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TV Remote - Universal Remote App Description & Overview

What is tv remote - universal remote app? Control your television using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or HomePod with the TV Remote app.

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TV Remote combines a beautiful and simple interface with advanced features that enable you to control your television without the need for a physical remote. Add all of your televisions to TV Remote and you’ll be able to customize the layout, apply themes and interact through Widgets and Siri Shortcuts.

TV Remote contains these great features:


TV Remote supports many brands of TVs (see below) and makes it easy for you to setup each one in a single app. You’ll find the buttons you’re used to seeing and there’s even the ability to launch apps and switch sources too.


Remote commands can be added to your Home Screen or Lock Screen for quick access to your remote when you need it. There’s supports for launching apps, sources and changing channels all from a Widget too!


Without even opening the app, you’ll be able to perform commands, change channels, launch apps and more with the Siri Shortcuts integration! For example, you’ll be able to configure a string of commands together to change a specific setting on your TV without even lifting a finger.


Get access to a set of configured commands on your Lock Screen or Dynamic Island that allows you to quickly change channels, adjust volume and much more!


TV Remote gives you the ability to fully customize how you want the remote for each TV to look. Using a set of pre-configured layout components, you’ll be able to choose which buttons go where so you get the exact look you’re after.


Gone are the days of a plain remote! With TV Remote, you can be bold and design the exact look and feel of your television remote - even down to the icon tint on a button, and whether buttons are round or square. Each television has its own theme and there are plenty of presets to choose from too. You can even lock the app to light/dark mode.


No need to use arrow keys to navigate round an on-screen keyboard. With TV Remote, you’ll have access to a full keyboard you can use to search for programmes and more!


TV Remote will load the available apps and sources available on your television and allow you to launch them with just a tap.


TV Remote supports Wake-on-LAN to allow you to power on your television when it is asleep.


Control your television using swipe gestures on a touchpad instead of the standard directional keypad for a more fluid experience.


TV Remote syncs with your iCloud account to allow you to access your TVs across all your devices.


TV Remote has been developed to enable VoiceOver and Dynamic Type users to take full advantage of the app.

TV Remote supports televisions from these manufacturers and operating systems (+ many more!):

- LG/webOS
- Samsung/Tizen
- Sony
- Roku
- Sky Q
- Hitachi
- Sharp
- Hisense
- Philips
- Toshiba
- Bush

Get in contact:If you like this app, I’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to leave a positive review! Having issues? Please get in touch:


Please note that a supported television is required to use the app and the manufacturers listed above are a guide only. A more comprehensive list can be found within the app settings where release dates and versions are listed too. Some features may require a TV Remote Premium subscription which can be purchased in the app. You can cancel at anytime. All brand names, copyrights and trademarks belong to the companies and not the TV Remote app.


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App Name TV Remote - Universal Remote
Category Entertainment
Updated 30 January 2023, Monday
File Size 45.02 MB

TV Remote - Universal Remote Comments & Reviews 2023

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For Samsung qled tv. For the most part, works great. Use it for my Samsung qled 2018 model. I even am able to use it for the PS4 to stream shows. Only thing that I don’t like is the inability to turn the tv on with the app. I can turn it off, but never on. Apparently that is a Samsung issue since it doesn’t seem to like WOL, so no fault for this app

Works great!. The app took a couple of tries to find my tv, and I had to figure out which IP address was my tv, but after setting it up it works flawlessly with my LG CX OLED. MUCH better than having to hunt down the remote.

Won't allow me to connect. The app has no issue finding the tv but when it says to accept the prompt on the tv nothing is on it to accept it. It might be an issue with the taut if anyone knows a way to help it would be appreciated as the actual remote for the tv has been lost.

Cannot power on a tv on. The app works fine once you power the TV on with the physical remote. If you power off the TV with the app, it cannot power it back on. Even with the TV set in the standby quick start mode it will not start. The TV also disappears from the app once powered off. After the TV is powered back on using the physical remote, the app will sometimes find the TV within a few seconds and display the remote again. Other times you are forced to completely close the app and after restart it may find the TV. Tested the app on my iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro. TV is 2018 LG OLED. Will request refund from Apple.

Incredibly rapid improvement and functionality. Got this pretty much right away. In just three weeks it’s developed so fast and well. Can’t wait to see where he takes it. Six stars.

Got it working, but could use a setup guide. I didn’t realize my TV was no longer connected to WiFi, but that’s what was needed to get this working. Makes sense, but the app didn’t really have any setup instructions. Those would be a good idea for new users. At least link to a website with instructions. 3 stars for it working for now, but I’ll give it some time and update the review accordingly. Nifty idea either way!

Keeps disconnecting. I love this app when I first add my TV (Sony Bravia), but after a while when I go back into the app it says it’s disconnected and can’t reconnect unless I re-add my tv again. I need a persistent connection or at least for the reconnect button to work for this app to really be useful.

Works better than factory app for LG TV. My flatscreen LG TV is a few years old & this app works better than the factory app from LG for ThinQ. Very happy for the upgrade. Thank you!

Waste of time & money!. I only gave this app one star, solely because it did find my television. I read about the app in an article from 9tp5 Mac & I thought it was the answer to my problems as the remote for my Samsung curved TVs broke & Samsung wants $106. Anyways, I pad for the app, downloaded & installed it & it found my tv utilizing its auto find fiction. But that’s all it did. It couldn’t save the tv (even after I manually put in the model & serial number), it couldn’t control the tv, it was just a waste of time & money. I wish I could get my $3.99 back.

Does not work on my Samsung television. Possibly I need to be smarter but my IOS device and Samsung smart TV are connected to the same WiFi network but the app does not recognize the tv. I’ve tried multiple times and did a reboot. I contacted the developer at the provided email and got no response - I’ll admit my email wasn’t polite but i just noted I wanted my $4 back. I love the idea so if this works, I’m open to the developer changing my mind. Otherwise I’m just waiting for the receipt so I can request a refund through Apple.

Doesn’t work with vizio tv. Can someone tell me why doesn’t it work with vizio

Excellent App!!!. Every feature on this remote works on my Samsung. Intuitive! Got that smart-home feel!

Minor connection issues / certain features don’t appear to work, but may be due to TV model.. Took a bit to get connected on the network and there’s occasional bursts of lag where an input takes 2-3 seconds to fire, but otherwise it seemed to work way better than any other apps we’ve been trying in terms of response time. Minor frustrating thing that may be due to my TV model (Samsung UN55RU8000F) but once I turn the TV off, I have to manually turn the TV back on since I just get reconnection errors trying to turn it on. Also, some “nicer than a remote” features appear to not work in general, assuming it’s TV model - keyboard and app switching being the two most significant. At the end of the day though, it saves me from having to drop $40 for an official replacement remote and definitely works good enough considering I’m usually just casting stuff from my phone and want volume / navigation controls.

App is excellent, developer is helper. I’ve always wanted to turn my TV on and off using Siri and this app has finally made it possible. Best part is IRL I can ditch my awful TV remote. Widgets work great. Tons of possibility with Shortcuts. The developer is helpful and friendly as well.

Tv Remote. I love the app but when I try to use this app I have to reconnect, this happens every time when I try use this app

Doesn’t work with Sonos through HDMI-CEC and ARC. Because this works through wifi, it’s very fast as expected. Setup was easy. This app is not like some others which allow you to configure the UI/controls, but the defaults are very good. On LG TVs, there is no magic remote like ability to move the cursor around through a touchpad, but the directional controls work through the TV and though the Apple TV, not as an Apple TV remote would(voice controls and such), but like the LG Magic Remote does with the directional controls. Aside from the minor critiques above which have workarounds or are not deal breakers, my one real disappointment here is that I have a Sonos speaker system connected through HDMI-CEC and/or HDMI ARC and the volume controls in the remote software do not work as they do for the LG Magic Remote. I cannot raise or lower volume or mute the volume of the Sonos through the TV.

Most Useful App!. Works great, it’s fast & simple to use. Also very convenient (iPhone and/or watch always with me), responsive, & intuitive. Most of all, the developers are always listening, what is more important than that? I recommend this one because of the fore-mentioned over the others! I would love to see a dedicated page with just a volume toggle & favorite channel buttons or a page you can customize with the control features you want on it, then I’ll create it myself. This is just a wish, love the app without it and you will too!

Apple Watch Power Button For TV. Just downloaded this app, seems to working fine, however the tv power button on the Apple Watch isn’t turning the tv on. Needs update I guess. Wish it worked.

Great upgrade. So much more satisfying and responsive... and comprehensive than Samsung’s remote app.

Awesome app. But……. This is a great app. It works really well with my iPad. However, my Apple Watch doesn’t work very well with it. My TV shows up on my watch, but I can’t control it. Is this normal, or am I the only one?

App will not recognize my SHARP or Samsung TV’s. Wanted to get an alternative to my Apple TV remote. Both TV’s are managed through my Apple TV devices. Tried several times on both sets. I hope to hear back from the developer about this. Will upgrade my review if I get a response.

It really works!. Saw this app mentioned by 9to5 Mac and it works well! We have a newer Samsung TV. Relays to the tv as fast as a normal remote or the Apple TV remote app. Thanks!

App works as expected after the update.. Nice Job. I like very intuitive UI and fluid animations. I love the widgets and they work well. 4 stars for slowness of the connection

Super Responsive!!. Emailed the dev late one night to inquire about Sony support. Developer quickly responded with an apology, mentioning that Sony was not supported at that time. Developer also provided information for a refund. Within a week the dev followed up with an email letting me know that version 1.5 was live and featured Sony support. Within seconds I had the updated app configured to control my Sony! THANKS ADAM!

No televisions found. 6 Sony TV and 6 Apple TV. Found 0 :-( I had high hopes based on on 9to5 Mac review but was let down. Latest update provides support for Sony and now all 6 Tv’s are online. App works as needed for me now! Thanks Adam for the hard work and for supporting your product.

Excellent looking app but doesn’t work. Thoughtfully designed app, and I want to support indie devs, but unfortunately after connecting it to my Sony TV, tapping the app’s buttons has no effect at all on the TV. Looked for an FAQ on the developer’s site and found nothing.

Fixed! Won’t remember. So far, each time I attempt to use this on my tablet (iPad) a warning pops up on the TV wanting permissions. To allow them I must pick up the original remote and activate. This defeats the purpose of having a secondary remote. Bummed. App Dev wrote me and quickly solved the issue! I am now giving this app 5 stars !

Great App. Only issue so far is it will not adjust volume thru arc connected sonos. Oled75cxpua

More Brands.. Nice app as far as I can tell but it doesn’t support some major brands like Vizio which is what is used in my home. Would be nice if the developer would support all major brands.

The app does not do anything. refund demanded. The app freezes when searching for my LG GX TV on my network. The app just does not provide any feedback whatsoever. After the search button is clicked, no idea if it actually does anything. No visual indicator then I cannot click on anything else on the app. Tried it on 2 iPhones Pro Max and an iPad Pro with same frozen app. What kind of developer is this? And he charges $3.99 for this paper weight of the app too. I contacted the developer but have not heard back yet. I will keep writing bad reviews, trashing your app until I get a refund from you.

Highly unreliable. Decided to give it a try after reading a review on 9to5Mac. I’m so disappointed. The app takes forever to add a tv. After finally adding a tv you have to close out the app before every attempt at controlling the tv. At this rate you’re better off using the physical remote. Don’t spend your money on this app.

Not Very Useful for Samsung TVs. After setting up the application for both my Samsung QLED TVs, I need to “authorize” the remote every time and the only way to do that is with the regular TV remote. This defeats the purpose of the app if I can’t just use it from my phone w/o needing the TV remote. Don’t waste your money on this one...

What a Waste!. randywachs • a few seconds ago I thought I was too old and experienced to fall for an article like this! I was lulled into complacency because this was posted under the 9 to 5 Mac banner. (Which is no longer a trusted or valued source.) I downloaded the app. It doesn’t work on any of our less than two year old Samsung sets or a Toshiba. The $4 loss to start my day isn’t a really big deal. The concern over loss of network integrity is a very big deal and ruins my day! I expected more from 9 to 5 and got much, much, less. How about 0 Stars?

Consistent Connection Issues. Nice design. But it never stays connected. Kinda defeats the purpose if I have to keep reconnecting. But even then it doesn’t always work. I have a new Sony TV.

2019 LG Oled TV Does not connect. Most advanced TV on the market and the app can’t find the tv on my network. I even have the tv connected via homekit. If this app won’t work with this tv then the developer needs to go back to the drawing board. I’d like a refund. After hearing from the developer you have to wait longer than I would have expected (4 min) for the TV to connect. It finally did so all is well now.

Works just fine. I don’t know what to say. It took a little longer than expected to find the tv, but once found, adding was quick and it works just fine. If you have a tv/remote set up that bothers your more than being absent $4 then I’d recommend it.

Live Activities don’t work. Live activities don’t work on Lock Screen or dynamic island. Whenever I click a button it just opens the app then shuts it right away. Can’t change volume or anything from Lock Screen or dynamic island.

Great app!. I originally found this app from the 9to5 Mac article, and instantly thought it looked great. After installing it, I was met with a very nice and clean UI, and it worked like a charm! For anyone who’s TVs aren’t showing up, remember that this app is new, and not all TVs are supported yet! Overall, it’s a very nice app, and I really like how so many TVs are supported, and being added very often.

Bought some time ago, now subscription. My tv keeps changing its IP address, so I had to keep adding a new tv in the settings to make it work. Apparently now this is a subscription app, so I have to pay .99 a month to be able to add a new tv. So I have to pay for it to even work at all, and I’m not doing that. I paid for the initial app, I’m not paying a subscription to use a limited remote replacement. The Roku app will do everything this app will and more for free.

Buggy. I wanted this to work so bad but it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to for more than a few seconds. Won’t connect to shortcuts. The numpad doesn’t work. Channel up and down works once but does not do anything to the tv after the first time. I have to click with the actual remote which seems to wake it up and connect it again. Edit: constantly disconnects, buttons aren’t reliable. It’s a mess.

Cannot enter text in search. Need ability to type in search

Great App. I have a pretty cheap Samsung TV I think from Costco it’s a few years old.. this works amazing, every button works. I hope one day we can do quick actions like open apps like YoutubeTV with one button.. (it’s in the Samsung api) so I think it could be added. It works when connected over the local WiFi, which is the magic of the remote, no IR blaster needed.

Works great. Cool app to have when I can’t find the remote or want to just change the tv to what I want to watch...

Very limited. Doesn’t work at all on Apple Watch, most functions don’t work on iPad, very limited functionality on iPhone. As with most of these apps, I can’t use it to turn on the tv since the tv doesn’t have a network connection when off. Update: These problems were resolved in version 1.4.1 (TV is LG), once the TV is turned on.

The replacement for lg tv plus app!. It’s been years since the lg tv plus app functioned at even 50%, but this app is AWESOME and replaces the lg tv plus app. Easy and awesome purchase!

Developers are thieves. I paid for the app because of the one-time fee structure just for it to recently be updated to a subscription model charging me monthly which is absolutely ridiculous, if I wanted a monthly subscription there are numerous better apps out there.

Do not pay to install this software. $3.99 charged software is not working. Response time is so slow and software is not created and tested well. Quality of software need to be improve a lot. Do not buy and install this app. I have Samsung and LG OLED TVS. If the software is responsive volume and on and off switch is the one that I can only operate. Changing channels and menu control is not working at all.

Power button function doesn’t work.. Power button didn’t even work for LG TV. can’t build extensive shortcuts as it can only do basic inputs and watch is not customizable other than use of Siri Shortcuts. Needs more work to be reconsidered will be requesting reimbursement since the app did not function as expected. Developer isn’t being honest or is not documenting its functionality more throughly. His website is nothing more than a resume. I’d pass unless you like getting your remote to turn on your tv in the first place which this app claims should help you avoid.

Very useful. I am correcting my rating after receiving a response from the developer. I became aware that there is a fix for switching the TV on.

Waste of money. Pointed my iPhone 3 feet away from my SAMSUNG TV at least 10 times and it will not recognize the tv. Development team at least got back to me will see if I can troubleshoot with them

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Absolute scam. Downloaded this app thinking that it would work with my Samsung tv’s, but after finding that nothing happens when trying to use functions, I’ve discovered that I’ve wasted $5.99! Don’t waste your money!

Good app- tv remote works well. We have a Sony tv, this app works well

Does the basics well. I had no issues using this with a new LG TV. I was hoping it would allow for control of the on-screen pointer, or switching between TV apps (Netflix etc) so perhaps they could be feature requests. It won’t blow up your TV.

No Joy. TV and phone on same WiFi - App would not find TV

Don’t waste your money.. What a waste of money. It recognises my 2 year old TCL but the controls do absolutely nothing. I probably would have been happy if it only did the basics (like volume, pause, or even turn off) but not even that. Totally useless.

Perfect. Brilliant. Better than my LG Tv remote. I can also control my shield via the TV. All from my watch too :)

🤷🏻. Can’t create widgets and on my watch it says there’s no TVs ?

App is not working. This app is not working in my Sony tv . I does not even connect to my tv at all this is the frustration because of trying again and again deleting installing and again same issue. Try to resolve my issue Thank u

This is a scam. Doesn’t work with any Samsung tv’s I tried.3 of them. All of them are purchased during the last 3-4 years. UHD TVs. Don’t waste your money

Not working with some TVs. This app does not work with earlier Sony TVs even though most of the free apps with ads do. No refund …

Doesn’t detect Samsung or Sony TV. Looking for a decent remote app. Gave this one a shot. Doesn’t detect either my Sony or Samsung TV that are on the same wifi network. Neither does manual connect via IP address.

Not working for JVC. My remote broke so I’ve been looking for a app to connect my tv to, The buttons on the tv don’t work so I’ve just wasted nearly $5 for a app that isn’t compatible! A app that doesn’t work.

Garbage app waste of money. Doesn’t load my LG oled TV

Incredible app. Adam has done such a great job with this app. It does everything it claims to do with my LG. It’s so much more convenient to use his app over the remote that is shipped with the TV itself. The best feature is the integration with Siri Shortcuts. The automation means I always catch the news when I get home from work because it turns on the TV when my phone connects to my wifi network. It opens up my channel app (no terrestrial signal) and navigates to live tv without me having to do anything. It’s this and so many of the other great features means I won’t be looking for any other remote control apps. Love your work Adam!!

Doesn’t work as promised. The app doesn’t work as promised in the description because it loses connectivity every time I turn my Samsung TV off, meaning I have to use my Samsung remote every time I want to turn my TV on. Defeats the purpose. I’d like a refund please.

Very satisfied. Works like a charm now that Adam added the MAC address option. Love the app as it connects every time now.

Entered MAC, doesnt turn on TV. My model supports wake on lan and turn on with mobile feature. The app states entering MAC will allow phone to turn tv on but doesn’t work. Please refund

Doesn’t support my LG TV. My LG TV is not supported by the app. Unfortunately you don’t find these things out until you have paid. Money wasted. Disclaimer: others with supported TV’s may give a better rating.

Rubbish. Doesn’t work. Waste of money

Just another nagware app. Purchased this as what I thought would be a one off only to have it become yet another nagware subscription.

Not for my Samsungs nor Sony TV. Don‘t do it , it‘s not worth any money

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Didn’t work. Waste of money. Said Toshiba but didn’t work for mine.

Great app. I connected this to my Sony tv and now it won’t connect anymore.

Doesn’t work on LG. Doesn’t work on my LG bought last year! Pity.

Doesn’t work 🤨. Paid for it, says it’s connected but doesn’t do a thing. Crappy.

Not as advertised. Bought this based on the assertion that it worked with Samsung TVs. Dev should list actual models because although I have a smart internet connected Samsung the app can’t connect to it. Don’t waste your money like I did on a gamble that this app will might actually be able to connect with the brands it promises to.

Latest update is bad. After recent update there is a permanent ad on the remote page begging for an upgrade. It actually covers part of the controls. Never seen another app that is so disrespectful of its users.

Excellent. Don’t base your decision on negative reviews, the app is excellent and it works as advertised and well worth the money. Very frequent updates means the developer cares enough to make it work a smoothly as possible for as many tvs as possible. I have an old Sony Bravia and a newer LG and have no issues. Very clean interface with zero ads and zero clutter. Wish the app would have a dedicated private headphone listening mode since not all tvs have Bluetooth built in, maybe in a future update so I can listen to the tv through my phone when everyone in the house is asleep. Best remote app out there, love it.

IPhone OK. Watch not so much.. I like the iPhone app. It works well and was easy to set up. But the watch app doesn’t work. It only show the “Order” menu. Very disappointed.

Samsung TV’s. I purchased the app as it was advertised to work on Samsung. Was unable to connect to any of the 4 Samsung TV’s. Reach out to developer the same day I purchased the app and have had no feedback. I have been contacted by developer and a resolve was provided as such I am amending my rating to 5 stars

😅. Application très utile mais il faudrait travailler sur une façon pour que je puisse démarrer la télévision avec car elle ne détecte plus télévision une fois celle-ci éteinte.

Doesn't work with Sharp. Even manually entering the IP doesn't work. TV is not detected even though the IP remote control is enabled in the TV. Model: LC-52LE835U

I wish I read these reviews. Apple doesn’t work for new generation high range Samsung smart TV. Waste of money.

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Doesn’t work with my hitachi TVs. Less than 1 year old hitachi tv with Roku does not work.

Didn’t work. It was searching for my TV and never found it. What a waste of money.

Great app. Can’t wait for more brands. It was a really easy to pair with my LG. No Vizio support. Hopefully it comes soon.

Awful App. This awful app does not work right from the start. Just wasted four dollars. Does not connect.

Doesn't work. Brand new TVs. The app doesn't recognize anything. Trying to get refund.

Does not work. Does not work

Doesn’t work. Will not detect my Samsung smart TV nor my Sony. Will not detect any TV in my household.

Can’t find hard wired TVs on network. There is also no way to point to them using their IP address.

Doesn’t work with Roku. Needs Roku TV Support

Won’t work with my Samsung TV. It shows up under discovered TV’s but no prompt ever appears for me to accept on the TV. Restarted my network, turned my TV off and on, and even restarted my phone. Wasted $3.99.

Misleading description. Doesn’t work with Sony TV’s in my home

Not working. The App never works on Toshiba, I wasted my money, no button works

Does Not Work. I have a two-year old LG tv. The app cannot reconnect with my tv. The only way to get it to work is to uninstall and re-install the app., and then it will only work once.

Doesn’t work!!!. This app was obviously not ready for prime time! This is just the result of your friend gifting a good review on 9to5 Mac.. Too bad you did not take advantage of the 9to5 bump. So many disappointed people. Mine is stuck in “Accept the prompt on your television “... Please refund..!

Refund?. It doesn’t work with my tv. Can I get a refund please

Worse. Seems to get worse. Now it won't says it can't connect with my TV. That wasn't a problem before. It's a new Samsung.

Does not work. The app finds my tv but does not connect to the tv

Just works. Works as described on my 2018 Samsung TV. Very convenient!

Remote. I want to give this app a negative Star rating! Will not work and I want A refund!

Does not work with my LG tv. Could not find my LG tv when searching. Waste of money.

Doesn’t work. Crashes and freezes every time I try to add my LG TV. I want my $4 back!

Junk. This thing freezes before I even finish typing the tv name. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS. I couldn’t give this zero stars because it made me add one.

Deletes Television. newest update doesn’t save television, you add the TV one day and then the next day it is no longer there and you have to add the TV all over again

Doesn’t work with Samsung tv. Can’t find my Samsung UN60J620DAFXZA tv even though it is on my home network. Wasted $$.

Not working. I have 6 TV’s connected to my network and the app could not connect to any. It was a waste of money. I gave it one star just because of the great press it had. I do not recommend this app.

Needs more support for other TV’s. If you need an all in one remote, this is not the case. I have four different TVs that are listed on the “ supported “ list but it doesn’t work! Don’t waste your money. I need my money back!

App does not work with Samsung TVs.. Bought this app and walked over to my Samsung TV to set it up. Does not work. Wish to get money back from developer for this app.

Brilliant.. It’s such a joy when something works perfectly and effortlessly, as this does. Bought to use with my LG TV instead of the garbage remote it ships with.

Nope. Cannot locate Samsung UN50ES6100 on same wifi network :(

Doesnt work. Won’t connect to any of my smart TVs not my 5 year old 55 inch curved Samsung or either of my 2 Vizio TVs.

LG tv. This app did not work for me at all.

Magnavox doesn’t connect. I was able to open Netflix on my tv, but unable to direct the tv from there in order to sign in

Remite. Doesn’t work with my TV wish I could get my money back

No luck with my Samsung. UN55HU7250 Samsung doesn’t seem to come up at all with this app.

Tv Remote. I love the app but when I try to use this app I have to reconnect, this happens every time when I try use this app

Reconnect. No longer reconnects to my tv when I reopen app

Don’t connect waste of money. It don’t connect a waste of money smh

No luck with LG. I have 3 LG TV’s and the app only recognized 2 of them, and they are all on the same network. App is very sluggish and crashes a lot. Too bad I wasted my money. I was hoping it would work as advertised. Don’t make my mistake.

Volume only. Volume up and down. That’s it. Not worth the time or $$$.

Does Not work on LG.. Well it does not work with LG TV. Disappointed . This is just crap. No feed back. Save your money- buy an old fashion remote instead. Must be a hobby product - goes not seem professional.

Don’t waste your money. Doesn’t connect to Sony

It doesn’t work. It doesn’t work

Did not work with my six year old smart Samsung TV.. Bought and downloaded it after reading a review in 9to5 Mac suggesting that it was now compatible with Samsung and LG TV'S. It doesn't work with mine - wish I could get my 3.99 back.

Never Connects to Samsung TV. It finds the TV but then never but then hangs on the “Please accept the prompt on your television screen”. It never displays anything on the TV screen. Big Fail.

Doesn’t work very well. WiFi connection keeps dropping takes forever to add device. Poor app wish I hadn’t wasted my money on it

Not connecting... Three years old Samsung (and yes it’s supposed to be compatible) and nothing. You should have added more specifics. A refund should be made. Not for the lousy $3.99 but for the lousy app but for principal.

Samsung Connection Doesn’t Work. Bought this with the hope that it would work as stated with a Samsung TV connected to WiFi. Don’t waste your time, extremely disappointed.

App freezes during setup. App freezes and shuts down during setup and tv search. 1 star.

Does NOT work with Sharp. Was led to believe that this app was compatible with smart TVs and so bought it. Not compatible with our Sharp TV. WAIST of $4!!!

Waste of $. Didn’t work at all tried to connect to multiple TVs and didn’t work for any of them

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tv remote - universal remote ipad images 3
tv remote - universal remote ipad images 4

TV Remote - Universal Remote 2.3.5 Apps Screenshots & Images

TV Remote - Universal Remote iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.3.5
Play Store app.FootWare.TV-Remote
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

TV Remote - Universal Remote (Versiyon 2.3.5) Install & Download

The applications TV Remote - Universal Remote was published in the category Entertainment on 2020-11-22 and was developed by Adam Foot [Developer ID: 1071261283]. This program file size is 45.02 MB. This app has been rated by 363 users and has a rating of 3.7 out of 5. TV Remote - Universal Remote - Entertainment app posted on 2023-01-30 current version is 2.3.5 and works well on IOS 15.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: app.FootWare.TV-Remote. Languages supported by the app:

CS EN FR DE IT JA KO PL PT ZH ES Download & Install Now!
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TV Remote - Universal Remote App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

In this update: - Bug fixes and improvements. If you like this app, I’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to leave a positive review! Having issues? Please get in touch: Email: Website:

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Find this site the customer service details of TV Remote - Universal Remote. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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