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What is rumble app? Are you looking for a YouTube alternative? Or a place where you can grow followers faster, have a search and related videos that don't preference channels, ability monetize your videos, and watch your favorite creators? Rumble is the new home for everything video. We believe your time invested in Rumble will greatly exceed the results of our competition.

Major creators like Reuters, NY Post, Page Six, Dan Bongino, Donald Trump Jr, Ben Shapiro, Alan Dershowitz, and many more already have channels set up.

Rumble Features:
- Livestreaming
- Channel creation
- Video hosting
- Smooth UI
- Video Monetization
- Licensing

Thank you for considering Rumble, the future of video!

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App Name Rumble
Category Photo & Video
Updated 17 July 2023, Monday
File Size 86.71 MB

Rumble Comments & Reviews 2023

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Search Engine. I love the idea of a different kind of news platform. However the search engine is very frustrating. Can not find anything new! Also when trying to unsubscribe a channel, it will not delete as well as trying to subscribe to a new channel. It will NOT add it to my subscription list. THEN WHEN going to my “ALL “ list it looks like it’s been hijacked by one or two single people… not from my list of channels at all… There also needs to have a already watched list … Too be fair, I have these issues on my TV APP. It better on my phone but I really hate watching things on my phone when I can watch on a bigger screen and save battery. I wish when you wrote a review they would leave it up for others to see or really fix the issues.. last time I left a review it disappeared.. NOT NICE.

Just won’t work. I’ve had this app on my iPad for weeks, through several updates, but it just won’t work. The first bug was no video, just a black screen with audio. Now it either crashes and closes, or if a video plays and you try to pause it, it will not start again. Tapping the start button will play a tiny fraction of a second. So you can tap repeatedly and get slow motion video with broken parts of words. It does seem like the more professionally done videos have a better chance of playing for a short time. The videos with only 40 plays instantly crash the app, while Gov Huckabee might play if you don’t pause it. I really can’t grasp why this app has consistently failed since it’s download.

Time to get it working right. UPDATE: THANK YOU for repairing the cast and Airplay features! They operate perfectly now! Rumble is by far the best free speech platform on the planet! Thank you 1000 times! The App has so many flaws, I don’t know where to start. I’ve had hope for this free speech platform, but I use the App on iPhone and cast to my TV. The casting is VERY broken since two updates ago. I cannot play several short videos in a row anymore. I have to stop casting and reload the cast die each video. Once casting, if I was watching a long broadcast, I can’t forward to where I left off. I have to start over to finish watching unless I want to Airplay from Safari, but then cannot use other apps on my phone! Come on Rumble.

BREATH OF FRESH AIR !!!!. FINALLY ... A place to go to search out unfiltered and uncensored ideas!! I am now able to actually find the people I want to listen to and hear ALL of their content !!! I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to be able to watch conservative content with out all the propaganda and erroneous ‘Fact Check’ banners all over the place. And I was sick to death of any post that was remotely connected to the election or any post by President Trump having the huge post underneath trumpeting Biden as ‘President Elect’ and that fraud in our elections is extremely rare! They treat us like her have no intelligence whatsoever!!! Thank you Rumble for creating a platform for us to make our own decisions and think for ourselves!!! God Bless you!!!!

Great starting point. Rumble is growing and being a great alternative to YT but it still has a long way to go. If the developers of Rumble read this please add the following: 1) easy way to save and create a playlist! 2) a category tab or page. If there is one, it isn’t easy to fine. 3) more gaming, tech and movie review channels! Along with educational content. 4) add a search bar on the top of whatever video a user might be watching in case they want to search for other content creators without having to completely back out of the video currently playing. 5) add a page or tab that lets you see any new uploaded content creators you are following have uploaded. The icons on the top showing you the people you are following just isn’t very good. (Again, if there is a page for this, it is not very easy to find) YouTube’s interface has pretty much nailed everything I listed above in an easy way that any user at any tech level can easily understand and find. Thanks!

If I could give no stars that would be a true reflection of this app. I have never been able to load any visitirs from any users and actually have it play. Not a single one. I joined rumble when it first started, have deleted and downloaded several times and on two different I phones and still nothing liads. Total waste of my time. I live Dan Bogino, but cant ever watch him clips on rumble, so forced to continue to only see him on fakebook. I woukd love to support you Dan, but this app just doesn’t cut it, completely wasting my time. Get the bugs out and revamp rumble so that old right wing warriors like me can enjoy it.

Professional news. OANN is what NBC did 50 plus years ago ! In fact, the other competitors CBS and ABC had talented, intelligent, professional broadcasters who delivered the news without overplaying a personal bias. They relied on the viewer to digest the facts and decide their own impression of a news report . When they interviewed someone of National stature, they posed important questions that drew the attention of people sitting in their living rooms. Their guests were from many different walks of life and work ethic which related to the viewers watching. I tune to Newsmax and FOX ......but watch more of OANN than any other network and cannot bear more than a minute of the “those” performing in the toxic-drama mainstream-media. Thank you, for broadcasting Mike Lindells ‘ Election Fraud Documentaries and all of the hearings involving the suspect states. I’m following the official, forensic Maricopa Recount . Thank you for covering that revealing, historic event, as well !

Great Potential Being Thrown Away. Had high hopes for this platform. Now on it 3 months and it’s unfortunately a disappointment. I’ve loaded 586 videos to Rumble. My income is $0.01 for 10 weeks work. If you’re thinking a paid account will get you a dedicated account manager and 48 hour response, keep dreaming. I’m now on week 9 trying to get them to remove videos that aren’t even mine from my account. Stats can “take up to 6 months” to catch up, quote from customer service. The platform is crude, plain and you have no customization options. My view rate is 0.27% allegedly, even though I’ve tested this with another account to prove false. The app doesn’t work without repeating videos or the screen on if you just want to listen. For an 8 year old company, it’s pretty sad. MySpace launched with more options than this decades ago.

Comments function. The Rumble app’s comment function is complete garbage. I have tried to reply to others who have replied to my comments and it is hit or miss whether I can actually reply. When I go to notifications in the app and select a reply that I want to look at all it does is take me to the video. I have to hunt for my comment and today when I attempted to view replies the chat window was so jumpy that I was unable to even find my comment. Some times I would try and scroll down and it would jump back up to the top of the chat. I tried scrolling all the way down to the bottom and that took multiple attempts before I got there and then when I got there I had the same problem scrolling back up. The comment thread kept jumping back and forth and I never found my comment. So I have no idea what the responses to my comment were. Please fix your app!!!

PLS SOME ONE COME AND SAVE THIS APP. This app is absolute trash. It’s functional, but barely. The only thing that I can count on is bugs and minor inconveniences that make this truly feel like a Third World app. *You will get booted out for many ‘no reasons’. *Screen recording something that you want to post or watch later is like pulling teeth because of bugs that give you a 50 to 60% chance that All will go wrong. This is due to friction between app functions and bringing up the iPad control panel. Always drama. *Sometimes the app will do things whether you tell it to or not. *If you were planning on UPLOADING VIDEOS please do it from a computer NOT an iPad because this app is worse than 911 and Jared Leto‘s joker combined. But, by all means, down load it. It’s the best we’ve got and we need every anti-NWO device at our disposal. (It’s like this app was made for apple. Bone head ideas like having thumbnails be the size of a screen.... what about when I’m looking at a library of 100 video’s or more. Maybe thumb nails should be 1/10th or 1/20th the size of the screen. Maybe we should have lists instead of thumb nails.. Right apple? Apple and Rumble are made for each other )

9/10 recommend!. So I give it a five star review, but like all new and growing platforms there are some bugs to be fixed and the fixes are on a time table, but I would highly recommend Rumble! I use it the same way I do a web browser. There are many content creators that are also on this platform as well as others that you may be used to, and there are plenty of new creators that only use Rumble. There isn’t quite the store of info that other platforms that have been around for years have yet because the platform is still new, but there also isn’t the level of crap that other platforms seem to have either.

Suggestion. I love Rumble’s stand for free speech and the app works for me (so 5 stars). However, one of the recent updates switched the functionality of the subscriptions shortcuts at the top of the home page. Previously, you’d select a channel and it would take you to all of the content on the channel. Now, selecting a specific channel from the home page automatically starts playing the channel’s latest video. You then need to select the channel logo in the lower right of the next screen to see all of their content. Seems like an extra step and I miss the old functionality. Is there a setting to turn this off? Or can you bring the old functionality back? Just my 2¢.

Remarkably Bad & Not Accessible. There’s no support for closed captions, not accessibility friendly, at all. Things like views, comments, likes/dislikes, and even comments don’t consistently appear on the app. In fact, the are almost always zero or incorrect. This is the general unpolished feel that is found throughout the app. A good example of this is when you get a reply notification on a comment. Tapping the notification will open the app but there is no way to find your comment, at all. Similarly, you are told how many likes you have received in total but have no idea what was liked, and you also have no ability to see your comment history if you wanted to manually look for yourself. I wonder what Rumble is doing with all that market cap.

WIN for 1st Amendment! Some kinks to work through. I LOVE that Rumble offers an alternative video platform for content creators without the censorship of other social media platforms. Thank you! For that alone, you get ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Keep up with smoothing out the kinks and bugs, and this app will be a solid force to be reckoned with. Room for improvement: (IPhone) - Please add “full function” video controls with skip and rewind. - When you turn your phone horizontal to go full screen, if you lay your phone down (or even tip it too far) it closes the video. - Would prefer that videos could use the new iOS feature where you can continue to watch a small screen video while using other apps on your phone. (Roku - I know, this is for phone app reviews, but IDK where else to mention this.) - PLEASE allow to sign in so you can also watch your subscribed channels on your tv. - Search results are not great if you know what you want to watch. (General) - I wish I understood the vote/rumble(?) concept better. It’s confusing. - I think it would be good to add categories if you are going to rate videos. Pick what you are in the mood for: animal videos, stunts/bloopers/fails, comedy, sports, beauty & fashion, music, politics, etc. Maybe a “surprise me” random choice. Keeping with a theme would be more engaging. It’s too random by default now. Thank you for creating this alternative platform!

Today’s update broke Rumble app on iPad. Thank God Rumble app is fixed! A previous update about 3 weeks ago broke the app on iPad. Both mine and a friend’s Rumble app on iPad got stuck on the page that asks about frequency of notifications. I sent screen shots to developers and thankfully they have fixed it. Now there’s a way to access podcasts from that page. Thanks to all who worked on this. Once again Rumble is the very best App to access the best podcasts out there. I have one request or suggestion: could you please give us a “Hold” or “Lock” button? It’s so annoying when I’m walking the dog and listening to a podcast and my hand happens to accidentally touch the screen and I’m taken to another podcast. I have to stop and find what I was listening to and find my place again. Just put in a button to touch that holds you from loosing your connection to a podcast. Then we touch that one spot again when we choose to release that podcast and move to something else on purpose. Thank you.

No dark mode and replies. I love this app and everything it stands for. I would definitely five it a 5 stars but a friend of mine who’s a software developer says if you have a complaint people only listen to 1 star reviews. The only complaints i have are that theres no dark mode and that i got a notification saying that someone replied to my comment. When i clicked on it i was taken to the video but was not shown my comment or the reply to my comments. There were thousands of comments so even after a couple minutes of scrolling i couldn’t find it. It would be nice if that feature could be fixed so that when i get a notification that someone replied to me, when i click on the notification it automatically scrolls to where the reply was or brings my comments to the top. Once again, love the app and everything you guys stand for, if i see the comment thing fixed I’ll immediately change this review to 5 stars. Dark mode would be nice but i don’t care about that one as much

I love Rumble except for the huge number of failures when trying to watch shows I follow. Sometimes it’s impossible to view shows I follow because I get a ‘Sorry something went wrong’ message so often. Otherwise this is a great tool for viewing my favorite conservative talk shows, like Bongino, Will Cain, etc. Everything thing else I now view on Fox Nation or read on Epoch Times. The website is a bit difficult to navigate. For instance, if I’ve missed a couple of days watching Dan Bongino and I want to watch the podcast in order, it is often impossible without searching for the specific episode in question. Instead, I’m presented with an episode that has been viewed but is on the top of YOUR list for weeks in a row (I.e.,They put you on a list). Rather annoying.

Has War Room!. I only use it to watch War Room and it’s good for that but SUPER BUGGY. I also have no idea what it means to “Rumble” a video. For some reason it’s a boxing glove? Also the remote play button to stream it to a wireless display is broken or doesn’t work. There’s also some features that are extremely buggy or don’t work. Also the app is very difficult to navigate. Needs a lot of work and some better coders. It’s so hard and oddly difficult to find particular channels. Maybe they’re banned? It’s easier to google them, then go to their Rumble profile page, then find their videos. Why? Also for long videos, the audio goes out of sync with video starting about 1/4-1/2 way through the video.

Please fix!!!. Hi Rumble, to get a 5 star review, please fix most of these items. 1. I cannot see what I have already watched or save the video to a list. Then when I want to show someone else, I can’t find it again. 2. TV app has issues. Search function lets you search by channel or video title and subscribe or unsubscribe. Please change the channel search to allow us to click in and peruse videos by most recently uploaded to better find things. That page is also where the subscribe button should be. 3. I can’t choose favorite subscriptions and constantly see ones I don’t watch on the tv app, but can’t find the ones I want- even under “ALL” function. 4. When I roll down subscription list, the app literally boots me as I pass over Post Millennial. This happens repeatedly unless I go into other subs first and sometimes it still occurs. It is the 7th subscription down on the list. The 6th if you count from under “ALL.” This is an easy fix and a programming error. My husband is an expert at front and back end (full stack dev) and says “get some good programmers in there!!!!”

HELP US DAN! I want to love this app.. Let me first start by saying I’m a big fan of this app and what it represents. However, there are a few things that really annoy me about this app. First thing why can’t I fast forward or rewind? Secondly, why can’t I pause? The rumble feature needs to be broken down into content categories. Add some stupid filters, and audio replay like TikTok, maybe the ability to make private or premium channels. Fix the search feature. Get with DuckDuckGo and get it sorted. Perhaps I haven’t spent enough time figuring out all of the features of the app, but I really shouldn’t have to do research to learn it either.

You know your customers. Steve will do it. That’s why I downloaded this app. You chose the right person, not only a friendly face, an attitude toward life we all wish we could lead. And you made it clear that we can speak our thoughts without being censored by our U.S. government. Which is something we’ve always been told that other countries governments do to them, they censor their media, but in reality it was our media being censored, it was our government feeding us lies, and hiding the full truth…. You never know the true story unless you see every side there is to hear of that story. Rumble allows us to reach that level of social networking without worrying if you are getting the full story. So thank you rumble for being and representing our god given right to speak our thoughts and opinions freely without experiencing backlash.

My Little Videos. I think it’s great that Rumble is growing! However: since all of the news networks moved to Rumble practically at the same time, my little videos have been spending at least two weeks in review. Rumble is also hard to navigate at times. Once, I realized that I needed to edit my video description while it was in review. After a lot of searching I was able to delete the video, and reload it with the proper description to prove that my video was not breaking a copyright. It was approved a few days later. I currently have a video that has been in review for a month. I hoped to have it out before Christmas. I realized later that changing the title would be a good thing to do, but I could not edit or delete the video to reload it. It would be nice if This great app was more user friendly for people who download their videos here.

Why does it always crash?. I’m trying to support this platform and the channels on here. I would like to upload videos and refer others to this including my family, but NONE of your videos load, clunky controls, and WORST OF ALL IT CRASHES. I have a brand new iPhone 12 Pro with plenty of memory. All the improvements suggested above are great and need to be incorporated. However I can’t even watch ONE video or channel of my choosing. Email me if you get it fixed. I’m so frustrated I may just delete the app altogether. Totally unacceptable that it crashes on EVERY video. If you’re making money with this better improve it ASAP or it’s going be deleted forever. This is so embarrassing since I am inclined to support this platform. Let me know when you fix it if you care enough about the app, the users, & content providers, including me eventually. It’s a waste of my time and this is the first negative review I’ve ever given. It’s scathing for a reason. Fix it!

Amazing potential, somewhat poor execution. I love the rumble platform as it has a great chance to support and platform a neutral opinion on most things, but some things are flawed. Confirming a link in your email is buggy and is required when editing your profile. I have to login through my email every time which I find as a security issue. Comment section is buggy and skips around a lot, kind of difficult to scroll through. Replying to comments did not let me know I still needed to “activate my account” in my email, I found this out when trying to edit my profile.

Totally freezes. Rumble has recently changed their site and when you click to watch a video you have to press play 1000 times and then wait for the video to actually start to make the video larger you have to touch the right hand bottom button 100 times sometimes wait up to a minute to ask out of the video is another minute of pressing the button over and over if you wanna pause the video it doesn’t work if you wanna fast forward it you can’t ? whatever rumble has done to their site they have really messed it up. I uninstalled it and it was working great for about 15 minutes and went right back to the freezing I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it five times and it doesn’t correct it

Overall, great app and great competitor platform. Good app. Enjoy the content I can get here that I can’t get anywhere else. Can definitely get better, and I believe the devs are on the case. Suggestions (apologies if these are already on the roadmap… I didn’t look for one before reviewing): - agree with other reviewers that search needs work, including the keyword algo—if I’m searching current event topics, I have learned that I need to search multiple different configurations of keywords or I may miss valuable recent content - even more than the above, I especially miss the ability to sort/filter search results; we have this on web client but it’s completely absent in iOS - having to scroll past suggested videos to see comments is pretty unintuitive and frankly obnoxious… Again: this is especially unhelpful on current event videos where the suggested videos are all months old Despite these needed improvements, strong appreciation for the app so I can enjoy content on the go. Will happily update review with additional star if the above changes get implemented! Thank you, from one dev to another!

Can not upload videos via App. This is a great app, and a great vision come true. Chris is definitely a true visionary, and a 100% Patriot. Please contact your tech department that uploading videos via App does not work. Thank you and LFG$RUM. My New Rumble app is Rumble24K . Chris be my sponser to market . My last account InfluenceTheMover got deativated and I'm not sure why. That's something else I would like to figure out. Your vision of Free speech , Chris , is beyond a dream come true. Now it is a reality , and such a great milestone. May the best be with $RUM and the team. This is to 30,000% All time gains from 12.0. Lets team up with Elon and starlink so the app can be accessed globally as well as SpaceX to launch Rumble F1 rockets , also to Create and build Rumble Satalites of its own that will takeover, not only Bigtech but the whole internet. LFG $RUM

Missing basic features, has needless fluff. I want to like rumble but its just not the place for me, at least as an app on mobile. I couldnt care less about swipe or tap gestures. What I do care about is not being able to track to a specific time in a video. There is no time stamping or fine adjustment for tracking along a video timeline. I don't think I’ve ever seen a video player missing something so basic. The one exception being specifically short format stuff (like less than 30 sec clips). How many of the rumble creators are not only not short format, but rather long format content creators? Look, I don't really do apps very often, but just loading rumble up in a safari browser feels lime a better experience to me. That shouldnt be the case.

Improving all the time!. I really love the company, the app, and everyone’s clear commitment to improving and not just providing a open frontier to both beloved, maybe infamous, and new content creators alike. I appreciate where they’re coming from and what they stand for at Rumble and the risks they’re taking to stay true to those standards and goals. One day (and not a distant one) Rumble will be the beacon for others in industry’s behind just sharing media for what staying committed to the people can achieve. I’m no prophet, I know… I just see great things being done and have faith that if you do good, you can positively multiply that good in and around you.

Cant wait to upload a video; love Bongino. I find uploading very easy, and intuitive- I think I’ll start putting “how to” videos up, not just “declining America” info! Today, putting up a fun animal video HERE, first, and only linking to Facebook, also. Yeah, I have to go to Antichrist Google for “how to” videos, but when I’m able, I’ll make them myself for Riumble, and maybe a non-corrupt search engine one day will actually list then? Not holding my breath on that, with those 100 zeroes working at google all the time. I was doing well on Periscope & getting a following, until the “100 Zeroes” at Google swallowed and destroyed a great interactive streaming video idea they of course didn’t create but stole like good, old, Robber Barrons we heard of in college - I think I’ll do both repair and political videos here; and THANKS ! Let’s Go Brandon !

Messed up…. I reported over 1 1/2 weeks ago that your app totally deleted my account that I’ve had for a long time on it. I was in the middle of watching a video…went to comment and POOF account gone. Went to log back in with my profile info and it kept repeating do not recognize the account. Lost all the channels I subscribed to and had to start a new account. Now….I can’t even comment under the new account. It just keeps saying verify your email and then it doesn’t even take me to that option. What in the world is going on with the app? It is annoying and such an inconvenience. Well months later and still not able to comment on the videos I watch. Still asks for verification for my email and never takes me to verify it. I won’t 5 star the app til you fix the disruptive issues. Unbelievable 🤦‍♀️

Rating Rumble. I gave Rumble a 4🌟✨💫hoping that all the members will work on their communication skills and both the Republicans & Democrats would be bi-partisan, non-biased & work together in peace ✌️! This Nation can’t be that dumb, there’s a resolution to everything. This country has gone through the worst medical crisis in world history. I remember the Small Pox pandemic, Hong King Flu - 1968, Measles, Mumps, 1973 the spread of Chicken Pox, & your local yearly Flu. But this Airborne Covid-19 Virus was dreadful. Since I'm not too well, health-wise the last 48 years, having SLE & Stage4 Rheumatic disease. But I feel very lucky, I licked Cervical Cancel 40 years ago, now I have cancer again. Yes, you can get cancer numerous times in different places of your body. But my days are numbered now, because of my age. All I can say to all of you, make each & every day count. Hug your Children, be kind to your parents. Try hard not to be critical of others. You all will survive. 🇺🇸👭👍🗽🎗🇮🇱

Needs Live Stream Improvements. I gave 3 stars for now and this is why. I really prefer to watch things where I can find a live stream and be able to rewind it to the beginning if I come in late. It seems random that Rumble will sometimes have the functionality that it will allow me to rewind to the beginning, often the option isn’t available, even after clicking the little TV icon at the top. Many times I try to do that and watch at a higher speed to catch up, but if I haven’t caught up by the time the livestream goes offline, I lose my progress. Not only that but livestreams do not remain up that I can find, and we have to wait for the creator to edit and upload the video later, which can often take hours, if at all; sometimes a new video will not show up on their main page but I can still find it if I happen to know the exact title or episode number. The only reason I lately choose Rumble over GETTR livestreams, is that Rumble has made GREAT improvements in background viewing and I can shrink the video and listen to the audio while working and using my phone for work or other purposes. I really like Rumble and the progress it has made, but there is room for improvement. Thanks for listening.

Thank You!. UPDATE: I found the way to sync my Roku app and my phone app!! Thank you! I like the phone app. It’s not quite 100% user friendly, but it’s decent. The Roku version app is a flat zero stars. Please add the ability to sign into our accounts so that we can find the channels we subscribe to without always having to go to the search option. I have a channel that I follow (X22 Report) that when I search for it on my phone, I see all of the reports, but on my Roku, I can’t even figure out why you have some listed but not all. Thank you for the alternative, it is much appreciated, but please make improvements on the Roku version Rumble app.

App needs fixing and no place to provide feedback. Well, since I can’t complain about the bugs within the Rumble App, here are my comments. I gave this app a two, not because it provides bad material, no, because 1) There is no way to scan what’s out there and then view it. The only choice is to go one by one through the discover tab, unless you know what you are looking for. 2) The subscribed selections do not all show, only the top two. 3) There is no place to suggest that Rumblers like Dinesh D’SOUZA to use two accounts, one for the main Podcast and one for his bits and pieces of his podcast. I hate it taking up all of my time to find other subscribed Rumblers. Better yet, allow us to sort our choice, say by subscription and then by whole show or highlights. Oh, what a novel idea. Rumble, you want me to change my rating, then give us a place to provide direct feedback and make the above change suggestions and I’ll consider it.

They’re really doing a lot right by responding to the needs of their viewers. They had a cute concept pitting little short videos against another in a “rumble” and then promoting popular videos. Now, they’re doing a good job as a YT clone. Pros: can change the speed of playback and resolution simply while a video is playing. Con: can’t change to Audio only, to help conserve bandwidth over a mobile connection. Much of the content that comes in too hot for other providers shows up here first (podcasts that can not be downloaded over Google Podcast app — for whatever reason) usually are here 2 hours before.

Don’t like new update. I am struggling to figure out how the new update is an improvement. Seems difficult to see anything but the latest video from a channel. I still have many crashes when cellular of WiFi reception gets spotty, and especially when leaving the house and switching from WiFi to cellular. Most of the crashes result in the famous oops something went wrong… When this happens I cannot even close and restart the app. I literally have to restart my phone and then get back into the app remembering where I was in the video to fast forward. This has happened with multiple iPhones, multiple iOS versions, and multiple versions of Rumble, including the new one. I love the content, but it is becoming too painful to get to. Also, the search is not very good as others have said. PLEASE FIX THIS APP!

I like the app but I have some feedback. Just downloaded the app. I like it so far but I wanted to share a few usability things just in case you weren’t aware. 1) in app video volume only works when phone is not set to vibrate on iPhone. Fine feature for people who keep their ringer on but me and the rest of team vibrate would prefer if our phones didn’t have to make any sound when we got messages while watching 2) in app featured channel list on hamburger button is waaaay too long to find any channel you might be looking for in the list 3) in the App Store, the option to contact app support just opens the app to the home page, not any kind of contact form or specific webpage.

Frustrating. I’m thankful for the app and it’s intention. However, there are some factors that make it very frustrating when using. First and foremost, why does it not save your spot in the video you are watching? I was trying to watch a 2.5 hour video and anytime I reopened the app, it took me back to the very beginning. That’s ridiculous. Also, it doesn’t seem to save videos that you are watching anywhere. I have to go the original creator, scroll through their posts and find the one I was watching. Finally, why does it freeze and just have audio? If there are ways to get around these issues, I haven’t been able to find them. I’ve done a little research and could not find any tips. So my final bit of feedback would be to make the app more user friendly and share these tips in the app such as the other tips I was given when I logged in such as how to be entered for daily give aways. Hoping there are solutions to these issues so I can continue to watch.

Please fix your app on iPhone. I have been a long time user of your app since almost the beginning. I am a faithful X22 Report watcher, but now cannot get both the daily “a” and “b” shows. The “a” show is the Financial and the “b” is the Geopolitical show. I cannot get them both on your app on the same day anymore. Also, it used to be when I clicked on the X22 picture at the top of the screen I would get all X22 shows, but now as I scroll through I get all kinds of different shows which makes no sense to me and it happens no matter which icon I click on at the top. None of them contain completely what show that I am looking for that matches the icon I clicked on. This keeps me from also going back and looking at previous shows for the specific icon I picked. It is so frustrating. You have messed up this app so badly I need to look for another way to watch my shows. I also watch Dan Bongino, On the Fringe, Julie Green and others on your platform, but am getting totally frustrated with what you have done to it. I complained a week or two ago, but have seen no change! I am a very dissatisfied customer and am looking to take my business elsewhere if changes are not made quickly.

Not for smaller creators…but 3 stars for an alternative. I get enough views on YT to get $1-200 a month. Nothing to write home about but I enjoy it. Even my less popular videos will “accidentally” get a few views a week and, starting out, I’d get a couple dozen views a month on a video. I put a couple of my more popular videos and a couple of the less popular videos, spaced apart every 5 days, on this app with similar titles, descriptions, and tags a couple months ago and have received NO views. I’ve checked and rechecked my settings. They are definitely concentrating on propping up larger creators to lure them from their competition. My feed is full of them and it’s rare to find that hidden gem of a creator like when scrolling through YT. If you’re just starting, they don’t want you. Also…why do I have to log in every time I return to the app?!

I’m glad that an alternative is here. It’s awesome that this is here for us, now more than ever. It could use some improvements still but it’s fairly new, so it’s understandably not perfected yet. Some suggestions from me to make the app more user friendly/bugs that could use some fixing: - It would be great if it saved a history of what you’ve watched and how far through it you were when you stopped watching it. It’s rather annoying to have to try and remember where you were on an hour long video when someone sends you a link. - It’s great that it continues playing when you lock your phone, but it doesn’t allow you to pause it without opening your phone as there is no menu to interface with in the lock screen (iOS). Adding this feature would really add a more professionally done feel to the app. - The search feature could use a little bit of work because it usually won’t pull up the video unless you type exactly what the title is, which lessens the ability to find new content related to the original search. It’s well on its way but these were just a few of my particular tweaks I would try and make if it were up to me. Overall great job and keep up the great work!

Too many Fake 5-star reviews. I love the company and the battle they face, but let’s be honest. The app needs a lot of work. When I click Steven Crowders icon, I expect to go to his page and inventory of videos. Instead, it’s only his latest video (sometimes). I have to further navigate to get to his latest video, or previous day video. THEN! After clicking the desired video, I have to go deeper to another stream to access the ability to go full screen. Wut? Where does that make sense. The company won’t grow if people keep blindly giving it 5 stars. Here is another, how hard is it to go to my history, so I can show my wife or friends a clip I just saw before. Hint: it’s very hard, I still didn’t figure out how. Here is another the first thing I want to do as a content consumer is watch videos, so get rid of the giant button in the middle of the selections at the bottom. Put it somewhere in the profile page that can toggle creator mode or something. How about a history button instead 😅. Here is another, I rather click the like button or while full screen, click a button the shows a shortcut for me to click thumbs up or down. “BuT YoU cAn SwIpE lEfT or RiGhT InStEaD..” no… I rather swipe to scroll through the video by seconds than one time use of a thumbs up or down. Make me want to use this app. The content is finally there for me, but I rather not navigate it.

Needs works but has potential. The only reason I have this app is to watch my favorite you tubers who were wrongly purged recently. This app has a lot of potential to be a great money maker for them and for others, and could be a great place for us to be able to exercise our 1st amendment right to free speech. However, I’ve never wanted to smash my phone more than when I’m trying to watch a video on here! The actual mobile app takes forever for the video to load, and then abruptly and randomly quits working and shuts off, crashing the app along with the video. I can use the internet site using my Safari app, but I often have the same problem getting the videos to load. Please please PLEASE fix these bugs! I will be a faithful user and promoter of the app if y’all can get your stuff together!

Search Engine Changes Please!. Hey this is a great app. I’m so that there is another option out there. One of the issues I have found is the lack of a robust search engine, I originally got to pick a few things I was interested in and people I wanted to sub to and then now even in my discover (left or right swipe like or dislike) I see the same stuff I already “liked” or channels I already follow. This is very frustrating, the search engine is very strict, you have to put exactly what you want or it doesn’t have a way to “search”. The discovery portion of this sight needs a lot of work, as well as its search engine, it really feels like it’s still in the beta phase and I have a lot more ideas, if you need a tester to give you feed back let me know because it doesn’t feel like you have anyone on the outside of the project giving you constructive feed back on how to improve Thanks again for giving us an option out there but definitely need more software people that are aware of the user side to make it more user friendly! God bless

I want to love Rumble...but I don’t in its current version.... I came to Rumble as soon as Dan Bongino mentioned it on his podcast, leaving Screw Tube...but I have a hard time watching it! I am a teacher & mother, trying to fit in vids wherever I can during my daily activities & work. But every time I turn off a reminder or answer a text, or just MOVE my phone, the picture goes away. I love Dan’s expressions & Visual ‘effects’, that’s why I watched him on Screw Tube rather than listening on Apple Podcasts...but trying to listen & live my life makes it difficult! The video doesn’t freeze but be the picture goes away & I can listen, but that’s it. I try to note where the show is, close the app, then go back & fast forward to that spot—though sometimes doing so zaps the picture again & I have to start’s a pain! I really hope this will get fixed SOON...or I’ll have to go back to Screw Tube or listen on apple, which I dislike doing, again, because I like the visual! I believe in supporting those who support us, so I don’t want to go elsewhere, but when a 1 to 1 hr, 5 minutes video takes 1 hr 30+, I have to make some changes, even if it’s just for my sanity! I’ll hang on a while longer...but I won’t wait forever.

Issues with those I follow. Update I have deleted the app. I’m very disappointed that what once was a good app no longer works after the last update. Plus there’s no where to “complain” to Rumble about it. Apparently whoever is in charge of it doesn’t care about it any longer. Will have to go to the individual websites to watch the videos of those I had subscriptions to and followed. Update: Apparently this happened after the last update. Unable to go to subscriptions on iPhone or iPad. In order to watch have to know what channel a video is on and look for it. Deleted the app and reinstalled still nothing! If not fixed will just delete app since it doesn’t work! As of today I can no longer go to my subscriptions or those I follow and see their videos. When I click on subscriptions it shows those I follow but there are NO videos. It only gives me a new screen that says it’s Email Notifications. A screen I’ve never seen before. Now to view any videos I am having to “hunt” for their videos. I’ve deleted the app and turned my phone off completely but it’s not resolved the issue.

Get ur stuff together!. I Adore Dan da Man Bongino! Deleted everything ‘google’. You guys have the potential to be The App! You could bury YouTube...Over a year later, doesn’t seem like much has changed. I was wondering what it was that turned ppl off to rumble? Well... Many of us can not leave comments on any posts. I have had 3 accounts on 3 separate devices...All we get is ‘Verify your email’! Dismiss. Categories. Let’s say I wanted to see the infamous squirrel water skiing. I would have to either know the name of the person who posted the vid, or spend time scrolling thru ‘like’ videos that populate below the one I picked. This could take days! (Yes, the squirrel is posted on Rumble!). Whether I’m in Discover, days picks, or ‘My Videos’, the choices are Large and require ‘time’ to scroll thru. Shrink the icons, say 2 side by side, and present ALL the text describing that video! None I’ve talked to who use Rumble would mind more advertising if it means generating cash to hire programmers that help put google Out Of Business! Finally, sent Tucker Carlson some flowers. Aside from Dan da Man and Steve B, Tucker is the only person that said ‘Rumble’ to a large audience! (What Floored me was he’s Never heard of it...His guest posted here. Godspeed

😎Finally a social site that doesn’t spread lies!. *** I’m enjoying Rumble because, those spreading the truth “are not being censored” like they were on Facebook or Twitter. —>”I was censored & my account banned” on Facebook several times, for repeating the exact fake words lying sleepy Joe made up about MAGA. **Their censorship obviously had my account in their crosshairs. 🎯 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The only reason I rated just 4 stars, is because I can’t edit my comments. I do make typos, 😮and SIRI often misinterprets what I dictate🤨, and it’s real easy to accidently hit the send button before you’re done. 😡 ***So I want to correct those so I don’t look like some idiot. ( I don’t care if you keep a record of my edits, just like that last one to be the words I intended to post. 🙂)

Freedom of speech and thought. Rumble is truly an amazing platform and may well save the world. This is because it is a place where censorship is not allowed. The best of humanity, science, ideas come from the free flow or words and ideas. The best usually rise to the top and the bad are rejected. Evil comes from those who want to control others. Period! All oppression and slavery in history has occurred when the flow freeing speech and thoughts are stifled, censored and controlled by few in charge. Global elites and governments know if someone is told something over and over again and dissenting views are prohibited people will believe anything including lies. Rumble is securing our God given rights to express ourselves. Hats off to the inventor of Rumble and all who are doing Gods work

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Great app BUT very slow uploading & heaps of unexpected dropouts !. Hey mate, nice app, needs some work, it would be better if we could get the upload speed for videos you wish to post to be a lot quicker & more stable, I had a 19min video I was trying to upload today, took me about 6 hours, kept dropping out about 55%. I ended up finding out if I turned my WIFI off & used mobile 4G data for the video it finally uploaded, & another thing, I uploaded 12 videos today, around lunchtime, only 1 of those 12 videos has been verified and allowed for other Rumble users to view it. The other 11 videos are still under review. It would be great if we could speed up that process also? But other then that mate. Well done. Oh yeah my brand of phone is a apple iPhone 12 Pro. Incase you need that for bug fixes. Cheers brother .

Slow. Sometimes i find rumble is slow to load

Better than you tube. Much better than you tube you actually see what you have subscribed to and don’t have to scroll through irrelevant content also very great as you can close the application and still listen to the video. Highly recommend.

I don’t know what certain people are saying. Well I certainly don’t know what people are saying about this because I got hit with censorship just because I added a video and it wasn’t anything bad or anything to do with conspiracy theories and that is one reason I originally deactivated my account on this and I really felt like something weird was going on with this entire app as far as I was concerned

Needs more work to be accessible and useful. Needs major work to ensure those of us who use assistive technology such as screen readers and magnifiers can use it. Buttons are not propperly labeled also, the layout needs to be made more accessible. There are a number of other points that need to be considered, but the app can be used bearly.

And We Know. Just starting to use your service ,but already impressed with its content.

Great, but look fwd to improvements.. Most important thing about Rumble is it doesn’t seem to delete or censor user’s, as far as I know? But, would like to see downloads to save on mobile streaming in bad signal areas, Picture in Picture playback browse and search while viewing, and more inclusive view of all subscriptions.

Not bad at all.. All up good, but buffering video and main page UI needs work. Especially showing the guys you subscribe to need to be a little easier too.

Searching rumble. When I search topics or names nothing happens. Why? Just a list of people to follow but nothing about the topic I’m searching. Why? Also trying to post this review and not being able to until I find a nickname that has not taken somewhere in the world. Very frustrating. You guys can do better than that!

Lots of problems. I’ve just tried to sign up and I am having a lot of problems even typing anything into the sign up section. I initially logged in and started up the account and then everything went haywire. The pages were locking, they were turning on their side, and when I tried to accept a channel because it looked amazing it ended up locking me out completely. I deleted the app and started again but this time the problem is when you sign up as soon as you type in your name it deleted it, so I tried starting with password and the same thing happened it deleted it and then trying to put my DOB in, just kept wiping the screen. Please fix all the problems and I’ll change my rating. Thanks Michael.

A Great platform for free speech. I was bounced off Facebook for merely writing “Heil Hitler” to a post by the Australian State Premier McGowan. He had just sat at a Table of all State Premiers and our Prime Minister agreeing to new Covid rules and definitions. He then comes out and says he will impose his own stricter definitions and lockout rules! He is a known sociopath/megalomaniac, and Facebook chooses to protect him. Any dissent is to be crushed like the fascists of the 1930s. So, I suggest to everyone’s who is kicked off Facebook to always stay off it for 3-4 times longer than your suspension. They make money off your time on Facebook. Remove the income you provide them and come to Rumble and Parler.

Can’t sign in. Would love to support this app but just can’t sign in. I have never been able to experience what Rumble has to offer.

Best app for videos. I enjoy listening to rumble. It’s easy to use and mostly uncensored, so it’s better than a lot of the other platforms.

yes yes exactly what the people need. I am so glad to be able to use this awesome app so much better than the others absolutely no censorship we are allowed to talk and think for ourselves unlike the other 3 rumble let’s u find out and figure out the REAL TRUTH not what they want u to think thanks so much Dan Bongino for giving power back to the people

Downloads. The videos should be able to to download so we can listen to them without wifi, while we are driving .ect

Looks great. Fantastic to have alternatives to the tech giants. Let’s hope they don’t destroy this like they did with Parler . It’s time to move away from Big Tech even if it means back to dumb phones.

Live chat still broken / Rumble Rants feature n/a. Love the platform. The app is garbage as it’s buggy and lacks critical features. BUGS: Live chat won’t load 90% of the time; Live stream doesn’t load automatically when stream goes live; Live chats appear to duplicate for user (not visible to others in chat). MISSING FEATURES: Rumble Rants in app; Playlists (including viewing history); Direct link from notification to related comment replies; Live chat replay; Search bar while viewing video; Bug reporting feature. C’mon Rumble, we’ve been begging you to fix these issues for many, many months.

Forget about censorship, it has to work and it doesn’t work like it should. Ok So forget about all the nonsense happening around the world, my review is about the app itself. When I stream to my tv I have zero control in that I can not fast forward the stream, in fact if I even try and fast forward the stream will reset to the start every time. This prevents me from being able to enjoy the content in this app. If my internet falls out and I’m halfway through watching something, I either abandon my viewing or start it from the start again, I nearly always abandon the session when this happens. I will upgrade my rating if this is fixed. Spewtube does not have this [glitch]

Ditch state controlled big tech such as YT. Stop allowing what you view to be controlled and censored, at this point it is just propaganda. The free movement of news should not be up for discussion. Big tech are out of control.

I keep trying to make comment on videos…. Getting error message: posting comments too fast, … try again in 20 seconds” it doesn’t work. Apparently to protect community… nothing offensive being said, had this message multiple times. Also, I don’t want anymore junk emails, I can’t follow anyone with our it showing up in my inbox. So, not following almost anyone!!!

Fix your iPad app!!. I just installed rumble for the first time and the app is not usable as it should be. Firstly I couldn’t complete my sign up as it would not let me enter my date of birth no matter how many times I tried. Secondly the follow button doesn’t work either. Only been using it for 5 minutes so far, I hope there’s nothing else that doesn’t work..

New update made everything worse. Please make a new update Soon

Improvement. Is it possible to Move the time slide bar further up the screen, it gets confused with the app tray at the bottom of the screen thanks.

Needs improving on IPad. The iPad landscape view is terrible, the video thumbnails stretch out to fill the entire screen pixelating the image. Update...landscape view in iPad is broken, video does not play only sound.

Unstable. This app is very unstable and annoying. The little car symbol isn’t working now. And if I go into subscriptions then select a video it throws me out of the app before it even starts every single time. Can only view videos from the Home Screen and many times, it throws me out of the app completely. Once working properly without so many glitches I believe the app will be great 👌🏼please fix these annoying issues. Thank you

Censored. Yeah, I hate to mention it but, yeah, I’m of the strong opinion that Rumble plays the same games that we see in Twitter. Don’t believe me? We’ll time will tell if you post or comment to defend Donald Trump or his family members. I saw comments and likes ‘disappear’. I’m not gonna chase after the rabbit to resolve the issue except tell others what I’ve observed….have a good life all.

Thank you Rumble. First hour on Rumble and I’m ready to put FB tiktok and all other platforms in the trash. Does Rumble promise to always remain the same as far as anti censorship and suppression of fact? Thank you Rumble 👏👏

Always 5 stars.. Governments and corporations are behaving like abusive partners. "Only listen to me, I know what's best for you. Anyone who tells you I'm a bad guy is your REAL enemy. No one can take care of you like I can." … it's scary how literal the isolation and control has become. The proper way to combat lies and misinformation, is with TRANSPARENCY. If governments and corporations want people's trust, it's actually fairly easy. JUST DON'T LIE. Open up the books. Show everyone the documents. Of course they won't do that, and you're not even allowed to question why anymore. I might feel differently if those who seek to control information aren't LITERALLY getting caught lying EVERY DAY. Sure crackpot theories exist. That's what happens when people have to speculate in the absence of TRANSPARENCY. But it's not JUST crockpot theories is it? It's also far more reasonable theories, which a couple of months later turn out to be TRUE which are being censored and maligned as crazy, by "fact checkers" who don't have any special access to the future or extra information. These tools of state propaganda are telling us what's true and not true LONG BEFORE any investigation is done. That doesn't benefit your or me… or objectivity.… or transparency… it benefits self-interested liars. Thank you for standing up for vital principles in a world where even so-called journalists won't do it. Shame on Apple for being part of the narrative control machine.

App keeps losing sound???. Rumble can you please fix an issue where the sound keeps dropping out from your videos. The video continues to play but there is no audio. It’s been going on for awhile now. It’s getting frustrating!!!

Fight. Real information gives us a chance to fight back!

Proud Of Macedonia. I didn’t know this Platform existed until recently. It was something that was desperately required. The msm are corrupt. I’m so happy to find Rumble and it was an added surprise that it is founded by a fellow Macedonian 🙏🇲🇰

Hypnoband8. How novel, refreshing and old fashioned values and respect, to be able to speak your mind without being shutup like your opinion does not count. Real people listen, take what you want and leave the rest. Its called Democracy. . Stiffled speech is called Communism. Which do YOU choose? Rumble or ********* and **** ?

App keeps shunting down. I love the potential of this app; it’s a great competitor to other social media video apps. However, when I go into an individual subscription that I’m following, and I click on one of the videos, the app shut down immediately. If I click on a video within my feed, when I open up the app, it will play a video with no problem. Appreciate it if the developers could fix this issue because it’s been like this for weeks.

Load time. I love the platform but it takes it a long time to load. Thanks

Rumble with out sensors. I love it but I wish the rumble app would go back to how it used to be, now it’s harder to get the updates from my subscriptions. Why was it changed?

Improvements needed. 2 stars because it’s something we need and generally it works pretty well, but only 2 because there are some significant issues: 1) Easily accessible history function: to pick up where one left off in watching videos, etc. 2) Ability to Lock Screen and listen or pop out video, which currently does not work, often resulting in app resetting in background when one has to respond to something else. This is disruptive and pushing me away from using the app instead of being able to quickly respond to a message or email without disrupting my viewing, or to continue listening whilst driving without picture on screen.

Clips you can’t find elsewhere but UX could be better. Search function could be better. Would love to see ‘date published’ when scrolling. History. View of what I have watched. Folders. So I can collect reference material and revert back to it easily.

Rumbles a YT offering but needs more features. Rumble is a gr8 alternative and feels a lot safer as you don’t worry every moment about being cancelled. But on the negative side, new users should be able to upload and have displayed 1080p as this is the social media general standard. Also more features are required to give a more YT like feel. Just copy them without breaching any law. More clarification needs to be explained as to the licensing. A video associated with each licence that can be watched. Don’t add music so it is clear to hear. It is very confusing to new users That is about it. Hope you stay “free speech” unlike the woke crew. Waynos Fotos

Love the free speech. Keep up the good work I feel like the slide bar on the bottom of video can be a bit finicky sometimes but everything has consistently been improving. Im now on here more than other places because I don’t have to dig around trying to find videos from people I subscribe to. Keep up the good work, keep up the free speech.

Controls for casing. Hey, love the app, but one thing I seem to be missing on the app is the ability to pause, rewind, skip etc while casting to the chrome cast on my tv. There doesn’t seem to be any way in the app to control the video stream on the tv, which is pretty standard on other video apps.

KUDOS RUMBLE: FREE SPEECH. KUDOS & gratitude to the whole RUMBLE team for WALKING THE TALK regarding protecting full FREEDOM OF SPEECH - not just *appearing* to do so through patronising BS virtue signalling! ALL THE BEST INDEPENDENT CRITICAL THINKERS, creators & audience members are finding their way here - long may the peaceful intelligent god loving vibes for the good of the humanity continue to shine! Amen Aho & NamasFreakinTe 🙌🙏🙌

Like it but!!. I love this app i see the best most informative videos on rumble iv even made some pocket money. But the videos take ages to play. I am with Vodafone so that might be why😩 but so many other bugs right now i cant upload anything it just closes the app when i try. My last video i did upload but it took a month? And some how a video i had already uploaded got posted twice. I feel im having trouble cos im using iphone And they are probably doing all in their power Censure you guys. Keep up the good work freedom needs you guys 😘

Screen sharing problem. Great platform. The only thing I have a problem with is being unable to control where you want to play a video from when screen sharing. Essentially have to watch every video from the start.

Great platform, frustrating app. I use rumble app every day. Whilst I understand and totally respect what the platform is about, the app is very frustrating. It consistently stops during play. Sometimes it happens a lot which makes it very difficult to listen to podcasts. The platform is 100% awesome but the app can be improved. Fix this issue and I will leave a 5 star review. Thank you.

iPad Pro. Audio working, video does not Play. Rumble works ok on iPhone 12 Pro, but not on iPad Pro. I have unfollowed 4 people, the screen originally; turns to following 0, but immediately goes back to 4? These are people I did not request to follow!

App crashes constantly. Without fail, anytime I try and scroll through comments or down the page when a video is playing the app will crash. Salty Army all day.

Need improves. I would like to have a download option to listen offline

Matafonua. A very underrated app and if only had more exposure to alot more people it would go a long way. Other than that lovin the experience i have with it and a peace of mind knowing that its open to free speech. Great work

Bad reception Always pausing. The oligarchs on the space satellite above on the control centre are pausing most videos I’m watching on Rumble. The same oligarchs that controlled those remote powered planes that powered into the twin towers Where is the video footage of the supposedly passenger plane that hit the Pentagon The most surveillance building in the world. Then we spent 20 years and several trillions of dollars on a war in Afghanistan. To give it back to the Taliban after 20 years. That is why I’m on Rumble, Loved watching Daniel Boone. I love the rules for the constitution. I love freedom of choice It’s commonsense! Dogs and cats aren’t dropping dead Why? People on medication and antibiotics and all other medication for self inflicted chronic illnesses are compromised from the man made virus. Ask Cathy O’Brien Ask any true Patriot who cares for all people Don’t worry be happy 😃

Keeps signing me out. Won’t let me stay signed in very frustrating. And now every time I sign in it says email is in use so now I can’t use rumble

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TOP G. Freedom of Speech 💯on here Perpicacity 💯 This is way better than YouTube and I downloaded it to watch Andrew Tate videos only… Can’t cancel the Top G!

Literally just twitter. The app has a good idea it’s just that the people on it are just annoying has people on twitter. Would not recommend.

Why is registration required to use app.. I switched to this because of YouTube’s hypocrisy. But I don’t like the fact that I have to register or sign in to use the app. I’m not a big fan of Big companies collecting my data even if it’s from improving my user experience etc.

Terrible GUI. Poor layout having to watch most recent to get back to subscribed view. Poor design on iPad.

Not a bad start. App needs a lot of work, but their principles are strong.

We need Rumble. The platform for free expression is so badly needed. But OMG the recommendation and search algorithms are awful.

F Youtube. Rumble is the answer rumble is king, queen, prince and emperor, and I will always forever be grateful for what they do especially for Steve will do it Russell Brand, and hopefully Tucker Carlson. This app is top-five most important in the protection of democracy and free speech and liberty life, and the pursuit of Happyness. Truly, I am grateful and so should you be as well I remember how YouTube used to be I was born in 2000 and high, grew up watching YouTube. It was a big part of my life and since then I’ve seen it be reduced to nothing but an arm of the propaganda agenda that is getting paddled paddled by big tech, Silicon Valley California woke mob interest, and frankly it makes me sick knowing how YouTube used to be. It wasn’t always perfect but you could for the most part say what she wanted share what you wanted you could see swear and do as you please, and make money off of it now they hold traders hostage delete people at random and it will for stepping out of line. Even an inch out of line can get you done in Steve will do. It is probably the biggest example they’ll demonetize you at the drop of a hat they suppress any kind of content that doesn’t match the. brainwash western society is despicable Rumble is the answer. Rumble is the truth Rumble is the savior. Rumble is the bastion of freedom Rumble is the last watering hole of those who wish to speak freely Of course there’s also a Twitter Rumble isn’t perfect. Neither is Twitter believe they will grow and grow and grow. Based on the fact that people respect your wishes. Deep down all people want to be able to say and see what they think without

Top g. Top g

Won’t play. Videos don’t load. “Something went wrong” message.

No censorship!. The app includes all angles of the story (the stuff you would find on YouTube, and the news that is wiped from the media). Highly recommended if you want to keep up with what’s going on in the world and come to a well rounded conclusion about what is the “truth”.

Too much political junk. Too much political junk I just want to watch good videos that are less censored, but every search comes up with “how such and such are ruining America” it’s annoying and a waste of a decent platform .

Free speach. This app is much better then any other social media app. Its freedom of speach, they dont ban you for openly saying your opinion.

Crashes. Every time I search for a video and try to crashes. Having to use the web version.

New in between screen is terrible. I love this site but the new added screen that forces suggestions upon you is incredibly annoying and completely unnecessary. I hate it i hate it i hate it I hate it. Worked just fine before that was added and now the videos lag or simply don't play at all.. probably because that superfluous extra screen from hell is eating up bandwidth or something. There should be a way to opt out of that incredibly annoying extra screen or at the very least, an option to stop it from auto playing the next thing on their list of what the developers are forcing down our throats. Bad move, Rumble.

Channel assignment. It is unfortunate that once I upload a video on one of my channels under the same account, I can’t change it if I find out I have made a mistake. YouTube allows you to edit that and your thumbnail photo any time.

Amazing app!. Amazing app!

Right Winged App. Saw an add on YouTube talking about how they have a platform for basically no censorship. Knowing YouTube it actually censors two groups. I went on the app to see which group was posting on here and it was the right winged/conspiracy theorists. Now there’s nothing wrong if that’s your cup of tea, I just find them a joke and if that’s the whole point of your app is giving Right winged theorists a platform I wouldn’t recommend it. Seriously the entire front page was people complaining that one person modded trans flags into Hogwarts legacy and how it’s the end of the world or something dumb. Probably alright app just isn’t for me or like half the world.

Setup of the videos.. What has been done to the way followers of the different podcasts access the videos? It is very difficult to follow the podcasts that were very accessible before WHATEVER HAS HAPPENED TO THE WHOLE RUMBLE SETUP. NOT ALL PEOPLE ARE ‘tech’ EXPERTS SO PLEASE PUT THE SYSTEM BACK TO BEFORE WHATEVER HAS HAPPENED AND BEEN SCREWED UP BY A techie!!🥵👿🤔

Power consumption. Please address the power consumption issue. When using the app, my phone is hot and the battery drains at an excessive rate. Not to mention the power stats for this app is significantly higher than anything else.

Terrible app. This this sucks. Navigation is terrible. Only joined it to watch Steve will do it. Otherwise I have no reason to have the app. It’s even worse that Andrew Tate's name is associated with it.

This app is garbage.. It is a crap app. It is the lowest form of social media. Waste of time. Hard pass.

Horrible Interface / No wonder low audience!. The usability of the Rumble app , their website, along with other devices is absolutely AWFUL! Unsubscribing does not remove the selection, search is ridiculous, and the list of obvious bugs is so long one cannot vem count. NO SURPRISE THEY HAVE A MILLIONTH OF THE AUDIENCE KN THE HEAVILY CENSORED YOUTUBE! Rumble urgently needs someone that know how to create useful interface. How can management NOT SEE THIS????

No content. There is nothing worth watching and the content that is on the platform seems really slimy. Speaking of slimy, if you decide that you’d like to close your account, you’ll discover that the process is a multi step affair which is needlessly difficult. As much as I’d love to have a YouTube alternative, YouTube has nothing to worry about from these guys.

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Truth media!. This is the best source of truth! Highly recommend Rumble!

Free Speech. Rumble > YouTube

Archaic ui. Uncomfortable to use. Needs a ui revamp. Too many ads.

Barely works if ever.. Videos won’t play. Somehow buffering is a thing on this app. Pure trash. YouTube is leaps and bounds better than this garbage app.

free speech. where would the world be without Rumble enabling free speech!!?

All opinions matter regardless of righteousness. I respect all opinions regardless if I agree and that’s how it should be for all!

Rumble problems on iPad. When I open rumble app on iPad today I get an error message. Is apple blocking access to rumble?

Fox the interface. The interface is terrible! If you go down a rabbit hole watching a number of videos you have to back your way out to the main menu. Just put a menu option on the screen somewhere so you can do main actions like going to the Home Screen from anywhere.

My review. Honestly there is some neat and good things about the app but I only give a single star because this app is also full of right wing garbage not to mention it is a huge echo chamber of the right, and it has right wing bias for sure if none of this were true I would give a higher rating.

Great Topics and Freedom of Speech. That’s what Rumble is all about. Topics and information that people will not find anywhere else. A commitment to Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Speech.

Great app. Love the app and all the entertainment on it. Good work

Good content, but can’t stream. I like the content that I’ve seen. Seems to be less censorship than YouTube, however I can’t seem to stream from my iPad to Apple TV, and I’m not going to sit here holding my iPad in my hands, watching the tiny screen when I can stream other sites to my tv.

Interface is confusing. I try to access my followers from the top list and it auto-plays the latest video. No way I can catch up without going to my subscription and then the followed, and then find the videos. Not happy with this change. Make it so hard. And where are notifications?

Birthday field not working. Can’t even create an account. Can’t go into birthday field… not impressed so far…

put the app on console. need it

Why this is only 2 star. I would love to give this a 4-5 star rating but it would be nice if you could continue a video where you left off instead of having to start from the beginning and skipping ahead to get back to where you were

Horrible app. This app sucks don’t get it!!! Says it’s better then YouTube but it ain’t, ain’t even worth the start I gave it

Love the concert but app is basically unusable on Mobile. Cannot setup an account, windows stuck open, can sign in using Facebook but then continues to tell me to sign in if I want to subscribe to folks. I’ve tried this app when it first came out and is still unusable for me

Very poor app.. I’ve just written a review but here’s an update. I want to write my own story with my opinions, not just follow.

Won’t come through. Having trouble getting into my choices.

Right wing extremist sanctuary. This app is a hotbed for right wing lunatics who love conspiracy theories and spend every waking moment desperately trying to own the libs. It’s a dumbed down YouTube in every imaginable way with extra emphasis on “dumb.” I downloaded it to watch some videos of ch1ld pr3dators being caught that were taken down elsewhere, and imleginnagely laugh out loud when I see all the goofy, colossally dorky content that gets recommended to me. Nothing but an echo chamber for cornballs who make their dumb politics their entire personality.

Top g. Top g on rumble

Constant freezing. The app barely works anymore. Video’s constantly freezing, have to restart app constantly.

Thank you Rumble. When I found I can watch “Steve bannon’ war room”, I know Rumble is doing right thing and doing thing right.

Too many rate fans. He’s not a role model

Tate W. One simply cannot silence the Top G

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Don’t like the changes and lost features with updated app.. I loved the fact that the audio would play when I minimized the app. I could even close the phone and still listen After updating the app I can no longer do this. Also, I am not seeing all the people I follow in my feed so I miss new videos and if I click on someone I am following at the top it takes me to one of their videos instead of their homepage where I can select the one I want. I like rumble but find these changes annoying. There is a lot I will no longer listen to if I have to keep my screen open the whole time.

Needs playlists, history, and download options.. Something like playlists would be really convenient when listening to videos, because it’s really great to listen to videos in the background without a paywall. I’d also like to be able to download videos whenever Im in an area with bad connection. And a way to resume a video from where you left off would be very helpful. Otherwise, you need to make sure you remember where you were. Especially if the video is over an hour or two. Otherwise, great app, and I hope you continue to improve it.

Notifications. We are on a new app. It’s going to need tweeks, the notifications specifically, I don’t think the notifications are intuitive to understand. Atm its a tree like breakdown w/ pictures and profiles it makes it a bit cluttered I don’t know how to streamline what your making me aware of when I get the notification it could take you to the your OG Truth and highlight the ascending comments likes and reTruths. Idk, I guess that’s my review. I like most things about the app. Good luck with the future of Truth Social, glad to be able to see it grow.

Rumble= My Favorite Social Media App 💪🏻. Firstly on rumble, you can express yourself without having to worry about canceling & all that nonsense. Secondly, the app has a positive environment where you can freely post. Therefore I feel safe on the app it’s engaging & all around a phenomenal app it says true to its word the CEO of rumble is an impeccable man. Lastly, I recommend this app it’s by far the best social media platform for their real news, in addition, the people on rumble have a high perspicacity of the world It’s a magnificent place where you spread the truth you rumble doesn’t hit you can freely say what’s on your mind!

Good but needs work.. I’ve installed both the iPad and AppleTV versions of the App. The iPad version does not support PnP and lacks a useful video browser but you can log into your Rumble account with it. The absence of PnP really makes the iPad App useless to me — I like to be able to use my iPad while watching videos, which I can do through the Web interface but not the App. I’m very grateful to have the AppleTV version though. It provides an escape from the YouTube/AppleTV monopoly. The AppleTV version has a nicely fleshed out video browser interface. The video playback controls are a little twitchy and, bizarrely, there is no mechanism for logging onto a Rumble account. That means no ability to like videos or access subscriptions. This severely impairs the utility of the App but, before the App, there was really no good way to watch Rumble in AppleTVs. The Apps have both been very stable on my devices. Again, I’m glad to have Rumble Apps and I look forward (soon?) for these important features to be added.

Still learning how to do it.. I’m still learning how to work this site... but that’s only because I’m not really that familiar with it ...but as I go along I’ll figure it out but what I’ve read so far’s far better than what I was doing on Facebook that’s for sure and there was no security on Facebook. Plus I really didn’t appreciate children running Facebook and putting people in jail for something that they didn’t like hearing. At least you have a voice over here...And I can be heard. Everyone seems to be treated the same.

Only 1 thing wrong. First I’d say the freeness of this app as far as content creators being able to be free and who they truly are instead of being constricted to guidelines and “rules” and choosing a side in propaganda and the app creator standing on that is refreshing and great (just look at what you want and stop worrying/watching about the stuff you don’t agree with((yes everything has limits)) but the only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because I can’t watch a video and look for my next video while the first video is playing (like you can on the play button app) :) tell somebody you love them ;)

Great app!. First off, I greatly appreciate the free platform where we can reliably see the shows that we want to see without fear of them being banned by expressing views opposing the mainstream. I would like to see a feature where you can minimize the video you’re watching to continue browsing other videos in your list; sort of like the competition. I really do like the fact that I can leave the app while still listening to my videos without paying for an extra service. Thank you rumble!

Needs improvement. Lot of work still needs to be done to reach its potential. Most frustratingly, the Chromecast functionality is broken. When you connect it, it does not resume playing the video from where it was when you were watching it on your phone and, what’s worse, no controls even come up on the app to let you manually fast-forward it to where you left off at. Imagine being an hour into a 2-hour podcast and then, when you get home and can finish it on a TV, you realize it’s impossible to do so without starting it over from the beginning. Please fix this. Good Chromecast functionality is something I really appreciate in any video app.

Hard to use. Freezes up constantly. It’s annoyingly hard to use, I can’t find what I want. It’s easier for me to post videos than watch them and I don’t care to post. I want to watch. It freezes up constantly. I can’t find a dark mode so everything is super bright on my phone making it hard to watch for more than 5 minutes or so. It tells me my videos I’ve made and posted and how much money I’ve made right in the main screen even tho I’m not a content creator and I’m HERE TO WATCH. I want to watch someone’s live stream and all it gives me is little snippets of past videos when I literally search their name and LIVESTREAM. I’d rather put up with YouTube’s censorship than a video streaming service that doesn’t work or is incredibly annoying to navigate.

I’m really trying to love this ....but. Hi Been using this for a few months my go to is Bongino and now I can’t watch his podcast His podcast and several others are glitching The moment I click on his video the audio feed from the Discover Tab starts playing I’ve deleted the app re-downloaded it and still having issues Not sure what else to do it If I select a page from my subsciptions list on the top it will play the video until I pause it just fine but when I hit play to proceed it happens to those videos as well Using an iPhone 11

Great but needs some improvement. I love to watch videos here to move from competitors. The changes have been great over the past couple months but the one thing that drives me crazy still is when I’m watching a live show but had to “rewind “ it to the beginning. When the live ends the feed where I am at ends as well. I want to be able to watch through the whole show. The other problem is that it doesn’t keep my place on videos. When I watch and come back I have to scan to find where I was. Keep up the good work!!

New format. I am disappointed that I am not able to view news stories that are only a day or two old. Example: If I went onto Bongino, Glenn Beck or any other sites there would be several of their podcasts or shorts. Now I see only one podcast short and none of the stories from previous days. Instead I find other peoples podcasts which do not interest me. I find it easier to go directly to a persons web site to catch up on stories I missed from previous days. So I’m finding the use of rumble to be less attractive to me for to get news stories which I may have missed out on

Finally Balanced News. I am so thankful we have a platform to get fair and balanced information. I have really enjoyed getting information from many of the speakers that are available. I have been more in tune with real intelligent information from a large range of different backgrounds. I have also been sharing so people can make up their own mind with real news. Thank you for giving us a voice and giving us the most updated news. I do follow and als read the Epoch Times.

The Truth. It’s the truth about what’s happening to our country and our freedoms. The left wants to destroy this country..teaching students to hate it and promote socialism for their own good. Destroying the middle class by pitting races against one another. This has been the plan all along. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. The poor are all supported by the government so they will continue to vote for the dems. Letting thugs and criminals over the borders and sending them to red states to change the voting climate there. If they can’t change the climate then they will cheat to get what they want.

BMack. Dan Love the app Love what your doing . Praying your health and heart are ok. Didn’t like the news you gave the other day about your heart . Scary we need more guys like you to continue to push the Truth . Sad how much people today will lie to save a dollar or push there beliefs . Like Sleepy Joe who has no idea what Classified docs are there . I’m slower then slow and I can tell you Joe inside info on Ukraine and Oh yeah China . What we know and how Sleepy Joe can help. Dan I worked with your brother Joe at Estée Lauder for a year great guy . I’m happy he landed on his feet . God Bless and praying for your health. Love Everything your doing keep it up. Thanks Brian M

Messed up…. I reported over 1 1/2 weeks ago that your app totally deleted my account that I’ve had for a long time on it. I was in the middle of watching a video…went to comment and POOF account gone. Went to log back in with my profile info and it kept repeating do not recognize the account. Lost all the channels I subscribed to and had to start a new account. Now….I can’t even comment under the new account. It just keeps saying verify your email and then it doesn’t even take me to that option. What in the world is going on with the app? It is annoying and such an inconvenience. Well months later and still not able to comment on the videos I watch. Still asks for verification for my email and never takes me to verify it. I won’t 5 star the app til you fix the disruptive issues. Unbelievable 🤦‍♀️

Alt Right Echo Chamber. “A place for people with a different opinion.” Is what the ad said. Sounds so innocent, until your opinion isn’t about your favorite color, it’s about if you think gay people should have rights or die. This platform is a circle jerk for Christian Nationalist and White supremacists to finally have their wet dream of being persecuted for their white skin and Christian faith fulfilled! Wow, she’s different. It’s mouth pieces for the Alt Right who end up causing a rise in hate crimes and the deaths of people of color and Queer people. If you feel like you need an entire platform to express your thoughts and opinions without being yelled at for them. Maybe, just maybe. You’re not a good person. Trans rights are human rights. Black people are not inherently violent. No human is illegal. And no law or bill will tell us otherwise.

Clunky and erratic. Prior to latest update? Constantly fails to play media, says “something went wrong” and there’s no option to scroll to the next video or try again you have to back out of the video and start a new scroll to find that video again. Really DUMB!! Other apps stream with no problems. Now with this newest update?? Total disaster. Don’t even get me started on how retarded this move is. Ok I can’t not rant - People want to open a channel and be able to scroll thru like a catalog of media organized by dates. It’s that simple. I don’t want to be railroaded straight into a full screen player with no titles and no navigation when I select someone’s channel!!! The app is not useable On my up to date iPhone 13. Sadly going back to the browser window.

Screen real estate underutilized. I am happy to report that absolutely NOTHING has changed from my last review. The screenshots for iPad on the app store are misleading. They show a 2 column layout. In reality, even in landscape mode, there’s only a tiny single column layout running down the middle of the screen with huge whitespace on both sides. When you select to play a video in landscape mode (I mostly use my iPad in landscape), the video is stuck at the top and doesn’t scroll. That leaves only a tiny space below it where the rest of the content can be displayed and scrolled, which is just a single video. And finally, when a video is currently playing, scrolling is horrendously bad. The scrolled video thumbnails are jerking, jumping badly. Just another below average app written by a high school graduate with no regard of user experience. ios 14.8.1

A Bit Flakey So Far. The actual watching videos part is good, but the profile management piece is a bit flaky. Constantly shows a red dot alert, as if there is a new message or action when there isn’t. Updating your photo required several attempts before it took. Any info changes send you a confirmation email that opens in the web browser rather than the app. Taking action on the email does nothing while back over in the app still shows the update button as if you had never done anything. Finally, you just bail out and hope that the changes took. Meanwhile, the “1” is still showing in the red dot as if there is some action still required.

Please keep working on this. Big Rumble fan - been running it for a while, search on Rumble first, and watch the V people I follow on Rumble over other platforms. But - you guys gotta get your notification system squared away, and your user interface. For instance: - My user interface shows two thumbs-up symbols, should be a thumbs-up and a thumbs-down symbol. (Thought maybe it was a version issue, but I’m up to date, and running an iPhone 11 Pro). - No way to find your comments after posting them. No way to reply-to/engage with anybody who replies to your comments. Get that stuff squared away and you’ll see more people joining. Guaranteed.

Free speech. Since this app promotes free speech and doesn’t censor what it doesn’t like I’m suspicious they will get banned of off app store and Microsoft stores the reason would be that the totalitarian western government doesn’t like this growing population of people who r realizing what the west have been doing all these years but now it’s too late they tried that when the woke leftist twitter got bought by elon musk a right wing guy that didn’t ban right wingers left and right and he literally brought back kanye west and Donald Trump which he got threatened by apple to ban him this totalitarianism must come to an end.

Love the app!. This app is amazing! It’s so exciting to be a part of a new wave of tech companies that counteract the censorship we’ve been battling for a while now. I love everything the company stands for and how they are continually updating their product so that we have the best experience possible. I do have one suggestion that I think would make it even better though. When we are using another app like Truth Social for example, and we click on a rumble video link, it would be great for that video to open directly in the app instead of the desktop version. Keep up the great work!

Freedom of Thought and Expression. I watch and listen to Christian content. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, etc. actively edit and restrict content. Now people who are Pastors, teachers, theologians are telling us, for free expression of thoughts and truth go to Rumble. So if i wish to get unedited news, doctrine and information Rumble and Telegram our recommended sources. Your job, health services, right to assemble to worship God, ability to have free and fair elections, ability to have your constitutional rights protected and enforced are rapidly being threatened and erased. Thanks Rumble for standing up for free expression and speech.

Free speech 5/5. Didn't think platforms I loved for awhile (excluding tiktok cause that's a literal scam stealing and listening to your phone everytime you load up the app) would simply deplatform someone for simply speaking. And on top of that speaking, they were all facts. "Woke" has now reached the top ladder of leadership on all those platforms and most of those people act with extreme actions which is to ban. I don't think I've ever had a thought of wanting to ban someone completely out of existence because " my feelings got hurt " XD. Shout out Rumble though for this.

I way to continue where you left off.. I would like to give a 5 star review as this app is taking on the giant. I enjoy the interface and playback, but if you leave the app, you loose your place. I enjoy watching long form videos nearing 3 hours long. This is almost impossible do as if you don’t notate or remember where you were, it is extremely frustrating trying to find out where you left off. This can’t be that crazy of a feature to have. Also, there is not any support or feedback channel to inquire about this. Please make this like all playback apps and put in a way to mark your progress through the videos. Thank you. Your 5 Star review awaits this “feature”!

Improvements desperately needed. 1. Good luck finding videos for what you’re actually searching for. For example, a search for something as popular as 9/11 conspiracy videos will return nearly nothing of relevance. 2. If you click to read a comment, you can’t go back to the main comment feed. You’re stuck. 3. If you’re Google Casting a video to your TV and accidentally exit the app, you can’t just easily navigate back to the video. 4. You can’t control the video from your phone when casting. 5. Not all searches save. In my opinion, for the amount of time Rumble has been around and with the access to funds they have, they are very far behind.

Title if God before us who can be against us. I praise God today that he has sent President Donald Trump into our lives and we should help him in every endeavor that he makes to make this country a really great again but what it’s always been I was raised in the country and I’m very shocked to see what is happening to it but we as one individual can make a difference one individual who comes to two becomes three and so forth and so long then you have millions that will rise up together that we might defeat the evil that’s going on in our world today God bless you and God help us all in Jesus name a man

Content. It is very refreshing to hear the truth from a media source. American journalists have become nothing more than a paid political mouth piece. We The People are sick of the demonic, communistic leftist propaganda and the removal of our Constitutional Rights, freedoms, and family values. The Governmental agencies are corrupt from the City Councils all the way to the President of the USA. THIS INCLUDES Judicial Systems, police officers (not all - a few), and many judges! All evils need exposed and removed at all levels in all states. Thank You for being honest on your exposing and reporting these lies and issues. We need this in every aspect of all states.

User-friendly,efficient and a fun platform. Easy to navigate, and the platform isnt bloated from intrusive advertising or the typical “content creator” vibes that other platforms promote. Better content that is always growing, less filler content by cash cow studios churning out mediocre videos, more communication for the followers/creators and less drama! I’ve never had the app crash, it’s not constantly having to update or correct bugs, overall I am very happy and encourage more people to try this out. It’s not such a polarizing place, and it functions well.

Rumble new version not working on my iPad. The prior Rumble app worked fine on my iPad (Air 2 but with plenty of storage), and I had no problems with it, but since Rumble has changed something in their updated version…I seem to have only problems. The screen freezes right from the beginning. I don’t have this problem with any other apps such as Direct TV which works fine. I also want very much to support this platform and hope whatever bugs it has can be fixed. Thank you.

Love Rumble, but not the app. I love and support what Rumble is doing, but your app isn’t the best. I hate the navigation and the auto play is a bit annoying. There is also this layer effect when you navigate though multiple videos, it’s almost like how older web pages navigate. There also seems to be two video playback interfaces and both control differently. It’s almost as if you put a new video player over top an older video player. The old player comes up whenever you click a channel during the auto play, then you have to back out to browse videos and launch the updated player. Finding videos for people I’ve sub to is hard, because it’s all icons. Some people don’t have well branded icons, so I have to click on a bunch to find the channel that I want to watch. I think if you just clean your interface up and make it easier to navigate channels that users subscribe to your platform would be 5 stars. Best of luck!

Wish I could give it a 5 stars but.... Everything in my account is fine but every time I tried to put my name on it and what country I live, it doesn’t work. Everything is fine when you put in your information but when it’s asking you to put what country you live in, I tried putting it and it didn’t work so when I clicked update, it keeps saying put in what country you live in and that’s why my name is not showing in my profile. You know what, all I have to say is, it’s ok. I was going to use it to post some raggedy videos and to troll people for fun but I’ll just watch some interesting videos then 🤷‍♂️

What a find!. I wish I had found this app sooner, but now I’m just glad to have found it! It’s great to go somewhere and have a venue free from censorship where people are allowed to express their opinions and beliefs without algorithms dictating audience size or shadow bans restricting viewer access. This is what and how the Internet should operate. While I have experienced a few minor bugs and syncing issues between devices I use, it doesn’t detract from what this service offers. Videos load fast and there is a lot of available content of all kinds. Did I mention how glad I am that I found this app? 😉

UFO’S. Dan first of all love you like family!! ❤️ ( YOU are filling Rushes shoes. ) UFO’S have been doing this for thousands of years... yes, thousands. Our government has an understanding with them, they have given us all our technology. Reverse engineering for 80 years now!! ( Just so you know, the shot does not stop the pandemic virus, again, does not stop from getting it. ONLY lessens the severity of the illness if you get it... hopefully not dying. You can get it & pass it with the vaccine. 😡 ( Look up “Black Triangles” or “Solar warden” ( Area 51 is just what you think... 👽👽👽 )

Better pause and play. Please please please work on better pause and play functionality. If there’s a data loss, the app should be able to pause, then catch up and I can press play again. Rumble has some Great concepts and a good spine to grow off of. But the app needs work ok Apple phones and IPads. Freezing is frequent and becomes unresponsive. There is not pause and play option when not in full screen mode. If I’m watching a pod cast I can’t tap the screen and pause. Seems odd. God forbid I take a call Or answer a text. You have to start over again or sometimes you totally loose what you were watching.

I hope we’re still in alpha testing. I love the idea and can’t wait to get away from...that other video publisher. But Rumble has a way to go before I can use it for much. Some of my gun review channels have taken a stab at publishing here but after a few videos seem to have disappeared. Even most of my favorite political channels aren’t switching yet. A big part of the problem, I feel, is in navigation. I can’t find a comprehensive list of new content from the channels I subscribe to, like the “Notifications” page elsewhere, and the emails I get don’t cut it. Figuring out how the site works is a chore, too. I can kind of see why my favorite channels are staying away from Rumble but I hope Rumble can smooth out the kinks so we can all easily watch what we want to see.

Great, but needs work. The controls need to be easier to use on a phone, and for the ios app: what good is a random list of channels I follow on the top? Let me pin the ones I want there: I have to search for a page I listen to daily and try to find the episode I was last watching from the search list because it won’t take me to that channel’s page. That makes no sense! I’ve tried unfollowing/ re-following but that doesn’t help. Do I have to unfollow every page I don’t want on that top bar?

More help.. The concept is great but the execution is flawed. I realize the site is still in its infancy, but more detailed Instructions are desperately needed. There’s no help available on the App or the Web Page. What is a Rumble? Is a Rumble a good thing or a bad thing? What’s the “Boxing Glove” for at the top of the screen? Comments skip and repeat while scrolling. How do I view ALL comments? My comments disappear a few hours or a day after posting and I can NEVER find them again. When someone responds to my comments, how do I see what they wrote when my comments are gone? Help, Please!

Issues with watching videos I subscribe to. I love where I can rely on free speech here, but currently every time I click on anything I’m subscribed to and directed to all of their content it simply will not play. I click on anything in particular to watch within the subscription it will not play. I have to scroll through all of my subscriptions as they come up throughout the day or keep scrolling to find one I missed from the previous day just to play any of them. Please fix immediately

Rumble & truth social. My rumble app won’t come on it will only do waves of black & white that has just started this week. I really like this app & truth social with truth social I haven’t been able get on it for months I have tried to get help with it as well. Please help me Thank you!!!! Kay Rumble,I was on for a while yesterday but it’s back to black & white waves again. This is almost like truth social I could only get on but not completely now rumble is doing the same thing. Seems like, since you announced that you were putting truth social on all this started. Kay Crusan

Very Poorly Designed!. I used to love watching the channels that I am subscribed to. A few months ago, I opened the Rumble app on my iPhone and found that the app had been completely redesigned and I still can’t navigate to my subscriptions. I see some icons on the top, which I can choose from but I can’t find or gain access to a list of my “Subscribed Channels.” Am I missing something, perhaps a hidden page? Now, I rarely use Rumble. I search for “Dan Bongino, “And We Know” or other channels online now and choose another social media platform. Hopefully someone will see my review and post a comment to help me get to the list of my subscribed channels and better yet, explain where the channels that I might be interested in, might be located. Perhaps I downloaded the wrong Rumble app?

Protecting Free Speech. Rumble rocks!! I love that we have Rumble to see and share videos that the alternative media bans! The platform is always working to make sure that we have the best possible content and coverage available to see! Free speech is critical for us to be able to provide the most accurate and available content out there! Truth will always prevail and Rumble has become the most effective platform designed to protect our freedom! Thank you for creating this wonderful platform for our ever changing world.

Likes. I have liked 1000’s of videos on your platform only to find that the likes are removed somehow and sometimes within seconds of me liking the post. This happens everyday for years now and I have tried to spread awareness of this but it always seems I am silenced even with 5000 followers. It’s not like it’s life threatening but if it’s happening to me I can only imagine how many people watching say Louder with Crowder w/ 2 million views in 24 hours and only several thousand thumbs up it may be happening to ya know 100’s of thousands of other people too.

Learning to use Rumble. I’m just now starting to learn how to use rumble, but have a question & a complaint or two. Over all I think I will come to really like this app. I often have problems with the search bar finding the videos I’m looking for, you have to type the name your looking for exactly right, and even then, sometimes you can’t find certain videos or channels. Also, it may just be my iPhone, but it is almost impossible to leave a comment on videos, for one, it will not show what I’m typing, while I’m typing it, so I have no clue what it looks like. And most of the time, the comment section will disappear completely. Hope that made sense!! Also, what is the little car emblem on the screen of Rumble videos?

New to rumble, want to love it. I too switched over when them tube decided they would determine what I could watch. I like that most of the people I follow are on rumble. However, if I get out of rumble for any reason and then come back on, it doesn’t save my place whether I’m on the app or accessing it on safari. I tried “app support” through App Store in iPhone but it just brought me to the site. So I either have to watch it in one setting which is difficult or I have to remember where I left off and fast forward back to that part. It doesn’t seem to keep any history. Otherwise, I’m so glad it’s here. However this issue above seems like a big deal.

A Great Alternative. I have been pleased with Rumbl. The OONLY thing I miss is having Rumbl continue to play even of my Phone goes into powersave - or whatever the black screen is called when our phones time out and go to a black screen The "other" one (YT Premium) would continue to play. I miss that terribly. I also wisj=h that it could easily transfer to a smart TV without needing Chromcast. The quality and ease of use is very good. Again, I have made the full switch, just miss that I have to keep touching my screen so it won't time out. (Sugg4stions welcome if I am missing a trick to allow that to happen - is there a Premium for a fee??

Rumble app. The app is extremely glitchy. The app does not notify and user win new episodes are available. There’s only an email that is sent which is not the same as a notification per the phone through the app. The app also closes in the middle of videos or with a phone call comes in the app freezes and won’t continue the video even after the phone calls done. Very difficult to navigate as well Please fix these issues make the app so much more enjoyable

I’m deleting this app. I have made complaint after complaint, about how the next update to this app makes the app and the watching of videos, UNENJOYABLE! I have supported this platform, and this app, from the beginnings, and have told many people about it! Yet, none of the concerns about this piece of garbage app, have gotten any better!! Today, I open the app, and instead of having a screen that is 95%, and no way to access the comments of others, or to scroll to the similar videos with similar content, I get a 90% screen with the comments on it, and a 2 inch sliver of screen, with ZERO OPTIONS TO GO FULL SCREEN ON THE VIDEO!! Thank you, and your new pockets full of money, for creating an app that I will be glad to delete off of my apple iPad, for lack trying to make the experience anything but bothersome? Best of luck!!

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 2.8.10
Play Store com.rumble.battles
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

Rumble (Versiyon 2.8.10) Install & Download

The application Rumble was published in the category Photo & Video on 21 July 2020, Tuesday and was developed by Rumble Inc. [Developer ID: 938324095]. This program file size is 86.71 MB. This app has been rated by 304,663 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Rumble - Photo & Video app posted on 17 July 2023, Monday current version is 2.8.10 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.rumble.battles. Languages supported by the app:

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We fixed only one issue, but a pretty big one...

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