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What is office fever app? It’s time to turn your start-up company into a cash empire in this fun idle game! Start employing workers and
bring them documents to process, collect the cash and grow your business tycoon!

You will start by taking business paper work to your employees and collect money as they finish the tasks.
Next up: more people! As you hire more people and upgrade your production, you can unlock new office
areas and discover new ways to make money! This is a fun life simulator!

Once you collect enough money, you will grow your team, stack more papers, upgrade your printers and
devices to boost productivity. But never let the workers slack off and sleep, this is your boss life! The fever
will rise as your ultimate idle clicker adventure becomes a money tycoon! You can hire managers and
office boys to run your errands. Turn your money idle game around as you transform your company into a
big money empire! What are you waiting for, boss? Start running your business!

Office Fever is a fun job simulator especially for idle tycoon game fanatics. It has a business fashion universe
with so much to discover. As you progress, you can upgrade your skills to stack money and increase your
speed gradually to move around the office and proceed with your boss life.

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Office Fever Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Office Fever Version 6.0.018 November 2022

Bugs? Eww! But worry not! We have called our exterminators (aka, developers) to fix the issues affecting your player experience..

Office Fever Comments & Reviews 2022

- Really good!

I love this game!!😍I love it so so so so much! It barely has any ads and is so fun! There is always at least 1 thing you could be doing! Plus to the people who hate being bossed around this is your game where you can be the boss 😎😎! The noises are very nice too! The papers.. this game is just sooooo great! This is probably the best game I have ever had! ( on my phone ) I really recommend this game for everyone because it just is so fun and it’s really satisfying in my opinion! Honestly some ads are annoying but the ad that led me to this game.. I am VERY thankful for! Thank you game creators for the most best game I could have on my phone! Thank you for reading this and if you don’t like the game that’s totally okay. Just don’t make fun of me! Thank you! Have a good day!!!!!!! 😎

- The ADS!!

This game is a great game, lots of fun, however each minute you are SWAMPED with ads!! I managed to be one of the poor suckers to buy ad free version as this game constantly uses my cellular data to swamp me with ads after which I BOUGHT THE AD FREE VERSION! Then after buying the ad free version it asks me to buy the ad free version of the game! (My game crashed with a ad just after the purchase went thru and the money was taken from my account!!) do not play this game, as fun as it is I will not return until idle ads are taken away (bear in mind I watch 10-15 ads to get free printers and stations in the game, this game does not need to swamp you with ads to make money they should make PLENTY of money from ads to get free things in game!) I will be deleting this game because of the scam of trying to make me pay TWICE FOR AD FREE VERSION WHEN IT DOESNT WORK!! If a developer even manages to read this then I do sincerely hope you remove ads while trying to play the game (not ads to get free stuff those can stay just the ads while your playing that claim you have to “pay” to get rid of, in my case twice maybe more.) remove those ads and I will happily come back, until then I’m deleting this game, I urge anyone else to do the same!!

- The only game review I’ve ever written

As stated in the title, I have NEVER written a game review until now. What’s unfortunate about this game is it is very fun. Couldn’t sleep this morning, found this game, and have been at it for an hour and a half or so. But I’m now deleting it. I can’t stand playing it anymore. The ads are INSANE. Some things you don’t have the choice of unlocking without watching an add, walk maybe a minute while trying to get things done, AN ADD, oh and btw the game actually runs BETTER if you keep watching adds to upgrade!! because if you don’t watch any adds for maybe 5 minutes, the game slows down and kicks you out, starting all over :-) the game itself has flaws. No workers to help out in the expanded zones at the bottom, so they’re not even worth investing in except to get to new areas, and the worker’s paths make no sense. Then, you get to the bottom area where the computers are and the workers don’t even use the machine between to feed into the computer makers, they walk to the OTHER printers EVERY time. This game has problems but you know that the developers are making that money forcing you to sit through adds like crazy. Unfortunate how phone games have come to be now.

- The Game Played Me

I wanna set the tone so you understand why I spent money on this game. It’s raining it’s three in the morning I’m tired and there’s no Apple juice in the fridge. The week being long and arduous, I simply wished for something mindless to occupy my thumbs so that I don’t bite my nails. Hence I saw an advertisement on the most Insta of grams for this game and thought to myself this is something I can do during the commercials of RuPaul‘s drag race. My impatientence and Folly let me to purchase the “no ad” option. Yet there are still ads!!!! That’s right I wasted my cold hard cash on and no add option that doesn’t work. Oh yes I have clicked restore purchase -oh yes I have seen it go through on my credit card statement and oh yes I am somehow still playing this game dear developers please answer my prayer and remove my adds. This is an incredibly long review for a simple enough game and while I do appreciate the function it serves , it only seems just to warn you of my plight. Other than that it’s fine!

- Generic game

I think the game has been fixed as I have the ad free version and don’t get ads unless I purposely choose them (mostly to get money from the other rooms) but I wish there was more to it than just the 3 rooms. I’ve seen update notes saying they’ve added new things, but I don’t see those new things or if I do see them, they aren’t something I can play. I paid $5 for the ad free version and I feel bad just deleting it since I’ve technically “beat the game” by unlocking literally everything in about 2 hrs of game play. Also, I wish the developers would allow you to be able to close the game tables sooner in each room again. If you ignore it after the first pop up that asks, it says it will ask again later, but I have not gotten an option after going back several times and the table in the first room is unlocked so I have to keep chasing the men back. All in all, it is just a game to play and once you’ve unlocked everything, as of right now, there is literally nothing else to do.

- Hi

Hello i wld like to say i love this game. Spend hours on it. But there’s a few things we need to fix. First of all - i bought the 5$ no ads - and i still have ads. I understand to unlock certain stations you need to watch ads and that is ok. But i hate- when i’m just walking around doing my thing - and a ad pops up when i’m not trying to unlock anything. I paid for that not to happen. Rip off. Second. We need bug fixes. This is getting too slow and makes my phone very hot- Which makes me have to get off it when i don’t want to - because i love this game sm. Anyways thank you and hope you can get back to me. ❤️ Ok i’m back. Have a few more tips. When i watch a ad to unlock soemthing else - i expect it to unlock. Fix it. Another thing we could fix- i hate running around collecting money all day. How do u expect my business to grow when i’m always collecting money when i could be helping. We need a direct deposit for the game. Get back to me soon Hayley

- Very good game

I really love this game, I'm not usually a game person I have only one other game that's ever caught and kept my interest. There are just a few bugs but to be honest if those were adjusted in any way this game would be a huge hit in my opinion. 1) the ads have to work more harmoniously with the game, having them pop out of no where is distracting and can cause players to stop playing - maybe make more options to watch ads instead of let's say waiting for the machines to make paper, motherboards, etc. or watch a video and have the distracted workers stay working for a few minutes straight 2) when I unlocked the second room and the machines to build laptops, when I go catch the distracted workers they disappear temporarily (small bug) 3) in the same room as above, the hired helpers from hr are picking up motherboards or tech pieces from weird locations (also super small bug) although in the first room when I bumped into hired workers they just got pushed out of the way, in the second room they glitch and get stuck in a spot for a few seconds if I crash into them 4) the game tends to freeze/crash, mostly when ads are about to pop up after a good 15 minutes, and I'm not exactly sure if it causes it but my phone will actually overheat if I play the game for longer than that It is a super addicting game, love the art, and the idea and basically everything about it! Would love to keep it and continue playing even through the crashes

- Dear Developers

Requests/features: 1. MORE LEVELS!! This game is very fun, it’s an awesome premise. Please add more to the 3 existing levels. 2. I’d like to be able to hire a money runner, one per level/area. 3. I’d like to be able to hire runners to put folders, laptops, and boxes on the workers desks. Fixes: 1. The “runners” that get the paper, chips, and packages for the folder, laptop, and boxing machines run to the supply machines at the top of the office instead of grabbing them from the supply machines right next to the folder, laptop, and boxing machines. The helpers you hire for those machines should be set to ONLY go to that lower office supply machine. 2. The game crashes. A lot. I think putting a max on how many paper, chips, and packages can go onto worker desks, and the Folder, Laptop, and Boxing machines, AND a max on how much money can be accumulated next to any given desk might help. When the stacks get too high, the game can’t handle the processing and it causes the hardware to heat up as well.

- Great game, huge performance issues.

The game is great don’t get me wrong with my rating. It’s not another scammy, copy-pasted games that have bad progression, it’s actually fun to play and progress with no repetitive progression (prestiging) and the automation is engaging. The hugest flaw with this game is..when an ad suddenly pops up it lags the game AND your phone as a whole, it will sometimes crash the game and maybe your phone. I have an iPhone 13 Pro and it becomes warm and jittery when I play this game for a couple of minutes and an ad decides to popup. This wouldn’t be an issue if only your current money that’s waiting to be collected, and other things don’t disappear every time you close the game, thus hindering your progression and automation massively. There are no offline earnings and all your printers, workers’ desks and the money gets cleared. I gave it a 2/5 because almost bricking my new iPhone 13 Pro with a relatively simplistic game shouldn’t be ok. I shouldn’t have to wait a whole minute after closing the game for my phone to becomes responsive again.

- Game crashes every 15 minutes but fun while it works

Unfortunately the current revision of this game is highly unstable and crashes about every 10-15minutes and in doing so wiped out your offices’ current money and materials production so when you reload the game - you still have your banked money - all the money and materials that arent banked resets and you start from where you left off minus materials and uncollected money. Pretty frustrating but not a big deal. Also, even though you have to pay $4.99 for ad free version (impossible to play the game without removing ads) you still have to watch ads anytime you upgrade skills or abilities if you don’t want to pay $1 for 5 tickets (they let you skip ads) or the deal of $5 for 50 tickets and if you don’t want to watch ads you’ll go through all 50 in about 45-60mins so keep your kids away from this game if you don’t want to be poor haha

- How amazing this is

This game is a five star because you’re going to be your own boss you give people paper you get to do whatever you want you’re the boss and the people do it for you it’s really fine you get to have more people people do the work for you you just get to be your own boss you get to be with every boss you want it’s like a five star i,m 8 year old y’all should download this right now if you’re seeing this review it’s so amazing Plus it’s free so get it now😍😍😍

- Overall decent but a few improvements maybe

So this was all thanks to an ad from another game. Did myself dirty by spending the $5 for no ads (outside of the necessary ones to unlock certain items) (hate ads). It’s fun mostly but my biggest frustration is having to constantly be running around getting the money. That’s kinda what the game turns into when you have your workspace maxed and workers at top tier production. There’s guys that will collect it for you but, well, ads. Also, there’s only 3 spots that are identical. So it got a bit stale after a bit. I accidentally clicked “no” when the option to close down the foosball table so now I’m perpetually getting those turds back to work. Overall a decent game to pass the time but if you put a solid hour into it, the game becomes monotonous.

- Ad Choking, Phone slowing fun

I like this game. It fills a hyperactive need. HOWEVER…. This game is FILLED with ads. They sell an ad free upgrade but it’s a scam! I bought it, thinking it would improve game performance… WRONG! You still have to watch an obscene amount of ads. Even with the ad free upgrade. With every ad, your internet will lag more and more, it will drain your battery and tax your CPU until the app crashes. Approximately every 30 minutes or so. It’s just a massive drain on your devices resources. As for the game, you can’t zoom out on the floor plan, so the maneuverability is very limited and takes a while to perform tasks. With the heating up of your battery, your fingertips will definitely feel the heat. The game will also not function if you use a VPN. If they fix those massive issues, it would be worth it.

- disappointed

I downloaded this game and at first loved it! Didn’t care for the constant adds but that seems to come with most games now a days. Everything was going great and I loved playing it there was a minor problem on the second level where when I watched the add I didn’t get my free workers but oh well. My real problem comes to when I completed all 3 levels and then saw there was an update available for the game. Excited hoping it would unlock more levels I installed the up date and then after went right to my game to see if there where new level. Come to find out it had completely cleared all three of my levels and it was like I just downloaded the game again. After that I completely uninstalled.

- Good game, poor quality

The overall gameplay is fine and interesting but the frames drop whenever you’re collecting cash or paperwork. Ads pop up randomly instead of giving you a count down or warning. Surprisingly ads make the game better because you can upgrade or unlock new office equipment by watching ads instead of spending in game currency. So you end up saving that cash for other things. The simple fix to earn those 2 stars would be to fix the frequency of the ads instead of popping up randomly while you’re playing, and fix the frame rate when collecting in game cash and paperwork. Especially since you want to collect the cash and paperwork as fast as you can, or as much as you can carry.

- Just an ad pusher

This game is just a vehicle to push ads. There’s only about two hours of gameplay maybe, and half of that is just waiting for the stacks of cash to refill. There’s no ending even once you unlock everything. I purchased the ad free version and half the game is still “voluntary” ads. There are a few machines that don’t have an in game currency option which are “free” meaning you watch an ad even on the premium version. The game is mildly entertaining if you need something to kill time, but just know the developers put an absolute minimum amount of effort into the game. It’s super buggy and frequently crashes. The lack of an ending makes you feel like you just wasted a couple hours of your life. I’d probably choose something else to do if I could go back.

- Lags bad

The workers in the first round don’t move fast enough even when you’ve reached the max for them to move fast. I’ve only gotten to the second round and the working next to the machines to make folders don’t move, I’ve watched several free videos to get them to live and they don’t so, I have to do everything myself for the second half. Videos don’t always work too, they asked me if I wanted to lock up the foosball table forever but it didn’t work, they still leave and play ball. This game was fun for a bit but now it’s annoying because the workers don’t move fast enough and I have to do the other half of the work myself. Not only that, I think the lag has to do with the videos not working so I never have access to the second half of the workers

- Great Game - Few More Fixes

I love the game and actually finished it? Was hoping there would be more than 3 levels- if I am wrong please let me know! A few things - as noted from other reviewers, there is no extra workers that give the products to the expanded crews (folder guys/ the laptop guys/ the box guys). Next - the ads are too much, I literally walked away from the game and only picked it back up because I was bored and needed something to fill the time. Last - the game seems to make the phone hot then crash when playing it, which is weird - first time it is happening for me. Other than those few things - PLEASE MAKE MORE LEVELS!! Hopefully will see an update in the future but for now will delete the game.

- I have a toxic relationship with this app…

I swear this app is like a bad boyfriend… I’m getting scammed, kicked out, and i’m limited… yet I keep going back. I personally believe paying the $5 for no ads is worth it, but still I need to watch ads in order to unlock this and ugh🤦🏼‍♀️ Two things I wish this game could offer me: DEVELOPERS PLEASE LISTEN 1) someone to help me collect money. The workers can only make so much money and I feel like those workers are continuously working for no reason once they make their set money… its a waste. I don’t have time to walk through all three levels and collect money all the time. 2) More opportunity! I’m basically done and it’s been less than 24 hours… give me more to do!

- Review

I don’t leave reviews this will be my first one I was going through a few reviews to see if anyone has mentioned the thing that I’m about to say but I got tired of reading lol. This game is fun and lets time go by but it freezes, glitches, and has too many ads. If I play for a good little while it makes my other apps I get on freeze too and I truly don’t like that. There was a glitch and it took me out of the game I got back on like 5 minutes after and everything was completely different and restarted as in they were papers being turned to like blue books and all the people and stuff I bought I had to re buy. Instead of the papers being turned to blue books now it’s something else being turned into laptops so it’s like idk what happened. But yeah it keeps freezing and glitching out.

- Overheating problem

Idk how or why, but my phone overheats every time I play this game for longer than 15 minutes. It’s super disappointing because I really enjoy this game. I have an iPhone 12 mini and I feel like this phone should be able to handle such a game. It also drains my battery like super quickly. My battery capacity is at 100% so not sure why a simple game is draining my phone. When I start, my battery is at 80%. After about 15 minutes, it’s down to 45%. Not sure why a simple game is doing so much damage to my phone. Please fix this! Id love to keep playing! But I’ll have to delete the app if i can’t keep my phone and battery at a safe temperature.

- Disappointing

I was excited to try this game since I kept getting hit with the ads for it. But it became apparent to me that it’s main life source is ads. And from what I’ve been reading even paying for them to be gone doesn’t work. Glad I don’t have the money to do so. But essentially what I came here to say is how disappointed I am. I have gotten to the packages section and there’s nothing left to do. I have paid for and unlocked everything. There’s no new section to go to. I am about to delete the game from my phone because there is literally nothing else I can do outside of just collecting money and watching ad after ad. I thought maybe something would have unlocked but nothing new had shown. I feel like I wasted my time playing this game. I am very disappointed.

- Freezes, crashes

I never write reviews but for this, I feel like I need to. I really enjoy this game, but I’m about to delete it after I write this. I just got to room 3, but it’s been a STRUGGLE to get there. It seems like ones you get a lot of desks and people working and things going, it starts to lag REEALLLY bad. Then right after the lag, I try to move, it lags again. Then right after that one, an ad pops up, then the ad lags. Then after the ad, it will work fine for like 2 minutes, then it will freeze all together and then crash and I lose all the money and things that were made during that play. It would be an amazing game if it didn’t have so many problems. Hope those issues gets fixed soon!

- Very short, very poorly made

Not worth spending any money on, no value in any of the purchases, other than maybe no ads and I only say that because the ads that constantly run on the bottom of your screen lag the game. During a switch of ad it will make you stop running, atleast as far as my experience so to unstuck yourself you have to access the store and close it out and you will be temporarily free to move. There are quite a few key fundamentals missing in this game, like fully automating any of your rooms, there is no worker to bring your end production employees their materials to work, so if you want to do this you will have to run allllll the way back to the department you wish to make money off of. There is no balance to how everything works together, for example, the workers work to fast for your printers to keep up and this is without any sort of upgrades to your employees. So now you’ve got 5 workers essentially standing around 90% of the time with their thumb up their bum. Unless this game sees some updates soon i will probably be moving on to something else, waste of time, waste of money, waste of space in the App Store.

- Lost Progress

I don’t usually write reviews, but I am so annoyed with this game. I downloaded it after seeing it on Instagram, and it worked fine for the first few hours. I started watching ads to unlock certain things, but didn’t realize there was a certain order to them. I was continuously watching ads for nothing. After reaching around the four hour mark since I downloaded the game, it started to glitch. Naturally, I shut off the app and restarted it. Once I did this, I noticed that all the helpers I employed and my upgrades disappeared. I shut it down and restarted again, in hopes of getting these back. This time, the exact same thing happened. Even worse, my desks, manager, and HR were GONE too.

- I lost most of my progress after the update

The game is good. You can expect the game to be exactly as the ad portraits. The upgrades are a bit expensive, if you don’t want to spend your time just walking around and slowly making enough money so you can upgrade, you can just watch some ads and the game will make the upgrade for you. One annoying thing is that once like every 5 minutes some ad will appear, without you doing anything, but besides that the game is great. I would have given 4 stars, but after the last update I have lost my progress in the game. I hope they fix that so that people don’t lose theirs too.

- Not an idle game!

I thought this would be a fun idle game but I was wrong. $5 for no ads, but still have to watch ads for bonuses seems like a rip off when most other idle games no ads means no ads even for bonuses. No music. Not an idle game!! Doesnt run while you’re offline but will reset all your workers (no input/no money) you can’t collect while you’re away and when you come back you have to wait for them to get working again before you get money (even with hired workers to give out papers!) game glitched to move to the next ceo level and wouldn’t let me progress then removed my hr and manager desks and the watched bonuses? Had to restart the game to make sure it wasn’t corrupt but it’s still not an idle game and it definitely wasn’t worth the $5.

- Stop advertising free upgrades if they arent free.

The game was going great at first until I started to notice I was watching ads to get machine upgrades but it was still charging me for the upgrade even though watching the ad was supposed to make it free. For example I had 30k, I wanted to upgrade my vending machine which was only 5k but why pay it if I can watch an ad for it right? So I watched the ad, when the ad was over it said "Reward Granted" but my money went from 30k to 25k anyway... so i did it again this time it was 25k and I clicked the free ad, same process, 200$ left over after the ad ended. THAT is the only reason I deleted the game and rated it 3 stars.

- Good game, but…

It’s a pretty good game. Saw the ad on tiktok and thought “oh, this would scratch an itch in my brain” so I went to download it, and I started playing it. It did scratch the itch I had, but this game could be better. It’s pretty addicting to play. I just wish you can unlock more stuff after level 3. Hopefully the developers can think of more creative things to add to this for more levels. That would be nice. Also hope they can add helpers to give the book, laptop, and box workers those items so I don’t have to keep going back and forth to do it myself.

- Nice but please fix this

Good game, addictive and fun, but when you’ve opened the 3rd room(3rd level) and the 2nd half of machines. The brown packages go into the contraptions with the propellors on top but nothing comes out. It’s a BIG glitch/Problem. I’d like to continue to level up but can’t unless I achieve and am able to collect what ever substance comes out after converting the packages. However there’s no way of knowing as nothing appears. I can even walk in the restricted square where the converted packages are supposed to pop out. Please fix so I can continue to play

- Don’t know what’s going on

I had finished all levels and done all upgrades and purchased all machines weeks ago. Yesterday when I came back to the game, none of those purchases were there. Essentially everything but the bank account is reset. I thought maybe developers wanted everyone to start from the same place again, so I went with it. Used money to repurchase everything on level one (door to level 2 never opened and I thought it would wait until everything was decked out again). Welp I Came back today and again the game was wiped. Pretty frustrating.

- Boxes in office 3

Great game but when I get to office three and prepare to make the boxes the machine that is labeled “free” if you watch a video does not work. You stand in the area to prompt the video it works but then your get stuck in a loop of having to watch videos over and over again and the only way to make is stop is to close the game completely out. When you close the game out you do not get the reward of enabling the machine to help make the boxes. Can you please fix this and then I will change my review to 5 stars.

- Game is super short and riddled with ads

It took me a few hours to complete everything this game has to offer. It’s so short it’s not worth paying for the ad free version. And if your trying to avoid ads, (like waiting to save money to purchase upgrades rather than watch ads to unlock instantly) it plays them every few minutes anyways and there’s some Office equipment you can’t unlock unless you watch an ad. And if you don’t mind the ads the game will be even quicker for you to complete. There’s nothing to do after level 3. This game has potential and is fun for a little bit but then incredibly boring. Wish there was more

- I Guess good game

So it’s a really good game 5 stars but it seems like every time I turn around there’s another ad and some of the workers that you get to help doesn’t do their jobAnd it’s annoying about how many ads you get and some of the ad you can’t keep straight through you have to watch all of the ad and everyone’s gonna be saying well you know I have to but on my device there’s a button that I can skip through some of ads good game though so that’s why I gave it a three star rating and I hope the people that made this game read the ad and fixes the problem

- Short Entertainment

I loved the game , it is alot of ads but of course like every other game you can pay for them to go away during game play but certain things you still have to watch a add . Also , there is only three levels , so it didnt take me very long to get there i expected it to you know have something to look forward to after but its not just the same three rooms , If they add more levels i’d definitely still play but it was like my subject line short entertainment

- Whole lot of fun

The game itself is very fun, but my problem comes in when the ads come into play. Understandable to have them it has to be paid for somehow, and the system where you can watch a video to unlock is great I think. But my problem is the ads in the middle of the game that occur randomly, once enough of them happens it begins to lag out the game and has to be closed out, which means all of the employees and printers reset. Love the game, but has these issues.

- Needs fixing

I really liked playing this game it’s fun and I’d like to keep playing but there are things that need to be fixed. 1. Random ads pop up in the middle of playing. It’s not even to gain anything it just pops up. 2. If I’m at a stoping point and through out my game play I’ve watched ad after ad to gain a free desk worker or machine I want it to be there when I open the app the next time. Every time I’ve come to a stopping point and get back in I have to rewatch all these ads to get back what I’ve already watched these ads for. It just makes me not want to play the game.

- It’s ok…

Pros: 1. I love the approach of being hands on and being one of the workers. 2. I can appreciate the fact that you’re in an office atmospheres and actually have managers and hr to report to for things. Cons: 1. Only 3 “levels”. Didn’t mind most of the “issues”. Was a simple and fun time waister. Just isn’t like other tycoons that I can prestige with. 2. You leave the app, the money and products being made restart. You have to be on the app to make profit. 3. There’s no way for money to automatically collect. Essentially, you jobs is to only run around, collect money and buy new 4. You get the no ads version, theirs still ads. (Didn’t purchase, but this is based off other reviews) 5. Only the first boss has a requirement for you. The second room has a certain number of computers to make, but the only thing you can do in the third room is buy on the machines and upgrade workers and yourself. No goal.

- Where are the workers for the bottom?!

Once you unlock the printers for folders and the workers to process (same on other side with computers), the workers stop feeding from the folder printers to the desk workers for processing. You hire runners specifically for those machines and they focus on paper?! Everything piles up on the folder printer. Also the desk workers for the folders go play on foosball tables every 30 seconds. How are you to kick them off the foosball every 30 seconds and play the rest of the game? Definitely games flaws that need fixing. I don’t understand. It would be a great game if they fixed this. Also there’s an ad every 2 minutes unless you pay $4.99 to remove ads. SMH

- Keeps restarting my progress

This game I find myself genuinely actually liking it, I ended up just paying for no ads, it’s one of those games with ads that interrupt you mid- gameplay. Even if you pay for no ads though, the things you can unlock by watching an ad still exist. However the one thing that pisses me off the most is the game has erased my progress 3 times already, or whenever they update the game. I got to the second zone and was almost to the 3rd zone and it restarted all over again. ☠️ please for the love of god fix that.

- Fun game but I have some quarrels

Like I said, the game is fun. But there are SO many ads. I turn off my wifi and cellular, still ads though not as frequent. Every so often the app will crash. When this happens, everything stops; my workers, money accumulation, paper/folder/laptop production restarts from zero. I still have my collected money but there has been several times I’ve gone to collect money and on the way the app will crash. I have to open it and restart. I also wouldn’t recommend buying the “no ad” option because I have read reviews saying it doesn’t work anyway. 🫤

- Good game, bad scam

The game itself is entertaining but it takes forever to earn money without watching ads. So I watched literally every ad needed to max everything out on the first level. The first issue I ran into was that the first folder machine had workers that you need to watch an ad to get. I watched that ad 10 times and didn’t get a worker. The second issue I had is after I had already watched all the ads and got to the second level I paid for no ads. It completely reset my progress and i still have to watch ads.

- Don’t do it

I don’t typically leave reviews but had to with this game and I’m going to keep it short and simple. The game could be cool but it glitches all of the time and it’s like you have to go back to square one. Thank God you don’t loose your money earned. Got sick of the adds and when an ad popped up to get rid of the ads for $4.99 I was like what the heck. Thing is the freakin ads are still there. Too upset with this game and want my money back. Who do I need to call? I guess I should have read the reviews and I wouldn’t have even downloaded this game. Yeah I know, I said it would be a short review but I guess I was wrong. Don’t pay to have no ads. It’s a rip off.

- Gust ADS

The game is really really fun. But, there is ads almost every second! The part that frustrates me is that the ads are always glitching!!! And that is the most frustrating thing ever in this game to me. What happened to me when I was playing this game today, an add popped up and it was 20 seconds long. Instead of the add being 20 seconds long, of course, the add glitches!!! And the because the add glitches, the add was like about 40 seconds long!!! Please fix the glitches with the ads and fix the fact that when I play this game, I watch ads more than I play the game. Thank you.

- Do not download until the performance is fixed

Played the game for a couple hours the other day and liked the loop enough to shell out 5 dollars for ad free. What a huge mistake, the performance of this game is absolute garbage. The idea is sound and fun, but in no time at all my game was running like a slideshow and is completely unplayable. Until you can manage to make a gameplay loop that can actually run on a phone, don’t put your game up for download. Extreme disappointment, I’m hoping this performance issue can get fixed because there is a solid idea behind this. Until you see reviews about the fixing of performance, do NOT download this game

- GOOD game… BUT

See, I play games a lot on my phone especially if I get super bored. This game I saw an add for it and thought it would be fun, so I got it… HOWEVER. Once you get to the packaging area you have no more area’s to get to. You’re just DONE. Now, don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy this game but it needs more of something like to get into another area of idk - you get what I mean hopefully. I do enjoy this game but there should be more than just three levels! Thank you for listening to my ted talk. Have a great day!

- Kinda got screwed out of 5 bucks

Fun game to play, but a ton of adds for the free upgrades. Being the impatient person that I am, I figured I pay the 5 bucks to remove the adds so I can get the free upgrades without sitting through the 30 seconds ads every time. Well, apparently paying 5 dollars doesn’t remove the ads. Essentially I just donated 5 dollars. Extremely misleading and I am slightly ticked off about it. Game is fun, and would have been 5 stars if I didn’t feel like I just got conned out of 5 dollars.

- Still deciding

This game should have more than three levels to reach. This is my second time downloading this game just to start over on trying to create a challenge for myself. I love the fact that if our money isn’t up we have the opportunity to watch videos to get us stated with staff and new hires. I didn’t like all the crashing the game was doing which was another reason I deleted it. After board member it should be more levels to achieve. We should also be able to hire some to collect our money as well as us, so we are not missing any money.


I’ve gotten used to apps with ada especially since there have been a couples games where I have downloaded new games because of them. But with Office Fever in particular after a while the ads start to slow down the flow if the game and it starts to lag. It makes it worse when all the progress I’ve made with transferring papers to the folder machine and stacking papers to attempt to quickly finish the folder task is restarted because the app crashes from the lag performance. Fix this bug and I may consider at least a 4 star rating for an Idle game. But this is the main issue that’s preventing me from wanting to play.

- Fun Game, with one big so far

Fun game to kill some time with. There are a lot of those annoying ads with the tiny X made so it's easier to accidently click on the ad than the X. That is the norm for free games now, though. There's a bug in the last product machine in the logistics room for me; the machine just consumes the packages and doesn't produce any new product. Other than that the ability to prioritize your employees tasks is really needed because they don't actually ever feed the lower machines in the rooms. Either that or make it so where you can hire employees dedicated to the lower machines.

TransferWise 💸

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- Needs more levels

I just bought the add remover please add on more levels I need to grow my business

- Fun but not enough levels and too many adds

The idea of the game is fun, I enjoyed upgraded the stations and progressing through the different rooms. But there are definitely not enough levels. I completed the game in a day. I paid the $8 to remove adds, but this only removes the adds that pop up while you’re in the middle of the game. Otherwise the game is plagued with adds to upgrade items etc. The game constantly made my phone super hot and laggy and I found that the ads that showed gameplay would often freeze and I’d need to restart the adds. The 3 second incessant Clive Palmer adds can drive a person mad. I suggest you diversify your add types. It got super tiring watching the same political campaign add every two minutes.

- Super Glitchy

I downloaded from the Add, which I was happy represented what the game actually did, that was the last part of the game I could appreciate I played for a while and gave ot a decent chance, It was fun but super glitchy, with random and frustrating add play, given the price I would want to know paying to get rid of Adds would be worth it in this case all you would be paying for is the app to crash out on you, and put you back. Even when you pay to play you will have to watch adds, you are the product when you download this game.

- Fun but disappointed

This game had me hooked from the start. I paid to remove ads within the first 10mins of playing but was disappointed to find they still play a big part in the game. I played it way too much during my work day. Enjoyed the tasks and levelling up but it seems there’s only 3 levels so now I feel like I wasted for $8AUD because it didn’t remove all ads and the whole game was finish-able I’m a day

- Restarted Completely

I just downloaded the game today, I was nearly up to the third level. Just got home and was so excited to finally finish the game and when I open the app it’s all gone. All of it. The 1st ceo office was open but that was it which is impossible because I would’ve had to buy the book area and then the book making machine. I had 30k in money but that was it. I kept refreshing the game, restarting my phone, checking the internet. Nothing worked. Don’t even bother wasting time on this game, it completely restarts. 😒

- Office fever - 3 levels only

If I had of known there would be only 3 levels I would not have spent anything on this game. Surely there is more to it that this??? The amount of ads you need to sit through is excessive, especially after paying what I though would stop ads but it only stopped the pop-up ads… Are more levels going to be added?

- Not enough levels/Too many ads

I was quite enjoying the game, so much so that I paid the $8 to remove ads only to be disappointed that this doesn’t remove the ads for the upgrades which I think is deceptive… My biggest criticism is that there are not enough levels and I finished the game in a day and regret the $8 spend significantly

- Notifications

Every still 2-3 minutes I will get at least 4 different notifications from the game and it would run my phone flat from the notifications and I was not happy after my phone died at least 2 times from this game it’s a waste of time as it only has 3 level that can be beat in 1 day would not recommend downloading this game as it is trash

- Fun to play, but not worth the $$

Was a fun little game to play. Shame it only has 3 levels though. And even after purchasing the game, you were still required to watch ads to unlock many things which I found frustrating. Honestly wish I didn’t buy the full version.

- Couldn’t get past 3rd room

Loved this game right up until I couldn’t get the machines with fans to work. No matter how many boxes I put it, they wouldn’t spit out the next level item.

- Fun but there’s a bug

I got to over 2 Billion in Unicorn league, but there is a bug that now says I’m Minus 2 Billion when I should be rank 1


This game is the best, it was a dare to intsall but when I got it I fell in love. There’s structure and gameplay and not too many or too little ads it’s great

- Don’t pay to remove ads

Paid $6 to remove ads thinking this would surely convert the many spaces in the game that require you to watch an ad to accept money instead and nope - pay to remove ads and you are still forced to watch them to unlock everything.

- Fun but needs more levels!

Very fun and simple, but only had 3 rooms. Would love to see more

- Office fever

Lock the fun table forever. Lock the fun. Lock the fun table. I need to get back to work.

- Sections

Needs more sections instead of just the 3. I finished all 3 sections in a week and it’s just been sitting there on my phone. No matter how much I wanna play there’s not much else I can do with it

- Buggy

Unlocked everything and max upgraded everything closed app and then when I re opened everything was locked again. Happened multiple times and now can’t unlock anymore

- Ad Glitches

Get to the last part and the free machine to make packages won’t load! Watched a good 50 ads, Still nothing 🙄 I have everything unlocked except that part, Granted there is obviously no more levels after it but would be good to atleast fully finish the game! 😒

- Broken game

Fun game - if it worked. CEO won’t unlock even with 250 folders, and every time I restart all my upgrades are gone. No option to report to app support. Paid for ad free version and still have to watch ads. Complete rip off. Don’t bother.

- Glitchiest game ever

So disappointed. Played this on my partners Samsung and it plays perfectly. Downloaded and tried to play on my iPhone, did nothing but glitched. Glitched the entire time. Had to delete it because I couldn’t even play it

- Too many adds

Way too many adds like every minute compulsory adds with no option to pay for a premium and eliminate adds. Shame because it is a cute game otherwise!! Please fix it!

- Massive lag and unoptimisation

Starts off well but slowly comes to a crawl. Latest iphone and ipads with latest iOS. Both become exceptionally hot to the point the game stutters alone then freezes…

- Nice game

It’s a nice game but sadly only three levels 😭

- Needs more content

Great game finished all the the upgrades in less than 4 hrs. More of something would be great!

- Fails to save

When reloading the app upon exiting, anything I’ve watched videos for, all of the progress with HR and Management is all reset and I basically have to start from scratch. Completely eliminated the point of playing.

- Tried to pay to remove ads it wants to charge me 41 dollars

Tried to pay to remove ads which by the looks doesn’t remove them all and they advert 8 dollars but charge 40 scammers be careful

- Good concept, not enough game to play

I enjoyed playing through the game but on the third and final level it was pretty much over with. Would like to see more levels added.

- Was good until..

Was good until it deleted all my progress made.. everytime the app closes now I lose any progress and basically have to start from Scratch

- Scam to remove ads

Paid to remove ads but they still make you watch them to play parts of the game. Clearly double dipping on the revenue. Don't pay for this game.

- Office Fever

Way too many adds and free section won’t open in last room (board room) went through 6 adds and still wouldn’t open

- So many issues

Way too many ads for starters, just plagues the whole game. So much lag and glitching so you barely get to play. Needs a tonne of work to fix it

- Waste of time.

There’s only 3 levels?? And then nothing else can be done?? I wasted money on this game. And not to mention it glitches and closes the app every now and then.

- Limited game

Finished the game in less than a day while isolating. Was bummed it only has three levels…

- Stuck

Stuck on the first level cant move to the next room because the square won’t take the 250 blue folders.

- Ads!

The game is good but the ads make it not enjoyable. I don’t want to play it anymore because there’s an ad every 2 minutes.

- Where are all the 5 star ratings

When you press see all reviews you can only find 27 reviews instead of 796

- Ads killed iPhone 12

Crashing my phone from the frequency and amount of ads


Very unimpressed. Paid $AUD8 to remove adverts, still the ads are coming up. Only three levels and lots and loylts of ads. You’re getting ripped off. Total scam.

- Game is fun but can’t get past random ads

Really annoying and disjointing when trying to play

- :(

It won’t load the last part , get the packages are maxed when there is nothing there

- Too many adverts

The game is quite good but there are too many adverts. I mean literally after every single minute!

- Needs more levels

Fun game but you’d finish the game in a day

- Scam

even when you pay for the full version you gotta watch ads ? nah

- Standard App Store trash

To many ads devs made the game only to make ad money don’t waste your time on this garbage Would rate 0/5 if possible

- Update

The new update has sent me back to the start 🙄

- Hate the ads

Why not ads for when you stand on the “Free” thingamajig

- Laggy after third rook so bad it’s unplayable

My phone started going crazy and overheating and draining my battery don’t get it

- Money grab

Enjoyable enough game but your time spent on this app will be 60% game play to 40% ads. 8 dollars for a game like this is crazy. Wouldnt recommend.

- Not that good

Needs to be expanded only 3 total levels finished the whole game within 5 hours

- Needs more content

I finished this game in like a few hours

Payoneer 💰

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- Very good

I had got aids from girlfriend and this game relatively quick had got rid of my aids, best game ever

- Meh

This game is addictive however it’s doesn’t save the process. Once you close it you have to start over. Annoying

- Still a scam

Do not buy this or get the ad free came crashes three levels freezes and crashes and you lose all your progress, even after you buy the game still lots of ads DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME ALL THE FIVE STSRS A FALSE REVIEWS


This game is somewhat fun but ads pop-up every minute…some are hard to skip and are very annoying. The game also lags a lot.

- Bugs

Game keeps freezing! Then I lose all the progress when I left.

- 🙂😄😃😀Good game but...

Best game ever, but, it has a lot of ads probably 20/1hour

- Very fun game, BUT…

This game is very fun and addicting. Although the ads are annoying, it’s just expected in mobile games now. The problem I have with this game is how poorly it runs. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max. It is not the best iPhone out there, but it certainly isn’t slow by any means. This game makes my phone BURN. It gets so hot that it is uncomfortable to hold the phone. Once this happens, the game also constantly freezes and lags. The only way to fix it is to close the app completely and let my phone cool. On top of all this, this app absolutely DESTROYS your battery. I usually only have to charge my phone every 2 days with moderate use. This game drained my battery form 100% to 20% after only 2 hours… And I know that it’s not just my device as I tried it on my iPhone 7 Plus, and 12.9 iPad Pro. It does the same thing on all the devices: makes them burn, lags, and drains battery. Overall, this game has potential, but it needs to be optimized better first.

- Great Ga gf scars


- Lag

I updated the game on the update where they said they got rid of bugs but my game still crashes and freezes my whole phone

- Scam For Ad Removal

I paid for the Ads to be removed from the game but they are not gone, progression still requires the Ads even if you paid for them to be removed. I’d like my money back.

- No-Ad Purchase Doesn’t Work

Love the game… but I paid $6.99 for no “forced ads” but pop-up ads persist and it gives me the “no-ad purchase” options again… I won’t be continually paying for something I’m not receiving. Game deleted.

- Love the game

10 stars if I can

- Ads in purchased version

Even after spending 6$ on the game you have to watch ads to unblock most important equipments. Super frustrating. Can’t it just be a game?

- funnest game ever

This game is so fun! No adds best game to play when your on a road trip!

- y


- Terrible, but addictive

The game crashes every 5 minutes, there are ads every 2 minutes and it doesn’t save your data. I don’t recommend

- Glad I didn’t buy ad free

There are only 3 levels, ads every 30 seconds and the game is constantly crashing and making you lose progress. Don’t waste your time or money.

- Love it

It is super fun and a play it everyday but pls remove buying stuff

- Need more levels

This game is addictive but it’s too quick. There’s only 3 levels so I completed the entire game in a day

- We need more levels!!

I paid for no ads and finished the game in a day. Big rip off.

- Ads ads ads

I enjoyed the game so I paid to remove ads. All that does is prevent them from popping up while you play. There are several things in the game you can’t buy, you have to watch an ad to get it. Waste of money.

- Only 3 levels!

Game crashes constantly and there is nothing after the third level. I paid for the no ads package and it only takes out the pop-ups and even then I paid 14$ to pay 3 levels. A big shame because it is as very fun game!

- Office fever

Only 3 levels as far as I can tell waste of money and if you pay for no adds it boots you out of game every time a add should pop up so you lose all gains you have made

- So many ads

Just as you get a flow of game down another ad. Way too frequent pop up ads during play to be worth sitting through them to continue. If it was a play to get bonuses, speed upgrades for a short time, helpers for a short time, etc like other games, I’d be much more willing to sit through ads. Deleted. Not worth it.


Too many ads, the game is almost impossible to play with the amount of ads. Also overheats and kills your phone battery save yourself some stress and time and don’t download.

- You will lose your mind playing this game

This game is fun but unfortunately, there are so many ads and it is always lagging. Very frustrating

- Ads

Ads every seconds

- Terrible

Ads every few seconds and if that’s not bad enough, it freezes continuously and loses all your progress. Trash app

- Great game but before you spend 6 bucks….

…. And you will. The ads interrupt the game so frequently you’ll spend the money. It is almost unplayable without buying the game. And then you will be disappointed. There are only three levels. You’ll max out the levels in less than two days. Which is too bad because it’s addicting. The potential is there for this to be really fun if it had more levels or goals. Second, yes the ads are gone but they are then replaced by the game freezing and closing. Maybe a coincidence but it’s like the game goes to play the ad, remembers it’s not supposed to, then closes. When you reopen it you still have your banked cash but you are back to square one with stocked items and cash you haven’t collected. It gets a “meh” from me. Which is too bad because it was really fun until I realized it was oooooover.

- Ughhh

Such an amazing game but Glitch … holy Hell every two seconds the entire game freezes and then jumps … it’s brutal! I downloaded it on 6 different devices trying to play and it glitches on every device! I gave it a 3 star for fun but took away two star for the glitch that made me delete the game :(

- It has potential but its not there yet

Great idea, addictive and could be fun. However, your phone overheats a lot, the game gets very glitchy and the fun goes away, also prepare to be BOMBARDED by adds. But that’s pretty much what we get in mobile games nowadays 🤷‍♂️


i have a iphone 12 pro max and the game make my phone hot. and i see other reviews saying the same thing don't download if you like overheating phone. FIX YOUR GAME!

- Too many adds

Plays an add every 60 seconds. Very annoying.

- Game lags too much and so many ads

The further you are in the game, the more it lags. The game shuts down every time there are more workers. It even shuts down and lags at a commercial. So many ads. Playing for a couple of minutes an add appears.

- Good game

I enjoy the game but when I go to watch an ad for some of the in game help (requires ad ) I have my wifi or data on and it won’t redeem the ad help at all 🥲

- Not a good game

This game sucks. It keeps freezing and very glitchy. Not worth the download

- Battery

Addictive game but i lost 20% of my battery in 10 minutes by playing this game…


This game is fun and a good mindless game. However it crashes all the time. It’s absolutely terrible! DONT DOWNLOAD.

- Another “game” developed for Ads revenue.

Seriously do not download this battery draining ad trap. This could be a fun passive game if the ads weren’t every minute of gameplay. I’m on an iPhone 12 Pro and my phone heats up like it was just out in the oven when playing this game. Do not bother with downloading this game unless you feel like closing app every minute and losing all progress that you had..

- Great game!

Love the game but I already finished it are you going to add more to the game?

- Don’t waste your time

The game is unplayable due to adds

- Ads not removed

Bought the ad remover and still got ads 🤷restore purchases is no big help either

- Crashes a lot

It’s a decent game doesn’t require in game purchases which I love. But it crashes A LOT. Like 5 times an hour of playing.

- Only three levels.

There are only 3 levels to this game and a massive amount of interruption ads.

- 1 had every 5 mins

Its a good on the toilet game but the ads

- Good game

Good game but extremely battery consuming and crashes often. I have an iPhone 12 pro max and no game ever did this…

- Need Updates !( the game is a mess )😭😭

The printers are to slow No much work To much workers Not in-of revenue money The games is completely imbalance a really mess

- Don’t waste your time with this game

The only goal of the creator is to get you to watch as much ads as possible. You spend more time watching ads than playing the game itself! Literally!

- Incredibly short and paying for ads doesn’t work

The game has 3 levels, can be finished in about an hour. But worst is that there is an option to pay for “No Ads” mode, but it doesn’t actually allow you to upgrade without watching ads. Play it for a short while but do not give them money.

- Fix this bug

The folder workers on the left that puts paper on the folder maker does not start working after i unlock it with free video

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Office Fever 6.0.0 Screenshots & Images

Office Fever iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Office Fever iphone images
Office Fever iphone images
Office Fever iphone images
Office Fever iphone images
Office Fever iphone images
Office Fever iphone images
Office Fever iphone images
Office Fever Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Office Fever (Version 6.0.0) Install & Download

The applications Office Fever was published in the category Games on 2022-01-19 and was developed by Rollic Games [Developer ID: 1452111779]. This application file size is 171.59 MB. Office Fever - Games app posted on 2022-11-18 current version is 6.0.0 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.dtg.officefever