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What is dagame app? Features Include:

- multiple characters
- epic music
- epic sound effects
- challenging gameplay
- play as a car/convertible

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Find this site the customer service details of DaGame. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1562587737/dagame/contact

DaGame Customer Service, Editor Notes:

DaGame Version 2.020 September 2021

New *3D* World Experience DaGame In 3D.

DaGame Version 1.1.431 July 2021

- UI Changes - Bug Fixes.

DaGame Version 1.1.312 May 2021

- bug fixes.

DaGame Comments & Reviews 2022

- it changed my life.

at first i was so deppreshion, i was lonely, and very sad ( my deppreshion cause it of course ). then one day i found myself looking through apps to get me through deppreshion. finally, after days of looking, after years of therapy, and after years of anxiety. i found the one and only app that helped me get through and fight deppreshion. DaGame. da baby really did help me, so much i cured world hunger. it helped my strength how to get pass cars and my lawsuits. i don’t know what it did to me, but this game worked wonders for my deppreshion. especially when it said “ LETS GOOO! “ at the end of every game it motivated me. when i failed a game, “ LETS GOOO! “ motivated me to keep on pushing and get more coins! it got me really successful. i really, highly recommended this game for people with deppreshion, anxiety, or if you are being bullied. i downloaded it- i cured world hunger. i cant believe a dababy game could change someone’s life. very amazing, so great. life-changing results. oh and also! when you select different characters it showed that you can be different person in your life. you can go from a bully to a caring upstander! it changes lives. dharr man, you really got to step up your game and be more like this game ( no hate to dharr mann, he changed my life too ). awesome game! keep up the good work man. 😁

- A true blessing.

At first I thought it was a figment of my imagination, could it be real? I have suffered through many years of pain and sorrow, gloom and depression, weep and willow, throughout my entire lifetime, until I found a treasure trove of what makes a grown man cry. What lifts a man to his spirits. What promotes inspiration and what continues to impress even the experienced. DaGame. A game many people say has changed them for the better, and I can’t disagree. This game will bring you life. This game will spark a new meaning to you, inspiring to change what you have been doing wrong, and do it right. A game to top all games in emotional and physical beauty. A game to reminisce of glory days. A game to enlighten young souls alike. The many relatable characters provide a wide range of variety to people who have enough DaCoins™️to purchase. A wide renaissance of art to ease eyes across the world. Jumping into a life changing experience, and feeling revived and refreshed. I give my every ounce of love to this game, it inspires what we live for. It inspires what we strive. It inspires what we want to overcome, to achieve, and to remember. Thank you DaBaby, for making this mindset become a reality.

- DaReview

When I was growing up, life was always really hard. My family never had enough to support me and my brother and the things we wanted to do. At school, I was super quiet and sometimes people would make fun of me because I didn’t talk that much. By the time I was a teenager I was really sad and anxious all the time. My parents would fight a lot and my brother was also doing bad in school. I was seriously considering ending it all when I checked my phone and the App Store for something to do. I was so upset with how my life was turning out. I checked the top games in the App Store, and that’s when I found DaGame. The moment I downloaded it, something changed in my life. First of all, the different characters meant I could be someone else for a change and it inspired me. The coins made me feel like I accomplished something in life for once. At the end of each game, the LETS GOOOO motivated me to keep going every single day of my life. Now, I turned myself around and I am doing so much better! I have lots of money and friends and it’s because of DaGame. This game is truly life changing so 5/5 stars for me.

- This game changed my life

Throughout the course of my short, 16 year lifetime, I struggled to succeed in discovering my purpose, an activity in which I excelled, or anything that resulted in me becoming happy. My life has consisted of being bullied, not fitting in with my peers, and feeling as if I do not belong on this earth. This changed unexpectedly when I uncovered this magnificent, life-altering game, known as "DaGame." I was recommended to this game by my only friend, who told me this game would assist me in becoming not only a better person, but a happier person as well. It did not take an extended period of time while playing this game for me to come to the conclusion that it is miraculous and heartwarming. I never particularly enjoyed DaBaby's music, although this game has changed my views on him entirely. Everything about this game is positive, from the "DaMexican" car to every other aspect of it. I sincerely thank DaBaby and the creators of this astonishing game for helping me find a new light, a new hobby, and a reason to continue living and fight off my depression. Thank you, DaBaby. You get five stars.

- Dababy the man who saved my life

I am 69 years old and have breast cancer even though I am a man. I have crippling depression, chronic back pain, autism, and every single family member I have is now dead. As I am on my death bed I realize it is my time to go but I want to play DaGame one more time before I go. As I am playing I die not even getting DaWavy car as I say my goodbyes to DaGame I tell my doctor to pull the plug. But suddenly my phone starts to vibrate and it starts to levitate in the air and then my phone transforms into DaWavy car and my doctor pulls off his mask and reveals DABABY! As I ask him how all he says is “let’s go” and I can suddenly walk again as he takes out his magic carpet and starts singing “I can show you the world” I start to transform back into a 18 year old and he revived all of my dead family members. As I get off DaRide I thank him for all he’s done and he just says. “I do what I want” as he teleports away. I am now a 18 year old with a wealthy job and a full family. Thank you DaGame for saving my life. LESS GOOO.

- DaBaby, DaMother, DaFather, DaBabyBaby, DaMexican

These are the legendary characters. Nay —heroes that you can skrrrt up as in this life-changing game. Two lanes, one heart. I raced along the freeway, weaving between cops and circular saws. With each coin I collect, I am a step closer to the power of the ultimate “LESS GOE”. What happens when you reach the end, you ask? There is no end. I imagine if there is an end, it’s only because you drive into the freaking sun. Keep driving, keep going, never stop making phat stacks and growing in power. Last night, I was sleeping in the fetal position, frail, weak, and I heard bass-boosted music. It went hard, so naturally I got up and went outside, making the signature DaBaby pose: finger guns to head. I open my eyes, and what to I see? Dababy, in a lambo, staring back at me. He pops open the passenger door, and says with a grin, “Aye bro, less goe. C’mon, get in.” My rhyming is done, screw that crap. That was until DaBaby started to rap. The flow was so good, we started to float, not in a ship, not in a boat. Then we flew into space and colonized the rest of the Milky Way. Less goe.

- roberta Andrades review

this game is so heartfelt to me. it makes me feel a certain way that i cant describe the feeling of. its just so wholesome and beautiful and the story behind it all is just so emotional. i suffer with explosive diarrhea and when its time to let it out this game is always here for me. i am just so grateful for this lovely experience and this game will forever be cherished in a special place of my heart. i dont know what i would do without it. my explosive diarrhea has been so much more fun knowing that i get to play this game. recently ive been very sad and insecure because of my feet. they are so ugly and fat😟😟😟. this game made me realize that i am perfect and its so inspiring for the young children to know there worth! da baby is so inspiring! he talks about levitation and how to do so with his famous words "left foot right foot levitating" wow. those words touched my heart. then theres "you better let me go the day you need me" da baby changed my life with those humble words. after all i really recommend this game it is a life changer and saver!!!!

- Thank you DaGame

When I first heard about DaGame, I thought it was just another poorly made mobile game, but man was I wrong. You see, DaGame is no ordinary game, in fact, it is much more. The night that I downloaded DaGame, my life changed dramatically, for the better. That night, I went to sleep at around 11:30 pm, but while I was asleep, DaBaby came to me in my dream, and brought me a dog soaked in chicken noodle soup. At the time, I thought this was just another strange dream of mine, but when I wake up, I would be proven wrong. I woke up to hear the buzzing of my alarm, I turned onto my left side to turn it off, but to my surprise, There was the dog, soaked in chicken noodle soup from my dream. The dog had created a chicken noodle soup water puddle under himself, soaking the entire bed. Thanks to DaGame, I didn’t have to pay for water for an entire month, because I could just use all the chicken noodle soup water. I just want to thank whoever made DaGame, you have helped me in so many ways that I can’t even count them all. Thank You so so much.

- Da baby changed my life

I’ve lived a horrible life since I was born in 2003 I was never able to make friends or even get a girlfriend I tried playing video games to forget about how lonely I was but it never seemed to help calm me down. I couldn’t sleep for weeks on end to end because I couldn’t stand the pain and suffering I’ve been through, I didn’t know what to do with my life anymore until April 23 at 4:00 in the year of 2021 I was scrolling through the App Store looking for good games to play until.....I saw it. I saw da game. As soon as I heard a familiar voice say “LETS GOOO” my face was filled with joy I had just known this was a sign from dababy he has gifted me a great game. I pressed download on da game. I had played it for hours on end as soon as I started to play da game I would feel less lonely. This game has changed my life forever. I have take over the world earth is no more earth it’s da earth we don’t believe in god we believe in dababy he is our savior.. In this world our only thoughts are of dababy. Dababy is da god......

- Dagame | A True Masterpiece

When I first played Dagame, it touched my heart. It caressed me as chills were sent down my spine with the fluid motions of swiping up and down. Touching the screen, loading up dagame and hearing the words, “I pull up”. Absolutely beautiful, those three words bless my heart with joy and affection in the likes which I’ve never felt before. Hearing my idol DaBaby in Dagame and his sayings of, “Les gooo” makes me sob out tears of happiness from my eyes. The clouds of Dagame with the face of my idol Dababy just bring me happiness in the likes which I’ve never seen, the way my eyes sparkle when I see DaBaby and Da Family is beautiful. Every morning I wake and begin to think about Dagame and I cry, I cry because I know the amount of happiness Dagame can bring me is unmatched. Dagame has put me in a state of mind to the point where I no longer require simple human things like food, drink, and sleep. Dagame has ascended me to another dimension, where I am the ruler of all that is holy, only bowing down to our ruler Dababy himself. 10/10

- Da Game Review

This game is life changing. One of the best games I have ever played. This game makes you feel focused because if you blink, you will probably loose. The nice and catchy beat that is playing in the background is really awesome. So great that it makes you feel like not failing the game. When I got to play as Da Mother and Da Father, I felt like I was in Da game. This was certainly my best gaming moment I have ever experienced. My high score is currently 176 but I know I can get more than that because of how great the game is. When you loose playing this game, you probably won’t m rage or feel frustrated, angry, or sad because Dababy will hype you up with “Let’s Go!” I give this app a five out of five. The only issue i have experienced was there was a moment where I was forced to loose because the two objects came one after another and it didn’t let me through because the space was too small. I have experienced this once. But everything else it great, and I highly persuade anyone to try out this game.

- Best game ever

Before experiencing DaGame I was depressed, and was plagued with mad cow disease, dementia, and the bubonic plague. My family had disowned me shortly after my birth and I grew up on the streets of Philadelphia. I survived relatively fine until I was ran over by an ice cream truck while I was chasing it. For the next day I layed dying on the street, scrolling on my phone. I came across DaGame on the App Store and downloaded it for the memes. After completing my first game I scored 157. I played what I thought would be my last round before death, and finished with a score of 69,420. Suddenly I saw a heavenly light and heard the voice of DaBaby angels. Then DaFather appeared in front of me, dressed in a Gucci toga. He touched my hand and I had a spiritual epiphany. My body ascended towards the heavens and I went through a transformation, curing my diseases and changing my being into a godly middle aged man. In my left hand I held a roll of tape and in the right a bottle of glue. I came back to earth to help spread the teachings of DaFather. And that is how I became Phil Swift.

- Dagame <33

When I was first introduced to this game, I nearly thought it was a joke. Dagame will never and couldn’t be a joke, Dagame is a beautiful and heart warming game and everyone should play it all ages. My mother has been in and out of the hospital for the past week and this game has been with me through thick and thin, this game is not just inspiring but also has world wide love to spread to the millions of people who have the privilege and a phone to access this glorious game. A five star review is saying a lot when it comes to an amazing game like this. The skins for the game are just breathtaking as I experience viewing the game for the other wonderful skins. This game is fun, loving, and great for kids who haven’t yet seen this game or have heard of Dababy. Not only did this game accomplish the fine details of Dababy car but Dafather and Damother as well as the many other skins. Thank you for this wonderful game and this game will be here for others to come and for generations upon generations to experience this game.

- An intense emotional healer

My newly found brother recommended me this game this morning. Immediately every negative emotion melted out of my body. I felt as if I was one with the entirety of the universe, and I saw god. I’ve never been religious because I was raised in an abusive household where my father would put out his cigarettes on the top of my head and my mother would not let me watch spongebob. This morning I was in intense emotional distress because of a person that was ripped out of my life because I found out she didn’t like da baby and that was as good as her being dead. My brother and mentor saw me down in the dumps, hunting for rats, when he decided to let me know about this game that cured his amputations from the war (Before he had lost his legs). I started playing the game and haven’t stopped until writing this review to spread the gospel. I will also be holding religious, da baby services out of my garage every Wednesday at 5am in my garage (everyone welcome). Thank you God for da baby and thank you da baby for da game.

- Da Enjoyer

I was always lost in life... nothing and no one at all. There were times when people would come into my life and show me a brief display of love, after a while they would leave and I would be alone all over again. I was tired of the loneliness, the sorrow, the deep sharp pain in my heart, so I looked for a boyfriend. I found a guy named James who I really liked, and he liked me back, he fell in deep love with me which led him to buying me a dollar, and that dollar was special to me, but not as special as DaGame, this game was not only free and interesting, but it changed my life for the better. I went from squabbling and bickering with lowly people to being more rich than Elon Musk in an instant, I became Da Enjoyer, I enjoyed the game so much that my parents decided to abort me, which led to me being alone and having more time to play DaGame, to this day... every time I open up DaGame I feel a rush of adrenaline rush into my heart, I feel my soul light up, I can confidently say that DaGame is DaGame to play!

- Dababy saved my life

Once upon a time, I was younger than I am today. I had just watched my parents choke to death on jellybeans. I couldn’t save them. I became sad, and I didn’t want anyone else to be happy. So I unlocked my inner power and started murdering orphans. I am not proud of this moment in my life. But I murdered hundreds of thousands of orphans and ate their toes until I had enough XP to evolve into my final form. I couldn’t be defeated by anyone, and I kept eating orphan toes. However, they prayed to their lord and savior Dababy, and he heard their prayers and came to Earth from his celestial abode to duel me. We dueled for 50 days and 49 nights. Two titans among men. Two gods among mortals. Two sexy beasts among ugly snails. In the end, I was unable to avoid Dababy’s eternal godly powers. He slayed me, and I fell to the ground. Dababy, being the gracious, kind man that he is, saved my soul. I converted to his religion and apologized to the families of all the orphans I murdered. Today, I travel the universe, spreading the teachings of Dababy. LET’S GOOOO!

- DaBabyBaby

Growing up I didn’t have friends, like I’m not exaggerating I didn’t, because of that I got cancer in my left eye which caused me to not be able to see, this made my very sad and people thought I was weird because of it, this made me lonely and very sad. But that all changes febtober 35 at 13:91 in the morning when I was scrolling through the App Store and I found it, Dagame. I always was a fan of Dababy and thought his music was aight, but this game made me realize that Dababy is a beautiful Saint and the only worthy human being to live. I know this cuz Dababy came to me in a vision and I saw him but only with my left eye. He appeared and told me, LESSSS GOO. So I went. And I donated 13 of my 17 kidneys to charity and I gave all my belongs to the homeless, then I went to the mountain of Da and climbed the Bebe trail all the way to the top where I met withSaint Dababy and he enlightened my soul. Thank you Dababy for everything. Yours truly Mr. Cheeks

- Da best game ever

At first sight seeing this I was like looks lame but why not give it a try and let me say this was honestly the best game I’ve ever played in my life in years of playing games I’ve never played a game this fun this inspiring this epic. Every time I play this game I smile years later this game inspired me to be a game developer I once ran into da baby on my way to work he said LETS GOO so the I was like Alr let’s make a game about you so we started making a game and then he made a song just about are game we made called red light green light and it blew up witch meant i would get a lot of money fast forward a couple of years and I own PlayStation Microsoft and Nintendo made sonic good agian not only in tv entertainment mad gta 6 and remastered ea and made it to were it’s not just payed to win fast forward to the present I am now a quintillion air and I am 69 years old and good friends with da baby. So I just wanted to say thank you to the developer for making me the man I am today.

- DaGame is DaSaviour

As a child I had it rough growing up. My parents were both shot and murdered in front of my eyes at the age of five after leaving the movie theater. I was then took into a rundown homeless shelter and I was abused day in and day out at the shelter. Once I turned 15, I decided to leave the shelter and start living a life of my own. As soon as I got out, I found myself involved in numerous criminal activities and I was honestly at a very depressing stage of my life. However when life was at its worst point Dababy came to the rescue. I was going through the App Store trying to find a game where I could find cartels hiring and I stumbled upon DaGame. Within 15 seconds after getting DaGame my life changed completely it felt like someone came down from the heavens above and guided me forward. Soon I was able to enroll in college and graduate with a major in business and entrepreneurship. I then started a business and I’m now a multimillionaire thank you DaBaby!

- Dagame saved my life.

Exactly two weeks ago i was on my death bed because of my testicular cancer although i was a girl. I suffered from depression and thought of ending my life almost every day but one day i heard a knock on my door. I remembered struggling to get to the door but a voice in the back of my head said “lessgooo”, so i did. I got up and answered the door and it was Dababy himself. He showed me this game called Dagame. He said it would change my life so i played it every day hoping it would. When i finally unlocked Damexican my phone started to float to my ceiling and exploded. A liquid came out when it exploded and it landed right in my mouth. The next morning when i woke up everything was gone. My testicular cancer, my depression, and even my anxiety. My doorbell rang and it was dababy himself once again, and said “yeah yeah”. I felt as if i was reborn. Tears started to roll down my face. Not tears of sadness, not tears of hope, but tears of joy. Thank you Dababy.

- Dagame saved my life‼️‼️

It all started back when I was on a plane on my way to the depths of the African jungle, and my plane crashed. All passengers died, and I was left all alone in the jungle, with no sense of location and no food. For 2 days I sat in despair as I came to the sense that my life would soon end. Then one night as I did my usually 17th daily prayer to DaBaby (I do 20 a day), a phone dropped from the heavens. I quickly grabbed the phone off the ground, and opened it up. The phone had no reception, and not a single app downloaded except for Dagame. I opened Dagame, and sooner than you knew it my dehydration and starvation had been cured, as I played Dagame for 6969 hours straight. After my 6969th hour of Dagame, I heard and angelic voice saying “Let’s gooo” and there he was, DaBaby himself reaching out his arm to me. I quickly grabbed on, and he flew me to DaBabyLand. Thanks to Dagame, I was spared dying alone in the African jungle! I rate this game 15 let’s go’s / 10 ‼️‼️‼️

- Da Review

It all started on April 25th of the year 2021, at 5:29 pm. I had just eaten taco bell, and my stomach was going to explode out of my bum. I ran to el baño, and let it out, like a shaken can exploding when you open it. After the explosion, I was sitting on Da Toilet, contemplating my existence. Why was I here? What is my purpose? I sat for a second, scrolling on Da App Store, searching for my purpose. Then i found it.... DA GAME. I instantly tapped my finger onto the “Get” button, and watched as the app magically downloaded onto my iphone. I clicked Open and the magic began. ARBYS WE HAVE THE MEATS said a little voice in my head. “Silence!” I said to it. Then the voice told me very silently, “Let’s gooo”. I began playing and instantly felt exhilaration. I had found my purpose: OBTAINING DA MEXICAN. It is now 5:39 pm and I have never felt this alive in my life. My new life motto is: “Left foot, Right foot levitating. Pop star, Dua Lipa with Da Baby.” Thank you for listening. Please purchase Da Game to help me pay for Da Taxes. Adiós amigo.

- Da Baby The Dream

So about the Da Game. I experienced this game as for example a “YEAh YEAh” but at the same time I thought of it as a “HUHHH”. So about the “YEAh YEAh” part. I was inside of my App Store when I came across a game called “Da Game” now I was really really really intrigued about this game. So I downloaded it because you cant go wrong with Da Baby. So at the time I fell asleep while playing. In my dream I felt like I.... I... I... was POWERFUL. So I went to my kitchen but all we had was Spicy Ramen...... So I got a pack of ramen and I went back to my room, and when I went I saw something standing on my bed.... It was... The All Mighty DA BABY! He looked at me saying HUH because I was thinking about the game being pretty bad. But I was super wrong. Da Baby straight up slapped me with a HUH so he gave me some Doritos with Taco Bell and with Mountain Dew. He left my room and he split my Mountain Dew on me. Sadly it was all a dream but I remembered Da Baby, so I went ahead and gave it a 5 STAR review. Remember kids don't be a HUH.

- Changed my life

This game has a 100% spiritually physically and emotionally changed my life after the death of my pet hamster I felt lonely upset and catastrophe I never wanted to go back to my apartment all I did all day was watch modern family and cry there’s nothing for me to do until I saw this game this game emotionally changed my life that delicacy of the baby and the let’s go really changed me the game is so thought out and so tranquil I am obsessed with this game I find myself on lonely nights playing the levels over and over I can’t wait for level 1 million the kids at school when I was five what bully me for something I forget or ever but this game changes the course of reality this game is more fun than watching Adam Sandler make a fool out of himself on television I think whoever made this game they are the legend the myth the man something in that order download this game I 100% I missed my daughter‘s wedding for this game

- A bug that need to be fixed but otherwise great!

I’ve been playing this game for a while and it’s been really fun. My only problem is that every once in a while there is no way to get past an object/obstacle. The bug is that there will be single cone and a car. The car is in a position that you can’t move to the left lane, and the cone is in a spot making it so you can’t stay in the right. Despite how the game looks, it is really addictive and fun! Getting the other characters is a challenge and takes time unlike other games. It isn’t to hard, nor to east. It has a perfect balance. I really wanna see different Dababy songs in the game as there are only two in at the moment. In the future I want to see more characters, like da brother, or da sister. Ik this game is mostly a joke and for fun, but I really find it fun to play. 5/5 starts for sure and i highly recommend playing! Thanks for the great game!

- DaGame made me immortal!

So I downloaded DaGame from one of my friends, didn’t play it all that much. One day I experience cardiac arrest, and was hospitalized. The doctors told me I wasn’t gonna make it, 0% chance of survival because my lungs were collapsing and my heart was slowing down on the pumping of blood. They asked me what I wanted to do for the rest of my short life,(6 hours) and I said I wanted to play DaGame. I spent all those 6 hours playing DaGame, and it was the best time I had ever had. Then, I died. But, I didn’t! I was actually in a coma where all I did was dream about DaBaby. When I woke up, the doctors were so confused, because it was just a 1 hour coma, and they thought I was dead. They came to the conclusion that the thing that saved me was the hours of DaGame I played, the knowledge I learned from it helped me become immortal! So now I can’t die and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Thank you DaBaby and DaGame for saving my life!

- Great game\minor bug fixes

Hello. I’m here to tell you that DaGame is a very fun game for all ages. This game consists of some fun characters, such as dafather, dababybaby, and damexican. This game is very fun for me, my high score is 342 and I have 4000 coins. I have been grinding this game ever since it has been released, and I own all the skins. This game is great and seriously changed my life as I was just a loser gamer, but after this game I became a very popular gamer. The minor bug fixes is that some people aren’t a true dagame gamer, and do a few cheats, sometimes after you watch an ad to keep going on your streak,And you hit a cone so you die, the cone will go spraying everywhere and you can hit it after you watch to add break. Another is after you watch an ad break and you die the second time, the screen freezes and you have to swipe out of it. Overall it’s a very good game and you should definitely download it.

- DaGame changed my life

You see, I used to be very lonely, and I couldn’t bring myself to go anywhere, then I was scrolling for games to play on my phone and then, I saw it, it was the thing i was missing in my life. It was like the missing piece of the puzzle. I downloaded it, and immediately my life had change FOREVER. Just to hear the sweet warming sound “LETS GOO” brought me to go outside and go shopping, like I said in the beginning, I couldn’t bring my self to go anywhere, every time I went out, I saw people hanging out with there friends. This made me feel so lonely, but then when I heard that amazing sound “LETS GOOO” it mad me feel like dababy was telling me I needed to get up, stop being a lazy bum that has no friends and will probably die alone, and go make friends. This is one of the kindest things anybody has ever said to me. So I just wanna say, thank you so much dababy. You truly changed my life forever.

- Da Review

Now this...this is a top tier game. When I first discovered the app I said wow this is such a dumb game. Then I downloaded it and when I tell you this is entertaining I mean it. When you enter the game you hear, “I pull up” and when you die in the game you hear, “let’s go!”. And to top it off it’s all spoken by dababy. The creator didn’t miss a thing when it came to making sure everyone knows that this is a game about Dababy. From the Dababy car avatars including damother and dababybaby, the Dababy clouds, the Dababy instrumental playing in the background, and the name “DaGame”, it’s hard to forget who this app is for. And to top it off it gives off the vibes that you’d receive while playing temple run or 100 doors on your parents phone when you were little, so simple but so fun. All in all I love this app and so should you, so I recommend that everyone gets it on their device right about now.

- Pinnacle of Humanity

A couple months prior, I was meditating and fasting in the remote mountains of Tibet, spiritually searching for true knowledge. Suddenly, after sacrificing my third goat of the day (I sacrificed five every day), an intense fog rolled all around me. I was terrified. Then, two angelic voices of the ArchBishop Gabriel and Stan Lee spoke through the fog. “Download DaGame”, was all, and the fog rolled away. Upon downloading, and playing I was convulsed with pleasure. Upon returning to my house, I sold all of my mortal possessions to buy more phones to download DaGame on and to start a temple dedicated to DaGame. As soon as the temple was erected in a remote section of South Dakota, beautiful virgins began pouring in in the hundreds. Now, thanks only to DaGame, I know live with my 879 concubines, 100 butlers, and 1,233 illegimate children, all of whom weep tears of the purest petroleum when playing DaGame, which I plan to sell to the black market. Thank you DaGame, from the bottom of my soul.

- Life changing

When I was just a wee lad I was lost in the forest raised by grey wolves. One day when I was out hinting with the pack a beat started to attack us, we had the younglings so I wanted to sacrifice myself for them, keep in mind I could only speak with wolves, didn’t know any other language. When the bear went to swipe my head off, I hear a distant “Lets Go” and suddenly the bear ran off, it was like it was running for its life. I see a ladder come from the sky and it is DaBaby on his DaBaby helicopter. He once more said “Lets Go” and I felt a rush of power through my veins, I suddenly was dressed in a suit and had a wallet with the fastest stacks I have ever seen. He asked my desires in life, but couldn’t understand my wolf language. He handed me his phone, one of the company DaPhone, and there it was DaGame. My life was changed forever I now own a business and know English, thank you DaBaby a life saver.

- DaReview

I was going for a walk when I came a cross a phone that was unlocked on the ground. When I picked it up, all that was on the phone was DaGame. I began to play it and got 674 my first time. It was such a beautiful moment that I started crying, tears of joy though. But all things must come to an end, as I was walking across the street playing DaGame I didn’t look both ways and was completely trucked by a semi. While I was in the hospital I had to think my life over and play DaGame and get even higher scores. I was in the hospital for 4 weeks and had broken my spine and was paralyzed from the waist down. As I started playing DaGame more seriously and as much as I could I began to regain feeling in my legs and eventually i started walking again. Doctors thought I would never be able to walk again but DaGame proved them wrong and for that I am truly grateful for DaBaby and DaGame.

- Da-Maybe? Da-Yes.

When I first found this game I was so sad and depressed. After playing this game for 7 hours straight everyday. I was finally cured for my depression after my therapist and medication couldn’t do anything. This game is a life-saver, a life-changer, this game is life. This game will change your life too, every-time I play this game I get closer and closer to finding my true happiness. This game is everything I will ever need. Without this game I am nothing. This game is my whole life. I wake up for it everyday I have every character and if there are more in the future I will get those too. This game can cure any type of mental illness there is. This game cured not only my depression but my scoliosis and made me realise my true purpose in life. It finally got rid of my ginger hair so I no longer have to suffer from being ginger. I’m no longer like Ed Sharon. Thank you for making this game.

- DaGame Is probably one of the most fun games of 2021

I recommend everyone purchases this game. DaGame is a very unique game that has a lot of different things then normal games, DaGame has a very wide selection of characters from DaBaby to DaMother etc. It’s a game when you use these characters and drive them down a road collecting coins. To be honest this game is perfect, 5 star rating this game is very under rated. Let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go. Thank you for taking the time to read my in depth review thank you for your time.


Today I woke up and almost killed myself my son was taken from by my manipulative ex and even then everyone who I love left me saying it was my fault and would leave me in the abyss I was living in there was no hope no love and not a life worth living and just when nothing good was happening just as I started tightening the noose I decided to play my favorite game one last: Angry Birds Star Wars 2 but it required an update and that was the Final Straw as I was going to update the game I saw the light, this game, it was my light I immediately downloaded it and for the past month I’ve played this game nonstop to the point that what little family I have left is more concerned over me with this game than my actual attempts to non exist myself but it is my everything and I would live through that pain again for this without question. Final Verdict: Easy 5 Stars

- DaBaby changed my preferences

I woke up this morning thinking of only my future till I downloaded DaGame. I have grinded it to 100,000 coins and I am ready to go even further beyond and unlock enough coins to make DaBaby proud. I sleep sad and depressed because I dream of being DaBaby’s side-boy. I am poor and have no home, till DaBaby cured my bofa this morning and made me feel like a new little boy! I regret nothing and hope that I will one day be able to reach his holiness and godliness to one day be a new DaBaby Jr’. Till I downloaded the app I was treated like poo poo by my class mates for not having DaRabies, now who is crying? I want nothing more than to become the best and reach the global high score of DaGame coins. On the road to being the new lord of the Dababyism religion. I shall be praised for the unholiness I shall bestow upon this cursed world of foolish DaBaby haters, and cleanse this world of such scum.

- Thank you DaBaby

It all started when Kermit the Frog mastermind 911. I was in the twin towers when I saw the plane hurling towards tower my only hope was to jump out of the building. For 43 years I was crippled and unable to walk. I was considering giving up and moving to Antarctica so I could fly with the penguins. I had my moving truck ready when I was struck by lightning and was put in a coma. I was an hour from dying when I heard a noise. It was so beautiful that I thought that it must be my imagination. But no it was DaBaby saying LETTS GOOO. I awakened and demanded what that sound was. Someone had opened DaGame and that is what I had heard. I stole the kids phone and started playing DaGame myself. I lost myself for days at a time playing DaGame. Once I unlocked DaMexican I became king of Mexico and had unlimited tacos. DaGame ended up curing my depression and saving my life. Thank you DaBaby. LETTS GOOO

- Da review

This review starts when my cat threw up my phone, As I was cleaning off my phone the apple store opened up. I sat down and scrolled through as there was nothing better to do when I scroll past Da game. I didn’t think much of it and kept scrolling, for hours I didn’t find any good game but something was bugging me. I mean how could I just scroll past Da game. After hours of scrolling back up I eventually found it, the jewel, the pearl, the diamond of all games Da Baby car. When I downloaded it I immediately got to gaming. I was blown away. Now when it comes to mobile games I have very high expectations but Da baby car not only reached my expectations but shattered them. How could a game this good be made? Which genius made this? There was many questions going throughout my tiny head but my biggest question is will there be a sequel?

- DaReview

I was 69 years old as of April 20th of 1969 with breast cancer although I am a man, prostate cancer, depression, social anxiety, and every one I ever loved was brutally murdered in front of my eyes. But then, one friend of mine, who was eventually brutally murdered as well, introduced me to DaGame. As of right now, I am working on achieving my lifetime goal of getting DaRabies, but for the first time that I heard “I pull up”, everybody I ever loved was ultimately revived. And when I earned DaMexican, my breast and prostate cancers, depression, and social anxiety disappeared. Because of DaGame, I am now the richest man on earth smoking some joints here and there with DaBaby himself. As I hear him say “let’s go” as he disappears into the darkness, a tear rushes down my cheek. Not a tear of sadness, but a tear of joy, a tear of hope, a tear of relief, and a tear of a second chance at life. Thank you DaGame for everything you did for me. Let’s go!

- This is the greatest app to ever exist

This app has just saved my life. A kidnapper had broken into my house because I forgot to lock my walls in the morning before I was about to go to sleep. The kidnapper tied me to a couch and threatened to shoot me with his knife if I didn’t find the best app in the universe. I proceeded to reach for my microwave and open the App Store. I quickly found DaGame. I downloaded it and payed it for 69 milliseconds and quickly realized it was the greatest app to ever exist. I showed it to the kidnapper and he snatched the microwave out of my feet and played the game for himself. The kidnapper then ripped off his mask and revealed himself to be none other than DaBaby himself! He nodded in approval and then disappeared with a sudden flash of light. The only trace of him was the distant sound of “lesss gooooo.” My advice to you is to always lock your walls before sleeping.

- Dababy game saved me from a car crash

I was driving back late at night after mastering Dagame by dababy. I hadn’t slept in 67 hours and started to get tired. I was coming to a 4 way intersection and I couldn’t get the thought of playing the dababy game out of my head. I was till trying to unlock darabies. As I approached the intersection I stepped on the gas by accident and started accelerating through the intersection. Suddenly a car was driving through and using my reaction skills I gained from the dababy game I was able to avoid the driver and safely get past the intersection. The driver that almost hit me ended up smacking into a telephone pole. The next day I got a knock on the door and the police showed up saying I was getting sued. During the trail I pleaded who cares and all cases were dropped. Thank you dababy game for saving my life. Less go

- DaGame saved my family

i’m just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, i took a midnight train to go anywhere. When i got there i saw my family in chains walking towards DaTrump who had enslaved all my people. I got off the train and ran, i was going to save my people, no matter the cost. After a disappointing training arc i made it to DaFather’s house. I told him i was seeking the great DaBaby. He brought me into his sex dungeon where after carefully testing my power he showed me DaGame. I trained through DaGame until i reached DaWavy. I was ready. I walked out of DaFather’s house and saw an old man struggling to cross the road. After i helped him cross, i studied his face, to discover he was DaBaby. Together DaBaby and I took down DaTrump and saved my family. With my newly achieved 6969 powers i was a hero, i was wanted, and i was loved. Then I got bitten by DaRabies and died.

- Dabest

Da first time I played da game I was in shock. I recently went horseback riding, and I fell off and cracked 25 vertebrae. I had to go to the hospital and my entire family was there. I was watching TV bored out of my mind! As soon as I got out of the hospital I found I had erectile dysfunction. I then was put on medication and I was able to get hard for nearly 5 minutes then I saw Dababy walking down the street sagging his pants with his ginormous penis sticking out saying LESSSSSSSSAAAAAAA GOOOOOO! He was wearing a sombrero hat on! I then walked up to him and as soon as I said hi to him I had a massive erection. He then told me about a game in the App Store called DaGame as soon as I got it I was so happy. Then immediately when the app opened my 25 cracked vertebrae and my erectile dysfunction problem immediately went away. So thank you dababy for curing my erectile dysfunction problem.

- Life-changing

This game has changed my life for the better. Since I have downloaded it, I have dropped out of school and quit my job at McDonald’s to start an eSports business dedicated to this amazing game and it’s competitive capabilities. I am hoping to start this league and make my own team of the best DaGame players and show the world of this truly incredible game. DaBaby has always been an inspiration in my life and now I finally have the chance to spread the word about his incredible lyrical skills through my passion of gaming. I am now officially an entrepreneur, but no one takes me seriously. In time, everyone will be jealous of me because DaGame will make me famous and incredibly wealthy. I will split all profits with the creator of this game and we will start an empire and eventually overthrow the government and mandate listening to DaBaby.

- PP

Before I found DaGame, I was lonely,sad,and depressed with my life. My Parents ate my sister and brother but then the cops found out, they have 69 life sentences now. I was in the world alone. nowhere to go. i was to ugly for anyone. except da baby. he was dropping off some mail and told me about da game. i downloaded it and instantly became beautiful. in havent even played yet. with each tap i feel more like da baby. I was truly able to say “LETSSS GOOOO” without any voice cracks. I the. drove to mc donalds and found out the ice cream machine is working! i took my parents out of jail to show them how better this taste then children before i went to sleep i thought my sussy baka imposter would try to kill me again, but it was my sussy baka DA BABY!!! HE HAD TOLD ME MY SADNESS HAS BEEN CURED!!! moral of the story kids, download Da Game and thanks to the sponsor of these words: TRADE LIGHT HEROS

- DaGame of Orphans

Da Game, a beautiful creature of epic proportions, Once my life was filled with sorrow and loneliness now only filled with love and pride i walk through the streets with stride and da babyness living in the world with one lets goooooo at a time. Even the people see me and say hey is that da baby and i go yes and you can be to. We are all da baby in the end, if we truly believe in Da game brought up after the hit single artist the DA BABY we could all become little da babys. Even the animals fear and respect me after playing DA GAME brought up by hit single artist the da baby, as i walk and look down the street of orphans fallen in despair, i finally can see my grandma again all thanks to my favorite game DA GAME brought up after the hit single artist FA BABY. This game is truly amazing and i am glade to say it saved all of orphans i have left behind on my journey to play this, da game.


I usually never write reviews but I think I need to. This game has arguably the best storyline of any game I have ever played and the attention to detail in this game is stunning the graphics are some of the best at the moment I doubt we’ll see another game grace this majestic wonder. I’m proud to have played this game and beat it. It’s crazy how a mobile game can beat out console games, but this is literally the PERFECT game. The characters are great, all of them have amazing backstories, my favorite definitely has to be DaBaby by far. The devs NEED!!! to hop on making a “DaGame 2” because this content is amazing I’m truly blessed to have lived in this era of gaming. I’m gonna wrap this up because I got to continue playing “DaGame”. All that’s left to say is that I’m speechless and I would 100% recommend this game to any serious gamers because wow, just wow.

- Dagame changed my life

On a dark and gloomy night thunder echoed through the whole city of angles, I am scared to death as if my skin jumped from my body, as my teeth chatter there was a noise ever so slight under coming from under my bed. There was only me in house at this time. I wanted to peer under my bed but the stricken urge to not lean over fazed me. Eventually I got brave, as I leaned over I heard a faint “yea, yea” getting closer and closer. “That’s impossible, where are you?!” “Oh where oh where could I be?” Some mysterious voice tremble. As my breath grew louder I uttered “dababy dat u?” Instantly the voice echoed again yelling “let’s goooooo!” And dababy appeared from the shadows holding an iPhone playing the dagame. Me and dababy played dagame all night long. I woke up which my type 3 dabetes cured and out of existence from this shallow earth. “To be or not to be”—-dababy

- This cured my aids

I was set to die in a week due to aids, i was also suffering a disease known as very small penis. I was at an all time low. due to not having money for anything, i lived under the bridge near mcdonalds and played geometry on a ipad i stole from a kid. One day i was browsing the app store and i saw it, Dagame. I feel as though i saw this app in my dreams. I immediately download it and start playing. I couldnt stop, i played hours on hours as time flied by, eventually it had been a week. I stoped playing. I looked around me and saw i lived in a mansion, i looked down and saw a 9 inch penis. I walked outside and saw my car in the driveway, a giant dababy head. I looked at myself. I then realized i was black. I ran to the restroom and looked at my face. I was dababy, popular rapper and gangster. I started crying tears of happiness. I looked up and said, “yeah yeah”.

- Da Babybaby

I was walking home from school and I got hit in the head with a brick that had flown from the nearby construction area when I went to the doctors they found a tumor in my head and I was strangely addicted to crack cocaine scenes then. I’ve been addicted to crack cocaine for four months and then my dog died so I decided to wrap it’s lifeless corpse on my fan to spin around sues me to sleep. The next day both my parents were brutally stabbed by a pool stick and I had to watch my baby brother died to a chunk la whipped from the neighbors house. After all this I was sad and depressed and did even more crack cocaine. Downloaded the game and immediately felt amazing no more crack cocaine no more two in my head and suddenly my entire family including my dog came to life. I now live with the baby himself and we played the game all day.

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- Better than Halo 3

When this game was announced at E3, I was sceptical about it, I thought it would flop, I thought it would be the massive pile of dog poo of 2021, then when the game came out, I was amazed. The gameplay was brilliant, the story of a struggling rapper trying to earn some money was told so brilliantly, especially since rapper DaBaby voice acted as the main protagonist really brings the character to life. As well as a good storyline and amazing characters, the game also has ground breaking action, surprisingly, it is actually a car racing game, the racing is some of the greatest action I have ever witnessed in a video game, something of which that can be comparable to the Fast and the Furious Franchise. To sum it up, this game is brilliant, with amazing action, and astonishing plot and believable characters, this is most definitely a 11/10 game.

- Accurate review

This game is absolutely amazing someone to have an amazing idea like this is the kind of people that Albert Einstein looked up to when he was a kid. It takes a special breed of person to make a game that will be so influential to the kids that are growing up and when I was a kid I wish I had a game like this that I could depend on to always fill me with joy. When I first heard about this game a truely didn’t realise that a game that only just came out could effect so many people and in just a couple of days. I wish one day that there will be more people that have the mindset that this person has. The only people that can get close to this level of intelligence are the scientist working so hard every day to find out what Obama’s last name is it’s only these kind of people that I respect

- A Breakthrough in the Gaming Industry

After months and months of scrolling through the app store, seeing nothing but dry, repetitive and dull games, this game popping up on my page was like a breath of fresh air. My hands were practically shaking as I clicked the download button, as I couldn’t bear to sit through another game where 2 minutes in I was bored out of my mind. As the game loaded, I could feel my breathing and heart rate increase. The game had finally downloaded and when I tapped on the application, it felt like I had entered a whole new world. All I can say, is that the developers of this game must be geniuses, born once every millennium. The gameplay, the graphics, the sound effects, even the home screen, are just mind blowing. With every rerun, I felt more and more compelled to play again and again and again. The character designs were both appealing and creative, and really made it feel as though I was making real progress in this game. If you want a game that will completely change your entire view on the mobile gaming industry, this is the one for you. I cannot stress enough how much this game has changed my life for the better, and I believe it can do the same for you. God Bless

- Haven’t seen a better game scince ever

Honestly this is the best game I have ever seen or played. I assume it was made by a massive componay of the most high payed designers ever. It has some of the most superb graphics and movements I have ever seen and the sound track is better than any other. I am astonished that this game is free and is even able to be played on a mobile phone as it is so well done, I would have thought a game like this would only be found on the highest quality of PCs for a price of over $250 for the game. LES GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

- DaGame

This is one of the best games in game development history. I wouldn’t be surprised if it would receive an award for game of the year, game of the decade perhaps. Before I had discovered DaGame I was lonely and afraid for the better part of my life. Now though, after discovering DaGame my life has been flipped upside down. It inspired my by its amazing graphics and truely great story telling to get a job, finds a loving partner and live my life to the fullest. I can truely say from the bottem of my heart. DaGame saved my life and I owe my life to DaGame.

- Helped save my marriage

Me and my wife were on bad terms, we were thinking of giving up on our relationship, until i found this masterpiece, it brought us back together, it helped us define our marriage, and see why we really went to each other in the first place, this game earns all credit to saving my marriage and i thank the creator and DaBaby for their unrelenting and selflessness ways for doing so. Thank you

- An artistic masterpiece.

Upon discovering this artistic masterpiece I was really able to emerge myself furthermore into the true gaming experience DaGame had to offer. With it’s amazing graphics and well designed mechanics and character customisation to its map with endless possibilities. Post playing the game I left as an improved individual of society, women seem to take more notice of me and my now larger shaft of which has mysteriously become black.

- Phenomenal!

This game is incredible! From the graphics to the frame rate to the gameplay, this game pushes every possible boundary so perfectly. I can’t imagine my life before I found this game it’s incredible. I would put the game developer up there with Albert Einstein and James Clerk Maxwell. What an absolute genius. Never in a million years would I ever have thought of a game design so intricate and clever even in my wildest dreams.

- Lessgoooooo

I gotta admit when I first heard of DaGame I had my doubts but mere seconds after having played this masterpiece of a video game I instantly released my doubts were misconstrued. With a compelling storyline amazing voice acting by Dababy himself and races so thrilling they felt like something right out of the fast and furious franchise it’s no surprise that this is one of the most downloaded apps to date

- My New Favourite Game

DaGame had me more excited when it came out than COD Cold War, so much in fact that when I heard it was finally getting released I fainted. And it did not let me down. The graphics are amazing and I love the variety of DaConvertibles I get to be, especially the Mexican one because it reminds me of my childhood in the poorer regions of Mexico. Would definitely recommend. 5/5👏🏽

- Dababy

This game had me at a low expectancy at the start once I downloaded the game from the App Store and on my mobile phone. This comment may be considered controversial yet I think that the main point of this game is to inspire others to become dababy. I have been forever changed and I felt the need to come here and talk about it. Thank you for creating this game.


Want talent? Play dagame. Want beautifulnessle?? Play dagame. It’s everything you can imagine. As a person who strives to clean soap for a future job, dagame has helped me reach my goals. Although, there are some risks. My nephew was playing dagame and he turned into dababy. Everyone was confused and the only word that would come out of his mouth was “aouaoualesssgoo”. There are some pros and some cons, so be aware.

- World’s Greatest Accomplishment

I was recommended this game by a friend of mine, I immediately thought the game would be stupid, until I found it on the app store. Gameplay is out of this world, absolutely breath taking, the characters you can get are remarkable, so much variety, I’m glad we can finally have incredible games on this app for once.

- Da baby game cured my cancer

10 weeks ago i was in critical condition and diagnosed with stage 5 Testicular cancer and was due to die in the next 3 days untill i found this absolute artistic masterpiece i was intanly cured from my cancer and believe it or not my sausage grew 10 fold If you are struggling right now you need to download this game i promise you it will solve every problem

- Da best game ever

This elegant game is the best thing that has ever graced the earth. If anything else could become better than this game I would not believe it. The hard work and dedication of the developer is clear through the amazing graphics and mechanics. It has saved me from the darkness and shown me the beauty of the earth and is the light at the end of the tunnel.

- I had to sacrifice my first born child to buy a phone to play this game and it was worth it

It literally cured my depression and inspired me to get a job working for DaBaby in his brand new studio to produce an awesome album just to give back to the man you made this game. I cannot stress how inspiring and life-changing this game was to me and my wife, who is actually DaBaby’s girlfriend.

- Amazing game

This game is absolutely fantastic, i could play this game for hours on end with out stopping, me and my family all have this game on our ipads and iphones and talk about this all the time. My little timmy taught me about dagame and ive been hooked since. Absolutely phenomenal and mind blowing realism. Keep up the good work! Hopefully you guys make a 2.0


I rate this game 12/10 etwaaas. If u do the mathematical equations properly and round the answer to the nearest reaccuring decimal... BUT only if the wind velocity is accurate... AND if u download this game within the charge circle line u can get 10.5 free throws. If all these equations are done correctly while taking into account that the scientificals are done correctly aswell. OVERALL THIS GAME IS ADEQUATE

- DaBest game.

This game is dabest game ever, it is a game changer. I have started to realise that this is more then just a game. It is a lifestyle, it is a revolutionary experience for all ages. This game has taught me to dodge all my obstacles and to be grateful for what have achieved by saying “less goo”. I could not recommend this game any better. Please show this to your children

- Next big shot game

This game brought tears to my eyes. This game has the highest resolution I have ever seen, yet it’s playable on any device. The storyline is so amazingly executed, I would guarantee you it is one of the best made. The characters are brilliant, never once being just one-sided with nonsensical reasons for their actions. I beg you to try this masterpiece.

- Huh??!!

I can’t express it enough, this is perfection in an app. The way that dababy convertible moves from lane to lane is full of the exaggerated swagger of a black rapper. How this is free I don’t know, I am forever in debt to the creator for giving me this amazing life experience. And to whomever gave birth to this masterpiece, I have but one thing to say; lesss gooo

- DaBest

This game is not the only the best game on the App Store, but it’s historically accurate, I can’t fathom how much time must have been spent on the development of this game. DaBest. Research shows that for every 8th person that plays this game, one person get an iq boost of 50 a day..... not my words just science.

- Amazing game

This is probably the best game I have ever seen and played, I have spent hours and hours on end playing this game it’s style and smooth gameplay makes it better then any other mobile game out there!! I really recommend getting this!!

- DaGame

When I found this guy in tik tok I was like now way this game blows up and now look at it. Being the top 5% of the world is crazy and I really enjoy the game and have some friends who also Downloaded the game and they all love it

- Da best

I was in crippling depression for 2 years but that all changed when I got this game. This game is better than any other game out there. Who ever created this absolute gem of a game Is a mastermind. This game has changed my life and I couldn’t thank you enough.

- better than any game in this world.

dagame has actually inspired me to start creating my own game and build my own private jet even though i did fail flight test school. the amazing graphics and plot in this game is simply just astonishing. the stretched out face of dababy on a car has really made a positive impact on my life. im just so addicted to this game and i cant get enough! i feel like ive really learned alot about how dababy grew as a person and how he came to his career. to the point that i believe i am turning into dababy.

- Dababy

My favourite Pokémon game yet, these developers are outstanding in always delivering exquisite, detailed and intriguing. I have already came back to play this game for a second time within the week because of hour extraordinary it is. I love it. Lesss goo. 5/5 absolutely brilliant.

- Let’s go

This absolute masterpiece of a game simulates Dababys life in a truly meaningful that has forever changed my point of view. It’s well thought out controls and life like design goes above and beyond in creating a timeless masterpiece. To the creator sincerely Thank you.


DaGame has helped me realise what I am. By playing this action-packed game, I have come to learn my true potential. By playing this game, I have unlocked my secret powers. I have reached deep inside of myself and found out more and more about my true identity. I am a convertible.

- The app stores magnum opus

When Bob Kahn invented the internet he expected nothing this amazing from it. This is something not even Albert Einstein could invent. As someone whos been in the internet since 2006 not even I could imagine something so amazing. 110 out of 10

- Couldn’t be better

This game is top notch the graphics better than anything you could ever get on ps wifi router or even the XBox Fridge it’s so impressive they even have all my fav characters. Got my 5 Stars.

- Best game ever 👌

I have never seen a game with such beautiful and elegant scenery, strong and empowering gameplay and an overall great main character . The basis of the game is better than any game before, definitely better than forza and gran tourismo

- Da cure

this game 100% accurate and cited my crippling dapression, it has carried this year already and will continue, i showed this game to my children and they look up to da creator because this game is truely inspirational, if he was god everything would go great.

- Perfect

this is by far the most fun i have had with a game. generally mobile games get old and are boring but dagame is revolutionary for our time. every person should have this game


I swear i just cant get off this game. its so addictive and i have spent hours on it. its crazy how well made it is and how it looks and feels amazing to play. i would recommend this to anyone that is bored, or just loves da baby like me.

- Best game ever

This game is way better than anything a game on PC this is better a game in Xbox this is better and if you think this is a bad game I think your a bad person thank you for your time

- The holy grail

First of all I was homeless and sucking peoples toes for a living, only on minimal wage. Then I found this absolute gem of a game, I managed to show it to my 7 kids who also nutted on my iPad cause of how good this game is. I love this game it deserves so much love.

- DABaby?

Yo it’s Da best game out there but what you could do for some pros at this game is add DaBaby once you get a total score of 9999 and you have to be him that would be great and then boom you win please if you read this please try to do it


One of the greatest games I’ve ever played not just on mobile but ever. I think the detail and hard work put in this games really pays off. I am surprised this is free as i am sure this cost millions of potentially billions to make, either way great game LETSS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

- Where is Dababy

Bro this game bangers yk. Whoever made this I love you this game slaps hard harder then when my dad beats me then leaves for milk... 100% this game is gonna blow up and I’ll definitely contribute in making this game the best of them all !

- Sublime 👏

Honestly best game I’ve ever played. The gameplay is one of a kind. You really feel like you become da real baby. It is and awe inspiring experience to play this game. Should clean up all awards. Top quality 👍.

- Best game in the world

When ever i feel sad this games makes me feel happy every person i see I recommend this game to. I is just so amazing and wonderful, i this this game so much ...

- More enjoyable than fortnite

I got bullied by all my friends for still playing fortnite but then I found this game. I was crowned king of my friendship group and I am now the coolest in school for discovering this game

- This game saved MY LIFE

This game is the very reason why I am still alive... I was a about to jump, but I thought to myself... maybe there is a purpose, maybe something can cure my illness. I scrolled through the App Store frantically, searching for my purpose. Suddenly DaGame showed up. My body trembled as I clicked the ‘get’ button, everything I was feeling was about to go away. It finally downloaded... I clicked the app... And I was CURED THANK YOU DEVELOPERS


This game cured my chronicle dapression, not just that but the doctor told me I was going to die and I whipped out DAGAME and now I am without fail in the best health possible. I studied intense biology to get the achievement of DAWAVY but all my hard work payed off LESS GO

- Wow

Just feels good to see the world still has talented people making absolute masterpieces like this, better than red dead 2 more real play worth than gta 5, GOTY coming soon

- Saved my life

I was ready to give up on life and just jump until I installed this game it was so incredible that it brought my faith I humanity back


before this game I was mentally lost everything I knew was wrong but once I found this game everything changed my friends started loving me and I became popular and the black kids stared calling me dababy LESS GOOO 🧒🏿

- Better than cod

This is the best game out there!with action pack game play and a amazing story you can’t find a better game than DaGame It’s soooooo much better that cod on every way.

- Life saver literally

I crossed the border trying to get away from da Russians but there to good I got held captive but luckily they Ware very dumb so they let me use my iPhone and I use this game for entertainment entill da police find me and I go home

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- Ha

Ha Oh lord, Jetson made another one Hah Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh) She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah) I just signed a deal, I'm on Yeah, yeah I go where I want Good, good Play if you want, let's do it (Ha) I'm a young CEO, Suge (Yeah) Yeah, yeah

- Les go

Les go

- Less go

Yeah Yeah

- Baby

Dis game makin me cream

- Monke approve.


- Travis Scott

It’s lit.

- Let’s gooooo

This is so funny it’s who would’ve ever thought that a mean wood, an app on the App Store


Best game in the world ❌🧢

- less go

Hah Pack in the mail, it's gone (Uh) She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah) I just signed a deal, I'm on Yeah, yeah I go where I want, I'm good (Good) Play if you want, let's do it (Ha) I’m a young CEO, Suge (Yeah) Yeah, yeah

- Best game on earth

The is obviously the best game on the App Store, all other game owners should all just bow down on the creator of this game and delete their game so dagame gets most downloads and most popular (ez top 5 ratings on the BEST GAME ON EARTH)

- Dababy

Lesgooooo I’m dababy

- .

I saw you make this game on tiktok

- Game of the year

Actually, game of the millennium. Just try to change my mind, you can’t

- Let’s Go!

Send me your credit card number I’m the real da baby (Let’s go)


Best dabs by game

- Dababy

This is clearly the best game ever made

- Letsss Goooo‼️


- Lil Nas X

Let’s go



- Damazing

Huh!? Yeah yeah, it’s dareview lessgo!!!

- Da best game

Best game I’ve ever played is honestly the best the best the best the best I want the leaderboard please

- Aggravating

The music is the best part of this game but even it is incredibly aggravating. I want to throw my phone at the wall every time I hear “let’s go”

- Da game

Les gooo

- Lets Goooo

I pull up

- Good

Game good I like babyda do good

- DaGame

Best game u have played letsssss gooooo

- Less goo

This game cures my depression

- LEZ Gao

Da baby funni I like him :)


I only give this a 5 cuz the sound effects favourite convertible: DaRabies

- Dabestgame

It’s DaBestGame I played in my entire life

- Let’s gooooo

Yeh yeh .....huh?

- DaBaby

Lets goooooo

- Everyone Needs to Play this Game

This is not just a game; it is a lifestyle. Upon playing, I experienced a complete paradigm shift and I am now a changed human being. Everyone should play this game at least once. Let’s go.

- Da baby

Best game ever les GOOO

- Yeah yeah

Less goo


Daother characters need to say something too Dababybaby needs to say “you know it’s baby ni***” And damother needs to say: “whatchu ain’t gon respond to my text?” Dafather needs to say “huh?” And damexican needs to say “dafuq is you sayin?”

- Great

Great game, made me cry when da mother died 😢

- Let’s goooooo

I downloaded this game as a joke and it’s actually fun 10/10

- Lesss goo

Dis game is dabest game I ever downloaded off daAppstore


Best game created😎


Amazing app

- dababy

the game is amazing and you should add different levels of difficulty like hard would be with 4 roads and medium would be with 3 and easy with two

- SHEEEESH😩😩😩🥶🥶🥶

LETS GOO😩😩😩🥶🥶🥶🥶

- this game is awesome

yeah yeah

- Dababy

Let’s go

- Let’s gooooo

Yeah yeah. I pull up. Les goo

- Less go

Less go less go less go less go

- Let’s gooooo

It’s me dababy and I want social Security number your credit card information in the three whacking numbers on the back

- Swag

Very swag drip drip

- It da baby

I like ya cut g

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DaGame 2.0 Screenshots & Images

DaGame iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

DaGame iphone images
DaGame iphone images
DaGame iphone images
DaGame iphone images

DaGame (Version 2.0) Install & Download

The applications DaGame was published in the category Games on 2021-04-11 and was developed by Markus Kramer [Developer ID: 1501891064]. This application file size is 83.66 MB. DaGame - Games app posted on 2021-09-20 current version is 2.0 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.partumapps.dagame