Blendy! - Juicy Simulation

Blendy! - Juicy Simulation [Games] App Description & Overview

So good you can practically taste it!

Relax and blend your stresses away in the number one blending simulation game!

Take customer orders and blend away to keep them coming back! Add the right amount of each ingredient with the correct timing to make the perfect juices, smoothies, or cocktails. Unlock more fruits and vegetables and ice the more you play! Watch your stress just melt away!

Ah that’s refreshing! Can you keep the customers happy?


1. Simple but addicting mechanics
Add the right amount of each ingredient to make the perfect juices. Than tap to blend! Can you keep the customers happy?

2. Beautiful Graphics
This is one of the best looking blending simulation games there is. ​Watch in amazement as you blend the ingredients into vibrant juices.

3. New ingredients constantly getting added
New fruits and vegetables are continuously getting added for you to blend away.

4. Amazing physics
Watch as objects fall and bounces out if it overflows. Feel the satisfaction as you watch the items blend into new colorful juices.

Whether you want a smoothie, a cocktail, or just a fruit and vegetable juice - Blendy! has what you want. Once you start playing, you will not be able to put it down!

Visit if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Blendy! - Juicy Simulation Comments & Reviews

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- It is ok

Ok it is a really fun game but it needs work.1:it has so many adds it is crazy like every time you want to play you half to watch a add and it is so annoying!😡2:if you want to watch a add to get hearts 💕 you get 5 heart! I mean they should maybe do something higher than that. Overall it is a good game thank you for making it.

- Great app 👍🏻

I love this app but it needs work. Like there are a lot of ads.

- Bad game

To much add teach people to make people yell and not for kids


this game is awesome but too many ads makes me not wanna play it

- El Nido ca

To many adds

- Legitimately good

This game is super entertaining in multiple facets. It’s simple and relaxing but also has a way to make me laugh, whether it’s the outrageous recipes or the way the blender somehow perfectly slices the fruit when you blend and then one or two slices magically escapes through the glass. I played this game around a few coworkers, they liked it, I forced them to get it, then the challenges began. We started playing the game ALL THE TIME and we had a ball with it. Which started our new quote of 2020, “BLEND IT!” It’s gone so far it has now become the new “yes”. Some part of me wishes I was kidding, but no. I’m not. The perfect game for us easily entertained folk (among others). Very sad it’s ended at #250 as of right now.

- Smoothie

The game is fun, but when you are putting the fruit in the blender; you don’t let us chose what fruit. So we can’t make a perfect smoothie. Also there are more adds then I have eve Senn in a game.

- Good but....

I don’t really like this it gives you a add to watch every time u pass a level it’s so well as when you put in the fruit it won’t let u put as much as u want and it blends it’s a dumb rule not very fun and gets boring after a few times playing my second time deleting this off my device not fun and don’t recommend at all.

- Jaylahepic cool

Hi this is a really cool and fun game it makes you calm so have fun with ti game hope you are having fun with it 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

- I give one star because...

To many ads people. ADS!! ads here ads there, every time i try to do something, THERES A FRICKING AD!!!!!

- Don’t buy this app

This app was fun until i finished make one smoothie and than adds kept on coming after one smoothie then there was an ad the ads kept coming over and over again

- I seem like a bot but...

I love this app, I can’t go in to detail about how much I like this this game.

- Nobody got that much time for ads

The game was fun, but the annoyingly excessive amount of ads made me delete it. I play games to relax, not to get even more frustrated

- Good game, way too many ads.

The game overall is nice and relaxing, but there’s so many ads.

- Horrible controls

The controls are confusing and once you figure out what to do it switches it up, I can’t even control when a banana or strawberry comes out when I need it to.

- Good But ..

The game is good and fun but i’ve noticed it’s wayyyy too much ads after every smoothie i will get an add and it becomes annoying after the third ad.

- Ok

It has to many adds


There are so many ads when ever I play a level and I bought “no ads!” IT STILL SHOWED ME ADS!!!!I GIT SCAMMED!!!!HORRIBLE!

- Why?

Why do you not have all the levels unlocked I’m confused?

- Ok

This game has way to many adds and it gets you board after a little while and it takes a long time to be able to click next order this game could be better and 100% with the adds

- Love

I love this game m🖤🖤🖤

- Dis poop

Dis is. Poop

- So far so good!

This game is really relaxing. I just got it and so far so good!

- Nothing but ads

Literally everything you do has an advertisement with it. There’s more ads than actual gameplay and they make it so you can choose to watch an ad for stuff or if you choose not to they still show you an ad and just don’t give you anything for it. Unlike other games with lots of ads you can’t even play on airplane mode to get rid of them. It’s not interesting at all and is a total waste of time if you’re looking to unwind.

- Blendy

This. Game. Is. Good. But the. Costumers get angry. When we get their Order. Wrong Please. Fix. This. I. Got. The. Game. 2 months ago



- Too many ads

Great but wayyyyyy too many ADS!!!!!

- Very good I love it

It is very fun very good dowload now! Plz it is awsome

- Good game

I love this game it's so fun and I enjoy it so much I play it everyday over an hour it's a great game that's why I recommend you to play it!!!

- 𝕋𝕚𝕥𝕝𝕖

𝕀𝕥 𝕚𝕤 𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪 𝕣𝕖𝕝𝕒𝕩𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕙 𝕒𝕚ℝ𝕠𝕠𝕗𝕤 𝕚𝕟 𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕙 𝕚𝕥 𝕗𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕤 𝕚𝕟𝕥𝕠 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕓𝕝𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣

- It’s fine

When you make a smoothie it says retry or continue and I press continue when I press continue it has ads every time I press it

- To many adds 😕

I love this app but to many adds I mean every time you move on to the next thing there is a add it’s so frustrating. Also who would eat a steak or bacon smoothie, YUK!

- A five star report

This game is so awesome. You get to make an awesome treat. This is the best game ever.

- Wow!!

Ok so I just got it today and I’m amazed I love this game it’s so fun there’s just a few problems. First of all I don’t know why there is so much ads you shouldn’t have to pay to get no ads I get a few ads every once in a while but there is ads like every time you do a smoothie. And also I don’t like how that line has to be there like it’s annoying because I get the smoothie perfect at the right spot and everything but then it won’t let me blend it because it’s not to the line !! So I kinda love and kinda not love it so much but I bet if those things were not there I would like it a lot!!💩👱🏻‍♀️.

- Add new orders!

I’ve deleted it twice and replayed it. Add new orders please!

- Fun, but cups/blenders/straws lock up

Super fun game but after a certain point you can no longer unlock any of the extra items? Not sure if this is a bug or what, but would love if it got fixed.

- Great and creative BUT......TOOO MANT ADS

It’s a very creative and cool game. But like in the title too many ads. After each level you get an ad, and I don’t hate ads but it’s the same ad each time. Like I’m not getting the ads app so stop appearing on my screen.

- Blendy

Is is super cool and relaxing

- good


- Love

I love it but the ads after every single order you make is quite annoying. And it’s so repetitive too. I would like some more customer interaction. Make the game a bit harder it’s getting quite boring at times

- Fun tooo many ads

This game is great and fun but the bad thing is there are TOO MANY ADS Lower down the ads

- I love 🥤

I love this 🥤game


The game is fun but the ads are too excessive cut it out that’s annoying af!!!!

- Great!

very nice to play on long car rides, overall its a nice game and does get challenging over time i love it!

- Blender

They should give you A bigger blender than in the first place!!!!!!!!!!

- Too many ads

Usually I don’t mind ads but in this game it’s after every single smoothie u make. I love this game it’s so satisfying and stress decreasing and also u can play it when ur bored and tired of people 😂 over all I think this an amazing game just too many ads.

- This is sooo relaxing

This game is for people who have ocd its so relaxing

- It’s Good In All But...

Well it’s satisfying in all but it makes absolutely sense because how do you know how much strawberry you need to put and it mostly gives you bananas. 🍌 - Svea McConnell 💙

- Ads overtake the actual game

This is a super fun & satisfying time-killer, but having an ad after every single level is too much. There are already opportunities for ad revenue when unlocking new items, so the constant ads just feels like entirely too much.

- Good but...

There are way to much ads. Every. Single. Time I finish a recipe there of course,there is a ad after and I hope you guys can like put buttons on the screen for the ingredients instead of doing that

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- I’m a little bit awesome at the game


- Worst game!

There are too many ads! The game isn’t even a second long! When you finish a drink ANOTHER AD POPS UP! SO ANNOYING! WHY DO WE NEED TO WATCH A VIDEO TO UNLOCK SOMETHING?!? WORST APP OF THE YEAR

- If you could rate a game with 0 stars this game would get it

This game is horrible. The levels are like 2 seconds then you get a 1 minute ad that you can’t skip. Even if you turn off your internet there are still ads! The gameplay is even fun, all you do is put things in a blender. Whatever you do don’t play this game. All it will do is waste your time

- Fun and Simple

I do definitely like this game. I usually turn off wifi when I play so I don’t get ads, but it comes at the expense of the “gifts”, but that’s not the reason for my 4 star review. The reason I give a lower rating is because of the fact that there’s no redo button to start over the level. So if you overpour an ingredient, so you can’t get it perfect, you have to close and reopen the app to try again. But other than that, great game, definitely recommended.

- Soooo much ads 😒😒😒



ѕσ иσ α∂∂ѕ ιf υ тυяи σff уσυя ωιfι тhєи тhє gαмє ωσякѕ ρяσρєяℓу ι ℓιкє тhιѕ gαмє вєα¢υѕє ιт hαѕ α ¢hαℓℓєиgє тσ ιт αи∂ fσя ραяєитѕ тhιѕ gαмє ιѕ ѕαfє αи∂ hαѕ иσтhιиg ℓιкє тαℓкιиg тσ ѕтяαиgєяѕ☺︎

- Blendy

I LOVE this game!!!!!!!!!!!!😄❤️😀😍

- Hello :)

The only reason people are giving low star ratings is because of ads, but this game would not be possible without those ads, sponsoring the app company, fuelling the money to create more games, etc. If you are going to leave an honest opinion, go ahead and I’ll respect your every word but the game is just like any other and if you actually like the game and hope to stop ads, leave better reviews so the actual company can make their money that way instead of short 30 second videos. Good game, Thank you :)

- So. Many. Ads.

Seriously, you play a round that lasts maybe 20 seconds at the most then you have to watch a 30 second video after EVERY SINGLE ROUND. Love this game but the amount of ads is unbearable.

- I like it 💕❤️

I like it a lot but I want to rate it a 4.5 because there is, as everyone said, an ad like every level but overall it is a rlly nice game I’m literally addicted❤️💕😍😻it would be nice if your guys put less ads and then I would rate this game a 5🌸

- It makes me redo

It makes me redo one whole recipe everytime I place this game! Cause of a note it gives me so I exit out of reading the note and it’s makes me redo the recipe! When I exit out of the note!

- Annoying

Borderline unplayable ads at every button press, who ever controls the ads pleases off yourself

- Too many adds

This game is so much fun but there are WAY too many adds. It was fun for a few minutes until the adds kept getting so repetitive! Would be five stars without the adds but the adds are so annoying, it takes away the fun of the game!

- Good, but lower the ads

This game is fun and addictive, but I would say, maybe chill with the ads. It’s annoying when you get so attached to a level but then finishes and you have to watch an ad. Maybe put an ad every 5-7 levels. Or 2-4. It wouldn’t be less annoying then. Otherwise, love the game!

- c t

at ça

- Why though

There is WAY to many ads the level is fast then a thirty second ad!?The game is basically play a short level then watch an ad.Please get rid of it the game would be so much better!Most of the game is ad.

- Awesome game

I love this game it is so fun

- Awesome game

This is a great game!! The only thing I don’t like is the ads. If they could minimize the number of ads I would give it a 7 star!! So, what are you waiting for!! Click, swipe or press the get button!!

- NO

The game goes back and forth between the ingredients so you can’t get more of one thing

- Fun but

It’s a good time but there’s way too many ads. It’s basically all you do

- Why?

I have a few issues with the game, 1: the ads. every review I see complains about the ads, after every round there’s an ad, if you want to upgrade your blender/cup/straw you have to watch an ad, even when you earned it, you have to watch an ad to collect it. A way to get rid of ads is to turn your device onto airplane mode or turn off WiFi by the way! 2:evening out the ingredients. It’s to hard to even out the ingredients, mainly because it overflows, when it overflows you cant add more, it just falls off. Other then that, good game!

- i hate this game

way to many ads you have to pay for no ads grr i hate it!:(😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Love it but...

This game is amazing and I love passing free time with it and I finished the game but I realized you can only unlock novelty blends by pressing a video and watching an ad but whenever I press the button to watch the ad nothing happens. So could you please fix this so I can watch the ad thanks.

- Horrible

The app keeps crashing and there is an ad after every level

- I paid to remove ads and still have ads.

I needed something to calm my anxiety so for that purpose this game works. So I figure I’d paid to remove ads because there is far too many ads. And after I paid I found out I still need to watch ads each time I claim a new cup or straws or whatever. That is deceiving as I thought I was gonna be rid of all ads.

- This the best game in the world!

Thanks for your time on my phone


My game won’t stop crashing... I don’t even care about all the ads, I can’t even play the game ffs

- Blendy

I love your game❤️👍🏻

- Pretty good

It’s super simple, like a game for a child 4-6 but it’s still kinda fun. It’s so easy too play and for everyone complaining about ads just turn your wifi on your device off till your done

- #

I watch aids more then I play the game

- Disappointed

This game has wayy to many ads one every round not necessary && glitches to much

- too much ads

I hate this like the game is laggy too oh yeah when u play this turn off your wifi no ads will pop up

- Awesome game

This is the best game I have ever played on my iPad I love this game

- crashing

it has been crashing for the last 3 days and won’t let me play

- Can’t claim awards

When I was playing this game you can’t press on adds to claim the prizes you got not a good game

- Too much adds

Just too much

- Can’t play it

Every time i’ve tried to open the game it crashes within 10 seconds. I just wanna play!

- So so some things could be fixed

I really like the game but their is way to many adds. I do not see the part that I saw in the add when you see the people. I would love for this to be fixed.

- amazing but stopped working!

I love this game. i was addicted. i don’t even mind the ads. but it stopped letting me buy cups straws and blender. and now i can’t even press the continue button to go to the next level:(( so sad

- Why I like this game

I like this game because it’s really fun hurry up and get your hands on the app! Go get it

- Too many ads

It is a fun game but a 30 second add every time you make a juice.


Every time u with something like a straw u have to wach a video for like what wth u won it so u should get it like u don’t have to do more things for it all u do in the game is make stupid slushes

- It makes me thirsty

When I play it I get thirsty

- It’s ok

The game is good and I don’t mind the ads but there is too many adds and I always see the same one over and over again like all I want to do is play the game and sometimes adds are ok but if you see the same one about 50 times it gets really annoying like seriously

- To many ads!

I like your game But TO MANY ADS I HATE ADS please take these ads of and everyone is saying there is to many ads good thing i can skip them but some NO plz stop the ads

- Bull crap

If your going to put an add every game, ill just delete the app right away

- Playing the game.

It keeps on crashing. So no thanks.

- So much ads

To many ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Game Freezes

It does have good game mechanics but the game freezes a lot besides the ads. I wouldn't highly recommend it. 1/5.



- I think you need more ads

So a 20 second advertisement comes up every time you finish a single game that lasts less than a minute? Nice. And then when you’re actually playing the game there is an advertisement at the bottom and an advertisement window floating on the screen. Hey guys, how about you keep advertisements in moderation because it is very unplayable and makes you look desperate.

- More recipes!

No complaints really, but it needs a lot more content and levels!!!

- Annoying

Every time I finish a level another add comes up.Please fix it or I’ll do it myself😡

- It is good but so many ads

In this game it is so much fun but ther e are soo many ads it’s not funny I recommend but so many ads

- There is way to many adds

I can’t even play the game there’s so many adds

- Blendy

I think this game Is so cool and you can unlock so many different items

- To you

It is a very good game can I make an ad please with a cherry on Ok bye

- Needs

Buttons for the fruits as it’s a best guess scenario atm and most times the mix ends up wrong

- It’s fine but the prises

When I was doing the game allot kept doing for the prises is STRAWS It’s ready annoying work on it

- I really think

That you got a glen to you dikkie

- Ads, ads and more ads

Constant pop up ads along side the game and one add after every 2 second level you spend more time watching ads then playing the actual game

- Addictive

Addictive, but I have over 1000 coins and haven’t been able to unlock blenders straws or cups for ages. I can’t open free gifts, and haven’t had a secret menu item for ages. I have closed down and reloaded but that didn’t help.

- Love the app to many adds

I love the app but I think there’s too many adds. But the app is great fun! :)

- This Game Is A Dogs Breakfast

It has ads every 2 seconds, crashes, and when i DO get to play it... Graphics are bad, gameplay is bad, laggy... want me to go on..


I was minding my business when some fleshy creature picks me up from a shelf and puts me in a container thing, it’s all nice and actually quite comfortable but then they pushed a button and the sharp blade thing started spinning, faster and faster and faster, until I turn into liquid. Even worse the put a strawberry in with me without my consent, so I might be pregnant with a half strawberry half banana baby. SEND HELP -Banana


STEP 1: Go to settings STEP 2: turn Wifi off STEP 3: play the game without ADS Boom

- Such a great game, WAY too many ads

This game is SO fun to play but the ads are ridiculous. I sometimes turn it on airplane mode just so i can play. would be better if it gave us the choice to watch them not be forced too. other than that it’s the cutest game ever!!

- Amazing! But...

I love this game the absolute much, it’s a game I’ve always wanted, a game like business! But I’m wondering if your able to update your game so that if they give you a 1 star rating it will tell you why so you know what to work on. Because nearly every time it give me like a 2 or 1 star rating and I really want to know why. So please reply, read this and please please pleeeeeease do the update! It would mean a lot please.

- Fun but.....

It’s fun but theirs too much ads and you can’t break up the juice for how much you pour and the characters don’t talk so can you make them talk? That’s all play if you want to but it’s easy

- Kinda

When I first got the game, I was prepared to delete if bad. But this game is a refreshing business game, probably the one of the best out there. My only wishes are that the adds come in smaller numbers and that the app doesn’t freeze up after a while. I would also like to see a new update so when you are blending the juice you can pick content (fruit, vegetables, ect) and add individually and not skip to another food. This would be great to see. Julia Sarone of Star Review. 🙁🤨🙂😀😃😄😁😆

- Blenders

I love the game but after A while I could not get anymore blenders! I’m not sure if it’s a bug/glitch but I don’t know what happened. But on the other hand I love the game and it’s well made

- Crash

It would constantly crash and wouldn’t let me do anything, DELETED

- Pretty good, but too many ads.

I was playing this game and was enjoying it for a while, but the constant ads started to bug me. If you Lulu just cut back on the ads a bit, it’d be great.

- 👎

App keeps shutting off

- Amazing

I love this game I play it daily for about 3 hours a day I have no more words to describe this amazing game

- Blendys review.

I loved it so much make more.🍋🍎❄️ 🤩🥳🎆💎❤️💠

- Fun, but not really...

You can’t pick the fruits that go in the smoothie! Then you have to get the order wrong... 😕

- My review on this game overall

It’s overall a great game but I just have one complaint,Way too many ad’s!

- Epic

This is the best game ever! You should deffintly get it! It is sooooooooooooo fun!

- Good but WAY to many ads

This game is really fun but it just has a lot of ads and it is really annoying and you have to watch an ad to claim a prize that’s just ridiculous so could pls fix the ads that are just way too annoying thanks Lulu

- Love it

I love this game it’s really fun but the only thing that’s wrong with it it have WAY to much adds

- Finished

The game was pretty good but I finished it and they don’t really add new levels much and when they do it’s only 5 at a time. Also with you could actually unlock all the straws, cups and blenders😒

- Needs improvement

Every time it says pick a gift I do then I watch a blank screen for 1 min and then the ad come and not only that I DO NO GET THE PRIZE I HAVE WAITED 1MIN AND A WHOLE AD FOR ME TO GET NOTHING NOTHING. I’m just saying it needs a LOT of improvement

- More ads than game

You spend more time watching ads than you do playing the game

- Ads

WAY to many ads. Please reduce the amount of ads to make the game more enjoyable. Still, it’s a great game but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to people who don’t like ads... which is pretty much everybody

- Adds

To many adds

- How to complete order

I don’t like having to take orders can’t we make what we want .

- Amazing

So cool and super fun realistic and no ads and I did not have to pay would recommend

- Good but bad

There is way to much ads so then I stopped playing the game

- I just get 2 and 1 stars

I hate it

- ADS!!!

Good game but annoying ads

- It’s not that bad

I really love the game but the thing is when you press retry to get a higher star u get the same things also when it tells us to pick a gift we have to watch a ad to claim it which many games don’t do to Pls fix those and also in the ad it said some funny things like thanks I hate it Pls put some funny sayings in and u guys should make levels like milkshake level cake level and more!

- Eh

The app is very addictive but soooo many ads, there’s an ad after each drink you make and there should just be ads when you wanna buy a new cup or straw, it’s a nice game but just a lot of ads... I would play it ALOT more if the ads died down!

- Too many adds

I really like the game but there’s too many adds! Every time I haves played the game I just login I just logout because I don’t want to watch anymore adds.

- Too many adds

I feel like there are to many adds.

- I haven’t tried it

So I haven’t tried it so this is not a review hehe

- 👎

Gam gud but to meny adds


THEY SUCK EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU FINISH ONE YOU GET AN AD and you should be able to selects the fruit yourself...

- 😑

I really hate the adds like when I press continue it just puts a add!!!

- By panda why I love this game

It is so much fun it’s a really relaxing game if your upset angry sad. It’s Evan better when your happy. I at least play 30 minutes a day so I recommend blending fruit for that long a day keep updating this app so I absolutely love love love love love love love love this game even more

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- Ads

Don’t get me wrong it’s a good game but the ads are crazy every time I finish an order an ad pops up

- 🧢

This game is sooooooooo bad because the person you got then they say they don’t like it

- Needs an update!!

This game got boring after a while. It has the same people over and over again. There is no more mystery menu and it’s harder to get more fruit! So that’s my point on why this game needs an update

- Great game

Love the game just to many bugs and ads

- Apple

Who ever created screen time u ruin my 14 year old life.

- Super fun

I love this game!

- Help

How do I change the language back to English?

- Ads

Way too many ads that it’s not worth playing. Deleting

- It’s, okay...

Not the best mobile game, no reason to keep on playing after you’ve unlocked everything.

- Not bad...

Good game!!! Just wanted to know how to switch onto another ingridients, that’s all!


Ok so I like the game in general but there are SO MANY ADS! Every time I complete a level and ad every time I want a new blender or a straw and ad! I don’t really like ads as you can tell but like an ad every level?! But other than that I like the game. But a suggestion to the creator,LESS ADS! Thank you!

- Strange glitch

When I got this game it was super fun but two minutes later I had this weird glitch, when I got a new blender and used it twice it exited and I lost the blender, my progress and my gems! Please fix this 😔

- Why the ADDS!!

Ok so this is a really good game and all but there is just one thing. Why are there some many adds!!?? IDK but it is driving me CRAZY!! So one thing Is that you might want to get rid if the adds, like not all of them because I know you can’t do that but why do you have to put an add right after every smoothie you make. So that’s all I wanted to say but... yeah... ya know

- Broken af

I downloaded the game because it looked fun but it crashes and won’t even load the game! I haven’t even been able to play it. Will be deleting it rn 😒

- Ads and Rewards

Having to watch an Ad to get your reward you were supposed to be given is just dumb, thats how i know you guys are money hungry for the Advertisement money.

- Fun but...

Pretty much the consensus, fun game but it becomes pointless when I’m acquiring points that I can’t use. Cant unlock the rest of the blenders or cups

- extremely satisfying and addicting

so much fun to play!! download it. i swear.

- 5.0

This app is AWESOME I love it so much!!!!!

- Pass

Stupidly simple game, got bored of the toddler-level concept. Ads after every single level, each level takes seconds to complete. Not worth it even though it’s free.

- Fine I think I don’t no

The costumers are so selfish they need to no how to be nice

- Blendy

Blendy is a great way for entertainment

- It’s fun but...

The game is fun but it glitches and it sometimes takes you back sometimes to the first level or to different levels when you’ve already passed them or sometimes it skips a level and right when you press continue it gives you an ad every time and it is not fun doing that is not fun playing this game it glitches it’s terrible👎🏼😡

- Glitch or what🤨

Look I just started playing and I don’t know what is happening, either there is a huge glitch or something is wrong with mine only! So when you go to put the ingredients in the cup it changes between two ingredients for instance, say someone ordered one forth banana and the rest ice when you go to put the ice in it adds banana therefore messing the whole order up!😢😒It makes me sad and bored, when I saw the video it looked amassing but now I am confused and sad🥺😵

- Eh

The si a good game but needs work

- Blendy!

It is a wonderful app but I have gave it three! Hope others enjoy it!😉 Have a wonderful day today. -From Gianna-

- good

i like it it’s nice and challenging

- Bad appp

There are so many things wrong with this app to start off with it is dumb and hard to understand

- Too many ads!!!

Fun game. Would be relaxing and more fun if there wasn’t an ad after every level!!

- You need to put some effort in it

I wish that I could do what I want but 3 Stars

- So fun!!!!

This game is so fun I love all the different ingredients and people and peoples names and the different levels and the different cups just so creative😁

- Why can’t I get new items

Been playing the game for a few weeks. Really started getting the hang of it but now I can’t randomly unlock new blenders, cups or Straws? The game fun but what the point of playing when I can’t get the awards?

- Why?

Now I don’t get new ingredients

- Really good but a few suggestions

I think there should be a custom mode where you can make and blend whatever juice you want.

- Thank you.

Thank you to whom every made Blendy because it is amazing I can’t stop playing so thank you very much

- It’s ok

It’s ok

- Blendy...

Cute but the adds 🤷🏽‍♀️ Overall it’s a cute game and you can find some “recipes” to make your own smoothies 😃

- Definitely a kids game.

Not fun if you’re over 7. WAY TOO MANY ADS. Ora honestly crazy. I deleted the game after 10 minutes.

- Amazing! Except......

I love this game. its SOOOOOOOO addicting! Its like the only game i play other than roblox. i have nothing else to say, except for the fact that there's WAY too many ads. more ads time than me playing time. 😉 well, it's true. that's the only thing you guys need to improve. its also what the other folks are talking about. i'm not trying to copy, (Sorry) but it's true. but, if your looking for a really good game that's addicting, you should pick this game. I LOVE IT

- 🙃

I love this game but there are too many adds, it drives me crazy! And it’s always the same two adds too. And how come after a certain amount of straws, cups, and blenders, I got It wouldn’t give me the option to get more of them and that was really confusing. But other than that it’s great💕

- Lol

I played this game and lol one of my bananas was having a stroke

- Too many ads

If I bypass something that wants me to watch an ad and I decline DONT MAKE ME WATCH AN AD ‼️The game is fun but there’s literally always a 30 sec ad !!

- It’s good but one thing...l

The game is great but the adds! Oh my god the adds! So annoying.

- The adds

If you accidentally click except on one of the adds it will start billing you 10 a month without any more permission they also pop up every 1 or 2 minutes

- ads

there are way to many ads in this game its almost unplayable

- Okay but needs some work

Hi, you should not download this app and you have to pay for it to it ask for your credit card information and it is a scam.

- Some things to say.

I love the game! I finished all the recipes just highly annoyed with inability of getting blenders and cups. I watched ads to get them then that button vanished! And I recommend that after you finish revealing recipes you make them open a shop and have customers put random orders. And you can buy furniture too! That’s all I have to say.

- Blendy

Amazing game .cool .fun .strategy Very good kid/adult game

- OK

This app is great except there are way too many adds. Everything else is great. I just downloaded this app and I can already tell there are way too many adds. So this is app is ok. Also if you don’t have patients to wait for adds every time you get done blending don’t get this app!

- No upgrades?

I was having plenty of fun with this game, but at a certain level I couldn’t upgrade my blenders, cups or straws. I kept going to see if it was a level thing, maybe I had to reach a certain level to buy more upgrades with hearts? But I’m well into the hundreds with 300+ hearts with no way to get new things. I’m assuming it’s a glitch.


I love you this game buuuuut one problem you need to watch a video to clam any gift which is annoying so I don’t claim anything because I hate watching adds

- Do t pay for it

Ads never stop. Report to your cc company as fraud.

- kicking me out

starting today whenever i go on the app i get kicked to my home screen i’ve tried restarting my phone nothing works

- Too Many Ads

Me and my friend downloaded this app and we think it is fun but.... there is WAY TO MANY ADS! It is seriously annoying having to watch ads, and most of the time the ads are the same we’ve watched these two ads like 3000 times. I suggest you take some ads away and get profit for the game itself and not the ads. I want to finish this review with saying this.... We really like your game,(TAKE THE ADS AWAY) and thank you for reading this review have a good day.

- Good

This game is really fun but THERE ARE WAY TOO MANY ADS😫😫

- Lag

The game tends to lag whenever I pour a drink!

- Crash

Ever since you guys updated you’re game it crash from the begging of the game useless uninstalled

- Whyyy

The game on the ad shows that there is people talking and ordering stuff but when I downloaded it the people did not order there was no people and why is the unskippible ads almost every single minute like get rid of the ads

- Button “continue” doesn’t work 🤨😤😤

Can’t pass into the next level without restart the whole thing ...

- Yeet

Great game but maybe you guys could have different buttons for the ingredients because I find it really annoying when I can no longer fit anymore fruits or stuff and you definitely need a restart button while making the juice not the other screen

- My idea for an update

More foods!!!!!!!! More straws!!!!!! More blenders!!!!!!!add a dessert!!!!!!

- 𝐹𝒾𝓍 𝓅𝓁𝑒𝒶𝓈𝑒

𝒲𝒽𝑒𝓃 𝐼 𝓉𝓇𝓎 𝓉𝑜 𝒾𝓃𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝒾𝓉 , 𝒾𝓉 𝓈𝒶𝓎𝓈 "𝓊𝓃𝒶𝒷𝓁𝑒 𝓉𝑜 𝒾𝓃𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓁𝓁. 𝒯𝓇𝓎 𝒶𝑔𝒶𝒾𝓃 𝓁𝒶𝓉𝑒𝓇." 𝐼 𝓌𝑜𝓊𝓁𝒹 𝓁𝒾𝓀𝑒 𝓉𝑜 𝒻𝒾𝓍 𝓉𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝒾𝒻 𝐼 𝓌𝑒𝓇𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊

- Blendy

It is so awesome I wanna play it every day and it’s so fun omg I love the people who made this

- Good but an obscene amount of ads 🤯

Even after you pay $3.99 to remove the ads in between levels you still have to watch ads to get equipment unlocks and bonus hearts. This is seriously going to annoy users enough to make them leave.

- It’s good but I’m having a little trouble

I really like the game but every time there is an add. But when you get enough hearts to get a new straw or blender or cup, it doesn’t let me. It doesn’t show the button to get more. It used to pop up. Also what’s annoying is that when I’m putting the fruit in and I’m touching the screen, it says “touch to play” and none of this happens to my friend and she has the same game

- Amazing

This game is amazing! I play it when my stressed or my anxiety is bad. But there’s just too many adds... it annoys me🥺

- Game is so bad

This game controls are so bad you can’t even really stop we’re your supposed to


this game is so boring it sucks

- How could people possibly tolerate that many ads ????

Seriously one ad per 20 seconds level of the game.... stopped after a few levels couldn’t stand it anymore.

- The Amount of Ads Are Unacceptable


- ummm

TBH it’s not that bad it just has adds in between every time you go to the next level. Other than that it’s not that bad

- Blendy is Trendy!

This game is good! But In every game there is a flaw. In this one is very glitchy for me. But pretty good for a game. -Gamer girl.

- It’s terrible

There are WAY too many adds. Don’t come at me like “just buy the no adds” , because I’m NOT spending my money on a garbage game just so I can play without being interrupted. I would be okay with it if it was every few rounds, BUT. EVERY SINGLE. ROUND! It’s ridiculous. I have much better things to spend my money on then games. I hate games that have adds every few minutes. Why can’t game producers make a game that doesn’t have add for ONCE IN THEIR LIFE! If you are reading the review to see whether or not to download the game, if you have the time or the money to play this game, go for it, but if you are someone that would like to save time and money, DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME! Please don’t take advantage of little kids begging their parents for 5.00$ so they don’t have to watch adds/or special “game packages”. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.

- Blendy

It’s pretty good except for all the ads, WHY SO MANY ADS PEOPLE?!!

- It so fun and satisfying

It really fun and satisfying but toooooooo many adds every time I go to the next level there’s an add! But in all it’s good


So I paid to remov ads because I really enjoy this game. I think that because of this I can no longer unlock any more blenders/cups/straws? Why????????????

- Wow just got it


- Its ok but...

Its really fun game, but i cant buy more two blender 🙁

- Fun

I love mixing and making people mad

- Awesome

It is good but there is just to many adds

- Too much ads!!!

STOP! To much ads! I hate the game so so so much

- Ads

There is to many ads 1 star


I download games to play, not watch ads 70% of the time. This game has ads after each customer plus ads to get the "free gifts" a waste of time.

- Mixed emotions

The game is amazing and very fun, but there is WAYYYYY to many adds. I feel like the majority of time I’m on this game I’m spending most of my time watching adds instead of playing the game. Please respond to me if you lower the number of adds so I can download this game again. Thank you!

- Ads ads ads

Get this piece of crap if you enjoy occasional game play disrupting your ad binge.

- Way too many ads

I like the game itself but it’s SUPER annoying to have ads after every frickin round

- Too much adds

Too many add! Bye

- It’s ok

The game itself is pretty neat. Pretty relaxing and a little challenging but not that hard. Only thing is there are adds between EVERY level. Ive played games with adds this often but the levels take me longer to complete. If it takes 30 second to complete a level and you’re spending 30 seconds watching an add just to play again it’s too much. If the adds were less frequent (every three levels for example) I would have made it past level 20 but I’m already giving up... sorry.

- Blendel

This game is Fun I love it so much but I can always do is more levels you guys made levels and I kind of wish there was more fruit in more straws’s and stuff like that and gifts and stuff if your game is really fun I loved it thanks love Sherelly belly

- Default

It doesn’t give you the option to select what item you want to blend. Therefore you dont make the drink perfect

- Freezing - unable to claim gifts

Iphone 7, ios 13.3 (up to date) and the game keeps freezing. Unable to claim gifts either. Fix that

- You guys!!


- Fun but too many ads

This game is really fun and satisfying but it gives you an ad after every smoothie you make. I got the option to get x5 for more money or something if I watched a video, didn’t click it, hit continue, oh hello ad! Didn’t ask for you. Other than that good and fun game.

- This game is some what okay

This game does not make sense, when I want to put in the other fruit/item it does the other. Other wise this game is alright.

- Too Many Ads!

This game has an add every time I finish a level and every time I unlock something. It’s too many ads!

- WAY to many ads

If I could I would rate this 1.5 instead of 1. However, I am finding one thing horrible, the ads. You should be making money off of the game, not ads. I wouldn’t mind if it were 1 ad per few rounds of the game but Every. Single. Round. I play I need to watch and ad! And you can’t even skip them! Other people are saying the same things as I am, please remove at least some ads, I’m sure it would give you much better reviews. And more downloads for that matter. Other then the B A D issue with the ads this is a very fun game to play.

- So disappointed

The ads are overwhelming. Opted to pay to remove them but that didn’t actually change much.. wish I could get a refund. Daughter is disappointed as she likes the game but gets frustrated with all the advertisements.

- Hate

I hate the game to many ads

- blendy😁

this game is fun. I realized this worked a little different then I thot! but it's great😃

- Best game ever


- It’s ok

To many adds

Libertex 📈

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- Decent but needs improvement

It is a good game but you should add a sandbox version it would be really fun thanks.

- Alright

It could be a bit better as when you finish the smoothie all these things pop up and you don't know what to do also too many adverts, but all the other stuff is positive

- F

Trop de pub

- Ok game

The game is okay but I won’t let me unlock anything by video

- overall

its a good game my son loves playing this game only problem we are having is when it comes to getting the bonus and extra hearts and all that its 3 oranges loading on a screen and it never gives u them the same with secret ingredients and the straws and blenders this needs to be fixes

- It’s ok but..

Every time after you make a drink there is a ADD! it’s SOOPER annoying so pls use less adds

- Meh.

Good game, but the ads are broken so that means no Novelty Blender, nor the Novelty Blender missions.

- Hi

Thanks for making this new cool game!!!!!!!!

- To many ads

There are to many ads but a fun game

- Love the game but.....

The issue with the ads needs sorting. You play the ads but it just gets stuck on 3 oranges then you need to restart the game and no reward ?!?!?

- It’s okay

It’s okay because but it’s trash because nothing is loading

- I watch the ads to claim my gift but it dose not give me it

So give me my prize

- Shit.

Shit app

- Blendy review

I like it because it is milk shakes

- Way too much adds

Tooooooo much ads

- Love it but needs fixed

I love this game but now for like upgrading the shop or getting more hearts you can’t click on it it’s got a loading sign on them

- Fun but irritating.

As a VSCO girl, I love cartoon games but whenever I try to get a reward by an advert I have to wait hours with the oranges. I was wondering if anyone had the same problem? 💛🐢🌴🌊

- Good but needs work

It is a great game but has loading issues

- Fun game

Had issues with claiming the rewards and secret menu with the adds, paid to remove the adds but you still get adds.. waste of money

- It’s okay.

You put ingredients, blend them and pour into a cup. That’s the game really. You get different types of blenders, straws and cups. But after every drink, there’s an ad. Sometimes even two.

- Blendy

You can blend and pour sand put ingredients they want in aswell

- To

Love the game

- Good but to many adds

I love this game but I don’t like waiting for three oranges to jump

- How good is is.

It’s splendid get it



- In love

I really love this game so much. I really think you should down load this amazing, fantastic game I really do!🤍❤️🤍❤️🥰😘🥰😘

- Super good but not great

I recommend you to download this app

- Fun but an issue

Fun but there’s an issue when ever I press Next it dose not work


I like the game but there’s a lot of ads and I had trouble with the secret menu

- A slight problem,

This game is weirdly addicting; however, the buttons don’t work, everytime you press to watch the ads it works, until you get to the end, three oranges keep bouncing and I waited AGES there and I had to double tap and I didn’t get the prize. Shocking. After all, I love this game, it’s awesome, I like to challenge my self to make purrrrfect smoothies, and too pour between the lines, I like it!

- Keeps getting stuck on the three oranges

Love the game, however whenever I watch an add to redeem anything, it gets stuck on the three oranges and the prize doesn’t register. Kind of annoying really, have to keep restarting the app

- So...

This game is sooooo fun but It is very glitchy Developers response:Hi thank you we will try to fix that

- Buggy buggy buggy!

Will you PLEASE sort of the rewards/ads issue, please?! You just updated the game, but didn’t fix it. It’s irritating to click to get a reward or earn some extra and it freezes on the load screen and so we have to reload the game. It’s a big part of the game, so why aren’t you fixing it?

- Add every 10 seconds

1-2 ads after every smoothie is a joke!

- Eh

This would be a really fun game if it stopped crashing

- Fun but annoying

The game is really good in the normal levels, however the ads don’t work. My WiFi is very good but even still the three oranges just load for ages. I have to restart the app every time. And I keep losing my rewards!!

- fix continue and secret menu button

I thought I was the only one having this problem the game is a good game there’s no denying it but me and others are having problems with pressing the continue button and others which leads to me having to restart the entire app just to go to the next level and so on if this is fixed i’ll definitely give a 5 star review no doubt about it

- Cool gameplay

It’s SUPER entertaining Download now

- It’s an amazing game but errors!

I absolutely love this game, it’s so addicting and satisfying, although there is many errors. Since the last update, when you try to go onto another level it doesn’t allow you to press continue. Therefore to go onto the next level you have to refresh the app. Another error is when you try to click onto ads to claim a prize, it either doesn’t let you click it or it loads with the 3 oranges. Overall good game, so satisfying and fun, would give 5 stars if app ran smoothly.


It’s a bit tricky but it is a fun game 🤗🤗🤗

- Review

I like this app because it helps young children understand what it is like to go to work but in a fun way


Listen I’ve had a major problem.your game was breaking apart.when I tried deleting it... it glitched an moved it self around the screen! an now I’ve made a box for where all the copies that it cloned while I tried to put it please fix it. Flip I can’t delete it+if your able shut down my account on it for a day if you can try shutting it down for everyone that has experienced this problem🧒🏻🧑🏼🧑🏻‍🦱👦🏾

- Ad problems

I buy a cup then when I finish a level and try to watch an ad to get moe❤️ it gets rid of my new cup and doesn’t give me my reward it then also make u redo how lots of levels. Entertaining very problematic!

- Fun but a problem

So basically, I was opening a present.Then I tapped on the add button, after I watched the add, all of a sudden 3 oranges popped up! I don’t know what wrong but can you please fix that, because whenever I try to get my prize, it does not work. abut as I its says on the Title, It’s still a good game

- Ads not working

The daily gifts and prizes aren’t working and when you click claim gift it closes the app and doesn’t work. Please fix this problem as I’m sure many can agree it is annoying. Otherwise 5 star game

- Good

A good game but every 3 minutes I have an advert

- 😶😶

It’s a fun game but you NEED to fix the buttons because they don’t work, also I don’t like watching 30 second ads for nothing when it says watch ad to get a reward I expect to get that reward 😡😡

- ⚠️The Ads though..⚠️

I love the game itself, I think its really good and addicting.👌🌟 But my problem are the Ads. The Ads tend to appear every time you finish an order. Not only that, but when I do want to watch an Ad to (for example) Unlock 20% more of the next Secret Menu, I’d click the button and get denied this action by closing the whole game. I don’t even get to see the ‘loading oranges’. I’m really disappointed and hope that it gets fixed soon.😒

- blendy

its a really good and relaxing games but there is way too many ads in it!!

- WoOoW

I am wowed by this game I just downloaded it I already ❤️. It’s very relaxing and a burst of colour. To everyone who is saying the continue button is bust, maybe it’s that your keyboard, phone, laptop, computer, iPad, Tablet is broken or old or laggy. Or maybe it’s just your finger ;) lol maybe I should write some later can I do that? And plus, to everyone who said the thing (AGAIN), Fix yourself ;) Now maybe to drink a smoothie myself or maybe some ice cream or something idk The bogieman is coming to get all noobs so you better watch out Your Finger Is Broken I call it YFIB. Not You’ve Been Icky Framed BTS wants smoothies as do BT21 so MAKE THOSE SMOOTHIES OR THE BOGIEMAN IS COMING TO GET YA’LL!!!

- Too much adds

There is too much adds after making just one smoothie.

- Broken.

It took multiple attempts to run this game without it crashing, and it lagged the whole time I was playing.


The game has way too many ads. As soon as you finish a level it gives you an ad. Other than that it is a wonderful game. That is why I give it a 4 star rating.

- Too many ads

Fun game but I deleted it after half an hour because there are two ads you can’t skip after EVERY level.

- 🤬

This game isn’t a good game it has more ads then time to play the actual game. I know you can remove ads but it’s a waste of money for such a basic game. Fix it or no one will play.

- Epic

The best

- cool game but a few too many ads

this game is fun and i like that it runs really smoothly but there’s an ad with almost every single action. it’d be nice to have shorter ads or less of them because you end up spending more time with the ads than the game :/

- Good but to many ads

Love the game but there’s just too many ads

- Love this game so good cause I can make a smoothie

Can u pls make more of these games

- Needs more Blenders, Cups and Straws

I’ve played it for a day and it’s fun, however I’ve only unlocked about half of the available blenders, cups, and straws and there’s no more option to spend my hearts to get more so I’m stuck with what I currently have. It’s getting a bit boring.

- So many ads

I really like this app but there is so many get an ad every time you finish a level.🤔

- Great app

I love this app great to play on long rides love it 😻

- Decent

The game is fun and addicting but waaaay too many ads, like seriously an ad between each drink you make an ad to collect a new blender or cup. I would like this game way more if it had less ads, in conclusion if you are very patient and like the concept of the game then you should get it, but if you aren’t patient and you hate getting lots of ads this game isn’t for you.

- Stupid

I wish you guys put a amount I keep getting 1 heart every time can you at least put amour for the fruit I also recommend this app a zero so do not ever get this ads what’s the freaking problem with them idiot get them gone

- There’s too many adds

Every time i’m done doing a person there’s an add

- Fun app but too many ads

Its a really fun app but its so frustrating because there is an ad after every 30 second level! Maybe making it after every sedond or third came would improve it idk

- ads

there is far too many ads and it just ruins the game

- Money grab


- Addicted to Blendy

Yum and fun. Gotta blend em all 🤗🐨🌳

- Good but needs work

This is a good game in all but it’s sort of hard to do the ratio of the fruits. A suggestion could be; to make doing the ratio of fruits easier you could hold down a certain fruit symbol to get the ratio you need for the drink. But like I said it is a fun/ entertaining game. You can do the ratios but I just want it to be easy 🤣

- Ads

Ads there r to many ads but I love this game there is a game after every thing

- Cool

My mum knows Sarah dala Palma and sent my mum this game and I love it

- 👌👌

The sound effects are extremely satisfying, an all-around great game to play that makes me happy deep to my core. It’s no wonder it’s on top of the charts!!

- Best game ever

This game could be the best game in the history of gaming. I recommend to all

- Amazing game

This game is awesome and addicting and I know I will sound like a bot but I’m not I’m trying everything to get novelty blends

- Just a little touch

I was drinking water when I was playing this and so good you can practically taste it it’s true I didn’t taste water anymore I tasted a refreshing cold fruit drink


after every single level there is an ad and most the time the same ad can be played after each level which is extremely annoying!!!! if you want to claim a prize, you have to watch an ad.

- Stop The Ads

Every time you continue,you always get a ad,why did you do this to the game,the game was ok but the ad’s were unbearable,fix this

- Ads. Ads.

This game is very rewarding and addicting, But the amount of ads is almost insane! That’s all I have to say but overall this is really fun x

- Satisfying

This is a very satisfying game it is only slightly annoying because if you pick a prize it makes you watch an add if you want to claim the prize.But overall it is a enjoyable and time passing game

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Blendy! - Juicy Simulation 1.2.2 Screenshots & Images

Blendy! - Juicy Simulation iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Blendy! - Juicy Simulation iphone images
Blendy! - Juicy Simulation iphone images
Blendy! - Juicy Simulation iphone images
Blendy! - Juicy Simulation iphone images
Blendy! - Juicy Simulation ipad images
Blendy! - Juicy Simulation ipad images
Blendy! - Juicy Simulation ipad images
Blendy! - Juicy Simulation ipad images
Blendy! - Juicy Simulation Games application apple watch screenshots and images not ready...
Blendy! - Juicy Simulation Games application apple tv screenshots and images not ready...

Blendy! - Juicy Simulation (Version 1.2.2) Install & Download

The applications Blendy! - Juicy Simulation was published in the category Games on 2019-11-15 and was developed by Lion Studios [Developer ID: 1362220666]. This application file size is 247.71 MB. Blendy! - Juicy Simulation - Games posted on 2020-03-24 current version is 1.2.2 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions.

Blendy! - Juicy Simulation Advisories: Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

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