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Game consists of several activities related to mobile phone, especially texting. Each chat scenario, where you choose what to write, is followed by one or two fun quick mini games.

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- Amazing game and a message for people that don’t like adds

I just downloaded this game two days ago and I’ve already fished all the levels. It was slightly disappointing when it restarted but at least you get to keep your followers! Now this is a message for anyone who might need it. If your having a problem with the adds just turn on airplane mode you only get at least 2 adds in 30 minutes and the game works just as great as before. Don’t forget to turn off airplane mode when you finish! And a little side note their are some games that won’t work if you turn airplane mode on and for others there is no difference you still get adds but for this game you don't get many adds like a said before. Over all this is a really fun game

- Almost perfect

I would recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t mind a 1 or 2 ads in between levels. There are also mini games that are pretty easy but a nice break from the game. I would over all say that this is a pretty great game! Basically what you do is you text someone and try to do different things like getting a refund to a restaurant. I think If you are looking for a game that is pretty fun and easy but are some difficult parts, you should download this game. It is free!!!!! This game is SUPER addictive so pace yourself. Too much time on a screen is really bad for your eyes. You can even get headaches and they last for a while. Don’t say I didn’t say I didn’t warn you!!?!? Be carful of your neck, too. If you keep it cranked down for too long, it can get tight and hurt. That happened to me once and it was still hurting for months!!! Ok, by now I am saying the same thing over and over and I sound like a doctor or adult or something. If you have a pet-like a dog or a cat-snuggle them while you play! SUPER relaxing. My dog is just laying in my lap right now. Now I am off-topic. Please download this app! It is free! Bye now!!!👋😎👋😁

- Good game. Few glitches

So this game is pretty good. But the levels are so easy. I already have 3000+ followers. I’ve been playing for a bit. I think there’s ads every 2-3 levels. A glitch that has occurred was when I complete whatever it says to do and I fully complete the level it doesn’t bring me to the next level. Example; Say it’s one of the text levels, I complete it but it doesn’t move me on. That’s simple tho. Another thing that goes with that is when I’m watching an ad it never ends. It just leaves me there, just like the level one. But anyway, this game is decent. Could be better if their were more challenging levels. The developers did pretty good, good simple game for when you are bored, yet I play it when I’m not bored 😂. I’d suggest adding more variations and new features to old levels, like for the texting ones make it more longer and add more detail to make it interesting. I’ve showed this game to friends and they also love it, I think it’s because my friends are very into these type of games, not gonna lie, I am too. Very good game tho, highly suggest it. -Written by RedFox22

- My Opinion this Game is OVER THE TOP AMAZING

I just downloaded this game 2 weeks ago and I was in a car ride with my family, from California LA to Utah Salt Lake City and it was AMAZING! I played the game for 30 minutes and I already finished it. It was kinda disappointing that you had to restart the but, you don’t lose your followers. It feels real that you can actually text someone that you probably don’t know but, the game is safe. So what I’m trying to tell you is that this game a pretty addictive and YOU NEED MORE LEVELS OR SOMETHING, please,pLeAsE,PLEASE ADD MORE LEVELS. I still give this game 5 stars ‘cause it might have some new updates soon and I like the game now. IF you disagree with me I will kindly disagree with you to and it’s MY opinion.

- Pretty Good

So I downloaded the game last night and was totally addicted, so addicted that I finished it this morning! But then I found out after you become chat master, you just start all the levels all over again, and they’re all the exact same as they were the first time through so that was disappointing. The only thing you don’t loose is your followers, and I’m grateful for that. So if you could please add another few different levels so we don’t have to go through the same ones over and over again to become chat master that would be nice. Also what the crap is with all the ads?? I know you can buy no ads, but since the game doesn’t have that much to it I’m not going to buy it. But waaaaaay to many ads. It would also be appreciated to change something about that! But other than that, pretty fun brainless game.

- Boring Cringeworthy game

If you want to download this game because of the #2 spot in free games or the 5-star reviews don’t this paid to be in the #2 spot and the 5-star reviews are made by the creators and the game has boring gameplay in fact it’s so boring that the creators added random minigames that aren’t even relevant like cut the phones fix the phone delete viruses and more and it’s still extremly boring there’s cringe dialogue that’s sounds like a 6 year old child wrote this or a middle aged man who’s trying to be hip with the kids there’s also bad grammar which adds to the cringe dialogue most of the levels are so easy it’s like it was built for babies I could continue complaining about things in this game like the character models look horrible and so do the emojis but at the end of the day I hope at least one person saw this and didn’t waste their time on this garbage game I would give 0 stars if I could because I don’t see anything good about this game

- Love it but...

I loved this app a lot I even took under two hours to finish it and that is the thing It is sooooooo short they could of made it longer or maybe they should have chat master 2. Another thing is that I think they should of made different mini games I would say, not just chop up the phone, break the phone, fix the phone they should make more and more creative ones too. It was really fun but also some of the texts were kinda easy they should make them more challenging as you go on not just the same and same and the same and the same. A good thing about it is that it is pretty addicting In my opinion and I wish I could do a half star for the ratings but I can’t If I could I would but anyway I hope anyone reading my review I hope you have an amazing night day or evening bye!!!🤩🤗👍🤘✌️

- Not the best, but gets a honorable mention

Okay, so this game isn’t the best, but definitely isn’t the worst. Here’s why I think so. First of all, is the ads aren’t to bad. They don’t have it after every single level, like some clickbait apps are. Second, if you have ANY common sense, you will guess all the answers right. Tbh, there kinda childish. They don’t have right spelling/punctuation, which makes it hard to read. Third, is that it starts over the ENTIRE chat. Once you finish the last level, you start back to the beginning. So like I said, this game isn’t the best when it comes to spelling, but it passes the time especially when I was in quarrentine. If you like games that have not to many ads in them and you can actually play the game, then this app is for you.

- Full on CRAP

I downloaded the game like ten minutes ago. It was pretty cool but you can’t type custom texts. To be honest this game is garbage. It’s bad so bad that the lazy greedy creators made dumb mini games that waste time. BUT THE ADS MAN THE ADS THERE ARW SO MANY ADS! There’s two ads in every finished levels. The second one is WHEN YOU TRY TO SKIP THE DUMB MINI GAME. This is a 💯 DO NOT GET. There’s so many ads that the creators even made a thing where you can buy the no ads version. Though I DOUBT that it works or that it’s even worth it. This is crap. The people bribe the App Store to make this a 2 game. Don’t get this. It’s a waste of time maybe even money for those low IQ people who get the no ads. Might as well delete the game like I will when I finish my this. Also it looks like there’s a lot of levels but nah there’s really little. I hen you finish you have to start all over again. Also the “special” levels ALSO needs ads so don’t get this. PRETTY CRAPPY 😤

- Want to download? Then read this.

I downloaded this game and it was so fun omg. I sat and played this for hours and hours, it was so addicting. However there are a lot of ads. If you turn on airplane mode or turn off your WiFi the ads become a lot less and it becomes like 1 ad in 30 mins. The other reason y I gave this 4 stars is because there are barely any levels. I finished the whole game in an hour and a half to two hours. I would really appreciate more levels. Great game, but it needs more levels. The ads aren’t really a problem if u turn off WiFi or turn on airplane mode. If your thinking of downloading you should totally! It’s a really fun game!

- Pls read

I only gave it five stars ⭐️ so people can see my review. I was really excited about playing this game but when I downloaded it I could not get in it. Literally, my problem is when I click on the app it brings me to a blank screen and I can’t even get in it. After reading all the reviews I was excited for playing this game. I literally waited 20 minutes but still guess what it is still blank. And no I am not exaggerating at all. If you are reading this and you can get into it don’t think I am hating on it. I just can’t judge it properly without being able to play it. Thanks for reading 📖

- like it but to a point

This is a GREAT app and I love it, however I am not so sure that it is the BEST it is a good app but there are some things to change. I got this app and completed all the levels, all you have to do for the levels is have common sense so the levels were easy for me. But I finished all the levels and it sent me back to the beginning... like now what do EVERYTHING ALL OVER!!!! So yea I guess you could say that if you finish the levels it get repetitive. So they need to add more levels or like and extension after you pass the first set of levels. This was my opinion about the app Chat Master thank you for reading this long thing and taking time out of your day have a great day and a great life 🙂

- Hilarious and Amazing

This game is wonderful and has hilarious dialogue and doesn't take itself seriously which really works in this format, I find most of these kind of games horrible but this one is a real diamond in the rough. My favorite level was the one where they referenced the meme “WHERE’S THE MONEY LABOSKI!” I wish there were more levels and maybe some different game modes but overall it’s pretty good. Yes it does have a lot of ads but it’s rare to find a free mobile game that doesn’t. Anyways it has a really good premise and I would love to see a game mode added about emails or a comment section on social media, I love it please do more🤩🤩🤩

- Great game!🦋✨

I love this game, I just downloaded it about 20 minutes ago. Overall it is a great game! But there are a couple things that could be fixed. The first one is that there is a lot of ads! Like for example, every time you have finished texting the person you will get a ad. Sometimes even after you do your task too. Also I wish that they would add more levels. Like I only have about 20 more to go! I have played like 24/7 ever since I’ve got it lol. But that’s all that I would like to be fixed, or added. Like I said I’m the beginning it is a great game. Thanks for reading my review!

- Pretty good game just a few problems

Hi so I downloaded this game a few weeks ago and I really love it. I play it every day and I just finished the first “chapter” I guess? There was a few misspelled words but it’s fine! When I went on to the next chapter the normal rounds were different but like the people u meet like a “pirate” or a “alien”, I feel like there should be different ones every time. Like maybe there should be a “alligator” or a “monster” because when u go on to the next chapter there’s still the same special people You meet. That’s all for my review but if ur stuck in quarantine and u want to Play a funny texting game with pranks and funny texts then this game Is for you! Bye!

- Let’s get to the point

This game is cool, but I finished the whole thing and it sent me to the beginning all over again. I though the game was pretty cool, minus it redoing everything. The ads were pretty good, because I turned my WiFi and data off. The game was a bit boring, but I enjoyed the multiple types of mini games, that was cool. There should be more levels, that makes the game even cooler. I liked the how you could chat with the people especially the Kardi G one that was hilarious, there should have been more of that but I know y’all were trying to even it out. So I had a great experience playing this game, just change a little of it. Ratings are a solid 4.

- Great game but

This app is great it’s funny 😆 it’s fun but just a few things first the ads are inappropriate and it seems to me that all free kids games have inappropriate ads so I’m tired of that so if you are reading this please don’t download kid free apps cause they will get thoughts in there head but if you are looking for a free fun in app purchases kid game download sup a racing game it’s free and awesome 😎 but only appropriate for a 10 year old anyway two when we get followers we should spend them on new people or longer chats stuff like that so that’s all thank you guys for giving you time on this comment 😃😃😃 good bye ✌️

- Love it but...

I absolutely love this game but... there are too many ads I love the levels and playing and for kids the ads can be inappropriate I know that because I am a kid I may watch tv shows I should not like Grey’s Anatomy but I like them sorry off track so this game is really fun but the ads are inappropriate for kids so please please please fix how many ads there are and I know I can turn of my WiFi bu what about when I need WiFi so please fix this and make the ads appropriate for kids Thanks for reading this I just put five stars so you would hopefully read it

- I am obsessed

Chat master is so fun! I sat down and before you know it an hour had passed. But there are a couple problems. First of all, the amount of adds are crazy! You can barely go a minute without 3 adds. And second of all, once you have done 30 levels or something you have become chat master over a very shot period of time. Once you have finished those 39 level or so you are pretty much done with the game, the only thing you can is redo all of the levels. But besides those to thing Chat Master is super fun and I highly recommend it.

- One problem

I download this game a few weeks ago and I LOVE it. I wish there was a chat Master 2! But I have one problem. When I open the app it shows half of a grey stripe. It never did this before I beat the game, I don’t know why. I tried refreshing the app and shutting of my phone and turning it on again. I also tried to use the skip button but it didn’t work. I also was tapping and swiping my finger on the screen, but it still didn’t work. Other that that, this game is amazing 🤩 and you should download it!

- It’s good but… Please read!🤞🏻

It’s good and I love it I like the mini games but I did notice that it’s a four and up game and they said the words Danm & Hell. Those are curse words. I can’t believe they did that it’s a four & up game and they say bad words. Love the game think that you should get it but if you know that it’s gonna say bad words just want to let you know. 😁 just a little warning. ⚠️ not only do you have mini games but you can earn followers. Now they’re fake but it’s basically like points instead of followers. Because whenever you are in the mini games you earn followers. So make sure to win those mini games!🤗

- Great but something wrong with the mini games after the levels...

Hi! I would like to say you put games already existing in the mini games. Including a game I have called Perfect Slices. Also I don’t like how when you complete the whole game you get sent back to the beginning. I wish there could be worlds and levels in the game. Each world getting more difficult mini games and levels. I also wish there was more mini games you could play. I hope you learn and hope the developers change some of the features I listed and/or add some the things I wished for. Thank you so much for reading my review! Bye!

- Good

Hello y’all duck girls here! Leaving another harsh but not me. The reason I get this game for stars and not five is it does get very slow and there’s some updates I think you guys can meet instead of having to answer back with one of the options you gave us you should give us an option to take back what we want to take back also you should give us the character option of customizing that would be really good for this game and it would boost up my review from 45 I don’t know other peoples opinion but it’s good I like the game I like the game PSThis review is not meant to be harsh is meant to be honest. Thank you and duck girl out.

- Stop it with the ads!!

This game is actually really fun for how simple the concept is. I would actually play this game all the time if it wasn’t for the ads. I downloaded this app yesterday and don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game but the ads are excessive. Why does one app need this many ads? There are a lot of games just like this one out there. Simple, easy, addicting, and filled with ads. If you really think about it, more than half of the time spent on the game is spent watching ads. Also these ads aren’t just the pop up ads that you can just tap the small x in the corner to exit. These ads are the 30-60 second ads for a game that even after the ad is over, you still have to wait for the demo game to load. It’s just so irritating. I’m sure everyone is going to write a review complaining about the ads. But seriously, what is the need for an ad after every time you complete a short level? Please, please, please think about your usage of ads and don’t take advantage of the multiple people and kids you have playing this game. Thank you for taking the time to read my review.

- Nice game

This game was really fun but I finished in it 2 days, it seems like there is a lot of games which there is but it’s kinda short. And yes there are mini games in between them but I think there fun! Now another thing is that it’s really exciting when you get to the end of the levels but also you just start over all the levels! There not to many ads there’s only a few which I really like. I’m not saying it’s a bad game I just think there should be a few improvements like make an exciting thing at the end or mores levels! I really like this game and I think you will to! 🥳🤩


I kept seeing the adds for this game and thought it was just one of those junk ad Field games but I was wrong. This game is so fun I completed it in about 1-2 days that’s how fun and entertaining it is! And if you turn off your WiFi there’s zero ads! I most definitely love this game there’s other thing to do besides texting ! I usually just stick to the same games but definitely playing this game was a good choice!! I most definitely recommend this game! -Kayden

- Needs more levels...

It’s a great game don’t get me wrong it’s just I already finished it in about a day so I have a few ideas. After you get chat master (Past the level) how about you get more texting stories to do more like real life and what people would believe and not believe blah blah blah etc. and maybe the people could send videos? You may not be able to animate but I can give a few pointers if needed, in the “My cat can talk” one I think he should send a video about his cat speaking and it may look edited and your character can say “OMG!! 🙀” or “That’s obviously fake 🙄”. Anyway goodbye! - Sala Cipher

- Fun, but could be better

I love this game!!🤩 But there are some things that need to be worked out. Whenever I am done with a round and press continue an ad pops up and you can’t even see it, it is just a black screen. I have to get out of the app and get back in, it is super annoying!!😠 And sometimes when I am back at the menu page I try to press continue but it won’t work. I try pressing the settings button and the ad button and they work but I have to get out of the game and get back in. Other than those small issues this game is great!👍❤️❤️

- Great but....

It’s great but very addicting, I beat it in one day. It’s not even fun it’s just addicting and yes I said addicting twice. Please don’t get and find something better to do, it’s very time consuming and once you get to the end. SPOILER ALERT once you get to the and the chat master just said yay you did it in chat and you like talk to him but then and ad pops up and you do clean screen and stuff like that then it restarts the game. I wish there was a more interesting ending and more to it then just “clean screen” and “cut phone” sure the chats are interesting but they get boring after a while. Please don’t get unless you don’t have anything better to do.

- :)

I like the app, okay? It’s a fun game! I mean it! Yes there are a lot of adds...but I like it! It’s pretty fun but when it gets to the part where you have to “throw away the viruses” it’s a little too hard... I eventually get through it! But it’s still a little hard. Another thing, like I said, there’s ALOT of adds... like after every mini game, or chat thing, a add what a suprise! But a lot of games are like that so i guess it’s okay. It’s anoying but okay! I generally like the game other then that! I love the game a lot I really do! Please work on those things if you choose. Thank you for your time lol.

- Good but what about the end?

Ok I just downloaded this game and I love it but I do have two things I do not like one is that there are SO MANY ADDS I mean I know you want us to buy it but when you do it OVER AND OVER AGAIN it drives me crazy and makes me NOT want to buy it and now two I don’t like that at the end you just start the game over I mean there has to be another level or something ELSE that is fun and that is all my companies but otherwise it is a fun game thanks for reading hope you enjoined and find a way to make it better thanks!

- Over all a good app..💅🏻😅

This app is ok 👌🏻 there’s a lot of adds..😕 there’s not really that much opinions..🤨 they could add more stuff 😤 the reason I gave it 3 star 💫 is bc it needs approval 👀 the idea of the game is awesome 💡 👏🏼 but it’s not really that much fun-... the name of the game is weird..💕 some other ppl might think it’s cool 😎 but it’s not that fun to play at all...🖤 sorry if I’m offending other ppl who like the game and before u download it u should read the reviews.. just to make sure it’s not a virus 🦠! D: thank you for your time! :3 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 hope you have a good day/night 🖤 and btw this is a 100 💯 words challenge~💘👏🏼🍨💅🏻🍪ok bye now 👋🏻! <3 ^^


I love this game so much!!!!! I finished all of the stages in under an hour!!!!!! I recommend this game. Everyone says there’s ads but I don’t get any 🤔...! Anyways, this game changed my boredom life! I’ve done it all 4 times in one day. It takes about 50-55 minutes for me. I love how much character it has! For example: the phone/I pad vibrates at times, the characters are GREAT! If your reading this developers, you guys need raises! Have a good day! I’m so excited to see if there’s gonna be a chat masters 2.

- Pretty good but...

This is a fun game but I have two suggestions. One maybe you could add more chats and that is the reason I deleted and then redownloaded. If we could just have more chats in my opinion it would be a five star game. Two maybe once in a while you can let us type our own chats to the person in the game. Right now it’s a really fun game. P.S: the mini games are either annoying or boring it really depends on which one you have so if you could replace those (I know this isn’t a thing but) six star game.

- Best game ever

This game is so fun I been playing it all day. When I heard the add a got it right away . I love this game because you make your own choices of what you are going to say and this app is so much fun I wish everyone would get this great app right now!!!😃😃 and I love this game because when you become a chat master there is reel hard levels to solve!!!! So that’s why I love this app. Everyone get this app right now just get it is so fun you all would love it just like me !!!!😁😁😁

- Amazing but we need to talk

This game is amazing but once you reach the last level that’s it once you like go to the Chat Master! one then you just start all over so I would recommend it but once you get to the last level it’s no reason to download this game but you can put a still plate and I do recommend but just letting you know when you get to the last level you don’t even move on like you just did reset it all the way back and it’s pretty nice and it’s a lot of ads to Watch out for the ads and getting reset it to the last level

- It’s a nice game if your bored

So I got this a couple of hours ago and was committed to beating all the levels! I don’t what I expected once I beat the game but I definitely didn’t expect to start over!!!!!!! I wish there were more levels or a second game to go with this one. But if your bored or stuck without internet it’s kind of ok. It’s a pretty easy simple game I guess and it’s something to do. I suggest getting this for times when your really bored because the game doesn’t last very long before restarting, the only thing that stays the same however is your followers.

- I truly love this game😁

I wanna keep this review short so I’ll sag this all quickly, I think this game is so calming I’ve been struggling with anxiety lately and this really helped me. You see it is pretty easy and it has calming mini games in between, my only complaint is that it has a lot of adds but it is free so that’s about fair. I see a lot of reviews that say the five star reviews are just done by employees but I can seriously promise you I’m not an employee for this app.😁

- Surprisingly really fun

I was scrolling through the App Store and this app caught my attention I decided to download it not knowing what it was and was pleasantly surprised I finished it in I think an hour and was so happy with all the text messages(my favorite was the alien) I also like the mini games in between each text message it’s really good and I didn’t expect it to be that way It’s not the best game ever but it’s really good I would recommend it

- To less things

I love the game fine but when you play it in three days or less you finish it so it starts over again and what’s the point you could get the game again sometime later like a month later but the same thing happens and most of the time you don’t forget most of the game so please make more levels but other than that I am fine the game is great and if people didn’t get the game Ofer a other game they are missing out but my point is there needs to be more levels

- Great game but name is off

I really like the game and it’s pretty fun but I don’t think it should be called chat masters because if you actually play the game you can see that most of the levels aren't even texting levels, the levels that aren’t for texting also remind me a lot about other mobile games I used to play so I like how it brings me memories but I don’t like how some of the levels are ripping off other games And I know this isn’t about my title but for the texting levels it would only let me choose one option to start it off

- Great game but not enough levels

I absolutely love this game. The only problem I have with it is that there is not enough levels. There are only like 50 levels. I finished the whole game in like a day. I am not saying I don’t like the game it’s just there in not enough levels. If you are experiencing to many adds which is probably likely you can turn on air plane mode or buy the thing to skip adds That is all from me but I hope you decide to download this game and have tons of fun!!

- Yessss😀

omg omg omg this is the best game ever I literally just started and become the best you don’t Only text people you clean a phone that soooooooooo cool you should definitely get this game it’s like wishing on a shooting star🤗 I didn’t know what to do when I was playing a game and then this game comes up And it looks so fun so I got it I was like mhm mhm mhm it’s kind of funny I haven’t seen anything else what you do so yeah member you should definitely get this game. By Molly

- I Wish There Was More!

I First started playing this and got addicted as soon as I got to the first level, but I finished it in less than an hour. Which made me very disappointed but I loved all the levels and the mini games in between. My favorite might have been the pineapple which was hilarious that you get to talk to them like a normal human I love this game and I will save it and wait for more levels to come out.

- It’s ok

💞I love this game and I finished it pretty quick the only problem is that when you become chat master it starts you over again with same levels so it gets boring if I do the same exact thing and I already know all the correct answers, and there are a lot of ads , but for the good part I like that they put elements of other games and not just chat but for now I stopped playing this game and I only play it for the extra mini games so I am hoping that you will add more levels to the game that’s all bye💕

- PERFECT game but one teensy doubt

This game is perfect, no bugs no glitches fun levels, it’s perfect. All though i have made it passed chat master and it just restarts. Sometimes the adds can be a little annoying cause sometimes u will play a level get a long add. But I don’t care because it’s worth the wait and the adds ARE skippible. I love this app it is so fun. Besides the two concerns I really like the app and I recommend it.

- Very Entertaining

I recently downloaded this game and it’s really funny. You have to try to get away with things and lie sometimes. And even gossip sometimes. You gain followers by doing the little tasks like cut and break the mobile. It’s really fun. I personally love it. I just wish there was more chats that is why I am giving it 4 starts because once you finish chat master level you start at the beginning again. Otherwise very fun and entertaining 😇

- Repeats and Ads (look please)

This game is really fun overall the only thing that is bothering is the ads after every two levels there is a 30 second add I would really recommend you to change it also after you finish to chat master it RESTARTS it does the chats over and over again I really would like if you put more levels but I also thing you should get this game it’s really fun! (Sorry for making it long!)

- this app is NOT for kids

There’s swearing (ex: hell yeah), it encourages kids to lie to get what they want bc if you don’t lie and convince the stranger you can’t pass a level, there’s flirting (ex: kissy face emojis, try again and again to get dates with different characters to pass different levels), teaching kids that “more followers=more loved” this app is so f’d up for kids! My 7 y/o niece was playing this and I starting watching the screen and I was HORRIFIED like the world is already so scary for kids and now there’s apps teaching kids things they do not need to know for another decade at least like HOW TF is the app rated 4+?!?! I’m disgusted truly. CHANGE THE APPS RATING OR TAKE IT DOWN!!

- Great game but something happened...

So I got this game just yesterday and fell in love!!! I played it so much I became a chat master in TWO days!! But then after I became a chat master I was SO happy and thought I would get extreme levels...but that's not what started me ALL they way over...and I became frustrated I spent all this time getting to chat master just to start over...i then deleted the game IMMEDIATELY. But I have more bad things to say...WAY to many adds and extra levels that are way to easy like levels wiping phones and rubbing faces to edit photos. It was just easy and trash. I thought this was a great and best game ever but now I hate it...DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

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- It’s very addicting

I did finish the game, but then you start again! It’s extremely enjoyable! I love how it’s realistic when you are interacting. I also love how it is not just texting, but more! It is very fun when you get the special things where you text special people, like the pineapple or president, you will get it if you have the game! Download it! 10/5 stars! It’s addicting, and trust me, you will be hooked! And there isn’t many ads either! But you can always just turn on ✈️ mode if u hate ads


This app is literally my dream and I thought it would be a, get then delete, but I got hooked so bad, although there is adds every couple of turns after texts then a few mini games. Get this game!!!! I luv it so much!!! And it took like 10 seconds to download, and I’m no even exaggerating! Please get this!

- To the person that called the game dum because people don’t speak like that in interviews

ITS A GAME DUDE THERE NIT GOING TO SPEAK HOW A PERSIN WOULD DO WHEN GETTING A INTERVIEW ! SMH🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼 (my report now) This is really good game love the humor and how you talk to different people when you get to certain levels I was at the end and was on chat master and was so exited but when I finished chat master it was a replay of the thing I just did so 4 stars but still really good! PLEASE MAKE NO.2

- Could be better

I would say- this is awesome! If it wasn’t for one thing- that when u reach chat master, it restarts. And worse, the levels are still the same. This is just like Parenting Choices, except slightly more fun. But what’s the point of doing all those levels if u just lose all ur progress at the end? Oh, and also, it sends bad messages for kids, as u pass many levels by lying, deception, manipulation and making fun of people. I really shouldn’t promote that kind of behaviour.

- Yeah boy so fun

This game is so fun but too many ads and when you finish the game you start all over and have to start again but from it is still really fun.

- [ ]

It’s a great game but there are only 2 problems. 1 there are like way tooo many ads and 2 after you become chat master you start all over again like come on the creator of the game needs to add more levels or something because this is like way to easy. But other then those 2 reasons it’s really fun and such a great game !!!!

- Amazing game but don’t play for too long

I absolutely love this game but you play it for ages because it is great but then you finish the game and the game just restarts and you redo the whole game again so the feedback from me is to add extra levels on it to make the game longer although I loved this game it is amazing and I still give it a 4 out of 5

- It’s alright 👍

The game is really fun the only problem is that the levels are to short and a bit corny, there also isn’t enough levels. I finished the game in like an hour. Can you guys make it that you can creat you’re own character. If you guys add all these thing this might be 1 of my favourite games.

- Look of the game

In the game when you are texting someone it looks very different to the way they advertise it I did finish the game and it was fun but I think they should advertise correctly showing what the game actually looks like

- It teaches kids how to lie and speak to random strangers even though this is not a real chat app.

There is a fine line between a fake and real chatting app. I recommend all parents to delete this app if you accidentally downloaded it. It teaches kids how to lie and talk to random people. In the age of internet chat and grooming and sick people taking advantage of kids this app is something that should never be used! I demand Apple delete this app!

- Great but not the best

It is good but there is so many ads and when you get to the bit where it says that your a chat master after that than you do everything over again

- So good

So I got this game 2 days ago and I haven’t stopped playing since. I’ve already completed the game but I recommend this to everyone

- Some problems

I finished and got up to master. I went back to play it today and it started me back to the start but I kept my followers ks this normal? Do I have to redo the same tasks again?

- Awesome

Wow that game is awesome and and a text master can be only one that could be the one that could you be anything that you want to be.


Honestly, all these guys make their money off is ads. I’m pretty sure the game contains more ads than actual game time... and the scenarios they put you in are just stupid... the only decent thing about this game is the fact that it’ll help you make better life choices... like deleting this app. 👎

- Wouldn’t recommend!

I do have to say I wasn’t very impressed by this game. The ideas behind it were great, including the graphics but the spelling and grammar was absolutely terrible. In almost every sentence I could see mistakes, but they weren’t hard at all? I’m just letting the developers know, so they can work to improve that. I wouldn’t recommend

- It is not as good as I thought it was but pretty good

When I first saw it I thought it was actually like ur friend texting u not fake people but the other side it is really good!😀 like it is good bc u can like just have fun so ya


I know my phone is old and glitches, and I’ve dropped it a couple times, but this rlly annoys me, whenever I finish a level, it takes me SO LONG just for me to wait for the continue button works. PLEASE FIX THIS NOW. otherwise it’s a good game 🙂

- White screen of death

Hello, i do love your game so but there is one problem i cant erase, when i open the app there is a white screen that stays there and whatever you do you cant get rid of it, please fix this


I can’t even describe how hooking it has been since I started and how hard it was when I had to stop

- Don’t like restarts

Don’t get me wrong it’s an awesome game but I hate the idea of restarting every time you reach chat master because it doesn’t allow you to get any better and they are all just the same things

- Amazed

Wow! This is an amazing game Everyone should play it But maybe don’t restart. Try and do a montage of everything

- Rip off

This game was fun... for a little. But it seems like the same thing is happening every time. And the games go so quick so you end quickly, and when you do finish you just have to redo all the games again. THE SAME GAMES

- Why ads every level

Idk why u would think putting ads every level would be a good idea its really annoying I know u can buy no ads but some people can’t and I would like the game a lot if there wasn’t ads every level. Sorry if I was being rude.

- Too much ads

So, this is a really good app but why so many ads? It gets really annoying and that’s why I deleted the app

- Does not work

Does not work, when I touch the app it sends me straight out of it. I hate it, it looked like so much fun in the ads. I hope u don’t hv the same problem. But to the person how made it. MAKE IT WORK!!! AND I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN U!!!!👎 I would not give it any stars but since I hv to here is one😡 Hv r great day to everyone but the person how made it 😎😘

- Disappointed.

The chats were bland and it was an effort to sit through. It’s obvious that this is a cash grab for adverts with as much filler as they could put in. Finishing the game is pointless as you don’t feel accomplished and all you have to look forward to is a repeat of the game. Don’t like it.

- No ads

Not many ads which I like!

- This is a great app

I just got this app and I have had a great experience already there isn’t any adds but it’s been great.

- It’s ok

It’s a really fun game but in like 20 minutes I finished all of the chats and challenges and it’s just repeating all of it so can u like make more or something cuz now it’s boring. thank you

- I love it

I love how I can tell a lie and your boss just deals with it you’ve got to get this game

- Pretty good!

This has really fun scenarios, but once you get to the ‘chat master’ level, it’s just repetitive. Great to play for about an hour!!!

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love this game it’s so fun seeing the different options and scenarios. I played it for hours!

- What a bust

Total waste of time, What’s the point of this game after getting to chat master you start over again, Why no get creative and add more levels with a higher chat master ranking like chat specialist or chat consular, IDK but seriously major waste of an hour.

- Too many adds

This app had an add about 1 minute long after a short round with the time period of less then a minute. Which is more time then you get to actually experience the game

- To many ads

I love this game but it has too many ads but anyways this is an awesome game for kids


I LOVED this game, i honestly could play this for EVER! I also LOVE the humour to the game, If you made a 2nd, that would make my day!

- The game freezes

Ok so I’m at the bar manager level and it freezes up and I can’t do anything

- Good but...

there is this level called “chat master” and after that level it just makes you start all over again. Could you please add more levels But other than that this game is great if you are looking at this Review I am telling you this game is great! :) ;)

- Very childish

Im insulted by how characters interact and the games they put there just to fill the game It’s just something so easy only for producers to make some money And believe me there wont be more levels but there will be more ads.

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love this game but I would like 5ere to be more levels because when h finish them all it just resets 😕

- Best app

This is the best game but I hate adds there soooooo annoying

- It doesn’t work

I have an IPad 10.5 and I download this game cause it looked fun but every time I tried to enter the app it would glitch out again. I hope you can fix it.

- way too many ads😬

after almost every single turn or even after every minigame, there is an ad. it’s very annoying. the game itself is fun though. if there were less ads or no ads at all i would keep playing

- It is trash

I watch 5 ads to try and pass a level but didn’t even work also the game has no diversity like they have a lie ,truth but any use for it and the game is just bad I general


There is so many ads it’s it is so annoying! You can never play the game peacefully the ads just keep going on and on and on and you can’t remove them!!

- Cool but I'm sad cause . . .

So my sis downloaded it and it looks sooo fun she loves it. So I'm sad cause my ipad is dumb and won't let me download it but anyway it's cool.👍🏼

- This app is terrible

I downloaded it and it got so boring one morning I tried to open it and it didn’t let me in terrible game don’t get it

- Yea good

This game is really fun so far and I like the idea of the game. I also like the mini game things so yea.

- I haven’t played it yet because

It just keeps on shutting me out so 3 stars

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- Really Nice

I fond it really fun like app, there are like no ads and it like a mix of gams that modified for the style of the game, the only thing that I dislike is the fact that it vibrating every time you do something

- Amazing but

It’s the best game ever but way too many adds I under stand maybe one add after every level but for me there is two and make more levels please it’s so good 😊

- Horrible game

I lost so many brains cells playing this game, I don’t even know how to explain how bad the grammar is.

- Terrible cash grab

Ads after ever level and each lvl takes like 15 secs. The game looked promising buts it’s terribly made. Overall very disappointed

- Y’all gotta stop

This game is fun and everything I’m not tryna be rude, but JUST TURN OF YO WIFI IF YOU DONT WANT ADS!! ITS SIMPLE.

- ...

Not impressed. Those adds are horrible and the grammar is horrible. I wish to get this app again when it is updated, I expect NOT to many adds. 👎🏻

- Not bad

Game is not that bad. There are some mistakes from time to time but it’s pretty fun. They change it and have a small mix of different games. They don’t spam you with ads and instead make you watch one every 2 rounds. The title is not click bait and I got what I asked for

- I ❤️

This game Odin I mante 5 ⭐️🌟✨💫💫⭐️⭐️🌟✨🌟⭐️💫💫💫⭐️⭐️🌟🌟✨✨✨coco

- Phone crashing

I’ve tried to use it twice and I’ve only gotten to the 5th level because of how laggy it is. The first time it completely crashed my whole phone and I had to restart it to get it to work. The second time my phone was so laggy I pushed the home button and 30 seconds later it took me home. It’s not like I have a bad phone either, I have an iPhone 7

- 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

It don’t let me play on it I downloaded this once it worked

- chat master

After the last update the game dosent load up at all

- Good but

I don’t like how when u become the Chat Master you just start over also the grammar is terrible but other than that good game

- Really amazing but.....

This game is fantastic! I love how there is a variety of games. But I have one suggestion, could there be an option where we can create levels? Y’now you pick two characters then you type what they say. Btw this is just a suggestion! So I’m not saying you have to do it. Keep up the good work!

- Easy

This game is very easy, and super short. Could you please add more levels? Maybe infinite levels?

- What the...

Today I installed it but... it said match the apps or something I literally tried everything, going out of the app and going in again, doesn’t work. Never even install it. So basically I got stuck in the middle of playing the game what the

- This is the best game

This is the best game ever


It started and it was fun but then the levels repeated it was soooo annoying!

- :/

It’s confusing....

- This games has a problem

Ok so the game is good but like at one point it didn’t work like my screen is all white but like I love this game tho I was like a level like on the 30 40 I don’t know but plz fixes it. But good job just try to fix it. Ok bye

- Fun game until you finish it.

The translation isn’t that great, but it’s a pretty fun game for a few hours of fun.

- Best

Love so gooooood

- Best game ever

I love this game so much

- Fun

Pls more levels

- Siete scemi


- Umm

I think it is listing to you because when u turn your volume up all the way and put your ear up against the speaker u can hear like static and I seen on some other games that it was like listin in on the your convos out side of the game and what your are doing or something so I say don’t get this game

- Fun!

Ok this is an amazing game but... pls make more levels! Other than that this app is AMAZING

- This is for 4 years right?! 😡

I got the game and it was fun at first to play with my siblings, but then there was a chat that started to have mild “swears” & even though they are mild I still didn’t want my siblings to see that in a game MENT for FOUR YEAR OLDS!!!! 😡 like come on! It’s not like they needed to add that in for a teenager/adult to be “impressed” with it! Also the game play was so dull, every other game has the same mini games (like slicing/fixing phones, throwing a ball in a hop) NOT UNIQUE AT ALL! + the chats themselves are sooooo unrealistic, like you talk to a ghost, the president, a HACKER?! I know that because it is for younger kids it can be more on the “fantasy side” but the chats make it seem like you can just fix ALL your problems but clicking a button & the fact that they put the hacker too was ridiculous as to the fact that hackers are scary for some kids so that wasn’t good at all in my opinion! They really shouldn’t teach kids the things that are happening in the game, the fact that most 4 years olds can’t even read & they decided to put a bunch of junk in the game thinking that no one will notice is sickening! 😡

- There are adds

The front review said there were no adds

- Not for kids

If u see there it’s 4+ right? But look for more signs of non kid stuff like the bully or go later into the game and more bad stuff only use really safe games for kids or look for non kid stuff like on 4+ or less I hope you turn it to higher +


This game is really fun and a great way to pass time yet there are to many adds 😡😡

- Ok Game

It’s a fun game although I wish the levels were longer and there are way to many ads and once you finish all the levels it just restarts I finished them in one day so can you please ad more levels? Again a very fun game!

- Disappointed

Ur texting other people. My kid was scammed because of this game.

- Awesome

I love it I’ve played it for hours just turn off your internet so there’s no adds also created please write back I love your game to much I addictive

- Trash

Every level is an ad i hate this game it’s trash i uninstalled the game

- Impossible Level

I would really like to give a higher review. But I just can’t. It’s on a level “Fill the cup!” in which you pull the string and fill the emojis into the cup. You can’t do this in one level without failing though. Please fix it. Other than this issue, very ridiculous but funny game.

- Chat Master

I love this game it just has a little problem it can teach kids bad things in the wrongs kids hands

- It’s okay

I downloaded the game because I thought I would actually type stuff like I was messaging someone, and I was wrong. It chooses what you say really. Only to options. It would be better if u got to type the stuff AND change the profile

- Fun game

I’ve only done One level and it already awesome 😎


I love it so much it’s so fun, and there barley any adds!! I finished all the levels, I was wondering if more are coming? I hope so cause this is for sure my favourite game ever.

- Love

I love this game it is fun

- It’s good but...

I like the game but the grammar is terrible and there is a lot of ads and you only do the texting part once every 8 games it is kind of annoying and you repeat story’s once you get farther in.

- no what it say

The add shows that you with be texting conversations with people, but actually they give like 1 time to do that and it always very boring, then after you doing that one time they make you a hole bunch of other random thing that you didn’t download the app for.

- Its good enough and you dont have to pay

It is a pretty good game but make sure you like texting made up people but if you want two games just get the other one this one is fine i give it Three stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

- UwU

I really like the game it is really fun and attractive:) ÙwÚ

- Seems too easy

The levels just give you a clear path to what the answer is, for example they will put an answer that has no context to the situation, and then the one that actually kind of makes sense. The grammar is bad and the dialogue is pretty bad too. And after you reach chat master you just redo all the same levels and try to get chat master again, so it’s a pretty short term game.

- Its not bad

I like this game its not bad , theres a few adds which kinda anooying. also theres like a few diff game its not only the chat one , theres not really a lot of chat ones its mostly diff games idk rlly know why , i think they should put more chats one and more games too but like less adds. Also its really anooying that theres vibration when u do something so i hope they take that out.

- wrecked by adds

It’s fun but way too many adds, one pops up after every two challenges

- Adds

There are too many adds please fix this so i can enjoy the game

- Probably the worst game I’ve ever played

The adds were so annoying and there were adds after every single lvl and the game just sucks

- Like no levels

There are about 50 levels that take 30 seconds to get through and then you’re done. Right after i finish this i am so deleting

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- Too many ads

It would have only one, but it’s so you can see this. There is always an ad after each round of playing, I suggest turning off internet on your electronic to play it. The ads aren’t even related to the app, so why even make them be these ones? In summary, please remove these adds! People want to play this game, not watch ads all day long and get bored to death.

- SO FUN! But a SMALL Ad problem.

So, I was scrolling throw my app stores and found this game! It’s so relaxing and clams your anxiety! But each time you pass 2-3 levels, an ad shows up, and it’s soo annoying! I have to close the app and open it again to avoid it, and I really don’t wanna pay for “NO ADS” pass. But you can do what I do, close and open the app. Still, really fun! Would recommend💞 -Random Girl

- It’s okay

This game is very fun. But it has a LOT of adds and some games I play don’t have a lot of adds and I was SUPER SUPER excited to be able to finally get this game but when I started playing it had a LOT of adds. This game has around 15-20 adds. And that’s a LOT of adds! Some games I play have like 0-5 or 5-9 adds. So this game is very fun to play but it’s just the adds that are the problem. If the developer(s) are reading this PLEASE fix the big add problem! 🙏🏻

- Fun but some issues. PLEASE READ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Ok I LOVE this game but when you become chat master you restart the levels again and really it’s not fun anymore. So I have a suggestion. When you because chat master you should be able to chat/type your own words and there should be no options to what you have to say. Another thing is.... TOO MANY ADDS! I understand you can buy no adds but I’m not buying that it too much money. Otherwise this game is great 👍🏻

- Glitch

I would have given this game a 5 star review if it wasn’t for this glitch. So one day I was playing chat master and I advanced to the next level. Then the screen turned white, and it won’t do anything else. I tried closing out the game, leave and rejoin, and just waiting for 30 minutes to play again. I know I can delete and download again but I don’t want to lose my progress. Overall, this game is so fun but I want this glitch fixed ASAP. Thank you for reading! ✰♡︎𝙰𝚜𝚑𝚕𝚎𝚢♡︎✰

- Good but needs more stages. Also the ads are really annoying.

As soon as I downloaded this game, I tried it out and it was really fun. But when I completed all the stages in this game, it kept making me play the other stages all over again and I want this game to have more stages. Another thing I don’t like is the ads. These ads are really annoying. It keeps popping up whenever I fail or lose on a single stage. This is why I voted this game 4 stars

- I love chat Master

Guys please play this game this is amazing please guys this game is beautiful hilarious and I love it guys please play with that but there’s something wrong that please fix it like I don’t know how to like explain it but I will speak it so I wish they could only put the chat on the chat because they said chat master that means only chat on to do like big chat so please fix it

- Love it!

I just downloaded this game today so far I love it and I like how it’s 4+ bc my mom will only let me get 4+ and 9+ and now for the pros and cons. Pros: So I love this game, it’s even better than the ads. I love the mini games, and sometimes it’s kinda hard so it’s makes it really fun. Cons: so I was playing this game today and this mini game that’s really hard that I can’t beat at ALL it’s the delete the virus maybe if you made that one a little easier.

- Funny game

This game is fun to play for a little while while you’re bored. It’s an interesting concept, with a good sense of humor. I’d definitely recommend to try out for a few minutes. There’s not much more after that, though, it’s only fun for like 30 minutes, and that’s why I can’t give it 5 stars. It’s not meant to be a game with extensive content, just feels like something to try out for a few minutes. It is pretty fun though

- Good But It Needs More Levels

Hello! I have been playing this game for five weeks and I got to the end after that it started me over again and I have the same people to texts, I’m fine with that but it needs more levels I don’t think it’s fair for the people who have been playing for a very very long time they might get bored of the game. Just I still love this game and the people who made it I just want to thank everyone goodbye.

- Amazing Game!

The game is amazing and I love exploring all these stories, at the end when the chat master chats with you, it’s really cool! Sadly the game ends when you become the chat master and it just re starts the game, so I deleted it when I became the chat master. Though, the game is fun to play in your free time so I highly recommend it. There is a lot of ads though but it doesn’t appear as much as other mobile games do. Amazing game! Keep up the good work


So I was minding my own buisness and I got bored. So I went to the App Store and see this game. I read the reviews. The top reviews weren't bad they were just talking about how when you finish all the levels you get the same levels again. BLAH BLAH BLAH. So when i see these reviews I think to myself these reviews aren't bad. Maybe I should give it a go. That was a bad idea. See when I download it I'm all excited to see what this knew game holds. But the game won't even open. I try multiple times. I clear my phone to see if that helps. I try everything. It won't open. So you know what I do. I write a review about it.

- Ads

Omg this game is super fun! But seriosuly the ads are annoying. There was this add I was waiting to finish and it took me to their website when I didn’t even press anything and I had to log off from the app and go back on and I had to watch that whole ad again! Seriously please fix this and I will change my star rating and recommend to my followers but if this problem isn’t fixed I won’t do zip🤐.

- Please read!

This game is awesome but there is one thing. I got this game an hour ago and I completed all of the levels already. However I do not think that this app should be +4 because it said a very bad word the D word which is not appropriate for kids like me but other than that I love this app I didn’t have to watch any ads at all. The really BAD word I think should be taken out immediately. Thank you for reading.

- I love it but a few problems😐

Ok when I downloaded this game it’s was pretty fun I and I loved it but I reached to the chat master like 3 times and it just takes me back we’re I started and it’s kinda annoying. If you can can you please update this game and make different levels because I know all the answers in every level. Well anyways I will recommend this game if it was updated. Overall it’s a pretty good game😊

- Lia😊👉🏼👈🏼

So, this game is all not that bad but the thing that disappointed me is the fact that ok u finish all of the levels, right, but when u start over they are the same levels as u did before! But I don’t really like that. So if it could be improved then there’s one of the things if u can idk how it works lol. Like I said it’s not a bad game. Not trying to be to ungrateful for a game! So yeah that’s my feedback! -stay safe!

- Ok but...

So i LOVE this game, but going back to the beginning when you get to chat master?! That is just the same thing AGAIN. Maybe when you be chat master you can have a contact list and pick who you talk to and have conversations whenever you want. I guess you also could make a chat master two! But the game DEFINITELY needs some improvements.

- Great Game

This app is really good. You have text conversations with cats, astronauts ,grandparents, etc. You choose whatever you wish to say and the outcome will match your decisions. I couldn’t it my phone down. The only problem about the game is I finished it in a few hours. They need more levels. Playing this game will causes symptoms of serve laughter. Have fun!

- Hello my review

I like this game it’s pretty fun to play! It has SOOO many adds I hate adds that is only one of the reasons I am deleting this app its not that fun. I mean I played it then I’m like there’s so many adds and you barely play the games.😑. In my oppinion this game is not for young kids. I am deleting this app for sure I saw a add for it on snap chat so I downloaded it I play for a little while and I got super annoyed with all the adds if you don’t like adds this is not the game for you you should ask a parent permission for this app because it’s safe to have a parent know about this app. Thank you -chicken nuggets

- So good till you get to the end

I would give it a five star review because it is so fun the chats are amazing and there are even mini games between every level! I only give it a four star because of 2 things, firs there are exactly three ads between every single level. Also the biggest problem is when you get to chat master it starts all the way from the first level and you lose all the millions of followers you had, I was so happy to be chat master and then down to the first level. So download the game if you want to get your heart broken


If there are any Bad reviews ignore them this game da BEST GAME EVR 😂 if anyone is worried you don’t actually chat with real people there are levels and a lot of mini games why it gets four stars is because when you get to the end you have to start over and how can a pineapple text? And sometimes you can only choose one thing Like u usually get to choose between two things and this game is very fun and funny 🤣 DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!

- Great but new things should be added.

I just finished talking to the last person (Chat Master) And it seems not right there should be new features for finishing all the chats like, Make your own chats (Including custom minigames to talk with the person and custom icons), Customize what the chat master says every time you win, Pick who you are for the chats, Also maybe try making a chat master 2.

- Fun but......

Ok so the game is fun really fun but I do have some problems with it. I was just about to get to chat master but it brought me back to the beginning. If you read my review and all the other reviews I can say that I haven’t gotten one add in my time playing it. Other then those things more levels would be good the amount of levels there are now is enough but more would pose more of a challenge and make the game more enjoyable and engaging. That’s all.

- So...

this games was so fun until i completed the whole entire game all the way to chat master but I was expecting that was going to be a ultimate level It just restarted me I am definitely deleting this app I already did all the chats and I thought they were going to be ultimate level and then there was going to be a level two of chats This is very upsetting to me and anybody else who has accomplished everything because now it’s restarting and I don’t want to do the whole thing again by the way the clock mini game is really annoying like ugh

- This is a very addicting game 🤯

So, when I first found this game, I got some advertisements for it. Then I decided, I should download it! When I downloaded it, it got me playing for 2 hours and it was so addicting. The little mini games were so addicting and the chats were cool... I just beat the game today! You should definitely play

- Disgusting and inappropriate ads for children!!!

How is this a 4+ app but you have no filters for the ads, specifically called a game called EPISODE, that you are forcing kids to watch on the free version??? My daughter who is 11 years old downloaded your game yesterday to play...She really enjoyed it and wanted to show me this morning. It seemed like a decent game but than the ads came up...and oh my God!!! Totally explicit content which is considered inappropriate anywhere in the world!!! How can you allow such inappropriate ads reach such innocent audience - our kids???

- Great game, maybe add new levels?

I just downloaded this game in less than half an hour and I got addicted! Great game overall, especially the mingames between 😄 I would suggest this game to anyone! The only problem is the levels, it only has about 60 levels and I finished it. I hope to see new levels soon!

- My review

It’s not that bad but when it says sort the apps it does not work it’s not the best app but I guess it works it’s fun to chat and have fun but the sorting the apps does not work but great app good job you did very good job but to many ads why so many after everything there is a long ad so that’s not very good but everything thing else is for n and cool thank you for making this cool game

- Jaylyn’s note of the review

I no that even other people say they don’t like the game . But I actually love this game my self cause you can text people and you can prank people in the game and I would say that the game is really cool to me but maybe not for others when they get the game but I don’t know if they might not like it or not but I love the game

- Am I missing something PLEASE read

I have been playing for years I fanaly got to the end and it said continue and I’m like wait there’s more but it brought me back to the BEGINNING and I’m so mad like I’ve loved this game but like why I need an ancer but would recommend playing it I only have a big BIG problem with the end

- I am a chat master

I got this app 2 days ago and now I am a chat master I finished the whole thing so I wanted to do it again so I downloaded it on my IPad you can do it too download it and tell your friends about it to this app can improve your text messages and maybe some new riddles too

- It’s good but not for ages 4+

Hello! I’m a pre teen but I have to say it’s a great game. But the thing that gets me is that it is four and up. Great game, but I don’t think it’s for ages 4+ maybe 12+ or 9+ because in one of the episodes they said da*n and I don’t think that’s really appropriate. And also when they are doing match the apps they are including stuff like tik tok and Facebook which isn’t appropriate. They need to make this game more appropriate or bump up the age level.

- It actually feels like I’m texting someone

I was first playing a game and then I just saw the video and then decided to play it and then I’m like oh my god this is so fun and now I’m addicted to it and this is a really really cool game like I play this all day even when I’m on online school but when it’s on break time this game is cool

- Loved then hated

First I would like to talk about the glitch so I would be in a mini game then a add pops up then it won’t let me exit out the ad when it’s over it like the x to exit out is frozen and I have to shut the whole phone down! 😡😡I hate it and also like I hate the ads sooooo boring most of the adds are 30 sec ads and I get sooo mad but otherwise I like the game pretty good :) if u fixed thos 👌👌 ty for reading byeeeee

- Good app

At first I loved this game for a little while. then it eventually just became repetitive and didn’t get anything new. It’s fun at first but has the same levels all over again. It eventually became repetitive and didn’t get anything new. At first I loved this game for a little while. It’s fun at first but has the same levels all over again See this is basically what’s happening in the game It just needs more to it

- It’s could be better. :/

Okay, the levels. You barely get to chat. There’s in-between levels. And the ads. I turn off my internet and service. I still get ads :/ there’s an add in between EVERYTHING, it asks you if you want to do a special one for an ad. Press “No thanks” and it STILL gives you an ad. What’s the point? Literally. Like, this one time it gave me an ad before in the middle and after.

- I love this!

Best game I’ve ever seen! I just beat it! The only thing is that at the and when you become the chat master, you don’t win anything I think you should because here is like 50 stages. But there is no adds I started playing an hour ago and I just beta it with only 1 super short add. Best game ever!

- Good app but..

Okay i love this app its very fun to play and kinda addicting but heres the problem. You finish the app way to quickly because its not a big challenge. I’ve finished the app before or rather all the levels and i was really disappointed when it just starts you all over. Could’ve had more levels. Thank you for reading!

- Awmsome Game! But Just One Flaw With All The Ads...

Overall, when I downloaded this game it was so addicting of how entertaining it was! But Soon I noticed something, every time you texted a person of any of the things you do, you get and ad right after it, why? Why is there so many ads? If you see this rating please make less ads.


The game is super fun and would definitely recommend it if you have extra time because it can be addictive! It’s so much fun and if you lose you actually laugh at yourself! It’s so much fun! The only thing I don’t like is the amount of adds but they can’t control that so it’s a super great game! 5 stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Great game

It’s a great game overall! It has no ads and has some pretty funny stories. It’s more than just texting people. There’s lots of different mini-games. It’s a game you can play all day! There are some grammar and spelling issues but those are the only problems. If you fail a level, you can choose to do it again or just move on!

- Fun but repetitive

The game was so fun. It was a little repetitive all throughout but I was fine with that - it had no ads and was super entertaining! However when you finally get to ‘Chat Master’ the whole game just starts over again. I ended up deleting because after you beat the game it’s just a waste of space.

- Great, however

I’m one of those people who sit around all day doing nothing. This app is very entertaining, but there are only around 50-60 levels and when it ends you just restart. It gets boring after the first few repeats, but it is still enjoyable. I recommend the app to anyone that needs a way to be distracted. Great app though! 😃😃😃 ➰〰️➰

- Moderately Entertaining

The chats are a clever idea and a few had me laughing out loud, but most of them were pretty mundane and it wound up losing my interest. The same can be said for the minigames; they were fun at first but once I played through the different kinds it no longer felt worth it. Still an entertaining app for a few moments of fun, but it isn’t quite enough to make it worth keeping.

- I like it, but.........

I love this game it is really fun but in one day I finished it. It was too easy. I hate when you get your hopes up that you will go on another higher and harder level but it makes you go back to the beginning. I recommend,if you want to play this game over and over again this is the game for you.

- The best game ever

I will spend like eight hours on this game and not get bored it is amazing I would request this game to all my friends I love it and the good thing is even my two year old cousin can play this amoung with my four year old cousin they love it I lobe it probably the best game I have ever played thank you

- ✨🦋✨🦋✨

Love This Game 😍😍😍 it’s sooooooo much fun and soooooo addicting lol when I first got a t I was stuck on my phone playing this game till it was dead if you download this YOU WONT REGRET this game is a win it’s sad it had to end😞 so if your bored and need something fun easy with a little bit of challenge get this game:)

- Perrty good, 😉

I higley ( ✅✅✅✅ ) recomed this app for kids it may help them gain stangth in the wierdest secomstancies maybe 13+. I would like to have less adds and some more people to talk to because almost every time u finish talking to someone there is an add and because a lot of it is just doing mini-games (witch i dont like or hate) other wise this review is done love the game btw. 💖💘

- Inappropriate for children but yet it says it is for 4 years and up

This app is not appropriate for children. My daughter who is only 6 years old asked me to help her read the responses which is how I noticed that this NOT okay for kids. It had a scenario of someone wanting to talk to the bar owner because of something that happened. The bar owner said they wouldn’t give them a refund and one of the responses my child had to choose from was “Go to hell”. This is NOT okay for 4+ ages as you can see.

- Mehh

I at first loved this game. I got it today but the thing is there are like 30 rounds and then it starts all over again so then u have to delete it! What the point? Also it is not for a four year old it’s more like 10+ PG It has The word Hell in it a lot and there is a lot of arresting and asking people out. So I rate this as a three. Also have a merry Christmas a happy Hanukkah and happy new year!!

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@annalytical__ I mean I'm still active on Tumblr and in fanfic circles and chat with loads of *nice* other fans and am definitely focused on the Master, so I still feel like a stan by my definition 😂 But I also don't really care tbh, I just am me and the rest can fuck off 😋 or fuck me 😘

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If someone has that video of master chief pullin up in a pelican while playing bobby bitch on vr chat, please send it.

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Chat Master! 2.4 Screenshots & Images

Chat Master! iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Chat Master! iphone images
Chat Master! iphone images
Chat Master! iphone images

Chat Master! (Version 2.4) Install & Download

The applications Chat Master! was published in the category Games on 2020-07-17 and was developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD [Developer ID: 1499845738]. This application file size is 284.58 MB. Chat Master! - Games app posted on 2020-11-26 current version is 2.4 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.RBSSOFT.HyperMobile

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