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Cake Maker - Pastry Simulator Game Description & Overview

What is cake maker - pastry simulator app? Welcome to "Purple Place - Classic Games" a fun-filled game where you'll embark on three exciting adventures like good old times! Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of creativity and challenge. Let's dive into the details of each game mode:

Cake Master:
Step into our delightful cake-making world and unleash your inner pastry chef! Experience the joy of baking as you craft scrumptious cakes. With an array of delectable flavors and mouthwatering toppings at your disposal, create the most exquisite cakes that will leave everyone craving for more. From creamy chocolate cakes to delightful wedding and birthday cakes, you'll have the chance to decorate them with beautiful decorations. Channel your culinary skills and become the ultimate Cake Master! Choose from three difficulty levels and unlock numerous levels as you progress.

Memory Match:
Prepare for a challenge in this exciting memory-based game! Flip the cards on the board and find the matching pairs. Sharpen your memory skills as you race against the clock to match all the pairs. With colorful and engaging card designs, every game will keep you on your toes. Explore different levels and unlock new challenges as you showcase your memory prowess. Can you conquer the Memory Match and emerge victorious?

Fashion Frenzy:
Enter the fabulous world of fashion and style in our wardrobe extravaganza! Play as the character stylist and dive into an extensive collection of trendy clothes. Your task is to pick the perfect outfit for the character, ensuring they look their absolute best. With an array of clothing options, mix and match to create stunning ensembles. Test your fashion sense and match the correct suits to achieve the highest scores. Show off your style expertise and create memorable looks!

Embark on these three captivating adventures in "Purple Place - Classic Games". Each game offers unique challenges, rewarding gameplay, and countless levels to conquer. Whether you're baking cakes, testing your memory, or showcasing your fashion flair, these games promise endless hours of excitement and fun. Good luck, and may the games begin!

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App Name Cake Maker - Pastry Simulator
Category Games
Updated 13 August 2023, Sunday
File Size 92.52 MB

Cake Maker - Pastry Simulator Comments & Reviews 2024

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I finally found it!. I used to play this game as a child on my grandmother’s computer and loved it! Recently I saw an ad that was similar to this game and it brought back memories. So I started looking for this game but I couldn’t remember the name. But I’ve finally found it and it’s just how I remember it! I’ve had so much fun playing this again, it’s just amazing!!!

I found a replica. I am really sad they do not have the game purble place anymore but here is a replica of the game I remember playing this when I was 3 on my great aunts computer and recently she has passed away and purble place was her favorite game and mine too but this game is great but it’s just not the same.

Child hood. I love this this is my child hood

Recuerdos. Este juego me trae muchos recuerdos, estuve apunto de llorar cuando lo encontré en App Store, recuerdo que se llamaba Purble place y tenía 3 juegos que me encantaban ❤️ gracias 😍

Nostalgia & Childhood. I remember playing this game for what seemed like forever, This game was the best that and watching Rugrats But This Brings back childhood memories when I used to play it on computer and even when I grew up I remember searching for it and Not finding it till now thanks For the memories :)

They changed it!!. I remember playing this on my mom's old computer but now it does not have different locations and It just isn't the same. But this definitely brings back memories. This and a Spongebob game was my childhood 🤩🤩

Thanks. Thanks these game is my childhood favorite game thanksss for making a app 😭😭. 🎈

Childhood game!. This game was my favorite childhood game and it was the best

thank you🖤. الله لعبة الطفوله😭🖤

:(. No is the same 😞

the best. the game of my childhood

Amazing, so many memories. I remember when I was younger I would play this on my father’s computer for what seemed like hours. It brings me joy to know people still enjoy it!

Thank you. Thank you sooo much for making this Game this was my childhood.

My childhood!!!. The same exact games. What I expected, I’m happy I bought it 🥹

Nostalgia. Anyone who doesn’t give this 5 stars doesn’t know how amazing this game was on windows Vista. This game was my childhood when home computers were becoming common

хуйня. боже что это за пиздец,раньше было лучше фу

HATE THE GAME!. I just got this game and when I try to press the continue button it won’t let me do anything so I HATE THIS GAME!😡😡😡

It popped off and now they charge. Would’ve been a lot better if they didn’t take advantage of the nostalgia factor. Clearly they read everyone’s 5 star reviews talking about the nostalgia it brought and realised they could make money off of it. Pretty pitiful. I downloaded this when it was free and was flabbergasted it was $2 when I told my friend to download it. Inflation even be hittin the games now……

This reminds me of the purble place!! All u need is to add the other two places!!😂. 100%

Childhood. I remember when l was young l love it

Childhood memories.. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this. The game really takes me back and I truly enjoy it.

So nostalgic. This used to be my favorite game as a kid, and they did a great job turning it into an app. Maybe it’s not so difficult or not enough modes, but it’s also been 15 years. Of course it’s not so difficult 😭😭😭 It’s a great game. I was giddy when I saw it on the app store.

Nostalgic Game. I used to play this game as a kid on my old pc

Love it. Brings back memories. I love this game. Thank you Dev!!

THE NOSTALGIA. I remember playing this in like 2009 on my aunt and uncle's computer- the memories and nostalgia were the best omg

Fix your app. It won’t even open it’s the weirdest thing idk why but it won’t even open it just automatically shuts itself off

Disgusting perverted ads!!!. DO. NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! My child was playing this game and inappropriate ads came up! You can’t tell me that these sickos aren’t targeting our kids!!! EVIL EVIL EVIL

Ridiculous. I am colorblind and I swear I was doing every cake right yet here I was putting the wrong color in. Talk about being anti disability. Very disappointed. :(

YeSS. i’ve been looking for this everywhere

Bringing back the old times. I used to always play this on my computer when I was younger this was my altimeter favorite


back then. This game brings back memories from elementary i used to play this when we would go to the computer lab👍🏼 i miss this game tbh made alot of us happy back then hope kids still play this

Purble place !!. Best game ever as a kid I love it too much too not download it . I LOVE ITTT

NOSTALGIA. Brings back some good memories thank you so much super fun just like how I remember it

No just no !!!. Boring

fun. it’s great. planning on loosing countless hours of my life to this.

Thanks you. I don’t even care if y’all stole purble place. Thank you for putting this on IOS

good. healed my inner child

This isn’t purble place!!. Don’t buy this it’s not purble place it may seem like it but it’s not!! 1/10 NOT recommended!!

It’s very different. When I was little like around 4-5 I used to love to play the game and I loved it because of how it was made but now its very much different and I want it to be normal and restored to its old self please.

not the same. not at all the same. okay fine its pretty similar but the art style is too new, the games are just a step or two off, and it just isnt what i played 15 odd years ago. i know im being harsh but it breaks my heart a little. if you just want a game thats sort of purble place then buy this but for my two silly dollars i was hoping for a slightly more faithful replication and should have stared at the pics longer. however. im sure the developer isnt the guy who owns purble place technically and they probbos had to change it. i jsut cant. its not the same

I loved this game. When I first found out about it (4 yrs old) i played it i had tooo much fun but then I lost it when I was 7 but I just found it and now I’m 10 im still having fun thank you purble place!

Wow!!!. I remember playing this game for days on my laptop. Can you be honest this game is so addicting. I love it

Would be better if they had the sounds.. There’s no sound!

Good game, kinda boring. This was my favorite out of the 3 purble place games when I was a kid and they did a great job re-creating it. But it’s missing something that makes the game harder and less boring. On purble place, as you’re playing through medium and hard levels it drops place mats you have to build on before you finish a cake and you can’t ignore them or it counts as a wrong cake order. On this game it only gives you another place mat when you finish a cake order. It made it too easy even when playing on hard mode. As it stands it doesn’t give enough of a challenge for me. I know the game is geared for kids and not 20 year olds but considering that this is a remake of a game from my generation I think there should be levels geared towards adults too.

Хз. Легенда игра просто имьа

It’s not the same. It is not the same as you think, it doesn’t have the little dolls and that stuff that you used to play when you were little. It’s not the same

Purple place!!. This game is just like the factory game in purple place I use to play on the computer as a kid! Thank u so much for making it into an app I can play! If only the other 2 purple place games were made into apps that would be amazing. My inner child is so happy😂

I kept making the cakes right and it told me they were wrong. I was playing this game for nostalgia and making the cakes correctly but it told me I wasn’t

Childhood. HOLY CRAP MY CHILDHOOD!!! Purble Place was life Im so happy omgosb

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Purble place doupe. The controls and cakes are almost exactly what I remember from purble place. Miss the little truck it used to get loaded onto tho

Not worth the money. This game is not worth the $8 I spent. It is also not the same as the original

Bad. As soon as I entered the game it told me to press ‘continue’ after reading a short paragraph but wouldn’t press so I never actually got to play

??. I got the game because it was $2 and I used to play it as a kid so I figured I’d just get it for some nostalgia. I was charged the $2 which is all good, and then it also took $10 out as well?? What is going on?

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I have nothing to say….. Bro I played this game since I was 6 or 3…..

Perfect substitute. Just the like real purble place!

Purple place. I loved this game as a child and I still love it now

🤗. this game was my childhood i love it but i lowk regret buying it cuz i got bored so quick 😭😭

Just like the real Purble Place. Since we can’t play the real thing, this game is the perfect substitute the real Comfy Cakes Minigame!


My childhood!. I used to play this game all the time when I was about 6, I absolutely loved it, and I’m so glad I got a chance to play it again! ☺️

Slay. I’ve played this game for the longest time ever, I still love it

I love it. This was one of my favourite games growing up. I’m glad I found it again!!!

crash. I would like to play it for memories but the game crashes when I launch it

Perfect substitute. It’s a perfect game if you miss the old game Purble place. Though I do miss the other houses you could play as well

hi. i’m sad. i miss purple place sm 🙁


Hhhehe. Second I heard of this I got it, I played it so much as a kid and having played it again brought so much nostalgia. Plus it’s actually a good game for when you’re bored.

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Recuerdos. Este juego me trae muchos recuerdos, estuve apunto de llorar cuando lo encontré en App Store, recuerdo que se llamaba Purble place y tenía 3 juegos que me encantaban ❤️ gracias 😍

Nostalgia. stolen, but still nostalgic

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Cake Maker - Pastry Simulator 3.0.1 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Cake Maker - Pastry Simulator app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Semyon Popov and other users?

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cake maker - pastry simulator ipad images 1
cake maker - pastry simulator ipad images 2
cake maker - pastry simulator ipad images 3
cake maker - pastry simulator ipad images 4

Cake Maker - Pastry Simulator 3.0.1 Games Screenshots & Images

Cake Maker - Pastry Simulator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $1.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 3.0.1
Play Store com.appmaster.cakemaker
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

Cake Maker - Pastry Simulator (Versiyon 3.0.1) Install & Download

The application Cake Maker - Pastry Simulator was published in the category Games on 17 May 2019, Friday and was developed by Semyon Popov [Developer ID: 1036033298]. This program file size is 92.52 MB. This app has been rated by 252 users and has a rating of 4.0 out of 5. Cake Maker - Pastry Simulator - Games app posted on 13 August 2023, Sunday current version is 3.0.1 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.appmaster.cakemaker. Languages supported by the app:

Other Apps from Semyon Popov Developer
Cake Maker - Pastry Simulator Game Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes: - sometimes cake game could freeze

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