Arcadia - Watch Retro Games Game Reviews


Arcadia - Watch Retro Games Game Description & Overview

What is arcadia - watch retro games app? Arcadia is a collection of 22 arcade games for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

List of currently available games:

• FastRun
Avoid traffic and reach your destination

• RainBowling
Hit all the pins and get a strike! But beware, you will encounter unexpected obstacles and an explosive ending!

• Yarr!
Destroy all the enemy ships. YOU ARE A PIRATE! YARR!

• Bricko
Match colored bricks horizontally, vertically or diagonally in order to remove them and score points

• Fruity Snake
Collect as many fruits as you can

• CandyBall
A "delicious" pinball. Use the flippers to hit the ball

• MineHound
Mines are hidden in a grid of cells. The number tells you how many mines touch the cell. Open all the safe cells

• Bubble Mania
Clear as many bubbles as you can without any bubble crossing the bottom line

• BadaBoom
Prevent bombs from falling on the floor by collecting them

• Ho Ho Hop!
Help Santa eat cookies and avoid all obstacles

• The Claw
Grab as many treasures as possible with the claw

• Galaxy Invaders
Destroy all enemy spaceships

• Indiana GP
Challenge your rivals in this crazy race

• BrickOut
Destroy all the bricks with the ball

• Treasure Map
Recompose the map to reach the treasure

• Replay
Press the coloured pads in the correct order

• Bounce
Like Pong but in Circle. Keep the ball in stage

• Sewer Rat
Avoid obstacles while swimming in the sewer

• PongPong
Beat your opponent in ping-pong

• Slimenator
Defend your position and destroy as many slimes as you can

• Crazy Balloon
Collect gems and avoid obstacles

• Tap-A-Mole
Whack a mole. Whack it!

- No ads.
- No In-App purchases.
- No user tracking.
- Daily, Weekly and All Time leaderboards.*
- iCloud storage.
- Compatible with all Apple Watch models.
- Color-blind mode.
- Up to 120 fps on ProMotion devices.

[Music] 8-bit Loops by Snabisch
[Music] Wellerman by Zumi Daxuya

Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for next games!

* Leaderboards require a Game Center account.

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App Name Arcadia - Watch Retro Games
Category Games
Updated 05 April 2024, Friday
File Size 35.05 MB

Arcadia - Watch Retro Games Comments & Reviews 2024

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So many games!. I love Arcadia because it has so many different games to choose from(22), and you can download them on your watch! So l have Arcadia on me at all times. Very fun games, and most I’ve never played before, or heard about them but have never played them myself! So much and I will never stop loving this game of games!

Better than great!!!. I’m 70 and Pong and snake and all these games are going back to when I was a kid When they just came out,It was$.25 a game 🥴having Just spent six hours playing I just love 😍these games well done gentlemen thank you for NO in app purchases & no advertisements!! ( let me pay for it and use it) these are wonderful games!! Slow FUNS !! everybody get this nice slow fun and great challenges !thank you well done boys and girls!! WELL DONE 🤯🧐🤩🐉😎🦖😍

How Development Should Be. But once and it works. What I didn’t expect was that it’d work across all my devices. There ast some features I’d like to see in the games, like drop persistence in invaders. It would be hard to produce something that I’d feel as good about. HUGE THANKS for no in app purchases. It is why I chose yours over all other options and I’m absolutely grateful I did. Thank you for something that will occupy my mind that works in my watch, phone, tablet, tv, and computer. I will eagerly look forward to another product that meets my needs or wants so that I can reward you with more money.

Pure Awesomeness. This is hands down THE best set of fun little games to play on your watch! If you only owned one app to play games on your watch with, this would be the one! They keep adding new games to the list a couple of times a years too. So glad I found this app. Hoping the developers can add a “Jewels” game at some point. You know. The one where you match 3 or more Jewels/Gems and they disappear and the rows above crash down. It would work great on the Apple Watch. I have a version on my Garmin Vivoactive 4 and it is so much fun.

It’s perfect. awesome collection of fun, easy to play games that you can play on your watch! as far as using the apple watch as a gaming device(?!), these guys nailed it. of course, you can also play on your phone or tv. the leaderboards are separate too for each device which is nice. i can’t imagine how gaming(!?!!?) on an apple watch could be implemented better. just perfect little mini-games with simple controls that are fun and cozy. the collection has also expanded a good bit since i originally purchased it which is really appreciated. good devs, good games, good, simple fun. must have if you have an apple watch imo. apple should buy it out and include it natively as a fun gimmick lol that’s how well it fits the device and makes something fun that works given its extreme limitations.

Cool Retro Games. Update: More value for the money 💵! Apple TV support/ game play has been added. 👍🏼 Thank You to the developer! Games play and respond well on both iPhone and iWatch. At first I had no sound on watch but after a hard reboot, it works with retro sound effects and music. Great way to pass the time in a doctor’s office.

Get a quick game in anywhere!. When it comes to games for Apple Watch A lot of care was put into this one The games are fun and make good use out of The Digital Crown The games are fun and make time feel like it’s passing a little faster in certain environments They provide good entertainment in places where you might not be allowed to have a phone out and the games can be put on silent too so that’s a nice touch The games can also be played on phone though and they play just as good as they do on the watch Overall a solid collection of somewhat addictive games to keep you entertained anywhere If your looking for games for Apple Watch this is a must have

What a deal :). I’ve had my Apple Watch for several months now, but hadn’t come across any games that look like they would 1) be any fun, and 2) kind of show off what the watch can do when other people are looking :-) So for two bucks, this was like the perfect find for me. The games are actually fun, they’re really well made w/ the graphics, gameplay, sound, music… all of it. This isn’t just someone goofing around - these are games you might even catch yourself playing on your phone too. :-) They’re the definition of pick up and play games, when you have five minutes to burn somewhere… and to have ‘em all in one pack like this is perfect. Good job, y’all.

Nice collection of games for Apple Watch. There’s a variety of classic games that are all pretty fun to play on Apple Watch. You can also play them on iPhone and, smartly, the online high score lists are separate for each version of each game. However when I just tried to display the leaderboards on the watch it said “Unable to load scores”. Maybe this is a temporary hiccup, though. There’s sliders to control the volume of music and sound effects separately, and a color blind mode. Very nice.

Laiilah. ok , I have very few reasons on why I love this game , and very few reasons on why I don’t like it as much as well . here are reasons why I love the game : 1.) it’s really cool how you can play it on your phone AND on your Apple Watch ! 2.) the games are actually fun , because any other game for Apple Watch isn’t like this one ! It’s very creative !! And 3.) i don’t regret for paying at all for this game !! here are reason why I kind of dislike the game : 1.) I don’t like the fact that you have to pay for the app . And 2.) the bowling game could be a little better , not that it’s terrible , but it could be better . and that’s it ! I really love it and I’m glad you guys took time to create this masterpiece !! Have a blessed dayy !

Very fun. I think this game has a good variety of games and is good because I can 1v1 my sister since I have an Apple Watch and she can use my phone. The only problem is some of the songs are repetitive but it’s no big deal since I can turn my volume down. Overall, it’s definitely worth $2.

Great collection!. I LOVE the homage to Sega’s Outrun. All games are very playable. The best parts of these games are that they’re more or less designed to be start/stop friendly, where it isn’t a big deal if you lose progress or whatever. But you do seem to be able to pause and hold your place (at least while the app is running in the bg), which is helpful. Some are pretty simple, and reminiscent of some of the classic “filler” games that used to get churned out in the cartridge days, but they seemingly perform as designed and do not crash. Definitely worth $2 to have access to some quick games without having to be glued to my phone.

This is great. I was looking for games on my watch so I downloaded ping pong it was fun but you had to buy everything so I spent $2 and got tons of free game so cool one thing please change some of the controls on the watch version tho its kinda hard to play still super fun would recommend

My opinion!. 1st off I'd like to say anybody wondering if buying this game is worth it, it is honestly if you're that 8-bit type of person who really loves classic arcade games. 2nd I really love the fact that we have more than just one game to play for just 2$! Last but not least I really enjoy the games. I really enjoy the how it's so easy to swap between different games. 5 Stars from me! 😎

Nice games for a nice price and no ads. All the games are easy to play on your watch and phones. They look decent and they’re fun. There are no ads and even the music is enjoyable. I’m not one of those who want to go back to 8 but gaming but these games makes it not so bad if you do while on a short wait for something.

Amazing. When I first got the app I was confused with many of the games but when I figured it out I could not get off my watch my favorite is bubble mania! I love the details to each game and it is available for even colorblind people One suggestion I think could be updated is the games I feel like there could be more to choose from because they haven’t updated the games in a while maybe I will find a new game to enjoy Great ideas!!

Better than you’d think. I’ve gotten multiple of these before, they have 4 variations of the same game and call it a day but this one isn’t like that at all. Their games are unique but also the classics, they have stuff like bowling, fishing, races, etc. but its all just so addictive and great for passing time. I ride the bus to school everyday and I’m usually pretty bored so I’ve been looking for games to play on the bus and this is perfect for me. My favorite game so far is FastRun, its a racing game where you avoid other cars and falling off the road. Those types of games are usually all the same, you dodge some cans and stop signs by pressing some arrows and boom you’ve won the game, but this one is more unique from the joystick and art style all the way to how it makes you feel like your there.

A Must Have App For Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is a great utility device but it’s nice to have a fun little time waster on the wrist and these little retro style arcade games are perfect for the job. Fun little games that you can shoot for a high score on while waiting at appointments or in lines. The colours are nice and vibrant and the animations are smooth. I was particularly impressed by the driving game. For the low price, I’ve gotten additional games added over time, updates and support and importantly Family Sharing. One of my kids got the Apple Watch and was able to download it hassle free. Highly Recommended.

Thank you for the games. Hello, Thank you for all of these mini games🕹👾 I was just thinking though that there could be more is was think one of those auto run platformer game so could you add one please and a puzzle game please I think it would be really cool the puzzle could be like a safe breaker ok please🥺

All fantastic(except for maybe a couple things). The graphics are bright and colorful. Styles like classic arcade games of old. There’s no ads and all the games run smoothly. It really feels like I’m carrying a tiny arcade in my pocket. However I just have two little complaints with three of the games. Brick out, slimenator and treasure map. I don’t like how brick out gives you 3 lives. I’d like if there were check points or no lives at all and be casual. Treasure map timer runs out way too fast a few maps in. And slimenator throws too many enemies in at once too soon in the game. Other than those 3 gripes this app is well worth it. And the developers are always improving it and adding more games. I hope they see this and maybe fix those things. If not that’s all good. There’s dozens more games on here to play. Edit: or for brick out hide hearts in some blocks like how the space invader game hides them in the alien ships.

Addictive games, little depth. I rather like this little app. For $2, I can play a lot of different games, both on watch and my phone. They feel distinct between the phone and the watch versions due to the clever use of the crown. If i have any complaints, it’s that the games all lack any real depth. This makes the time I spend with the app feel like eatting candy, an addictive and empty experience. Along with more games as promised in the description, I would appreciate more depth added to the games that already exist in future patches. I feel like this would add a lot of longevity to the software, which as it stands I see myself getting burnt out on sooner or later.

A lot more games than expected!. I was looking for a nice game to play during downtime while my phone is on the charger and came across this app that showed that it has a few games. I figured it was worth the cost so I got it and it had a lot more than expected! They’re primarily the “easy to play difficult to master” type of games which make for great replayability. Highly recommended

Definitely worth the price!. I recently bought this games for my Apple Watch. At first I was a bit iffy to pay money for a game on a watch, but after seeing all the amazing reviews, I knew I was in for something good. And boy was it amazing!! I honestly would pay a bit more than 2 dollars for this game. It’s super entertaining! There’s an amazing selection of games, that all function well, and are overall so much fun to play. I’m so happy there’s an actual good app for games on the App Store for an Apple Watch. I’m thinking of telling a few of my friends about this app who also have an Apple Watch, who are always complaining that there are no good games (since clearly they’re wrong lol). I’m so happy I bought this! :D

Really fun. I would rate this an easy 5 stars, one thing I wish would happen is that when playing on different devices under the same account that the scores would match up, I understand that some of the games have different controls and that some games have even slightly different objectives such as the pin ball game, on the phone there are 6 buttons to push and on the watch I believe it is 4? Anyways, A really fun game absolutely worth the $2!!

Nice but.... *****UPDATE***** With the ability to mute the music and effects on the watch I’m changing my view to 5 stars. It’s good to know the developers read reviews and try to make adjustments. Great games from my childhood, good graphics and easy controls. This one hits it out of the ball park! The games are neat and enjoyable but the sounds are so loud that it makes it impossible to play unless you want to be inconsiderate to others. You can mute the sound on the phone but it doesn’t change the watch, which totally defeats why I bought the app.

WOW!. I’ve been looking for good Apple Watch games for a while and I haven’t been able to find any good ones. Then, I came across this game and I LOVED IT! The developer did such a good job converting the games into a play style for Apple Watch. This review is for anyone like me and isn’t sure it’s worth it. IT IS!!!!!!! Amazing job dev 👍

Retro Greatness. I'm having a blast playing all of these fun old school games. Whether it's on my Apple Watch or my iPhone I love it all. If you want a collection of simple games to help unwind with not much pressure and want to experience the origins of today's games, I recommend getting Aracdia. Many thanks to the developer for such a fun experience and for selling the game collection at one fair price. Thank you and God bless. P.S. I really like the icon for this games collection too. It's very appealing I thought and easy to find in my Watch menu, thanks. Also, I noticed that you mentioned you might add a coins system to the game possibly? I just hope if you do that you'll please not add any in-app purchases or subscription garbage please to the application. One of the main reasons I made the choice to buy, Arcadia, was that it looked like retro fun for one reason. But, most importantly that it was sold for one fair price without any IAPs. I do hope that you will please stick to that ethical way of pricing and selling this collection, thank you if you will, I'd be grateful ❤️.

Amazing Game. I have bought numerous games for my watch. Out of all of them I have found this one to be a great discount, as it is $2 you get a bundle of a bunch of games replicating the same experience on your Apple watch that you can get on arcade machines. One thing I would enjoy if there was like a premium membership so I can customize my stuff. Another thing is I feel having games such as games revolving around sports like a baseball game would be really fun!

I love love love this app!!!. Due to school being online I don’t wear my watch much but it’s just as good on the phone too! There are some “classic” games and the music is brilliant and perfect for the games. I would 10/10 recommend this app! I can’t wait to see what new games they add in the future! I can’t stop playing the bubble shooter one.

Great for Apple Watch. This app has a few mini games that work great for the Apple Watch. I found myself with not much phone battery left but was stuck without a charger and had 6 more hours to go on my shift. I bought the app and it turned out to be a great purchase for 2 bucks. My main boss came walking towards me and didn’t mention me on my watch. It looks like your just checking your watch which is better than being on your phone. This app is good for passing the time and boredom.

Works!!. This is a great app if you’re stuck waiting with just your Apple Watch! The games are everything from new takes on classic 4bit games from the late 70s, early 80s, and phone games from the 90s! So, there’s at least one you’ll enjoy, no matter who you are. No crashes. FYI: You use your crown dial to move and play. So, you’ll want it in the right position to play comfortably.

It’s good, however. I personally think this game (or mini games) is gun and entertaining, however i just think there arent too many games, and i feel like i was kind of scammed out of my money because there are only 20 games. I feel like there could be a lot mini games, if they are based off of retro games, then there should be a lot more picks. But other that, the games have decent mechanics and they are quite entertaining if im ever bored without anything to do! There are some obvious drawbacks and room for improvement, but it overall isn’t a bad title!

Phenomenal. I was scrolling through top paid games when I saw this and I saw that it also had an Apple Watch version and I have an Apple Watch so I bought the game and I’m super satisfied it has no ads and the games are well-made I really like this game I read it five stars for the best game on watch it has all the games are you’ll ever need so we can rescue me from the burden of boredom!

These games are great!!!. I love most of these games, and have a lot of fun playing them on my watch when I get bored. I will say though that some of the more puzzle-like games probably need some instructions so that the player won’t be completely confused about what to do. But overall I think most of these are great games and I 100% recommend this app.

Worth IT!!. This game is worth it for the small price of two dollars. It has a variety of fun retro games that you can play on your watch and phone if you wanna kill time or not waste your phone battery to entertain yourself. Though I do have some suggestions that I would like to see implemented like playing online or local multiplayer with someone that has an Apple Watch or if they don’t have the Apple Watch they can play against you on their phone while you play on the Apple Watch. Another thing I would like to see is a leader board as myself love to play competitively, so being able to see who is at the top of the leaderboard would be nice. Overall pretty good app and I hope too see more fun and cool games in the future.

Everything feels like a reskin. Each game feels exactly the same. It honestly feels like there are multiple different re-skins of a game that constantly has the same formula. It’s even more like that in Arcadia sports. I downloaded Arcadia sports, thinking that it was going to have an actual formula racing with a first second and third place but instead, it’s just like the normal car game on here. There’s no real racing part. Not only that but the bowling game on here is not only repeated once on ArcadiaSports but twice. The games on this one and it’s sequel are good, but they just need more diversity and different mechanics.

Best value for your money. If you ever wanted nice pick up and play games for your Apple Watch, IPhone, or otherwise, this is a great deal! Controls are responsive, graphics are amazing (really gives off that snes feel) and the games themselves are highly optimized and addictive for both platforms I’ve tried. 10/10!

Very Useful game for my watch. I like retro arcade games—maybe not as much as Minecraft or anything, but they’re fun games to play. When I found out there was an app that had a bunch of retro-style arcade games that I could play on my watch, I immediately bought it. The experience has been great. The selling point for me was Galaxy Invaders, a game based on Space Invaders, which I used to play all the time on my Atari flashback. Arcadia gives a cool twist to the game with having some of the attacking ships move to attack. Overall, great little app, and I very much recommend it

Fun but MAJOR issue. ***Update*** Great to finally have adjustable volume. Five stars now. So much fun! Now I don’t have to worry about waking up anyone around me when I play Simon. Thank you for the update, and the quick response. The games are fun, but O.M.G. How are the only two volume options either mute or turned up to 11? The music is so loud it is impossible to play without it being muted. Please, please, please, allow for an adjustable volume. I thought that would be a given for a paid app... really disappointed.

Worth the money? Absolutely!. I’ve been having this app on my Apple Watch for over a month approximately. All those games are real entertaining, well-made and there’s no lag. They’re incredibly adorable! If I had more friends with an Apple Watch I would recommend it big time! If you’re reading this, definitely get this! At this point for me, this is a MUST HAVE for the Apple Watch! Thanks for making this app! Please never delete it <3

Arcadia is awesome. I love Arcadia because it has so many game options! By downloading Arcadia I never get bored. My favorite game is the one where the pirate needs you help to find the map. It is always fun when you get the treasure! Arcadia is awesome and it really helps me to not get bored. It keeps me entertained and I absolutely love it! Besides I can also have the game on my Apple Watch!!!!!

Best games on Apple Watch: bonus play on phone too!. These games are great and maybe even the best you can play on your Apple Watch for the price. But you might want to buy them with the bundle that says “Also Included In” in the App Store because for 99¢ more you get 5 other games; furthermore, some of the other games are a bundle of multiple games as well. $1.99 for this game alone but $2.99 gives you an additional 5 games with some including multiple games themself. These games are very impressive for your Apple Watch and designed to easily be played on you Watch as well. They run buttery smooth and also have a nostalgic likeness to old school games. 100% recommend you purchasing this game; but only if, you buy this game in the 6 game bundle for 99¢ more. Again, when you click the game in the App Store, you’ll see something that says “Also Included In.” Click that and buy that bundle. Worth it completely.

Family Sharing Not Available. EDIT: I was finally able to share this app with my family! It is great and thank you to the very helpful developers! The games are not bad but I’m very disappointed that family sharing does not work for the Apple Watch. The support page clearly states that Family Sharing is supported which is why I bought the app, but my family can only download it on their phones, not their watches!

The best watch games, period!. When I first got my watch I had no idea there were games for it but man am I glad I found this gem. If you’re going to pick up any games for your watch this is an absolute must! My lifestyle has a lot of waiting around for computers to calculate or animals to finish that it’s so nice and convenient to have this at the ready to hop in and out of. My thoughts also spiral out of control easily so having this fun distraction has been a real treat. As it happens this was the first one i came across and took a chance on. Sadly, this suite of games is so well polished and fun that it has set an incredibly high bar of expectations that others just haven’t come close to matching. I’ve tried a number of other paid and free suites and individual games that simply don’t look as nice, run so smooth, are as much fun and interact so effortlessly as Arcadia that I pretty much play these exclusively. You can really tell the difference from other developers who simply produce an app to sell, to these who actually seem to use and refine it. The love is evident. Thank you devs for this awesome app. It runs great, looks great and is a genuine pleasure to play. Also very happy to see its in active development with new games and features being added. Would rate it 10 stars if I could :-)

Read me <3. This game is truly awesome. Reasons: No ads, you can play offline (with no WiFi), the few games are enough to keep a child engaged. The colorblind mode is also very awesome! Maybe the developers can add a few more old games like (any old 90s game) paper boy, or home alone with like mini control pad (jump, walk/run/move, etc) but besides that it’s 10/10 I’ve asked many people to download it so we could play against each other but still LOVE THIS APP SO MUCHHH <3

Really Fun Games!. I love the Apple Watch games and how simple the controls are, but maybe they could be more complicated because they get boring after a little bit. I think a currency like coins would make it better. You could buy new characters in some of the games. In the galaxy invaders game, the power- ups to make you shoot more should last longer. Overall, I love all the games and they are really fun.

“Worth Buying”👍. This Game is not bad for a arcade game,since now we’re in this modern world, but they got it right,how a arcade game should look like,and plus all the games are so entertaining and sooo CLASSIC, and original.I Love It,you will never get bored,I promise you.😌💕 “Plus “-this is a message for the creator I hope you keep adding more mini games into your game platform you know?Because your doing a good job at these games,keep doing what your doing lol.💕it’s worth it.

Nostalgic. This is more fun than I expected! My wife and kids are all sharing the phon, just like we used to share a controller back in the Day! This really takes me back to when games where simple and challenging at the same time. I especially enjoy the Simon Says game. Haven’t played that one in years! And watching my kids play is heart warming ❤️. Great Job with this one developers! I hope to see more games coming soon

Devs please read this review. Im really happy i got this game i really enjoy it especially on long boring car rides or thing like that. The games are really fun but one suggestion is to have a game where your a plane or rocket flying upwards you move it side to side and astroids come really quick and it gets harder every level. Just a suggestion that i think would be cool. But anyways thanks great game

Best. I gift this game to everyone who has an Apple Watch. It is essential. I work in a lab and love playing it while I wait for a centrifuge to spin down, in line at the store, or stuck in traffic. To my surprise new games have been added several times and most of them are amazing. The only thing I would change is having Game Center saves, retaining high scores, and leaderboards. I’m in competition with like 20 people and we have to take screenshots for bragging rights. I've had the app update a couple times and hasn’t always retained that info. But this is an app that I will always support. And it’s one of the most used apps on my watch. Great work people!!

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Enjoyable. Enjoyed playing on my watch when I am waiting for something

Great Game. Worth it. this is a very good game. i was wondering tho what the high score for bubble breakout is? because i got 9680 and it took like half an hour.

Apple Watch. Great little game for Apple Watch. Has a variety of games for lots of people. Definitely worth the money. Ideal for small amounts of time.

Back to simple, delightful fun. This is the perfect embodiment of everything great about early console and arcade games. Simple colourful fun, something you can pick up and play quickly and put away when you need. Great selection of games inside and seems like new ones are being added from time to time, so there’s always something to engage you. Great work!

Just amazing. Why the heck aren’t there more games like this available for the watch? This is a perfect blend of games for the little form factor of the watch and mostly played with the Digital Crown. The games play amazingly well, gets constant updates and new games added and for three bucks is incredible value.

Memories.. Brings back memories to when I was a kid at my cousins house, on his PC.

Love it!. I love this game and have spent many hundreds of hours playing it. Highly recommended! Download it now.!!! NOW!!!!

Only good game on Apple Watch. My friend grabs my arm and steals my free will as I stand with him grabbing my arm playing this game my wrist is in immense pain being twisted into unbar-able positions anyway good game

Well worth a few bucks. Love the simple time killer games

Good fun. Really rate this the games work really well and are really responsive

Great for filling in those spare moments. Some of these games are very addictive…

Amazing Game. I really like this game it works so well! Well done to the creators.

Fun, ad-free and doesn’t overheat. All the pros of arcade games without any cons of mobile games.

Solid Simple Games. Great 2 minute distractions on your phone or watch.

Hey! It does work!. This game is rlly fun and good for sneaking games into school on my watch, and on the go, it took awhile to poad at first and i thought there was something wrong but it’s okay now

Good mini games. Lots of mini games for cheap

Fantastic fun. Great simple retro game - fun on both the watch and phone. Even my 6 and 8 years have taken to it... says something when it’s up against Pokémon go!

Quick fun games for your Apple Watch and iPhone. Need to kill some time? Need to be sneaky on your Apple Watch? Then this application is for you. Quick fun games for your Apple Watch and works for your iPhone too.

Perfect. It has an abundance of games that have been adapted well for the watch. Very usefull in ques when waiting and just for some fun when needed Deserves 6 stars

Old fashioned fun. It’s great to be able to play games that I used to play 20 to 30 years ago really enjoying Arcadia

AMAZING GAME YOU’LL LOVE IT!. It’s a great game and I think lots of people will like to buy it Ps. It has sooooo many games on it

Good fun games. Easy to play on the go - simple concepts

Great nostalgic fun. Very enjoyable, if you are longing for those old arcade games

The best. Sometimes the simplest things are the best Great old memories Johnnyrebb

Good. Very fun very nice

Fire game. On God this fire

This game brings back such good memories. How much fun are all these games. I remember playing all of them as a kid. I can’t believe how well it translates to an Apple Watch too. Highly recommended!!

Arcadia June!. So much fun on any device. The Hemispheric Views podcast runs an annual “Arcadia June” tournament because this game is so fun.

Arcadia Review. Arcadia is such a great game with 18 fun mini games that are edited versions of other games! It’s great!

Attack of the clones. It’s just a bunch of knock offs of other games. Try making something original. Call of duty was not a clone of doom that’s for sure. But your game brickout is a clone of breakout, bounce is just circle pong, pongpo is literally just pong and the list goes on. How big is your ego that you would compare your crappy games to doom or call of duty. Get a clue mate. Wow so you knock off other people’s ideas and you call it a tribute? I guess whatever helps you sleep at night mate. The only inspiration I see in your games is to make a quick buck. Can’t wait see how’s games you steal next.

Addictive!. Simple and fun

WORTH EVERY CENT. The gameplay is smooth Graphics clean and sharp Animations smooth Enough game options Worth the price entirely I absolutely love everything about this game, a MUST download for anyone with an Apple Watch, absolutely fantastic 🤌🏽

Great app. So many simple fun games

Great game. This game is really well made and I haven’t found a single glitch well playing and the game is only $2.99 very fun game 9.7/10

Soo good. Good graphic mean everything

Ahhhh so good!!!. This is the best $2.99 I have ever spent, fully recommend it! There are so many options and it works so well on my watch!

Annoying. I can never win pong pong you need to make it easier

Definitely worth buying!!. This is a great app for the Apple Watch! Fun games with great sounds. Great for a quick fix while you’re waiting around or even if you’re after a bit of a challenge. I had a problem loading the game when I first bought it but after a quick email to the tech support team they had my problem solved in 30 seconds. I still can’t believe they got back to me so quickly! Brilliant!

Good game selection. Good game selection perfect for passing time waiting for something or someone.

I think it’s good he said he’ll continue to put more games on there. I think the price is fair. These games work well on devices like iPhone.

My opinion matters more than anyone’s. It’s good, and if u don’t like it then ur a poopy egg

I really love the game but... I love the game, seriously! But there just one thing that annoys me. I'm not sure why it keeps restarting randomly on its own and don't save any progress that we've done. I wonder if this could be fixed, so that the players won't lose the progress that they've made with hard work. Thanks. Great games tho!

Very well made. Super well optimised for apple watch and I love the games you put in.

Great Games for the Apple Watch!. This app is one of the best games apps for the Apple Watch.

not bad for time killers. pretty addictive

Mixed bag, but worth the $$. Some of the games are meh, that’s to be expected in any compilation - but the good ones are really good for filling a couple minutes of downtime here & there. All in all it was $3 well spent & I’d happily recommend it for when you’re waiting at a bus stop or Dr’s office & need something engaging but not so engrossing that you lose situational awareness - but unfortunately I can’t give it the full 5 stars ‘cos, for me, there’s only really 2 games I like, another 2 that I’ll dip into for the sake of variety, & the other 18 range from ‘urgh’ to ‘meh.’ I would give it 4.5 if I could, ‘cos the good parts are great, it’s just the unavoidable dross inherent in compilations holding it back. (Side note: I really wish you could reorganise the games so I didn’t have to scroll through to get to the ones I like. Also, if MineHound switched between flag & dig when you rotate the crown instead of needing to tap the titchy-tiny icons every time you want to switch that’d be so much better than having the crown scroll through the tiles…)

Good Fun. Many fun games to play. Some I played in my youth & 30s. I can play on my watch, phone & Ipad. Easy to play for over 50s. Maintain concentration & compete against yourself. Just fun anywhere, anytime.

So much fun for your watch and phone. Great games to play on your watch or phone. Fun time wasters, really enjoyable. Well worth the purchase.

Arcadia. This game (games?) is awesome compilation of arcade-like games and they are so fun!! My favourite is BadaBoom! Thank you so much for making this game! If more games are going to be added, I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEM!! Thank you so much for making this! (again)

Arcadia. Excellent fun games to play when you want to kill time without having to commit to a full game of something

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Really good collection!. This is probably the best collection of games for the Apple Watch, the menus and games look very nice and fun very smoothly. Also, the fact that you don’t have to pay for extra games in a bargain, worth getting. (Also, is there any chance a game like MineSweeper can be added in a future update?)

Really good. I’m pretty sure the problems I have noticed is hardware related like eating my Watch’s battery like tic tacs. Works really well! Highly recommended!

Lot of fun!. Good stuff

Great fun. Très bon dans sa simplicité.

😀. Great thx

Really good!. This game combines around 6 to 8 games which individually would cost 8 bucks maybe but Arcadia lowers it to 2.80! The games are fun and don’t require internet, which is great when waiting, for a hobby, or when your kids want to play a game while you’re waiting at the doctor for him to finally take you guys in!

Great job. It’s hard to believe the amount of fun you can have playing these games, especially on the watch!

It’s Amazing!. I love this game. I bought it yesterday, it doesn’t disappoint. I would recommend it!

Classic. A lots of fun!

Amazing game. I think this honestly my favourite find on the App Store

A funky lil app. Y’all remember the little toys you get from McDonald’s? The little 8-bit games doodads? Its like that but better. A bunch of little games that lovingly eat my phone battery while I try to ignore folks.

Wow, these are great!. I had no idea games on the Apple Watch could be so great. I grew tired of playing Solitaire, and these are so much fun to play. Definitely pick this up.

Too cool!. Keep up the great work, the games are awesome, fast runner looks and plays amazing 👌👌

Great set of mini games. I cannot get over how fun there are to play while I’m needing to waste some time or I’m charging my phone 😄

Simple fun!. Lots of variety and easy to play

Best game for Watch. This is perhaps the best game you can get for the apple watch.

Fun little time waster of great mini games!. I am really enjoying all the mini games that are included. Such a fun time killer when waiting in line or taking a long bus ride. Keep up the excellent work developers. I am also looking forward to the next batch of upcomming games (if any planned of course).

Great Casual Pick-Up Games. A great app to turn to if you got moments to waste, no ads. Simple, easy learning curve. Great nostalgia for older players.

Love this game. Hey I love this game but actually I don’t need it. I didn’t buy it my little brother did and wasted my money. Can I please get a refund. It’ll be amazing. Thanks.

Game idea. Hello, I have a game idea for a future game. My idea is a runner type game where you are stuck constantly running and you need to get over obstacles. It starts off slower and then gets faster over time. This game could be unique and jump could be used with the Apple Watch scroll wheel where you could reach different heights depending on the obstacle. This game could have potential and be another one of those arcade games you could try for hours to try and beat a high score. You have all rights to use this idea if you desire to, and I hope that some neat new games get added in the future. Great app.

Tha best. It’s such a Goated app and it is totally worth it

Cba1324. Awesome

Good. Super fun game, brings back some good games, it’s time consuming and awesome. It’s worth the $2.74

Love it!. Good games! Nice when I just need my quick fix to shell out some time. Hope to see more games in the future!

Cool game for iPhone and Apple Watch. Arcadia is a fun game for iPhone and Apple Watch, it’s very entertaining

Game. Cool

superb. love this

Good. Good but i got board and now I can’t refund

Fun games but. I DO NOT WANT TO SIGN INTO GC SO STOP ASKING!!! ( I will change to 5 stars when you do)

Isiqaboy. Most G.O.A.T.E.D game EVER!!! 😎😎😎😎😎🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸🤩🥸🥸

Great for iPad and watch. Great app

10/10. The best arcade app

Classic games for the watch and phone. Sometimes you just need a quick game for your watch, this is perfect for those times.

AMAZING app! NO ADS! I LOVE THIS DEV!. I absolutely love this app. It is SO NICE to be able to play something on my phone without having to watch a @&#%ing commercial. Thank you to the developer for this, leaderboards are such a nice touch as well, reminds me of arcades of yesteryear. The Claw is my absolute favourite game and I honestly think y’all could make a stand alone app of this game with achievements, power-ups, additional fish with weird moves and hooks with special abilities. Lol!

Back to the 80’s!. I love this! Many of my favourite games on my wrist and on my iPhone. Well done!

Amazing. This game is so worth it and way better then I thought and it’s really good quality

Worth it. Play it when Im bored at gatherings and to pass time when my phones dead got my 3 dollars worth out of it and morr

Addictive. I play these games every night while putting my son to bed. They’re a great dose of retro gaming. Challenging and addictive.

Super jeux pour toute la famille. Super jeux pour toute la famille

Check it out!. Simple fast install, you can start play right away- games are perfect sized for apple watch but available on your phone. Great for killing time while waiting and so so so many games to choose from!!

Amazing!. Best retro game

(:. This is really fun thank you

Best Game Ever!. This is the best game I’ve ever played. No ads, just fun gameplay! Hope for more updates! :)

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Great collection of mini-games with new ones being added. Fantastic value for only a couple of bucks. I was really surprised when the developer updated and added new mini games! I would love to see a side scroller game so turning the watch crown would be more intuitive.

Amazing!. This game is so fun and has so many options. This is definitely something to do on your free time. These games are also so fun and entertaining I could play these for hours! I definitely would give it six stars if I could.

Wonderful game app. The small price to pay for this game is well worth it! All 22 games are entertaining, and the best thing is the ability to play them on your IWatch. This along with card and board games is sufficient to satisfy most needs.

Beat the record. So far so entertaining. Games are basic but gives you a classic feel. Some old school games like Snake are back and a few more I think will keep you addicted for a while. No glitches for me. I like it so far

This is the old school arcade game you are looking for!. If you like old school arcade games this is your game. This is not trying to reinvent the wheel but keeps the gaming simple and satisfying without all the typical mobile gaming shenanigans.

LOVE THIS!!!!. Totally worth the $2! I love the games, this is so amazing, only not giving it 5 stars because I have only played on phone, which is amazing! But for the like sewer rat and circle bounce thing, I wish you could just use your finger and not have it be on the thing you slide, because that makes it harder to play. I will update when my watch arrives!

GREAT!. I absolutely love this on my Apple Watch 6. I grew up playing these type games. Old huh? Really though they are perfect to kill time at work. I recommend these to anyone wanting old school games. Glad I found this app. Wish there were more stars

Awesome!!!. Love having games that I can play on my wrist!! This is an amazing collection of very high quality games!!! I’m shocked at how smooth everything runs on Apple Watch and I absolutely LOVE controlling the games with the Digital Crown!!!! 11/10 would buy again!!!!

Now works on original Apple Watch!. I had previously given this app 4 stars because the games are fun, but I couldn’t install it on my original Apple Watch (aka Series 0). However, the developer responded quickly saying that it now works on the the original Apple Watch.

Great Game! Fix bugs. This little game pack is totally worth the 2 bucks. I play it on my M1 Mac Mini and my Apple Watch SE. I gave it a four star because when I play galaxy invaders it freezes when I'm at two-thousand on my mac. I reach 42,160 and had three hearts but then my Mac froze and I didn't even get credit for the record! Other than that great game. Please fix the bugs!

Worth the money. This game is worth the 2$ dollars. Especially since there’s more than one game inside it. I do have two suggestion though if we can get more shooting games and maybe fighting games. That’ll be awesome. Other than that I would recommend this app. Thanks for reading and have a good day.

Arcadia, worth $1.99 👍👍. Great 8 bit games. Easy time killer games when you only have a few minutes to waste. Haven’t tried them on my watch yet but work well on my iPhone 12.

Odd big even after 1.10.1. Great app all around, but watch version still fails to remember sound settings on the watch app. At least the score big was squashed! Thank you and happy holidays!

Great buy. Shared this with my kids Apple Watches and they love it. Just purchased once on my account, then was able to install on kids watches from my profile in the app store directly on their watches

Amazing. Great fun at the funeral when you have nothing but a watch. Some of the controls weren’t the best, but adding it to the phone fixed that! I’ve played this for hours!

Simple yet thoughtful games that help pass the time!. Arcadia has simply yet thoughtfully designed games that are super fun and help pass the time on my watch without draining my phone battery. Definitely worth the $2!

Fun bowling game!. As a bowler I must say that the physics are decent, although I wish it was possible to throw a big hook instead of just down-and-in shots. The barriers and skull pins are nice touches that make this more like an arcade game instead of an ordinary bowling simulator. The other games I’ve tried so far are good too!

Best Watch Game. I definitely recommend this game. From the retro style to the great audio, this game has every thing I need! The only reason why I have 4 stars instead of 5 is because I wish it was free. But other than the price, amazing game!

Worth paying and playing. Use this game all the time, very fun to play and worth buying. Look forward to updates and more games!

Must buy. New games, playable on your watch, and a solid time killer make this a must be for me. Perfect for killing time when you’re not supposed to have your phone or waiting on an email.

Worth it. For the variety and style, get this app! It’s worth it imo because I can play on my watch as well as the games are easy and can kill a few minutes when you need too.

Epic. Really fun games! I wonder what the coming soon game is and since these are like “arcade” type games they should add some like Mario or donkey Kong 😎that would make this game even better! Tetris as well would be cool😁 I totally recommend

Simple Quality Games. Arcadia has a bunch of classic games that just work well. The controls are smooth and the games are fun to play. I bought the game mostly to have something to play on my Apple Watch, but whether you play on your phone or on your watch, you’ll be entertained; a great way to pass time.

Nice, but. I like this app a lot, but one really annoying thing is that it doesn’t remember the state when restarting. I sometimes keep a game of bubble mania for days, playing it a few minutes here and there, and the suddenly oops, the app got updated or the watch restarted, all my progress is lost. Frustrating!

Loads of games that work great on Apple Watch. This is the best games app I’ve bought for my watch, hands down. I even play the games in my phone when I want to entertain myself for a couple of minutes. Very pleased with this purchase.

Best collection of Apple Watch games available.. This is the best way to play and show off your watch available. Immediately playable and enjoyable games anytime you want them for a quick break. Fun selection. Well worth the price!

Never leave the toilet again. Hello sleepy legs! These games are super hard to put down once you stop. Perfect for Apple Watch time on the bathroom and way better than just doomscrolling the news or seeing the better lives that my friends are posting about.

Best Apple Watch game app!. Use this app every day when I take a quick break during work or any free time I have. Works flawlessly with tons of games to choose from.

Surprisingly Fun simple games. I loaded this game when looking for something to entertain my 6 year old at a sporting event, what I found was a nice collection of simple to use games for everyone. Would love to see this added to the Apple TV. I would definitely play it there too.

Amazing. Games are fun and they all work. It’s hard to find games for the Apple Watch that work so well and that look great at the same time. 10/10 would recommend.

Fun but add more games. It is a fun game and I always play on my Apple Watch but there should be some sports games on their like retro bowl or basketball. Sports games would be really fun. You could add like. Football and basketball games. Other than that it is pretty fun and a good little time waster.

Good value. Overall for the price of the app you get good value. For a small price you get a decent number of bite sized games. However that being said a few games do get rather boring after the first 2-3 times playing them.

Highly recommend. This is such a cute game and I usually don’t have games on my phone ever. Absolutely cute and totally retro. If you like those two things get it. Also these game make you think which keeps the brain going :)

Best bang for your buck. Well two bucks but well worth it a bunch of different games plenty to keep you busy at a good price it’s very fair I think every watch should have this app on it shoot I use it on my phone

Hooked on bubblemania. I keep going back to try and beat my score. Totally addictive. Only improvement I could see is a little instruction on what triggers the descent - is it a timer or certain colors played or what? Update. Figured it out - every 6 moves it goes down one. 👍🏻😁

Nostalgia Galore!. I love all the little games from my past! Especially the car one! Solid games with mechanics that upgrade but stay true to the originals. Great Job! It would be nice if there was controller support?

Wonderful. Best collection of mini games. Must have if you have the Apple Watch. Obviously these were designed with both the phone and watch in mind. Controls are easy and intuitive on both devices.

Great to play during school (don’t tell my middle school teacher ). Might of gotten called out a few times but it was worth it this is so fun and it helps me get through boring classes

Fishing game on watch. There is a bug that stops the high score from being recorded to the leader board on the watch, I was going for all time high , played for like 5 hours and it didn’t even add my score to the leader board which was a real let down as I was the #1 high for world wide all time talk about a bummer lol

Love it. The app help me in my time of need of entertainment when you have no WiFi and no service in the time of Hurricane Fiona category 1 hit me and my home Puerto Rico 🇵🇷But above all this app and all its cute arcade games 👾 it’s a 💯👍for me thank you 🙏.

A lot of my favorite classic games in one place. Such a great app that has a log of our fav classic games in one place. Definitely worth the couple bucks. Plus side, you can play them on your Apple Watch too!

The ultimate mobile game. Simple, fast, and fun games, everything that a mobile game should be, except it’s several in one. The Dev could have made you pay for all of these games, but it’s a one time purchase, no ads, no micro transactions. The ideal mobile game.

Games on Apple Watch!. Exactly what you’re looking for. Simple quick fun games you can play directly on the watch. Interesting gameplay using Digital Crown and screen taps.

Fun. But!. This is one of the best game app on the Apple Watch but recently app continues to close and I have to restart when ready to play again. This didn’t happen before. The game would be paused and waiting for me begin playing again. Now, The app restarts from beginning . Please fix! Apple Watch 7

10/10. These games are so fun even though I don’t have a watch I don’t know if you could play these on the watch but it’s so fun to play on my phone anyway 10/10 would recommend

Arcade. I like Arcadia because I have an Apple Watch and I have the same games and it’s fun playing them without my Apple Watch sometimes and it’s really fun. I love it all the games there are a lot of games that I wish I had on regular but I don’t so it’s OK fun.

Best arcade game on the Apple Watch. It has several decently amusing arcade games for the Apple Watch, which makes it the best current option for watch games (the best of the other arcade game apps for Apple Watch give you only a single decently amusing arcade game for the same price).

Amazing game. 10/10 should buy I love this game all apps are easy and fun to use (except snake) and overall crazy performance. I thought at first I would just buy it to play on my watch but now I actually end up playing on my watch and phone!

Love it. I love that I can play with this on my watch!!! It’s very useful when I’m in the classroom I can ignore the teacher without my phone! Best thing definitely recommend it!

WOW. This game is must have for anyone with an apple watch! I absolutely love the amount of care the makers put into this, it is Constantly getting new games and you can mail the makers and you will get a response swiftly. These games already on the app are very well made and run Very well on watch.

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Arcadia - Watch Retro Games 1.18.18 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Arcadia - Watch Retro Games app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Raffaele D'Amato and other users?

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Arcadia - Watch Retro Games 1.18.18 Games Screenshots & Images

Arcadia - Watch Retro Games iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.18.18
Play Store com.rdamato.watchgames
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Arcadia - Watch Retro Games (Versiyon 1.18.18) Install & Download

The application Arcadia - Watch Retro Games was published in the category Games on 18 December 2019, Wednesday and was developed by Raffaele D'Amato [Developer ID: 529947655]. This program file size is 35.05 MB. This app has been rated by 9,352 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Arcadia - Watch Retro Games - Games app posted on 05 April 2024, Friday current version is 1.18.18 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.rdamato.watchgames. Languages supported by the app:

EN FR DE IT JA PT ES Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from Raffaele D'Amato Developer
Arcadia - Watch Retro Games Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Improved UI • Bug Fix

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