are.💕 update: i just played the prom round and it LITERALLY told you to drink a freaking martini. please, never ever do that for popularity.

This a good game but the bad reviewers are getting in the way(sorry). This is a great game. Some people think, “ Hey! They are talking about girls being perfect and wearing makeup and eating salads JUST to be popular. This is sad.” Let me tell you something. NO IT IS NOT!!! It is literally just a game. I mean yeah you are right, they don’t have to JUST be popular because they wear makeup and they are eating salad, but seriously, giving bad reviews because of a game. This means no sense. I understand we are different and all, but there is no reason to make people upset because you wanna talk trash about their game. Let me remind you, ITS JUST A GAME!! Are you enjoying the game? Is so then OK! No need for a bad review because it is a FAKE person doing FAKE things just to be POPULAR!!! Just stop. There is no need. WELP, I’m done. This game is great but the HATERS are not. Keep on with the great work!!! Love, the reviewer

Minor issues. This is a good but it is very glitchy and it freezes all the time🥶 this game Was also very disrespectful to people like my mom because she studied a lot and this game is basically saying that she had to be “popular” to be a awesome person witch is a sin because she is awesome so thank god they changed that, and remember that you don’t have to be pOpULaR to be a beautiful girl/woman and don’t listen to anyone who says you’re never going be enough. I have had those types of times when girls think you are just BrAinLeSs ToYs that play mind games to make girls that work hard and do their best at everything make them feel that they are never going to be good enough and that they sCrEw uP.😿😾they are bigger 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 than you. Have a good day/night;)

Meh 😑. I like the game but,… IT’S SOOOOOO GLICHY!!! Every time I try to play a round, it alway freezes up and once it unfreezes it makes me miss everything I need to get and makes me bump into bad grades, the principal, cheerleaders, and even the janitor! Also other people’s reviews make lots of sense. Why do girls have to do everything they can just for guys! I mean you don’t have to have friends that like the same things as you do, or have to change your look so people like you. They also make all the clothes dresses and skirts! WHY?! Girls can wear clothes that are less revealing and girly! And they make girls suffer this just for a kiss at the prom that he might not even give you! It just doesn’t make sense! I give two stars because of all reasons! 😤

Not gonna lie, they probably bought good ratings or something. This is probably the weirdest most ridiculous game I have ever gotten. Before their whole redesign, the game was basically a Mean Girls RPG, except you're Regina George. It's a fun game I won't lie. But the overall meaning was horrible. Who makes a kids game encouraging societies toxic beauty standards? These subliminal messages in shows and games are whats causing ED's. And you guys only changed it when everyone started coming at you, with the amount of written reviews its crazy how you guys have a 4.4 rating. It should be at least a 3 or 2 star at best. The graphics are trash, the original meaning behind it was horrible, and the only reason it's fun is because you can't really lose and each level is just another washed up version of the last one. Your game is just something we play with when we get bored with our other apps. Heck, the only reason it has players is because of your rinky dink ads other, more better, games decide to put up for revenue. Stop making these trash games with bad meanings behind it, redesigns won't cover up the fact you made a game with the message: stereotypical beauty is the only way to get the guy. Do better.

Fun but extremely offensive. Ok so I know that this is a fun game but this is very offensive and I think everyone should know why this game makes anyone think you should be impossible just to get a boy to like you, you should choose choices to try to be popular well I know being popular is something some people want to be and if that’s your path then go but make sure your doing school and being yourself but the reason I gave it one more star because they had a guy pulling a girls hair or something like that and you knock the guy but I don’t like how you have to push others and style different just be you

Sending the wrong message to people. The game is a teen high school girl who has to get all the correct stuff in order to be beautiful, has to wear the write clothes, has to eat the health food, has to have the cutest hair, and etc in the game. This game is sending the wrong message to girls about beauty standards, to me it’s saying to look better and impress everyone else instead of being happy and wanting to be yourself. At the end of each lever there’s the “guy that everyone wants” if your hot enough you get to make out but if not he’s disappointed. Also when you get the wrong thing you get less happy and lose your confidence, you don’t need to be hot and eat a salad or anything to have confidence. This game is horrible for girls, and it’s putting a message in guys heads that you have to look like that in order to get attention, it’s wrong.

A TERRIBLE GAME! NEVER PLAY!!! (Rated it 5 star so you can read it , not actually 5 star). Before I downloaded the game , I check the reviews and thought everyone was exaggerating! But when I got on there , I knew everyone was right , I grew up knowing that beauty and popularity is not everything. But if a little girl download this app and it taught her that Beauty and popularity is most important, that might stay with her her whole life and mess her life up! Like the title says, NEVER PLAY THIS GAME!!! (if your a parent , do not let your child play this game ever!) to Disney girl 4456 , this is not even close to how to become popular! Do not do any of these things! Be yourself and people will love you for it! If they don’t then they are bad people!

This is mean. Ok we need to talk app creators. This is just offensive for many reasons that I will say. First off what is wrong with brown hair!? Any colored hair is nice and I don’t mean that people with blonde hair is mean like that I believe it is rude to put a side of colored different hair. And saying reading books is bad is just stupid. I don’t care if people think that reading books is boring or only nerds read them. They are good for your brain. And if that is UNPOPULAR than call me that. So many things are wrong here but I bet lots of other people can tell you about it. Overall to you this game is rude. And to the other people, enjoy yourself for who you are brown or blonde haired. If you like books enjoy them. Don’t try to change yourself just to be popular. Be happy of who you are because your special and unique!That’s all I have to say.

Please read 🚨SEXIST GAME🚨. Ok can I explain this game to you, thanks. So basically your a high school girl and you make choices based off of popularizing yourself, you can have French fries or salad, if you pick salad your cool if not then your uncool (BODY-SHAMING) that is terrible!!! Also you can pick hair styles, a dress or sweatpants, your uncool and get bullied if you pick sweats. At the end of the round this teenage jerk-boy decides if your cool and pretty enough for him. Al, in all this game is sexist, terrible, rude, disgusting, and an insult to women around the world. Creators, I want you to think of the message your sending to little girls, that you have to be skinny, girly, and popular, you also have to have approval of men. I think this is outrageous and gross. 🤬😡👿😤😠if I could give 0 stars I would, no, negative 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars. I HATE THIS GAME, PLS FIX THIS, THIS IS GROSS

Uhm. So uhm idk why people are talking about salad bc I have not seen salad here at all but like they make it seem like watching movies is bad and like there is this one obstacle where it’s like three girls and they like bully you or push you around also when they made the characters it was only girls so that made it seem like it was just girls who were gonna deal with this in high school and stuff and when they made the girls and the clothes their uhm uhhhhh chest area was uhm uhhhh idk how to say this so it was just uhm very large and I mean that kinda says that like in order to be “perfect” you need big boobs and also like there is this obstacle with this boy and he basically rejects you which is sad and I thought like every level would be the prom level bc that’s why I wanted it and also they run out of clothing options quickly so ya please fix ALL of that cuz that’s sexist and lowers girls self esteem.😐

Overall Rating. The ADS: Wayy too many! And guess what, sometimes the game starts while I’m watching an AD and I then fail. It’s not fair and this needs t be fixed, don’t add those ADs if they are gonna ruin the game. The Message: Yes, I know everyone is saying it’s teaching young girls that dressing nice and having a certain hair type will get you popular and boys will love you. And I understand that people are giving bad reviews because of that, but think about it this way…that’s really how schools are! If you have bad grades and you’re not popular, you might not have many friends. I understand that this is still a bad message, but it’s just life. Other: Also, just a quick question. Whenever you bump into someone or slip in a puddle, your grades go down, and I wanted to know why? Slipping in puddles doesn’t affect my grades, and I can even go from an A to a B. I mostly try to avoid the puddles and people, but it can be hard.

This. Just. Sucked.. The concept conveyed the wrong idea, and promoted changing yourself the be cool. The gameplay was basic; nothing special to differentiate from other games just like it. It was so laggy that I couldn’t play - I kept running into the wrong things due to how laggy it was, and because of that, I kept failing and having to redo the levels over and over and over. I’ve played a million games /exactly/ like this, but I have to say, so far, this one’s one of the worst. I downloaded it to make fun of it and see how ridiculous it was, and I couldn’t even have fun, doing that. I don’t recommend this game, especially not for younger, more easily influenced audiences. The message is bad, the gameplay is boring, and it’s unrealistic. Overall, it sucked.

Not the best message. I’m gonna make this short but deep diving into the game they have changed a lot of the offensive things even though there are some still also if you’re not perfect I do agree with much people the boys and not punch you and the hug thing is perfectly fine it’s just The punch dose bother me 🙄 how ever also a salad can be bad for you This game is also shows abuse like pushing it’s better for older people that know to be Positive and not mean just because you’re a little more popular then them let’s also be kind bc like I said when they make the game they don’t expect these super young kids that will pick up on actions let’s also know that it just an Animation a little Offensive I have to admit but at least it’s not real people thank you for you’re time 🙏🏻

Rude to girls. The game is about trying to be the “school queen” but you have to have skirts/dresses, makeup, and heathy things. Do all these things rule the school and get a kiss. Don’t do these things you don’t get to get a kiss. There are many girls, but the game is trying to teach you there should only be one girl “Miss Perfect” A boy most likely made this game so he can show girls how guys want them. If a guy can’t accept that a girl can be whoever they want, their not set to have a girlfriend. When you get poplar people follow you around and shove people who gets in there way, even you start to shove. This is something you should never do. But something guys would want you to do because you look ‘cool’. This is also proof this is made by a guy. To the girls: Dear girls who are reading this, You are amazing the way you are, inside and out. Don’t listen to them, know you’re special the way you are. Don’t act different or dress different just to get a guy, they must accept who you are. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 Yours Sincerely, My Edit: My friend is loving this game because she can’t see how toxic it really is. Now she wants makeup, pretty dresses, she is literally changing her life because the game gave a bad message. I tried talking her out of it but she won’t. Girls don’t need to change who the are. 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

My opinion. I think this game is not so great for children to play the one favor I would think would be nesasary is to take out the kissing part and you should teach kids to be poupler and be with the most HOTTEST GUY everone is unique in there on special way and so poupler in there OWN SPECIAL WAY but I do get it is entertaining but the outfits they are really inappropriate my 10 year old little sister now thinks she can wear that stuff so my mom has grounded her for a whole week she said if she plays the game again it will be another week at least you can change the chothes to like a cute shirt and some shorts or a skirt and that is how I feel about this game goodbye and SHEESH and good day

Bad messages. Some choices are fairly harmless (sneaker color, social media platform) but I feel like others could cause issues. If I had played this as a young girl or even in my early teens I would’ve thought that certain hair colors are bad and it was cool to drink. Kids get enough peer pressure and the media should try to promote healthy messages. I like that it generally promotes healthy food over unhealthy food but this is harmful to girls with body image issues or who have eating disorders. Healthy eating is about balance, not narrow restriction. It is absolutely not true that if you eat food high in calories once you gain a lot of weight. I understand this is just a silly game but young girls really want to fit in and may believe some of the messages this game sends.

HORRIBLE. lemme go on a rant... just because of something you like something you post something you wear or what you do in the mean time does not define how popular you are.. imagine all of the little kids on this app who now think that to be popular is to do certain things especially what you eat like what the actual heck kids shouldn’t be thinking to be popular you should eat salads instead of other food. Even all of these things dont make me as mad as this one. I understand it is a game and all but why does BULLYING or pushing kids down make kids and cooler. You know in real life all it makes you is a jerk that deserves to be alone for the pain they have caused others and at the end it is to just impress a boy this game is horrible and if i could rate 0 stars i would.

Did you realize?. OK so yes you look pretty in the game you look pretty in real life you’re getting ready for school and you look nice that’s good But this is a perfect replica of real life because when you go to school you’re being based or judged by the way you look and how popular you are how many likes you have but although this game is entertaining the only thing wrong with this game is that at the end the girls doing whatever she wants because she’s so popular that’s not how it works in real life because no matter how many likes you have on a video or a post The ones that are truly popular or the ones that succeed are the ones that are the smartest and got the best grades isn’t that true I know you probably didn’t realize that until now people are still making comments saying about how you have to build people up not knock them down so yeah they’re right but also in school school can be used as a perfect example for this game so next time you see a popular girl or you find someone online just remember that the ones that are truly popular or the ones that are going to truly succeed are the ones who do best on their test grades and study the hardest those are the ones that will be truly popular

Toxic game with terrible mechanics. So, after seeing this advertised over and over and over again on TikTok, my curiosity finally gave in. I came in with low expectations and I left unsurprised. This is just another sleazy mobile game targeted for a younger audience on TikTok. The message behind the game is terrible, and so are the mechanics. You do not need to change yourself to a certain standard to become “popular” let alone to get friends or god forbid a man. The mechanics are laggy and lazy- you just move your finger back and forth. Same animations over and over, NPCs are just copy and paste. The 20 million ads made my phone hot. Also, why are all the NPCs so busty and sexually suggestive, even in freshman year? Aren’t they supposed to be literal children...? This is a terribly misogynistic game advertised on TikTok for a money grab.

Great Game, Ad Problem.. This is an overall great game, and not just a pretty girl eating salads. Most of the game is about getting good grades and avoiding bad things. You make friends and get a final grade, etc. There are beach events and prom and I overall LOVE this game. Ts simple and addictive. Anyways, The Ad Problem. So, the problem is when I watch an ad for rewards, like a prom dress, right near the end of the end it takes me to my Home Screen. This also happens with ads that pop up and it’s just really irritating. It won’t make me stop playing the game, but it would be better without it. I don’t think it’s my wifi. I highly recommend this game if you don’t get irritated by ads easily!

Some problems but entertaining at first. So I find this game entertaining and wanted to try it out. Once I joined the game, I was playing a few rounds and it teaches the wrong message. It’s like saying that you have to dress up, wear makeup, etc or else you will get bullied and nobody will want to be with you. They would only want to be with you if you dress up. So it teaches a wrong lesson. Some other things is that you can’t changing the outfits. It’s like always the same things. When you’re playing and you got all the good stuff while walking down the hall, poor people come up to you and you just push them to the ground. Like that is very wrong and you’re bullying them. When you’re poor while walk-in TV down the hall, rich people come up to you and push you into the ground. When you do stuff also, it’s like people laugh at you. Also, it’s like you’re dating in this game so you have to dress rich. If you don’t, you get rejected. If you do, you kiss him. So that is also another problem. Also, maybe try to add more stuff because then the game gets boring because you’re using to same stuff.

why is this “perfect”. This game may make people think that they need to eat salads and wear lipstick or makeup or some dresses/ skirts things like that to be pretty or popular. This game is wrong for making girls feel like they can’t be pretty without a perfect body or style in clothes. Or even they may feel like they need certain hair to be pretty. Why is the game made that you have to be a cheerleader or wear/ do certain things to be the star or attention. And the kiss at the end that just adds to the mix. why does the girl have to do all these things just to get a boy. And if the girl isn’t how the boy wants in the end she doesn’t get a kiss… imagine that. I bet a man created this game too. Boys just want us to be so perfect for them and if we aren’t up to their levels they don’t like us?! Now i will admit the game is kinda fun so that’s why i gave it at most 2 stars. Also the game shows us green or red so the things that are bad and good why are some of the hair styles and colors people would like bad huh? And why is wanting to wear a sweatshirt bad? Why does the girl need to wear something not baggy and something that shows just to be good enough for the guy and to be popular. You could be popular without looking pretty or being “ perfect”. I think this game is way to judgy and false for what they give off to be bad things.

Setting a bad example. This is a high heels run type game were you have to choose between 2 types of shoes, hairs, foods etc. and if you choose the right options, your “queen” meter will go up but if you choose the wrong things, you don’t get to kiss the boys at the end I guess the point of the game is to be “queen bee.”The options are things like salad over fast food, blond hair over brunette, and heels over street shoes, there are others as well. This is setting a bad example for girls and telling them that they have to be blond, dress a certain way, and eat certain foods to get popularity, friends, and boys. On one of the options, I chose brunette over blond hair and some of my little “ followers” left me. As a brunette, I was angry at this. Are they saying you will be more liked and popular if you have blond hair?! This game just made me angry in many ways.

Ok, well.... I think that there are pros and cons, the pro is that I like seeing how far I got in smarts and the cons are that if u like pick books instead of like the phone it basically subtracts ur points but, there is nothing wrong w/ putting ur phone down and studying, that’s how you succeed in life by getting good grades instead of watching videos and liking pictures but the main thing I am concerned about is like if u pick the jeans and a shirt instead of a dress bc I think in my opinion jeans and cute shirts are in, and even if they aren’t who cares! I think this game can also really bring down people’s a-steam bc if they pick something that they like and that subtracts there points that could make someone feel really badly about them selves! So unless u like doubting ur sense in style and popularity then I would not play this game!!!!

Please read. I know everyone is saying how horrible this game is, and I completely agree. My friend and I were FaceTiming and she was telling me how fun this game was. I was like ok, I’ll check it out. I always read reviews before downloading the game, and boy am I happy I did on this one. The main goal is to get approved by the idiot teenage boys. To be accepted by the idiots, you must be white, blonde, and eat salads. Check for yourself, have you seen a black main character in the game? I played a total of six rounds of this game and never once saw anyone that wasn’t a basic blonde girl. Not to mention that if you do pick the “bad” options you get punched in the gut by the jerk and his entourage. If you download any app that’s not Instagram or tiktok, you’re a loser! If you choose clothes that are not skirts, you’re a loser! Truth be told everyone popular in my grade wears sweatpants and leggings every day. Not high heels and dresses. My one question is why. I mean really, what is this game teaching anyone. So please be cautious when downloading this and know you don’t have to only eat salads, wear dresses, be blonde, just be you.

Gross, Setting a HORRIBLE EXAMPLE, And more.. This game is teaching you have to like Certain things just to be kissed by this stupid guy- Young children like me download whatever they want and if I were five I might’ve believed that I have to do all these things just to be “Popular”! It says that you need to like Tiktok, You need to be skinny, and it says you can’t eat chips or fries just because you have to be skinny. I also didn’t see any other skin tones than white. And you have to hate books just to look popular. Do you know how I keep myself entertained sometimes? Books. Because they are funny and educational. They say if you have round glasses you are a nerd and unpopular. EXCUSE ME SOME PPL NEED THOSE TO SEE! I do not recommend this app and I downloaded it just so I can write this review. Bye.

Absolutely horrendous, not to mention horrible quality. This has to be the most racist, sexist, and offensive game I have ever seen. It teaches that you have to be one way if you want anybody to like you. That you have to be skinny, wear makeup, and pretty much be stupid if you want the popular jock to kiss you. Not only is that a horrible representation of women, but an insulting one of men as well. It teaches you to seek validation from other people. It also shames you on what you eat, as I’m sure that being fat in this game won’t get you the guy. The black girls are all portrayed in ugly, ratty afros, and that is by far the only thing I have seen them in, which is exponentially stereotypical. Did you really think this is okay? Not to mention that the game is unbelievably glitchy. It made the overall use of my phone as a whole worse. You guys really need to think before you make something like this.

Good but….. It’s bad it makes you do stuff you don’t want to do and makes you uncomfortable and you are perfect you don’t have to change who you are you’re Beautiful and you will always be don’t let anyone change who you are you can eat and download whatever you want you’re body and you’re hair is perfect you’re the best you can do whatever you want to do as long as you’re happy and I love you everyone Dose you’re the best you’re so nice you can download but don’t get offended by this game other than that it’s super fun have a good day or afternoon or night bye

I dunno. Hi I only gave it 5 stars so everybody can see it. Look I’m a straight young beautiful tall healthy black female girl who respects women’s rights and Men’s rights. Although one time I wanted to play the game but I wanted to check the reviews and then when I looked at the I was left disgusted! So games advice and lesson is about you being a female having to do so many stuff push yourself to the point that you have to look beautiful. If you wear sweatpants, glasses, nobody will ask you out. But if you are beautiful, take glasses off, eat salads and wear a stripper’s dress you will look beautiful and your crush will ask you out. Not only that but the bullying and fake bad rumors about will stop. Which is kinda offensive which to the point young girls are gonna see this and think, oh yea I should follow this games advice! NO! You don’t have to do all of that stuff because you are beautiful just the way you are and don’t forget that!✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨! Love,Dinah GOD IS COMING BACK SOON REPENT YOUR SINS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

Glitching, Non-Real life things.. To start off I’m going to say that the stars is like that one TikTok sound that goes "it’s so bad I’d give you a 0 but that’s not possible so I give you a one" But anyway this game is only fun when your bored. Now to say why I gave it 1 star, there’s only dresses and like 90’s clothes. (if u like 90’s style than that’s great! Just not for me.) and some girls don’t want to only wear dresses like we can wear anything baggy or a sweatshirt in this game. No. We have to wear a dress. Also it glitches SO BAD so I would purposefully go to the things that were considered "bad". Don’t let any young girls get this game unless they KNOW that this is NOTHING like the real world and just a game. That’s all! Bye.

NO!. Here’s the thing with this game. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, but what the heck!?!? I’m a 6th grade student at junior high and let me tell you that this, for one, is not realistic at all. You really think the bank is gonna come up to you because you eat salad?!? Not because of this game, but I’m vegan, and salad is pretty much all I eat, but does the band play next to me in the halls?!? NO!!! This game is terrible for kids my age. The other thing is girls my age don’t exactly come to school in Gucci dresses and what not. We are 11 year old middle school students, not famous movie stars. This game had my bff feelingSelf-conscious. I don’t like this game because there is a lot of things wrong with it. Doesn’t mean however that it’s not fun and entertaining. As I said in the beginning it’s fun it’s entertaining but no! I do not recommend this game for anyone at all!!!!

CRASHES CRASHES CRASHES. For all the reviews whining about the basis of the game, I mean it’s supposed to be all about stereotypes. That’s the point. It’s supposed to be clearly wrong, it’s not trying to influence people into thinking they should be like that. As for the actual app, the game crashes all the time, especially on add which is very frustrating because the app crashes when you watch an ad for a reward. It happens EVERY SINGLE TIME! You just have to play without any ads whatsoever. But obviously this is not possible free games give you ads without you wanting them. There are games out there with the same concept and gameplay that you should try. Overall it crashes way too much and the game isn’t fun because you can barely play.

Fun but bad.. This game is really awesome. I love the fact that there aren’t as much ads as there are in different apps. But, this is bad. It can teach little kids that wearing makeup makes you pretty and popular, making them feel like they aren’t good enough. They may think that they are not worthy or pretty/handsome. Because if you eat french fries then you’ll loose points, so kids may also think that they are really fat. I am a kid, and i don’t think that. I think they should make a update where you can wear whatever you want, then you have to defeat the popular girl when you get there, so if you beat her then everyone will cheer because the popular girl was mean! That would be a awesome update. But overall, i love this game.❤️

Don’t waste your time.. I’m not trying to make a big deal out of this game cause I know it’s not real life but I have a few complaints. First of all this game is kinda dumb. Like makeup doesn’t make u popular. Also u don’t need to eat a salad to be popular too. I don’t like this concept of this game cause not everyone is popular and some people can get offended by these kinds of games. So I honestly don’t recommend this concept cause it’s just not the best. Also this game has SO MANY ADS!! Like every time I pass a level there is a ad. It’s super annoying and I’m barley playing the game because of the ads. Lastly it freezes my phone sometimes. When I’m playing a level it gets super laggy and then it freezes my screen then I need to close all my tabs at least 10 times. I don’t recommend this game so yeah.

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It is alright. I like this game but it looks a lot better in the ad. I played one game and then it started to get boring and I actually think that if you choose the thumbs up, your character will look uglier. It is also basically the same every round and there aren’t many choices to from.

Ugh. I can’t even get into the game!?!?

Read. I’m in love

DO NOT GET THIS APP!!! VERY OFFENSIVE TO PEOPLE. As you can see by most of the other ratings, you can guess that the people writing them are kids. This game is not appropriate and should not be played at all — Let me tell you why. Okay, let me sum up the point of the game. You have to choose between two options multiple times further and further into a round. The moral will put a major impact on kids playing this when they get to highschool. In the game, the game shows the kids that you should choose to drink energising drinks such as coffee instead of reading books. It’s not the looks, it’s the books!!! There will at least be one kid that will have their lives changed because of this game because they think they should be pretty instead of being successful in life!! And, at the end of the round, based on your ‘pretty looks’ you get rejected and hit by your stereotypical ‘hot boyfriend/crush’. Also, kids are loving this game because of the kiss at the end of your hot guy is pleased enough by your looks. Just imagine your kid playing a game about you should only be beautiful, not smart, and also watching kissing but in an inappropriate intention; other than Disney movies. The moral is just not right! I would give this game 0 stars but I have no choice but to give 1 star. This game doesn’t deserve ANY stars!

Awful. This game crashes every time I try to enter the app. Judging by other reviews and by my morals, this game is not that great to begin with.

I love the game QUEEN BEE. It’s so much fun and I love the kissing hehe

NOPE JUST NOO. Ok, the first bad thing ‘bout this game is that it’s just a WHITE, GIRL like I need them to add like a “choose your gender” thing or “choose your race” thing. Secondly, it’s unrealistic because it’s not just clothes or makeup that makes you popular, and at the end there is a dude that either, pushes you if you chose the “bad” options or he’ll kiss you if you chose the “good” options like that’s just WHY?! Lastly, I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but whenever I tap the screen it just chucks me right out of the game! So this game is DEF A NO NO NO NO NO NO🙄

Terrible. I can’t express how much I hate it, the influence of the game is to be popular and choosing clothes that you might like is bad and that your life will be terrible if you aren’t popular and ignore school.

It’s gotten better. I remember seeing a lot of complaints about this game and how it’s racist and all of that so I decided to play it and I found out you can customise your character and even change your skin colour so when I saw that I was pretty happy so it’s been an improvement

so much ads NEVER GET THIS GAME. never get this game ever way to much adds,sexist ,homophobic and even racist this is just horrible to be in a game u shouldn’t have to see reviews like mine

Please read ☺️. I really like this concept of the game as it is creative, well designed and well thought. Though i think the game is a little bit unrealistic because your clothes, hair etc doesnt make you “Queen Bee“ in real life -Jemma

Idk. I don’t know if I have a glitch but every time I join the game I get kicked off.

Bad things about girls. This app is just teaching girls how to be Pritty and thank so bad

Needs some improvements. This game is great but has some things I struggle with. For example, whenever I finish a level, I have to restart the whole game to do the next level. Another thing is when I want to watch an add to get something, it never sends me too an ad. Only 1 time it did and didn’t give me an item. The last thing that you should fix is the amount of ads. The amount of ads you put in Queen Bee is insane. Please fix this.

Only one game. It’s fun and all but there is only one game at this point

It would be better if it didn’t wasn’t so glitchy or have so many adds. It has too many adds and is so glitchy

Bad. Hi While this game is fun the end……. Not so great. This is showing sexuality plz change to all of the girls taking a selfie.

I love it but…. I love the game it is very fun but there is a bit where you eat fries or a salad and in life if you eat fires it doesn’t make you more or less of a queen. Everyone is a queen in there own way

Unexeptable. As I watch adds, I am shocked that people even consider this game, as some people might think this as “educational”. This game is a disgrace, and is setting a bad example for young children, like my 5 year old sister, who doesn’t understand how this could even change her future life. This is also a disgrace to men, as they don’t get their own avatar that makes them fell good about themselves. This app is representing that being “popular”, or “Queen Bee”, is more important then studying, or school text books, and to also wear clothes everyone else is wearing, what if they don’t like that piece of clothing? People should get who they want to be, wether their style is trendy or not. I hope the creator of this app, will consider all of the unfairness, and a bad example of the meanings of school, and education, please don’t take my review to harshly, as might mean well.

Umm it’s alright. Look, I love it it’s amazing but then it is also boring when u play it a lot, plus it’s also choosing what u like and we’re all different so that’s offensive, it needs an update rlly bad!!! That’s all I got to say!!!

Sends wrong message. I’m 11 and I decided to download this game as I saw ads for it everywhere. Immediately I picked up on the message that looks and friends help you ‘win over’ a guy and that friends will ditch you for hair and makeup. Basically you are going down the school hallway and choosing clothes, makeup , hair +etc. When you make a ‘good decision’ you gain friends and if you make a ‘bad decision’ then you lose friends. If you make enough ‘good decisions’ then the guy will kiss you at the end. Not only is this game teaching kids that men will only like you for your looks but also that friends won’t stand by you if you don’t look or act a certain way. Would not recommend to anyone

I hate it. Don’t try to download this game on level one it’s all like you don’t even do anything you can’t even shoot it it’s so annoying I do not recommend to download it don’t even try to download it the people who made the game is lying you can’t even do anything in this game don’t download it it’s so boring don’t try I’m doing this for you guys so do it you can’t even do anything and trust me it never stop being all black and he’s not really see your goal kicking her leg is very boring don’t trip on level one level one never even stops I could even move onto the next level I definitely do not recommend to download this game don’t try to

Don’t get this game. This game is so mean to some people. I once clicked on all the things I would have chosen in real life, and I am a “loser”. Just because you might chose a burger over salad, doesn’t mean you aren’t popular and liked. I also had to give it a full star rating so people can see the review.

Meh. It’s not that great. Some of the clothes are cute, but honestly it’s a pretty basic game. And not at all kind to anyone really. Shallow, materialistic and sort of bad at girl interactions. It also caused my device to over heat and I’d only been playing for less than ten minutes. Not worth it I’m my opinion. Also to many adds.

Omg whyyyyyyyy is this game like it don’t get. My daughter got so sucked into this game when I checked what she was playing the outfits like what and there’s alllways glitches happening 24/7 never get this game (instant regret) and also my daughter hated the game because there was never good outfits of non inappropriate stuff!!! NEVER GET THIS GAMEEEEEEE!

Umm good but….. So I really like this game and it doesn’t have many adds but It’s so racists and sexist you actually have to find out how to change the skin colour and it’s all about be popular you will have loads of friends and boyfriends me on real life has anxiety sits with the popular kids and has a perfect boyfriend remember girls you don’t need to be popular to have friends and a boyfriends it’s what’s on the inside not the outside and btw I had to give it a 4 because I want to see my comment on the list bye definitely do not recommend this game

Amazing. It’s so much fun no ads so cute couples are there but still awesome so AMAZING

This game is opposite of good.. Don’t download this game!! It is literally teaching little kids the opposite of good. Other people have had bad experiences towards this game, the game can really play up with your mind as it teaches you rude, bad, inappropriate things, etc. I really suggest you DONT download this game as I already explain why.

Why I like this game. Because we get to kiss at the end 💋

Too much ads!!. Hi! I love the game although 1 thing. I understand that you need to have ads, and you CAN STILL have ads, but PLEASE there are too many ads and PLEASE put less ads. Like every single time I finish a round there will be and ad pop up straight away and I find it so annoying that sometimes I even rage quit. I hope you listen to this advice.

BAAAD. This game is stupid and horrible the owner is so stupid for making this game DO NOT PLAY IT IF YOU HAVE IT DELETE IT AND IF YOU DONT, DONT DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!

I understand. I understand why people say it’s homophobic. When I looked at the reviews I was curious about this game. It is homophobic and a wast of time do not download find something els worth your Time. Hope you have a great day bye.

Do not download this game. This game will teach you to be a selfish brat the game is very sexist and very offence be to people I’m definitely deleting the game after the review

Kind of fun. This game can be fun for some people but it’s sets too many high beauty standards for women. I definitely don’t recommend this to anyone that’s a child or in high school. Especially if you’re a girl. It’s honestly kind of disgusting

Disgusted.. I don’t appreciate that this game promotes bullying especially when it comes to how someone looks dresses how they date or act. It is completely disgusting that the game is suggested to CHILDREN I myself am a child and still know that the point of the game is wrong, bullying others for not looking how people want them to? It’s revolting and I hope you can change that I don’t want to criticise any developers or creators I definitely see that you were trying to entertain others but I also advise you don’t make make w game that supports such behaviour.

Queen of the bee 😀. From Chantell

Queen Bee. This game is terrible, it doesn’t even get harder and it is representing bullying. Like if you eat cake instead of veggies you will get bullied! I am very disappointed, this is just going to make bullying very worse :( I would give this a 0 stars but it didn’t allow me to.

Stuck on level 2. The game won’t let me pass level two. Constantly replying the level even when I win

T.r. I really like it but I wish their were more instructions on what to do

This isn’t right! 😡. First of all I kept seeing this game come up in some adds, I downloaded it so I could just write a review!!! THIS IS NOT RIGHT. Having the most expensive cloths and having the smartest friends and being the prom queen doesn’t make you go far in life, this game is absolutely toxic Wrong message!!!! Absolutely disgusting!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE EVERY BIT OF IT, NEVER NEVER IN MY LIFE HAVE I BEEN SO DISAPPOINTED I WANT THIS GAME SHUT DOWN IMMEDIATELY. doing well in school and having supportive friends who you know love you is what’s important to me and probably to everyone else Please change this 😔

Hate it. This game makes it seem like you need to do certain things to have friends and boyfriends/girlfriends but you don’t. A true friend loves you no matter what. This game is garbage I’m deleting as soon as I finish this review.

Rude. This game is really rude. Let me explain So the purpose of the game is to get lots of friends and a boyfriend but u have to look perfect to get them. Basically you have to wear dresses instead of a normal shirt or jumper. And u have to eat salads instead of burgers. U also lose friends if u wear or eat the wrong thing. Or even use the wrong app in the game. It is a awful app and I don’t recommend getting it.

Game. Don’t really know how to do it. Tap on to something does nothing.

Rude, toxic and sends the wrong message.. Ok… ummm this game is pretty rude and racist.. Why? You ask. Well first of all it teaches you to not wear, eat or do want you want. Also you have to figure out how to change your skin colour. I mean, seriously?! This game says that you should only do things that make you popular. For example: you have to have blonde hair instead of brown! Or you should not eat cake, you should only eat salad. And don’t tell me your serious when you have to choose between a book or lipstick. Lipstick makes you popular. If you don’t do the things that make you popular, you don’t get kissed at the end! Please do not download this game! At first when I saw the title I was like: “Ooooo..” But then when I started playing the game I realised it sends the wrong message and is very rude to women. Do not download this app.

Its fine?. I think it is a good game i have not played it but people are saying they are not that much skin colours so maybe add more?

So fun. It is the most fun game I have ever played

Ok...... Hi, I am writing this review because of all of the reviews that I recently looked through, the game seems to be “homophobic and sexist” This does not seem good at all, but there was a review that said that “ it’s gotten better” and there is a new update that you can change the skin tone and the character I think it said anyway you should check it out! If you do check it out that would be great, anyway I am downloading it now. Oh! There was another review that said “ it is boring it is the same thing over and over again” , so if you are the game developer, if you see this that would be great! One thing... that I don’t think this game is very good because it is all about “ make your self the prettiest and most popular person in the world” “ you don’t need to be smart, all you need is looks , fame and a partner” this is not very educational at all! Also, I wanted to download this app because I wanted to see if all of these reviews are true! I already know what “ homophobic and sexist “ means and I’m only 10!! I’m only giving this about three stars because this game might be fun or not , only wish that you can do half a star.

Being play for hours. I love the game cause it show to me a lot of thing best app ever 🧸I have really really enjoyed it it’s simple and fun 🤩 hopefully more people would like it more thank you so much for making this 🎊

Just wrong. I am literally 10 years old and as soon as I played this game and saw other people’s comments I knew this wasn’t right. This is just an awful message for children telling them to get social media and get the coolest clothes and become prom queen. All anyone should care about in highschool is trying their best and not worrying about stuff like peer pressure and popularity. All I’m saying is the message is wrong and I don’t approve or recomend this to any young children

:). Hello! I’m just writing a review Because lots of people and even I think that this game is homophobic and sexist. My little sis is only 9 and she knows what they mean!!!. I downloaded it on my iPad Because I tried it on my friends and I clicked on, it was black. I flicked up and tried again, next.... my iPad wouldn’t turn on for 5 mins. We were so worried. It’s fun but... it’s just..... homophobic sexual and even it glitched ur iPad. I recommend after 2 mins of waiting with the screen black, don’t flick up and go back on. JUST DELETE IT! I would rate it zero... but I can’t. Please don’t take this harshly creators

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the dumbest and most sexiest game I’ve ever played. It’s just dumb in general.First, it teaches kids to only do what makes u popular and ignore feeling comfortable, eating food u want or wearing makeup just so u can fit in.Second, it teaches kids that u need to be popular to get a guys approval which is so sexist idk why this game even exist it’s being so sexist towards girl and makes girl think that they have to wear makeup and dresses so a guy will kiss them, honestly idk why this game was rated 4.2 because it’s just being sexist and something needs to be done about these kinds of games

Don’t like it. It doesn’t have a very nice concept I mean trying to be prom queen just to date the guys!!! Girls or boys or whoever be who you want and don’t try to be popular just to attract the men. Also it always lags and kicks me off. Don’t get this game!

No. This game makes me uncomfortable. I just- can’t like.. NO

Need improvements. This game was good at the start, but your repeating the same thing after senior year, I deleted it since the games basically over..

Horrible☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆. This game is the worst when it was first released I thought it just a normal game but no you have to be popular for idk any reason to kiss the guy at the end but when you make those mistakes the guy doesn’t kisses you I am really disappointed at the game and dev of this game and literally why do you need makeup to be popular?to date the guy even prom it said if I like to get a dress by watching a ad and I don’t like the fact that there is mean girls when you are walking to the guy and almost make it to him these yellow popular mean girls try to ruin your reputation and so every mistake you made if you get 2 mistake you might not kiss the guy and that is weird if you get two mistakes and you have to. Make friends to beat Those girls and get the guy which is hardly annoying but to this year I haven’t played the game yet but when i played with it. It showed grades GRADE! Why would we wanted to get better grades at gym and math I didn’t get better grades in the game and it is so frustrating and stupid and sexiest why do you need a dress for prom I can go to prom without a dress and go on my own day without noticing and you not allow to have tumble in this game which is a shame it like become a queen what are they showing to young children to be POPULAR?! No way

Not a good message.. This game doesn’t send a good message to kids, as in the game is telling you that you have to have long blonde hair and wear skirts, high heels, makeup and eat salad. I mean sure, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that, it’s just they’re basically telling you that you HAVE to be feminine in order for you to have friends. And the simulation of the game itself is extremely boring, you do the choice thing until prom night, and then it starts all over again.

Ok. It is not the best game it is really laggy and takes a long time to load and some times I can not move the person and it makes me get the bad things

Would give it no stars. This game is sexist and anti-feminist. It over-exadurates on woman’s body parts and expects you to be perfect. Hate it.

It glitches me out. I used to play this game and love it now every time I go in it glitches me out please fix this :(😭

Glitch!!. it was so glitchy, one second im on one side of the map and the next im slipping on some water on the floor and i didn’t even press anything

Idk it's good. Um

Horrible. This game is sending the wrong message to children.

Boring. Game is just a repeat, they put years that you’re in and once you hit senior it’s a reset. Hardly any hairstyles at all too and way too many ads.

This game is really rude. Can we just be yourself?! Like it teaches you to wear lipstick and wear dresses and be blonde and no short hair. This game is so dumb and rude like why can’t you do what you want ?! , at the end you kiss the boy when you have lip stick and eat salad and not french fries.and you can’t wear over sized sweeters and gray sneackers. But if they fixed it and made it so you can wear what ever you want and make friends, you don’t have to have friend cause you are popular.You can have friends even tho you are not popular,and if you don’t make the right choice than you don’t kiss but I don’t care about that what I care about is how rude this game is for OUR style ! and when it’s prom we have to drink wine,not coffee.PS. This game is really a crying seen.

Horrible.. This is sending the wrong message to children. It also has many many ads. Terrible game.

Bug. Je vient d’installer ce jeu et il arête pas de buger tout le meme endroit 😠

Terrible. You have to play it good in the adds and it’s pretty rude how the girls breast are that big😤

Should you be yourself?. Okay so first this game is bad cause some people will start changing theirselves cause of it second no everyone wants to be a queen bee and third I don’t rlly like that cause everyone should be theirselves not someone they aren’t

DONT DOWNLOAD. Ok so I wanted to play the game because of the ad but when I get in the game there was a ad. In the middle of the level there was a nother ad and at the final of the level guss what huh huh there was a nother add. AND THERE IS MORE the level is like 5 seconds long so like a ad is EVERY SECOND?! - don’t get this game it’s just a waist of storage.

FULL OF ADS. Full of 5 min ads and it’s after every single thing

What the hell!. Teachs kids wrong things!

Worst game on mobile. If ur a dev for these type of TikTok ads u should generally rethink ur career choices. As these games are awful. 😢

Bad review. It’s not letting me into the game it loads and then it kicks me out😡

this game is horrible i would give it 0 if i could. This game sends the wrong message to little kids, and it's extremely frustrating to play this game because you have to eat salad and bully ppl you have to have blonde hair not brown hair, you have to wear lipstick and high heels. it teaches you to bully ppl to be popular and to change yourself for a boy. All you fo is kiss at the end. SO PLEASE DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!

It’s ok. It’s fun but after a few minutes it gets really boring and it teaches kids to not be themselves 😒

Kiyo. I agree with you

The game. So I love the game and I like how they changed it from be perfect to study and get A+ bc before it told you wear lipstick and kiss boys at prom now you dance with the boy at prom thanks so much for fixing it

WTH??!!!. Did my bf dump me for being myself?? Ugh men

So laggy. Game is so laggy and trash 0/10 don’t recommend

Game is ok. This game is ok but really glitchy the glitch makes me pick the wrong one. If u don’t like glitchy games DONT PURCHASES

hair lives matter. so- just because my hair is brown I chose brown and yet somehow it’s “ bAd”

So bad. All you do is kiss someone at the end so bad game 😂🤡

Review 386 (2 stars). It was really directed at the more feminine photo. I don’t recommend this app for feminists, the gameplay is repetitive and partly bland. It needs some tweaks, but overall I could see this game getting a little better.🫤😬👍

inappropriate. first of all, it’s sending the wrong message to young children. second of it, there’s NUDITY. for the two options (make a tiktok or take a insta photo) if you choose take a insta photo, in the photo she takes you can see her whole- under her shirt! disgusting

Why!?!?. This game is HORRIBLE IT IS SO LAGGY.it teaches kids to basically change there reality.I hate it !. If you give this game a good reveiw you STUPID

Good game. This game is awesome but it’s a little bit glitchy but the game is good

This game is so rude😭. This game only makes me angry. First it teaches you to wear lipstick, have blond hair, like I mean I do understand that blond hair is lovely, and in fact I had blond hair when I was little and I loved it! But that doesn’t mean that if you want to be popular you need to have blond hair. And plus I really popular at my school, and I dyed my hair pink and purple!

Stereotypes. I absolutely hate this game, it completely feeds into the stereotypes of people will only like you if you fail classes, wear makeup and do the “right” stuff. Sends an absolutely TERRIBLE.p message. It should be deleted off the App Store. And even worse it’s quite similar to other guys which I find really sketchy! Don’t recommend this game AT ALL!

bad... just bad. this game is teaching bad messages to children. makeup over books. push people to the floor to get popular. THIS GAME IS JUST HORRIBLE

Bad. You get it and you think it is fun but it’s not

Terrible. The game is so glitchy and doesn’t work half the time

It’s ok. I mean is ok but once you play it for like 10 minutes it gets boring also to many adds one request is that I wish u can buy clothes with the gems

Hate. To much ads 🙄

Bad game. This game is rlly bad and I need a refund. My parents r very poor and this game is making their financial support lower. I I I I I I I I I I hate this 😡😡🤬:)

No not good for kids. My child was starting to change and even go to the principal office I had to get off work so many times and it’s just starting to change who our kids are they forget about themselves and start to focus on popularity what being popular going to do it’s not going to give you money or anything being yourself is all you need to be

Stupid. This game is honestly so stupid, and feeds into terrible stereotypes. I mean it’s honestly one of the worst games I’ve ever seen. How the hell do ppl actually like this game.

Why?. This is the worst game. The concept is so stupid, it should be taken off the App Store.

Would give it - infinity stars. THIS GAME IS STUPID because it expects you to be perfect like why can’t you just be yourself and plus irl sometimes you can even be popular by wearing hoodies and shoes not high heels and dresses ugh the maker of this game is the WORST!!

😡😡😡. Why does reading a book make you not popular!! That is SO stupid! People should be themselves not stereotypical “popular “ girls!!! You all should be ashamed! Ugh it’s people like you who ruin this earth!

It was fun. When I started it I really liked it my only goal is to collect all of the outfits I know it’s really boring because I’ve done everything so I really wanted to come up with an update

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Keeps crashing. i actually like this game especially when i’m bored . it’s repetitive but i like those kinds of games . idk what everyone is talking about in the comments that it’s bad for younger girls or something ?? like that it could make girls not view themselves good or whatever but i’m also not easily influenced so . idk but everytime i try to start the game it crashes and it moves awfully slow . please try to fix id love to play more :(

I’m sorry but not okay. Look usually if I have a bad review I keep it too myself especially if it’s a game like this which you download because your bored and your normal games aren’t working but I just have to say it. This game teacher kids(especially girls) that they have to be on diets and in clothing that everyone else wears to be popular and “get a man”. While you don’t want to be too unhealthy with food choices, one salad or burger won’t impact weight which shouldn’t have to do with popularity isn’t the first place- we don’t shame here. All in all toxic and even worse than I expected it to be.

Not ok. This game is showing that if you are smart or if you read and study that you are a loser. This will then lead to young kids that play this game to think the same thing. It’s extremely toxic and sexist. I won’t lie and say the game isn’t fun because I like games that you have to chose something. There doesn’t need to be more things added to the stereotype that if you study and try that you are a loser. Or choosing books instead of having coffee will make others repel you. I don’t think that this was the intent behind the game of course but there are people that won’t know that this isn’t like real life and that it shouldn’t be accepted.

I HATE IT!. This game is absolutely horrible. It shows you to to wear makeup and dresses to be pretty .. You all are beautiful the way you are. This game is totally sexist and racist. i would give it a 1/10. Boys should like you by your personality and trait. It doesn't matter if your blonde or brown or ginger . Nobody cares. And this game should not be getting so much five star reviews because its say you basically have to Wear makeup and dont bump into people. So what if you bump into someone ? it wont ruin your reputation it would just show you to focus on your surroundings. I dont recommend this.

Review. Ok, so this game is really fun but I already passed everything and it’s the same thing every time which makes it boring. Also if you don’t get a high popularity, the boyfriend dumps her/ doesn’t kiss her. So basically it’s like a using for popularity game. Also you have to watch a lot of ads to get something and there are a lot of ads which is normal. I think you guys should add more levels and more interactive stuff! There are also bugs and yea.

Ehhhhh. Well, to start it’s telling girls you need to eat salads. And you can’t even eat the fries! Fries are so good and you don’t need to just eat salad to get in shape there’s no point of having this game if it’s telling you stuff that you don’t need in life! The grafics on the game are ok but also the worse thing about the game was the clothes. You might say why? Because on the game I just downloaded, the jeans were an option but since I saw the reviews saying they have to where dress, and it’s called the queen bee I osumed that you have to where the dress AND IT WAS THE RIGHT ANSWER the reason I’m mad is because the Jeans would have been WRONG! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH JEANS! So that’s my review.

Gameplay is ok but the message isn’t great. Apparently these things make you popular, you have to be looking a certain way to be popular. That is true in school, and sadly we can’t do much about it. There was this person foaming at the mouth saying that Disney isn’t any different from this, and they’re so wrong. Disney doesn’t portray every female as this, and usually portrays the popular female as mean or a bully. Which I don’t agree with but whatever. The thing this game doesn’t have is a good message, while Disney does give a good message at the end of the story. Anyways, I wouldn’t suggest this game to anyone, just go play Love Nikki.

A good game but, too many glitches.. Every time I open the app it brings me right back to my home page. All my other apps are fine and never do this. My device works perfectly fine. Other than that I love playing Queen Bee. Even with all the makeup and dressing options it’s still a really cool, fun game to play. Some people think this game teaches girls bad things but, it’s really just a game. I would buy this game if I was you, just be aware of the glitches that might follow.

DOES it MATTER?. Okay, so i don’t really understand, why anyone needs to be POPULAR in the game! For example when i went to level 1 it said either glasses or makeup! truthfully, some people where glasses too, when their popular. Does it REALLY matter? i think if you play this game you’ll act into being like that, pushing unpopular girls/boys in the halls of school, and i think it’s just not right to play this game. another reason is because at the end you kiss a BOY at the end! And it’s just NOT right, especially for my AGE. it’s inappropriate for children! if you’re reading this DO NOT GET IT!

This game lowers my self esteem….. This game kinda reminds me of those movies and shows about being “popular” Popularity doesn’t mean anything, people are just judgmental. They bully others because they have no love for themselves and the world around you. Who cares if you have to wear blonde hair, short dresses, lipstick, and purses? I’d rather read a book and pass all of my classes. Just never EVER stop being yourself. I don’t need some boy to kiss me that only cares about my looks and popularity, I want someone to truly love me for who I am. The most important thing is to love yourself for who you are, that will attract more people other than popularly and looks.😉You don’t have to change anything about you, or other people. Thanks for reading!😊

Love the game, but one thing.. I would give this game 4.5 stars, but I don’t think it’s an option. The reason I’m writing this review is because I honestly think the boobs are a bit too large. I was playing the game and my little brother walked in and asked me this. “Are those really big balloons on her chest?” All in all, this is the only adjustment I’m making so it will be more appropriate for the small child’s :) Best regards, AddiePlayzz

I don’t really like it.... Because once you hit the queen part on the side it just goes down and you need to improve the game it is boring also why when you eat a burger or chips or whatever it just makes you big that is not true and it is telling you to eat healthy just to be skinny and popular that is not how it works because if you eat unhealthy the girls that are following you behind leaves just because it made you big and it dose not matter if your too big or too small

Reasons why. At first when ads about this app started popping up on my screen I was like well,it’s gonna keep popping up so I thought that maybe I should try it out so I did.i thought I would love it so much but to be honest,I have some reason why it is a terrible game for kids, first when like your person starts getting more popular and stuff like that the start pushing the other girls in front of them and for younger children,the might think that’s what there supposed to do when there’s someone in front of them. Also at the end they kiss the boys and i think that is inappropriate for young children.

Terrible game. This game shows what type of reality we live in now a days and people actually playing this game will just make it worse. i don’t know who thought this game would be a good idea but they are wrong. This game is so unfair and so unhealthy for most people. It makes you pick between hair styles, outfits, shoes, even food. I was playing it and i had a option of pizza or a coffee?!?! and the coffee was the right one? You should be able to eat what you want and not feel like it’s gonna make you less attractive and pretty. YOU are perfect the way you are. This game deserves a 0/5 stars

Love the game. I love this game so much because it’s very entertaining and it’s hard to be a TickTock star in an Instagram star because you have to get so many followers and you have to post really good thing but I like the game you have to help other people anyways don’t judge other people but it’s a good game the teachers everybody to don’t judge other people how they like their perfect just the way they are

Awesome game I love it. So the point is this game is like Get girls together the other boys and you have to try to get a boy but you have to make yourself look really good but if you don’t then like you you won’t win and my dog even tried playing it but he lost because I had to control his path but do you like that I could tail and that’s why I love this game and that’s all

Mean game. I don’t want to be mean but it doesn’t give a good message in my opinion it makes people who are young think that being popular is everything and that you have to look a curtain way to be beautiful but it should be about how beauty is in the inside I hope in the future people can make better games that make young people remember that beauty comes from the inside not the out no hate or anything because I bet the person that made this game is a good person that just made a bad decision please do better.

Why do they act like only pretty people is the only perfect people on earth. This game is basically making fun of other people you can’t be smart you can only be pretty like what the heck you can’t wear glasses also says blonde hair is the only pretty hair my hair is black and I think that’s OK it looks cute on me and it says girls can’t wear certain clothes sweat pants or hoodie girls only wear dresses and skirts like Bruh fine but it’s actually a very it says you can only eat salads and it’s shaming a lot of people everybody’s different in their own unique way everybody’s beautiful you don’t have to be a certain way to just to be beautiful

it’s okay🤨. well this game is OK the only thing that I hate about it is that there’s way way way too many ads every single little second I press the button I have to do an ad I even turn it on airplane mode and it never works, it’s a fun game sometimes but it also can be I don’t know let me just explain it, it makes you think that you could have to wear make up you have to perfect do you have to eat one thing you have to not make mistakes you can’t slip on water and if you do your life is miserable you have to be perfect it can make people become that person and it’s not a good thing. and also it’s way ridiculous.

Wow... just wow.. First off, this game teaches a horrible message. It’s teaching kids that you have to be super skinny and wear ridiculous clothes to have a girlfriend/boyfriend or to be popular. That’s how the society is today... dumb. So to everyone who plays this game, you are perfect. Don’t let this stupid game make you change for the worse. You do you. You change because YOU wanna change. Either than that is kind of inappropriate. It’s a... okay game. This game has its ups and downs. More downs than ups. Unless you like crap like this, wouldn’t recommend. I’m uninstalling right after I make this. Don’t download.

uh yeah don’t get it. yeah, the game is kinda boring ngl and it’s predictable what’s gonna happen, pretty much the same thing every time. it also gives a bad message, yeah it might be “just a game” and “not real life” that doesn’t mean it’s giving a good message. like it shows that if you don’t have blonde hair and eat french fries the boy won’t kiss you, and even after you get rejected there’s an option to kiss him anyways LIKE?😭 anyways y’all should stop promoting these games to the top of the app store cause they’re a really bad message especially to younger kids who come to look for games to play and see, this…

Toxic toxic toxic. This game is without a doubt such a bad influence. You don’t gain popularity over the wha you dress, how you look, or the choices you make. Especially to get a man who will only date you for your popularity. One salad, one burger, one bag of chips, and one smoothie isn’t gonna impact your weight big time. This brings me to the hairstyles. The way you wear your heart doesn’t impact your beauty THAT MUCH!! It lowers so many people’s confidence too. I’m a short haired ginger, what’s wrong with my hair?? This now brings me to the clothing choices. Showing off skin doesn’t make you popular. Wearing long sleeves doesn’t make you ugly. Wearing sneakers doesn’t make you weird. This is such a bad influence to younger girls I mean come on!!

Me liking the game. I love this game so much because it’s inspiration to me and it’s helping me like pick up the clothes that I need to not just like Doodoo close but sometimes I do but it actually exposes me to help me learn and he just does that to me so I get help from everybody else who plays this game and I just purchased something new and it was fun so that’s why I like this so I love you guys whoever made this game time are 10,000 I love you bye

Unhealthy game, and ads 😒. I enjoy the game and I also like how u can get new outfits but the choices are really unhealthy because if you choose a burger, cake, or French fries you will become “fat” and nobody will like you or if u choose shirts, or jeans, or no makeup or heels or a dress you will be less popular. And then there are ads after each level you finish. Thank u for reading my review 👍

Ugh!. This game is so bad bc it is telling girls what to wear eat and what app to use! And girls need BLONDE HAIR to look beautiful? I have brown hair and I’m fine with that but- jeez and this game is sooo boring and there are so much ads the reason there is five stars to that people can read overall I know it’s just a game but DUDE! This game is shaming girls who are “losers” they are beautiful too! And it is kinda telling the girl to bully others.

Sexist. So I downloaded this game out of curiosity. I played a round and immediately I was offended. So it said you have to wear skirts, be blonde, wear lipstick instead of reading a book, and not to mention saying that you have to eat a salad instead of fries. Ik ik salads are good but fries are better and I was offended that your so called “friends” leave you for eating the fries.. and don’t change yourself for others just be you. I bet a male made this game cause they always want us to be perfect. And the point of the game is to get male validation. So basically in the game your a “pick me girl”. So basically I’m saying don’t download the game unless you wanna be offended..

I hate the overall message. My little sister was playing this game and she said that you needed blonde hair and TikTok to be popular, pretty have friends and etc. she’s only 6. She doesn’t need to think these things because she has gorgeous black curls and doesn’t need blonde hair to feel more confident. I hate the message and I had to even tell her that this stuff doesn’t make you a “queen bee”, this game is kinda sexist to me if I’m being honest…this game is like a girl trying to be popular but the story is written by an uncultured man. I don’t recommend for little girls.

Please fix this. So I love this game that’s why I gave it a 5 star rate but when they added more dresses and levels it’s been hard trying to get the new dresses so I’ve played the levels and to get the dresses too but I have some of the new dresses but when my gift is literally 100% and I’m waiting for the dress to pop up I don’t see the dress and it skips it and goes to the next level so I wrote this review for you guys to fix it and please✌️❤️

Toxic, fake, sexist, and stupid. I got this game as a joke because I saw an ad on tiktok. Don’t get this game. In the game you can choose between a salad and a cake and if you choose cake you get really over weight, and you make other choices throughout the game and at the end if you don’t look good enough and aren’t popular enough then your boyfriend won’t kiss you. Young girls playing this game are gonna get the wrong ideas and think that people will only like you if your skinny and have the right type of cloths and are popular. This is a sexist, toxic, body shaming, stupid, and overall messed up game. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS APP.

Why so mad?. This game is simple and fun and I think I reached max level! But a lot a people have been saying it’s bad well I have TWO words for you DISNEY MOVIES ok. In fact I think it’s ok for the age to be 4+. And all you screaming back there “well Disney is different “ I say no ok plus Disney is something kids rely on these day I’m not saying this is what kids rely on bad same the sequence (girl problem prince happily ever after)ok! So just agree with me

Why this popular?. Look I’m all for doing what makes you happy. So what if you want to wear dresses and be blonde. But making you do it solely to win the game. That’s just plain stupid. This game has sent out the exact wrong message. That by following trends is the only way to be popular. It’s sexist and misogynistic. Please delete this game. Doing this all for male validation is so wrong. And the button where you can kiss him anyways, is completely blowing out the concept of consent. This is teaching young women to do things just because someone else wants them to. So do any young women reading this comment please just be yourself. This is coming from a literal 11-year-old.

What the heck?!?. What is wrong with this game creator?? This game is so mean. Girls are perfect the way they are, they don’t need any boy to be good. I personally never liked dresses or skirts or anything showy, but in this game that makes you ‘popular.’ I don’t care about wearing dresses be they’re SUPER uncomfortable. I have always been one to wear a sweatshirt, shorts, a tee, or even cute jean!! All you girls that you need to do this kind of stuff to be liked, dont. You are perfect and even if you’re bullied, it’s usually cuz others are jealous of you. So go ahead, wear a sweatshirt and Jean!! If guys don’t like you, they have serious brain damage, okay?? Btw, thx for reading this review.😊You are perfect.

Please read.. A couple things I liked to say is that the ads. The ads are getting very annoying like I did this one round and then after I got a ad and then I went to collect money and I clicked “no thanks” and I still got a ad. But overall the game is fun and tells you to pick the better things so don’t pick beer but pick biology.

Why are people saying this is WRONG?. This game is amazing especially if your bored and have no WiFi. It might have adds but don’t all the other apps? People are saying this is this and that but their just showing what some people are “ popular “ “ pretty “ “ skinny “ all the people who play this gives it a bad review. If you don’t like it then L E A V E. Thank you! Have a good day , amazing game by the way.

Glitches and my opinion. Part 1:I’ll start off easy, I don’t know if this is happening to anybody else, but when I play this game, the cause of adverts glitches the game all up. Part 2:Now on the other hand, this a terrible message for little girls who are forming and growing up. Don’t make them think “you have to do this to get a boy, you have to dress like this, you have to be popular” because they will decide that for themselves and for anyone who’s reading this, I don’t recommend this game, especially for your younger siblings/children.

Good app.. but has flaws. I like the app but there was this one outfit that I really wanted and I had to watch an ad to get it and I would watch the ad and then when the ad was over the app would start glitching and I had to leave the game and come back and then I would never get the outfit and I did this like three or four times and it made me pretty upset because it says that they fixed the bugs and glitches.

omg read this. this game is great, I really don’t know why people are judging it. It’s just a game?? Like it isn’t trying to send a message, the dev was probably like “oo let me make a Moblie App where people that play, get to be a queen bee!” Like omg you literally just act like a queen bee, and you become less of a queen bee when you do stuff, but that just makes the guy drive away, like idk what these people are on about.

horrible. this game looks fun on all the ads until you actually take time to download it, play the game, and see it’s a total waste of storage. this game is actually rigged, when i want something, it’ll make me watch an add for it. okay, no big deal, an app’s gotta get its money i assume. well i didn’t think it would get to the point where they wanted to be greedy and give me TWICE the amount of ads. not only that but they take FOREVER. not to mention when i follow the choice i want to make in this game it completely glitches and doesn’t function, making me loose it. do not waste storage on this game. 0 stars if i could.

I hate it.. I’m a mom ok? And I let my 11 year old daughter download this game. Because I thought it was really harmless. But a few weeks after she started playing it she started to want to wear a lot of makeup and refused to eat just about anything!! So I ask her why she was acting weird and she flat out told me “ because I want to be popular” and I asked why she thought she would be popular from doing things like that and she said because this game made her think she needed to do things like that. 😡😡 I hate because it is sexist, sends a really bad message to young children and teens, and it body shames chubbier girls!! Do not download this game 😡😡

this game is dumb don’t waste time and get it. i downloaded this game a few days ago thinking oh this would be fun but i was so wrong!! it makes you think that you need to be perfect in everything you do to be accepted by other people and every time you complete a level it plays an add even if you click no add. when i was playing the game it froze a lot and wouldn’t even let me play it. i got through 3 levels and deleted it because it wouldn’t work. it was as if i downloaded a game just to watch adds. this game was a waste of time to download. even when i went to delete it it wouldn’t work. i don’t recommend children getting this game because they can grow up and think they would only be accepted in society if they eat salads and do certain things or wear certain things. i think this game was a waste of my time so don’t get it.

Fun but not really good. i play this game often in my spare time. even though this game is fun, the new update just ruined it for me. i like the concept but during art there is a question that really bothers me, it asks what are the primary colors and the two options are black, blue and yellow or blue, red or green. neither of these are correct but when you go in the blue, red and green one it boosts your grade. green is NOT a primary color and that is why you should not let your kids play this game! the new update also makes the game INSANELY laggy and i keep bumping into things that i do not want to bump into.

Lol who made this…. So like the moral of the game is pretty much if you eat salads, you will be skinnier and more people will like you. If you wear makeup and “fix” your flaws, more people will like you. What in the heck is this… like no one should care about popularity in high school, and if you do, that’s the saddest thing I’ve probably heard. This gives out a very bad message to young girls to make them think that they have to be skinny and pretty to be so called, “popular.” I know plenty of girls who arnt skinny and are popular. Literally I’m still a teen and the app creators were probably in their 30’s, yet I still am wiser than them. More depressing than my life story…

I LOV THIS GAME. This game is so much fun it helps me get my moods up and I love how it is based on school BC I love school and I love the way how you can have like prom and the dances that you would have in real life but this would never be based on real life BC you would never loose popularity but slipping on water or falling or getting pushed down by a couple of cheerleaders but other than that this game is so much fun

What the…... So I was casually Playing when I reached the Beach Level. I find it so weird that the girl would need a whole TEAM to get the man + It gets even Weirder. I saw that some men with Instruments Were their to. Like it’s a beach why would u need a football helmet? Also I did all the good stuff I just lost my whole team I don’t Get the ending the man refuses. It’s so horrible like girls are going through this kind of stuff and all this game cares about is making it even worse, by telling u what’s good and what’s bad.

Horrible. I’m rating this high so people will see it! But this game tells you what to eat, do, dress and how to act. You don’t have to be the blond girl who has tiktok and eats only veggies. They mark the things red for bad and green for good. Studying is good but the mark it bad to be popular! Also you do this all for a boy!? One if your a girl playing this you have no choice if you want to kiss a girl! But also it’s very boring and easy.. thank you for reading

Sexist and unhealthy. I’m so done with this game. It sets a horrible example for kids. It’s making it seem like you have the perfect in every right way. Like if the girl doesn’t get popular and get skinny or eat salads, etc she get punched and bullied at the end by ‘the guy’. It makes women feel like toys. Like they just HAVE to be perfect or else they will get bullied and made fun of who they are. Like if you get all the popular stuff, ‘the guy’ will kiss you at the end. But if you don’t, ‘the guy’ will punch you. Rollic Games, please think before you make a game like this. Remember, never change yourself for anyone!

It should not be four years old😡🙂. This isn’t okay it’s making you change your identity between popularity and smart if you think popularity is better your never gonna get a job if you thing Smart is better your right you can make stuff out of that sometimes things that seem good aren’t as good as you thought you have to make good choices because you can never go back after and yes I’ve played I don’t like it sorry if I’m being to much😅

Fun but a bit offensive. Why about being a pretty girl that has to be popular for what? Like it’s fun but really rude. Always on eating healthy just to be skinny? Wearing makeup to make people follow you more? Just really offensive of this game just to be a nerd and get bullied. Everybody is pretty the way they were born. Like how can we be not pretty without being in makeup, dresses, a crown ,and beautiful hair. Even with a popular guy in college. I don’t get it about being pretty. And how about being a boy? I mean I support lbgtq+ but I don’t think I see any characters that are boys. I don’t understand anymore.

meh pls add kissing. heyyyyy so this game is kinda fun. i used to have it when like the girl was trying to be popular and get a boyfriend and then you’d see if she was good enough at the end, which was fun. now it’s all about grades and college and it’s like when I’m on my phone i don’t want any games to be about school— so would ya PLEASE just make people make out behind the gym and have to go through this course you have about grades so they won’t get caught by their boyfriend or girlfriend? C’MON! I WANNA SEE SOME TONGUE KISSING CLOSE UPS!!!!! thx for reading!

Ok ok this game is sooooo “perfect”. It makes people want to change their appearance for others and then they get judged for what the act and do. There is only one reason why I like this, that is because of the petiole walking down the hallways with their heads down get pushed down and every time I see that I’m like “get noobed”. Still even though I like that part that makes people want to do that irl and that does not seem like something a sad person would like. ✨now I see children playing this and I’m like “awww bootiful” but then the child is learning how to be a diva like what is this game ✨ now just because of all of that is I could do it I would give it 1/2 out of 5 but since I can’t I give it 1/5.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 2.4.3
Play Store com.MoodGames.QueenBee
Compatibility iOS 11.0 or later

Queen Bee! (Versiyon 2.4.3) Install & Download

The application Queen Bee! was published in the category Games on 29 April 2021, Thursday and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This program file size is 276.06 MB. This app has been rated by 74,438 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Queen Bee! - Games app posted on 19 August 2022, Friday current version is 2.4.3 and works well on iOS 11.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.MoodGames.QueenBee. Languages supported by the app:

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