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What is last fortress: underground app? Castle, the largest community of survivors, has fallen.
Once a beacon of hope in the post-apocalypse, it now shares the same fate as the rest. Amidst the chaos, a small group of survivors managed to escape into the barren wilderness.
You are the Commander of these survivors. While escaping the zombie horde that utterly destroyed your last sanctuary, you come across a strange building jutting out from the ground. Low on supplies and left with little options, you decide to take refuge in this building. So begins your campaign of survival in this zombie-infested world.

Expand your shelter with numerous facilities such as the Satellite Nexus, Power Generators, the Mission Control, etc. Design the shelter’s layout whichever way you like!

Every hero and survivor possesses special life skills that helped them survive in the apocalypse. From chefs, doctors, and engineers to scientists, miners, and soldiers, it’s up to you to effectively utilize their skills!

Assemble a diverse team of heroes, each with their unique personalities and abilities. Formulate your favorite team combination to help you conquer even the most daunting of situations.

Journey outside the shelter and scavenge for valuable resources in the wastelands.
Set up camps to act as forward operating bases and resource points. But be on guard! Zombies could attack at any moment!

Fighting alone is hard, so why not fight alongside friends? Join or create an Alliance and exterminate those pesky zombies with allies! Assist allies by accelerating each other’s constructions and tech researches.
It’s a win-win situation either way! It's all or nothing now! Go forth, Commander, and embark on your adventure!

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Last Fortress: Underground Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Last Fortress: Underground Version 1.303.00122 November 2022

Greeting Cards available now! - Harvest Feast - You may gift the card to other Commanders to thank their support. New feature Focus mode - After you collapse the icons in the bottom right corner of the world map, the focus mode will appear. - Turn on the focus mode to hide all irrelevant icons. Alliance voting - The Alliance Leader and Officers may pin a message in the Alliance chat and start a poll. - The feature will help Alliance members voice their opinions on a certain matter..

Last Fortress: Underground Comments & Reviews 2022

- Improvement needed

After much review of this game there are some small issues and large issues that should be fixed to improve overall game play. Let’s start with the small issues the game interface slightly buggy and lags even with the best equipment. This can be fixed. Pay to win plays strong in this game and the rates for upgrades are far above what similar games of this caliber are charging. This can also be fixed by dialing it back or increasing game play value. At the current value and game play you will have difficulty retaining players. Also, listen to the other reviews, resources that are purchased should not be available to another player if they choose to raid the customer paying for that upgrade. Those practices will break a customers trust in a product. The last major issue to look at is alliances. If you investigate as I did you find that there is a central alliance across all levels of this game. This alliance uses slightly different names but part of a larger group. This group only accepts people of a certain demographic and preys on others that are not in that demographic. In a time where inclusiveness is a major issue this will cause a product to hemorrhage potential customers at an alarming rate. This is also a simple fix that many other more popular games have addressed by regional grouping. I do this for a living for many other companies and normally charge for this type of advice, but this is a freebie. Take it or leave it that’s up to you.

- Should be on console

I’ve been playing LFU for about a month now. It is by far the most incredible mobile game I’ve ever played. I now play this game more than I play on my PC. The depth of interaction, and things you can do is so deep and immersive you will have a difficult time running out of things to do. I play this game just like any full time console game, spending hours a day on it. Also, like most games you can spend money but I’m telling you right now you don’t need to to enjoy the game without running into walls. With a little effort you can and will excel. Now for the support team : Please look into hero and apc skins so we can customize them with colors and outfits also it would be amazing to have an alliance trade center where we can trade items, gear and resources within a daily limit. Thank you so much! Enjoy guys! Server #256 DMI !

- Has a few issues

So the game is actually really fun and way more in-depth then you might think but it does come with a few issues. First of all developers if your going to advertise this game do not lie to people. Your ads for this game do not show ANY of the actual gameplay that’s in this game. It’s a very bad thing for new players to be shown an ad about a game and then they play it and the game is COMPLETELY different then the advertisements. There is a few times where I’ve noticed the game slows down and just straight crashes. But not very often usually only happens when a lot of stuff is happening on screen. The game is a fortress builder/multiplayer base attacking game and it does do a pretty good job at it. My other issue is that it’s insanely hard to pull good heroes. Most of the time I’m getting straight garbage. Edit: It is nice to introduce more things but I would personally fix older things, bugs and glitches before releasing new events. At this point your just adding even more bugs and glitches. Also fix your preview section on the App Store. Only 2 pictures and none of the videos show the actual game. 2 pictures….that’s sad. Now sure what game the other pictures and the videos are of but it’s not this game. Take pride in your game. Show actual pictures and videos of your actual game and gameplay. That will draw more people in. Edit: sorry developers but it’s true 🤷‍♂️

- Unabashedly Pay-to-Win

This game is unabashedly pay to win. On nearly every screen, there are “give us money to get more rewards or premium characters!”options. There is no way to effectively compete with the other players without spending a ton of cash. The devs will tell you that you can get a lot of resources for free, which is true. But you get only a fraction of that of paying players, which doesn’t solve the pay-to-win problem. If you didn’t have to interact with other players, this wouldn’t be a problem. But no, if you can’t get your base strong enough, you get raided and destroyed by the wealthy players. That leads to my second big complaint about this game. It is deceptive in its marketing materials, and doesn’t explain anywhere that the main feature of the game once you get past the introduction is player-vs-player combat, and alliance warfare. This is yet another game where you have a city in an overworld with a bunch of other players, manage troops, and send armies to attack zombies and other players/alliances. But they hide that. No screenshots. Nothing in any ads I’ve seen. They hook you with the interesting gameplay of exploring and building out your bunker. Then they throw you into the overworld where you have to shell out real cash or constantly get raided by other players. The early gameplay with exploring and building your bunker is fantastic. If the game was just that, I’d love it. But, unfortunately, that is not what this game is.

- Pay to Win struggle

I absolutely love this game and have been playing it everyday for a month straight ever since I first downloaded it. But as I play more and more it only gets harder and harder to compete with people who have spent any amount of money on this game. The robot that collects all your resources from your base would be insanely helpful in the progression of a base, but the fact you have to pay ten dollars for that is a little ridiculous to me. You can also get a 4th work station, which is insanely helpful in the development and quick progression of a base. But you have to pay five dollars for that as well. These are just a couple of instances where you have to pay in order to come anywhere close to keeping up with your competitors, like I said this is a great game, but I feel adding these features just to be told you have to pay to win is a huge smack in the face for anyone who actually wants to be able to have fun without spending money on a mobile app. Even at least making these things a little more affordable for everybody would help the problem, 99 cents is a more than reasonable price for any add on In this game. If you ask me 5$ and even 10$ for add ons that are Almost essential to developing your base and keeping up with your opponents who have that kind of money to spend, is flat out ridiculous. Thank you and I hope change comes soon, for the future of this games sake.

- I wanted to give more stars

So why didn’t I? Because I wanted a game to play as I wanted by myself if I wanted. This game for all it’s cool gameplay eventually forces you into an alliance to survive. It’s not really an option not to. That instantly destroyed any enjoyment I had from the game. I had advanced as far as I could without losing my city shield. And once down I have to fight off both zombie hordes and other players. I don’t want forced social interaction. I don’t want strangers raiding my base and wasting whatever time and resources it took to build it up. So when I could advance no further without having to ally myself or be raided I deleted the game. It is obvious that despite all the hard work in developing the game, its creators have no interest in solo players like me. Too bad. Update. The developer responded in part by telling me it was a dangerous world and alliances were popular. Apparently I was not clear when I said that being forced into an alliance was a “feature” that I did not want or enjoy and since I prefer solo play. Hence I deleted the game. Don’t tell me that I am wrong for not wanting social interaction dependency in a game…it is fine to have if I want it…but not as a must have to play option. Nor do I want any being raided by other players. Perhaps I wasn’t clear on that either. No pvp for me. So if the developers want to develop solo friendly options I will be back. If not then bye bye Last Fortress.

- Not bad, but woke annoying aspects

I’ve been playing for several months now. As expected the pay-to-play/win players will ALWAYS dominate! HOWEVER, my biggest complaint is the game-related POP-UPS!!! You touch a tile, POP-UP (to tell you about the tile). Win an award, POP-UP (tell what the award/prizes WERE), upgrade a building (POP-UP) to tell you what the upgrade improved. A LOT of the POP-UPs say “click anywhere to close”, but you REALLY CAN’T UNTIL THAT POPUP FINISHES FLOURISHING EVERYTHING YOU WON!!!! THEN, YOU CAN’T JUST CLICK ANYWHERE, YOU MUST CLICK SOMEWHERE!!! When players are waiting days for an upgrade, we don’t have time for the MUNDANE POPUPS THAT HAVE BEEN SEEN SINCE DAY ONE!!! Instead of popups, send us silent emails - if we’re interested we’ll read them!!! OTHERWISE, THE PRIZES/REWARDS BECOME MUNDANE/REPETITIVE THAT SITTING THROUGH THEM IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!! I’m not talking ads, I’m talking about normal game-activity popups that should have end back at level 6 (or sooner)!!! If people loved popups, people wouldn’t be complaining about popup ads on websites!!! These aren’t random ads popping up in game, they’re “YOU CLICKED TO SEE WHAT YOUR INGAME REWARD WAS” popups!!! SEND EMAILS!!! GET RID OF THE COMMON/DAILY-repetitive popups! I CAN FINISH COLLECTING CHESTS AND SEE HOW MANY acquired AFTERWARD BY LOOKING IN INVENTORY!!!! After level 4 ENOUGH WITH THE CONSTANT POPUPS (unless it’s something new/never seen before)!!!

- Unfair Trolling

It’s a cool game but the campaigns against players are so one sided it’s stop being fun. The higher player constantly farm your base. There honestly should be a limit to higher level players constantly attacking lower level players. Players are 8-10 levels higher than the people they’re attacking. All the higher level alliances rarely fight each other but they continue pillaging your base and then vanish. Another problem is that it takes entirely waaay to long to heal and train troops. I’m getting hit so many times by higher level players that I don’t even finish training troop numbers are so low that I fight players with only 20 or so troops plus my heroes because the other guys keep sending my troops to the hospital…I currently have over 2400 troops in the hospital and it will take over 3 days to heal them…so I have to wait 2 or 3 days to play, meanwhile players are steady attacking my base what a joke!! Spend money to heal them and in 24 hours they’ll all be back in the hospital because there’s no way to stop a player 10 levels higher than you. Even if you spend money for a peace treaty when it expires they come and farm your base again and again and again so why spend money if I’m gonna get farmed anyway. This should be addressed because it makes the game experience boring, and not pleasant..and soon I’ll be departing with this experience if this continues.

- Another P2W

Game has a lot of activities to keep you busy but in the end, it’s another P2W clone that encourages PvP. Any game that asks you to join an alliance then has weekly “alliance duels” is encouraging you to spend lots of money to keep up. This seems to be a trend now. Come up with cool looking ads that has nothing to do with actual gameplay, and set up game environment and competition to encourage players to spend money to kill one another. This game also allows players on much older servers and higher levels to come once a week to farm you. Players have their entire armies and resources, which takes weeks to build, wiped out in a few minutes. Sure, you can get a shield, but it is incredibly expensive compared to other P2W games. Each 8 hour bubble is 1000 diamonds or $20 to buy. It may be fun for a few weeks, but if you’re not willing to spend a lot of money, you’re going to stagnate and be cannon fodder to attract whales that spend $hundreds a day. I’m watching this happen right now in real time. So disappointing. Edit: We we’re matched with an alliance from another server with 2x the combat power. Of course everyone is being zeroed out by a few higher level players. This is repetitive and tiresome. Again, the game is set up so a few whales that spend lots of money can kill slightly lower players easily. From the dev’s replies, keeping big spenders interested is the only thing that matters, fair gameplay be damned.

- Pay for Players Only Need Apply

Be prepared to pay a lot for upgrades and resources. The developer has everyone in their pockets. Brand new players somehow pop up with top tier teams that annihilate everyone and dominate servers. This forces other players to buy stuff to recoup their losses. The game provides no way to avoid harassment, targeting or bullying by ultra powerful alliances. The weaker alliances will eat their own to appease the power alliance, so there is no way to achieve anything by just game play alone. The world chat on many servers is full of perverted discussions where the girl gamers tease the boys at every chance. I played for 2 months and it was a waste. I definitely would never recommend this game to anyone. This developer is greed driven and I will no longer support their unethical business practices. As for their canned copy and paste responses saying that you can do task and join alliances. They daily to mention that you’ll be attacked repeated for those resources and have no way to defend them. Power players take it all and then only way to progress is to buy stuff. How convenient. Worst part is that the purchased stuff can also be taken, which is borderline theft. No other game I play has me pay for resources and then allows other players to take them all. There is no limit. Makes harassing others when you’re a power player way too easy.

- Game resets to zero every month!

The game is easy to play but it is NOT a zombie survival game. Rather, it is a pvp game with player vs player, and alliance vs alliance. Daily events repeat every week so it is easy to plan for them. Some events repeat once per month. The only place this is a zombie survival game is the weekly event where the game npc zombies kill all your troops. You cannot stop them and they keep auto attacking your base until all your troops are dead. At level 24 that means 6 days of healing and missing the next two day’s events unless you are willing to pay to heal troops. The major problem is that every month the game resets and wipes out all your progress and then you must start over. For this reason alone the game is not worth your time or money to play. The second problem is that two in game currencies (Z coins and Momento coins) are required in huge quantity which makes the game pay-to-play. You can play free but cannot advance fast enough before the monthly game reset wipes out your progress. Also, there are some things that are not available unless you spend cash to get them (special buildings and heroes). With every reset, the game becomes more pvp war all the time. There is no effective way to protect your troops. Unless you can spend lots of money and be on 24/7, and love to nothing but pvp, then the game is not for you.

- Lots of Bugs

This game is actually good, but like most mobile game ads the game is COMPLETELY different from the ads. However, I was surprised to see this game was actually good. It reminded me of the mobile game “Fallout Shelter.” So, if you like Sims and zombies this is the game for you. The reason I won’t give it 5-stars is because there are a LOT OF BUGS. I usually find myself having to restart my game because things aren’t working the way they are supposed to. As an example, you have to use gopher traps in your bunker to get meat. You can upgrade these traps to get more than one gopher rather than just one at a time. Eventually when the trap gets full. You have to get one of your heroes to get the gophers out of the trap. Whenever I try to get the gophers out the trap, my heroes don’t ever go to the traps. I am constantly trying to click the buttons to bring my heroes to the trap, but it just doesn’t work. I have tried restarting my game (and even my phone). Sadly, it didn’t work. I hope this bug gets fixed so that I don’t run out of food so easily and find one of my residents gone after only 40 minutes out of the game.

- Bullies

This is an amazing game. I have only played for about 3 months but, for the most part, it is great. With that being said, the other players/alliances make it unbearable. There are bullies who gang up on all smaller farms and continually take what they want. You pay money to buy certain things, then a bigger alliance comes along and takes it all. There is no way for an individual player to play the game in peace because they are always spending money or time to recover from what others have taken. I am tired of wasting money on something not even playable. I am hoping Apple will refund what I’ve lost as it is nothing but thievery. ___________________________________________ I appreciate your response but these players are attacking strictly because someone in my alliance said something that was translated incorrectly after they attacked us the first time. They are not doing this in fair play, we are being attacked because they can. And it is never ceasing. It is ridiculous. I was relocated 5 different times yesterday from being attacked while not even online. They do it because they can and I have invested too much real money into buying resources for them to come and steal it. Please do something about the annihilation of smaller alliances trying to make their way in the game.

- Awful

At first this game was great and wonderful. Fast forward 60 days later and it turned into a toxic nightmare. The Korean alliances on this game are racist and spend like there is no tomorrow. No amount of negotiation with them was possible until they wiped everyone off the map. Their constant toxicity and racism was bad enough but even worse is there is no spending cap so even though we were the best alliance they literally had one player not a single person could touch. He was invincible and he destroyed everyone. This game is trash because of the toxicity and Koreans making it unplayable. The pay to win is awful - I spent $2,000 and still could not compete with many pay to win players. I recommend no one play this game and request a refund just like I did. This game is unplayable and every server is dominated by a racist, nationalist Korean alliance. Save your time and money and do something else. Update: developer responded to my review and basically told me to be better and join an alliance. Since the inception of the server I was a top 10 player in the rankings and my alliance was the #1 alliance the whole time. They need to put a cap on spending to slow the progression of insane spenders. The fact 1 player can destroy an entire server alone is ridiculous.

- Glitches, Bugs and Pay to Play

Ive been playing the game for a while now and I had loved it… until the last update. Now the game crashes at random, when i logon my account goes back to before the update. I have to repeatedly hit repair while the game crashes over and over. It will say that my account is unlinked when it is actually linked. It wont let me get into the events tab. It wont let me upgrade my facilities or heros (the ones that dont need to be ascended or breakthroughed) I tried writing to support and they are no help whatsoever even though I have provided screenshots of what it does as well as a video. Ive tried reinstalling, ive tried different wifi networks, ive tried unlinking and linking again, ive cleared the cache. This glitch is horrible. Before the update, the game was great. Yes there were some people that paid to play and that sucked but as long as you were in a strong alliance, they stayed away. UPDATE: looks like another boxed response from the developers. I am an R4 with a level 6 alliance. My cp is 4.8 mil. The last game update has made me lose precious time and resources, yet i get a boxed response from the devs. If you have any issues with the game its better if you figure it out yourself.

- If you have lots of money…..

You’ll love this game. It will let you play for free, making near zero progress, while big spenders will keep destroying you. If you spend literally hundreds of dollars you “might” be able just to keep up. I sometimes wonder if devs have people playing with unlimited resources just to get players to spend. You will have your own shelter that requires daily log in and updates to maintain. Real money will buy you robots that help some. Soon though other players will attack you, and your only survival is to join an alliance. They require daily and dues check in or be booted from alliance. That alliance will need to join a larger group of alliances (No Attack Policy NAP) for survival. Then, smaller players get booted, usually F2P (Free to Play) players first. Later, should you make it this far, expeditions, missions, etc that are “required attendance at certain hours) will be forced on you, or be booted. Then try deleting your account. Not happening. You must go through a charade of required “processes” that make you check back repeatedly, as much as 30 days! Run away, don’t even try this game. Unless you Rea rich and want to be quickly separated from your money.

- Fun! $$$ or you’ll get killed

Fun game! Love most the players on the server, but there are 2 major alliances that bully everyone. Not just loot, but hit you 20 times in a row and then 2 days straight. World Chat is fun, until they start cussing and saying racist things on there. So be ready to spend spend spend or the higher up alliances will kill you and you’ll stop playing.. I’ve watched over 100 players from my zone stop bc the jerks… Do not reply and say this is a war game! We all know this. There needs to be servers for high spenders. You allow them to make this game horrible for others! We need permission to take mines in their land, but they can loot us to the point we are dead and they find us and hit again.. Sorry I don’t like being called racist name either. Keep this up and you’ll have less people playing! Not sure but the Korean’s seem to be the best, and I’m sure they aren’t paying $1,000 a week… they either cheat or work for the game and get free things…

- It’s ok

I only played a month and already spent a $100. At first it was a lot of fun. Lots to do right away. So I got sucked into paying for packages. The packages were not worth the money. $20 a month for premium. Most games you pay $5-10. I really didn’t see the value. Yeah diamonds are useful but I ended up upgrading and building up to many resources. Now I’m stuck. I have to upgrade the control center to upgrade anything else. I can’t upgrade the control center because I have to many resources so it won’t let me use the iron. I really don’t understand a lot of the mini activities. Not sure what to do with surrounding countries. Rewards are confusing too. I have a ton of items I’m not sure what they are for. Overall this is way to expensive for such a confusing game. The bundle are not a good deal at all. I did have fun updating and building. Now that my month is up for the premium and I’m stuck. Im deleting the game. It took me over two years before I got bored with clash of clans. I probably only spent $200 a year on that game. I’m a month in and spent a $100.

- Don’t download

It’s very much like Fallout Shelter in many MANY ways so much that you have to wonder how Bethesda isn’t looking.. decided to give it a go, lots of glitches, to include one where the speed up screen showed the speed ups bought with diamonds were taking time off, but when I exited the speed up screen the timer had not moved much at all. Contacted customer service and they looked into it and essentially told me it didn’t happen. Definitely a scam, needs removed from App Store. Edit for dev reply: If you read my review you would know I have already contacted y’all for help and was told it didn’t happen.. don’t tell people to go through proper channels when their complaint IS your customer service through PROPER CHANNELS. I uninstalled the game, reinstalled, eventually had to remove permission from using my Apple ID in order to delete the account. Your game is not brand new, it’s pieces of other games put together and the servers are pretty empty in comparison to other games, I tried several without linking an account to see if it’s the game or that server. It’s the game. Money sucking scam, not much of a game.

- Hello? Customer Support? You there?

It can be a fun game although I’ve been having issues since the update. The game will “refresh” and unlink my account, wont let me relink the account, says that those accounts are already linked. It wont let me get into events, stopped leveling the facilities and I’lll lose the resources. If I go into alliance, it says the alliance doesnt exist but the chat window says otherwise. I tried using the repair feature - nothing. Tried restarting my phone, tried a different wifi or turning it off altogether, tried clearing the cache and tried deleting and reinstalling the game. I spent some money on this app as well and having these issues stops any construction or further development in the game. Reaching customer support is terrible, literally send them videos and screenshots of all my information with the problems occurring and after a long waiting period they asked me for my information and what’s going on like they didn’t see anything I sent. I send them the information and still wait with nothing being fixed.

- Fun until RACISM took over

It was cringey enough that so many of the character fighters have remarkably racist troupes, but then you get to the part where you join alliances with other players and well… an entire group named after a right wing conspiracy theory had taken over half the map by destroying smaller factions. I tried to point out it was ruining the game and that the name had problematic origins and everybody turned. It’s been a nightmare to deal with and totally sapped my energy. People are using slurs and hate speech in the chat, there are zero ways to combat bullying. Oh and btw, they seemingly stopped properly translating half way through game development, so it gets really confusing. Literally all of them tried to make fun of my dog? (Was just an ai images but it’s still weird to bully a dog!) this game has potential but 1) it really really doesn’t need to be so interactive/social, war games and social grouping gets racy fast and 2) maybe hire actual people who belong to the groups you try to represent so you don’t wind up with a white woman dressed as an Indian chief doing a voodoo dance…. And 3) for the love of god, get some quality control

- It’s really fun….if you’re willing to spend a lot of dough

I have really given it a go. Truly. I’m in an alliance. I participate in rallies. I’ve built up my fortress, leveled up my heroes, I’m in season two, so I’m mining ore like crazy for immunity. Here’s the thing. It’s become glaringly obvious that certain alliances spend ALOT of money on this game daily. Hundreds of dollars. I get it…capitalism. Developers want money. And I’ve dropped some coin here and there. But the players and alliances that spend massively just swoop in, destroy your fortress, and you spend days training new troops to replace all the ones that die in the slaughters. And the alliances that don’t spend massively just get farmed and slaughtered and never truly have a chance to grow or enjoy the game. Pay to win kills the fun for everyone else. And those pay to win players aren’t even quiet about it. They brag about it. So unless you have a lot of spare money to pay in the game, you may not find this one all that great. I’m about ready to bail at this point.

- Stupid expensive and it’s literally the only way to win

I thought this game would be different from other micro transaction games, but was slightly wrong. It’s way worse. Not only will you have to pay money to progress, but you will have to pay large sums to do so. They only players that have success on this platform are spending $100’s of dollars each day. This sounds like a lot, but they cost of items are ridiculous. Example, to attack a city requires fuel. After 24 hours your fuel should be full, 15/15. If you run out, it cost $20 to get 5 fuel. If you lose your supporting troops, it takes 8 hours to get 45 returned. 45 out of 2,000. You can speed it up by paying $100 for a diamond pack that allows the 45 to be done instantly. Once again, 45 out of 2,000. If you are not willing to spend this money, you get steamrolled by other players who are willing to replenish their entire 2,000 support troops, for however much it costs. In short, the costs are too high to really participate, unless you spend a couple hundred dollars every week. I’d rather play Clash of Clans. I hate Clash of Clans.

- Honestly a good game

This is my honest review on Last Fortress. I usually never write reviews unless the app makes me upset. I first downloaded it when I continued to see it advertising on TikTok. The advertisements are pretty cringey, but to be honest the game you actually end up playing is better than the game you see in the advertisements. Now onto the game. I’ve played this game a crap ton, like my screen time is mostly invested into Last Fortress. Only one thing that gets on my nerves is the pay to progress or pay to win or however you want to say it. During the paint a Easter egg event, the silver card was rigged to where you could basically only get it by purchase, I got 2 silver paint cards and the rest where donated to me and keep in mind I got all the Easter eggs. I’m not disclosing my age but let’s just say I can’t have a job yet but almost can. So it screws me over when it is rigged to where you have to pay. Overall I really like this game

- Ultimately it’s a massive Risk type game

The game doesn’t look like the ads. But it isn’t bad. There are many parts to it and that’s why the ads don’t make sense on their own. At first you are on your own. It’s grinding away and then you join an alliance. That’s when you start really learning the game. If you like grinder games, this has many nice side missions to keep things interesting. You can spend tons of real money to speed things up, but you can also play for free. Either way, you will hit a wall and have to grind. It’s a good way to kill time if you have lots of it. My biggest complaint is how poor the documentation is. I still have no idea what many aspects of the game are. You just have to grind and figure things out with a little help here and there. To really get the most out of this game, you need to put in a lot of effort. They do progress it so you do have time to learn as things become more complex.

- This game will implode

I’ve played a lot of these games over the years, many years. That being said don’t waste your time cutting and pasting the standard response that this is a strategy game and this is not a one person game. Even in a large alliance that is low in power there is nothing to mitigate the bullying or to increase ones survivability from the bullying. This is by far the worst in terms of bullying and pay to play. What this company charges is much much more that their competitors and you get the added bonus of nation bullying. Most of us by now understand pay to play, we get it. The nation bullying is by far the worst I had ever seen. Others had called it demographic bullying. This game will implode if this is not handled. At this time I would never recommend this game to anyone. The only way to advance is to pay, and not a little, a lot. Fun fact when the devs post they are aware of the bullying and its been over a year and have done nothing should tell you everything you need to know. Update: canned response from you. You did not address the nation bullying. Good job

- Honest Opinions

So I will have to start off by saying, it’s a pretty good game. There are some bugs with it that needs to be fixed, as it can be game breaking. So I will start with the negatives. Negatives: One big thing, is that when you are trying to clear certain areas or do certain tasks, it will not let you as it says no route available. Now the issue with this is, you cannot move your character around in any way you want, so you have to rely on there being a route for them to pass through. Main issue is that there is plenty of routes, and it still says no route. So I cannot do anything to upgrade/clear rooms. Both my characters that do construction can’t go anywhere. So I am just stuck there. No progression. Secondly, this game is a little off when it comes to certain people doing things. Some of them can’t even search one box because it won’t let them, and then after that box is done, a different box will come into play and they can search that one. Doesn’t make any sense. Positives: I do enjoy this game already, it’s got some story, it’s really not bad in that aspect at all. I enjoy the cutscenes and watching them drive off and such, really adds to the immersion. Other than that the Negatives outweigh the positives, I will continue playing this game of course. But since there are game breaking bugs I will only be giving 3 stars. Once it’s fixed, I will give it the 5 stars it deserves.

- Pay to win

The game is entertaining however if you are not willing to put quite a bit of money into the game (couple $100 or more) be ready to be farmed by those that do. You will find it difficult to build and upgrade down the road (around level 9+ HQ). If you are willing to pump a good amount of money into the game make sure you are in a strong alliance as you will still be farmed by stronger alliances (filled with players that have put quite a bit of money into the game). Outside of that the characters are interesting and the story is entertaining. Good luck out there for those that chose to stay! And enjoy. Update/responding to devs: None of your response changes my review. It is still a pay to win to game. The reference to needing to be in a strong guild was more directed to those who are thinking of putting a lot of money into the game. If you pay, make sure you are in a strong guild as well or you will still be left in the dust and farmed. Good luck all and have fun!

- The Last Fortress

I’ve been invited to Beta test many games. This one I did not, however I did start late. So I started with a disadvantage, a handicap so to speak. The game play has been very interesting and entertaining. I’ve played everyday since I’ve started as it keeps me captivated. There many things to do and upgrade, and some take time. There are many strategies to use to build yourself up in this game which is the fun part. It keeps me on my toes. Once I figured out the schematics of game play it was relatively easy for me to progress forward. And while yes money does help when purchasing the Robot, and of course Pearson it isn’t necessary, it just takes a little longer and more planning… Choose wisely and you can keep up. I rate this Game a solid 5 stars *****….

- Huge money grab and must play constantly

There are some really cool concepts in this game like how you need food to keep your fortress happy or you’ll lose residents. The graphics are good, not great. There isn’t much individuality in this game as it is extremely similar to State of Survival and other war RTS games. The biggest disappointment is the immediate cash grab in the game. Yes, you can be a F2P player but the benefits of each investment are pretty big. The best investment is probably paying the $10 to get N.A.T.E the resource butler as he collects and distributes resources freeing your other workers to construct and drill. But there are several other solari class heroes that you can purchase for a big amount of money. There aren’t many events with big rewards. The hero battles are all auto battle so there’s not much strategy there (unlike Star Wars galaxy of heroes or Marvel: strike force). The game really does glitch out a lot too. But all-in-all, the game is just boring and repetitive. Another game not worth putting daily work into

- Definitely pay to win game

I have played for almost a month. Certain elements of the game are very annoying like your worker spending 2 minutes to collect ore from 1 mine. And you have 10 mines to collect from. The game does not collect or make food for your people once you log off, so each time u return, some people constantly would starve and leave your camp. So when u go offline, all your stuff fills up and nobody collects anything. BUT.. voila, for the cheap price of $9.99, you can buy a robot to collect and do everything for you while you are offline. So in theory, if you don’t plan to spend at least $10 on this game, don’t even bother to play this game because you will be in a super disadvantage compared to people that do pay it. This aspect will make many people leave after about a month when they realize they cannot or don’t want to pay to play the game. And the $10 is just scratching the surface. You have to pay much more to get heroes and upgrades to keep up with the people that chose to pay and stay in the game.

- Absolutely pay to win

This game is absolutely a pay to win game, and the amounts for add ons that are basically necessary to compete is insane. The cheapest things that are meaningfully useful and necessary are $5, with some things up to $100. There are players in the game who have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars who you will never be able to compete against, and these single players can wipe out entire alliances with no resistance. Probably the worst paywall in the game is the fact that in season 2, your server will be merged with another server, but you will not be able to join an alliance that is ON YOUR WORLD but from the other merged server without paying an crazy fee. For a whole alliance to merge with another alliance could easily cost $1,500. This disproportionately affects smaller players in smaller alliances who are then put in a world with twice as many large players and large alliances that they cannot merge with aside from the massive fee. If you want a game in which you can compete well without paying a lot of money, this game is not for you.

- No Support; Forced Spending; Auto-Kicks

Great graphics, gameplay, everything is fun … in the beginning …. 1. If you spend real money and a game error occurs, you don’t receive an event reward, etc. don’t bother contacting support. It’s one person who takes about a week to return your message, and the response is always they don’t “have the right” to intervene in the game, which makes no sense. 2. At a certain level you HAVE to spend money to progress. It simply isn’t possible to play, let alone compete, without buying heroes and resources. They intentionally cap the amount you can use per day (unless you buy more). 3. The game’s auto-kick timer for alliances is absurd. Instead of letting you control your alliance, the game auto-kicks players, and even kicks admirals/leaders if they are offline for 24 hours (they don’t tell you this). Don’t have any real life, because if you can’t login for 1 day the game will give your alliance to another player without warning.

- Worth a try

The game starts out very reasonable. Options to advance without spending a fortune. Game play is based under ground except for attacks which occur at ground level. Cheaper packages are sold based on the country and it shows based on the growth some alliances have over others. The game is still fun and worth a try. In many ways the money grab isn’t nearly what other games have and that makes things a little more fair. They have what’s called seasons in this game that are basically chapters in a story. Each new chapter brings more ways to spend and beat down those that spend less. This is the story every game like this has. Find yourself a server that mostly has peace and you won’t be forced to spend much. I have been playing this a few months now and overall have been happy with the gameplay.

- Fail title

While the ads are close to the account Real game unlike evony which this game feels like a reskin of. It is way to pay to play having played though an almost full season -0 (twice). No matter if you choose the route of rapid level the base or methodologically level everything before leveling base the outcome is the same you will not be in the same league as those who open their wallets. Features like the robot / bar / fourth workstation which give an edge early on to wallet players can not be obtained by those that push hard. The speed at which pay to play players can spend diamonds bought with cash means a free player will not be able to achieve parity. The latest update broke being able to even load the game. Getting stuck at the loading resources screen. Which brought an early end to the experiment on if the game was worth playing into the further seasons and if there was a point where parity might be reached after slogging though being stepped on by big wallets.

- From a haters pov

I went into this game late expecting and wanting to hate it because it resembles a game I like. My experience: The gameplay, and storyline is genuinely fun and ‘interactive’. Within a ‘minutes’ time of saying something on the chatroom I was flooded with over 40 Chinese language speaking alliance requests (bots). There are few alliances that are not bots or that speak English. Not sure how today’s update concerns the overwhelming bot issue, but it would improve my score to a 5 if the issue was resolved. The game is a big p2w, but you can still hustle and you always have stuff to do. As much as I want to hate this game, I can’t, it’s a good game, well made, new strides in certain areas, with a bot issue. Edit: Gave the game a full 5/5 for how interactive it is, and for the developers response.

- Great game but

Is an interesting concept but it’s heavy focus on pay to win players, especially when it’s for alliance that are pay to win. Not only that those that rush using money can easily get to higher level those high levels bully lower lever players. Starting up an alliance is a lot worst they won’t join or even try to due to high level player alliance. You’ll always remain at level 1 alliance unless you have people joining but is hard when they aren’t active or willing to join. A lot of change’s is needed and examples will be high level players can’t attack lower level plays unless they are 5 level below or above there current level, give the ability to get shield regardless of alliance level, the ability to actually attack super zombies solo if you have the right amount of combat power, and remove force zoom when using the sleep forward ability that rush everything. I like it but the zoom is annoying.

- Hugging

Let’s goooo do the right one and I can get you something else lol when I do I get to see the guy I know I love it so I can see how it works out for you and then you have a good time lol when I get home I’m just watching it and I’m just messing around with you and then I’m going back on my way back home to see you and I see how it goes I just need a lot to get out of the house and then I’m just like the one I have lol when I’m going back on the back I got to the right one I love it so I got a new phone lol I just had my nails lol I’m so glad to be here for the first one and a couple days and I’m glad you are feeling good and I’m just going back on the right now lol lol I love you so much and I love you too love love it all right lol I just

- Ads are different, but game is AWESOME!

The ads are very different from the game itself, but I am very impressed with the gameplay. It takes some work, especially with the balancing needed to keep a stable fortress. It’s a lot less boring and redundant than you’d think, but this isn’t a game for you if you don’t plan on being active. I come from State of Survival, so I’m kind of familiar with games like this but this one takes alliance based gaming to a wholllleeee different level. It really does offer so many features and with the changing of the seasons, you won’t be disappointed. If you spend any money at first, make sure it’s the extra work station (it also comes with 2 fortress heroes)! It’s well worth it!!! *I gave it 4 stars because the bugs can be a bit annoying sometimes, but I hope to see much improvement!

- When game developers destroy their own product.

You missed the fun, find a better game to play developers went Money Crazy and destroyed the game. It’s barely a 1 star game now. This was you fun easy going game and turned it into a Nightmare to even play, seriously what were you thinking, from one Dev to another this was a massive mistake, you took a simple point and click game, and made it insanely difficult to even get ahead and now all the big players are forced to kill off the little guys in order to keep growing. You basically turned your game into a let’s eat our young instead of the enjoyable game it was a few weeks ago. Revert the game back before you start seeing a major drop in players, even I am starting to see it with my Alliance, no one likes the new game changes accept those who already cheated up to full strength. Just sad… Ignore the general Copy and Paste response provided by the Dev, Clearly never even looking into my account. That should be taken as another warning for peeps!!

- Fake ads and gaslighting players.

The devs understand that their game is too lame to actually use in ads, so instead of making it better they spend effort on making ads that do not reflect the spirit of the game and are a flat out lie to players. I quit the game because I could not stand their greed and lies rather than dedication to their users. They even go so far as to make ads that claim the fake ads are real gameplay footage. This is not just a matter of their attempting to have ads that are in the “spirit of the game” they are flat out lying. Note that they will give some generic, vague response, once again lying and claiming they’re sorry and only addressing a portion of this review. Devs, your ads are directly claiming that the fake ads we see are gameplay footage. This is not longer a matter of “the ad has similar components like building an underground bunker.” You have ads that are a clear breach of trust. They are lies. UPDATE: As I suspected, the developers responded with more lies. So dishonorable.

- I really like this game but..

Hey guys last Fortress is a game that can keep you involved for hours of fun! But the bugs and game issues happen so often it makes your progression in the game very slow. For example: without paying money or wasting all you energy, the best way to increase your teams power is by collecting weapons and leveling them up with XP called "Block Tin". The only way to get these weapons and XP is through a fun mini game. AFTER you play that mini all the weapons chest and XP or "Block Tin" you earned never appear in you bag. Almost like you never received any of your hard earned rewards. I have been dealing with this problem for about 4 to 5 days now and I have started to fall behind Significantly. I have notified. The customer service team and still nothing was done as of yet. Each day my friends pass me by and leave me farther and farther behind. My name is "Timeless1" from Zone #182 or my ID#: 8Z6PQA63. Please fix these issues so I can enjoy this "5 Star" once game again...

- Do not play if you want solo play

This could actually be a great game. The problem is the developers have decided the only way to play is against other players, which allows newer players to be continually rated by stronger, much larger, veteran players. So a player that wants to just focus on building their base and playing themselves, can come back after being gone for an hour to to find that is super strong player has attacked their base 15 and 20 times and taking away all the iron and stone that they feel up to build their base. If you read through some of the comments, you’ll see the developers don’t care about that: they’ll just tell you to find a way to make yourself stronger. This game needs a way for someone to be able to play at solo, and not be forced to have to interact with other players. Again, if you look at responses from the developers, they don’t care about that. So I would look for something else until solo play mode is available.

- Good game, yet it’s another “pay to progress”..

This is a very good game, well thought out and executed design and functionality. The only downfall (that I have found so far) is that it is most certainly a “pay to progress” scenario.. do you “HAVE” to pay? No…. BUT if you don’t you will not be able to do certain things until MUCH later (if at all) compared to playing without paying. Meaning you will spend hours upon hours either grinding or waiting for queues to finish unless you buy another “worker bee”, or a robot to collect things for you, or more “heroes” to fight and unlock certain rooms/areas, so on and so forth.. is it worth playing? In my (not so professional but extremely experienced) opinion.. yes. But be prepared to either play a bit and wait a lot, or pay and play, play, play.

- Flaw never addressed

Reached out several times with the online support chat about a recurring problem that cropped up during the recent campaigns where a player can be placed in an impossible situation that can only be resolved by a large cash expenditure or not be able to play at full capacity for a very very long time. Something got lost in translation and was asked to record cheating, I kept telling them it was a parameters/ programming issue. I will gladly spend money to advance, not to merely be able to restore play at an exorbitant rate. Follow up: their online “support “ spits out canned strategy responses and doesn’t address the issue. I spent a half hour reading other reviews and critiques all pretty much of the same concerns and suggestions with the same canned responses. Bottom line if they want to keep customers happy and have those of us willing to pay, listen to what we suggest, adjust where possible and the customers will stay, if not whatever.

- The usual pay to play game

Aside of being identical to every other game that came before it I have an issue with this game not being enjoyable to people who just want to play a game without spending copious amounts of money. This game has zero incentives to make you want to stay more than a few weeks before you abandon your city to the graveyard of games you got bored of. Diamonds are hard to come by so you can’t get it do anything with those. Zero shields to keep you safe while you sleep or are away. Slow as balls growth unless you get your wallet out. So as a result this game is dominated by the cellar dwellers who pay to play. You know the losers who spend money to get to level 15 and above within a few days then proceed to bully everyone else whose just trying to play a casual game. They accumulate in these huge loser alliances with level 17 and above losers and then just make the game pointless and unenjoyable.

- If you’ve got nothing better to do…

This could have been a 5star game, if some moron hadn’t decided to add open PvP. The survival and resource elements are excellent. The constant attacks by other players, not so much. A tournament system, where those who want to fight could volunteer to do so would have worked much better, and not ruined the game for the rest of us. But, constantly being raided, and losing resources I need, is just frustrating. To illustrate my point, I am level 6, and have been for a few days. Every time I get near having enough resources to advance, one of several level 11s, from places all over the map, sends an attack. I then have to use whatever is left to recover, and start gathering again. I know you’ll never boot the griefers, but you could do plenty to limit their impact on legitimate players. I doubt you will though, as long as the money keeps flowing from them.

- Season 1 is trash 88 alliance members agree with me!

It’s trash because instead of getting things like season 1 (in one kind of mine) we have to get red ores, blue ores, iron ores & stone ores.. you can’t go anywhere without having to make a road (killing everything each time you move one block) or garrison the crap out of everything. You can’t even go anywhere easily anymore. From what I’ve seen season 2 & 3 are worse. I wish you guys would make there’d & blue mines be one mine rather than 2 different colors. Also I wish that we didn’t need to fight every minute. It is not fun..... it is really annoying & instead of this being a fun game it is now a job that everyone is complaining about. My alliance is all complaining about how crappy the game server is.... the red & blue mines need to be joined together instead of having to get 2 versions! Also you can only accept 5 gifts per day for a mine.... that is also trash!, people are complaining about that.

- Broken.

I downloaded this game after seeing their relentless advertisements. I figured, why not, it seemed like my type of game. Honestly the game LOOKS great, but I literally couldn’t get past the first few minutes. After they enter the building/fortress, he clears out part of the initial section and the next step asks you to clear out more and construct a living area or whatever. Aaand… I couldn’t. No matter what I pressed on the screen, I couldn’t figure out how to do this. It doesn’t TELL YOU HOW! I continuously tried everything - pressed the empty dug out cleared area, every option on the screen, and nothing. It just kept giving me that option to construct a quarters. Then I’d hit that, the diary would open up, it would ask me if I wanted to do the next step, I’d click on that, and then… nothing. This is the first few minutes of the game!!! If they can’t get that right, I can’t even imagine how broken the rest of the game is. Insane.


If I could give this game a negative star rate, I would. There are absolutely no restrictions on people attacking other people. So someone who has a CP level of 2 million CAN and WILL get attacked by someone who has a CP level of over 10 million. Players have no way of making it in this game unless they spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to upgrade their settlements. I’m sure the developers are just going to copy and paste a response like they have on all the other “bad” reviews. Next time I download an app, I’ll read more of the reviews before I do. Because apparently just going by the star rating with this one was a bad decision on my part. I just hope my review will save the next person some grief on getting relocated over 5 times in 1 day because all the payers in the game keep attacking you. And in response to what the developers WILL copy and paste… yes I’m in an alliance and I know this isn’t a one player game!!!!

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- Great Game - Misunderstood by many

I really enjoy this game, there are down times with stuff to do and up times with heaps to do. PAY TO WIN? I hear a lot of people complain about the “Pay to Win” nature of the game. This is NOT entirely true! I pay only a small amount here and there for little conveniences. I don’t use the monthly package, I don’t buy quick grow/build offers. I have bought a couple of heroes but never their packages. I’m doing very Good simply by completing the daily challenges EVERY DAY, mining when I’m afk, work hard at the Season Mines and getting things in order quickly. It’s a strategy game, play if poorly and you’ll need to pay to play; play it well and a bit of money will help! But then it’s a game with developers that need paying, I’m not going to go all stingy but it doesn’t cost a lot for what I use and I’m playing daily because I enjoy it! Game Play! There are good and bad alliances & servers. If your in a good alliance it makes the game. If you’re being bullied join a bigger alliance or change servers early.

- Game free, but Overpriced Packages pop up everywhere

The game is getting worse. It’s not true that you can improve your fortress quickly by doing only the free events. As soon as you open the game you are hit with SPECIAL OFFERS…. And when you look closely they are not Special, they are a total rip off. Now with the Alliance Event you need to grow during the week to prepare for the Attack Event on another Alliance from another server. And this every weekend. We are getting mainly the same bad server as Opponents, which is the worst and far more stronger than our server, probably some accounts improved by fraud. More and more people are giving up as they have enough, repairing during the week what was lost and cannot grow because of that. Unless they spend a lot of money and I MEAN LOTS OF MONEY!!! NO GAME IS WORTH THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! BE AWARE. I deleted the game for good!

- Enjoyable game but…

I have played this for a while and spent some money on it (it is very hard to pay completely no money… but you can). There are players spending thousands of dollars on it and there is no way to compete with their power … it will get to the time that other players give up… patience and perseverance can’t fight $1500 of upgrades! They just walk the field smashing everyone :( There has to be something for lower pay/non play to play people …

- Pay wall on everything/anything you need to keep relevant.

There are a lot of quality of life heroes and things in this game that they give you a 1day trial on. Then lock it away behind a $30+ pay wall for each thing. Plus the premium monthly passes etc. game is very cookie cutter for literally anything else in its genre and unless you want to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a copy paste “strategy” game (all battles are decided by who’s combat number is bigger. Bigger wallet makes bigger combat number. Master strategist). The events give you some stuff but even to keep up with them you need to repair your APC’s etc and the parts can only be purchased through cash shop and no in game currency. The entire game is basically a teaser locked behind massive pay walls hoping to lure in some whales before they dump it.


Good game but tearing my hair out here.. so many bugs and crashes. Please fix your servers or invest in more or better ones. Game is getting so unplayable. And no, it’s not my devices, connection, or lack of troubleshooting. It’s on your end.. So many players are beyond fed up. Stop trying to make the graphics nice and introducing new events. The priority is upgrading your hardware and spending time on making the game not crash or freeze up. Spending half our game time rebooting.. repairing.. waiting on lag and getting bumped out of the game etc is simply not an option. Players will only put up with it for so long. Just a polite nudge guys, don’t let the game fail

- Fun at first

I usually don’t write these, but this game…. Bring your credit card, and make sure the limit is high. If you don’t buy every pack, every day, you will get massacred by those who do every Saturday. Every week, every single week without a break, you will be matched with an alliance in another zone who will then come to your zone to battle. They are not the problem. It is the alliance matched with the strongest alliance in your zone that comes with their ridiculously strong fortresses and wipes every person in your alliance off the map. Buy a shield? Sure. 1000 diamonds for 8 lousy hours. I can’t even stock my alliance shop with them. You like this kind of game? Download State of Survival. This game is rubbish.

- Wow

You guys have just one coder there? It's still crashing when hitting support icon. 12 pro max and whatever latest ios is. Why so many ongoing bugs in the game? I like the game. You actually crashed my phone which has never happened before. And why am I received 500 points after season 1 no season 1 rebooted has just finished? What compensation is that exactly? I don't get the items for that...

- Expensive and extensive

I do enjoy the social part of the game, however there are so much to do that makes you to be online all the time. And everything costs a lot and the development of your game becomes too slow.

- Very clever game!

I am completely addicted. Usually I have given up on a game by now because it gets boring if you need to pay to win but I regularly upgrade my heroes if I put in the time. The social aspect is awesome and I love talking to people from around the world. This part is very important and it requires patience and diplomacy. It’s a fantastic game! Thank you 😊

- Don’t let kids play if it’s connected to credit card

You know the stories you see when a 12 year old racks up $1000s on a parents credit card? This game is basically targeting that market. They have a bar that gives you coins - $80. You can buy a recruitment bundle for $159. You buy a robot that helps collect resources for $15 - it’s not even the full model. Would need to spend $45-60 more to get it there. You can’t open anything without being offered to buy more and more.

- Last fortress

Im really enjoying this game and the people I’ve met from around the world. I wish some of the stuff you can buy was cheaper so it could make it a little fairer for those of us who can’t spend a lot if any money on development.

- War game

This is a straight up war game if your not willing to pay to play then you will be wiped by bigger alliances. There is no tactical component in the game except join an alliance and pay big dollars to grow. Even though they have designated days to do things, the pay to win guys just don't bother…. If your starting this game then please have your credit card available because a free to play player who would spend just even the monthly subscription is wiped out daily by the wallet warriors

- Pay to get anywhere

This game may be free to download, but if you want to get anywhere it takes money and time, and a lot of both. It is ridiculous that it takes close to a month to upgrade your fortress and in the meantime you are constantly wiped out by alliances full of people that have the money to upgrade quickly. The game developers seem to be more interested in money than in providing a fun gaming experience for everyone.

- Loud sound effects

APC1 Vehicle is so ridiculously loud, even if you turn off all the sounds, the APC1 vehicle volume can not be controlled. you can’t listen to music in the background whilst using this app because of the APC1 vehicle volume being so loud it can cause pain in the ear if you use airpods. pretty simple fix but obviously an oversight from the developers that hasn’t been fixed for sometime now. Game is also heavily over priced in comparison to other similar games.

- Addictive!

Slight issues with the base ladder system, that aside every other feature is pure addictive fun. See myself playing this constantly.

- Great game

I first initially thought not another lame game as the demo was great, but to my surprise I am impressed you get to dig underground make rooms and level up characters. I am enjoying it so far it is the second day of playing it.

- Good game

Great game. Addictive. But it takes too long to research technologies and upgrade command centres, too much jumping through hoops. One suggestion is to convert unused heroes into hero coins that can then be used to skill and upgrade used heroes. I have lots of unlocked heroes I’m not using.

- Unfair play

It’s a great game but there needs to be seperate servers for people who pay to win and for those who do free to play… too many Korean whales ruin the game for everyone with their real life political views! This needs to change now

- Cub game, don't have to pay to play but they do incentives you to do it alot

Interesting PvP concept. Lots ofcool stuff and a wide variety of things to do. But they do try and sell you stuff all the time

- Very addictive

Love the game I stopped playing a number of others because this is so much better keep up the good work also join my alliance darkone area 125 😂😂

- Charged extra?!

I have been a loyal player and a good competing commander and now can't re-enter until a purchase a pack?! 😟 I'm confused and disappointed - the game is good but this is not great, I am letting down my faction but I'm not going to throw money if you can just do this to committed players. The worst part is I already gave them $.

- Love the game but way to expensive

Love the game it is fun but the cost is way over the top compared to other online games, I stopped playing. They say it was for free but, after you get to a certain point I. The game it really does cost to get certain managers. It was fun just not fun enough.

- Quitting the game

Hi All, Best not to start this game. You get bully by higher level player everyday (even if you join an active alliance). The alliance is already set and it hard to get into any good alliance. You spend money to get more resources or temporary protection but the next day you just start back from step 1 again. Developer please don’t respond with your standard reply, please fix the game and make it more fair. More then have of my alliance (30 people) and other smaller alliance have quit the game already due this reason. Being bullied everyday is not fun, hopefully you take this feedback seriously. But it is a enjoyable game if it fair.

- Not Too Bad

Was pleasantly surprised at how addictive and found this game to be. I’ve been playing it non stop since I downloaded it this morning.

- Highly entertaining!

I love this game, after seeing the ads like 1000 times on social media, I finally decided to download it, I love it!! It’s so much fun!

- Great game!

Finally a game that I’m actually interested in! There is so much for you to do and I’ve never had any issues with it.

- So far so good

I’m hooked, so far it seems pretty good and easy to level things up. No ads yet which is a plus.

- This Game

Very like the Fallout Shelter game but more user friendly and this game is way better than fallout shelter because I like the Character models and I like killing

- Don’t bother

Was a great game but now it’s changed to the point you cannot get far in progress due to the high ranking commanders just pillage and destroy your base and troops.

- Great game

Very addictive and great team game, Only issue is I can’t use chat when not on wifi which makes it quite difficult

- Addictive

So far it’s been very addictive. It’s still early days, but all going ok. A few little bugs on m1 iPad Pro.

- Pls fix this game!

I enjoy playing this game, problem is that it keeps crashing & exiting each time, can u fix the bugs . Thanks!

- Fun!

This game is a load of fun, not only is there no ads, the game has a full on storyline. I would highly recommend!!!

- Could be better

Too much story and plot. Needs a toggle. Shuld have removable option for cinematics so you dont have to constantly press skip. Too much effort without a focus on fun, reminds me of anthum in a sense that it looks nice but there are better games with a lot less put into it.

- It’s ok

I don’t understand what I’m doing. Seems like a cool game. Not enough players help out and it’s too hard to obtain coins to level up and now they’ve changed it to every 5th upgrade instead of 10.

- Chat 🥺

I love this game it’s cool but I can’t use the chat functions, it keeps saying “chat functions aren’t available”.

- Great game

I really enjoy this game however I wish there was a way to get more builders without money but overall this is an amazing game.

- My troops are frozen

My troops are stuck in a combat on a zombie on the main map and I can’t return them to base, there’s no access to world chat and I can’t get any messages through to the mods. Please help

- Do NOT play this game!!!

I play games to have fun not get bullied and have a bad time!!! Even after I spend some money and spend a lot of time doing all the daily tasks, alliances tasks, still can not avoid being bullied by those spend thousands and thousands of dollars! It’s just a money game! It’s NOT a fun game!!!

- Do not play, too expensive, too much money to play.

Played for a long time gave everything in trying to move forward, spent way too much money, still couldn’t survive with the big money spenders, spent hundreds in cash, you need thousands to advance.

- No build button

I’ve just started playing and I can’t complete the construct a quarters quest there is no build button that should be there I’ve watched a couple of walk throughs an every time I try to use the in app support the app glitches I really want to play but I can’t continue

- Great game with big drawbacks

This is a great game, but there are too many big wallet players who thrash the life out of the rest of the players. The developers really need to work on listening and fixing glitches.

- Enjoyable

Has kept my attention so far.

- Game modes

Maybe add game modes like aliens but you need to be a certain lvl to switch game modes. Then this game would be the best game I have ever had

- Interestingly addictive

Multi faceted and interesting. Highly recommend this boredom killer to anyone wanting to invest some spare time.

- Stupid game but.

The adds are stupider what in saying is quite there is already enough zombie games

- Last fortress

Great game lots of reading and learning to expand your power

- Time killing

Can’t get away from it

- Had to understand

Found instructions very hard to understand don’t no how and where to get missing resources.

- f2p - p2w

Buggy game with hopeless support. This game is what fallout shelter could of been. And as buggy as anything Bethesda ever made with even less support. Latest model IPad with updated IOS. high speed wifi and support adamant the issues were my device or my connection. Fun game play, decent graphics.. almost makes up for the bugs and changes they have made in the month I have played, that seem more about increasing the need to spend $ and not to improve game play. 1 star

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- Why so many stars?

The game was depicted correctly on Instagram, only the last photo here in the App Store is correct. Hence 4/5 stars Why so many stars? •The adds actually have to do with the game •It is a good pass time game, gets you out your head. •If you like puzzle and simulation games you’ll like this •They do updates for fraud prevention etc. monthly •The developers care about the game.

- Excellent

The best game

- Nul et…

Ses nul le didacticiel est trop lon et le gameplay🤢🤐

- Don’t play it

I was bombarded with ads for this game in another game I am playing and it looked like it might be fun. But, ALL the ads make it look like a fun single player game but it’s not, there’s player vs player, and I have zero interest in that so away it goes.

- Nice game don’t like PvP

It’s a nice game if you’re interested in building civilization. Once you go pass level 6, your open game for Player vs Player against player who are way higher level than yon to be pillage. Need to have a non PvP version for people who don’t like attacking others or having a level 20 being attacked by a level 6 person. Reply: then you should add a restriction to prevent higher level people from attacking lower level. Example. You can not attack someone who’s 3-5+ lower than you.

- Pay to win

Game is okay but if you want to place high you need to spend a lot of money repeatedly. Latest update also makes it possible for bullies to hit your base even if they are just on their way.

- Awful Game

It is pay to win. There is constant bullying, racism, homophobia, sexist men towards woman. The Devs do NOTHING when you report abusive content AND provide screenshot proof. DO NOT DOWNLOAD, you will regret it. Game is super unbalanced, the packs are too expensive, the game constantly glitches and freezes, joining an alliance does nothing to protect you against an angry abusive max lvl who can take out half your alliance in 1 hour but none of you can stop them. This game is flawed and broken and it’s sad because it was fun before. Check out the Reddit page for the game and see for yourself that these issues are common across ALL servers. Customer support sucks, they take days to reply IF they reply at all and even then they will give you some reflective answer like they do when they reply to these reviews. “Join an alliance” they say, do you think I am stupid and have not tried that? I have 80 people in mine and yet it does NOTHING to protect again the wallet whales that exist.

- Trash don’t play

This game is a complete waste of time!!!!!! When you’re lower level you get attacked all the time by higher levels so you can’t advance. They attack you to steal of your resources so you’re always stuck getting attacked. I wrote to developers and they don’t care at all to change the formate so lower levels can’t. E attacked by higher levels. I suggested can only attack 2 levels below you but they don’t are about that

- Not playable after you pass a certain point.

Game is too pay to win. Game literally becomes unplayable unless you are willing to drop a couple hundreds to even survive. And thousands just to be competitive. The whole alliance thing does not help as one person can take down an entire alliance. Or when a stronger clan just zero in on weaker players. The game even encourages it so not a great game unless you got tons of money to toss away. It really had good potential but the greed ruined it.

- Bullies are not getting reported because this game is making money out of them

There are a lot of South Korean bullies who play the race card against people who they want to attack. They never let the world chat be in peace and single out the alliances they don’t like and keep hitting them day and night. So much swearing against other players and they play the victim game in front of everyone. All the Korean players get together at one point and start attacking the team they don’t want to be there. All they want to do is show power and step on every other players. I’ve had of the alliance group called “ROK” “MOO” “kpo” in the game which thinks has the privilege to speak shut about other players. Just because they have a lot of money and time to invest, they think they can do whatever they want and only they have to do it. They threaten every other player and alliance group with their money. Abuse about mothers of other players, personal attack on someone for no reason, even the women from those group are supporting and enjoying it. I don’t what orgasm they get by bullying people on a virtual platform. If someone tries to talk sense they play the race card. They start the racist remarks but never admit and just want to kill people and orgasm from that. These people are mentally affecting players and not letting any of them be at peace. They talk strategy but call others dogs, pigs and far worse than that if people use own strategies. Even if the comments are reported no action is taken against those players by the game support. They are happy with the money they are able to make from the bullies and never care about what goes on inside the game. You guys are ready to post promotions of game and offer discounts in app but never try to keep a track of what toxicity is being cooked by these so called war seeking power wanting stupid player groups. I have more respect towards South Korean people and I’m telling about these some bad apples that decay and rot the rest of the bunch. I’m not ready to give even a one star rating to this game but no option. Please take action on the reports and keep these bullies off playing these games.

- Don’t Waste Your Time

Don’t spend money on this game unless you have an open cheque book. Another typical game of whoever spends the most wins. The concept of building your underground bunker is great. A bunker that can withstand a nuclear war, and million upon millions of zombies sounds great. However apparently another player only slightly higher level can attack you pretty much unscathed and raid your resources. The bunker offers 0 defense against a small army and an APC? Not to mention the time to retrain and heal your army is far too long. Buying an immunity is also very expensive. I am sure there must be other games out there that can actually be a lot more realistic.

- Korean run game with unfair purchase scam

This games developers are from China but they give huge discounted purchase power and code packs to Koreans making them ridiculously strong giving them control on all servers. Spend $1,000’s of dollars and you still won’t keep up. It’s a back door deal done to push people to spend more to keep up just like many of these type games by similar developers. These games ultimately fail but not before they rip off people for millions if not billions of dollars. My suggestion is to skip by this game and find one that doesn’t favour purchasing power to only one country. If you do install and play, make sure you call them out openly in chat and spread the word. It’s the only way this type of practice ends. The developers should be ashamed and the games that practice this should be banned from app stores.

- 可以


- Another Chinese Bait & Switch

Like with so many other games from China based developers the adverts look nothing like the actual grindy game play. Entire game sequences are exact rip offs of Top War and Fallout Shelter etc. Nothing original here.

- Disappointed

Just started the game was really getting into it but I am stuck. It tells me to build a ladder to the communication room below and every time I try to click on the check mark to build the ladder it says cannot reach till you construct ladder :| No matter what I try zooming in or out or tapping below the check mark or next to it same result tells me to build ladder. So frustrating deleting it for sure

- PvP with aggressive attackers, not as ads advertised

This was super fun at first. Lots of events and rewards for zombie attacking etc. Then events went PvP and people attack constantly. Ads advertised zombie killing game and not PvP. If I’d realized it was ultimately a PvP, i wouldn’t have played. An option to opt out of PvP would be nice and tbh id have actually put money into a few things if it was PvE instead. If you like PvP you’ll probably enjoy this. Otherwise, suggest passing on this one.

- Zombies without zombies

The trailer isn’t anything like what the game is about. Zombies are there, but they are very much a background thing. Player vs player…but not so critical when it comes to free players (like myself) vs pay to win. Sure the pay to win guys are Uber powerful, but for the most part you can still tick away as a free player without too much grief. The buy ins for this game are ridiculously expensive… some are well over $100… pretty sure a couple people in my alliance have spent $5000 plus on this game, and they are nothing compared to the true pay to win folk. Anyway fun little game to play, lots to do but not overly complicated. Will appeal to the ‘slow and steady’ crowd

- Was grate until pvp

Was a amazing game until pvp now I get pillaged by much higher level players and I can’t do anything about it.

- Stay away- app developers are rigged

Plenty of better games out there with truthful developers. They blocked access to my account after they charged me for a pack I didn’t pay for. I’ve spent over $200 on this game and now they’re refusing to let me continue to use it unless I submit to their blackmail and pay $27.99 for a purchase I do no want or need. Apple won’t help you with this developer since they’re based in China.

- Yet another game using fake ads to get downloads

Another in the scourge of trash games that run aggressive ads showing a different game. The gameplay I was constantly shown in ads is not what was found in this game at all. Don’t download it. This trash needs to stop.

- A game for bully’s thug’s and wallet warriors

I have got nothing good to say about this game.First off if you are going to play this trash get used to being attacked by higher levels all the time and not being able to do anything about it at can have no troops no resources and still you will get your base destroyed by higher levels the developers of this game reward others who attack lower levels.and if you want to try to get your base to a higher level you are going to have to attack lower levels,bully them and steal there resources there is no point in attacking a higher level at all except to make you spend more time replacing your troops and resources.There are a lot of bugs in this game as well I’m not going to list for getting into a alliance it would be best but just get used to getting stepped on all the time by higher level alliance’s.all this game made me feel like being a bully a thug and gave me a feeling of fun or enjoyment

- Dommage

Le jeu est bien.. je ne peux pas faire la mise a jour depuis 1mois et chaque fois que je commence les étapes pour voir le problème est bien sa marche pas. Bien déçu après avoir mis du temps!

- Have been playing a month, great game

The game is diverse, tasking and requires thought. Very enjoyable

- It’s a good game but!!!!

It’s vary fun and grate idea but the hours you have to spend is a little much!! To much work unless you spend money! I will keep paying but to buy a dam bar is 36.45 haha I would never I payed 14 for a robot witch you need or you to spend even more time ! It’s a trap!!! But a fun one ?

- Great game

The game is a lot of fun, there are in app purchases but you can advance and enjoy the game even if you don’t spend extra.

- Tired of this

Got to play for one day and game crashed on iOS. There was an update a few days later, still can’t play only difference is now it says I got attacked. Until they fix the glitches not worth playing. Oh and the game support page is in Japanese or Chinese so no help there

- Seems okay.

Haven’t gone far yet. In the very early stages of game still… the game seems to show promise, and I’m interested in to playing more… However — a problem with mining/digging they often get stuck and always request for ladders but never use them… there’s always a clear way but they never want to go the right way. I found a way around it but it is very inconvenient and takes away from the experience/gameplay. Right now, if’s probably the only reason I might stop playing. It’s frustrating.

- Payer est devenu un art…

Vous voulez avancer: payer en argent Vous voulez que vos caractères soient plus puissants: payer en argent Vous voulez faire du joueur contre joueur: payer encore en argent pour que vos caractères évoluent. PAYER EN ARGENT détermine ce qu’est ce jeu. Vous allez rester des minables si vous ne payez pas.

- Un jeu pour les intimidateurs

Dans ce jeu, vous êtes confrontés à des joueurs qui paient des fortunes, gosses de riche, pour devenir puissants et intimider les autres joueurs qui ont deux fois moins de puissance. Après un certains temps, on comprend le déplaisir et on abandonne le jeu. Il n’y a là aucun modérateur et tout intimidateur à l’égo démesuré peut s’en donner à cœur joie pour vous pourrir la vie. Les concepteurs devraient penser à une astuce afin que les écarts de puissance soient moins grands et que le plaisir reste au rendez-vous.

- Crappy translation in French

Too long to enjoy, and the translations in French are done by idiots who have no grasp of the language.

- Gros plagiat

Ressemble à 2 goutes d’eau à fallout shelter, il faut fabriquer un abris souterrains et se protégé des zombies dans les 2 jeux. Ils n’ont pas pris de gêne à copier même la porte de l’entrer, une roue denté avec le # de l’abris. Du gros foutage de geule allez plutôt dépenser de l’argent dans fallout shelter qui est original au moin.

- Runs like crap on IPad

I don’t know what happened but after going into Season 4 the game no longer runs properly on iPad's and I have tried on multiple devices. I have been playing the game for 9 months and am now forced to quit.

- False Advertising, No Moderator(s)

The game has no moderators The world chat is full of sexually explicit language, bullying and threats The developers will give a 24hr ban IF they agree with the comment(s) being reported, however no extra penalty if they’re a repeat offender There is absolutely NOTHING TO STOP OVER POWERED FORTRESSES FROM DECIMATING lower level fortresses, constantly. If the higher level Alliances/Fortresses within the world chat (this is the chat where EVERYONE can come together and chat) decide they don’t like/agree with what is being said, they threaten/bully or just simply attack that person (or the Alliance as a whole) constantly in an effort to have those players quit the game out right. Alliances such as H2P, DOA, COA, VoV, WAK are the absolute rulers of the world map on server 116. They will collectively gather and decimate smaller/weaker Alliances, regularly. I suggest the developers make it so battles can only be fought between fortress of competitive strength. Remove the opportunity for Fortresses that are of a higher strength from being able to attack (decimate) those of lesser strength. Or Move Fortresses (players) into a competitive server where they can compete against one another of similar strength. I am interested to see if there is a reply from the developers. Update/response I currently play the game, as I don’t believe the games is horrible. I think it has potential to be a great game. If you read through the comments, a MODERATOR is definitely needed. I have sent an email (right after I posted my review, same day; mere minutes after) to customer service/care and I am still awaiting any response. I understand the developer(s) would like to keep cost at a bare minimum & more people are still playing vs. How many are quitting the game. It just begs the question “why is there no way to ensure that the game is played properly, fairly and w/o the unnecessary bullying that is in the game. Again, the comments/reviews can attest to this. I will wait for the email from Customer service/care. Thank you for your initial response and I am looking forward to reading your reply. The ads on social media are extremely misleading. There is no controlling characters like the ads show. Even in the pictures for the app on Apple Store are misleading/deceiving and false advertising. If you can’t stand false advertising or misleading information stay away from this game & probably the developer. This game is not much different from any other time based, tap game. You are able to get hero’s/workers through simple playing however the in app purchases and NO moderator on any servers really create a space for bullying. One can not leave a server after lvl 6, the leveling of hero’s has become ridiculous (w/all the changes) & the creators didn’t introduce the changes in away that made it an equal & balanced changed. This has resulted in servers where some alliances are maxed out and have created “sister” Alliance. Such as IG1/IG2/IG3 all being on the same server (123) which is an extreme disparity. This has lead to Alliances like IG1/2/3 taking advantage of the lack of moderator(s). If there was a moderator, they could move an IG Alliance to other servers allowing 1/server. Extremely disappointed in the way this game operates. Looking back, I wouldn’t have bothered to even d/l this game if I knew the flaws. Good luck & avoid any server(s) that have Alliances that share names, it will be nothing more than a waste of time.

- Survie survie

Ce jeu faut pas avancer trop vite

- Won’t load

This app doesn’t load so can’t even try it. Went to app support and it’s not in English so no help there.

- HELP!!!!!!!

I got booted from my account! I had a system crash and had to start my system with a FRESH RESTART. So a clean system. As a result my account with last fortress got wiped. Is there any way to transfer that old account to the one that was newly created? Please I am begging you. If you check my account you will see it was all just recently done. I would hate to lose that investment now and in this manner. I’m coming you I this manner since there is no other way that works without issues. The developers site will not load. Resolve a problem has no option for this problem. So I’m here. Please help.


There’s not a lot to do in the game, and i cant find the different rooms easily.

- ok


- Absolutely fun

Cannot complain about much here there is a lot to do and to enjoy.

- Super nice game

I love how it’s always something to do!

- Good game

Good game

- Fairly fun

Pretty solid in terms of play, graphics, etc. and well designed! Not necessarily pay to win. Some alliances can be extremely toxic, hard to find English alliances at all.

- good


- Love it so far


- Good game

Sérieux je ne m’attendais pas à sa mais WoW enfin un jeu sans add a regarder chaque 2 minute , super 👍

- Good game

Good game

- Fun game

Fun and intriguing game

- Super fun

An actual fun game. I recommend this game to people who love strategy games.

- Can't play

After I changed just stuck and never move forward.

- Bad

Not much instructions given and game is stuck

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Last Fortress: Underground 1.303.001 Screenshots & Images

Last Fortress: Underground iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Last Fortress: Underground iphone images
Last Fortress: Underground iphone images
Last Fortress: Underground iphone images
Last Fortress: Underground iphone images
Last Fortress: Underground iphone images
Last Fortress: Underground iphone images
Last Fortress: Underground iphone images
Last Fortress: Underground iphone images
Last Fortress: Underground Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Last Fortress: Underground (Version 1.303.001) Install & Download

The applications Last Fortress: Underground was published in the category Games on 2021-09-30 and was developed by IM30 [Developer ID: 1514564892]. This application file size is 1.26 GB. Last Fortress: Underground - Games app posted on 2022-11-22 current version is 1.303.001 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.more.lastfortress.appstore