Oh God!

Oh God! [Games] App Description & Overview

The holy justice will be served!

You’ll be the judge of both physical and spiritual world as you shape the destiny of the souls. The divine power is in the palm of your hands.
-Swipe up to send the righteous souls to heaven and swipe down to send sinners to hell!
-Purify the heaven by sorting out the evil wings
-Unlock the doors to the afterlife

Beautiful graphics with simple but addictive gameplay

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Oh God! Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- New mini games - Performance improvements

Oh God! Comments & Reviews

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- I wish there was more people

Yea the game is good in all but I’m a bit tired of the same 5 people I want to have different people that I can choose from also I would like to have consequences or rewards for picking the right choice for the people with the ?

- Pretty good

It’s a pretty good game but there’s to many adds

- Too many adds

Lots and lots of adds

- Not like the ads

I was watching the ads and the game was nothing like how it was advertised.I mean they had hitler in the ad and not in the game.Very disappointed

- Don’t get

Add is fake

- Too many ads

This game isn’t bad.it would be fun if there were less ads.Everytime I finish a level an ad appears.when I am not pressuring anything an ad appears.when I finish watching an ad video another ad appears.I know you desperately want people to buy an ad blocker from your game but don’t you think this is a bit much?

- no


- Ad after every single boring 5 second level

Ad after every level and the game is not even fun.

- Should i download

How many people have played bc I downloaded it and it didnt give the thing the add said it gave like another game and it glitched and kicked me out of the game so pls fix that and it was really glitchy

- Best think EVER

So much to do and it’s so cool I can’t stop playing I got so excited when I got it and now its better then I imagined and stay safe y’all and merry Christmas

- God

My god

- scam

fakest game in the world of the univers of the united states

- Nice

This game is really fun 😇😈

- Most adds ever!!!!!

I’ve never played a free game with this many adds. It’s just disgusting. The game is boring as h::LL. There was hardly any thought put into it at all. The only thing the greedy creator was thinking was “How many adds can we stuff into this crap?”

- Too many ads

I have played many games with a stupid amount of ads. Make a decent game with a good amount of ads maybe like an add so often instead of an ad after every level.

- This was not the game I was advertised.

Kinda fun, but this isn’t what I downloaded it for.

- Completely horrible

The game is completely different than the ads it’s a bunch of different mini games do not get this and then there’s a bunch of ads


This game is a breeding ground of viruses. Don’t waste your time

- Boring

Repetitive, to many adds and poorly advertised.

- Too many ads


- Misleading

Game isn’t what it is advertised to be and there is a ad every 30 seconds I recommend not to download this game

- Bad game

I hate this app so much to much adds omg it is so stupid

- Oh god the ads

I want death


To many ads, I played to level 22 and got almost 20 ads

- Ads!😤😡

There are so many ads it’s hard to enjoy this game... and they are useless! This game is good, might’ve got a 4 star if there weren’t ads every second. TERRIBLE! I recommend NOT getting this game if you don’t want to waste your precious time!

- So boring.


- Horrible ads

Literally every time you click ANYTHING. An ad. Very little effort was thrown into the game, it’s just to play ads and make them money. Pathetic

- Way to many ads

I hate ads and there is a lot of ads

- What?!? I hate this game

It is not up to us it’s up to God!?!

- Crashes to much

I just downloaded this game and right after loading the game crashes before I can do a level.

- Not recommended at all

I hate to say this but it is about the worst game ever once you’re done with the level it’s another ad once you’re done with that level it’s another ad these ads don’t stop popping up and yes it is very wrong putting Trump in it and police officers yes people hate trump yes people hate police officers but still that is not OK you do not bring political business into a child’s game I am 12 years old and I think I’m more mature than the creators of this game who clearly want this to be political and I do have a religion and it is Christian so this game is not OK for me because I am Christian so if you were a Christian and you were reading this I suggest you not get it first of all it is not honoring to God second of all it is a waste of time please take this advice for it does say some bad words such as h*ll I am very disappointed in this game and I am very disappointed in Apple take it down


They are using Gods For the title and there is lots of other titles they can do and they are using Heaven and I should know because I go to a Christen School and I almost read all of they Bible and You could have Use it in Lowercase because the uppercase means that you are talking about God and I just recommend you to Change it if you can to Lowercase because your not really talking about God and I guess the CEO of this did not think about Oh I probably should not let them use this title because they are using Gods name. If I was the CEO I would not even let them use that title in fact If I was the CEO I would not even let them make the ga

- Kid

I’m a kid and I don’t like this game, I do think people should be more like god, but we can’t change them, plus I don’t think kids should be playing a angel and devil game

- Inappropriate adds

Of course you have the add y know “you won’t last a minute l

- Cool

Thanks man for a quick update to help you out for the day thanks so sorry that I was just

- Ad after ad after ad

I only played the first 15 second level and had to sit through 4 ads. Garbage.

- So fun

I love this game so much

- Eh

It’s like they said, “let’s take every game that’s ever been made, but make it 10 times worse and glitchy.” Also ads literally every other second

- To many ADSSSSS

Why the ads like this is too easy to play and

- TO MUCH ADDS!!!!!!

Way to much adds

- The name of the game must be "şirk"

The name of the game must be "şirk"

- This game boring

I played this game for half an hour maybe and i was bored in the first 10 minutes theres no gameplay and its just a cash grab. The adds dont imply anything its different mini games smashed into one game.

- Loads of ads and very bad

Every 30 seconds there’s an ad and there’s only like 5 characters

- This game make people bad and I rate it 0/10000 please don’t upload this it makes you evel

Bad game

- Stupid game

Zero concept, when you are a developer and you dont have ideas,

- Horrible game

I you love watching advertising then you will love this game. You watch more videos than actually playing the game. And now I will be deleting this app. Thank you developers for wasting my time

- This game means a lot to me and good for my healthy i love god and learning about when his son died

This game is so fun

- It Scammed Me!!!

All The Commercial Did Was Lure Me Only For Me To Find That It Was Just A Bunch Of Random Minigames And I Thought This Game Was Great But Like I Said a the Commercial Fooled Me!!!!!

- Too many ads.

I understand you need to make money, but the ads take up 4 times more time than the actual gameplay itself. This is just unacceptable. Either make it pay to play or make the ads to gameplay time more fair.

- This is what we get

I literally hate how this absolutely garbage fire of a game is in the top 3 free games it is absolutely garbage don’t waste your time with this game the ads are fake and the game is a ad farmer

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- This app is good

There isn’t add’s at all, for me at least, I’ve completed 100 lvls in like 30 minutes and it takes your time away. I don’t think there is a problem with this game. Well done. 👏👍😁

- Ok

it’s ok

- Too many ads

It takes so long to get through an ad and there is just too many the game itself is a bit iffy but apart from that half decent


It’s not what it says on the ads because you have to complete mini games and it really annoying because I was waiting for what you do in the ads but it’s fake!

- Okay read

So honestly it not what the ad said it was and as for the game so I played like 5 lvls and I got bored so the I went on to Roblox.... I can play it but not for long (download recommend ummm it’s a mabye) If ur in to games like this enjoy well this is the game for u..... other wise try some other games..... Oh and I rlly wanted the whole game to be a heaven or hell thing here is a tip well maybe do that in a dif game but add stuff like u can make heaven or hell with like money or hell bucks or heaven bucks oh and that game has adds every like 5 secs it’s kinda annoying and and could u have pets in the new game u could be a god or a goddess and u can buy pets but I want u to know plz try to fix it and if u make the a new game like I said well I will play it Alyssa out 😘

- Level 2

On level 2 it would let me press it and put it up like take it to the freaking angel so I personally hate this app

- Please respond

I’m giving this game one star because I can’t play it and I really want to .it logged me out and I’m really up set please respond 😭🙏 please answer

- Way to many ads

There are like 1 to 2 ads every 30 seconds and they are forceful ads you have to watch.

- Glitches

This game has so many glitches it always glitches me out of this game I hope 🤞 you can solve this problem / issue . Merry Christmas 🎄 and I wish you a Happy 😊 New Year . P.S solve the glitches please 😊. Thanks 🙏 .

- Ads everywhere

I was in the middle of playing a mini game of which the ad I downloaded it from did not display and an ad stopped me from playing, it wouldn’t let me skip until it was done and I achieved nothing from it

- False advertisement

This ad is not what the game is. You have to complete mini games and I though you could either send people to heaven or hell. Do not download.

- Misleading

I actually thought this game is about where you’re god and you decide who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. But it’s actually a puzzle game where you get different problems and you have to solve them. I don’t recommend you download this app

- Virus

This game is a virus when I had it downloaded it kept slowing down and freezing my iPad DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME

- Absolute terrible

I go onto the game thinking it’s good and on the first level after doing something it keeps kicking me out fix that problem and it’ll be good

- Terrible, misleading and buggy

This game is NOT what is shows it is on the ads. As well as that it is extremely buggy. It crashes and freezes regularly and the levels are not even enjoyable in it self. Also there are ads in between every single level. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

- don’t get this game

This game definitely isn’t about deciding who goes to heaven and who goes to hell like in the ad. It’s about passing levels by playing crappy mini games

- Read this

It is the worst game ever it kicks me out everytime I finish a level and I’m deleting bye

- Not what the game shows

I saw on the ads selecting people to go to heaven or hell. I wanted this so much. But no it’s not in here yet. I’m on level 9 and it hasn’t come yet. Maybe put it after every level. And the amount of ads is so annoying. That’s why I am deleting the game. There is nothing fun about an ad after every 10 seconds. Put an ad every 3 rounds or something. 😀

- Not what advertisements show

This game is not what advertisements show. The adds show you selecting people to go to hell or heaven. And I’m only on level five and that hasn’t come yet. If that’s what the adds show, make it first level and make it come after every level. And the little games are not what I thought the game would be.

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- Crash

Good but I load in and the game crashes immediately I’ll give a four star

- Too many ads

This game gives you an add every round you play and also it said there was people in the add and we chooses who goes to heaven and who goes to hell but all of it was hell so don’t download!

- This game has to meny ads and it doesn't even work

This game has too many ads and it doesn't even work totally a one star review

- Disappointed

I had watched the ad on Snapchat and it looked like one of those basic games where u either send the person to hell or heaven so I decided to download it to play it for a bit but I ended up with an avoid the obstacles game and is also VARY laggy this is false advertising and I am vary disappointed in the game developers

- false advertising

not the game in the millions of ads i get for it.

- Ads for this game are misleading.

I was expecting a send them to heaven to hell game - what i played, was an avoid the obstacles game.

- Good but glitchy

It’s a good game but glitchy.turn off wifi and no adds.

- This game is the worst one yet

This game has to many ads every single round you can’t even play the ads and everything about it what I said the level fun but it’s to many ads I just hate ads so much this game is for losers only

- Bad

So the ad for this game is like u picking if someone go to heaven or heck but it’s different it’s just dumb stuff like giving wings to angel it’s dumb don’t download and it has a lot of ads don’t even play this game

- Why

I hate it whenever I finish a level it crashes I can’t go into it without it crashing!!!!

- Beaucoup trop d’annonces

Le jeu en lui même est correct, et j’insiste sur le mot correct. Mais les annonces sont superflues et gâche l’expérience de jeu. Même en coupant mon internet, j’ai quand même des annonces de jeux stupides et inintéressants. Ne télécharger pas ce jeu, ce serais une perte de temps.

- Why

This game isn’t like the ads what the hell

- Pretty good turn of wifi for no adds

Ya know to turn adds of for free turn of the internet and you can just play 😉😉😉🥰🥰🥰 it’s a awesome game tho.

- Trash

Whenever I finish a round it glitches me out of the app

- Ads,ads,ads

So many ads. At least make it so an ad plays eaves other level

- Awesome

It’s so addicting! I love this game so much! There are rarely any ads and it’s just overall an awesome experience. I fully support this game! Download it!!!!!!

- The game

It’s a fun game it just has a lot of ads after each round

- Horrible


- I hate this game

It crashes as soon As I get In the app

- To many adds

Way to many adds.


This game is so fun and I don’t mind the adds so it’s fun

- Not good

Laggy and crashes apparently not for my phone

- Hell

Anyone who plays This game will go to hell...... haha

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@emmaevictoria S'not your fault, pal - It's been a truly shit time & we all crack from time to time. Virtual bear-hugs from redneck Yorkshire, just hope the oh-god of hangovers tomorrow isn't too fierce 😬😚

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Oh God! iphone images
Oh God! iphone images
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The applications Oh God! was published in the category Games on 2020-11-19 and was developed by Alictus [Developer ID: 892399717]. This application file size is 383.21 MB. Oh God! - Games app posted on 2020-12-31 current version is 1.0.44 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.kad.ohgod

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