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The Vendlist App Description & Overview

What is the vendlist app? Looking for local vending business resources in your area? Use our app to find out where to buy vending machines, products, and available locations. In-addition, also find repair men and whole routes for sale in your area.

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App Name The Vendlist
Category Business
Updated 06 February 2024, Tuesday
File Size 116.13 MB

The Vendlist Comments & Reviews 2024

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Purposeless. I’m not sure what the goal was with this app. It costs $5 but one of the biggest factors for me as a user was the “location list” which is basically what you can get from google and all of the locations pretty much have vending machines already. I guess it’s motivating??? to see all the basic places near you that have vending machines already???? Is it worth the $5? absolutely not. I wasn’t expecting a $5 dollar intricate vending route but also wasn’t expecting to see pay for a compiled google search that’s honestly useless because all the places usually have vending machines already.

Amazing. This app is amazing they help me find my location super nice willing to work with you give me a lot of important information super excited about my new opportunity

Won’t allow me to login in. I’ve tried over and over to make an account and it won’t let me. I just keep going in circles.

Trash. I said it’s trash because you have no protection if you the company they represent on this app scam you out of your money you just have to take a lost and you paying hundreds of dollars up front for locations that they cant even guarantee you to have you are better off getting your own connection and saving money in the long run it’s so many ppl I meet by just simple interactions that just want to help and will recommend places to check or connected to owners

Disappointed but still potentially good resource. When reaching out to people via email to inquire about locations they don’t respond . Kashief is responsive to the group chat, and is helpful. He reached out to a location for me to follow up with one of my inquiries. My disappointment comes from lack of communication . I was trying to purchase a location with vending machine already on site. I met in person for a short introduction/chat then planned to meet the following day at the actual location. On the day of our scheduled meeting he changed the time THREE times; first 12pm, then 4, and 530. Each time he didn’t communicate ; it was me reaching out to let him know I’m on my way and as I was en route that’s when he told me of the time change. Thankfully I drive, but I live almost an hour away and had to repeatedly and unexpectedly switch my schedule with other commitments in efforts to accommodate him changing the time. I’m disappointed because the can (and I’m sure for most, is) a useful app when used correctly, but the lack of business etiquette I experienced was unprofessional and strange. Getting the run around when I’m serious and ready to spend $4000 with you doesn’t sit well with me, and makes me question my decision to bother trying to support this app in the first place. Maybe representatives in other cities are better, but my experience was off putting. I will say the call lists can be helpful in kickstarting your cold calling efforts. But other than that, proceed with caution. I would say opt for the month to month subscription and if you like it/it works for you then do the yearly. I regret signing up for the yearly subscription upfront. Live and you learn.

DON’T WAIST YOUR MONEY. Total loss of money. You can purchase a location through these people but they’re not guaranteed and for the amount they are worth, you’re just wasting money. I bought one location and they said no. I got a second one and also said no. The third one, no as well.. don’t bother yall. Better off calling places and making a better deal.

Waist of time and money. Anything on this app works!!!! Don’t wast you time and money

This app offers nothing in my area. This app should be free . There is nothing worth paying for in this app ,honestly not sure that this app is even worth having on your smart phone for free . I wish I had not paid for this .

SCAM. This app is trash, all those 5 star reviews are fake. There is a free website vending gallery. It’s a nationwide website.

I used the app to find my sign my first location. The app is pretty easy to use. I found an ad for a location service on the app and I used it to sign my first vending location. The location already had a vending machine, but the guy wasn’t servicing it regularly. The machine wasn’t even working when I went to visit. I think this app would be very useful to anybody trying to start a vending business.

Not Able to Use. Everything is greyed out. I cannot sign in/register. I’m not sure if this is still an active app, but it was updated 2mon ago.

Vendlist. Easy & self explanatory app.

7day trial?. I was never offered the 7 day trial. It just skipped it and asked me for a monthly payment.

Never was able to use app. I paid for app initially and wasn’t able to access any vending information. The app subscription renewed for a year, I didn’t know. I emailed and spoke to owner and they stated I would be assisted, never happened! I reached out again with no response! The experience I’ve had this app deserves 0 stars. The customer service and app needs to be revamped to actually provide a product, and not take people money.

Great app !!!. Great App and easy to use secured my first location within a week of downloading !!!

There’s no sell button. I paid the subscription fee but cannot find the button to post locations for sale. I got ripped off I would not recommend this app to anyone.

User friendly. This app takes a lot of the work out for those who are looking to get into the vending business. I received a lead based off the app but unfortunately the location had already found someone to place vending at their location. Hopefully another lead will come up that I can secure. Definitely worth it.

App doesn’t work. Paid for subscription, app won’t load. Sign in just for the app to tell me to buy subscription.

Couldn’t even get into the app.. I tried making an account with my Apple, google, and Facebook. And none of them worked. I then tried signing up with my email and setting a password through the app. But that didn’t work either. The app needs some serious bug fixes and I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time with it.

Selling is easy. Looking to get out of the vending business after a few years. Getting my route posted for sell was as easy as a phone call and an email!

Very helpful. This app does exactly what it is designed to do. It connects individuals who want to get into the vending business with suppliers, vending locations and technicians as well as provide other resources to help finding locations. I am very happy this app was created because it helped me start my vending business!

Location success. Easy to use and a great tool for finding locations

Cold Call List Let Down. Navigating the app is pretty easy. Overall, it’s a pretty simple app to use. I clicked the cold call generation button for a list and had a PDF emailed to me. The ease of receiving the list was great, HOWEVER, even though I selected my location I received a list with businesses not even within the state, let alone the city. I figured I’d try again. Literally received the same list the second time after “generating” another list. Not much that goes into the software that collects the info for local businesses. Perhaps that should be adjusted. I will say that I was able to connect with a company that does location servicing, (overpriced), but he did find me a spot for my machine. So I will say it’s done well for connecting me with others for resources.

Waste of Money. I purchased the app for a year’s subscription which should expire in Feb 2022. The app updated and signed me out. I am no longer able to access the app without paying for another subscription. It will allow me to login, but not access any materials without confirming a subscription when I’ve already paid for the year. I’ve emailed to get help with this a couple of times and have yet to hear back. A waste of $50 down the drain when I was using that $50 to gain knowledge and insight. There is no reason I should not be able to access the app without paying again.

Extremely Slow working. This app would be amazing if the vending bizz app didn’t freeze up every time you click on something and when you go to hit the back button it takes a million years to get to the function your looking for. If the app wasn’t so slow you could definitely use this for good use on finding locations, parts & More.

This App is very helpful!. This app has been ever so helpful to me since starting my vending business Jan. 2023. Key points: user friendly, very informative, and an excellent resource to those who are new to the business. I actually landed my second location through this app. In addition, I found an awesome vending manufacturer through this app. Kashief and his team did everything for me, I just had to show up for the meeting and close the deal. I highly recommend this app to anyone who’s in the Vending business or new to the Vending business.

Vending Bizz App. If it wasn’t for the mentorship, e-book and mastermind class I wouldn’t know where I would be in the vending world. I have gain so much knowledge and skills about vending since I’ve met Kashief. I sold one of my routes quickly due to Kashief marketing it inside the app for people that were interested. Keep up the good work and continue to inspire Bro! 💪🏽 -TripleJVending

TRASH. This app is absolute TRASH! If I could give it ZERO Stars I would. The cold call list info has addresses all the way in Maine & Illinois but I did a search for the city of Dallas, TX. I refined my search for doctors offices and I got law practices back. Not sure where this data is being pulled from but it is completely worthless and I’m canceling this subscription.

Please get this corrected. Not to be mean, but I refuse to purchase this app with all of these same poor reviews in regards to the app’s malfunctions. If you guys want to profit from this app, y’all need to make sure it benefits those of use who are giving our money.

Can’t log in. I log out and try to log back in and now the app is frozen and won’t let me log in and now I can’t get back in at all. Tried to log in on another phone and it still don’t work.

Serious Bug Issues. Once you cancel your subscription for the app, the app does not allow you to gain access to any of the locations within the app even if you pre-paid for the app for that month. For example, I canceled my subscription for the app April 1. My subscription renews on April 13 which means that I should have access to the app until the 13th. However, even though the app shows me as logged in I don’t have access to any of that information. The app is making me sign up again and pay for another subscription in order to get access which is shouldn’t be. This is a major issue and it needs to be fixed immediately. I paid for a subscription that I can’t even use.

If They can get it together, this app has potential. It constantly crashes and glitches. IF you can actually get to the functions of the app, it has great use. Unsure what the Dev team is doing but it’s not working and hasn’t been since I have used this app. It’s very frustrating

Amazing app secured my 1st location. I love this app found my 1st location on here and got my business up in running within 1 month

Trouble getting access to the application. I bought the 1 month subscription as a trial run to see what the app was about. I lost all access after about 2 weeks of using the application and it tells me to buy another subscription when I try to go log in. I tried emailing the customer service but the email address doesn’t work

Amazing. Amazing platform really took my business to the next level so happy I came across this app Thank you so much

👎👎Don’t waste your money!!. This app is a joke and a huge waste of money! There’s never any locations available and once you get logged out you can’t get back in. Save yourself the headache.

Cool app for entrepreneurs. I love how this app make it easy to connect and find locations with local vending locators

Great app!. I have been using the vending biz app for awhile now and it has help me sell multiple locations. It is very useful with location different service Needs and if your looking for locations this app is a must!

App review. These 5 and 4 star ratings are definitely FAKE! This app is trash if I could give it a zero I would. Nobody uses this app. And the posting are fake. This is a membership app SCAM!!! Do BUY THIS APP

Great experience with the new app. Overall I would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to scale a lead get excess to different distributors etc. it’s a really easy app to use I actually just purchased my first lead last week.

Not worth it. Wasted my 5 dollars don’t waste yours.

Frustrating. I thought I was signing up for a monthly subscription for $4.99 but was charged $22. On top of that I don't have access to the app. When I sign in it doesn't register as if I paid. There isn't any contact information to inquire about this process and that's extremely disappointing. I feel stupid for trying to purchase something on Instagram that I thought would help improve my life. 🤦🏽‍♀️


So far this provides no value. The app lists some locations but they are actually attached to another website costing $29 plus a month. So then you have to pay for another service and you might not get a location anyway. I see no reason to get an app that takes me to another website to charge me more money.

Create account. Please raise the create account up to be able to create account.

The app helped me land my first 2 locations. I really love this app. I love that I have a place to fellowship with like minded individuals and get advice on vending related topics. The favorite part of the app is the vending locator, supply, and repair section. Even thou I look for locations on my own, I just don’t have the time to do a lot of calling because I have multiple businesses. I used the vending locator to find my first location and the person I worked with was so nice and sweet. She is now my main contact for locations. I just inked a deal with their vending company to finance 5 additional vending machines for future locations and I have credits for them to find more locations for me. Thank you for this app. For less than a Starbucks coffee, I feel this app has a lot of value.

Not able to access or contact. Paid for a first month and I am still not able to get access to the site and unable to contact anyone

Great way to get access to locations. The app is a good resource for finding vendors and help with locations. I was able to get my first location quickly!

Horrible Service! Read his reviews before buying.. They couldn’t find me a location within the timeframe, which is fine. However, when it was time to refund my money as his agreement states, he’s now silent and will not respond. But was quick to respond and take my money in the beginning. So misleading.

Cancelling. I’ve had the hardest time cancelling my yearly subscription to this app! No answered emails or returned messages. Now I’ve been charged again! How do you cancel??

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Unable to create Profile. App won’t let me finish creating my profile

Glitches. Keeps shutting off. Most of the info given can be found by google. I paid for one month and some days it won’t let me log on.

Malfunction. I Just downloaded this app and cannot enter my email to get started. I uninstalled and downloaded it again still having the same issue!! I sent a message to the owner on IG but no response.

App doesn’t work after update. Trash. All Info on GOOGLE. App is not helpful. After update you can’t get in and it keeps asking for money. All info on app is found on Google. Refund my money. Trash.

The obvious happen. So I read the reviews and of course it happened I paid 50$ and it won’t let me log in. Can someone help me with that

Scam. This app is a whole scam out of the whole of Florida the was vending machine for sale nor vending locations for sale I send them a message concerning the issue after send them the message I was unable to login to the app they charged me $14.99 just to download the app and $24.99 subscriptions fee per month while the service is terrible

Cannot log in. I created an account and am unable to log in.

Not Useful. There are a bunch of glitches in the app. All the info can be found on other sites. They are an aggregator. Waste of money, TRUST ME. Also there’s no way of getting your money back so I’m just going to dispute the charge with my bank

Do you a 1 day free trial or something. You want people to pay to view what’s in the app, when you don’t know if you have locations in certain cities, states

Very innovative!. I love the app so far

NO ACCESS!. I paid for the subscription, it logged me out, and I don’t have access anymore.

I feel Robbed! :(. *BEWARE* I signed up for the “free trial” and was immediately charged $49.99. I might be fine with paying for the app if I felt it was in any way useful to me or my business. There was ONE location for sale in my area and absolutely no business or educational info to be found on the app. I have emailed support several times. With no response! I inquired about the app from their instagram page because I am just starting out in the vending business. Already taking a loss by entertaining this shady company and reaching for a business aid. If I could give this app/company a -0 star. I would. So I give it a ONE.

IT’S A SCAM SCAM! Beware.. Worst app ever. Steals money. Nothing to learn and grow. App doesn’t work. Doesn’t provide ANY THING TO HELP YOU!!!!!!! Learn from me save your (4.99) and GOT TO YOUTUBE AND GOOGLE.

Malfunctioning. I’ve had this app for almost two months and I’m about to delete it cause it won’t allow me to register my info and move forward .. So guys please fix the issue or y’all can have this app back cause it’s not working for all of us

No contact information. I can’t find any contact information, I’m not able to use the app it keeps telling me to “start the journey” even after I pay.

New app but it’s great. Looking forward to seeing this app develop more. And using it to develop me in the vending business.

The app is what it said it is. I paid the 50.00 for the app and I was unclear on the functionality of it. I emailed Kashief Edwards directly and had a response within 30min. He called and walked me through step by step and gave me some tips for my area.

Cannot go into the app. Hi just purchased my subscription but it’s still telling me I got to purchase when I try to use it

Not working. I just brought the app and can’t sign back in without paying for another subscription... how do I get my money back?

Definitely a game changer!. This app just helped me so much. I found two new distributors and a location for my machine

TTTTRRRAAAASSSSHHHH!!!!!!. Why would you charge for something like this?.. it like classifieds to get what you need. It should be free you already paying for a location.... dumbest app ever!!!

Helped me get my first location!. I landed my first vending machine location I brought from the app

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Language English
Price $14.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 3.4.5
Play Store com.reactjs.native.example.Vending-RN-Client
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

The Vendlist (Versiyon 3.4.5) Install & Download

The application The Vendlist was published in the category Business on 12 January 2021, Tuesday and was developed by Kashief Edwards [Developer ID: 1531472090]. This program file size is 116.13 MB. This app has been rated by 221 users and has a rating of 3.8 out of 5. The Vendlist - Business app posted on 06 February 2024, Tuesday current version is 3.4.5 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.reactjs.native.example.Vending-RN-Client. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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The Vendlist App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Resolved an issue causing the app to get stuck on the launch screen. - After the seven days trial period, users will now transition to 'Active' status seamlessly. - Various bug fixes and performance improvements to enhance your app experience. Thank you for choosing our app! We hope you enjoy the fantastic updates and find even more things to love. Your continued support means a lot to us. If you encounter any issues or have feedback, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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