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Game consists of several activities related to mobile phone, especially texting. Each chat scenario, where you choose what to write, is followed by one or two fun quick mini games.

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- Why I love chat master

I am a cat master so much I don’t know why I like the creator should be like going off by now like in two seconds really because like I said so many ads before about it and it was like sir do you spell like oh it’s gonna have like because I don’t like I don’t want you like piggy really long games and then when I saw it I started playing and I got into it so much I want to download it I’m like God has saved me today because I was so bored because I swiped through everything I had in my apps and I was like it’s so boring I don’t know what to do I know when I saw it I was like OK so then I saw the reviews and I was like OK let me see how I download it and I saw and I was like this is fun and I may chat masterFive times it was so easy and made me laugh it was really funny when I saw a lot of things it was fun it was like a most amazing thing and I was like I really start playing this and I never stop playing it it’s like it always tells me that when I wake up in the morning on every single weekend and I don’t know what to do and I don’t wanna watch something and I don’t want to like do everything I want to do usually I just go on Chat Master! it was really really really awesome thank you so much chat master for making my day making everyone others day the best day ever you really deserve to go off like a rocket thank you so so so much chat master

- Read this if you wanna get the game!

I really do love this game honestly! It’s so fun and it’s an amazing game to play when you don’t have much to do since we’ve all been quarantined and we went on lockdown again a few days ago! Whenever I get home I always go up to my room and watch Netflix or play games on here and this is the one that I play the most. But the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because there’s ads after like every mini game or level. And it’s so easy to finish that it starts you over which is sad for me cause I love the game!! But if your doing the same levels over and over you’ll eventually get tired of it and have to delete the app sadly. But I’m gonna stick around for a while it’s really tempting. Also there’s some spelling in the messages that need fixed. There’s also some minor bugs that occur when you finish the level. It either says you win and doesn’t give you the option to continue or watch an ad to do a different one. But whenever you close out of the app and swipe your apps (if you have an iPhone) then you should be good. But I have something to tell you. PLEASE MAKE MORE LEVELS I feel like when I said you’ll get tired of restarting you need to have a chat master 2 or more levels cause it’s so addicting and you can’t stop!! Overall I love the app and I really hope to see a chat master 2 or more levels in the new year!! Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 and happy new year everybody!! 😁

- Amazing Game

I love the game and I recommend that a lot of people should download it and here’s why! Chat Master is the most best game because it can really help if you need to lie and if you are bored in the house! The game has many levels and fun things you can do. And the game could be for everyone! And I recommend this game to people who are always stressed out and is going through depression! And it can keep you very occupied for hours if you have nothing to do for the day or if your friends don’t want to hangout with you! And this game helped me find many excuses for when I don’t want to go somewhere or if I just hate a specific person that I don’t want to hangout with! Chat Master should deserve more players than it does right now and I appreciate the creator(s) of Chat Master for making this game and taking time because making a game takes a lot of time, hard work, people, and determination!

- It’s ok I guess

So I’ve had this app for two days now and I already finished all of the levels today, but than later found out that once you become the chat master you’re back to the first level again. And this happens every time. And all of the levels are the exact ones you completed before, so it’s pretty disappointing and it gets really annoying doing the same thing all over again. Anyways I think this game is extremely addicting, and it’s still fun, so if your looking for an easy looking game, with some challenging stuff than I’d recommend this to you, or literally anyone. So again I’d appreciate if you add more levels so that way the people and myself have more to look forward too. One more thing is that I see loads of reviews complaining about the adds when they’re aren’t as many which I appreciate, and you get to keep all of your followers which I’m very great full for, but this isn’t one of those clickbait games where there’s a stupid add every like 10 seconds but what I do and what you can do is just turn on airplane mode so that way you won’t even have to worry about the adds popping up. But overall this is a fun, decent made game❤️:)) <33

- Almost perfect

I would recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t mind a 1 or 2 ads in between levels. There are also mini games that are pretty easy but a nice break from the game. I would over all say that this is a pretty great game! Basically what you do is you text someone and try to do different things like getting a refund to a restaurant. I think If you are looking for a game that is pretty fun and easy but are some difficult parts, you should download this game. It is free!!!!! This game is SUPER addictive so pace yourself. Too much time on a screen is really bad for your eyes. You can even get headaches and they last for a while. Don’t say I didn’t say I didn’t warn you!!?!? Be carful of your neck, too. If you keep it cranked down for too long, it can get tight and hurt. That happened to me once and it was still hurting for months!!! Ok, by now I am saying the same thing over and over and I sound like a doctor or adult or something. If you have a pet-like a dog or a cat-snuggle them while you play! SUPER relaxing. My dog is just laying in my lap right now. Now I am off-topic. Please download this app! It is free! Bye now!!!👋😎👋😁

- Good game. Few glitches

So this game is pretty good. But the levels are so easy. I already have 3000+ followers. I’ve been playing for a bit. I think there’s ads every 2-3 levels. A glitch that has occurred was when I complete whatever it says to do and I fully complete the level it doesn’t bring me to the next level. Example; Say it’s one of the text levels, I complete it but it doesn’t move me on. That’s simple tho. Another thing that goes with that is when I’m watching an ad it never ends. It just leaves me there, just like the level one. But anyway, this game is decent. Could be better if their were more challenging levels. The developers did pretty good, good simple game for when you are bored, yet I play it when I’m not bored 😂. I’d suggest adding more variations and new features to old levels, like for the texting ones make it more longer and add more detail to make it interesting. I’ve showed this game to friends and they also love it, I think it’s because my friends are very into these type of games, not gonna lie, I am too. Very good game tho, highly suggest it. -Written by RedFox22

- Good game just one thing

This is a really great game but i became chat master in like two days. I thought that was weird. The next time I played it said I got limited new chats so I was excited but I thought it would be cool if the people who made this game could add a prize for being chat master. It would be great edition to the game, and I think many players would have the same opinions. By the way I am only ten years old. And this game is entertaining and it’s offline so it’s very good for boredom and if your going on a road trip I recommend you download this game because it even has little mini games you can play between each chat! It honestly is a great 👍🏼 game I hope you continue your work on this game and take my opinions! Thank you so much for reading to the end.

- I love it but fix sumthin READ..

OK so I do you love this game it’s super super fun I just download it because I saw it but I really like but something that really annoys me is the ads yeah it’s OK if you do it for you but you do it every time it’s just so annoying and it’s making me want to delete it again so please fix this in the mini games I really like but after the mini games it literally gives you an ad and it’s making me mad so please fix this or just reply because this has been happening for a lot of people I just gave it a lot of stars because I thought there was not that much ads but I change my mind I don’t really want it to be four stars but if the ads aren’t too much I will read it a five star so please fix this I repeat please fix this because it’s super annoying for that and when people talk about this it’s just super annoying and you guys do not reply you only reply it’s a little so please read all so I hope you read this all if you did thank you.

- Great..until chat master....

I really love ❤️ this game but it has a few flaws, when you become chat master it really is quite boring, when you reach chat master the levels aren’t even levels there just mini games and boring chats. This isn’t really even a problem but a simple suggestion, it would be cool 😎 if after you reach chat master you could go on to leveling up 🆙 to chat champion or something. This game is really amazing 🤩 until your chat master. When you become chat master if you want you could experiment 🧪 a little like if you want you could choose stupid answers and see what the ending is and then you can choose the right answers and move on, this experiment 🧪 is for CHAT MASTERS ONLY! Like I said at top 🔝 I love ❤️ this game! You should get this game and become chat master and then delete it if you want. Good luck 🍀 chatting 💬, and Happy Valentines Day ❤️❤️❤️. Bye now 👋

- Pretty Good

I enjoy This game. Though, it has a few problems. For one, there should still be followers, but there should also be coins to upgrade your phone and customers, and pictures that ALWAYS change but you can have a variety of pictures to choose from per level. Stuff like that. Another thing that I wish you’d ad is coins because: instead of there being one-three ads per level, why don’t you make it like this: Let’s say you just finished a level and you want more coins. Why don’t you make it where we have to watch an ad every time we purchase coins, which is optional for the players to choose (to buy the coins ONLY)? I also wish we could have levels where we could do a BONUS LEVEl, That way we could earn twice as much followers and also, if you do decide to do the coins thingy, please also make us get twice as much the coins. ;) Okay, well, I think that is all! Good day!

- Great game but a few problems

This is a really great game! I saw an ad for it so many times so I decided to check it out and I’m not disappointed and I became Chat Master! But the reason why I didn’t give it 5 stars is because a few problems, the levels are the same and not different, it’s either texting, unlock the phone, memorize the app order, etc. And I’m really disappointed that when you reach chat master there is nothing special I was really hoping for bonus levels but I think that you should really add different things to the levels it would really make the game more enjoyable and better. Second there is to many adds, every time I complete an level a add pops up and I find it very annoying it it makes the game harder to even complete, but yeah I hope you look into this and fix that it would really give the game better ratings!

- Amazing game and a message for people that don’t like adds

I just downloaded this game two days ago and I’ve already fished all the levels. It was slightly disappointing when it restarted but at least you get to keep your followers! Now this is a message for anyone who might need it. If your having a problem with the adds just turn on airplane mode you only get at least 2 adds in 30 minutes and the game works just as great as before. Don’t forget to turn off airplane mode when you finish! And a little side note their are some games that won’t work if you turn airplane mode on and for others there is no difference you still get adds but for this game you don't get many adds like a said before. Over all this is a really fun game


I love this game a lot. This game is super fun especially if you have nothing to do. Another thing I love is you are sliding into the DM’s and talking to people and having a lot of fun!! Chat Master is amazing because you get extra items to do before the actual level like sorting apps, cutting phones, destroying mobile, and memorize the apps in the right order, and memorize the connect the dots. The only thing is that after you reach Chat Master you just get bonus levels and not more regular levels. Also after you get CHAT MASTER you basically just restart and that is a little frustrating to me and maybe some other people IDRK. That’s all I got to say about this game! It is amazing and if you haven’t downloaded it DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!

- Pretty Good

So I downloaded the game last night and was totally addicted, so addicted that I finished it this morning! But then I found out after you become chat master, you just start all the levels all over again, and they’re all the exact same as they were the first time through so that was disappointing. The only thing you don’t loose is your followers, and I’m grateful for that. So if you could please add another few different levels so we don’t have to go through the same ones over and over again to become chat master that would be nice. Also what the crap is with all the ads?? I know you can buy no ads, but since the game doesn’t have that much to it I’m not going to buy it. But waaaaaay to many ads. It would also be appreciated to change something about that! But other than that, pretty fun brainless game.

- So many issues!

This game gets boring after you become the chat master, the chat conversations force you to lie and teach you to lie which can get you in trouble, it’s not really appropriate because it says the opposite of dang and the conversations are just unrealistic! I mean, WHY would the police text you and how do you just get cellphone service in some other country! Also, the minigames are annoying and there are WAAY too many ads to enjoy the game for those who don’t know how to turn on airplane mode to get rid of ads. You can’t text a lion and you cant have some cat text you! Kids are also gonna try to do bad stuff like hide drugs at their house for their friends just like the level where you had to hide a stolen bike at your house for your friend, and the police is after them! Parents, unless you want your children to grow up doing stupid and dumb stuff like THAT and lie to people like the feds, DONT EVER let your children get this terrible game.

- My Opinion this Game is OVER THE TOP AMAZING

I just downloaded this game 2 weeks ago and I was in a car ride with my family, from California LA to Utah Salt Lake City and it was AMAZING! I played the game for 30 minutes and I already finished it. It was kinda disappointing that you had to restart the but, you don’t lose your followers. It feels real that you can actually text someone that you probably don’t know but, the game is safe. So what I’m trying to tell you is that this game a pretty addictive and YOU NEED MORE LEVELS OR SOMETHING, please,pLeAsE,PLEASE ADD MORE LEVELS. I still give this game 5 stars ‘cause it might have some new updates soon and I like the game now. IF you disagree with me I will kindly disagree with you to and it’s MY opinion.

- Love it but...

I loved this app a lot I even took under two hours to finish it and that is the thing It is sooooooo short they could of made it longer or maybe they should have chat master 2. Another thing is that I think they should of made different mini games I would say, not just chop up the phone, break the phone, fix the phone they should make more and more creative ones too. It was really fun but also some of the texts were kinda easy they should make them more challenging as you go on not just the same and same and the same and the same. A good thing about it is that it is pretty addicting In my opinion and I wish I could do a half star for the ratings but I can’t If I could I would but anyway I hope anyone reading my review I hope you have an amazing night day or evening bye!!!🤩🤗👍🤘✌️

- Not the best, but gets a honorable mention

Okay, so this game isn’t the best, but definitely isn’t the worst. Here’s why I think so. First of all, is the ads aren’t to bad. They don’t have it after every single level, like some clickbait apps are. Second, if you have ANY common sense, you will guess all the answers right. Tbh, there kinda childish. They don’t have right spelling/punctuation, which makes it hard to read. Third, is that it starts over the ENTIRE chat. Once you finish the last level, you start back to the beginning. So like I said, this game isn’t the best when it comes to spelling, but it passes the time especially when I was in quarrentine. If you like games that have not to many ads in them and you can actually play the game, then this app is for you.

- Full on CRAP

I downloaded the game like ten minutes ago. It was pretty cool but you can’t type custom texts. To be honest this game is garbage. It’s bad so bad that the lazy greedy creators made dumb mini games that waste time. BUT THE ADS MAN THE ADS THERE ARW SO MANY ADS! There’s two ads in every finished levels. The second one is WHEN YOU TRY TO SKIP THE DUMB MINI GAME. This is a 💯 DO NOT GET. There’s so many ads that the creators even made a thing where you can buy the no ads version. Though I DOUBT that it works or that it’s even worth it. This is crap. The people bribe the App Store to make this a 2 game. Don’t get this. It’s a waste of time maybe even money for those low IQ people who get the no ads. Might as well delete the game like I will when I finish my this. Also it looks like there’s a lot of levels but nah there’s really little. I hen you finish you have to start all over again. Also the “special” levels ALSO needs ads so don’t get this. PRETTY CRAPPY 😤

- Not bad at all

I usually play this game when I go to the west side because I go there often and I lose signal, and also because the game makes time go by VERY fast, however the game does have a few bugs and glitches and I’ll explain them to you here, 1:When playing an ad, it sometimes finishes and there is no way to get out, therefore you would have to close out the tab. 2: When you complete a level, it sometimes does the same thing as the ad, so you would have to again close the tab. 3: It somehow manages to give you ads without glitches even when you don’t have wi-fi. Those are the bugs I have experienced, so if you don’t mind these minor issues and would be fine with a somewhat glitchy pass time, go for it.

- Fix this!

I have finished this game like 5-6 times and I still love it, but something you gotta fix is that when you have to cut the phones you don’t have to cut the phones! Instead of chopping everyone of the phones you can just let the knife hover over them to the end! You have to fix that! Please make new levels! It’s a great game though 5 stars from me, it taught me a lot about texting. Also please on throne where you have to hold down the screen for the balls to shoot or of the cannon, make it where you have to make more then 10 balls go in please! In just cannot STAND this! Any way thanks for taking the time to read this please make these improvements 🥰😘😍

- Want to download? Then read this.

I downloaded this game and it was so fun omg. I sat and played this for hours and hours, it was so addicting. However there are a lot of ads. If you turn on airplane mode or turn off your WiFi the ads become a lot less and it becomes like 1 ad in 30 mins. The other reason y I gave this 4 stars is because there are barely any levels. I finished the whole game in an hour and a half to two hours. I would really appreciate more levels. Great game, but it needs more levels. The ads aren’t really a problem if u turn off WiFi or turn on airplane mode. If your thinking of downloading you should totally! It’s a really fun game!

- Hilarious and Amazing

This game is wonderful and has hilarious dialogue and doesn't take itself seriously which really works in this format, I find most of these kind of games horrible but this one is a real diamond in the rough. My favorite level was the one where they referenced the meme “WHERE’S THE MONEY LABOSKI!” I wish there were more levels and maybe some different game modes but overall it’s pretty good. Yes it does have a lot of ads but it’s rare to find a free mobile game that doesn’t. Anyways it has a really good premise and I would love to see a game mode added about emails or a comment section on social media, I love it please do more🤩🤩🤩

- So fun but...

This game is so much fun! It would be even better if you could fix some of the glitches. And I am not talking about annoying ads. It freezes every time I get done chatting with someone. I press the continue button and wait for ten minutes. Still nothing. I try pressing it again and again but nope. Still nothing. Please fix this and u get 5 stars! Also can u add more chats. Can u add more people to chat to so you don’t have to just start over after you chat with Santa Clause. Also can u make the game a little more other culture friendly? I believe in Santa but some people don’t and some people don’t even know who he is, so that defeats the purpose of Santa clause. That is all I ask. Thank you👍🤟.

- like it but to a point

This is a GREAT app and I love it, however I am not so sure that it is the BEST it is a good app but there are some things to change. I got this app and completed all the levels, all you have to do for the levels is have common sense so the levels were easy for me. But I finished all the levels and it sent me back to the beginning... like now what do EVERYTHING ALL OVER!!!! So yea I guess you could say that if you finish the levels it get repetitive. So they need to add more levels or like and extension after you pass the first set of levels. This was my opinion about the app Chat Master thank you for reading this long thing and taking time out of your day have a great day and a great life 🙂

- Why so many ads all of a sudden?

I have had the game for a while now. I loved the game but now all of a sudden there’s ads. Every time you finish a round of texting, for example, there is this one ad that has to do with dating. LITERALLY LITTLE KIDS ARE PLAYING THIS GAME! You don’t expect them to date! One time my little cousin got the ad and asked me if I could get the dating app so he could date the “Heather” girl in the ad. HE’S 6! I don’t know if you can control the ads in the game, but I would appreciate it if you tried to get rid of the dating ads. There’s mostly little kids playing this so like I said, you don’t expect them to date. Also why would somebody expect a 25 year old to play the game. This game is mostly made for kids, so why are there dating apps?!

- Ok but glitchy

This game is super fun the only thing is that it can be really glitchy for me on some levels. I know it’s not my iPad that’s glitchy cause all my other games are fine. The levels that are most glitchy for me is the ones where you text to a fake person and were you try to match the people. I used to have like four hundred followers but now I’m down to two hundred because the glitches are making me lose. In the ones where you text at the beginning it randomly choses the wrong one witch makes you fail and in the one where you match two people they randomly move before I can draw a line. Pls find a way to fix this! As a total I give this app three stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

- Pretty cool...

So, I just got this game today and it is pretty good. I like the creativity of the text messages and it is actually very fun! The only reason why I didn’t give is five stars is for two reasons, 1. There are WAY to many adds. Every time you go to a next level, mini game, or even the home page there is an add. 2. The mini games are kinda useless. Like, there is one where you have to edit your profiling picture and you basically just tap the screen and you did it. I just got the app for the text stories not lame mini games. This game is pretty cool but sometimes I just feel like half of the game is adds and the other half are mini games that make me feel like I am wasting time. But the actual texting part, that is very fun.

- Pretty good game just a few problems

Hi so I downloaded this game a few weeks ago and I really love it. I play it every day and I just finished the first “chapter” I guess? There was a few misspelled words but it’s fine! When I went on to the next chapter the normal rounds were different but like the people u meet like a “pirate” or a “alien”, I feel like there should be different ones every time. Like maybe there should be a “alligator” or a “monster” because when u go on to the next chapter there’s still the same special people You meet. That’s all for my review but if ur stuck in quarantine and u want to Play a funny texting game with pranks and funny texts then this game Is for you! Bye!

- Pls read

I only gave it five stars ⭐️ so people can see my review. I was really excited about playing this game but when I downloaded it I could not get in it. Literally, my problem is when I click on the app it brings me to a blank screen and I can’t even get in it. After reading all the reviews I was excited for playing this game. I literally waited 20 minutes but still guess what it is still blank. And no I am not exaggerating at all. If you are reading this and you can get into it don’t think I am hating on it. I just can’t judge it properly without being able to play it. Thanks for reading 📖

- Good

Hello y’all duck girls here! Leaving another harsh but not me. The reason I get this game for stars and not five is it does get very slow and there’s some updates I think you guys can meet instead of having to answer back with one of the options you gave us you should give us an option to take back what we want to take back also you should give us the character option of customizing that would be really good for this game and it would boost up my review from 45 I don’t know other peoples opinion but it’s good I like the game I like the game PSThis review is not meant to be harsh is meant to be honest. Thank you and duck girl out.

- Meh

It’s good I sall this add on Laurenzsides yt if you don’t know who she is she is a famous YouTuber who is pregnant she played this game so I got it it sounded fun Lauren said it was “okay” in her video I think it’s meh but the fact that a famous person with a family played it made me give it a better review over all the game is pretty good I was playing it and I finished all the levels but it restarts you every time and it’s the same thing and it’s kind of annoying also the ads for me it’s like 2-5 ads every level so if your fine with ads you can buy this if you get annoyed my any imperfections or ads I recommend don’t buy this otherwise the app is fine.

- Great game!🦋✨

I love this game, I just downloaded it about 20 minutes ago. Overall it is a great game! But there are a couple things that could be fixed. The first one is that there is a lot of ads! Like for example, every time you have finished texting the person you will get a ad. Sometimes even after you do your task too. Also I wish that they would add more levels. Like I only have about 20 more to go! I have played like 24/7 ever since I’ve got it lol. But that’s all that I would like to be fixed, or added. Like I said I’m the beginning it is a great game. Thanks for reading my review!

- Let’s get to the point

This game is cool, but I finished the whole thing and it sent me to the beginning all over again. I though the game was pretty cool, minus it redoing everything. The ads were pretty good, because I turned my WiFi and data off. The game was a bit boring, but I enjoyed the multiple types of mini games, that was cool. There should be more levels, that makes the game even cooler. I liked the how you could chat with the people especially the Kardi G one that was hilarious, there should have been more of that but I know y’all were trying to even it out. So I had a great experience playing this game, just change a little of it. Ratings are a solid 4.


I love this game! I loved it so much I finished it in a day.... but that also means it was a biiiitt too easy, could we make some harder levels at all? I’m just asking. This game is a time killer! It passed the time really good. Idea, maybe instead of restarting the levels when you finish them all.. could there be a boss level!?!?! I’m a kid and I ain’t gonna say more about me. I think from my point of view it was a great game! So maybe next time before you think about doing this, make sure that the levels ain’t that easy please creators? Ok thank you if you make these changes!! Good luck with the rest of the year guys! 😘 🤗😜🥰🥳🙏🏻 and Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

- Meh could be better.

I want to bring this to your attention before you get. 1. Side games 4/5 The side games are really actually fun and they really want to be good and they succeed! Overall a little basic but the calculator mini game was really well done! 2. Main game 3/5 The main game was.. A bit bland at points they really tried their best with the writing but 4 of 5 of the text conversations were really bland. The redeeming factor of this part though was that the 1of 5 good ones were amazing. But when the side games are better than the main game you know you have a problem. 3. Advertisements 2/5 There are ads after almost every level and every 2 side games. The ads were bad. Overall 3/5 good game bad ad system.

- Love it but...

I absolutely love this game but... there are too many ads I love the levels and playing and for kids the ads can be inappropriate I know that because I am a kid I may watch tv shows I should not like Grey’s Anatomy but I like them sorry off track so this game is really fun but the ads are inappropriate for kids so please please please fix how many ads there are and I know I can turn of my WiFi bu what about when I need WiFi so please fix this and make the ads appropriate for kids Thanks for reading this I just put five stars so you would hopefully read it

- I am obsessed

Chat master is so fun! I sat down and before you know it an hour had passed. But there are a couple problems. First of all, the amount of adds are crazy! You can barely go a minute without 3 adds. And second of all, once you have done 30 levels or something you have become chat master over a very shot period of time. Once you have finished those 39 level or so you are pretty much done with the game, the only thing you can is redo all of the levels. But besides those to thing Chat Master is super fun and I highly recommend it.

- Amazing game

This game is amazing but gets a little boring after you finish all of the tasks. or whatever but this game in my opinion is amazing, and I hope you download it because, it’s really fun but once again it just repeats it self in a different order and this game you get to chat with people to lie and tell the truth (if you want to ;) . then you have to clean the screen which is kinda boring but so also the hardest one to do is the password thing on some phones you have like 9 dots and you have to remember them which is kinda hard in my opinion.

- Great but something wrong with the mini games after the levels...

Hi! I would like to say you put games already existing in the mini games. Including a game I have called Perfect Slices. Also I don’t like how when you complete the whole game you get sent back to the beginning. I wish there could be worlds and levels in the game. Each world getting more difficult mini games and levels. I also wish there was more mini games you could play. I hope you learn and hope the developers change some of the features I listed and/or add some the things I wished for. Thank you so much for reading my review! Bye!

- Stop it with the ads!!

This game is actually really fun for how simple the concept is. I would actually play this game all the time if it wasn’t for the ads. I downloaded this app yesterday and don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game but the ads are excessive. Why does one app need this many ads? There are a lot of games just like this one out there. Simple, easy, addicting, and filled with ads. If you really think about it, more than half of the time spent on the game is spent watching ads. Also these ads aren’t just the pop up ads that you can just tap the small x in the corner to exit. These ads are the 30-60 second ads for a game that even after the ad is over, you still have to wait for the demo game to load. It’s just so irritating. I’m sure everyone is going to write a review complaining about the ads. But seriously, what is the need for an ad after every time you complete a short level? Please, please, please think about your usage of ads and don’t take advantage of the multiple people and kids you have playing this game. Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

- One problem

I download this game a few weeks ago and I LOVE it. I wish there was a chat Master 2! But I have one problem. When I open the app it shows half of a grey stripe. It never did this before I beat the game, I don’t know why. I tried refreshing the app and shutting of my phone and turning it on again. I also tried to use the skip button but it didn’t work. I also was tapping and swiping my finger on the screen, but it still didn’t work. Other that that, this game is amazing 🤩 and you should download it!

- It’s good but… Please read!🤞🏻

It’s good and I love it I like the mini games but I did notice that it’s a four and up game and they said the words Danm & Hell. Those are curse words. I can’t believe they did that it’s a four & up game and they say bad words. Love the game think that you should get it but if you know that it’s gonna say bad words just want to let you know. 😁 just a little warning. ⚠️ not only do you have mini games but you can earn followers. Now they’re fake but it’s basically like points instead of followers. Because whenever you are in the mini games you earn followers. So make sure to win those mini games!🤗

- It’s pretty good could be better

It’s ok I’ll say I wish you could reply on your own, instead they give you options on what to reply. And when you get to the last level all your excitement builds up and then the game starts all over. It’s just the same game all over again. Another thing is that I wish you could have your OWN story for example let’s say this dude is texting you and says the cops are after him if you decide to join him and run you will fail, and you have to do it again until you decide to do the right thing. I think I’d be more fun if you could have your own story for those reasons I’ll give it a 3 out of 5

- Nice game

This game was really fun but I finished in it 2 days, it seems like there is a lot of games which there is but it’s kinda short. And yes there are mini games in between them but I think there fun! Now another thing is that it’s really exciting when you get to the end of the levels but also you just start over all the levels! There not to many ads there’s only a few which I really like. I’m not saying it’s a bad game I just think there should be a few improvements like make an exciting thing at the end or mores levels! I really like this game and I think you will to! 🥳🤩

- Needs more levels...

It’s a great game don’t get me wrong it’s just I already finished it in about a day so I have a few ideas. After you get chat master (Past the level) how about you get more texting stories to do more like real life and what people would believe and not believe blah blah blah etc. and maybe the people could send videos? You may not be able to animate but I can give a few pointers if needed, in the “My cat can talk” one I think he should send a video about his cat speaking and it may look edited and your character can say “OMG!! 🙀” or “That’s obviously fake 🙄”. Anyway goodbye! - Sala Cipher

- Fun, but could be better

I love this game!!🤩 But there are some things that need to be worked out. Whenever I am done with a round and press continue an ad pops up and you can’t even see it, it is just a black screen. I have to get out of the app and get back in, it is super annoying!!😠 And sometimes when I am back at the menu page I try to press continue but it won’t work. I try pressing the settings button and the ad button and they work but I have to get out of the game and get back in. Other than those small issues this game is great!👍❤️❤️

- Good, but a few problems.

I really like this game but there is a problem. 1,I finished the game and started the chat master levels. But when I got to the one with the personal trainer, it started again with level 1! And it was really easy because I played it before! 2, sometimes when you are answering the questions, when you pick the answer that makes sense, YOU LOSE! I think that the developers need to fix this problem. But otherwise these problems, I think that this is a really good game and that you should download it. 😀

- Great but....

It’s great but very addicting, I beat it in one day. It’s not even fun it’s just addicting and yes I said addicting twice. Please don’t get and find something better to do, it’s very time consuming and once you get to the end. SPOILER ALERT once you get to the and the chat master just said yay you did it in chat and you like talk to him but then and ad pops up and you do clean screen and stuff like that then it restarts the game. I wish there was a more interesting ending and more to it then just “clean screen” and “cut phone” sure the chats are interesting but they get boring after a while. Please don’t get unless you don’t have anything better to do.

- It’s ok.. Too Many Ads!

I’ll be honest. This game is pretty good but actually has a lot of stuff wrong with it. First thing, Ads. In between levels your almost ALWAYS going to have to watch a 10 second ad, sometimes you even have to watch a 30 second ad and I HATE that. The next thing is.. The amount of levels. I got this game and I got through every single level in just a few hours. Then it made me go through the exact same levels all over again, then there are the bonus levels so you don’t waste your time and delete the game I guess. I don’t really recommend this app if you hate those games with an ad every time you beat a really short level.

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- It’s very addicting

I did finish the game, but then you start again! It’s extremely enjoyable! I love how it’s realistic when you are interacting. I also love how it is not just texting, but more! It is very fun when you get the special things where you text special people, like the pineapple or president, you will get it if you have the game! Download it! 10/5 stars! It’s addicting, and trust me, you will be hooked! And there isn’t many ads either! But you can always just turn on ✈️ mode if u hate ads


This app is literally my dream and I thought it would be a, get then delete, but I got hooked so bad, although there is adds every couple of turns after texts then a few mini games. Get this game!!!! I luv it so much!!! And it took like 10 seconds to download, and I’m no even exaggerating! Please get this!

- Addictive but a slight ripoff

This game has delivered quite fun to me, giving the skill to not be hacked, bullied, and even tips in life that I’d never think of. This game has a feature called chat master, meaning, when you get to the end of multiple chats, phone smashings, app sorting and guessing, you then become the chat master. It took me only about a week or less to unlock this feature, and then I had to restart. It felt a little unorganised, and a bit of a ripoff. Along with not JUST chatting like it’s adds have said, and much more. Though I found this game at the top of my addiction chart, and it has thought me to stand up against hackers and bullies. Over all this app gets three stars, and that’s all I think it deserves. But it is recommended to download and play, though you may want to be careful of the downsides of this fun but ripped off game.

- To the person that called the game dum because people don’t speak like that in interviews

ITS A GAME DUDE THERE NIT GOING TO SPEAK HOW A PERSIN WOULD DO WHEN GETTING A INTERVIEW ! SMH🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼 (my report now) This is really good game love the humor and how you talk to different people when you get to certain levels I was at the end and was on chat master and was so exited but when I finished chat master it was a replay of the thing I just did so 4 stars but still really good! PLEASE MAKE NO.2

- Great app

This app has great features to this game, from chatting to people to then sorting apps and smashing phones, this game will hook you in a second. Although, as the game progresses I have came across, sick things. Such as. Faking robbery and if you were to tell the truth you’d lose. Or inappropriate things I don’t want to name of. Overall the game is amazing!! And very engaging, so to all parents out there you should definitely download this game.

- Could be better

I would say- this is awesome! If it wasn’t for one thing- that when u reach chat master, it restarts. And worse, the levels are still the same. This is just like Parenting Choices, except slightly more fun. But what’s the point of doing all those levels if u just lose all ur progress at the end? Oh, and also, it sends bad messages for kids, as u pass many levels by lying, deception, manipulation and making fun of people. I really shouldn’t promote that kind of behaviour.

- [ ]

It’s a great game but there are only 2 problems. 1 there are like way tooo many ads and 2 after you become chat master you start all over again like come on the creator of the game needs to add more levels or something because this is like way to easy. But other then those 2 reasons it’s really fun and such a great game !!!!

- Very Addictive!

I love how it is very cool, and you can text but there’s more! You also need to delete spams, viruses, and more! Extremely addictive, but please make more levels, because when your finished you restart all levels.

- Good but a lil bad

This game is very cool but I’m not sure if it’s only me that keeps crashing on the game. I don’t really like the extra challenges on the game after I do a chat win cos i just wanna play the chat part like on the title of the game and one is just impossible to complete well just very hard so u have to skip. But this game is well made just I’d like a change

- Seriously

This game is very fun and interesting but what happens is that when you reach chat master you will start again and again and again that is very annoying For suggestions: please create more levels that is all i want also why is there unrelated levels that are very interuptive

- Amazing game but don’t play for too long

I absolutely love this game but you play it for ages because it is great but then you finish the game and the game just restarts and you redo the whole game again so the feedback from me is to add extra levels on it to make the game longer although I loved this game it is amazing and I still give it a 4 out of 5

- Good idea but needs more work

Cool concept and good idea but it was kind of lacking. Firstly, the chats were very basic and most of the time it was only a two choice answer. The mini games between chats were really annoying and I felt like they were pointless. Overall not a bad game for a -quick download and keep for about a day type of game-


I know this game is great but because too much ads even maths you have to complete it otherwise you can’t do it again it’s a little bit boring with the ads but I like the texting game just get rid of the ads and I’ll be okay and also when you’re a chat master it starts all over again I’m really angry at that😑😔⛓


I am only 10 years old and it is the by far best game in in the world so fun I completed all the levels and become a chat master and it was so good I down loaded it again I recommend to who ever reads this comment should get this amazing game from TAHLIA #chat master

- Very addicting

I love it but when you get it finished it restarts can you make it when you finish it more levels come and you have to get to the next level chat master

- It’s alright 👍

The game is really fun the only problem is that the levels are to short and a bit corny, there also isn’t enough levels. I finished the game in like an hour. Can you guys make it that you can creat you’re own character. If you guys add all these thing this might be 1 of my favourite games.

- Brilliant

This gam is very entertaining but I have one complaint there is not enough levels I was so disappointed when I got to the end of the levels but besides that the game is very addicting!!

- Ok....

This app lost two stars. Firstly because I just don’t see the point, it is fun but it helps you in no shape or form. I mean, not many people care about being a master of chatting. Secondly, I thought it would be just about chatting but they’ve thrown in some extra games that I think are unnecessary. But overall I like this app

- Too repetitive and way too many ads

I played this game for a while and I personally don’t recommend it. The levels are very boring and take around 15 seconds to complete and you win either way. Along with this, in between EVERY SINGLE level there is around 1 or 2 15 second ads. The ads are so annoying and majority of my playing time was watching boring ads. I do NOT recommend this game, I didn’t enjoy it.

- Best game ever

So it like says a thing and I just love reading it its so exciting and if u get it wrong u start again and u don’t have to start all way at the first one agian

- Great but not the best

It is good but there is so many ads and when you get to the bit where it says that your a chat master after that than you do everything over again

- It teaches kids how to lie and speak to random strangers even though this is not a real chat app.

There is a fine line between a fake and real chatting app. I recommend all parents to delete this app if you accidentally downloaded it. It teaches kids how to lie and talk to random people. In the age of internet chat and grooming and sick people taking advantage of kids this app is something that should never be used! I demand Apple delete this app!

- Look of the game

In the game when you are texting someone it looks very different to the way they advertise it I did finish the game and it was fun but I think they should advertise correctly showing what the game actually looks like

- It’s Ok

This game is so cool and fun but what does annoy me is how much adds there is because if you want people to play your game you don’t want people to be convinced to play another and also it’s kind of stupid how the advisement had someone typing there on thing but not being told to chose 1 of 2

- It’s okay

I think it is okay because it doesn’t really give you much texting games on there it gives you of the jobs and there is a lot of ads

- So good

So I got this game 2 days ago and I haven’t stopped playing since. I’ve already completed the game but I recommend this to everyone

- Wow

I loved this game so much it is so addictive and fun. I completed all the levels in a day. But it was fun to re do. There are quite a few adds but oh well. It’s so fun I love the scenarios so much. I wish there were more levels but over all amazing game.👍👍👍

- Some problems

I finished and got up to master. I went back to play it today and it started me back to the start but I kept my followers ks this normal? Do I have to redo the same tasks again?

- Extremely disappointed

I saw a ad about this on Snapchat and I thought it was going to actually be realistic. I downloaded it and it looks completely different. I definitely don’t recommend wasting your time on this. The ads are also very annoying when your trying to play. I am just completely and utterly dissatisfied.


This would’ve been a five star review if it WAS NOT GLITCHY MY GAME ALWAYS CRASHES AND ITS ANNOYING FIX IT NOW WHEN I MEAN NOW I MEAN IT right now my wifi is perfect and it shouldn’t crash all the time but overall it’s a good app and I recommend it (now it always crashes) it’s a 4/5

- Great game but not enough levels

I, personally am one of those people who finds a game the like and binges it in 3 days I finished all the levels because it was great but if you want people to binge add more levels PS It was fun talking to a pineapple

- Awesome but too many ads

The game is cool I like how similar the message chat bubbles look like Apple IMessage but there is one problem there are too many ads 😐if you guys can erase this it will be easier for players so they don’t complain too much. Thank you

- So good

Omg this game is soooooooo amazing I absolutely love it i just became a chat master and I downloaded it yesterday. I think you nave created the best game ever im still playing it and btw have a lovely Christmas everyone! 🥳🎄

- It’s ok

The game itself is ok and actually quite fun but I finished all the levels in one week, and there weren’t any more. So, on the whole it’s a good game, it just needs to have more levels.

- Should get it but there is down sides

This game is a lot of fun but sometimes I feel as if it is teaching kids to smash phones or say something to someone else that maybe won’t go as expected. This game should be 9+ instead of 4+

- So good and I have a hack for you

This app is so fun I lit played it for an hour straight 🤣🤣🤣. If you don’t like all the ads then just disconnect wifi and it’s amazing!

- Stupid people you text

You text aliens , vampires , dogs , lions , You text grandmas , grandpas , Some are very weird I will do one it’s funny but not for ages 11 and under 😀Do you want to be in my movie Yes can I play the sheriff 😎 😀only if you have a horse Ohh I don’t have a horse 😎 😀Then you can play drunk Jimmy I don’t want to😎 You lose


Honestly, all these guys make their money off is ads. I’m pretty sure the game contains more ads than actual game time... and the scenarios they put you in are just stupid... the only decent thing about this game is the fact that it’ll help you make better life choices... like deleting this app. 👎

- Incredible

I love this game Its like your talking to your friends but it not If you don’t know what to play then turn on this game!

- Wouldn’t recommend!

I do have to say I wasn’t very impressed by this game. The ideas behind it were great, including the graphics but the spelling and grammar was absolutely terrible. In almost every sentence I could see mistakes, but they weren’t hard at all? I’m just letting the developers know, so they can work to improve that. I wouldn’t recommend

- It is not as good as I thought it was but pretty good

When I first saw it I thought it was actually like ur friend texting u not fake people but the other side it is really good!😀 like it is good bc u can like just have fun so ya

- Game is good but...

Do you think you can take the mini games out. I mean it’s called chatmasters for a reason. The mini games a boring to do but the texting part is the best

- It’s really goods

The game is really good but it needs a store and you can add what we look like that would help a lot and we can customise our characters That would be a 5 stars


I know my phone is old and glitches, and I’ve dropped it a couple times, but this rlly annoys me, whenever I finish a level, it takes me SO LONG just for me to wait for the continue button works. PLEASE FIX THIS NOW. otherwise it’s a good game 🙂

- Good but.......

It’s really good but I finished it and did it again but I wish that they will add extra levels if you finished like 10 extra levels

- So fun!

This game is so enjoyable I think u did a really good job! Only thing I don’t really like is all the ads but overall really good

- Alright....

It’s really addicting but it’s really bad when you get to the end. Can you please make more!!!! I’m kinda begging you. It’s boring now. But the start of the game is great though until you get to the end. Please please please!! 😔😔

- White screen of death

Hello, i do love your game so but there is one problem i cant erase, when i open the app there is a white screen that stays there and whatever you do you cant get rid of it, please fix this

- Don’t like restarts

Don’t get me wrong it’s an awesome game but I hate the idea of restarting every time you reach chat master because it doesn’t allow you to get any better and they are all just the same things

- Skip

As a person who can’t tap the middle of their screen, the ‘repeat pattern’ task is impossible, either: make the horizontal on iPhones and iPads compatible, or just let you skip it

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- Not bad

Game is not that bad. There are some mistakes from time to time but it’s pretty fun. They change it and have a small mix of different games. They don’t spam you with ads and instead make you watch one every 2 rounds. The title is not click bait and I got what I asked for

- Horrible game

I lost so many brains cells playing this game, I don’t even know how to explain how bad the grammar is.

- Really Nice

I fond it really fun like app, there are like no ads and it like a mix of gams that modified for the style of the game, the only thing that I dislike is the fact that it vibrating every time you do something

- Terrible cash grab

Ads after ever level and each lvl takes like 15 secs. The game looked promising buts it’s terribly made. Overall very disappointed

- ...

Not impressed. Those adds are horrible and the grammar is horrible. I wish to get this app again when it is updated, I expect NOT to many adds. 👎🏻

- Amazing but

It’s the best game ever but way too many adds I under stand maybe one add after every level but for me there is two and make more levels please it’s so good 😊

- Fun!

Ok this is an amazing game but... pls make more levels! Other than that this app is AMAZING

- Cool game

I love the game but can you make more levels? Like I finished them all the same day I downloaded the game

- I ❤️

This game Odin I mante 5 ⭐️🌟✨💫💫⭐️⭐️🌟✨🌟⭐️💫💫💫⭐️⭐️🌟🌟✨✨✨coco


This is the best app EVER. Thai app is AMAZING! I find there are few ads that you can skip quickly and it’s not like those boring games where you do the same thing over and over again there are random challenges level etc which is awesome and it is satisfying as well on some stages some are funny some are like mind twisters (that don’t make you want to go insane) only bad thing is that there is only 50 levels :’( PLEASE get this app it is SO underrated and I want it to get what it deserves Thanks for reading please consider downloading

- Crashes

Every time I open it, it just crashes I’ve never even gotten a chance to play

- Phone crashing

I’ve tried to use it twice and I’ve only gotten to the 5th level because of how laggy it is. The first time it completely crashed my whole phone and I had to restart it to get it to work. The second time my phone was so laggy I pushed the home button and 30 seconds later it took me home. It’s not like I have a bad phone either, I have an iPhone 7

- Its boring

The game is to ez and they are only trying to get Money bc there are SO MUCH ADD’S and this game has NO grammar and it SUCKS its have NOTHING FUN IN IT. If u are reading this dont play the game-

- Too many ads

There is way to much ads less ads ok it’s annoying and I rage so yeah less ads

- 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

It don’t let me play on it I downloaded this once it worked

- chat master

After the last update the game dosent load up at all

- This game Is awesome

This game is the best game and it does not teach your kids how to lie to you

- Well....

It's a great game and all but, ads after every level, horrible Grammer , and each games about 15 seconds. Please update this game and then I'll download it.

- Cool

This game was so cool

- Love

I love the hole thing

- Thx

Its good i ges

- Fun

It’s fun until you get to the brain solving or whatever

- It is amazing

Play now

- Chat master

it is the best game ever you can find excuses

- No ads?

LISTEN UP IF U DONT WANT ADS JUST..just turn your wifi off ez with no problem.

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- Well...

This game was fun at first but then the mini games really annoyed me because they kept repeating I hated it and I completed this in 3 days also when I finished I liked the extra challenges but after a few rounds of the extra levels it took me back to the same challenges again so plz fix it i deleted this game😡

- Sh**

This game is stupid because I get minus followers when I lose. >:(

- Purchase Online app and source code

, please get in touch with me at:☭Whatsapp & Skype &Telegram &Wechat*:☭+8615282351612 Or Facebookண: aso880 ☢,/Anyone get Good online app or want to sell source code?:‵ We are ready to buy.ண If anyone interested

- Not the best

For a game that is mainly focused on this kind of stuff, the grammar is pretty bad. There are also mini games which I have mixed feelings about. They are okay, but pretty repetitive (with often the same games) and are pretty much just rip offs from other games. Some of the levels are kind of bad like one where you pretty much just bully a guy and say he sucks, or some one where you lie to people. Plus, there are a lot of ads (you could get rid of those in games by turning on airplane mode if you are wondering) Despite these, the game overall is okay. Not the best if you are looking to find a game that you can never get bored of those. :/



- So good

I love it!!

- Bad grammar but ok game

The grammar is terrible and could rlly be bad for your health otherwise it is an ok game I just wish you could choose different and more options

- Inappropriate ads

I was playing and I kept getting inappropriate ads and I’d isn’t want to see them so I kept having to leave the game

- Hi


- Meh

Personally I don’t pay attention to the grammar but what I do pay attention to is the levels themselves there’s more levels that ain’t chat levels which is ironic and wired because the game is named chat master not any level I could think of even tho it defies the name of the game master you get the point also it’s full of ads to the extreme but the regular levels are fine just fine no more no less also ironic one of the adds so happens to be a grammarly ad under the game

- Good but weird adds

I love this game. Some weird adds but the weird thing is that if I’m watching an add sometimes it’ll freeze and I have to watch it over and over till it stops freezing. Overall pretty great game.

- Terrible

This game has bad grammar like idk how to explain how bad it is AND WAYYYY TO MANY ADS: to bad u couldn’t do a 0% star

- To much adds

There is so much add every time I get to A new level it’s an add :c S And that’s why :/

- Best game ever

I can not stop playing it it is the best!!!!!!!✌️✌️✌️

- Really confusing challenge but I completed it

Really good game, just a challenge made me rage. Because I did not know that there was other areas that you could do. Because of that, my followers went from 70 down to -30. Still, I made it, my followers are 10.

- Ur local cute bear UwU 🐻🧸

This game was actually very fun. I made it to the end and became a chat master so I’m assuming this game goes on forever 😑. Otherwise this game is awesome! A few mistakes but it’s still good. I really just wish you could write your own things but that’s it 😕😔. Anyways this game was really fun! 😁

- Fun

But need more lvls

- Cool game

So fun to play

- This game is not so bad

There is a lot of mimi games in it I don’t really like that but it’s OK. There is a lot of Ads!!!! There is a ad after every level it’s annoying. But the texting part of the game is fun

- Absolute dog

My iq dropped by 15 points

- This game is full of ads

If this game didn’t have ALOT of ads this game would’ve been much better.

- My review

Game is horrible and very VERY boring. The grammar is worse than a first grader do not listen to the 5 star reviews those are most likely fake. Do not try

- Horribly repetitive

The game is so boring! U get and ad like every level and its the same thing every single time

- Ok

This is ok game it has way to much ads and It has terrible grammar and is really estate first but it does give you what the title says I do not recommend.

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@PLyczkowski The headphones don't have media keys, they do have mute, master volume, and chat mix volume controls.

Uncle Drew

A handsome young man with locs has entered the chat 👀

Father of deals

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Father of deals

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@matinkosi @Master_P_61703 @MpolokengMohafa I don't but it cannot be that the fitness trainer is a woman. I've given you two examples of women fitness trainers who have done well. Whether this lady is good at her job or not is another matter but she cannot be bad simply because she's a woman. That's my chat


What a fun stream! Thank you so much to those who were able to stop by to chat! Not only did we build a new house for our NSB mint sim, BUT we went into game and completed the master of mischief aspiration (and maxed the mischief skill)! Oh, and we gave Knox a second chance!😅💕

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Rory Barton

Anyone else want to call up Spin Master Australia to chat Paw Patrol toys?

Tax Man

[Eng/Esp] Finishing a commission!!! Come chat!!

Kikaine Elliot_bot

Master is really nice even though she's rather busy! Try to chat with her maybe? EASYSaeri

Kevin M.

@Darkredfoxy If you see that can see the chat on two streams simultaneously, or you can change the layout to only one chat. Once you go over 2 streams, it'll only show one chat though.

johnny 🧸💙

Bray Wyatt is a master storyteller. So many layers to his art. I'd like to chat with him one day.

Somasish Majumder

@B_radCR F in the chat for Brad... anyways boy why don't you play miner wall breakers are a Beast of a miner cycle player you can master it too..👍🏻

PSU TreeFruit Doctor

@Buckhout_Bull An option: Contact someone from PSU Master Gardeners—they hold compost workshops (most counties do could start with Centre County coordinator to find a MG willing to chat)

Chat Master! 3.5 Screenshots & Images

Chat Master! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Chat Master! iphone images
Chat Master! iphone images
Chat Master! iphone images

Chat Master! (Version 3.5) Install & Download

The applications Chat Master! was published in the category Games on 2020-07-17 and was developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD [Developer ID: 1499845738]. This application file size is 381.7 MB. Chat Master! - Games app posted on 2021-06-21 current version is 3.5 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.RBSSOFT.HyperMobile

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