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What is ragdoll fighter app? This game is ragdoll physics based fighting,where mistakes have real consequences. Will you beat the other fighters and become the next champion?

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How to contact Ragdoll Fighter (Rollic Games)?
Find this site the customer service details of Ragdoll Fighter. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1560643139/ragdoll-fighter/contact

Ragdoll Fighter Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Ragdoll Fighter Version 1.1.203 March 2022

- Performance improvements.

Ragdoll Fighter Version 1.1.106 August 2021

- Gameplay improvements.

Ragdoll Fighter Version 1.0.820 June 2021

- Minor bug fixes.

Ragdoll Fighter Comments & Reviews 2022

- Great Game - Needs More Use For Coins!

I love this game, but I think I know a way to improve it! Instead of watching ads for new moves, make it coins! Yes, I know it’s how you make money, but some people don’t like watching ads, so they play the game only using your basic attack. I had to watch too many ads, just for a move to be unlocked. Also, it would be great to make stats for the fighters that go up using coins. I feel that after unlocking all the characters, you have no purpose for coins... Bug: After unlocking all the moves, they still come up telling me to watch an ad to get them, even though I already have it. -Jakoby

- Update ruined the game

i’ve been playing this game for the past 3ish weeks and i’ve got to level 668 and i was thinking “i wonder when they will update this game and what they will add” and after the update today i’m very uninterested in the game now they maps are cool i think the new skins look kinda dumb the new “special moves” and the mechanics of them don’t fit well to this game you go for one of the special attacks but it moves you the opposite directions so it’s not even laying a hit it’s just not what i was hoping for when they updated the game and ruined my interest in the game the beginning of the game was better with it’s fun little bugs and getting flung out of the map it was simple and i feel like they are adding to much to the game they doesn’t fit or just doesn’t work well or the way it was intended

- So much fun!

This game is so fun it’s like you get to learn different moves and it gets i little harder so I’m gonna give it a five star rate because it’s so much fun my cousin first got it and he let me play on his phone since I left mine in the car and I was so amazed I just had to download it so as soon as I got my phone I asked mom if I can download it and now I’m playing on my phone

- It’s good

This game needs less ads I know ads pay the creators but still maybe put a add once and a while but over all the game is funny and sometimes is fun when you use special moves and I wish more moves are there like more punch moves

- I like it

I’m new to the game but when I saw it on an advertisement it reminded me of a game I used to play on my iPad like 3-5 years ago, it was a game about ragdolls and they would fight, they looked like cube people , there were multiple maps and you can choose how many people you wanted, there was also multiplayer and a couples secret level things, no ads and it was just fun, this game is fun and it reminded me of those 3-5 years ago.

- Alright I guess

Fun concept but doesn’t really keep me entertained and it gets pretty boring after while since there’s practically no controls, you just kinda move towards your opponent and the characters fight themselves. It reminds me of the game drunken wrestlers which was a really fun game and I downloaded this game hoping it was something like that

- Great! One problem.

Whenever I do the special move from level 4 repeatedly I start to fly. Also can you make the levels get a little harder. Thank you for listening.

- 2p?

I find this app absolutely amazing, i was only hoping you could add 2 player, more maps and skins, and maybe even able to customize your character!

- One problem

I love this game. It’s great, it’s easy,and it’s fun. I love the new updates with Special moves and new maps. The only problem is executing special moves. It’s really hard, and I think I’m doing it perfectly. If this is fixed, I’ll be greatfull. Keep it up!

- Add customization for your character

I feel like you should add a customization to create your own character or map

- 4 stars

This game was super fun and I enjoyed playing it I have over 20k dollars and all skins all accessories and all fighting skills and in lvl 683 but it gets boring cause there no more fighting skills skins and accessories and maps it just reapeats it need more updates but over all this is a fun game

- Alright but to many ads

Alright so the game itself is good but there is practically an ad after every fight. Which means you can get an ad every 15 seconds. I know that the game has to make profit. But the fact that to learn a new move you have to watch an ad, disgusts me. You are basically being forced to watch an ad just to upgrade.

- Fun concept

It’s a fun concept but an unfinished game. Like others say, it would be great if there was a skin shop. I also had to try really hard to lose. It seems like it’s rigged for the player to win. It lacks challenge. Fun concept and I hope y’all keep working on the game. Right now it’s just meh

- Take off auto boxing

The game is really good but i could literally stand still and it with punch for me and i could easily win. Make the game more challenging

- Love this game it’s little problems

I love this game but there are glitches like I pick up things and I die not that much it only happens I little not a lot

- One problem

So I saw this game on a ad and the thought it was fun. Well it was but the controls are to hard to use, when I use a skill it will on do a basic punch plz help me or fix it.

- This is the most entertaining mobile game

Please please make a second game or add more things to buy because I’ve been sooo bored

- Great game

I love this game its fun and addicting! And its a great time killer! But one thing you should add is a customizable character feature, it would really improve the game!

- Just one thing though

Can you add buttons to the game because it’s kind of annoying that the player hits on its own so please add a punch button and a kick button great game though

- A tip/suggestion.

Add a map selector/level selector so we can replay certain maps. It would be a great addition.

- Very good, but

The game is very good but on a certain boss level there is an invisible barrier that I and the boss cant pass. If you give me an email address I can send a screen recording of it.

- Weapons

i like the game and all but improve the weapons because when i pick one up it makes attack less.

- Toribash style

This game heavily reminds me of toribash probably one of my favorite games and honestly this one comes second next to toribash

- How do you lose

This game is like super Duper easy how do you even lose at Add it and how many levels are there

- Great game couple things you should add though

More costumes more accessories and definitely 2p really awesome you should get this game 👍

- Pls make the special moves easier pls

The specials moves are so hard to do even the front flip kick on and it’s very hard to do when I do it

- 1 problem

I always get stuck in the boxing Ariana

- To many ads

I love the game and all but it has too many ads. Every game I win there’s an ad at the end. If it keeps up I will write another review saying it’s bad and 1 star! Don’t set me off

- Plz add

Plz add to the game sound and blood also multiplayer and 1 screen 2 players the game will be so much funnier!!!!!

- This needs more maps and skins

Hi can you just add more maps and skin thank you

- Bug

In the park level you can force your enemy over the gate

- Videos for upgrades won’t work

Anytime the option to watch a video to learn a new move comes up I can’t watch the video. The only thing I can click on is no thanks.

- Please make a shop though

Can you guys make a skin shop?

- Great

It is good you punch a guy by using your finger to beat him up then you get a boss battle

- Way too many ads

The game itself is pretty fun but there is a ad after every single short round

- It’s okay

You need to add more stuff. it’s just the same thing every 4 levels with just a little different scenery. weapons would be cool and so would skins

- Creators please read this

You can’t watch ads to get the vip skin and you can’t wAtch ads to get the special moves

- Pop

Where are the weapons because I can’t see it

- Great game

Put more levels and characters

- Fun and funny

It’s hilarious to watch these guys fight and fly all over the screen 😂🤣😂

- Very addictive

I literally just got this and on level 15 amazing!😎🥳

- “Special moves”

Why have special moves if they work 1 out of 20 times they’re attempted? The controls are horrible, and more than half the time the game doesn’t recognize you’re even trying to do a move. Grossly lazy devs

- Terrible

THE ADS ARE SO OBNOXIOUS, there's fake x to close and even when I click exit, the app store will still open and I won't be able to play the game at all. plus you can only unlock stuff by watching these ads.

- please add skins and other items

don’t get me wrong this game is super fun but i feel like skins and other items should be available like an item shop but that’s pretty much it for sure download this game is addicting!

- It’s ok

When I was on a High level it started me to level 1 I hope you can fix it

- Fav game

It’s so fun too see and it’s so funny but I don’t like the ads

- Take out the ads!

I can barely play the game . Mostly ads! I understand that’s how you get your money but still . It’s gonna leave bad reviews .

- Good game too much ads

I downloaded this Ragdoll game 2days ago it is a pretty good Ragdoll game but every 2 levels I get an ad please put less ads

- Love it

This is short but this game is really fun and addicting 5/5

- Delete all the adds

To greedy for adds every thing I do it needs a ad

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This game is awsome I love it so much but thee is one thing there should be more moves that you can learn that would be cool then there should be like a tortament league and if your in top 10 you would get daily cash

- This is the best game ever!!

I think you should play it

- I love it!

I love the game and the physics but I would love to have a shop so u can customise ur character. =D <3


So fun and addictive this is a must play😍

- Good game, but pls read

This game is great, simple fighting but great winning and ragdoll fighting. The only issue is that levels repeat. And it gets easier. I suggest you add more skins and accessories. Add new skills. Add new levels. Add a harder game mode of it. I’m certain your game will be more popular if you complete these.

- i mean its alright

its ok but you should add more levels bexause it just repeats levels

- Crummy mechanics

Difficult to use

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- Adds don’t work

Every time a think comes up like a skin or a move I’m like yayya then the add won work like I press it it won’t work pls fix it or help me fix the problem pls

- Amazing

I love the fact that you can be special moves

- Hilarious

Fun game

- Uninstalling

It sucks

- Plagued with ads

After EVERY fight get ready to waste at least half a minute on an ad. You’ll spend more time watching ads than playing with this game!

- Sucks

Literally the worst mobile game I’ve every played.

- Features

Fun game but I’d like sound effects and more customization.

- fun game

hopefully they update soon like customizable characters and new bosses and power ups

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Ragdoll Fighter 1.1.2 Screenshots & Images

Ragdoll Fighter iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ragdoll Fighter iphone images
Ragdoll Fighter iphone images
Ragdoll Fighter iphone images
Ragdoll Fighter iphone images
Ragdoll Fighter iphone images
Ragdoll Fighter iphone images
Ragdoll Fighter iphone images
Ragdoll Fighter iphone images
Ragdoll Fighter iphone images
Ragdoll Fighter iphone images
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Ragdoll Fighter (Version 1.1.2) Install & Download

The applications Ragdoll Fighter was published in the category Games on 2021-03-30 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 217.19 MB. Ragdoll Fighter - Games app posted on 2022-03-03 current version is 1.1.2 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.lodos.ragdollfighter